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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JWilliamson

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                    |         VANDAL HEARTS GUIDE        |
                    |                                    |
                    |      Compiled by Wolverine Inc.    |
                    | URL:    www.ece.wisc.edu/~jeremiah |
                    | mailto: jeremiah@ece.wisc.edu      |
                    |                                    |
      Doesn't every document have to have one of these?  Anyway,  I compiled the
      strategy guide with the notion of obtaining perfection in each battle with
      minimal support.  By perfection, I'm referring to getting through a battle
      without losing a character, finding all secrets and opening all chests. 
      Obviously this is not necessary and not even called for.  I like to keep
      all my characters in the fight so they all have an opportunity to gain 
      experience.  Also quite obvious is that there are plenty of other methods
      of fighting a battle.  I'm sure there are many "better" ways to do it as
      well.  What I've provided in the walkthru are the strategies I used to get
      thru each board "perfectly".  All of these things depend greatly on what
      you choose your characters to be.  
      Although I provided the level and #hp's of each enemy in each battle, I
      don't know that this is a static value.  I tend to believe that the key 
      battle enemies are dependent on Ash's level but I'm not sure.  If anyone
      DOES know, or has any different values for the normal fights, let me know!
      However, the makeup of the enemy party will not change.  Also I have provided
      the MAX gold value that you can get out of each battle (except one where 
      I missed an eggworm - sorry).  
      If there are any game mistakes in this guide, please let me know and I'll 
      fix it, particularly if I missed any secrets!
      1) Listen to the dojo man.  Arrows work VERY well against flying creatures
         and mages.  Magic works VERY well against heavily armored dudes (golems
         and such).  Swords work VERY well against archers.  Kind of a scissors
         rock, paper thing we got here.
      2) Look for secrets on EVERY board.  I like to tilt the board up (higher
         elevation view) at the beginning of each battle.  Luckily just about all
         of the secrets are easy to find.  Just look for discrepancies in the
         terrain.  The one's you can't immediately see you'll be told about in
      3) Save your key battles for the following chapter once you've become better
         equipped EXCEPT for the last one.  The sooner you make Ash into a Demigod
         (ahem... Vandalier) the better.  He has access to EVERY spell in the game!
      4) Use in-battle saves as needed on the later boards (one's with mages).  
         However, only do it once the enemy has complete its turn.
      5) I almost never used any items (maybe 3 or 4 megaherbs and 2 mage gems 
         during the entire game and nothing else).  This is NOT a good idea.  Your
         characters gain experience. Sometimes a lot, especially if you're using
         an item on a higher level character!  Also, let your non-spellcasters 
         use items.  Later on, your spellcasters will end up doing most of the work
         and can leave the rest of your party in the dust in terms of levels!
      6) Use your ability to know the enemies range of movement.  This will prove
         to be of huge importance to getting through crucial battles.  
      7) Avoid exposing characters.  Sticking together and using a phalanx style 
         attack works very well!
      8) As soon as you can upgrade a characters equipment DO SO.  One of the
         reasons I worked hard at getting the MAX gold from each battle is to ensure
         that all of my characters were FULLY equipped.  
      9) Yes, there is a cheat in the game (well, sorta...)  Since your characters
         gain experience using items it should be obvious how this is accomplished.
         Find a board where you have time after killing off the enemy or/and has
         healing circles (which restore both HP and MP). (That is, a board where 
         you have to get to an entrance in an unlimited number of rounds)  Load up 
         your party with a bunch of mage oils or gems before the battle.  After 
         killing off the enemy, have your spellcasters start casting spells that 
         aren't dependent on character status (such as Mystic Shield, healing is 
         dependent) while they are standing on the healing circles.  Keep reloading 
         their spell points by having characters give them oils/gems or have them 
         stand on the healing cirlces.  Since you gain more experience by giving
         an item to a character of higher level, the process of gaining levels gets
         accelerated as your mage gets up in levels.  HOWEVER, I believe the key
         battles enemy's levels are influenced by Ash's level.  Therefore, I'm not
         sure what advancing Ash this way will do???   Let me know if you find out!
         I screwed around with this but I didn't use the characters I created this
         way.  What can I say, I like to do things the hard way.
    Please mail me if you have any other good general hints or can fill in any of
      my blanks!!!
                       | VANDAL HEARTS Bunch o' Tables |
     ATK - Attack Value         
     DEF - Defense Value
     COST/VAL -  Cost of Item or Value of Item (if it can't be bought)
     FFOUND - First Found for purchase (referfect to village numbers below),
       in the case of secrets the chapter and scene are listed.
     1 - Captial Shumeria       2 - Village of Yuzu      3 - Remote City
     4 - Irusu Village          5 - Khanos City(?)       6 - Kerachi
     7 - Glasgow City           G - Gift                 S - Secret
     V - Value                  R - Range                F - Field
    NOTE: Although the Gold Axe is equippable (w/ a +0 ATK) I didn't include it
      with the weapons since it's only good for its monetary value.
    Short Sword  |    |        |   1   | Light Bow    |  3 |    110 |   1
    Long Sword   |  4 |    120 |   1   | Iron Bow     |  8 |    450 |   2
    Iron Sword   | 10 |    500 |   2   | Steel Bow    | 15 |   1800 |   5
    Great Sword  | 18 |   2000 |   5   | Great Bow    | 22 |   6660 |   7
    Mastersword  | 26 |   7400 |   7   | Rune Bow     | 25 | V:3400 | G:5.5   
    Caliburn     | 28 | V:4000 | G:6.1 |
    Vandal Heart | 40 | V:  -  | G:5.6 | 
    Light Staff  |  2 |    100 |   1   | Iron Axe     | 12 |    550 |   2
    Iron Staff   |  5 |    400 |   2   | Battle Axe   | 22 |   2200 |   5
    Magic Staff  |  9 |   1600 |   5   | Great Axe    | 27 |   8140 |   7
    Arkstaff     | 13 |   5900 |   7   | Ragnarok     | 39 | V:4500 | S:6.2 
    Spirit Staff | 10 | V:1000 | S:3.6 | 
    Runewand     | 14 | V:3000 | G:6.3 |
    Iron Spear   |  5 |    500 |   2   | Iron Claw    |  9 |    450 |   2
    Steel Lance  |  9 |   2000 |   5   | Steel Claw   | 17 |   1800 |   5
    Halberb      | 13 |   7400 |   7   | Death Claws  | 24 |   6660 |   7
    Dragon Spear | 14 | V:4000 | S:5.4 | Panzer Claws | 20 | V:1200 | S:5.2 
    Leather Helm |    |        |   1   | Bandana      |    |        |   1
    Light Helm   |  3 |     80 |   1   | Leather Band |  2 |     60 |   1
    Iron Helm    |  7 |    350 |   2   | Iron Cap     |  5 |    250 |   2
    Steel Mask   | 12 |   1400 |   5   | Steel Band   |  9 |   1000 |   5   
    Dragon Helm  | 18 |   5180 |   7   | Royal Crown  | 13 |   3700 |   7
    Leather Mask | 11 | V: 700 | S:4.5 |
    Grimhelm     | 15 | V: 900 | S:3.6 |
    Vandal Helm  | ?? | V: -   | G: -  |
    Padded Leath |  7 |    110 |   1   | Cape         |    |        |    
    Chain Mail   | 17 |    450 |   2   | Wool Robe    |  4 |     70 |   1
    Scale Mail   | 26 |   1800 |   5   | Masters Robe | 10 |    350 |   2
    Kevlar       | 39 |   6660 |   7   | Myst Robe    | 18 |   1400 |   5   
    Plate Armor  | 32 | V:1200 | S:5.1 | Mojo Robe    | 26 |   5180 |   7   
    Vandal Armor | ?? | V:6660 | G: -  | Zen Robe     | 20 | V: 900 | G:3.7 
                              PUCHASABLE ITEMS
    NOTE: Many of these items may also be found along the way.
