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    Quotes/Translations FAQ by Kain

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    Valkyrie Profile Quotes/Translations FAQ
    by Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
    Version 1.0
    This document is copyright Zhou Tai An. Any use of it anywhere must first be authorized by me, if 
    not I kick your ass. ^_^
    Notes and Explanations :
    I consider Valkyrie Profile one of the greatest games ever created, and I'm sure there are people
    out there who agree with me. Now, to cut a long story short, if you want to know why I'm 
    bothering to write a FAQ like this for a game that ALREADY has an English translation, simply
    read the beginning of my Valkyrie Profile FAQ - it explains things pretty concretely.
    Basically, I want to give English game players a chance to experience the true beauty of the 
    game's original language, hence this FAQ. There are a few things you should remember when reading
    this :
    1) This will get very technical at times...after all, in attempting to explain fully the depth
    of the original dialogue, I will have to go a bit deeper into the linguistic basics behind some
    of the words/expressions. Feel free to skip the technical bits - they are there for completeness's
    sake and those hardcore few who want to read them.
    2) It's incomplete. Some times, I will be unable to translate certain sections because I can't
    hear properly what they're saying, or because my friend (whose saves I'm using) hasn't completed
    a certain character yet.
    3) I don't completely hate the English translation. In some respects, it's even better than mine
    (yes, I'm a big man, I can admit it) in that it reads better. But still, I think people deserve
    to hear the original lines rendered in a truer fashion - hence this FAQ. I will elaborate more
    on this point and give clearer examples in a later version.
    That's about it so far. Please read and enjoy. 
    (This stuff is copied from my full Valkyrie Profile FAQ...actually, this FAQ is also going to be
    replicated there.)
    A lot of battle quotes (most specifically the ones used by gods and samurai) tend to have 
    weird-sounding translations more often that not. That's because I'd prefer to do the line 
    literally and get more meaning out of it than try to convert to totally into English and risk the
    essence getting lost...however, for most of them where this is not intergral to the understanding
    of the line/s, I will abandon the original sense of the quote instead and give you a nicer 
    English translation. Here are examples :
    1. "Sono mi ni kizare!" could also be rendered as "I will obliterate you!" but I've chosen my 
    version since it keeps the original wording, which I feel important in this case.
    2. However, for something like "Mada yaru ki ka?" translates literally to "Still got the 
    inclination to do it?" while "Up for more, eh?" is shorter, more succint and gets the meaning 
    across better. At least I happen to think so.
    Anyway, I hope you get what I'm trying to say here. ^_^
    Seriously, though, most Finishers tend to have a Biblical\religious feel about them, which 
    accounts for how the lines sound. Try to appreciate them for what they are and not wonder too
    much about how they sound in English.
    Key :
    *indicates nature of quote - fighting, winning etc* The () next to it indicates which block it is
    on the screen - helpful for cross-referencing English to Japanese and vice versa.
    ? I missed a word or two.
    ??? Either I don't have all of the quote or I'm not too sure of my 
    translation or both. 
    (Notes about the quote. Very technical stuff, ignore if you want.)
    ***Comparison with the English quote. Again, it's technical and you don't need to read it. I will
    only be doing these for quotes in which I think understanding the difference between both quotes
    is integral.***
    I'm not doing any quote which is a sound ("Arrgggh, Hyaa! and Oof!" come to mind) but I will 
    indicate how many attack\evade ones there are. All quotes will be listed from the left to right 
    in the order they appear in the voice collection screen.
    Also, if you didn't know, netting all the quotes for a single character will let you view a 
    full-screen picture of him\her by pressing the Square button.
    Mini-Glossary :
    Shingi - Literally, "Divine Technique". Special war skills used only by the
    Ougi - Literally, "Secret Skill". Denotes either a powerful (often hidden) skill of a particular 
    fighting style\school (or one self-created) or the "succession technique" of said school - a move 
    which, when learnt, proves that the person using it has mastered his\her fighting style 
    completely. Most Ougi in this game take the first definition, though. 
    Hissatsu - Literally, "Sure-Kill Technique." It more or less means "Special Move" but to clear 
    things up I've included this definition.
    Kami - God, god, gods or spirit. I've rendered it as "God" most times, but you should know there 
    are various interpretations. Hope I haven't offended anyone...
