Review by madragon5

"I hope people will try out this MASTERPIECE"

This game is simple but that is NOT a bad thing. Its a WONDERFUL THING. This is a great example of how great games can be even without the special effects and the full motion video scenes. It's also a prime example of how gameplay is what makes or breaks a game.

The unholy war is simple yet FUN and have lots of replay value due to the stratagy mode as well as the mayhem mode. I do not understand how such a great game like this was passed up by millions of people. If only the company put more effort into advertising for this amazing game as much as it had put into developing the gameplay of this game.

Graphics was very good for a ps1 game in 1998. There are times when you get zoomed up shots at the character to see how wonderfully developed they are for a ps1 game. There are no confusion as to what you are looking at whether its lava or bridge or trees. You know what's infront of u at all times, as the camera angle moves slowly to give u a full view of the entire battle area.

Story: Its simple, one race tries to invade while another tries to protect their home planet. Why bother with plot twist and so on when all you really need is a bases as to why the two race are fighting. Once that is establish, the gameplay takes over.

Sound: Each character have their own dialogue, though only a few words here and there its perfect for that perticular unit.

Gameplay: This is where this game jumps from being simple and ordinary to extraordinary x 10.
Theres around 10 different maps you and your enemy can fight in. Depending on the character, each having their own strength and weaknesses, from speed to power to range to flight and much more. EVERY character is balanced except for the 2 mega character from each race. Not only are the character unique, the maps are also very special. Some characters like the Brutos are at an EXTREME disadvantage on some maps yet dominate on others. This is key in the stratagie mode of the game.

If you try this game, I'm confident that you will put it in the game tier of final fantasy, starcraft, warcraft, super smash bros, zeldal, the list goes on. Please try this game and spread the news to other fellow gamers. This game really needs a sequel.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/16/08

Game Release: The Unholy War (US, 09/30/98)

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