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Reviewed: 05/26/02 | Updated: 05/26/02

The First WCW Game on PS-X

I believe wrestling games should be rated in 8 categories. Game Play, Graphics, Control Ability, Season/Career Mode, Characters/Hidden Characters, Match Options, C-A-W, and Sound FX/Music. Also, the time the game was made is also a factor in this. The average score of these areas will give the final score.

Game Play (7/10)

They did a pretty good job making this game. The characters move smoothly. I think it is good, being the first game of its kind.

Graphics (2/10)

The Graphics in WCW vs. THE WORLD aren't very good. The characters have almost no detail in them, and sometimes their bodys have splits in them during moves. The reason for the 2 points is because the ring looks good.

Control Ability (6/10)

The moves in this game can be somewhat confusing at first. Once you get used to them it's not that bad, though. I don't like how once you go to the top you have to do a move and you have no choice of what it is. Also, some of the wrestlers' finishers can be done without even trying, and others you can't even do with that weird grapple move where you hold down O forever.

Season/Career Mode (4/10)

Not too much depth in this one. You get to face 5 members of each league to unlock secret characters. There really is no season and its only somewhat of a career, but its pretty cool.

Characters/Hidden Characters (9/10)

Tons of characters to wrestle as in this one. Not only is there 16 WCW wrestlers which is a good amount, but there are remakes of famous characters from around the world. There names are different and they come from pretend feds, but with a little effort you can tell who they are. There is also a secret wrestler for each federation, a secret heavyweight, and a secret lightweight.

Match Options (6/10)

There are no options for the match except for 1 on 1, but you can do many things in a 1 on 1 match in this game. For example, create a title to defend against your friends, have an elimination tournament, have a one-night league game, or have a 5-on-5 series against another player.

Create-A-Wrestler (0/10)

Sorry, none in this game.

Sound FX/Music (1/10)

There are no WCW wrestler theme songs, which is a big negative. Those stupid annoying songs play throughout the matches and in the menus. When a guy is in a submission it makes some sort of weird crunching sound. The only time the crowd makes noise is when you kick a guy in the nuts. The only reason why WCW vs. THE WORLD picked up a point is because it makes a smacking sound when you smack them.

Overall Score


Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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