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    FAQ by RWhite

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 10/29/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                          |    \/  \/     |  ____/  | |___  |__/
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                               |      | |___  |  |    | |____ 
          ___        __________________  ________________________________
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             | /  \ | |   | |  \  |    |   /    | |    | |    | |  \
             |/    \| |___/ |   \ |___ |__/     | |___/  |___/  |   \
                     _____    ____     ____
                    |        /    |   /    |  By Rob White 
                    |_____  |     |  |     |  <trebor@argonet.co.uk)
                    |       |_____|  |     |  Finished On 29-10-98. 
                    |       |     |  |   \ |       
                    |       |     |  |____/   Version 1.01
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    0.0 CONTENTS
       1.0 Credits and Explanation
       1.1: FAQ Introduction 
       1.2: FAQ Contributors
       1.3: Game Buttons and Controls Legend
       1.4: The Game Introduction FMV
       1.5: Contacting me
       1.6: Revision History  
       1.7: Legal Information
       2.0 Playing the Game
       2.1: The Idea of the Game 
       2.2: The Cars
       2.3: The Battlegrounds
       2.4: Weapons
       2.5: Other Pick-Ups
       2.6: Location of the Health
       2.7: Undocumented Controls
       3.0 General Strategies
       3.1: Advanced Attacks
       3.2: Good Strategies
       3.3: Fighting Strategies
       3.4: Ambush Points
       3.5: Damage Approximation
       4.0 Character Profiles and Tactics
       4.1: Specials and Character Info
       4.2: Character Quotes From the Game 
       4.3: Character Stories and Endings
       4.4: Weird Things About the Game Characters
       5.0 Cheats
       5.1: Ingame Cheat Codes
       5.2: Secret Characters
       5.3: Secret Levels
       5.4: Hidden Codes
       5.5: What to Destroy
       5.6: Pedestrians
       5.7: Game Bugs
       5.8: Passwords
       5.9: Release Information
      5.10: PC Cheats  
       6.0 Goodbye, and Twisted Metal 3
       6.1: Twisted Metal 3 ?!?!?!
       6.2: Goodbye...
    1.0 Credits and Explanation:
    1.1: FAQ Introduction                              
    This FAQ is actually intended to be a strategy guide for each of the
    different vehicles in TM2. As the new maintainer, I intend to make this 
    document a full solution to the cheats, hints, tips, solutions and bugs that
    are held within Twisted Metal 2. It has been almost a year and a half since
    the last version was posted to rec.games.video.sony, I thought it needed a
    bigger update than Sporty Spice's wardrobe. Hell, it could even go Official!
    In the future I hope to enhance it further by including Twisted Metal 1, but
    I cannot at the moment as I have neither the money or the time to master a
    new game.  If you would like to discuss strategies or add something to this
    FAQ, please contact me at trebor@argonet.co.uk
    1.2: FAQ Contributors
    This bit is by Graham Frederick... 
    I'm really sorry if I missed someone in the credits section (I'm sure
    I'm missing at least one); it seems like sometimes when I tried to
    edit the file, it would act like it saved changes but in actuality
    did nothing.  As a result, some strategies (one using Grasshopper)
    are lost in limbo.
    A lot of information has also come from Twisted Thinking and Mr. Grimm's
    Twisted Metal 2 site.
    If you don't want your information in this FAQ, then mail me and it will be
    removed immediately on the next update. I've done my best to contact the
    contributors, but have only managed to reach Michael R. Baraniecki. The
    other emails I sent were sent back by the respective servers :o(
    Michael R. Baraniecki <unicron@netcom.com> <galactus@erols.com>
            Getting rid of fire, Grasshopper strategies
    Jio <jio@post1.com>
            Crash and Bash strategy
    Charles Raimond <CALLCR1@aol.com>
            Moscow and Spectre strategies, debunking a hoax
    Joel L. Hoffa <runic@mail.bright.net>
            Minion special attack
    Sean Sullivan <Hard2Bleave@webtv.net>
            Amazonia ambush points
            Health code
    Todd Bangerter <tabanger@husc.harvard.edu>
            Grasshopper strategies, Roadkill strategies
    Jason M Haugh <hawkman@MIT.EDU>
            New York strategies, Hong Kong strategies (?)
    Jordan Galloway <agalloway@columbia-center.org>
            Hammerhead strategies
            Grasshopper strategies
    Graham Frederick (fredga01@holmes.ipfw.indiana.edu)
            The Character info, the armour, special, speed and manuavrability
            list. Some of the General Strategies, The Advanced Attacks
    Tyler Hill (Sarthon@aol.com)
            PC Healing Code
    Matt Mason (Email Unknown)
            PC Hacking cheats to play as Minion, Sweet Tooth and Dark Tooth
    And thanks go to the following for posting the FAQ on their pages:
    Lawerence F. Mize, Jr. <lmize1@gl.umbc.edu>
            Also thanks for putting the old FAQ into HTML format
    Mark Tseytlin <mzt@ix.netcom.com>
    Brian L. <blandel@aol.com>
    Joel L. Hoffa <runic@mail.bright.net>
    Jeff Veasey <gamefaqs@gamefaqs.com>
    James Stevens (jamess@argonet.co.uk)
    Thanks to Graham Frederick for writing the first FAQ in the first place.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Big Thanks to gameFAQs and James Stevens for putting the first FAQ on their
    1.3 Game Buttons and Controls Legend
    U: Up
    D: Down
    L: Left
    R: Right
    X: X Button
    S: Square Button
    T: Triangle Button
    O: Circle Button  
    L1: Left 1 on shoulder of pad
    L2: Left 2 on shoulder of pad
    R1: Right 1 on shoulder of pad
    R2: Right 2 on shoulder of pad
    U, S: Accelerate forwards
    D: Accelerate backwards
    L: Turn left
    R: Turn Right
    T: Turbo
    R1, L1: Cycle through weapon inventory
    R2: Machine-Gun   
    L2: Fire selected weapon                                                    
    1.4 The Game Introduction FMV
    Upon loading, an FMV showing you a car racing towards the Twisted Metal 2
    sign with various things in the way. I'm going to explain what's in it.
    First off, see that semi-rig on the right? That's Darkside, a now-retired
    driver from Twisted Metal 1. As one ass kicking semi rig truck, he was
    retired because of lack of interest. Bit of a shame really, as he possessed
    the heaviest armour perfect for ramming your enemy.
    Next, two missiles fly out and nail a TWISTED METAL sign. What kind of
    missiles are they? One's a Power, and the other is a Fire. That way, the
    sign is totally demolished and also bursts into flames! Why the destruction
    of the sign? Because TWISTED METAL 2 rules the streets now!
    Further up the road, Roadkill (Driver in Twisted Metal 1 & 2) sits idly off
    to the side. Loser. Wake up and fight! He looks a bit smashed up, could he
    get scrapped in TWISTED METAL 3?
    You approach the TM 2 sign which is on a grey brick wall with Twisted Metal
    related graffiti sprawled over it. What does it all say?  From the upper
    left corner clockwise...
    "Grasshopper Rules" 
    "Twisted Metal Rules"
    "Mr. Grimm is a big meany"
    "Don't take candy from Sweet Tooth"                                                                                                                   
    1.5 Contacting Me
    You can contact me at <trebor@argonet.co.uk>. Failing that, try posting 
    a Usenet message on comp.sys.acorn.games where I lurk. Failing /that/ 
    you're pretty screwed :oP
    1.6 Revision History
    1.00: The first release one. A lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical
          errors were corrected before....
    1.01: This one! I've added a lot more information on TM3 (Thanks Mr. Grimm).
          I've also attempted to contact the owners of several FAQ and Cheats 
          sites to tell them about this document. Still no luck on the Contributor 
          email addresses though :o(
          Added the Radar Bug.
          Added Release Information.
          Added Information on my future FAQ pursuits. 
    1.7 Legal Information
    The names Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal World Tour are trademarks of Sony.
    Playstation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment
    Incorporated.  The Games Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal World Tour are both
    © 1996 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All Rights reserved. Designed and
    Developed by Sony Interactive Studios America and SingleTrac Technologies
    Inc. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Made in Austria. 
    2.0 Playing the Game:
    First off, I suppose I should explain what Twisted Metal actually is.  I'll
    split this up into various sections to make it as easy to understand  as
    possible, then you can go on to the advanced tactics, and the Character 
    2.1 The Idea of the Game 
    The idea of the game is simple. Drive round in a car equipped with a 
    rapid fire gun and various weapons and kill people that dare attack you. 
    "Peace of cake!" I hear you say. Well, that would be easy, but who 
    mentioned incredibly clever computer controlled cars? Right, you can 
    select a fighter out of 12 cars with 12 different drivers. Many return
    from the first installment of the game, others have their own problems. 
    The first one was based on the idea of self-declared Ruler of the Earth 
    business man Calypso doing a deal with the council of LA to create 
    something so terrible that LA would be scared, and crime would stop, and 
    various other mumbo-jumbo. The result was...Twisted Metal, where
    combatants could enter and fight it out around the streets of LA in a
    Warehouse, a Park, a Freeway, and other city essentials. The prize was not
    money, or power, but anything the winner wanted, no matter how big, how
    powerful or strange. This year, with LA totally destroyed from last years
    contest, Calypso faces a problem. Where would the next contest take place.
    Hmm, why  not fight it out around the world? Fighters can fight in the
    ruins of LA, Paris and even Hong Kong. Twisted Metal 2 is a /lot/
    different from the  first, although the idea of fighting vehicles has
    stayed intact quite well.                                                  
    2.2 The Cars
    Each of the 12 cars has different characteristics. It's more or less 
    the same as any fighting game, with the little guys being fast, but 
    with little or no armour, and the big guys being well built but slower 
    than a snail with an iron ball tied round his foot.
    For your convenience, I've listed the cars in detail below, but I'll
    run through them briefly now.
    Axel is a human imprisoned between two huge wheels who is fighting for
    Krista Sparks is a teenager fighting to be reunited with her Father.
    The big-boy returns, this time as a monster truck van instead of a pickup.
    Drivers Mike and Stu are just out for a joyride just like last time.
    MINION (L1,U,D,L)
    The boss of Twisted Metal 1 (From now on TM1) returns, and this time you can
    play as him.  Minion is fighting for his powers back, which Calypso took from
    him when he won Twisted Metal last year.
    The Grim Reaper is back again on his motorcycle, but now he has a sidecar
    and a redrawn Screaming Soul. He is fighting for more souls to feed his
    MR. SLAM
    Simon Whittlebone is an Architect fired from his job when he put forward a
    plan to build a tower which stretched to the heavens. He is fighting to
    build this tower.  He drives a front-loading bulldozer with choppers to chew
    his opponents. 
    With Outlaw-1 now lost in space, Capt. Jamie Roberts is fighting to save her
    brother Buzz, who was the last good cop in a world gone bad. Buzz Roberts
    was fighting to go to a place where no crime existed as his job was too hard
    as a straight cop. Calypso bent his words and sent him into Space. Outlaw-2
    is now a modern Squad Car, an improvement on the 70s/80s style Cop car from
    Marcus Kane (No relation to Charlie or Needles from TM1) is a down and out
    with problems. Everybody calls him crazy, but his prize for winning TM2 is
    to know the truth. Roadkill has changed quite a bit from his TM1
    incarnation. The original was a junkyard car which fired rusty spears as a
    Special. Now Roadkill is a maxed up Countach with a Boomerang weapon which
    has treble the power if you hit someone with it on it's way back. The good
    thing about the weapon is that it goes straight into your stock of weapons
    if it does'nt hit anything. Occasionally it can go through walls too! 
    Driver Mortimer is a Morgue guy whose job it is to avenge the death of his
    clients who are Souls. He is out to get revenge on Calypso for the Souls of
    all the people that died in Twisted Metal 1. He drives Shadow, a long purple
    funeral hearse equipped with Shadow Remote Bomb missiles. 
    Ken Masters is an Egotist whose prize is to have everybody know his face.
    His ending is possibly the funniest :o) Spectre was one of the best cars in
    TM1 as his special was good, and his speed meant good maneuvrability. He
    still has the Phantom ghost missiles, and the driver who was a soul in TM1
    found his place as a human in the end.
    Needles Kane returns as the escaped Mental Patient dressed as a clown who
    has stolen an ice-cream van. In TM1 he was looking for his best friend who
    was his Father, and his Father was looking for him. This year he is fighting
    to be something different. when they said Mental Patient they meant Mental
    Patient, lets just leave it at that.
    Still the same low-riding pink caddy outta the seventies driven by Bruce.
    Uneventful in his goal in TM1, he returns to fight for himself, his friends,
    his pride and his own survival, plus a bit extra this year. The Flamethrower
    weapon now goes a bit further, and is still very powerful.
    Another new one, Amanda Watts is an ex-racing driver who is addicted to
    speed. She drives an Indycar called Twister which has a tornado spin as a
    Special weapon, which flings her opponents about making them take loads of
    damage. Her prize for winning TM2 is to drive at the speed of light. 
    He returns! The second best vehicle from TM1 returns with the same armour,
    special and speed which made him such a hit. For such a small car he is
    quite well-built, and can take on the best of 'em. The three homing missiles
    are now Patriot Missiles which turn into fireballs at a magic distance. His
    prize is to be young again if he wins TM2. 
    2.3 The Battlegrounds
    This year, things have gone global....
