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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kyuss

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 04/26/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Vampire Hunter D (japanese version)
    FAQ/Walkthrough Version 2.2
    by Kyuss (Xardion) 
    Written on 1/24/00
    Last update on 4/26/00
    A. Updates
    B. Storyline/Author's Notes
    C. Background Info
    D. Technical Data
    E. Controls
    F. Meters
    G. Subscreen/Map/Saving the Game
    H. Items
       1. Use Items
       2. Key Items
    I. Characters
    J. Enemies
       1. First Floor Enemies
       2. Second Floor Enemies
       3. Sewer Enemies
       4. Basement Enemies
       5. Graveyard Enemies
       6. Third Floor Enemies
       7. Tower Of The Moon
    K. Walkthrough/Boss Strategies
       1. The First Floor
          A. Meirlink (battle one)
       2. The Basement
       3. The Second Floor
       4. The Castle Sewers
          A. Green Imp
       5. The Basement (second half)
          A. Bolgov (Green Vampire Hunter)
       6. The Graveyard 1F
       7. The Third Floor
       8. Obelisk Two Courtyard 1F
       9. The Third Floor Computer
       10. The Second Floor (part two)
       11. The First Floor (broken platform)
       12. Meirlink
          A. Meirlink (battle two)
       13. Back To The Beginning (1F)
       14. The Ninja (Bengey) (3F)
       15. Tower of the Sun 
          A. Ninja (Bengey) (battle one)
       16. Leila (obelisk room two 1F)
       17. The Third Floor [Leila]
       18. D's Body (1F Graveyard) [Leila]
       19. Tower of the Sun
          A. Ninja (Bengey) (battle two)
       20. Fourth Floor
       21. Tower Of The Moon
          A. Machira (battle one)
          B. Machira (battle two)
       22. Carmilla (3F)
       23. Imps (1F)
       24. All The Rooms On 2F
       25. Lambda Door (3F)
       26. Rescuing Leila (B1F part three)
       27. Back to The First Floor
       28. Bolgov's Return (1F) 
          A. Bolgov (second battle)
       29. Behind Carmilla's Painting  
          A. Carmilla (second battle)
       30. Meirlink (battle three)
    L. Endings
    M. Maps
    N. Acknowledgements/Credits (website)
    (see credits for email address)
    !!!WARNING - This FAQ contains spoilers, as if you couldn't have guessed!!!
    There is now a PAL version of Vampire Hunter D, if anyone has info on it please let
    me know.  I am assuming that it must be in english so I need to get a copy when I 
    have the chance.  I am also unaware of any differences between the two versions of the 
    game.  It seems reasonable to assume that there might be an official US version sometime
    A. Updates
    2-02-00: added sewers room that was left out previously
    2-02-00: Megatone, hereafter a god, figured out what to do on the fourth floor.
    2-06-00: fixed structure of faq and some inconsistencies.
    2-07-00: finished faq, added rough version of characters section.
    2-07-00: added Megatone's map and bit about B2F blood capsule room.
    2-07-00: added Endings section.
    2-14-00: added Megatone's info about ending #2.
    4-26-00: added info on PAL version of game.
    B. Storyline/Author's Notes
    Ok, first of all I would just like to say that I highly suggest you attempt to play
    through this game on your own.  It is tons of fun and mostly the puzzles aren't too
    hard to figure out.  If you do get stumped or are just lazy, well that's what I'm
    here for so enjoy the FAQ/Walkthrough :)
    As for the story I'm not 100% sure but I assume that this game takes place
    after the original movie.  This game is unfortunately not based upon the movie
    that we all know and love.  It is based upon a new installment of the saga
    which was released in Japan in 1999.  I don't believe that the movie has been
    translated or released in the US yet.  I don't know that there are any plans 
    for release in the US of this game but I rather doubt it.  We can always hope.
    Vampire Hunter D was of course originally a book, a trilogy.  Thisgame is based 
    on one the third book and its subsequent movie.  One thing I can tell you, worthless 
    as it is, we do know from the intro that the year is 12090 A.D.
    The game sports some nice FMV in the intro.  Unfortunately there isn't much other
    FMV in the game.  In the intro you see a few characters that
    you will meet up with later.  In the immediate intro of the game we see an old man 
    and he shows a picture of a young girl.  I assume that the premise of the game is 
    therefore that his daughter or whatever has been kidnapped or killed by vampires 
    and he wants her returned or avenged.  I really wish that this game was in english, or
    that I read kanji (I think that's the Japanese dialect used in video games, hope its
    spelled right) because there is a good bit of dialogue in cutscenes and because your
    symbiote is always telling you stuff that I imagine would be very good to know.
    This is a great game even though it may not seem so just at the beginning.  There
    are lots of great puzzles and things to solve and I had alot of fun writing this FAQ.
    Lets face it, what else is there to do when you have pneumonia?
    This is the story according to videogames.com:
    [They wrote a nice article here:
                       A noble in the town, John
                       Elbern, hires vampire hunters, D and
                       Marcus 5, to rescue his beautiful daughter,
                       Charlotte, who is believed to have been
                       kidnapped and trapped in the Castle Cheite during Mayerlink's
                       destruction. Mayerlink was never highly respected by the
                       townspeople, yet he had never harmed them, until now. In an
                       interesting twist, you'll find that Charlotte has not been
                       kidnapped; rather, she has escaped from an inescapable
                       arranged marriage, which was common among noble families.
                       Her dilemma will, in turn, affect all the characters involved in
                       the story. 
                       The main character, D, an offspring of human and vampire, is
                       a vampire hunter from Danpier. A parasite attached to his left
                       hand helps him wield magical powers. During gameplay, it can
                       give you advice, but more importantly, it will let you cast magic
                       spells and drain health from enemies. You can also control a
                       female character by the name of Leila, who is well known for
                       her sharp-shooting as well as for being the youngest of the
                       Marcus 5. The members of Marcus 5 are Borgov, Kyle, Grove,
                       Nort, and Leila. They are rivals of Vampire Hunter D, who, with
                       his own motives, also seeks to kill Mayerlink for a bounty. At
                       certain points in the game, D and Leila will meet up and fight
                       Mayerlink. You will also face other enemies, like Bengey (also
                       known as "Shadow Man") and Macila the werewolf.
    C. Background Info
    "In the distant future, demons and mutants slither through a world of darkness."
    Ok this little part is for those of you who might actually not know anything
    about Vampire Hunter D at all, as sad and shameful as that is.  (It's ok, you can
    study up now that you know better).  Anyway, I have not read the novel but I have
    watched the original movie numerous times, it was the very first anime film I ever saw.
    I also am a complete nut when it comes to vampire lore.  Ok, ok, enough about me.
    In the origianl installment of the story, we find that Vampire Hunter D is a Dhampir 
    which means he is half vampire and half human.  He is hired by Doris Lang
    (I know its cliche) who has been biten recently by an ancient vampire who has recently
    returned to his castle.  Lots of stuff happens and Doris gets kidnapped by the vampires
    and is to wed the lord vampire Count Magnus Lee of the House of Lee.  The lone hero D
    of course saves the day, with the help of his trusty symbiote :)  I think that roughly
    suffices.  The original movie is without question a classic there are of course some 
    plot twists and it is an EXCELLENT movie, one that you MUST see.  It was recently 
    re-re-released I guess that has something to do with the release of the new movie.
    The original novel was written by Hideyuki Kikuchi.
    D. Tech Data
    Save File: 1 mem block
    Number of Players: 1
    Number of Discs: 1
    Release Date: 12/9/1999
    Published/Developed By: Victor Interactive Software
    Game Type: 3D environment action/adventure
    Serial: SLPS-02477 JP
    Controllers supported: standard/analog 
          (no analog stick control but rumble is enabled, I know this REALLY REALLY 
           sucks but whatcha gonna do?)
    E. Controls
    The controls are very typical for this sort of game.  You should be able to figure 
    most of them out.
    As with all Japanese imports, the circle button, which will hereafter be referred 
    to as 'O', functions as the 'accept' button just like the 'X'button does in the US.
