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    Character FAQ by Chief Ug

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/23/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    Valkyrie Profile Character FAQ
    Written by: Chief Ug (sidekick@iobox.com)
    Version 1.1 (23.5.2001)
    - Some fixes, item updates, tip updates. Almost all the questions marks gone.
    Version 1.0 (25.1.2001)
    - First release, finally. Some leftovers from the Japanese versions still
    exist. So don't freak out if you see some items or techniques with strange
    names. And yes, a few things are missing but I'll complete them eventually.
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Miscellaneous Hints & Tips
    III.  Sometimes Asked Questions
    IV.   Characters
    V.    Instant-kill weapons
    VI.   Item locations
    VII.  Challenges
    VIII. Changes from Japanese to English
    IX.   Conclusion
    I. Introduction
    Valkyrie Profile sports quite a cast. So, this FAQ tries to explore them a bit
    further. Every character deserves some thorough examination. The bottom line
    is, no character in Valkyrie Profile is completely worthless. Even those you
    thought weak can be surprisingly strong if used right. I have spent hours
    trying to discover the strengths of each character, and this is what I ended up
    with. Feel free to disagree, of course. And if you spot mistakes in this FAQ,
    please do send me corrections.
    I have included the original Japanese names in parenthesis. Though, they are up
    to debate since they are originally in katakana.
    This is not meant to be a complete FAQ. I only cover a few things here. Read
    other FAQs for combat basics, etc.
    Of course, this FAQ will contain some spoilers. Namely, you will see who will
    join you. None of the plot is given away so you're safe on that. Almost.
    The layout of this FAQ is extremely ugly. Live with it.
    II. Miscellaneous hints & tips
    So this is a character FAQ. Still, why not have some useful information?
    - Kill those annoying spellcasters!
     Enemies love to put their mages in the back row. They can be quite a pain when
    casting spells at you while you have to go through the enemy frontline first.
    Solution: archers can shoot enemies in the back row. If you equip Valkyrie with
    a bow, and attack a backrow enemy at the same time as your mage and another
    archer, chances are you can pull off a Finisher combo and consequently kill the
    mage. If your archers are not powerful enough, build up their Noise Arrow
    skill. With a skill level of 8, you have a good chance of silencing the enemy
    spellcaster when attacking. Beware of the Wise Sorcerers and their lookalikes,
    though, since their physical attacks are even more devastating than their magic.
    - Chaining for maximum damage
     If you are fighting an enemy with a lot of HP, try to pull off Finishers from
    all the characters at once. Damage is increased each time you chain a new
    Finisher. If you start your 4th Finisher when you have enough (about 50) hits
    already racked up, you will end up doing double the normal damage! So practice
    chaining. Just remember, the first Finisher needs to give at least 20 energy,
    the next 40, and the next 60.
    - Circling fun
     The skill Dark allows your characters to quickly leap behind the enemy before
    striking. If you have 3 fighters in your party, all with the Dark skill
    activated, press left on your controller before hitting all of their buttons
    at once. Also, give all of them 3-hitting weapons if possible, so you can keep
    mashing those buttons away. Your characters will end up running in circles
    around the enemy, which not only looks funny but will break through any
    Combo Guard. This works best with characters whose attacks cause them to go
    behind the enemy naturally (Valkyrie, Suo).
    - Last dungeon (normal ending)
     Jotunheim is a breeze with the correct spells. All you need Poison Blow.
    Gandar is good for this, as he starts with it. Simply select Poison Blow from
    the spellcasting menu, and BAM! No more enemies. Actually, this doesn't quite
    work for the stationary soldiers (they will only take half damage) but it's
    enough to kill ordinary soldiers along with enemy mages.
    - Becoming invincible
     There is a way to configure your party to be near-invincible. What you need
    is for everyone to have the skills Guts and Auto Item active. Set the Auto Item
    to use 100% Union Plumes, and if you feel like it, some Elixir variations.
    Finally, equip an Angel Curio in both accessory slots. This combination will
    last for a LONG time, and even the toughest boss will die before you run out
    of luck.
    - How to defeat that annoying dragon
     Blood Bane is the most difficult boss you will face in Valkyrie Profile. Not
    counting bosses of the Seraphic Gate, of course. However, if you prepare your
    characters correctly, he's actually quite easy. There are two basic ways you
    can go about defeating him: one is to make yourself invincible, the other is to
    kick his ass. Or both. For making yourself (almost) invincible, see above.
    The second way needs more planning:
    Have in your party:
    * Valkyrie (duh...) with a 3-hitter sword
    * A combo builder character (Lucian, Janus)
    * A character with a powerful Finisher (Lawfer, Aelia)
    * A spellcaster with a multi-hit attack spell (Mystic Cross, Prismatic Missile)
      with a NORMAL staff (i.e. not a Massive Magic one)
    This strategy involves relying on one character doing almost all the damage,
    and the others being simple support. With Might Reinforce combined with
    chaining 4 Finishers, your powerful character should be able to deal plenty of
    damage so Blood Bane won't last long. Just pound on him with everything you
    have. The best way to chain 4 Finishers is to have your first 2 fighter
    characters do their Finishers, followed by your spellcaster. This should get
    you enough hits, and still be able to start your last Finisher, by your
    damage-doer. Best of all, Bloodbane will never use Gravity Blessing on you
    this way.
    Example: (Valkyrie, Lawfer, Lucian, Shiho) - the best team IMHO
    Everyone - Stun Check. Why? It reduces fire damage by 50%!
