• Cheat Codes

    Enter the following codes at the Cheat Entry Screen.

    Start, R1, L1, Start, StartAll Pick-Ups are Homing Missiles
    Start, Start, L1 (x3)All Pick-Ups are Napalms
    Start, L1, Start, L1, StartAll Pick-Ups are Power Missiles
    X, Circle (x4)Alone in Deathmatch
    Down, L1, Down, Start, TriangleComputer Cars Ignore Health Pick-ups
    L1, R1, L1, R1, R1CPU Kills Human Players
    Up (x3), Left, LeftDemo Level in Deathmatch
    Left, Square (x3), LeftDifferent View of Flower Power
    Triangle, Up, O, Right, StartFreeze Missile
    Left, Right, Left, Right, UpGiant Ricochet Bombs
    L1, Square, X, R1, StartGod Mode
    Up, Down, Up, Down, UpHoming Rain Missiles
    Up, Up, X, X, UpIcy Levels
    L1, L1, R1 (x3)Infinite Specials
    Triangle, Circle, Down, Left, UpMassive Force
    L1, Start (x3), R1No Full Health Pick-Ups
    Select, L1, Select, Start, CircleNo Health Pickups
    Select, Select, R1, L2, StartNo Pick-Ups
    Left (x3), Square, SquarePlay at Club Kid's House in Deathmatch mode
    Triangle, Left, Down, Right, UpSmart Seekers
    R1, R1, L1 (x3)Super Napalms
    Triangle, Circle, Up, Right, DownUnlimited Weapons
    Start (x5)Unlock Memory Card Option
    Right (x3), Left, LeftUnlock Minion
    Left (x3), Right, RightUnlock Sweet Tooth
    Square (x3), Left, LeftWarehouse Level in Deathmatch


  • Auger's Passwords

    Circle, L1, Triangle, X, DownBlimp
    X, Start, Left, Left, L2D.C.
    Select, Right, L2, L1, L1Egypt
    Up, Down, Triangle, L1, R1Hangar 18
    L1, Right, X, Start, LeftLondon
    Left, X, Right, X, SquareNorth Pole
    Circle, Circle, Left, Right, LeftTokyo

    Contributed By: Here To Stay.

  • Axel's Passwords

    L1, R1, Up, Left, CircleBlimp
    R1, Up, Down, Down, L1D.C.
    Left, Up, L1, Up, R2Egypt
    R1, Up, Down, Down, L1Hangar 18
    Up, L2, Circle, Square, L1London
    X, Triangle, Square, R2, XNorth Pole
    Up, Triangle, Select, Right, UpTokyo

    Contributed By: Here To Stay and dinobotmaximized.

  • Club Kid's Passwords

    L1, Circle, Start, Triangle, LeftBlimp
    Select, R1, Down, X, RightD.C.
    X, Up, Select, L2, L1Egypt
    Start, Start, Square, R2, XHangar 18
    L2, R2, Select, L2, L1London
    Right, R1, L2, Right, TriangleNorth Pole
    R1, L1, R1, Triangle, UpTokyo

    Contributed By: Here To Stay and dinobotmaximized.

  • Firestarter's Passwords

    L2, L2, Left, Square, R1Blimp
    Left, R2, Select, L1, UpD.C.
    Down, Select, X, Triangle, LeftEgypt
    L1, R2, X, Left, DownHangar 18
    Select, R1, Right, Square, SelectLondon
    Circle, R2, R1, R1, R2North Pole
    Start, R2, Right, L2, StartTokyo

    Contributed By: Here To Stay and dinobotmaximized.

  • Flower Power's Passwords

    Select, Left, R1, R2, LeftBlimp
    X, L2, R2, Down, R2D.C.
    Circle, Square, Left, L2, DownEgypt
    Select, Start, L1, Down, XHangar 18
    Left, Square, Right, X, L2London
    Up, L2, Triangle, Circle, L1North Pole
    L1, Left, X, Up, CircleTokyo

    Contributed By: Here To Stay.