    The X button for Japanese games is the 'cancel' button.  O=yes X=no.
    Square button causes you to use energy from the green meter on the bottom left of 
    the screen.  There are three special attacks you can do here.
    To replenish the meter you must find blue crystals. Also if you have spells or items
    equipped you can use them by pressing square.
    X makes D jump.  
    Triangle makes D draw his sword.  When the sword is drawn D can attack by 
    pressing O (circle).
    D can do a super slash attack, if the sword is sheathed and you are moving forward
    and draw your sword, D will jump forward with a powerful slash.  This can be 
    useful when combating flying enemies.
    Another note on attacking with the sword, when your sword is drawn and you have
    attacked an enemy D will lock onto it and auto-face it (always be turned toward
    it when attacking).  If you don't want to fight then just sheath your sword again.
    This isn't fool-proof and sometimes you have to sheath your sword and then draw it
    in the vicinity of an enemy for auto-face to come on.  To turn it off if you want to
    flee, just sheath your sword.
    When moving objects, holding O will activate D's ring and move the object MUCH farther
    than pressing the O button repeatedly.
    Pressing Select on the main screen will change your symbiote's function.
    Pressing Start will take you to the subscreen where you can use items and view
    the map.  Pressing triangle here allows you to save the game at most any point.
    Remember to press O (circle) to save, not X.  If you wish to overwrite a file,
    the left option is accept and the right is cancel.  
    Holding L1 allows you to walk slowly.  This can be changed so that the opposite is
    true.  Whatever's your preference go with it.
    Holding R1 causes D to use his cape as a sheild, quite effectively in most cases.
    Don't forget about this!  It's not just for Boss battles.
    Holding L2 or R2 makes D turn in the respective direction.  Holding them both 
    together causes D to change directions quickly spinning 180 degrees (turns in the
    opposite direction).
    F. Meters
    At the top left of the screen are two meters, an orange one which is your health
    and a purple one, the function of which I do not yet understand.  It may possibly
    be a rage meter causing D to become a vampire and do a special attack.  However,
    this is just speculation.  If you are poisoned it will say so above these meters and
    you will flash green occasionally.
    This is what I can tell you about the purple 'VP' meter.  When you are fighting enemies
    and their blood falls upon you, you flash red, and this meter increases.  Also, it is
    steadily decreasing over time just because it does...  And finally, it seems that you
    are a little bit stronger when your meter is full.  Maybe that's all the more its good
    for?  I hope there's something better that hasn't been figured out yet 'cause if not
    that's rather lame :(
    At the bottom left there is a green meter with three slots and an icon on the
    left side.  The icon represents which special attack you have selected, like
    shuirken, etc.  To change this icon go to the subscreen, select the symbiote and 
    press select to choose the spell or O.  You can change this on the main screen by
    pressing Select.  On the Submenu the bars sticking out of the side are the different
    options.  The top option allows D to shoot a number of purple fireballs which are 
    fairly powerful.  On the main screen this looks like a red fireball.  The middle 
    option which looks like green stars on the main screen refills your life to 100%.  
    I would suggest saving your green meter for this as you will really need it.  The 
    bottom option allows D to throw colored shuirken.  On the main screen it looks like
    a blue shuirken.
    It seems that if this meter is full and the symbiote is selected, that you will be
    resurected if killed, consuming all three green slots.
    At the bottom right of the screen is an icon which shows what item you have equipped.
    You can equip the symbiote for spells, grenades, or vials, etc to use while playing 
    so that you don't have to access the submenu to use them.
    You will notice sometimes a red ball will appear at the top right of the screen, this
    lets you know that your auto-lock is on.  To turn it off sheath your sword.  Or if you
    hate it altogether go to the options menu and turn it off.
    G. Subscreen/Map/Saving the Game
    To access your subscreen press Start at any time in the game.  You can select and
    use appropriate items here by pressing O.  Items can be selected and if not used, 
    they will then be placed in the item ready slot on the main game screen when
    you are actually playing.  Press square to use them on the main screen.
    If you select the symbiote, with which you can do spells, you can choose which 
    basic spell he can do by pressing select or O.  This will extend one of the vial
    type things on the left of the item list.  
    If you select the map (it looks like a scroll) press O and you can view the map.
    The map shows which rooms you have been to, where doors are, and what room you
    are currently in.  Visited rooms are colored, unvisited rooms are dark and undefined,
    the room you are in flashes red.  Doors are orange slots between rooms and stairs
    are marked with lines and a solid red block.
    To exit the map press O or X.
    To access the save menu press triangle.  You can do this and save at any time.  If 
    you wish to overwrite a file choose the left option, right cancels.  When you restart
    you will be in the room or hall that you saved in near the door you entered the room
    H. Items
    Ain't it convenient how in the evil lair the baddies always leave good shit you
    can use against them just laying around in totally random spots? :)
    Note: key items like the computer chip will be used automatically when necessary.
    --1. USE ITEMS--
    Red vials replenish both your health and vampire meter.  These are sometimes powerful, 
    sometimes not.
    Green vials relpenish health and decrease the vamp meter, these are pretty powerful.  
    Health at the cost of power.
    Purple vials, these are antidotes against poison.
    Grenades, press the Square button a second time to detonate.
    Stun Grenades, these look kind of like a grey grenade.  They make the screen flash 
    and damage all enemies on screen.  They explode on use and do not hurt you.  I think
    these stun the enemy.
    Wooden Steaks, these are like throwing knives.  They are not extremely powerful.
    Blue Crystals, used to replenish symbiote power meter (green meter on main screen).
    One crystal refills one slot.
    --2. KEY ITEMS--
    Red Spider Key Card, found in the main hall at the top of the great staircase.  Used
    to open red door in main entrance hall.
    Blue Spider Key Card, found in the zombie closet room (see walkthrough).  Opens blue
    door in main entrance hall.
    Computer chip, this is found in the abandoned chapel and used in basement 1F
    after the room where you may or may not have fought Meirlink (alternate first battle).
    You find a computer with a black monitor and use it to turn on the power for the 
    password doors. 
    Handle, found in the platform room of the sewer. (see walkthrough)  Used to operate
    floor panels in sewer.
    Silver Bat key card, found in room below staircase in the coffin hall of basement 1F
    (second half).  Used in computer room of the third floor.
    Sun Card, found in 2F part two.
    Greem Gem, found behind door tower in the obelisk two courtyard 1F (see walkthrough).
    Used as part one of the key to the door in the obelisk two courtyard.
    Moon Card, found in the tower of the sun.  Opens the door on the fourth floor.
    Crescent Moon Card, obtained by defeating Machira in the Tower of the Moon.
    Green Wind Key Card, found in the little hallway room of 1F(see walkthrough)
    Water Key Card, found on the second floor in the right face room.
    Fire Key Card, found in the obelisk two courtyard, you need the green and blue gem.
    Music Box Key, found on the second floor in the pink womb room.  Used on the music boxes.
    Blue Gem, found in part three of B1F.
    Earth Card, recieved when Bolgov (battle two) is defeated.
    I. Characters
    Ok I don't think this section is really that important but ah what the hell eh? :)
    John Elbern, the old man from the intro of the game, he has put a bounty on lord 
    Meirlink's head for the supposed kidnapping of his daugther Charlotte.
    D, the hero of the story, he is a dhampir, being half vampire and half human.  He has a
    symbiote on his hand, or rather its possessed by a wise demon familiar.
    Meirlink (Mayerlink), he is the vampire lord of a nearby castle and suspected to be
    responsible for the disapearance of the old man's daugther (or whatever)
    The Marcus 5, these are the vampire hunters you see in the FMV intro.  They are also
    seeking the bounty on Meirlink's head and therefore have no love for D.
    The only members of the Marcus 5 that we meet are:
    Leila, the woman vampire hunter in red.  She eventually helps D after he saves her.
    Bolgov, the male vampire hunter in the green outfit.  What a bastard, I'm glad that you
    get to wax him.
    Machira, one of Meirlink's loyal servants and not entirely human... :)
    Carmilla, the lady in the red dress.
    Charlotte, I think that this is the lady in the yellow dress.  The daughter of the old man.