    Valkyrie - Gram sword (or most powerful 3-hitter)
    Lawfer - Dinosaur spear, Power Bangle
    Lucian - Valkyrie Favor sword, or the most powerful sword that uses attack 3
    Shiho - Adventia staff
    Turn 1 - Shiho casts Might Reinforce. Others attack. Lawfer uses Finisher.
    Turn 2 - Shiho casts Reduce Guard. Others attack.
    Turn 3 - Everyone attacks, begin with Shiho using Prismatic Missile. Finishers
             in the following order: Lucian, Valkyrie, Shiho, Lawfer. Blood Bane
    Now, if you have Lawfer with the Dinosaur spear and Power Bangle, he alone
    should do well over 100,000 damage, plenty to toast the dragon.
    One little thing: if Blood Bane's HP goes to around 50%, but not low enough for
    him to start casting Gravity Blessing, he will use Heal. Annoying. So make sure
    to hold back when his HP gets around 60%, and wait until you can unleash a
    powerful combo.
    III. Sometimes Asked Questions
    Q: What's the best party?
    A: There isn't one party that is best for every situation. Ordinarily, having
       party consisting of Valkyrie, one mage, one combo builder, and one
       heavy-hitter is a good choice. For this kind of setup, I would say
       Lawfer and Lucian (or if he's absent, Janus) are your best choices for
       fighters. If you want to be cheap or are stuck in a tough spot, having two
       mages casting dual Celestial Stars/Meteor Swarms is enough to level almost
       any resistance. Inside the Seraphic Gate, Brahms and Freya work well.
    Q: How do I get past that annoying statue in the Dragon Halls?
    A: It's a bit tough. Once you get to the final statue, do this. First follow
       him around until he reaches the left side of the screen. Keep a distance
       of about 1/3rd of a screen at all times. When he turns around, he will
       start chasing you. Run, while keeping your distance. When you get close
       to the right border, jump, and let the statue pass under you. (This sounds
       easier than it actually is.) Now the statue will chase you to the left.
       Keep repeating until he stops. This happens after about 3 jumps.
    Q: Where are the 8 Flame Jewels?
    A: First, you must be playing in HARD mode. The Flame Jewels are found in
       different dungeons, inside treasure chests. Equip a Treasure Search to
       make finding them easier. Here are their locations:
       Salerno Academy - in a room with red perfume (2nd red room)
       Dark Tower of Xervah - when jumping into one of the "jaws" which
                              takes you to a subterranean room
       Citadel of Fire - near the end, you must fall into a leftside pit and
                         create an ice crystal that you can jump on, then
                         fall again from the top, on the crystal
       Water Shrine - after swimming up the long pit with walls closing in
       Tombs of Amenti - very beginning, on the top of a doorway
       Tombs of Amenti (again) - near the end, out in the open, easy to find
       Arianrod Maze - room 11
       Celestial Castle - near the beginning, out in the open, easy to find
    Q: What is a good way to get MP?
    A: One good way is to wait until you have finished chapter 4 and acquired
       the Creation Jewel. Collect Broken Spears, they are dropped by a few
       monsters. Transform them into Crimson Edges, and once you have at least
       one for your fighters, sell the rest. They are worth 6250MP each! Also
       collect other Broken equipment, each one is worth a good amount of MP
       once transformed with the Creation Jewel.
    Q: Why don't I have Lyseria in the Seraphic Gate?
    A: This is a known bug. If you sent Lyseria up to Valhalla, you will NOT get
       her back. There is no fix other than loading a game where she still is
       with you and playing to the end from there.
    Q: What characters should I send up to Valhalla?
    A: Send whoever you won't miss too much. If you want ending A, you have
       to send up Lucian (to see how to get ending A refer to other FAQs.)
       The character does not have to meet ALL of Freya's requirements, just
       try to meet as many as possible. Above all, max out Traits (hero value).
       This is very important. Otherwise your Einherjar could die. Permanently.
    IV. Characters
    Spellcasters are mostly the same. Their only differences are in stats, and in
    the spells they start with. That's why this section focuses on fighters.
    I've put up some kind of a rating system. It goes like this:
    Hit:            (1-5)
    Attack:   Power (1-5)
              Combo (1-5)
    Finisher: Power (1-5)
              Combo (1-5)
    Hit implies how well the character can connect attacks. Many attacks tend to
    miss if not timed correctly. Some characters are better than others at
    connecting in a multi-hit, all-out combo.
    Attack values are for normal attacking. Power is the damage caused, and Combo
    is the amount of technical energy built up.
    Finisher is the same as above for "Purify Weird Soul" combos.
    Some characters have skills and equipment which really help them out. I have
    marked those down separately. I have left out the obvious, like Reverie and
    Guts (which all of your characters should have if possible.)
                               Valkyrie (Valkyrie)
    Class                 Chooser of the Slain
    Race                  Aesir
    Age                   23 (Midgard Reckoning)
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Valhalla
    Sword Attacks
    Bolt Slash            Energy +25, Hit +1
    Moment Slide          Energy +15, Hit +1
    Vertical Raid         Energy +24, Hit +2
    Nibelung Valesti      Energy +60, Hit +9 [CT +4] (varies)
    Hit                   ****
    Attack power          ***
    Attack combo          ****
    Finisher power        ** to *****     (depending on weapon)
    Finisher combo        ***
    Bow Attacks
    Spread Shot           Energy +20, Hit +2
    Tri-Blast             Energy  +9, Hit +3
    Infinity Blast        Energy +24, Hit +4
    Nibelung Valesti      Energy +85, Hit +12 [CT +4] (varies)
    Hit                   *****
    Attack power          ****
    Attack combo          ***
    Finisher power        ** to *****      (depending on weapon)
    Finisher combo        *****
    Pros: Good at combos, can equip both swords and bows, she's just plain cool.
