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    Quotes FAQ by Kildread2

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                      Vanguard Bandits Quotes FAQ (For PSX)
                    made by Kildread2 (Kildread2@hotmail.com)
    1. Introduction
       1. Claire
       2. Halak
       3. Franco
       4. Bastion
       5. Sadira
       6. Cecilia
       7. Zakov
       8. Galvas
       9. Zeira
       18.Imperial Soldier
       23.Kingdom Soldier
       25.Nordilain Soldier
       27.Duke Logan
       28.Hibernia Soldier
       29.Marquis Dionne
       30.Muspel Soldier
       31.Duke Radcot
       33.Avalon Soldier
       36.Imperial General
    3.Credits & Legal Stuff
    1. Introduction
    A Quotes FAQ only, don't expect to find strategies abotu the game on this one.
    Made purely for fun. Enjoy! (Or try to anyways.)
    Here they are, the quotes said in battle by the different characters in the
    game. Feel free to submit those that are missing (I bet there is a lot of them
    missing) Also, submit the condition in which they say it (Winning, losing,
    being hitten, etc..) as some sort of proof.
    "From the left? Oh, whatEVER!"
    "Are you jealous of my good looks or what?"
    "You are SO weak!"
    "Do you have a fetish for ATAC butts?!"
    "Losing, like, SUCKS!"
    "I like to hurt you!"
    "You are SO not worth my time."
    "I am TOTALLY mad!"
    "Bring it on, chump!"
    "Leave me alone!"
    "I've felt more paining waxing my legs!"
    "Like, nice try."
    "You'd be amusing if you weren't stupid."
    "You are the suckiest of the sucky!"
    "So, like, when do you plan to start fighting?"
    "You are SO dumb!"
    "How about this?"
    "Like, OW!"
    "I totally SUCK!"
    "I wish my daddy had been there to see me."
    "Stop hitting me so hard, you big dork!"
    "Aren't you CLEVER?!?"
    "I'm gonna have my daddy beat you up!"
    "It's no fun unless I get to hit you!"
    "You're not as wimpy as thought."
    "My daddy is gonna get revenge for me!"
    "Like, take THIS!"
    "Is winning supposed to be, like, this easy?"
    "It must be tough to fight so badly."
    "Thanks for defining the word LAME!"
    "Don't you know the don't-hit-girls rule?!"
    "I didn't make that look TOO easy, did I?"
    "Attacking me from the back is cheating!"
    "Fear my P.M.S.!"
    "Oh, yeah!"
    "Don't do that again or I'll start crying!"
    "That was totally fun! So like, who's next?"
    "From the right?! Oh, like THAT'll work!"
    "I totally missed?!"
    "Like, stop that!"
    "You are SO dead!"
    "We will, like, NEVER be friends!"
    "You are, like, so not ready to fight me!"
    "No WAY!!"
    "This is totally like a nightmare!"
    "Claim your life, I do!"
    "Strike you dead, I will."
    "Missed an old lady, you did!"
    "Beaten by an old lady, you were."
    "Skilled, you are --- Bleeding, I am..."
    "Feeble, that was!"
    "Hurt the princess, you will not!"
    "Respect your elders, you will!"
    "Need more than a weapon, you do!"
    "Leaving me alone, you are."
    "Impressed, I am. Defeat you, I will."
    "It is a great time to be silver!"
    "Filled my Depends with joy, I have!"
    "Much strength have I left for you."
    "Crafty, you are."
    "Surrounded by light, I am."
    "Easy, that was."
    "Slow, you are."
    "Many battles have I survived!"
    "Another victory have I claimed!"
    "A coward, you are."
    "From the left, you strike!"
    "Not bad for a young whelp."
    "No one shall harm the Imperial Princess."
    "See you, I do!"
    "Dodged my attack, you did?!"
    "Hah, hah, hah!"
    "A sharp thorn in my side, you are."
    "Trying to hurt me, you were?"
    "From the left, you strike!"
    "Quick, you are."
    "Hit me, you cannot!"
    "Much strength have I left for you!"
    "Foolish youth!"
    "Behind me, you are?!"
    "Possessed with speed, you are!"
    "Princess Sadira, please forgive me..."
    "Hmm? Apparently, I was just attacked."
    "Underestimate me at your peril."
    "Endanger the princess and suffer my wrath!"
    "You are certainly a capable oponent."
    "Be GONE with you."
    "Your attacks are fueled by fury."
    "For the princess!"
    "Quite feeble."
    "I expected nothing less than victory."
    "I have failed Sadira."
    "Such intense pain!"
    "What you lacked was the strength of will."
    "From behind!"
    "I can't take much more of this..."
    "That attack was rather naive."
    "What do you gain by fighting me?! NOTHING!"
    "This cannot be...."
    "You don't belong in this battle, amateur!"
    "You can't stop me."
    "You need to strike with more skill."
    "I will cut you down, like a rotting tree!"
    "I revel in the glory of the battlefield!"
    "Yours is a challenge I gladly accept!"
    "You fight very well."
    "You're even slower than I had guessed."
    "Take comfort that you lost to the best."
    "My reflexes are slowing with my age."
    "Such intense pain--!!"
    "How'd you do that?!"
    "Not bad."
    "You choose to strike like a coward?!"
    "What ARE you?!"
    "This cannot be!"
    "Damn you!!"
    "Rather inneffective."
    "I have failed Sadira!!"
    "Be GONE with you!"
    "No! Impossible!"
    "Your attacks are all but an annoyance."
    "That--- hurt!"
