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    Overdose by DKeith

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    WCW vs. the World - PSX Version - TM 1997 THQ/ASMIK
    Overdose Move List Version 1.00
    Donovan Keith - indigo_twilight_@hotmail.com
    T = Triangle (run)
    O = Circle (grapple)
    X = X (Strike)
    S = Square (block)
    * = submission hold
    + = pinning combination
    (w) = weak, tap indicated button
    (s) = strong, hold indicated button then release
    Overdose (NSW)
    Real Name: Road Warrior Hawk (WWF, New Japan Pro Wrestling)
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 265# (HVY)
    Finisher: Flying Clothesline
    Outfit 1: Black/red pants, boots and face paint
    Outfit 2: Black/yellow pants, boots and face paint
    Taunt (L2): Pulls arms back, looks to crowd
    Dropkick - T+O or R2
    Flying Shoulder Tackle - X or O while running
    Fist Drop - X (opponent on mat)
    Flying Clothesline - towards corner+X (opponent standing)
    Knee Drop - towards corner+X (opponent on mat)
    N/A - towards ropes+O (opponent on floor)
    Flying Cross Body Block - O(s) while running towards ropes (opponent on floor)
    Elbow Wrencher - S+X (punch reversal)
    Standing Lariat - S+X (kick reversal)
    Grapple moves:
    Chop to Chest - O(w) (far)
    Clubbing Forearm - O(w)+U (far)
    Body Slam - O(w)+D (far)
    Backbreaker - O(w)
    Military Press Slam - O(w)+U
    Shoulderbreaker - O(w)+D
    Side Slam - O(s)
    *Standing Backbreaker - O(s)+U
    +Reverse Double Underhook Power Bomb - O(s)+D
    Belly-to-Back Suplex - O(w) (behind)
    Clothesline to Back - O(w)+U/D (behind)
    *Standing Rowboat Stretch - O(s) (behind)
    Release German Suplex - O(s)+U/D (behind)
    *Reverse Chinlock - O (opponent on mat, near head)
    *Boston Crab - O (opponent on mat, near feet)
    Spinebuster - O(w) (vs. running opponent)
    Powerslam - O(s) (vs. running opponent)
    Top Rope Power Bomb - O(s) (opponent dazed in corner)
    Brainbuster - O(s) (Special flashing)

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