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"Not all that bad"

Most people seem to bash this game right from the bat. I honestly suspect most of the review writers to forget that this is a playstation one game and therefore not to be compared with the games on the newer systems.

Unlike so many other PS One games, the graphics are actually rahter detailed. Moving trains, blowing leaves and swinging trees in the wind, and bearing in mind the limitations of the PS One graphical interface, the overall graphics score pretty high on the chart.

Again, most reviewers seem to be so mad about how the cars handle and how there is too little to start with. I just get the impression most people have been spoiled by games where everything is just thrown into your lap as sson as you can push the accalleration button. Here on the other hand you do have to accomplish something before you advance in the game. It gives the game an advantage to games like even GT and GT2. The handling of the cars is in fact more realistic than ever before. This makes for a very challenging game indeed. You WILL get slowed down if you hit a car and you WILL bounce back, just like you would in a real car in a real live accident. Also, you WILL get slowed down if you scrape the walls, and yes, you do run the risk of flipping your car. And unlike so many other racing/rally games, if you roll your car, you roll it according to the speed you were going. This means that rolling your car can actually mean losing about 15 seconds or even more. Most games will roll your car once, twice, MAYBE three times, no matter what speed you are at, this game however puts the realism in the crashes as well as in the handling. Speaking of which... the handling is probably the most realistic around. The slides, the breaking, the turning, the spinning out of turns, it all feels more real than in most other games.

As said before, you actually do have to WORK for your rewards in this game. And even though you get only one track and two cars to start with, the first cars and tracks are pretty easy to unlock.

The stunts is probably what most people like in this game. For me they are just an intermezzo when I am tired of doing laps, and it is always fun to flip, jump or slalom your car. Here also, the unlocking of the stunts is not just given to you, you do have to get a pretty high average score to get all the stunts unlocked.

Something needs to be said about the music. This is probably the only really negative point here. I usually just turn on my stereo and put in some other music. Quite honestly, I think anything is better that that. This however is only a slight downfall to an otherwise great game.

I can see why a lot of people would dislike the game, the difficulty rating is higher than most racing games. Yet the realism has never been better on PS One. For hard core racing fans it is a must. For people who just ''like'' racing games, give it a try, honestly. If you want a truly challenging racing game, then this is your chance. See how you would do in a realistic racing environment for a change.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/29/02, Updated 10/29/02

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