    "Whose ATAC shall I claim next?"
    "Feel the power of the glorious light!"
    "The end is upon you!"
    "I will never tire of sweet victory!"
    "Take THIS!"
    "And another one bites the dust!"
    "I dishonored you, Father!"
    "Saw that coming!"
    "Now, you've made me quite upset!"
    "There you go!"
    "Fortunately, I am right-handed!"
    "Feel my power!"
    "You have chosen.... POORLY!"
    "Alright, now it's MY turn to strike!"
    "Ah! Try again!"
    "That didn't hurt!"
    "I will not lose to you, I fight with honor!"
    "Catch the wave!"
    "You're mine!"
    "Hitting me from behind, you coward!"
    "Are you a jester?!"
    "Prepare to feel my cold, hard steel."
    "You're good!"
    "This is your first battle, am I right?"
    "Not bad!"
    "Too easy!"
    "Aren't you clever?!"
    "Saw THAT coming!"
    "There you are!"
    "This is NOT good!"
    "Perhaps if I had trained better."
    "This fight has just begun, I promise!"
    "Curse you!"
    "Taste my rage!"
    "Your end is at hand!"
    "There you are, my wretched foe!"
    "Oh, no!"
    "I'm so sorry, Father!"
    "Damn you!"
    "My turn!"
    "No--- It's not over yet! Not even close!
    "This cannot be! I cannot lose!"
    "I will never forgive you for this."
    "How is this?!"
    "You're mine now!"
    "I was just too tough for you."
    "Get out of my way!"
    "Is that what you want?!"
    "Mess with the best, lose like the rest!"
    "You forced me to humiliate you."
    "Take the hit!"
    "You're taking me from behind?!?"
    "I don't want to LOOOOOSE!"
    "I can't take this abuse much more...."
    "You can't hit me, give it up!"
    "I win again! Hip, hip, HOORAY!"
    "You tricked me!"
    "You're not very good at this, are you?"
    "You should aim before you attack."
    "Oh, no!"
    "Too easy!"
    "What are you doing?!"
    "Nice move!"
    "I won't lose to an unclean opponent!"
    "What?! Auuughhhh!"
    "You're trying to hurt me, aren't you?"
    "You're quite annoying, aren't you?"
    "You're too slow!"
    "You landed a lucky blow! That's all!"
    "Stop it! Please!"
    "What happened to me? I could fight once!"
    "You're the worst I've ever fought!"
    "This is the end?! No, no, NOOO!!!!"
    "You're better than I'd expected."
    "Here I go!"
    "Is it over?"
    "I'll never forget your awful technique!"
    "Here I come!"
    "You are chilvarous to attack me directly."
    "That attack was a very effective one."
    "My heart is beating so fast. I feel dizzy!"
    "Will you please get out of my way?"
    "You're mine now!"
    "I'm sorry, Bastion!!"
    "I still have much to learn about combat..."
    "How about this?"
    "You lose!"
    "I did it! I won!"
    "I'm not stupid!"
    "That hurts!"
    "From the side?"
    "Is that all?"
    "You're better than I expected!"
    "I won't let you stop Bastion!! I won't!!"
    "Quickly, now!!"
    "Oh, my."
    "You missed!"
    "My goodness!"
    "You're good!"
    "Don't you know how to defend yourself?"
    "Too bad!"
    "I can't be defeated and suffer dishonor!"
    "This is a problem."
    "I believe I've been hit, but it didn't hurt!"
    "I should not have lost this battle!!"
    "This can't be!"
    "You're cruel."
    "Behind me?!"
    "Such power!!"
    "You vill not fool me!"
    "You are pissing me off wery much!"
    "You vare to stand in my way?"
    "Bear vitness to dhe power uff Zakov!"
    "Vhat ARE you?!"
    "Vhat did I do to you?!? I apologize!"
    "Vill you stop moving so I can properly hit you!?"
    "I must say dhat vas wery hurtful!!"
    "You dare stand in my vay?!"
    "You fought ant you sucked. Ha!"
    "You are completly unprepared for dhis!"
    "Ve could haff been friends, you know."
    "You vill pay dearly for your insolence."
    "From dhe left?!"
    "Dhere you are!!"
    "Vas dhat supposed to hit me?"
    "You are unvorthy uff my time!"
    "Dhat vas pathetic!"
    "From dhe right?!"
    "I vill not show you such mercy, fool!"
    "Vas dhat supposed to hurt me?"
    "Damn you---!"
    "Get away from my backside, dewiant!"
    "No, no, no, NO!"
    "Dhat vas too close!"
    "I expect an apology for dhat attack!"
    "Aaaahhhhh! Dhat burns!"
    "Dhis is not good! Dhis is wery bad!"
    "Go to Hell and take your ATAC vith you!"
    "You haff a bite to match your bark!"
    "Do any other fools vish to fight me?"
    "Now do you see the extent uff my power?"
    "I vill now sacrifice you to the god uff var!"
    "You dare to strike an Imperial officer?!"
    "Please spare me from dhis humiliation!"
    "You are a foolish son uff a modher!"
    "I must now reweal my power to you."
    "Ow, ow, ow, ow!"
    "No, no, no, NO!!"
    "You bodher me more by dhe second!"
    "Only a coward vould attack from behind!"
    "Bwah, hah, hah!"
    "I cannot take dhis pain any longer."
    "Dhis wictory vas wery satisfying indeed!"
    "Repent for your wicked ways!"
    "Do you think you can hit me? Do you?!"
    "You are starting to anger me!!"