    J. Enemies
    So far these are the enemies i've encountered:
    I've noted where you first encounter these enemies, some still show up in other places
    Zombies, some spew acid, some use a claw attack.  They are fast when they chase you
    but don't usually chase you very far.  Fundamentally they are pretty stupid.
    Bats, these are a real pain in the ass because they are too high up to hit.  If you
    use your super slash attack you can sever them in two right in mid air sometimes.  
    Or you can always jump and attack them.  They also shoot sound waves at you which 
    really sucks.  
    Imps, flying demons, whatever you want to call them they suck.  They carry spears
    and shoot fireballs at you.
    Hellhound, these are about the worst really, they are tough to run away from, 
    tough to hit and attack relentlessly, sometimes causing you to be unable to attack.
    If you can, use your super slash on them and then they pose very little theat, with
    one more hit they are down.  Watch out for their lighting balls as well.
    Female mutant, these are a little tougher than other baddies as they have more
    health.  She attacks mostly with her arm which is a snake I think and can extend
    to hit you.  Watch out for her blade attack.
    BOSS - Meirlink, a fairly easy battle (see walkthrough)
    BOSS - Bolgov, (battle two)
    BOSS - Meirlink, final battle
    Green Mosquito Demon, these ones mostly just jump around.
    Vampire Spider, these very large and uglly spiders have a good bit oif health but
    are easily defeated if you attack swiftly.
    Fire Worms, these flying worms spew fire at you but aren't really very dangerous.
    --3. SEWER ENEMIES--
    Green Sharks, these guys suck, they spew poison at you and sometimes attack with their
    tridents, which look like brooms.
    Green Mosquito Demon, tries to jump on your back and suck your life force or impale 
    you with its spikes.
    Green Fire Worm, same as the ones you encountered earlier.
    Tentacles, look like little white balls against the base of walls but shoot out to 
    attack you as you walk past.  Just jump over them.  There doesn't seem to be any way
    to kill them.
    MINI BOSS - Stone Imp, very easy, just waste him.
    --4. BASEMENT ENEMIES (B1F second half)--
    BOSS - Bolgov, Green Vampire Hunter (see walkthrough)
    Large Imp (walking), this one is tougher than the little ones you have fought 
    before.  He also will fly after you if you flee so watch out.
    Intelligent Cube, these really suck, they shoot lasers and have sharp blades when
    they fly around.
    BOSS - Carmilla (Lady In Red), a bit tricky.
    BOSS - Carmilla (battle two)
    BOSS - Machira (1&2 Battles), not impossible but a pain in the ass.
    K. Walkthrough
    Now it is speculated that there are multiple endings to this game so with that said,
    here's how I've gone through the game.
    ----------1. THE FIRST FLOOR----------
    The game begins as you enter the castle you saw in the intro and the rather
    disturbing symbiote on D's hand tells you something in Japanese.
    The door to your right cannot be entered yet.  To your left you will find a statue
    and a blue box, pick these up for important items.  Do so by pressing O.  This 
    one gives you a scroll.  This scroll is a map of the castle.  Colored rooms are
    ones which you have visited and the flashing room is your current position.  Press
    start to get to your items screen and select the map then press O and O again to 
    exit the map.  Press X to leave the items screen.
    Now you can enter the main doors surrounded by red candles.
    Press O to open doors.  You can only do this when your sword is sheathed.
    To your left are blue doors and a red vial.  You cannot yet enter the blue doors.
    To your right is purple vial and a green vial next to red doors.  You cannot enter
    the red doors yet either.
    Straight ahead and up the stairs you will find a red spider card in front of a shrine.
    D will look at the painting and the symbiote says something again.
    To your left you find a stone vial and to your right you find grenades and red vial.
    When you descend the staircase you will hear a sound, this thumping noise warns you 
    that enemies are about.  There are now two zombies in the main hall.  
    Use the spider card to open the red doors.  
    Watch out for the lasers and to your right you find vampire steaks.  To your left
    you find a green vial.  Exit the room and you will find more steaks and some zombies.
    They are easily defeated so proceed down the hallway.  You will come to doors and
    hear a man and woman talking.  It sounds as if the woman has been murdered.  Enter 
    the doors and you will be in a room with pictures on the walls.
    You may or may not fight Meirlink here.  I'm not sure what makes the difference. He
    is easily defeated if you use your cape to protect yourself.  If you do fight Meirlink 
    here then there will be a woman laying on the floor after the battle.  You will be
    given an option to talk to her or to leave her lie.  If you choose the left option
    she will get up and talk to you, draw a gun on you and then leave.  If you leave her
    lie without talking to her she will be gone when you return to this room.  My suspicion
    is that you do not fight Meirlink here if you take a long time to reach this room. 
    If he is not here it doesn't really matter, you will fight him in the basement.
    Exit this room through the next set of doors and you will be in a storage closet with
    two zombies.  Pick up the red vial in the corner and jump up on the box, jump across 
    to the other boxes and pick up more steaks, climb higher and get a purple vial.
    If you fought Meirlink there will be bats in the painting room when you return.
    They won't be there if you didn't fight Meirlink.
    Exit the room.  Exit the painting room as well.  You are now back in the corridor.  
    Proceed to the right and you will find two sets of doors.  Enter the door with the
    green light above it.  You will find a nasty bat and a zombie, also a yellow door
    and a green door.  Enter the green door as the yellow door cannot be opened yet.  
    You will find the blue spider card and a zombie in the closet.
    Exit the room and head back down the hallway.  Now outside of the green door with
    the light above it proceed to your right and through the big yellow doors.  
    Here you find blud doors to your left and right and brown/yellow doors straight ahead.
    The right blue door leads to a hallway with an electric hellhound.  This is the long
    hallway.  Farther down by the red doors there is another zombie and hellhound.  Enter
    the doors at the end of the hallway.  In this room you can look at the clock's face.
    And notice the stuffed bird.  The clock reads 2:25.  (You will need to remember this
    for when you encounter an identical room and need to set the clock?)  The stuffed
    bird is facing the window and card table.  When you look at it, it appears to be facing 
    you no matter what direction you are looking at it from.  This room will 
    also give you a chance to recharge if you took a beating from the enemies in the hall.
    Enter the hall again and return to the end as you cannot enter the red doors yet.  
    You are now in the room of four sets of doors.  Enter the blue doors directly across 
    from you and you will be in another hallway.  At the end of the hall is a door with 
    a plaque and a green light, this door cannot be opened yet.
    Enter the yellow brown doors, ahead you find statues to the left and right and a gate
    straight ahead behind an obelisk.  The gate cannot be opened yet.  Push the statues
    against the walls behind them by standing in front of the statues and pressing O.  You
    will hear a click when the statues are all the way against the wall and the obelisk
    will breifly light up showing you the word 'mankind.'  If you forget this word then
    touch the obelisk again from behind and it will flash the word again.
    Return to the laser room and main hall.  You can get the second password by repeating
    this process on the other side of the castle at obelisk two.
    Now you can open the blue doors in the main hall.  At the end of this hall you find 
    a wooden door and a big yellow door.  The wooden door takes you to the sanctuary 
    where you find a strange object, a red vial, and a green vial.
    Exit the sanctuary and enter the yellow doors, you are now presented with a four door
    room again.  Two blue doors to either side and a yellow/brown door straight ahead, 
    this room is a dead end.  The left blue doors lead to another corridor, in this 
    corridor are zombies and flying imps (demons).  In the room at the end of the hall you
    find another clock.  This one you can manipulate.  The O button rotates the large
    hand clockwise and the X button rotates the small hand clockwise.  Notice that the 
    clock face is backwards.  The object is to make this room look like its mirror image,
    on the other side of the first floor of the castle.  Adjust the clock so that it reads
    2:25.  You will also notice the familiar stuffed bird.  To manipulate it press O to turn 
    it to the right and triangle to turn it to the left.  Make the bird face the couch and 
    the card table, not the fireplace.  When this is done, a box will appear 
    on the fireplace and you recieve a blue crystal.  These are used to refill your green meter.  
