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    Game Script by Psycho_Crack

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 07/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Wild ARMs Game Script
    Written out by/Copyright 2004-2005 Katherine (Kathy) Page.
    Contact at Ushcabob@yahoo.com 
    or 'Psycho Crack' on GameFAQs.
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Updates 
    3. Actual Game Script
    4. Credits
    I do not own Wild ARMs, its company (Media Vision), the characters, or anything
    associated with the game. However, I am a big fan of the game series! This is 
    my first real contribution to GameFAQs, so go easy on me, please. Do not 
    attempt to use it for your website without my permission! Ta!
    7/15/05. Updated contact information and various grammatical mistakes. It is
    not completely free from error yet, but it is a little better. Also I added
    in the "Hidden Intro" after various people started discussing it on the
    Message Boards in GameFAQs. 
    4/3/05. Changed the formatting.  Submitted script to GameFAQs. At first I was
    probably going to leave the script alone, but the writers of this game are
    unfortunately not very skilled with various grammatical skills (or just very
    tired). I plan to make more revisions soon.  
    4/2/05. Managed to finish typing up the script in its entirety. 
    3/31/05. I had stopped working on this for a while and finally picked it up 
    again today. 
    11/28/2004. I pulled up the partially written copy of the game script I'd 
    started around June 10; finally got around to partially writing the thing after
    yet another message board suggestion. 
    Wild ARMs Script
    Part I - A treasure hunter (X1)
    Part II - A girl from an abbey (X2)
    Part III - A wandering youth (X3)
    Part IV - Adlehyde and Lolithia's Tomb (X4)
    Part V - Adlehyde Ruins Festival (X5)
    Part VI - Mountain Pass and Milama (X6) 
    Part VII - Baskar Village and Mount Zenom (X7)
    Part VIII - Saint Centour and the Cage Tower (X8)
    Part IX - Port Timney and the Maze of Death (X9)
    Part X - Town of Yard and the Pleasing Garden (X10)
    Part XI - Rosetta Town and the Volcannon Trap (X11)
    Part XII - Tripillar, Giant's Cradle, and Court Seim (X12)
    Part XIII - Trouble at Court Seim (X13)
    Part XIV - Photosphere (X14) 
    Part XV - The Ocean Vortex (X15)
    Part XVI - Dead Sanctuary and Gate Generator (X16)
    Part XVII - Elw Dimension and Rudy's Tribulation (X17)
    Part XVIII - Protowing and Gemini's Corpse (X18)
    Part XIX - Pandemonium (X19)
    Part XX - Arrival at Arctica (X20)
    Part XXI - Quests before Ka Dingel (X21)
    Part XXII - Ka Dingel and Malduke (X22)
    Part XXIII - Cecilia's Letter (X23) 
    Part XXIV - "Hidden Intro" - Arctica Flashback (X24)
    ----- ----- -----
    Part I: A treasure hunter (X1).
    ----- ----- -----
    [A treasure hunter stops at the foot of a ruin and turns to his small blue 
    mouse companion, apparently named Hanpan.]
    Hanpan: The [Temple of Memory]... I hope you didn't pay much for this 
    Treasure Hunter: Hey... So you know about this place?!
    Hanpan: Yeah, sure. It's a famous site. You wasted your money. There's nothing
    left here of any value.
    Treasure Hunter: Shhh! Quiet! My instincts tell me this is it!
    Hanpan: I can't believe there would be anything left here. This is not the 
    first time treasure hunters have come through here. We'll find nothing but
    [The treasure hunter takes a step forward]
    Hanpan: OK, let's check it out anyway. Maybe we'll find clues for obtaining 
    the [Power].
    Treasure Hunter: Let's go then...
    [Both enter the ruin and approach a strange machine against the edge of a 
    Treasure Hunter: Hey, Hanpan. What is this?
    Hanpan: Hey! No! Don't touch that! Let me do it. Let's see... here...
    [The machine suddenly starts rumbling and begins to speak aloud.]
    Machine: Are you the keeper of the [Memory]? You must engrave the name.
    Treasure Hunter: You're the brain. Do you have any ideas?
    Hanpan: I have no idea!
    Treasure Hunter: Just as a test, I'll put in my name. 
    Machine: Jack................................................................
    ...........................No matches. I protect the 
    [Memory]. Intruder! I cast you to the bottom of the abyss!
    Jack Van Burace,
    Master of the <Fast Draw>,
    [Dream Chaser],
    the Treasure Hunter.
    His Wind Mouse companion, 
    Hanpan, is curious and knowledgeable
    but also a little arrogant.
    With no regard to danger, the treasure hunters
    roam the ruins, seeking treasure and adventure.
    Jack seeks the ultimate [Power] surpassing any other in existence.
    He relentlessly searches. Is it a sword? Is it hidden in here?
    Once again, Jack will be challenging the ruins in search of the [Power].
    [Regaining himself at the bottom of the ruin, he stands.]
    Jack: Damn! That was cool!
    Hanpan: Forget about exploring! Let's just get outta here!
    [During the exploring, Jack and Hanpan come upon a note left by 
    someone. It says: No way! How the heck am I supposed to get that 
    Hanpan: I can help you get to those hard to reach places. Aim and 
    push the Tools button. If it's not too heavy, I'll fly over and pick
    it up. I am a Wind Mouse, after all. Speed and wit are my forte!
    [Jack and Hanpan make it to the end of the ruins, where they are teleported 
    to a mysterious dark room home to a large projection machine. Jack approaches
    Hanpan: Don't touch it!
    [The screen lights up, and a hologram appears.]
    Hanpan: ... It's an Elw... I've never seen anything like this before...
    Jack: What... What's an Elw?
    Hanpan: Long ago... an alien race lived here, an advanced race who used 
    technology laced with magic. These are the remnants of a race whose lives
    were in sync with the laws of nature.
    Jack: So is this an Elw?
    Hanpan: No, this is a holographic image. This machine must be a data storage
    device of the Elw! Information is left here to be retrieved later! This 
    certainly is a [Temple of Memory].
    Jack: Wait a minute... The Elw is speaking directly into my mind!
    Hanpan: Wow! With your thick skull?! This certainly is advanced technology!
    Seek not Lolithia...
    She sleeps in her tomb.
    Lolithia's icy breath
    can only destroy...
    Seek not Lolithia in her tomb.
    The Elw have departed.
    Seek not Lolithia, for she is 
    bound in the [Land of Light]...
    She is the Death Wind.
    The heartbeat of annihilation,
    an absolute destructive power...
    Jack: I can't believe it... The absolute [Power]... Hey Hanpan, you heard 
    him! Where is this [Land of Light]?
    Hanpan: Hmm... I'm not certain, but... In an ancient tongue, Adlehyde means
    [Light]. Perhaps it's related... Do you want to go there? It's not that 
    far from here.
    Jack: ... OK.
    Hanpan: Adlehyde is a kingdom located to the southeast of here.
    [Jack and Hanpan make their way out of the ruins and so depart for the great
    city of Adlehyde.]
    There is a price to pay when the Power is attained.
    Free thyself from the past.
    But what awaits in the future? 
    Does man seek strength because
    he believes that the Power
    will light the darkened path to the future?
    He has no idea that the Power he seeks
    is also binding his soul. 
    A girl from an abbey (X2)
    Oh... Innocent One.  
    You can feel my mind in
    Girl: Me...? Are you calling me...? It's dark in here. I can't see...
    [lights began to flash around her, and the voice begins to speak to her
    once again.]
    Take my wishes to your heart,
    Innocent One... 
    Tell me your name...
    We will again be bound by 
    the ancient contract.
    Girl: Who are you? I'm not the one you want!
    Tell me your name.
    Once again, the world is being
    engulfed by darkness.
    Tell me your name.
    Girl: ... ...My name is...Cecilia. 
    [a large, dark form appears in front of her]
    Girl, Cecilia...
    Let go of your ego...
    The power is in the book....
    [The form disappears in a flash of lights]
    Cecilia: ... Who are you...?
    Cecilia... the Innocent One.
    The class is over...
    [Cecilia suddenly awakes to find that she is in a desk in one of her 
    magics classes] 
    Cecilia: Huh? What happened?
    Classmate: Aren't you turning 17 today? You need to work on not being so 
    spaced out.
    Classmate 2: Aren't you supposed to go back to Adlehyde when you turn 17?
    I worry about the future if our princess has mental problems.
    Cecilia: Gee... You guys are being really nice to me today.
    Classmate 2: You're going back to Adlehyde soon, aren't you? You should 
    say farewell to everyone...
    Cecilia: Yeah, I need to do that...
    Classmate: ... Are you done yet?
    Classmate 2: Stop procrastinating. Get going!
    Classmate: Everyone will appreciate your visit.
    [To start saying her goodbyes, she wanders off to the library where a brunette
    stops her in her tracks.]
    Librarian: Cecilia! Good timing. I know you'll help me out. I was sorting the
    books, but I ended up making a mess. I'm terrible at this. Anje, the magician,
    has a magic [Pocket Watch]. Please, Cecilia. Get the watch from Anje and help
    me clean the library! The watch will reverse time and put all the books back 
    on the shelves. 
    [Cecilia goes to find Anje and hopefully borrow the mystical Pocket Watch.]
    Anje: Good timing. Please take a look. This is the [Guardian Stone]. It 
    responds to the power of the Guardians. According to my studies, the 
    [Tear Drop]has some connection to them. Push the Tools button near the
    desk and use the [Tear Drop]. The [Guardian Stone] should respond. If
    you do this for me, I shall give you my [Pocket Watch]. 
    [Cecilia approaches the table with the Guard Stone and shines the Tear 
    Drop; the stone glows.]
    Anje: Just as I thought, there's a definite reaction! Your [Tear Drop]
    crystal and the Guardians are linked in some way. The [Tear Drop] is the
    secret treasure of the Adlehyde family. That's why the stone glowed. This
    will help so much in furthering my research. You can have my [Pocket Watch]. 
    It's very useful.
    [Cecilia receives the Pocket Watch.]
    Anje: By using the [Pocket Watch], you can go back in time. You can
    reconstruct broken boxes and reset objects that are stuck in place. It 
    may not always be effective, but its magic is worth repeating. 
    [Now that Cecilia has the Pocket Watch, she goes back to the library and
    speaks with the librarian, who is standing at the door.]
    Librarian: So that's Anje's watch. Please use it to fix up this mess. 
    I'll go over to Sister Mary and make some excuses. I'll be right back. 
    Cecilia, I'm counting on you, OK?
    [Cecilia enters and walks towards the pile of books strewn all over the
    Cecilia: I hate to use magic for a purpose like this, but.
    [Cecilia uses the Pocket Watch; suddenly, all but one book is left on 
    the ground.]
    Cecilia: Wow! This thing really works! Huh? There's one book still left on
    the floor. 
    [Cecilia approaches the book; suddenly, it speaks to her mind]
    Innocent One...
    Let go of your ego...
    I am...
    trapped within the...
    [Sealed Library]...
    [The book promptly disappears.]
    Cecilia: A book spoke to me. The same voice as in the dream. What is the 
    [Sealed Library]? I wonder if it's located somewhere in the abbey?
    [Cecilia goes to speak to the librarian in Sister Mary's classroom]
    Librarian: Cecilia, thanks for your help. 
    [Cecilia talks with Sister Mary.]
    Sister Mary: So, a book is calling you to the [Sealed Library]?
    Cecilia: Yes, it's not a dream. A shadow spoke to me and asked me to release
    him from the book. Sister Mary. I thought you might know. 
    Sister Mary: A book which speaks. And a large shadow? A library in which many
    forbidden secrets are stored does exist. Where the [Sealed Library] is.. That
    I cannot tell you. You were summoned by the Guardians to search for the 
    [Sealed Library]. If you are the chosen one, you must do this on your own. 
    The [Sealed Library] may hold many monsters. Please be careful. 
    May the Guardians be with you.
    [Cecilia speaks with the library, the one she helped earlier.]
    Librarian: This is just a rumor. A [Light] is supposed to be the key to 
    opening the door. A warm, powerful [Light]. I don't know what the light is. 
    [Cecilia speaks with her friends in the classroom]
    Classmate 1: Did you finish your rounds already? The [Sealed Library]? I've
    heard of it. I don't know if it really exists. Ask Sister Mary or one of 
    the older instructors. Sister Mary, the head chef, and Lila the motormouth
    might know of the [Sealed Library].
    Classmate 2: The abbey is very old. There are many strange rumors and tales
    about it. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a book like the one you talked
    [As the first suggested, Cecilia heads off to speak with Lila, who is sick
    in bed]
    Lila: I'm not the only one who knows this. The [Sealed Library] is a popular
    rumor around here. Something acts as a key to open the door or something. 
    Girl upstairs in the hallway: I don't know about any [Sealed Library], but
    I do know that the two statues in the courtyard have secret switches. I want
    to push them so baaaad!!! 
    [Cecilia heads north to a girl looking into the courtyard] 
    Girl: There is something strange about the courtyard. For some, the two 
    statues become as light as a feather. For others, they are as heavy as a
    mountain. Something about those statues is real spooky.
    [Cecilia heads to the courtyard; determined to solve the puzzle, she moves
    the statues so that they face each other. At the end, she shines the light
    of the teardrop between them. Flashing lights emerge and fly 
    northward into the abbey, creating a teleportation symbol on the wall.]
    I am the Eternal Darkness.
    Come to me, Innocent One.
    Bring me your inner light.
    [Cecilia uses the teardrop and is warped to the Sealed Library; upon 
    entrance, a voice speaks to her.]
    The three books act as a door.
    They are called the [Books of Doors]. 
    The key is the [Flame]. 
    Open the door and light the path.  
    [Afterwards, Cecilia throws the three books in the room into the fire; a 
    passageway reveals itself. She makes her way down and comes upon a 
    suspicious-looking book lying on the desk in the underground room. She 
    approaches it; the pages start to turn, and a black crystal floats out 
    from it before bursting into a giant demon!]
    The Book Monster: A human who wants to touch the forbidden book! I shall
    grant your wish and make you a part of my story!
    Cecilia: You're not the shadow that calls me, are you?
    [A battle starts.]
    The Book Monster: Daughter of the way of magic! Become my flesh and blood
    inside the forbidden book! 
    [Cecilia defeats the monster Nelgaul; a light bursts from the book and 
    takes shape.]
    Cecilia: The shadow figure from my dream.
    The Shadow: I am Stoldark, the Guardian of the water. For ages, the demon
    Nelgaul has locked me in this terrible book. I have waited a long time for
    the Innocent One who would receive the Guardian Spirit. 
    Cecilia: The Innocent One? Me?
    Stoldark: The world is at the turning point of darkness again. Innocent One.
    can you hear the anger of the land and the wind? The screams of the sea and 
    the sky? 
    Cecilia: ...
    Stoldark: Wear me as your armor, Innocent One. I shall protect you in your 
    fight for life. The battle for Filgaia begins again. Everything begins with
    [The Guardian Stoldark shrinks into a rune, which is deposited into Cecilia's
    hand; she acquires the water rune.]
    Cecilia: [Lolithia]... What does that mean? 
    [Cecilia is teleported back to the Curan Abbey, where she is intercepted by 
    Sister Mary.]
    Sister Mary: Welcome back, Cecilia. Now you realize the responsibilities of 
    the women in the Adlehyde family. The female descendants of the Adlehyde family
    share their thoughts with the Guardians. They must carry the burden of their 
    destiny with them for the rest of their lives. No one can understand the pain
    and pressure which you must endure. But, they can help you cope with it and 
    make your life easier. Cecilia, they will never understand the burden one's 
    destiny brings. Walk proudly from the abbey. You must travel your own path 
    from now on. Go! You are the Innocent One, the Guardians have chosen! 
    [And thus, Cecilia departs from the abbey to head back to Adlehyde.]
    The Guardians from the legend 
    have spoken only to her. 
    Without a sound, the wheels
    of destiny have started to turn...
    The path she followed in the past
    was guided by her surroundings. 
    She knew someday she would have
    to pave her own path to the future.
    The Innocent One, whom the Guardians speak of... 
    It may be too heavy of a burden to be the sorceress
    of the ultimate power at such a young age.
    A wandering youth (X3)
    Life is gradually fading from the land...
    Slowly, but surely,
    the destruction of Filgaia continues.
    A devastated environment filled with ferocious monsters
    plague the people of Filgaia who desperately try to cling to their land.
    Those who dare to venture out are called [Dream Chasers].
    There is a boy in the village of Surf.
    It's hard to believe that this boy has the potential to become a dream 
    chaser. What does he seek?
    Townsperson: We're calling it a day, kid!
    Thanks a lot.
    The barrels are all sorted.
    [The boy approaches him]
    Townsperson: I hired you at the recommendation of Mayor Pifer...
    You turned out to be OK. By the way, what's your name?
    Townsperson: Rudy, you're stronger than you look. The horses seem happy.
    Here's today's pay. Sorry kid, this is all the village can afford. You 
    should see if the mayor has any more work for you. Thanks again! See ya.
    [Upon leaving, Rudy talks to a boy named Tony.]
    Tony: Busy, busy, busy! I'm so busy today. Do you want to know why?
    Tony: Ha ha ha. I can't tell you! Maybe when I get back.
    [Rudy goes to the mayor's house and speaks with Mayor Pifer upstairs.]
    Mayor Pifer: Rudy! How are you? Thanks to you, the stables are in great 
    shape! Take these as a token of my appreciation. Long ago, I found these 
    Bombs while exploring ancient ruins. You may find them handy. [Rudy receives
    bombs] These bombs will destroy most small objects. Walk next to the object 
    you want to blow up and push the Tools button.
    It will go off in a bit. These magical bombs will never run out. In the
    good old days, magic berries could be found in the cave to the south. We
    would use the bombs to clear debris from the cave. Now that all of the 
    berries are gone, we no longer need them. The world is fading and our 
    village is starting to feel the impact. 
    [Rudy heads for the stairs, but is pushed back by a panicked citizen of Surf]
    Townsperson 2: Excuse me! 
    I must talk to the mayor immediately.
    [He pushes Rudy out of the way and goes to the mayor]
    Townsperson 2: Mayor Pifer! A child from our village has gone into 
    the Berry Cave.
    Mayor Pifer: What?! 
    Townsperson 2: What do we do?
    [Mayor Pifer paces back and forth, trying to make a decision]
    Mayor Pifer: The Berry Cave is full of monsters. There is not much we
    can do. I must talk to the townsfolk about this situation. Please keep this
    quiet. We can't have people panicking. 
    [Because Rudy is such a nice person, he decides that it is up to him to save 
    the boy in Berry Cave from all harm; thus he leaves Surf and travels southeast
    to the Berry Cave.]
    Guard at the entrance: Wow! I look away for a second and this kid gets past me!
    No one from the village is allowed in here! What am I to do?
    [Rudy travels through it until he meets Tony; Tony is standing beside a path
    blocked by rocks]
    Tony: I have come to look for berries for my father. The berries are on the 
    other side of this blocked passage. I know it's not safe here, but I have to 
    get those berries for my wounded father! Aren't you a [Dream Chaser]? I've 
    heard about you. Can you move those boulders? Please, I'll be a good boy. I'll
    do all my chores.
    [Rudy uses his bombs on the blocked path to clear it for Tony.]
    Tony: Check it out! You've cleared the path! I have to get back! My father is
    waiting for these berries back home.
    [Rudy proceeds forward in order to claim the Holy Berries for Tony. He removes
    the plant from the base of a glowing obelisk.]
    The berries faintly glitter.
    Tony: Thank you! With these berries, I can heal my father! Let's hurry! I've 
    got to get them to him right 
    [Rudy and Tony hurry out of the cave. However, an earthquake starts and the 
    glowing obelisk stops emanating light; suddenly a large crack splits down its 
    middle. The earthquake spreads from Adlehyde all the way to the Curan Abbey. 
    Rudy and Tony meet up with the townspeople at the entrance.]
    Tony: Mom!
    Tony's Mom: Why do you always cause so much trouble?
    Tony: I came to get these berries to heal father's wounds.
    Tony's Mom: Are you two OK?! 
    Townsperson: What was that earthquake all about?!
    Townsperson 2: I have always told you not to come here...
    Mayor Pifer: You're safe, that's all that matters. Let's go home.
    [As they begin to leave, a dog stays behind, barking at the entrance to the
    cave. A tremor erupts; rocks fall from the ceiling. Rudy steps back to meet 
    the oncoming threat of the Zombie; a battle starts and quickly ends after Rudy 
    beats it down using his ARMs.]
    *Rudy casts the Holy Berry at the regenerating Zombie! The healing light from 
    the Holy Berry reduces the Zombie to sludge.
    Tony: Wow! You've defeated the Zombie!
    [Tony's Mom drags Tony away from Rudy]
    Tony: ...?! What happened, Mom? 
    Townsperson: You have brought tragedy to the entire Village of Surf.
    Townsperson 2: I know about you. You possess the [ARM]. The forbidden power!
    I know I shouldn't have, but I looked through your stuff the other day. The 
    [ARM] has brought doom upon us all!
    Townsperson 3: The Dream Chaser, Rudy, has cursed us all...
    Townsperson 4: (he steps forward) That earthquake was probably caused by 
    Mayor Pifer: Be quiet everyone!!! (to Rudy) Rudy. Thanks for saving the boy.
    But you opened the forbidden path and put us all in danger. You also possess
    an [ARM]! You will be judged for this according to our village law. Do you 
    agree, Rudy?
    Mayor Pifer: We must get back to the village at once. Rudy will be judged 
    [Rudy watches out of the window on the second floor of Mayor Pifer's house,
    hearing the talk from below.]
    Townsperson: The boy brought a terrible omen to the village. We must do 
    Townsperson 2: He's just a Dream Chaser. It may sound cruel, but he may bring
    harm upon us all. When the seal was broken, it caused an earthquake that 
    damaged the entire village.
    [Rudy goes downstairs and eavesdrops]
    Mayor Pifer: We all agree then. We'll ask him to leave. I took him in, so I'll
    inform him of our decision. 
    [Mayor Pifer greets Rudy at the foot of the stairs]
    Mayor Pifer: Were you eavesdropping, Rudy? Then you know what we've decided. I
    must ask you to pack your things and leave. And please, don't come back.
    [Outcast once again, Rudy heads for the entrance of the Village of Surf but is
    intercepted by the boy he saved, Tony.]
    Tony: You saved me! I was so helpless. I know that you did the right thing and
    that they are wrong. I just want to say, thank you. I've gotta get back. Thanks
    Even though he used his skill to protect them, they rejected him out of fear.
    Within him is a power he never asked for... the skill to use the forbidden 
    ARMs. He still wanders the world in search of his soul, unaware of his inborn
    ----- ----- -----
    Part IV - Coming to Adlehyde and Lolithia's Tomb (X4) 
    ----- ----- -----
    [Jack enters the familiar town of Adlehyde; however, three men come running 
    into the town in quite a hurry. He overhears them.]
    Man: Holy cow! There's been an accident at [Lolithia's Tomb]! 
    Man 2: Let's find Emma, this is out of our hands!!!
    Man 3 (The calm one): No. You're both wrong. The injured are our first concern. 
    [Probably wanting to see what the problem is, Jack decides to check it out; he
    goes to Emma's residence and goes up the stairs to speak with her.]
    Emma: Is there something going on outside? How exciting! Listen to that 
    commotion. I wonder what's happening. 
    [Those same three men barge into the house and come up the stairs behind Jack]
    Man: Alarm! There has been an accident at [Lolithia's Tomb]!
    Emma: Oh no! Tell me what's going on. 
    Man: We broke through a wall damaged by the earthquake and unleashed monsters.
    Some of the workers were injured by one of the monsters.  
    Emma: Gather anyone with military experience! 
    Man: No way!! No one here has ever fought monsters before. There are so many 
    of them. You couldn't pay us enough to go in there. 
    Emma: All right then! Get to work on the repairs. You hear?! I'll do something
    about the monsters.
    Man: OK! 
    [All three men leave.]
    Emma: (to Jack) We have a minor problem in the ruins to the north. You can 
    fight, can't you? I need to have some monsters slain. I'll pay 500 gella. You
    can take any treasure from the tomb. Will you do it?
    Jack: Yes. 
    Emma: Glad to hear that. I'll pay you after the excavation. Trust me! I'll be
    waiting for you. You must get prepared. Don't underestimate [Lolithia's Tomb].
    Bring friends. 
    [Emma abruptly leaves. Jack, thinking over the offer he has taken, walks to 
    the edge of town and sees two young candidates for his party; he approaches
    first the young boy. ]
    Jack: The earthquake caused terrible chaos at the tomb. What? You caused the
    earthquake?! What do you know.? So, you want to help to take care of this 
    problem? [The [Dream Chaser] wants to know if he can join you. Will you let
    him join? Yes.] All right! That settles it! I could use the company. My name
    is Jack. This is Hanpan. Don't worry, he won't bite. What's your name? 
    Rudy,huh. Nice to meet you, Rudy.
    [Jack spots a young girl and goes to speak with her.]
    Jack: There are some monsters at the ruins near Adlehyde. [Lolithia's Tomb] 
    needs to be cleansed. I could use a partner. 
    Cecilia: Lolithia. Intriguing name. Let me go with you. I feel my destiny is
    with this adventure. [The [Magician] wants to know if she can join you. Will 
    you let her come? Yes.]
    Jack: My name is Jack. This is Hanpan. He's a Wind Mouse. 
    Cecilia: I am Cecilia. It may not look like it, but I know a little magic.  
    [With all things settled, the team heads off to Lolithia's tomb; soon they get
    there and speak with the man at the entrance.]
    Man: Are you the help Emma talked about? [Yes.] So, you're the one. Emma 
    is waiting for you.  
    [The team goes up the stairs to find Emma waiting patiently against a 
    crumbling wall.]
    Emma: The three of you together can probably break the seal. Past the room with
    the spooky demon statue lies a. If the three of you work together, you should 
    be okay. You'll be fine! With confidence, one can even learn to fly. 
    [Rudy bombs the wall; they go through and finally confront the last two 
    Guard: Thank you for coming to our rescue. We admire your courage. 
    Guard 2: So you're here to slay the monsters, eh? Good luck! 
    [One of the stone templates hanging on the wall later on in the dungeon reads: 
    "On the Devil's back, dark wings and a secret. On the other side of the door 
    sleeps a great power. The Tomb of Perpetual Sleep." After finding the demon 
    statue and after hitting the button on its back, the stairs leading to the door
    to the dungeon arise.  However, as the team approaches and Cecilia uses the 
    tear drop, they are stopped in their tracks by the monster Magtortous. A 
    battle starts. ]
    [After the battle ends, the team proceeds to the back of the dungeon where 
    they find the golem Lolithia before them.]
    Jack: .What?.
    Hanpan: . That's the golem.
    Cecilia: The same golem written about in the legend?!
    Hanpan: Probably. In the ancient days, when Filgaia was surrounded by forests,
    it was said that there were eight weapons of the ancient giants. They were 
    sealed away in some secret place after they nearly destroyed the world. Some 
    of these weapons were found in ruins in this area. I had no idea that a golem 
    was hidden near Adlehyde. 
    Jack: I wonder if the power in this tomb is different from the [Power] that I 
    have been seeking all this time?
    Hanpan: The power we felt here is probably the golem. 
    Jack: Geez! How am I supposed to use this? It's huge! I can barely lift it! 
    Hanpan: He's mad!  
    Jack: Let's get this over with. There's nothing here for me! 
    [Hanpan steps forward and turns to Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia.]
    Hanpan: We must notify the professor about the golem. 
    [All three make their way back to the entrance of Lolithia's Tomb to speak to 
    Professor Emma.]
    Guard 1: So the golem has been found. Our work here is nearly done. 
    Guard 2: Because of you guys, we can resume our work. Please inform Emma. 
    [They find Emma in the same spot she was before they'd departed.]
    Emma: Really?! The golem truly exists! Then I was right in picking this site.
    I'm a genius! Oh. you guys are great, too! We can't just sit around here. We
    must excavate it now! Take some of my crew with you to the site where you found
    the golem! I'm counting on you!!! 
    [Emma leaves in a hurry.]
    Jack: Gee, she's bossy. 
    [The screen cuts to the end of the dungeon; the three as well as many of Emma's
    employees are gathered around the magnificent golem. Emma is lowered down on a
    crane; she hops off to address them.]
    Emma: OK, let's pull it up! You won't break it! 
    Crew: Got it! 
    [They crewmembers work on attaching Lolithia to the crane; after their work is
    done, Emma hops back up on the crane and rides with Lolithia to the top. The 
    scene cuts to all three Dream Chasers watching Lolithia being pulled up from
    the ruins. ]
    Emma: It's a pleasant surprise that my Emma-Motor was effective here. Thanks
    to you and my Emma-Motor, we were able to pull her out. Yes, this is 
    [Lolithia]. One of the eight golems. Isn't it cute? This thing is unbreakable.
    It's still in mint condition and it's completely dormant. The reward of 500
    gella will be ready for you, but you must come by tomorrow. I'll be too busy
    preparing for the festival today. 
    [The team travels back to Adlehyde and stop at the entrance of the city.]
    Jack: We'll get our money tomorrow. After that, I'll go on to the next ruin 
    with Hanpan. 
    Cecilia: We're parting so soon? 
    Jack: It's the life of a [Dream Chaser] you know. Let's get back to the inn,
    the festival starts tomorrow. 
    [The three gather at the Inn to retire for the day.]
    Innkeeper: Welcome, It's 30 gella per night. Would you like to stay?  
    Cecilia: (looks to Jack and Rudy) Tomorrow, we'll go to the festival together,
    but I have to get going now. I have no idea why I was summoned to the north 
    ruin. But, I'm glad to know I was of some help. After I go, I might not be able
    to travel with you. But I will never forget our adventure. I hope you guys 
    will treat me the same way I've treated you. 
    [Cecilia leaves abruptly, returning to the castle to speak to her father. The
    night passes.]
    ----- ----- -----
    Part V - Adlehyde Ruins Festival (X5)
    ----- ----- -----
    The morning of the festival has arrived.
    [Jack and Rudy awaken and go to the East Plaza not only to check out the Ruins
    Exhibition but also to find Professor Emma, the woman who had promised to pay 
    them 500 gella. She is standing beside a bench right near the golem Diablo, the
    Crimson Hellstorm.]
    Emma: Because of you guys, we made it on time. Here is the payment. (she gives
    you 500 gella) Take it easy. There's a lot to see here. I'm sure you'll see
    something that interests you.  