    Herb       |  200 |   1  | Mage Oil   |  400 |   1  | Fire Gem   | 2000 |  1  
    Megaherb   |  800 |   4  | Mage Gem   | 1500 |   4  | Mood Ring  | 4000 |  2
    Elixir     |  100 |   1  | Life Orb   | 9000 |   6  | Aura Gem   | 8000 |  3
    Holy H20   | 9200 |   7  |                          | Wyrm Fang  |16000 |  6?
                                SECRET ITEMS
                    DESC.                           VAL   FOUND
    Bag Of Coin   Money Item                       1000  3.3,3.7
    Gold Axe      Money Item                       4000  4.1,5.6,6.3
    Mithril       Money Item                       5000  4.5,5.2,5.5
    Banana        Trade for Key #2 (Earth Key)       10  2.3 
    Macroman      1 of 3 Collector's Treasures       10  2.2
    Tarot         1 of 3 Collector's Treasures       10  3.4
    Ramen         1 of 3 Collector's Treasures       10  4.4
    Mad Book      Hold     R:5 F:0                  200  1.1,2.2
    Mushroom      Poison   R:5 F:2                  200  1.2,2.1
    Moonpie       Healing  R:0 F:0                  ???  2.1
    Ironboot      Protect  R:4 F:0                  300  2.4,3.4
    Unicorn       Attack   R:4 F:2 (Rainbow Storm)  500  3.3
    Kingfoil      Healing  R:0 F:1                  100  4.2
    Helstone      Attack   R:5 F:2 (Thunder Ball)  1000  5.2
    Shivbook      Attack   R:0 F:1 (Dagger Storm)  2000  5.5
    Necklace      Attack   R:6 F:1 (Dark Hurricane)3000  6.1
                             HOW TO ACQUIRE KEYS 
    Nova Key           Port City Monato Bar, for killing Death Ant in 1.5 
    Earth Key          Yuzu Bar, for finding Banana
    Mana Key           Found in 3.7
    Key of Chaos       Kerachi Tavern, Trade 3 Collector's Treasures for it
    Logos Key          Found in 5.4
    Key of Heaven      Glasgow City Tavern, Need 1st 5 prisms 
    NOTE: To get associated prism, give Ash the key and goto a dojo.  Upon leaving
      you will be asked if you want to Transform, do so. It doesn't seem to matter
      which dojo or when you do it. For all I know you can hold on to all the keys 
      until the end and do them all at once!
    Sorcerer/Enchanter   Bishop/Archbishop        Monk/Ninja      Champion/Paragon  
    ------------------   ------------------   -----------------   ----------------
    Roman Fire      16   Ultra Healing   18   Healing Circle 17   Faerie Star   18
    Poison Cloud    19   Magic Charge    20   Perfect Guide  19   Delta Mirage  23
    Spread Force    21   Holy Pressure   22   Thunder Flash  21
    Avalanche       23   Supreme Healing 25   Healing Wave   23
    Salamander      25                        Mystic Energy  25
                              KNOWN ENEMY SPELLS
    NOTE: (All except the healing spells are attack spells.  No poison 
      or paralyis or anything like that.)
    R/F - Range/Field   MP - Magic Point Cost
    NAME            R/F  MP   NAME            R/F  MP   NAME            R/F  MP 
    -----------------------   -----------------------   -----------------------
    Self Healing    0/0   2   Magic Arrow     5/1   5   Dark Fire       5/2  15
    Healing         4/0   3   Thunder Ball    5/2   5   Explosion       6/0  15
    Extra Healing   5/1   5   Dark Hurricane  6/1   8   Dynamo Hum      6/2  20
    Hyper Healing   5/2   8   Rainbow Storm   4/2   7   Rolling Thunder 8/0  
    Healing Circle  0/1   5   Dagger Storm    0/1   5   Harmful Wave    8/0
    Piercing Light  4/0   3   Plasma Wave     inf  15   Evil Stream     9/0
    Rainbow Stroke  6/0   5   
                 | VANDAL HEARTS Strategy Guide & Walkthru |
    /*   CHAPTER 1:  A Premonition Of War                                        */
    Section 1:  Passage Of Thieves
    Enemy: Zoot Gach, 2 Archers, 3 Brigands -- 700G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 2  
      1) Long Sword (back side of mtn.), 
      2) Mad Book (dirt patch behind tree where Zoot starts)
    Strategy:  Have Ash attack rear brigand 1st.  Move everyone back as far as
      they can go.  Run around mtn. to get secret #1.  Get secret #2 & clean up. 
    Go to Shumeria, drop by HQ. Leave Bar after talking to everyone.
    SCENE: Claymore blamed for death of Santana.
    Section 2: Capital Shumeria: Dover District
    Enemy: 4 War Ghosts (L2 22HP), 2 Hunter Imps (L3 25HP) -- 660G 
    Chests: 2 
      1) Herb  2) Herb 
    Secrets: 2 
      1) Long Bow (Circle of Grass @beginning)
      2) Mushroom (Sidewalk crack btw 2nd house & rail by river)
    Strategy: NONE (Easy)
    SCENE: Claymore surrenders to Crimson Guard. Dolf sending you on secret mission.
    Section 3: Palace Ruins
    Enemy: 9 Clay Golems (L6 56HP) -- 810G
    Chests: 2
      1) Elixir 2) Herb
    Secrets: 1
      1) Fire Gem (Dirt Patch behind aqueduct in front of 2nd stairs)
    Strategy:  Split party (Ash up stairs, rest towards 1st chest).  Have Diego
      & Clint get 1st chest & secret.  Keep Ash @top of stairs until 2 golems 
      start to chase him.  Bring Diego & Clint up 2nd stairs to 2nd chest.  Let 
      golems chase Ash all the way back to 2nd chest then have reunited party 
      finish them off.