    Another box will appear near the door, this is a red vial.  There will be a third box by 
    the couch, this is a purple vial.
    When you get a chance, go back to the original clock room and there will be more boxes
    to collect, you'll get another blue crystal, a map of the second floor, and a purple
    ----------2. THE BASEMENT----------
    Now leave and go back through the four door room and enter the right blue door.  
    In this corridor you will fight a female mutatnt with a sword.  There is another door
    with a plaque that you cannot enter.  Follow the corridor and you will go downstairs, 
    follow this hall and you will fight Meirlink (Only if you didn't fight him before). 
    Just use your cape to block his attacks and strike when he's near you.  
    Proceed through the brown doors and you will find more stone vials and the map for 
    basement 1.  While in this room be sure to play with the computer on the wall, it 
    turns the power back on.  It sounds like it turns an engine on.  I think that you 
    use the mysterious item from the chapel here when you access the computer.
    Exit through the brown doors to where you fought Meirlink and then through
    the grey doors and go back up to the first floor.  When you go back upstairs go to the
    door that you couldnt enter before with the plaque.  Now you can enter a password to
    open the door.  Trouble is, I don't know what the password is yet.
    ----------3. THE SECOND FLOOR----------
    You can now go back to the first password door and enter the password that you saw on
    the first obelisk 'mankind.'  The door will unlock and you can enter.  You will go up
    two flights of stairs and will be on the second floor.  Watch out for another one of 
    those female mutants up here in the hallway.  You will find brown doors with gold trim
    which can't be opened yet.  Just to the left of these you can go through the doors with
    triangles on them into another hall.  
    Here there are lasers on the floor.  You REALLY
    don't want to step on these because as soon as you do a very large spider demon will
    immediately appear.  These aren't too hard to kill if you strike quickly.  If he hits
    you with bubbles you will be poisoned, use a purple vial.
    Hang a left into the little hallway and over the laser.  You will find a triangle door
    right next to the laser, this door cannot be opened yet.  Further up the hall are blue
    doors and inside you find grenades and wooden steaks. There are strange mirrors here
    and I don't yet know the significance.  If you look in the large mirror the relfection
    does not show you or the fire in the center of the room.  If you look in the mirror
    above the fireplace you can see the refelction of a man in the large mirror.  
    When you try to leave the room, a cutscene will play.  The ghost of a little girl talks 
    to D and disappears into the mirror, D then walks through the mirror himself 
    and is in a very strange green room.  A body drops from the ceiling.  D then leaves
    the mirror room and you cannot re-enter.
    You can leave this blue room now.  If you step on the laser a green demon that jumps 
    around will appear.   If you go straight down the hall to the next pair of triangle
    doors you will fight another spider demon, ugly thing, this one is grey.  Continue
    down the hall and you will find more triangle doors that lead to yet another hallway, 
    this one has stone floors and more lasers.  
    Proceed straight across and through the triangle doors.  You will be attacked by a
    flying worm that spews fire at you.  You will also see more of those brown doors
    with the gold lining that you can't enter.  Continue down the hall.  You will see 
    wooden doors like on the chapel but you can't enter, you will fight another fire 
    worm and find silver doors at the end of the hall.  
    Proceed through and you will descend two flights of stairs, you will exit the second
    password door by the basement stairs.  The mankind password will not work on this
    door.  You need to use the password from the second obelisk, 'vampire.'  If you 
    didn't get this password it can be obtained by doing the same thing you did for 
    obelisk one but at obelisk two.
    Now that you have opened both password doors you can go back upstairs to the hallways
    you passed.  Going back through the vampire door, this is the rundown.  Go down the 
    hallway through the triangle doors again.  You will be in one of the laser hallways
    again.  Make a left in the middle and jump over the single laser.  There is a triangle
    door on your left that won't open and At the end of this short hallway are white doors.  
    Go inside and you will see a little cutscene.  D meets the ghost of a woman
    and falls through the floor.  Notice the walls just as D comes into the room, there
    are very large spiders, cool.
    ----------4. THE CASTLE SEWERS----------
    Now you are in the sewers beneath the castle.  Down here you will find grenades and
    a purple vial.  Jump down into the water and to your right D will find a box across
    the little waterfall, with a green vial in it.  Note that the water will hurt D if he
    is in it for too long, jumping helps to reset the time limit for D's tolerance of the
    water.  Return to where you entered the sewer, there is nothing to the left so go back 
    up to the place where you dropped down and found the vial.  Walk out to the edge of the 
    arms of this landing, they are supported by beams that look like giant X's.  
    Jump across and run to the left to get some stun grenades, i called them bombs before.
    Getting over here can take some practice.  Now jump across the little waterfall right
    there in the middle of the room and on the right side the gate is smashed open and 
    you can go through.
    When you go to the next screen you will see a giant green fish-type-thing that looks
    like it's holding a broom! I guess it's supposed to be a trident.  They are some kind
    of shark things.  It will attack you with poison breath, jump down into the water and
    hack it apart.  Use an antidote if you need to.  As you walk watch out for the little
    while balls on the wall side of the walkways, they shoot out and attack you.  Go up 
    to where the path spilts and fight the fish guys there too.  Go to the right and you
    will find a box with the sewer map in it.  Watch out because there is a tentacle 
    right behind it.
    You will notice a brown door, inside you will fight a very tough purple hellhound.  
    And at the end of this short hall, you will find a control panel with two joysticks.  
    Using the right or left will block the water flow respectively (it shows you a 
    little map).  This turns off the waterfalls back at the main area of the sewers.  
    Once the water is shut off you can open the gate.  Press the right joystick to turn
    off the left waterfall.
    Go to the left waterfall, go through the gate and you will find a door with a red 
    light above it and further up a metal gate that you cannot enter.  Go through the 
    red light door, you will be in a stone passageway.  There is a statue of an imp 
    here and it comes to life, you must fight it.  
    ===MINI BOSS - Green Imp===
    He's very easily defeated, when you have killed him, examine the column in the middle of 
    the room and you will recieve a red vial and antidote.  You can keep coming back in here 
    and getting more of these as needed. (see Megatone's map of B2F)
    Check the walls and you will see a short hallway with brown doors at the end.  Inside
    you have to fight a few zombies and will find a blue crystal, antidote, and a map, I think
    that its the map of the third floor.
    You can now go back and close the other waterfall.  Inside you find another door with 
    a red light and a cave entrance.  Watch out for those little white tentacles here too.
    Inside the red light door you will find a green shark and a green mosquito demon.  
    Watch out for the green mosquito demon because he will try to jump onto your back and suck 
    your life force or impale you with his three tongues.  You will eventually reach 
    another of the brown doors with red lights above.  Inside you will find floating 
    platforms.  You must jump onto the platforms, when you get across you will find a 
    handle.  Now return to the cave you saw before, kill the green fire worm.  
    You will find a purple vial.  
    Now you can go back to the place where you fought the green imp but don't go through
    that red light door again.  Ahead is the large rusted door that you can't open, to
    the right of this door is a crack in the wall that you can go through.  Go inside
    and up the staircase through the red light door at the top.  
    Inside you will find a purple vial to your right.  Go up the little staircase and get 
    the green vial in the corner.  Go further to the left here and you will find a panel
    on the wall with three handles, blue, red, and green.  Turning the red handle raises
    the grey floor panel next to the large box on the ledge.  Turning the blue handle 
    raises the small grey floor panel.   Turning the green handle raises the grey floor
    panel by the door which is too high up on the wall to reach.  This is where you
    use the handle you found in the floating platform room.
    Turn the red handle and push the large box onto the platform.  Be sure that you push
    the box to the edge of the platform.  Now lower the platform and push the box onto 
    the small grey floor panel.  Make sure that the box is up against the wall.  When 
    you have done so, go back and turn the blue handle and then push the box onto grey
    floor panel below the door on the wall.
    Note: Remember, you can push objects MUCH farther if you hold the O button instead
    of pressing it repeatedly.
    Go back and put the little platform down and turn the green handle to raise the one
    beneath the door.  Now go through the door.  