    [Jack and Rudy look around the festival until they find a woman with a red 
    face; she seems oh-so worried.]
    Woman: My son is missing. He just disappeared into the crowd. Please. Can you
    help look for him? He may be in trouble. I'm going to stay here so I don't 
    miss him on this road. If you see him, please bring him back to me. He has a
    red balloon. Please! 
    Man nearby: Lots of kids. Red balloon! I haven't seen any. He should be easy 
    to spot. But where? That's the question. 
    Kid nearby: The kid with a balloon has gone back to town to look for his 
    [At the kid's suggestion, the two Dream Chasers go back to town. South of the
    mayor's house they are able to spot the kid with the red balloon. Rudy and
    Jack approach the child.]
    Child Mom! Mom! Where did you go? Oh! My balloon!
    [The child lets go of his balloon only to see the darkness spreading overhead.]
    Suddenly, dark clouds hover over Adlehyde.
    The laughter and murmur cease. 
    As the unsuspecting people look up to the skies, 
    they watch the silent nightmare spread over their heads. 
    [The balloon is evaporated by a bolt of lightning.]
    The sky is cracking. 
    The [Beginning of the End] is here. 
    A sword of light strikes the land and 
    a wall of fire rushes across the horizon. 
    [Blazing rocks fall from the sky, bringing ruin to the town of Adlehyde;
    people all around Jack and Rudy are killed. Monsters begin to appear. Jack
    and Rudy set forth to save all ten of the villagers still alive]
    Girl, 2nd floor of Inn: Help! What is going on?
    Old Man, at the pub: What is this. What is going on? This is no joke!
    Priest, at the church: Take me to the wounded. I have many skills, I can help
    Woman, in the graveyard: Help! There's a monster chasing me! It's gonna eat me!
    Old Man, near Zeldukes' statue: The town is. Oh! Guardians of Adlehyde! .. 
    Sick Man, at the hospital: I didn't do anything. I don't want to die! Hurry!
    Take me to safety! 
    Man, in his house: My wife hasn't come home from the festival. 
    Woman, wandering behind a house: What has happened here? I can't believe we're
    under attack! 
    Man, in house with crates: Hi. Can you take me to the castle? I can't go there
    Little boy, in the northeast forest: Everything is burning! My house is 
    [Jack and Rudy come to Cecilia, who is surrounded by monsters. A battle starts;
    the two defeat the monsters.]
    Cecilia: Thanks to the two of you, we were able to save most of the 
    townspeople. We must go, now. 
    [They hurry to the castle; the scene switches to an ugly, green demon who had
    just entered the city of Adlehyde.]
    Belselk: Not even close, you weak humans! This is no contest. [He laughs.]
    There is nothing for me to do here. Well, I guess my superior power is too
    good to use on humans. [He laughs again.] Give this message to one of the 
    humans running into the castle. If they don't give up the [Tear Drop], we will
    tear the castle to pieces. 
    [A lizard man steps up to Belselk.]
    Belselk: (to lizard man) Are there golems here? Are they working? All junk?
    Good! We don't want to fight those things. (turns to his original two cohorts)
    We have the golems now. This is a very interesting situation. [He cackles]
    [Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia are now safely within the walls of the castle.] 
    Guard at entrance: Alert! The king has been wounded! What are we to do? 
    Guard 2, left of the throne: The king's wounds are being tended to in his 
    [With these pieces of information, the three hurry up to the King's bedroom.]
    Guard 3, blocking entrance to king's room: The king is being treated inside.
    It doesn't look good.
    Minister Johan: This has never happened before. Monsters taking over an entire
    town. What do they want? 
    [Cecilia approaches her father, King Adlehyde.]
    King Adlehyde: Cecilia, I'm glad you're all right. Listen, Cecilia! The 
    monsters are after you. You must defeat them! 
    [A soldier approaches with a message.]
    Soldier: Your Majesty! The monsters demand that you surrender the [Tear Drop]
    or they will storm the castle. 
    Cecilia: The [Tear Drop] belonged to my mother. It's very dear to me, but I'll
    give it up for the sake of my kingdom. The monsters can have my [Tear Drop]. 
    King Adlehyde: I won't permit it! No. You won't do it! Cecilia, the [Tear Drop]
    is not just an heirloom. It holds the key to unleashing the power of the 
    ancients. Only a princess of the Adlehyde family may possess it. One who 
    hears the will of the Guardians can use the [Tear Drop] to change the world. 
    Cecilia: But if I do nothing, many will die because of me. 
    King Adlehyde: Please understand, Cecilia. Life can be cruel sometimes. 
    Cecilia, stay in your room, no matter what happens. 
    [The scene switches to Cecilia talking with Jack in Rudy in her bedroom.]
    Cecilia: I don't agree with what my father said. Innocent people should not
    suffer. In the dungeon, there is a secret passage. It should still be there.
    When I was a little girl, I remember trying to get to the town from there. 
    We can sneak out from there and give the demons the [Tear Drop].
    [Thus, Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy quietly sneak their way out of the castle. The
    three of them manage to make it to the kitchens without being caught. There,
    they converse with one of the chefs.]
    Chef: There is a curfew in place here at Adlehyde. Do you still want to go? 
    .I understand. I'll open the door to the cellar. Please follow me. There are
    powerful monsters down there. Are you ready for this?
    Cecilia: Yes. 
    [The chef leads the trio towards a bare place on the floor; he goes over to 
    a barrel.]
    Chef: Let's go. 
    [As he pushes the barrel back, a trapdoor opens up beneath them; Cecilia, Jack,
    and Rudy find themselves in a musty, dark dungeon. They make their way through
    it and emerge through a house in Adlehyde. They exit and find Belselk standing
    in the middle of town.]
    Belselk: Hand over the [Tear Drop]! 
    Cecilia: Are you guaranteeing the lives of the people?  
    Belselk: Don't worry, I'm a busy guy. Just give me the Tear Drop and you won't
    see me again. 
    [Cecilia steps forward and gives Belselk the Tear Drop.]
    Belselk: Grab the prize and go through the gate as soon as it opens.
    [He turns to leave] 
    Jack: Wait! I'm not done with you yet! [he runs forward] You demon. I don't 
    know how you got here, but. 
    Belselk: So. What are you going to do? 
    Jack: Revenge! This is what I live for! 
    Belselk: Like I said, I'm a busy guy. Let's make it quick, shall we? 
    Cecilia: No, you can't do that! You're crazy to go after him by yourself. 
    [A battle starts.]
    Belselk: Humans break so easily. You guys don't make very good toys. We have 
    to be so delicate with you humans. Here, how about a little dance? 
    [Belselk is defeated.]
    Belselk: Huh? What was that? I feel like I'm being assaulted by a gnat. I'm
    running out of patience! 
    [The battle ends.]
    Belselk: Come back when you're more of a challenge, kid!
    [Belselk disappears. The scene cuts to the ruins festival, where several winged
    demons are preparing to carry off all of the golems.]
    Winged demon: Belselk is a slave driver. Why do we have to take this junk
    Winged demon 2: We've got to do what we're told. We've got to get this done. 
    [All of the golems are carried off; the scene switches back to the King's 
    bedroom, where Cecilia is talking with her father. She stands by his bedside.]
    Cecilia: I'm sorry, father. I disobeyed your wishes. The [Tear Drop] is in 
    their hands. 
    King Adlehyde: .It's done. But the [Tear Drop] must not be used for evil. We
    Cecilia: Please don't talk, father. Save your strength. It's my responsibility
    to reclaim the [Tear Drop]. 
    Minister Johan: Princess! 
    Cecilia: I have made my decision. Our resources must be conserved for the
    reconstruction of Adlehyde! I have trusty friends. With their help, I will 
    reclaim the [Tear Drop]. [She looks to her comrades.] Rudy, Jack. Please help
    me. I need to reclaim the [Tear Drop] for the future of Filgaia. 
    [Jack and Rudy exchange looks before Jack steps up towards Cecilia.]
    Jack: I understand. I'm sure Rudy is with me as well. We were going to 
    volunteer anyway, but you shouldn't come. You'll just slow us down. 
    Cecilia: What? I don't mean to. 
    Jack: If I had known who you were, I would have thought twice about working 
    with you. I don't trust royalty. I never have and I never will. I kind of had
    an idea, but you still haven't told us the truth from your own mouth. Hide 
    your identity and roam the land.eh? How romantic. You can count me out. 
    [He turns away; Cecilia drops her head].
    Minister Johan: That's enough, [Dream Chaser]! 
    Cecilia: [she looks up again] I apologize for my behavior. If people find out
    who I am, they become distant. I was lonely. But my passion to save Filgaia is
    no lie. How can I convince you? 
    King Adlehyde: Cecilia. Please. Ohhh!.
    [Everyone looks to the king; Cecilia turns to Jack]
    Cecilia: Your sword. May I please use your sword? 
    Jack: What do you want with it? It's far too heavy for you. 
    Cecilia: Please. the sword!!!
    [Jack hands Cecilia his sword; she takes it firmly and walks a little ways away
    with it.]
    Jack: It's heavy. with the weight of its destiny. It's not for you! Give it 
    back! Princess, you can't support it on your own. 
    [Cecilia draws the blade across the end of her hair, cutting it; it falls 
    limply to the floor. Everyone jumps a little at this action. Cecilia turns 
    and walks back to Jack, holding out his sword.]
    Cecilia: Your sword has severed my past. I plead again, please join me in
    reclaiming peace. 
    Jack: [takes his sword] Once you do this, there is no turning back. 
    King Adlehyde: Be strong, Cecilia. Protect what is yours. 
    [Cecilia lowers her head in silence while Jack and Rudy approach the now dead
    Minister Johan: . We can't just sit around feeling sad. We must honor
    the dead. Our beloved king and the men who fought so bravely.
    [Minister Johan leaves; the scene darkens. Funeral bells begin to play.]
    They gather here today. 
    Three separate agendas, but one common goal.
    The stage is set for the fall of Filgaia. the story starts here..
    [Cecilia, dressed in red and black, leads the coffin of her father down through
    Adlehyde and toward the church. Everyone is gathered around, weeping for the
    dead. Four little boys trailed by a girl walk by, holding up sticks in honor; 
    but while passing Jack and Rudy, the little girl trips, her ball rolling to 
    Rudy's feet. Rudy picks up the small red ball and hands it back to her. Rudy,
    Jack, and the little girl look back to the ceremonies. The wind blows leaves
    to the east. Finally three priests lead Cecilia into the church. The scene 
    ----- ----- -----
    The Mountain Pass and Heading to Milama (X6)
    ----- ----- -----
    One week from the attack.
    [Jack and Rudy appear to be in an Adlehyde guest room.]
    Jack: This is our destiny! The three of us going after the monsters. I really
    don't want to do this, but we must fetch the princess. We're running out of 
    [The two of them hurry to Cecilia's bedroom; they find her dressed more
    Cecilia: Do you like my hair? It's a lot easier to manage. This is easier to
    move. I can't sit and cry forever. I'm waiting for the rainbow after the rain
    stops. I'll be strong again. Please, take me with you. 
    [The team first goes to visit Minister Johan in the Council Room.] 
    Minister Johan: Finally, the three of you. I hate the fact that you're 
    carrying the burden by yourselves. But, our future depends on your journey. 
    Cecilia: Don't worry. Father. For the glory of Adlehyde and Filgaia, I shall
    reclaim the [Tear Drop]. The Water Guardian, [Stoldark], has spoken to me about
    the danger. If you say I am the Shaman Princess of the Guardians, then I'm 
    proud to be the Innocent One. 
    Minister Johan: The princess had a vision! There is no doubt now. You must 
    follow your destiny, Princess. Go west, through the Mountain Pass and you will
    find the town of Milama.  There, you'll find a large shrine. If you are the
    Innocent One, then you must go there. 
    Cecilia: I don't know anything about being a shaman. But if I can be of any
    help, I'll deal with whatever is expected of me. 
    [With a destination in mind, the trio sets out for the Mountain Pass lying west
    of Adlehyde.]
    Guard 1: You have been granted passage. Be careful.
    Guard 2: Dangerous winds blow through the Mountain Pass. Please be careful. 
    [The threesome continue onward through the Mountain Pass. Eventually they 
    emerge out into the bright world where they are met by some fierce winds.]
    Cecilia: Whew. Those were some nasty winds. 
    [Jack steps away from the group, seeming deep in thought.]
    Hanpan: Wha.what's going on? 
    Jack: These gusts of wind. If I could harness the power. 
    [Rudy and Cecilia exchange confused looks.]
    Hanpan: I agree. Why don't you give it a try.
    [After Jack acquires a Fast Draw hint, the trio continues onward. They 
    eventually exit the Mountain Pass, travel south, and arrive at Milama, the 
    city of water.]
    Woman, at entrance: This is Milama. Huge, rich, and full of water. The oasis
    of the world!!  
    Guy, near church: If you're going to the Guardian Temple, stop by the pub 
    first. The owner might have some information for you. 
    [At the man's advice, Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia travel to the pub in the back 
    of town. They speak with the bartender.] 
    Bartender: What do you want? I'm busy right now! Can you come back later? 
    [Do you want to ask the pub owner about the Guardian Shrine? Yes.] 
    Bartender: The Guardians?! I didn't think anyone knew about them anymore. I
    may be of some help. My father was the last keeper of the Guardian Temple.
    He told me many stories. Wait until the customers are gone, will ya? This 
    isn't a temple I'm running here. Why don't you guys eat something while you 
    Cecilia: Okay, five hamburgers please. 
    Bartender: Wow, that's a lot of food for you guys. Who's gonna eat all of it? 
    [Later, after the customers have left and the three have finished.]
    Jack: I can't believe you had seconds... 
    Cecilia: Magic casting requires a lot of energy. That's why I'm always hungry
    after a battle. Plus, I love hamburgers. I learned how fun it was to eat 
    through cooking and eating hamburgers at the abbey. Everyone loves me because
    I'm a princess, not because I'm [Cecilia]. If people need me because of what
    I symbolize, then I shall do what's asked of me. I will retrieve the
    [Tear Drop]. 
    Bartender: Okay, I'm ready. Let's talk about the Guardians. 
    [The three gather around the counter.]
    Bartender: There is a room that only priests were permitted to see... My father
    probably wanted me to be a priest because he made me memorize the password to
    the room. Write this down. Light the fire at 2, then at 10. When you light the
    fire at 6, the doors will open at 12. Go through the temple with the light. I 
    don't know what this means, but I'm sure you will find out. Take this with 
    you... My father left this for me, but I don't need it anymore. 
    [They receive the "Holy Medal", a key to the shrine. Afterwards, they travel
    to the shrine almost directly north of Milama. They light the fires in the
    correct order. The door to the shrine itself reads "When the time comes, show 
    the sign..." In this place the three use the Holy Medal. The door opens; they
    all proceed, ultimately, to a room with a large blue mirror on the north wall.
    A ball of light shines and flies into the mirror.]
    Cecilia: I understand, Stoldark. We must go there. 
    [She walks towards the mirror.]
    Jack:  What are you planning to do now, Princess?! 
    [Cecilia says nothing, but she pushes through the mirror and disappears. Jack
    looks to Rudy.]
    Jack: Hey... Follow her! 
    [The two men follow and also disappear into the blue mirror.]
    All of a sudden, Rudy and Cecilia were gone. 
    They found themselves on a strange landscape... 
    [Jack continues onward by himself. As he approaches the final platform, he 
    sees a sword stuck into the ground.]
    Jack: This sword contains the power I've been seeking! Now, I can have my
    revenge! This is [Absolute Power]. 
    [He attempts to pull it out. He succeeds, but it turns into fire; he throws
    it to the ground.]
    Jack: Wha what.... What happened?! 
    [The sword rises to the sky; the room turns black.]
    Jack: Gggh.... Where am I? Vast nothingness... It's like a dream. 
    [He finds himself on a spinning, turquoise platform.]
    Jack: Is someone here? Come out, whoever you are!  
    [The bodies of six Fenril Knights materialize around him]
    Jack: No way... It can't be...
    You're the one who ran. 
    Coward! You seek power, 
    but you refuse to use it... 
    Jack: I've never run from anything before. I've accepted every challenge I've
    You ran from your friends
    And your responsibilities.
    But most of all, you ran 
    from yourself.
    Don't you get it? 
    A [coward] can destroy, 
    But true power is the power of protection. 
    Jack: I know that... I really do... That is why I am seeking it. Please
    be patient. 
    [One by one, all the people disappear. The last to disappear is a red-haired
    Jack: Wait a minute! I'm gonna be alone again? 
    [Cecilia also finds herself alone. She travels to the end of the platform, 
    where the room suddenly turns into an almost exact copy of the throne room 
    at Adlehyde Castle.] 
    Cecilia: ...! No... Not Adlehyde Castle!
    Minister Johan's image: The princess herself is coming to save the world. 
    May the Guardians be with her. 
    Soldier image: The princess is responsible for being a princess. Remember 
    Cecilia: I know... I know... But...
    Soldier image 2: Have you noticed that no one calls you by your name... 
    Cecilia: ...!?!?!? 
    Soldier image 3: The princess is a symbol. Cecilia is not. Do you understand?
    [An image of her father materializes before her on the throne.]
    Cecilia: Please... not you too, father...
    King Adlehyde image: You knew no one loved you. So, what's the surprise? 
    [An image of herself appears behind her wearing her traditional abbey clothes.]
    Cecilia: Are you me? 
    The other Cecilia: You requested this dangerous adventure because you wanted 
    to be loved by someone... You're going to save the world because it's your
    duty as a princess. But, what you really want is sympathy. You hypocrite. 
    [Cecilia drops to her knees and holds her face] 
    Cecilia: Am I wrong? Answer me!
    [One by one, all the other images disappear but the other Cecilia.]
    The other Cecilia: No one loves you... You don't love anyone... Wake up!
    [She vanishes.]
    [Meanwhile, Rudy finds that he is also all alone. He continues onward until he
    again sees the room with the blue mirror he had just recently passed. But 
    standing there alone is Tony, the boy he had saved from Berry Cave.]
    Tony: The monsters are coming!
    [A red demon appears in front of Tony. Rudy steps forward and slashes the 
    creature, reducing it to ashes. He turns to Tony. Tony, however, steps back
    in hesitation...]
    Tony: I'm scared... You're just as scary as the monsters. Your powers are not
    like ours. 
    Man image: There is no place for you in this world. You're not needed here...
    Woman image: Nobody wants to be with you. You're a stranger... Who are you
    fighting for, [stranger]? 
    Mayor Pifer [Old Man] image: So, you use your powers to help people eh? What
    does that prove? You're still distancing yourself from people. 
    Man image 2: ARMs contain a form of energy that is different from the one 
    found in humans. They could have originally belonged to the demons. 
    Man image 3: You're another monster! We don't want you in Filgaia. Just look
    at you!
    [Rudy walks forward and looks at his reflection in the mirror. Looking back at
    him is the red demon he killed; statled, he steps back. He turns back as 
    everyone but Tony disappears.]
    Tony: Filgaia isn't for you... You don't belong here. 
    [Rudy drops to his knees, and the scene fades. Eventually, the comrades find 
    themselves all together again. Voices greet them.]
    A Voice: This is the girl Stoldark has chosen? 
    Cecilia: The voice inside my heart, is the voice of the Guardian. 
    Second Voice: What a weak mind! The weakening of the world is really the 
    weakening of the human soul. Gurdijeff! Do you really want to let this one
    decide Filgaia's destiny? 
    Jack: What? What do you hear? 
    Third Voice: Listen, Moa Gault. We have no choice. 
    Cecilia: I can feel the emotions of the Guardians in my heart. The anger and 
    rage... The doubt and sorrow...
    Jack: Damn you... Show yourselves! Stop toying with us! 
    [The room darkens; a large, teal-scaled dragon appears before them. The room
    glows with energy.]
    First Voice: I am the Earth Guardian, Gurdijeff. We heard you answer our
    [Another Guardian, that of the image of a firebird, appears.]
    Second Voice: I am the Fire Guardian, Moa Gault. I have looked into your soul,
    it is weak and vulnerable. It is not strong enough to defeat the demons, who
    we have been fighting with for the past 1000 years. 
    [Another Guardian makes itself known; it looks like a giant white tiger.]
    Third Voice: I am the Wind Guardian, Fengalon. We are the spirits of the 
    Guardians, and we need your help. 
    Gurdijeff: You may be right, Fengalon. Look at them... They look defeated.
    Nevertheless, they are our only hope. 
    Jack: [he steps forward] I'm not deaf or blind! Damn you! Why have you been
    showing us these illusions? Answer me, Guardians!  
    Gurdijeff: You must understand... We do not have enough power to fight the 
    demons. We must get the [Tear Drop] back! We need its power to defend Filgaia. 
    Cecilia: The [Tear Drop]?! How do you know? 
    Moa Gault: We know... We can feel its power... The [Tear Drop] is the light
    that gives life...
    Fengalon: Yes, it's the same light that gives us life... Which means you hold
    the key to our existence...
    Cecilia: What do the demons want with the [Tear Drop]? Do they want to destroy
    the world with it? 
    Gurdijeff: With the [Tear Drop], it is possible. The demons, however, are 
    trying to use it to revive their master, the Mother. 
    Jack: The Mother? So, that's the name of their master, huh? 
    Gurdijeff: Warriors! Do you still seek our power?! 
    Cecilia: We can't possibly do this ourselves... 
    Jack: I want the power... I want to defeat them... 
    Gurdijeff: Because you are weak, you seek power... We shall give you the
    power that you seek, but time is running out. You will have the power to 
    summon us into your reality. Take our powers before they weaken any further
    and stop the demons from regenerating the Mother. We shall send our warriors
    to their lair. 
    Cecilia: How is that possible? 
    Fengalon: We have our ways... We can sense the power of the [Tear Drop].  
    Moa Gault: The only way a warrior, with a weak mind, is able to defeat the 
    enemy is by striking at its heart. Come now, show us your faith and leap! 
    [Moa Gault and Fengalon fade, but Gurdijeff remains. The lights start 
    Gurdijeff: To reclaim the [Tear Drop], we... 
    [Gurdijeff suddenly fades; the room turns white and the three warriors are 
    back in the last room of the shrine once more. They stand up.]
    Cecilia: What happened...? 
    Gurdfijeff: That was a shock from the Dark Spear of Zeikfried! We are not 
    strong enough to transport to the battle. Go now... I will guide you to your
    destiny. You must prevent Mother... 
    Cecilia: Gurdijeff! 
    [The room fades into whiteness.]
    The [Tear Drop] is
    a source of life.
    It should not be used
    For the birth of 
    [The scene suddenly cuts to a strange, technologically advanced room. A lone 
    figure clad in armor and a purple robe is present.]
    Zeikfried: That damned Guardian! He scanned this area with his mind! 
    [A female demon appears and drops down a little ways away.]
    Lady Harken: His scans have been shut off. The Duke's mansion is superb. But 
    now we know the humans are in contact with the Guardians. We have a few 
    Zeikfried: [He turns] When the fight is lost, the decay begins... Look at
    this place, it's a dying land of cowards! Humans, Elws, and the Guardians...
    Their defenses are no longer effective. They don't even have
    a world to defend. We have nothing to fear from the Guardians. 
    [A strange, non-humanoid demon teleports to Zeikfried's left. He appears to be
    hovering off the ground and adorns a long, white robe.]
    Alhazad: That is correct, my lord. Now that the Elws are no longer helping
    the humans, they don't stand a chance. 
    [Belselk, from the south, enters as well.]
    Belselk: I know. When I watch them squirm in the flames, I can feel my
    Lady Harken: (looks to Belselk) We could have gotten the [Tear Drop] with 
    less destruction.  
    Belselk: What? What are you talking about, you newby! 
    Zeikfried: Both of you, stop it! [turns northward] We, the Quarter Knights 
    gather for a single purpose. We must break the seal which binds our leader,
    Mother. The dreaded Guardian seal must be undone! 
    Belselk: Sorry... This one is mine. 
    [Belselk leaves.]
    Alhazad: Why should he have all the fun? 
    [Alhazad teleports off somewhere, also leaving.]
    Lady Harken: ...... 
    [She jumps into the air and vanishes, leaving Zeikfried by himself.]
    Zeikfried: Mother, when you finally wake, will the rest of the Quarter Knights
    share our dreams? 
    [He looks up to a tube with the beating cocoon of Mother. The scene fades to
    ----- ----- -----
    Baskar Village and Mount Zenom (X7)
    ----- ----- ----- 
    [The west (?) wind blows leaves; the three are teleported to a nice, partially
    wooded area. Rudy is the first to get up; Jack follows him in getting up. Rudy
    goes over and shakes Cecilia who had yet to awaken.]
    Jack: Where are we? 
    Cecilia: The place of the seal. Gurdijeff said he would lead us here. But...
    It doesn't seem like there's anything here... Mother... That's the last thing
    I heard before I fainted... 
    Jack: You're saying the demon boss is buried somewhere around here? I don't 
    like this... Not at all... Being dragged everywhere by the Guardians and
    having to save the world... 
    Cecilia: What is this? ...... 
    All of a sudden, Cecilia noticed she was holding three stone slabs. 
    [Earth Rune, Fire Rune, and Wind Rune are acquired.]
    Cecilia: These slabs contain the spirits of Gurdijeff and the other Guardians.
    What is this seal that the Guardians are willing to risk the last of their
    strength to protect? 
    [Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia travel northwest, looking for some hints about the 
    seal. In their passing, they come upon Baskar Village, the village of the 
    Baskar, outside near item shop: Our chief's dreams foresee changes in the 
    world. I hear that those who can hear the Guardians... The seers...
    communicate in a dreamlike state. 
    Baskar, northeast section near a garden: If you follow the mountains to the 
    north, you'll find Mt. Zenom. Mt. Zenom is where we worship the Guardians.
    The legends say that the [Mountain] Guardian who sleeps there holds a piece
    of an evil soul... 
    Girl outside, north section of town: You are...? So, you're going to get
    rid of the dangers coming upon us. Is that so...? Our chief was talking
    about the [Zephyr] coming to save the world. 
    [The three visit the village chief in the main house.]
    Baskar Chief: I've long forgotten my name, but I am the leader of the Baskar
    people. I've foreseen your arrival in my dream. Listen, warriors of the 
    Guardians. As you know, our mortal enemy, the demon Race, is approaching. 
    They are after the Guardian statue in the Zenom Mountains. In order to conquer
    Filgaia, they must destroy the three Guardian Statues that hold the three 
    broken pieces of their Queen's heart. During the war 1000 years ago, the
    demon Queen's heart was torn into three pieces and sealed in three separate 
    Guardian Statues. They are planning an all out attack after the revival of 
    their Queen. Zenom Mountain is to the north of here. Go, warriors of the 
    Guardians, and protect the Guardian Statue. I believe that you are the callers
    of [Zephyr], the west wind of hope. Go visit the [Wind Caller's Altar]. The
    guard there should be of some help. 
    [Since the three were exhorted to visit the Wind Caller's Altar, they do so.]
    Guard at Zephyr's Altar: Your party was summoned by [Zephyr]. Step up to the
    Wind Callers Altar and summon the west wind... 
    [They climb the miniature ziggurat, but nothing happens. The guard follows.]
    Guard: It looks like the west wind of hope... [Zephyr] is not answering your 
    call. [Zephyr] is the name of hope that people have long forgotten. 
    [Gurdijeff], [Moa Gault], [Fengalon], [Stoldark]... The Guardians' names are
    the real names for earth, fire, wind, and water, which we humans have long 
    forgotten... It is not because of the battle with the demons, it is us humans
    who are responsible for the weakening of the Guardians. Come back again... 
    The Wind will answer if you become the true caller of [Zephyr]. 
    [Deciding that it is time to depart, Jack, Cecilia, and Rudy leave for 
    Mt. Zenom. They speak with the guard at the entrance of the snowy mountain.] 
    [Zephyr's] Messenger: I believe you will be victorious!
    [As he steps aside, the threesome head inside. Eventually after stepping down
    on a platform, there is a tremor. Boulders tumble down at them from the sides
    of the mountain! Jack steps aside; Rudy steps in front of Cecilia in a 
    protective manner while Cecilia hides behind him. Finally, the boulders stop. ]
    Jack: Whew! That was close! I couldn't control my body for a second. 
    Hanpan: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. If we hit one of those 
    rocks, we're goners. 
    Jack: So, if I use my sword from higher up, it will always do more damage? 
    Hanpan: Well, I wouldn't say always, but it wouldn't hurt. 
    Jack: Maybe it's worth a try. 
    [Jack acquires a Fast Draw Hint; they continue on through the snow-covered
    labyrinth until they reach the top. They find a statue sitting by itself.]
    Cecilia: Is this the statue of the God of the Seal? 
    [A large, purple electric beam shoots down on the statue, breaking it. Belselk
    floats down from the sky.]
    Belselk: It's too late! We undid the... 
    Jack: [steps forward] Belselk?! 
    Belselk: So, you got here before me... Oh well, it doesn't matter... Orga
    Widow, go play with them! 
    [A large spider-like monster materializes in front of them; a battle starts 
    and finishes. The statue glows and speaks to the three warriors.]
    The power inside grows weak...
    The seal cannot provide me 
    With a link to the girl... 
    [Cecilia acquires the Summit Rune; they all walk forward towards it.]
    Cecilia: The statue of the God Seal has been broken. The return of Mother is
    becoming a reality! I can't believe the [Tear Drop] is being used for such 
    Jack: There are two more statues left. We must defend them. [he turns around
    and clenches his fist] Give me the [Power]... The [Power] I need to defeat
    them. The [Power] to destroy everything! 
    [The trio exits Mt. Zenom and is stopped by the guard.]
    Guard: Just now, I have felt the seal holding the Queen of the demons break.
    Messenger of [Zephyr], please notify the elders of the situation. We must
    act quickly. 
    [The scene switches back to the demon's lair; it shows the beating cocoon.]
    It's dark... I can't see... I can't hear anything....  My precious Zeik.... 
    My children.... Let me see you.... Let me hear you... 
    [A green-haired demon waltzes up, laughing.]
    Zed: That was easy... All this talk about seals... Who cares about the Quarter
    Knights! Now that Mother is awake! I can go on with my career. Glory's up 
    [The scene darkens and goes back to the three heroes. Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy
    make their way back to Baskar Village to talk with the Chief about the 
    demon's heart being stolen.]