    "I have dishonored the Kingdom!"
    "That attack was not at all effective."
    "There is no honor in being weak."
    "Take this, fool!"
    "You won't finish me off so easily!!"
    "An honorable tactic."
    "You fight without skill or honor!"
    "You will be difficult to defeat!"
    "An aggressive attack!"
    "I will always regret this ignoble defeat!"
    "I am embarrassed for you."
    "I will not tolerate you any longer!"
    "You will be difficult to defeat."
    "Go ahead, make my day!"
    "No mercy for allies of the Empire!!"
    "You will be defeated soon enough!"
    "Your technique is seriously flawed."
    "Your ATAC will soon be scrap!"
    "The Kingdom will be triumphant!"
    "I will not allow the Empire to succeed!"
    "I know that my loss will be avenged!"
    "Show courage! Don't attack from behind!"
    "Will you run away, or surrender?!"
    "I move quickly for an old man, eh?!"
    "I cannot be defeated! I am too strong!"
    "Damn it!"
    "You fight as if blind, deaf and dumb!"
    "Begone, feeble foe!"
    "I will not rest until we crush the Empire!"
    "I will overcome the pain you cause me!!"
    "Too easy!"
    "I will not miss you again!"
    "You will not fool me."
    "Attack me from the front, COWARD!"
    "To the victor go the spoils of war!"
    "Your ATAC will soon be scrap!"
    "From the right?!"
    "That was easy..."
    "I pray that you've met your peace."
    "Turn down back your evil ways!"
    "Evil shall never stand before good!"
    "I'm looking for an act of contrition."
    "I was born to humble vermin like you."
    "You're a sneaky little bastard!"
    "You're going to die, infidel!"
    "I don't take hits from retarded soldiers."
    "I must humiliate you!"
    "Perhaps you do have some brawn!"
    "I'm much stronger than that, idiot!"
    "I shall conquer all who oppose me."
    "Next time you shall not be so lucky."
    "That was entirely uncalled for!"
    "You will die infidel!"
    "I'm better than to fall for THAT!"
    "Now you're making me angry!"
    "One steel enema, coming up!"
    "I have just begun to fight!"
    "How did you connect that attack?!"
    "You just got lucky, maggot!"
    "You'll have to do better than that."
    "Step up for the smackdown!"
    "You have the reflexes of a drunk yak!"
    "Not so fast!"
    "Fall before your master, pig!"
    "That should have knocked you out!"
    "Ugh! Where did that come from?!"
    "That was much too easy, pig!"
    "Sonic Blade!"
    "That attack had your name on it!"
    "Is there a girl in there?"
    "You unscrupulous potter-pirate!"
    "You're busted!"
    "I'll see you in the next world."
    "Your will is weak, infidel!"
    "You won't be able to repeat that, dog!"
    "You're a sneaky little bastard!"
    "Nnnngh!! Don't count me out yet!"
    "It appears I'm losing without honor!"
    "Surprised? Ha!"
    "You're busted!"
    "I hate it when ATACs do that!!"
    "I've never felt pain like this before!"
    "Down with the Empire!"
    "Prove yourself worthy of battle!"
    "I have you now!"
    "How about--- THIS?!"
    "Come my way and I'll cleave you in two!"
    "You should have trained harder."
    "No mercy for the weak!"
    "You won't fufill your evil desires!"
    "You lost without honor!"
    "I'm afraid I never learned how to lose."
    "A new age is upon us."
    "You possess a great deal of power!!"
    "I am impressed with your speed!"
    "Just a scratch."
    "Not bad for an unkempt enemy."
    "What?! From behind?!"
    "You're more skilled than I though!!"
    "Your body is strong--- Your mind is weak!"
    "That was a poor choice of attack."
    "Should I feign injury for your benefit?"
    "Feel the fangs of the Ice Wolf!"
    "You will never win with power alone."
    "Feel the blast of a Blizzard Break!"
    "You will fall!"
    "You dodged me?!"
    "You will NEVER hit me, you fool!"
    "You cannot run nor hide from me, fool!"
    "How dare you avoid my brilliant attack!"
    "Admire the beauty of a Blizzard Break!"
    "More powerful than I was expecting!"
    "I barely consider that to be an attack."
    "I bow humbly to your mighty strength!"
    "Here I come!"
    "You annoy me!"
    "A surprising show of strength from you!"
    "You DO realize that I can see you, correct?"
    "Witness the power of the Ice Blade!"
    "You are the shame of your family."
    "You will succumb to my strength!"
    "How is this?!"
    "You failed to call on your inner strength!"
    "Have you no defense, my foolish foe?"
    "Another day, another glorious victory!"
    "I will find a way to defeat you!"
    "I barely consider that to be an attack."
    "There you are."
    "Stand still, you cur!"
    "More powerful than I was expecting."
    "What humiliation I have suffered today!"
    "Attacking me was your last mistake."
    "I can't be defeated!!"
    "I have lost. I embrace humiliation!"
    "At least prove to be a challenge!"
    "Your blood will flow freely!"
    "Your stealth needs some improvement."
    "Why don't you learn to fight?"
    "There you are, infidel!"
    "Is that all you have to offer me? Hah!"
    "What a pathetic fool you are."
    "You are well and truly pathetic."
    "From behind?!"
    "I had no choice but to win."
    "I shall revel in your destruction!"
    "Don't think yourself clever, twit!"
    "What's wrong?"
    "I will never be defeated. NEVER!"
    "I shall finish you, then rejoice!"