      Eleni Dunbar (Mage, Level 7)
      Huxley Hobbes (Healer, Level 7)
    SCENE:  Meet Eleni & Huxley.  Claymore tortured into telling about Magnus on
      Gillbaris Island by Dolf, Kane & Hel.
    Section 4: Rhine Bridge
    Enemy: 6 Brigands (L5 42HP), 2 Hunters (L5 37HP), 4 Hell Bats (L5 45HP) -- 1560G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy: Move up 1 square 1st round (out of attack range).  Take out Hell Bats
      then its easy as long as you keep your party in a tight phalanx.  Kira must 
      take out Bat w/boulder & attack. Finish quickly since Kira's probably poisoned
      Kira Wulfstan (Archer, Level 8) at beginning of 3rd Round.
    SCENE: Eleni & Ash talk about Magnus & Ash's past.
    Goto Port City Minato equip & find out about Hassan & sand creature.
    Goto Grog's house --> SCENE: Must defeat Sand Dune Monster for Grog to talk
      you to Gillbaris Island.
    Section 5: Sand Dunes Of Sea
    Enemy: inf. Ant Arms (L1 13HP), 1 Death Ant (L10 88HP) -- 900G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy: Have Diego take out 1st arm. Keep group tight, don't worry about arms 
      Death Ant will come right up to your group.  Take him out fast. 
    SCENE: Grog waffles on promise to take you .  "Little brother" foreshadowing 
      and you're on your way.  
      Grog Drinkwater (Soldier, L9)
    KEY #1 (Nova Key):  Before Leving town, go back to the bar and talk to woman
     after defeating Death Ant.  She will give you Nova Key.
    Enemy: 2 Sparkles (L9 75HP), 2 War Ghosts (L9 75HP), 4 Hunterimps (L9 63HP),
      4 Buccaneers (L9 70HP), 2 Dark Golems (L9 80HP) GOLD? Yeah Whatever!
    Chests: NOVA PRISM
    Strategy:  I don't know that it was such a good idea for me to fight this 
      battle before the end of Chapter 1.  My suggestion is wait until Chapter 2
      when your party is better equipped.  This was absolutely insane to get right
      considering the state my party was in at the time (6 solid hours of hell!!!)
      Anyway if you do decide to do it now. Move party to middle of 3rd shelf 
      (Turn 6 or 7).  Hopefully, the Sparkles & War Ghosts are skewed just right.  
      Hit 1st Sparkle w/Dark Star & fighter.  Hit 2nd w/ arrows & fighter.  
      Next round, hit the War Ghosts w/ arrows & have fighter clean up.  NOW, Race
      to the top (hug the walls as much as possible).  Line up everybody on top.
      Use Eleni's Dark Star on Hunterimps and whaterver else she can hit without
      being exposed.  MAKE SURE you leave a Dark Star for each golem!  Teeter back
      and forth on top.  Fighters on Hunterimps, Arrows on golem remnants then split
      the buccaneers!  Oh, of course don't forget to get the NOVA PRISM in the 
      chest on the way UP!!! 
    Section 6: Gadar Sea
    Enemy: 8 Buccaneers (L8 49HP), 4 Corsairs (L6 44HP), 
      1 Hassan Madcaptain (L8 72HP)  -- 2380G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy: Easy.  Groups of 3 around end of each bridge & wait for opponent to 
      attack.  Keep Healer in middle of ship and arch at end of each bridge.  Then
      go clean up.
    SCENE: Hassan (Grog's baby brother) dies.  Grog permanently joins party.
    /*   CHAPTER 2:  Island of Madness                                           */
    Section 1: Village of Yuzu
    Note: Keep villagers alive! (Lose 100G per villager killed)
    Enemy: 7 Evil Statues (L5 33HP), 9 Villagers (L1 13HP) -- 1330G 
    Chests: 2
      1) Mage Oil 2) 1 Herb
    Secrets: 2
      1) Moonpie (Under 1st box you need to push)
      2) Mushroom (Dirt Patch on T-shaped piece of land on N edge of map)
    Strategy: Leave Kira to deal w/1st statue from behind fence.  Move all party to
      SW corner & let Diego take out statue.  Push box through fence & off ledge
      the next round.  Wait a round (gather party) & start to bring Kira around. 
      Villagers will chase her.  ROUND 4: have 2 mobile people push box to block 
      middle fence opening.  Deal with S statue and get secret #1.  Leaving a couple
      of people behind (Eleni & Kira included) to deal w/statue in middle of map, 
      move rest of party towards E statues.  Kill off E. statues, get chest and push
      over box.  ROUND 8: have fighter push middle box forward & get middle chest.
      Move Kira towards T-shaped piece of land to N.  Move fighter & Diego around
      to last statue.  Get secret & kill last statue in Round 9.
    SCENE: Mayor talks about Magnus and his investigations of the Castle Ruins.  
      Tells of meeting Magnus and his monsters.
    Equip party now that its a normal village again.  Find out about weird fruit 
      next to cross shaped poisonous from young man in bar.
    Section 2: Ygdra Canyon
    Enemy: 5 Guardogs (L6 45HP), 10 Madsoldiers (L8 63HP),  -- 3150G
    Chests: 2
      1) Mood Ring 2) 1 Elixir
    Secrets: 2
      1) Mad Book (SW corner in crater near where characters start)
      2) Macroman (NW corner in dry patch)
    Strategy: Get secret #1 & keep party out of range 1st round.  Move Dolan's 
      party to boulder which they should line up single file next to.  Hit switch,
      taken out soldiers and send one figher after 1st chest.  Move everyone else
      toward Dolan.  Maintain a front line. Go after 2nd chest once enemy are drawn
      off. Kill off remains of 1st wave of Mad Soldiers advancing (defensively) as
      far as possible.  Send your people towards NW corner & avoid killing rest of
      enemy until you get secret #2.
      Dolan (Soldier, L10)
      Amon (Archer, L9)
      Sara (Healer, L9)
    SCENE: Find out about Dolan's association with Magnus, stone tables and Castle
    Section 3: Loris Beach
    Enemy: 3 Dark Golems (L9 80HP), 6 Madsoldiers (L9, 70HP), 3 Shooterimps
      (L9 63HP), 3 Bloodghosts (L9 75HP) -- 3600G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 1
      1) Banana (Center of cross-shaped poison swamp)
      Bring 2 people sent to NW corner back to middle to help party fight golems+.
      Split off a archers to handle War Ghosts.  After middle enemy destroyed. Move
      party towards cross-shaped swamp.  Kill off enemy coming from this swamp then
      send off someone to retrive secret.  Finish off the now poisoned rest of enemy
    SCENE: Talk about Toroah's Ark (Castle Ruins), then cut to Kira & Clint.  Learn
      a bit about Clint's past.
