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    Trickster/Drop List by FFloquet

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 03/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Trickster/Drop List
    By Fabrice Floquet(ffloquet@club-internet.fr).
    This file may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes, as long you 
    don't change any part of it and give me credit for it.
    Version 0.9 (March 8, 2002) : The Trickster list is complete at last. Unless 
    someone finds a new monster that none of us has ever seen before, of course. I 
    am still missing 13 dropped items (of monsters that appear in locations where 
    I can't return, like Lucadia's Shrine), plus the bosses - for a while it 
    seemed that none of them would have anything, so I never Lucky Shot them... 
    until Lady Harken finally yielded a Secret Sign. I'd have to play again from 
    the beginning to updated those, though... so unless one of you sends the info, 
    the FAQ will probably stay as is.
    + Trickster is the third Fast Draw learnt by Jack. It is also, in my humble 
    opinion, one of the most useful. The steal rate depends on the monster, but 
    having a high level and a high Response rating helps tremendously. 
    + Lucky Shot (and the Randomizer effect Best Shot) are spells that do very 
    little damage. But they deal the killing blow, the monster has a 100% chance 
    to drop any item he possesses. High Magic helps, obviously. If you do 0 damage 
    with a Lucky Shot, equip Cecilia with the best spellbook available (the 
    Necronomicon if you have it) and the best Rune (the Chrono Rune once you get 
    it). If that still doesn't work, use the Advanced Black Magic spell Banish to 
    lower the enemy's Magic Resistance. Be careful, as Banish rarely works (if it 
    does, you'll see the monster shrink to half its normal size).
    + The Bone item (found in Saint Centour during the attack) can cast Lucky Shot 
    if Mysticed. Very useful, since Lucky Shot is VERY expensive to cast.
    + Keep all of Jack's weapons. That way you can taylor your attacks to leave 
    your enemies barely alive so Cecilia can Lucky Shoot them to death. 
                       TRICKSTER       DROPPED           WHERE TO FIND THEM
    Acid Bunny         Lucky Card      Agile Apple       Malduke Statue Area
    Agaless (BOSS)     ------          ??????            Sacred Shrine
    Aipeloss           Revive Fruit    Old Cape          Lolithia's Tomb
    Alfase             Full Revive     Full Revive       Forest Prison
    Alhazad (BOSS)     ------          ??????            1 : Sacred Shrine
                                                         2 : Ka Dingel
    Alraune            ------          Potion Berry      Map near Rosetta
    Amon               Demon Ring      Nectar            Ka Dingel
    Amplifier          Magic Carrot    ??????            Gate Generator
    Angol Moa (BOSS)   Ambrosia        Juggernaut        Battle Arena
    Antlion            Potion Berry    Potion Berry      Map near Port Timney
    Aqua Leaper        Potion Berry    Potion Berry      Lucadia's Shrine
    Armordrake         Hardy Apple     ------            Sea of Sand
    Bad News           Secret Sign     ------            Battle Arena
    Aspick             Ambrosia        ??????            Pandemonium
    Bafomet            Goat Doll       Magic Carrot      Ka Dingel
    Balloon            ------          ------            Map near Adlehyde
    Ballotfish         ------          ------            Inner Sea
    Barbados (BOSS)    Bullet Clip     Dist Dims         Sea of Sand
    Basilisk           ------          ------            Map near Ship Graveyard
    Bellzebob          Heat Salve      Heat Salve        Sea of Sand
    Belzelk (BOSS)     ------          ??????            1: Adlehyde
                                                         2: Volcannon Trap
    Berial (BOSS)      ------          ??????            Malduke Area 51
    Blk Sabath         Medicine        Medicine          Forest Prison
    Bloodhorn          Violet Rose     Violet Rose       Ka Dingel
    Blue Book          Magic Carrot    Mage Staff        Sealed Library
    Boomerang (BOSS)   ------          ??????            1 : Epitaph of Sea Wind
                                                         2 : Dead Sanctuary
                                                         3 : Ka Dingel
    Bostbaboon         Bullet Clip     ------            Volcannon Trap
    Calupdis           Sorcery Wand    Ambrosia          Map near Gemini's Corpse