    "You cannot surprise me, dimwit!"
    "I embrace my bitter defeat!"
    "You dodged my attack?!"
    "I am not afraid of you, infidel. Not at all."
    "Your miserable life ends today!"
    "You annoy me."
    "How very weak."
    "You are strong."
    "You could never have beaten me."
    "I admire your speed, little one."
    "I relish the pain."
    "Much too slow."
    "All too easy!"
    "I will crush you like a bug, cretin!"
    "I feel no pity, infidel."
    "You think yourself clever, twit?"
    "What's wrong?"
    "Hit me harder, fool! I demand it!"
    "So very feeble!"
    "Reyna rules the field of battle!"
    "I win!"
    "It's a burden to be so dangerous."
    "I said, don't dodge!"
    "Hey! That stings!"
    "There you go!"
    "I can do this!"
    "No more Miss Nice Gal!"
    "Ouch, that hurt!"
    "You were supposed to lose, not me!"
    "There you are!"
    "You hit like a girl!"
    "That was a love tap!"
    "Time for you to take a fall!"
    "I'm not very easy to hit, am I?"
    "BIG WHIFF!"
    "You're in my way!"
    "From my left?"
    "You're really going to regret that!"
    "Catch the wave!"
    "Oh, man."
    "I'm not that easy to hit, am I?"
    "What did I do wrong!?"
    "It's ok, I'll hit you later!"
    "Awright, this is as far as you go!"
    "Argh! This just isn't fun anymore!"
    "Did I fail?"
    "Ouch! Not bad!"
    "I win again!"
    "Damn it!"
    "Okay, now you're just bugging me!"
    "It's too bad that I'm so good!"
    "Enemy on my right!"
    "The real fight is from now on, pal!"
    "Enemy on my left!"
    "This is really gonna hurt!"
    "Let me show you my true strength!"
    "It wasn't luck, it was skill! Trust me!"
    "Are you trying to spank me?"
    "You little coward!"
    "You make me giggle like a schoolgirl!"
    "Oh, crap!"
    "Fighting you was a bad idea."
    "I read your moves!"
    "Did I fail?!"
    "I can't take this abuse anymore!"
    "Keep dreaming!"
    "You're coming at me from behind?"
    "You just got lucky!"
    "Do you think you can beat me?!"
    "Did I win AGAIN?"
    "Go away, knave!"
    "Hey! That hurt me, you fool!"
    "I can't be defeated!!!"
    "I won't be defeated by a silly serf!"
    "What's wrong, fool? Getting scared?"
    "Hit me with your best shot! Fire away!"
    "There you are!"
    "Curse you!"
    "You simply aren't able to strike me!"
    "Prepare yourself for pure pain!"
    "Now, don't get carried away, alright?"
    "Your great pain will be my pleasure!"
    "You dirty rat!"
    "Hey, that hurts! You filthy wretch!"
    "You sack of dung!"
    "You're not allowed to dodge me! Seriously!"
    "Why you little---!"
    "Your parents must be SO proud of you."
    "I'll see you in the fiery pits of hell!!"
    "You really don't have to hold back!"
    "From the right, huh?"
    "Stand and fight! You gutless coward!"
    "I'll knock you flat on your sorry arse!"
    "Ha, ha, ha!"
    "How about this?!"
    "This-- is-- NOT--- good!!"
    "This will hurt you much more than me!"
    "Take a look at my awesome technique!"
    "That was ALL me!"
    "And there you are!"
    "Ha, ha, ha! It's yet another kill for me!"
    "Damn it!"
    "I make this armor look GOOD!"
    "That was truly a pathetic display!"
    "You coward!"
    "Not a chance!"
    "From the left, huh?"
    "I curse your soul!"
    "Impossible! I have to win this battle!"
    "Candy tastes great after a workout."
    "Victory is even better than candy."
    "Everything I see is bright white!"
    "It hurts me so bad! I want my mommy!!!"
    "You chipped my lollipop! You DIE!"
    "What more can I say? You SUCK!"
    "I fight for peace and candy!"
    "You're in a bad mood. How about a hug?"
    "You're gonna put my eye out!"
    "Try a little harder next time!"
    "There you are!"
    "Okay, no candy for you, ONE YEAR!"
    "Was that a fly, or was that you?"
    "Keep that up and I won't give you candy!"
    "I will protect peace and candy!"
    "Why won't you let me hit you?!"
    "Here I come!"
    "Missed me! Ha, ha!"
    "I'll get you!"
    "You're in my way. Now get out of it."
    "I really tried hard that time, too..."
    "Why did you go and do that for?!"
    "That's really mean, dodging like that!"
    "Stop it, you big bully!"
    "Why are you being so mean to me?!"
    "Hey, now!"
    "Awright, no candy for you! One year!"
    "Oh, there you are!"
    "Hey! That's gonna leave a mark!"
    "Ahhhhh!! My armor! My--- candy!!"
    "I can DO this!"
    "Do you smell what Barlow is cookin'?"
    "Get hit, ok?"
    "Oh, there you are!"
    "OW! Why'd you go and do THAT for?!"
    "See that, guys? I'm a big, strong, soldier!"
    "Attacking from behind isn't fair!"
    "You're silly!"
    "I'm gonna get you, sucker!"
    "Somebody help me!"
    "You're too strong!!"
    "Lord Alden would scream at me!!"
    "Alden would be proud!"
    "Don't move!"
    "There you are!"
    "I did my best, Bastion..."
    "Why don't you just stop fighting?"
    "I'll be glad once the fights are over."
