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    Characters FAQ by EDekar

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                           Valkyrie Profile Characters
                              Created by EDekar on
                           Tuesday September 12th, 2000
                  Last updated on Sunday February 4th, 2001
    Version History
      -1.0- Concept FAQ created
      -1.1- First update, added Great Magic list
      -1.2- Final update, finished Gandar's information
      -Notes about Characters
      -Great Magic List
      -Author's Note
      -Contact Information
      -Legal Note
      Well, second FAQ so far.  This one is to list all of the characters 
    I've encountered in Valkyrie Profile.  It'll list anything relevant I 
    could think of about 'em...if you have any suggestions on something to 
    add, just tell me about it.
      Before I just start listing them, I'm just going to say that this FAQ 
    probably won't be all that printer friendly.  There's a lot of 
    information to be said about these people.  I'm on Hard difficulty, so 
    not everyone will get all of these people.  Should you have a character 
    I don't, feel free to submit them my way.  You'll get your name in my 
    FAQ (ooohhh!  aaahhhh!), and I'll get to make the FAQ itself better.
      Also, when I mention the Levels on the Special Meter...level 1 is the 
    first time you use your special (when you hit 100).  Level 2 is when you 
    hit 100 again, and get to use a second special.  This follows for level 
    3 and 4.
      Lastly, on the attacks:  Round Kick   2 hits + 6e  .  What that means 
    is that the attack hits twice, and will add precisely 6 energy to your 
    hit meter so that you may use your specials.  CT is known as Charge 
    Time, and it's how long you must wait before that character can use 
    another special or spell.
      If I have the attacks listed under a mage, it's their initial spell 
    list.  It doesn't mean that's all they can learn, just what they start 
      Name        - Aelia (female)
      Class       - Spearman/Adventurer
      Race & Age  - Dragonian  25
      Birthplace  - Gerabellum
      Element     - Fire
      Chapter     - 5 I think.
      Attacks     - Round Kick       2 hits + 6e
                    Sonic Edge       1 hit  + 15e
                    Spinning Edge    3 hits + 24e
                   *Dreaded Dragon   1 hit  + 45e  CT+3
      Special     - She has Dreaded Dragon as her special.  It's actually 
    pretty potent for most Special Attacks, so I suggest you use it.  Just 
    remember that it doesn't add a great amount of Energy, so it can't be 
    used with too little energy left and still get to the next Special 
      Name       - Arngrim (male)
      Class      - Heavy Knight/Merc
      Race & Age - Human  26
      Birthplace - Artolia
      Element    - Fire
      Chapter    - 1
      Attacks    - Spinning Back Knuckle  1 hit  + 15e
                   High Wind              1 hit  + 30e
                   Wrenching Swing        1 hit  + 25e
                  *Final Blast            8 hits + 80e  CT+6 (ouch...)
      Special     - He has Final Blast.  This one is actually one of my 
    favorites, in that it adds TONS of energy, and does TONS of damage.  For 
    these reasons, I use Arngrim for most of the game.  Great attack.
      Name        - Badrach (male)
      Class       - Archer/Thief
      Race & Age  - Human  40
      Birthplace  - Villnore
      Element     - Darkness
      Chapter     - 6 or 7, not sure.
      Attacks     - Flare Shot     1 hit  + 15e
                    Fifth Way      5 hits + 5e
                    Lunatic Shot   7 hits + 7e
                   *Sphere Strike  1 hit  + 30e  CT+2
      Special     - Weak weak weak.  Sphere Strike is far too weak.  It's 
    kind of a pity, since his normal attacks are actually pretty good.  Ah 
    well, not worth the trouble regardless.
      Name        - Belenus (male)
      Class       - Swordsman/Head Guard
      Race & Age  - Human  37
      Birthplace  - Gerabellum
      Element     - Holy
      Chapter     - 1
      Attacks     - First Slash       1 hit  + 15e
                    Rising Slash      2 hits + 24e
                    Piercing Crusade  2 hits + 20e
                   *Extreme Void      2 hits + 30e  CT+3
      Special     - Well, Extreme Void is alright.  It only looks like it 
    would only hit once, but it does hit when they hit the ground.  All in 
    all, not that great though...I tend to send him up for the first chapter 
    anyway though.
      Name        - Brahms (male)
      Class       - Leader of the Undead
      Race & Age  - Vampire  ?
      Birthplace  - ?
      Element     - Darkness
      Chapter     - Heh...8 on Hard.
      Attacks     - Bloody Knuckle  1 hit   + 30e
                    Deadly Raid     2 hits  + 30e
                    Immortal Blow   3 hits  + 30e
                   *Bloody Curse    17 hits + 42e  CT+2
      Special     - Well, Brahms has the highest hitting Special in the 
    game.  Jun comes in second with 15 hits.  Regardless, Bloody Curse is 
    pretty powerful, but it doesn't really catch up with the likes of Ether 
    Strike from Freya.  So pretty good, but not the best.
