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    Character/Tips FAQ by EChang

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 09/30/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          (v1.3, 9-30-00)
     by Edward Chang (EdwChang@aol.com)
    Revision History:
    v1.3 Large update to the voice collection
    v1.2 Started cataloguing the voice collection. Please note that my
         email address has changed above, if you wish to get in touch with
    v1.1 Reevaluated some characters. Added a new Mythology section. Also 
         added some more tips. I intend to begin cataloguing the voice
         collection in the next update. Please do not send me any voice
         collection at this time.
    v1.0 First version.
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Characters
    3. Magic
    4. Freya's Requests
    5. Other Tips / Frequently Asked Questions
    6. Mythology
    7. Other Voice Collection Samples
    8. Credits
    It's been awhile since I've written an FAQ, but here goes again. This
    is a Character/Hints/Tips FAQ for the American release of Valkyrie
    Profile, a fantastic RPG with action elements by Tri-Ace, the same
    folks who did Star Ocean 2. This is NOT intended to be a walkthrough.
    If you ARE looking for a walkthrough, I recommend that you look at
    Steven Bruck's or Zhou Tai An's comprehensive walkthroughs on 
    www.gamefaqs.com. Please note however that they are (as I write this) 
    for the Japanese version, so some names and places have been changed. To 
    avoid confusion, I've attempted to list these changes, although I've 
    probably missed many.
    Rucio               Lucian
    Meltina             Mystina
    Aluze               Arngrim
    Rezard              Lezard
    Gannos              Gandar
    Rolenta             Lorenta
    Sohou               Suo
    Jewel               Jayle
    Badluck             Badrach
    Bram                Brahms
    Yumeru              Yumei
    Frei                Freya
    Rofar               Lawfer
    Jake Linas          Janus
    Belinas             Belenus
    Sherad              Jelanda
    Rourry              Llewelyn
    Amy                 Aelia
    And now a final note before we get started: this list may contain minor
    spoilers; after all, because of the nature of the game, you know that
    anybody you recruit is going to die. Also some characters may be
    considered "secret" in the sense that you will have to go out of your
    way to get them. Regardless, on with the show.
    Each section will be structured in the following manner. Following the
    character's name there will be a description of which Game Modes the
    character is available in (Easy, Normal, Hard) and which Chapter they
    will be recruited in. A short, very opinionated ^_^ text description
    follows, and then normal attacks (if a fighter). Under each attack
    there will be statistics of how many times the attack hits, what 
    direction the attack is in, and how many points it adds to your combo
    gauge (provided it successfully hits, of course). Following that will
    be a description of the Purify Weird Soul move, if any, along with the
    Charge Time that move adds. And as an end to the section, I will add
    a Nitpicky Voice Commentary, a la my Star Ocean 2 FAQ ^_^. Final note:
    The character list is in alphabetical order except for Lenneth, who
    comes first.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 0
    The main character. In a sense, you. Valkyrie is the only character
    capable of equipping both bows (long range) and swords (short range),
    and this is a very good thing indeed. Valkyrie has relatively good
    stats. Her DME is a bit low towards the beginning. Her Nibelung Valesti
    ranges from fair to excellent depending on which form you get (which
    is determined by your equipped weapon). With the proper sword in her
    hands, she is without a doubt the best character in the game.
    NORMAL ATTACKS (sword)
    Bolt Slash
    1 Hit
    Left Direction
    25 Points
    Lenneth swings down with her sword once, moving the enemy a bit to
    the left. Standard attack.
    Moment Slide
    1 Hit
    Up Direction
    15 Points
    Lenneth slides at the enemy. If they are light enough, they will be
    tossed a bit into the air. This makes them very vulnerable to the next
    Vertical Raid
    2 Hits
    Upper-Left Direction
    24 Points
    Lenneth swings her sword upward, hitting the enemy twice and knocking
    them back into the air. This is the one I usually set as her counter-
    "It shall be engraved upon your soul! Divine Assault:"
    Nibelung Valesti (ver. 1)
    8 Hits
    53 Points
    4 CT
    Lenneth pulls of a Bolt Slash, Moment Slide, Bolt Slash, Vertical
    Raid combo, then three ghostly spears impale the enemy in mid-air.
    This is your "standard" Nibelung Valesti.
    Nibelung Valesti (ver. 2)
    9 Hits
    59 Points
    4 CT
    Same as above, only Lenneth then grows wings, jumps into the air, 
    creates a massive spear, then throws it at the enemy while it is
    surrounded by a Dragon-shaped aura. You will get this version while
    (I think?) three-hit swords are equipped, such as Radiance Blade,
    Lightning Blade, Gram...
    Nibelung Valesti (ver. 3)
    10 Hits
    65 Points
    4 CT
    "True" version of Nibelung Valesti. Only a very few weapons will
    allow this, most of which are in the Seraphic Gate only.
    Spread Shot
    2 Hits
    No Direction, Up Direction
    20 Points
    Lenneth fires two shots at the enemy, the second of which explodes
    on the ground, tossing the opponent into the air.
    3 Hits
    No Direction
    9 Points
    Lenneth fires three arrows from her bow at once. They never all seem
    to hit unless the enemy is really large, though.
    Infinity Blast
    4 Hits
    No Direction
    24 Points
    (no description yet)
    "It shall be engraved upon your soul! Divine Assault:"
    Nibelung Valesti (ver. 1)
    12 Hits
    84 Points
    4 CT
    Lenneth fires green spiral waves from her bow, the last of which
    knocks the enemy into the air, and then three ghostly spears pierce the
    enemy in mid-air.
    Nibelung Valesti (ver. 2)
    13 Hits
    90 Points
    4 CT
    Same as above, only Lenneth tacks on the wings/Dragon Spear addition,
    as in Nibelung Valesti Sword Version 2.
    Nibelung Valesti (ver. 3)
    14 Hits
    96 Points
    4 CT
    "True" version of Nibelung Valesti. Ends with large explosion, as in
    Nibelung Valesti Sword Version 3.
    Well, you don't really have much of a choice whether you want to use
    her in your party or not. Good thing she's such a good character, then.
    1. "To my side, my noble Einherjar." (begin battle)
    2. "Come to me, dark warriors, battle awaits us." (begin boss battle)
    3. "Your sins lay heavy upon you, defiler of souls." (begin boss battle)
    4. "By the holy laws, you shall be obliterated!" (begin boss battle)
    5. "I beseech you!" 
    6. "For me!" 
    7. "Do not die!" (5-7 begin special boss battle)
    8. "It shall be engraved upon your soul!"
    9. "Divine Assault..."
    10. "Nibelung Valesti!" (8-10 Nibelung Valesti)
    11. "Is it over?"
    12. "You have no hope of survival."
    13. "Return from whence you came."
    14. "Such is your fate." (11-14 enemy perishes)
    15. "You still breathe?"
    16. "Surely you realize, resistance is worthless!"
    17. "You only prolong your suffering!"
    18. "I see this foe will not fall so easily." (15-18 enemy survives)
    19. "Get thee hence! Oblivion awaits thee."
    20. "Their souls have been released. We have no reason to remain here."
    21. "You have served me well, my Einherjar." (19-21 end battle)
    22-24 Attack noise
    25-27 Injured noise
    28. "You missed!"
    29. "Pathetic!"
    30. "Not even close!" (28-30 counter)
    31. "It... it cannot be!"
    32. "Waaaaaa!"
    33. "Eeyaaaah!" (31-33 death) 
    I have heard several reviews saying the voice acting in VP is above par,
    and I must agree. Most of the voice acting is not as wince-inducing as
    some from SO2. Lenneth herself does a great job. Side note: In the
    Japanese version, Lenneth was voiced by Touma Yumi, a voice actress
    anime fans may recognize as Urd from Aa! Megami-sama, Freya from
    Dirty Pair Flash, Deedlit in Record of Lodoss War, and Tokimi in
    Tenchi Muyo, among many other roles.
    Modes Available: Normal and Hard
    Chapter Obtained: 4
    A spearswomen and compatriot of Kashel, Celia, and Gray. She seems
    to be the bearer of the "Dragon Gem" which allows her to transform
    into a Dragon. Aelia is an excellent addition to your party, provided
    you can get her a good spear. Her Purify Weird Soul move is one of the
    most damaging in the game, and one of the most impressive as well. One
    weakness is that her moves do not charge up the Combo meter that well,
    so you should always team her with someone who does (such as Arngrim or
    2 Hits
    Left Direction, Up Direction
    6 Points
    Aelia delivers a roundhouse kick and a sweep kick in succession. The
    Up component is fairly negligible compared to the left direction.
    Sonic Edge
    1 Hit
    Left Direction
    9 Points
    Aelia throws her spear at the enemy. Somehow, it comes back ^_^.
    If the enemy is "short" enough, this move will miss, so be careful.
    Spinning Edge
    3 Hits
    Left Direction
    24 Points
    Probably Aelia's best normal move. She charges forward with her
    spear in an odd cyclone-type maneuver, hitting the opponent three
    times. My standard counterattack. This move can also miss if the
    enemy is too "short", although less often than Sonic Edge.
    "My soul burns. My power has awakened! Finishing Strike:"
    Dreaded Dragon
    1 Hit
    45 Points
    3 CT
    Aelia uses the Dragon Gem to transform herself into a huge Dragon,
    which subsequently fires a huge blast at an enemy, immolating it.
    This is one of the more powerful moves in the game. You could be
    doing as much as 12000 damage in Chapter 4, and 48000 damage in
    Chapter 8, provided you have the right weapon.
    Since Aelia is one of the hardier, more useful characters, I'd keep
    her in my party. She's too good to transfer to Asgard. Also, it could
    be just me, but I find that if you switch her attack order to
    Sonic Edge-Spinning Edge-Roundkick, or Spinning Edge-Roundkick-Sonic
    Edge, she'll be more effective in battle. Get her a good spear pronto.
    1. "I love a good battle."
    2. "Ah, now this is more my style."
    3. "Alright, time to test my skill."
    4. "These are our opponents? It's no match!" (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "My soul burns... my power has awakened!"
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Dreaded Dragon!" (5-7 Dreaded Dragon)
    8. "You have reaped what you have sowed."
    9. "You're no match for me."
    10. "Now you have felt my strength."
    11. "Hahaha, how fun!" (8-11 enemy perishes)
    12. "Impossible."
    13. "I was sure that would do it."
    14. "This one is strong."
    15. "He's powerful." (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "How unskilled these beasts are."
    17. "The enemy is vanquished!"
    18. "Our work is done." (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "You missed me!"
    26. "Haha!"
    27. "Close!" (25-27 counter)
    28. "Curse you!"
    29. "I can't... die now!"
    30. "Nooooo!"
    31. "Uhh.... ahhh.... (28-31 death)
    Not bad. Not much to say about her.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 0
    The big muscleman you get right away, he is supposedly a fighting
    genius, and it shows. He somehow carries a blade that proportionally
    would look about 18 feet long. He's got fairly high attack power and
    a lot of DME (but not too much... you can NEVER have too much DME in
    this game).
    Spinning Back-Knuckle
    1 Hit
    Left Direction
    15 Points
    Arngrim hits the enemy with a backhand. Short range, so make sure
    somebody else doesn't hit the enemy out of the way before it connects.
    High Wind
    1 Hit
    Lower-Left Direction
    30 Points
    Arngrim swings his sword downward, knocking down the enemy and pushing
    them back.
    Wrenching Swing
    1 Hit
    Left Direction
    25 Points
    Arngrim swings his huge sword horizontally. As you'd expect, this move
    has good range, and it's a good combo finisher. It can miss short
    enemies if they haven't been hit yet.
