Review by michaelP4o

Reviewed: 01/19/07

An amazing game, not recognised...

The Unholy War was released in 1998 by Crystal Dynamics. The game didn’t receive much attention, unfortunately. The sad fact is that, this game has a lot of potential and is worthy of a sequel, it probably won’t happen though.

The game delivers action and turn based strategy mixed together. There are 12 strategy maps mixed in with action 14 maps (along with two secret maps). There are two sides; Arcane and Teknos. Both have 7 fighters each, along with a super secret fighter. Both sides fight against each other, to determine who will control the planet. The strategy works by having a base, where you can summon warriors. There is then AUR, which is basically used to buy the warriors. Your base gathers 10m AUR every turn but, there is AUR spots in all the maps where if you place a warrior there, you will gather more AUR.

Each warrior has special powers, such as Wasp being able to heal allies and Drak Angel being able to transport himself to different spots in the map. The goal of the game is to eliminate your opponent’s base and kill off all their fighters. There is three difficult settings; Easy, Normal and Hard. The A.I is amazing, especially on Hard, they really are challenging.

The action which is combined into the strategy game is done where one fighter (or more) come in contact with the opposing team. Some fighters are better facing other fighters, such as Wasp (fast, being able to freeze her opponents and to steal their life energy) would easily kill Bronto (slow but powerful). This is not always true though as it depends on what each player do, so the better player may end up killing Wasp.

The game’s controls are simple and can be learnt very quickly. X makes your character jump or fly if you hold it in. You use the Direction Pad to move your character and the Sqaure, Triangle and Circle buttons make your character do an attack. The Strategy Controls are just as easy, with X being able to pick certain objects and with Square, Triganle and Circle doing certain actions.

Overall, the game is very fun to play.

Nothing fantastic. The Teknos (Futuristic like Warriors) invade a planet called Xsarra, which belongs to the Arcane (Native like Warriors). Both sides fight to determine control of the planet. Depending on which side you use, will decide.

The graphics are pretty good for its time, I don’t see anything wrong with them. The sound is excellent, you hear all the sound effects, the voices are very suitable, basically, the game also does very well in Graphics and Sound, I honestly think they’re amazing as well as I see no error.

Play time/Replayability:
This is where the game also does very well at. The game has Competitive mode where you play with another player. Both of you either choose Teknos or Arcane and fight against each other. With the amazing A.I, you will love to face them over and over again, very challenging.

Final Recommendation:
I suggest you buy the game if you want action and strategy fun. Ever since I got the game, I play it now and again, and I still remember my first two months with it, where I played it constantly.

The game is simply brilliant but didn’t grab much attention at all. What if it did? Would we have a sequel? In my honest opinion, I’d say yes.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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