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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Qu_Marsh

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    I.  Revision History
    II.  Frequently Asked Questions
    III.  Walkthrough
      The Beginning
      The Statues
      Ship Graveyard
      Giant's Cradle
      Court Seim
      The Outer Ocean
      The Elw Dimension
      Ka Dingel
      The Abyss... and other optional quests
    IV.  Monsters
    V.  Monster Attacks
    VI.  Weapons
    VII.  Armor
    VIII.  Helmets
    IX.  Accessories
    X.  Runes
    XI.  ARMs
    XII.  Fast Draw
    XIII.  Spells
    XIV.  Items
    XV.  Force
    XVI.  Best Equipment
    XVII.  Tools
    XVIII.  Mystic
    XIX.  Monster Items
    XX.  Randomizer
    XXI.  Crest Graphs
    XXII.  Stores
    XXV.  Adlehyde Restoration
    XXVI.  Item Duplication
    XXVII.  Golems
    XXVIII.  Credits
                                 Revision  History
    VERSION 1.6 (12/23/97):
     - Added arena Divide Shot trick
     - Added Memory Bird bombing trick
    VERSION 1.5 (11/21/97):
     - Added boss HPs!
    VERSION 1.4 (10/31/97):
     - New trick with Phazer Zapp and rings (see Fast Draw)
     - Added info on finding Barbados with Earth Golem
    VERSION 1.3 (9/2/97):
     - Added a few tips on how to get the Necronomicon
    VERSION 1.2 (8/10/97):
     - Added stats on Necronomicon
     - Added the last Crest Graph
    VERSION 1.1 (7/22/97):
     - Filled in a few holes on monster list
     - Added stats for Frog and Fish Badges
     - Another new version of the item duplication trick, courtesy
       of Nick Joslin
     - Added 2 more Crest Graphs
     - Changed Trickster List to Monster Item List to include
       dropped items
     - Changed fake wedding information, because the answers appear
       in a random order each time
     - Minor typo corrections
     - Filled in the ancient arena information, which was
       accidentally left out of the previous version
     - Be sure to check out my web page, the Elw Dimension! (the
       address is listed above)
    VERSION 1.0 (7/8/97):
     - Added full walkthrough
     - Added monster, equipment, item, tool, Mystic, Trickster,
       Randomizer, store, and golem lists
     - Added Adlehyde restoration chart
     - New version of the item duplication trick
     - Added credits
    VERSION 0.5 (6/15/97):
     - First version
                            Frequently  Asked Questions
    Q.  What do I do at Curan Abbey in Cecilia's scenario?
    A.  Go to the courtyard and flick the switches behind the statues.  Then
    reverse their positions.  Stand between them and use the Tear.  Go up
    and use the Tear again to warp to the Hidden Library.
    Q.  How do I summon a Guardian?
    A.  You can't summon a Guardian until you acquire the level 2 Force
    ability "Summon Guardian."  Then wait for your Force to build up to
    level 2, select the Force command, and choose Summon Guardian.
    Q.  How do I get the Ruin Festival at Adlehyde to start?
    A.  First, complete all three characters' scenarios (press start to
    switch).  Then go to Adlehyde and talk to Professor Emma.  Go to
    Lolithia's Tomb and complete the events there.  Then go back to
    Q.  Okay, but where *is* the Festival?
    A.  Take the east exit from town.  It actually leads to the festival.
    Q.  What is the best strategy to save the villagers with?
    A.  Talk to (and save) all of the villagers first, *then* talk to
    Cecilia.  You won't have any time limit.  There are 10 villagers.
    Q.  How do I escape from Adlehyde Castle?
    A.  Go outside onto the castle walls.  Dodge all the guards and circle
    around to the door on the right.  Go downstairs and find the kitchen.
    Talk to the cooks.
    Q.  How do I get into the Guardian Shrine near Milama?
    A.  First, go upstairs and light the fires as you were instructed.
    (First light the fire at the 2-o'-clock position, then the one at 10
    o'clock, then 6, then 12).  Go back down and use the Holy Symbol on
    the door.