    "I grow tired of you. Finishing Strike:"
    8 Hits
    80 Points
    6 CT
    Arngrim charges through the enemy with a flame aura for four hits,
    then causes an explosion under the enemy for four more hits. This is
    great for charging up the Combo meter, and it does respectable damage
    as well.
    Arngrim is a fairly good character, and since Asgard doesn't seem to
    want him, keep him ^_^. In the beginning he's an extremely damaging
    character, but towards the end his usefulness goes down a bit... still,
    he's good in almost all situations.
    1. "No mercy."
    2. "Hmph. This won't be easy!"
    3. "No quarter."
    4. "Ha! This will be child's play!" (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "I grow tired of you."
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Final Blast!" (5-7 Final Blast)
    8. "Ha! No problem."
    9. "Now die and be silent."
    10. "Ha! Dead already?"
    11. "Ha, I love a good fight." (enemy perishes)
    12. "You want more?"
    13. "You're next!"
    14. "Hmm, this is getting interesting."
    15. "Your time is short, monster!" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "That was too easy. What's next?"
    17. "Ha! Did you think you could defeat me?"
    18. "They were no match for us." (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Weak!"
    26. "Forget it!"
    27. "Take that!" (25-27 counter)
    28. "Aghhhhhhh!"
    29. "Damn, it can't be!" (28-29 death)
    Like Aelia's, not bad. You'll be hearing a lot of it in the beginning
    of the game, so that's a good thing.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 5 or 6 (random)
    This rather shady character somehow invokes Valkyrie's mercy, and so
    joins your party. He's an archer, sorta... he equips bows, but in
    battle his animations look like he's holding a gun. Okay character,
    I guess -- I rarely use archers.
    Flare Shot
    1 Hit
    Up Direction
    15 Points
    Badrach fires a single shot at the enemy.
    Fifth Way
    12 Hits
    No Direction
    1 Point/Hit
    Badrach fires a flurry of shots at the enemy. Not all of them will hit
    unless the enemy is huge, however.
    Lunatic Shot
    15 Hits
    No Direction
    1 Point/Hit
    Pretty much the same as Fifth Way, only the shots fly in a different
    pattern and there are more of them.
    "Yer dead, pal! Deathblow:"
    Sphere Strike
    1 Hit
    30 Points
    2 CT
    Badrach runs around the enemy, dropping little bits of (I assume)
    explosive material, then fires his gun at the enemy for one large
    blast. Damage a bit on the low side, but at least it has good CT.
    Okay for an archer, which isn't saying much. I favor mages over archers.
    And by the time you get him, Valhalla doesn't really need any more
    archers. Dead weight in my party.
    1. "Whoa, this looks bad!"
    2. "Hey, can I sit this one out?"
    4. "These punks will be easy!" (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "Yer dead pal!"
    6. "Deathblow!"
    7. "Sphere Strike!" (5-7 Sphere Strike)
    8. "Sorry pal, someone's gotta die!"
    9. "Really pathetic."
    10. "That's one down!"
    11. "See ya in hell!" (8-11 enemy perishes)
    12. "What? Yer still standing!" 
    13. "Huh. Hurry up and die already!"
    14. "Ha, you make me look bad!"
    15. "Bah, you'll die sooner or later. (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "Ha, I'm ready for Valhalla already."
    17. "Killing's thirsty work. I need a drink!"
    18. "Phew! I could use a rest." (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Nice try!"
    27. "You'll regret that!" (25-27 counter)
    28. "What? Not again!"
    29. "Oh... it hurts... I don't wanna die!"
    30. "Auuughhhhhh!" (28-30 death) 
    Could be better. He certainly sounds like a criminal, I'll grant him
    that. His few lines in the beginning sound a bit flat.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 1
    A nobleman from Lassen, Belenus sacrifices himself via Soul Transfer
    and thus joins your party. He wields a sword. Okay for a warrior, not
    as brawny as Arngrim, but still serviceable.
    First Slash
    1 Hit
    Lower-Left Direction
    15 Points
    Belenus swings his sword downward, knocking the enemy down and back.
    Rising Slash
    2 Hits
    Up Direction, Up Direction
    24 Points
    Belenus swings his sword back upwards, throwing the enemy upward if
    they are light enough. Good for counterattack.
    Piercing Crusade
    2 Hits
    Left Direction, Left Direction
    20 Points
    Belenus thrusts all the way through the enemy, finishing on the other
    side. Respectable move, but guarded easily.
    "Feel my wrath. Finishing Strike:"
    Extreme Void
    2 Hits
    30 Points
    3 CT
    Belenus causes the enemy to be surrounded by floating green rings, 
    then a massive sword thrusts up from the ground and impales the enemy.
    Okay damage, CT is on the low side. In other words, make this either
    your first or your last attack in a special attack string.
    Belenus is an okay character, but I ususally transfer him early on,
    even as early as Chapter 1. He's no great loss to your party, and
    transferring him early will improve your performance rating.
    1. "These are formidable adversaries."
    2. "I dedicate my soul to the gods."
    3. "Have at you."
    4. "Hmph, these foes are unworthy." (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "Feel my wrath."
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Extreme Void." (5-7 Extreme Void)
    8. "Reap the judgment of the gods."
    9. "Nothing can survive that."
    10. "How did you like that!"
    11. "Be damned." (8-11 enemy perishes)
    13. "Such insolence!"
    14. "Hmph, unworthy foe."
    15. "Has my power waned?" (13-15 enemy survives)
    16. "You have paid the price for your evil."
    17. "Burn in hell, blasphemers."
    18. "They were mighty foes." (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "You missed." (counter)
    27. "Now you're mine." (counter)
    28. "Ughh!"
    29. "Impossible!" (28-29 death)
    Sound like a nobleman, alright. His "Finishing Strike: Extreme Void"
    is an especially good line, in my opinion.
    Modes Available: Hard
    Chapter Obtained: Seraphic Gate
    Brahms will actually join your party temporarily if you manage to get
    the good ending, but only for one battle. If you want to use him, you'll
    have to go through the Seraphic Gate, and you'll have to beat him first.
    Brahms has an extremely high attack rating, and his moves are all very
    good. Definitely one of the best characters.
    Bloody Knuckle
    1 Hit
    Lower-Left Direction
    30 Points
    Brahms hits the enemy with a downwards kind of punch, knocking the
    enemy down if they're light.
    Deadly Raid
    2 Hits
    Upper-Left Direction, Upper-Left Direction
    30 Points
    Brahms hits the enemy with an uppercut. Dragon Punch, anyone? Floats
    the enemy if light.
    Immortal Blow
    3 Hits
    Lower-Left Direction, Upper-Left Direction, Upper-Left Direction
    30 Points
    This is basically a Bloody Knuckle and a Deadly Raid chained together.
    "Feel the power of Darkness! Finishing Strike:"
    Bloody Curse
    17 Hits
    42 Points
    2 CT
    Brahms hits the enemy with more punch-uppercut combos, then causes
    some red things (flames? claws?) to jut out of the ground, hitting
    the enemy. Good damage, good Combo meter points, low CT.
    You can't transfer Brahms even if you wanted to, which you don't. His
    attacks are all extremely damaging, and they charge up the Combo
    meter extremely well. He will make your life easier in the Seraphic
    Gate. Of course, you have to defeat him, first...
    1. "Hrist, prepare yourself." (begin special boss battle)
    2. "Lenneth, you and I need not do battle here." (begin battle)
    3. "Feel the power of darkness!"
    4. "Finishing Strike..."
    5. "Bloody Curse!" (3-5 Bloody Curse)
    6. "So fragile."
    7. "Return to nothingness!"
    8. "Farewell, frail one."
    9. "Over? So soon?" (6-9 enemy perishes)
    10. "Ha! You are strong indeed!"
    11. "Ha! A real battle. Glorious!"
    12. "Excellent. You amuse me...!"
    13. "Finally, an opponent worthy of respect!" (10-13 enemy survives)
    14. "Hrist, do not worry. This parting is but temporary."
    15. "Ludicrous. What was Odin thinking?" (14-15 end battle)
    16-18 Attack noise
    19-21 Injured noise
    22. "Not likely!"
    23. "Heh!"
    24. "Don't insult me." (22-24 counter)
    25. "It... it cannot be!"
    26. "Aaaaaaah!" (25-26 death)
    Okay, but it seems to shift in and out of a "gravelly" phase. Then
    again, what is a Lord of the Undead supposed to sound like anyway??
    Modes Available: Hard
    Chapter Obtained: Seraphic Gate
    Freya will join you temporarily in all modes during Chapter 0. As
    a Goddess, you'd expect her moves to be pretty good, and they are.
    However, they are extremely slow, and difficult to combo without much
    practice. Again, one of the best characters in the game.
    Critical Flare
    9 Hits
    Left Direction
    24 Points
    Freya shoots a spread laser pattern at the enemy. I thought this move
    couldn't be blocked, but it may, especially in the Seraphic Gate. 
    Aerial Burst
    3 Hits
    Down Direction, Down Direction, Down Direction
    21 Points
    This is the only move you'll see in Chapter 0. Freya rematerializes in
    mid-air and fires a downward burst at the enemy. 
    Thunder Sword
    5 Hits
    Left Direction
    50 Points
    Freya fires a laser cannon-type blast at the enemy. Good move, extremely
    high points for the Combo meter. However, this will miss short enemies,
    so be warned.
    "Prepare to be cleansed! Divine Assault:"
    Ether Strike
    1 Hit
    10 Points
    6 CT
    Freya materializes in midair, gathers together a lot of energy, and
    fires it at the enemy for ridiculous amounts of damage. However, this 
    move is extremely slow to recharge and does not add much to the Combo
    meter. Therefore, use it last in a special attack string. 
    Despite being rather slow -- counter-attacks are a bit difficult to
    time as well -- Freya is still one of your best characters. She can
    charge up your combo meter to full almost all by herself. (Her moves
    add up to almost 100, but they drain because her moves are slow and
    far apart). I find that an effective way to pull off combos with her
    in your party is to perform her first two moves, then start her third
    move. As soon as she rematerializes, begin attacking with your other
    characters. Again, you can't transfer her, so you might as well keep
    1. "Hmm, these beasts will be a good test."
    2. "These beasts are an offense to me."
    3. "Ah, it's been so long since I fought in Midgard."
    4. "What a miserable existence." (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "Prepare to be cleansed!"
    6. "Divine Assault..."
    7. "Ether Strike!" (5-7 Ether Strike)
    8. "The stand against a god... such is your reward."
    9. "Such filthy creatures."
    10. "Let the worms feed on thy flesh."
    11. "I am Freya. Recall the name on your journey to Hel." (8-11 enemy
    12. "Twould have been better for you to have fallen."
    13. "You have not long on this world, monster."
    14. "Stand fast! I will finish you soon."
    15. "Fool! Know you not your own powerlessness?" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "Easy work for a god."
    17. "One day I must face Brahms."
    18. "As expected, we are the victors." (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Your mistake!"
    26. "Is that all?"
    27. "I'll reduce you to dust." (25-27 counter)
    28. "Ugh... ahhh...."
    29. "Nooooo!"
    30. "This... cannot... be..." (28-30 death)
    Sounds suitably divine, don't you think? I just wish I didn't have
    to hear the line "Do you wish to know the status of our Einherjar?"
    over and over again. In the Japanese version, Freya was voiced by
    Kawamura Maria, whom anime fans may recognize as the voice of Naga
    from Slayers. ("Ohohohohohohoho!")
    Modes Available: Normal and Hard
    Chapter Obtained: 8
    An officer mage who makes his first appearance when you recruit Aelia,
    you'll have to fight him in the Palace of the Dragon before you can
    recruit him. Luckily, he comes preloaded with some pretty good spells.
    It's too bad you get him so late; in Hard Mode this means he's
    virtually useless, since you have to train him up from level 1. In 
    Normal Mode he's fairly good.
