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"Stop Demon! You`re under arrest......."

Darkness falls over the city. Not the kind od darkness that comes with the absence of light, but rather the absence of good. And while many prepare to naively celebrate the new millenium,a small mysterious cult known as ''The Fallen'', prepares to fulfil the dark promise of an evil prophecy. Yet, left standing between these ''Fallen'' ones is a rookie
cop and a disillusioned ex-cop.-Game Promotion Banner

>One goal......survival.

*Play as 1 of 2 main characters-D`arci Stern-An agile, street-saavy female cop or Roper McIntyre-a mysterious ex-soldier.

*Multiple modes of combat. Engage in hand to hand fighting, realistic heavy weaponry faceoffs, vehicle chases and building shoot-outs.

*Command a variety of vehicles. Take control of police cars, vans motorbikes, hang-gliders, ambulances, trains, and helicopters.

*3D volumetric fog, rain, snow, night and day simulation, wall hugging shadows and realtime simulation of crashes enhance the atmosphere and action of the game.

Thinking of being a police officer. To serve and To Protect. To uphold the Law and Maintain Order. Well then this game is for you. This game shows the extent a cop would go to in order to apprehend and arrest criminals wanted by the law. If you think you can do what the main characters can do in the game, you might want a career as a Special Forces Commando instead because you`ll have to smash and bash every criminal you meet and yet can still drive.

The controls are kind of rough at first but with the many tutorials you have to go through, you should be a professional driver as well as a trained assassin certified to kill if criminals resist arrest. It may be some time before you actually start the game.

Replay Value
I played the game twice and found that nothing changes and the enemies are still too stupid to dodge or block.It gets kind of boring after a while.The stages are so linear that you can complete the game quite quickly and yet see all the game events.

I found the game colors kind of dull and bland. Though the characters and vehicles are highly detailed and quite realistic, I feel this game could have been done better as the Playstation offers great possibility for a truly graphical game.

The sound is standard fare.All the criminals sound alike and except for the vocals, theres actually nothing interesting to say about the sound. Enough to say that the sound actually sounds like midi quality.The only good thing is perhaps the music.For a game like this, it sure has a great theme song as well as different songs for different situations.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/02/00, Updated 04/02/00

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