    Q.  What do I do with the Kizim Fire?
    A.  In the Elw Pyramid, go left and walk through the secret door under
    the waterfall.  Use the Fire on the receptacle.
    Q.  Where are the Duplicator keys?
    A.  One is in Saint Centour.  After you complete the Cage Tower, go back
    to town and go to the previously-guarded building.  The other is in Port
    Timney.  Go to the upper-right corner of town, then go left behind the
    buildings.  It's in the chest behind the weapons merchant.
    Q.  What is the Bone good for?
    A.  If you use it with Cecilia's Mystic force, it will cast Lucky Shot.
    Q.  How do I get the Death Rune in the Maze of Death?
    A.  When the maze is collapsing, go back to the main entrance chamber
    and take the center exit leading to the north.  You will have to fight
    Chaos for the rune.
    Q.  Where is the grappling hook?  I think I missed it.
    A.  You cannot miss the grappling hook, so no matter where you are, you
    have not missed it.  You get it in the Pleasing Gardens.
    Q.  What are the correct answers to the questions at the fake wedding?
    A.  I believe there are 2122121212/
    Q.  The three statues have been destroyed!  Am I near the end of the
    A.  Not even close.
    Q.  Where is Rudy's Radar tool?
    A.  Once you have Cecilia's Rod, go to Milama and use the rod on the dog
    guarding a house.  It will move.  The Radar is in the chest inside.
    Q.  Where is the Sand River?
    A.  Near Milama.
    Q.  Where are the Pleasing Gardens?
    A.  Go southwest from Ship Graveyard.  Wander the desert until the
    screen starts to zoom in.  The more it zooms, the closer you are.  The
    gardens move each time.
    Q.  How the @#!? do I get through the Pleasing Gardens?
    A.  On the first screen, go through the door on the right, then go out
    through the door on the left.  Take the teleporter, then go right until
    you find another passage going south.  Don't hit it, but look at the
    windows nearby.  One is actually a door.  Go through it and keep going
    to a big room.  Go to the far left, then down.  Get the Heal Berry in
    the chest, then go up and turn left.  Press the switch.  Go back to the
    hall of windows and take the door at the far left for two Crest Graphs,
    then return to the big room.  Take the middle passage down and step on
    the teleporter.  Get the Duplicator key inside, then teleport again.  Go
    south to a room filled with sand.  Perfectly time a bomb to hit the sand
    worm's head, then fight it.  After killing it, pick up its head and
    throw it at the crystal switch.  Go south and get the Grappling Hook.
    Go back to the big room and go up.  Grapple across the bridges until you
    get to a room with three transporters.  Take the left one, then the top
    one to get the Flash Rune.  Teleport again and collect the Bracelet.
    Teleport back to the entrance and return to the Ship Graveyard.  By the
    way, now that you have the Grappling Hook, you can go back to the Elw
    Pyramids and Lolithia's Tomb to get stuff.
    Q.  Where is the Guardian Blade?  Can I get it?
    A.  You can't get the Guardian Blade, but it comes into play later in
    the game.
    Q.  Where is the hidden switch on the Ghost Ship?
    A.  In the hallway with the four doors, go in the door on the far right.
    The switch is on the north wall, to the right of the bed.
    Q.  How do I get the three blue chests on the Ghost Ship?
    A.  After the ship sinks, go to the beach in the Ship Graveyard.  The
    chests will be there.
    Q.  What do I do after getting the Sweet Candy?
    A.  You need to collect the hearts from the Volcannon Trap and
    Tripillar, then go to the Giant's Cradle.
    Q.  How do I get into the Volcannon Trap?
    A.  Go to Rosetta Town and complete the events there.  Jane will come
    with you.  She has the "special key."
    Q.  What is the 1 Gella Coin good for?
    A.  Nothing.  It does not give you more gella when used in a battle,
    as it is rumored to do.
    Q.  Who goes where in the Tripillar?
    A.  Jack must go the left, and Cecilia should go to the middle.
    Q.  How do I get past the part in the Giant's Cradle where you have to
    swing across a gap with the grappling hook, but get hit by a spear?
    A.  From the top of the screen, shoot the grappling hook down and to the
    right to the lower post.