    Cons: Rather low damage for most of the game.
      As the main character, you would expect Valkyrie to be pretty good at
    fighting. And yes, she is pretty good. Not the strongest, nor the best combo
    builder, she is very well-balanced in combat. She has to be in your party at
    all times, but fortunately she isn't someone you would really want to replace.
    She can equip both a sword or a bow, and her weapon changes her combat role
    quite a bit.
      When equipped with a sword, she can hit with great accuracy for good damage.
    She is quite adept at giving you a good amount of energy needed to start up a
    combo. However, Valkyrie's damage isn't all that great with most swords. Her
    damage becomes significant only near the end of the game.
      With a bow, Valkyrie will do less damage compared to a sword but also hit
    more reliably, and more importantly reach those ever-annoying enemy mages in
    the back row. Do not underestimate Valkyrie's power with a bow. Sometimes good
    swords are hard to come by, and Valkyrie will simply be better off with a bow,
    no matter what. Don't be afraid to try out bows with her.
      Eventually, as the game goes on, Valkyrie will outrank the other
    characters simply because her levels will be higher. Her Finisher will also
    power up as she gets more powerful weapons. Valkyrie recovers from
    status abnormalities at the end of a combat automatically, and also seems to be
    more resistant to them than other characters. Overall, you can choose whether
    you want Valkyrie as combo support, or a heavy damage-doer. She does well
    enough in both categories, though I would say she works better with combos.
    Most of the game, I have her equipped with a multi-hitting sword. However, once
    in a while you will find a good bow, and in this case you should consider
    Useful equipment / skills:
    Nibelungen Ring - 50% damage from Dark elemental, unequip during Sacred Phase!
    Timer Ring - enemies move at 50% speed
    Mighty Check - she's the one person you don't want with a bad status
    Treasure Search - it's better to have this on all the time. This way you will
                      not miss treasure chests.
    Enemy Search - handy for knowing beforehand if enemies are close by
    Splash - the perfect skill for Valkyrie! Since it's easy to connect with her,
             why not add more damage? Of course, once you get Reverie, ditch this.
    Cure Condition - with Mighty Check, Valkyrie is great for healing your party's
                                 Arngrim (Aryuze)
    Class                 Heavy knight/Merc
    Race                  Human
    Age                   26
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Artolia
    Spinning Back-knuckle Energy +15, Hit +1
    High Wind             Energy +30, Hit +1
    Wrenching Swing       Energy +25, Hit +1
    Finality Blast        Energy +80, Hit +8 [CT +6]
    Hit                   **
    Attack power          ****
    Attack combo          ***
    Finisher power        ****
    Finisher combo        *****
    Pros: High DME, good damage, can equip 2-handed swords.
    Cons: Hard to connect, long charge time.
      Arngrim is pretty much a powerhouse, at least that's your first impression.
    Well, not through and through. He is not quite as great as you would first
    think, but he is still one of the better fighters. For starters, a very high
    DME keeps him alive for a long time. Next, his special is one of the most
    powerful ones in the game. Great damage, plus the energy gain of 80 means you
    are guaranteed another combo to follow it up. Too bad it has a charge time of
    6. It will be one of your best attacks against bosses, until later in the game
    when some other characters will get more powerful weapons. Arngrim is a good
    choice for almost any situation, given his durability and strength. Connecting
    attacks with him is a bit hard, though, so be careful.
    Useful equipment / skills:
    Power Bangle - makes his damaging attacks even more damaging
                                Belenus (Belinas)
    Class                 Knight/Guard
    Race                  Human
    Age                   37
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Gerabellum
    First Slash           Energy +15, Hit +1
    Rising Slash          Energy +24, Hit +2
    Piercing Crusade      Energy +20, Hit +2
    Extreme Void          Energy +30, Hit +2 [CT +3]
    Hit                   ****
    Attack power          ***
    Attack combo          ***
    Finisher power        ****
    Finisher combo        **
    Pros: Great damage, good for close-range melee.
    Cons: Not the best for building combos.
      Easily the second-most underrated character in the game. Most players never
    give Belenus a chance. Since your choices on sending up a character in chapter
    1 are rather limited, Belenus is usually the one who gets sent up to Valhalla.
    Too bad, really, since Belenus is actually a good fighter. Connecting attacks
    with him is easy enough, and they do decent damage as well. His best asset,
    however, is his Finisher which very powerful. Only Lawfer and Aelia can match
    the damage done at similar levels and with similar weapons. Belenus is
    certainly a worthy addition to any party, since he does rather well on both the
    combo and damage departments. Give him a chance, you might be surprised.
                                 Llewelyn (Laurie)
    Class                 Archer
    Race                  Human
    Age                   18
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Crell Monferaigne
    First Shot            Energy  +5, Hit +1
    Twin Shot             Energy +10, Hit +2
    Aiming Wisp           Energy +10, Hit +2 (varies)
    Layer Storm           Energy +35, Hit +5 [CT +2] (varies)
    Hit                   ****
    Attack power          *
    Attack combo          **
    Finisher power        ** to *****
    Finisher combo        *** to *****
    Pros: Can shoot back row enemies, great damage against large enemies.
    Cons: Dies easily, useless against small enemies.
      Llewelyn's usefulness depends largely on the type of enemy you are fighting.
    His attacks are great against large enemies, but tend to miss the smaller ones.