    ----------5. THE BASEMENT (second half)----------
    You are now in the basement again.  Inside you will be in a hallway with
    green lights, you will fight a green mosquito demon and find a red vial.  Continue 
    through the hallway and at the top you will see a cutscene.  You are in a room with
    tons of coffins and another vampire hunter, he wants to fight so take him out.
    Bolgov (Green Vampire Hunter), this guy is rather tough, he runs around you in circles 
    and shoots you with his arm-crossbow.  If you get close to him he kicks you too.  Of
    course block when you know he is going to shoot.  Sometimes you can estimate when he
    is going to stop and whack him.  Otherwise if you are close enough you can hit him
    before he shoots.  Mostly attack him when he stops to shoot and block immediately
    thereafter to lessen the blow from his kick.  The little bastard unfortunately runs
    away in the end but I guess he's learned a lesson not to mess with D.
    If you need to go back to a lower level of the sewer, the main coffin is a door
    that takes you back.  There doesn't seem to be anything else you can do here.  You
    can look at the body if you want.  Straight ahead is a door under a staircase, inside
    you will find a femal mutant, this one is much stronger than the other's you have
    fought.  You will find a red vial here and a silver bat key card.  Exit the room and go 
    up the staircase.  
    ----------6. THE GRAVEYARD (1F)----------
    You are now in the graveyard outside of the obelisk one gate.  Here you will fight
    a large imp (walking), he's tougher than the small flying ones so be careful.  
    Unfortunately the gates still won't open so head to the right and through the large
    ----------7. THE THIRD FLOOR----------
    Inside you are now in a short hall, open the doors at the end (looks like and elevator)
    and when you exit, climb the green staircase.  Go through the doors with the blue
    lights and you will fight an intelligent cube.  These REALLY suck, they can shoot
    lasers and fly around with sharp blades.  
    You came in the blue doors with the upsidedown L (gamma) so enter the brown doors 
    across the hall.  Inside this big hall you will find a red vial to the right and a map in 
    the far corner for the fourth floor.  In the middle of the room are two gates on 
    both sides so proceed to the doors at the end of the hall at watch out for the cube
    in the next room. 
    ----------8. OBELISK TWO COURTYARD (1F)----------
    NOTE: You may want to do this later as you will not find the blue gem until MUCH later.
    You are now in another hall like the one before.  You will see a blue door across
    the other side with strange red markings on it.  Enter and descend the red stairs.
    Use this elevator and enter the blue doors when you get out.  You are now in the 
    courtyard outside obelisk room two.  Behind the door tower you will find a green gem.
    To open this large red door you need two gems, blue and green.  Return to where you
    entered the courtyard and check out the panel to place the green gem.  Unfortunately
    this activates a laser above the door so watch out.  
    ----------9. THE THIRD FLOOR COMPUTER----------
    Return to the hall where you fought the second cube and head south.  On the 
    right is a door with a yellow symbol (phi).  Use your silver bat key card here.  You 
    will now find a yellow staircase and elevator just like in the other blue doors.  Go 
    in the elevator and down the hall to a door with a rectangular blue light above it.  
    You cannot open this door yet so return to hall two.
    Proceed down the hall and you will find another door with a triangle above it.
    Inside you will find a red vial and will be attacked by a cube and hellhound.  Around
    the right corner is a brown carved door, inside are three computers.  Access the
    center computer and use your silver bat key card.  This will unlock "SC Level Under
    027."  You will be shown the map and see that the rooms on the second floor of the
    castle are now accessible and highlighted in red.
    Leave the room and watch out for the baddies.  Proceed down the hall to another blue
    door with a grey marking on it.  This is another elevator hall so check it out.  
    Down here is another large imp and you will also find a green vial, wooden steaks, and
    a map of the "Tower of the Sun."  You can't open the door at the end of the hall so
    return to hall two again.  If you continue down the hall you will be in hall one
    where you started this area.  Continue down the hall and you will see a blue door
    with a triangle on it (delta) and one with an upside down V (lambda).  Neither will 
    open so pick up the stun grenades across from the V door.  
    Proceed to the great hall doors and enter, go to the gate on the right.  You will 
    be given an option, left to enter and right to cancel.  This transports you back
    to the main entrance hall at the beginning of the game.  Now you can go and check
    out those rooms on the second floor.  Anytime you want to go up again just stand on
    the platform and press O and select the left option to accept.
    ----------10. THE SECOND FLOOR (part two)----------
    I went back upstairs through the vampire password door so the faq will follow
    that path.
    Ascend the staircases and go through the stone doors.  Proceed down the hall and 
    make a left there going towards the room where you saw the ghost.  Enter the triangle
    doors on the left side of this short hall.  
    You are now in a small hallway with two blue doors, go in the first one on the left.
    Inside you'll fight a female mutant and find a blue vial.  Hidden behind the bed
    you will find the third blue crystal.  Return to the small hall
    and try the next door, it still will not open so go back to the larger hall again.
    Go back to the red room where you met the woman's ghost and fell into the sewer
    and get a purple vial.  Its the other door in this short hall.  Now head back 
    downstairs to the main hall and use the platform to go to the upper level.  
    Go through the triangle doors at the end and through the blue hall with the grey
    vampire spider.  Go through the triangle doors here and into the next hall.  
    Go to the left short hall and into the triangle doors on the other side of the laser.
    You will be in another short hallway like on the other side.  Go in the first blue 
    door and you will be greeted by a green vampire spider.  Take care of him and get
    the blue sun card.
    ----------11. THE FIRST FLOOR (broken platform)----------
    When you try to go back upstairs, to the third floor, you see a cutscene and hear 
    a noise, D steps off the platform.  You can't go upstairs now.  If you go through 
    the red spider door, you will get a message when you enter the laser eyeball room.  
    I don't know what this really means...
    Anyway, go back through the blue spider door and down to the basement where you 
    used the computer chip.  You will fight Meirlink again and he is tough.
    Note: If you do not have your sword drawn and skip the cutscene your sword will
    not be drawn when the battle begins.
    ----------12. MEIRLINK (B1F)----------
    ===BOSS STRATEGY - MEIRLINK, Battle Two===
    Ok, now he has grenades, he tosses out three at a time and they really hurt you
    alot, you can't block them with your cape.  Only way to avoid them is to jump
    toward Meirlink while attacking.  He also turns into bats and reappears elsewhere,
    just watch for where he is going to land.  This battle is very tough if you have
    no vials left.  When he attacks with the grenades its usually two or three times 
    in a row.  If you have grenades be sure to drop them where you know he is going
    to land.  This will give you an edge.
    When you win this battle he again dissappears.  In the cutscene you see a rocket
    on the computer screen?  When D leaves the room you will see another cutscene of
    the girl you saved earlier being attacked by zombies, you have to kill them of 
    course.  When you have, D will have a conversation with the woman and a spirit 
    appears (someone Meirlink killed?).  D leaves the room and you see yet another
    cutscene of the woman vampire hunter with her tank from the intro movie.
    ----------13. BACK TO THE BEGINNING (1F)----------
    When the cutscene ends you find yourself at the front doors of the castle again.
    Now the platform for the upper levels works again.  If you go upstairs you will
    notice that the second gate is now open and the other platform takes you to the
    fourth floor.  But the doors at the end of the hall won't open so there isn't
    really any reason to bother with this yet.
    ----------14. THE NINJA (BENGEY) (3F)----------
    If you go into the door with the yellow symbol (phi), you will see a cutscene where a 
    ninja cuts off D's symbiote hand.  When D attacks, the ninja melts into the ground.
    Now you have no symbiote... sucky sucky.  The door at the end of this hall now
    opens.  Enter and at the end of this hall you will find a green vial, thank goodness...
    ----------15. TOWER OF THE SUN----------
    You are now in the tower of the sun.  You should already have a map for this area.
    Inside the door you find a round room with an altar in the middle.  There doesn't 
    seem to be anything you can do here, at least not yet...  Head upstairs, inside
    the door you find another round room and a green vial.  If you touch the panel on
    the wall a card appears in the tube and drops to the lower level.  You'll also
    find grenades here.  Exit the room and head back downstairs to retrieve the card.