    Baskar Chief: I can feel that the seal has been broken. The demons are one 
    step ahead of us. Do not be alarmed. There are two other seals which have not
    been broken. The other two statues are located at [Saint Centour] and 
    [Port Timney]. If we can save just one of those, then we can prevent the queen
    from reviving. Only your brave party can accomplish this mission. You must use
    [Elw Pyramids], for they are the link to the Guardians. You can usually find
    the pyramids in the same area the statues are kept. It is said that all life 
    can become energy and be transported to faraway places through the use of Elw
    technology. Warriors of the Guardians, please take this gift, the [Kizim Fire]
    of Baskar! You can use this to light the furnace in the pyramid. For the good
    of all life on Filgaia, please protect the remaining statues. 
    [You receive the Kizim Fire. Your party takes it to the Elw Pyramid northeast
    of Baskar Village; the stone template reads: "Offer the Kizim Fire to the 
    furnace hidden in the water flow... Life shall dance in the sky and connect 
    the lands..." After your group finds the hidden passage beneath the waterfall,
    you light the fire, and the Elw teleportation device is activated. The 
    three use it.]
    ----- ----- ----- 
    Saint Centour and the Cage Tower (X8)
    ----- ----- ----- 
    [The party touches down from the teleportation device; a voice speaks to them
    after they emerge.]
    Stoldark: This land contains the [Holy Statue], which seals the evil heart! 
    [There is a man wandering around the world map.]
    Man: Ahh... I can't remember the last few days... I've... been... just
    [The party continues onward towards Saint Centour to the south. The three of
    them attempt to walk through the front gate, but Jack is suddenly repelled
    and sent backwards. ]
    Jack: Wh... What? I was pushed away... 
    Guard: Sorry, we thought you guys were monsters! The town of Saint Centour is
    protected by a dimensional protection seal. The entire town wall is a charged
    barrier. It keeps the monsters out. Are you sure you guys aren't monsters? 
    Hanpan: I wonder if I triggered the device? 
    Jack: Why would you get caught in the device? 
    Guard: The shield is very sophisticated. It will stop spirits as well as
    monsters. Is that a pet of yours? 
    Hanpan: I'm not a damn pet! Jack and I are...
    Jack: [holds Hanpan still] Hanpan and I are partners... ...Can we come in?
    Guard: Then hold him deep inside your pocket and step through. That way, you
    won't trigger the device. That is, if you're not a monster... If you are,
    you'll be stopped again. 
    [Your party makes its way towards the statue in the middle of town; however,
    another guard is blocking it.]
    Guard: Hey you, what are you doing here? A piece of the Demon Queen's heart is
    sealed in this statue. Don't do anything stupid or I'll arrest you. 
    [Unable to get by, they do some more wandering. South of that is a man in a
    house. You speak with him.]
    Man: According to my records, about 30% of our population has been abducted.
    Strangely enough, most of the abductees were found near the [Cage Tower]. If
    you [Dream Chasers] want to check out the tower in my place, I can give you the
    key that opens the sealed door. I have to stay at Saint Centour and protect the 
    people here. Will you do it? [Yes.] This is the key to the Cage Tower. Whatever
    you find in the tower is yours to keep. Thanks for your help. 
    [You acquire the Key Plate.]
    Man: Please be careful. Perhaps your investigation will uncover some new clues.
    Let me know if you find anything. 
    [Your entourage sets out from Saint Centour, heading east. Eventually they
    come upon a large building reaching into the sky - the Cage Tower. The Key
    Plate is used to gain access to the ruins. Near the top of the dungeon, a
    template reads: "The sun rises from the east and sets in the west. The sun 
    rises from the east again to light the path for the insecure." After your
    party is able to figure out the puzzle, they proceed to the very top. 
    However, when they walk to the middle of the summit, the three of them are
    trapped in a triangle of energy. Alhazad makes his appearance.]
    Alhazad: So, you're the humans working for the Guardians... 
    Jack: You!!! 
    Alhazad: The statue, in the human town, will be destroyed. Unlike Belselk, I
    don't like making a mess out of things. I'm going to need a few minutes to
    complete my experiments in town. Here, you guys can play with my friend. I
    promise, you won't be disappointed. 
    [A battle starts; the battle ends when you defeat the Night Gaunt. Alhazad is
    nowhere to be seen; the trio seems to be stuck indefinitely in the barrier of
    Cecilia: The statue is in danger! We must get out of here!! 
    Jack: I wonder what Alhazad meant by [experiment]? Can we do something about
    this barrier? 
    [Jacks hits the barrier with his sword, but to no avail; he is pushed back. 
    At that minute, a young, 14-year-old girl with blonde curls approaches them.
    She is accompanied by an older man.]
    A Girl: (to her servant) Do you know of the Night Gaunt? Is it in this tower? 
    Servant: Yes, I understand... 
    A Girl: So... This is the evil Night Gaunt? 
    Servant: These people are just like us. They're bounty hunters. They 
    apparently killed the Night Gaunt. Master, what should we do? 
    Jack: [steps forward] Yeah! Do something, will ya!
    A Girl: So, you want to get out, huh? How much is it worth to you? You have my
    bounty and I need the cash. 
    Cecilia: Money? You want money! We're trying to save the world and you're 
    asking for money... 
    A Girl: Give me a break! I don't give a damn what you're trying to save! All 
    I care about is money... It's as simple as that. 
    Jack: Damn it! How much do you want? 
    A Girl: Hmm... How about 2000 gella? 
    Jack: There is no way we can pay that much. 
    A Girl: Like I said, I really don't care.. Do you want out or not?
    [The group agrees to pay the girl her 2,000 gella.]
    A Girl: That's more like it. Watch this... 
    [With "stunning" accuracy, the girl aims at the nearest point in the barrier
    and blows it to smithereens. The energy barrier deactivates, setting them 
    Jack: [steps out of it] Just like Rudy, she uses an ARM. 
    A Girl: [walks forward then turns] I'm Jane Maxwell. I'm known locally as 
    the most beautiful woman here, next to my sister. 
    Servant: She's known as, Calamity Jane in some parts. 
    Jack: This little girly is Calamity Jane?! 
    Jane: [looks to him] What's wrong with being a little girl?! [to her servant]
    Don't tell them anything, McDullen! 
    McDullen: Excuse me. 
    Jane: Where is my money? We had a deal, remember? 
    [Your group forks over the money.]
    Jane: A deal is a deal. Don't hate me... See ya! 
    [As suddenly as they arrived, both Jane and McDullen leave you to your own
    devices. Now Rudy, Cecilia, and Jack return to Saint Centour to assess the
    situation. However, when they get there, there seems to be no sign of life.
    They automatically go to the statue, which they find in shambles.]
    Cecilia: The statue is speaking directly into my mind. 
    I am the sacred spirit, 
    [Ione Paua]. 
    My powers are weakening. 
    Take what I have left and
    use it against the demons. 
    [Cecilia receives the Saint Rune.]
    Cecilia: Another piece of the Demon Queen's heart has been released. There's
    only one left. Let's hurry to the town of Timney... We must reclaim the 
    [Tear Drop] before they use it to wake their Queen. 
    Jack: The entire town is empty. Everyone just disappeared. 
    Cecilia: The demons must have done this... All this just to get at the statue.
    [There are a few clues left, however; first of all, the blind girl seems to 
    be the only remaining resident. You talk with her.] 
    Blind girl: I have been hiding in my house all this time... What happened to
    the town? I felt some strange energy surrounding this place.  
    [The man who had given you the task to visit the Cage Tower in the first place
    has left you a bloodstained diary and its last entry.]
    As I lie here wounded, I know that my time remaining here is not long. The
    monsters appeared all of a sudden... Out of nowhere... Did the dimensional 
    protection seal not operate? The monsters' numbers increased as the people
    watched in horror... Those bastards went straight for the statue... They
    destroyed the statue and then turned on the people... Is it true that a 
    piece of the heart of the Demon Queen was sealed in that statue?  
    [The group of three leaves town for the closest Elw pyramid in order to reach
    the third and final statue. The scene cuts to the Quarter Knights gathered
    around the tube in which their Demon Queen, the Mother, is encased.]
    I can hear the voice of pain.
    The voice of sadness...
    I can feel the screams of
    The human fools releasing me 
    From these cursed chains...
    Zeikfried: [he turns to his comrades] We are almost there. Filgaia is 
    practically ours! 
    Alhazad: I'm still concerned about the humans who contacted the Guardians. 
    Lady Harken: You screwed up again? Not once, but twice. I think these humans
    are too much for you to handle. Why don't you let me take care of them. I'm
    sure I can accommodate them. 
    Belselk: Damn you! Arrrgh! Just you wait! 
    [Zeikfried approaches Belselk.]
    Zeikfried: Stop it, Belselk! She's right, you know... The Elws and the Humans
    have shown abnormal abilities when pushed into a corner. We cannot afford
    any mistakes until the revival of our Photosphere and Lord Mother is 
    Belselk: [Belselk steps forward] Not you too, Zeik! I'll show you... I'll show
    everyone what Belselk can do. I will bring the heads of those humans and line
    them up right here. Guardians or not, they are history! 
    [Belselk promptly leaves.]
    Alhazad: You have such a temper my fellow duke. Here, let me see what I can
    [Alhazad vanishes in a whiff of air.]
    Lady Harken: Do what you like... 
    [Lady Harken jumps into the air and disappears; Zeikfried turns to face 
    Zeikfried: It's been 1000 years since we came here. The loss of our home 
    world, Hiades... We came to this planet to make it our home... Power rules
    all. This place will belong to us. Only then will we... 
    [The scene fades and returns to your party. They head for the town of Port
    ----- ----- ----- 
    Port Timney and the Maze of Death (X9)
    ----- ----- -----
    [Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia touch down on a new landmass after having used an
    Elw Pyramid.]
    Stoldark: This land contains the [Lightning Statue], which seals the evil
    [The three travel all the way to the city of Port Timney. In the back of
    town, they meet with a man who had been trapped in a box.]
    Man: What happened? I thought I was going to die in there. 
    [Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia speak with him.]
    Man: Ouch! What? What a drag! 
    Jack: What are you doing? Aren't you a little old to be playing hide and seek? 
    Man: Yeah! No no no... Ha, well... I was being reprimanded. ...Well, thanks
    for the help. I should thank you in some way... 
    Jack: I wonder what he did... 
    [The trio watch as the man approaches one of the rich folk, runs past him
    very quickly, and then promptly returns.]
    Jack: You're a pickpocket! 
    Cecilia: We won't take dirty money. 
    Man: How PC... Who cares how I earn my living! Money is money. Fine, I'll go
    return it... You'll regret it. 
    [In a flash, the man does as he is told and returns the loot.]
    Man: Don't look at me like that... I only steal from the rich. They're usually
    really dumb. Just distract them a little and they're defenseless. Even novices
    can learn to pick a pocket. Just distract the target. Thus 
    concludes my lesson on how to pick a pocket... 
    [He walks off.]
    Hanpan: Strange guy... He knows his trade I suppose... 
    Jack: [to Hanpan] Hey Hanpan, let's give it a try. 
    Hanpan: Are we reducing ourselves to stealing now? 
    Jack: No! You're going to take a look inside the monsters' pockets while I
    fight them. 
    Hanpan: Hmm... I'd have to go inside their pockets. Who knows what they keep
    in there...
    Jack: If it works, we'll be like treasure hunters. 
    Hanpan: We already are... Remember?!
    [Jack obtains a <Fast Draw> hint. The three then proceed towards the pub, 
    where they speak with several of the people.]
    Girl with pink hair: Capt. Bartholomew is a nice man, in spite of his strange
    antics. Can you help him out? He seems a little depressed. 
    [They speak with Captain Bartholomew.]
    Bartholomew: I can't believe the mess I've gotten myself into... If I don't
    stop drinking, it's going to get the better of me. The [Crystal Bud] is in
    the [Maze of Death]. I hear there are many monsters in that place. Who am I
    going to get to find the entrance in the desert to the west and retrieve the
    [Crystal Bud]? Drake's going to have a field day when he finds out. Ever
    since I found that Guardian statue, weird things have been happening. 
    [The three of them huddle off to the side.]
    Jack: The statue this drunken fool is talking about... Could it be...? 
    Cecilia: The statue is here, I know it... We must get this [Crystal Bud]...
    Then we may get a chance... 
    [They speak with Bartholomew once more.]
    Bartholomew: Pride forces me to get the [Crystal Bud]... I made Drake believe
    I was getting married and that I would... 
    [With that settled, the three Dream Chasers head out to the Maze of Death.
    Once all the statues are in place, the trio is able to find the Crystal Bud.]
    *It looks like a flower. A crystalline mist covers it. 
    [The Crystal Bud is acquired.] 
    *The whole temple is shaking! It's starting to crumble! 
    [Now possessing the famed Crystal Bud, Jack, Cecilia, and Rudy quickly head
    to the very back of the ruins, which has just opened up. They battle the
    monster "Chaos". ]
    [Death], it isn't the end, but a new beginning... Our civilization, bound by
    chaos, has turned your world into a [Temple of Death], where nothing survives.
    Innocent One... Release me from this land and use my powers to revive the dying
    land of Filgaia! 
    [After obtaining the Death Rune, the three head to the Pub in Port Timney and
    speak with Bartholomew.]
    Bartholomew: You have the [Crystal Bud]? I need it really bad. I can't explain
    right now. Will you sell it for 5,000 gella? 
    [You agree; the three of them join around Bartholomew to see what he has to
    Bartholomew: The [Crystal Bud] is a token of engagement in these parts. I'm
    a fish out of water when it comes to these things. It's nice to meet you. I'm
    Capt. Bartholomew. 
    [Three men come into the Pub; the leader stops at Bartholomew's table.]
    Drake: Hey Bartholomew! Short as usual, eh?! 
    [However, when Drake lays his eyes upon the object in Bartholomew's hands...]
    Drake: That's a [Crystal Bud]!!! When did you... 
    Bartholomew: Good timing, Drake... Care to smell my [Crystal Bud]?
    [Everyone laughs.]
    Drake: Don't get me wrong Barthy, but even if you have the [Crystal Bud], you
    still need a mate... Where do you think you're going to find someone to marry
    your ugly mug? 
    [Drake and his two friends laugh.]
    Bartholomew: Are you blind?! She's standing right next to me! You dumb
    [Bartholomew grabs Cecilia's arm and pulls her next to him. Cecilia looks
    around, confused. Drake and his friends laugh.]
    Drake: Oh, her...? I didn't notice. She looks way older than your preferred age
    [Bartholomew nods in Cecilia's direction.]
    Bartholomew: Of course, her! I'm sorry she's above your normal standards...
    I mean, having two legs and all. We're getting married soon. 
    [Drake cracks up laughing; his two friends roll on the floor in laughter.]
    Drake: Good! We'll hold the wedding tomorrow then. Okay? 
    [Almost unable to contain themselves, the two lackeys get off the floor. Drake
    turns to Bartholomew.]
    Drake: OK, there you have it... I look forward to tomorrow's festivities. 
    [He finally leaves, dragging his friends along with him. Bartholomew grabs
    his head and shakes it.]
    Bartholomew: I did it again... Me and my big mouth... 
    Jack: [steps forward] Ha ha! What in the world are you going to do now old
    Cecilia: [steps back] Excuse me... but we're on our way... to...
    [Bartholomew raises his hand resolutely.]
    Bartholomew: We must go through with it. The wedding... I must deceive them or
    I'll be laughed out of town. 
    [Cecilia shakes her head in worry.]
    Cecilia: No... You don't mean... You shouldn't lie, you know... I can't...
    Bartholomew: [steps towards her] It's too late! You're in on this till the
    end. Either way, they will think you were in on my scheme. I shall give you
    the tour of my ship, [Sweet Candy]! We must plan for tomorrow. 
    [The screen blacks out and then opens up again with Bartholomew talking to the
    three aboard his ship.]
    Bartholomew: So, we're finally on my ship, Sweet Candy. There are many special
    rules the sailors of the Inner Sea must follow. One rule is for the groom to 
    provide a place for the ceremony to occur. Don't look at me, I feel guilty
    too. Well, the fake wedding is tomorrow, regardless. You guys read up on our
    customs by tomorrow, okay. 
    [The scene blacks out and opens up again with Cecilia talking to Jack and Rudy
    in the cabin.]
    Cecilia: I don't like this! We're here to look for the statue, not to get
    mixed up in all of this. 
    Jack: Give it up, Princess! Because of this, we were able to get onboard the
    ship. This is the only way to get to the statue. 
    Cecilia: I think you're having too much fun. 
    Jack: The wedding is tomorrow. Shouldn't you be reading up on the [Rules] or
    [After speaking with all of the crew onboard the ship, Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy
    retire for the night.]
    *The busy day begins.
    [The scene opens up with Cecilia clothed in a white dress beside Bartholomew;
    they stand before a priest. A gathering of men are behind them.]
    Priest: We're gathering here, under the eyes of the Guardians. 
    1. The groom walks forward. 
    * 2. The bride walks forward. 
    Priest: Bride, what is your name? 
    * 1. Olivia Clare 
    2. Cecilia Adlehyde 
    Priest: Who is the man you're giving your love to? 
    1. Barntomy 
    *2. Bartholomew  
    Priest: What is the name of the ship that will be your second home? 
    1. Crack Pot 
    *2. Sweet Candy 
    Priest: What will guide you through the maze of life... 
    *1. Old Moon 
    2. New Moon 
    Priest: Then hold up the glass and continue... 
    1. Left hand 
    *2. Right hand 
    Priest: The jewel of the future... 
    *1. Crystal Bud 
    2. Crystal Rose 
    Priest: What number are we? 
    1. 7th 
    *2. 8th 
    Priest: For the happiness of today, praise the name of the Sea Guardian. 
    *1. Lucadia 
    2. Arcadia 
    Priest: You may kiss the bride. 
    *1. Too embarrassed 
    2. Go for it.
    Bartholomew: [whisper] Good acting...
    [ Everyone cheers one last time. The cheerful music stops. A stranger's voice
    interrupts them...]
    ????: Stop, right there.
    [ Everyone points to the front of the ship. Trumpets blare. Out on the bow of
    the ship stands a peculiar, green-haired man with his back to us. His orange
    scarf blows in the wind.] 
    ????: Ha ha ha! I have it this time... 
    [He turns around and raises his hand defiantly in the air.]
    ????: My name is Zed. I will hack the statue into pieces with my blade. 
    Jack: [steps forward] The statue of the seal! Is he one of the demons? 
    Zed: I'm feeling great today... And so does my blade, heh! 
    [Zed jumps onto the deck in front of the priest; Cecilia whips off her dress.]
    Cecilia: He's lively, all right! 
    Jack: No, he's just dumb. 
    [Zed bows his head.]
    Zed: You, so-called warriors, will die before your sacred statue. 
    [He grips his sword and holds it in front of his face; a battle begins.]
    Zed: Come now! It's my debut! 
    [Zed is defeated.]
    Zed: Hey! This isn't fair! It's three on one... Well, next time it will be
    one on one. 
    [The battle ends. Zed leaps magnificently into the sky; only his voice is
    Zed: You may have won this time. Next time, it won't be so easy. 
    Jack: [steps forward] I'm glad we fought well against that fool. We saved
    the statue. 
    [Two men, one of them Drake, come hurrying back to the screen; apparently
    they had run off during the commotion Zed had caused.]
    Man: Oh no! Here too!! 
    [Everyone runs around in a panic; the three hurry to see what has become of
    the statue at the end of the ship. Lady Harken greets them.]
    Lady Harken: So... I have to work after all. 
    Jack: That fool was a decoy! 
    [Lady Harken raises her hand and allows her scythe to materialize into it.]
    Jack: Geez... 
    [Jack runs forward to strike at her, but she blocks it and sends him flying
    Lady Harken: So, you're an expert with Fast Draw, huh? Ha, it looks more like
    a Fat Draw than a Fast Draw. 
    [She leaps forward and slices the statue in half; the upper part falls to the
    ground and vanishes.]
    Lady Harken: You don't deserve to die by my hands...
    [The demon leaps into the sky and vanishes; meanwhile, the voice from the
    broken statue speaks with Cecilia.]
    Even if the seal is broken, my wishes will be carried out by the Innocent One.
    Take my power and let the 
    battle begin. I am [Nua Shacks] and I will fight by your side. 
    [The Thunder Rune is acquired.] 
    Cecilia: The last of the seals has been broken. We can not stop the 
    resurrection of the Mother. The [Tear Drop] my mother gave me is going to be
    used to destroy the world... No, I can't let that happen. It's my duty to
    reclaim the [Tear Drop]. 
    Jack: [aside] Lady Harken... Does she also use the Fast Draw... 
    [The scene blacks out; it opens with your party standing in the cabin.
    Immediately they go and speak with Bartholomew.]
    Bartholomew: Greetings, my friends... I must apologize. Somehow, the wedding
    was called off, but we were still able to fake it all. I heard you guys were
    looking for a statue... This isn't a statue, but take it as a token of my
    [You acquire some money and items, particularly the 'Wand' tool.]
    Bartholomew: The Magic Wand is a very interesting item. If you hit an animal's
    head with it, you'll be able to understand what they're saying. I'm sure 
    you'll find a use for it. We are ready for departure at the docks. We can
    leave for Port Timney at any time now. Are you ready? 
    Bartholomew: Okay, let's go.
    [After disembarking at Port Timney, the trio heads for the beginning of town.
    Stoldark speaks to them.]
    Stoldark: What we were afraid of has just become a reality... The Queen Mother,
    Lord of the Demons, has risen from her deep sleep. The seal no longer holds 
    back the ripples of darkness from spreading. This will be the last 
    transmission of my thoughts... Warriors and Innocent One, go to the source of
    the ripples of darkness. The final battleground is the snow-covered Demon
    Castle in the far northern plains. 
    Cecilia: The voice is thinning... The waking of Mother is overcoming the
    Guardians' powers... 
    Jack: The northern edge of Filgaia. Did he say the snowy plains? That's it!
    The demons are living in Arctica! My vengeance is about to be fulfilled! We
    must look for a way north! 
    Cecilia: Jack... 
    [They leave; the screen blacks out and opens up with the beating cocoon of
    mother in her large yellow pod.]
    I can see... What a wonderful wasteland. 
    Where life is in its last whisper. 
    The visions on our eyes. 
    All the bloodshed... All the tragedies... 
    Not a nightmare, but a beautiful reality... 
    [Zeikfried rises from the floor; he grasps his Glumzamber spear and turns to
    face Mother.]
    Zeikfried: The [Tear Drop] was potent... How ironic that the life force of
    Filgaia gives life to its destroyer... 
    [Lights flash; Alhazad suddenly appears. Belselk enters from the south. To
    their left, Lady Harken appears from out of nowhere. They watch as large
    tentacles suddenly emerge from the cocoon and split it open, revealing the
    true form of their leader, Mother.]
    Mother: My little Zeik and all my children... Thank you for awakening me from
    the eternal stillness. 
    Zeikfried: We, the Quarter Knights, have waited long for your awakening. 
    Mother: You can relax now, my children. I am here... We shall bring humbleness
    to this place called Filgaia. Life will end and we will prosper. Destruction
    to all life. Beauty lies in complete destruction. 
    [She laughs.]
    Zeikfried: Is that when we get to rule the world? 
    [Her laugh echoes once more.]
    Mother: Rule? Order? What do those things have to do with me! Filgaia will end
    up just like the other worlds I've been to. The flame of life is the most
    beautiful at its scattering end... The end of a planet is the ultimate beauty
    supplied by the universe.
    Zeikfried: You're saying we're not fighting to win a second home here on
    Filgaia? Then, to win back our lost home? 
    Mother: Hiades was only my last stop... You were only newborns at the time...
    I saw the magnificent fall of that planet with my own eyes. 
    [Zeikfried pauses, turns to his Quarter Knights, then looks back up at 
    Zeikfried: So, what do we do after we destroy Filgaia? 
    Mother: Do not worry, my child. I shall complete the beauty myself by
    devouring all that is left here... You will be burned in the eternal flames
    of your own mother's appetite! No other heaven exists in the universe. 
    [Her laugh echoes as the screen fades to black.]
    ----- ----- ----- 
    The Town of Yard and the Pleasing Garden (X10)
    ----- ----- -----
    "You guys can talk to animals? Exactly how much have you had to drink?" 
    - Girl in pub, Milama
    [Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia head to the Elw Pyramid to the South. They obtain
    information in Milama about the Sand River as well as a town that lies beyond.
    The three travel to the Sand River and speak with the monkey.]
    Monkey: Hey, a human that speaks my tongue! Come with me, I'll show you the
    way. This cave has a river of sand. The trick is not to fight the flow. But
    don't get lost...
    [During the travels at the Sand River, they come upon a large, stone template.
    Jack lights a fire.]
    *Some sort of writing is becoming visible in the flame... 
    In battle, the most important thing you have is your mind.
    Keep a stable mind, relax your breathing, and your body will do the rest.
    Jack: Basically, it means to calm down... I'll try, but... 
    [You acquire the <Fast Draw> hint. Later, upon reaching the other side, they
    travel through the desert and reach the Town of Yard. There is a man in the
    eastern section of town they come across.]
    Dan: I left Anna there, at the [Pleasing Garden]... I was a hotshot 
    Dream Chaser] back then... I was after this sword called the
    [Guardian Blade]... Out of lust for the sword I... I... My wife Anna... As
    you can see, I can no longer walk. Will you please retrieve my wife's bracelet
    from the [Pleasing Garden]? I want to give my wife a proper burial... 
    [You speak again.]
    Dan: The [Pleasing Garden] is where the dimensions meet. It's a dreadful
    labyrinth. You [Dream Chasers] are my only hope. Please retrieve my wife's
    [The three Dream Chasers decide to honor his request. They travel southward
    towards the desert. Eventually, they find the Pleasing Garden and, with some
    difficulty, are able to navigate through the puzzles. At the end, they reach
    a platform with a glowing ball of light.]
    This is the world of mirages. The curving light and the endlessness...
    Free me from this prison of mirages, Innocent One... 
    Let the power of light show this world some shadows! 
    [After obtaining the Flash Rune, the trio comes upon the bracelet left behind
    by Dan's wife, Anna.] 
    *The bracelet is emitting a sad light...
    [They take it and head back to the Ship Graveyard. Once there, they speak with
    Dan again.] 
    Dan: Thank you. This is the bracelet I gave to my wife... You found it for me
    in the [Garden]? If only we had the sense to distinguish between [courage] and
    [stupidity]... My wife's death taught me a harsh lesson about what's truly
    Jack: [Courage] and [stupidity]... 
    Dan: Many think that [courage] is power. Real power is when you surpass your
    own desires to protect something dear... 
    *[Courage] slowly builds up inside Jack. 
    [Jack acquires his Sonic Vision Force. Meanwhile, outside, two men are talking
    with each other.]
    Man 1. So, the merchant ship is here... Now we can cross the Inner Sea. 
    Man 2: The tide washes up debris from all over the Inner Sea. Just recently,
    the remains of a ghost ship washed up on the beach. 
    Man 1: A ghost ship? We can't go yet. Let's check this thing out... 
    [The two run off. Overhearing them, Jack, Cecilia, and Rudy go to investigate.
    They speak to a man beside the dock.]
    Man: Right before the arrival of the ghost ship, a trade ship called
    [Sweet Candy], or something like that, entered the harbor... 
    [The trio goes to speak with Bartholomew standing at the end of the dock
    beside the Sweet Candy, which is currently in port.] 
    Bartholomew: You guys always seem to appear when I need you. My soulmates!
    Can you guys give me a hand again? Pleeaase? I want you to get rid of this
    ghost ship that's frightening everyone at the port. If you succeed, people at
    the port will be happy again. We'll be able to resume trade. Of course, 
    you'll be known as the [Dream Chasers] who saved the port! You see, it's a
    win win situation. Isn't this a great plan? Hey, no hurry... You need to make
    some preparations first. Come back when you're ready. 
    [After the preparations, you speak with Bartholomew once more.]
    Bartholomew: We are ready. Shall we go? 
    Bartholomew: Okay, we'll transfer from [Sweet Candy] to the ghost ship. 
    [They approach the ghost ship on a small boat; Bartholomew looks at the three
    before they proceed to climb onto the ghost ship.]
    Bartholomew: Come back to the boat if you get into trouble. We will be waiting
    [The three maneuver their way through the ship. At the end, they come upon a
    small ball of fire encasing what looks like a skull...]
    Captain Geist: 
    The dead will roam the wasteland now. Celebrate our glory with your lives...
    [A battle starts and ends. After defeating the boss, the three Dream Chasers
    head off with Bartholomew. The scene switches to the Sweet Candy; the three,
    along with some other sailors and Bartholomew, watch as the Ghost Ship sinks 
    to the bottom of the sea. It lets out blasts of energy; suddenly the fog
    clears, and the sea returns to a normal blue. Finally, the scene switches
    again to Bartholomew standing in front of the three back at Yard's dock.]
    Bartholomew: You guys have helped me not once, but twice. My pride and honor
    tells me to give you the use of my ship. This will allow you to travel the
    Inner Sea. By the way... Why are you guys traveling around Filgaia, anyway? 
    *They told Bartholomew the entire story. The Demons, the Guardians, the 
    stolen [Tear Drop]... 
    Bartholomew: Wow, I had no idea something like that was happening... But it
    sounds exciting... Let me and the [Sweet Candy] take care of the sea. 
    [A man approaches from aboard the ship.]
    Tom: Captain... I have a favor to ask... I'm from Adlehyde and the town was
    destroyed by monsters. I want to go and rebuild it. 
    Bartholomew: [to Tom] That's right, you were an architect... Don't worry about
    us. We'll be fine. Go and rebuild your town. 
    Tom: Thanks for everything, I'm in your debt! 
    [Bartholomew moves aside. Tom comes off the ship, nods at him, and then
    happily walks off.] 
    Bartholomew: He is a very talented person. He'll probably make Adlehyde better
    than it was before. Okay, we'll make preparations for departure. We'll meet
    you at the beach, outside of town. 
    [The scene blacks out and the ship leaves. Jack, Cecilia, and Rudy head out
    for the ship that is sitting upon the beach. They leave Yard, board the
    [Sweet Candy], and sail southeast...]
    ----- ----- ----- 
    Rosetta Town and the Volcannon Trap (X11)
    ----- ----- -----
    [They make it to the Town of Rosetta. They speak with several of the
    Girl at entrance: This is the town of Rosetta. It's a nice town, just like
    Guy beside dog: Because of that Elw girl, our mayor is ill. I bought this dog
    to keep the Elw away from my house. 