    If fighting a large monster like a Dragon Zombie, he can be really helpful. He
    can hit at least 15 times, raising a great amount of energy in the process. His
    usefulness does wear out as the game progresses, mostly because powerful bows
    are hard to come by. He is a pretty good choice for a combo builder (though as
    far as archers go, I prefer Janus.) Since normally you can send up either
    Llewelyn or Belenus in chapter 1, I'd recommend sending Llewelyn to the gods.
                                   Lawfer (Roufa)
    Class                 Knight/Spearman
    Race                  Human
    Age                   20
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Artolia
    Smash Axe             Energy +24, Hit +1
    Prisoner Fang         Energy +30, Hit +1
    Triple Thrust         Energy +30, Hit +3
    Justice Stream        Energy +25, Hit +10 [CT + 2]
    Hit                   ***
    Attack power          *****
    Attack combo          *****
    Finisher power        *****
    Finisher combo        *
    Pros: Damage king, combo king, short charge time.
    Cons: Hard to chain anything after his finisher (not that you would need to...)
      Here is the most underrated character in the game. FAQs generally totally
    trash Lawfer, because few people take the time to actually size him up. This is
    something I can't understand. Lawfer absolutely, positively ROCKS! Yes. He
    totally owns you. He is in fact the best fighter in the game, hands down.
      With a multi-hitting spear, he can easily build up a combo nearly all by
    himself. That's not even the best part of him, not by far. With a
    single-hitting, more powerful spear, he can absolutely decimate enemies with
    his Finisher. If we forget about the Seraphic Gate, Lawfer has the most
    damaging Finisher of all the characters. We're talking about 10 powerful hits
    here. So what if the energy gain is only 25? If you are fighting enemies that
    can survive his Finisher, equip him with a Combo Jewel it's easily boosted up
    to 45. Normal enemies don't usually survive his attack, so it's not really a
    big issue anyway. The quick Charge Time of 2 helps too.
      If you don't believe me, feel free to try him out. You thought Aelia had a
    powerful Finisher? Give Lawfer the same weapon and have him at the same level
    and watch. When facing a tough boss with plenty of HP, you can't have a better
    choice in your party than Lawfer. Even for exploring, he's great for tearing
    apart enemies without ever using his Finisher.
      Lawfer's true power is not revealed until chapter 4. At first you will have
    to use ordinary spears. However, once you get the Crimson Edge in chapter 4
    he will rise above all the others. And in Chapter 8, the Dinosaur spear will
    complete his supremacy. And don't come to me crying because Lawfer is actually
    stronger than your favorite character.
    Useful equipment / skills:
    Power Bangle - unleash the true power of Lawfer! 120,000 damage, awe yeah!
    Combo Jewel - you need this if you want to chain Finishers with Lawfer
    Charge - This is actually useful when using the Triple Thrust attack. Works
             nicely in conjuction with the Dinosaur spear, you can do close to
             25,000 damage with a normal attack when paired with Reverie.
                                Janus (Jake Linas)
    Class                 Knight/Archer
    Race                  Human
    Age                   40
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Crell Monferaigne
    Diseased Needle       Energy  +2, Hit +2
    Tri-Stinger           Energy  +3, Hit +3
    Restrain Flame        Energy +50, Hit +1
    Guilty Break          Energy +72, Hit +9 [CT +2]
    Hit                   *****
    Attack power          ***
    Attack combo          ****
    Finisher power        ***
    Finisher combo        *****
    Pros: Great for combos, poison attack.
    Cons: Low DME, damage becomes low near the end of the game.
      Janus is right up there with the most useful characters. Not a powerful
    fighter by any means, he is an awesome combo builder. One of his attacks
    raises energy by 50 points! Great for starting combos. His Finisher is
    decent in power until later, when bows start to suck. However, you can
    almost certainly connect another Finisher once he's done with it. Plus,
    it is really cool-looking! An added bonus is his Diseased Needle attack, which
    randomly inflicts enemies with the Poison status. Especially handy against
    monsters with lots of HP, like Dragon Tooth Warriors. Like all archers, Janus
    has low DME, so protect him appropriately. Janus is someone you will definitely
    want to keep with you all the way through the game. The best archer, if you ask
    Useful equipment / skills:
    Protect Jewel - Janus needs all the protection he can get
                                 Kashell (Kashel)
    Class                 Heavy Knight/Adventurer
    Race                  Human
    Age                   24
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Gerabellum
    Low Swing             Energy +10, Hit +1
    Beast Tackle          Energy  +5, Hit +2
    Air Pressure          Energy +24, Hit +1
    Flashing Blade        Energy +69, Hit +3 [CT +5]
    Hit                   ***
    Attack power          ****
    Attack combo          ***
    Finisher power        **
    Finisher combo        ****
    Pros: High DME, good for combos, can equip 2-handed swords.
    Cons: Weak finishing strike.
      Kashell is a cool character, with a cool voice, but unfortunately he is not
    nearly as good as he could be. He gets powerful weapons, and has a good base
    strength, but his Finisher is disappointingly weak. Not only does it get a mere
    3 hits, but the second hit also has a tendency to miss. It is good for chaining
    combos, but that's it. He has a very high DME, on par with Arngrim. For the
    most part, you don't really need Kashell since Arngrim is better than him in
    just about every category. He is good at building combos if you can connect his
    attacks, but like Argrim, they are a bit hard to pull off. Air Pressure is a
    good move though.
      One good use for Kashell is to team him up with Arngrim, when fighting a
    tough boss. If you need every last bit of DME you can get, Kashell and Arngrim
    are the ones who last the longest. Also, since he can equip 2-handed swords, he
    is a good choice for unique weapons such as the Infernas, which kills Fire in
    one hit. He's better at connecting than Arngrim (but not as good as Grey.) He's
    someone you use when you feel like it, not because you would need him.
