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    Best Ending Guide by KRhee

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    --by Keith Rhee (pckit@slip.net)
    As you may know by now, Valkyrie Profile has three endings. Getting the
    best Ending (A) is pretty tricky and involves a bit of math and certain
    key events.
    - you'll want to keep your Estimated Worth above 40 throughout the game
    - you need to send Rucio up in Chapter 5
    - you'll want to get Valkyrie's Seal Rating under 37 before the Sacred
      Phase 6-7 to trigger a key event
    If you follow the instructions below, you can send a hero up each chapter,
    thus maintaining a fairly decent Estimated Worth (don't swipe too many
    artifacts though), and still drag Valkyrie's Seal Rating down to a low
    value at JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT to trigger a key event in the Sacred Phase
    6-7. It seems ironic that Valkyrie has to "misbehave" in order for you to
    get the best ending, but you'll understand when you see it. (It has to do
    with the Prologue...)
    1. Positive Effect
    - each person you send up: +12
    - wearing the Nibelungen Ring during Sacred Phase: +2
    2. Negative Effect
      (I'm not too sure about the first two below. I'll confirm later.)
    - gaining a new person for your party: -2
    - side events: -2
    - not wearing the Nibelungen Ring during Sacred Phase: -2
    - witnessing the ghosts in the small meadow: -15
    - encounter with Rucio in Jeravellan during Chapter 2-5: -15
    - meeting Brams in his castle and choosing not to fight: -15
    - defeating Rezard in Chapter 4: -15
    - putting Meltina in your party in Chapter 5: -15 
      (requires defeating Rezard in Chapter 4)
    - putting Rucio in your party in Chapter 5: -18
    0. Start off carefully
    - don't go to the small meadow, encounter Rucio in Jeravellan, or meet
      Bram until chapter 4
    - don't take off the Nibelungen Ring yet
    - keep a relatively high Estimated Worth
    1. As soon as Chapter 4 starts, send up a person who meet Frei's 
      requirements. This should get your Seal Rating to about 100.
    2. Now, without going to any other events, do the following:
    - visit the small meadow: -15 
    - meet Rucio in Jeravellan: -15 
    - meet Bram, choose not to fight: -15 
    - Defeat Rezard in his castle: -15
      These four events, plus doing any other side events, will make your Seal 
      Rating plummet from around 100 to about 41. Now take off the Nibelungen 
      Ring before the Sacred Phase (and take it off prior to other Sacred 
      Phases from now on). The ring does give you 50% against "Dark" so it's a
      useful accessory otherwise.
    3. When Chapter 5 starts, go recruit Meltina and Rucio for your party. 
      Meltina will take off -15, and Rucio -18 from your Seal Rating. Doing 
      about 3 side events will take off -6. And if you took the Nibelungen 
      Ring off before the Sacred Phase, that's another -2. At this point, 
      your Seal Rating should be hovering around 1 point or so.
      Now send Rucio up. This will boost your Seal Rating, but since the goal 
      is to keep it below 37(?) and since sending people up nets you a +12 it 
      shouldn't be a problem.
    4. Now, when Chapter 6 ends, if your Seal Rating is below 37(?) then you
      should see an event during the Sacred Phase with Rucio (Freiya and Loki
      will be talking). Witnessing this event is THE KEY to getting the good 
      ending. (In other words, if you don't get this event - you blew it ;)
      After this it won't matter what your Seal Rating is, so you can send 
      people up to Valhalla if you want. But remember to still keep your
      Estimated Worth above 40 before the end of the game.
    5. When Chapter 8 starts, press start and it should tell you to go to the
      small meadow. But before you go, it may be a good idea to visit other
      dungeons to collect items and boost your levels.
    This guide translates info located at the following Japanese site:
    I haven't seen anyone explain in full detail how to get the best ending,
    at least not at GameFAQs or in English on the net, so I took the liberty
    of translating the instructions posted at the above URL into English for
    you English-readers out there. =)
    The Copyright belongs to the above author - I'm just translating his words
    into English - so if you wish to reproduce this elsewhere, please get in
    touch with the person above for permission. (You'll need to speak Japanese
    -- Keith

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