    When you enter the room, it resembles a model of the planets, attempt to get 
    through them unscathed and retrieve the moon card.  After you get the moon card
    the planets calm down.  Now head up to the third floor.  
    Watch out for the flying imps and go until you reach a dead end, you will find a 
    red vial and wooden steaks.  Go back and enter the door.  A cutscene will play
    again with the ninja that took D's symbiote.  You have to fight him...yippee (sarcasm).
    This guy throws his blade around like a boomerang.  He runs around alot so just 
    chase him.  Unfortunately when he dissapears and reappears you can't use the 
    same strategy as with Meirlink and grenades BECAUSE YOU ONLY HAVE ONE ARM!!!!
    shit that sucks.  Just hack away at him when you can.  Its not too hard of a battle
    when you get a feel for it.
    Afterwards you will see a cutscene where D falls and dies at the hand of the 
    ninja.  Later you see a humorous scene where the symbiote gets the woman vampire
    hunter in the red outfit to help him find D.  
    NOW YOU GET TO BE THE CHICK!!! KICK ASS!!!  and she has a map for the first, second,
    and third floor, so if you missed one then it will now be in your inventory.
    ----------16. LEILA (obelisk room two 1F)----------
    [LEILA, the woman vampire hunter in the red suit]
    This is really sweet, she has a gun and you draw it same as D's sword.  The bullets
    are seemingly limitless as well, kick ass.  It isn't the most powerful gun but it
    has its advantages.  Now you can shoot bats right out of the air!!  One drawback
    is that she can't have the gun equipped and move.  Her controls are pretty much 
    otherwise the same as for D except she cannot block attacks.  Now you have to find D.
    Run around as much as you want.  Then go and use the platform to go upstairs to 
    the third floor.  You will see a cutscene of our new hero and a woman in a yellow 
    dress.  Ok I must take a moment to say, DAMN THIS GAME IS COOL!  Alright, back to 
    the FAQ :)  
    ----------17. THE THIRD FLOOR----------
    After the long cutscene, go to the door with the yellow symbol (phi) and when you
    enter the symbiote will tell you something...  The door at the end of the hall is
    now locked.
    ----------18. D'S BODY (1F Graveyard)----------
    Exit and head for the upside down L door (gammma).  At the graveyard you will see
    another cutscene.  The girl digs up D's body.  Watch the hand ihale! :)  D is
    revived!!! hooray!! :)  
    Now we see both of them in the yellow hall and our heroes part ways.  Notice that
    D's meters are refilled, etc, yea.
    ----------19. NINJA (BENGEY) BATTLE TWO (tower of the sun)---------- 
    Go back up the tower again, at the ninja's room, another cutscene.  This kicks ass.
    ===BOSS STRATEGY - NINJA (BENGEY), battle two===
    This time he peeks out of his hole and throws his sword, otherwise his tactics are
    the same ...but THIS TIME HE DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    You can't do anything with the panel on the wall...
    ----------20. FOURTH FLOOR----------
    Go back to the fourth floor and you will use your moon card.  In the next door you will
    find two short pillars and two glowing balls.  Slice them with your sword (you have to 
    stand back).  They both have to be purple for the bridge to form (maybe they just have to
    be the same) anyway, watch for the yellow and then swing.  It worked for me.
    Inside the door you will find the lady in the yellow dress and see a cutscene.  
    Afterwards, you will be outside on the roof.  To the left you find a red vial and to 
    the right you find another blue crystal.  
    ----------21. TOWER OF THE MOON----------
    Enter the next window and D will jump into a room with three doors.  You are now in the
    tower of the moon.  There is a door behind D, a door across from him with a red light
    above it and another door that looks just like it but without the red light.  Enter this
    room and you will find two red vials a map of this tower.  Also in the other corner you
    will find the woman's in the yellow dress' body and see a cutscene.  Apparently she's 
    Exit and you will see another cutscene where a man in a red vest challenges D.  This guy
    just runs away!! what a pussy.  The trick is to get him up against a wall or use your
    wooden steaks.  After you kick his ass he runs away and D picks up the crescent moon card.
    BE SURE TO SAVE HERE!!! The next battle is tough.
    ===BOSS BATTLE - MACHIRA (second battle)===
    Head off into the door that was behind D when he first entered this room.  Outside you
    find the little pussy and get some nice FMV.  He now attacks with fireballs mostly and 
    still runs around like a pussy.  He does the zombie claw too.  Attack him when he tries
    to use a fireball and watch out cause he blocks your attack after a few seconds.  This 
    battle really sucks.  Just keep trying, it is really really hard.  You just have to watch
    him for a while and get a feel for it.  Use the autoface to your advantage in avoiding 
    his fireballs.
    After you defeat him, go back inside the tower and into the room where the lady with the
    yellow dress was.  She's gone now... hmmm... she was looking rather purple for being 
    freshly dead... *wink*, we know whats up eh? :)
    That's all you need to see here so head back to the main room and into the door with the
    red light.
    You will be in a hallway and this place is basically the inverse of the tower of the sun.
    Be sure to go around the left corner to get the red vial before you head downstairs.  Go
    in the door downstairs.  When you try to walk across the floor you fall to the room below
    but that's ok cause to the left side of this big machine you find another blue crystal.  
    To the right side you find the controls and turn the upstairs floor back on.  
    Outside of this room watch out for a vampire spider and head back to the room on the 
    second floor.  Watch out for those bats again... Make your way around carefully and get
    another the gold bat card key.  Exit the tower.
    ----------22. CARMILLA (3F)----------
    Now you are back on the third floor map and will be in the purple hallway and exit through
    the delta door (blue triangle).  Now go back to the control room for this floor and 
    access the computer.  You are given two options "Dunpeel" and "Governs."  If you choose
    "Dunpeel you will be attacked by two intelligent cubes.  If you choose "Governs" you will
    use the gold bat card key and unlock all of the rooms on the first floor that have been
    closed for ever so long.  'Bout FUCKIN' time!!
    As you go to leave you see a cutscene where D checks the monitors on the wall and sees 
    Leila (the chick vampire hunter in the red outfit) in trouble again.  As you go to leave 
    the room to save her you see the ghost of the woman and she becomes the woman from the
    painting in the main hall of the castle.  Time to fight!!
    She attacks with fireballs and then appears/disappears alot.  Her blue icd knives can be
    avoided by blocking.  If you stand too close to her when she materializes she will just 
    disappear again.  The only way to harm her is to smack those red fireballs that just hang
    in the air, back at her.  Just keep your distance and dodge her blue ice knives.  The
    fireballs hurt her alot so it won't be too hard.  Just watch out because her attacks are
    powerful and the camera angles are really a hindrance here.
    Now use the platform elevator again to go back to the first floor and check out those 
    ----------23. IMPS (1F)----------
    Go through the blue door and get that room above the basement out of the way.  Inside you
    will find red, purple, and green vials.  You'll also find a blue crystal and wooden steaks.  
    Now go back to the other side of the castle.
    Go through the red spider door, head past the painting room to the very little hall where
    you found the blue spider card, etc.  Inside the gold door you find the green wind card key and
    yeah just as you could have guessed, those imps statues come to life.
    ===MINI BOSS - Double Imps===
    They are easliy dispensed as they are no different from your typical imps.  Stand on the
    pillar if it helps.
    ----------24. ALL THE ROOMS ON 2F----------
    Head up to the "mankind" password door.  Upstairs on the second floor you can now open 
    the blue doors in the short hallways.  You can also open the wooden doors with gold trim.
    Enter and inside you will find a green vial, go through the yellow stone-looking door and you 
    will be in the upper part of the main hall, go straight across and through the door that looks
    exactly the same.  Inside you will find a red vial.  Exit through the brown door and you are 
    in the hall on the other side of the second floor.
    You will notice a solid wooden door and inside you find a weird pink room.  This is where you
    get the golden key for the music boxes.  
    Go down to the short hall on the left side of the map and into the blue door room that you 
    couldnt enter before.  You find stun grenades and a music box, use the key on the box and listen
    to the music it plays.  Go over to the spider door and set the buttons on the control panel so 
    that they play the same song.  Its really really easy.  If you don't think so then check out
    the map section as I have the solution.