    **For Gandar and all other mages, see below for Spells/Special Attacks**
    "My sorcery makes even gods tremble!"
    Gandar is an okay character, since you get him so late in the game.
    If you really want an evil mage, go for Lezard.
    1. "These foes are more than they appear."
    2. "I shall rend your souls from your bodies."
    3. "Prepare to face a true opponent!"
    4. "These creatures are less than pathetic!" (1-4 begin battle)
    6. "How fragile these beasts are." (enemy perishes)
    8. "My sorcery makes even gods tremble!" (great magic/enemy perishes)
    9. "Hmph! I grow weary of you."
    10. "Haha! Not bad, little one!"
    11. "Well done, but you'll not stand another."
    12. "Your puny grip on life is failing." (9-12 enemy survives)
    13. "Fighting monsters insteaed of summoning them! How ironic." 
    14. "A decent performance, I suppose."
    15. "I will surpass the gods, without fail!" (13-15 end battle)
    16-18 Injured noise
    19. "My life's ambition... to reduced to nothing!"
    20. "Aghhhhh!"
    21. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" (19-21 death)
    **For Gandar and all other mages, see below for voice samples 22-68)
    Sounds old and crochety, and possibly insane -- in other words, just
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 5 or 6 (random)
    Grey is evidently the spirit of a former companion of Kashell, Celia,
    and Aelia, inhabiting an empty suit of armor. He was saved by Lemia
    through Soul Transfer, but failed to do the same for her. Wields a
    sword, good attacks, and fairly strong.
    Razor Edge
    1 Hit
    Left Direction
    15 Points
    Grey swings his sword downwards, knocking the enemy backwards.
    Mortal Razor
    1 Hit
    Up Direction
    25 Points
    Grey swings his sword back upwards. Simple enough.
    Energy Cannon
    3 Hits
    Left Direction, No Direction, No Direction
    15 Points
    Grey charges through the enemy, then two wisps of... something fly
    around and attack the enemy. Since the wisps cannot be blocked, you
    may want to switch Grey's attacks so that this is the first attack,
    and then use it as a combo starter.
    "I invoke the power of the Glacial Blade! Finishing Strike:"
    Icicle Disaster
    8 Hits
    58 Points
    2 CT
    Grey charges through the enemy while many wisps attack. The enemy
    is then encased in a giant block of ice, which Grey shatters. Good
    Combo meter points and extremely fast to recharge, this is one
    of the better special attacks.
    Grey is a fairly good character. In Normal mode, he comes preloaded
    with so many Capacity points that you can transfer him without using
    him in a single battle! And you may indeed wish to do so, because
    this saves you from having to train somebody up. It's a toss-up as to
    whether you want to keep him in your party or not.
    1. "Even in the face of defeat, I shall never surrender."
    4. "Our blades are wasted on such foes." (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "I invoke the power of the glacial blade."
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Icicle Disaster!" (5-7 Icicle Disaster)
    10. "You fiends have no future." (enemy perishes)
    12. "What? You still breathe?"
    13. "So still you fight."
    14. "Concede defeat, doomed one!"
    15. "Twould be better for you to have died!" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "I will not die." 
    17. "I will not squander this second chance at life."
    18. "Lemia, twas you who saved me, I will not forget." (16-18 end
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Haiya!"
    26. "Too bad!"
    27. "It's over!" (25-27 counter)
    28. "Wahhhhhh!"
    29. "Damn!" (28-29 death)
    Grey sounds a little... dead. Okay, I know he's supposed to be dead.
    But he sounds deader than dead. "Icicle Disaster" is pretty guilty
    of this.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 2, 3, or 4 (random)
    A knight from Crell Monferaigne who wields a crossbow, he was despised
    by his countrymen for an unspecified reason. (The Status screen says
    it was an assassination). He's an okay character, I guess, but as I
    said before, I don't use archers that much.
    Diseased Needle
    2 Hits
    No Direction
    2 Points
    Janus fires two bolts from his bow. Simple enough.
    3 Hits
    No Direction
    3 Points
    Janus fires three bolts from his bow, while saying "Ha ha!". Simple
    Restrain Flame
    1 Hit
    Up Direction
    50 Points
    Janus fires what seems to be an explosive bolt from his bow, tossing
    the enemy upwards. This is his only move of any worth to the Combo
    "For my honor. Finishing Strike:"
    Guilty Break
    9 Hits
    72 Points
    2 CT
    Janus fires many shots in a row from his bow, ending with a large
    explosion. Okay move. Since Janus is a bow-wielder, don't expect
    too much damage from this move. On the other hand, it's quick to
    recharge and is almost as good for charging the Combo meter as Arngrim's
    Final Blast.
    If I manage to get him in an early chapter, I'll usually transfer him
    when Freya asks for an archer. Otherwise, I don't bother training him
    that much. Still, out of the archers he's probably the best.
    1. "Huh, there's certainly no lack of decent foes."
    4. "This shouldn't take long." (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "For my honor!
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Guilty Break!" (5-7 Guilty Break)
    9. "Dead, I see."
    10. "Who shall fall next?"
    11. "The gates of Hel await thee." (9-11 enemy perishes)
    13. "A worthy foe indeed."
    14. "Very well, I will strike again."
    15. "Impossible!" (13-15 enemy survives)
    16. "My skills will be dulled by opponents like this."
    17. "How long must we keep fighting the same battles?"
    18. "They were an unworthy foe to begin with." (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Huh. Ha!"
    26. "Too bad!"
    27. "You misjudge me!" (25-27 counter)
    28. "Wo...aaaahh!"
    29. "Damn! Did I underestimate?" (28-29 death)
    Fairly good voice, although his tendency to chuckle to himself while
    attacking is a bit unnerving ^_^.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 5 or 6 (random)
    A woman who disguised herself as a man in order to enter the knighthood.
    Another swordsman with okay attack and a weird bouncy animation during
    battle. DME a bit low. She's another good candidate for transfer.
    Gleam Charge
    1 Hit
    Left Direction
    25 Points
    Jayle thrusts once at the enemy.
    Round Dance
    1 Hit
    Up Direction
    15 Points
    Jayle swings her sword up, floating lighter enemies.
    Hind Edge
    1 Hit
    Upper-Right Direction
    10 Points
    Jayle swings her sword backhand, causing the enemy to fly up. This
    is a fairly good move because it actually knocks the enemy towards
    your characters, making for easier combos.
    "In the name of my lord! Finishing Strike:"
    Eternal Raid
    7 Hits
    56 Points
    4 CT
    Jayle launches some lightning fast thrusts at the enemy, then causes
    a horizontal beam to explode through the enemy. Be very careful! The
    first 6 hits may miss flying enemies! (Harpys, for instance). Good
    for charging up the combo meter, though.
    Again, Jayle is a good character to train, if only to transfer her
    eventually. When Freya asks for a brave swordsman, Jayle is a good
    1. "Uh, do we have any chance of victory?" (begin battle)
    5. "In the name of my lord!"
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Eternal Raid!" (5-7 Eternal Raid)
    8. "Did that do it?"
    9. "Now you have felt my power.
    10. "Alright, no excuses!" (8-10 enemy perishes)
    12. "Damn, not bad!"
    13. "You're alive? One more then!"
    14. "You want some more?" 
    15. "I won't stop until you're crushed!" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "There are plenty of foes left to fight. Let's go."
    17. "I cannot die yet."
    18. "That was close. If I had made one more wrong move..." (16-18
        end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    26. "I don't think so."
    27. "Now it's my turn!" (25-27 counter)
    28. "Uaaaaah!"
    29. "Aaa... uhhhh..."
    30. "I don't... wanna... die..." (28-30 death)
    I don't see how she passed as a male with that voice, but oh well.
    Not grating on the ears, so it's passable.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 0
    The pampered brat of Artolia. She redeems herself with her treatment
    of Arngrim. As the first mage you get (and only one for awhile), she's
    pretty useful. However later she gets outclassed by the other mages.
    Comes with only Fire Storm and the useful Heal spell.
    "This is divine punishment!"
    In the beginning, Jelanda is invaluable. Later, she's pretty plain.
    I usually send her up when Freya asks for the "negotiator".
    1. "Uhoh, we may be in trouble..."
    2. "Now face a princess's true wrath!" 
    3. "Such impudence! You face certain death!" (1-3 begin battle)
    5. "Impudent fool!"
    6. "There. Did you witness my power?" (5-6 enemy perishes)
    7. "This is divine punishment!" (great magic/enemy perishes)
    8. "Good, I was getting tired of you." (enemy perishes)
    9. "What?!"
    10. "You still live?"
    11. "Indeed you are stubborn!"
    12. "In... inconceivable!" (9-12 enemy survives)
    13. "Well done, everyone!"
    14. "No matter how many are defeated, more appear!"
    15. "Well, they were rather annoying." (13-15 end battle)
    20. "Yahhhhh!" 
    21. "Help... me..." (20-21 death)
    Even after redemption, she still sounds kinda bratty. And wimpy too:
    "No matter how many are defeated, more appear!" I found myself annoyed
    with her.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 2, 3, or 4 (random)
    A samurai who wields two swords, although you only need to equip
    him with one ^_^. Jun is a good character, if only because his
    fighting style gives variety from everybody else's European sword-
    style. His attacks come out fairly quickly.
    2 Hits
    Left Direction, Up Direction
    10 Points
    Jun swings sideways at the enemy, and then jumps up, bringing the
    sword up along the enemy. Will float light enemies fairly high.
    Unfortunately, this means your other characters may miss, so be careful.
    1 Hit
    Right Direction
    5 Points
    Jun charges to the other side of the enemy and then hits them in
    the back, conveniently right into your other fighters. Good move,
    bit slow.
    2 Hits
    Left Direction, Left Direction
    24 Points
    It says the move goes in the left direction, but if you pull this
    move off after a Koei-zan it actually goes right. Jun hits the
    enemy with his sword, whirls around, and then hits the enemy again.
    "Mugen no kensen! Blade art:"
    15 Hits
    30 Points
    2 CT
    Jun hits the enemy from all sides with lightning-fast slashes.
    Very cool-looking, and quick to recharge.
    Jun is a pretty good character. Like Aelia, all his moves don't do
    much for charging up the Combo meter, so put him in your party
    with somebody who does. You may wish to transfer him, but since he
    doesn't overtly fit any requests perfectly, feel free to keep him.
    1. "No matter who the opponent, I shall not yield!"
    2. "Try all you want, demons. The outcome will not change!"
    3. "By hook or crook, you shall all die!" (1-3 begin battle)
    5. "Mugen no kensen!"
    6. "Blade Art..."
    7. "Senko-jin!" (5-7 Senko-jin)
    8. "Feel fortunate to have died a quick death."
    9. "Now your future is emptiness!"
    10. "Die, and begone."
    11. "None can stand before me!" (9-11 enemy perishes)
    12. "You are strong, monster!"
    13. "You still fight?"
    14. "Still you will fall!"
    15. "Resist not. You are doomed!" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "Ai, have I made a terrible mistake?"
    17. "Before my blades, all are powerless!"
    18. "I have never lost a battle." (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Too slow!"
    26. "Ha!"
    27. "Take that!" (25-27 counter)
    28. "D... Damn!"
    29. "Ugh... aghh.... ai..." (28-29 death)
    Pretty good. His fake Japanese accent is a lot better than Suo's ^_^.
    Modes Available: Normal and Hard
    Chapter Obtained: 3
    A compatriot of Aelia and Celia, who also seems to know Arngrim. He
    wields an extremely large sword, not as big as Arngrim's, but still
    pretty large. He also has a strange battle stance. Good character,
    I guess, but too cocky for me.
    Low Swing
    1 Hit
    Up Direction
    10 Points
    Kashell swipes his sword at the enemy, floating light ones.
