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    Seraphic Gate FAQ by SBruck

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/09/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             Valkyrie Profile
                             Seraphic Gate FAQ
                               Version 1.1
                               Steven Bruck
                             Table of Contents
    1)Introduction & Story
       2.1)Yellow Floor
       2.2)Red Floor
       2.3)Green Floor
       2.4)White Floor
       Hello, This is a Walkthrough/FAQ for the game Valkyrie Profile by tri-Ace.
    I used some Japanese Encoding, so If you want to view it you will need to get
    a program like NJStar Communicator<www.njstar.com>. And finally if you have 
    any questions, comments, or suggestion's then just contact me and I will get
    back to you as quick as I can.
    Version 1.1   Spell Checked/Grammer Checked this, Added Mysterious 
                  Writing 7.
    Version 1.0   Started the FAQ.
        This is written for Valkyrie Profile's special dungeon, The Seraphic
    Gate. You gain access to it by Saving at the games final Save Point. After
    you have done that just turn the game off, put in Disc 1 and you can start
    this. However, You will not get very far if you have not collected the
    eight Lotus Gems that have been scattered around the World. And you can
    only get them in hard. Now assuming you've played through on hard and 
    gotten them all, here is what I recommend you have before you start.
    Valkyrie:Level 55+.
    8x  Lotus Gems(Very Important)
    50+ Elixer
    50+ Union Plums
    Auto Item
    Dark/Scarlet Edge
       Once you have most of those, it is time to start the Seraphic Gate.
       2.1)Yellow Floor
       Fire Lance(Spell)
       Spell Reinforce(Spell) 
       Might Reinforce(Spell)
       3x Golden Eggs
       Creation Gem
       Mighty Check
       Mayumi:Razor Fatal
       Eternity Garb
       As soon as you begin the Seraphic Gate, the game will explain to you 
    that you will need the 8 Lotus Gems to progress. You will then be told
    that this Save Point is the only one in the Seraphic Gate. Also, be careful
    that you don't Save over the game that got you in here. Anyways start by
    heading to the right. I recommend that you avoid all enemies for now. On
    the Red Floor you can find an item that will let you avoid them without 
    even trying, the Dimension Slip. Anyways start by heading to the right.
    You will quickly notice that you can not freeze these enemies, so you will
    just have to jump/run/slide under them. In the next room, use the platforms
    to jump the right and you will find a Spell Reinforce. Then just fall down
    and to the right and you can find a Golden Egg(Grab all of these, its like
    getting a level-up for nothing). Now take the bottom left door. Now, if
    you hop on over to the top left and enter the door you can find a Golden
    Egg. Once you have it head back and take the bottom right door. Avoid all
    the enemies as you run through the corridor. Now fall to the bottom left
    and you can find a Golden Egg. Once you have it, head through the right
    door. Now, you will have 3 choice for routes. But, since there is no 
    treasure in the bottom right room we don't care about it. So take the top
    right door and then just take the top left door. Head to the left and you
    can find a Fire Lance. Jump up to the top left one last time and you will
    be able to find a Creation Gem and a Mighty Check. Now head back to where
    you had the three choices of routes and take the bottom left. Run through
    that little corridor and then jump up to the top left. You will see a sort
    of Green Seal around a door. When you search it the game will ask you if
    you wish to use a Lotus Gem. Select the top answer. The door will then open
    and you can go inside. Then head all the way to the left. You will reach
    a room that has two great things inside. One is the Mayumi:Razar Fatal. 
    This is the first weapon that will allow Valkyrie to use her "Full" 
    Nibelgen Velocity(you will understand when you see it). You will also be
    able to find the Eternity Garb. It is the strongest armor in the game.
    Once you have those head back to where you used the Lotus Gem and then
    take the top right door. In this room you will see a ball of electricity.
    Jump inside of it and you will be transported to the Red Floor.