    LOS ANGELES - Quake Zone Rumble
    The ruins of the city from last year. The level sort of has the shape of
    Brands Hatch, with a 6 lane freeway track going round the outside of the
    level. The middle of the level is a flat bit of land with wrecked buildings
    on. To access the middle, the freeway has ramps all the way round leading up 
    all the way round.  Various other decorations include some ice-cream shacks, 
    two tunnels, a cage, a fire-pit and  Lightning Generator. 
    You take on 6 opponents here.
    MOSCOW - Suicide Slide 
    This level is a Secret Missile Base in the shape of a circular bowl with
    criss-crossing ramps. It also has a Lightning Generator in the middle, and
    various Russian signs which can be burned. Just like the Arena level(s) in 
    TM1, hit them first, and hit them /hard/. 
    You take on 5 opponents. 
    PARIS - Monumental Disaster
    My favourite 1P level, fight it out against 5 opponents around the streets of
    Paris. Take a dip in the River Seine, nuke the paintings in the Louvre, burn
    across rooftops, and blow up the Eiffel Tower! This level has it all.
    Wherever you go, your enemies will follow you, and this creates some great
    fights. A true joy :o)
    AMAZONIA - Fire Walk
    This is a set of rock walkways with temples and another minor detail, LAVA!
    Go in it, and it burns you alive, so a sure tactic is to bait your enemies
    on to the lava, and freeze 'em. Not bad, but perhaps a bit too big. It also
    has some temples, and a teleporter island.  After killing your 6 opponents,
    you will face Minion. Instead of all the Players Specials he had in the
    first, he now has 3 homing missiles (Like Warthog) with a freeze bolted on!
    He is well-built like Warthog, and has size like Hammerhead, with the speed
    of Mr. Grimm added. This makes him formidable.
    NEW YORK - The Big Leap
    Like the Rooftops level from TM1 (Included here as a secret level), fall off
    the buildings and you fall to your death. It is a lot more complicated than
    the Rooftops, with more decoration. Decorations include a Fashion Poster, a
    Swimming Pool, A Chrysler style Green-Glass building with a lift shaft and
    teleporter, oh, and the Statue of Liberty (Which you can blow up).  In 2P,
    certain areas cannot be accessed, specifically the green-glass building,
    which limits your movement as the teleporter is'nt there, and there's no
    where to go on the brown coloured rooftop if you get into trouble (I would
    normally fall down the lift-shaft for some Napalm, Missiles and Health).
    You can remote bomb your way ontop of the building though in 2P.
    Also, look out for the Sweet Tooth code when you fall off one of the
    buildings. In 2P, remote bomb or jump ontop of the green glass building and
    sit it out. 
    ANTARCTICA - The Drop Zone 
    OK, two drop levels in a row, what's going on? Oh, just you being hunted by
    7 opponents around an Antarctic island which keeps on falling into the Sea!
    The edge from time to time drops in to the sea, which means that the only
    safe places on the level is the bit in the middle with the Bridge structure
    and the teleport island. Napalming bits of the level makes it drop quicker,
    so freezing and richocheting enemies into the sea is a safe bet.
    You can see what pieces of the level are going to drop into the sea, as all 
    of the level has a network of visible cracks, which will flash or light up 
    when it is going to fall into the sea.
    HOLLAND - Field of Screams
    This level is the favourite of nearly all the people I know, and rightly so,
    it is awesome!  A totally flat rectangular level with two windmills and two
    teleport pads which put you on the top levels of those windmills. Not many
    places to hide. The bet tactic I have is to run laps around the level, which
    make for an ideal hit and run situation. Not many places to hide, the only
    places are in decreasing order of help - (1) The windmills which are quickly
    destroyed by the your opponents, (2) The long grass with a small vehicle,
    and (3) the wreckage of one of the windmills, that way, enemies can only come
    at you from 2 angles, instead of 6. 
    This is also one of the hardest levels, as you are being chased by 9 (!) other 
    HONG KONG - Hong Kong Krunch
    Not bad at all, the level has the roads of Paris, the Subway acts as
    Amazonia's tunnel, and the Temple reminds me of LA kind of. If you get
    stuck, quickly run down the subway for weapons, Turbo, and a Health. Use the
    Lightning Generator to shock your enemies and leave them open for attack. 
    After killing all 8 opponents, you face Dark Tooth, who should give you a
    bit of a problem.  He is described below...
    DARK TOOTH - Hong Kong Krunch
    OK, so he's not really a level, but the boss is played on the Hong Kong
    level. After killing the truck part of Dark Tooth, you take on the Head that
    was ontop of the truck. He has less or no armour so he should'nt be too
    hard. You get a password to start back on the truck part of him.
    JET MOTO (U,D,R,R1) - Suicide Swamp
    One of the 3 hidden two player levels only available in Challenge Mode, this
    is one of the stages from the SingleTrac developed game Jet Moto. Not at all
    bad, but it is a bit small. There are various power-ups, and a wooden
    bridge/tunnel structure to hide in the shadows of or on top of. The water
    section of the game have very realistic reflections, and the backdrops and
    trees also look very realistic. You can hide anywhere with Mr. Grimm and no
    one will see you if you have radars turned off. I think the level was
    included in TM2 as a stand up fight, as there are little ambush points and
    no healths at all. The bridge bit could be quite good for napalm, but thats
    about it. 
    TWISTED METAL 1 LA ROOFTOP (D,L,R1,D) - Rooftop Combat
    One of the 3 hidden two player levels only available in Challenge Mode, this
    is the rooftop level from TM1 with a few minor structures like the crane/
    hanging crate removed. The backgrounds have been simplified, which makes them 
    look a bit better and more realistic, and the roofs now have noticeably different
    colours. The Glass Pyramid is still there, with the 4 shrubs you can destroy
    for weapons and a health. Minion is'nt there (Thankfully), and it now seems
    a lot more real if you do some roof jumping with Sweet Tooth. A lot of the
    background scenery has also gone, but old favourites like the Predator
    2-esque 'Western' building with the stone lions and the Mount Rushmore style
    carved rock head are still there and looking good as ever. Not bad, with a
    lot of weapons, some good ambush points and a couple of places to hide for
    surprise attacks, this is one of the best designed TM levels ever, so I'm
    glad they included it. All the weapons like Oil and Spikes in TM1 have been 
    replaced with their replacements. Check out that sun-set sky aswell. Awesome. 
    TWISTED METAL 1 LA CYBURBIA (D,U,L1,R1) - Assault on Cyburbia
    THIS IS THE BEST LEVEL! This has it all, cramped side-streets with a couple
    of cute decorations (The dog and the barbecue family are missing though),  a
    few openings for some fights, some tunnels, a canal with various exits and
    the corners you can hide in, the freeway and the little chicanes through the
    grass are all there. The health and weapon locations are still there and
    have been adjusted accordingly just like the Rooftops.  This has to be the
    only level where having a car with decent speed does'nt matter. It is
    incredibly easy to lose your opponents, especially considering the size of
    the level.   
    2.4 Weapons
    There are tonnes of weapons to be picked, around each level there are about
    20 weapon pickups, and that excludes Turbo and other items. Weapons from TM1
    like the Oil Spills, Spikes and Catapults have gone the way of the Dodo. Not
    surprising really, cause they were'nt very effective.  I'll go through each
    weapon pick-up, so here goes. 
    This is your only permanent weapon. Each bullet does about ¼ the damage of 
    a Fire Missile. With the Mega-Guns code, it gives each bullet the power of 
    1 Fire Missile! Not bad if you want to finish somebody off without any 
    missiles. A good ram and a machine gun should do it. Hold down
    the fire button so you don't have to worry about firing. They don't overheat
    like TM1, and it is easier to hold the fire button down to access Minions
    These look like Yellow missiles with 'FIRE' printed on them in big letters.
    They are the weakest of the weapons, and they home slightly. They are only
    really effective up close, otherwise your target could just swerve to avoid
    it. Always have at least one, so you can access the Reverse Ice in an
    These are Purple Missiles with the word 'HOMING' printed on them in
    lettering. They do about double the damage of a Fire Missile, and they home
    quite well (duh). Good for Moscow with the bridges destroyed. 
    The grand Daddy of Missile Technology, these are Blue Missiles with the word
    'POWER' printed on them in Red. These can only go in a straight line, and
    are about 4 times as powerful as the Homing Missiles. Aim well, otherwise
    you'll waste it. Good for freeze attack follow-ups. 
    Only for levels with a Lightning conductor, namely LA, Moscow, and Hong
    Kong, these are a lightning flash with 'LIGHTNING' printed on them. Not very
    powerful, it's only saving grace is that it pops enemies in the air long
    enough for a follow-up attack. Due to the "Distance Bug" it is crap for
    delivering the "DAMAGE FROM A DISTANCE" strategy. Just waste it all, it's
    not worth the space in your inventory, and I can't tell you how many times
    I've forgotten to use Lightning on Moscow and I'm stuck with 4 odd
    Lightnings until Hong Kong. Especially bad with Mr. Grimm, who has a small
    weapon Inventory space. 
    Easily the most versatile weapon in the game, these are an Orange flame with
    'NAPALM' printed on them. Easy to see, and to use, Simply point the way you
    want to fire it, and fire. Whoosh, bingo. Direct hit. It makes your target
    burn too, and they lose quite a lot of health. So will you if you go in it.
    Luckily, a quick burst of Turbo or a dip in water puts out flames. Homing
    Napalm REALLY does it's job, and is extremely powerful. See the code below
    for Homing Napalm. 
    Easily the Most powerful, these are a little blue and yellow
    dynamite with a timer, with 'REMOTE' printed on them. Simply drop it
    somewhere, and press fire again to detonate it. It harms you, and flings
    loads of enemies in the air at once if they're all caught in the blast. Good
    for a follow-up after you freeze someone. When the bounce, get 'em again!
    Using Remote Bombs you can do some high jumping of your own, like jumping
    the fence around LA, getting ontop of the temples in Amazonia, and even
    Remote Bombing your way ontop of the Green Glass building in 2P which is
    normally closed.
    OK, so it's not really a pick-up, but it is very effective as a CPU killer. 
    2.5 Other Pick-Ups
    These come in the shape of a wheel with fire coming off them. They have
    'TURBO' printed on them in green. Essential for slow fighters to gain a bit
    of speed, and excellent for fast fighters to reach their top-speed for a
    fast getaway. Turbo also puts out fire, so turboing through it is a safe
    bet. A quick burst puts it out, so don't go mad on them. You get 10 units of
    turbo for each pick-up, and each unit lasts for about 2 seconds. A quick
    burst can also get you up to speed reasonably fast. Use wisely, and don't
    risk your neck trying to get more, as your enemies will be forever in your
    face if you do.  
    Sort of like the originals, but now have a blue frame around the red cross.
    They are now easier to see, and boy will you need them :o)
    There are about 2 to each level, sometimes more, but you need to memorise
    their location for them to be truly useful. Their are two kinds, a total
    recharge, and a partial one. Again, memory will help you out here.          
    2.6 Locations of the Health
    The locations of each Health are listed below.
    Partial Recharge: Next to tunnels
                      Next to Pit of Fire
                      Next to Burnt-out building near the Pit of Fire
                      Over the area with the 3 small jumps in the road 
    Total Recharge: In the small caged area across the bridge
    Partial Recharge: In the centre of the pad in the centre of the level
                      In the centre of the pad in a red beam on the upper-level.
                      At the top of the bowl  
    Total Recharge: None
    Partial Recharge: In one of the corners on the lower level of the Louvre
                      On top of the roof next to Eiffel Tower ramp
                      On top of the roof near the Louvre
                      Above one of the fountains next to the Eiffel Tower
    Total Recharge: None
    Partial Recharge: On the teleport island
                      On the silver bridge
                      On the right hand side in temple with two doors  
    Total Recharge:   In the tunnel   
    Partial Recharge: In the big yellow lights ontop of the jagged roof
                      In the swimming pool
    Total Recharge: At the bottom of the lift shaft in the green-glass building
    Partial Recharge: On one of the red ramps
                      On one of the ramps in the middle ravine
                      In the centre of a square hole in an ice structure
                      On top of the large white bridge structure
    Total Recharge: None 
    Partial Recharge: In a haystack opposite the windmill in the long grass
                      In a haystack near a windmill
                      Next to a windmill
    Total Recharge: Inside the windmill in the short grass
    Partial Recharge: In a parked cab near the docks
                      Down the dead-end near the docks
                      Down the dead-end on the same road as the above
                      In the crossroads opposite the temple on the docks
                      In the subway tunnel
    Total Recharge: On top of the upper level that goes around the temple                
    Partial Recharge: None
    Total Recharge: None
    Partial Recharge: None  
    Total Recharge: In Glass Pyramid (Renews very. quickly)
    Partial Recharge: None 
    Total Recharge: Outside of the First Church of Cyburbia near the school.  
    2.7 Undocumented Controls
    In the manual to the game, it goes through the basic controls and 3 advance
    attacks to get you started. There are quite a lot of undocumented controls
    which it does'nt mention, which is what this bit is about.
    Pressing R1 on this screen does a 'Random Car Select'. Pretty useless, but
    OK if you're bored and want to play with any old player while you wait for
    your girlfriend's knock on your door :o)
    See that big rectangular thing in the top left? That's your Radar. To toggle
    it on and off, hold Select and press Left. By default it is turned on.
    Every car has a different coloured dot. Roadkill and Minion have a red and a
    dark grey dot respectively.