      Name        - Freya (female)
      Class       - Giver of Life
      Race & Age  - Aesir  26
      Birthplace  - Valhalla
      Element     - Fire
      Chapter     - Once again, 8 on Hard.
      Attacks     - Critical Flare  6 hits + 24e
                    Aerial Burst    3 hits + 21e
                    Thunder Sword   5 hits + 50e (yikes...)
                   *Ether Strike    1 hit  + 10e  CT+5
      Special     - Well, Ether Strike is the strongest Special I've run 
    across in the game.  At Level 4, it does upwards of 250,000 damage for 
    me.  And that's against Iselia Queen.  So, I consider this one the best, 
    except for the fact that it only adds a measly 10 to your energy.  Thus, 
    always use it as your last Special.
      Name        - Gandar (male)
      Class       - Wizard/Officer
      Race & Age  - Human 67 (old, eh?)
      Birthplace  - Villnore
      Element     - ?
      Chapter     - 8
      Attacks     - Fire Lance ~ Prismatic Missile ~ Shield Critical
                    Shadow Servant ~ Poison Blow ~ Sap Guard
      Special     - Dependent on the spell cast and your equipped weapon.
      Name        - Grey (male)
      Class       - Heavy Knight/Adventurer
      Race & Age  - Human  ?
      Birthplace  - ?
      Element     - Poison
      Chapter     - 5 I think.
      Attacks     - Razor Edge       1 hit  + 15e
                    Mortal Razor     1 hit  + 25e
                    Energy Cannon    3 hits + 15e
                   *Icicle Disaster  8 hits + 58e  CT+2
      Special     - Well...to be quite honest, Icicle Disaster sucks.  If 
    all eight hits would do the same damage as the initial hit it would be 
    pretty good, but it doesn't.  The 6 icicles only do about 1/10 of the 
    damage of the rest of the attack.  Bah, ah well...
      Name        - Janus (male)
      Class       - Archer
      Race & Age  - Human  40
      Birthplace  - Crell Monferaigne
      Element     - Poison
      Chapter     - Hmmm...I'm thinking 2.
      Attacks     - Diseased Needle  2 hits + 2e (also adds poison effect)
                    Tri Stinger      3 hits + 3e
                    Restrain Flame   1 hit  + 50e (big shot here...)
                   *Guilty Break     9 hits + 72e  CT+2
      Special     - Hmmm...Guilty Break is actually pretty good.  All shots 
    will hit, and it does pretty good damage.  Plus, it adds a lot of energy 
    as well.  All in all, I find Janus to be the best of the archer 
      Name        - Jayle  a.k.a.  Leticia (female)
      Class       - Swordsman/Knight
      Race & Age  - Human  20
      Birthplace  - Gerabellum
      Element     - Poison
      Chapter     - Eek...I'm thinking 6 or 7.
      Attacks     - Gleam Charge  1 hit  + 25e
                    Round Dance   1 hit  + 15e
                    Hind Edge     1 hit  + 10e
                   *Eternal Raid  7 hits + 56e  CT+2
      Special     - Eternal Raid is alright...at least it hits and it's 
    fast.  Not sure what else to say about it...hmmm...well, it does give 
    alright Energy, and it doesn't add too much CT.  ::shrugs::
      Name        - Jelanda (female)
      Class       - Sorceress/Princess
      Race & Age  - Human  14
      Birthplace  - Artolia
      Element     - Ice
      Chapter     - 1
      Attacks     - Miscellaneous spells...
      Special     - Dependent on the spell cast, as well as the type of 
    weapon she is equipped with.
      Name        - Jun (male)
      Class       - Samurai
      Race & Age  - Human  21
      Birthplace  - Yamato
      Element     - Lightning
      Chapter     - 2 I believe.
      Attacks     - Senko-Zan  2 hits  + 10e
                    Koei-Zan   1 hit   + 5e
                    So-Enbu    2 hits  + 24e
                   *Senko-Jin  15 hits + 30e  CT+2
      Special     - Senko-Jin is the second highest hitting special in the 
    game.  Unfortunately, it doesn't give very good energy, nor does it do 
    all that great damage.  On top of that, Jun doesn't exactly have the 
    strongest normal attacks...so all in all, he's not that great.
      Name        - Kashell (male)
      Class       - Heavy Knight/Adventurer
      Race & Age  - Human  24
      Birthplace  - Gerabellum
      Element     - Fire
      Chapter     - Ummm...3?