    Einferias - Einherjar in English. Since I have no knowledge of the original Norse/Celtic, I can't
    tell whether this was a better or worse translation.
    *begin fight* (1)
    "Shi no, saki wo yuku mono-tachi yo!" ("Those who have embraced the arms of death!")
    (The juxtaposition of various particles here implies that Valkyrie is calling upon them to do
    something...my original translation read as "To me, those who have embraced the arms of death!"
    but it was less correct than this one. Still, I hope you get my meaning.)
    *against strong opponent* (2)
    "Ware to tomo ni ikiru wa reigen-naru yusha...ide yo!" ("Ye grim champions who journey by my side
    ...come forth!")
    ("Ikiru" in this case literally means "live" (this ties in with a lot of the original dialogue
    in the game...the reference is lost in English) but I've chosen to render it as "journey" here.
    Also, both the "ware" and "reigen-naru" are archaic forms of Japanese - to preserve the original
    meaning, I translated the sentence into medieval English.)
    *against Blood Bane* (3) and (4)
    ? "Tamashii wo boutoku shita tsumi wa omoi...sou wa sho no moto ni messei yo!" ("Thy sin of 
    blasphemy against souls is great...I will return you to the source of all!)
    (I could also have chosen to render "tsumi wa omoi" as "bears heavily upon you" but I prefer
    the translation I used. The second part of the translation is admittedly fudged...this is because
    this quote is the single hardest line to translate in the entire game. I won't bore you with the
    details, but basically 
    sou - this
    no moto ni - to the source of 
    sho - crazy word that has absolutely no English equivalent. It's used in magical chants to 
    indicate the presence of a higher force. I really have no idea how to render this
    messe yo - to be destroyed, annihilated
    If I were to break it down literally, you'd get a very weird-sounding translation...get my 
    problem here? Wow, this was a long explanation...)
    *when the fight begins against Arli* (5) to (7)
    "Minna watashi no tame ni...dou ka shiranai...onegai!" ("All of you, for my sake...however this
    might end...please!"
    (Remember that the above is said in a tone halfway between questioning and uncertainty...it's
    really tough to do, but I've done my best.)
    *Finisher* (8) to (10)
    "Sono mi ni kizare...Shingi! Niberun Baresuti!" ("I annihilate thy form...Divine Technique! 
    Nibelung Valesti!")
    (This is a good example of what I mean by literal as opposed to figurative translation.)
    ***The English translation is off here. The imperative form of "engrave" is "kizame" not "kizare"
    If you'll remember one of my earlier translations, I made the same mistake.***
    *after Finisher* (11) to (14)
    "Owatta no ka... ("It's over...")
    "Kimi ni tsukui no michi nado nai." ("There is no way to save one such as you.")
    "Aruki-beki basho ni kaere!" ("Return from whence you came!")
    "Kore ga unmei." ("This is fate.")
    *not dead after Finisher* (15) to (18)
    "Mada iki ga aru no ka?" ("Still breathing?")
    (Literally "still has breath left?")
    ***I have to admit that the English translation of "You still breathe?" is probably better here...
    one of my few errors.***
    "Kore ijou wa muimi da to wakaranai no ka?" ("Don't you know it's useless past this point?")
    "Kurushimu dake da to iu no ni." ("To say that this is but pain...")
    (Yes, this is an accurate translation. She actually says that.)
    "Naruhodo...kono gurai de wa shinenai no ka." ("I see...looks like you won't die from this.")
    *winning* (19) to (21)
    "Reikyu-nakimono wa tada messuru no mi!" ("The fate of restless spirits shall be nothing more 
    than annihilation itself!")
    "Tamashii no sokubaku wa tsueta...kono ba ni todomari kotobari wa mou nai." ("The bindings of
    these souls have been released...we have no reason to remain.")
    "Yoku yatta...Einferia-tachi yo." ("Done well, Einferias.")
    *attack and defense sounds* (22) to (26)
    *evading* (23) to (25)
    "Mikitta!" ("Saw that!")
    (To "mikitta" is literally to "see and cut" - it refers to a samurai's ability to instantly 
    recognize a move and prepare a defense.)
    "Tsujiru mono ka?" ("Think that will get past me?")
    "Sono teido ka?" ("That's the best you can do?")
    (Literally "this ability?" I.e, she's asking whether this is the extent of the enemies' ability.)