    KEY #2 (Earth Key): Go back to Bar in Yuzu and give Banana to Young man.  
    Enemy: 2 Hunters (L11 75HP), 2 Hunterimps (L11 75HP), 3 Shooterimps (L11 75HP),
      3 Corsairs (L11 75HP), 2 Grenadiers (L11 75HP), 2 Crimson Archers (L11 75HP)
    Chest:  ICE PRISM
    Strategy: Just split party and sweep towards chest.  You're archers and 
      spellcasters will have to do most of the work on the last of the enemy.  
    Section 4: Castle Ruins
    Enemy: 6 Madsoldiers (L11 84HP), 4 Shooterimps (L9 63HP), 2 Evil Statues 
      (L11 66HP), 2 Dark Golems (L11 96HP), 2 Bloodghosts (L11 90HP) -- 4590G
    Chests: 2
      1) Mage Oil 2) Moodring
    Secrets: 1
      1) Ironboots (W end of platform in strange tile)
      2) Chain (cross shaped piece of land in NE corner W of moat)
    Strategy: Beginning is VERY TOUGH! Split party exactly in half.  Use everything
      you can to your best advantage.  Namely, keep along wall as much as possible,
      heal often and move your characters so they can't be ganged up on.  Keep 
      fighters up front (better arrow defense).  Don't let your hawknight (assuming
      you have one) out in the open since the Shooterimps will waste him/her!!!  
      Carefully take out Madsoldiers as efficiently as possible.  Once they're gone,
      move entire party to elevators.  Get up and kill off Shooterimps.  Grab the 
      chests and send someone to get secret #1. Kill off statues and let rest of
      enemy come to you.  Get secret #2 and move to Ruins entrance.
    SCENE: Choice of leaving to resupply or go on into Ruins.
    Section 5: Castle Ruins II (Inside Ruins w/Magnus)
    Enemy: 4 Madsoldiers (L12 91HP), 3 Bloodghosts (L12 97HP), 3 Shooterimps 
      (L11 75HP), 2 Dark Golems (L12 104HP), 1 Magnus Dark Lord (L15 128HP) -- 4200G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy:  Split party in two and bring them up both sets of stairs against the
      wall where they can easily take the Shooterimps & War Ghosts.  Once done,  
      move them back down steps to deal with Madsoldiers then up again for Golems.
      Keep healer near Eleni & Ash at all times.  Nail Magnus.
    SCENE: Magnus dying tells of attempt to retrieve magic stone before arrow put
      in him by Kane.  Ash backs down from Dolf & Kane allowing them to take Magnus.
      (Bullied by his own past)  Troops rally around Ash who decides to go after
      Magnus, Eleni & Huxley.  Kira watches from behind tree.
    Section 6: ??Prison Entrance??
    Note: Must complete in 6 turns. 
    Missing: Kira, Huxley, Eleni  
    Enemy: 12 Guard Dogs (L1 13HP) -- 3960G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 1
      1) Mage Gem (Dirt path in SE corner)
    Strategy: Start w/ 5 pronged advance. Send 1 fighter left & right to cut off 
      retreat paths, send archer/hawknight diagonally left & right, send rest up
      middle.  Split middle contingent and converge on dogs in each corner.  Pick
      up secret in final round before killing off rest of dogs.
    SCENE: Eleni, Huxley & Magnus in jail.  Magnus talks about magic stone & Hel's
      plans of coup.  All saved.  Outside: Kira works for Dolf.  Magnus & Dolf bump
      heads over stone and open space/time rift which Magnus, Sara, Ash & Grog fall
    /*   CHAPTER 3:  Escape to Tomorrow                                          */
    CHAPTER SCENE: Hel takes over as dictator & puts Ishtaria under his boot.
    SCENE: Ash & companions on Plain of Sorrow.  Magnus dies and tells Ash to go 
      after Hel and stone.
      open space/time right
    Section 1: Plain of Sorrow
    Enemy: 5 Sparkles (L8 67HP) - 1850G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy: NONE (Trivial)
    SCENE: Meet Zohar.  Go to Remote city.  SCENE: Zohar's place, should we really 
      stop Hel?  Like this is a legitimate question! 
      Zohar Abu Sa'id (Mage, Level ?)
    Section 2: Plain of Sorrow II
    Note: Keep at least one tower safe for 5 rounds.
    Enemy:  6 Sparkles (L8 67HP) to start, filling in with Sparkles (L10 82HP) as
      the computer has need. (11 of these showed up for me). GOLD: 410G/Sparkle,
      -100G/Tower Lost
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy: Pick a tower and surround it with your 4 charachters.  Simple.  I 
      wouldn't suggest trying to defend more than one tower, you'll thin your forces
      and lose.
    SCENE: Back through warp.
    Section 3: Irusu Village
    Enemy: 3 Blood Bats (L12 97HP), 3 Grenadiers (L11 75HP), 5 Centurions 
      (L12 91HP),  1 Deacon (L14 75HP), 1 Warlock (L14 82HP), 1 Zoot Gach 
      (L17 126HP) -- 6450G
    Chests: 2
      1) Megaherb 2) Elixir
    Secrets: 2
      1) Unicorn (Crater S of Ash's party)
      2) Bag Of Coin (Dirt Patch on E side of hill Zoot is standing on)
    Strategy:  Get secret #1 & hold back Ash's party.  Send Diego to handle bat &
      Clint after chest nearest him.  Slowly advance Ash's party over bridge taking
      out as many Grenadiers as possible.  Send Clint after dirt patch w/coin once
      he's got chest.  Send figter after 2nd chest & kill off everyone else but 
      Deacon (you might need another enemy alive).  Protect last enemy from Clive
      until 2nd chest has been opened.
    SCENE: Clive informs part of 3 years lost & Emperor Hel.  Talk of helping 
      resistance results in idea to storm prison and go after Clint, Eleni and
    Section 4: Basil Gate
    Enemy: 2 Grenadiers (L14 94HP), 4 Centurions (L14 105HP), 2 Blood Bats 
      (L14 112HP), 1 Deacon (L14 75HP), 1 Warlock (L14 82HP) -- 5000G
    Chests: 2
      1) Megaherb 2) Mage Gem
    Secrets: 2
      1) Tarot (Cross-shaped dirt in SE corner of map)
      2) Ironboot (Cross-shaped stone in middle of N. tower)
    Strategy: Keep party together.  Move them to their right positioning Ash behind
      boudler.  Make sure everyone is one square back from the little castle so they
      can't get hit in the 1st round.  ROUND 2: push boulder, move fwd & Rolling 
      Fire 3 enemies.  Move mage & use Piercing Light on 3.  Move everyone else 
      behind & next to Ash forming a tight phalanx.  Kill off everyone but the 
      Deacon.  Get the chests and secrets at your leisure then kill the Deacon.