      Attacks     - Low Swing       1 hit  + 10e
                    Beast Tackle    2 hits + 30e
                    Air Pressure    1 hit  + 15e
                   *Flashing Blade  3 hits + 69e  CT+5
      Special     - Well, Flashing Blade is essentially a clone of Final 
    Blast.  Except smaller.  Although it does pretty good damage for the few 
    hits it does, it's not really worth it with the high CT cost.  But I 
    will use him every once in the odd while.
      Name        - Lawfer (male)
      Class       - Spearman/Knight
      Race & Age  - Human  ??
      Birthplace  - Artolia
      Element     - Lightning
      Chapter     - 2 I believe.
      Attacks     - Smash Axe       1 hit   + 24e
                    Prisoner Fang   1 hit   + 30e
                    Triple Thrust   3 hits  + 30e
                   *Justice Stream  10 hits + 25e  CT+2
      Special     - As you can see above, Justice Stream certainly isn't the 
    best you can find.  Doesn't give very good energy, and the damage is 
    only mediocre.  A pity most lancer weapons are somewhat weak too.  Ah 
    well, at least his art looks pretty cool.
      Name        - Lenneth Valkyrie (female)
      Class       - Chooser of the Slain
      Race & Age  - Aesir  23
      Birthplace  - Valhalla
      Element     - Holy, of course
      Chapter     - Perhaps...1?
      Attacks     - Bolt Slash        1 hit  + 25e
                    Moment Slide      1 hit  + 15e
                    Vertical Raid     2 hits + 24e
                   *Nibelung Valesti  9 hits + 60e  CT+4
      Special     - Nibelung Valesti is a somewhat odd Special in that it 
    changes depending on Lenneth's weapon.  It will also change depending on 
    the strength of the weapon, and how many attacks it has.  So be careful, 
    as it's not entirely set in stone.
      Name        - Lezard Valeth (male)
      Class       - Sorcerer/Necromancer
      Race & Age  - Human  24
      Birthplace  - Flenceburg
      Element     - Darkness
      Chapter     - 8 on Hard.
      Attacks     - Various spells.
      Special     - Dependent on equipped weapon and spell to be used.  Of 
    course, Lezard's the best caster you're ever going to find, so you'll 
    just want to use something that lets you use Great Magic, and set his 
    spells to either Shadow Servant or Mystic Cross.  They turn into Meteor 
    Shower and Celestial Star, respectively.
      Name        - Llewelyn (male)
      Class       - Archer/Soldier
      Race & Age  - Human  18
      Birthplace  - Crell Monferaigne
      Element     - Fire
      Chapter     - 1
      Attacks     - First Shot   1 hit  + 5e
                    Twin Shot    2 hits + 10e
                    Aiming Wisp  2 hits + 10e
                   *Layer Storm  7 hits + 35e  CT+2 (Note that not all of 
    the arrows will hit...thus this attack is best used against big enemies 
    such as golems and the like.)
      Special     - Layer Storm's actually pretty good against the bigger 
    enemies, and does alright against smaller ones.  Plus, I just kind of 
    like Llewelyn since he reminds me of myself a bit...
      Name        - Lorenta (female)
      Class       - Sorceress/Teacher
      Race & Age  - Human  36 (and they call her old...?)
      Birthplace  - Flenceburg
      Element     - Ice
      Chapter     - 4
      Attacks     - Various spells.
      Special     - Dependent on equipped weapon and spell to be used.
      Name        - Lucian (male)
      Class       - Swordsman
      Race & Age  - Human  19
      Birthplace  - Villnore
      Element     - Lightning
      Chapter     - 5 I think.
      Attacks     - Air Slash        1 hit   + 25e
                    Slanting Blow    1 hit   + 15e
                    Shining Bolt     12 hits + 36e
                   *Round Rip Blade  5 hits  + 40e  CT+3
      Special     - Round Rip Blade is an alright attack that charges 
    electricity into the blade and he teleports around whilst smacking them.  
    Kind of reminds me of DBZ...On another note, his Shining Bolt attack is 
    actually rather good for a normal attack.  Such a pity he has such low 
      Name        - Lyseria (female)
      Class       - Sorceress/Seeress
      Race & Age  - Human  ?
      Birthplace  - ?
      Element     - Holy
      Chapter     - 7 or 8...not entirely sure which.
      Attacks     - Various spells.
      Special     - Dependent on equipped weapon and spell to be used.  On 
    another note, she's the second best caster you'll find besides Lezard 
    Valeth.  So when you get her, use her.  Just throw a Unicorn's Horn her 
    way and let her rip into stuff.
      Name        - Mystina (female)
      Class       - Sorceress/Researcher
      Race & Age  - Human  23
      Birthplace  - Flenceburg
      Element     - Darkness
      Chapter     - 4 I believe.
      Attacks     - Various spells.
