Review by Yoyoyoko

Reviewed: 11/15/01 | Updated: 11/15/01

Hell can't be worse than this game

Okay, I don't understand why they bother making this game, it is butt ugly. They could have delayed it to make it look better, I think they rushed it. If they turned it up a notch, it would probally be one of the best games out there, because it is so fun how you get to beat up people and gangs. But there are some big problems and some little problems. They probally took a dump in a cd case, and stamped urban chaos.
The Reason I like this game, is because it is really fun and the story... well there isn't really a story, but it is real fun game. But why a rookie? It seems latley that games like this have a rookie. Why rookie? Why not a person like Shaft that worked at the PD for a long time? Like RE, its a rookie. Before I bore you, the reason I don't like this game is because there are a lot of clipping problems and the graphics look like my little baby sister's coloring. They need work on this game.

Sound 6/10 The shotgun and the handgun sound like a real gun, but not the M16. But when she runs and the stama gets low, she breathes, but that is it.

Gameplay 8/10 although the control was messed up, it was still fun, how you could beat people up and arrest people an so on and so on. It had fun stuff to it.

Control 4/10 This got you killed through out the entire game, even combat mode.

Music 3/10 Im not sure if there was any music. It was just the same over and over. Why not like DMX or PAPA ROACH? Why dont they add something like that in it? After all, it takes place in a city.

Story 5/10 Story was just... Average. I like how it took place in a big city, it reminded me of Chicago. But, why not a city like New York? Or Los Angels? It's just some city I havn't heard of, called Union City, thats gay. And UCPD Urban chaos police department? Union City police department? What is it?

Overall 3/10 It was a crappy game, but still though, it's Mucky foot's first game, but im not impressed by Mucky Foot at all. Better luck next time, Mucky Foot. Don't rush it! This what bugged me the most, the guns, when she sprints, and she is waving the gun, fire and the gun wont aim, it just comes out of nowhere. And sometimes, when you pull out a gun and fire it right away, you can't see the gun you just see the bullets. What's that about? Again, next time, Mucky Foot.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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