    "Did you see this, Bastion? I won!"
    "Here I come!"
    "How is everyone else doing?"
    "You're really good!"
    "I am very, very angry!"
    "I didn't expect you to do that!"
    "Watch what Alden taught me!"
    "That HURT!"
    "Get out of my way!"
    "I did it!"
    "Stay calm, Milea!"
    "Alden would be upset with me!"
    "I did it! I dodged an attack!"
    "From the right?!"
    "Did you really think that would work?!"
    "That didn't hurt! Not even a little!"
    "I can still fight!"
    "I see you!"
    "I won't let you get in Bastion's way!"
    "You're making me very mad!"
    "You are strong."
    "You are quite sucky at this combat thing."
    "For how LONG have you sucked at this combat thing?"
    "I'm so good at this, I even amaze myself!"
    "You're better than I expected, dammit."
    "Not surprising... you missed."
    "Here I come--- What? I won already? Geez..."
    "Another victory for the Andrew-nator!"
    "I just realized that I really don't like you."
    "I'm gonna give you some serious hurt!"
    "Now, why did you go and dodge that, huh?!"
    "I think I just felt my kidneys pop!"
    "Are you gonna give me a good fight or what?"
    "I'm asleep, and this is my worst nightmare!"
    "Are you gonna gimme a good fight or what?"
    "Enough practice. Let's fight for real!"
    "Hello, hello."
    "I'm here to make your death wish come true!"
    "Isn't it funny how much better I am?"
    "What?! You dodged my attack?! HOW?!"
    "Oh, poop."
    "You couldn't hit the broadside of a castle."
    "You are just SO bad at this combat thing."
    "I came, I saw, and I whooped some butt."
    "And you've sucked at combat for HOW long?"
    "Were you expecting a retarded opponent?"
    "Did I tell you to waste my time? Well, did I?!"
    "I just felt a very mild tingling sensation."
    "Congratulations! You actually hit me!"
    "I should've charged you to see me fight."
    "Hey, now! There's no need to show off!"
    "Utter-humiliation for the Andrew-nator!"
    "I'm here to fight. You're here to lose."
    "Can't you attack any faster than that?!"
    "Here I come--- What? I won already? Geez."
    "Ah, there you are!"
    "I don't like it when you do that!"
    "Hey, now!"
    "Whooff! That was an excellent attack!"
    "So, when did I start to suck so hard?!"
    "I still intend to lay the smack down."
    "There we go!"
    "Ouch! How about we kiss and make up?"
    "Can I see some more enthusiasm, please?"
    "You do realize were not even fighting?"
    "Are you trying to make me cry?!"
    "Oh, yeah! It's time for the Somersault!"
    "I knew you liked it from the rear!"
    "Oh, my."
    "Ohhhh, the burning! The itching! The swelling!"
    "Sweeter than sugar!"
                               IMPERIAL SOLDIER
    "From the right?!"
    "The pain! The pain!"
    "You will know great pain, scum!"
    "How dare you?!"
    "I sense your fear!"
    "From the left?!"
    "Damn you to Hell!"
    "It's all over!!"
    "All enemies of the Empire will die!"
    "Oh, you WILL perish!"
    "There you are!"
    "What a warrior!"
    "Surrender! You, pathetic fool!"
    "Oh, you will hurt--- and you will bleed!"
    "You won't beat me with THAT!"
    "Feel the power of the almighty empire!"
    "Help me---!"
    "I sense your fear!"
    "I think I just wet myself."
    "I can't feel my legs."
    "You're no match for my awesome speed!"
    "Filthy scum!"
    "Ah! That was nothing!"
    "You flea-infested mongrel!"
    "How was that, huh?! Did you like that?!"
    "You're pathetic!"
    "My mother could beat you down!"
    "I submit to your superior skill!"
    "I beat you, scum! Who's the man?!"
    "I send you to the next world, scum!"
    "For the glory of the Junaris Empire!"
    "You will know great pain, scum!"
    "Awwwwwww--- too bad!"
    "Hey! HEY!"
    "Taste my bitter displeasure!"
    "Are you behind me?! Indeed."
    "I win."
    "That will cause minimal damage."
    "This will be your final battle."
    "Please, don't cry when I defeat you!"
    "You must be very embarrassed."
    "I can see this will be a good fight!!"
    "I got you."
    "The agony of defeat!!"
    "Your strength is quite deceptive!"
    "Get out of my way!"
    "Have you considered running away?"
    "I should have beaten you faster."
    "There you are!"
    "That will be your final strike!"
    "You won't hit me like that!"
    "The agony of defeat!"
    "Now you've made me angry!"
    "I see you now."
    "What a shame."
    "Oh. I've been hit."
    "I sense much anger inside you."
    "How could I have let this happen?"
    "Attacking me from the left?"
    "You fight very poorly. Keep it up!"
    "You got me good!"
    "I'll be faster with my next attack."
    "You're doing well!"
    "Well, then, who wants to fight me next?"
    "Be honest with me--- Are you really trying?"
    "I knew I should have fought harder!"
    "You aren't all that!!"
    "Your ATAC will be mine! It WILL be mine!"
    "I'll give you the death you deserve!"
    "You don't impress me!"
    "Calgon, take me away..."
    "What?! How dare you!"
    "Judo CHOP!"
    "From the left?!"
    "You're pretty good for a spineless worm!"
    "I didn't realize how much pain I can endure!"
    "Should I be bleeding from that?!"
    "I'll strip you of what little dignity you have!"
    "Take this!"