    In the top right there is a big space, so hold Select, and press Right.
    This gives you a rear-view mirror, so you can see behind you.
    By default it is turned off.
    Unless your a total donut, you can't fail to notice your car. To change your
    perspective of it, hold Select, and press Up to cycle through the views
    SingleTrac have got rid of the in-car view from the first, which is a bit of
    a shame, as it gave you a real sense of speed.
    BEHIND CAR: This is the default, it gives you a close up tailing view of
                your car. You can have the rear-view mirror on here. 
                This is often the first choice of many fighters.
    BEHIND CAR IN AIR: Second, we have a a far away tailing view of you car. You
                       can have the rear-view mirror on here too. 
    HELICOPTER VIEW: Third, we have a high up view of your car. You can see
                     almost everything infront of you from a distance. The
                     rear-view mirror turns itself off as you switch to this.                                         If you drive into a building, it switches automatically                                          back to the default view. I've noticed a bug about this 
                     (See 5.7 Game Bugs).
    The Helicopter View is now an option, as in Twisted Metal 1 you had to use a
    If you don't like cycling through your weapons you see how many homers you
    have, then you can turn it into a little list instead of a cyclic set of
    pictures to tell you all the weapons and how much you have. Hold Select and
    press Down. 
    3.0: General Strategies
    3.1 Advanced Attacks
    Numbers after the Advance Attack show how much energy is used in
    pixels.  Your energy bar holds about 47 points, and its color is very
    helpful: Green means 19-47 points, Yellow means 6-18 points, and Red
    means 0-5 points.
    The Advance Attack energy was estimated using pixels, and is for the
    most part accurate.  Damage, however, was calculated using
    quarter-inch units on a light armor character, Mr. Grimm.  The
    numbers show more of a relative difference between attacks rather
    than exact damage amounts.  Of course, an attack on Mr. Grimm will
    end up causing more energy loss than one on Minion.  However, I
    didn't want to lose my eye sight counting pixels of damage.  Plus it
    was really frustrating. Just for reference, Mr. Grimm can sustain
    about 20 points of damage.
    Attacks are arranged in a general order of usefulness.
    ICE (L,R,U, 19 Pixels) 
    Can be used to stop your opponent and set them up for another attack. They
    are completely vulnerable and can't break out of the ice, unlike TM1. It
    also causes slight damage.  A basic combo is to ice someone and follow up
    with your special.  Ice will melt after about 4 seconds.
    NAPALM (R,L,U, 19 Pixels) 
    Is helpful if you don't have any Napalm weapons. It explodes on impact for
    some good damage and also sets the enemy car on fire, draining even more
    energy. A Napalm blast will stay burning for about 5 seconds.
    SHEILD (U,U,R, 19 Pixels) 
    Is very useful since it prevents any damage against you.  It only lasts
    three seconds and uses a lot of energy, but vehicles with little armor can
    use this to be even stronger. Even though the Shield stops actual damage,
    you still get knocked away from richocet bombs and some specials. Don't
    assume you're safe in New York if you put up a Shield.
    Sends your highlighted weapon shooting out behind you.  Unless you have a
    good homing weapon, you could easily miss. One benefit is that it doesn't
    use ANY advance attack energy.
    MINION'S SPECIAL (U,D,U,U,R2 42 Pixels) 
    Is somewhat useful in 2P mode, and a little more dangerous in a tournament
    since it drains all of your Advance Attack energy.  This attack gives cars
    with weak specials an extra gun for thier arsenal. Use it carefully. It
    might be easier in practice to hold down R2 and press U,D,U,U. Something
    I've observed in 2P is that most of my opponents lose and use "Damn it,
    Minion's special won't work". 
    THE MINE (R,L,D, 6 Pixels) 
    Can be useful in tunnels or narrow spaces (Amazonia, Hong Kong) or in places
    where you know enemy cars will go (landing places from warps in Paris and
    Antarctica). They are also good for enemies on your tail. You can try to
    drop them near the edges of cliffs, but enemies probably won't hit them
    since they disappear after 15 seconds. When combined with Remote Bombs, 
    carnage insues. The docks in Hong Kong can be used well with a combo of
    mines and specials as anyone fence jumping will end up dead in the water!
    JUMP (U,U,L, 6 Pixels) 
    Is more of a utility than a weapon, although you can get out of some bad
    situations with Jump and turbo, since it doesn't cost as much as Shield.
    Especially good for reaching 'safe' spots in New York and Paris.
    INVISIBILITY (R,D,L,U, 19 Pixels) 
    Is utterly useless.  It lasts for 4 seconds, but anyone with a radar,
    including the CPU, still knows where you are. (See Bugs for some strange
    gaming effects).
    3.2 Good Tactics
    You can shoot Ice or Napalm backwards by using the Rear Attack followed by
    Ice or Napalm. This only works if no weapons are highlighted.  This
    includes when you run out of weapons *AND* after you run out of one type of
    weapon. There is a small window where no weapon is selected. You can enter
    the code in there and it will still work.  A good idea is to keep only 1
    fire missle so you can access the rear-ice in an emergency.
    Large characters can be easily punished by Napalm shots. Just stand right
    next to them, release the Napalm, and it will hit them on the way up. Homing
    Napalm is especially good for this. 
    The most effective way to get rid of flames on your car is to use a quick
    burst of turbo. Activating your Shield and driving into water also puts out
    the flames. On the other hand, Ice doesn't put out flames (???). In the
    swimming pool in New York, you can Napalm  someone under water (???). After
    you use Napalm try to Ice the person again and wait for the flames to die
    out on thier own before attacking.
    To turn around on a slope without moving or getting your directions messed
    up, press brake while you turn. This comes in handy in the Hong Kong
    Some CPU cars just love to ram you. Axel, Grasshopper (with her special),
    and Mr. Slam are just a few. You can use this behavior to your advantage in
    cliff levels. Just wait near an edge, jump and turbo away, and the other car
    will often go plummeting over the edge. This can be simpler or faster than
    using weapons or mines. Watch out though, as Mr. Slam will excessively
    freeze you, and /then/ try to ram you off. On Hard mode, you haven't got a
    chance. Also, in Amazonia, you can bait the ramming cars so that they drive
    on the lava over the tunnel instead of going in after you. The lava
    gradually drains their energy; just make sure you grab the health before you
    try it.
    3.3 Fighting Strategies
    All you have to do is just aim for any opponent vehicle's side and keep
    pressing the turbo button to crash the vehicle. The opponent's vehicle will
    then keep flipping sideways if your crash is successful. Meanwhile in your
    crash, keep shooting and using all of your specials and weapons. The
    opponent will die in no time. Sweet Tooth rolls excessively, so quickly take
    him out.
    This is easier to do after you ice someone, but not necessary.  It seems
    that the lower your armor is, the harder it is to do without taking a lot of
    damage yourself.  Placement is somewhat tricky when you use smaller cars
    because sometimes you will end up being flipped instead.  This is really
    helpful if you run out of weapons and you can't ice the other car.
    Hammerhead or Minion will auto- matically drive on top of your opponent, so
    try it with Warthog or Sweet Tooth. Nothing's more fun than a kamikaze
    If you are low on life and you're fighting a CPU car, try setting the view
    to Helicopter mode and drive backwards in circles.  If you judge correctly
    when to turn, the missile will almost always miss you.
    HIT 'N RUN
    Hide somewhere (LA: the little 'cage' structure with the bridge), watch your 
    radar, and when somebody comes within close proximity, give 'em hell. This is
    good for Mr. Grimm, just like TM1, As he is small, fast and has a very 
    powerful special. In LA you can hit and then run to the teleporter on top of 
    the tunnel, beam into the little 'shed' again, and then try again. As long as
    you keep moving, you won't have any troubles. New York is'nt bad for this 
    Wait somewhere flat or high, and napalm or home missiles down at your
    opponents. Napalm is helpful if it's homing. The little programming bug put
    in on purpose that lets your enemies not sustain any damage if they are far
    from you stops this quite a lot, and sometimes Lightning in LA fails to work
    if you are far away and an enemy is right next to the Conductor.  Sometimes
    a fast enemy can try and outrun your homing missiles, which is good as you
    can bait them into a trap if they head towards you, and the homer will often
    hit him anyway!
    3.4 Ambush Points
    There are certain areas where my car can effectively destroy most opponents
    with little risk to themselves. These are ambush points. Always destroy
    Spectre first to avoid getting knocked out of place, and also watch for
    Warthog and his long range missiles. Generally, cliffs, tunnels and
    teleporters are the ideal places. 
    Useless against the CPU but helpful in 2P battles, you can hide in smoking
    buildings and attack while your enemy is puzzled as to where you are. If you 
    are desperate, you can use the cage with the bridge  blown up with a remote 
    bomb, tunnels, or roofs of tunnels. However, these places offer little 
    protection. The fire pit with the ramps is quite good too. If your opponent 
    is sticking to the track, then wait on one side on the ramps. When someone 
    flies over, fire something at them. A Power missile and Homing missiles 
    backwards are good for this. You can even turbo over the pit, turn round and 
    do it again. Keep your rear-view mirror on,  and watch your radar just so 
    nobody tries to attack you from behind. 
    Although it's not a perfect ambush point, there are some good spots for
    picking off other drivers.  In L.A. stock up on Homing missiles and save at
    least one remote bomb.  When you get to Moscow, set the remote bomb off on
    the purple pad to destroy all of the bridges. Then wait on the edge of one
    of the destroyed bridges and use the homers to destroy the other cars. You
    should notice that most enemy cars stay in the middle and fight each other, 
    so let fly.  
    There are three good areas in Paris, in order of decreasing help. First
    there is the Louvre (the building at the end of the street facing the Eiffel
    tower). Enemies will teleport up and drive right off the edge, making easy
    targets. Also, you can do it in the Eiffel Tower before it gets blown to
    smithereens. Lastly, use the very narrow diagonal side streets as perfect
    ambush points. If you wait at the bottom of the Eiffel Ramp, use richochets
    to deck  your enemy. 
    Get some remote bombs and power missiles and hide in the tunnel or a temple
    with a small opening.  In the tunnel you can drop the remote at the opening
    or use mines, and then follow up with missiles or Napalm since the path is
    sloped upward.  In the temples, set the remote in front of the entrance and
    maneuver to the side so that the polygons disappear and you can see outside.
    A third great spot is the temple with the ramp leading to the top. From
    there, you can slam anyone coming up the ramps with ice, homing missiles, or
    remote bombs.  Helicopter view helps you keep track of who is coming up the
    ramp. You could even stay in the water facing the silver ramp, and napalm 
    people from there. If someone tries to Napalm you, the flames go out 
    automatically. These tactics are perfect against Minion. 
    The teleporter that ends up on top of the green glass building is perfect. 
    Park yourself so that your back is to a barricade and ice and ram/ricochet
    anyone who goes up.  A more risky spot is the swimming pool.  Drop a remote
    bomb (from the locker room) right where the cars fall and blast them with
    your special.
    If you're playing 2P, these areas won't be accessible (Although you  can try
    and hop ontop of the green glass building). Instead you  should collect the
    ricochet bombs (grey parking deck, brown ramp, building with signs). Take
    the teleporter back to the grey deck and  go to the lower level. From there,
    you can aim your car at the ramp and use the ricochet bombs to knock off any
    cars that drive down the  ramp.  If you're lucky, some cars will even fall
    off of nearby buildings  trying to get to you.  This strategy is great even
    in 1P mode.
    The epitome of the perfect ambush is the teleport to the small island. 
    There you can find ricochet bombs that can be fired on cars exiting the
    warp. One well-positioned bomb will put any car into the icy ocean. Plus,
    the rest of the level will disintegrate while you wait patiently on the
    solid island. (Note: Only CPU cars will appear on the actual teleporter. 
    The second player will end up nearby, but not close to the edge.)
    Holland has few places to hide.  You can use the windmills as bases, but
    they are quickly demolished by the enemy cars. You can use the tall crops
    if you are using a small vehicle, playing 2P, and the radars are turned off.
    The wreckage from the windmill is quite good as you can keep on driving
    round it.
    This level is like a cross between Paris, Amazonia and New York. The subway 
    tunnels act like the Amazon tunnels, the teleporter in the temple is like
    the glass building in NY, and the small sidestreet next to the harbor can be
    used as a cliff if you have a pop-up weapon. Sometimes you can use the
    subway trains to your advantage if any enemies try to chase you down the
    track. Just use a Ricochet to knock the car into the path of an oncoming
    train. They'll roll long enough for you to freeze them.  Just make sure
    this doesn't happen to you. Try and sit ontop of the subway trains, various
    enemies will come at you from all angles firing their specials, and
    attempting to ram you. If their infront of the train, expect them to lose
    half their energy at least. 
    The ramps on the dead-end dirt track are excellent for fooling your mate into
    thinking your not there. Of course, they just have to look at your half of
    the screen :o( If you wait ontop of the wooden tunnel structure, this is
    perfect. You can fire anything you like as an attack, and your enemy will
    not be able to find you if you back up a bit. The bit with the Checkpoint is
    great, as you can hide behind the little structure on the island, and watch
    for which way you opponent is coming at you, then run, fire, and run! The
    dead-end hill curve is exellent for leading your opponent into a trap. You
    can drive in, do a hand-brake turn drive back down and kick the ass of your
    friend who's following. 