       2.2)Red Floor
       6x Golden Eggs
       Eternity Garb
       Reduce Guard(Spell)
       Burn Storm(Spell)
       Seitsue:Mystic Wiser
       Might Check
       Scout Orb
       Poison Blow
       Rezard Valis
       Brutal Gaze
       Hell Gaze
       Rezard Valis
       After you warp in from the Yellow Floor, head to the right. But, watch
    out an enemy will fall down from above and you will have to move fast to
    dodge it. Now head all the way to the right and you will find another warp
    place. So jump inside and then head to the left. Fall down to the bottom
    right and you can find a Golden Egg in a chest. Once you have it, head
    to the bottom left door and use one of your Lotus Gems. Run all the way
    to the left and then jump in the Warp. Now head to the right and you will
    see Rezard again.
       Rezard will greet the War Goddess and will then say that your Group 
    doesn't have enough men. He then says that if you can beat him he will
    join you. Rezard then wonders if you as a God can beat him?
    Boss Battle
    Name:Rezard Valis
         Hell Gaze
         Brutal Gaze
    Recommend Level:
         Rezard Valis:100000
         Hell Gaze:20000
         Brutal Gaze:54900
         Rezard Valis:All Magic
         Hell Gaze
         Brutal Gaze:
    Strategy:You finally get to see the true power of Rezard. He will start by
             using a Fire Lance spell that will do about 60000 damage. So make
             sure that you have Guts maxed out. Now just ignore the Gaze's,
             because they will be taken out in one Celestial Astral. So what
             you have to do is just all attack Rezard at once and he will die.
             This battle is actually fairly easy, but there is one important
             thing you must do. You must get a Treasure Chest out of Rezard.
             The reason why is that he carries a very strong sword, the
             Shinken:"Glance Reviver". If you have it, the next couple of  
             sections won't be so bad. 
       Rezard will then say that it looks like you have won. He then warns you
    that the strongest enemies are ahead. And you now have Rezard! And he is
    ever great. When you have him equipped with a Seitsue:Million Terror and
    Prismic Missle he will do like 200000+ damage a/round. Anyways now head 
    back out to where you used the Lotus Gem and this time take the top left
    door. Head to the left and eventually you will find a place where you can
    grab three more treasures. After you have those take the top left door and
    you can grab a Reduce Guard, Burn Storm and a Golden Egg. After you have
    those head back out and take the top right door. This room has one of
    the most important items for the Seraphic Gate. It is the Dimension Slip.
    You get it by fighting the Unholy Terror(the giant thing floating near
    the middle). Keep fighting them until you can grab it. Once you have it
    equip it. You will quickly notice that you can walk by enemies and they
    can't attack. This is what will allow you to get by alot of the more 
    annoying enemies that can kill you in one turn if they get the first 
    strike. Anyways now head to the right. Jump on the platforms to the top
    right and you can grab another Eternity Garb and a Golden Egg. Take the
    top left door and head to the left for three screens. Now jump to the
    top right and use a Lotus Gem. Head to the left and you will find the
    Reiken:Soutei which is the best Katana, and then you can find the Mystic
    Wiser. The Mystic Wiser is a great staff. Anyways once you have those head
    back out and take the top left route. This next part is the trick part of
    the Red Floor. What you have to do is jump to the platform and then use
    the chain to make your way to the left. If you fall down, just go all 
    the way back to this room. Also the chests have little explosions in them,
    so move them to side before you open them. Once you reach the last platform,
    enter that door to the left. Now, jump up and grab on to the chains and
    use them to get to the top left. Now grab the Scout Orb, walk to the
    right and then fall down to the bottom and head left. Enter the warp and 
    you will now be taken to the Green Floor.
       2.3)Green Floor
       4x Golden Eggs
       Shield Critical(Spell)
       Shinsou:Ethereal Devoid
       Seitsue:Million Terror
       Maken:Archter Nephfalis
       Bloody Disaster
       2x Eternity Garb
       Lightning Bolt(Spell)
       Gabrie Celesta
       Start by heading to the left. Now if you goto the bottom left of this
    room you can find a Golden Egg. Now jump up to the top left and you
    can find a Shield Critical but, don't go in the warp. Instead take the
    bottom right route. Head to the right for two screen and then use a Lotus
    Gem on that door. Go right and then open the chest in the middle. You will
    get in a battle with 3 Ralva's(not hard). After you beat them you will get
    a Golden Egg. Now head to the right and then take the bottom right door.