    [They speak with the mayor.]
    Mayor Hernandez: There is a rumor that my illness was caused by the Elw
    living just outside of town. Luckily, my sons are healthy and doing fine,
    thanks to my money. 
    [Heading to the eastern sector of town, they hear more rumors.]
    Boy: The girl from the east end of town is a little strange...
    [They continue onward to the outskirts of town to the East. The first thing
    they notice, however, is a lone white flower growing in a little garden.]
    Cecilia: Pretty flowers... I didn't know that beauty like this still existed
    in Filgaia...
    [A girl with a red bonnet and furry ears comes out of her house and
    approaches them.]
    Elw Girl: Hey... Do you like flowers? 
    Cecilia: Are these your flowers? They're beautiful. 
    Elw Girl: [nod] I'm different from you. I'll get you in trouble if I talk to
    Jack: You're an Elw, aren't you? I met your kind before, in a ruin... Although,
    it was only a holographic projection...
    Cecilia: I learned that all of the Elw disappeared after the war with the
    demons... But here you are in front of me... 
    Elw Girl: I'm... I'm the only one left in Filgaia... I'm all alone...
    [Jack, Cecilia, and Rudy exchange glances.]
    Jack: What do you mean alone...?
    [The girl walks solemnly towards the pure white flower and bends down to look
    at it.]
    Elw Girl: I have to pay penance here. That's why I could not leave here with
    the rest of them. 
    [A troupe of young boys approaches.]  
    Boy: Hey, gimme that thing! We want to play with it now! [he steps back]
    Give it to me!
    [The Elw Girl hides between Rudy and Jack.]
    Jack: What a bunch of rat-faced kids. The three of them against one girl. 
    [The girl steps away as one of the other boys approaches.]
    Boy 2: That's an Elw! You'll be cursed!
    [Rudy looks back at the girl. Angrier, he steps toward the kid in the middle
    Boy 1: Hey, what... Our father is the mayor of this town!! 
    [They all step back.]
    Boy 1: You're gonna be cursed. 
    [The three of them run off quickly. Rudy walks back to the Elw Girl; she 
    looks at him.]
    Elw Girl: Why did you do that for me? No once has been nice to me in a long
    time... I'm supposed to be alone forever... 
    [The scene fades. It opens up later that day with all of them standing inside
    the girl's hut with her. They appear to be talking.]
    Mariel: Thank you for your help today. Those boys always mess up my flowers. 
    Cecilia: You have nice flowers. You must like them a lot. 
    Mariel: These flowers possess strength as well as beauty... They come up
    through the hard ground. I love that strength. 
    Jack: Are you trying to bring back the greenery in your own way? That's real
    strength... Strength a person like myself cannot manage. 
    [Mariel looks away momentarily.]
    Mariel: I'm not strong... I'm a... 
    [Mariel walks off to the side.]
    Mariel: The father of those boys has a grave illness. I know the cure... 
    I kept quiet because... 
    [Mariel walks back to the center of the room and faces all of them.]
    Mariel: An herb called the [Arnica] grows in the forest to the south. The
    [Arnica] will cure his illness. I was afraid they'd do terrible things to the
    forest, so I kept silent...
    [Cecilia and Rudy walk up beside her.]
    Cecilia: You'll be strong with friends. Let's go to the forest and get some of
    that [Arnica] tomorrow. 
    [Mariel nods.]
    Mariel: The [Arnica] is in one of my flower fields. 
    [The next day, the three of them along with Mariel (and Hanpan!) travel to the
    Forest Mound that lies south of Rosetta. They approach a green plant on the
    *The herb is full of energy.
    Mariel: This is the [Arnica] herb. It should heal the Mayor's sickness. 
    [The sound of laughter; the three boys that had previously bothered the group
    before now show up and stand in front of them.]
    Boy 1: Hey, there is an excellent playground in the middle of the forest! 
    Boy 2: Let's make this our fort! 
    Boy 3: It's ours for sure!! 
    [As the first boy starts to walk forward, Mariel stands in front of him to
    block his path.]
    Boy 1: This is our playground. Get out! 
    [Mariel shakes her head.]
    Mariel: Please... These are important herbs. Don't abuse them. 
    Boy 1: I said move! Do you understand? 
    [The boy tries to get around her, but she continues to block his way.
    Ultimately, the boy shoves her back into Cecilia.]
    Boy 1: Aaahhg... 
    [Jack goes and stands beside Mariel. Rudy, however, goes up to the boy and
    punches him, forcing him to step back.]
    Boy 1: You hit me! I'm the Mayor's son! 
    Jack: [steps forward] Mariel came to pick these herbs for your father. 
    Cecilia: [steps up beside Mariel] Both the Elws and the Humans live in Filgaia.
    Why should we fight each other, when demons threaten both of us... 
    Boy 1: I don't understand... I was told human history contained many battles.
    What's wrong with the strong leading the weak? You [Dream Chasers] possess
    the power to fight. So, don't be hypocrites! 
    [The boys, expressing their disapproval verbally, walk off. The three gather
    around Mariel.]
    Jack: It's okay, now. Don't be afraid... 
    Mariel: [shakes her head] I'm confused. No one has ever been nice to me. I
    don't know what to do. 
    [Rudy picks up the Herb Arnica. They all proceed to leave the Forest Mound
    and return to Rosetta. They lead Mariel to Mayor Hernandez's mansion and
    speak with him.]
    Mayor Hernandez: The Elw brought healing herbs? Don't be ridiculous! Rumor has
    it the Elw cast a spell on me to make me sick. 
    Cecilia: You should ask the people spreading these rumors how hard she fought
    to get these herbs for you. We met your sons at the south forest, they should
    know... [to Mariel] Let's go Mariel! Now you have a strong heart! 
    [They automatically leave the Mayor's house and stop at the threshold. Mariel
    looks to Rudy.]
    Mariel: I have to water my plants... I have a feeling that I can change the
    world like you said... 
    [After Mariel runs off to her house, the three try to leave town. However, 
    they see a familiar acquaintance: Calamity Jane, whom they had met back at
    the Cage Tower.] 
    Jane: I have an interesting proposal. Will you listen? 
    Jane: Much better! Here it goes... There is a ruin called the [Volcannon Trap]
    at the west edge of the Inner Sea. Rumor has it that the [Guardian Blade] used
    in the ancient war 1,000 years ago may rest there. I wonder why people's 
    interest in that sword has perked up all of a sudden. I came to see if you 
    would join my search. I want the treasure in the [Volcannon Trap] and you
    want the [Guardian Blade]... We would make a good team, don't you think? 
    Jane: Leave the [Volcannon Trap] key to me... Just take care of the monsters,
    [All five of them leave town and head for the Volcannon Trap. Once there, a
    door at the front of the ruins prevents them from entering.]
    Jane: We have the [special key] to open this door. 
    McDullen: You sure about this my lady... 
    Jane: Of course! Now, get to it!
    [Jane steps back and allows McDullen to place a massive bomb in front of
    the door.]
    McDullen: Okay, my lady! 
    Jane: I got it! 
    [All of them step away from the door, and they watch as it blows into
    smithereens, leaving the pathway open to the three Dream Chasers.]
    Jane: Check this out! Jane does her thang! My work is so flawless and 
    fat free... You guys take it from here, I'll take the rear. 
    McDullen: So, you want the easy job, my lady. 
    Jane: You're damn right! 
    [Rudy and the gang continue to the end of the ruins where they first choose
    the door on the right. This leads them to a treasure room filled with large
    pillars and several treasure chests.]
    Jane: Is this the treasure chest? 
    McDullen: It looks like it, my lady... 
    [The two of them proceed up the stairs and turn to look at the trio.]
    Jane: We have arrived at our destination. We will split up from here. 
    McDullen: I shall do my best to find the Guardian Blade... 
    Jane: Easy hunt! Easy bounty! That's my kinda game! 
    [You backtrack and then take the door on the left. You approach a room;
    nothing seems to be inside of it. As the three approach the wall...]
    *There is a scratching sound... 
    *What is it? 
    [The wall breaks and out comes spinning the demon Zed; he raises his hand
    Zed: Zed at your service... 
    [He rubs his chin.]
    Zed: Thanks for waiting for my friends, they are from Filgaia. Let the
    execution begin. I'm up and totally ready to go dude! 
    [The three, led by Jack, get in battle position.]
    Jack: Here we go again!
    Zed: You're the fool who thinks he is a match for me! This time, it's going
    to be different. No sunny breakfast for you tomorrow! 
    [A battle starts.]
    Zed: You can hear the voices of awe! I'm being praised as the best of the
    [Zed is defeated.]
    Zed: Hey, what are you doing? Stop! No, wait! 
    [Zed falls over, and the battle is ended. A very black-colored Zed then stands
    before your entourage.]
    Zed: You're getting on my nerves. Next time, you won't get off so easily...
    Next time, no more Mr. Nice Guy... 
    [Zed raises his hand and then throws down a smoke bomb to cover his escape;
    he seemingly disappears. The three head through the broken doorway and are
    surprised to see yet another of their demon acquaintances appear.]
    Jack: You again! 
    [Belselk laughs.]
    Belselk: That was funny... Alhazad suggested that if we were to spread rumors
    about the Guardian Blade, you fools would show up. And you foooools did! Ha!
    Ha! My stomach still hurts from all the laughing... The Guardian Blade you
    fools are looking for is gone. It was lost 1000 years ago. You know the ocean
    of sand in the middle of Filgaia? That's the power of the Guardian Blade. It
    destroyed the demons, the humans and all of Filgaia. In the end, it destroyed
    itself. You took such a long journey for nothing! Ha! Ha! But, you don't have
    to worry about the trip home... I'll take care of that for you. I'll bury you
    guys right here, right now. 
    [Belselk begins to gather energy at the middle of the platform.]
    Belselk: This is the reason why I chose this ruin for our fight...
    [The energy begins to fade, however.]
    Belselk: No way! It can't be... My powers are being drained away... 
    [The scene automatically switches to Jane, who is shooting glowing pillars with
    her ARM in the treasure room.]  
    Jane: This one is starting to glow too. I'm gonna break it! 
    [She blows up the third of four pillars with her ARM.]
    McDullen: If you get any more excited, the ruins will collapse. 
    [After Jane blows up the fourth pillar, the scene switches back to Belselk,
    who is now standing before the three human warriors.]
    Belselk: I don't need any help from any enhancing machines... I am a Night
    Crawler! Beware, human! 
    [A battle begins.]
    Belselk: I'm getting weak... But, I'll never yield to a human! 
    [Belselk is defeated.]
    Belselk: I lost... I can't believe it! 
    [As he collapses to the ground, the battle ends. The three snatch the Red
    Malice beyond the room and then promptly exit. The scene switches back to the
    room where they fought Belselk; he appears there once more, looking injured.] 
    Belselk: I can't believe I lost to a human. I'll get you next time! 
    An Echoing Voice:  
    How pitiful! You used all your powers and you still lost... And against humans
    of all things... 
    Belselk: Who was that?... No way!... You're not even a council member! Give me a
    hand, gather my body parts and take me back to the Photosphere. 
    An Echoing Voice: I have no hand to give to a loser...
    [A boomerang flies across the screen and cuts Belselk in half; the demon dies.
    Suddenly the ruins begin to shake, almost as if going to explode.]
    An Echoing Voice: 
    Climb humans! Climb up here to my level of dreams! 
    [The scene switches back to the three Dream Chasers plus Jane leaving the
    ruins. Rocks begin to fall from the ceiling; the tremor beneath them causes
    Jane to trip and drop her treasures on the ground.]
    Jane: Ouch... Why is there an earthquake here???
    [Jane bends down to pick up her treasures. Large boulders crash down from
    the ceiling; not a second too soon, Rudy grabs Jane and drags her quickly away
    from the danger.] 
    Jane: Get off me, you idiot! How long do you plan to stay on top of me? 
    [Rudy gets off of her and rubs his cheek a little; Jane shakes her hair loose
    and then forces Rudy to step aside as she goes to look at her crushed items
    that are lying beneath the rocks.]
    Jane: Hey! You've crushed the treasures! What the hell are you doing? Look 
    at this! 
    [Everyone gathers around the two.]
    Rudy: Hey... I'm sorry! Alright! It won't happen again!
    McDullen: But my lady... Under the circumstances I think that he did the right
    thing. Your safety is the most important thing to me. 
    Jane: [To McDullen] I know... I know... Don't start on me with that again!
    [To Rudy] Thanks for saving my life. Remember! You can't buy a life, but 
    there are a lot of other things you can buy in this world. 
    [Everyone proceeds to the exit, and they all leave the Volcannon Trap. The
    scene switches to Zeikfried back at the Photosphere; he is turned away from
    Zeikfried: Belselk was defeated by the humans. 
    [Alhazad appears to his left.]
    Alhazad: He ruined the plan I so gracefully gave him... You really can't teach
    an old dog new tricks... 
    [Lady Harken jumps down from mid-air to Zeikfried's right.]
    Lady Harken: No need to laugh at his scattered remains. I heard it was a death
    befitting of him. Now that he's gone, we can have all the fun... 
    Alhazad: With him gone, we can't call ourselves the Quarter Knights. 
    [Mother's laugh echoes throughout the room.]
    Mother: Don't worry, my children! I already have a replacement in mind. 
    [The screen pans downward to show Zed hiding behind one of the pillars. His
    hands are over his mouth, and he appears to be cackling madly.]
    Zed: Yaaay! My turn has finally come!! With me, the Quarter Knights will
    revive like a phoenix! 
    Mother: Come Boomerang, show yourself!! 
    [Zed jumps in surprise. Boomerang enters from the south, accompanied by a blue
    Zeikfried: No, it can't be... He's known as the [Cannibal]... The
    [Executioner]... A man with his reputation should not be joining the Quarter
    Boomerang: To kill other demons was one of my missions. Of course, I didn't
    have any misgivings about that unimportant mission. I do as I please... 
    Zeikfried: Mother, this man is not suitable to be a knight! 
    Mother: I cannot listen to you this time, my dear Zeik. Boomerang has a 
    mission, you should understand this. I have told Boomerang to eliminate the 
    humans guided by the Guardians that are preventing us from achieving our goals. 
    Zeikfried: I understand, Mother... If you say so... 
    Mother: Oh Zeik! My obedient and dear Zeik. 
    Boomerang: Let me handle the elimination of the humans. I would like to see if
    they are worth the trouble. Let's go, Luceid. 
    [Boomerang exits.]
    Mother: I just want to save my strength right now. That's why I sent him to go
    after the human beings. Don't worry, Zeik... 
    Zeikfried: Does that mean that we are going to launch a major attack soon? 
    Mother: Yes, but until then, no one must come near me... Understand Zeik? 
    Zeikfried: I shall activate the Soldelita... It is the ultimate defensive
    barrier. It will keep any intrudes from entering. It is the reason why our
    fortress is called the [Photosphere], the sphere of light. 
    [Mother laughs.]
    Soon... We shall see chaos
    and destruction...
    [The scene switches to the photosphere and shows red beams of light coming
    up out of the ground; the barrier comes on and encases the Photosphere in a
    shield of orange energy. Meanwhile, Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia arrive back at
    McDullen: What are you folks going to do now? 
    Jack: We have some unfinished business. 
    McDullen: Certainly... We'll miss you. 
    Jane: We'll see you again. It's a small world. 
    [Jane, accompanied by McDullen, exits Rosetta.]
    ----- ----- ----- 
    Tripillar, Giant's Cradle, and Court Seim (X12)
    ----- ----- -----
    [The group heads to the Tripillar at the eastern edge of the Inner Sea; they
    approach the block in the middle of the room and read it.]
    *There are three roads... Cooperation and trust will bind them into one. 
    Hanpan: I think this is showing us how to climb the tower. This must mean each
    of us has to go up separately in order to reach the top. I know it sounds
    dangerous, but we must separate from here on. 
    [Jack takes the left portal. He comes upon a warrior's statue.]
    *I can hear it in my head! 
    The essence of chivalry is the ultimate challenge for a swordsman. You shall
    master the art of the Fast Draw.  
    Jack: This junky statue awaits my challenge? 
    *So, do you want to do it?
    [Upon answering yes, a battle against critters starts. Jack takes the first 
    set down easily.]
    The lesson continues... Warrior, you are not permitted to rest until you have
    mastered the Draw! 
    [Another battle starts. The battle soon ends.]
    No resting is allowed if you want to be the best warrior! Use your sword to
    hold yourself up! 
    [The last battle ensues. Upon beating the solo critter, it is won.]
    You have learned to control your fears well. You have learned the ancient
    secret! The victory is in your hands! 
    [A <Fast Draw> hint is acquired. Jack continues on his way to the top of
    Tripillar. Meanwhile, Rudy takes the portal on the right, and Cecilia takes 
    the one in the middle. The three stone blocks on one of the upper floors in 
    Cecilia's scenario read the following...]
    Tablet 1: Behind the doors lies the benevolent stone giant. Deep inside the 
    ground, the stone giant waits for the blue heart.
    Tablet 2 [left]: The blue doors will open, when the three lights merge. 
    Tablet 3 [right]: The golden beat holds the song of the blue heart. 
    [After each one reaches the top, the door at the very bottom of the Tripillar
    opens. The three are rejoined at the bottom.]
    Jack: Hey, this is the entrance! 
    Cecilia: What strange powers brought us here... 
    [They all proceed through the newly opened doors. They approach a white box.
    Upon touching the box, the room fades black and then into an array of 
    psychedelic colors.]
    The shrine belongs to me and no one else! May a swift death come their way!
    [A battle against Mage Fox begins. The battle eventually ends and your party
    acquires the Blue Virtue. Before venturing to the Giant's Cradle, the trio
    stop off at Adlehyde.]
    Man: I am a traveling swordsman... In my travels, I have heard of scrolls
    called the [Secret Sign] which pass on ancient sword fighting techniques. If
    you give me one of these scrolls, I will show you a new sword technique. 
    *Will you spare one of your scrolls in exchange for a new technique? [Yes.]
    Man: Yes this is it! The [Secret Sign]! All right, here's my end of the 
    bargain. There is a [Soul] in everything that exists. You can defeat an 
    enemy by damaging it's [Soul] without touching its body. You can reach its
    soul by extending your own. This is the essence of the [Void]. The ultimate
    sword fighting mentality! 
    [Jack acquires a <Fast Draw> hint. The three speak with others in Adlehyde,
    particularly Emma.]
    Emma: I've been totally bored lately. All my work is done by my assistants
    now... If you come up with something exciting, please let me know. I'll keep
    you company. 
    [Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia again depart for the Giant's Cradle aboard the Sweet
    Candy. They travel northeast to a shore and enter the ruins after fitting the
    Blue Virtue and the Red Malice into the slot on the door. A sign in the back
    of the ruins reads "This is the crib of eternal sleep. No one must interrupt
    it." After a while of making their way through the dungeon, the three come
    upon a large stone golem at the very bottom.]
    Jack: Can it be... Another one sleeps in this desolate ruin. 
    Cecilia: It's one of the eight [Powers] from 1000 years ago... 
    Hanpan: A weapon, built by humans to fight the Demon Race. But, what should we
    do now? 
    Jack: We need to figure out how to operate this thing... I know, it's an
    overwhelming feeling! 
    Cecilia: So, the only useful thing this does is fight? Is that what you are
    trying to tell me? We're going to awaken it to fight... 
    Jack: A sword is made for cutting and a spear for stabbing... Mercy is 
    precious, but mercy can also be an indulgence in a world like ours. 
    Cecilia: I'm sorry, but... 
    Jack: Let's ask that strange professor, she seems okay. 
    Hanpan: You mean Emma, in Adlehyde? 
    [The three make haste to Adlehyde. They go to Emma's residence and speak
    with her.]
    Emma: You found another golem in the back of the ruin? Please take me there.
    You won't be sorry... I have experience from the Tomb of Lolithia, remember...
    Lucky for you, and lucky for me... Why do I feel like I'm the only one talking
    here... I guess I have the traits of a person born to be in charge... Okay,
    Filgaia Defense Force! Let's go take a look at this golem! 
    [Emma tags along. The three Dream Chasers lead her back to the Giant's Cradle
    and ultimately to the stone golem at the very bottom.]
    Emma: I never thought I would see this, while still in my thirties! Hey you
    guys, this is great! You must have good karma, like me! I'm going to check it
    out. Hey mousy, give me a hand! You look like a candidate!
    Hanpan: What?! What does that mean? 
    [Emma and Hanpan both go to work on the stone golem. The screen fades to
    black. Later...]
    Emma: Hear is what I've learned, so far. I call this guy, the [Earth Golem].
    I found some ancient writing on him, pertaining to the [Fort of the Gods].
    It's written on the shield mechanism, located on both sides of the 
    arms. Since the ruin is in such good condition, the golem is in perfect working
    order. The thing just stopped working, right now. It's alive. Unlike Lolithia,
    this golem is just sleeping. I've tried to wake it, but it needs more than a
    little shove... Don't worry... When it comes to these matters, there's nothing
    I can't do. Let's go mousy! Try again! 
    [The screen darkens. We see Cecilia walk quietly up to the golem; the fire
    dimly lights the area.]
    Cecilia: Why won't you wake up? 
    Get up? Why? After 1000 years, nothing has changed. People just want to use me
    as a weapon. 
    [Cecilia walks away from it and sits down on one of the stairs.]
    Cecilia: I was born in a house that was a little different from ordinary
    people. As I grew up, I was looked after every inch of the way... What was
    really important for the people was the symbol I represented... Everyone thinks
    that because I am [Royalty], I am expected to act as one. The people only like
    me because I'm the princess. [pause] Sorry... I didn't mean to tell you all my
    problems... I thought you might understand... You didn't want to be born as a
    weapon, either.
    [Cecilia buries her face in her hands; however, the golem's eye twinkles, and
    it makes a noise in affirmation. Cecilia gets up and looks to it.]
    Cecilia: ...?! You can understand me? 
    [The golem makes a noise of affirmation.]
    Cecilia: No! Everyone wants to use you as a weapon! No one must know that you
    are awake. Please, remain asleep until this is over. If you can hear past my
    voices... If you can hear the cry of the people under fire... You must wake of
    your free own will... 
    [The golem grunts, sparks, and begins to move.]
    Emma: How? I tried everything and nada! You! What did you do? 
    Cecilia: Nothing... I was just talking to it. It decided on its own to get up. 
    Jack: Who the hell cares! Now we have the [Power]! We have the ancient antidote
    to the demons! 
    Cecilia: No! It's not our weapon! It's joining us as a member of the group.
    Hey guys. 
    [The Earth Golem grunts in affirmation.]
    Cecilia: See... The Earth Golem is in agreement. 
    Emma: The voice pattern of the princess is now registered in the golem's
    Cecilia: Please lend me your big hand for the future! A future where you're
    no longer needed as a weapon. 
    [The platform upon which the Earth Golem was seated begins to rise; it rises
    to the top level. The Earth Golem emerges from its long sleep and joins you.
    Emma: To ride the Earth Golem, walk to the golem and push the Accept button.
    You can dismount the golem by pressing the Cancel button. It's large enough to
    walk across shallow water but too large to go through a forest. The shields on
    both sides keep enemies away while traveling. It's a little low on output. Too
    bad we can't expect more from it... I sure would like to upgrade its shields.
    It's a defensive golem. It's not made for battle, but it can cover a lot of
    ground. I have to get back to Adlehyde to study the data from this discovery.
    I have a few things to try out. It could lead to a new Emma-Motor. 
    [Emma sails off to Adlehyde. Meanwhile, Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia head off east
    in the Earth Golem. They come to a snowy continent and eventually make their
    way south to a small landmass. At the ending of a forest is a new town called
    Court Seim... They come to realize that this is a town with a large orphanage.
    Eventually, they all enter the large house at the end of town and speak with
    the man living there.]
    Resident: I am Nicholi Maxwell. I am the ARMs Meister in this tiny village.
    Long ago, I was one of the six who studied at the old man's lab. The Zepet
    Roughnight Laboratory led in the study of ancient technology. 
    And you? 
    [Rudy, startled, talks to Nicholi. Nicholi looks startled also.]
    Nicholi: What? Rudy Roughnight? You're the old man's grandchild? Sorry, we
    used to call Meister Zepet [the old man]... How is he? It's been close to
    15 years... 
    [The screen fades to black.]
    Rudy starts to talk
    about his [Dream Chaser]
    days, before he met
     Jack and Cecilia.
    [ The scene shows an old man and Rudy are walking together through a little
    Zepet Roughnight...
    He thought of Zepet as
    his father.
    He was an old Dream Chaser
    Who had raised Rudy
    since infancy.
    [Both of them now appear to be sitting around a campfire at night, the two
    of them throwing in sticks to keep it hot.]
    During their travels, Zepet 
    taught Rudy the life of 
    a Dream Chaser.
    But most importantly, he gave
    Rudy a heart.
    A heart to protect the ones 
    he loved. 
    [It shows Rudy in his house during sunset. Rudy is kneeling beside a bed. 
    Zepet Roughnight lets out one final breath, and then his head falls back
    onto the pillow.]
    One day, the inevitable 
    happened... The old man's 
    traveling days came to an 
    Rudy was now tasting 
    the true meaning of 
    being alone.
    [The scene switches to a cold-looking, cloudy night. A blistery wind blows.
    Rudy stands before a cross atop a lone cliff; a necklace dangles off of the
    wooden cross. Rudy pauses there for a moment and then leaves.]
    Rudy buried the remains 
    of the old Dream Chaser on a 
    hill that the old man was 
    fond of. 
    The rest is history. 
    [The scene switches to Nicholi speaking with Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia.]
    Nicholi: I'm sorry to hear that... He was... That's quite an ARM you've got
    there! Do you know how to use it properly? I guess the ARM would not have 
    synchronized with you if you did not know how. My daughter Jane is also capable
    of synchronizing with an ARM, but not nearly as powerful as what you have
    [Footsteps sound; Jane enters the room.]
    Jane: Papa, I'm home. 
    [The three Dream Chasers look to Jane; Jane walks forward.]
    Jane: What are you guys doing at my house?! 
    Nicholi: Jane, do you know these people? 
    [Jane waves her arms frantically.]
    Jane: No, no, Papa! I met them just a little while ago!! 
    Nicholi: ...?? Why are you in such a hurry?
    Jane: [steps back] I'll be upstairs. Please, make yourself at home.
    [She turns and leaves promptly once again.]
    Nicholi: Jane is a good daughter. It's because of her that I can keep the
    orphanage running. Go to the southeast and cross the shallow water. There you
    will find the [Epitaph of the Sea Wind]. It is an uncompleted tower we used in
    the research of a flight machine. The research Meister Zepet and myself left
    behind may be junk to some, but you might find a use for some of it. Take
    this key... It may look funky, but it will get you inside. Many of Zepet's
    belongings from before Rudy was born are still there... 
    [Your entourage receives the Wind-up Key.] 
    Nicholi: The six disciples of old man Zepet became ARMs Meisters and spread
    out across the land. We were all outcasts in one way or another. I wonder how
    the others made out? 
    [Outside the house...]
    Jane: Hey! You didn't tell my pops that I'm [Calamity Jane], did you? I will
    never forgive you if you gave him even the slightest hint. 
    [With nothing else to do, your team heads out for the Epitaph Sea, which is
    located to the East. They use the wind-up key to enter. At one of the higher
    levels, the door shuts automatically behind them.]
    Jack: No! The door! 
    Cecilia: Are we trapped?
    Jack: Someone has trapped us in. I'm ready! I'll kick as many butts as I have
    to, to get us out of here! 
    [A blue she-wolf appears beside Rudy, Cecilia, and Jack. Cecilia uses her 
    magic wand to speak with it.]
    The Black Shadow: 
    Come with me. 
    [After several confusing loops, the three manage to follow the wolf. She 
    stops at the door at the end.]
    The Black Shadow: 
    My master awaits!...
    [The door opens suddenly, and the wolf leaves through it.]
    Cecilia: That vibration... It was a Guardian... The only Guardian who has not
    lost its powers... The Guardian of Desire, [Luceid] the black wolf. Did she
    lock us in here? 
    [On the next level, they explore. In one of the treasure chests is the book
    'Metal Bird'. "This book contains theories and applications for the flying
    machine known as the Metal Bird." In the room in the upper left of 
    the floor, the three approach a machine.]
    *The ones who seek the ocean wind... You shall receive the gift of flight! 
    [The three input the password as 'Metal Bird", and the door in the upper right
    room opens. The group continues all the way to the top of the Epitaph Sea;
    they enter a room with three machines. The wind-up key is used on all three;
    they begin to lurch forward at the central point. Right as the entourage
    starts to leave the room, they all explode.]
    Cecilia: Wow, I didn't think it would blow up! 
    Hanpan: The explosion occurred because of a build up of internal pressure. 
    Jack: What? In English please! English! 
    Hanpan: The energy level got too high in too close of a space. Do you know
    what happens when energy overloads? 
    Jack: You go it. It blows up! I'm gonna apply that knowledge to a new Fast
    Draw technique. 
    [Jack acquires a new <Fast Draw> hint. All continue up to the summit of the
    Tower. They approach a chest they see there but are stopped in their tracks.]
    An Echoing Voice: Human warriors! What do you wish to carve in this epitaph?
     This is the resting place for the dreams of the sea, wind seekers! 
    [Boomerang and Luceid materialize together in front of them.]
    Jack: A new demon? But, this one seems a little different. 
    [Boomerang crosses his arms.]
    An Echoing Voice:
    I see that you have followed Luceid's directions well... 
    Cecilia: [shocked] Luceid!? The Guardian of Desire? Why? Why are you siding
    with the demons? 
    [Luceid howls in response.]
    An Echoing Voice: My name is Boomerang. Here's a little something I've cooked
    up for your party... 
    [A difficult battle starts. Boomerang is defeated ultimately.]
    Boomerang: Pathetic fools, going up against the Demon Race... 
    [Boomerang stays standing; the battle ends.]
    Boomerang: The cycle of desire never ends... Luceid lives... 
    [As if on queue, Luceid materializes right beside him.]
    Boomerang: If you wish to defeat me, you must attain the miracle you seek. If
    you can win that for yourself, I shall appear again. 
    [Boomerang turns his back and leaps into the air, disappearing alongside his
    she-wolf ally, Luceid.] 
    Jack: He was just testing us... 
    [The three go up and remove the Rune Drive from its chest. They exit the
    Epitaph Sea and bring the Rune Drive back to Nicholi Maxwell in Court Seim.]