    Q.  What do I do after getting Earth Golem?
    A.  Walk across the shallow water through Arctica to Court Seim.
    Q.  What do I do in the room in the Epitaph of the Sea Wind with several
    closed doors?
    A.  Shoot Hanpan through the hole in the wall to hit the switch.
    Q.  What's the password in the Epitaph of the Sea Wind?
    A.  "Metal Bird" (the name of the book you find there)
    Q.  What do I do in the Sacred Shrine after killing the demon dog?  The
    door guard won't let me through to see Nicholi.
    A.  Find the kid that's afraid of rats on the left side. Shoot Hanpan at
    him, then talk to Sister Jessica.  Now go back to the guard. Be prepared
    for a fight.
    Q.  I got the Tear back; now what do I do?
    A.  Go back down to the room that was previously filled with
    forcefields.  You can pass through.
    Q.  What do I do after killing Mother?
    A.  Go to Rosetta Town and talk to the mayor.  Then enter the Dragon
    Q.  What do I do after completing the Dragon Shrine?
    A.  First, visited an Isolated Guild to get advanced magic.  Then go to
    Zepet's lab west of Court Seim (see the walkthrough for more details)
    to get the Ocarina.  With the Ocarina in hand, go to the Wandering Isle
    cave south of Court Seim.
    Q.  What do I do in the room with four statues in the Dead Sanctuary?
    A.  This stumped me too.  Push the red statue on the left switch, the
    blue statue on the right switch, the gold one in the middle, then blow
    up the green statue with a bomb.
    Q.  Where is the Shadow Bind Fast Draw?
    A.  Keep going past the end of the Dead Sanctuary to a statue test.
    Q.  What's the password for Demon's Lab?
    A.  Demon Gate.
    Q.  What do I do after Demon's Lab?
    A.  First, take the Sweet Candy to the islands southwest of Court Seim
    and find the Ocarina.  Then go to the Wandering Isle cave southwest of
    Demon's Lab.  Pass through, then summon Earth Golem and cross to the
    Dead Sanctuary.
    Q.  How do I get through the Forest Prison?
    A.  Ignore the squirrel's instructions and head south.  Wander around
    until you find the exit, and be sure to get the Life Guardian Odoryuk.
    There are also some Crest Graphs and better armor.
    Q.  Where is De Le Metalica?
    A.  In the last room of the Hidden Library in Curan Abbey (remember
    Cecilia's scenario at the beginning of the game?)
    Q.  How do I get past the door in De Le Metalica that says "Knowledge is
    the treasure"?
    A.  Go south to the screen with five chests.  Open the third and fourth
    ones.  Explanation: On the north screen, with five bookcases, the third
    and fourth ones mention opening.  The other ones mention closing
    (actually, they don't, but they're supposed to).
    Q.  Still in DLM, how do I get past the five doors?
    A.  The correct sequence is LRRLR.  Spent hours here...
    Q.  How do I get past the first screen of the Heaven Corridor?
    A.  Go the upper-right room and flick the switch in the pot.
    Q.  How do I get past the gem rooms in the Heaven Corridor?
    A.  See the section of the walkthrough "The Protowing."
    Q.  What do I do at the end of the Heaven Corridor?
    A.  Stand between the trees and use the Tear.
    Q.  Where is the first Gemini Circuit?
    A.  Go to Gemini's Corpse, northeast of Saint Centour.  You need the
    Protowing to get there.
    Q.  Where is the second circuit?
    A.  On the beach at Ship Graveyard.
    Q.  Where is the black market?
    A.  Use the Black Pass (from Gemini's Corpse) on the bookcase in the
    Adlehyde weapon / item shop.
    Q.  Where is Jack's fourth tool and/or fourth Force?
    A.  Tool: Malduke (pipes region).  4th Force: Ka Dingel (top).
    Q.  How do I get past the room with three doors, switches, and levers in
    Ka Dingel?
    A.  Press the right and middle diamond switches.  Jump down.  Throw the
    lever on the right.