    You get a blue crystal and an antidote and another box.  Head to the other side of 2F and enter the
    room that looks like this one and is in correspondingly the same spot.  Do the same as you did
    before with the music box and inside the spider door you will find a room with heads on the wall 
    and yellow lasers.  Just jump over them, they don't trigger anything they just zap you.  Here you 
    get the water card and some wooden steaks in the music box room.
    ----------25. LAMBDA DOOR (3F)----------
    After you've taken care of all that head back to the third floor and that upside-down V 
    door (lambda) will finally open.  Inside you find a red vial.  
    ----------26. RESCUING LEILA (B1F part three)----------
    Here you save Leila from two zombies and get the blue gem. FINALLY!!!  (ok so its actually kinda
    purple)  It doesn't seem like you can do anything else here and you can't take her with you so
    its time to head out and use that blue gem.  Head back to the door with the red symbol and use your
    blue gem in the console at the obelisk two courtyard.  Inside you get the fire card.
    ----------27. BACK TO THE FIRST FLOOR----------
    Head back down to the first floor and check out the red door room that is on the way to 
    clock room 2.  Inside are little searchlights and if you are caught under them then bats will
    appear.  You get wooden steaks and a blue crystal here too.  Head into the next room and you
    find alot of large torches.  Put out all of the torches with your sword and the door will open.
    In the next room everything is dark, before you move at all jump up and smack that white
    glowing thing with your sword.  This turns the lights on.  Pretty much just look for where
    there are little white spots on teh ground and jump there.  In here you find a red vial, grenades,
    wooden steaks and a box floating in the air, its a blue crystal.  
    Don't worry if you keep falling, it doesn't hurt you.  And unfortunately the lights only 
    stay on for a little while.  If you don't feel like it then don't bother with this room.  It's not
    real important.
    ----------28. BOLGOV'S RETURN (1F)----------
    Head out to the main hall and use your three cards under the painting of Carmilla.  You will notice
    that one is missing and Leila comes down from the third floor.  There is a little cutscene and 
    you will have to fight Bolgov again.
    ===BOSS - BOLGOV (battle two)===
    Watch out for his lightning triangle and as usual attack him when he stops.  This is pretty easy.
    When he's done getting his ass kicked like he deserves you will recieve the last card key of course.
    Its the earth card.  Go ahead and use it where you used the others.
    ----------29. BEHIND CARMILLA'S PAINTING----------
    Inside you will be in a tunnel, there is an elevator here and you can choose to go to the 1F or 3F.
    If you choose 1F you will end up in a dead end room.  If you do go there when you enter the elevator
    you can go back to 2F or up to 3F.  Go up to 3F and you will be in a red hall.  Enter the door at 
    the end and you will see a cutscene.  I won't give away what happens here but its pretty cool.
    Go through the door on the right of the room and you will find Carmilla again.  You find the 
    yellow dress lady's body again so maybe she isn't dead...
    Enter the door and you see another cutscene and a little FMV, holy shit...
    ===BOSS - CARMILLA (battle two)===
    ---Strategy Part One---
    Ok, if you stand right in front of her, most of the time she can't hit you.  She attacks with 
    her arm when you are far away and slicing this is how you can hurt her.  If you are out of 
    reach she attacks with lasers that are pretty slow.  Also, she can stick her arms into the ground
    and attack you.  I suggest turning the auto-lock off for this battle.
    ---Strategy Part Two---
    After you whack her arm a few times, it comes off.  Then she does the ground thing non-stop.
    After a few more whacks her other arm comes off.  Now you have to go for her torso but watch out
    because she will trap you in bubbles that prevent you from jumping or moving and throws dark 
    matter balls at you.  
    The dark matter can be blocked with your cape but the bubbles can't.  She is really tough as 
    your attacks are very weak against her.  Just keep hacking away and hopefully you've saved some
    of those blue crystals cause you're gonna need 'em now.
    Most of the time you can stand right in front of her and block the dark matter, letting the bubble
    get you, and just hacking away.  When she uses her lasers you'll have to run around a bit.
    EXTREME patience is the only way to win here.
    When you succeed, and you will, you see some VERY short FMV and then a cutscene.  Damn that's cool.
    The symbiote is good for everything! :)  After the battle you will notice that your symbiote meter
    is refilled.  So use it as much as you want during the battle and don't waste any blue crystals if
    you don't have to or your capsules.
    ----------30. MEIRLINK----------
    I think Leila is dead now so leave the room and you will see another cutscene of Meirlink with
    the girl in the yellow dress.  Afterward, you may want to return to the rest of the castle to
    pick up items you missed, etc.  If so then choose 2F at the elevator.  If not then proceed to 1F of
    Carmilla's elevator and you'll see another cutscene.  It would be a good idea to build your VP 
    meter before this battle because the extra attack power always helps.
    ===FINAL BOSS - MEIRLINK (battle three)===
    Ah finally, now for the final bout.  His attacks are largely the same.  He still uses those
    ever-so-dealy grenades, and his knives, etc.  He also jumps away from you when you attack him
    making it harder to land those wonderful multiple hits.  You would do well to back him into 
    corners and to use the grenade trick from the last battle.  It is much tougher to do this time
    though because he is alot faster.  It really seems to help if you jump around alot when attacking
    Meirlink.  This throws him off-guard a bit and you can get in more hits while avoiding more of 
    his attacks.  This is a pretty tough battle because he is just impossible to hurt, each attack
    does such little damage against him.  
    Watch out for REALLY bad camera angles cause he'll get your up against a wall and bomb the hell
    out of you.  Use your cheap shot of an attack, the super slash, cause it works.  Especially
    when he disappears/reappears.  I had the best luck fighting him from a distance.  When he appears
    super slash him and then retreat.  Let him disappear and then do it again.  This way you can
    avoid his grenades which are what get me every time.  
    The most important thing in this battle is to know when to cut your losses and reteat.  If you
    see that he is manuvering you into a bad position then get the hell out of there and try again
    somewhere that you have the advantage.  
    If you ever finish the battle, then you see a cutscene and some short but nice FMV of D 
    outside the castle.  The credits music is nice (think tenchu forest but upbeat).
    Thanks for reading, hope it helped. 
    L. Endings
    Ok, first of all, it is rumored that there are multiple endings for this game, something that
    I have mixed feelings about...
    Now the exact criteria for getting different endings is still sketchy.  The typical criteria
    would be to: 
    a) complete the game on different difficulty settings, 
    b) to take alternate paths in the game affecting the storyling, 
    c) and lastly, the ending could be determined by the length of time that it takes to complete
    the game.
    So, if you write to me to tell me what ending you got, please include these three peices of 
    ---Ending One---
    D kills Mierlink and everyone else dies.  D stands alone outside the castle as it crumbles.
    In the ending that I got, everyone but D dies.  After the final battle, D kills Meirlink and he 
    falls on Charlotte's body.  Leila (I think) dies in the room where you fight Carmilla, and at the
    end you see FMV of D outside the castle on his horse alone as the castle crumbles.  Since we don't
    see what happens to Leila or Charlotte I assume they die.
    ---Ending Two--- (rumored)
    D and Leila are outside the castle when it collapses and Mierlink escapes in a rocketship.
    "Sparky T" says:
    "If you play through the game again,follow my path and you will get another ending:D with his
    horse and Leila riding her bike,both staring at the falling castle from a distance,while Mairlink
    escapes in a rocketship(the one that got ready in the control room,maybe?).I also noticed that if 
    you enter the doors before the fight with Machira in a different order(sorry,I just can't remember
    how I did it) Leila appears and after ashort cutscene D and Leila remove the woman with the yellow
    dress in a previous room with a bed(can't remember which).Then you regain control of D,while Leila
    stays with the woman.Then I decided to follow your path,reloaded the game before the Machira battle
    and followed your walkthrough."