    Nicholi: You found the missing Rune Drive! I never thought that it would be
    hidden at Epitaph. I'll explain about the Rune Drive tomorrow. You must
    come... My daughter is waiting. We have a little banquet planned for you. 
    [The scene blacks out. When the scene reopens, the house seems to be filled
    with kids. You go and speak to Jane.]
    Jane: Hey, can I talk to Rudy? I need to ask him a favor. [to Rudy] It's been
    a while... It's good to see all of you again. Hey, when everyone is asleep,
    can you sneak out for a bit? I have something I need to talk to you about. 
    [As the party draws to a close, you speak with McDullen upstairs.]
    McDullen: Shall we wrap up the party and call it a night? 
    McDullen: Please wait a minute. Your beds will be ready a little later. 
    ----- ----- ----- 
    Trouble at Court Seim (X13)
    ----- ----- -----
    [The scene opens up outside on a bridge in Court Seim. It is nighttime, and
    the crickets are chirping. Jane is standing there and turns to Rudy as he
    approaches her.]
    Jane: I feel bad making you hang out with me just because I couldn't sleep...
    I didn't wake anyone, did I? 
    [Rudy shakes his head and approaches her. Jane looks over at the river.]
    Jane: Isn't it silly that [Calamity Jane] became a treasure hunter for a
    bunch of orphans... 
    [Rudy boldly shakes his head 'no'.]
    Jane: Thanks Rudy, I knew I could count on you. We used to live in Milama,
    but we spent all our money taking care of the kids. We drifted all the way to
    this desolate place and here we are... I hate this kind of life, but what can I
    do? I hate my father for giving people false hope... Kindness and care have no
    place in this wasteland... He gives people hope just to have it shattered by
    reality... That's cruel... 
    [Jane looks to Rudy.]
    Jane: You are making this journey to protect Filgaia, right? Why... Why are you
    doing this? For money? For fame? To be a king like in the fairy tales? Any
    of those reasons are fine. Just don't tell me it's for some noble cause like
    saving the world. I dislike it when kindness is thrown at just anyone. Kindness
    should be personally valued and expressed only to those you care about. 
    Otherwise... I'm hurt that you saved me just because you felt obligated to... 
    [The sun begins to rise.]
    Jane: Sometimes I think a day will come when dawn will no longer appear. 
    Promise me, Rudy. Promise me that you're risking your life because you love
    Filgaia. That is the reason why you can sacrifice so much, right? If not, 
    I'll never be able to like you do gooder types. 
    *Jane's words seep deep inside Rudy's heart.
    [Rudy acquires the [Protector] Force. However, right above the river and in
    front of the two, Alhazad appears.]
    Alhazad: I tend to run into these situations a lot. 
    [Rudy immediately runs in front of Jane to protect her.]
    Alhazad: I came here this morning because I have a matter to discuss with the
    pretty lady... Could you kindly deliver the [Rune Drive] rumored to be in your
    mansion us within three hours? If you don't deliver it, we'll slaughter
    everyone in sight in order to find it. Do we understand one another? I'll
    assume you'll make the right decision. 
    [Alhazad disappears swiftly; Jane looks away.]
    Jane: Well, we can't just sit here! I must go wake everyone up. 
    [The scene blacks out and opens up with Rudy, Jack, Cecilia, and Hanpan facing
    Nicholi and all of the townspeople. They appear to be gathered in a group.]
    Nicholi: In the past, I excavated the other Rune Drive from another ruin. 
    Just in case, I hid the Rune Drive in the [Sacred Shrine] to the south in the
    forest. A sacred field prevents monsters from entering the shrine. We will
    evacuate everyone to the shrine. Please watch over the village for us. 
    [to Jane] Jane, please watch over the people of the village. 
    Jane: Gotcha! 
    [Nicholi walks to the back of the line and then begins to lead them away from
    Court Seim. Jane and McDullen bring up the rear, leaving the three Dream
    Chasers behind.]
    Jack: It's too quiet... Are the Demons late? 
    [They walk around the village a bit but then are stopped by Hanpan at the
    entrance of the town.]
    Hanpan: There is something wrong here. No one is attacking... 
    Jack: They advertised it enough... What's going on? 
    Hanpan: They didn't know where the [Rune Drive] was... That's why they appeared
    in this village and... 
    Jack: What? What for? 
    Hanpan: The normal reaction to the threat of an imminent attack is to 
    evacuate... The safest place? Where would that be? 
    Cecilia: The [pyramid] that controls the dimensions is in the forest to the
    Jack: Alhazad! He's always one step ahead... 
    [Quickly, the group heads south to the Sanctuary to see to the residents'
    safety. Once inside, things don't seem as jolly as they could be...]
    Guy at entrance: Someone disabled the defense systems. There are monsters all
    over the place! 
    [As soon as possible, the group takes the left path and enters the first room.
    Three kids are huddled around the priest.]
    Boy: When are we going to be able to get out of here? There may be rats in this
    place... I'm afraid of rats, more than I am of monsters. 
    [Jack shows Hanpan to the little boy.]
    Boy: I hate rats! Did you know that? 
    Priest: I can't believe we got invaded. The monsters didn't look like they
    forced their way through. They must have figured out a way to get through the
    Girl: I'm so scared... I was always told there were no monsters here.   
    Girl 2: That man that was just here... One moment he was there and the next
    thing I know, there's a monster attacking us. He must have been eaten.
    [They leave the corridor and go through the one on the right. They enter
    the first door.]
    Little girl: Is Court Seim going to be alright? 
    Woman [left]: We lost a few people during the chaos of the evacuation.  
    Woman [right]: I was told this was a safe place... 
    [The group leaves the room and continues onward, turning south upon the next 
    fork. There is a little boy by himself in that room.]
    Boy: I was hiding in this room, when I saw a monster change into a human and
    put on clothes... I swear! 
    [The three leave the room and travel north into a larger area where many 
    people are gathered, including Jane and McDullen.] 
    Man with hat [far right]: During my travels, I heard the town of Saint 
    Centour was invaded by monsters. 
    Man at entrance of room: When we first went in, there was nothing there. 
    Then, all of a sudden, the monsters appeared. 
    McDullen: How did the monsters get through? 
    Jane: She was saying something about, the dimensions... 
    Traveler: The dimensional barrier is supposed to be harmless to humans.  
    Witch Girl: The dimensional barrier is supposed to be perfect. How did the 
    monsters get in? 
    [The trio exits to the north of the room. They enter the next room they find
    and approach the dog there. However, it turns into a large monster. A battle
    begins and then ends.]
    Hanpan: That reminds me... Something like this happened before.
    *The town of Saint Centour
    The town of Rosetta
    Hanpan: That's right, I remember... I got past the barrier by.... 
    Going through the secret hole.
    *Huddling against your body.
    Hanpan: That means... 
    Go through undiscovered.
    *Go through with a human.
    Hanpan: They used the same method as I did to get through the defenses.
    *Got in with humans
    Broke the barrier and got in.
    Hanpan: We just saw a dog turn into a monster... I don't want to think that...
    *Villager became a monster.
    Villager sided with a monster.
    Hanpan: How could a human turn into a monster? 
    [Alhazad's voice echoes through the room.]
    Alhazad: Smart kids! I'll tell you exactly how we do it... We used special
    seeds. These seeds were developed with magic. These seeds don't register to the
    barrier, thus they were able to pass through. After they are eaten, the seed
    will grow inside the body and take it over at our command. How perfect can 
    this get? We turned the entire town into a giant laboratory. We may be made
    of different materials, but we demons have the same body construction as 
    humans. If you guys are [Living Flesh], then we are [Living Metal]. No one 
    can stop us... Well, enough talk... I'll have to ask for the [Rune Drive] now.
    I have my orders... 
    [In the next room over, Jack converses with a warrior's statue.]
    Try taking me on.
    Jack: Let me take this one, I'll only use one hand. 
    [The battle starts and ends.]
    Jack: That was too easy! 
    [He acquires his <Fast Draw> hint. Afterwards, they hurry onwards down the 
    north corridor. They are stopped at the entrance of a room by a man.]
    Man: I can't let anyone through here. Mr. Maxwell is looking through the 
    treasure. Only Lord Alhazad may pass... 
    [The man suddenly becomes a monster; a battle begins and ends. The trio enter
    the room and come face to face with Alhazad.]
    Alhazad: You guys work too hard. If you had just ignored me, you could have
    gone about your business. I hate you miserable maggots, who live by those
    pitiful beliefs. Your time has come to die. Prepare yourselves! 
    [A battle against Alhazad begins. He is defeated soon after.]
    Alhazad: Not bad... Not bad at all. We could use you... We will forget about
    the [Rune Drive], for now... Come to our [Photosphere], we'll give you a
    welcome you'll never forget. 
    [The battle ends. Alhazad vanishes in a ball of light. The three run up to
    Nicholi Maxwell, who is only a few feet away.]
    Nicholi: We were successful in our defense of the [Rune Drive]. They wanted
    the [Rune Drive], an ancient power amplifier. A very powerful device. We can
    use this device to strengthen the golem you're using. There's no time for you
    to do the work alone, let's see if I can give you a hand.
    [He turns to the chest; you speak to him again.]
    Nicholi: There's a source of pure energy in this chest. It's emanating from
    the [Rune Drive]. It can be used for good or evil, depending on the user. 
    [The three approach the chest and open it. The Rune Drive is acquired.]
    Nicholi: Let's power up this golem of yours. 
    [The screen fades. You are suddenly back at Court Seim. Your entourage goes 
    to see Nicholi Maxwell. You speak with him.]
    Nicholi: The Rune Drivers upgrade the shield mechanism of the Earth Golem. 
    The Earth Golem was called the [Fort of the Gods]... The ultimate machine 
    created to counter the Demon Race. It may be mankind's last fortification.
    I am an ARMs meister. I learned everything I know from old man Zepet. 
    [The scene switches to Nicholi, Jack, Cecilia, Rudy, and Hanpan standing 
    outside in front of the Earth Golem.]
    Nicholi: The two Rune Drives will restore the weakened power output of the 
    Earth Golem. Its Anti-phasing shield is at full power. It will disintegrate
    anything that touches it. If you think about it, it's the ultimate offensive
    weapon as well... [pause] I don't believe people should possess powers beyond
    their control. The history of our people is to fight for power. With power,
    there is a chance for meaningless destruction. The old man, Zepet used to
    say... The saga can be reversed if the power is used to protect the precious.
    There is a definite difference between the power to acquire and the power to
    protect. I will revive the power of the Earth Golem, for the righteous fight of
    protecting Filgaia! 
    [The Earth Golem lets out a groan. The scene switches back to the Maxwell's
    basement; the trio is speaking with Nicholi once more.]
    Nicholi: There is said to be a ruin in the snow covered northern mountains
    where a light of illusion guards against intruders. Some say that the demons
    live there, but it's not certain. The Earth Golem should now be able to break
    through the light of illusion that is probably the Demon's barrier. 
    [Thus, the trio leaves town and heads for the Photosphere to the north.]
    ----- ----- ----- 
    Photosphere (X14)
    ----- ----- -----
    [Accompanied by the Earth Golem, Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy arrive at the
    Jack: You sure the Earth Golem can handle this dreaded thing? 
    Hanpan: Watch out for the shield boundaries. If any part of your body touches
    the shield, you'll lose it. 
    Jack: Okay... okay... We get the message! You're enjoying this, aren't you?
    Okay princess, do your thing. Tell this guy to neutralize the defenses. 
    Cecilia: They are not tools, Jack! Please, Earth Golem, would you help us? 
    [They move aside as the Earth Golem comes trudging through. He holds up his
    arms and lets out a beam of blue energy that indeed neutralizes the Soldelita
    barrier. It shuts down.]
    Cecilia: This is fantastic! This is powerful alright! 
    Hanpan: And they say the [Anti-Phasing Shield] is a defensive weapon! 
    Jack: Let's get inside this thing. The enemy won't stay quiet much longer...
    [Your party enters the Photosphere. After some traveling through, they find
    that they are unable to go any further through a corridor. The exit out of
    the corridor and are surprised to find a hooded figure rise up from 
    the ground a little ways away. ]
    Blue Robed Figure: The [Tear Drop] is this way... What's the matter, don't you
    want it? 
    Jack: So, you expect us to just follow you! Yeah right! First of all, who the
    hell are you. What do you want? 
    [The figure steps towards Jack, who steps away from him.]
    Blue Robed Figure: You're afraid, aren't you...?
    Jack: Me?! Afraid?! 
    Blue Robed Figure: The one who does not have the [courage] to look at the
    truth is called a coward. A coward is afraid... 
    Jack: All right then, I'll follow you... 
    Blue Robed Figure: The Photosphere is being prepped for travel. Hurry up and
    follow me!
    [After the figure sinks back into the ground, the door that was previously
    unopened is opened. The trio travels through it and continues onward. In the
    next room, he makes yet another appearance before yet another unopened door.]
    Blue Robed Figure: I'll tell you the truth. We share a common goal. I have no
    intention of fighting you people. I need your assistance. We must destroy
    Mother before the Photosphere burns away all of Filgaia. 
    [The door opens itself; again the three follow the path of the robed man.
    Ultimately, they make their way towards a device. Over it is suspended the
    Tear Drop. ]
    Cecilia: I am short on words... Mother's heirloom... The warm light... I'm
    so relieved... 
    [The Tear Drop is acquired. The Robed Figure comes up from the ground behind
    the life-sucking device and speaks to the three.]
    Blue Robed Figure: The Photosphere and the Mother derive their powers from the
    [Tear Drop]. Now that the power is down, you can attack the Mother. This is 
    your one and only chance, humans. This is as far as I go. If you do not destroy
    Mother now, your world will suffer the same fate as mine...
    [He vanishes swiftly.]
    Cecilia: Mother destroyed his planet... 
    Jack: I couldn't care less... We've been dancing in that guy's court all this
    time... Might as well dance the last song. Let's go for it! 
    [They go down the original path that had been blocked off by the Tear Drops
    energy considering it now no longer is. They make their way past all of the
    search lights and take a door in the northeast corner of the room. However,
    they come face-to-face with a golem.]
    Jack: Hey... Long time no see... 
    [Lolithia's mouth lights up.]
    Cecilia: The golem is attacking us! I thought...
    Jack: Maybe it forgot, it has been a thousand years. 
    [The battle against Lolithia starts and eventually ends.]
    Cecilia: I can't believe the golems are on their side...
    Jack: Weapons only act according to what the user wants. That golem probably
    got reprogrammed. We are different! We can't be reprogrammed. 
    [After the party continues along, they find that they stand in front of a 
    large door.]
    *There are strange, cold vibrations coming from ahead. Dive in anyway? 
    *A strong jolt! The Photosphere must be on the move.
    [Upon entering, the three Dream Chasers find that they stand before the boss 
    of the demons - Mother. Rudy, in front, draws his sword; he his followed by
    Jack and lastly Cecilia.]
    Mother: I am Mother, Queen of the Demon Race... I have brought countless star
    systems to an end, each full of life... I am the messenger of death. Beings of
    life! Do you come to me for judgement? Do you seek the glory of being
    devoured by a being of such eminence? 
    [A battle against Mother starts. Within time she is defeated.]
    Mother: Humans cannot do this. 
    [The battle ends. After the battle, the room of the Photosphere looks as if
    it is in ruin.]
    Mother: How terrible... Humans defeating the defeater... No, no, no... .....
    Yes. The beauty strikes my thought for the last time... This is the ultimate
    beauty I can experience... The scattering of self! Everything returns to
    nothing. Light returns to darkness... 
    [Her laugh echoes. The Photosphere begins to tremble and deteriorate; things
    seem to explode around them.]
    Mother: The Photosphere has fallen into the sea... That shock was from the
    sphere losing control after we let go... No one can stop the sphere from
    sinking now... 
    Jack: We've got to get the hell out of here!  
    Mother: Humans! You are part of this journey to the depth of darkness. Enjoy
    the trip as I am enjoying the poetry of the ending theme! We are heading
    straight for the bottom of the Inner Sea. The Photosphere is unstoppable. 
    [Mother seems to fade away... However, Jane comes up from behind.]
    Jane: I don't want any part of this!!! 
    Jack: What are you doing here?! 
    [Bartholomew and McDullen appear to have followed.]
    Cecilia: Captain Bartholomew, McDullen! 
    Jane: Hurry! Or there'll be hell to pay! 
    Bartholomew: This thing came down from the skies! There is water seeping in
    from everywhere! Let's get back to the Sweet Candy! I don't want to be fish
    [Quickly they all leave the Photosphere as soon as possible. The scene switches
    to everyone standing aboard the deck of the Sweet Candy.]
    Bartholomew: I thought we were goners for sure that time... 
    Jane: I was the one who suggested we follow that big ball! It's time I start
    feeling appreciated around here. 
    McDullen: You were worried about Rudy. 
    Jane: Oh... yeah... I thought that he might... No, no, no, no, no!! Where did
    you get that idea? 
    McDullen: What do they say? A look is worth a thousand words. 
    [Jane looks around in frustration before turning away from McDullen. 
    Bartholomew looks to the three Dream Chasers.]
    Bartholomew: The boss has been defeated and the princess has what she was 
    looking for... Let's party! 
    Cecilia: Finally, I was able to complete my destiny as a princess. Without 
    you guys, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Thanks, everyone... 
    Jack: I have some unfinished business to attend to... Defeating Mother was not
    my objective. Jack Van Burace's journey is not over until he overcomes his 
    past affairs... 
    [A voice echoes from out of nowhere.]
    Alhazad: He, he, he, he! You're right, it isn't over! 
    [Rudy steps toward the intruders in a defensive position. Alhazad appears on 
    the deck below them; to his far right Lady Harken materializes. Boomerang and
    Luceid appear behind Alhazad.]
    Lady Harken: Don't forget about us! 
    [In the very middle, right before the three Dream Chasers, appears the Blue
    Robed Figure that had helped them earlier.]
    Cecilia: You... You must be...?! 
    [The figure pulls off his cloak.]
    Zeikfried: Zeikfried, of the Quarter Knights, at your service. 
    Bartholomew: [steps forward] Who the hell are you guys?! I never gave you
    permission to come aboard!! 
    [Zeikfried aims his spear, Glumzamber, at the trio blessed by the Guardians.]
    Zeikfried: This is a warning and declaration. We will take Filgaia. We will
    completely destroy the Guardians and take away your source of power... That
    will be the end of the human race... 
    [After that, he sinks into the ground and disappears; the other knights,
    including Boomerang, follow suit, leaving the humans to themselves.]
    Bartholomew: I've had enough of those guys! Let's attack them! Don't you
    agree princess? They're determined to rule the world! 
    Cecilia: Let's go back to Adlehyde. We have to plan our next move...
    [The screen blacks out.]
    And a few days pass...
    [At the Adlehyde Council Room, everyone is gathered. Emma is seen walking in.
    She stands before them on the other side of the table.]
    Emma: Good, everyone is here. 
    Bartholomew: What do you want? Why have you summoned us like this? We were
    attacked by some demons today. We have to return the favor. 
    Emma: I know... 
    [Everyone exchanges glances. Emma begins to pace.]
    Emma: From what I've heard, it sounds like the enemy is stepping up their
    plans... The total annihilate [annihilation] of all life on Filgaia and the
    complete destruction of the Guardians' powers... 
    [She stops her pacing and returns to her place in front of them all.]
    Emma: We must keep them from gaining the upper hand... That is why I formed
    E.I.A, the Emma Intelligence Agency. 
    Jane: That sounds extremely self-absorbed!
    [Emma walks over to the side of the table across from where the three Dream
    Chasers are situated.] 
    Emma: Cecilia, Rudy, and Jack will be our main reconnaissance team. The captain
    will provide transportation within the Inner Sea. Your job is to gather as much
    intelligence on the enemy as possible. To win the war, we must win the 
    information battle. Any questions? No? Let's get to work. 
    Jane: What are you going to do Prof. Emma? Director of the E.I.A.?
    Emma: I will back you up as an ARMs meister. Also... I would like to study
    Zepet's journal on the [Metal Bird]. 
    Jack: Is there something interesting in this book? 
    Emma: A thousand years ago, the ability to fly was a reality. There are some
    interesting theories on flight in this book. I would like to study it. Can
    I borrow it? I promise I won't write in it. 
    [Rudy hands over 'Metal Bird'.]
    Emma: Wow! This is really inspiring! 
    [The scene fades out and in again. Now only Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia are in the
    Adlehyde Council Room. They are talking between each other.]
    Jack: We got the [Tear Drop] back... There is no need for you to travel
    anymore, Princess. I on the other hand, have some unfinished business to
    attend to. 
    Cecilia: Revenge, is it? 
    Jack: ...... 
    Cecilia: I can't stop now... Something happened to me during our travels. I
    don't know exactly what, but I feel like I have to stay with you guys. Rudy...
    Please take me with you.
    Cecilia: Thank you, Rudy... You won't regret this. 
    Jack: You don't take no for an answer, do you? Well, we've fought together and
    we've accomplished a lot together. 
    ----- ----- -----
    The Ocean Vortex and the Demon's Lab  (X15)
    ----- ----- ----- 
    [However, a certain town seems to be having some problems right about this
    time. Rosetta, normally a rich, prosperous town, has lately been suffering
    from a lack of trade due to the giant whirlpool blocking ships from sailing
    into and out of the Inner Sea. Your group speaks with Mayor Hernandez, who
    is miraculously better after Mariel's herbs.]
    Mayor Hernandez: Do you know about the large vortex to the east of here? The
    strait that joins the Inner Sea and the Outer Ocean is where the Guardian of
    the Oceans, Lucadia, lives. The entrance to his lair is supposed to be 
    somewhere nearby. Rosetta is suffering from a lack of trade. Ships come through
    here with reports of dragon attacks. Can you look into this matter on behalf 
    of our village? 
    [By the Mayor's request, the trio heads to the whirlpool on Bartholomew's 
    Cecilia: The [Tear Drop] shines. 
    [ The scene switches to the three of them standing upon the ship...]
    Cecilia: Wow! This is incredible! Lucadia, the Guardian of the Ocean, is
    contacting me through the [Tear Drop]. It's so strong, I can feel it with my
    entire body... It's saying... ...... ......I understand, Lucadia... I'll use
    the [Tear Drop].
    [Her tear drop flashes; Jack and Rudy look to her.]
    Jack: What? What's happening, Princess? 
    [The three of them are suddenly encased in a large, radiating shield of energy.
    Bartholomew jumps.]
    Bartholomew: Woooweeee!!! What is this, the mystery spot? 
    [It begins to carry them off of the ship; the next thing we see is that they
    are standing in a new ruin filled to the brim with water. The three of them
    head on through it and, upon reaching the end, they speak to a glowy ball of
    energy that grows into the image of the Sea Guardian.]
    Sea Dragon: Welcome warriors... And the Innocent One. I am Lucadia. I am the
    eternal flutist whose music permeates the oceans from the depths of the Dragon
    Shrine. The [Tear Drop], in its rightful hand, called you over here. Mother
    has been defeated and is now my nourishment... Yet the dreams of the Demon Race
    are not over. 
    Cecilia: Tell me, Lucadia. What are they planning to do now? How was Zeikfried
    going to destroy the Guardians? 
    Lucadia: The [Ray Line]... It's the artery of life which connects all of us
    together and maintains all life on the planet. After our strength had weakened,
    we decided to combine our strength through a device the Elws had left behind.
    From inside the [Elw Pyramid], the network began to pump life energy throughout
    Lady Harken: [her voice echoes] And if we sever this [Ray Line], we can clean
    this planet for good. [appears] I'm not sure about this, Zeik! But, here goes
    Jack: [draws sword] Harken! 
    Lady Harken: I came for the big fish, the Sea Guardian. But, this is a pleasant
    surprise! I always wanted to fight you again... We were meant for each other,
    you and I... We were both born to fight. En guard! Let's see what you've got! 
    [A battle starts; you land the finishing blow.]
    Lady Harken: I guess I was wrong about you, baby. Go back to the ship with a
    blow from my [Azrael]! What?!... 
    [The battle ends.]
    Lady Harken: What? I can't move... We're going to continue this later,
    [Lady Harken leaps into the air and disappears; the three adventurers turn 
    again to Lucadia, Guardian of the Oceans.]
    Lucadia: So, they were after the [Ray Line]. It's not easy to destroy an
    entire planet, even for the demons. Shaman child! Use my powers to defend 
    your planet. 
    [The Triton Rune is obtained.] 
    Jack: Her sword technique looks just like my Fast Draw... But, it looks a
    little different. 
    [After obtaining a fast draw hint, all three leave the Guardian's shrine. The
    Outer Ocean is now open for use. After speaking to some residents within 
    Milama, our destination is apparent: the Demon's Lab. The scene cuts to Lady
    Harken, who is standing before the Dark Tear at the back of the lab.]
    Lady Harken: His sword techniques looked just like mine. Who is he... Why can't
    I remember... The battles... [sinks to knees] What happened to my body...?
    Alhazad: [materializes] Rejection of the body by the consciousness... You think
    too much, my Lady Harken. [inches forward] You are so beautiful, yet... 
    Lady Harken: [stands and draws 'Azrael'] Get back you sleaze! Only the souls of
    the warriors I have devoured sleep in my bosom. Do you want to know what that
    Alhazad: [backs away a little] Those words are too strong for me... I came to 
    serve you and protect the [Darkness Tear]. 
    Lady Harken: [lowers Azrael] I don't need your dumb ideas! All I need is 
    my blade... 
    Alhazad: [disappears] As you wish... Please take care of the Darkness Tear. 
    [pause] You and the Darkness Tear share a similar beauty... 
    [The scene cuts back to your trio. Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy make their way
    toward the very end and finally arrive in the room holding the Darkness Tear.]
    Cecilia: What's happening? The [Tear Drop] is resonating. It's as if it's 
    Lady Harken: [appears before them] Because it's a fake. It contains the darkest
    of souls within it. 
    Jack: [steps forward] Harken! We meet again! And this time, we share a common
    sword technique. 
    Lady Harken: Many tales we have shared... But, the warrior needs no words. We
    let our swords do the talking!
    [A battle starts and the final blow is landed...] 
    Lady Harken: What have I witnessed...? 
    [The battle ends. We see a more human Lady Harken lying on the floor.]
    Jack: ...!!! 
    [In a flash, Harken disappears.]
    Alhazad: [appears] We cannot give you the Darkness Tear or Lady Harken. You'll
    have to come after me if you want them... [disappears]
    Jack: So, what was my revenge all about? 
    [Jack sinks to his knees and punches the ground.]
    Jack: I should have known.... That sword technique... 
    [You acquire a Fast Draw hint.]
    Jack: The real fool who couldn't face reality was me! ............ You probably
    already know, but I'll tell you anyway, when I'm ready. 
    ---- ----- -----
    Dead Sanctuary and Gate Generator (X16) 
    ---- ----- -----
    [Cecilia and Rudy nod in confirmation, and the three leave the Demon's Lab. 
    In traveling, you speak with the Baskarian chief.] 
    Baskar Chief: The light that has been forgotten is waiting among our people.
    The power that is derived from [courage] is the power to conquer the past. It 
    is the essence of the inner revolution. The power to protect the precious is 
    the power of [Love]. The powers of [Love] and [Courage] are the powers of the
    west wind. The hope for tomorrow. The belief in possibilities is the power 
    of [Hope]. The great flapping wings of Zephyr will ultimately open 
    Filgaia's future. 
    [You speak to the the Pub Owner in Milama.]
    Pub Owner: Busy, busy, busy! I was looking through the files my father left...
    I found this thing called the Sacntuary. In this sacred place, they worshipped
    the three Guardians. They were called the Guardian Lords and they supposedly
    represented [Love], [Courage] and [Hope]. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure
    out their location, but this is a good start. 
    [And finally, you speak to Nicholi at Court Seim.]
    Nicholi: If you cross the Outer Ocean, you can visit old man Zepet. If you 
    leave from the beach south of Court Seim, his lab is on a bay to the west.  
    [Onward to Zepet's residence! You trio makes it there and claims the Ocarina.]
    *There is a memo located under the Ocarina. [The Giant's Ocarina] will call the
    registered golem to the controller's location. The existence of [Holmcross],
    the successor to the golem, which was built during the battles of 1000 years
    ago, has been confirmed... Someday, an active golem will be excavated. Then it
    will be a great chance to try the Ocarina. I can't wait. 
    [The trio travels to the Dead Sanctuary. At the very end...] 
    Boomerang: [voice echoing] I used to think Guardian hunting was a bit boring,
    since they lost their gusto. [appears] It looks like we might have some fun. 
    [A battle starts. You land the finishing blow...]
    Boomerang: You've gotten much stronger. I look forward to seeing how much you
    can improve, humans! Maybe you can take care of my loneliness after all... 
    [The battle ends.]
    Boomerang: I personally would like to congratulate you, but... What you have
    there is just a rock. Not much of the old juice is left... [Luceid appears] You
    cannot defeat me unless you unlock the secret of desire... The one controlling
    the eternal power will always be victorious. 
    [The two of them disappear. Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy go to pick up the
    stone statues.]
    *I can feel the faint powers of the Guardian from the three stone statues.
    Voices: We are the fossilized essences of [Courage], [Love] and [Hope], the
    Lord Guardian. The thoughts that feed us are nearly gone... We can no longer
    Cecilia: What? It can't be... 
    Voices: If all the people in Filgaia had thoughts of [Courage], [Love], and
    [Hope]... The world would not have fallen. But, the weakness of their thoughts
    have brought Filgaia to its knees. I am ready, Innocent One... Our shaman...
    The image of us must be in your heart, when you receive this true gift. Take
    hold of this, Innocent One, all of the Guardian's energy! Shaman, receive the
    [High Guardian force acquired!] 
    Voices: Gurdijeff, Moa Gault, Fengalon, and Stoldark... The Guardians have
    joined onto the Innocent One... Bring light to the darkness that has engulfed
    Cecilia: I can't believe it was our fault Filgaia was weakened. [Courage],
    [Love], and [Hope]... Those ideals were always in my heart... 
    [You proceed onto the warrior's statue in the back.]
    Statue: You must fight me to obtain the secrets of the shadow sword. 
    Jack: Sounds like fun... I'll take that challenge... 
    [A battle starts and ends.]
    Jack: Wow... I didn't even break a sweat. 
    [You acquire a fast draw hint and then leave the Dead Sanctuary. Your entourage
    makes it to the entrance; a shadow falls on them as they look up to the sky.] 
    Cecilia: What!? That's a...