    Capn'Geist (BOSS)  ------          ??????            Ghost Ship
    Catobrepas         Heat Salve      Heat Salve        Wandering Isle
    Cavetaurus         Heal Berry      Heal Berry        Sand River
    Ceracenian         Violet Rose     Potion Berry      Sacred Shrine
    Chaos (BOSS)       -----           ??????            Maze of Death
    Christine          Pin Wheel       Pin Wheel         Ghost Ship
    Cockatrice         Antidote        Antidote          Guardian Shrine
    Colonzon           Mega Berry      Mega Berry        Malduke Statue Area
    Crawly             Ambrosia        Ambrosia          Abyss
    Critter            Magic Carrot    Heal Berry        Map near Port Timney
    Cybergeist         ------          ------            Ghost Ship
    Cyclops            Bullet Clip     Bullet Clip       Malduke Pipes
    Dan Tarian         Magic Carrot    Magic Carrot      Gate Generator
    Deepones           Aqua Ring       ??????            Lucadia's Shrine
    Dekarabia          Magic Carrot    Antidote          Cage Tower
    Delowbunny         Lucky Card      Lucky Card        Malduke Statue Area
    Demon P. (BOSS)    ------          ??????            Pandemonium
    Devonova           Revive Fruit    Revive Fruit      Mount Zenom
    Diablo (BOSS)      ------          ??????            Gate Generator
    Die Fighter        Round Shield    Antidote          Wandering Island Cave
    Dryad              Violet Rose     Antidote          Mountain Pass
    Duelgull           ------          Heat Salve        Gemini's Corpse
    Dumpty             Hardy Apple     Mega Berry        Malduke Residential Area
    Durahan            ------          ------            Arctica Castle
    Eldersink          Mega Berry      Mega Berry        Malduke Mine Area
    Elizabeth (BOSS)   ------          ------            Rudy's Dream
    Enpusa             Heal Berry      Heal Berry        Lolithia's Tomb
    Eurenome           Boom Getter     Light Shroom      Abyss
    Evil Dead          ------          ------            Ka Dingel
    Fafneil            Agile Apple     ------            Ka Dingel
    Fairylight         ------          ------            Pandemonium
    Faller             Medicine        Medicine          Giant's Cradle
    Fankelvine         Sunglasses      Bullet Clip       Gate Generator
    Fesel Zein         Secret Sign     Secret Sign       Malduke Pipes
    Fiend              ------          ------            Tripillar
    Flurity            Aqua Ring       Magic Carrot      Island near Arctica
    Frauloss           Heat Salve      Heat Salve        Pleasing Gardens
    Funbaba            ------          ------            Map near Arctica
    Gagison            ------          Medicine          Sealed Library
    Galgancher         Metal Band      ------            Demon's Lab
    Gallowbear         Heal Berry      Heal Berry        Mountain Pass
    Gamizine           ------          Magic Carrot      Abyss
    Garum              Flame Ring      Potion Berry      Isle of Conflict
    Gasnoid            ------          ------            Malduke Mine Area
    Geldam             Potion Berry    ------            Tripillar
    Gem Stone          ------          ??????            Maze of Death
    Ghostrider         Blue Circlet    ------            Abyss
    Ghoul              ------          ------            Island near Arctica
    Gigafrost          Aqua Ring       Mega Berry        Abyss
    Gigaflame          Flame Ring      Magic Carrot      Abyss
    GigMantis (BOSS)   ------          ??????            Pleasing Gardens
    Gillmore           ------          ------            Outer Ocean
    Gnome              Rune Staff      Nectar            Heaven Corridor
    Goblin             Heal Berry      Long Knife        Map near Adlehyde
    GomoraToad         Revive Fruit    Heal Berry        Mountain Pass
    Gremlin            Bullet Clip     Bullet Clip       Tripillar
    Griffin            Wind Ring       ------            Map near Court Seim
    Haborim            Magic Carrot    ------            Map near Court Seim
    Hammertail         Revive Fruit    ------            Outer Ocean
    Harken (BOSS)      Secret Sign     Secret Sign       1 : Lucadia's Shrine
                                                         2 : Demon's Lab
                                                         3 : Arctica Castle
    Harpy              ------          ------            Mount Zenom