    "You tried to kill me! You bastard!"
    "Here we go!"
    "Oh no, oh no, oh NOOOOO!!"
    "Where were my friends when I needed them?!"
    "Serves you right for attacking me!"
    "Too bad, eh? You hoser!"
    "Damn it! I knew that was too slow!"
    "From the right side?!"
    "Here I come!"
    "Scavengers will tear my ATAC apart!"
    "Did I say you could dodge?! Did I?"
    "Wh--- What are you?!"
    "Was that an attack, or a love tap?"
    "You lack both skill and strength."
    "What's wrong? Realized how hard you suck?"
    "From the left side?!"
    "You shouldn't get in my way, fool!"
    "What a tremendous miss! Bravo!"
    "Your ATAC is worth more than your life!"
    "That attack won't even make a dent!"
    "A foolish attack from, er, a fool!"
    "Excellent! More parts for the scrap heap!"
    "Watch and learn!"
    "Can't we all just get along?!?"
    "Witness the power of the Royal Guard!!"
    "You dodged?!"
    "You've sealed your ignoble fate!"
    "That attack was weak and worthless!"
    "What happened?!"
    "From behind?!"
    "Savor my flavor!"
    "A wasted effort!"
    "For the glory of the Emperor!"
    "CURSE YOU!"
    "This great victory was my destiny."
    "From the right?!"
    "Bow down before me!"
    "I SPIT ON YOU!"
    "The Junaris Empire is your master!"
    "You really though you could hit me?"
    "You are DOOMED!"
    "Pharastia will soon be destroyed!"
    "You dare to defy the Royal Guard?"
    "This can't be!"
    "How dare you insult me with that attack!"
    "DAMN YOU!!"
    "How dare you defy the Royal Guard!"
    "Do you yet realize you're going to lose?"
    "What happened?!"
    "There you are!"
    "I enjoyed hurting you."
    "You should not have defied us."
    "Get out of my way!"
    "You lowly scum, I'll destroy you!"
    "How dare you do this to me?!"
    "Ha! Too bad for you!"
    "How about this?!"
    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You crack me up!"
    "There you are! Fool!"
    "What are you trying to do?! Kill me?!"
    "That I would lose to a fool like you."
    "Don't get in my way, you fool!"
    "You will pay dearly for that!"
    "Eat this!!"
    "You think you're better than me?!"
    "You're mine now!"
    "Get out of my way, you idiot!"
    "You lowly scum!"
    "You bother me! Go away!"
    "You bloody coward!"
    "You thought you could beat me?!"
    "That puny attack won't hit me!"
    "You dodged?!"
    "What was that?!"
    "Witness the power I possess!"
    "You're mine now!"
    "Revenge will be mine!"
    "I don't approve of your attitude!"
    "I win and you lose. Just as it should be!"
    "I will destroy you!"
    "I deflected that with my breath!"
    "You're an annoying little insect!"
    "How pleasant it is to watch you lose!"
    "I'll destroy you!"
    "That's not very friendly!"
    "Hmmmmph! Is that all?"
    "You dare strike me?"
    "This is defenitivly NOT alright!"
    "How dare you strike royalty!"
    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Victory is mine!"
                               KINGDOM SOLDIER
    "I've been spanked harder than that."
    "You imbecile!"
    "Don't you realize you're outmatched?!"
    "That was feeble!"
    "The Empire will never conquer the Kingdom!"
    "You can't do that!"
    "I will stand firm and you will fall!"
    "What power!!"
    "Such strength!!"
    "Go away!"
    "I've lost, but the Kingdom will win!"
    "Wh--- What?!"
    "That's unfair!"
    "Begone with you!"
    "Damn you!"
    "Pharastia will never be enslaved!"
    "That attack was rather misguided."
    "From behind?!"
    "I've failed!!"
    "You missed! How sad!"
    "Who shall be my next opponent?"
    "The Junaris Empire is sure to fall!"
    "No! Damn!"
    "The Kingdom Army always triumphs!"
    "That barely registered a hit!"
    "You're out of your league, fool!"
    "You fool!"
    "That was cruel!"
    "Your efforts are futile!"
    "The Kingdom will be restored to glory!"
    "How DARE you!"
    "You're mine now!"
    "Why do you avoid the inevitable?!"
    "Cowardly fool!"
    "From the left?!"
    "You are not allowed to do that again!!"
    "How dare you?!"
    "Get out of my way!"
    "How DARE you!!"
    "From the right?!"
    "You have gone much too far!!"
    "You are not allowed to do this again!"
    "Are you dazzled by my lightning speed?"
    "You have gone much too far!!"
    "Ha! Weak!"
    "Booger! Bollocks!"
    "Heh, heh, heh."
    "There you are!"
    "You hit like a girl!"
    "I see you now!"
    "You will suffer for your actions!"
    "This cannot be! This simply cannot BE!"
    "You chose your attack quite poorly."
    "I will deny this loss to my grave!"
    "Why do you avoid the inevitable?"
    "This is embarrassing. This is humiliating!"
    "I won't lose to you or anyone!"
    "This is my victory!"
    "Winning has always come naturally to me."
    "That was nothing to worry about."
                              NORDILAIN SOLDIER
    "I shall be the victor today!"
    "Take THIS!"
    "You annoy me!"
    "Not bad!"
    "I will cause you pain and suffering!"
    "Leave here while you still can!"
    "Do you realize our power now?!"
    "I dedicate my victory to Logan!"
    "My superiority was overwhelming!"
    "Withdraw from this battle at once."