    *upon death* (26) to (28)
    "So...sonna..." ("It, it can't be...")
    *begin fight*
    "Maa, sukoshi wa dekiru mitai dakedo...sore dake deshou?" ("It would seem that they're somewhat
    strong...but only somewhat, hmm?")
    "Teihen de haizuru mono wo miteoku mono...tama ni wa ne?"
    "Kekkai de tatakau to mo hontou ni hisashiburi." ("It has been long indeed since I have fought on
    *Finisher* (5) to (7)
    "Jouka wo shite ageru wa...Shingi! Eeteru Sutoraiku!" (I shall cleanse thee...Divine Technique! 
    Ether Strike!")
    ***Better than the English translation, as the latter has "prepare to be cleansed"...wrong, as
    the "shite ageru wa" means that Frey will "give" the enemy something, which I render using the
    "shall cleanse thee."***
    *after Finisher* (8) and (9)
    "Watashi ni kiba wo muta mukui yo!" ("Thy deservest thus for baring fangs at me!")
    "Kegarawashii." ("Filthy.")
    (An alternate translation could be "What filth...")
    "Nani mo nokoranai dake...gomi    ne!" ("
    "Waga na wa Furei! Raisei no seichi demo oboete okinasai!" ("Mine name be Frei! Remember it well
    even in the holy grounds of the afterlife!")
    "Sono mama taoretereba ii no ni." ("Being defeated would have been a blessing.")
    "Jougen no shinri wa kawaranai no yo." ("The extent of truth will never change.")
    "Damatte soko ni nasai! Mou ichido ageru kara." ("Stand and be silent, for once more will be
    all it takes.")
    "Jibun wa muryoku datte kizukenai hodo orokana no?" ("Are you so foolish as to not realize the
    extent of your powerlessness?")
    "Maa, konna kanji yo ne?" ("It feels like this, I suppose.")
    "Touzen no kekka da wa." ("The expected result.")
    "Kore ni taerareru?" ("Can you withstand this?")
    "Koukai sasete ageru wa!" ("I shall make you regret this!")
    "Iya, iyaaaa!" ("No, nooooo!")
    "Sonna...kono hazu wa!" ("What...how could this be!")
    "Tama ni wa...maji ni itte miru?"
    "Chodo ii kanji na no mono ja nai no kai?"
    "Choitto udedamashi shite yarou ja nai ka?"
    "Are ga aite? Kore ja ijime ja nai?"
    "Karada ga atsue...chikara ga mezameru! Ougi : Doragon Doreddo!" ("My body burns...the power 
    awakens! Secret Skill : Dragon Dread!")
    "Atashi wo honki ni saseta omae no warui no sa." ("It's your fault you got me all riled up.")
    "Aite ga warukatta na." 
    'Atashi mo, kekkou yaru darou?" 
    "Ahahahahaha...kaikan!" ("Ahahahahaha...this feels good.")
    (Depending on how colloquial you consider Amy to be, you could also say "what a rush" but I
    chose to go with the more used one.)
    "Uso..." ("No way...")
    "Taoshita to omotta no ni..." ("I thought that would kill...")
    "Kekkou...tegowai." ("Actually...quite strong.")
    "Koitsu...dekiru." ("This one's...good.")
    "Mamono wa kekkou heta aiteru wa." ("Monsters aren't exactly skilled opponents.")
    "Teki no keihai wa kieta you da na." ("The presence of the enemy has gone.")
    "Nagai wa muyou ka..." ("No use letting it drag...")
    "Makeru mon ka?" ("I won't lose!")
    "Namen ja nai yo!" ("Don't mess with me!")
    "Ora ora!" ("C'mon, c'mon!")
    "Oishikatta dakedo ne."
    "Chi...chikusho!" ("Da...damn it all!")
    "Shinitakunai..." ("I don't want to die...")
    *begin battle*
    "Yousha shinee ze." ("Not gonna be a easy win.")
    "Hun...kantan ni taorerun ja nee zo." ("We're not going down just like that.")
    "Valkyrie...tekagen shinakute iin darou." ("Valkyrie...no need to go easy on them.")
    "Ikuzo!" ("Let's go!")
    "Oi. Konna yatsu-ra ja aite ni nan nee ze." ("Hey. You call these guys enemies?")
    (against strong)
    "Nakanaka tegowai aite da." ("Pretty strong foes.")