    Hayokonton         Duplicator      Duplicator        Hayokonton Archipelago
    Hazenberg          Mystic Apple    Magic Carrot      Ka Dingel
    Hecarde            Potion Berry    Potion Berry      Pandemonium
    Hektonkail         ------          ------            Map near Heaven Corridor
    Hell Diver         Revive Fruit    Revive Fruit      Outer Ocean
    Hellhound          Flame Ring      Heal Berry        Cage Tower
    Hermitcrab         Magic Carrot    ------            Inner Sea
    Hobgoblin          Medicine        Heat Salve        Mount Zenom
    Hopedia            ------          Moon Stone        Arctica Castle
    Horn Beast         ------          ------            Island near Arctica
    Horned Helm        ------          ------            Outer Ocean
    Humpty             Mystic Apple    Magic Carrot      Malduke Residential Area
    Hydra              Full Revive     Nectar            Gemini's Corpse
    Imp                Toy Hammer      Toy Hammer        Giant's Cradle
    Ironmaiden         ------          ------            Gemini's Corpse
    Izamna             Potion Berry    Heal Berry        Map near Forgotten Ruins
    Jacklanton         Holy Symbol     Holy Symbol       Photosphere
    Javawalk           Ambrosia        ------            Battle Arena
    Jellyblob          Magic Carrot    Breeze Cape       Adlehyde Sewers
    Kaim               Wind Ring       Potion Berry      Heaven Corridor
    Karon              Gauntlet        ------            Pandemonium
    Kelbim             Holy Ring       Potion Berry      Dead Sanctuary
    Largon             Fish Badge      Antidote          Abyss
    Larva              Antidote        Heal Berry        Map near Port Timney
    Leprechaun         Toy Hammer      Bullet Clip       Gate Generator
    Leviathan (BOSS)   Bullet Clip     Pret-a-porte      Inner Sea
    Lizardman          Buckler         Heal Berry        Mountain Pass
    Lolithia (BOSS)    Mega Berry      ??????            Photosphere
    Luceid (BOSS)      ------          ??????            1 : Epitaph of Sea Wind
                                                         2 : Dead Sanctuary
                                                         3 : Ka Dingel
    Lucifer (BOSS)     Bullet Clip     Jade Wilder       Malduke Statue Area
    MadAngler          ------          ------            Inner Sea
    Mage Fox (BOSS)    ------          ??????            Tripillar
    Magtortus (BOSS)   ------          ------            Lolithia's Tomb
    Mandragora         ------          Potion Berry      Isle of Conflict
    Mech Drake (BOSS)  ------          ??????            Gemini's Corpse
    Mechsquito         Magic Carrot    ??????            Photosphere
    Medea              Nectar          ------            Battle Arena
    Melcluis           Potion Berry    Potion Berry      Epitaph of the Sea Wind
    Miann              Olive Branch    Potion Berry      Map near Forgotten Ruins
    Minatous           Full Revive     Full Revive       Sea of Sand
    Minion             Heat Salve      ??????            Maze of Death
    Monster Z (BOSS)   ------          Doom Bringer      Saint Centour
    Mother (BOSS)      ------          ??????            Photosphere
    Motherfried (BOSS) ------          ------            Malduke Control Room
    Myconid            Potion Berry    Potion Berry      Map near Forgotten Ruins
    Mystic Spot        Nectar          Nectar            De Le Metallica
    N. Gaunt (BOSS)    ------          ------            Cage Tower
    Naga               Antidote        ??????            Lucadia's Shrine
    Necronomic         ------          Necronomicon      De Le Metallica
    Nelgaul (BOSS)     ------          ------            Sealed Library
    Nemesis            Mega Berry      Mega Berry        Arctica Castle
    Niebass            Goat Doll       Magic Carrot      Dead Sanctuary
    Nightmare          ------          ??????            Photosphere
    Nosferatu          Magic Carrot    Magic Carrot      Malduke Residential Area
    N. U. E.           Bullet Clip     Bullet Clip       Ka Dingel
    Orc Lord           Magic Carrot    Potion Berry      Sacred Shrine
    Orga Widow (BOSS)  ------          ------            Mount Zenom
    Ose                ------          ------            Malduke Statue Area
    Pillbug            ------          ------            Map near Adlehyde
    Prisoner           Antidote        Antidote          Isle of Conflict
    Pumpknhead         Holy Symbol     Magic Carrot      De Le Metallica