    Q.  What is the solution to the room with eight levers?
    A.  Throw each lever once.
    Q.  How do you progress past the force fields at the start of Malduke?
    A.  If you set a bomb as close as possible next to the field generator,
    it will actually be able to destroy the generator.
    Q.  Where are the Wings of Malduke?
    A.  In the town area, search behind the big gravestone to the north.
    Q.  Why don't the Eyes of Malduke work?
    A.  You have the false Eyes.  Find the room in the Mines area with a
    pile of rocks.  Bomb the rocks away and walk in front of the eye on the
    wall.  If it blinks blue, you have the true Eyes.  If not, you have the
    wrong ones.  Put them back and try a different chest.
    Q.  Where can I get Duplicator keys?
    A.  Win all four rounds in the arena.  Many people prefer to fight the
    Hayokontons on the small island to the east of the Isle of Combat.  Be
    warned; they are fairly tough.  Use Trickster to steal Duplicators.  I
    feel that the arena method is better, though -- it takes less time.
    Q.  What do I do at the stone structure northwest of Baskar?
    Q.  How do I revive Elmina?
    A.  Get the Dispellado from Adlehyde (see the secrets section below).
    Then use it on the rocks in this order: NW, SW, SE, NE, W, S, E, N.
    Q.  How do I repair the Sweet Candy?
    A.  Donate money to repair Adlehyde until Drake appears in the upper-
    right corner of town.  Talk to him and he will repair the Sweet Candy.
    Q.  How do I fight Leviathan?
    A.  Wander around the Inner Sea in the new Sweet Candy.  Leviathan will
    randomly appear.
    Q.  How do I fight Flash Boomerang?
    A.  Take the Saber Fang to the Arena.  First, fight through all the
    normal rounds.  Then enter again.
    Q.  How do I get to the Abyss?
    A.  *After* you complete Arctica, go to any Elw Pyramid and hit the
    teleporter with Rudy's Power Glove.  Teleport and you may go to the
    Abyss.  If not, try again.
    Q.  Do I need to beat the Abyss to win the game?
    A.  No.
    Q.  How do I beat Ragu Ragla, Flash Boomerang, and Angol Moa?
    A.  Buy lots of Goat Dolls from the black market.  See "The Abyss"
    seciton of the walkthrough for more details.
                                   The Beginning
         At the beginning of the game, you can choose from any of the three
    different characters.  You'll have to complete each character's
    introductory scenario before they join together.
         Start with Rudy's scenario.  Rudy is working in Surf Village.
    Explore the town, breaking all the crates and checking all the barrels
    for 3 Heal Berries, a Power Apple, Hardy Apple, and 45 gella.  Also,
    if you throw one of the chickens, it will turn into a Light Shroom!
    Talk to everybody in town.  Mayor Pifer will give you the Bombs.  When
    you try to leave, a guy will run in and tell you that Tony has gotten
    lost in the Berry Cave.  Buy a few Heal Berries, save your game, and
    head south to the Berry Cave. (You can also make an optional trip
    down to Adlehyde to get Rudy's ARM upgraded).
         Enter the cave and blow up the big crate with a bomb to get a
    Heal Berry, then follow the looping path to the next room.  Use
    regular attacks on the enemies; save you ARM for the boss.  If you
    need healing, just use a Heal Berry (note that most of the monsters
    are faster than Rudy, so don't wait until you're almost dead).  Flick
    the switch to move the statue.  Continue on (don't miss the two chests
    with money) until you reach a sign blocking the path.  Drop a bomb to
    blow up the sign, then keep going until you reach a switch.  Bomb the
    big crate, then hit the switch.  Go through the door.
         Walk across the bridge (do not dash).  Once off the bridge, go
    down and left for another Heal Berry, then go right.  The Holy Symbol
    in the chest will remove the "Bad Omen" status you got if you dashed
    across the bridge.  Walk up the right side (if you dash, watch out
    for the rock), then descend the steps.  Bomb open the big crate for
    another Heal Berry.  At the foot of the stairs, bomb through the wall
    to the north to get a Power Apple, Hardy Apple, and Agile Apple.