    When you reach the next room head through the bottom left door. Walk all
    the way to the left and you can find two cool weapons. One is the Shinsou:
    Ethereal Divide and the other is the Seitsue:Million Terror. I recommend
    that use the Million Terror/Prismic Missle if you are going up against one
    enemy. If you are going up against a group, then use the Mystic Wiser/Cross
    Airrade. Anyways head back to where you first used the Lotus Gem. Now head
    through the bottom right door. Now is another one of those Chain crossings.
    But, this one is a little different. What you have to do is fall down to
    the left and then land on the door that require a Lotus Gem. After you use
    your Lotus Gem, head to the left and you can find an Eternity Garb. After
    you have it head to the top right door. You will see Bram. Bram will say
    that it is time to end this game and says that he will join your party.
    He then talks about how is only one man and then says that he will make you
    forget this battle.
    Boss Battle
    Recommend Level:
    Attacks:Bloody Cries
    Strategy:The only characters that will probably end up damaging Bram are
             Valkyrie and Rezard. So just use the other characters to get your
             energy all the way up. Bram can do alot of damage, but I didn't
             find this battle very hard. Just use a Nibelgen Velocity and a
             Clincher Prismic Missle and the battle should be over.
       After the battle Bram will tell you that he is impressed with the way
    your strength has increased. He then says that it is ironic that he is 
    going with you. You now have Bram in your party. He is very strong so put
    him in your party. However, as you will quickly notice he has a weak 
    weapon. So what we have to do now is find him a good weapon. So head back
    to where you used the Lotus Gem. Fall down and head to the right. Now what
    you have to do is cut through those blue things. Once you have done that
    fall down and head to where you can use another Lotus Gem. Use it and the
    jump into the Warp. Head to the left and then fall all the way down and
    head to the right. You will now see Frei.
       Frei will welcome you and then apoligizes for not helping you and your
    humans more. Frei then says that you've grown, but she adds that she is
    not so weak either.
    Boss Battle
    Recommend Level:
    Attacks:Ether Strike
    Strategy:This is the first hard battle. You will need to have Guts on,
             because not matter what Frei will kill you on the first attack.
             So what you have to do is just have Valkyrie/Bram/Rezard all 
             attack with their Clinchers and then just survive for 3-4 rounds
             and it will be over. All in all a fairly hard battle. But, it will
             show you what the next two battles are like.
       After the battle Frei will say that she will lend you her power. But,
    that her power may not be enough for coming battles. Anyways, you now
    you have your strongest party. Now use the chains to get out of here and
    then head to where you used the lotus gem. Now fall down and head to the
    left until you reach the warp. Jump in the warp. Now what you have to do
    is the samething you did to reach Brams room. Fall down and head to the
    right. Now use a Lotus Gem on the top right door and head to the right.
    You can grab a Golden Egg at the top right of the room. And after you have
    grabed that head to the left. In the next room it doesn't matter if you
    take the top or bottom routes. In this room you can find the Maken:Archter
    Nephfalis and the Bloody Diaster(Bram's strongest weapon). Once you have
    those head back to where you used the Lotus Gem. Now just take the bottom
    route and follow the path until you reach the chest that has an Icicle
    Edge in it. Now Slash that Blue Things and then fall down. If you do it
    right you should land with such force that a switch in the floor will go
    down. And the door that was closed will now open. So head to the right
    and enter the warp. Keep walking to the left until you reach a room with
    the chains. You can grab a Golden Egg in the bottom right corner of this
    room. After you have it use the Chains to make your way up and to the
    left. Just keep heading left and eventually you will reach a room with
    Gabrie Celeste.
       Gabrie Celeste will wonder if you are humans? It then says that can't
    be since your bodies have a strangeness to them. It now thinks that you
    must be from the Dark World. It then realizes that you must be Gods and
    then talks about your Existence will be shortened. 
    Boss Battle
    Name:Gabrie Celeste
    Recommend Level:
    Attacks:Queen's War Dance
            Final Cherio
    Strategy:This is a tough battle. Gabrie was the strongest enemy from the
             first SO(but, unforunatly now you can't just have Ratix/Iria/Fear 
             use a bunch of Shichiseisouhazan's/Uraoukasakkou's/U.H.Terror's).
