Review by KilledKenny

Reviewed: 03/20/06

Quite amusing, this VP

First of all, I've to say I'm a GT fan. But that didn't hold me back for enjoying this game named Vanishing Point. VP is a great game, with races, more like time trials, a stunt mode, funny multiplayer modes and a lot of unlockables.

VP isn't a game only for the racers among us, although the beginning is sometimes hard. You're first cars handle like they're boats on a rough sea, but once you get to the better cars this game is pure fun. As an addition to the single player time trials, there also is a stunt mode, where you'll have to make big jumps and race to the edge to earn points. The multiplayer has several modes, including mere time trial racing, but also new arcade modes like getting the most balloons lying around on the track.

Although the graphics ain't that good as the ones in GT (I know I shouldn't compare, but wait, there's more..), you'll be astonished by the great environments Acclaim has created. You can race through desserts, cities, old roads next to old castles and new roads next to Space-Shuttle launch platforms. The environments all look really, really good.

Actually, there's nothing much to say here. The game has a good soundtrack, but IMO you shouldn't race with BGM, so all I can say is that the cars have different sounds, where bigger engines give a deeper sound, or sports cars split the air in half, what gives more realism to the game.

Like racers, this game has a lot of playtime available. And you'll be rewarded for all the work you do. You get new cars, tracks, parts, options, FMV's, multiplayer modes,... What else do I have to say; It's heaven.

And again, like all the other racers, this isn't a game where you say: Let's start all over again. But it does have a good multiplayer, so hook up a buddy, and get yourselves into the game ^_^

Final Reccomendation
All by all, this a must have for all you race fans out there. If you like the GT games, you'll like this one too. My overall score:

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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