    Walk under the bridge.  Go left (while under the bridge) and bomb open
    the big crate for yet another Heal Berry, and also get the 300 gella
    to the right of the bridge.  Go down, throw the left lever, then the
    right one, and go down the steps.  Pick up and hold on to the Bullet
    Clip (refills an ARM) and save your game at the save spot.  Talk to
    Tony, then bomb through the wall.  Get the chest partially concealed
    by the wall (you can just see some red on the right side of the
    screen) and equip the Bandanna, then take the Holy Berries.
         Back at the entrance to the cave, the monster sealed by the
    Holy Berries will appear.  It's a boss!  Just use the Hand Cannon
    ARM over and over.  When you have enough Force, use ARM Lock On to
    guarantee a hit.  Be sure to stay healed.  The Zombie goes first
    and takes off 15 - 25, so heal when you get under 50 HP.  When
    your ARM runs out of ammo, switch to regular attacks (the Zombie
    will be almost dead).  After the battle, Rudy will use the Holy
    Berry to kill the Zombie.  However, the townspeople are outraged
    that Rudy used an ARM and he will be taken back to the town to be
    judged.  Go downstairs and Mayor Pifer will tell you to leave.
    Leave town and Rudy's scenario will end.  You will go back to the
    character select screen.
         Next, do Jack's scenario.  Jack and his Wind Mouse Hanpan are
    exploring the Temple of Memory.  Jack springs a trap and falls into a
    hole.  After a very cool sequence (Jack and I agree here), you have to
    escape.  Get the Heal Berry in the chest and go left.  In fights, just
    use regular attacks.  Go up the left side and shoot Hanpan across the
    gap (press Square) to pick up the chest.  Equip the Cowboy Hat and
    go right and down.  Go all the right, circle the pit, go up and press
    the switch.  Then go back and take the center passage leading up.
    Ignore the chest (it's empty) and go up the stairs.
         Push one of the blocks out of your way and go down the path.  If
    you walk straight through the spike holes without stopping, you won't
    get hurt.  At the bottom, use Hanpan to open the chest, then go right
    and hit the switch.  Go back, take the left path, and go up the stairs.
    If you get low on HP, use a Heal Berry or wait for a level up (it
    doesn't restore your HP completely, but you do gain some).
         On the next floor, dash to the right (hold X), but stop after you
    reach the door (there are three spikes).  Pick up another Heal Berry,
    then go all the way north.  Push the center block into the pit, then
    stand where it was and shoot Hanpan over to the switch.  Go back down
    and dash to the left, but stop before the wall again.  Go up the stairs
    and save your game.  Dash past the spikes to the north.  Circle around
    each torch, hitting the switches on the way (if you move in a circle,
    you will not get hit by the spikes).  Then hit the switch in the middle
    to open the door.
         Go north past the first set of spikes.  If you fight Skeletons,
    use your Psycho Crack Fast Draw.  Go left at the next set of spikes,
    then down at the third set.  Equip the Hide Glove as your accessory
    (left hand item).  Then go north and into the small room.  Stand on
    one of the blue switches and shoot Hanpan across to the other.  A
    teleporter will appear.  Teleport, then go up to the control panel to
    activate a message.  After it is over, teleport back to the entrance
    and leave.  Jack's scenario ends.
         Now it's time for Cecilia's scenario.  Cecilia starts in Curan
    Abbey.  Explore the abbey, talk to everybody, and read all the books.
    One person will give you a Crest Graph, and you will find a Mystic
    Apple, 20 gella, and a Heal Berry in the barrels.  Get the spell Blast
    (Black - Fray/Muse) bound to your Crest Graph (if you want, you can
    get some other spell, but I recommend Blast).  Talk to the librarian
    and she will send you to get Anje's Pocket Watch.  Go upstairs and
    talk to Anje.  She will ask you to use the Tear on the Guardian
    Stone.  Go over to the stone and use the Tear.  Anje will give you
    the Pocket Watch.  Go back to the library and use the Watch.  One
    book will be left behind.  Examine it and a voice will tell Cecilia
    to go to the Sealed Library.