             Anyways, Gabrie will start the battle by showing you her Queen's
             War Dance. A 28 hit combo that does probably 500000+ Damage(I
             don't know if it is that high, but it is high). In order to win
             you will need to have Guts and Angel Cures equipped, because she
             will always kill you in one hit. Now what you have to do is go
             Magic and attack. After that you need to use all of your Clincher
             moves. If you do not have a party of Valkyrie/Frei/Bram/Rezard you
             probably won't last very long. If you use all of your attack and
             Clinchers, you will probably end up doing around 400000 Damage,
             but it will probably take three rounds to kill her. Oh, and one
             last thing, Auto Item (set for Union Plum) is quite helpful. 
       After the battle, head to the right and then enter the Warp. You will
    now be in the White Floor of the Seraphic Gate.
       2.4)White Floor  
       Golden Egg
       Maken:Dyne Slave
       Touki:Ether Laser
       Iseria Queen
       After getting warping, head to the left. Then use the platforms to jump
    to the top right and enter the door. Now take the top right door again and
    the take the top left door. Enter the warp and then head to the left. Use
    a Lotus Gem and jump in the Warp again. Now head up to the top right and
    you can find two great weapons. The Maken:Dyne Slave and the Ether Laser.
    Once you have those head back. Now just keep heading down and right for
    about 2-3 more screens. Then enter the left door and walk to the left
    for 2-3 screens and you will then see the Iseria Queen.
       The Iseria Queen will say that you may have defeated Gabrie Celeste, but
    you will never defeat her.
    Boss Battle
    Name:Iseria Queen
    Recommend Level:
    Attacks:Queen's War Dance
            Final Cherio
            Cross Airrade
    Strategy:You will need to use the same strategy that you used on Gabrie
             Celeste. Also every attack by the Iseria Queen will kill you, so
             having Auto Item/Guts/Angel Cure will help you survive. Now just
             have everyone attack and then use your Clinchers. This battle will
             take quite awhile. Also I forgot to mention one thing. Once you
             take away half of her HP, she will then transform. And when she
             does she becomes far more powerful. 
       After the battle, go up and you can grab a chest. It contains the 
    Tri-Emblem(A very powerful accessory). After you get that you will get 
    1.5 Million for completing this all. Now just work your way out this
    place. Now leave and the game will stop and ask you if you want to Save.
    Say that you do. You will then get a Congratulations message.
       But, wait...you aren't finshed yet. Now go back and select the Seraphic
    Gate again and choose the game you defeated it with the first time. You
    can now go back and defeat the Iseria Queen to get some great items(and 
    this time you already have your strongest party). Now this time when you
    defeat the Iseria Queen you will get the Mysterious Writings. Here is what
    each one says:
    Mysterious Writing 1:
       Congratulations on Clearing this Again! We would also like to say thank
    you for playing the game.
    Mysterious Writing 2:
       This is your Third time clearing this...Do you think that something 
    special is going to happen?
    Mysterious Writing 3:
       You cleared it again. You really should find something else to play,
    because nothing is going to happen.
    Mysterious Writing 4:
       Your still playing this?! Do you really think something is going to
    happen? You really should look for something new to do...
    Mysterious Writing 5:
       Looks like you are not going to quit? Unlike Star Ocean we made your
    Max Level at 99...
    Mysterious Writing 6:
       You should move on to your next game...
    Mysterious Writing 7:
       I wish that they would release Dragon Quest VII early...
    Mysterious Writing 8:
       It's like a dream...You have completed this Nine Times...Okay, why don't
    you try completeing it once more...
       Now after you have gotten all of those if you beat the game again you
    will be rewarded with the Heretic Sword:"God Hunter". It is a weapon that
    does 20000 damage but, the problem is that it's hit trust is so low that
    you may only end up doing 4000-5000 damage alot. Anyways it still is the
    best weapon in the game. Now If you beat it again you will keep getting
    Heretic Swords. So you have now completed the Seraphic Gate.
    Steve Moon-
       Told me what was meant by Mysterious Writing 7.
       This Article is Copyright 2000 by Steven Bruck. If you wish to use this,
    please contact me.

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