    Beast Tackle
    2 Hits
    Left Direction, Lower-Left Direction
    30 Points
    Kashell charges at the enemy with a thrust and then beats them down
    with another swipe. Good counter.
    Air Pressure
    1 Hit
    Upper-Left Direction
    15 Points
    Kashell leaps into the air, then flies diagonally downward with
    his sword. Extremely unrealistic, but a good move nevertheless.
    "I'll take care of this. Finishing Strike:"
    Flashing Blade
    3 Hits
    69 Points
    5 CT
    Kashell performs his basic moves in sequence, only a lot flashier
    ^_^. Good Combo charge, slow to recharge.
    Other than his cocky attitude, which annoyed me, Kashell is an okay
    character. I usually end up transferring him as well. Don't transfer
    him until you visit the Oddrock Caves, however.
    1. "Hey, this doesn't look good!" (begin battle)
    5. "I'll take care of this!"
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Flashing Blade!" (5-7 Flashing Blade)
    8. "Hahaha! Isn't this fun?"
    9. "Alright, feelin' good!"
    10. "That was too easy!"
    11. "I knew that would work!" (8-11 enemy perishes)
    12. "What? Not dead yet?"
    13. "Hey, is this for real?" 
    14. "Huh. Oh well."
    15. "No way!" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "Not bad, I guess. Of course, it was all thanks to me!"
    17. "Aww, over already? I still wanted to fight?"
    18. "Whew! That didn't go quite as well as I thought." (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Too easy!" (counter)
    27. "Die!" (counter)
    28. "Agghhhhhhh!"
    29. "Confound it all!" (28-29 death)
    The voice itself is good, but the samples are extremely annoying ^_^.
    "Now die!" is something I can go without hearing again.
    Modes Available: Normal and Hard
    Chapter Obtained: 2
    A spearman who seems to be a friend of Arngrim (well, the closest
    thing to friends which Arngrim seems to have). Apparently he's not
    as skilled as Arngrim either. No matter, he's still a good fighter,
    but I prefer Aelia when it comes to somebody to hold my Crimson Edge
    spear ^_^.
    Smash Axe
    1 Hit
    Left Direction
    24 Points
    Lawfer swings his halberd at the enemy.
    Prisoner Fang
    1 Hit
    Right Direction
    30 Points
    Lawfer thrusts his halberd at the enemy. It says it goes in the
    right direction, but I've never noticed this -- might as well be
    "No Direction".
    Triple Thrust
    3 Hits
    Lower-left Direction, Left Direction, Upper-Left Direction
    Lawfer thrusts his halberd three times, once in each left direction.
    This move seems especially good for breaking Combo Guards.
    "I stake everything on this single blow. Finishing Strike:"
    Justice Stream
    10 Hits
    25 Points
    2 CT
    Lawfer thrusts his halberd a few times, then swings it sideways,
    knocking the enemy into a conveniently-placed tornado. Good recharge
    Lawfer is a pretty good character when you first get him. His moves
    charge up the Combo meter fairly well. However, once I get Aelia I
    usually ditch him or transfer him.
    1. "We have nothing but to fight."
    2. "I pledge my strength to the Lady Valkyrie!"
    3. "Do you think you can best me?"
    4. "Be vigilant, my friends!" (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "I stake everything on this single blow!"
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Justice Stream!" (5-7 Justice Stream)
    8. "You have no more reason to live."
    9. "Did that do it?"
    11. "I shall cut open my own path." (8-11 enemy perishes)
    12. "I'm not strong enough!"
    13. "Are you still alive?"
    14. "Fine, then I shall strike again!"
    15. "Did I misjudge my blow?" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "Let us go my friends."
    18. "It might not go so well next time." (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Don't underestimate me!"
    26. "Not so easy!"
    27. "Nice try!" (25-27 counter)
    28. "Oowaaaah!"
    29. "No... not here!" (28-29 death)
    Sounds pretty... British, doesn't it? Fits Lawfer's "noble heritage"
    Modes Available: Hard
    Chapter Obtained: Seraphic Gate
    Didn't you wish you could use this mad genius (TM) when you fought him?
    Well, you can! But only in the Seraphic Gate. He's a pretty good mage,
    depending on when you get to the Seraphic Gate... by the time I got
    there my Mystina was ten levels higher than him, so I used her instead.
    But Lezard comes preloaded with a full complement of useful spells.
    Besides, he sounds cool.
    Pretty useful, and he gets style points too. You can't transfer him
    anyway, so by all means use him.
    1. "Hahahahaha! These foes are a joke!"
    2. "Open the gates of Niflheim! More souls await."
    4. "Ha! We cannot lose against such foes." (1-4 begin battle)
    9. "Hmm, you're a bit stronger than I thought."
    10. "Well, this is a surprise."
    12. "You will not survive the next strike."
    14. "These demons are surprisingly feeble! Undead in name only."
    15. "They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say,
         Nice try." (14-15 end battle)
    16-18 Injured noise
    20. "No! I will not accept this!" (death)
    Perfect. Sounds insane as usual. If you get the good ending, you'll be
    hearing a lot of it.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 1
    Llewelyn is a young archer from Crell Monferaigne whose only use 
    appears to be transfer when Freya wants an archer. He's also useful
    for the boss battle in the Solde Catacombs, but that's about it.
    First Shot
    1 Hit
    No Direction
    5 Points
    Llewelyn fires a single shot from his bow.
    Twin Shot
    2 Hits
    No Direction, No Direction
    10 Points
    Llewelyn fires two shots from his bow. Imagine that.
    Aiming Wisp
    3 Hits
    No Direction, No Direction, No Direction
    15 Points
    Llewelyn fires... yes! Three arrows from his bow!
    "In the name of all the Gods! Finishing Strike:"
    Layer Storm
    20 Hits
    100 Points
    2 CT
    Llewelyn concentrates energy in his arrow tip, then fires many many
    shots at the enemy. Although it says "20 hits", not all of them will hit
    unless the enemy is extremely large. Good CT and excellent Combo Meter
    charge, however.
    When people aren't misspelling Llewelyn's name, they aren't using him.
    As noted before, he's only useful as a transfer when Freya requests an
    1. "Oh no! We're totally outmatched!"
    2. "I'll do my best."
    3. "Good luck everybody."
    4. "With enemies like this even I might have a chance!" (1-4 begin 
    5. "In the name of all the gods!"
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Layer Storm!" (5-7 Layer Storm)
    9. "How'd ya like that?"
    10. "Not bad, ha!"
    11. "There's more where that came from." (9-11 enemy perishes)
    12. "You're still alive?"
    15. "Wha... that's not supposed to happen!" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "Wow, everyone's so tough!"
    17. "I've got to try harder, or..."
    18. "Was I of any help?" (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Ya!"
    26. "Alright!"
    27. "Eat this!" (25-27 counter)
    28. "I... I don't wanna die again!" 
    29. "Aaaaaaah!" (28-29 death)
    Well, according to the credits, Llewelyn is voiced by a voice actress,
    which I understand is a common practice for young male characters.
    However, in certain samples, he sounds *too* much like a female.
    Not bad, over all. Sounds like a teenager, alright.
    Modes Available: Normal and Hard
    Chapter Obtained: 4
    Headmistress at Flanberg's school, you'd expect her to be a pretty
    good sorceress. And she's pretty good. She's not the best, but she's
    fairly good.
    "Depart now, you grotesque thing!"
    Not bad, I usually end up transferring her when Freya requests the
    Sorcerer. She's worth training up for that reason alone.
    1. "These beasts are much too dangerous." (begin battle)
    5. "Monster, get thee hence! (enemy perishes)
    6. "Depart now, you grotesque thing!" (great magic/enemy perishes)
    7. "I pray that your soul may be saved."
    8. "You are finished, monster." (7-8 enemy perishes)
    9. "It cannot be! I don't believe it."
    10. "Have I only increased their hatred?"
    11. "How did it still survive?" 
    12. "Such will to live!" (9-12 enemy survives)
    13. "Is there really any meaning to this victory?"
    14. "Is this truly justice?"
    15. "Let us begone from this place, my companions." (13-15 end battle)
    19. "Eeahhh!"
    20. "No, it cannot be!" (19-20 death)
    ** Lorenta's spell samples start from number 21, not 22 **
    Eh, she's passable. Sounds cultured enough.
    Modes Available: Normal and Hard
    Chapter Obtained: 5
    Yes, this is the same Lucian that you saw in the prologue. Now why
    the heck was he in the prologue when everybody else wasn't? Well, I
    ain't tellin' ya. You'll have to get the good ending to find out. But
    I suspect you'll be able to guess. Anyway, Lucian is YAS (yet another
    swordsman). Yawn. Fairly good, I guess.
    Air Slash
    1 Hit
    Up Direction
    25 Points
    Lucian swings the sword at the enemy for a fairly high float. Not
    bad, just make sure your other characters don't miss because the
    enemy is floating.
    Slanting Blow
    1 Hit
    Upper-Left Direction
    15 Points
    Lucian swings his sword upwards, pushing the enemy up and back.
    Shining Bolt
    12 Hits
    No Direction
    36 Points
    Lucian somehow causes lightning to fly off his sword. Good move,
    doesn't move the enemy. You are almost guaranteed to get Purple Gems/
    Treasure Chests with this move. Good for counter-attack as well.
    "Valkyrie! Grant me power! Finishing Strike:"
    Round-Rip Saber
    5 Hits
    40 Points
    3 CT
    Lucian hits the enemy once from each direction, then causes green
    explosion waves to hit the enemy. Respectable move, fairly fast to
    recharge, Combo meter charge is only average.
    Okay character, but if you want the best ending you MUST transfer him.
    See below for details.
    1. "What? This dark force, it's..."
    4. "They are no match for us!" (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "Valkyrie, grant me power!"
    6. "Finishing Strike..."
    7. "Round Rip Saber!" (5-7 Round Rip Saber)
    8. "There, did you see my skill?"
    9. "Who's next?
    10. "Not bad, eh? Now you understand."
    11. "A single blow from me is death!" (8-11 enemy perishes)
    12. "What power!"
    13. "Damn it all!"
    14. "Don't think that'll happen again!"
    15. "My strike was too weak!" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "This power! If only I had gained it earlier, I could've..."
    17. "I don't wanna cause anymore painful memories."
    18. "I wonder if I'll ever get to pass this earring on?" (16-18 end
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Don't make me laugh!" (counter)
    28. "Platina... Valkyrie!"
    29. "Aghhhhh!"
    30. "Uhhhh!" (28-30 death)
    Standard "good-guy voice". He sounds so depressed, though. I guess
    I understand that, but this guy is seriously in need of therapy ^_^.
    Modes Available: Hard
    Chapter Obtained: 7
    Lyseria is the woman encased in crystal in the Arkdain Ruins. I drove
    myself crazy trying to find out what I was supposed to do there, but
    it turns out that if you're playing Normal mode, you can't do anything.
    Odin will tell you to go free her in Hard Mode, and you'll end up having
    to fight her first... not a hard task.
    "In the name of the gods, I heal thee!"
    You get her almost too late to be of any use, since she starts out at
    Level 1. But since Odin said to, you might as well go get her. You may
    want to transfer her, if you have enough Experience to give to her.
    1. "This match... it is far too dangerous."
    4. "I'm afraid I will not be able to save you." (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "I cannot suffer you to live!" (enemy perishes)
    6. "In the name of the gods, I seal thee!" (great magic/enemy perishes)
    7. "I deny thy future!" (enemy perishes)
    9. "Let us end this!"
    10. "If that did not stop you what will?" 
    11. "How could you endure such sorcery?"
    12. "Am I too weak?" (9-12 enemy survives)
    13. "Such abominations cannot be allowed to exist."
