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"Mucky Foot should change their name to Sucky Foot"

First off I like to say that this game is one of the most annoying, unfinished game I have every played. They should of delayed this game more and updated it. Well I guess they just wanted to finish it and get the money from people buying it. Thank god I didn't buy.

GRAPHICS 5/10-The graphics in this game are grainy, ugly, and out of shape. There is a lot of clipping problems too. You can walk right through people and little ledges. I hope the PC one wasn't like this.

CONTROL 2/10-This was the worst out of this game. You die a LOT of times because of the controls. The controls are like Tomb Raider but a lot worse. Much worse. You enter combat mode everytime there is a bad guy next to you and sometimes it will mess you up and you may fail your mission. Like on level I had to kill this guy and it enter combat mode but I wasn't facing the guy I was suppose to kill. So I was try to get away from the guy I was fighting but it was to late. The guy I was suppose to kill lauched the missle and the mission failed. Sometimes the controls just get you kill. One time I had an explosive and I didn't switch to another weapon so by mistake I place to explosive and I couldn't get out of the fight and I died because it exploded.

SOUND 6/10-This is the highest one I am going to rate for this game. The speech in this game is well acted and written but the punches, guns, knifes, etc. made bad sounds so I to bring it to a six.

MUSIC 3/10-The music in this game sucks. You always hear the same music repeated over and over again. That is why I gave it a three.

PLOT/STORY 5/10-The plot in this game is ok but not likely to happen. I meen how can 1 person arrest over 2,000 people of gangs. You control this girl name Darci Sturn and sometimes you control Darci's friend Roger. Another thing is that where is all the other cops? All it is is one cop and one drunk on the street killing and arresting gang people. The gang people wanting to take over the city are call Wildcats. At least some missions aren't annoying or hard.

GAMEPLAY 3/10-The game just bites. All you do is run around killing or arrest people. Fun.

OVERALL 4/10-This is the lowest rating I gave to a game at Gamefaqs. I knew I should of rented Front Mission 3, Gonlent Ledgens, or Army Men: World War instead. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY OR RENT URBAN CHAOS. Or see what the PC one is like. I don't know because I have a bad computer and it can't run new games unless it needs a P120 or under.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/18/00, Updated 04/18/00

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