    SCENE: Dolf, Hel & others discuss Magic Stone which contains spark of original
      Flames of Judgement.  Its power is held in check by Royal Ring lost by Ashah
      Dynasty.  Kira having 2nd thoughts about serving Dolf.  Dolf blames Ash's 
      party for Kira's family loss. Xeno comes in and is told to watch Kira. 
    Section 5: Reed Highway
    Note: Keep Enemy from Escaping.
    Enemy: 4 Guardogs (L18 123HP), 2 Centurions (L15 112HP), 2 Crimson Archers
      (L15 100HP), 1 Lando Hitman (L19 126HP)  -- 5500G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 1
      1) Magic Staff (Crater @ E. end of map)
    Strategy: Wait 4 turns & attack, hitting them as hard as possible (lots of 
      spells with fields).  Let one fighter start moving to E. end of map after 
      secret killing only those left escaping east.  Have Huxley lower bridge and 
      start heading to crate at W. end of map.  Push it onto walkway when he gets 
      there. Bring in party from rear and trap remaining enemy on other side of 
    SCENE: Claymore kicked into jail w/Darius & Clint.  Talks about search of Hel
      & Dolf for Royal Ring.  Kira gets them out.
      Darius (Archer, Level ?)
    Section 6: Prison Fortress
    Enemy: 8 Juggernauts (L13 112HP), 2 Mimics (L18 123HP)
    Chests: 6 
      1) Mimic (nearest - left of entrance) 
      2) Megaherb (by N. gate)
      3) Mimic (1st inside N. Gate heading E)
      4) Spirit Staff (2nd inside N. Gate heading E)
      5) Megaherb (E. side of map, 1st S of NE Gate)
      6) Grimhelm (SE corner)
    Secrets: NONE
    Switch Pattern:
      1) Middle of map --> SW Gate
      2) SW switch --> N Gate
      3) S switch --> NE & S Gate
      4) NE switch --> Middle Gate
    Strategy: Follow swtiches in order staring w/ middle as they're available.  As
      Darius says, it's worthless to hit the Juggernauts anywhere but from behind.
      I like to split up party & play ring around the rosie with entrance stone 
      circle.  Just beware of Juggernauts' movement range.  Don't mix in mimics 
      until the Juggernauts' in the immediate area have been dispatched. Send Darius
      to SW switch and rest of part to N Gate.  Once inside N Gate, let the 
      remaining Juggernauts chase Darius.  Get all the chests and catch up to 
      him in the middle.  Easy!
    Section 7: Prison Yard -- Escape of Clint
    Enemy: 3 Blood Bats (L16 127HP), 2 Centurions (L14 105HP), 2 Grenadiers
      (L12 81HP), 2 Centurions (L13 98HP), 2 Juggernauts (L14 120HP), 2 Deacons
      (L15 80HP), 2 Warlocks (L15 88HP), 1 Dumas Jailmaster (L18 152HP) -- 11800G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 2
      1) Bag of Coin (S side of map down stairs in shell)
      2) KEY #3 (Mana Key) (NW corner in cracked hole)
    Item: Zen Robe for defeating Dumas!
    Strategy: VERY TOUGH!!!  Have Eleni get on platform in middle and cast Phase
      Shift.  Take down Centurion to Clint's left.  ROUND 2: Assuming Eleni 
      survived, bring her a Megaherb! Either park her under Dumas' overhang to
      cast a couple of Roman Fires on Bats & Grenadiers or pull her back to wall
      where Ash & Co. come in.  Move Ash & Co. (The arrive in ROUND 2) around wall,
      keeping Healer to inside wall to take care of people in yard.  Take out 
      Warlock by Ash ASAP.  Split off someone to get secret #1, hit switch to 
      lower wall.  Move Archer/Hawknight to secret #2 as fast as possible cleaning 
      up any enemy descending the stairs.  This should leave Dumas. Play hit and run
      with him if he comes after Clint or back up if he comes after Ash until
      secret #2 is found if he comes after Ash).  Whatever you do, DO NOT corner 
      Dumas.  Make sure he's in the open, then hit him with everything you have.
    SCENE: Reuinion! Darius & Huxley know each other and proceed to bicker 
    /*   CHAPTER 4:  The Successor                                               */
    CHAPTER SCENE: Fall of (impregnable) jail shocks kingdom and galvanizes 
      Resistance.  Ash meets w/Clive to take next step.
    SCENE: Eleni learns of Magnus' death.  Clive informs of victories.  Hel moving
      to fight resistance on 2 fronts.  Ash is told to go to Kerachi to find out
      about the Royal Ring.  Diego disturbed by this.  Clive heading East.  Ash
      whines about past.
    Enemy: 1 Brigand (L18 133HP), 19 Mimics (L18 123HP)
    Chest: MANA PRISM
    Strategy: The key is to try to get to the SE corner chest ASAP w/o killing ALL
      of your enemies.  If you kill all visible enemies you leave battle w/o your
      prize!  Split party in all directions opening chests and killing Mimics along
      the way.  Have a hawknight get to SE quickly, making a direct thru the chests.
      I like to keep the Brigand for last.  
    * Note: MAKE SURE YOU'RE FULLY EQUIPPED  (Steel Armor/Weapons) before leaving
       Khanos City to do battle w/Crimson Guard!!!!
    Section 1: Khanos City
    Enemy: [2 Crimson Armor (L19 160HP), 1 Dallas Greatarmor (L21 176HP)],
      [2 Crimson Knights (L19 140HP), 1 Kurtz War Master (L21 143HP)],
      [3 Crimson Knights (L19 140HP), 1 Kane Assassin (L22 161HP),
      1 Crimson Hawk (L18 142HP)], 2 Crimson Knights (L19 140HP),
      [3 Crimson Knights (L19 140HP), 1 Sabrina Valkyrie (L18 119HP),
      1 Crimson Hawk (L18 142HP)] -- 15840G
    Chests: 2
      1) Holy H20 2) Aura Gem
    Secrets: 1
      1) Gold Axe (Near lampost in NE corner is stone with 3 dimples)
    Strategy: This is pretty bad, but NOT if you stick together and heal after 
      every round!!!  Push box to East so Kurtz's men can't come thru.  Move party
      to E. island leaving a Guardsman (or Ash) in middle of each plank bridge.
      You may have to clear a couple of soldiers to position yourself on the island.
      (A couple of Roman Fires & arrows should butter them up enough to take the
      island).  Get 1st chest.  Now, play the waiting game, picking off attackers
      (Let them attack 1st!!!) slowly.  Try to take care of the Crimson Hawks 1st.
      ROUND 5: Phase Shift as much as possible as a large # of attackers should now
      be in range.  After a couple more rounds of winnowing down the enemy w/spells,
      archers & attacks, only a couple bosses & misc. enemies should be left. 