    14. "I pray that you lost souls found rest."
    15. "I pray that you poor beings will one day know happiness." (13-15
        end battle)
    16-18 Injured noise
    19. "I... I accept my fate." (death)
    20. "I wasn't any help... forgive me."
    21. "Aaaaah!"
    22. "Aah!" (19-22 death)
    ** Lyseria's spell samples seem to start on 23, not 22 **
    Is she supposed to sound so doomed? Then again, since she's been trapped
    in crystal for thousands of years...
    Modes Available: Normal and Hard
    Chapter Obtained: 5 (only if you beat Lezard in 4)
    Mystina is a rival researcher to Lezard. She sounds petty and obsessive,
    and she probably is. But who cares? Mystina is a good addition to your
    party, if you can train her up so that she doesn't die. DME is low, like
    all mages.
    "You freaks have no reason to exist."
    Mystina is the mage I kept to the very end. She comes with some very
    good spells, and she seems to be adept at casting them. Like Lezard,
    she gets style points too.
    1. "Hmph! These freaks look like trouble."
    3. "Poor accursed creatures. We must set their souls free."
    4. "Feast your eyes on me! It'll be your last vision of beauty." (1-4
       begin battle)
    5. "You freaks have no reason to exist!" (great magic/enemy perishes)
    6. "Ha, didn't even break a sweat."
    7. "I'd have been impressed if you'd survived."
    8. "Even reincarnated your fate'll be the same." (6-8 enemy perishes)
    9. "Starting to annoy me!"
    10. "Persistent brutes, aren't you!"
    11. "Not bad. Want seconds?"
    12. "Oh I get it. You want some more?" (9-12 enemy survives)
    13. "Huh. Well at least now it's nice and quiet."
    14. "Our work here is done. Let's go!"
    15. "They had it coming to them." (13-15 end battle)
    16-18 Injured noise
    19. "Aaaah!"
    20. "Aaaagh!"
    21. "Not here!" (19-21 death)
    Sounds bratty and narcissistic... in other words, just right.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 2, 3, or 4 (random)
    A Shrine Maiden in Hai-lan who sacrifices herself so that another girl
    may live. She's an okay sorceress -- her starting spells aren't that
    great. I prefer Yumei, and you get them at around the same time.
    "Tenchu! Punishment from the Heavens!"
    Nanami is transfer fodder for me. In other words, I train her up just
    enough, then send her up. No loss to the party.
    1. "Don't do anything rash, my friends."
    3. "I feel dark energy growing from these beings!"
    4. "Look! They are mononoke! Vengeful spirits!" (1-4 begin battle)
    6. "Tenchu, punishment from the heavens!" (great magic/enemy perishes)
    7. "Such is the fate of all monsters!"
    8. "You have earned your rest. Sleep soundly." (7-8 enemy perishes)
    10. "Die quickly and spare yourself the pain!"
    11. "All is nearly lost for you!" 
    12. "Don't you see? You must submit!" (10-12 enemy survives)
    13. "I have drawn daikichi, excellent fortune!"
    14. "I have drawn chukichi, good fortune."
    15. "I have drawn kichi (?), average fortune." 
    16. "Oh dear, I have drawn daikyou, terrible fortune." (13-16 end
    17-19 Injured noise
    20. "It's getting dark..."
    21. "The pain!"
    23. "Aah!" (20-23 death) 
    ** Nanami's spell samples start on 24, not 22 **
    Sounds like a little girl alright. I can't make out the Japanese words
    in some of her quotes, though...
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 5 or 6 (random)
    Shiho is a blind song maiden. Apparently you don't need to be able
    to see an enemy to cast spells on them. As for spells, Shiho is only
    okay. She seems preloaded for healing jobs; when you first get her, she
    has NO attack spells. I kept her as a mainly support mage, and only
    taught her one attack spell.
    "Evil has no place in this world."
    Not a bad character, outclassed by Mystina. I used her only when I 
    needed a support mage.
    1. "Dark forces are at work here." (begin battle)
    5. "Return to the abyss you came from." (enemy perishes)
    6. "Evil has no place in this world." (great magic/enemy perishes)
    7. "The underworld awaits you." (enemy perishes)
    8. "I'll always uphold the truths of the earth." (enemy perishes)
    9. "Why won't this demon die?"
    10. "How could it have survived?" (9-10 enemy survives)
    13. "I fight for truth. But now I will also fight for myself!"
    14. "Their torment has finally ended."
    15. "My friends, are you all right?" (13-15 end battle)
    16-18 Injured noise
    19. "Awwwww!" 
    20. "Somebody... please save me!" (19-20 death)
    **Shiho's spell samples start on 21, not 22**
    Pretty good. I wonder why none of her samples are singing?
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 7
    A samurai with a rather scary mask. He wields a Katana and has nice
    red armor too. It's too bad that you get him so late in the game, which
    means you probably won't use him much.
    1 Hit
    Left Direction
    25 Points
    Suo swings his katana, like everybody else. Knocks enemy backwards.
    1 Hit
    Left Direction
    10 Points
    Suo causes some kind of energy wave to fly from his hands. Looks
    like a Hadouken from Street Fighter, almost.
    Right Direction, Right Direction
    16 Points
    Suo gets behind the enemy, then kicks it and swings his sword at it.
    Slow, but effective.
    "Body and soul shall be torn asunder! Ougi:"
    6 Hits
    48 Points
    3 CT
    Suo swings his sword once at the enemy, then causes several icicles
    to sprout from the ground and beat down the enemy. Average for a 
    special move. It seems that this move is Ice-Elemental, because depending
    on an enemies' resistance the icicles may do just as much damage as the
    sword strike, or not very much at all.
    Like Grey, in Normal Mode Suo can be transferred without being used
    in a single battle. And since you get him so late, this may be a wise
    1. "By the laws of heaven, you shall be cleansed!"
    3. "Show me your skill, demons."
    4. "Don't you beasts realize you're completely outmatched?" (1-4 begin
    5. "Body and soul shall be torn asunder!"
    6. "Ougi!"
    7. "Hyoso-hojin!" (5-7 Hyoso-hojin)
    8. "My path is strewn with corpses!"
    9. "So even demons feel pain."
    10. "Thus is the law of heaven!"
    11. "Turn to the dust!" (8-11 enemy perishes)
    12. "What?"
    13. "It seems I underrated you!"
    14. "Stay down, you fool!"
    15. "My next strike will not be so merciful!" (12-15 enemy survives)
    16. "Thankless creatures these beasts are!"
    17. "It was their karma to die as such."
    18. "Admirable skill, but still no match for me!" (16-18 end battle)
    19-21 Attack noise
    22-24 Injured noise
    25. "Pathetic!"
    26. "That it?" (25-26 death)
    28. "Aaaaah!"
    29. "So this... shall be my final resting place..." (28-29 death)
    Unlike Jun, he doesn't even try for a fake Japanese accent! Oh well.
    Not that awe-inspiring.
    Modes Available: All
    Chapter Obtained: 2, 3, or 4
    What is it with Sorceresses from Hai-Lan? Oh well. Yumei is a mermaid,
    and so she starts off with Water/Ice Spells, apparently. Okay character.
    By the time you get to Chapter 5, you'll be almost drowning in mages,
    so it's your choice as to which ones you want to keep, and which ones
    you want to transfer.
    "I hope that wasn't too strong."
    Yumei is tailor-made for Freya's request for a nimble swimmer. I send
    her up almost everytime.
    1. "Father, mother, watch over me."
    3. "Okay everyone, be brave."
    4. "They have no chance against us." (1-4 begin battle)
    5. "I hope that wasn't too strong." (great magic/enemy perishes)
    6. "Good! It worked."
    7. "Thank goodness my power was enough."
    8. "Go back to the hole you crawled in from!" (6-8 enemy perishes)
    9. "Uhoh, we may be in trouble!"
    10. "Huh? I can't believe it!"
    11. "Ooh, it's still alive!"
    12. "Oh no, this is bad!" (9-12 enemy survives)
    13. "You all fought so bravely."
    14. "I'm proud to fight by your side."
    15. "Is everybody okay? You're not hurt?" (13-15 end battle)
    16-18 Injured noise
    19. "Noooo!" (death)
    She sounds a little unsure of herself... There's nothing wrong with
    this, but I imagined Yumei as a more confident character.
    3. MAGIC
    Unlike warriors, mages can cast any of a number of spells. They can
    only learn ten spells at a time, however. For this reason mages are a
    little more "interchangeable" then warriors.
    Dark Savior
    3 Hits
    3 CT
    15 Points
    Up Direction, Up Direction, Up Direction
    Three blades impale the enemy in a triangle pattern. Darkness-Elemental.
    Fire Lance
    2 Hits
    3 CT
    40 Points
    Left Direction, Left Direction
    Two fire spears hit the enemy. Fire-Elemental.
    Fire Storm
    1 Hit
    2 CT
    50 Points
    Up Direction
    An explosion takes place under the enemy. Good for charging up the
    meter. Fire-Elemental.
    Frigid Damsel
    3 Hits
    5 CT
    45 Points
    Up Direction, Up Direction, Up Direction
    Three maidens with ice blades attack the enemy. Ice-Elemental, may
    freeze enemies.
    Icicle Edge
    3 Hits
    5 CT
    15 Points
    No Direction
    Three Icicles fall from the sky. Not very effective for the Combo
    Meter. Ice-Elemental, may freeze enemies.
    Lightning Bolt
    3 Hits
    9 CT
    24 Points
    No Direction
    Lightning shoots towards the enemy from the caster. Extremely slow
    to recharge. Lightning-Elemental.
    Mystic Cross
    4 Hits
    6 CT
    40 Points
    Left Direction, Left Direction, Left Direction, Left Direction
    Stars of light hit the enemy. This spell seems especially good for
    getting treasure chests/purple gems. Light-elemental.
    Poison Blow
    1 Hit
    3 CT
    5 Points
    Up Direction
    A cloud of poison appears under the enemy. Low on CT, but also low
    on the Combo gauge. Seems to be very effective against mages.
    Poison-elemental, may poison enemy.
    Prismatic Missile
    5 Hits
    10 CT
    No Direction
    Multi-colored beams of light strike the enemy. Lightning-Elemental,
    may cause many different status anomalies.
    Sacred Javelin
    5 Hits
    3 CT
    25 Points
    Left Direction x 5
    Spears of light drop from the heavens onto the enemy. Light-Elemental.
    Shadow Servant
    3 Hits
    5 CT
    45 Points
    Up Direction, Up Direction, Up Direction
    Three hooded phantoms pop up under the enemy. Dark-Elemental.
    Stone Torch
    1 Hit
    3 CT
    5 Points
    Up Direction
    A cloud of something -- energy? -- appears under the enemy. Poison-
    Elemental, may petrify the enemy.
    When you Purify Weird Soul with a mage, two things may happen. The
    normal thing that happens is that they cast a more powerful version
    of their basic spell. Spell parameters remain the same, but there are
    generally more hits, CT, and Combo points. Changes are listed below.
    Dark Savior        9 Hits    6 CT      45 Points
    Fire Lance         6 Hits    6 CT     120 Points
    Fire Storm         3 Hits    4 CT     150 Points
    Frigid Damsel      9 Hits   10 CT     135 Points
    Icicle Edge        9 Hits   10 CT      45 Points
    Lightning Bolt     9 Hits   10 CT      72 Points
    Mystic Cross      12 Hits   10 CT     120 Points
    Poison Blow        3 Hits    6 CT      15 Points
    Prismatic Missile 15 Hits   10 CT     150 Points
    Sacred Javelin    10 Hits    6 CT      75 Points
    Shadow Servant     9 Hits   10 CT     135 Points
    Stone Torch        3 Hits    6 CT      15 Points
    But there's nothing exciting in that. However, if your mage is
    equipped with certains scepters/staves, you may get a "Great Magic".