    Megatone says:
    "Just completed again VHD and got the alternative ending with everybody
    alive. I guess that to get it you have to don't enter the big picture room
    on F1, also you have to get Leila weapon on BF1 (in the rooms shaped as a
    sort of "O" and "D" when leila is going to be attacked by zombies for the
    second time)  . Some of the animation changes and you get a "happy ending"!
    Hope this explanations are clear..."
    M. MAPS  (these need to be updated a bit)
    LEGEND FOR MAPS (except Megatone's)
    |=solid walls
    : "=motion sensors
    ` ,=portal/transport platforms
    P=password door
    /=empty space
             |   \
             |    \
       ______| E.  \
      |  _   _     |
      | | | | |    /
      | | | | |   /
    __| |_| | |__/
                                               |    ]]]   | from Sewers
                            ______             |          |
                      _____|      |            |          |
                     |     |      |            |          |
             ________|  A  |  B   |            |     C    |
            |  ______>     >      |            |          |
            | |      |     |______|            |          |
            | |      |     |                   |          |
        ____| |      |_____|                   |     >   _|
       ]]]____|                                |_]]]]]]]|    to 1F
       to 1F                                      |  >D |
    A. Items
    B. Meirlink - alternate battle one (if you didn't fight him earlier on 1F)
       Computer, use the computer chip and turn on the password doors
       Map of B1F                    
    C. Coffin Room, you fight Bolgov, the green vampire hunter here
    D. Silver Bat Key Card
    E. Blue Gem
    -=B2F=- (partial) Megatone's Map
      ____   I      I  ____
     I    I==I      I=I X  I
     I____I  I______I I____I      X = here!
    "There's a room on B2F where you can get unfinished blood capsules and poison
     antidothes. It's the room before the norther one (with the three zombies, I
     think it is a room where the burn corpses) there's a sort of column in the
     middle of the room and on it you get the items (but you have to keep on
     going out and inside to get them every time).
    (well, hope this sort of map helps!)
     I used this trick to get 20 blood capsule and fight the final boss."
                     red staircase to 2F / to B1F
                             ___________   ____
                            |  _______  |_|    |     _______
                         ___| | ]]]]  | __>____|    |  [[[[ |__
                        |  ____P[[[[__|>__]]]]|    _|__]]]]P_  |
                        | |                       | >   |_>J_| |  
                        | |            _____>I____|_|   |  __| |   
         _______       _| |           |           |/| D | ||>| |_
    from|    _  |    _|_|>|___________|   K `C H  |/|_>_|>||L|>| |_____________
    3F  >    >| |   |o  > >_ _______  | ]]]]]]]]] |  ________> >  __o>_>F ___]]| to 3F Green Hall (gamma) 
    red |_____G_|     |_|>| >  |    | | ]]]]]]]]] | |    >   |>|_|     | |           (upside-down L door)
    hall                | |    |    | | ]]]]]]]]] | |____|   | |       | |
                        | |    |    | |           |__  | ____| |       |]]| to B1F Coffin Room
                        | | E  |    | |           |  | |>    | |  
                        | |____|    | >           >  > |   >_| |
                        |__  |      |_|___________|__|_|__|  __|
                           | |                            | |
                           | |  __                    __  | |
                           | |_|  |                  |  |_| |
                           |___>_B|                  |A_>___|
    A. Clock Room 1
    B. Clock Room 2
    C. Platform Transport to 3F (this is technically 2F)
    D. Meirlink Battle One (painting room)
    E. Computer Chip in Chapel
    F. D's Grave
    G. Fire Card
    H. Earth Card (at the end of the game) / Bolgov (battle two)
    I. Carmilla's Door/Elevator (this is technically 2F)
    J. Green Wind Card
    K. Red Spider Card Key (technically this is 2F)
    L. Blue Spider Card Key
      red staircase          blue staircase
     __________                 __________
    | >]]]]]]  |  <--to 1F-->  |  [[[[[[> |
    | |[[[[[[__|_______________|__]]]]]]| |
    |_______ __  >   > H >   >  __________|
     ____|  >  | |___|   |___| |__________
    |    |     |>|  ]]]]]]]  |>|     |    |
    | A  |  E  | |  ]]]]]]]  | |  C  |  B |
    |__>_|_____|"|    to     |"|_____|__>_|
    |___ __:___  |    1F     |  __:___ ___|
    |  |>|  F  | |           | |  G  |>|  |
    |  | |__>__|"|           |"|__>__| |D |
    |__>_>     | |           | |     | >__|
         |_____|>|           |>|_____>_|
               | |___________| |
    A. Ghost of Woman Room
    B. Ghost of Girl Room
    C. Inside the Mirror Room
    D. Sun Key Card
    E. Music Box Key
    F. Music Box Room One
    G. Music Box Room Two / Water Card Key
    H. Carmilla's Door/Elevator
                     __to B1F part3     __from Tower of the Moon
                     \>\               />/
              ______  \ \             / /   ______
             |>____0|  \ \           / /   |0____>|
               B1F      \ \         / /      Tower
                         \E\       /F/ 
                          / _______ \
    to        ___________| /___,___\ |___________
    obelisk  |>________D_> >___ H__> >_B________>| to Graveyard 1F
    courtyard 1F         | \___`___/ | 
                          \  __ __  /
                          />/ />\ \>\ 
              ______     /C/ | > | \G\      ______
             |>____0|   / /   \A/   \ \    |>____0| 
               1F      / /           \ \      1F
                      / /             \ \ 
                     />/    ______     \>\
                   to      |>____0|
                 Tower        Tower
                 of Sun
    A. Computer Room / Carmilla (battle one, much later)
    B. Gamma Door (upside-down L), green hall
    C. Phi Door (yellow symbol), yellow hall
    D. Red Sybmol Door, red hall
    E. Lamda Door (upside-down V), white hall
    F. Delta Door (blue triangle)
    G. Grey Symbol Door, grey hall
    H. Platform Transports, to 4F and 1F
     _______________|    |
    |  ____>__XXX___>    |
    | |     bridge  |____|
    | |     is out
    | |
    | |
    | |
    from 3F
    -=Tower Of The Sun=-
    1F, moon card/planet room
    2F, release for moon card
    3F, Ninja (bengey) Battle 1&2
    -=Tower Of The Moon=-
    1F, power station, blue crystal
    2F, green wind Key Card
    3F, Battle With Machira 1&2
    -=Music Box Rooms=-
    For each of these you have to align the buttons to play the correct tones.  There
    are five possible positions for each button.
    the dashes represent each position and the circles are the buttons
    Room One: (on the left side of the map)
    | | |o| | |
    | | | | | |
    | |o| | | |
    | | | |o| |
    |o| | | |o|
    Room Two: (on the right side of the map)
    |o| | | |o|
    | | | | | |
    | |o| | | |
    | | | |o| |
    | | |o| | |
    N. Acknowledgements/Credits
    NOTE: if you contribute/email me with interesting info your message may well
    be reproduced in its entirity here.  By emailing me you give me permission to do so.
    If you have a problem with that then just tell me, its ok.
    As for credits there's me of course, I have worked very hard at this game.
    Acknowledgement goes out to "Megatone" who is hereafter a god because
    he figured out what to do on the fourth floor and for his info on ending #2.
    And to Sparky T for info about the second ending.
    If you have any info that I have not included,
    anything to add, or correct, anything I missed, please email me at xardion@hotmail.com
    You can ask questions there too but I really can't answer anything that isn't
    "VHD" (or something to that effect), otherwise your message WILL NOT be read and WILL 
    BE DELETED.  I get alot of spam and I delete anything that I'm not looking for.  Your 
    chances of a reply for lame questions is 0%.  I can't remember everything and also, 
    I figured it out from scratch so read the FAQ and use your own head.
    I don't really care what you do with this FAQ but legally it is mine and is copyrighted.
    So please don't ever distribute it for profit, EVERYTHING SHOULD BE FREE!!!!!!!
    (and if its not we'll have to make it eh? :)  Most of all please don't copy
    this and call it your own. If you do satan will reserve a special place for you
    in hell ;)
    The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com and much less 
    reliably at www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/4890/index.html
    Thanx for reading, hope this FAQ helps.  -Kyuss

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