    Python             Nectar          Nectar            Malduke Mine Area
    Rachael            Pin Wheel       Pin Wheel         Maze of Death
    Raguragula (BOSS)  ------          Sheriff Star      Abyss
    Raid Buster        ------          ??????            Tripillar
    Rang Flash (BOSS)  Secret Sign     Divine Blade      Battle Arena
    Rat Monkey         -------         Travel Vest       Lolithia's Tomb
    Ripper             My Grand Hat    ------            Malduke Residential Area
    Riversider         Secret Sign     ??????            Battle Arena
    Roar               Mega Berry      Mega Berry        Arctica Castle
    Sado (BOSS)        Bullet Clip     Braver Vest       Malduke Mine Area
    Salamandra         Revive Fruit    ------            Map near Court Seim
    Sand Beast         Wind Ring       ------            Desert near Port Timney
    Sandscisor         Potion Berry    ------            Pleasing Gardens
    Sand Stag          Power Apple     ------            Sea of Sand
    Scarecrow          Cowboy Hat      ------            Guardian Temple
    Screamer           Bandanna        ??????            Maze of Death
    Shazam (BOSS)      ------          ??????            Pandemonium
    Shelzaurus         Ambrosia        Ambrosia          Sea of Sand
    Shrieker           Toy Hammer      Toy Hammer        Mount Zenom
    Siren              Silver Harp     Antidote          Inner Sea
    Skeleton           ------          Arctic Blade      Memory Temple
    Snatcher           Heat Salve      Potion Berry      Forest Prison
    Sommerell          Revive Fruit    Revive Fruit      Outer Ocean
    Sphinx             Antidote        ------            Guardian Shrine
    Stanga             Heat Salve      Heal Berry        Sand River
    Stoker             Cross Cloak     ------            Demon's Lab Island
    StormDrake         Thunder Ring    ------            Map near Arctica
    Stux               Nectar          Nectar            Pandemonium
    Sworkassi          ------          ------            Ka Dingel
    Tailmooze          Antidote        Heal Berry        Map near Port Timney
    Talgium            Memoirs Pen     Magic Carrot      De Le Metallica
    Tatzelbelm         Heal Berry      Heal Berry        Map near Adlehyde
    Tereon             Revive Fruit    Revive Fruit      Pandemonium
    Tiny Edge          Olive Branch    ------            Mount Zenom
    Toadstool          Revive Fruit    ------            Sand River
    Tortoise           ------          ------            Sand River
    Trifed             Light Shroom    Potion Berry      Forest Prison
    Turask (BOSS)      ------          ??????            Pandemonium
    Tzar Zein          Secret Sign     Secret Sign       Malduke Pipes
    Ukoback            Flame Ring      Potion Berry      Dead Sanctuary
    Urchinbug          ------          ------            Gemini's Corpse
    Urunge             Ambrosia        Ambrosia          Abyss
    Valkyrie           ------          ------            Map near Heaven Corridor
    Vampire            ------          ------            Ghost Ship
    Venom Bear         Antidote        Antidote          Map near Rosetta
    Wight              Long Sword      ??????            Maze of Death
    Willo Wisp         ------          ------            Ka Dingel
    Witch Doc.         Demon Ring      Medicine          Demon's Lab
    Wiseman            Head Gear       ------            Island near Arctica
    Wizard             Magic Carrot    Magic Carrot      Photosphere
    Wojanoid           Frog Badge      Heat Salve        Abyss
    Wraith             Bronze Sword    ??????            Ghost Ship
    Wyvern             Revive Fruit    Revive Fruit      Wandering Island Cave
    Zed (BOSS)         ------          ??????            1 : Sweet Candy
                                                         2 : Volcannon Trap
    Zeikfried (BOSS)   ------          ??????            1 : Gate Generator
                                                         2 : Malduke Area 51
                                                         3 : Malduke Area 51
    Zoa Zein           Secret Sign     ------            Pandemonium
    Zombie (BOSS)      ------          ------            Berry Cave
    Zonemaker          Magic Carrot    ------            Volcannon Trap
    + Don't expect to steal / win good equipment by hunting monsters. Most of the 
    time, you will already have better weapons and armors than anything the 
    monsters have. There are exceptions to this, though : see below.
