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    Mini-FAQ by evaunit00_13

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    Vampire Hunter D is based off a famous anime by the
    same name. There is actually two VHD(vampire hunter D)
    movies. The first came out sometime around 1985, and
    they just reproduced a new movie that came out in
    Japan theaters in 1999. The PSX version is based off
    the new movie.
    This FAQís was not that hard to write, but I still
    don't know what the plot is of the story since they
    speak in Japanese, and it's subtitled in Japanese. So
    if anyone has this game, and knows some of the plot or
    main character name's please feel free to e-mail me,
    of course I will give you full credit for it. Plus if
    any one wishes to use this FAQís for their web site,
    you may, but please E-mail me first.
    12/18/99 - Version 1.1- Trans. on main Menu Screen,
    controls for D & the girl in Red, and a list of what
    some items do.
    12/21/99 - Version 1.2 - Learned a little more on the
    plot" (Thanks to Da Worm). Have names on most of the
    main characters, updated the items section, and giving
    credit to the People who are helping me.
    Plot: The story begins when Johen Elberm (old man in
    the wheel chair) hire's D to bring back his daughter
    who was taken by Count Mayerlink (The first boss in
    the game) to castle Cheite. When D arrives, he finds
    out that his rivals, The Marcus Clan Hunter got there
    first and were attacked by a very large creature. From
    there the game takes over.
    D - Vampire Hunter, Main Character.
    Mayerlink - Count of Castle Cheite. (Boss)
    Carmilla - Vampire Woman in the Red Dress. (Boss)
    Charlotte Elberm - Woman in the Yellow Dress, and was
    taken by Mayerlink.
    Johen Elberm - Man in the Wheel Chair, hired D.
    Mushira - Werewolf. (Boss)
    The Marcus Clan:
    Leila - The young Girl wearing Red and uses a Gun.
    Borgof - Man in the Green and uses a CrossBow on his
    Hand. (Boss)
    Kyle - Man in the Red vest, fought him in the room at
    the top of the Tower of Stars. (Boss)
    Nolt - Man with a White Cross painted on his face.
    (Find behind the Mirror)
    Groveck - Man in the Purple outfit. (Found dead in a
    coffin with Borgof saying his goodbyes) 
    Main Menu:
    New Game - Start a New Game from this point. You may
    also select what mode of game play you want. Easy,
    Normal, and Hard. 
    Load Game - Load from Slot 1 or Slot 2. After loading
    pick a game file you want to play, and press the
    Circle Button.
    Option - You may change controller config., Rumble,
    Auto Lock, & Stereo.
    Controls for D & Leila:
    Up = Move Forward.
    Down = Move Back.
    Left = Move Left.
    Right = Move Right.
    Triangle = Draw your Sword / Draw your Gun.
    X = Jump.
    Square = Use Item / Magic / Hand.
    Circle = Action.
    R1 = Block.
    R2 = Turn 90* angle.
    L1 = Walk.
    L2 = Turn 90* angle.
    L2 + R2 = Turn 180* angle.
    Start = Go to Menu Screen.
    Select = Change Magic Spell.
    Analog =Turn on to Activate Rumble.
    Items / Menu Screen:
    Hand Icon = Press Circle to switch between Magic
    Top Spell = Fire Projectile at enemy's.
    Middle Spell = Regain Dís entire HP.
    Bottom Spell = Absorb enemy's to regain MP.
    Green Viles = Restores some HP, but takes away VP.
    Purple Viles = Cures Poison.
    Red Blood Capsules = Restores some HP & VP.
    Blue/Purple Crystals = Restores Magic.
    Green Grenades = Throw on the ground, Press the Square
    button to activate.
    Silver Grenades = Stops enemy's from moving for a
    short time.
    Wood Stakes = A weak type of Projectile when thrown.
    Red Spider Card = Open's Certain Door's. (Use on the
    Blue Spider Card = Open's Certain Door's. (Use on the
    Silver Bat Card = Open's Certain Door's. (Use on the
    Gold Bat Card = Openís Certain Doorís. (Use on the 3F)
    Silver Sun Card = Open's Certain Door's. (Use on the
    Metal Card = Open's Certain Door's. (????????)
    Moon Card = Openís Certain Doorís. (Use on the 3F)
    Star Card = Openís Certain Doorís. (Use on the 3F)
    Gold Demon Key = Turn's on the Music Boxes on the 2F.
    Earth Card = Use in the Main Hall, up stairís, under
    the picture.
    Air Card = Use in the Main Hall, up stairís, under the
    Fire Card = Use in the Main Hall, up stairís, under
    the picture.
    Water Card = Use in the Main Hall, up stairís, under
    the picture. 
    Power Plug = Copper looking plug with a purple
    tip.(Use on the BF)
    Special Moves for D:
    Down + Down = Quick jump back.
    Run + Triangle (Sword must be in the Holder for this
    to work) = Quick Slash.
    When VP reaches zero you no longer can do combos, and
    your armor weakens.When HP reaches zero GAME OVER. If
    you die, and have one Blood capsule, & Full Magic
    meter you will be resurrected, and start back from
    where you died with full Health. But all of your magic
    will be gone.
    To regain MP select the bottom spell and find an
    enemy. Hit the enemy 2-4 times to weaken them, then
    hold the Square button.
    I would like to Thank Da Worm for the help on the Plot
    of the Game. You have been a great help I hope to do
    more work with you.
    I would also like to Thank Al Amaloo for using my game
    faqs on his Web Site. His Web Site Address is http://

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