    Jack: An army of demons is coming down! This is the same thing that attacked
    Zeikfried: [voice echoing] This is the Demon Gate. We can travel through space
    using dimensional shifts. It has many useful purposes, troop transport is one
    of them. The tearing darkness is the Anti-Guardian. Welcome to the Gate
    Generator! Have fun my friends! 
    [Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia are sucked up by tractor beams. They then awaken in
    a dimension.]
    Jack: What... How is this possible...
    Zeikfried: [voice echoing] Good morning! This is the Gate Generator. This is
    our Demon Gate and your grave. Get it?
    [Monsters appear before them.]
    Zeikfried: [voice echoing] It's going to be fun from here on boys and girls. 
    I have you in the palm of my hand now. Appetizer anyone? 
    [A battle starts and ends. Afterwards, the trio appear in a technologically
    advanced room.]
    Zeikfried: [voice echoing] You fool! You shouldn't fight in an unstable
    dimension... You could explode from all the energy you create in a battle! 
    Jack: You knew that would happen! No, I will not let you enjoy this! I will
    chase you till the end of the world! 
    [After traveling a little while, your party enters a small room with a treasure
    chest and then promptly exits. Waiting for them, however, is none other
    than Zed.] 
    Zed: Here I am, dripping with talent, ready to do battle! You're not going
    to get off easy this time... Watch my phenomenal attack, the [Drop Floor]!
    [Several floor tiles fall away. Jack uses his grappling hook to attach to Zed
    and get to the other side.] 
    Zed: That hurt! What do you think you're doing? 
    Jack: Shut up, you annoying bastard! 
    Zed: Operation [Hell Thunder]!!! 
    [Zed hurries away, and your party pursues him. Amongst doing so, they come to
    stand between two wired floors. Zed appears on a platform to the right.]
    Zed: This is operation [Hell Thunder]. The electricity through the floor was
    mighty ingenious of me! Aaaaarggg! 
    [Zed throws the lever and encases your party between two electric floors.
    Rudy jets across the floor though; finally, after some walking, they encounter
    Zed again.]
    Zed: Not bad, Not bad at all. 
    [Zed walks off; we see him "secretly" touch a button on the other side of
    the room, however. After going through the secret door, your group makes its
    way into the room with four levers. After hitting the last lever, Zed comes
    through the open door and locks you in.]
    Zed: Ha haha! I must say, this is most entertaining. 
    [After he leaves, Cecilia uses her pocket watch; we make sure the third door
    is closed before we go into the fourth. Zed tries to lock you in, but he can't.]
    Zed: Lucky bastards! 
    [He leaves, and your party pursues him yet again. Eventually, you encounter
    Zed, who is standing in front of a familiar red golem.] 
    Zed: Diablo, the Crimson Hellstorm! Taste it for yourself my friends...
    [A battle starts and ends.]  
    Zed: No! You have defeated Diablo as well! [runs]
    [You follow him into the next room, where he is hiding behind a green door.] 
    Zed: My defenses are not working! Damn it, there's no time to screw around.
    I'll use my [Tempest] strategy... You will suffer dearly humans! 
    [You go up to the door and input a password. The door opens.]
    Zed: Ha ha ha hahahaaaa! You fools! That thing will open to any password.
    Does your pea size brain hurt? 
    [Zed runs off again; you hurry after him. You then see him standing before a
    large door.]
    Zed: Please, my lord Zeikfied! Let me in! They're already here. I need to
    psych myself up before I fight them. [The door opens, and Zed enters.]
    *There is a low rumbing sound. It must be a huge machine. Do you want to go in?
    [Yes. Rudy, Cecilia, Jack line up before Zeikfried and Zed in the next room.]
    Zed: You pesky maggots are getting in the way of my career! You will be
    condemned to death, without appeal! [draws sword] This is the power of the
    immortal reborn! A gift from Alhazad! Here we go! 
    Zeikfried: Get back! This isn't your caliber, you squirmy snake! 
    Zed: [steps back] Lord Zeikfried!? 
    Zeikfried: We can't have you running around, messing things up anymore. We
    need to acquire this world for settlement. With Hiades gone, we need a new
    Jack: [draws sword] Cut the crap! You can't fool me! You betrayed your mother
    because you wanted to become the ultimate ruler! Right?! 
    Zeikfried: [draws spear] Say what you will... I like it here on Filgaia, and I
    will become the ruler. Exterminate the humans so we demons can rule both
    heaven and earth. 
    [A battle starts.]
    Zeikfried: The magical spear, Glumzamber will skewer you!  
    [The finishing blow is dealt.]
    Zeikfried: Humans can't have powers equal to ours... It's impossible! I knew
    the Guardians were involved. I will not let them ruin my plans! 
    [The battle ends.] 
    Zeikfried: Do you think you've won? Think again... My dreams and aspirations
    have just begun... Round two! Turn the generators on Zed! Output at 200
    Zed: [looks terrified] You can't do that, my lord. It's going to overload. 
    No... That will create a... 
    Zeikfried: Yes, a black hole. Right in this room! 
    Zed: I knew it... What should I do? 
    Jack: I don't know what you're trying to do, but you've lost. Surrender! 
    Zeikfried: Surrender, me?! Ha, ha, ha! Don't be ridiculous! I am going to
    activate the generator. Everyone here will be sucked into the dimension gap.
    Of course, I'll be sucked in as well, but I will recover because I am the
    ultimate ruler of this world. I will never die here!! 
    Zed: I don't know what he's talking about, but here goes nothing. 
    [Zed heads to the control panel. Rudy makes a move, and Zeikfried latches onto
    the boy with a metal chain.] 
    Zeikfried: No way! 
    [The room starts blinking as if an alarm is ringing.]
    Cecilia: Rudy! 
    Zed: [draws his sword] All right my lord, we'll see what happens. 
    [The generator fizzles, and a large pink gate opens up.]
    Zeikfried: No way to escape... What are you going to do? You're going on a trip
    with me to the vortex. 
    [Rudy hits the chain with his sword several times.]
    Zeikfried: You think you can cut the wires with those flimsy swords! They are
    made from magic silver. No way... What?!?! 
    [Rudy uses his sword to cut through his arm.]
    Zeikfried: What! Your own left arm?! 
    [Zeikfried is sucked back into the vortex while Jack and Cecilia run to tend
    to him. Zed looks terrified as the portal sucks them all in. The scene cuts to
    our entourage floating through the darkness; Cecilia's teardrop suddenly reacts
    and drags them out of the vortex. The three of them wake up on the ground.]
    Cecilia: This is near Adlehyde... I was thinking about everyone needing to get
    home... I imagined the castle, and the town... The next thing I knew, the
    [Tear Drop] brought us here... [stands up] ... Rudy. Oh yeah... Rudy's arm is
    hurt! Good, you didn't get lost in the dimensions. 
    Jack: Could this possibly be, Princess? Rudy's body... His ARM... 
    Cecilia: [walks over to the boy] What's the matter? There's nothing to worry
    about. We'll get the magic to heal him in time. 
    [Jack approaches while Cecilia whips out her wand. She tries to cast a spell,
    but Rudy's body reacts negatively to it. Cecilia steps back in alarm.]
    Cecilia: No... It can't be... Rudy's body is a machine... Just like the demons!
    Rudy... I... I... [kneels beside him]
    Jack: [kneels near Rudy] Princess! If we don't support him in times like this,
    who will? Look, he's shaking... He doesn't know, himself... No one wants to be
    an outsider, right? Well, he just found out he is one. Rudy has been protecting
    us all along, we should do the same in return. 
    Cecilia: You're right. It'll be okay, Rudy. Prof. Emma from Adlehyde should be
    able to help you. 
    Jack: Let's get going, Princess. She should be able to. [hoists Rudy onto
    his back] If the old man was still alive, we would know more about this... You
    know Rudy didn't ask for this... He's not a machine made for destruction!
    [Cecilia and Jack make their way towards Adlehyde. Meanwhile, the scene 
    flashes to Zeikfried, who is lying on his stomach in the Photosphere. The room
    is flashing off and on, as if a light is broken.]
    Zeikfried: ...... No way... I'm back on the control chair of the Photosphere!
    I... I was sucked up by the Gate Generator! That was close. I thought I was
    going to be lost in another dimension. Although, it's ironic that I'm back at
    this place of hatred. The hatred between a child and a parent. 
    [Zeikfried crawls a few feet.]
    Zeikfried: If I made I through, they probably have... Now, I have the dark
    [Tear Drop]. With this, I will gain control of Filgaia. I and I alone will
    rule this world. The Demon Race shall reign again! 
    [There is a familiar laugh; a few drops of liquid fall from the ceiling.]
    Zeikfried: Who is this... Is someone else here? 
    [We hear a heartbeat.]
    Zeikfried: This is... This is a bad dream... 
    [The deformed body of mother drops down from the ceiling behind him.] 
    Mother: My... iek... is ... come ... child... 
    [Zeikfried frantically tries to crawl away, but he is soon consumed by the
    deformed larva that looks like his Mother. The screen fades.]
    Mother: [voice echoing] My sweet Zeik... From now on ... me...
    ----- ----- -----
    Elw Dimension (X17)
    ----- ----- -----
    [The scene flips back to Adlehyde. Rudy is lying in a bed on the second floor
    of Emma's house; his friends (Emma, Bartholomew, Jane, Cecilia, Jack, and
    McDullen) are gathered about him.]
    Emma: This... Even I can't do anything about this... 
    Cecilia: So you're saying that Rudy's body is... 
    Emma: The anatomy is the same as humans. The bones... muscles... nervous
    system... They're all the same except for the fact that everything is
    artificial. It is just like the bodies of the metal demons in the legends. 
    Jane: No way, Rudy can't be... 
    Emma: No, not a demon. It looks like he was made by a human. He feels pain.
    He's a machine that feels pain. Why would anybody want to do that? 
    Jane: Those things don't matter. It doesn't matter! [hugs McDullen] How come
    I can never help the people I really care about? 
    Emma: I'm sorry, I didn't think... 
    Jack: I don't know how it works, but... Rudy's body is the same as a human
    body, except the material that he's made of. You can get herbs from Mariel, in
    the town of Rosetta. Those herbs will probably... 
    Emma: See, don't give up all hope. Jack... you should take care of Rudy. The
    rest of you should prepare for an invasion in case the demons try to take
    advantage of this situation. 
    Jane: Okay. 
    Emma: Captain! Prepare the Sweet Candy for battle! 
    Bartholomew: Got it! No one can take me on the ocean! [hurries off]
    Jack: You make us work for our friendship, Rudy... 
    Cecilia: Okay, everyone... 
    Jane: Hey! No time to sit around. Your friend needs you. 
    Cecilia: Yes, he's our friend isn't he... That's why we care so much...
    Jane: Are you stupid? Why would you have to think about that? What have you
    been fighting for all this time? To protect your loved ones, right? Not for
    some cheap foolish destiny or mission in life. Get a clue girl! I'm getting
    very frustrated listening to you. 
    Cecilia: Thank you... I feel better. Rudy said you had a big heart.
    Jane: Enough! Let's go McDullen. I've got to go blow off a cannon or
    something. I've got to get rid of this rage. 
    McDullen: Yes, my lady... 
    [Jane and McDullen promptly exit.]
    Jack: Every minute counts. Let's get to the town of Rosetta. 
    [Thus, Jack and Cecilia head for the town of Rosetta. Upon getting there, they
    immediately go to talk to Mariel over on the east side of town.] 
    Mariel: What...? How...? Rudy, his arm...  What's happening? 
    *Jack and Cecilia tell Mariel everything up to this point in their adventure. 
    Mariel: Use the herbs and the pain will go away... This is a benefit of the 
    [life within metal] body that you possess, Rudy... 
    Jack: [Life within metal]? How would you know Mariel? 
    Mariel: [shakes head] It is a 1000 year old sin! The metal that has a
    consciousness. As you know, the demons have machines for their bodies. The 
    Elws and Humans dared to step in their realm and play gods. If this was a 
    small wound, I could do something about it with herbs. But to replace a lost
    arm... [pauses; shakes head] Nowhere in Filgaia can you recreate [life within
    metal] again... Maybe if it were 1000 years ago... maybe then... Rudy's arm
    could have been...
    Cecilia: 1000 years ago, in Filgaia... How can you...? 
    Mariel: Let's go to the temple in the Forest Mound. Deep in that forest, the
    Elws... We left a gift... 
    [They arrive at the Forest Mound. They all step onto a platform. Mariel turns
    to talk to the three of them.]
    Mariel: The Elws left Filgaia after the war with the demons had ended. We Elws
    normally live in the forest. After the war, the land was no longer suitable for
    us. So, we created this realm called the [Elw Dimension]. We used the last of
    our power to move this land to another dimension. We closed the gates and this
    became our new home. There you can still see Filgaia of 1000 years ago. And
    this is the gate that connects the Elw world to Filgaia. 
    Jack: We couldn't budge this thing, even with a cannon! Maybe the gate broke
    because of 1000 years of inactivity. That would not be good for Rudy... 
    Mariel: This gate operates on the Elw's heart and life energy... 
    [Mariel looks around for a minute and then pauses. She then proceeds to slit
    open her arm and draw blood. Rudy feebly walks forward in concern, but
    Cecilia steadies him.]
    Mariel: The Elws live by [bonds]. We bond to time in order to live an eternal
    life. We bond to the land to enjoy nature. We will gladly give up everything
    to bond with those who we believe in. Rudy saved my life in this forest. Now,
    it's my turn to repay him. 
    [Mariel drops to her knees, her blood trickling onto the platform. Jack rushes
    to her side, and everything starts to shake.]
    Mariel: ...please ...don't ...leave ...the mound ...Vassim ...can ... 
    [In an instant, all four of them are teleported to another world. They appear
    on a similar platform on the other side; however, there is greener vegetation
    Cecilia: The [Elw Dimension] is a replica of Filgaia 1000 years ago...
    [Jack shakes Mariel's shoulders roughly.]
    Jack: Hey Mariel! Mariel! She's bleeding badly. We need to treat her now! 
    [They begin to exit the forest, but they encounter three Elws on their way.]
    Elws: The humans have activated the gate? And they are here!? 
    Jack: [steps forward] We came to ask for your help. 
    Elw 1: [on left] We Elws want nothing to do with you foolish humans... Please
    Cecilia: [steps forward] We have people wounded here. Only you can help cure
    them. One of the wounded is an Elw girl. Please, let us in. 
    Elw 2: [on the right] She is the child of a criminal. There is no reason for
    us to help her... Go, go back to your dying world... 
    Elw 3: [middle] Wait... We cannot risk exposing the gate to other humans. We
    will take you to the village. Master Fulcanelli will decide your fate. 
    [The scene resumes later in a house in the Elw village. There are three beds;
    Rudy occupies the middle one, Mariel the right. Rudy seems to be having fits.
    Cecilia and Jack look worriedly upon him while an older Elw stands at his
    Cecilia: Please help, Rudy! 
    [The Elw, whose name is Emiko, does something with Rudy - probably a sedative
    of sorts. It is in the form of a small glowing ball of light.] 
    Jack: What the hell did you do?! 
    [Rudy goes limp; Jack and Cecilia exchanged confused glances.]
    Emiko: Follow me, outsiders from the dying world. 
    [Emiko leads them down to his basement and begins to speak to them.]
    Emiko: So, you want to use our powers to fix this young man's left arm? 
    Cecilia: Rudy is an important part of the team. We're trying to save the world. 
    Emiko: The battle with the demons has begun again. Do you trust us? The ones 
    who are more like demons than humans... 
    Cecilia: [shakes her head] We have to, Rudy is too important. The whole world
    needs him. 
    Emiko: 1000 years ago, we created this machine to combat the demons. 
    Jack: The golems are the [Absolute Power]... 
    Emiko: Power without heart can be good or evil. The Elws and the human mage 
    have reached into the realm of the unknown and came up with a new technology...
    We based this technology on demons we've captured. We used living metals and
    adapted it to human physiology. An artificial biometal was created. It was 
    called the [Holmcross Project]. Artificial life that can survive under any 
    conditions. This Holmcross is the ultimate enhancement to many different
    kinds of ARMs. It synchronizes with different ARMs, thus enhancing the psychic
    power of the ARM. But, the Holmcross enjoyed killing so much, they literally 
    became a killing machine. Was it the blood of the demons or was it man's 
    lust for conflict... No one knows for sure... The deployed Holmcross were
    destroyed. There is, however, one Holmcross left. An experimental model was
    sealed deep underground. 
    Cecilia: Rudy is not a killing machine. He has a bigger heart than anyone
    I know! 
    Emiko: The time he spent as a human gave him a pure [heart]. Is that what
    you're saying? 
    Cecilia: Rudy used to travel with an old man called Zepet. Zepet had a kind
    heart and it was he who kept Rudy from turning into a weapon. He kept Rudy's
    heart pure. 
    Emiko: You're telling me after 1000 years, this man unleashed the experimental
    machine... But, it's too late. We don't have the technology to give life to
    metals anymore. Those powers were lost to us long ago. 
    Cecilia: [steps forward in worry] Then Rudy is...
    Emiko: [turns away] There is nothing we can do..
    [Cecilia buries her head in her hands. There is the sound of footsteps, and
    Mariel appears at the doorway although she is still wounded.]
    Mariel: The Guardian Blade...
    Jack: [hurries to her] Mariel! You must rest! 
    Mariel: [steps past him] The Guardian Blade has a life of its own... I bet
    it's power could... Go to brother Vassim and use the Guardian Blade on Rudy.
    Emiko: [hurries towards her] What in the world are you saying? The Guardian
    Mariel: It went out of control and disappeared. But not before it took half
    of Filgaia with it... [pause] You know the Sand Ocean that starts from Rosetta
    and cuts across the land? That was the result of the untrained and refined
    Guardian Blade of Vassim. 
    Emiko: [walks to her] Mariel stayed there, alone to pay for her brother's
    sins. He is working to turn the Sand Ocean back to normal... [looks away]
    We can't afford to make the same mistake again. 
    Mariel: If we do nothing, then that is what Filgaia will be... Nothing... If
    we run now, we will live like weaklings for the rest of our lives. I don't
    want to lose the [bond] between myself and the people who taught me to be
    Emiko: [turns away and takes a few steps; he pauses] Vassim lives in the
    forest to the southwest. There, he can live without being exposed to us...
    He's the only one that can possibly repair the arm... If not, it will 
    destroy us all... 
    Mariel: [to Cecilia and Jack] Please take me with you. I want to share some of
    what I've learned with him. 
    [Cecilia, Jack, and Marie make for the door.]
    Emiko: Do you still want us to make the Guardian Blade? It's going to take a
    miracle. We have lost much of our technology to time. That evil sword... 
    Cecilia: [looks to him] Miracles only have value if you can do it yourself...
    It is absolutely true. [leaves]
    Emiko: Miracles don't occur easily. If it can be done, it will probably be done
    by a human. The Guardian of Filgaia is a human... 
    [The scene cuts to the bedroom with Cecilia standing over Rudy's bedside.]
    Cecilia: Please, hold on... Our wishes will make you well again. 
    [Rudy enters the party, and the trio sets off for the Forest Prison. Using a
    key obtained from one of the elders, they open a sealed chest here. You are led
    to a clearing where there is a waterfall, and a Unicorn materializes.]
    Unicorn: I am Odoryuk, Guardian of Life. Innocent One from Filgaia, receive my
    gift. I shall cast a light upon your dwindling faith! Either in eternity or
    mortality, my powers are never absolute. Take my powers, shaman, for I am the
    Guardian of Life! 
    [You obtain the Life Rune and head for the exit of Forest Prison, your sights
    set on Vassim's Lab. Once they, you enter the house and speak with him.]
    Mariel: Vassim! 
    Vassim: Mariel! What are you doing here? 
    Mariel: Vassim... Rudy is in trouble... 
    Vassim: Calm down, Mariel. Breath... Breath... 
    [The scene darkens temporarily and resumes up in the bedroom. Rudy is lying in
    the bed, and Jack, Mariel, and Vassim are looking over him.]
    Vassim: I can't believe I'm looking at a forbidden Holmcross... 
    Mariel: Rudy needs some living metal to heal his left arm. Please, use the
    Guardian Blade one last time! 
    Vassim: No! Do you want me to crack the ground in half again? I can't take
    part in the creation of another weapon for destruction... The Guardian Blade
    is a blade of doom. [turns and walks away from the bed]
    Mariel: [looks to him] I'm not talking about a weapon. I want you to pound out
    some [Life Force] with those hands. Only you can save Rudy. Only you can make
    metal come to life. Fix Rudy with the technology that produced the Guardian
    Vassim: [turns to her] You've become strong... Or should I say your love has
    become strong... 
    Mariel: Rudy shared his strength of heart with me. Rudy can change the future
    of mankind. Make the Guardian Blade save Rudy. 
    Vassim: It is possible to repair the arm... But, we are missing two key 
    ingredients for the operation though... To reclaim the left hand, we need the
    [Life Force] Guardian. To regulate its powers, we need the [Illusion] Guardian.
    With both of these in place, we can finally apply the Guardian Blade to his 
    left arm. Mariel and I will prep him for the operation. You warriors go and 
    gather the two powers of the Guardians. The [Life Force] Guardian is sealed
    somewhere in the forest prison... I don't know where the [Illusion] Guardian 
    is... There is a magical book called [De Le Metalica]. It's a book about 
    alchemy and it is said the power of [Illusion] lives in it. To find one tiny
    book in this huge world I... You must do this. You are our last hope. 
    [With that said and done, your duo of Cecilia and Jack heads for the Curan
    Abbey in order to access the Sealed Library. Perhaps De Le Metalica lies
    there... And sure enough, it does - in the room where Cecilia fought her first
    boss. You try to read the book. ]
    *The pages turn by themselves until it reaches a section on forbidden magic.
    As your consciousness wanes you begin to hear a voice from afar... 
    [Cecilia and Jack appear in the Illusion Labyrinth. They happen upon five
    bookcases, which correspond with five treasure chests.]
    Bookcase 1:
    *The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
    Closed minds will lead Filgaia to its doom. [Closed]
    Bookcase 2:
    *The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
    The Elws have gone to another world... [Closed]
    Bookcase 3:
    *The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
    For a thousand years, people have torn apart the land, looking for the future
    they've lost. [Open]
    Bookcase 4:
    *The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
    A foolish woman opened the box and all the desires of the world released. This
    is human nature in its purest form. [Open]
    Bookcase 5:
    *The pages turn automatically to a sentence.
    What do you search for with those closed eyes? This is Filgaia, a dying 
    world... [Closed]
    [You head back to the closed door.]
    *It's true, [Knowledge] is the real treasure. It can help people, as well as
    confuse them. 
    [The door admits Cecilia and Jack finally. After obtaining the last three
    "elemental" books - Nothingness, Sacred, and Illusion - Jack steps forward.]
    Jack: So, I should adapt these characteristics into an attack. I'm gonna give
    it a try... There must be a bunch of different characteristics. 
    [You acquire a fast draw hint and head on your way. Then comes the infamous
    door puzzle! The stone tablet at the first set of doors reads...]
    Tablet 1: 
    *I see knowledge as a guardian of the secret ways... Uninvited one... Go to the
    left or to the right, for we shall not meet. [Left] 
    Tablet 2:
    *The might of the demons is determined by the strength of their machines. So
    why does man follow the ways of the demons? Will the path to the left lead
    to horns? Will the path to the right lead to man? Choose the path you
    believe in. [Right]
    Tablet 3:
    *Visitors to book of [De Le Metalica]! What do you seek in this foreign world?
    The one who turns left here shall receive the power of Death. The one who
    turns right here shall receive the power of Life. [Right] 
    Tablet 4:
    *[Guardian Blade]... Who is this that possesses unworthy powers? To forge a
    future for the world, choose the left door. To take the future from the 
    world, choose the right door. [Left]
    Tablet 5: 
    *People always speak of justice while using power to enforce it. What then 
    is the meaning of justice? If you want justice as power, take the right door.
    If you want power as justice, take the left door. [Right] 
    [After successfully making it through that puzzle, you follow a circular path.
    Finally, you confront a Guardian at the end of the path.] 
    Duras Drum: This is the realm of the forbidden knowledge. I am the keeper of
    all the knowledge stored here. Humans! You have successfully overcome the 
    labyrinth. You have earned the right to possess the secret power of [Illusion].
    Just remember, the power is a vehicle, not a driver. Warrior and the Shaman 
    Princess, take my powers... Have faith in what you do. 
    [The Hades Rune is obtained. Now that both Guardians have been obtained, 
    Cecilia and Jack head back to Vassim's Lab in the Elw Realm. You speak 
    with Vassim.]
    Vassim: The two powers of the Guardians are together again. The [Lifeforce]
    and the [Illusion]... I am unleashing the forbidden powers... Am I making a
    terrible mistake again? No! Not this time! The [Guardian Blade] will be forged.
    It's the weapon capable of saving the future. The Guardian Blade!!! 
    [The screen fades.]
    The surgery took the better part of the day...
    [The scene resumes up in the bedroom; everyone is at Rudy's side except for
    Vassim: I have done all I can. Now, we'll see how he holds up. 
    [Cecilia, now to herself, talks to Jack who is standing on the stairs outside.]
    Jack: He's closed up his heart... I know how that feels... If I found out I had
    the same body as the demons, The same demons I've been fighting all my life,
    [Cecilia goes upstairs and stands beside the boy.]
    Cecilia: Don't close your heart, Rudy... You are who you are... You're one of
    us... Ever benevolent and invulnerable... 
    [The screen seems to darken.]
    Cecilia: Where am I...!? Dreaming...? No, this isn't my dream... It's someone
    else's dream... 
    [The scene resumes in a town.]
    Boy's voice: Rudy! Hurry, come here! 
    [We see Rudy trailing four different kids as they walk on screen. There's a
    blonde-haired boy, a girl with pink hair, a boy with a blue hat, and a girl
    with brown hair. The four children stand before Rudy.] 
    Cecilia: This is an unfamiliar landscape... This is Rudy's dream... That child
    is... Rudy? So this is his childhood. The situation made Rudy's mind go back to
    his childhood. The childhood in his heart is the world where old man Zepet 
    protects him.
    Blue hat boy: I'm going to be a [Dream Chaser] when I grow up. 
    Blonde boy: Like Rudy? 
    Blue hat boy: No, I'm going to be a better [Dream Chaser]! I'll be traveling
    alone, not with my grandpa. Check this out! 
    [They all walk forward towards a small crate.]
    Blonde boy (?): Impossible?! A kid can't lift that...  
    Blue hat boy: Rudy can't do it either! It's a draw! 
    (Rudy strolls over to the crate, picks it up over his head, and then walks 
    back in front of them. Rudy proceeds to throw it to the ground.)
    Blue hat boy: No way, that's impossible! Rudy isn't normal! 
    Blonde boy: I know... I know... Rudy has no parents! 
    Blue hat boy: Rudy's probably a monster child! 
    [The four kids split up and run off. Dejectedly, Rudy hangs his head and
    walks away.]
    Cecilia: Rudy! ... 
    [Rudy is met by his grandfather Zepet.]
    Zepet: What happened, Rudy? Are you alone again... Huh? You want to know why
    you're different from the others? So, you're old enough to think about
    such things... 
    [The two of them walk off, and the scene darkens.]
    Cecilia: I think I'm lost in Rudy's dream... He must turn to his memories with
    old man Zepet when his feelings are hurt. Being with the old man must be
    relaxing for Rudy. 
    [The scene resumes with Zepet and Rudy looking out over a sea glittering
    against a sunset.]
    Zepet: This power you have... There must be a reason why you were chosen to
    possess it... Hmm... This is a little difficult to explain. Let me put it to
    you this way. You feel pain when someone hits you, right? The same thing
    happens with people's hearts. Your heart hurts when something sad happens. You
    can understand those hard feelings better than other children... Someone like
    you will need the power to protect people in the future. You must practice with
    your ARM and sword until that time comes. 
    [The scene switches to Rudy standing up on a cold, blue-grey cliff. A cross is
    before him, and off of it hangs a necklace. Zepet is not there.]
    Zepet: [voice echoing] Real power is the power to protect what's dear to you. 
    Cecilia: Rudy's kindness comes from his understanding of people's hard 
    feelings, not only the old man's teachings. Now I understand. The constant
    pain he has within his artificial body has taught him mercy... 
    [ The scene switches back to the town shown earlier. Now, however, it is on
    fire; Rudy stands there helplessly.]
    Cecilia: I know you're scared, Rudy. Just hang in there. You are not afraid
    of the demons. Your fear is pointed inwards! You are Rudy, our dear friend!
    Don't deny yourself... 
    [We see an image of Zeikfried walking towards Rudy. Rudy sees this and runs
    away quickly.]
    Cecilia: Don't look away from what hurts you. This is an illusion generated
    from your own heart. It's easy to run away, but that won't solve anything.
    Rudy, come out and face it! 
    [We see Rudy running back into Zepet's house. The boy immediately sits on the
    ground in front of the old man, who is rocking in his chair.]
    Zepet: What's the matter? Why are you in a hurry? You bumped into something
    so bad you wanted to run away? Don't worry. I will get rid of anything that
    will hurt you. You can always come to me. 
    Cecilia: Rudy! Do not close your heart! 
    Zepet: Always stay here, Rudy... Don't listen to anything else... Just listen
    to me. 
    [The scene darkens; we see Cecilia alone with a young Rudy, whose back is
    turned to her.]
    Cecilia: Everyone is waiting for you... Jack, Hanpan, Jane, McDullen, Prof.
    Emma, the Captain, even Mariel! And me... Rudy is Rudy. You are no one else but
    our dear friend! I know being with old man Zepet is comfortable for you, but
    that's an ancient memory! This is an illusion... The old man is dead!! 
    [Rudy looks up and fades. The background begins to glow a variety of colors;
    Zepet appears before Cecilia.]
    Zepet: Shut up, you noisy little brat! 
    Cecilia: Zepet?!?!
    Zepet: I'm never going to let this kid go. I've never met someone with such
    a beautiful heart! 
    [Zepet suddenly morphs into a demon.]
    Elizabeth: I am Elizabeth... I'm a devil who eats dreams. 
    Cecilia: So, you're the one keeping Rudy's mind closed... 
    Elizabeth: If you want him, you'll have to beat me first. I wonder if a noisy
    brat like you could do that? 
    [A battle starts and ends. The screen is in blue; we see the fragments of
    the dream sprinkling down around them. Cecilia holds Rudy.]
