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"He kicked out for the 52nd straight time... shut up Tony!"


I was very unhappy with my first review for WCW/nWo Thunder so I decided to update it today, because I have nothing better to do than to write about some sorry ass wrestling game. Enjoy! ^_^


There comes a time in one's life where you must face disappointment. One of the many disappointing times I have encountered is playing WCW/nWo Thunder for the first time. I had heard some bad things about the game, but I still expected the game to be somewhat good. Which is why I was mad that the game turned out to be so terrible. It is not my choice for worst wrestling game of all time anymore (WCW Nitro and WCW vs the World are a couple of real stinkers) but WCW/nWo Thunder is still a game that disappointed me a lot. I expected the game to at least be decent, but it turned out to be just as bad as WCW used to be until Russo and Bischoff took over (now WCW is below average, not total crap). Overall, WCW/nWo Thunder for Playstation was a total disappointment for me and I never will play this game again unless I am really, really bored.

GRAPHICS (4.3/10)

The only good thing about this terrible game is those cool FMV scenes in the game. The entrances are the real enterances to all the superstars, so it feels like you're actually watching the match. There is also an awesome opening to the game which features real life WCW action. I am a big fan of these entrances, but they are not perfect. Unlike WWF Smackdown, the FMV scenes that play when the wrestlers come out are not the actual entrance videos of the wrestlers, but is just a clip of the wrestler coming to the ring. These videos are a little short but they are a nice added touch to the game.

Unfortunately, the entrance videos are pretty much the only good graphical points of the game. The crowd effects in the game are not good at all. The game really suffers from a lack of shading, in my opinion. The wrestlers look like crap. You can barely tell them apart, and when you can you have no clue if the guy is Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho. Now, we all should know that Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit look a lot different in real life, so they should be easily be told apart, right? Well, not in this game. That shows you how terribly the wrestlers are designed in this game. Everything is designed terribly in this game. I cannot believe how ugly these graphics are.

Overall, the only good point of this game is the cool full motion video entrances, but WWF Smackdown has the real entrance videos as opposed to the wrestler walking to the ring. The rest of the graphics are just plain terrible.

MUSIC/SOUND (2.1/10)

The music and sound effects in WCW/nWo Thunder are also pretty terrible, in my opinion. I will now discuss the two main parts of the music and sound effects.

Music: The music in WCw/nWo Thunder for the Playstation is decent, but some of the music could get to be quite annoying after a while. The music that plays during the title screens, etc. is pretty decent, its not perfect, but it is a start. The music that plays during the matches is actually pretty good! I still remember one music piece that I liked a lot in the game, and overall I feel that the music in this game is actually better than the music featured in WWF Smackdown, which is a great shock, because I like WWF Smackdown a lot more than I like this game!

Commentary: The commentary in WCW/nWo Thunder for Playstation is TERRIBLE in my opinion. Commentary like this is the main reason why I wasn't too mad that WWF Smackdown didn't feature any commentary. First off, the announcers in this game are Fat Tony Schiavone (although he's not as fat as that slob Mark Madden), Scott Hudson I think his name is, oh hell I don't recognize that other guy, but I do recognize Fat Tony and Bobby ''The Brain'' Heenan. Tony does terrible commentary in this game. The only commentary that you will hear in this game is ''He kicked out'' or the name of the move called out. All I keep on hearing is ''vertical Suplex'' ''Piledriver'' over and over again. And Tony has an annoying voice so I am fed up with the commentary in the game.

CONTROL (0.4/10)

For Beginners: I cannot do any moves in this game. Basically, you grapople onto your opponent and have a few seconds to pull off your move, or you're flipped over your oppponent. You'll spend 99 percent of the match getting flipped over your opponent while trying to do your move!! Every once in a while you'll do a move, although you weren't sure how.

For Veterans: The moves in the game are so easy to pull off once you read the instruction booklet and find all the moves. Basically there are 4 main moves: Vertical Suplex, Piledriver, Head Scissors Takedown, and Frakensteiner. (Sorry if those aren't the official four moves but those are the only ones I remember). These moves are so easy to pull off. Then you can do a test of strength by pushing triangle and keep on pushing the action buttons,that knocks the opponent's energy down by as much as 50 percent.

Overall, the control in this game is terrible, whether you're a newbie or a veteran of the game.

GAMEPLAY (1.6/10)

There is a wide selection of characters too choose from, including Goldberg and Hogan but they all control the same. It is basically an updated version of WCW Nitro, not Revenge. Why THQ??? Nitro absolutely sucked while Revenge was one of the best wrestling game EVER!! And good luck doing your special moves, the only way you're gonna win is by doing that new ''test of strength'' and the commentary blows as well, with the announcers ocassionally calling out ''Piledriver'' or something. Terrible.

WCW/nWo Thunder has a lot of different play modes, like championship mode where you go after a belt and fight several matches in a row. I believe that there are 4 belts you go after, tv title, tag titles, us title, and world heavyweight title. To win the TV title, you have to beat 5 opponents in a row. To win the US title, you have to defeat 7 opponents in a row. To win the World Heavyweight Title, you must win 10 matches in a row. Of course, the gameplay mechanics are a little screwed up (no submission moves, the hell?), but Ill live with that because the rest of the game sucks too.


I never want to play this game again.

CHALLENGE (very Low)

Walk up to the guy, do a test of strength, pieldriver, vertical suplex, pin him, show's over folks.

OVERALL (2.4/10)

This is the one of worst wrestling games I have ever played, and a far cry from the greatness of Revenge and Mayhem.

''He kicked out!''
-Tony Schiavone demonstrates his wonderful vocab skills in WCW/nWo Thunder

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 05/14/00, Updated 07/16/01

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