         Go talk to Sister Mary, then go around and talk to Anje, Lila,
    and Jacques (the head cook).  Also talk to the person on the far
    left side of the lower building.  You should now be able to solve
    the puzzle.  Go to the courtyard and examine both statues.  Press
    the switches.  Reverse the positions of the statues (you will hear a
    rumbling sound when they are in place), then stand between them and
    use the Tear.  Go up and use the Tear on the symbol on the wall.  You
    will teleport to the Sealed Library.
         Open the door with the Tear and go through.  Pick up the upper-
    right box and hit the switch.  Follow the passage to a room with a
    crystal switch.  Throw one of the boxes at the switch (from the side),
    then just chuck the others aside.  Open the chests for a Magic Carrot
    and Medicine, then go down the stairs.  Use the Flame spell on the
    monsters, or use Blast if there is a group of more than one.  In the
    room with the crate-blocked passage, smash the first two crates, then
    carry the third.  Press the switch on the left to make a crystal
    switch appear.  Throw the crate at it, then open the chests for a pair
    of Heal Berries.  Be sure to keep Cecilia healthy, as she can get
    killed fairly easily.
         Go through the big door to the library.  Read every book here
    for clues about some of the secrets and future plot points (you really
    should do this).  Also open the chests for another Magic Carrot and
    a Capuche (a helmet).  Once you're done, get the three green books
    (one in the lower-right, one in the upper-right, and one in the mid-
    left) and throw each one on the fire.  Go through the door that
    appears.  In the left-hand bookcase in this room is the book De Le
    Metalica.  It's sealed, but remember its location.  You'll need it
    later.  Heal up and use a Magic Carrot if you're low on MP.  Then read
    the book sitting on the table.  You will have to fight a boss.  Attack
    with the Flame spell and use Heal to heal.  Nelgaul gets to go first,
    so take that into consideration when deciding when to heal (i.e, don't
    wait until one more hit will kill you to heal; you should heal when
    you can take about one more hit without dying).  If you run out of
    MP, use Heal Berries to heal and use physical attacks to attack.  You
    shouldn't have any trouble winning.  (By the way, is it just me or
    is the sound that bosses make when you kill them really annoying?)
         Following the battle, the Water Guardian Stoldark will appear.
    You will then get Stoldark's Water Rune and teleport back to the
    Abbey.  Although you can't summon Guardians yet, equip the Water Rune,
    as it raises your Sorcery.  Leave the Abbey and Cecilia's scenario
    will end.
         The character select screen will come back up.  Pick any character
    and go to Adlehyde (south of Surf Village, southeast of the Memory
    Temple, and northeast of Curan Abbey).  Go up to the Memory Bird and
    choose "Change".  Pick the other characters and get them all to
    Adlehyde.  Then go talk to Professor Emma (upstairs in the ARMs
    building) with any character.  She will ask you to clear the monsters
    out of Lolithia's Tomb.  Agree, then go talk to the other characters
    and they will join you.  You have now assembled the party!
         Now that you have your party together, explore Adlehyde.  Stay
    at the inn and refill your ARM (just talk to the guy with the brown
    vest).  Bullets are always 10 gella a piece (cheap).  Buy new
    weapons and armor at the item store, and sell your old stuff.  Hang
    on to Cecilia's equipment, though; you can use with her Mystic
    ability.  Unlike many games, in Wild Arms, instead of getting 1/2
    of the cost of an item when you sell it, you get 3/4.  In barrels,
    you'll find 2 Heal Berries, 7 gella, and an Agile Apple.  In a house
    on the north end of town, there are two big crates.  Bomb them open
    to get a Heal Berry and Magic Carrot.  In the house to the right of
    that, there are a lot of small crates.  Break them all for a Power
    Apple and a Hardy Apple.  Finally, in the upper-right corner of
    town (you have to loop down around the trees), there is a Heat Salve.
         Then go to the castle, where you'll find a Moon Stone (equip
    it on Cecilia), a Crest Graph, and 200 gella.  Back in town, use
    the money to upgrade Rudy's ARM (talk to Emma's assistant).  Get
    the spell Armor Down with your Graph, then save the game.  Leave
    Adlehyde and go north to Lolithia's Tomb.
