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"Half action, half strategy, all fun"

Two hundred years ago the Rebellion began, very small numbered group of people rose up against the oppressive Imperium regime. Over the years, the rebels have forced the Imperium forces back as they gain ground, and a race of aliens called Xava have backed up the rebels. Emperor Caston, leader of the Imperium, recently released a powerful weapon on a Rebel held planet, and this weapon decimated the rebels and all life on the planet. Now the player must control the Wraith, a powerful weapon that was stolen from the Imperium, and fight for freedom.

Uprising X has an interesting story that is nicely fleshed out, and there are a few plot twists along the way. The writing is excellent, and it really makes the player want to continue forward even though the game becomes unforgiving later on.

The gameplay is a hybrid of first person action and real time strategy, and the bulk of the game takes place controlling the Wraith. The Wraith controls are simple. The D-Pad looks around while the face buttons are used for moving and strafing, and it does take a few minutes to get used to however it does feel nature. R1 is used for shooting while the other R and L buttons are used for cycling weapons and factory type. The player will also be able to take control of a citadel, and Citadels are stationary towers which control similar to the Wraith minus the movement controls.

Music is mainly sounds like rock, and it sounds nice and fits the mode however in the later levels, the music is drowned out by the high difficult. The sound effects are decent, and there is a warping sound when enemies teleport in. The game is fully voice acted, and the voice acting is actually very good.

Graphic wise, Uprising X looks great, and the vehicles and enemies are nicely modeled. The textures are clear and crisp, and each level has its own unique feel thanks to different ground and sky textures. The game does recycle the same vehicles for each race, and they are distinguished by their different color scheme. Blue is for rebels, red for Imperium and yellow for Xava.

Uprising X has two training levels in the game, and it is suggested playing them first. The single player campaign is lengthy and challenging, and most of the levels are linear and straight forward. Although the levels that are not straight forward, it is easy to find the way thanks to a mini-map in the lower corner of the screen and a larger map can be seen by holding down "select".

There is a nice variety of missions types, and the objectives range from destroy all enemies, go to point B from point A, and escort missions. For each level the player starts off with two lives, and there is no way to gain any more which would have been nice for the later levels. The first few levels are easy to pass without ever losing a life however that changes quickly.

Most of the game the player controls the Wraith, and there are numerous weapons that can be found like homing missiles, sun gun, and ion cannon to name a few. The player can also summon support like infantry, tanks, flyer, and bomber. This part of the game controls in first person and is pure action. Also the player can control a Citadel, and this is where the strategy part comes up. With the Citadel the player can build factories, restore health, and build turret guns to protect the base plus the player can control the gun on the Citadel to defend against enemy attacks.

The game starts out fairly simple and not too difficult however upon reaching level nine the difficulty sky rockets without any warning, and to top it all off the levels get longer in length. I mean lengths of ten or more minutes to complete. The developer thought that reducing the amount of health pickups by almost 90% and tossing even more amounts of enemies at the player is fair unfortunately it comes off as cheap. Not only is escorting the ship difficult due to the massive amounts of enemy, but friendly fire is also turned on. There are numerous times where I shot the vehicle I was supposed to escort by accident, and even worse is the support the player can summon. The infantry men appear right in front of the Wraith so every time I just ended running them over by accident. Sadly I never made it past level 10, and I like to beat a game before reviewing however I spent numerous hours trying to beat this level. The difficulty is the biggest flaw of the game, and it holds it back from perfection for me. The first few levels are very fun however once reaching level nine the difficulty takes a dip into the deep end and it loses a lot of the fun factor.

Sadly there is only one difficulty, and it is poorly balanced which hurts the replay value however there is a deep multiplayer to help the replay value. There are five modes: Infantry Crush, The Last Stand, Wraith vs. Citadel, Siege Mode, and Death Match. Infantry Crush has the players competing to see who can kill the most infantries. The Last Stand has the player controlling a Citadel and must survive against waves of enemies. Wraith vs. Citadel has one player controlling a Wraith that attacks a Citadel that is owned by the other player. Siege Mode has the players each control a Citadel and must eliminate all enemies. Death Match has the players fighting to the death.

Uprising X is a decent game that is held back from perfection by a broken difficult that is poorly balanced.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/25/12

Game Release: Uprising X (US, 11/30/98)

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