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    FAQ by RFontaine

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                                   VR SOCCER '96
    Written by RĂ©mi Fontaine, aka Steve Smith on Gamefaqs message boards.
    September 13, 2002
    remifontaine@sympatico.ca  <---This is my email adress.  Every
                                   contribution or comment is welcome.  If
                                   you have something new, I'll update the faq!
    Version 1.1
    Copyrights:  Everybody has the permission to post my faq on their site.
    Don't ask me please.
    Table of contents
    I : Purpose of this faq
    II : Controls
    III : Highlights
    IV : Defending
    V : Shot and pass control
    VI : Passing and shooting techniques
    VII : Ball out of play
    VIII : In-Match menu
    IX : Gametype
    X : Formation
    XI : Player Control
    XII : Game styles
    XIII : Cameras
    XIV : Questions and answers
    I : Purpose of this faq
    This faq is made especially for those who don't have the manual for VR Soccer
    '96.  Most of the information included in this faq is found in the manual
    (except the Questions and answers section).
    II : Controls
    X : On offense, passes the ball.  On defense, attempts to steal the ball.
    Square : On offense, shoots the ball.  On defense, performs a slide tackle.
    Triangle : Switches to the player closest to the ball.
    Circle : Speed burst.
    L1 and R1 : Used during free kicks and goal kicks to rotate your player
                right and left.
    L2 : Selects last camera.
    R2 : Selects next camera.
    Select : Access the In-match menu
    III : Highlights
    The player who is currently being controlled will have a colored highlight
    at his feet.  There are four different highlights each symbolizing a
    different status for the player:
    Circle : Controlled player does not have the ball
    Triangle : Controlled player is in possession of the ball.  If the
               triangle flashes, the player is within shooting range.
    Star (flashing) : Controlled player is in a good position to perform a
                      first-time touch.  Pressing the Square (shoot) button at
                      any time will cause your player to run onto the ball and
                      attempt to first-time it.  This is made automatically,
                      as you don't control your player when it happens.  The
                      star will stop flashing once you have selected this
    Square : Controlled player is in a good position to square or cross the
             ball.  Keep running down the wing and your player will have a
             Square highlight at his feet.  When it happens, press the X
             (pass) button and your player will attempt to chip the ball into
             the box.  If one of your teammates is in the direction that the
             winger is facing, he will attempt to play the ball to that player
             rather than crossing the ball.
    IV : Defending
    Press the Square (Slide Tackle) button to attempt a tackle on opposing
    players.  For a longer tackle, press the Circle (Speed Burst) button
    followed by the Slide Tackle button.
    Press the X (Steal) button to forcibly take the ball from them.  Another
    method to steal the ball is to just run your player into the opposing team
    member and attempt to muscle them off the ball.
    V : Shot and pass control
    You can bend the ball or make it dip by adding after-touch.  After-touch
    is achieved by putting spin on the ball as it is kicked.  This is
    accomplished by pushing the directional pad just after a shot or pass is
    Pushing left will swerve the ball left, and right will swerve the ball
    right.  To loft the ball, push up; to keep the ball on the ground, push
    down.  The quicker you apply the after-touch when the ball is kicked, the
    greater the effect will be.
    VI : Passing and shooting techniques
    Normal Pass : Directional buttons + X (Pass) button.
    Normal Shot : Directional buttons + Square (Shoot) button.
    First Time Touch : When a ball is passed to a player and the highlight
                       around his feet becomes a star, the player can attempt
                       a first-time touch.  Hold the X (Pass) button without
                       using the directional buttons and the player will
                       attempt to run onto the ball and control it using a
                       trap of some kind.
                       If you hold the Square (Shoot) button, your player will
                       attempt to run onto the ball and perform a first-time
                       shot.  You do not control your player in these
                       situations.  Note that the star will become solid (stop
                       flashing) when you have correctly selected this action.
    Disguised Pass : Hold down both the Square (Shoot) and X (Pass) buttons.
                     Select a direction to make the pass and then release the
                     Square (Shoot) button.
    Chip Shot : Hold down both the Shoot and Pass buttons.  Select the
                direction to make the shot and then release the Pass (X)
                button.  The power of the chip is determined by how long the
                button is held before it is released.
    Dummy Pass : Hold down the Pass button.  Select a direction to make the
                 pass in and then release the Pass button.  Your player must
                 be standing still to make this pass.
    High Pass : Hold both the Shoot and Pass buttons.  Release the Pass button
                to make a high pass to a teammates head.
    Power Pass : Pass button (X).  The power of the pass is determined by the
                 duration the button is held before it's released.
    Power Shot : Shoot button (Square).  The power of the shot is determined
                 by the duration the button is held before it's released.
    VII : Ball out of play
    Here are special occasions that happen in the games of VR Soccer '96.
    Goal Kicks
    Use R1 and L1 to rotate your goalie around and send the ball into play.