         Go in the left door and open the chests.  Save the Potion Berry
    for a boss.  Go in the right door and push one of the side blocks
    up.  Get the two Apples, then, in the main room, climb the ladder
    and circle around to the room where Emma is.  Talk to her, then
    bomb through the wall for the Buckler.  Give it to Rudy (he's the
    only one who can use it).  Jump down, talk to the guys, and bomb
    through the rocks.  Bomb through the next passage.  In the big
    room beyond, enter the small door, bomb the rocks away, and press
    the switch.  Use Hanpan to open the gold chest, because it will
    explode (all gold chests are explosive, so use Hanpan to open
    them or you'll take damage).  Pop up the stairs, get the money to
    the right, then bomb the rock away.  Jump down where there's no
    railing and hit the switch.  Go through the door right above you
    and push one of the blocks to the side.  Hit the switch and all
    the blocks will vanish, but the door will open.  Go through and
    get the Crest Graph in the chest.
         Return to the place where you jumped down and continue north.
    Go right, climb the ladder, bomb the rock, and climb the next
    ladder.  Go up the ladder on the right, open the chest (via Hanpan,
    of course, as it's a gold chest).  There's a Revive Fruit in it;
    hang on it, you may need it on the boss.  Climb the ladder, go
    left, and jump down twice.  Bomb away the rock to reveal a switch.
    Walk as far right as you can and shoot Hanpan over to the switch.
    Go down the ladder and head left to get a chest with some gella.
    Now go back to the top of the pyramid and go through the door.
    Save the game at the save spot and continue on.
         Go through the door on the right to a room with a sealed door
    and some blocks.  Walk up to the puzzle on the left and stand
    in the middle of the three blocks.  Push the block to your right
    to the right.  Stand where it used to be, walk up, then push the
    block to your left.  Walk up and push the block above you.  Get
    the chest.  Repeat the same thing on the right, just flipped over.
    Stand in front of the sealed door and use the Tear.  Go down and
    read the plaque.  Go back upstairs and leave the block room
    through the door on the right.  Hit the switch, then go back out
    the left exit of the block room.  Open the chest for some
    money.  Now exit the block room through the middle door.  Walk
    left under the bridges and open the chest with Hanpan.  Then go
    right to a room with a statue.  Press the switch hidden on the
    back of the switch.  Four blocks will appear.  Push them onto
    the squares drawn on the floor around the statue.  You will hear
    a sound when each one is positioned properly.  Heal up, then go
    across the bridge that appears to the door.  Use the Tear to open
    it and try to go through.  The Magtortus will appear.
         Rudy should use the Hand Cannon ARM, using ARM Lock On if
    he has enough Force.  Jack should cast Psycho Crack (his Fast
    Draw sword technique).  When he runs out of MP, have him attack.
    On her first turn, have Cecilia cast Armor Down (this is a very
    handy spell), then heal.  If there's nobody that needs healing,
    have her use Mystic with the Mage Staff (you kept it, right?) to
    cast Shield (raises defense).  The Magtortus goes last, so you'll
    be able to heal before it can hit again.  If somebody dies, use the
    Revive Fruit from earlier in the dungeon to bring them back, and
    heal them on the same turn with the other person (whoever's slower
    should do the healing or it won't work).  It's a long battle,
    but you should be able to win it without too much trouble.
         After the fight, go through the door, pick up the two chests,
    then walk up to the golem Lolithia.  Go back to the entrance (if
    you have the Escape spell, cast it) and talk to Emma.  You will
    automatically go back to the golem to excavate it with the Emma-
    Motor (the graphics here are great -- look at the shifting beams
    of light).
         Go back to Adlehyde.  If you have a lot of extra money,
    upgrade Rudy's ARM some more.  Get a spell bound to the Crest
    Graph you picked up (Escape is very useful).  Go to the inn,
    reload your ARM, then stay overnight.  Cecilia will go back to
    the castle.  The next day, the Ruin Festival will begin.  Go to
    the festival (take the east exit from town).  Search the festival
    grounds for 49 gella and a Toy Hammer.  Talk to Emma and she will
    pay you 500 gella.  In the center of the fair you'll find
    someone selling flowers.  Buy a pile of them; they raise your
    luck.  Talk to one woman and she'll ask you to find her lost kid
    with a red balloon.  This is all you have to do at the festival,
    but there are lots of bonus games to play.  You won't get another
    chance to play them, so play them now.