    *Special Moves*
    Finality Blast - 
    "Teme no kao wo miekita ze...Ougi! Fainaruchi Burasto!" ("I've seen enough of your face...Secret 
    Skill! Finality Blast!")
    "Igai to tanoshikatta ze." ("Was more fun that I thought.")
    "Damatte kiero!" ("Shut up and die!")
    "Maa, konna mon darou." ("So that's it.")
    "Hontou ni shinjimau ka yo." ("So you're really dead.")
    (not dead)
    "Hou, omoshiree ja nee ka." ("Hmm, how interesting.")
    "Mada yaru ki ka." ("Up for more?")
    "Tsugi wa teme no ban nan da." ("It's your turn next.")
    "Hun. Taoreru made kirikizamu dake yo." ("Hmph. Just a matter of carving you up till you die.")
    "Aite ga warukatta da." ("That was bad, man.")
    "Abaretai nee na. Sasatto tsugi ni ikou ze." (There's no need to get violent...let's get right to the 
    next guy.")
    "Nametan ja nee. Ore ga dare da to omotteru kai?" ("Don't mess around. You know just who I am?")
    "Kurae!" ("Eat this!")
    "Kusou!" ("Damn!")
    "Amai ze!" ("
    "Kurakeyo!" ("
    "Ora ora!" ("C'mon, c'mon!")
    "Kuso...kono, ore ga..." ("Damn...how could I...")
    (a short note - Jerad's stock phrase is "burei mono" which literally means "impolite one" This is 
    understandably difficult to translate in certain instances, hence this note.)
    *begin fight*
    "Kore wa kyoteki dewa nai no ka." ("These aren't that strong.")
    "Burei mono ga, banshi ni atai suru zo!" ("What disrepect...you merit ten thousand deaths!)
    "Shinbatsu wo kurabashite kureru wa!" ("Receive the wrath of Heaven!")
    "Shikashi, taoshite mo taoshite mo kiri ga nai no!" ("But they just keep coming, don't they?")
    "Nakanaka shibutoi yatsu ja, no!" ("Persistent, aren't you?")
    "Minna no mono, yoku yatta!" ("Everyone, you've done well!")
    Any Finisher - "Kore ga shinbatsu ja!" ("This is the punishment of Heaven!")
    "Dou ja, mita ka?" ("So, saw that?")
    "Oi oi oi oi...chotto yaben ja nee no?" (Hey hey hey hey...this ain't too good, you know?")
    "Aah, megami-sama...kono inochi sasagemasu! Tte-ka?" ("My life for you, oh my goddess! Or 
    something like that...")
    "Zako aite ka yo. Fuzakenna!" ("Small fry, hmmm? Don't mess around with me!")
    "Warui ga tottoto shinde kurya! Ichigeki Hissatsu : Sufia Desaito!" ("Too bad, but yer going 
    down! Sure Kill : Sphere Decide!")
    Special Item : Oshihana
    "Kore wa kyoteki da!" ("This is a strong enemy!")
    "Kono mi wa kami ni sasageta, watashi wa kami no teki wo kiru no mi!"
    ("As God commands me, all who oppose will die!")
    "Iku zo!" ("Let us go!")
    "Tashou wa 
    "Kokoro no itami wo shiranu mono me! Ougi : Boido Ekusutoriimu! ("Ye who know not the pain of the
    soul...Secret Skill : Void Extreme!")
    "Kami no sabaki wo ukero!" ("Receive the judgment of the gods!")
    "Sasuga ni buji de iraremai." ("'Tis only to be expected that you could not escape unscathed.")
    "Mita ka, watashi no waza wo?" ("Have you borne witness to my skill?")
    "Nan da to." ("What?")
    "Koshaku na!" ("What impudence!")
    "Euughh...yudan dekinai aite da..." (Errggh...I cannot let my guard down against such a foe.")
    "Fumikomi wa tarinikatta no ka?" 
    "Ware-ware wo amaku mitara kou narun da!" ("It will be so if you underestimate us!")
    "Kore wa tamashii wo boutoku shita mono e no sabaki no tatakai na no da!" ("This battle is that
    of judgment upon those who have blasphemed against souls!") 
    "Nakanaka tegowai aite datta na." ("They were worthy adversaries.")
    "Kondo watashi no ban da!" ("This time it's my move!")