    Not many places here. You could wait next to the ramps and try and ricochet
    your opponent off. In the Pyramid exit corridor, you can wait there and bait
    your opponent into following you. Then use ricochet's to blast your
    opponent. Be prepared to turbo backwards to make the jump if you see any
    ricochets coming your way. Try and bait your mate into driving towards you
    whilst you are on the edge of a roof, then doing a jump and sending them
    careering off the roof to their death. Good with Axel, especially if there
    are barricades on the rooftop. It is possible to get into the pyramid
    without breaking the glass. The first way I have is to try and turbo-hop
    into the exit tunnel from another rooftop. The second is to hop and
    turbo-reverse and fire a Fire Missile through the green glass. Often you can
    reverse straight through the glass without it breaking, which is superb in
    making your opponent think your not there. Again, they just have to look at
    your half of the screen. 
    The possibilities are endless. You can wait at the tunnels, behind the
    bushes in the canal, in between buildings, behind parked cars, anywhere.
    This level is the absolute ultimate in Hit and Run, with anybody following
    you, you can lose them instantly. Remote bombs dropped at the exits to the
    canal area can be left, and you can chase your enemy straight into a trap.
    As this level is so big, certain landmarks, like the Church and the closed
    tunnels can be used to jog your memory, so learn the course as fast as
    3.5 Damage Approximations
    Fire Missile        less than 2
    Homing Missile      less than 2
    Remote Bomb         starts greater than 5, decreases with distance
    Power Missile       less than 4
    Napalm              initial blast about 4, fire damage adds up to 8
    Lightning           two blasts of about 2 each, total around 4
    Ricochet Bomb       starts near 2, increases with time
    Ice Blast           less than 2
    Land Mine           greater than 3
    4.0 Character Profiles and Tactics:
    4.1: Specials and Character Info
    Each special takes a different time to recharge, so I'm guessing that for 
    every minute or so you have a weapon, another one you get each minute (To 
    save time I timed each Special Recharge in 2P, and each player got them at 
    the same time). BUT, if you time each characters special recharge if neither 
    person has any and they've both been used at the same time, the times are 
    different, which is tedious to time, but works accurately if you time it. It 
    would also appear that each character can have a maximum of 5 specials in 
    their inventory. To make this a fair test in practice, I used Minion and 
    Mr. Grimm, the biggest and smallest characters, and with varying  weapons 
    inventory space. Sometimes, Sweet Tooth can have up to 7 Specials in stock 
    (???). Most of the High Speeds are not completely accurate. On occasion, you
    can get a few extra miles per hour, although I'm not sure why. 
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor:    ***
    Special:  *** - 3 points, decreases with distance. Recharge Time: 17 secs 
    Speed:    ** - 101 top, 138 turbo
    One of the new characters, Axel is the large guy stuck between the two huge
    wheels. He is a good all-around large character.  His special damages
    everyone around him plus makes them jump into the air, somewhat
    incapacitating them. Unfortunately his low speed and large size makes him
    an easy target.
    Strategies as:
    1)   If there is a group of cars smashing each other, turbo past them and
    release your special attack to damage most of the enemies. Also try ramming
    the center of the pack and then using the special repeatedly.  The cars
    won't be able to escape fast enough to avoid all of the attacks. Smaller
    cars like Roadkill and Thumper could even  flip over, leaving them open for
    a good freezing and a follow-up special combo.
    2)   When you freeze someone, drive up and stop right next to them. Use your
    special to pop them up and strike them with Napalm or press (R,L,U) if you
    don't have any.  This can be followed up with a ricochet bomb, ram, and
    another freeze for a very damaging push-back combo.  If you use this on a
    human, they will probably have enough time to shield themselves.
    3)   Use your special as a substitute for mines.  Wait on an edge in New
    York for an enemy to come screaming towards you, activate your Shield to
    prevent icing, and use your special as they come towards you. Try to park in
    front of a barricade in case the other car uses bombs. In a tunnel, the
    bouncing effect causes even more damage.
    Strategy against:
    In case you didn't notice, every CPU controlled character does something you
    would never be able to do.  Axel uses his special attack multiple times,
    sometimes 3 or 4.  Keep your distance and use anything you can that doesn't
    require you to get close (Ice, Napalm, Homing Missiles).  If you do get
    trapped, immediately use Shield and turbo away.
    Handling: Tight
    Armor:    *
    Special:  ** - greater than 4. Recharge Time: 25 secs
    Speed:    *** - 119 top, 157 turbo
    Probably the hardest vehicle to use against the CPU, Grasshopper looks
    suspiciously like Pit Viper from TM1, but the special is quite different. 
    This is Grasshopper's only strong point: her weak armor and mediocre speed
    make her hard to use well.
    Strategy as:
    1)   Simply activate your Shield when you use your special attack to
    avoid taking any damage.  This leaves you some time to retreat or
    attack some more.
    2)   To avoid getting hit out of your special, Jump and then use your
    special attack.  Drop a mine as you retreat and the car will usually
    hit it.
    3)   For some extra damage,  use your special far enough from your
    enemy so that you land and are turboing towards them.  Now that
    you're rocketing straight for them, you can use lots of missiles
    before you even hit them.
    4)   Since the special plants you right next to your target, release
    some napalm after you ram for some good damage.
    5)   Similar to one of Thumper's strategies (explained below), you
    can repeatedly use your special and re-freeze your opponents.
    Although Grasshopper's special isn't as strong as Thumper's,
    the faster recharge plus extra weapons can even up the score.
    Strategy against:
    Grasshopper can be a nightmare if she's right next to you, so keep a
    little distance.  If she does her special, drive backwards and hit
    her with anything.  Homers or napalm usually works well.   Avoid her
    rear ice and pummel her whenever she's on the ground.  Some
    characters' specials are very effective at taking her out of the air.
    Twister, Axel, and Outlaw-2 can knock her right out of the Leap 'n'
    Handling: Sluggish
    Armor:    ***
    Special:  *** - greater than 4. Recharge Time: 1 minute 6 secs
    Speed:    * - 94 top, 138 turbo
    This rather large monster truck has not changed from TM1.  He's still
    a great up-close fighter, good for ramming and driving over opponents
    with his special.  Since it is automatic, you can't miss, letting you
    concentrate on other attacks.  For such a large vehicle, Hammerhead
    has light armor.
    Strategies as:
    1)   Whenever you drive over an enemy, drop a mine for extra damage.
    2)   Try to stay under 75 MPH if you want the special to activate.
    Otherwise, you might end up ramming the car.  If you go slow enough,
    you can stay perched on top of the car;  the longer you stay on, the
    more specials will be used.
    3)   With some practice, you can actually turn Hammerhead into
    Grasshopper.  It takes some practice to do, but you can do the Jump,
    use turbo's to navigate to your enemy's position, and hopefully you
    can hit them.  This can also be applied to any car, similar to the
    Crash 'n Bash tecnique.
    Strategy against:
    Hammerhead is fairly easy to beat.  He seems to have plenty of Power
    missiles, but is otherwise slow and simple to destroy.  No real
    strategies are really needed, just avoid the ice that he uses when
    he is far away.
    MINION - (L1, U, D, L)
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor:    *****
    Special:  ***** - greater than 8. Recharge Time: 10 secs
    Speed:    **** - 126 top, 168 turbo
    Definitely the strongest contender that can be played without a Game
    Shark, Minion is a wonderful vehicle.  He is somewhat different from
    other vehicles, but plays like a cross between Warthog and Hammerhead
    with some speed added in.  His special is like Warthog's with an ice
    attack added on, and he is so large that he can roll over any enemy
    with ease.  Plus his special builds up quickly.  You won't be able
    to continue with him, and you'll have trouble convincing your friends
    to let you play as him, but he is obviously the most powerful car
    in the game.
    Strategies as:
    1)   A simple special combined with a ram should take any car to at
    least 50% health or less.  Just don't go after too many cars at once
    and you'll be fine.
    Strategy against:
    Since you face Minion on the Amazonia course, use the ambush points
    and remote bombs to their fullest.  Often, if you hide in a temple
    with a narrow opening, Minion will just drive back and forth
    mindlessly, leaving you some free shots.
    Note: Hammerhead can't usually drive over Minion.  Try Jumping to get
    on top.
    Handling: Tight
    Armor:    *
    Special:  ***** - greater than 8. Recharge Time: 1 minute 8 secs
    Speed:    **** - 124 top, 166 turbo
    Mr. Grimm is the small ghoul riding the fast motorcycle.  His special
    weapon is probably the most powerful in the game.  It is quite large,
    moves fast, and can take off nearly 40-50% of a life bar.  Another
    good thing is that it won't remove the ice from a trapped car.
    It doesn't home in on enemies, so make sure you have a clean shot.
    Mr. Grimm's downfall is his lack of armor, but a Shield is all you
    need.  If you want to beat the game quickly, Mr. Grimm is probably
    your best choice.
    Strategies as:
    1)   Since the special doesn't free frozen opponents, use it often to
    destroy your opponents.  Run away and wait until you get another
    special and hunt down your next victim.  He can be very powerful in
    Paris and Hong Kong where you can lose your opponents in the winding
    2)   Similar to mines, you can wait at a warp point (especially in
    the Louvre at Paris) and ambush your enemies.  If the Eiffel Tower
    hasn't fallen, almost nobody can hurt you if you wait on the Louvre's
    Strategy against:
    Mr. Grimm is probably the least cheesy of all the CPU characters,
    but that still doesn't say much.  NEVER drive behind or head-on when
    facing him,  because he can only shoot it straight.  He is so small
    that any car can ram him and cause major damage.  If you can ram his
    side, he can get knocked over.  Follow this with Ice and your choice
    of attacks.
    MR. SLAM
    Handling: Sluggish
    Armor:    ****
    Special:  ***** - slams add up 9, 4 on big vehicles. Recharge Time: 55 secs 
    Speed:    * - 91 top, 138 turbo
    A new character, Mr. Slam is a huge bulldozer with an even larger
    pair of chompers, used for slamming (what else?) your enemy multiple
    times.  He's quite powerful since he has a strong special attack and
    thick armor.  Unfortunately, he is extremely large and moves slowly,
    making him a sitting duck.  Watch out for Hammerhead, Minion, and
    Dark Tooth; their vehicles are too large to be picked up with the
    Strategies as:
    1)   A great CPU killer is to load up on weapons and grab a car. Use
    everything you have (Napalm,Power,Homers) and re-ice or ram and
    repeat.  Cars are somewhat vulnerable when you slam them since they
    get turned sideways.  Also try driving against a wall for more
    damage.  Watch out for human opponents: they CAN use a shield while
    getting slammed.
    2)   Mr. Slam can be brutal on the cliff levels.  Even if an enemy
    puts up a Shield, you can turbo-ram them right off the edge.  Just
    be careful you don't drive off the edge, too.
    3)   Nothing is more fun than picking up a vehicle and using it as a
    shield!  This is EXTREMELY helpful in Holland.  All you have to do
    is pick someone up and the CPU characters will blast the car, trying
    to get at you.
    4)   The Crash and Bash move works very well with his special, since
    the enemy vehicle is already turned to the side.
    Strategy against:
    Mr. Slam is one of those characters that just loves to ice you to
    death.  Whenever his is far to mid range away, he will continually
    shoot ice, missiles, and bullets.   Either stay close or stay away.
    He shouldn't be too hard to take down with Ice.  Oddly, sometimes
    he will ice you and move in for the kill but turn away at the last
    moment.  Capitalize on this.
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor:    **
    Special:  *** - two hits, add up to 4. Recharge Time: 45 secs
    Speed:    **** - 126 top, 168 turbo
    Outlaw-2 is slightly different from the TM1 incarnation.  The taser
    special now pops the enemy up in the air and can be used similar to
    Axel's special, since it hits one person near the car.  Remember that
    it damages when you first hit and when it shuts off.  Outlaw's speed
    makes ramming a breeze, but the bad handling plus the speed make her
    tricky to use on levels like New York.
    Strategies as:
    1)   Outlaw plays very similar to Axel: you can drive by a group of
    cars and use your special or pop someone up and Napalm them or set
    them up for a combo.  Similarly, you can wait by an edge, use the
    taser, and the enemy will float right off the edge.
    2)   Position yourself next to a building or a wall in the course.
    When an enemy comes at you, use the special and the enemy will bounce
    along the wall, racking up damage.
    Strategy against:
    Outlaw tends to be the last person on the course because she is
    difficult to approach.  Treat her like Axel and you should be safe.
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor:    **
    Special:  *** - greater 2, near 9 on return trip. Recharge Time: 23 secs
    Speed:    *** - 117 top, 156 turbo
    Roadkill has changed quite a bit from TM1.  His special is now a
    boomerang that becomes extremely powerful on it's return trip and can
    take about 1/3 off a life bar.  Another good plus is that if the
    boomerang makes its way back to the car, it will go back into the
    special move stockpile.  They also seem to regenerate quickly.
    Plus he's the only game character who KNOWS he is a game character!
    Strategies as:
    1)   Above all else, practice using the special on a nice flat course
    so you can find out it's range, like with Warthog.  Since you can
    fire the boomerangs quickly, you can kill opponents with a few well
    timed blasts.
    2)   Like the above strategy, freeze someone and drive up right next
    to them.  Turn your car slightly and rapidly shoot your special.
    This can take down nearly every car.
    3)   I haven't mastered this yet, but you can get the boomerang to
    spin around you, making a powerful offensive Shield.  It takes a lot
    of practice, but is very useful.
