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Reviewed: 06/23/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Not the worst attempt at a WCW game on PSX....

Gee wiz. At first I thought that Thunder was the worst wrestling game I have ever played. Then I played Nitro and
considered that game to be the worst wrestling game I have ever played. Now after playing WCW vs the World for an hour
or so I can also say that this is the worst wrestling game I have ever played. At first, it seemed pretty cool. It starts off with some cool mode, there seems to be lots of different modes, and the game engine was made by ASMIk/AKI, better known for my favorite wrestling engine ever for Wrestlemania 2000. Well, it seemed good.

That was until I chose to actually start a fight. After selecting my game mode, the game suddendly turns. Now instead of realistic looking wrestlers we get cartoon charcaters in the selection screen. After trying not to laugh at some of the more worse drawings there, I selected Chris Benoit (who had this blonde hair and looked nothing like the real Chris Benoit, by the way). That's when I was hit by the loading times.

Loading times can get to be a pretty annoying thing. Sometimes they can tend to be more annoying than at other times. Well, let me just give an example. The loading times in WWF Warzone, and to a lesser extent, Mayhem and Attitude, were very annoying. Mainly because they did the red line thing, which tends to stop right before it finishes. Well in WCW vs the World, they did not do the red line thing. But there was plenty of loading time that soon got annoying. But after the loading times it was time to start the game.

The game didn't look too bad to begin with. Featuring an engine similar to that used in Revenge, I soon thought I was going to like the game. Then I realized the engine was nothing like it was in Revenge. First, it moves very slow. Also, the game decides to change camera angles for no reason whatsoever.

Don't get me started on the graphics. Stale and very poorly done. The game switches camera angles all the time, and this
leads to the graphics looking very poor. Especially when they change it to this one camera angle. The graphics look all
crappy and the wrestlers start polygon tearing really bad. The graphics are stale too while fighting because all you get is a white ring and the dorky looking wrestlers.

Music and sound.... ugh. Well the music does start off pretty good but that soon collpases. Once you get into the game
you'll want to put your TV on mute. Replay Value is nonexistant. If I was ever to play this game again, It would be to show someone why Revenge should not be ported to the Playstation. Challenge is hard because its hard to do moves effectively.

Graphics (1.8/10)

How are these for revolutionary graphics? I have already explained the rather lackluster attempt at character drawings on the character select screen. Once you get into the actual game itself, the graphics improve somewhat, but the graphics still not are that great. I like some of the in ring graphics, but once you get out of the ring all hell breaks loose.

See, once you and your opponent get outside the ring, it's all over in terms of graphical composure. You fight on a black floor, and every time you irish whip your opponent or something, the floor suddendly turns blue with ragged edges. It really does look quite funny, but in reality this really is not a good thing, because it signifies graphical breakup at the extreme.

Overall, the graphics in the game are not the greatest, but I have still seen worse graphics. I think the biggest problems that plague these graphics are the lack of colorful graphics during the in ring game graphics, and some of the graphical breakup that occurs, especially when fighting outside the ring.

Music/Sound (3.8/10)

Okay, at first I didn't really like the music and sound effects in the game at all. The music during the game itself was flat out annoying, and I felt that commentary would have been a welcome addition (mainly because I know for a fact that there was enough space left over on the CD to include commentary).

Music in the game is the epitome of a mixed bag. On one hand, the music that starts off the game really isn't that bad. It really has nothing to do with WCW, however. Which might be a good thing. However, once you get to the actual matches themselves, the music shifts. No longer is the music any good, instead it turns into this horribly sounding tunes. I did like one or two themes that played during the matches, but I have heard better. Overall, the music is okay in certain spots, and terrible in others.

Sound effect wise, WCW vs the World is decent. You know, it's kind of sad when arguably the best sound effect in the game is the sound of the ring bell starting the match. Otherwise, all of the basic sound efefcts are here, for instance the famous ''let the ref count 1,2,3'' sound, as well as some crowd chants. Missing are commentary and crowd chants. So that detracts from the score. Overall, the sound effects are below average, at best.

Overall, the music and sound effects in the game are a mixed bag. I know for a fact that they could have been better, but the music is definitely better than what I originally had made it out to be. The sound effects are okay, but I still laugh when remembering that the ring bell was the best sound effect in the game!

Gameplay/Control (4.6/10)

Now, first off, I have to give THQ and Asmik credit here. They did make a decent wrestling game, for the first time out. Yes, this was the first WCW game on Playstation. So, of course it is not going to be as good as the recent wrestling games. But I still had a pretty fun time playing through this game, after I actually gave it a chance.

What do I mean by this? Well, I was actually kind of biased against the game from the start, mainly because my friend was always saying how he hated the game and stuff. So, mainly, I grew to have a disliking for the game right off the bat. And when I first played it, it looked like crap, and I couldn't do any moves, so automatically I pretty much hated it.

But after it being in my closet for a few months, I decided to give it another shot. And low and behold, I actually turned out to like the game somewhat, especially when finding out how to do the various moves in the game and stuff. The game is a lot more fun once you are doing more than irish whips to the ropes.

The game uses a very unique grapple system, which uses the amount of force you push the circle button with to determine the kind of move that you do. For instance, let's say you push circle for 2 seconds, then release. You would strong grapple the opponent. Then you can push something like X and Circle to do a move. It really isn't that complicated once you get into it.

Overall, WCW vs the World can be a pretty decent game once you get into it. The control is easy to get into, mainly because of the fact that it uses all of the buttons on the control pad, as well as the rather unique grapple system that I just raved about for three sentences. So give this game a chance, which I failed to do at first.

Other Important Scores

Replay Value: Medium

Yeah, the game actually has decent replay value, especially when you learn how to pull off some of the moves in the game. Also, the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of selectable wrestlers, which means that you can have a fun time going through the game with the various characters. It's too bad there wasn't secret characters in the game, as that would have added to the replay value significantly. Overall, the replay value is average, nothing more.

Challenge: Medium

Now when I first played this game, I thought it was damn impossible to do a move, much less win an actual match. But once I got into it, I realized something. Once I learned how to do the control grapple system, the game suddendly became a little easier. Suddendly I was actually winning matches here and there, and fighting competively in others. Overall, the challenge is medium.


-It's a lot better than I originally thought.
-There's a lot of selectable characters to choose from.
-The game features a rather unique grapple system.


-It's still not that good.
-Most of the characters in the game absolutely suck.
-Lots of graphical breakup is present.

Overall (4.8/10)

So there you have it folks. WCW vs the World. At first I hated this game, but soon I grew to like it, once I figured out how to do a lot of the moves. So the choice is up to you. Just don't expect a Smackdown or even Mayhem-quality game, and you will do fine.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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