    The description of the weapon will usually say "Allows the caster to
    perform great magics". The downside is that many of these weapons
    may break. The following weapons will allow Great Magic.
    Element Scepter
    Ether Scepter
    Infinity Rod
    Unicorn's Horn
    Wand of Apocalypse
    Wand "Mystic Sage"
    Obviously, these weapons are of great value, and also fairly rare.
    The advantages to Great Magic are many. They are much more damaging,
    more visually impressive, and most importantly, hit all enemies. The
    Great Magic you get depends on what your default spell is. Towards
    the end of the game, bosses also tend to use Great Magic on you, 
    Absolute Zero
    (from Frigid Damsel)
    "If ye shall accept the benedictions of beauty, then, yea, let these
    chains of aster surround thee. Absolute Zero!"
    4 Hits
    5 CT
    64 Points
    Lots of hail fall on the enemies, encasing them in ice. Finally
    a last hailstone shatters the ice. Ice-Elemental.
    Calamity Blast
    (from Fire Lance)
    "The time of exorcism is at hand! Venemous servants, unleash thy
    dark flames! Calamity Blast!"
    5 Hits
    5 CT
    20 Points
    A cloud of fire appears in the sky and shoots fireballs at the
    enemy for large explosions. Fire-Elemental.
    Carnage Anthem
    (from Stone Torch)
    "Hark, it is an omen! As hymns resound thou shalt be offered as a
    sacrifice upon the feasts of madness! Carnage Anthem!"
    3 Hits
    5 CT
    48 Points
    A flow of lava runs over the enemy. Poison-Elemental.
    Celestial Star
    (from Mystic Cross)
    "Ye must desire rest from thy empty existence. Thou shalt have it.
    Celestial Star!"
    7 Hits
    6 CT
    70 Points
    Feathers floating in the air become halos of light that shoot
    down beams at the enemy. This is, in my opinion, the best Great
    Magic. Light-Elemental.
    Cosmic Spear
    (from Dark Savior)
    "If ye trust that thy eternal bonds may be broken, then let my
    words be as a vengeful blade upon thee! Cosmic Spear!"
    1 Hit
    5 CT
    50 Points
    A gigantic spear spins in midair, then catches fire and careens
    into the enemy. Dark-Elemental.
    Crystal Strike
    (from Icicle Edge)
    "Surely thou can feel it. Thy days are numbered! Thy death is at
    hand! Crystal Strike!"
    2 Hits
    5 CT
    50 Points
    The enemies are encased in a tetrahedron of ice, which is then
    pierced on all sides. Ice-Elemental.
    Dragon Bolt
    (from Lightning Bolt)
    "As the harmoniums of Asgard sound, their very melodies stir the
    ancient lightning to wake! Dragon Bolt!"
    4 Hits
    9 CT
    52 Points
    A skeletal lightning dragon flies through all the enemies.
    Hideously slow to recharge. Lightning-Elemental.
    Gravity Blessing
    (from Prismatic Missile)
    "Hark! Lightning that writhes within the ashen depths, descend now
    in a storm upon thy foe! Gravity Blessing!"
    3 Hits
    10 CT
    48 Points
    A sphere of gravity descends on the enemy. Way too slow to recharge,
    damage not that great comparatively. Lightning-Elemental. 
    Ifrit Caress
    (from Fire Storm)
    "I invoke the rites of fiery Muspellheim, and give thy soul up to
    the inferno's embrace! Ifrit Caress!"
    1 Hit
    5 CT
    50 Points
    A circle of flame surrounds the enemy, then collapses inward,
    burning everything. Fire-Elemental.
    Meteor Swarm
    (from Shadow Servant)
    "No mercy for the damned! Thus thou hast no escape from the grasp
    of catastrophe! Meteor Swarm!"
    7 Hits
    5 CT
    50 Points
    A bunch of meteors hit the enemy (duh!). Another very good spell.
    Petro Disruption
    (from Poison Blow)
    "Lo, ye shall look upon the calamities of heresy with beclouded
    eyes! Petro Disruption!"
    3 Hits
    5 CT
    51 Points
    A giant skeleton emerges from a swamp and breathes a cloud of
    poison over all the enemies. Poison-Elemental.
    Seraphic Law
    (from Sacred Javelin)
    "Ye of detestable name and virtue, false apostle, thou art bade
    back to the abyss. Seraphic Law!"
    3 Hits
    5 CT
    21 Points
    Motes of light gather into a gigantic laser beam in mid-air,
    then shoot at the enemy. Light-Elemental.
    Aside from attack spells, there are a number of support spells your
    mages can learn. Unlike attack spells, these cannot be designated
    as your primary spell (via the Ability menu), but they can be cast
    at any time, provided you have no CT, via the Select Button menu
    in battle.
    Dampen Magic
    6 CT
    This spell prevents your enemies from casting magic for 5 turns.
    This only affects magic spells, not magic special attacks (Great
    Magic and others). Okay spell, but I prefer Reflect Sorcery ^_^.
    May be useful if the enemy keeps casting Heal.
    Guard Reinforce
    3 CT
    This increases your party's RDM parameter by 50%. It lasts for
    10 rounds, and sadly can only be cast once per battle.
    5 CT
    This heals your entire party for 80% of their maximum DME. This
    spell is one of the best. It will save your life many many times.
    Invoke Feather
    5 CT
    Recovers an unconscious character and gives them back 80% of their
    DME. Good in a pinch, but I prefer using Union Plumes for the most
    Might Reinforce
    3 CT
    Increases your party's ATK parameter by 50%. Lasts for ten rounds
    and can only be cast once per battle.
    1 CT
    Cures all status abnormalities. Great spell because it's fast to
    recharge and does the work of both Banish and Prime Banish.
    Reflect Sorcery
    8 CT
    This spell creates a barrier around your party that reflects
    spells back at their caster. GREAT spell. This will save your life
    in many a boss battle. The wall lasts for 3 turns.
    Sap Guard
    1 CT
    This spell reduces one enemy's RDM parameter. The amount depends
    on the enemy and it lasts for 5 turns.
    Sap Power
    1 CT
    Reduces one enemy's ATK parameter. Like Sap Guard, the amount
    depends on the enemy, and it lasts for 5 turns.
    Shield Critical
    6 CT
    This spell prevents enemy's from using special attacks for three
    turns. Unfortunately, success isn't guaranteed. Has a tendency
    to fail when you need it the most.
    Spell Reinforce
    3 CT
    Multiplies your party's MGC parameter by 1.5. It lasts for 10
    rounds and can be cast once per battle. Not that useful unless you
    have two or more spellcasters in your party.
    Most mages start the spell samples on block 22, but not all.
    1. "Fire Lance!"
    2. "Fire Storm!"
    3. "Icicle Edge!"
    4. "Frigid Damsel!"
    5. "Lightning Bolt!"
    6. "Prismatic Missile!"
    7. "Shadow Servant!"
    8. "Dark Savior!"
    9. "Poison Blow!"
    10. "Stone Torch!"
    11. "Mystic Cross!"
    12. "Sacred Javelin!"
    13. "Invoke Feather!"
    14. "Heal!"
    15. "Normalize!"
    16. "Might Reinforce!"
    17. "Guard Reinforce!"
    18. "Spell Reinforce!"
    19. "Sap Power!"
    20. "Sap Guard!"
    21. "Dampen Magic!"
    22. "Reflect Sorcery!"
    23. "Shield Critical!"
    24. "The time of exorcism is at hand! Venemous servants, unleash thy
        dark flames!"
    25. "Calamity Blast!" (24-25 Calamity Blast)
    26. "Surely thou can feel it. Thy days are numbered! Thy death is at
    27. "Crystal Strike!" (27-28 Crystal Strike)
    28. "I invoke the rites of fiery Muspellheim, and give thy soul up to
        the inferno's imbrace!"
    29. "Ifrit Caress!" (28-29 Ifrit Caress)
    30. "Ye must desire rest from thy empty existence. Thou shalt have it."
    31. "Celestial Star!" (30-31 Celestial Star)
    32. "If ye shall accept the benedictions of beauty, then, yea, let these
        chains of aster surround thee."
    33. "Absolute Zero!" (32-33 Absolute Zero)
    34. "No mercy for the damned. Thus thou hast no escape from the grasp of
    35. "Meteor Swarm!" (34-35 Meteor Swarm)
    36. "As the harmoniums of Asgard sound, their very melody stirs the
        ancient lightning to wake."
    37. "Dragon Bolt!" (36-37 Dragon Bolt)
    38. "Ye of detestable name and virtue, false apostle, thou art bade back
        to the abyss."
    39. "Seraphic Law!" (38-39 Seraphic Law)
    40. "If ye trust that thy eternal bonds may be broken, then let my words
        be as a vengeful blade upon thee!"
    41. "Cosmic Spear!" (40-41 Cosmic Spear)
    42. "Hark! Lightning that writhes within the ashen depths, descend now as
        a storm upon thy foes!"
    43. "Gravity Blessing!" (42-43 Gravity Blessing)
    44. "Lo, you shall look upon the calamities of heresy with beclouded
    45. "Petro Disruption!" (44-45 Petro Disruption)
    46. "Hark! It is an omen! As hymns resound, thou shalt be offered as a
        sacrifice upon the feasts of madness!"
    47. "Carnage Anthem!" (46-47 Carnage Anthem)
    A large part of the game, of course, is training up your Einherjar
    and sending them up to help in Asgard. Freya will make requests during
    the Sacred Phases between chapters, and depending on how well you
    follow these requests, you will get more Materialize Points/Artifacts
    in the next Sacred Phase. You can send up to two Einherjar per
    chapter, but you may not always want to do so. The following
    are Freya's requirements; you are expected to fill them in the
    next chapter. For instance, Freya's 1-2 Sacred Phase requirements
    should be fulfilled in Chapter 2.
    Freya makes no requests between the Prologue and Chapter 1, but
    this doesn't mean you shouldn't send anyone up. Belenus is a good
    choice, because you should save your archers.
    Freya wants a warrior with Hero Value 50 and the Tactics, Leadership,
    and Identify abilities.
    Well, if you sent up Belenus last chapter, you won't have any
    warriors other than Arngrim. Luckily, you may get Jun and Lawfer,
    or even both, during this Chapter. Send one of them up towards the
    end of the chapter. It's a matter of preference, but I usually
    send Lawfer up.
    Freya wants an archer this time, with Hero Value 65 and the Find
    Trap and Survival skills. 
    This is the prime time to send up Llewelyn; I hope you've been training
    him. You might also have Janus, who will have slightly higher
    Hero Value; If Llewelyn hasn't gained enough levels to satisfy the
    Hero Value requirement, send Janus up instead.
    Freya wants a Negotiator with Hero Value 80, Trick, Demon Int.,
    and Hear Noise.
    Almost anybody will fit. But see below if you're trying to get
    the good ending for some warnings. Anyway, whoever you choose to
    send up, make sure they have all the required skills. Then use
    Divine Item to create the "Angel Lips" decoration. This will give them
    the Negotiation requirement.
    Freya requires a swordsman who has March, Attack Power, Resist
    Damage, Defend, and is also a Swimmer and Nimble. Hero Value should
    be 90 or above.
    You might think Yumei fits the bill perfectly. However, since she's
    a mage, she does not have the Attack Power skill, so you would have
    to send somebody else up. This wouldn't be a problem except if you
    want the good ending (again, see below). Alternatively, you can
    send up a swordsman with Nimble and these Skills (Lucian works,
    IIRC), and equip him with the "Pearl of Karula" decoration for
    the swimming requirement.
    This time, Freya wants a Sorcerer and a Swordsman with Monster
    Intelligence and Hit. They also must be Brave. Hero Value should be
    100 or above.
