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"3D Grand theft auto has worked?"

D'arci Stern is a rookie cop in union city and is looking to clean up the town.
A new gangs ''wildcats'' are overtaking the city and you have to eliminate them.

The Levels are contructed with freedom you can go anywhere in the city. There is a basic mission objective but there are side missions like, Saving a couple of residents from a couple of thugs. The freedom revolves around the fact that you can get into unlocked cars around the city and arrest anyone you think is breaking the law.
There is other characters to control, Roper he is your Suspicious sidekick and some cops.
When confronted with some thugs the game switches into a soul reaver kind battle mode where you only can attack them and cannot run unless you roll out of the way.
I found this irratating to say the least when there is thugs around you.
The graphics are okay but you have to complain about the amount of Pop-Up in the game.Some of the characters look pretty blocky as well which is not good.
The longetivity is very good there a loads of missions to complete which are all varied so there's no chance of getting bored.
I usually find myself playing 3-4 missions saving then going downstairs, Within 10 minutes i'm playing more.
There is minimal replay value because there is Bugger-all to get after you complete the game, Also there are only about 4-5 weapons in the game which dissapointed me.

Overall this is a great game to own it is one of the best 3-d adventures maybe not as god and smooth as tomb raider 4 or soul reaver but it's more exiting than the mentione titles and will keep you playing for a couple of months.

Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 7
Replay - 8
Longetivity - 10
overall - 9
Rent/ Buy - buy - forgive it's tiny glitches it's a worthy game to own

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/06/00, Updated 04/06/00

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