    "Prepare yourself."
    "Interesting strategy."
    "Your victory is but a statistical anomaly!"
    "A rare tactical error."
    "Leave this battle or you shall suffer!"
    "Wait until I analyze your attack patterns!"
    "This attack should prove sufficient."
    "You are attacking from the right?"
    "The battle has ended for me, it seems."
    "I need to recalibrate my weapons systems."
    "Very interesting--- and very painful."
    "Attack initiated."
    "A minimal attack and a feeble effort."
    "I have disgraced Duke Logan with this loss."
    "Bid farewell to your ATAC and your life!"
    "Your luck will run out. It always does."
    "Probably not what I would have done."
    "My next attack won't be so lethargic!"
    "You are attacking from the right?"
    "I have suffered damage to multiple systems."
    "I'll send you to your grave, fool!"
    "You are stronger than my original estimate."
    "You choose to attack from the left?"
    "Is there any method to your madness?"
    "I am appalled by your lack of strength."
    "You provide me with mild amusement."
    "I'm sorry, were you trying to injure me?"
    "A rear attack?"
    "Your futility is truly a joy to behold!"
    "I dedicate my victory to Miss Claire."
    "A dishonorable yet effective tactic!"
    "Now you're starting to make me angry!"
                                DUKE LOGAN
    "You're becoming a pain in my rear!"
    "Don't be ashamed! It was a good fight!"
    "What's wrong?"
    "From the left?!"
    "Hmmmmmm. Not bad."
    "That was laughable!"
    "Did you feel a gust of wind? I did!"
    "Ha, ha, ha!"
    "Hmmm? Did someone just strike me?"
    "Why don't I just kill you now?"
    "I will remember your name, warrior!"
    "I guarantee you'll feel that blow!"
    "Try my sword! It's just your size!"
    "You needed much more experience."
    "Feel the fangs of the Crimson!"
    "Raging flame! Severing blade!"
    "That was an excellent attack!"
    "This is starting to be a good fight!"
    "That's an impressive tactic!"
    "You were strong, but I was stronger!"
    "That tickles!"
    "I've never been wounded so badly!!"
    "Come on! Put more power into it!"
    "What have you done to me?!"
                              HIBERNIA SOLDIER
    "You can't touch me."
    "Take THIS!"
    "You're starting to bore me, fool."
    "Have I been hit?"
    "Stop that!"
    "That was cruel!"
    "That was SAD!"
    "I've chosen you as my next kill!"
    "You can't escape!"
    "Is that all?"
    "I won't let you do what you want!"
    "That was cold!"
    "The enemy is here!"
    "That was harsh!"
    "Run away while you have the chance!"
    "That was mean!"
    "You amuse me."
    "The enemy approaches!"
    "Run away while you still can!"
    "You can't touch me!"
    "Eat this!!"
    "What manner of warrior ARE you?!"
    "You fight well, but you're going to lose!"
    "You can't hit me!"
    "You won't take me down so easily!"
    "What was that?!"
    "Let's do it!"
    "How did you see that coming?!"
    "Damn it!"
    "You're useless!"
    "Too easy!"
    "Give me your full attention, fool!"
    "I have failed!"
    "I'll get you for this, my little pretty!"
    "You're just delaying the inevitable!"
    "Damn you!"
    "I'll get you, my little pretty!"
    "Now you've done it!"
    "My ATAC can't take much more!"
    "That won't do it!"
    "NOW you've done it!"
    "And here we go!"
    "You should have shown me respect."
                                MARQUIS DIONNE
    "Feel the heat of the bursting fire!"
    "Take this!"
    "You're a promising warrior, keep it up!"
    "I was hoping for a challenge! Oh, well."
    "Too slow!"
    "What was that?!"
    "Age and experience are my weapons."
    "Have I grown slow with age?"
    "That wasn't much!"
    "Your attacks are weak and unfocused!"
    "From the rear?!"
    "What power!!"
    "The battle is already over for me?!"
    "To have inflicted an injury upon me!"
    "To repel my attack?!"
    "My courage assured your defeat."
    "That was entirely uncalled for!"
    "I am a ruthless foe. You are a casualty."
    "This cannot be the end for me...!"
    "I demand that you give me a real fight!"
    "Damn it!"
    "You don't belong on this battlefield!"
    "Behold the might of Marquis Dionne!"
    "What power!!"
    "Here I am!"
    "You'll have to be faster than that!"
    "You're doing well!"
    "Too easy!"
    "You can't endure my massive attacks!"
    "An excellent dodge!"
    "No one has tested my strength as you do!"
                               MUSPEL SOLDIER
    "Your attack is like dust in the wind!"
    "You can't beat me!"
    "You dodged me?!"
    "I'll knock you out!"
    "Prepare yourself!"
    "Have you always been so cruel?!"
    "You're good, warrior! VERY good!"
    "I gladly give my life for Radcot!"
    "Curse you!"
    "For the sake of the Muspel Nation!"
    "Kneel before Duke Radcot, scum!"
    "I can't take this!!"
    "There you are!"
    "Get out of my way!"
    "I've lost?!"
    "I crushed you!"
    "It's all over!!"
    "From the left?!"
    "From the right?!"
    "NOW do you respect my power?!"
    "How dare you!"
    "From my left?!"
    "You little sandworm!"
    "I devastated you!"
    "Ah! Too stupid!"
    "From my right?!"
    "Ah! Too slow!"
    "Duke Radcot will rule the Continent!"
                                DUKE RADCOT
    "Here I come!"
