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    ARMs Guide by IRoling

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    Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 23:10:41 -0400
    From: isaac <maxx21@geocities.com>
    Wild ARMs FAQ
    THE USE OF ARMs By: Isaac Roling (maxx21@geocities.com)
    copywrite isaac roling 1997
    copy this page as much as you want , but DO NOT alter it in anyway (ie remove 
    my name from it.)
    Section #1 - List and location of ARMs
    Here's a list of all of Rudy's ARMs
    1.) Hand Cannon - You have it at the beginning of game
    2.) Prism Laser - Found in the Cage Tower near Saint Centour
    3.) Rocket Launcher - Volcanon Trap located in the inner ocean
    4.) Twin Orbs - Photosphere
    5.) Bazooka - Demon's Lab
    6.) Phazer - Gemini Fortress
    7.) Wild Bunch - Arctica Castle
    8.) Arc Smash - Malduke main area (sewer pipes)
    Section #2 - Description of ARMs
    1.) Hand Cannon
    Description of attack: Draws gun and fires single bullet at enemy.
    Effects: one enemy
    Strengths: Once upgraded, this ARM will be your best bet in a fight until you
    can upgrade the rocket launcher.  Later in the game, when you've aquired
    stronger weapons, it can be used against normal enemies and won't have to be
    saved for stronger boos characters.
    Weaknesses: If you don't upgrade this ARM to its max attack power, it quickly
    becomes useless.  It, along with the prism laser, isn't remotely effective 
    against booses once you get about halfway through the game.
    2.)Prism Laser
    Description of attack: Fires a stead stream of multi-colored lasers at enemy.
    Effects: One group of enemies
    Strengths: good at the begining to game for attacking a group of strong
    monsters. Even later in the game it can effectively hurt a group of enemies if
    it is upggraded enough, especially in the hit percentage category.
    Weaknesses: If hit percentage isn't upgraded, then forget even using this ARM.
    It will never be usefull against one monster.Even if the thing is fully 
    upgraded in every category, don't count on it being a reliable weapon against 
    all monsters.
    3.) Rocket Launcher
    Description: Rudy mounts Rocket Launcher on his shoulder and launches 6 or 8 
    (I don't remember how many) shells at monsters. The shells that the weapons 
    shoots look like that of the Hand Cannon.
    Effects: One group of enemies
    Strengths: Although the RL attacks a group just like the Prism Laser, it 
    differs in the fact that it can also be a strong attack against a single boss 
    character. This is probably the most reliable ARM once it is upgraded and is 
    still usefull against the strongest Boss characters at the end of the game!
    Weaknesses: The Rocket Launcher has no weaknesses as long as you bring the hit
    percentage and attack points up to their mas capability. Be sure to rely on 
    this ARM heaviliy against Bosses.  Use it until the enemy has had his 
    defensive power taken down, then attack with a stronger ARM.
    4.) Twin Orbs
    Description: Rudy launches two small spheres which kind of look like small
    satelites. The orbs circle the enemy a random number of times, and then 
    return to Rudy.
    Effects: one enemy
    Strengths: Until you can fully upgrade the phazer, the twins orbs have the
    capability to become an offensive power house. They have a range of 1500 to 
    9999 attack points against the enemy.  For the most effeective use of this 
    ARM, be sure to use the ARMs lockon force to ensure you don't miss.
    Weaknesses: The bigggest problem with the Twin Orbs is that the orbs attack a
    random number of times. This means that your attack could do 1200 damage, or 
    9500 damage.  If you're lucky, the orbs can be very useful, but if you're not 
    lucky, you could be wasting an attack and draw the battle out longer than it 
    has to last.  The other major disadvantage of the Twin Orbs is the fact that 
    the hit percentage can't be upgraded past 45%. This means that you absolutely 
    MUST use the ARMs lockon force to ensure the orbs will even hit their target. 
    This weapon will be useful until you can find and upgrade the Phazer. I found 
    that after the Phazer became usefull, I hardly ever used the Twin Orbs because
    of their instability.
    5.) Bazooka
    Description of attack: Rudy jumps into the air and launches down a shot the
    forms a huge circle and unleases a massive explosion. I personally think that 
    this is the coolest looking attack of any ARM in the game.
    Effects: one group of enemies
    Strengths: If you can get the money to upgrade it, the Bazooka can be a good
    attack against a group of stronger enemies. It isn't recomended that you save 
    this weapon for use against a single Boss enemy.
    Weaknesses: If not upgraded, this ARM becomes as useless as the Prism Laser. If
    the hit percentage isn't increased, you're going to miss almost every time you 
    fire. As I said before, unlike the rocket launcher, the Bazooka isn't very 
    effective against a single enemy. I suggest you don't put too much money into 
    this weapon.
    6.) Phazer
    Description of attack: Rudy draws his weapon and fire a massive beam of blue
    light at enemy.
    Effects: single enemy
    Strengths: If you can manage to upgrade the attack points to the max, this is a
    great weapon.  Don't use it on regular fights; always save it for a Boss 
    character, like a Golemn. Always leave a few shotsleft when you have the Fury 
    Shot Force because the phazer can do up to 9999 damage!
    Weaknesses: Only one weakness exists in the Phazer. I found that even when I 
    had the hit percentage up to the high 80's, the thing would miss more than my 
    rocket launcher, which I had at 83% for a while. If you want to make the
    Phazer a regularly used weapon, then I suggest you upgrade the hit percentage 
    as soon a possible, or make sure to use the ARMs lock-on force.
    7.) Wild Bunch
    Description of attack: Rudy draws his sword and flys towards his enemy creating
    a red laser sheet which rips through the middleof the monster.
    effects: one enemy
    Strengths: Maybe I didn't upgrade it enough or something, but I can't find any
    strengths that the Wild Bunch has over any of the other ARMs.
    Weaknesses: IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE TO UPGRADE!!!! And it seems that even when you
    do upgrade it, it doesn't perform as well as other, lesser weapons. Take my 
    advice and just leave it alone. And if you are going to use it, just do it 
    during a regular battle so you can see how cool it looks.
    8.) Arc Smash
    Description of attack: Rudy jumps into the airjust like the Bazooka, and fires
    down a shot of light blue light which sets off a gigantic explosion of, you
    guesssed it, LIGHT.
    Effects: one enemy
    Strengths: The Arc Smash, if fully upgraded, can do 4500 - 6000 damage in one
    shot! Although it is slightly expensive to upgrade, you shouldn't have a real 
    problem paying for it. If you are strapped on cash, then just upgrade the 
    attack points, because the hit percentage won't go up enough to be  useful 
    with out the ARMs Lock-on Force. Always save this for final enemies, and NEVER
    use it with the Fury Shot Force since it will only do 9999 damage, which is 
    the same as the Phazer.
    Weaknesses: As long as you remember to upgrade the attack points to their max,
    and to always use the ARMs Lock-on, then this weapon has no flaws.

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