  • Hammerhead's Passwords

    Square, Up, Up, Start, LeftBlimp
    Circle, Right, Circle, X, SelectD.C.
    Triangle, Triangle, R1, Select, StartEgypt
    Select, Circle, Down, Up, SquareHangar 18
    Down, Triangle, L2, R2, R1London
    Start, Up, Square, Right, L2North Pole
    R2, Up, Triangle, X, SquareTokyo

    Contributed By: Here To Stay.

  • Minion's Passwords

    Down, X, Square, Down, SelectBlimp
    Up, Start, Down, L1, SquareD.C.
    Start, L1, Right, R1, R1Egypt
    Left, R1, Select, Circle, LeftHangar 18
    Circle, R1, Up, L1, R2London
    L1, Start, R2, Down, TriangleNorth Pole
    Select, Start, R1, L2, XTokyo

    Contributed By: Here To Stay and dinobotmaximized.

  • Mr. Grimm's Passwords

    Left, Right, L1, Left, L2Blimp
    Down, Down, Start, R2, CircleD.C
    Up, Circle, Up, Up, L1Egypt
    R2, X, Triangle, Down, RightHangar 18
    X, X, Square, Circle, CircleLondon
    Triangle, Down, Right, R2, R2North Pole
    Down, L2, Select, Select, RightTokyo

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

  • Outlaw's Passwords

    Circle, Left, R1, Up, L2Blimp
    Triangle, Select, Down, Circle, L1D.C.
    L1, R2, X, Left, StartEgypt
    Square, L1, R2, R2, SquareHangar 18
    Up, R2, Triangle, Select, R2London
    Start, Circle, Right, Up, L2North Pole
    Left, Right, Up, Circle, XTokyo

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

  • Roadkill's Passwords

    Right, Square, Left, Start, SelectBlimp
    Start, Select, L1, Triangle, L2D.C.
    Left, L2, Start, Square, R1Egypt
    Down, L2, Start, Right, SelectHangar 18
    Triangle, L2, Right, Triangle, L2London
    R2, Select, Triangle, R2, UpNorth Pole
    Square, Select, Square, Select, TriangleTokyo

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

  • Spectre's Passwords

    Triangle, X, R1, Start, R2Blimp
    L1, Square, Up, X, R1D.C.
    R2, Down, Square, X, UpEgypt
    Select, X, Down, Right, StartHangar 18
    Down, X, L2, Triangle, L1London
    Start, Down, Square, L2, DownNorth Pole
    R2, Down, Square, X, UpTokyo

    Contributed By: Here To Stay and dinobotmaximized.

  • Sweet Tooth's Passwords

    Start, Triangle, Up, Square, L2Blimp
    Circle, Circle, L1, L1, StartD.C.
    Select, Up, R1, R1, CircleEgypt
    Right, Right, Down, Circle, XHangar 18
    R1, Right, R2, Up, RightLondon
    L2, Circle, Select, Circle, L2North Pole
    Circle, Triangle, L2, R2, LeftTokyo

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

  • Thumper's Passwords

    Up, L2, Select, Up, XBlimp
    Select, Left, Select, L1, L2Egypt
    Down, Start, R1, Up, UpHanger 18
    Triangle, Right, L1, Start, XLondon
    R2, R2, Triangle, Down, SquareNorth Pole
    Square, L2, X, Circle, LeftTokyo
    Start, R2, R2, Square, LeftWashington DC

    Contributed By: Arguro.

  • Warthog's Passwords

    R2, L2, Down, X, LeftBlimp
    Select, L1, Left, Start, LeftD.C.
    Square, Square, Start, L1, TriangleEgypt
    Start, L1, Right, R1, L2Hangar 18
    R2, Triangle, Triangle, Start, LeftLondon
    Down, L1, Start, L2, SquareNorth Pole
    Triangle, R2, Right, Square, LeftTokyo

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

Easter Eggs

  • Music and Vocal Tracks

    To hear music from the game and also all the character voiceovers, put Twisted Metal III into a regular CD player and skip to Track 2 (Track 1 is the game data).

    Contributed By: MysticRhythms87.

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