                                     Jun (Jun)
    Class                 Samurai
    Race                  Human
    Age                   21
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Hai-Lan
    Senko-Zan             Energy +10, Hit +2
    Koei-Zan              Energy  +5, Hit +1
    So-Enbu               Energy +24, Hit +2
    Senko-Jin             Energy +30, Hit +15 [CT +2]
    Hit                   ***
    Attack power          ***
    Attack combo          ***
    Finisher power        ***
    Finisher combo        **
    Pros: Can equip katanas, short charge time.
    Cons: Has nothing outstanding about him.
      Jun is a rather average fighter. He would be a lot better if only he could
    cause more damage. You will not find many useful katanas in the game, so if you
    want to use Jun effectively just give him a sword. His finisher hits many
    times, but is not too powerful, nor does it give you a lot of energy. However,
    he does have one good use. Since his Finisher hits 15 times, it is good for
    building up hits in a combo for a more powerful character. He is another
    character whose role is to be used only occasionally, when you decide better
    characters need a break.
    Useful equipment / skills:
    Combo Jewel - raises the energy of his Finisher to 60
                                   Aelia (Amy)
    Class                 Spearman/Adventurer
    Race                  Dragonian
    Age                   25
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Gerabellum
    Roundkick             Energy  +6, Hit +2
    Sonic Edge            Energy  +1, Hit +1
    Spinning Edge         Energy +24, Hit +3
    Dreaded Dragon        Energy +45, Hit +1 [CT +3]
    Hit                   *
    Attack power          ***
    Attack combo          *
    Finisher power        ****
    Finisher combo        ***
    Pros: Great damage.
    Cons: Sucks at connecting hits, outclassed by Lawfer.
      Aelia is a heavy-hitting character through and through. She has one of the
    most damaging Finishers in the game, and gets powerful weapons as well.
    However, for the most part she is not as good as Lawfer. They are about
    equivalent functionally, but Lawfer comes out on the top in most categories.
      Trying to hit enemies with normal attacks can be a real nightmare. Her
    Spinnind Edge is good for collecting gems, but trying to pull it off in mid-air
    is very hard indeed. Normal attacks are hardly the best part of Aelia. Her
    strength lies in her Finisher. It is the most damaging single-hitter in the
    game by far, but in total damage not equal to Lawfer's. Other than her
    Finisher, though, she's about average. Combine that with the fact that Lawfer
    can do just about everything she does, and better, she's not quite that great.
    It's not her fault, really - she is good, but Lawfer completely overshadows
    her. If you get bored with Lawfer, Aelia makes a good alternative.
    Useful equipment / skills:
    Power Bangle - good if you want to hit hard
                                   Lucian (Lucio)
    Class                 Swordfighter
    Race                  Human
    Age                   19
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Villnore
    Air Slash             Energy +25, Hit +1
    Slanting Blow         Energy +15, Hit +1
    Shining Bolt          Energy +36, Hit +12 (!)
    Round Rip Saber       Energy +40, Hit +5 [CT +3]
    Hit                   **
    Attack power          *****
    Attack combo          *****
    Finisher power        **
    Finisher combo        ***
    Cons: Weak finisher, can't keep him for long if you want ending A.
      Lucian might seem weak at first. He doesn't hit too hard and his Finisher is
    rather weak. This happens if you don't give him an appropriate weapon. To
    unleash the true power of Lucian, he MUST have a weapon that will let him use
    Shining Bolt (attack #3). This move is easily the best normal move in the game,
    for several reasons:
      * It does great damage all by itself - more than his Finisher!
      * With a Combo Jewel, this one move gives you 60 energy
      * With 12 hits, it is easy to do build up combo damage with more hits
      * If an enemy Combo Guards against this move, a Guard Crush is very likely
      * You have a very good chance of getting a pile of violet orbs/treasure
        chests/mystic gems. Great for cancelling the charge time of your mages.
      * If Lucian's weapon has a status effect, there is a very high chance of it
        being activated. Remember that you hit 12 times, therefore you get many
        more chances of causing an effect. Icicle Sword means a near-guaranteed
        freeze, for example.
      Lucian is probably the best combo builder you can get. He is also a
    magician's best friend, allowing them to cast spells nearly every turn. It's
    too bad you will not be able to have him for long (you are trying to get the
    best ending aren't you?) Being a pure, selfless hero, he starts with a sky-high
    hero value, as if to give you a hint as to what you should do with him. So,
    enjoy Lucian. While you can.
    Useful equipment / skills:
    Combo Jewel - THE accessory for Lucio. A Finisher is almost guaranteed.
    Charge - good for getting more damage out of Shining Bolt
                                  Badrach (Badluck)
    Class                 Archer/Thief
    Race                  Human
    Age                   40
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Villnore
    Flare Shot            Energy +15, Hit +1
    Fifth Way             Energy  +5, Hit +5 (varies)
    Lunatic Shot          Energy  +7, Hit +7 (varies)
    Sphere Strike         Energy +30, Hit +1 [CT +2]
    Hit                   ****
    Attack power          *
    Attack combo          **
    Finisher power        **
    Finisher combo        **
    Pros: Great for gem/treasure hunting, good for causing bad statuses.
    Cons: Everything else.
      Badrach... well, sucks. His attacks are weak, and he's not hot at doing
    combos either. He still does have some uses, namely against big monsters. He
    gets in several weak hits, and as a result usually collects a good amount of
    gems/stones/chests. Those can also be good for inflicting bad status ailments
    on enemies, and getting your mages ready to cast spells quickly. Against
    smaller enemies, though, he will only be able to connect with one or two hits.