    Strategies against:
    Roadkill can be the most devastating opponent because he has no
    problems with repeatedly freezing you at point blank range.  You
    might get lucky and he might turn away like Mr. Slam,
    but don't count on it. Hit and run tactics are very helpful.
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor:    **
    Special:  **** - about 5, decreases with distance. Recharge Time: 18 secs 
    Speed:    *** - 112 top, 149 turbo
    Another newbie, Shadow takes a little bit of practice to use
    effectively.  His special attack acts much like a cross between a
    ricochet and and a remote bomb: it hugs the ground as it travels
    and damages everyone around it when it explodes.  Make sure you never
    detonate it too close to yourself.  It is very damaging and useful
    for large groups of cars.
    Strategies as:
    1)   Since the special can't be fired rapidly, you'll need some good
    combos.  Try freezing someone, shooting a special quickly followed by
    a Napalm blast and some more ice.  Or, begin by freezing and planting
    a remote bomb, back off and do the special/Napalm attack.
    2)   Since it pops enemies in the air, use it like Axel's and
    Outlaw's as a substitute for mine attacks (cliffs and tunnels).
    Just remember to stay clear.
    3)   Always look for unusual shots, especially in 2P mode.  Since the
    attack is small and dark, it can be a deadly surprise in Holland or
    dark colored rooftops.
    4)   Yes, Shadow has a magic distance like many other cars.  In this
    case, you can repeatedly use his special to keep your enemies in the
    air.  Since you can't fire as rapidly as most other weapons, you'll have to
    experiment to find a good place to be.
    Strategy against:
    Like Mr. Grimm, avoid trailing or facing Shadow head-on.  He's too
    eager to blast you away.  Going for his side is easy because of his
    average speed, handling, and the length of his frame.
    Handling: Tight
    Armor:    *
    Special:  **** - less than 3. Recharge Time: 12 secs
    Speed:    **** - 129 top, 171 turbo
    I haven't used Spectre very much, but his special missiles are very
    handy since they pass through obstacles.  His armor is so weak that
    you'll need them often to get out of jams.  They also knock a person
    slightly backwards, interrupting whatever they were doing.
    Strategy as:
    1)   A great strategy is to hide behind buildings or other obstacles
    and aim Spectre towards the dots on your radar.  Once you're lined
    up, use the special missiles for a sure shot.
    Strategy against:
    Spectre is one of the most annoying CPU characters in the game, IMHO.
    I ALWAYS take him out first to keep him from disrupting my attacks on
    other people.  Since his armor is so weak, any type of frontal
    assault will demolish him quickly.
    SWEET TOOTH - (U, L1, Tri, R)
    Handling: Sluggish
    Armor:    ****
    Special:  *** - greater than 3. Recharge Time: 12 secs 
    Speed:    * - 91 top, 138 turbo
    Sweet Tooth is the semi-hidden ice-cream truck that sticks out like a
    sore thumb.  Anybody who can beat the game with this vehicle deserves
    an award.  He's slow, huge, has a weak special, plus you don't get
    any passwords (you have to beat the game without continuing!), plus
    he seems to roll over excessively when he gets hit.  In addition,
    his special wavers up and down, sometimes allowing small cars to
    completely avoid damage.  Only use him if you want a real challenge.
    Strategy as:
    1)   The only good thing about him is that his special knocks enemies
    back a little and it recharges quickly.  Use it to pummel your
    opponent repeatedly.
    Strategy against:
    Probably #2 in my book of difficult CPU characters, he uses his
    special constantly, making him difficult to approach.  Fortunately,
    his big frame makes him an easy target from far away.
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor:    **
    Special:  **** - total fire blast 12, fire damage 18. Recharge Time: 34 secs 
    Speed:    *** - 110 top, 147 turbo
    Thumper is a very strong contender: his speed and special are quite
    good and don't seem to have changed from his TM1 version.  If you can
    ice an enemy, his special can take off even more energy than Mr.
    Grimm's special!  I believe this is caused by the car catching on
    fire for extra damage.  Thumper is an excellent CPU killer.
    Strategy as:
    1)   Thumper's special is quite straight-forward :).  Just ice an
    enemy and use your special to eat away their energy bar.
    2)   If you have more than one Special stored up, you can really
    destroy someone by freezing, using the flame thrower, and repeating
    the freeze.  You can time it so that the other car just cant escape.
    3) His Special can go through walls! 
    Strategy against:
    Whatever you do, do NOT get too close to him or you'll eat flames.
    He also loves to use rear Napalm and rear special attacks.  Ice will
    stop his flames in no time.
    Handling: Ultra Tight
    Armor:    *
    Special:  **** - lots of hits adding up 6. Recharge Time: 7 secs
    Speed:    ***** - 140 top, 178 turbo
    The last new challenger, F-1 type Twister has a *DEVASTATING* special
    attack, but her armor is so weak that she often takes lots of damage
    during it.  This is her only downfall.  That, and open spaces.
    Strategies as:
    1)   Much like other area specials, (Axel, Outlaw) you can use your
    special at ambush points for easy kills.  Don't forget to use your
    2)   You might think that the enemies swirling above you are getting
    plenty of damage, but to maximize this do the special near buildings
    and add plenty of Napalm and missiles.  Sometimes you can kill
    enemies in one special combo!
    Strategy against:
    Like many opponents, keep your distance.  If you feel lucky, use
    some ice; unfortunately you'll miss often since she's so speedy.
    The best times to hit her with ice are when she does her special
    (the car gets flipped up and makes a bigger target) and after a
    knock-back attack (mines, ricochet, remote).
    Handling: Sluggish
    Armor:    ****
    Special:  *** - missiles about 4, fireballs about 5. Recharge Time: 33 secs 
    Speed:    ** - 100 top, 138 turbo
    Warthog is slightly different from TM1: his triple-missile special
    turns into fireballs if they stay in the air long enough.
    His Armor makes him somewhat difficult to destroy.  His only real
    problem is his turning ability.
    Strategies as:
    1)   Practice using the special to find out the magic range when the
    missiles turn into powerful fireballs.  Then in battle, ice someone,
    back up and shoot Napalm, back up some more and use the special.
    Turbo helps in getting to the right distance quickly.
    (Note:  It seems like the fireballs are not significantly stronger
    than the normal missiles.  Therefore, you may want to use the
    missiles at point-blank range instead of trying to get the perfect
    Strategy against:
    Because of his good speed and armor, he is sometimes a tough customer
    to beat.  Like many other drivers, try not to tail him and especially
    avoid head on confrontations.  His speed and armor create the perfect
    ramming machine.  He doesn't ice excessively, so you won't need to
    worry about that.                                                             
    4.2 Character Quotes From the Game 
    Each of these was taken from the game and I've explained a couple of them
    below as some are quite cryptic. 
    For 20 years I've been stuck in this hellish contraption; hiding and waiting
    for the day when I  would be brave enough to fight back. If  I win, I'm
    asking for the strength to confront the man   who did this to me. I promise
    you, I won't be a freak forever. 
    I thought my Dad was dead, but I was wrong, when they told me his name,  I
    hit the floor. Could hereally be my Father? When I win this contest  we're
    gonna have a family reunion he'll never forgetfor the rest of his  life
    (Which won't be for long).
    A Twisted Metal poem by Mike and Stu.
              The Clouds are the place we want to be...
              Far above where we can see...
              Down womens shirts.
                        THE END
    MINION (L1,U,D,L)
    You found me. I don't know how but now you and I are linked... We are one...
    on a mission to find the man who took our life, our power. Together we shall 
    bring down Calypso.
    You live off food. I live off souls. Souls like yours to be exact. When I
    win  this contest, you and evryone else are gonna be my seven course meal.
    You see,  when I win, I'm taking destruction and doom to a whole new level.
    A man's dreams are all he has, and they tries to take mine from me! When
    they  fired me from my job as an Architect, they crushed my vision. They
    took my tower!  When I win the contest, Simon Whittlebone is fighting back!
    Last year Calypso banished my brother; sent him spiralling in who knows
    where.  He broke my heart and disgraced my family. This year, me and the
    LAPD have a  little surprise for the burnt-faced   freak.
    I know the truth you freak! You sit back in your living room with your
    little  video game console and play, play, play! But I know what's
    happening, I can see  you! They think I'm crazy but you'll find out I'm the
    only one who's sain.
    What he took from them can never be forgiven or replaced. What they have
    hired me to do is  their only hope. They are in the back right now and
    resting quite peacefully,  but I promise, they will have their revenge.
    I remember back when I was a kid, everyone ignored me. In fact, they still  
    do. That has to change, right? I can't be a loser forever. I'm gonna get 
    help from Calypso when I win this contest. I know just what to ask him for.
    My first home was the circus. My second was a state institution. My third
    home  will be yours. I will be the man who hides under your bed, in your
    closet. When  I win, you'll never be too far from me. 
    For the last ten years I fought on the streets of LA. I fought for my
    friends,  my pride, my own survival. This year I'm heading outta South
    Central and taking  on the world. This time I'm fighting for a hell of a lot
    They say there's a place you can only get to by driving a certain speed.
    It's a  place where Time and Space explode into another world. That's my
    goal. I want to  find that place. When I win Twisted Metal, Calypso's giving
    me the road map.
    They used to call me old iron guts, now they just call me old. Well, I may
    be old,  105 to be exact, but I can still show these punks a thing or two
    about combat. When  I win this contest, I'll fulfill the one mission that
    has eluded man since the dawn  of time.
    4.3 Character Stories and Endings
    Here they are! Every single ending with continues and explains the Twisted
    Metal saga. Each ending has a different prize for each different  Character.
    All will be revealed in the Stories and Endings bit below. As each 
    Character in Twisted Metal 2 is fighting for Calypso's limitless prizes,
    each  has their own prize. Some even continue on the Twisted Metal 1 Endings
    too.  You know up there under Roadkill where Graham mentioned "He is also
    the only  character who knows he is a game character!". All will be
    AXEL - as Himself
    Axel is fighting to get the power to confront whoever it was that put him in
    the wheels more than20 years ago. 
    Ending: Surprise, Surprise, Axel asks Calypso for the power to confront his
    Father who put him in the wheels. He confronts him, and his Father says
    he'll give him another 10 years in the wheels, to which Axel pulls his arms
    out of their supports of the wheels, tearing his fore-arms, and then walks
    out across the fields of Kansas. He has'nt been seen to this day.
    GRASSHOPPER - Krista Sparks
    Krista Sparks is fighting to meet her Father who she has'nt seen for ages.
    They were split up after a car crash where Krista was supposed to have been
    killed. She thought the likewise about her Father, it'll be funny to see who
    it is... 
    Ending: Calypso is her Father. When they meet they both say "I thought you
    were dead" and then the camera sort of pans in to her head where you can see
    various cogs whirring. Calypso then says "The LAPD, but why?" It turns out
    that Krista was rebuilt as a robot by the LAPD after the crash. They want to
    stop Calypso as his Twisted Metal tournaments cause so much damage to the
    places where everybody fights. The camera pans out, and then Krista sort of
    beeps.....and blows both her and her Father up! Definately the best ending,
    and the Crash explains Calypso's facial features. 
    HAMMERHEAD - Mike and Stu
    Mike and Stu, just like Twisted Metal 1, are just out for a joyride. They
    drive Hammerhead the monster truck. Hammerhead has'nt changed much since
    Twisted Metal 1, although it is now a van instead of a pickup.  
    Ending: Mike and Stu ask Calypso if they can fly. Calypso does that, and
    Mike and Stu jump off the skyscraper they are on....and fall to their
    deaths. Calypso then says "Well, it's a good thing these aeroplane tickets
    are refundable".
    MINION (L1,U,D,L) - as Himself
    Minion is out to get Calypso who took all his powers after Minion won
    Twisted Metal 1 (He was the Boss on the rooftop level of LA). 
    Ending: Minion has his revenge, and throws Calypso to his death in hell.
    MR. GRIMM - as Himself
    The Dark Knight returns, and this time he has a sidecar!  
    Ending: Mr. Grimm is a kind of 'Soul Junkie', who says his job as the Grim
    Reaper is too hard, and that people are not dying fast enough for him to
    survive. He asks Calypso to accelerate the death process, and a mass world
    war engulfs the planet. The Souls come flying in, and Mr. Grimm is happy,
    until he grows hungry again. But this time there are no Souls left...
    MR. SLAM - Simon Whittlebone
    Another newbie, Mr. Slam is a Front Loading bulldozer. Simon is a
    disgruntled Architect fired from his job as he wanted to build an insanely
    tall sky-scraper.  
    Ending: He asks Calypso for the tower 'they' took away from him. He gets it,
    but goes too close to the edge and falls to his death.
    OUTLAW-2 - Capt. Jamie Roberts
    Ms. Roberts is on a mission to find her brother and to get revenge on
    Calypso. Oulaw has'nt changed much since TM1, but now the Taser works better
    when you are above or below someone, and pops people up in the air leaving
    them open to attack.  
    Ending: Capt. Roberts asks Calypso if she can see her brother. He
    conveniently misunderstands again, and sends her into Space where her
    brother Buzz is working as a Satellite. They meet up, and it would appear
    that they are both stuck in Space forever. But, Capt. Roberts had
    anticipated Calypso's moves, and has fitted rockets to her Squad Car. Buzz
    and Jamie then blast back to Earth with Jamie saying "Next year we'll both
    have a little surprise for that burnt faced freak", which is exactly the
    same she said in her story...