      (You should have taken out Kane when you took the islandl.)  Make sure you
      pick them off one at a time.  Let them come to you, being very aware of their
      attack ranges.  Have a Guardsman take the hits from Dalls & Kurtz then nail
      them in the following rounds.  (NOTE: Ash isn't too good against Dallas).
      Have Hawnknight get secrets and 2nd chest then move party to entrance. 
    SCENE: Dolf knows of Kira helping Clint escape which allowed prison takeover.
      Xeno saw her.  Kira thrown in brig.  Xeno sworn to help Dolf overthrow Hel.
    NOTE: Even after defeating enemy you can't go back to Khanos City!!!
    Section 2: Great Masai Forest
    SCENE: Band meets Xeno (Zohar's pupil)
    Enemy: 12 Bugaboos (L10 69HP), 10 Wights (L11 84HP) -- 17160G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 2
      1) Kingfoil (Hole in NE corner of map)
      2) Aura Gem (Shell @top of falls)
    Strategy: Relatively easy except for Bugaboos which tend to gang up on a 
      character from a VERY long distance!  Send a small contingent (I sent 3) 
      which contains at least one hightly mobile character to NE bridge.  Send a 
      couple guys to deal w/Bugaboos on little hill SE of start.  Have them join
      rest of party moving over the bridge W. of start.  Get secrets and kill off
      rest of enemy targeting Bugaboos 1st. 
    SCENE: Zohar Abu Sa'id (Abu said what?!?) talks about Xeno, his pupil some 
      300 years ago. Xeno responsible for Zohar's time warp.  Xeno wants to rekindle
      Flames of Judgement. 
    Go to Kerachi - to Carlo's Mansion - SCENE: Carlo revealed to be Diego's father.
      Carlo in purchase of Royal Ring.  Diego has forsake family name due to 
      contempt for father.  Exchangefor Ring in Old Town Warehouse
    Section 3:  Kerachi: Old Town Warehouse
    Enemy: 4 Gold Golems (L16 136HP), 8 Skeletons (L16 119HP), 4 Eggworms
      (L13 88HP) -- 13760G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy: Only beginnning is difficult.  Pick a corner and move entire party
      there. Have mages take out a golem & skeleton.  Continue by keeping part 
      on one side of map (fewer Eggworms in attack range).  Just avoid allowing
      a party member to get ganged up on and its easy.  Let ground enemeis come to
      you.  Hit them hard then clean up the worms.
    SCENE: Turns out to be a set-up due to Carlo & Xeno (Surprised?  Yeah - sure 
      you are) Carlo interrupts party getting swallowed by fire.  Carlo's past.
      Ring being taken back to Shumeria by train.  Diego & Carlo make up (sorta.)
    Section 4: Magic Train Station
    (Defeat of Dallas)
    Enemy: 8 Crimson Knights (L17 126HP), 4 Crimson Armors (L18 152HP),
      4 Crimson Shooters (L17 113HP), 1 Dallas Greatarmor (L21 176HP) -- 16920G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 1
      1) Ramen (grate on head car)
    Strategy: EASY.  Just keep moving fwd, keep tight.  Don't let your Hawknight(s)
      get nailed.  MAKE sure you get the secret before defeating Dallas.
    SCENE: Got Royal Ring. Xeno offers to trade Kira for Ring.
    NOTE: Go back to tavern in Kerachi & trade Ramen, Macroman & Tarot for 
      KEY #4 (Key of Chaos).
    Section 5: Fort Dain
    (Destroy Devices in 8 turns)
    Enemy: 3 Skeletons (L20 147HP), 2 Eggworms (L19 126HP), 4 Acid Ghosts
      (L20 157HP), 2 Deathangels (L19 110HP), 3 Gold Golems (L20 168HP),
      8 Death Devices (L1 14HP) -- 16400G
    Chests: 2
      1) Life Orb 2) L. Mask
    Secrets: 1
      1) Mithril (Shell in SE corner)
    Strategy: SAVE Battle Often.  Time's NOT as much of a problem as you might
      think, but the Deathangels ARE.  Send all straight ahead to NW corner in 
      1st round.  staying out of range of Deathangels Harmful Wave spell.  Take 
      out skeletons and split party.  Send a couple of people towards the golems (I 
      used Ash, a Sorcerer and a Hawknight).  Don't let these people break the 
      line of sight of far Deathangel until rest of party enters its line of sight
      from opposing corner.  Send everyone else W.  PAUSE @each corner to keep out 
      of Deathangel range.  Make sure an Archer is with you to handle the Death 
      Angels.  Keep tight.  Keys: Hawknights on Skeletons & mages, Eggworms nail 
      Hawknights, magic on Golems.
    SCENE: The forgive Kira & ask her to rejoin.  Kira turns out to be of Royal 
      blood.  Zohar talks of inscription on ring.
    /*   CHAPTER 5:  The Legacy                                                  */
    CHAPTER SCENE: Ash's party sailing to Torog mountains.
    SCENE: Hel & Dolf w/Flames of Judgement. Dolf kills Hel.
    Section 1: Wart Bay
    Enemy: 2 Acid Ghosts (L19 150HP), 4 Eggworms (L18 119HP), 4 Gold Golems
      (L19 160HP), 2 Deathangels (L18 104HP), 2 Skeletons (L19 140HP),
      1 Mimic (L21 143HP) -- 17100G
    Chests: 1 
      1) Plate (NE corner, other chest is a Mimic)
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy:  Only the 1st 2 rounds are nast.  Move party to left (W.) side of ship
      putting Sorcerers @front & archers behind.  Only step on 1st plank off ship!
      Next round go in blazing w/a couple of Phase Shifts right in the middle of 
      the enemy.  Concentrate on taking out the Deathangels 1st, Eggworms 2nd.
      Bring up everyone else & cleanup.  Leave one golem alone (the one farthest E.)
      Bring party to land & play keep away from golem as you use your most mobile
      characters to get crate on ship and push and push it all the way to the NE
      corner to get chest. 
    SCENE: (Back in Pioneer Town Sorbo) Eleni has nightmare about being sucked 
      thru fissure (a little foreshadowing? -- a drum roll please)
    NOTE: I saved this one for Sorbo in Chapter V!
    Enemy: 18 (Clay, Dark & Gold) Golems (L21 176HP)
    Chest: CHAOS PRISM
    Strategy: NOTE: Need ALL 3 boxed to form bridge to chest.  Golems are easy.
      Just do a bunch of phase shifts and a couple of attacks and you're done.  
      Push the lowest tier box to wall so characters can get up to 2nd level.  
      Leave 3 golems @top alone.  Spend the next couple of rounds pushing 1st tier
      box ALL the wasy around by chest.  The trick is NOT to get the 1st tier box 
      trapped in a corner.  Once you've got the 1st box in place, move a character
      (or 2) w/healing ability (I used Ash) to 3rd tier.  DON'T ATTACK the golems.