    The corner kick is similar to a Goal Kick in all respects.
    For a direct throw-in to a team-mate, use the directional buttons to move
    the target to the player you wish to throw to and push the Pass button.
    Or, use the Shoot (Square) button for a long throw-in to no particular
    player.  If you push up or down on the directional buttons, the throw-in
    will go higher or longer depending on the situation.
    VIII : In-Match menu
    Press the Select button while playing to access the in-match menu.
    Substitution and Replay are explained here.
    Highlight "Off" and select the player who you would like to send off.
    Highlight "On" and select which player you would like to bring on.  Select
    "Done" when you are finished.  You will have to wait for a dead-ball
    situation before your substitute can be brought in.
    The buttons with the right and left arrows will speed up and slow down the
    speed of the replay which is indicated by the number next to them.  "5"
    indicates full speed playback.  "1" is extremely slow.
    All the cameras are available in replay mode.  You can select them with
    the R2 and L2 buttons.  Several additional cameras, like the Referee
    Camera (see the action from the ref's point of view) are available in
    replay mode.
    One of them is the 1st Person view.  This camera allows you to view the
    action from any of the player's perspectives.  Hold the Triangle button
    and use the L1 and R1 buttons to change forward and backward through the
    different players on each team when using the 1st Person view.
    IX : Gametype
    Friendly game
    You can choose any team and play a game versus the computer.
    League game
    Here you will play against all the other teams in your league in a bid to
    win the league or gain promotion to the league above you.  If you selected
    more than one player, the players can either select a different team or
    play in the same team.
    Difference between Arcade and Simulation mode
    If you play a league season in Arcade mode, you will get a Results Round-
    Up screen between every match.  This screen displays the results of all
    the matches played in your league.
    If you play a league season in Simulation mode, you will see the results
    of every match one by one instead of all in the same time.
    This is a single-elimination tournament.  One loss and your out of it.
    After choosing the number of teams that participate in the Cup, the
    computer will automatically select teams.  You can change these teams.
    You can remove teams and add teams.  To remove a team, highlight a team
    and press O.  To add a team, highlight the team you wish to add and press
    Difference between Arcade and Simulation mode
    Once again, if you play in Arcade mode, you'll see the results of every
    computer matches in the same screen.  If you play in Simulation mode,
    you'll see the results of CPU matches one by one instead.
    In Practice, the only member of the opposite team who is facing you is the
    goalie, so you can practice your scoring techniques.  There is only one
    half in Practice mode.
    X : Formation
    To switch players positions, push X on a player's name, go on the player's
    name you want to switch position with and press O.  To view the players
    stats, move the highlight to the player and push the O button.
    If a player has a rating of 80 % or over in any of the skills, there will
    be small icon in front of his name.
    Here are the stats that are important to each type of player:
    Goalkeeper : Vision, Pace, Control, Accuracy, Discipline
    Defender : Power, Discipline, Pace, Flair, Stamina
    Mid-Fielder : Control, Flair, Vision, Pace, Accuracy
    Attacker : Flair, Power, Accuracy, Pace, Control
    XI : Player Control
    The computer will automatically switch players for you while you are
    playing.  You can still select the nearest player using Triangle if the
    computer picks the wrong player, but for the most part you can depend on
    the computer to choose the best player for you to control.
    This option allows you to determine when to switch players.  The computer
    can occasionally switch players for you in certain situations, but in
    general, you will have to switch players using Triangle.
    XII : Game styles
    When you play in Arcade mode, the team's overall rating counts over the
    player's individual stats.  This makes picking individual team members for
    the squad less important and gets you straight into the game.
    This is the real thing.  What players you pick to play and where you put
    them makes a difference.  This mode is for the reality nuts who want to
    make sure their power kicker is whaling it in every time.
    XIII : Cameras
    While you're playing, you can switch from one camera to another by
    pressing L2 or R2 buttons to toggle through all the available viewpoints.
    If you pause the game, you can zoom the camera in and out and you can move
    the camera up and down.
    To zoom the camera in and out, pause the game and use L1 and L2.
    To move the camera up and down, pause the game and use R1 and R2.
    XIV : Questions and answers
    Q : What is an easy way to score?
    A : Pick the ball (preferably with your best player) and go near the
    goalie.  When the goalie is running after you, go backward and get around
    him.  The goalie will dive in the wrong place.  If done correctly, the net
    will be wide open for an easy shot, with no goalie in front of you.  I do
    this all the time and it is easy.
    Q : What is a good way to keep control of the ball?
    A : When you have the ball, the other team's players will always try to
    steal the ball.  They will try to tackle your player.  When you are in
    possession of the ball and other team's players go in your direction, go
    backward (they will run after you) and quickly turn in the opposite
    direction.  Most of the time, the CPU players will be lured in the wrong
    direction, so you can continue to run freely or make a pass to a team-mate.

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