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"The best vehicle combat game ever!!"

I remember first hearing the craze about Twisted Metal 2, about how great it was and everything. Honestly, I wasn't really wanting to play it that badly, but I finally broke down and picked up the controller and started playing this AWESOME game!

Twisted Metal 2 isn't a racing game at all, it features drivers of several different vehicles who are full of rage and revenge, and they're dying to duke it out against each other. In other words, it's a vehicle shooting/combat game. There are a lot of different drivers in this game who all have their own styles, their own strengths and weaknesses, and of course, their own personalities.

All the characters have their own story to tell. To see their story, you can watch their biography on the screen, but to see how their story ends, you will have to beat the whole game with that character.

There are many different drivers that you can choose from. There are the ones you would expect such as regular cars, fancy cars, a police car, a guy riding a motorcycle, and others. There are also other kinds of vehicles that you wouldn't expect to see such as a huge bulldozer, a man set between a contraption with two huge wheels on either side of him, and others such as an ice cream truck.

Even though the vehicles might not be all that similar, the drivers all have something in common. They're ready and willing to do combat against each other! All the drivers' vehicles have their own features. Each of them has their own special weapons such as Mr. Slamm (the bulldozer) using the bulldozer to pick up and slam his opponent on the ground, Axel (the man between the two huge wheels) being able to make a sort of shockwave go across the ground, Mr. Grimm's (the motorcycle man) flying skull, and Grass Hopper (one of the race cars) having the ability to make her opponents fly and tumble in the air.

Like you might expect, all of the drivers' vehicles have their own set of strenghts and weaknesses over their counterparts. For instance, Mr. Slamm's bulldozer is big, so he can run into his smaller opponents in a collision and inflict some damage, and Spectre's car is small, so it wouldn't be great against collisions or wrecks. Some drivers are faster than others, and others have better special weapons than others do. With all the vehicles that are available from the start, there's bound to be one that will suit most gamers.

Not only do all the drivers have their own kinds of specials included with their vehicles, all of them can shoot an automatic gun at any time. The guns have unlimited ammo, but you won't have an unlimited supply of your specials. And that brings me to the next part of my review.

To make the battlefields even more ferocious and twisted, there are several different kinds of weapons scattered throughout each level of Twisted Metal 2. There are bombs, homing missiles, power missiles, fire missiles, Napalms (huge fireballs), remote controlled bombs, lightning, and many other awesome weapons. You can also find extra supplies for your special weapon, extra turbo, and of course, some energy in case you're almost dead. Turbo allows you to give your vehicle an extra burst of speed when you need it.

Of course, the best part of Twisted Metal 2 is playing a two player game and wreaking some major havoc on your opponents. If you play a two player game, you can choose to go one-on-one against your friend. If that's too easy for you or if just one opponent isn't enough, you can play two player Co-op, in which you and a friend can both go up against many computer controlled enemies in the different levels. If you decide to go solo, you can play a one player Tournament game or the regular game of Twisted Metal 2 in which you try to beat the whole game.

The levels in Twisted Metal 2 are great, and they're full of some cool effects that are waiting to be put into effect. While you play a one player game by yourself or a two-player Co-op game, you will have to go through many levels such as New York, Antarctica, the Amazon, Hong Kong, and others. When you begin the first level, there won't be many enemies to get rid of and the levels won't be that difficult. However, as you progress and get real far into the game, the levels will get a little tougher and there will be a lot more computer controlled enemies to destroy. To get past a level, all you have to do is destroy all the computer controlled vehicles. Once you get to the end of certain levels, you will have to go up against a powerful boss such as a huge tank called Minion, and Dark Tooth.

As if surviving your enemies' attacks wasn't enough, some of the levels will also pose a threat. A couple of examples are the lava in the Amazon level and the falling ice in Antarctica. A few of the others such as New York, have deadly cliffs. I'm sure you know that if all of your energy runs out, you will lose a life. If you fall off the edge of a cliff or if the ice collapses with you in the ice level, you will also lose a life.

Like I mentioned before, there are a few awesome graphical effects in Twisted Metal 2, and some other cool things that I want to mention. One example is being able to make the Eiffel Tower explode and fall to the ground, but I'm not going to tell you how to do it, that would be a major spoiler. One other cool effect is something you can do to the Statue of Liberty in New York. Something else that is cool is being able to shoot or run over people. From time to time, you might see a person just walking around in a level. You can destroy them, but you won't get anything but a laugh from it.

If you don't see any weapons laying around in the open in a level, there are always some things such as cars, small statues, or bales of hay, that will be laying around. You can shoot and blow up these items to possibly get a much-needed weapon from them.

This game sounds awesome doesn't it? To make it even more awesome than it already is, there are tons of cool extras included as codes for Twisted Metal 2. By pressing different combinations of buttons on your controller, you can do certain things such as make your vehicle jump, make it invisible, bring up a shield, shoot weapons behind you, shoot ice at your opponents to freeze them in a block of ice, and many many more! There are also codes to get some hidden characters such as Minion and Sweet Tooth, and even a few extra levels such as one from Jet Moto. Again, I'm not going to tell you how to do these codes, I just thought I would mention them.

So what do all of these great things in Twisted Metal 2 add up to? ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER MADE!!!!! No matter what kind of game you like the best, if you have a Playstation, GET THIS GAME NOW! In my opinion, this is the best Twisted Metal game available for Playstation. The first one is decent, Twisted Metal 3 and Twisted Metal 4 have some major flaws, but Twisted Metal 2 is perfect!

GRAPHICS - Without a doubt, the graphics are the only downfall whatsoever to Twisted Metal 2. It has good graphics and the vehicles, characters, levels, and the sequences that reveal the characters' storylines are all well done. However, when you get close to a wall or almost anything else, you will see some pixelization. But so what? While you're playing this game, the graphics will be the least of your worries.

SOUND - The sound couldn't possibly be better for this kind of game. The characters' voices sound like they're full of rage, such as Axel, or that they think it's humourous to wreak havoc and destroy enemies, such as Sweet Tooth. The music always fits the mood of the game, and the other sounds such as explosions and using weapons aren't bad at all either.

CONTROL - The controls are no exception to this game's greatness. It's easy to make your character do what they need to do, and unlike the other Twisted Metal games, it's easy to make your characters turn on a dime. You'll probably have to get used to the controls a little at first since you have to use a lot of the buttons, but you should have them down in no time.

REPLAY VALUE - Without a doubt, I've played Twisted Metal 2 more than any other Playstation game. This is one of those games that will never get old no matter what. Playing a one player game is fun, but playing two player is the best of all. Even though I've played this game for a few years, I haven't got tired of it at all and I don't think I ever will!

OVERALL - The only flaw I see whatsoever with Twisted Metal 2 is some of its pixelized graphics. However, this game is so much fun that you won't be paying attention to hardly anything while you play it except for the gameplay itself. And I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that! There are a lot of great Playstation games, but Twisted Metal 2 is definitely my favorite!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/13/01, Updated 05/20/02

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