      Push the 2nd tier box thru aqueduct on top of 1st box.  Push the 3rd tier
      box to the spot the 2nd one started.  Push it through aqueduct on top of 
      other two and VOILA, instant bridge (Beauty, eh?).  Get Prism & Kill Golems. 
    Section 2: Torog Mountains
    (Defeat of Kurtz)
    Enemy: 4 Crimson Armors (L26 216HP), 6 Crimson Hawks (L23 180HP), 2 Crimson
      Priests (L21 110HP), 1 Crimson Warlock (L21 121HP), 2 Crimson Shooters
      (L21 138HP), 1 Kurtz War Master (L23 156HP) -- 21420G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 2
      1) Helstone (NE corner in tracks in snow)
      2) Mithril  (W end of map in tracks in snow)
    Items: Get Panzer Claws for defeating Kurtz
    Strategy: Take out the Armors & Priest behind you (They are VERY susceptible to
      magic).  Get secret #1.  Move about 1/2 way across the bridge & wait for 
      Hawks to get in close.  Take them ALL out before moving everybody across the
      bridge.  Keep your Hawknights close to the hill so they can't be hit by the 
      Shooters.  Have them move towards the Warlock.  As soon as no more than one
      Shooter can hit your Hawknight, have him/her take out the Warlock.  Don't 
      kill Kurtz yet! Hug wall & keep group tight for easy healing.  Get in close
      to hill and nail the Shooters (an Avalance & arrow work perfect!) Don't 
      bother w/the Shooters unless you KNOW you can take one out in one round
      (Damn Priest!) Move your Hawknight(s) around to get secret #2 and to kill 
      Priest.  Finish off Kurtz.
    SCENE: Kira tells of Dolf's plans to supplant Hel upon hearing death of Hel.
    Go to Frontier Village -- SCENE: Eleni warns of flames devouring village.
    Section 3: Tsukue Plains
    Enemy: 3 Eggworms (L22 144HP), 2 Acid Ghosts (L22 172HP), 6 Gold Golems
      (L22 184HP), 2 Skeletons (L22 161HP), 2 Deathangels (L22 126HP),
      1 Mimic (L23 156HP)
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy: Keep party together & move to hill on left (E. side).  Take out 1st
      Deathangel group then move towards chest & clean up.  Beware of Deathangels
      & Eggworms and everything should run smoothly.
    SCENE: Orosius tells truth about village.  Descendants of Biruni & creators
      of Flames of Judgement.  Bargain to help if Claw retrieved from Salamander the
    NOTE: Told to search center of smallest lava lake in Dragon's Lair while you're
      in the Tavern.
    Section 4: Smoking Bones Cave
    (Defeat Dragon)
    Enemy: 3 Eggworms (L23 151HP), 3 Acid Ghosts (L23 180HP), 4 Skeletons
      (L23 168HP), 4 Gold Golems (L23 192HP), 1 Salamander (L23 202HP) -- 22800G
      (Sorry, I missed an Eggworm!)
    Chests: 1
      1) D. Spear
    Secrets: 1
      1) KEY #5 (Logos Key) (Middle of small lave lake nearest dragon)
    Items: Get Wyrm Fang for defeating Salamander.
    Strategy: EASY! Split group @first to take care of immediate enemies.  Send off
      Hawknights to deal with chest.  Once front enemies have been dealt with, move
      everyone (but Hawknights) up middle.  Make sure you get chest & secret before
      killing dragon (He's terribly easy to kill even in self-defense!)
    SCENE; Frontier Village in flames (Surprise!?!) Orosius killed.
    Section 5: Frontier Village
    (Defeat Sabrina)
    Enemy: 9 Crimson Armors (L29 240HP), 3 Crimson Priests (L25 130HP),
      2 Crimson Warlocks (L25 143HP), 4 Crimson Shooters (L25 163HP),
      1 Sabrina Valkyrie (L28 182HP) -- 44820G
      GROUP 2: 1 Kane Assassin (L29 210HP), 2 Crimson Hawks (L24 187HP),
      3 Crimson Knights (L25 182HP)
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 2
      1) Mithril (crack in sidewalk on SW corner of house next to riverbed)
      2) Shivbook (in sidewalk crack on N side of house @end (E.) of board)
    Items: Get Rune Bow for Sabrina.
    Strategy:  1st part is EASY. Move party towards Shooters and out of riverbed.
      Send someone to get secret #1.  Taken them out as you can (MUST defeat them 
      in 1 round to be effective) Ignore guards.  ROUND 4: Kane's maen show up &
      all guards now in riverbed.  Flood them by pressing switch.  Clean up 
      surrounding enemies.  Now things get NASTY.  Stick close to house on N. side
      of map & move party together toward Sabrina's group.  Move fighters in 
      phalanx on ground.  DON'T leave Hawknights out in the open!  Once all enemy 
      are drawn together, hit them hard.  This should leave Sabrina & Priest.  
      Get secret #2 and END IT.
    SCENE: Orosius dying. Leena told to go to lake & break seal on temple.  Vandal
      Heart there which can deal w/Flames.  Eleni gives Leena pendant and talks of
      family (or rather lack thereof).
    Section 6: Orome Lake
    (Move Leena to Entrance of Temple)
    Enemy: 1:[2 Guardians (L25 208HP), 2 Basilisks (L24 157HP)]
      2:[2 Basilisks (L23 151HP), 4 Guardians (L24 200HP)]
      3:[2 Guardians (L24 200HP),
      4:[2 Guardians (L25 208HP), 2 Basilisks (L24 157HP)] -- 29120G
    Chests: 2
      1) Gold Axe
      2) Wyrmfang
    Secrets: NONE
    Items: Get Vandal Heart after battle.
    Strategy: NONE (Too Easy)
    SCENE: Leena about to unseal Vandal Heart when Xeno drops by & sucks her thru
      a space/time rift.  Oh well! Leenis is Eleni (Surprised?!? - Uh huh...)
      Eleni breaks seal, Ash gets sword.
    /*   CHAPTER 6:  A Fool's Epitaph                                            */
    CHAPTER SCENE: Ash's party back to Shumeria to join Liberation Army.  Dolf
      vying for power.
    Go to Glasgow City tavern and talk to Man who asks if I am hero eternal?
    Enemy: 13 Guardians (L26 216HP), 5 Basilisks (L26 170HP), 7 Salamanders 
      (L26 202HP), 2 Dark Mages (L26 148HP)
    Chest: LOGOS PRISM
    Strategy: Assuming your fully equipped this is EASY.  It may be easy but its
      also extremely tedious and boring! (around 25 rounds worth of tedium). This
      board is simply a huge spiral staircase tower w/monsters.  Don't waste your
      attack spells until closer to end.  Stay single file against tower wall as
      you climb.  Pause only to put an arrow thru the Mages.