    ROADKILL - Marcus Kane
    Marcus is fighting for the truth, which he thinks he knows.  
    Ending: Marcus asks for Calypso to show him the truth. He does, and Marcus
    is knocked out. When he wakes up, he is in a hospital bed, and the Nurse
    tells him he was involved in a 25 (!) car pile-up. "The patients next to me
    look so familiar" as he looks at Axel, Simon Whittlebone and someone else in
    the beds next to him. He then finds out that he has a wife and kids, but
    deep down he remembers Calypso.....                               
    SHADOW - Mortimer
    Mortimer is an assassin hired to take revenge out on Calypso by the souls of
    the people that have died in his demented contest. 
    Ending: The souls have their revenge. Calypso then tells the story of how he
    escaped by grabbing the wing of a passing jet, scaring a little boy in the
    SPECTRE - Ken Masters
    Ken is an Egotist who is fighting for fame. 
    Ending: Ken asks Calypso if he can make the whole world know his face.
    Calypso does just that, and stretches his face across a skyscraper. Well,
    now the whole world does know his face...                                                                   
    SWEET TOOTH (U,L1,T,R) - Needles Kane (No relation to Roadkill)
    Needles wants to be the person who hides in your bed and in your closet.
    Ending: Needles asks Calypso if he can be turned into his greatest
    fantasy.....an insect! Calypso then telles the tale of how "The other
    insects did'nt like Sweet Tooth much, well, he did have a tendency to kill
    them". He shows Needles standing over the other bleeding insects with his
    funny clown face on a bug. Needles is still living happy (and alone) in the
    garden of an old lady to this day. 
    THUMPER - Bruce
    Bruce is fighting for everything he knows again, but this time he's added a
    bit more to his list. 
    Ending: Bruce asks Calypso if he can be king of the world, but what Bruce
    does'nt know is that the world has now been destroyed by the Twisted Metal
    contest, and that everyone is dead. Calypso then explains how he shouts out
    orders all day to his restless subjects as he sits on a throne surrounded by
    the dead bodies of the world. 
    TWISTER - Amanda Watts
    Amanda Watts is a woman addicted to speed. Her ultimate goal is to travel at
    the speed of light. 
    Ending: She asks Calypso to travel at the speed of light. He does that, and
    she finds her self going back through time. First to the 60's, then the Wild
    West, then the middle ages, then the Cretacious period. All is going well,
    until she runs out of fuel. She gets out of her car...and gets turned into
    Prehistoric Street Art by a T-Rex. The only reminder of her Twisted Metal
    victory is the fossilised helemt that belonged to her which is now in the
    Museum of National History. It baffles Scientists around the world, but only
    one man knows the truth....
    WARTHOG - Capt. Rogers
    Capt. Rogers is a man who just wants to be young again. 
    Ending: He asks Calypso for the body of a 20 year-old. He does that, and
    then says "Maybe next year if you win again, you can ask for the head of
    one". Capt. Rogers is now stuck with a muscly body with a shriveled ageing
    4.4 Weird Things About the Game Characters
    There are a couple of things about the game characters which just don't make
    sense (Unlike this FAQ I hope). 
    In the first Twisted Metal there was Sweet Tooth who was fighting to find
    his best friend who was his Father. There was also Yellow Jacket who was
    looking for his son who disappeared as a young-man 20 years ago. In Twisted
    Metal 2, the boss is Dark Tooth who wants his son back as you supposedly
    killed him. He had to win the previous TM like Minion did, so should'nt
    Sweet Tooth be dead from the first one? Or does he really have two Fathers?
    In the second one, his prize for winning is to be a bug, but he has'nt been
    reunited with his best friend (ie: His Dad). So what happened to Charlie
    Kane? Did he just go back to being a cabby in New York?
    When you complete TM2 with Outlaw-2, it shows Outlaw-1 floating in Space.
    That means that Outlaw won the first Twisted Metal, not Minion. You still
    fight Minion, so that's wrong. That also means that Outlaw won the first
    Twisted Metal. You also fight Dark Tooth, and he would'nt exist would he
    'cos Sweet Tooth should be dead?
    MR. SLAM
    When you complete TM2 with Mr. Slam, it shows Simon Whittlebone with his
    tower. He looks like a total dork weed, but speaks with an Arnie-
    Austrian-esque accent. Why would a muscly body-builder be an Architect, and
    why does he have a Machine-Gun in his hand whilst he is driving his Loader?
    Does'nt that   qualify as heavy machinery, ie: two hands on the steering
    wheel?  Why does he have it anyway, I mean he has two mounted on his cab?!
    Look on the cast of characters when you complete it which shows who done all
    the voices. It says on about the 3rd screen at the top that there is a
    character called Don. Who is he? Could the Mona Lisa code be related in any
    When you Napalm the painting in the Louvre, you get 'U,D,L1,R1' which
    rumours say that it makes a new glitchy FMV appear when you do it on the
    SingleTrac screen. Of course, it's just a rumour, so what does the code
    /really/ do?  It looks suspiciously like the Cyburbia code, but that is
    different with the U and the D the other way round. 
    How comes it only works on Los Angeles?
    Apart from having more facial scarring sometimes then usual, why do the
    endings show him in New York? Twisted Metal 1's manual says that he dwells
    beneath the city of Los Angeles, so what's he doing there?  
    OK, this is quite complicated.  In Twisted Metal 1, Minion supposedly won
    it, and had his powers stolen by  Calypso. But, Twisted Metal World Tour is
    a year later and is only the second  contest in the TM series. When you
    complete it with Minion, it says his powers were stolen 11 years ago....
    When you complete a Co-Op Tournament in 2P, it says, "you both survived the
    11th Twisted Metal, but there can only be one winner, try again in 1
    When you complete it with him, it shows Axel with no arms and Amanda Watts
    in Hospital beds. Who is the character next to Twister? I think it's Minion,
    but prove me wrong.
    Can anybody make out what all the signs say? The one with Sweet Tooth in
    Moscow will be interesting to see.
    Why does the guy on the poster look like Oscar Harrison, the drummer from
    Ocean Colour Scene, with dreadlocks and his trademark shades? Another guy
    says he looks like Dennis Rodman. I suppose...
    Why do cars like Roadkill, Spectre and Warthog have new drivers with their
    own problems. If Spectre got his goal in TM1 to be human again, why is he
    back? Why does Marcus Kane have a sporty car if he is a tramp? Why does
    Warthog not have good speed like he used to have?
    When you complete it with Thumper, it shows the whole world dead as it has
    been destroyed by the Twisted Metal World Tour. When you complete it with
    Mr. Grimm, everybody dies so he can have a Soul Feast. What's going on? How
    can the world be alive when it's dead? How can it be dead when it's alive?
    When you go into the options menu from the main menu, on the right you
    should see the second incarnation of Roadkill all smashed up just like the
    intro FMV. When you go into one of the sub-menus from the main options
    screen, on the right where Roadkill was there should be Darkside all smashed
    up, like the intro FMV. 
    Why does SingleTrac have this morbid fixation with both these characters?
    If he's been stuck in those wheels for more than 20 years, he must be
    desperate to take a leak. Shame he loses his arms in his ending too,
    especially if he has a 20 year-old itch :o)
    5.0: Cheats
    The following is devoted to the various cheats, passwords and bugs held
    within TM2. 
    5.1 Ingame Cheat Codes
    All of these must be put in whilst you play just like the advanced attacks.
    All of these code if put in can be toggled on and off, and a message appears
    at the top of the screen with the cheat you've just put in.  
    A '+' denotes hitting the buttons in succession. 
    These also assume the standard pad configuration. 
    Hold L1,L2,R1 & R2 and press U+D+L+R+R+L+D+U.
    This gives you: Infinite Weapons 
                    Infinite Turbo
                    Infinite Energy, but falls still kill you
                    Infinite Special Energy Bar 
                    A permanent Special Weapon supply
    Hold L2&R2 and press U+D+L+R+R+L+D+U.
    This gives you: Infinite Weapons 
                    Infinite Turbo
                    Infinite Special Energy Bar
                    A permanent Special Weapon supply
    Hold L1&R1 and press U+D+L+R+R+L+D+U.
    This gives you: Infinite Energy, but falls still kill you
    Hold R2 and press U+D+L+R+R+L+D+U.
    This gives you: Each bullet the power of a Fire Missile 
    Hold R1 and press U+D+L+R+R+L+D+U.
    This gives you: Ramming someone takes a ¼ of your opponents energy off!
    This only appears to work with Axel :o(
    Hold L1 and press U+D+L+R+R+L+D+U
    This gives you: The power to take half a players energy off!
    Fire a Napalm, but press and /hold/ R2 as you fire it and press
    U+D+D+L+L+L+R to give you more powerful Homing Napalms. 
    You need 2 in stock. It also gives you 11.
    5.2 Secret Characters
    Both of these must be put in on the 'Select your Fighter' screen.  
    I've also included the PC cheats. 
    PSX: Press L1+U+D+L
    PSX: Press U+L1+T+R
    5.3 Secret Levels
    Only available in 2P Challenge mode. 
    Input these on the Select Battleground screen. 
    JET MOTO - Suicide Swamp
    Press U+D+R+R1
    TWISTED METAL 1 LA ROOFTOP - Rooftop Combat
    Press D+L+L1+D
    TWISTED METAL 1 LA CYBURBIA - Assault on Cyburbia
    Press D+U+L1+R1
    5.4 Hidden Codes
    If you look at the grey ramp sections on the outer edge of the arena, there
    is something looks like "R1,squ,tri"
    Maybe it's part of a code, maybe not.
    It seems that there are a couple of combinations there too.
    Napalm the Red signs with the russian lettering to reveal 'U+D+L+R1' 
    Napalm the Mona Lisa in the Louvre to reveal 'U,D,L1,R1' I don't actually
    know what this does, but to me it looks like the Cyburbia Code. 
    Rumours say doing it on the second part of the SingleTrac loading screen 
    makes a hidden Full Motion Video appear.  I think I might have done it once, 
    as upon loading, it played Sweet Tooth's game ending instead of the familiar
    car-racing-down-road-towards-TM2-sign video! The sound was shot to pieces,
    and it made my PSX lock-up too.  It might be the US version anyway :o( 
    No codes, but I'm sure Sweet Tooth is lurking here somewhere. Look at the
    head hanging in one of the temples. Napalming them makes it burn, and it
    makes the weapon collect sound. Rumours say that you can fight an improved
    Sweet Tooth who, like TM1, is looking for his Father.
    Again, it might be the US version. 
    Fall off one of the buldings to see Sweet Tooth's code U+L1+T+R.
    None here, but see Section 5.5 'What to Destroy' about the ice.
    None here either, but see Section 5 'What to Destroy' about the
    Look ontop of the Subway cars, the TM1 ROOFTOP code is there.
    Even though it has a different combination, it still works!
    Unless you can read Japanese, you won't have much luck looking for codes on
    the signs.   
    I'm no expert in Chinese, but I could swear that most of the signs
    in Hong Kong are actually in Japanese.
    None here. I thought maybe Napalming the sponsor signs and oil signs might
    reveal something.
    None here, I though maybe it was like New York with a code at the bottom.
    None here at all. 
    5.5 What to Destroy
    Fire a couple of Missiles at the Hollywood sign to make it explode. 
    Using the Fence jumping trick, you can even go right next to it and do it! 
    Destroy the 4 legs of the Lightning Conductor for weapons to appear in the
    middle of it in a red-beam.  
    Drive through or shoot the glass in the tunnels. 
    Blow up the bridge leading to the cage area with a Remote Bomb.
    Destroy the three fountains and the ice-cream shacks for weapons.
    Destroy the Twisted Metal boxes in the smoking buldings for weapons. 
    Napalm the signs to make them burn.
    Plant a Remote Bomb on the pad in the middle to destroy all bridges.
    Machine-Gun the Lightning Conductor to destroy it. 
    Plant a Remote Bomb under or in the Eiffel Tower to destroy it, creating a
    bridge to the rooftops.
    Napalm the paintings in the Louvre to destroy them.
    Machine-Gun the Statues and the 2 Venus DiMilo sculptures to destroy them for
    weapons that appear in the corners of the building.
    Planting a Remote Bomb between the fountains and detonationing it makes the
    fountains stop! 
    Machine-Gun the trees to destroy them.
    Destroy the parked cars for weapons to appear. 
    Destroy the statues to get down the tunnel with weapons and health. 
    Fire at the doors on the temples to gain access to the stuff inside.
    All green-glass on this level can be destroyed, just shoot it or drive
    through it. 
    You can destroy the cooler ontop of the swimming pool building.
    Fire anything at the elevator lifts to gain access to the lift shaft.
    If you fire a couple of missiles at the Statue of Liberty, look what
    happens. The first missiles light her torch, the next blast her clothes off
    to reveal a bikini, and then destroy her with the last missiles. There are
    two versions of the Bikini clad icon, a Kate Moss and a Vanessa Feltz.
    The level destroys itself as it slowly sinks chunk by chunk into the sea!
    You can speed up the process using Napalm. 
    Destroy the towers to reveal weapons.
    Destroy the windmills, if you don't, your opponents will, while your in it!
    You can destroy the bails of hay for weapons and health. 
    Destroy the Subway cars using missiles. They'll reappear in a minute.
    You can shoot away the parked cars around the city for weapons and health. 
