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Reviewed: 03/05/00 | Updated: 03/05/00

If you like RE, Goldeneye and Soul Reaver, prepare for Nirvana.

Tired of blowing away zombie heads? Sick of shattering security cameras? Would you rather pop in a game of Deadly Towers than devour another vampire soul? Need a new experience that combines those three great games? Look no further.

Union City, 1999. The city is in turmoil as the millenium approaches. A mysterious cult stalks the streets, and the massive gang/army of the Wildcats hold the population in terror.

Until two warriors arrive...Urban Chaos' super-sexy heroine Officer D'arci Stern and her partner, mysterious vigilante Roper McIntyre.

Let the Chaos commence!

Sorry if I sounded like an ad there, but it seemed like a good closing line. :)

Anyway, if you're looking for a good PC game, you can't go wrong with UC. The game is an ''objective'' game with stuff you gotta do in each mission, i.e. talk down a jumper, destroy some narcotics supplies, etc. Stuff you really would have to do as a real cop. The game features a combat system identical to Soul Reavers', with your character going into ''fight mode'' whenever they get near an enemy. Your character will usually be D'arci, but certain missions will be played as Roper, and there are even hidden missions where you can play as a Wildcat. Your character will sometimes switch in the middle of a mission. For example, there's one stage where you have to rescue some hostages. You start of as D'arci, rescue the hostage, come back to Roper, and then take control of him as he gets the other hostage. Or one character might get taken hostage in the middle of a stage, and you would take control of the other to go rescue him/her. An interesting approach to combat is that there are two ways to defeat a foe-killing and arresting. Whichever you do doesn't make any difference, it's just that if you're unarmed, arresting is easier than killing. Instead of wearing down the enemy's whole lifebar (appears in front of them) you just have to knock him down, then stand over him and press the Action button. All in all, a very addictive, very challenging, very fun game I can't reccomend enough.

GAMEPLAY: 8 Controlling D'arci is generally pretty easy, except for a couple of faults listed in the bad points

STORY: 7 Very involving, this is one game that will really
keep you guessing. It's so dependent on this factor that I really can't say anything else without spoilers.

FUN FACTOR: 8 A very fun game. It doesn't get a ten however, because it is so maddeningly hard in some places.

GRAPHICS: 9 The game has amazing realism. D'arcis' shadow is actually shaped like her, not just a round black dot underneath her. Then, there are the puddles. The rippling puddles. The rippling puddles with *reflections.* This game captures every detail of its' surroundings perfectly. The only reason it doesn't get a 10 is because the car shadows on the street tend to blend together for an odd patchwork look. Also, the game suffers from some Soul Reaver type edge-blurring.

SOUND: 8 The music has a lot of variety, from action movie music to fast techno tracks to haunting piano tunes. The sound effects are really good, with realistic city background noise, a very satisfying ''Splutch!'' when you connect with your knife, and D'arcis' various quips while she's fighting-''Hit a woman, would you?'' ''I OWN you, chump.'' ''Punkass!'', and many others.


-This is one of those *wonderful* games where you can only save between levels.

-In combat mode, D'arci will occasionally keep focused on a corpse, dancing around it when another foe is shooting at her.

-*Incredibly* hard precision jumping in some areas. Imagine standing on the edge of a four-story building and having to leap out and grab a wire to slide down. If you miss...SPLAT!!!

-Some parts of this game are so insanely difficult they will drive you to the brink of psychosis.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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