    KEY #6 (Key of Heaven): Go back to Glasgow City tavern and talk to Weird Man 
      (this is assuming that you have the other 5 prisms!)
    Section 1: Fort Gareth
    (Defeat of Kane)
    Enemy: 3 Crimson Shooters (L26 170HP), 5 Crimson Knights (L27 196HP),
      5 Crimson Armors (L27 224HP), 3 Crimson Priests (L27 224HP), 
      3 Crimson Warlocks (L26 148HP), 1 Kane Assassin (L29 210HP) who becomes
      AARRRGH!!! 1 Kane Black Knight (L30 217HP) -- 48000G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 1
      1) Necklace (grate just S of NE far tower flag) 
    Items: Get Caliburn for Kane
    Strategy: The beginning is relatively easy.  Take out the Warlock & Priest. 
      Don't leave your Hawknights out in the open.  Have your archers take out the
      Warlock & Priest on the next tower.  Don't move party until they're dead.
      Now.. Here's where life gets interesting.  After clearing all enemy off the
      ground,  take ou the Shooter on top of the wall w/ your archers. DO NOT 
      push the boulders yet.  Once he's dead, position your party tightly against
      the wall leaving one lane open for a boulder (either one, it doesn't matter).
      Make sure all of your are at full health.  Once you're ready to storm the
      castle, push a boulder down into the wall as the FIRST move of your round
      (I recommend a Hawknight).  Move the entire party towards the castle wall. 
      Keep them tight, THINK HEALING ZONES!  Once the wall is down, Xeno pops by to
      turn Kane into a Black Knight.  He now has a TRULY NASTY spell called Plasma
      Wave which, apart from the fact that it has infinite range will RIP your 
      party apart (50-150HP per depending on class!)  This is by far THE nastiest
      spell in the ENTIRE game.  In the next round hit all 
      enemy but Kane HARD (Salamander works well on armour guys).  Make sure you 
      nail that Warlock w/your archers or he will make your lives XTRA miserable!
      Keep tight, heal every turn and hed to the N. stairway.  Hopefully, only Kane
      and that damn Priest will be left.  Once you start up the steps, Kane will 
      give up on the magic and come after you (what a dolt!)  Surround hime w/your
      best fighters.  Dispatch your Hawknights & Archers to take the Priest and get
      the secret.  Now just ... kill... KANE!   
    SCENE: Ghosts badger Ash about past and his belief that he's the son of a 
    Section 2: Cobalt Beach
    Enemy: 4 Blood Bats (L28 217HP), 4 Grenadiers (L28 182HP), 7 Centurions
      (L28 203HP) -- 33000G
    Chests: 3
      1) Life Orb (SW Corner)
      2) Holy H20 (E. Plateau)
      3) Ragnarok (NE Corner)
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy: What can I say about this board???  PATHETICALLY EASY!
    SCENE: Ash & Voices in his head.  Vandal Heart is vying for control of his 
      soul.  Ash becomes possessed, nearly kills Clive.  Clive recalls Aldor
      (Ash's father) w/Arris.  Clive kill him trying to protect Arris.  Ash's
      father wasn't a traitor after all!!! (Surprised??? - YAWNN...).  Eleni gives
      Ash Ye Old Pep Talk.  Ash decides to keep fighting.
    Section 3: Captial Shumeria
    (Defeat Xeno)
    Enemy: 4 Bahamuts (L29 225HP), 4 Hellknights (L29 210HP), 4 Dark Mages
      (L29 165HP), 2 Mega Cannon (L28 182HP), 2 Mega Guards (L30 248HP),
      1 Xeno (L34 192HP) -- 43200G
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: 2
      1) Mojo Robe (Manhole Cover directly in front of party
      2) Gold Axe (Manhole Cover in NE corner)
    Items: Get Runewand for killing Xeno
    Strategy: Wait a turn.  Then have archers take out 1st Dark Mage.  Pull rest
      of party to SE corner by lampost.  The key is to wait for them to come to
      you, then when a Dark Mage is in range nail him w/long range shots.  The other
      enemies are easy.  Dealing w/more than one mage @ a time is VERY difficult!!!
      It's a good bet to keep Ash & your spellcasters exposed, they can handle it.
      When the 4th Dark Mage is almost in range and Xeno takes his 1st steps toward
      you, start heading up right side of fountain.  Send off a Hawknight to grab
      secret #2. Clean up, Xeno's a pathetic wimp under all those robes.
    SCENE: Zohar talks of Xeno. Are we ready for Dolf???
    Enemy: 4 Zoot Thief Lords (L29 210HP), 4 Dumas Jailmasters (L29 240HP),
      2 Lando Hitmans (L29 189HP), 4 Kurtz War Masters (L29 195HP),
      4 Sabrina Valkyries (L29 189HP), 4 Dallas Greatarmors (L29 240HP),
      4 Dark Mages (L29 165HP), 2 Evil Statues (L29 165HP) 
    Strategy: Talk about your ghosts from Christmas Past!  Pretty easy as long
      as you keep your together.  Keep good fighters (Ash) up front.  Approach
      the Mages carefully and its a walk in the park.
    Before leaving the Dojo make sure to advance Ash to a Demigod (uh .. Vandalier)
    Section 4: Captial Shumeria 
    SCENE: Arris, it turns out, was Dolf's father.  Dolf ticked that the people
      have forgotten him (blah, blah, blah...).  Unclean must be cleansed by fire!
      A really moving litany by Ash...
    (Defeat Dolf)
    Enemy: 3 Mega Guards (L30 248HP), 3 Bahamuts (L30 232HP), 3 Hellknights
      (L30 217HP), 2 Dark Mages (L30 170HP), 1 Dolf Doom Lord (L34 280HP) who 
      becomes ... 1 Dolf Dark Angel (L32 165HP) -- 45900G (as if it really mattered)
    Chests: NONE
    Secrets: NONE
    Strategy: Wade in and kick their sorry butts!!!  Dolf is REALLY Easy.  If you
      work it right, you can finish him AND kill off his Dark Angel form before 
      your turn ends.
    SCENE: Dolf dying. Ash tries to bring Dolf to the "good" side.  Dolf unleashes
      Flames of Judgement.  Ash uses Vandal Heart & disappears into the void.
    ENDING: Well, I have to leave something... 
      NOTE: The basic ending is the same whether you become Vandalier or not.  
      If you're a Vandalier you get an extra couple screens about how you're 
      a Vandalier genius or some such nonesense.  Nothing special.  The really
      annoying thing is that you CAN'T unequip the Vandal Sword.  (In other words
      you can't screw up the ending which might have been nice to see.)
    Copyright 1997 by Wolverine Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
    Wolverine Inc.:jeremiah@ece.wisc.edu

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