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"A game with potential but too many flaws"

Urban Chaos is a game made by Eidos. It is a game about a new cop on the force named D'arci Stern. Your job is to rid Union City of the Wild Cats, a new gang. This game is almost like a pre-Grand Theft Auto 3. It features different districts and missions for them. The areas themselves are actually quite large for the Playstation and offer good freedom in terms of exploration. This game offers two playable characters and the ability to drive around the levels. I enjoyed this game for it's mature feel and freedom that was rare in the days of the Playstation.

Graphics:8/10 The graphics in this game are above average and feature impressive character models and lighting effects. The fire effects in the game are pretty good and the city actually has a city feel to it. The only problem with the graphics is that the draw distance is terrible and things seem to pop up out of no where.

Gameplay:6/10 This isn't the shining point of Urban Chaos. I found controls to feel awkward and confusing. It's hard to drive and even shoot. I found myself being killed for facing the wrong direction and getting shot to death. Hand to hand fight is average. The game itself is pretty hard when you get far into the game and you'll find yourself dying repeatedly due to the controls.

Sound:5/10 Another weak point is the sound. Just as many other Playstation games at the time this had bad voice acting this game does also. The sound effects and weapon effects are bad and the music is terrible.

Playtime/Replayability:8/10 The game it self is fairly long in length and some of the missions, especially the early ones, i found myself doing over and over again. There are also stats that you can find to boost your special abilities such as speed and strength. There are also a few sub missions hidden throughout the game that adds a bit more length to the game.

Final Recommendation:Buy it, it's very cheap now and there's a lot of fun to be had with this title. It has a lot of flaws but what Playstation game didn't? If your looking for a fun and challenging game to play then Urban Chaos is right up your alley.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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