    "Yurusen!" ("Unforgivable!")
    "Moratta zo!" ("I have you!")
    "Arlie yo...kakugo wo dekiteiru ka?" ("Arlie...art thou prepared?")
    " waga maryoku no taido wo!" ("
    "Saraba da...zeijaku-naru mono yo!" ("I bid you goodbye, frail one!")
    "Ii zo! Kono watashi wo motto tanoshimasetekure!" ("It is well! Let me continue to sport with 
    "Watashi to taito ni watariaeru to wa!" ("You contend with me as an equal?")
    "Ba...bakana!" ("How...how is this possible?")
    "Nan da...kono jinjou narazaru chikara no hadou wa."
    "Waga majitsu no jinkentai wo natte morau ka." ("You are nothing more than test subjects for my
    "Kudaran...mattaku motte kudaran sonzai da." ("Worthless...a truly worthless existence.")
    "Touzen no kekka da." ("As I expected.")
    "Moroi mono da na." ("How weak.")
    "Uuuhahahahahahahaha!" ("Uhahahah...does this really need translation? ^_^) 
    "Waga maryoku wa kami wo mo 
    "Hun. Migurushii zo." ("Hmph. How unsightly.")
    *begin fight*
    "Sonna...chikara ga chigai-sugiru!" ("It can't be...they're too strong!")
    "Minna-san, ganbatte kudasai!" ("Everyone, do your best!)
    "Ganbarimasu!" ("I'll do my best!")
    Layer Storm -
    "Kami no na no moto ni! Ougi : Reiya Sutoomu!" ("In the name of the gods! Secret Skill : Layer
    "Kore de dou da!" ("How's this?")
    "Yatta!" ("I did it!")
    "Yatta zo! Ehahahaha!" ("I DID IT! Ehahahaha!")
    "Yoshi! Tsugi mo yaru zo!" ("Alright! On to the next!")
    "Mada, ikiteru?" ("It's...still alive!")
    "Minna-san, ato wa tanomimasu!" ("Everyone, I leave the rest to you!")
    "Konna hazu dewa?" ("How could this?")
    "A, are, okashii na!" ("H, hey, this is strange!")
    "Minna-san, sasuga desu ne." ("Like I thought, you were all great.")
    "Boku mo...motto gambaranai to." ("Me too...I need to try harder...")
    "Boku wa, yaku ni tatteirun darou ka?" ("Am I of any use at all?")
    "Ima!" ("Now!")
    "Shi...shinitakunai!" ("I, I don't wanna die!")
    GREY :
    "Tatoe kachime ga nakute mo, ore wa zenryoku wo tsukusu!" ("Even if there is no chance of 
    victory, I will do my utmost!")
    "Iku zo!" ("Let's go!")
    "Kakugo wa dekiteiru darou ga." ("I assume you have prepared yourself?")
    "Yatsu-ra ga aite dewa, ken mo niburu." ("Enemies such as these will dull my blade.")
    "Reigen-naru hyouken no gishiki! Ougi : Aishikuru Dizasutaa!" ("Ritual of my grim blade of ice!
    Secret Skill : Icicle Disaster!")
    "Waga kensen...kisama nado miemai." ("Ones such as you are blind to the flash of mine blade.")
    "Nani? Mada iki ga aru no ka?" ("What? There is breath left within you?")
    "Tatakau kiryoku wa ushinatte inai you da!" ("It seems as if the spirit of battle has not left 
    "Kore ijou wa muda da." ("Anymore will be useless.")
    "Sorosoro owari ni shitakatta mo dame da.
    "Ore wa zettai ni shi na." ("I will never fall.")
    "Kono inochi wo muda ni suru ni wa ikanai no de na." ("I will waste not this life.")
    "Remia...ore ga ima, koko ni iru wa omae ni itta kara koso." ("Lemia...I am here now because you
    saved me.")
    (There are not one, not two, but THREE translations for this particular quote, because the word
    "itta" can in this case have three separate meanings.)
    "Kono teido de!" ("This kind of skill!")
    "Zannen datta na!" ("A pity!")
    *begin fight*
    "Kono chikara...Valkyrie-sama no tame ni!" ("This power that I wield is for the Lady Valkyrie!")
    "Yudan wa kimotsu desu yo!" ("There's no letting our guard down!")
    "Boku no ude ga...tsuyou suru no ka?" ("Think you can get past me?")