    + Some monsters (Stormdrakes for example) are incredibly hard to steal from. 
    If you can't get what you want in 4 or 5 tries, you'd better give up (unless 
    you're writing a FAQ, that is).
    + Stealing is THE best way to have plenty of rare healing items : Magic 
    Carrots (numerous monsters), Full Revives (Alfase, Hydra, Minatous), and 
    Ambrosias (mainly from Shelzauruses).
    + You can boost your stats as well, but usually Apples are pretty hard to 
    steal. Sand Stags have Power Apples, Fafneils have Agile (you can also find 
    those after defeating Acid Bunnies, but it's not as easy), Armordrakes and 
    Dumptys have Hardy, and Hazenbergs and Humptys have Mystic.
    + Acid Bunnies are a good source of Lucky Cards. Use those against the bosses, 
    the Hayokontons or the Bunnies themselves, and raise your levels faster.
    + If you find yourself in trouble against a Boss, use Goat Dolls. You'll be 
    able to buy them late in the game, but in the meantime you can steal some from 
    Niebasses, as soon as you have the Earth Golem.
    + Why pay for Jack's Fast Draws ? Get Secret Signs from the Zeins (all of 
    them) and from some bosses, and reduce the cost to a measly 1 MP !
    + Steal or win Duplicators by fighting Hayokontons on their islands near the 
    Isle of Conflict. Be warned : they're tough. It would probably be better to 
    wait until you've tackled the arena and won yourself a few Full Libras, to 
    protect yourself against their Direct Voice and Human Experimentation attacks. 
    On the brighter side, they are worth a ton of experience points and Gella. 
    Don't forget to use a Lucky Card !
    + As soon as you reach the Outer Ocean, you can make easy money by stealing 
    Cross Cloaks from the Stokers on Demon's Lab Island. They're the only monsters 
    there, appear in threes, and are pitifully weak. Best of all, they guard their 
    items very poorly : you should have a 90 % or so steal rate against them. 
    You'll make about 15 000 Gella per fight. Not bad, and they're not nearly as 
    dangerous as the Hayokontons...
    + While you're in De Le Metallica, don't forget to win a Necronomicon or two 
    from the Necronomic enemies. It's the best spell book for Cecilia, and you'll 
    need it if you want to use Lucky Shot on some of the tougher monsters. They 
    hardly ever drop it, though, so unless you feel VERY lucky you'd better Lucky 
    Shoot them to death.
    + In the Abyss, you can steal Frog Badges from Wojanoids and Fish Badges from 
    Largons. Frog Badges are left-hand accessories that protect from all 4 
    elements, while Fish Badges protect from Thunder, Holy and Darkness. Equip 3 
    Frog Badges before the fight with Raguragula, as it will nullify his only 
    powerful attack (Volcanic Bomb, a Fire elemental spell). Without his Volcanic 
    Bomb, Ragu is a joke ! Who needs Goat Dolls anyways ? 
    + Some optional bosses have some of the best equipment for each character. 
    They are :
    *Angol Moa (Juggernaut, best sword for Jack)
    *Barbados (Dist Dims, best staff for Cecilia)
    *Leviathan (Pret-a-porte, best armor for Cecilia)
    *Lucifer (Jade Wilder, best armor for Jack)
    *Monster Z (Doom Bringer, a sword for Jack ; Juggernaut is better, as the Doom 
    Bringer lowers Jack's luck to Worst)
    *Raguragula (Sheriff Star, best left-hand item in the game, usable by anybody)
    *Rang Flash (Divine Blade, best sword for Rudy)
    *Sado (Braver Vest, best armor for Rudy)
    Don't worry, they drop their stuff every time (otherwise there would be no 
    purpose in killing them).
    To ErgGibbon@aol.com for his walkthrough, which got me started. He's missed 
    two or three monsters, and his steal/drop list is far from complete, but the 
    walkthrough is perfect, and anyhow he got all of the important stuff. 

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