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Reviewed: 07/03/01 | Updated: 07/03/01

Very Disappointing, But a worthy effort at best.

With the playstation slowly fading away a few new games are still coming out and Vanishing Point is one of the few new remaining games to come for the system but it really isn't adding anything you couldn't get out of Gran Turismo 2.

Gameplay--This is what gave me the most dissatisfaction about the game. With a frustrating control scheme the gameplay is left in shambles and does not stand out in way. The game in single race mode or tournament mode gives you only two cars to start with and you have to unlock the rest which takes a good deal of time. Now there was one feature that I found interesting which was the stunt mode but due to a lack of good and lack of cars it just gets old and dusty after a couple run throughs. Okay so it has all of these faults but doesn't it have anything good in it? Well that answer would depend on the person playing the game but the two player mode is about the only thing I enjoyed about of this game.

Graphics--Well at least one part of the game looks decent but really without gameplay, graphics are nothing in a game. Anyways the graphics are pretty solid and the cars have little break up but at close angles the cars look like they went through a wrecking yard. The envronments look decent for the game but could've had a lot more work done to them as there is much break up and is not very pleasant to look at. Some nice touches to the environments that didn't look too bad was the trees and leaves blowing in the streets. I seriously think that they were not in the right mind when they made those backgrounds but I can't do nothing about that.

Audio/Sound--Please Kill Me! I can't stand one more lap of this awful God forsaken music, that about describes the music right there. Anyways the music is repetitive, annoying, and easily forgetful. The music is varied but that is always a good thing because in this game is just makes things worse. The song you hear will sound really awful and you think to yourself that the other music will sound better but you soon find out that it is just as bad if not worse. Another review in which I will say to listen to something beside the game music maybe a little Frank Sinatra or Glenn Miller or anything else cause it will definitely beat this crap.

Replayability--As hard as it is to say this but since it's true I'll just tell you that yes this game has a lot of replayability. Okay I may have been bashing this game all throughout this review but this is just my opinion and you may think this game is good and if you do well then you are in luck cause there a lot hours ahead for you. In my case I say that I would drop dead before I would replay this game again. There is enough secrets in the game to keep you busy for awhile but it is your choice to be laughed at by all your friend for listening to that music and playing this game.

Buy/rent--Do not buy this game I repeat do not buy this game unless you are a hardcore racer which would be the only person who would get satisfaction out of this piece of junk. If you must see for yourself how bad it is then rent but be warned that you must have some good music ready so you can tune out the God awful stuff that is in this game.

May you be cursed by my monkey's hairy ass if you buy this game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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