    His Finisher is weak as well. It is a single hit, but in total damage it's
    behind both Janus's and Llewelyn's.
      The only advantage in fighting that he has over Janus and Llewelyn is that
    some weapons are better for him. For example, Bolt Aqqar has an attack power of
    1200 but only gets off attack #1. This is worthless for Janus, since his #1
    attack is weak, while it is decent for Badrach. Still, Janus is far better than
    Badrach except when you are hunting gems and treasure chests. If you want to
    use him, make sure the other 3 characters can hold the monsters at bay on their
    own because Badrach will not contribute any significant damage or energy.
                                    Grey (Grey)
    Class                 Heavy Knight
    Race                  Human
    Age                   Unknown
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Unknown
    Razor Edge            Energy +15, Hit +1
    Mortal Razor          Energy +25, Hit +1
    Energy Cannon         Energy +15, Hit +3
    Icicle Disaster       Energy +58, Hit +8 [CT +2]
    Hit                   ****
    Attack power          ****
    Attack combo          ***
    Finisher power        *
    Finisher combo        ***
    Pros: Can equip 2-handed swords, hits easily.
    Cons: His attacks deal pitiful damage.
      Grey is a decent swordfighter, but he is way too weak to be considered
    good. Connecting hits with him is easy, and the damage he does is not
    bad at all. Unfortunately, his Finisher is the weakest in the game. The
    amount of damage done is simply laughable. This means that Grey is essentially
    useless, as all other swordfighters overshadow him. Well, if you are relying on
    others to do the damage, Grey can be a decent combo builder and supporter but
    then again there are better combo builders out there. He can act as an
    alternative to Arngrim and Kashell if you are trying to kill monsters with a
    unique two-handed sword, but nothing much else.
                                   Jayle (Jayle)
    Class                 Swordfighter
    Race                  Human
    Age                   20
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Crell Monferaigne
    Gleam Charge          Energy +25, Hit +1
    Round Dance           Energy +15, Hit +1
    Hind Edge             Energy +10, Hit +1
    Eternal Raid          Energy +56, Hit +7 [CT +4]
    Hit                   ***
    Attack power          ***
    Attack combo          ***
    Finisher power        ***
    Finisher combo        ***
    Pros: Average at everything.
    Cons: Average at everything.
      Jayle is yet another fighter who falls into the category of "average
    swordfighter". She's average at connecting hits, the damage she does is
    average, for building combos she's average... you get the idea. Another
    character whom you will use for fun, rather than really needing her.
                                   Suo (Suhou)
    Class                 Samurai
    Race                  Human
    Age                   24
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Hai-Lan
    Shisen                Energy +25, Hit +1
    Hyo-Rappa             Energy +10, Hit +1
    Yasha-Uchi            Energy +16, Hit +2
    Hyoso-Hojin           Energy +48, Hit +6 [CT +3]
    Hit                   ****
    Attack power          ***
    Attack combo          ***
    Finisher power        ***
    Finisher combo        ***
    Pros: Can equip katanas, good to hit with.
    Cons: Rather weak compared to the stronger characters.
      And for the last of the normal characters, I present you with Yet Another
    Average Fighter. Nothing much can be said about Suo, except you get him late in
    the game, he's good to connect with, he deals average damage and has nothing
    outstanding about him in combat. He does have a very high hero value, though.
    That means, send him up.
                                   Brahms (Brams)
    Class                 Lord of the Undead
    Race                  Vampire
    Age                   Unknown
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Unknown
    Bloody Knuckle        Energy +30, Hit +1
    Deadly Raid           Energy +30, Hit +2
    Immortal Blow         Energy +30, Hit +3
    Bloody Curse          Energy +42, Hit +17 [CT +2]
    Hit                   *****
    Attack power          ****
    Attack combo          ****
    Finisher power        ****
    Finisher combo        ***
    Pros: Great for combos, good damage, short charge time.
    Cons: Not as powerful as some other characters.
      The first of the secret characters. He hits for the highest number of times
    from any fighters, 17 on his Finisher. He also is quite strong. He wouldn't
    overshadow your best characters though, if it were not for the fact that he
    gets an insanely powerful weapon. By all means stick to him once you get him,
    at least once you find him his best weapon.
                                    Freya (Fray)
    Class                 Giver of Life
    Race                  Aesir
    Age                   26 (Midgard Reckoning)
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Valhalla
    Critical Flare        Energy +24, Hit +9
    Aerial Burst          Energy +21, Hit +3
    Thunder Sword         Energy +50, Hit +5
    Ether Strike          Energy +10, Hit +1 [CT +6]
    Hit                   ****
    Attack power          *****
    Attack combo          **
    Finisher power        *****
    Finisher combo        *
    Pros: Unbeatable damage queen.
    Cons: Can't chain anything after finisher (like you would need to), SLOW!
      The other fighter-type secret character. Freya does accompany you in the
    beginning, where you get a small demonstration of her power. Now this power is
    finally yours, at least once you find her a better weapon. Her Finisher is by
    far the most damaging in the game (can go over 500,000 in ideal conditions).
    Her attacks are S-L-O-W, so most likely you will only see her first attack
    before having to start the Finishers.