    You can shoot away the bushes and small trees on the lakes if they're inyour
    way. I like to use them for cover.
    Shoot away the green glass in the pyramid to gain access to the stuff inside.
    You can destroy the vents and satellite dishes for weapons.
    Once inside, shoot the plants for weapons. 
    Unfortuneately, the crane is'nt there so you can't destroy it :o( 
    Shoot the cars to leave a nice wreckage :o)
    Kill the guys in lawn chairs 5 times to get your health back.
    5.6 Pedestrians
    Just like the first with the innocent bystanders you could run down, this
    time there are pedestrians that match your battleground.
    If you kill ten Pedestrians you get some health back!
    This guy will be seen in Los Angeles buzzing around at a low speed.
    You will see these hanging around Los Angeles with Hot Dogs in their hands.
    There are various different ones, about 4 or 5.
    Seen in Paris, he will juggle and walk around the streets.
    Run him down and don't worry, no-one will hear him scream.
    Die Hard With a Vengeance Quote: "Are you aiming for these people?
                                      No, well, except that mime!"
    Said as Samual L. Jackson and Bruce Willis are driving through Central Park
    in a cab.
    Seen painting the Eiffel Tower on the other side of the River Seine.
    Run him into the water.
    You'll find this typical Yank fat-ass in the swimming pool in New York.
    He'll come back about a minute later.
    Seen in Antarctica in a yellow snow suit. You might here him scream if your
    close enough to the edge when the ice falls with him on. 
    It's him all right, with his trademarks, the red suit, the beard, the sack
    and the shotgun. Shotgun??? Run him down, and really put him on ice.
    Bill Gates must die! vroom, B-bump, squelch.
    He's carrying a briefcase and wears a suit in Hong Kong.
    Seen in Hong Kong selling stuff on a corner, don't let your enemies get in
    the way as you try to ram his ass.
    These blokes will be chilling out in Cyburbia drinking lemonade and sitting
    in their lawn chairs.
    5.7 Game Bugs
    Some of these bugs you can take advantage of to help you win, which is why
    I've put them here under Cheats.
    When you fight the truck part and you finish him off, do the invisibility
    code 'R+D+L+U'.  When you go on to fight the head part, you will be
    invisible for the whole level! You can even do this in 2P to really confuse
    your opponent.  Putting the code in again makes you go back to normal.  If
    you delay the time you put it in, you can fight someone with just your
    wheels or Machine-Gun showing.  Total invisibility only works with small
    character, and they'll just have a shadow showing. Especially good to use in 
    Holland or the TM1 Rooftops. 
    In Los Angeles, get on top of the tunnel without the teleporter, and lay a
    Remote Bomb. Turbo towards the other tunnel and detonate it, and hold right.
    If all goes well, you should fly over the fence, and onto the dirt land
    outside. You can drive anywhere around, even up to the Hollywood sign and
    firing at it to blow it up! To get back into the level, drive through the
    barrier on a straight piece of free-way. It might be a good idea to put the
    God Mode cheat on, so you don't run out of Remote Bombs, and don't blow
    yourself up in the process.
    For an interesting bug, try getting Mr. Slam to use his special on
    your car as you teleport.  This happened accidentally in New York
    and created some wacky moving cameras, with me ending up nowhere
    near the drop point for the teleporter and Mr. Slam also very far
    Sometimes in a 2P battle, my friends turbo meter showed 1 unit of
    turbo but the car acted like it didn't have any turbo.
    Especially annoying when you're on fire.
    As many might have noticed, there is also a magic distance away from
    you where CPU cars take no damage.  I think this was an effort to
    keep people from just letting the CPU cars kill each other.  My
    opinion on this is divided between that, and the strategic placing
    of mines and remotes, or using lightning.  Since you have to be close
    to the actual weapon to give the enemy cars any damage, the
    usefulness of these weapons decreases.
    Moscow is just about the only place where this does'nt work. 
    Sometimes, the password engine won't accept your passwords!                   
    It might have been simpler for the Programmers to code it in this way, but
    in Holland after the windmills have been destroyed, if you drive over the
    area it used to be, the helicopter mode switches back to the default.
    Sometimes also in New York whilst entering the swimming pool from the
    corridor, the helicopter mode does'nt change back! This is actually quite
    handy as it means you can drive into the swimming pool area, and you have a
    great view of any battles going on on the rooftop above. You can get ready
    to fire this way, and switch back to the default when you start your attack
    for better visibility.  Sometimes in Los Angeles you can drive straight
    through the tunnels in helicopter mode, other times you can't (???). If you
    get hung up or attacked, the view won't change back to the default.                                                                  
    In Moscow after destroying all the bridges, and the remains are on fire, try
    going into the fire. Anybody firing Napalm at you will be unsuccessful! It's
    pretty useless for Missiles and freezes though. It also stops you from
    firing back too. Napalm over the invisible barriers. 
    Sometimes in Moscow when firing a Napalm or Freeze at someone whilst descending
    to the bottom of the bowl, the napalm and freeze miss their intended target and
    go into the ground and disappear.
    Sometimes in LA you can freeze Axel under the tunnel, and he will stay frozen!
    Sometimes in Paris, firing your special when facing the Eiffel Tower on the
    upper floor of the Louvre makes it not come back to you. Freezing him sometimes 
    makes him skid all the way down the road too!
    With the big characters, like Mr. Slam, Axel and Hammerhead, going into a
    teleporter means you have to be totally in the middle before you can
    teleport. Not really a bug, but is get's annoying when you are stuck with an
    enemy and try to ricochet him/her into the teleporter.
    Sometimes if you give your Playstation a little knock whilst it loads the
    game, it gives you a short view of one of the FMV's.  I would'nt recommend
    it, and it happened to me by accident. Mine's still in the one-year
    guarantee, but this little bug has'nt seemed to cause any damage.  
    In the manual under the weapons, it reviews the remote bomb. It says that "a
    flashing dot on your HUD will indicate an unexploded bomb". For some reason,
    they don't seem to appear on the radar.
    This is only /really/ apparent on Amazonia. If a little dot on your radar
    goes off it (and a direction arrow appears accordingly), you can't see that
    car in the game, and vice-versa.
    5.8 Passwords
    Yup, every code for each character in Hard mode. All of these have been
    gotten by myself, and I'm not entirely sure the Hammerhead Dark Tooth code
    is right as it sometimes does'nt work (???). I've tested all of them.
    To make it easier for you to look up, I've changed the legend slightly.
    The new one is....
    X: X Button
    []: Square Button
    /\: Triangle Button
    O: Circle Button 
    _: Blank
    Moscow: X /\ X X _ _
    Paris:  O /\ [] _ /\ _
    Amazonia: /\ /\ [] O O _
    New York: _ /\ [] [] X _
    Antarctica: X X /\ [] /\ O
    Holland: O X O /\ O O 
    Hong Kong: /\ X O X X O
    Dark Tooth: /\ [] /\ [] _ []
    Moscow: /\ X O _ _ _                            
    Paris: X /\ O [] [] O
    Amazonia: _ X O O /\ O
    New York: O /\ X O _ []
    Antarctica: X [] [] O _ /\
    Holland: /\ /\ X [] O /\
    Hong Kong: O [] [] O X /\
    Dark Tooth: X _ X [] [] _
    Moscow: _ /\ X X X  _
    Paris:_ X /\ [] X /\
    Amazonia: /\ _ _ _ X O
    New York: /\ /\ X /\ X X 
    Antarctica: /\ X /\ O X []
    Holland: /\ [] [] X [] _
    Hong Kong: O /\ O [] [] /\
    Dark Tooth: O O O _ /\ X
    Moscow: /\ /\ X X O _
    Paris: O X /\ O /\ X
    Amazonia: X O O /\ /\ /\  
    New York: /\ _ _ O X O
    Antarctica: O /\ X /\ X _
    Holland: X X /\ _ O X
    Hong Kong: _ X O /\ [] [] 
    Dark Tooth: _ [] /\ O O /\
    MR. SLAM
    Moscow: X X /\ [] X _
    Paris: X _ _ O X []
    Amazonia: O /\ [] _ [] X
    New York: /\ X O [] _ O
    Antarctica: /\ _ /\ O /\ /\
    Holland: _ O _ _ O _
    Honk Kong:  [] _ _ /\ _ /\
    Dark Tooth: [] _ [] /\ O X
    Moscow: _ X O _ /\ _
    Paris: /\ /\ X O /\ _
    Amazonia: /\ [] [] [] /\ _
    New York: O X /\ /\ /\ _
    Antarctica: X /\ O X /\ _
    Holland: X [] [] _ /\
    Hong Kong: _ /\ X [] X X
    Dark Tooth: _ O X _ /\ _
    Moscow: O X /\ [] [] _
    Paris: /\ _ /\ _ _ O
    Amazonia: X X /\ O [] /\
    New York: O _ _ X _ X
    Antarctica: _ /\ [] X O _
    Holland: X _ _ /\ _ []
    Hong Kong: /\ /\ [] /\ O /\
    Dark Tooth: /\ O X /\ [] X
    Moscow: [] _ _ /\ /\ _
    Paris: X /\ X [] O /\
    Amazonia: X X O _ /\ X
    New York: X _ _ X O []
    Antarctica: O X O O X O
    Holland: O /\ [] /\ [] _
    Hong Kong: O _ /\ _ [] X
    Dark Tooth: O /\ _ /\ O _
    Moscow: O /\ X X /\ _
    Paris: _ /\ [] O O X
    Amazonia: O X /\ [] /\ X
    New York: _ X O X X /\
    Antarctica:  X _ _ _ O /\
    Holland:  /\ _  _  [] X []
    Hong Kong:  X /\ X /\ O []
    Dark Tooth: X O O O _ /\
    Moscow: O _ _ /\ X _
    Paris: X [] [] O O /\
    Amazonia: /\ X O _ [] _
    New York: X X /\ /\ X /\
    Antarctica: /\ /\ [] _ _ _
    Holland: X /\ X _ [] /\
    Hong Kong: /\ _ _ [] /\ _
    Dark Tooth: /\ _ [] [] X O
    Moscow: X _ _ /\ O _
    Paris: /\ X O O X /\
    Amazonia: _ /\ [] X [] O
    New York: X /\ X O X _
    Antarctica: O _ _ X [] /\
    Holland: _ X X _ _ O
    Hong Kong: X X /\ X [] _
    Dark Tooth: X [] _ [] /\ O
    Moscow:  /\ _ _ /\ [] _
    Paris: /\ [] [] [] X []
    Amazonia: O [] [] O X X
    New York: X [] [] _ X O
    Antarctica: _ X O /\ _ []
    Holland: /\ X /\ [] _ X
    Hong Kong: O X /\ O _ O
    Dark Tooth:O [] _ O O []
    5.9 Release Information
    To my knowledge, there have been 4 releases of Twisted Metal 2 on the PSX and 
    1 release on the PC (Which has multiple patches and bug-fixes available on
    the  net). The first release of Twisted Metal 2 on the Playstation was the
    demo available on the first demo disk which was US only. I managed to get
    hold of this, and the video of it too. It looks quite impressive, but is
    almost totally behind Twisted Metal 1. The second release of Twisted Metal 2
    on the Playstation ran in a much lower  screen mode, and the coour was very
    grainy. This was replaced within a few months  by a new version, which ran
    in a proper TV screen mode, and filled almost the whole  screen. A lot of
    the cheats were missing in the first release, like the Sell You Soul and
    even the Infinite Ammo cheats. This did'nt really matter, as the first
    release was discontinued and copies of it are now very rare 2 years on. I
    have actually played the first release version, and it is sheer rubbish
    compared to the later version. It was slow, almost everything was pixellated
    and each character did'nt have the same sense of speed as they do now. It
    crashed very often, and napalm used to disappear when uou pick it up. The
    collision detection was very bad too. The third release is the one most
    widely used. It is speeded up to the max, the teleporters now work
    efficiently, it can cope with heights better on Paris, you can't get stuck
    in too many buildings on Hong Kong, the fence jump in LA is still there, and
    the Hollywood sign now explodes instead of disappearing when you shoot it.
    The fourth release is the same as the third, but was widely mass produced
    for Rental only. The Compact Disk art depecting Sweet Tooth is now totally
    black, with "Rental Only" typed on. The copyright is only based to one
    country too, remember that I am in the UK and can't comment on the US
    version.  One thing I've noticed is that the logo on Hammerhead's side doors
    depicting Mr. Grimm's Screaming Soul is'nt there in the rental version, and
    the Green Glass building in New York has the same syndrome as the Twisted
    Metal 1 Rooftop: You can drive through it backwards without breaking the
    glass! On the PC, things are quite a lot different. Only one version was
    ever released, and just like the Playstation is now very rare. I myself only
    picked up my version on the PSX second or third hand in a games shop. Most
    bug-fixes and patches were distributed by third parties. 
    5.10 PC Cheats
    The next bit will comment on the PC cheats available for that version of the
    game. I've done my best to test the cheats using a friends PC, so I can't
    comment on whether or not these are very reliable. I did'nt have time to
    check the hacking cheat, so use that at your own risk. Most of these are
    from Game Secrets of the Sages.
    Advanced Attacks
    To execute these attacks, enter the codes shown below. You must use the 
    arrow keys to do this.
