Review by Marko_Nemesis

"Mayhem and Strategy? This could only originate a masterpiece!"

The Unholy War is an unique PSX game. You can't find better than this to increase your brain power and your battlefield skills. I mean it! I don't say this about games, but this one really pushes you into it.

Story 9/10 - The story is very simple and compelling. Teknos land on a planet called Xsarra, to exterminate the living nation there, the Arcanes(my favourite team), and to "steal" all their source power, AUR. AUR is Arcanes main source power, "feeding" their incredibly strong nation.

Graphics 9/10 - For the date it was released, the graphics look awesome. All characters are really well designed and each one have unique styles. Battlefields look great too, with amazing landscapes and original fields, and the player needs to concern about the enemies and some traps that may appear.

Sound 7/10 - Some music and sounds can be a little repetitive in combat mode, but overall the sound is good, it has a great atmosphere.

Game Modes 10/10 - The peak of Unholy War. Ths game presents us the following modes:
Mayhem - It's normal one-on-one combat, that takes place in one of its battlefields. Can be played by 1P or 2P. Strategy - My favourite mode. It's like story mode, where you choose to play with Teknos or Arcanes, 1P or 2P. Every one of this modes are really fun and great, played by 1P or 2P.

Replay Time 10/10 - You never get tired of this. I started on easy mode, then normal, and now I'm doing Hard mode. I have to say it has a great difference between easy and hard. First you can get into the game and its battle mechanics, then you can evolve to normal or hard, to test your strategy skills. I have to say playing strategy game with a friend, is an amazing experience like non other!

Characters 10/10 - Greatly designed, this game allows to choose between Teknos and Arcanes. Teknos are the invaders, seeking all AUR energy. They have a great heavy cavalry, like Jagger, Razorfane, Quicksilver. For those who likes to play with machines and technologies, this is the perfect team. Arcanes are the planet's defenders. Basically, they're the good guys. They're not really evolve to high technologies like the Teknos, but they have really amazing natural power. Defending their AUR sources, they can count on Prana, Fire Witch, Brontu and many others.

This game is really worth buying it, you won't regret it at all, and you won't get tired of it, every play through is a different challenge. Be ready for The Unholy War!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/07/09

Game Release: The Unholy War (EU, 09/30/98)

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