    Lucian works here too, if you didn't send him up last chapter.
    Jayle is also a good choice. As for Sorcerer, you should be have
    far too many by now, so choose one you don't use. Divine Item a
    Flame Bandana for the Brave requirement, if they don't have that
    Freya will ask for a High-level Sorceror with Avoid, Undead
    Intelligence, and Resist Magic skills. Hero Value should be 110
    or above.
    Again, you should have plenty of sorcerors by now, so send any of
    them up. It's a matter of personal choice.
    If you are getting the good ending, a special event will preempt
    Freya's requirements. If I am correct, you will not have to send
    up anybody during Chapter 8. If you are getting the normal ending,
    then Freya asks fo a High-level Swordsman who is Brave and has
    March, Fight, Counter, Leadership, and Formation skills who has a
    Hero Value over 120.
    You should be getting plenty of warriors by now. If you're playing
    Normal mode, you can send Suo up immediately since he comes with
    enough capacity points to fulfill Freya's requirements.
    Q. How do I get the best ending?
    A. There are only two basic requirements. You need to send Lucian
    up during a certain period, and you need to keep Lenneth's Seal
    Rating down. You can check on her Seal Rating by looking at her
    Status screen; it's where the other characters have the Hero Value
    Unforunately, it requires a lot of manipulation to get Lenneth's
    Seal Rating down. This means you will have to do careful planning.
    The factors for Seal Rating are as follows:
    Transferring a character                               +12
    Not wearing the Nibelungen Ring during a Sacred Phase   -2
    Recruiting most characters                              -2
    Going to the Weeping Lily Valley                       -15
    Meeting Lucian in Gerabellum                           -15
    Meeting Brahms                                         -10
    Defeating Lezard in Chapter 4                          -15
    Recruiting Mystina                                     -15
    Recruiting Lucian                                      -20
    The exact factor is that you must get Lenneth's Seal Rating below
    37 at the end of Chapter 6. To do so, take the following steps.
    For the first three chapters, you will not have to worry about much.
    Keep Lenneth's Evaluation Rating fairly high, i.e., don't
    steal too many artifacts.
    When Chapter 4 begins, IMMEDIATELY send up somebody who meets
    Freya's requirements. Since your Seal Value should be around 100
    anyway, and since 100 is the max, this won't hurt you too much.
    During Chapter 4, then, visit the Weeping Lily Valley, Gerabellum,
    and Brahms Castle. Choose not to fight Brahms; you will die if you
    do anyway. Continue playing normally without transferring anyone.
    The last Spiritual Concentration in Chapter 4 will tell you to go 
    to Flenceburg. Do so, and you will end up in the Tower of Lezard
    Valeth. Defeat him here, then finish the chapter. Before you enter
    the Sacred Phase, remove your Nibelungen Ring.
    When Chapter 5 begins, your Spritual Concentration will tell you
    to go to Flenceburg. You will recruit Mystina there. Also in
    Chapter 5, you will recruit Lucian. You must send up Lucian either
    this chapter or the next. I prefer sending him up now (instead of
    Yumei). Finish the chapter. Again, remove the Nibelungen Ring
    before the Sacred Phase.
    When Chapter 6 begins, play normally. If you did not send up Lucian
    last chapter, do so now. If you've been recruiting all the characters,
    you should be able to send up two people this chapter and still
    keep a Seal Rating around 30 or so. Finish the Chapter with your
    Seal Rating under 37.
    That's it. After the Sacred Phase 6-7, you should see a scene
    involving Frei, Lucian, and Loki. If you do, then you can play
    normally until Chapter 8. Sacred Phase 7-8 should also contain
    a special event. The final Spiritual Concentration in Chapter 8
    should tell you to go to the Weeping Lily Valley. Do so after you
    are done with everything else.
    Q. How do I get my characters' Hero Ratings up?
    A. Other than Traits, the only way (I think) to increase your
    characters' Hero Ratings is to gain levels with them. Each level
    increase will increase their Hero Rating by 2.
    Q. I'm in the Cave of Thackus, and I can't get the stupid boss
    to appear! What's going on?
    A. You must do two things before you can get the boss to appear;
    you must talk to the ghost, and you must operate the control panel.
    When you see the ghost on the screen with a Memory Camp, talk to
    the ghost until Lenneth says "This is the tool...". Then continue
    on. On the screen with the falling water and the floating orb, shoot
    the orb with an ice crystal. Then go to the screen directly above
    it and operate the panel. Now when you go to the room with the
    pentagram, you'll see an event and the boss will appear.
    Q. I'm in the Palace of the Dragon. What the $(*&%! am I supposed
    to do with the statues?
    A. Depends which statues you're talking about. You should be able
    to make your way through the palace by inserting the various stones
    you acquire into the statues of the women placed around the palace.
    This is relatively straight forward. In the room with four statues,
    make note of which way they are facing. When you get to a very similar
    room, rotate the statues so that they match the first room's 
    configuration. This will open the door. In the room with eight
    doorways, you will need to have seen the hallway with eight
    paintings. Make note of the number of the paintings (the names
    are not important). Now go through the doorways corresponding
    to the paintings, from the lowest number to the highest, except 0.
    Go through 0 last, and another door should open. Finally, as for
    the statues that patrol the hallways and teleport you away: Jump
    over the first one, then follow it when its back is turned. It
    will open a doorway. The second one you can avoid easily.
    For the third one, follow it to the middle of the hallway. Now create
    an ice block in the middle of the hallway and jump on top of it.
    When the statue returns, jump over the statue. Do this four times
    and the statue will give up and "go to sleep" in the left side
    of the hallway. Check the statue to receive the final stone.
    Q. I'm in the Celestial Castle, and I've reached a dead-end. Help!
    A. If the dead end is in the room full of butterlies, you must
    kill all the butterflies. This will shrivel the vine and allow you
    to continue on. There will be another butterfly room, this time
    with freeze-laser-shooting orbs. If you get hit by a laser, another
    butterfly will appear, so be careful. Kill all the butterflies
    and again you can continue on.
    Q. I'm in the Salerno Academy, and...
    A. Don't say anything else. It's WAY too complicated to go into
    here, so I recommend you check out Steven Bruck's Hard Mode FAQ
    at www.gamefaqs.com.
    Q. How do I get to the Seraphic Gate?
    A. If you've played Star Ocean 2 and have done the Cave of Trails,
    this will seem familiar. You must save at the final save point.
    It doesn't matter which mode you're in. (However, the Cave of Trials
    is best explored in Hard Mode. More on this in a bit). Now reset
    your PS. On the Title screen where it says New Game and Continue
    and so on, it should now say "Seraphic Gate". Select this mode.
    Just don't save over the file that you saved previously, or you'll
    have to start the regular game over.
    Now as for why you should do so in Hard Mode, there are eight
    sealed doors in the Seraphic Gate. Of course, all the best treasures,
    as well as the Secret Characters, are behind these doors. To
    open the doors you will have to obtain eight Flame Jewels. You can
    only get these in Hard Mode. The Flame Jewels are located in the
    dungeons that only appear in Hard Mode. The locations are:
    Salerno Academy (Chapter 2)
    Dark Tower of Xervah (Chapter 4)
    Citadel of Fire (Chapter 5)
    Sunken Shrine (Chapter 6)
    Tombs of Amenti (Chapter 7, there are two in here)
    Celestial Castle (Chapter 8)
    Arianrod Labyrinth (Chapter 8)
    Of course, there's good rewards to all this. Here are the things
    that can only be found in the Seraphic Gate:
    Eternal Garb (best armor in the game)
    Razor Shaft (best bow)
    Scout Orb
    Soul Sword "Kusanagi" (best katana)
    Wand "Mystic Sage" (best wand; not the best MGC parameter, but
                        allows casting of Great Magic)
    Holy Wand of Telos (best wand in terms of pure MGC power)
    Ethereal Divide (best spear)
    Bloody Duster (best weapon for Brahms)
    Demon Sword "Nefarious" (one of the best Two-Handed Swords)
    Dainslef (extremely good sword)
    Ether Laser (best weapon for Freya)
    Tri-Emblem (great accessory, Fire Damage -90%, RDM + 3000)
    Angel Slayer (best sword in the game. However, its Hit Trust is only 1,
                  so don't expect to do mega-damage all the time. One time
                  the last hit of a Stage Three Nibelung Valesti did 10
    Secret Characters: Brahms, Lezard, and Freya
    Q. Help! I'm getting slaughtered in the Seraphic Gate!
    A. Of course you are. It isn't a secret dungeon for nothing. The
    Seraphic Gate contains the toughest enemies in the game. I
    recommend at LEAST Level 35 characters, and that's just for the
    first floor (Yellow Area). If you do not have the Skills
    Guts and Auto Item you WILL die. Make lots of Angel Curios. I hope
    you have lots of Materialize Points, because as far as I know there's
    no way to get more once you enter the Seraphic Gate other than
    Converting your items.
    Q. Okay, but I'm still getting slaughtered on the third floor.
    A. Once you get there, you'll notice that enemies tend to be able
    to slaughter you all in one shot. Angel Curios, Guts, and Auto
    Item are a must! On the third floor will be Gabriel Celeste.
    She's one tough boss. But she doesn't compare to the fourth floor
    boss, Iseria Queen. Both of these can kill your entire party at
    once. Just keep chipping away at their DME (of which they have a LOT)
    and hope your Angel Curios don't break/you don't run out of Union
    Plumes. Oh yeah, did I mention Auto Item? You may want to set Auto
    Item so that it DOESN'T do Elixirs/Prime Elixirs/Noble Elixirs.
    Most of Iseria Queen/Gabriel Celeste's moves will kill you in one
    shot no matter how many DME you have. This way you can concentrate
    the priorities on Union Plumes. Set Union Plumes to 100% in Auto
    Item! You'll be virtually invincible as long as you don't run out.
    Q. Any other tips you'd care to share?
    A. Certainly ^_^.
    Artifacts: Which artifacts to keep, which to send up? Well, since
    the Memory Camps are always conveniently close by (in most cases),
    save your game first, then take all the items. Now reset and send
    up the ones you don't want. There are a few exceptions to this rule,
    because some artifacts may seem useless, when they really aren't:
    Bark of the Dryad: You can transmute it into the Dimension Slip
    with the Creation Gem, which lets you avoid all enemies. Extremely
    useful for the Seraphic Gate.
    Bewitching Statue: Transmute it into a Unicorn Horn, then Transmute
    that into the Unicorn's Horn staff. You'll need a Creation Jewel.
    Eternal Lamp: You don't even have to equip it, it'll prevent your
    characters from being frozen.
    Fairy Bottle: By all the gods, keep this artifact! You can transmute
    it into Orihalcon. Why Orihalcon? You can transmute Orihalcon into
    the Creation Jewel, that's why.
    Manual of Resurrection: If you're playing Hard mode, you won't be
    able to get the Fairy Bottle. That's okay, the Manual of Resurrection
    turns into Orihalcon too.
    Transmutation: Transmutation is the only way to get certain
    high-end weapons. When you reach the Tower of Lezard Valeth in 
    Chapter 4, you'll find the Creation Gem. When you do this, you
    can do the following.
    First, transmute an Orihalcon into a Creation Jewel.
    Now you can do all sorts of fun stuff! Transmute Broken Spears into
    Crimson Edges for big fun. Also Broken Blades will turn into Glare
    Swords. Both of these weapons have over 1000 attack power. You
    might have some other stuff in your inventory that you can transmute
    into Icicle Swords. Now your party can do huge damage. Lezard
    should be a piece of cake. If you can get your hands on another
    piece of Orihalcon, you can now transmute it into Gram, a sword
    with 2000 Attack Power. Also if you have a spare Dark skill book
    you can transmute it into Reverie, a skill you'll find nowhere else.