    Cecilia: Be strong, Rudy! You're not alone... A lot of people care about you,
    because you care about others. .....!! Now... Now I understand... I have always
    hated myself for being the Princess of Adlehyde. I always thought that people
    would only see me as a princess. I wasn't being hated... My selfish thoughts
    were keeping people away from me. I've finally found out by watching Rudy...
    If you want to be loved by someone, you have to love other people yourself...
    *The [Goddess Idol] shatters! 
    Raftina: I am Raftina, the Guardian of the [Love], the love that people have
    lost. Your cries have been heard... Princess, why do you risk your life for
    your dear friend? 
    Cecilia: At first... I was doing it because I am the princess and the shaman
    of the Guardians... But now I do it because I love Filgaia... Because I love
    my friends...
    Raftina: You've learned the true meaning of love... If you need my powers, call
    upon me in the name of [love]. 
    [You obtain the Love Rune. Everything is engulfed in a yellow light. The scene
    opens up with Cecilia, who just wakes up on Rudy's bedside.]
    Cecilia: Wow... I feel asleep [pauses and freaks out] ...!? Rudy! 
    [Cecilia turns to see Rudy staring out of a window.]
    Cecilia: ...... This isn't a dream? 
    [Rudy and Cecilia approach each other.]
    Cecilia: You won't laugh at me, call me a space cadet or anything like that
    would you? 
    [Rudy shakes his head]
    Cecilia: I was dreaming... A dream about Rudy... Rudy had the same dream? Wow,
    I now know the burden you carry... You are truly strong of heart, and in
    might... I would have been crushed by the sadness... 
    [Cecilia blushes vibrantly and steps back.]
    Cecilia: If we did share the same dream, then what do you remember? What
    happened? There's the real me, not the princess.. All I could think of was
    saving you... 
    [Jack and Hanpan enter through the door.]
    Jack: You made us worry, kid! 
    Hanpan: You look great... 
    [Rudy nods; we see Mariel and Vassim hurrying up the stairs as the scene
    resumes later downstairs.]
    Mariel: I'm going back to Filgaia. I can't fight, but the least I can do is
    try to protect our home. 
    [Mariel joins you. Then you speak to Vassim via Rudy.]
    Vassim: Your body is not human... That is the truth. If you can accept this
    fact and grow beyond it, you will be able to produce unbelievable power from
    your ARMs. The synchronization beyond normal limits will produce a runaway
    destructive force. I know you will use this power wisely... Bring the future
    to us Rudy! 
    *Vassim's words have awakened powers sleeping deep inside Rudy's body. 
    [Rudy's Fury Shot Force is acquired.]
    Vassim: Your body represents a past that we are trying to forget. The war with
    the demons and the Holmcross Project... The Guardian Blade... You're the
    Pandora's Box...  
    [After you return to Filgaia by way of the Forest Mound, Mariel stops you.]
    Mariel: Umm...I'll be okay from here. I'm going back to town to continue my 
    work on reforesting the land. Not out of guilt, but out of love. I want to 
    do what I can to save Filgaia, a land full of wonderful people. You have 
    changed my life. Thank you, everybody... 
    ----- ----- -----
    Protowing and Gemini's Corpse (X18)
    ----- ----- -----
    [Just as Rudy and company are leaving the Forest Mound area, they are stopped
    in there tracks by none other than Jane Maxwell and her servant, McDullen.]
    Jane: You're late! Where the hell were you! 
    McDullen: My lady was so worried. 
    Jane: Naah! There is something going on! We must get back to Adlehyde Castle!! 
    [The scene switches to a little hill near Adlehyde.]
    Jane: It's incredible! I've never seen anything like it. 
    [All five of them - including Hanpan of course - walk on screen.]
    Jack: What? What are you talking about! What is incredible? 
    Jane: [turns to him] Prof. Emma's invention is finished. The Flight Machine is
    done! The strange looking contraption in her lab actually flies! 
    Cecilia: A machine that can fly? 
    Hanpan: It is said that 1000 years ago there was a vehicle that could travel
    to the stars... How can you fly using current technology?! 
    Jane: I have no idea how it works, but Prof. Emma has been researching flight
    mechanisms for a long time. You know the Emma Motor...? It was invented for
    this machine! For a long time, she said it didn't have enough power to fly
    yet, but... 
    Jack: Why now? 
    Jane: I'm not sure, it was a lot of information for me to digest. Speaking of
    digestion, she was checking out the Earth Golem's stomach while we were
    gone... [pause] We better hurry or we'll miss the test flight. 
    [They get to the top part of the hill overlooking Adlehyde situated on the
    dusty landscape.]
    Jane: That crazy captain... What's his name is going to be the test pilot. He's
    scared of heights. Imagine, a grown man whining and crying! 
    Cecilia: I'm sorry to hear that...
    Jane: There! It's coming this way! 
    [We see a plane soaring downwards at a 45-degree angle until it crashes in
    a smoldering heap on the ground. Everyone jumps.]
    Jane: OHHH!!! SHIE...
    Cecilia: That crazy captain! 
    [Everyone heads for the Adlehyde Conference Room. We see Emma enter.]
    Emma: Wow, that was scary. We didn't have enough power to maneuver into the
    upper atmosphere. We need to start on the modifications right away. Rudy, it's
    good to see you up and about again! 
    Jane: Where's the captain? 
    Emma: There's always a price to pay for progress. We should all go and visit
    him later... But first, I want you to meet some one. 
    [A lady with a pink head covering walks in. This is Anje, from the beginning 
    of the game... You remember, right?]
    Anje: Before the introductions... I would like to report my findings. 
    [A glowing rock is placed on the conference table.]
    Cecilia: That is the Guard Stone. What??? 
    Anje: There is instability in the Guardian's energy. The Guard Stone is
    responding very erratically. There is some problem to the southeast,
    far away... I will continue with my observations... Is something happening
    to the Guardians? 
    Emma: I don't have any confirmation... But, it's worth a look. We must use...
    Jane: But... I thought it wasn't completed yet? 
    Emma: If only we had the [Gemini Circuits]! If we had the ancient 
    [Gemini Circuits], we could increase the power of the Emma Motor. We need a
    pair of them in order for them to work. Let's split up into two teams. Jane,
    your team will take to the sea with the captain. Fetch him from the hospital.
    Rudy and gang will use the new machine that I've created for them. Come with
    me, Rudy. I'll show you my secret laboratory. 
    Jack: A secret laboratory... Where could it be? 
    Emma: No one knows... That's why it's called a secret laboratory. 
    [The scene switches to Emma's secret underground laboratory. There appear to
    be about six of Emma's co-workers there as well.]
    Cecilia: I can't believe there's a secret facility under Adlehyde Castle! 
    Hanpan: There you go again, with another crazy idea... Isn't this illegal?
    Jack: Someone stop this crazy professor...
    Emma: I wasn't sure what I was getting into, so I didn't bother getting a
    permit. [raises hand] Okay. Light it up!! 
    [Four spotlights shine on the aircraft. Everyone jumps a little.]
    Emma: Here it is, surprise! The result of Zepet's studies on the theory of
    flight, the [Metal Bird] and my Emma Motor! I was able to create this flying
    machine by combining the two technologies. At last, my dream is finally
    becoming a reality. I'm going to name it the [Gull Wing], the wing of the
    Holy Bird. No... It's a prototype... How about the [Protowing]! 
    Jack: All that steam over a prototype... The thing can't even fly! We all saw
    it crash! 
    Hanpan: According to my wisdom... What goes up, must come down. 
    Emma: As long as you don't get caught in a high altitude jet stream, you'll
    be okay. 
    Hanpan: Somehow, you don't sound too convincing...
    Emma: In this world, you can only count on two things... Our love of Filgaia
    and my technology! [pause] In order for me to complete the Protowing, I must
    have a pair of [Gemini Circuits]. Gemini means twins... Thus, they will not
    work unless we bring the two Gemini Circuits together. Jane's group will go
    by sea and your group shall go by air... Get back as soon as you find the
    [Gemini Circuit]. [to her employees] What is the repair status of the
    Protowing? Stop wasting time, hurry up! 
    Workers: Repairs complete. It can take off at any time. 
    Cecilia: Those people...
    Emma: Yeah! They're the same guys that were helping me with the [Lolithia] dig. 
    Worker: Emma is being a slave driver as usual! 
    Emma: Shut up and send the machine to Gate 14! Okay, ready? Protowing...
    Take Off!!!! 
    [All her employees stand aside as the Protowing is prepared for launch. The 
    scene resumes outside next to the Protowing.]
    Emma: To ride the Protowing, walk to the Protowing and push the Accept button.
    To land, push the Cancel button. You can't land in a forest or on the water.
    It doesn't have enough power to fly over mountains, it is just a prototype.
    [walks back to Adlehyde] 
    [Your entourage now goes to Gemini's Corpse. They come upon a treasure chest
    behind a bombed wall.] 
    Equitus: Sorceress and the warriors! I am Equitus, the Guardian of the Sword.
    My will and my powers have been separated... My powers are sealed in a temple
    surrounded by an imposing mountain range. As payment for reclaiming my powers,
    I shall give you the secret of my sword technique. 
    *Jack's heart fills with the images of the sword of Equitus...
    [A Fast Draw Hint is obtained. Your party continues onward into the depths of
    the dungeon. After trying to pick up the Gemini circuit at the very end, you
    are confronted by Mech Drake. A battle starts and ends.]
    Cecilia: This must be one of the Gemini Circuits that Prof. Emma is
    looking for.
    Jack: If we can get two of these Gemini Circuits, Emma can complete the
    Protowing. Let's get back to Adlehyde. Maybe our good captain and his gang
    have found the second Gemini Circuit. 
    [They exit the ruins and head back to Adlehyde in order to speak with Professor
    Emma. They go to the Adlehyde Conference Room and speak with her.]
    Emma: So, we got one of the Gemini Circuits already... We can get to work as
    soon as we have the other one. 
    Soldier: [enters] Professor Emma, I have an important message! We received a
    transmission from the team on the Sweet Candy. 
    Emma: Continue... 
    Soldier: One Gemini Circuit found. Returning to base... [exits]
    Emma: Oh boy! We can start the work soon.
    Soldier: [re-enters quickly] This is Sweet Candy! Mayday! Mayday! Under attack!
    Requesting back up! 
    Emma: This is happening at the worst possible time...
    [The scene switches to Bartholomew aboard the Sweet Candy. Jane rushes into
    view as a blast of water shoots up from the waters. Bartholomew rushes over
    to the side of the ship with her.]
    Bartholomew: GeeeeeWiiiiz! What the hell is that! 
    [Several blasts of water begin shooting up - almost in the shape of a creature
    swimming alongside the boat.]
    Jane: Just as we found one of the Gemini Circuits, we get this! Do you have
    any special weapons or something? 
    Bartholomew: This is a trade ship, not the USS Missouri. 
    Jane: [looks to him] You haven't got a clue, have you? This is a game! You
    should always carry a special weapon! 
    Bartholomew: [looks to her and then away] Huh...
    [More blasts of water shoot up awfully close to where they're standing.
    Bartholomew steps closer to Jane.]
    Bartholomew: Wooooow! Grab onto me! 
    Jane: [turns away] Noooo doggone waaaaay!!! 
    Bartholomew: My poor ship, the Sweet Candy... She's sinking! All hands,
    abandon ship! 
    [Bartholomew, Jane, and other sailors rush off of the ship. After they leave,
    it goes up in flames as the water blasts continue to shoot up. The scene
    switches to the beach at the Ship Graveyard; Jack, Rudy, Cecilia, and 
    Hanpan run up.]
    Jane: Geeez! I'm drenched! [looks around frantically] Heeey! Don't look at me! 
    Jack: What happened? The ship is gone. Did you get the Gemini Circuit? Is it
    [Bartholomew and Jane look at Jack briefly and look away. McDullen turns to
    your party.]
    McDullen: What a horrific creature. ...A stone mermaid. I'm sorry, we were too
    busy getting away from the monster... The Gemini Circuit is probably at the
    bottom of the Inner Sea by now... 
    Cecilia: So, the Protowing upgrade will...
    McDullen: I am deeply sorry. We must get back to Adlehyde, so we can regroup
    our thoughts. 
    Bartholomew: [walks toward the shore] Oh! My Sweet Candy! [slowly]
    Rest in peace! 
    [The scene darkens and switches back to the Adlehyde Conference Room.]
    Emma: So, the other Gemini Circuit is at the bottom of the sea. 
    Bartholomew: My poor Sweet Candy...
    Jane: Ahhh! This is so frustrating. Does this mean that all our efforts were
    for nothing? Even McDullen did a good job! 
    McDullen: Thank you, my lady...
    Emma: The Gemini Circuits only work as a pair... I guess we have to give up on
    our idea, now that the other circuit is buried deep beneath the ocean...
    *Too bad...
    Emma: Don't give up, everyone. There must be another way. 
    Jane: Okay...
    Bartholomew: ... Candy...
    [Everyone else leaves - albeit Bartholomew very slowly - and your party heads
    again for the Ship Graveyard. Your party arrives at the beach and sees the
    Gemini Circuit lying there unscathed.] 
    Jack: This is it! It's the other Gemini Circuit! It's true, everything
    eventually ends up in this area... Sometimes I don't know if we're just lucky
    or what... 
    Cecilia: We must take this to Prof. Emma...
    Jack: That's right! This makes it possible to make the Protowing
    [They return to Adlehyde and speak to Emma in her house.] 
    Emma: You've found the Gemini Circuit that was lost at sea? That's too good to
    be true... All right! Now my Protowing will become a full fledged Gull Wing
    before your very eyes! I just have to get some extra help and then I'll
    get to work...
    [The scene resumes later in Emma's secret laboratory; she drags Rudy and the
    gang on screen before the Protowing.]
    ----- ----- -----
    Pandemonium (X19)
    ----- ----- -----
    Emma: Each Gemini Circuit is an energy amplifier. When combined together,
    they will achieve an energy level that cannot normally be generated. It's
    important for even small powers to support each other. 
    Whether it's machines or human beings, it's the same thing...
    [The spotlights shine on the Protowing, lighting up Emma's five assistants.]
    Cecilia: Who are they?! 
    Emma: Colleagues of mine... They're from all over Filgaia or rather..
    Matthew: Six students of old man Zepet. 
    Lilud: Emma ask me to come all of a sudden. I had no idea you were making a
    flying machine. 
    Norman: It was always our master's dream...
    Tokanak: This really was a sudden call. You're still a slave driver. Huh, Emma? 
    Nicholi: Rudy's needs are the world's needs now. Right, Emma? 
    Emma: The Guardian's power in the southeast point is weakening. We need a
    vessel to take us there... We need to finish this machine before morning. I
    need your help to accomplish this. 
    [The screen darkens.]
    *The midnight oil was burned... And in the morning...
    [The screen lights up again; Emma and your trio - or quartet, counting Hanpan -
    stand before the new Gull Wing.]
    Emma: I think we did it... We should test this thing out first. Once you're
    off, push the Accept Button to go up higher. With this, you can travel to areas
    you couldn't reach before. You can use the Cancel Button to lower your
    altitude. It's all up to you now. 
    [The Gull Wing is raised into the wasteland. Your party flies southeast 
    towards Pandemonium and enters... Further inside, Lady Harken leaps down in
    front of your party but morphs into a human form.] 
    Jack: Elmina! 
    [A large monster appears behind Elmina, and Alhazad materializes to Elmina's
    Jack: Alhazad! What's going on! I thought Elmina was one of you. 
    Alhazad: One of us? Yeees... An important part of the plan. I can't have any
    more intrusions. Turask, take care of my friends for me! 
    [A battle against Turask starts and ends. Elmina is encased in a bubble;
    Jack runs toward her.]
    Cecilia: No, Jack! It's a trap! 
    Alhazad: Too late, my princess. 
    [Jack is also encased in a similar bubble.]
    Jack: Shhie! What is this! I... can't... move... 
    [Rudy, concerned, runs toward him but is also enveloped in a bubble. The same
    happens with Cecilia.]
    Alhazad: How beautifully these humans behave. So much waste in their effort.
    You folks need to keep quiet, during our event. 
    [The scene resumes later with Jack talking to Hanpan in a run-down 
    dungeon cell.] 
    Jack: Damn it! This is all my fault.  
    Hanpan: I wonder if everyone is all right? 
    Jack: They'll be fine. Let's get out of here. [he pauses, having seen the hole
    in the wall] You could get through there. It's all yours, Hanpan. 
    [Hanpan makes his way through a series of winding holes but finally makes it
    to a lever, which he pulls - with some effort -- to release the locks on
    all the cells.]  
    Hanpan: Jack's going to do all the work next time... The labor laws also apply
    to rats, you know. 
    [Hanpan scampers on back to Jack in his cell.]
    Jack: Hey, there you are! Are you all right? 
    Hanpan: You, worry about me? How sweet... All the locks are unlocked. It's all
    up to you, Jack. 
    Jack: That means Rudy and the princess may be on the move as well. I wonder
    what they could be doing... Let's go, Hanpan. 
    [After reuniting with each other, Jack, Rudy, and Cecilia enter a room and come
    face-to-face with the Demon Prophet.]
    Demon Prophet: I am your captor and seer. No one escapes my vision. I punish
    those who try to escape and I reward those who are obedient... Now, go back to
    your cell...
    [You answer no and engage in a battle. Soon you land the final hit.] 
    Demon Prophet: I can see... The end of this fight... It is... No!... Not me!
    [The battle ends. Your party continues onward into Pandemonium after finally
    making it out of the dungeon. However, they are intercepted by another
    Shazam: In just a little while, the Black Tear will rain down on the land.
    The end draws near for this planet. 
    [A battle starts; the finishing blow is dealt.]
    Shazam: It is too late... All will perish! You will perish with this planet.
    [The battle ends. You continue until you step on the threshold of a room.]
    *The Tear Drop is vibrating. Do you want to jump in?
    [Obviously yes. Inside, we see the Darkness Tear within a glowing circle.]
    Jack: What...? What's going on? 
    Zeikfried: [voice echoing] I told you earlier... I will kill the Guardians.
    Cecilia: That voice... Zeikfried, you're alive...?! 
    Jack: Damn it, I can't see him! Show yourself! 
    Alhazad: [voice echoing] I'm quite surprised myself... Good job, Zeikfried.
    Hee, hee, hee...
    Jack: I guess we weren't the only ones who escaped from the dimension gap. 
    Zeikfried: [voice echoing] Just sit there and watch as the black light of the
    Darkness Tear rain rips Filgaia into pieces. 
    Jack: No... How is this possible...? 
    Alhazad: [voice echoing] Easy my human friends... The Darkness Tear can
    generate anti-life energy by reversing the effects of the [Tear Drop]. You know
    how energy is delivered to the different regions, don't you? 
    Cecilia: No... The [Elw Pyramids]... 
    Zeikfried: [voice echoing] Yes, the machine the Elws built has now become a
    doomsday device for Filgaia!! With the satellites, we can broadcast the
    anti-life energy from space. We will put an end to this [Ray Line], the power
    network of the Guardians... Not just wastelands, we will bring utter death to
    this planet! 
    Cecilia: I thought you wanted to rule this planet for yourself?! What you're
    doing is just killing the planet... You sound more and more like Mother... Who
    you used to hate, you know!! 
    Zeikfried: ... 
    Alhazad: [voice echoing] Lady Harken was originally a human woman... A woman
    gives birth... Who else is more perfectly suited to give birth to anti-life
    than a Mother!
    Zeikfried: [voice echoing] Do it Alhazad, let the [Black Tear] rain
    onto the world. 
    Jack: There's no way we will let you do that!! 
    [The Darkness Tear shoots energy up into a satellite; we see it broadcasting
    rain all across Filgaia. The ground splits open.] 
    The Elw's teleporatation device had scattered the Darkness Tear all over 
    Filgaia. The dark glow of the crystal severed the life line of the Guardians.
    This line, called the [Ray Line], spreads deep under the planet's crust.
    [We see tornadoes - many of them - snaking through the deserted wastelands.]
    The power that held the world together quickly diminished, as the Guardians in
    each area lost their link. Nature hangs in an uncomfortable balance of an
    occasional, major disruption...
    [People arrive at a beach only to see a large tidal wave; quickly they run.]
    The Darkness Tear... The antithesis of the [Tear Drop]. It will suck Filgaia
    dry of its life before our very eyes...
    [The scene switches back to the present.]
    Jack: Stop! Damn it! Stop it! 
    [Jack runs at the Darkness Tear with his sword, only to be thrown back by a 
    shock of energy. Cecilia and Rudy kneel beside him.]
    Cecilia: Jack! 
    Jack: Grrrraaaaaargh! 
    [Jack gets up and runs at the Darkness Tear again, only to be thrown back. 
    He does it again. And on the third try, he manages to shatter it to pieces. 
    As Jack is now lying hurt on his back, Elmina, who was inside the Darkness
    Tear, floats down to where the Tear used to be. Rudy supports Jack, and 
    both go to Elmina.]
    Elmina: [stands up, raising arm] Get away! Don't come near me! I'm Lady
    Harken, the demon warrior. 
    [She morphs into Lady Harken once again and disappears. Jack walks out onto 
    the glowing plaform, sinks to his knees, and raises his hands angrily above
    his head]
    Jack: I couldn't protect her! Again, my power alone could not save her! 
    [Jack collapses; Rudy and Cecilia rush to his side.]
    Cecilia: Jack! He's hurt! 
    [The screen darkens.]
    Alhazad: The Darkness Tear didn't do too much damage after all. Thanks to our
    human friends here, the Guardians remain alive... I guess this plan turned out
    to be a failure...
    Zeikfried: This wasn't a failure! This was supposed to get their attention on
    what we've accomplished. 
    Alhazad: What would be the meaning of that? Ahh... I see. [Ka Dingel]...
    Zeikfried: A thousand years ago, the legendary evil tower of [Ka Dingel] was
    sealed somewhere. We needed to know where and how we could find it. That was
    the real objective for this project. Ha, ha, ha... Humans, wait till I obtain
    the heavenly power. You will be thrilled by the [New Moon]... And finally
    Filgaia will...  
    ----- ----- ------
    Arrival at Arctica (X20)
    ----- ----- ------
    [There is a black-and-white flashback. Two people appear to be looking over
    the walls of an icy castle. An older man walks up behind them.]
    Coldbird: What in the world do you think you're doing? Elmina and Garrett,
    this is the knighting ceremony. You could lose your title for this! 
    [Garrett and Elmina exchange looks.]
    Garrett: Shoot! The old man found us! 
    Coldbird: Not an old man, but your superior as of today. 
    Elmina: Chief Knight, I asked Garrett to come. It's my fault. 
    Coldbird: [pause] Why are you here? 
    Elmina: [shakes head] You can see the entire town from here... You must find
    what it is that makes you who you are before you can utilize any of the
    fighting skills we are learning. If not, you'll always be just half a
    warrior. I thought that be looking from here, he would find something to
    Garrett: Something to protect? I already have that... For a good looking girl,
    I'll show my [Courage], Elmina. 
    Coldbird: [sighs] The most important thing a knight should know is what he
    is protecting. That is why we, the Seven Fenril Knights, are named after
    tools of defense. I, Coldbird, am the armor. Command Ryan, is the shield.
    Elmina is the attack. 
    Elmina: I am the Sword... Lately, I've been known as the Sword Princess. 
    Garrett: [turns to him] So... What am I called? 
    Coldbird: [pause] You're a newcomer... You will be Van Burace, the hand guard. 
    Garrett: Van Burace? What is that? It sounds terrible. 
    Coldbird: [shakes head] The sword is the key to defending against an enemy. 
    You, Van Burace, are the hand guard that protects Elmina. Are you not
    Garrett: [turns away] Ha ha ha... No problem. I'll guard everything... Let me
    at it... [raises his sword valiantly] I am Van Burace! I am a Fenril Knight as
    of today!!!
    [The flashback ends. Jack suddenly wakes up in the guestroom in Adlehyde Castle
    with his friends looking over him.]
    Jack: ......! Rudy! Princess! 
    Cecilia: Welcome. We're back in Adlehyde. 
    Hanpan: [on the foot of his bed] We were all worried about you. 
    Jack: I was dreaming... about the past. I was supposed to protect... But... I
    didn't... Couldn't... [climbs out of bed] I had no right to badger you on your
    secrecy, Princess... I sacrificed everything to be a Van Burace. I couldn't
    tell you the truth about who I am...
    Cecilia: Jack is a Van Burace... You're an important member of this team now.
    [Rudy seems to agree.]
    Jack: Member huh... Thanks everyone... Rudy, Princess... Could you guys do me a
    favor? We have to go to Arctica. I have to go there to take care of some
    unfinished business. I cannot let her stain her hands any further. She's
    knee deep in blood and sin. I have to help and protect her... 
    Cecilia: You're going to use your powers for protection! 
    Jack: I've forgotten the true nature of my sword! 
    [With that said and done, Rudy, Jack, Cecilia, and Hanpan all head to Arctica.
    At last they reach the heart of the Castle and find a human Lady Harken
    standing there to greet them. Jack turns to his two comrades.]
    Jack: Rudy... Cecilia... I need to do this alone...
    [Rudy and Cecilia nod in understanding. Jack turns to face Elmina.]
    Jack: I apologize for making you wait. I really don't want to see you like
    this if I can help it..
    Lady Harken: [brushes hair back] My bloodstained hands will never let me go...
    Jack: [draws sword] It's the same for me... I can't turn back. Elmina will
    laugh at me. For Elmina, I shall use my sword against you. En Garde! One way
    or another, we shall attain honor. 
    Lady Harken: Everything begins and ends here today. My art does not create or
    destroy. It's the essence of pure combat that I live by. Come Jack. We shall
    taste each other's blood for the last time! 
    [She finally morphs into the demon Lady Harken, and a battle starts.]
    Lady Harken: Is this all you've got? It will never be enough! 
    [Jack deals the final blow.]
    Lady Harken: You finally look like a knight. 
    [She falls over, and the battle ends. We see Harken change back into her human
    Jack: Elmina...!!! 
    [Jack runs to her side and sees a sparkling ball of white and red rise above
    their heads.]
    Jack: What is this light? 
    Elmina: You still don't get it do you? That is the light from your heart. The
    light of the [Absolute Power]. It's the power to go beyond yourself in order
    to protect the ones we love. That is the light of your new [Courage]...
    Jack: Please, save your strength... Please don't talk. 
    Elmina: [sits up weakly] Many precious things have slipped through your
    fingers. You are now glowing with [Courage]. It's stronger than... [falls back]
    Jack: Elmina! Open your eyes! 
    Elmina: Here are a few words for you from the dead... I don't care how boring
    or terrible things get. Protect this world, the world that provided for us
    to meet. 
    Jack: [looks upwards] I... I will not use my power for revenge. I will use
    my blade to...
    *The [Lion Idol] explodes from the light! 
    Justine: I am the Guardian of [Courage]. The death of the demon knight and 
    the cry of the human warrior summoned me to Filgaia once again. Call my name
    for the sake of [Courage] and you shall rise above yourself. 
    [Elmina vanishes along with Justine; Jack stands up and receives the Courage
    Rune. He goes back to Rudy and Cecilia.]
    Cecilia: Jack...
    Jack: I'm okay. Let me fight with you, for the sake of Filgaia. [They nod in
    agreement.] She taught me that there are things in this world worth protecting. 
    [At the gate of Arctica, they stop.]
    Cecilia: ...!?!? The powers of the Guardians are going berserk inside the 
    [Tear Drop]! They're trying to tell us something. 
    [The scene switches to show a the emerging of a great building from watery
    Tears of darkness fell on the land. The damage to the [Ray Line] was temporary,
    but it was enough to greatly weaken the Guardian's powers.
    The tower, hidden deep within the ocean, was detected by Zeikfried.
    The technology that reached the skies... A thousand years ago,  there was
    residential colonies in orbit around the planet.
    In those days, humans and Elws lived together. 
    The gigantic mechanism, Ka Dingel, connects the land to the colony. 
    Ka Dingel... The power deemed too uncontrollable to use by the Guardians, has
    been found by Zeikfried.
    [Lightning crackles in the sky as it finally appears to have surfaced.]
    It was awakened through time and space, to show its face once again. 
    ----- ----- -----
    Quests before Ka Dingel (X21)
    ----- ----- -----
    [Your trio goes to Baskar Village. Now that you have the power of both Love and
    Courage, you ascend the Wind Caller's altar.]
    *Raftina and Justine's runes radiate a dazzling light! 
    [A small blue portal of energy opens up.]
    Justine: Even our light doesn't reach him! 
    Raftina: If we give up now, we will have no future. 
    Cecilia: Rudy!!! 
    Jack: What do you think you're doing? 
    Justine: Are you trying to open the path to the future with the light from your
    heart? You are an artificial being. An artificial being cannot bring a bright
    future. You cannot call the future wind. Why do you still seek the future of
    Filgaia? How can you do that? 
    Raftina: You're all alone in this world. You are a stranger who does not belong
    anywhere... How can you try to open the future to this world? Can you believe
    in dreams? 
    [Rudy turns away, hanging his head.]
    Jack: You never gave up... As long as you have that spirit, you'll always be
    right for this world. 
    Cecilia: It is because of you, Rudy, that we were able to believe in the
    future. Please don't think that you don't belong to this world... We need you
    in this world...
    [Rudy nods and turns to the blue light, which now grows bigger.]
    Raftina: The light from the artificial heart is reaching the future! 
    Justine: No way!? But wait!! This brightness really is... The light of Hope...
    *The [Dragon Idol] shatters into pieces.  
    Zephyr: I am the Guardian of [Hope]... The light from the heart that people
    have lost... Rudy... Your heart is not of nature... Yet its light woke me. If
    you believe in the future... ...then use my powers to fight in the name of
    [You acquire the Hope Rune. After acquiring the Dispellado in Adlehyde, you
    undo the seal northwest of Baskar Village.]
    *The hidden gates of the Temple of Illusion are now open!
    [You enter the Illusion Temple and proceed to the innermost room. A battle of
    purple light speaks to you.]
    Guardian: I am Dan Dairam, Guardian of timespace. There is one wandering soul,
    which is not man nor demon, and does not belong to any dimension. 
    Jack: No... It can't be! 
    Dan Dairam: Yes. The one you love. Elmina? With her demon body gone, her soul
    has found humanity again. In other words. She is not completely dead. She is
    still alive. I may be able to call the soul and give life to it using the
    Guardian of Life. 
    Jack: Wait... If possible, can you turn back the clock in her heart? I want to
    make her forget that she became a demon and destroyed many lives. 