    *Special Moves*
    Just Stream - 
    "Kono ichigeki de subete wo tatsu! Ougi : Jasuto Sutoriimu!" ("I shall stand against all with 
    this one strike! Secret Skill : Just Stream!")
    "Kore de dou da!" ("And how's this?")
    "Jibun no michi wo kiri-hiraite miseru!" ("Watch me forge my own path!")
    "Minna-san, daijoubu desu ka?" ("Is everyone alright?")
    "Ikimashou, Minna-san!" ("Everyone, let's go!")
    Special Item : Raven Slayer (found in his house in Clairmonferan)
    *begin fight*
    "Aite wo shite arou ka." ("So, you wish to be my opponent.")
    "Aite ni totte fusoku wa nai." ("As an opponent, you are sadly lacking.")
    "Kore dewa keri wo tsukeru no wa...ishuunkan." ("It will take us but a instant to conclude this.")
    "Kore ga, ore no saiko no waza da! Ougi : Giruchi Bureeku!" ("This is my greatest skill! Secret
    Skill : Guilty Break!")
    "Waruku omou na." ("Don't take it personally.")
    "Shinda ka." ("Dead, I see.")
    "Tsugi no hyoteki wo dare da?" ("Who is the next target?")
    "Wakare no kotoba demo itte okou ka." ("Maybe I should speak some words of farewell?")
    (This is in a mocking tone.)
    "Kusou...shikujitta na."
    "Teki mo nakanaka yaru." ("The enemy isn't faring that badly.")
    "Maa ii, mou ichido iku made da!" ("It doesn't matter...till the next one!")
    "Sonna bakana..." ("What is this?")
    "Konna tatakai wo nando kurikaesuba ii no ka." ("Should this battle repeat itself?")
    "Deatta warukatta na."
    "Kusou..." ("Damn...")
    "Zannen datta na!" ("Too bad!")
    "Kusou...amaku...misugitta ka..." ("Damn...I underestimated...too much...")
    "Keh...kore ga, watashi ni katteru no ka?" ("Keh...can I win against this?")
    "Teki ka?" ("Enemies?")
    "Iku zo!" ("Let's go!")
    "Yudan taiteki to wa itte mo, ki wo nukeru aite da na." 
    "Kore ga waga shichiichinen no waza! Ougi : Etaanaru Reido!" ("This is the skill passed down by 
    mine ancestors! Secret Skill : Eternal Raid!")
    "Kore de dou da?" ("How's this?")
    "Kono waza no mae ni tatterareru mono wa inai sa!" ("There are none who can stand in the face of
    such a skill!")
    "Geh...nakanaka!" ("Geh...not bad!")
    "Ikiteru...nara mou ichido!" ("You're alive...then once more!")
    "Watashi wa omae ga taoreru made kiru dake sa!" ("I will swing until you fall!")
    "Teki wa mada mada irun darou." ("There are still enemies.")
    "Mada taoreru wake ni wa ikanain da." ("I cannot be defeated yet.")
    "Chotto...yabasou ka." ("This looks a bit bad.")
    "Koi yo! Ikura demo aite shite yaru ze!" ("Come! No matter how many there are, I'll take you
    all on!")
    "Icchou yatte yaru ka!" ("Let's just do this!")
    "Iku zo, Seria...tte, ineen da you na." ("Let's go, Seria...well, seems like she's not here.")
    "Koko wa ore ga kimeru ze! Ougi - Faneria Bureeido!" ("I'll decide it here! Secret Skill :
    Fanelia Blade!")
    "Haha, kore wa gokigen da ze!" (Haha, 
    "Yappa kibun ii ze!" ("
    "Otousan...okaasan!" ("Mother...Father!")
    *during Finisher*
    "Mugen no kensen...kisama ni mieru ka?" ("The flash of the limitless blade...can you see it?")
    *after Finisher*
    "Mirai wo ubawareta kibun wa dou da?" ("How does it feel to have your future stolen away?")
    "Muda na agaki yo..." ("Utterly useless...")
    *begin fight*
    (against strong opponent)
    (not dead)
    *being hit*
    *upon death*
    *begin fight*
    (against strong opponent)
    (not dead)
    *being hit*
    *upon death*
    *begin fight*
    (against strong opponent)
    (not dead)
    *being hit*
    *upon death*

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