      Special     - Dependent on equipped weapon and spell to be used.  As 
    an aside, she can't be transferred, so don't go training her for it.  
    Beyond that, I don't have much to say about her...I always used Yumei 
    rather than her.  That's 'cause Yumei has better defense.
      Name        - Nanami (female)
      Class       - Sorceress/Maiden
      Race & Age  - Human  17
      Birthplace  - Yamato
      Element     - Holy
      Chapter     - I'd hazard 3.
      Attacks     - Various spells.
      Special     - Dependent on equipped weapon and spell to be used.  I 
    never used her much except to see how she was...and I still liked Yumei 
    better.  Bah...
      Name        - Shiho (female)
      Class       - Sorceress/Song Maiden
      Race & Age  - Human  21
      Birthplace  - Yamato
      Element     - Holy
      Attacks     - Various spells.
      Special     - Dependent on equipped weapon and spell to be used.  I 
    actually never used her at all...I was going to, then when I looked at 
    her spell list I found she didn't have ANY offensive spells.  I didn't 
    feel like burning a spell on her, so I've never used her.  Someone wanna 
    send an evaluation?
      Name        - Suo (male)
      Class       - Samurai
      Race & Age  - Human  24
      Birthplace  - Yamato
      Element     - Lightning
      Attacks     - Shisen       1 hit  + 25e
                    Hyo-Reppa    1 hit  + 10e
                    Yasha-Uchi   2 hits + 16e
                   *Hyoso-Hojin  6 hits + 48e  CT+3
      Special     - Hyoso-Hojin reminds me of Ogre Battle honestly.  That's 
    because the Samurai in OB would do a similar attack if placed in the 
    back row.  Basically he just shoots a bunch of crystals in a line.  He's 
    an alright character...but there are better ones out there.
      Name        - Yumei (female)
      Class       - Sorceress
      Race & Age  - Mermaid  16
      Birthplace  - Yamato
      Element     - Ice
      Attacks     - Various spells.
      Special     - Dependent on equipped weapon and spell to be used.  
    Yumei is my favorite of the spell-casters before Lyseria and Lezard.  
    She has good defense, and alright defense.  Which is more than most of 
    the spellcasters have.  So here's my favorite!  Plus, she turns into a 
    mermaid when she casts a spell...how cool is that?
      Well, the list is finally complete.  Only thing I'm missing now is 
    Gandar's element, and that's not too important anyway.  Thus, this FAQ 
    is now officially complete!  Time to go back to PSO...
      At the behest of someone who sent me a line via e-mail (he's in the 
    credits, just look!), I'm going to put up a list of the Great Magics and 
    which spells are used to get them.  So ah...yeah.  Here ya go!
      Original Spell - Great Spell
      Dark Savior    - Cosmic Spear
      Shadow Servant - Meteor Shower (the second best..fast animation)
      Mystic Cross   - Celestial Star (the best, but slow animation)
      Sacred Javelin - Seraphic Law
      Lightning Bolt - Dragon Bolt
      Poison Blow    - Petro Disruption
      Stone Torch    - Carnage Anthem
      Prismatic Miss.- Gravity Blessing
      Fire Lance     - Calamity Blast
      Fire Storm     - Ifrit Caress
      Icicle Edge    - Crystal Strike
      Frigid Damsel  - Absolute Zero
      This is but my second FAQ...my first was the Front Mission 3 Battle 
    Skills Guide for the English inclined.  My real name is Eric Willis, but 
    I've decided to simply use my online alias for all further FAQ's.  That 
    name is Etharion Dekar, one of my characters.  Thus, this isn't a copy 
    or somesuch...it's just a name change.  ::shrugs::
      You can find me at  soulscythe@angelfire.com  .  This is my only 
    address that isn't swamped by junk mail, so please keep it that way, 
    alright?  Please?
      I thank my friend, Carl Stockstill for info on people I didn't have at 
    the time.
      A much appreciated Tyler Holland sent me some suggestions/questions... 
    and thanks to him, you guys now have a new section and some changes.
      Thanks goes out to those on the boards who urged me on, too.
      I have to thank Gecko for helping me figure out what the Great Magic 
    of Poison Blow was as well.  Kudos to you Gecko...!
      A great thanks to Death_Dragun for finally sending me that info on 
    Gandar...took long enough, didn't it?  Long update...!  At least some 
    people care...
      Lastly, thanks for the encouragement CJayC.
      This FAQ is copyright (c) 2000 EDekar, all rights reserved. This FAQ 
    may not be reproduced in any public format, nor altered and then 
    reproduced.  Should you wish to use it, send me a line via e-mail.  I'm 
    pretty giving about it, so just ask.  At least, I'll be giving about it 
    until someone decides not to ask.  Then I'll put them in a lovely list 
    for people to yell at because I won't allow permission anymore.

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