    Dan Dairam: That is possible... But then, she will forget your existence as
    well. You know how painful that will be for you... 
    Jack: I know... I think. But, I don't want her to carry the cross in her heart
    anymore... I am prepared...
    Dan Dairam: Then it shall be done... Filgaia will have a new Elmina back...
    If your destiny is clear, the pull of love will always be there. 
    [Elmina disappears in a flash of light, and you obtain the Chrono Rune.]
    Dan Dairam: Warriors and the Sorceress. Use my powers of timespace for the
    [With that done, your party heads to Milama. In the Pub, you see the very
    familiar face of Elmina.] 
    Jack: You! No, it can't be... 
    Waitress: What? Is there something on my face? Hey, I bet I look like an old
    girlfriend, right? If you want to seduce me, you're gonna have to do better
    than that. Hey, you okay? What did I say...? 
    Jack: Never....Just ignore me. 
    Waitress: Sounds like you've got problems. Do I have anything to do with
    it? You know, I have amnesia... I can't remember anything. It's really a pain
    not to be able to remember your name. These guys gave me one, but it just
    doesn't feel right. What's your name? 
    Jack: I'm Jack Van Burace. 
    Waitress: I wish I could remember my name...
    Jack: You see this ribbon... Please take it? 
    Waitress: Why are you giving this to me? I can't take this. It looks like
    it's full of memories. You don't give something like this to a stranger. 
    Jack: There you go, preaching as usual. 
    Waitress: ...?! Did you say something? 
    Jack: Nothing... Sorry to bother you. 
    Waitress: Jack! You're coming back aren't you, Jack Van Burace? 
    Jack: Probably... Someday... 
    [With that complete, your party now heads to the abandoned Town of Saint
    Centour. The blind girl is still there, so you talk to her.] 
    Girl to Rudy: Hey, it's Rudy. There is this guy I've been seeing lately...
    He's a little weird, but he seems sincere enough.  
    Girl to Cecilia: This feels like... Cecilia. How are you? There's this
    swordsman I've been seeing... He's very nice, but a little hyper. I wonder 
    if he'll visit me today.
    Girl to Jack: That voice... it's Jack. It's been a long time, stranger...
    There's been someone else visiting me... He's very nice to me... He's a 
    swordsman too. He's a little odd, but very funny. 
    [You go to leave Saint Centour, but you are intercepted by our favorite
    green-haired demon.]
    Zed: You persistent bastards! Why are you here!?! Are you here to take my
    little paradise away? Here I go, ready or not. I'll crush your little... 
    *Will you fight against Zed?
    [You pick yes, of course, and Zed turns into a humongous and slightly mutated
    version of himself. A battle starts.]
    Zed: This is heaven! Here I am! The Grim Reaper's pen pal! The ultimate
    macho man.  
    [You deal the last hit.]
    Zed: Wait a minute! Give me a chance to explain! 
    [The battle ends, and we see Zed as his normal self again.] 
    Zed: Just listen to me! I won't run. There was an accident with the Gate
    Generator. I was caught in it and ended up here in this town. I didn't know
    what was happening. There were monsters everywhere. I saw this woman. I told
    her to keep quiet or I would kill her... She was calm and quiet... Later, I
    found out that she was blind. For the first time in my life, I felt complete.
    She was the first person that treated me normally. It felt kind of nice, so I
    decided to stay and helped out around the house. I was afraid you might tell
    her who I was... That is why I attacked... Yes, I'm a demon. Go ahead and kill
    Jack: Geez, you sure talk a lot for a demon! All I need is one shot. 
    Zed: Hey... You're a lot meaner than you look. 
    Cecilia: No! Stop... I really believe Zed doesn't want to die. He has
    discovered a life other than a one for fighting... I think we let him stay
    here, in this town... Maybe he can help the blind... What do you think, Rudy?
    [Rudy nods 'yes'.] 
    Zed: You guys are really nice people, aren't you? I'm a born again Guardian!
    I'll protect this girl with my life... We shall meet again my friends. Don't
    forget me. I'm Zed, the deviant. 
    [Zed runs off.]
    Jack: You sure about this? Well, we'll just have to wait and see...
    [With everything taken care of, your party finally goes off to Ka Dingel.
    Boomerang and Luceid are there guarding the entrance.]
    Boomerang: I knew if I waited here, you would eventually come. Zeikfried is
    after the [New Moon], called [Malduke]. This is the Dimensional Elevator,
    [Ka Dingel], which leads to the space colony. 
    Jack: Why are you telling us this? What do you want? 
    Boomerang: [draws Saber Fang] [Malduke] is a colony that existed 1000 years
    ago that has the capability to attack Filgaia. It's easy to guess what
    Zeikfried plans to do with it once he acquires it. Now that you know, I'm
    sure you plan to head to [Malduke]... But there will be many people who will
    get in your way, including me! You can't go ahead unless you defeat me.
    Come, human warriors! Only battle will quench my thirsty heart! I thirst
    for the fight! 
    [A battle starts; the finishing blow is dealt.]
    Boomerang: This is... I have no regrets...
    [He falls to his knees than onto his face, and the battle ends. We see him
    kneeling and without Luceid.]
    Boomerang: I have witnessed that the potential of human beings is endless...
    Go... Go through here to defeat Zeikfried. I like this... A power used to
    protect something precious... Someday, I...
    [The three warriors stand back-to-back and draw their weapons as nine winged
    demons - three on each side - surround them.]
    Zeikfried: [voice echoing] You have overstepped your bounds one too many times.
    Boom! We are finished with you. You will die with the humans! Right here, 
    right now! 
    [The demons inch closer, and Boomerang gets to his feet.]
    Boomerang: Go humans! I'll take it from here!! 
    Jack: Boomerang! 
    Boomerang: There's a transport device on the top of [Ka Dingel]. I am letting
    you guys go, I am not saving you... Remember, I am the one who hunts the
    perfect prey! Until that day, my friends... Go now! Hurry! 
    [The three Dream-Chasers leave except that Rudy lingers a little longer and
    gives Boomerang one last look. He hurries on.]
    Boomerang: I will never stop unless I lose my desire to fight... Come Luceid,
    Guardian of Desire! 
    [The she-wolf Luceid appears at his side.]
    Boomerang: Luceid... We're going to take a little trip to hell, together.
    I shall return to hunt the prefect prey. If the humans turn hope into power,
    then I can turn desire into a blade...
    [Boomerang draws his Saber Fang once more as the demons close in on him.
    The scene reverts back to Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy; there is a tumult outside
    that dies after a few seconds. Afterwards, you investigate the scene and 
    acquire the Saber Fang, which is imbedded in the ground. It reads "I'll be
    back...". You travel to the Ancient Arena and engage in a battle.] 
    ????: This is my prey! Go home and play with your toys! 
    [A battle starts. And there is our good friend, Boomerang, decked out in some
    cool armor.]
    Boomerang Flash: So you've been waiting for me, human warriors... To settle my
    score with you, I came dancing all the way up from the fires of hell. I've
    attained new powers... My obsessive desire to fight bonded with the Guardian
    of Desire to create the ultimate power, the Guardian Blade [Devil Blade
    Luceid]! Feel the power of the blade which has been forgotten to the far
    corners of legend! 
    [You deal the finishing blow.]
    Boomerang Flash: Miracles... The humans' belief system that makes the 
    impossible possible. The power that protects Filgaia... Looks like this is the
    end... Did I lose? No I did not... I lived the life of a Demon Warrior! I
    fought and lost my life... I was not defeated... I lived a life of my own
    dreams. I have lived... I have no regrets... I am a winner... My death is
    [After defeating Boomerang, you travel to the very back of the Ancient Arena,
    past the breakable glass...] 
    *This is a warning, not an idle threat. If you value your life, turn around 
    and leave now... If you proceed... You will feel the wrath of the Illusion
    [You continue anyway.]
    Tablet 2:
    *Only a fool would enter the realm of Angol Moa, the one destined to unite
    the world. The castle of the Illusion King  sleeps there in his universe...
    [You arrive at the edge of a platform.]
    *There is a psychic force attacking! Do you want to sit it out? 
    Angol Moa: [voice echoing] I am Angol Moa! I am the Demon Lord who is destined
    to rule the world, or at least I'm supposed to be... Why would I want this
    messed up place if it does not benefit me at all... I was napping because I'm
    bored, but if you want to fight, I will fight you. I must warn you though, I'm
    [A battle against Angol Moa starts and ends. Now they all travel to Heaven's
    Corridor, which lies just west of Adlehyde. After climbing to the platform,
    standing between the two trees, and shining the Tear Drop, a robed figure
    Dhee: Finally, my successor has arrived. Many trials have proven your worth.
    You shall receive the art of the ultimate sorcery. I must warn you... Do not
    drown yourself in this power, for the essence of sorcery is not the size or
    the effect of a spell, but in the utilization of wisdom. You must purify your
    magic through wisdom. My successor, you shall master the elements through
    purity and execution. 
    [Dhee's ghost disappears, and Cecilia receives her Dual Cast Force. Now that
    all has been completed, we head for Ka Dingel once more.] 
    ----- ----- -----
    Ka Dingel and Malduke (X22)
    ----- ----- -----
    [Your trio climbs the tower and, right before the actual elevator itself, 
    Alhazad appears before you.]
    Alhazad: You have broken one of my masterpieces. Lady Harken no longer 
    functions with us... Khhk Khhk Khhk! 
    Jack: You're enjoying this, aren't you? Playing with human lives. 
    Alhazad: Oh Yeah! I just want to play with my toys all day. You know, take 
    an arm off... attach this here... By the time I'm done, you would have no idea
    what animal it is... Now, isn't that fun... By then, they look at you with
    these funny eyes and say, [kill me...]. Khhk Khhk Khhk! Zeikfried wants 
    Filgaia, but I really don't care... But, I can't allow you to stop my fun...
    So, I came here to take care of the problem, myself. Do you want to see the
    inside of this robe? It isn't cheap...
    [Alhazad morphs into a monster, and the battle commences. You land the 
    finishing blow...]
    Alhazad: No! No way! Humans can't do that! They can't. 
    [The battle ends; Alhazad convulses wildly.]
    Alhazad: I will not accept death before [Malduke's] revival. I will not
    accept this... I will not die. 
    [Alhazad vanishes into nothingness, seemingly dead.]
    Jack: Revenge, hatred... I didn't defeat you with that. I defeated you because
    I protect ones I love. 
    *The dark cloud in Jack's heart lifts away... The doubt is gone...
    [Jack acquires his [Double Attack] Force. Meanwhile, you approach the elevator
    departing for Malduke.]
    Jack: So, this is the Dimensional Elevator...
    Cecilia: The [New Moon] in the ocean of stars, [Malduke]... This will take us
    there. So, destiny takes us to the final battleground in this strange place.
    Jack: There is nothing to think about. I am going now...
    [They all nod.]
    Cecilia: Not for myself, but for the planet I love...
    Jack: I don't ever want to lose anything again. 
    [Rudy nods in agreement, and they ride the elevator through the dimension.
    At last, they arrive at the technologically advanced colony of Malduke. After
    proceeding a little, Jack comes upon a warrior's statue.]
    Statue: You seek the limit of your flesh? Take your sword and fight! 
    Jack: [to Cecilia and Rudy] I want to know my true limit, not my physical
    limit. Do I have the power to protect. 
    [A battle starts and ends.]
    Statue: You have discovered your weakness... You have earned the right to
    receive the ultimate Fast Draw technique. 
    [A Fast Draw hint is acquired. You go on your merry little way, collecting 
    the Arms, the Eyes, and the Wings. You kill the golem Berial. After walking
    through one of the doorways, you are locked in with no choice but to continue
    into the final area of Malduke...]
    *[Malduke Central Control] Do you want to enter?
    [Yes. After you enter, the room's transparency allows you to see down onto
    Filgaia. And after you make it to the end of the pathway... We see Zeikfried
    turn around to face you from his platform.]   
    Zeikfried: You're late... Or should I say, too late. Look at the little planet
    down there. That's your Filgaia. Watch as it shatters into oblivion! 
    Jack: [steps forward] No! You can't do that!  
    Zeikfried: Malduke isn't your ordinary colony, it has ground assault
    capabilities. A thousand year old human city in the sky... Now, it's mine to do
    as I choose. Burn! Burn to the ground! Pure power does not discriminate! All
    power is destined to destroy! 
    Cecilia: Filgaia is our home. We won't allow this! 
    [A battle commences. You land the finishing blow...]
    Zeikfried: I cannot fall yet. I have to. stay. myself. I cannot control. It's
    too early for this. I will not give up my body. Aaaaarrggh! 
    [Zeik falls over, and the battle ends. Aftewards, we see Zeik on his knees,
    Cecilia: Destruction will not bring our future, Zeikfried. You lose. 
    Zeikfried: Lose? Fool! You haven't got a clue! Destruction is just the
    Jack: Is that right, Zeikfried? 
    Zeikfried: The power of absolute darkness. The eternal nothingness will devour
    Filgaia with teeth of fire! You cannot avoid death... Watch as your planet's
    last flame of life goes out! 
    [Behind Zeikfried, the three heroes see Filgaia being swallowed by a black
    Cecilia: Stop! Please, stop it now! What do you want with a world where nothing
    exists? What benefit is there in suffering like this...
    Zeikfried: [raises his arm] Khhk Khhk Khhk! Cry out! Repent! Your defeat gives
    me such a warm feeling inside... It feels so good... Now, the pure extinction
    of life begins... This is your final lesson, humans! All will come to a sudden
    halt, like a machine being turned off... There is nothing beyond the end of
    [Zeikfried disappears; with a crack of lightning, they seem to be sucked into
    a dimension and faced with none other than the demon queen, who had 
    apparently eaten her son's flesh.]
    Cecilia: It... It can't be... This force is the same as Mother...
    Motherfried: I am Motherfried... I have become one with my beloved child. I 
    have returned, reborn of my own flesh! 
    Cecilia: Zeikfried has been engulfed, like a baby being cradled by a mother. 
    Jack: Wow! This is getting out of hand. That thing grew up inside of Zeikfried
    and basically consumed him to become the thing that we're fighting now! 
    Motherfried: I am the ultimate beauty... The rejoining of a mother and her
    child... Satisfy me with your last dance of agony! 
    [The battle commences; you land the final blow.]
    Motherfried: Even if my flesh is destroyed, I will always have a home at the
    end of time... Filgaia will not be able to escape the darkness that is upon
    it... Nothing can stop the end from arriving...
    [She looks as if she is choking or suffocating as the battle ends. Afterwards,
    she disappears into the dimensions, never to be seen again. The three heroes
    look down at the black planet.]
    Cecilia: All that we've accomplished was for nothing?! It's all coming to an
    [A point above them begins collecting energy; it looks like the Tear Drop]
    Cecilia: I don't think so... I feel the power... I'm not going to let this
    Jack: No way! We must do something about this. 
    Cecilia: I can see so clearly now! I can feel the life energy from the 
    [Tear Drop]. The [Tear Drop] is responding to the power of protection. The 
    power of the Guardians! 
    Jack: We fight because we have something worth protecting! That is why we 
    believe in miracles! 
    [Everything brightens, including the sparkle of the Tear Drop.]
    The bright light of the [Tear Drop]... Did the spirit of a thousand years past
    come back to life? 
    Cecilia: Their voice is in my heart again... Has the power of the Guardians
    been restored? 
    The [Tear Drop] is glowing, just as it did in the days when Filgaia was still
    a rich and fertile land. The power to behold! Ohh, the power... All of the
    Guardians have gathered together onto this shaman child! We shall rid this
    planet of darkness once and for all... [Tear Drop]! Give us the power once
    [Filgaia glows a blue now rather than black before it returns to normal.]
    Jack: The darkness has faded. 
    Cecilia: This is the power of the Guardians and the [Tear Drop]. This is 
    the [Absolute Power]! 
    We are the protectors of Filgaia and the [Tear Drop]. Behold... You humans have
    experienced the wounds of our land and the hearts of its people... Somehow, you
    have found your faith again and you have created a better future for Filgaia
    and yourselves. It will take time, but as long as people care enough for the
    planet, the flow of decay can be reversed. Purity of the heart makes the
    impossible possible. You humans are the real Guardians of Filgaia... You hold
    the key to Filgaia's future. 
    Cecilia: Humans are the Guardians of Filgaia? 
    Not all humans have the light in their heart... But, we sense that it will not
    be too long before everyone does. 
    [The Tear Drop vanishes in a glow of blue.]
    Jack: It would take a miracle indeed to accomplish that. 
    Cecilia: This isn't the end, but a new beginning. Rudy, Jack, let's get back
    to Filgaia. 
    [Your party walks proudly towards the Dimensional Elevator. It almost seems
    like all trouble has passed; your party activates it and is sent on its way to
    Ka Dingel. At that moment, an object falls down upon you! A battle commences.]
    Zeik Tuvai: Don't think you're getting off that easy! We're not done yet! 
    Cecilia: That voice... Is that Zeikfried? 
    Jack: Didn't he get eaten by Mother and absorbed within her? 
    Zeik Tuvai: I ditched Mother and returned from hell. I am Zeik Tuvai, the 
    Revenge Blade! In this artificial place, between the land and the sky... Your
    destiny will end here. You can die by my blade or be crushed between the
    dimensions, the choice is yours. 
    [You land the finishing blow.]
    Zeik Tuvai: Look, I have given you so much damage in this unstable artificial
    space. As I said before, battle in artificial space is very risky. Our
    previous battle was nothing compared to this. We will all be blown away! Ha,
    ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. No one can beat me. Someone who is destined to rule 
    cannot lose. 
    [The battle ends, and Zeik Tuvai scatters in space; the screen goes white. 
    Ka Dingel appears to be exploding as the three warriors are transported to 
    the ground beside the Earth Golem.]
    Jack: The targeting system is off. The stress of the previous battle is taking
    its toll on Ka Dingel.
    [The Earth Golem moves to protect them.]
    The earth golem?! What?! I haven't asked for...
    Jack: The [Anti-Phasing Shield]...! Will it work? The tower can't hold the 
    pressure any longer. The only thing that's left is to believe in the 
    anti-Phasing Shield. 
    Jack: Wow! Now that's a defensive mechanism! Princess, have the Earth keep
    the shield until the explosion dies. 
    Cecilia: No, I didn't do anything. He's doing it on his own. Please stop,
    Earth Golem! You're going to die!
    Cecilia: Thank you, Earth Golem.. I can feel you in my heart... You're more
    than just a fighting machine... 
    [The screen whitens considerably; it shows Cecilia approaching the ruined
    Cecilia: Hi Earth Golem... Are you asleep? You sure did well... I want to stay
    here with you as long as I can, but... There are a lot of things left for me
    to do in Filgaia. The next time you wake up, I promise you will see a peaceful
    Filgaia. You will be surrounded by joyous people and nature... Until that day
    comes... Good night, Earth Golem...
    [The screen whitens]
    Good night...
    ----- ----- -----
    Cecilia's Letter (X23) 
    ----- ----- -----
    [The screen shows many towns before showing Jack and Rudy walking along a
    random path...]
    Jack: Rudy... Sometimes, I can't believe we're traveling like this... And that
    we survived that huge explosion... I felt like... I woke up and it was morning.
    You and the princess were preparing for the journey.
    Hanpan: That's not like you. You still don't believe in reality? 
    Jack: Oh, I just remembered. The princess gave me a letter. She said I 
    shouldn't read it until we left the castle. Hey, Hanpan. Why don't you read
    it now.
    Hanpna: Me?! 
    Jack:  Yes, it's your job...
    [Rudy gives Hanpan the letter.]
    [The scene shows everyone huddled around Cecilia's bed; apparently she had
    fallen unconscious. The Tear Drop glows, and she awakens.]
    I wonder where everyone will be when you read this letter? I wonder if it 
    will be sunny, or if it will be raining? Maybe it's because I experienced 
    a painful battle, but I feel very comfortable in this ordinary life.
    [It shows a picture of the ruined Earth Golem.]
    Because of the protection from the Earth Golem, we were able to return to 
    Filgaia again. 
    However, the Earth Golem has returned to its slumber. He will never wake up 
    He doesn't have to be a fighting machine anymore.
    Good night, Earth Golem. When you can sleep peacefully, the world is full of 
    tender light and peace.
    This is how it should be... But to tell the truth, I am very lonely.
    [We see Cecilia kneeling at her father's grave before standing up to greet the
    approaching Jack and Rudy.]
    I was shocked when I heard the two of you were leaving...
    I thought we would always be together...
    I will never forget the days, when the weight of Filgaia was on our shoulders.
    If it weren't for you guys, I would have been crushed under the burden.
    I was able to overcome the painful journey because of you.
    You lent a hand to such a lonely heart. Because of that, I'd developed the 
    selfish thought of the three of us always being together.
    [The scene shows Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia with a bunch of kids. Rudy and Jack
    are laughing while Hanpan is doing a funny little dance. The scene then 
    changes to show the three of them walking; suddenly, a group of fans chase 
    Jack. Then they chase Hanpan.] 
    [The scene changes. Several soldiers and Minister Johan lead the three heroes 
    of Filgaia valiantly out of the castle. They stop at the gates of Adlehyde.]
    "Filgaia is not free of all the monsters...
    People will still need my sword...That is why I must go on..."
    Jack, I never thought you would say such things...
    You must have something new within yourself.
    I guess I wasn't the only one whose life has changed.
    [Jack waves at Cecilia; he, Hanpan, and Rudy depart.]
    You two have departed on a journey because you choose to follow the new
    desires in your hearts.
    [The scene changes to show Cecilia reading a book boredly in her room. Then,
    she gets up and walks out onto the balcony. Her hair blows in the wind.]
    I too have decided to follow the new desires in my heart. The princess of
    Adlehyde shouldn't live like this, but it's my decision, as an ordinary
    human being.
    I will no longer force myself to be the [perfect princess].
    From now on, I will be an ordinary 17 year old girl.
    I will thin hard and be honest to myself.
    [We see Cecilia dragging a suitcase towards a pile of clothes.]
    If you want to be cared for by someone, you must care for someone first. You,
    Rudy, taught me this lesson...
    [We see Cecilia now talking to Minister Johan about her decision to leave
    ...I can't stand watching Filgaia deteriorate. I must do something.
    I want to protect what I care for. This is my new desire.
    [Cecilia is now shown walking through Adlehyde; she stops as the wind 
    ruffles her hair.]
    Today, the west wind blew through Adlehyde again. A wind which promises 
    prosperity. I pray this wind takes my desires beyond the horizon...
    PS. The two of you should be receiving something that you forgot from Adlehyde
    soon. Don't be lazy, make sure you take it.
    [Hanpan finishes reading the letter, and the scene reverts back to him,
    Jack, and Rudy.]
    Jack: So, the princess is also starting on her new journey.
    Hanpan: Where?!
    Jack: It doesn't matter. As long as she's doing it of her own free will. I'm
    sure she'll turn Adlehyde into a good kingdom.
    Hanpan: She used to hate royalty so much?!
    Jack: Well, the life of royalty is very complicated... Right, Rudy!! 
    [Jack pauses and they begin walking again.]
    Jack: Oh yeah... The letter mentioned something we forgot. Rudy, it must have
    been you. What did you forget, you careless kid?
    Hanpan: He's not like you, Jack. I wonder what it is.
    Jack: This is too much. You deal with it.
    [Cecilia comes out from behind a tree and stands behind their backs.]
    Cecilia: I told you he'd be lazy!
    [They turn to look at her.]
    Jack: What...what are you doing here?!
    Cecilia: Am I not supposed to be here? I'm delivering to you, the item that
    you forgot.
    Hanpan: And what is that? 
    Cecilia: [chuckles] Haven't you figured it out yet? [takes out wand] So, where
    are we going?
    Jack: Wait a minute! You said you found what you wanted to do in your letter.
    What's going to happen to Adlehyde?
    Cecilia: You're right, Jack. I have to do something to save my precious 
    Filgaia from deteriorating. Minster Johan will take care of Adlehyde in my
    absence. Don't worry. I've decided to live true to the desires of my heart.
    We just happened to be on the same path today.
    Hanpan: Just happened to be!? Today? Are you sure about this...
    Cecilia: Yes, it's a coincidence. Today, tomorrow, and forever! I guarantee
    it! Right, Rudy?!
    [Cecilia grabs Rudy by the arm and runs away with him.]
    Jack: Hey! Don't leave us here!!!
    [Jack and Hanpan hurry to catch up to Rudy and Cecilia. On the next screen,
    they stand on the edge of a cliff together.]
    Jack: Look, this is the land we have been protecting...
    Cecilia: It wasn't only us... There was Prof. Emma, Jane, McDullen, the
    Captain, and Mariel. Every single desire that lives on Filgaia and... 
    [The screen pans up over the green wasteland and finally points at the bright
    sun in the sky.]
    ---- ----- -----
    Part XXIV: "Hidden Intro" -- Arctica Flashback (X24).
    ----- ----- -----
    (Four people walking down a dark castle corridor with monsters hot in pursuit.
    They file into an elevator.) 
    King: I'm exhausted! Can't we slow down? 
    Coldbird: There is nothing we can do as long as we are in the dark about
    their intentions... Our duty as Fenril Knights is to protect the king. 
    King: Preposterous! I am the king now that my brother has fallen! With or
    without a crown...
    Garrett: ...Huh! Then try to get out of here on your own. 
    Coldbird: Stop that, Garrett! We are in the presence of the king!
    (The demons fly down at them, but the three Fenril Knights easily take care
    of them.)
    King: Bravo, Fenril Knights! Bravo! 
    Ryan: A surprise attack within the snowstorm... Maybe they're after... Chief
    Coldbird, maybe the demons are after the cocoon?
    Coldbird: The cocoon? It's a possibility... Do you think the cocoon is worth
    something, Ryan?
    King: What?! They came to get my cocoon?! No, Coldbird, do not let them take
    it! They'll use it for no good!
    ( Elevator stops. They progress into a larger room.)
    King: Good... my cocoon is safe... 
    (A pink-haired woman walks in from a door on the right. Garrett walks forward
    to meet her.)
    Garrett: Elmina! Your leg...
    Elmina: Now I'm holding you back? Me, the [Sword Princess]? Was the rest of
    your party...
    Garrett: Yes... 
    ( An axe is thrown into the ground in front of them. Ryan steps forward to
    investigate it, but he disappears when he touches it.)
    Coldbird: Ryan! 
    King: Aahhg! The knight... in a single stroke... (drops to his knees)
    ( On the left side of the screen, a demon in a white cloak materializes.) 
    Alhazad: Nice to meet you. I am the demon, Alhazad. 
    Elmina: But the demon race is only a legend?! 
    Alhazad: And yet here I am right in front of you. I don't have much time, so
    let me get to the point... All right? Will you give me that thing you call
    a cocoon? 
    (The king crawls forward towards Alhazad pathetically)
    King: Yes! You can have anything! Just let me live...
    Coldbird: No, your majesty! You must not do that!
    (The king, upon making contact with Alhazad, vanishes just like Ryan.) 
    Alhazad: I'm sorry... All I can give you in return is a [Painless Death]. You
    will have to live with it. Hee hee hee hee!
    Coldbird: You bastard! Garrett, Elmina, you must escape from Arctica Castle!
    Let everyone in Filgaia know what has happened here!
    (Coldbird leaps at Alhazad; the screen fades to Garrett and Elmina. Garrett
    is taking care of the wound on Elmina's leg.) 
    Garrett: Damn, our chief is... that bastard probably got the rest of the
    knights too... 
    Elmina: Hey, Garrett! You're a bigger coward than I thought! 
    Garrett: What? What are you saying? Me, a coward?
    Elmina: Yes... You have no [Courage]. You're probably thinking of a way to
    defeat them even now.
    Garrett: (stands up) Of course! No matter what it takes, I'll kill that
    Elmina: So, you call throwing your life away [Courage]? We will not be able 
    to defeat them yet. I know it's hard to admit... (sees Garrett's arm) Oh, 
    what a terrible wound! (goes to wrap her ribbon around his arm)
    Garrett: It's not as bad as yours...
    Elmina: I won't hear of it! You think that fighting an unbeatable enemy is
    [Courage]? I don't agree with that! (turns away)
    Garrett: So, what do you consider [Courage]?
    Elmina: (turns forward) Enough chattering. Let's go, Garrett!
    (The two of them turn north and begin to walk towards the gates of the castle;
    we see Elmina start to fall behind due to the wound in her leg. As soon as 
    Garrett exits, Elmina stops and closes the castle gate on him. Garrett runs
    back but is stopped.) 
    Garrett: Huh?! What are you doing, Elmina?! 
    Elmina: I can't get away with this wound! 
    Garrett: Open the door, Elmina! You're the one who said wasting your life is
    not [Courage]! 
    Elmina: Funny for me to say, but you gain nothing from war... But Garrett...
    I fight to protect something important to me. I won't gain anything, but I
    will not lose anything... Protecting something important is not a waste of
    life. (pause) Garrett, I don't want to lose you.
    Garrett: Nor I you! Open the door, Elmina! I'll fight with you! Open the
    door, Elmina! 
    Elmina: You must tell the world what has happened here... Don't worry... I
    have no intention of dying here. I am the [Sword Princess]. That ribbon I
    wrapped around your arm was expensive... I can't die until I get that back.
    (Alhazad appears before Elmina within the castle.)
    Alhazad: There you are! You were hard to find. You're the last humans left in
    the castle. Are you ready to die?
    (Elmina steps forward and draws her sword.) 
    Elmina: Have [Courage]! Deliver the Fenril Spirit to our friends! Run
    Garrett, you can overcome anything!
    Garrett: I promise... I will return... your ribbon... (he leaves)
    Alhazad: It's a dead end. There's no way out. Hee hee hee hee hee! You are
    noble and beautiful, can't you see? My body is trembling with joy... 
    (Elmina puts down her sword and walks towards the demon. Everything turns
    white, and the screen switches to Garrett, who is trudging out in the snow;
    the background is of the burning Arctica Castle. Garrett collapses and looks
    up at the sky...) 
    ---- ----- -----
    I thank Media Vision for creating this beautiful game that has continued to 
    be my favorite since its release in 1996, and I thank Sony for localizing it.
    I thank Michiko Naruke for composing the soundtrack to this game, as it's been
    continued to inspire me throughout the years. 
    I also thank all the Wild ARMs fans, particularly the regulars on the GameFAQs
    Wild ARMs Message Boards, for they have been very kind people. 

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