    In case you're wondering, the stuff you can transmute with a 
    Creation Gem and Creation Jewel are different, so keep them both.
    Invincibility: This was detailed a bit above, but again: First set
    Auto Item and Guts on all characters. Make sure they are maxed out.
    For Auto Item, set Union Plume to 100%. Now equip two Angel Curios
    on each character. Now the only way you will die is if 1. you
    run out of Union Plumes or 2. Everybody's Angel Curios break and
    their Guts fail all at the same time. In case you're wondering,
    the probability of everybody's Guts failing at the same time is
    one in 3125, if everybody's Guts is at skill level 8.
    Combo Chains: So everybody's at CT 0 and you've managed to charge
    up your Combo meter to 100. Congratulations! Now, what order should
    they go in?
    You should know how much each of your character's moves charge up
    the Combo meter. At least one of your characters should have a move
    that charges up more than 60 points. Arngrim is a good choice. So
    is a mage with Mystic Cross. The first time you start a special
    attack, your Combo Gauge will go to 80, which means you only need
    20 points. The second time it will go to 60, and the third time it
    will go the 40. The fourth time it will go to 0, but you can't do
    anything anyway, so... make sure that a move that doesn't charge
    the meter very well (Freya's, for instance) goes last in the chain.
    Also, the later a move is in a chain, the more damage it will do.
    Therefore, save moves like Ether Strike and Nibelung Valesti for later.
    Magic: Short note, but a lot of people don't know that you can cast
    certain spells on all enemies. If you use the Magic menu in the Select
    Menu, you can cast a spell on all enemies (if the spell permits). The
    following spells may be cast on all enemies in this manner: Mystic
    Cross, Fire Storm, Icicle Edge, Poison Blow, Lightning Bolt, and Shadow
    Voice Collection: tri-Ace returns to their Voice Collection tradition.
    It's located under the Sound Mode option. Anyway, if you play through
    the game you will notice that there are still many blanks in the voice
    collection. You will not be able to get all of them without going 
    through Hard Mode AND the Seraphic Gate, AND getting the good ending. 
    Even after you finish Hard Mode, there will be four boxes left. Two 
    belong to Gabriel Celeste and Iseria Queen, the bosses of the
    Seraphic Gate. The other two belong to Surt and Loki. You may ask, how
    am I supposed to get their voices when it's impossible to save after
    beating them? You aren't expected to. In the Seraphic Gate, you will
    encounter two enemies, namely the Loki Shade and the Giant Lord. The
    Loki Shade uses Loki's voice samples; the Giant Lord uses Surt's. You
    can also use other enemies in the Gate to fill in your other samples:
    the Lich has Genevieve's samples, Setkhefre has Akhetamen's, and the 
    Dark Valkyrie has Hrist's. Incidentally, if you manage to get 100% of 
    the voice samples for a person, press square while highlighting their 
    picture and you will be shown a nice graphic of that character. I don't 
    know what you get (if anything) for getting ALL of the voice samples, 
    or even 70% as in Star Ocean 2. (I'm up to 60% as I write this, and
    still nothing)
    Valkyrie Profile, of course, is based loosely on Norse mythology. This
    section will describe some of the aspects VP is based on and also some
    differences between the original and the in-game mythology. I've 
    endeavored to keep this section spoiler-free.
    Valkyries: Valkyries were indeed the warrior-maidens who recruited souls
    of warriors to fight in Asgard. However, there were a lot more than
    three of them. When Odin describes Lenneth as "the greatest of the
    three goddesses who govern fate" in the prologue, it seems that tri-Ace
    here is mixing the Valkyrie mythos with that of the Norns, who were
    the Norse goddesses of Fate. The Norns were very similar to the Fates
    of Greek mythology. There were indeed three Norns, however, they were
    named Verdandi, Urd, and Skuld (Aa! Megami-sama, anyone? ^_^). The
    souls they recruit are indeed called the Einherjar.
    Odin: Odin was indeed the chief of the gods in Norse mythology.
    However, he only had one eye. He sacrificed the other so that he
    could gain the world's knowledge. And when he says "The head of Mimir
    has told me...", he literally his the disembodied head of the jotun
    Mimir, which tells him information about the world. His wife is
    Frigga, who does not make an appearance in the game, apparently.
    Freya: Interestingly enough, Freya is a Vanir goddess, and not an
    Aesir as the game puts it. In the original mythology, the Vanir and
    the Aesir, though rivals, were not true enemies, and they carried
    out an "exchange-program" of gods. The two gods Freya and Frey were
    the two Vanir sent to Asgard (by the way, Frey is supposed to be male).
    Freya's necklace is indeed called Brisingal.
    Surt: Surt is not a Vanir, but rather a Jotun, more specifically
    a Fire Giant. In Ragnarok Surt kills the god Frey, but that doesn't
    happen in the game. His realm is called Muspellheim (as in Ifrit
    Caress, "I invoke the rites of fiery Muspellheim")
    Hel: There are a few references to Hel in the game. Hel is not a Vanir
    either, but rather the Queen of the Dead who presides over those doomed
    in the afterlife. Her realm is also called Hel, not Niflheim (Niflheim
    is the realm of ice, in opposition to Muspellheim). She's also supposed
    to be an old hag, not the extremely attractive rendition you may see
    of her during a Sacred Phase ^_^;;;;.
    Asgard, Midgard: Asgard indeed is the realm of the gods. However, it
    also contains Alfheim (home of the elves) and Vanaheim, home of the 
    Vanir. The human world is called Midgard. They are connected by 
    Yggdrasil, the World Tree.
    Loki: The trickster of the Gods, he is not half-Vanir, half-Aesir
    as described, but instead fully Aesir. However, he is often in contention
    against the Gods. In Norse mythology he is responsible for the death
    of Baldur, though I do not believe Baldur makes an appearance in the
    Other Gods: Other gods will make an appearance during Sacred Phases and
    such. These include Thor, god of lightning and smithing; Vidar, god
    of silence and revenge (and son of Odin); Ull, god (not goddess) of
    justice and duelling; and Tyr (who only has one hand), the original
    god of war. Tyr sacrificed his hand to Fenrir so that the gods could
    chain him.
    Ragnarok: The battle of battles and the end of the Gods. In the game
    your job is to make the Aesir win Ragnarok, but in Norse mythology the
    gods weren't so lucky. Odin is killed by Fenrir, the wolf, who is
    then killed by Vidar. Frey is killed by Surt, the Fire Giant. Loki
    and Heimdall (the herald of the gods) will kill each other. Thor will
    kill the World Serpent Jormungand, but will then succumb to the
    Serpent's poison breath. The other gods also presumably die. Surt
    destroys the world by setting it aflame. In the end a new world is 
    created and the human race survives.
    Not all the boxes in the Voice Collection belong to your characters.
    Some belong to high-end bosses as well (most are found in Hard Mode only)
    1-3 Attack noise
    4. "Prepare thyself!" (Empress Massacre)
    5. "Die!" (Empress Massacre)
    6. "Now I shall end this!" (transformation)
    7-9 Injured noise
    10. "What do you desire after you reach the ultimate rank? Heh, it's
        none of my business. I'm sure you... will... be... able... to" (end
    11. "You'll find me very different from Gabriel Celeste. I'll show you
        what true despair is. Resign yourself to your fate!" (begin battle)
    12. "Fire Lance!"
    13. "Fire Storm!"
    14. "Mystic Cross!"
    15. "Sacred Javelin!"
    16-17 (Cosmic Spear)
    1-2 Attack noise
    3. "This is true power."
    4. "Receive thy judgment." (3-4 Empress Massacre)
    5-7 Injured noise
    8. "I have been defeated. Well done heroes. I am sure we will meet again
       in another time and place. Farewell!" (end battle)
    9. "Vulgar beings! You have not yet known true terror. Repent!" (begin
    10. "Fire Lance!"
    11. "Fire Storm!" 
    12. "Icicle Edge!"
    13. "Frigid Damsel!"
    14-15 (Meteor Swarm)
    2. "Atone for thy sins."
    3. "Kneel before me."
    5-6 Attack noise
    7-9 Injured noise
    10. "My reign is eternal. The world shall once again quake before the
        might of Akhetamen! Hahahahah...ugh." (end battle)
    11. "Icicle Edge!"
    12. "Shadow Servant!"
    13. "Heal!"
    14. "Reflect Sorcery!"
    15-16 (Seraphic Law)
    1. "Bow before me!"
    2. "I will splinter your bones." (Malice Grudge)
    3. Attack noise
    5-7 Attack noise
    8. "Can you endure this fire?" (Hellfire)
    9-11 Injured noise
    12. "I... I am the King! Had I been in my original body you would never
        have defeated me! D.... Daaaaagh!" (end battle)
    13. "Fire Lance!"
    14. "Fire Storm!"
    15. "Lightning Bolt!"
    16. "Guard Reinforce!"
    17-18 (Calamity Blast)
    1. "Bwahahaha."
    2. "Such ugly creatures."
    3. "How filthy you are."
    4-6 Injured noise
    7. "Why, not me! I don't want to lose this beautiful body! Uggh!" (end
    8. "Poison Blow."
    12-13 (Cosmic Spear)
    1. "I'll crush you."
    3. "Feel my flame."
    5-7 Injured noise
    8. "Gahhh!  Thou are mere insects, how could you possibly have... agh!"
       (end battle)
    9. "Fire Lance."
    10. "Prismatic Missile."
    11. "Sacred Javelin."
    13-14 (Gravity Blessing)
    1. "Imbecile (??)"
    2. "Know your place!"
    4. "Hahahahahahaha!"
    5. "Heeeeheeehehehe!"
    6. "Hehhehhehhehheh."
    7. "Eeheeheeheehee!"
    8. "Hohohohohohoho!"
    9-11 Injured noise
    12. "It is the inconceivable! How did pathetic little... I have fallen.
        Noooo! Aggggh!" (end battle)
    13. "Lightning Bolt!"
    14. "Prismatic Missile!"
    15. "Stone Torch!"
    17-18 (Gravity Blessing)
    1-2 Attack noise
    5. "How's this?"
    6. "Burn in flames."
    7-9 Injured noise
    10. "It can't be. Evil... you mean to say evil prospers. I do not accept
        this. I do not accept this!" (end battle)
    12. "Sacred Javelin!"
    14. "Might Reinforce!"
    15-16 (Ifrit Caress)
    1-3 Attack noise
    4. "Ahahahaha!" (Extension Force)
    5. "How wonderful this power here."
    6. "Writhe in pain." (Extension Force)
    7. "By the power of the orb, die!"
    8. "Flames of the Apocalypse." (5, 7-8 Dragon Orb)
    9-11 Injured noise
    12. "Curse you! I can't die here. Valkyrie! Aaaaaaah!" (end battle)
    14. "Frigid Damsel!"
    17-18 (Carnage Anthem)
    1-3 Attack noise
    4. "It shall be engraved upon your very soul."
    5. "Divine Assault!"
    6. "Nibelung Valesti!" (4-6 Nibelung Valesti)
    7-9 Injured noise
    10. "This is impossible. You creatures are the slaves of the gods.
        Gaaaah!" (end battle)
    8. CREDITS
    Thanks go to the following people/companies:
    tri-Ace/Enix: For yet again making/publishing such a great game.
    Elizabeth Hollinger and James Ratkos: For their Prima Strategy
    Guide that helped me through the game.
    Steven Bruck: For writing a very helpful FAQ for the Japanese
    version of the game that helped me through it.
    InterAct: For making the Gameshark. This let me test out 
    characters' moves even after I sent them up ^_^.
    This FAQ is copyright 2000 to Edward Chang. You may distribute
    it freely as long as nothing is altered and I am credited. Not for

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