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"How Can This Game Be Overlooked So Much?"

This is my first review so bare with me. The Unholy War is a mix of a fighting game and a strategy game and I'm here to review it (duh!):

Story 7/10: Basically, an invader group (the Tecknos) invaded some planet that the other group (the Arcanes) lives on. Basically, they end up fighting (although I can't remember why). It's an OK storyline. Nothing special.

Graphics 8/10: The graphics are pretty good for a Playstation game. Up close, I don't really like the graphics because it's all blocky and everything but when you're battling, the graphics are great!

Sound 9/10: It's actually pretty cool. The music isn't very noticable but it's there. The SFX is great! Everything from Prana's cry or Quicksilver's ''victory talk'' is great!

Controls 10/10: Simple, Easy, and Right To The Point. The D-Pad is for moving. X if for jumping. Triangle, Square, and Circle are for attacking. There's not a lot of different controls so the game isn't very varied but it's very easy to control (did that make sense?).

Gameplay 8/10: The gameplay is very good. From the start, you can choose whether to go to Mayhem Mode or Strategy Mode. In Mayhem Mode, you just pick a team and you fight against the computer or another person. In Strategy, you play on a board and try to conquer the other side's base and destroy all their warriors. You have to do things like mine for AUR which is used to buy more warriors. Umm...there are also abilities each warrior can use (heal, teleport, etc.). When two warriors from each team meet, they go into Mayhem Mode and you fight each other. Simple. Plus, there's a neat little demo for Soul Reaver. It's not much but it's just enough.

Replayability 9/10: Well, with 3 difficulty levels for Strategy Mode and two teams to be on, you'll be playing this game for quite some time. Of course, if you're really good, you'll finish all three difficulties in no time but some people (like me) aren't that good and needs time to beat it.

Buy or Rent? : Well, this game is pretty cheap so it won't leave a huge dent in your pocket. If you rent it, you won't have it long enough to experience the whole thing. Therefore, I suggest you BUY it.

Overall 9/10: A very good game that I suggest you try out!! There are a few things in this game that could be improved but it's not such a BIG problem. Therefore, this game gets a 9 out of 10!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/12/03, Updated 05/12/03

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