          Napalm: Right, Left, Up
          Freezer Burn: Left, Right, Up
          Mine: Right, Left, Down
          Rear Attack: Left, Right, Down
          Shield: Up, Up, Right
          High Jump: Up, Up, Left
          Invisibility: Right, Down, Left, Up
    Cheat Codes
    from Tyler Hill (Sarthon@Aol.com)
    To enter these codes, type "glorious" while playing, then enter one of the
    words below.
      CODE          EFFECT
     divine        Invincibility
     allyoucaneat  Unlimited ammo
     holysmokes    Unlimited special weapons
     2hot          10 homing napalms
     slamfest      Improves Grasshopper's special attack
     cusucka       Stronger machine guns
     doubledown    Stronger special weapons and machine guns
     gimmemore     More special weapons
    from Tyler Hill (Sarthon@Aol.com)
    While playing, press Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down, Down to trade your 
    weapons for health.
    from Matt Mason
    Twisted Metal 2 saves your games in the Windows95 system registry so in
    order for  you to edit your games you will need to go to the Start button on
    your task bar, click it  then go to Run and click that. Then type in
    regedit. This will start the system registry  editor.
    The first thing you should do is to go to the Registry menu at the top and
    export the  registry file to a safe location, another hard drive or floppy
    disk, just in case you mess  something up. This is a good idea to do on a
    regular basis in case your registry  becomes corrupt which does happen from
    time to time. If you need to restore your  registry you can start Windows in
    safe mode, run regedit and import the registry file  from wherever you saved
    To edit the saved games click the + sign beside HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then 
    click the + sign beside SOFTWARE. Next scroll down to the + beside SONY 
    INTERACTIVE and click it. Then click the + beside Twisted Metal 2. This 
    should leave you with a folder that is labeled 1.0.1 (it may be different on 
    your machine if you downloaded and applied the patch from Sony ). Clicking 
    on the folder opens up  all the information about TM2 in the right hand
    window. Down towards the bottom  you should see Slot1-Slot6 depending on how
    many games you have saved, note  you MUST have a game saved in order to edit
    Choose the slot that you want to edit, the slots are in the same order as
    they appear  in the save game/load game screens when TM2 is running. Click
    the slot to highlight  it then go to the top of the editor and click Edit,
    Modify. This should give you a  window that looks like this. screen shot 2
    Scroll to the bottom of this window to get to  the items that you wish to
    edit. The things that I have figured out so far are the level  you are on,
    the car you are driving . To edit the car you are click on the numer and/or 
    letter just to the right of the number that says 0080.
           To edit this value, hit the DELETE key and type in the new value.
    Valid numbers are  00-0E, just so you know these values are in hexadecimal
    10 comes AFTER 0F,  which comes after 0E, and is not included in the valid
    range. The corresponding car  values are:
                03=Mr. Grimm
                0A=Mr. Slam
    To save all of your changes just simply hit the OK button then exit out of
    For those of you who don't know Minion is the Boss from Twisted Metal 1
    which was  only available on the Sony Playstation. Darktooth is the Boss
    that you have to fight  after you defeat all your opponents in the Hong Kong
    level, you fight him also there.  A hint on how to defeat him, learn to fire
    the freeze blast.
    Also it is not advisable to play as Darktooth as he is so large the
    only way you can  see where you are going is to switch to the helicopter
    view which, at least on my  machine, sometimes washes the screen out with a
    grey color that doesn't go away.  Minion is by far the BADDEST car to drive
    as he can easily destroy any other car.
    6.0 Goodbye and Twisted Metal 3 
    Well it's been swell, and I hoped you enjoyed reading through this. It took
    me 3 whole days to update almost all the information! Like I said near the
    start, it has been a year and a half since the first version of this was
    last posted to rec.games.video.sony, and that was a good year before I
    actually /bought/ Twisted Metal 2! Before then I borrowed it off my mate for
    6 months, and before I got my Playstation took every oppotunity I could to
    rent it out and go round my friends. All in all, I think it was a good
    investment, second-hand for 19ukp! I could'nt find it first-hand :o(
    Anyway, I suppose your wondering why this is under the title Twisted Metal
    3. Well, SingleTrac say they did'nt have any plans for a TM3, BUT, Sony
    /DO/! It has been revealed that Twisted Metal 3 will keep the stunning
    gameplay of Twisted Metal 2, but only some secrets have been revealed about
    the battlegrounds or the cars, and no information has been given as to what
    the story line of the game will be. We won't see it until November 1998, so
    start saving your pennies now!
    This is most of the confirmed information about TM3 from Mr. Grimms TM site:
    Fire Missiles
    Power Missiles                                                                                   Napalm                                                                               
                                                                                                     POWER-UPS                                                                                                                                                                                         Health 
    Does this mean an end to Turbo?
    Washington DC
    Los Angeles                                                                                      London                                                                                           Egypt                                                
    North Pole                                                                                       Area 51                                                                                          Calypso's Blimp                                                  
    Axel +
    Thumper +                                                                                        Road Kill +                                                                                      Hammerhead +                                                
    Mr. Grimm +  
    Warthog +                                                                                        
    Spectre +                                                                                        
    Outlaw +                                                
    Club Kid
    Flower Power                                                                                                                                    
    Names that have a '+' are vechicles returning from TM2
    I am not really impressed with the new names of the vechicles. 
    However, from the screenshots I have deduced...
        Firestarter is the hot rod type car.
        I think Club Kid is the purple car.
        That leaves Flower Power to be the smiley face car.
        Auger is kind of Mr. Slam without a cab, and has some sort of fork
        weapon on the front. 
    Minion +
    Dark Tooth +
    Head Hunter                                                                                                                                                                                       **Names that have a '+' are bosses returning from TM2
    TM3 will be split-screen (horiz or vert) 2-player. Using the link cable, you
    can play 4-player. There will be specially made multiplayer levels, also.
    © 1998 Grimm Thinking                                            
    My own ideas for TM3 are as follows.
    I would like to see a level based on London, which there are plans for.
    Maybe you could break into Buckingham Palace and drive round the corridors
    and in rooms. I'd also like to see a Trafalgar Square with an Eiffel Tower
    style teleporter to beam you up the top. How about fighting it out down the
    Underground, with real looking subway cars? How about Picadilly Circus with
    flashing lights and stuff? The screens I've seen make the lighting look very
    impressive over TM2, so is this a possibility.
    The Area 51 levels should have an underground bit with incubators with
    Aliens in, perhaps a parody of the film Aliens would be good.
    I know I've probably stole this from Vigilante 8, but I'd like a School Bus,
    which launches children that splat over somebody elses windscreen. Yeah,
    call me sick, but I /am/ a kid, so there you go. The little ba****ds I know
    /deserve/ to be windscreen fodder.
    You should be able to customise your car, ie: Go faster stripes, or Sweet
    Tooth style spots.
    As somebody else wanted, an ejecter seat, so you can ditch your car and try
    to win with a handgun. How about a Grand Theft Auto style steal-a-thon,
    where you can get out of your car, and steal somebody elses?  
    How about visible damage to your car at all times, not just when your
    health goes into the yellow or red? Like Colin McRae Rally, you can shatter
    the windscreen and windows. On some tracks, perhaps the London one could
    have Hyde Park for mud (???), why not have typical english weather and make
    it rain? Then you can cover your car in mud and crap. Different ground
    textures also make the car behave differently.
    How about some special tracks, so that you can race around them for laps,
    WipEout style with weapons killing and racing at the same time?
    Upgrade the sound so your practically television explodes at every gun-shot!
    Make the scenery more interactive than TM2, like the London one, you could
    have the newly refurbished Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, you can burn
    the movie posters that show future releases!
    How about averts hoardings on walls amongst the urban graffiti of London?
    How about the original Quadrophenia poster in digitized form? 
    Bring back the Referee's from TM1 that shoot you if you stop moving for too
    long.  For each different battleground, have different referee's that suit
    that country. For London, you could have a gang of Mr. Grimm-esque Mods
    riding scooters that come after you!.  The Pedestrians could match too, so
    you can run down Punks and Rockers! In the White House in Washington DC,
    have it layed out exactly like the one in real life, with the Pentagon and
    the Oval Office. Keep Monica Lewinsky out of it!
    Have 989 Productions (Formerly SCEA) record today's best acts for the music
    soundtrack! Have Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller, Oasis and The Who
    altogether for the London music. What about a new rock image of our National
    Anthem? Best of British and all that.
    In Egypt, make it possible to destroy the Sphinx, just like the Statue of Liberty.
    Have them scrap plans for Chicago, and include Germany instead.
    Have Warthog's driver out for revenge aswell as the head of a 20-year-old.
    On Calypso's Blimp, have the soundtrack done by Led Zeppelin (Geddit?). Also
    make it so that too many missiles that hit the sides of the blimp blast
    holes in the balloon, and that the air pressure makes people fly about.
    Hell, have it explode if you take too long to kill your enemies. On the
    secret battlegrounds, have the Blimp piloted to the Moon and fight it out
    there, with correct gravity and everything.
    Bring back the Freeze Missile from TM1.
    If you ask me, 8 levels again is just too little, especially as the really
    new games cost upwards of £50.
    Make the secret weapons harder to find like TM1, like pulling up at the
    Cyburbia Convenience Store to get homing missiles. Have impossibly hard to
    get weapons as a clever distraction from some sort of secret (like the big
    hanging crate in the Arena in TM1 which stopped you killing your enemies).
    Include LA, but this time have it as a massive TM1 level, with roads leading
    everywhere from the Canal to the Park, to Cyburbia, and have it all fought
    out at the bottom of the buildings that suply the rooftops for the rooftop
    level. Make it so that teleporters can take you to the top and a lift takes
    you back to the bottom . If you fall off any building, make it that you die!
    This could also be the level where you fight Minion as a sub-boss.
    Bring back all the Twisted Metal players together. That's about 30 vehicles
    in the game, which would mean a minimum of 12 one-player levels to persuade
    me to buy it.
    Cars I'd like to see back in TM3 are the original Roadkill, aswell as the
    new incarnation, Pit Viper for being the absolute crappest in the game
    (again), Darkside, the original Hammerhead as a pick-up Monster Truck,
    Crimson Fury for speed, Sweet Tooth without all the secrecy.
    How about a new torpedo weapon, for use under water. Using on ground makes
    you suffer a hit for improper use.  How about a car that changes into a sub
    for a quick geteway 007 style? Oh, and make water effect the way your car
    behaves. Make it also that you can run out of oxygen underwater. Perhaps you
    could have a time-limit or a pick-up that's an oxygen tank.
    Make it possible to have a link-up for up to eight players over two
    multi-taps. Make it possible to have a two player linkup too.
    How about a 2 Player Challenge with enemy cars aswell?
    I'd like another player riding some sort of motorcycle, possibly a scooter.
    How about a rival of Mr. Grimm who rides a maxed up white vehicle. His story
    could be that he is some sort of angel out to get Grimm for all the souls
    he's been stealing lately.
    In the story for TM2 (accessed from the options menu), it shows Calypso
    piloting his blimp over Los Angeles, and him telling the story of how he
    destroyed LA with his contest. In TM3, they should include the same sort of
    story, and Calypso could tell us how his contest destroyed cities of the
    world. Have images of the Eiffel Tower on it's side burning, and the Statue
    of Liberty missing it's headmor something.
    PLEASE SCEA, include the simple controls of TM2!
    Include a level of Italy, with the Leaning tower of Pisa, and pedestrians
    that look like Michaelangelo.
    6.2 Goodbye...
    If you have any comments about this FAQ, feel free to email me about it. And
    do criticise, then I know what I've done wrong. If any info is wrong, mail
    me about that too. All the information in this document is reasonably
    reliable as I have contributed almost a week's straight play in research,
    and I haven't had a chance to test all of Graham Frederick's information
    (Although it is reliable, the top speeds and that).
    As for /my/ future FAQ pursuits, I'm trying to write an FAQ for the
    Asteroids-esque game Spheres Of Chaos. You might not have heard of that as
    it is for Acorn Computers. The PC version of TM2 I don't like. The PSX
    version rocks better than the PC, so there. I also have a Preview FAQ of the
    upcoming action platformer Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus. 
    Go to http://www.gameFAQs.com/ to download it. This is the first ever FAQ for
    this game, so I think I deserve some credit in gathering information ona game 
    not even released yet! More thanks are due to both the guys at Game FAQ's and 
    to James Stevens, who was kind enough to put the FAQ on his site. 
    Go to: http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/jamess/index.html for the main page. 
    Follow the links to the Playstation section, and also the gargantuan Final 
    Fantasy VII FAQ pages. I might do a Colin McRae Rally Cheat FAQ, as there are 
    some truly /unique/ game cheats. 
    I'm making plans for a Pushy II Solutions FAQ. Pushy is by a guy called R.
    Fred Williams and you have to control a purple blob bloke whose job it is to
    save purple-blobby kind by pushing crates onto crosses. Pushy, like Spheres
    of Chaos, is also originally an Acorn game, and was recently ported to the
    Playstation using the programmable Net Yaroze. It is on the Official
    Playstation Magazine CD Number 37. Each puzzle is taxing, so it is a good
    game if you like that sort of thing. I know I do.     
    If I have stolen information from your site, please email me and I'll have
    it removed. Otherwise I'll keep it and credit you. Any comments and
    suggestions, please mail me.
    "I am Calypso and I thank you for reading the Twisted Metal FAQ"
    Rob White
    Rob White, ZFC P trebor@argonet.co.uk   Wimbledon  London  England   
    Ocean Colour Scene: Retro Rules OK!

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