                               Jelanda (Sherad)
    Class                 Sorceress/Princess
    Race                  Human
    Age                   14
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Artolia
    Starting spells:      Fire Storm
                               Yumei (Yumeru)
    Class                 Sorceress
    Race                  Mermaid
    Age                   16
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Hai-Lan
    Starting spells:      Stone Torch
                          Frigid Damsel
                          Icicle Edge
                              Nanami (Nanami)
    Class                 Sorceress/Maiden
    Race                  Human
    Age                   17
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Hai-Lan
    Starting spells:      Lightning Bolt
                          Fire Storm
                            Lorenta (Lorenta)
    Class                 Sorceress/Teacher
    Race                  Human
    Age                   36
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Flenceburg
    Starting spells:      Fire Lance
                          Mystic Cross
                          Sap Guard
                          Invoke Feather
                           Mystina (Meltina)
    Class                 Sorceress/Researcher
    Race                  Human
    Age                   23
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Flenceburg
    Starting spells:      Dark Savior
                          Mystic Cross
                          Ignite Javelin
                          Sap Guard
                            Shiho (Shiho)
    Class                 Sorceress/Song-maiden
    Race                  Human
    Age                   21
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Hai-Lan
    Starting spells:      Might Reinforce
                          Guard Reinforce
                          Invoke Feather
                           Lyseria (Lyseria)
    Class                 Sorceress/Seeress
    Race                  Human
    Age                   Unknown
    Gender                Female
    Home                  Unknown
    Starting spells:      Mystic Cross
                          Ignite Javelin
                          Might Reinforce
                          Guard Reinforce
                          Invoke Feather
    Note: only in HARD mode, find her in the Archdain ruins in chapter 7.
                           Gandar (Ganossa)
    Class                 Sorcerer/Officer
    Race                  Human
    Age                   67
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Villnore
    Starting spells:      Prismatice Missile
                          Shadow Servant
                          Poison Blow
                          Fire Lance
                          Shield Critical
    Note: to recruit him you must clear the Dragon Halls in chapter 8.
                        Lezard Valeth (Lezard Valeth)
    Class                 Sorcerer/Necromancer
    Race                  Human
    Age                   24
    Gender                Male
    Home                  Flenceburg
    Starting spells:      Dark Savior
                          Poison Blow
                          Stone Torch
                          Fire Lance
                          Prismatic Missile
                          Mystic Cross
                          Invoke Feather
                          Guard Reinforce
                          Dampen Magic
                          Shield Critical
    Note: only at the Seraphic gate
    V. Instant-kill Weapons
    Notice how some weapons say "DEATH" next to an elemental icon? That means
    an enemy which has the corresponding elemental weakness will be killed
    instantly with a hit. Instant-kill can be a lifesaver many times. In
    addition, there are weapons which instantly kill certain types of monsters
    with a hit. Here is a list of them, and where they can be found:
    Dragon Slayer - Arngrim's house, various chests in dungeons
    Demon Slayer - various chests
    Beast Slayer - various chests
    Mage Slayer - Dark Tower of Xervah, hidden room you enter by dropping
                  into jaws
    Raven Slayer - Janus' house
    Glance Reviver - Seraphic Gate. This weapon can instant-kill nearly any
                     non-boss monster and heal you in the process!
     Infernas - Artifact at the end of the Citadel of Fire (HARD mode, chapter 6)
     Icicle Sword - Transmutate a Book on Everlasting Life (first dungeon)
     Jewelled Blade "Grimrist" - Artifact at the end of the first dungeon
     Glare Sword - Transmutate a Broken Armor
     Gram - Transmutate an Orihalcon (buy for 100000 MP). Also, sometimes
            given by Freya in the Sacred Phase between chapters 7-8.
     ??? - Found at the Seraphic Gate
    VI. Item Locations
    You have probably wondered where to find all these important items I keep
    mentioning. So here you go, a list of all important items that you can't Divine
    or find easily:
    Creation Gem - find in Lezard's Tower, you must activate the two lights to make
                   a teleporter appear. Don't use the teleporter next to the last
                   save point (yet), but find another by tracing your route back
                   towards the start.
    Creation Jewel - transmutate an Orihalcon while equipping Creation Gem. This
                     item is a MUST, since without it you will not be able to get
                     any of the more powerful items. Once you have both Creation
                     items, you can have hours of fun experimenting with all the
                     new possible transmutations that are available to you.
    Orihalcon - you can buy it for 100,000MP starting from chapter 6. Or, you can
                transmutate a Fairy Bottle or Manual of Resurrection with the
                Creation Gem.
    Fairy Bottle - artifact at the end of the Black Dream Tower (NORMAL, chapter 4)
    Manual of Resurrection - artifact at the end of the Dark Tower of Xervah (HARD,
                             chapter 4)
    Icicle Sword - transmutate Book on Everlasting Life with the Creation Jewel
    Glare Sword - transmutate Broken Armor with the Creation Jewel
    Crimson Edge - transmutate Broken Spear with Creation Jewel
    Unicorn Staff - transmutate Unicorn Horn with Creation Jewel
    Broken Armor - dropped by ?
    Broken Spear - dropped by Dragon Zombies in chapter 4 (among others)
    Unicorn Horn - find in Brahms' castle, which you can find on the left side of
                   the world map in chapters 3-8
    Elven Bow - artifact at the end of the Forest of Spirits (chapter 7)
    Apocalypse staff - chest in the Arianrod maze (HARD mode, chapter 8)
    Treasure Search - in the very first dungeon, find it near the end in a large
                      hall. To reach it, you must use ice crystals to be able to
                      climb the rightside wall. Then, you must first succeed in
                      connecting an ice crystal with the edge of the leftmost
                      platform while jumping back down, and then climb up again
                      and this time step on the ice crystal.