    "Dodging my attack is NOT allowed!"
    "That pathetic swipe won't affect me!"
    "Are you afraid of a fair fight?!"
    "From the left, eh?"
    "Are you prepared for your eternal rest?!"
    "Your insolence will not be forgiven!"
    "Who ARE you?!"
    "This is what losing a battle is like?"
    "This is my first step toward destiny!"
    "Cowardly fiend!"
    "You maggot!"
    "I will destroy you soon enough!"
    "What in the name of the gods was THAT?!"
    "From the right, eh?"
    "My beautiful ATAC! How could you?!"
    "Show some courtesy and allow me to hit!"
    "My anger will result in your defeat!"
    "Bow down before me!"
    "You cannot stop my glorious ambitions!"
    "Don't try to stop me. Get out of my way!
    "There you are!"
    "Behold my power!"
    "From the right, eh?"
    "You are unworthy of my attention!"
    "How dare you harm my precious ATAC!"
    "There you are!"
    "Gaze upon the power of my mighty ATAC!"
    "The Continent will be mine to control!"
    "Take this!"
    "That was luck, fool, not skill!"
    "Prepare yourself!"
    "You can't hit me!"
    "You haven't caused me harm, fool!"
                               AVALON SOLDIER
    "We will not lose!"
    "You're mine now."
    "Too bad."
    "Get out of my way!"
    "Enemy spotted!"
    "What's wrong?"
    "The Empire's reign will soon end!"
    "Get away!"
    "Feel the power of the Avalon Corps!"
    "Enemy located!"
    "You're good!"
    "You dodged me?!"
    "Damn it all!"
    "That attack was pathetic, soldier!"
    "Please! Can't you do better than that?"
    "I won't let you live!"
    "Thank you, I needed a wake-up call."
    "It's over!!"
    "Major damage!"
    "Too--- strong!!"
    "This can't be the end of the battle for me!"
    "Too easy!"
    "Peace will return to this world!"
    "You can't hit me!"
    "The Empire's evil ends here and now!"
    "I can fight really good! Watch me!"
    "Wow, we dodged! Kyu-Kyu!"
    "You're making me SO MAD!!"
    "We won, Kyu-Kyu! Kyu-Kyu!"
    "Which attack should I use next time?"
    "Why can't I hit you?"
    "You better apologize for attacking me."
    "This is fun, Kyu-Kyu! Kyu-Kyu!"
    "That was fun, Kyu-Kyu! I want to beat another one!"
    "We're really good! Kyu-Kyu!"
    "Leave me ALONE, you big butt-head!"
    "You're guilty of child abuse!"
    "That was too easy. Kyu-Kyu."
    "That didn't even hurt at all!"
    "I'm ok, Bastion! That attack sucked!"
    "Waaaaaahh! I messed up!"
    "We did it! Kyu-Kyu!"
    "I like to hurt you!"
    "Here I go!"
    "I am SO mad at you!"
    "I'm gonna hurt you!"
    "Don't try to hurt me, dum-dum!"
    "You're going to make me cry!"
    "I'm sorry, Bastion!"
    "You're hitting me from the right?"
    "Oh, no!"
    "Ow! Don't do that, you big bully!"
    "That attack had no direction or force!"
    "From the left?!"
    "That was a most ineffective attack."
    "Avoiding you was a trifle."
    "From the right?!"
    "I see that you fight with intensity!"
    "I'll stop you!"
    "Not bad at all!"
    "You demonstrate a lack of ability."
    "Defeat never becomes less painful."
    "Not bad!"
    "Forgive me!"
    "I'll rip your ATAC limb from limb!"
    "My battalion is stronger without me."
    "Get out of my way!"
    "I did not savor defeating you."
    "Your defeat is a certainty!"
    "Not bad at all."
    "Are you ready for my power?"
    "You insult me with your pathetic strike."
                              IMPERIAL GENERAL
    "You will move out of my way!"
    "You're good, aren't you?!"
    "Only fools oppose the Empire!"
    "From the right?!"
    "For the glory of His Majesty!"
    "Prepare to lose!"
    "I won't forgive the Empire's enemies!"
    "Come here, fool!"
    "You're superb!"
    "Very good!"
    "That was sad!"
    "From the left?!"
    "Prepare for the taste of defeat!"
    "I don't deserve to command this ATAC!"
    "That was foolish!"
    "That was nothing!"
    "My defeat will not harm the Empire!"
    "No, no, no!"
    "Ready, set, GO!"
    "Easy win!"
    "Here I come!"
    "This isn't so hard after all!"
    "You're in my way."
    "It's no fun if you dodge my attacks!"
    "There you are!"
    "I hope I didn't hurt the pilot too badly."
    "How did I do that?"
    "Heh, heh, heh! You're truly pathetic!"
    "Brains defeat brawn everytime!"
    "Ow ow ow ow OWWWW!!"
    "To the left!"
    "Is that the best you can do?"
    "There you are!"
    "What brainless fool designed your ATAC?"
    "What are you doing to an old man?!"
    "Not my ATAC! Not my precious ATAC! NOOOO!!!"
    3. Credits & Legal Stuff
    Thanks to Working Designs for releasing a simple, VERY addictive strategy game!
    Thanks to ShinCyan for the original idea and a good part of the quotes in this
    This FAQ is Copyright to Kildread2, I don't particuliarly care that much if you
    put it up on your website as long as you're not making any money off MY work
    and don't alter this guide at any point.
    Also, if you put it up on your site, check for updates at www.gamefaqs.com,
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