    Enemy Search - transmutate Lapis Lazuli
    Timer Ring - find in Lezard's tower next to the Creation Gem
    Dinosaur Spear - you must first clear the Dragon Halls of chapter 8. After
                     opening up the artifact chests, stack them on the top of each
                     other at the left edge of the screen. Then, you must use your
                     ice crystals to get Valkyrie to the top left of the screen, by
                     having her step on the crystal dust. It's hard, but very well
                     worth it. Once you finally reach it, be careful because the
                     chest is trapped. If you don't move out of the way, the
                     explosion will send you back down and you will have to climb
                     all the way back up again. DON'T GIVE UP! :)
    Dimension Slip - transmutate Bark of the Dryad with the Creation Gem.
                     WARNING: DON'T EVER EQUIP THIS ITEM!
                     It completely ruins the gaming experience. If you really have
                     to use it, ONLY use it in the Seraphic Gate.
    Bark of the Dryad - artifact at the end of Netsov Swamp (chapter 2)
    VII. Challenges
     Think you have mastered Valkyrie Profile? Think again! Here are a few nice
    challenges for a true master of the game. Try these if you have done
    everything else.
    * Maximum possible hits
      Just how many hits is it possible to get in one combo? I have not tried
      this myself too much, but a combo of over 100 hits should be possible.
      (My best is a mere 85).
    * Surviving against the Iseria Queen's attacks
      Sure you can beat the Iseria Queen, when you have Guts, Angel Curio, and
      Auto Item. But can you do without them? Try to survive a Queen's War
      Dance. Or try to survive a Cosmic Spear. Both are possible.
    * Beat Gabriel Celesta in one round
      It's possible. 800,000 damage or so.
    * Beat Iseria Queen without having her transform
      About the same as above. I don't think it's possible to kill her in
      one round.
    VIII. Changes from Japanese to English
     Did you know that the American release of Valkyrie Profile had quite a few
    things changed from the original Japanese version? Here is a list of them:
    * Language and voices changed from Japanese to English
      Er... duh.
    * Some namechanges
      Besides the player characters, some other names were changed too. Hrist was
    known as Alia (Arlia?) in the Japanese version. Freya and Fray were
    interchanged. Genevieve's name was J.D. Wallace (sounds weird doesn't it?)
    * Random bugfixes
      The Japanese version was prone to crashes at some points. Some lesser weird
    bugs also made appearance. Although not all bugs have been fixed, the USA
    release is still more stable, and suffers less from crashes. One funny bug
    present in the Japanese version occurred after the fight against Iseria
    Queen. The music speeds up, but after that it never slows down. After that
    fight, EVERY SINGLE MUSIC until reset is played too fast. Even in the sound
    * Language fixes
      Valkyrie Profile contained a fair amount of English here and there in the
    Japanese version. Some of it was quite awful, though. There was a famous
    phrase in the logo, "Should Deny the Divine Destiny of the Destinies" which
    was removed. Not all of the language was fixed though as you can see from
    "Step on it press button" and "Congratulation!" (finish the Seraphic Gate).
    * Interface tweaks
      The American release also features a slightly improved interface. For
    example, equipment could only be changed from your 4 party members in the
    Japanese version. The USA release lets you change equipment on everyone,
    whether or not they are in your party. Also, you are warned when you change
    Valkyrie's weapon from bow to sword, or vice-versa, that skills are reset.
    They are also kept in memory, and returned once you re-switch weapons. In
    the Japanese version, no warning existed meaning it was easy to forget to 
    change skills back to active after a weapon change. Previous skills were not
    kept in memory either.
      So, in short, small but nice interface improvements were made to the American
    * Extra FMVs
      The USA release contains 2 extra FMV clips not seen in the Japanese version.
    The first is in the beginning, with the huge doors opening. The second is when
    Lezard's tower starts, and you see a clip of his tower (windmill?). Neither of
    these was present in the Japanese original.
    * Voice variety
      A small detail, but in the American release Valkyrie has multiple voice
    clips in the field when swinging a sword. She only had the one, same sample
    in the Japanese version. Then again, speaking of variety, the Japanese
    version had one character for each voice actor. In the american version one
    voice actor had to voice 2 to 4 characters.
    * Censorship
      Censorship sucks. We all agree on that. Valkyrie Profile has thankfully
    avoided most of it. However, not completely. And the way it was done is
    beyond me. All the violence and gore from the Japanese version was kept
    intact. Even the very mature talk between Lezard and Mystina was kept intact.
    Sex and violence, that's good. But why on Earth did Enix of America have to
    censore SMOKING? Badrach was always seen with a cigarette in his mouth in
    the Japanese version. His battle poses were different (taking whiffs now and
    then). Even his Finisher was changed! In the USA version, after throwing ashes
    around his enemy he merely shoots them. In the Japanese version, after throwing
    the ashes he takes a whiff and then throw the butt into the ashes. This results
    in the explosion. He never shoots. So, you have to wonder... why censore
    smoking if everything else was (thankfully) kept intact?
    So, a surprising conclusion is that for the most part, the USA version is
    actually superior!
    IX. Conclusion & Stuff
    Thanks to:
    * Tri-Ace for making what is probably the best PSX RPG ever.
    * Enix for publishing it.
    * Steven Bruck's FAQ for helping me out with the Japanese game before I was
      able to get the english version.
    * duckroll for all his help.
    * Masta_D and Hyu for ideas and contributions.
    This article Copyrighted 2001 Chief Ug. If you wish to post this FAQ somewhere
    or even parts of it, please ask me for permission first or I'll send a Nibelung
    Valesti down your way.

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