         In the lower-right corner is a race, but you don't get
    anything from it, even if you break the record.  Play this one
    only if you really want to.  In the upper-right corner is a ball
    toss; if you can hit the center, you'll get a Secret Sign (reduces
    the MP cost of one Fast Draw by 1).  It's hard to do, though.
    You have to stand a few taps down from where you pick up the ball
    and throw the ball straight up.  Just to the left of that game
    is the "chicken" game.  You have to stop just in front of the
    wall.  It's tricky, but doable.  You get a Lucky Card.  Neither of
    these games are worth your money, but there's a great game in
    the lower-left: Lucky Mole Catching!  All you have to do here is
    grab moles and throw them (quickly) as they pop out of the
    ground.  Depending on the number you hit, you'll get different
    11 - Bullet Clip
    12 - Hardy Apple
    13 - Agile Apple
    14 - Mystic Apple
    15 - Power Apple
    16 - Nectar
         You can rack up a lot of Apples and other good items from
    this game.  By counting the number of moles you grab, you can
    get exactly the number you want to get the prize of your choice.
    Spend a lot of money on this game; it has great prizes.  Save
    your Mystic Apples (and maybe some Hardy Apples) for Cecilia,
    when she rejoins shortly.
         When you're done at the fair, go back into town and find
    the kid with the red balloon (near the center of town).  Talk
    to him.  Suddenly, the demons will appear and torch the town.
    Run around town, dodging demons and talking to the survivors
    (i.e, those not lying on the ground dead).  There are ten
    survivors to find.  Do *not* go up to the top, where Cecilia
    is surrounded by demons.  Once you find all the survivors,
    you can fight the wandering monsters to gain some experience
    if you want.  When you're done, go up to the top of town.
    You will have to fight two Lizardmen and a Skeleton to save
    Cecilia.  Use Psycho Crack on the Lizardmen, while Rudy
    kills the sksetons and then finishes off the Lizardmen.
    Cecilia rejoins your party, then you have five minutes to
    save people.  Of course, you've saved them all before the timer
    started.  So just go up to the castle.
         Go stay at the bedroom in the long hallway.  Also, at the
    right end of that hall, you'll find all the people you've
    saved.  Then go to the throne room and talk to the soldier
    guarding the passageway left of the throne.  He will move.  Go
    up to the third floor and talk to the king with Cecilia in
    the lead.  The king tells Cecilia to stay in her room, but
    Cecilia decides to escape to give the Tear Drop to the demons.
         On the second floor, take the exit out onto the walls.
    Don't touch any of the guards or you will be sent back to
    Cecilia's room.  Walk along the bottom side of the walls and
    turn down quickly.  Hurry along the walls, but don't run or
    you might run into a guard or wall.  As long as you keep
    moving, the guards can't catch up with you.  On the right side
    of the walls, turn left and go into the door (up just leads
    to a chest, which you should have already gotten).  Go down
    the stairs and walk up to the next room.  Dash left (there
    is a guard chasing you) and go through the door on the far
    left side of the hall.  You are now in the kitchen.  Talk to
    the cook on the left and he will open a passage for you.
         You will drop down to the sewers.  Save your game if
    you want.  At the first intersection, go left and then down.
    Throw Hanpan diagonally to pick up the chest.  It contains a
    Power Apple, which I recommend giving to Rudy (he spends most
    of his time fighting, but has a lower strength than Jack).
    Also give Rudy your Agile Apples, and give Sorcery and Hardy
    Apples to Cecilia.  Go back to the start and go right.  At
    the corner, use Hanpan to open the chest, then continue to
    the next intersection.  Go up, then down at the next branch.
    When you reach a set of six crates, turn right just after
    you pass them.  Keep going right until you get a Mystic Apple
    in a chest.  Go back left (the path down just leads to a
    chest with a measly 3 gella) to where the six crates were.
    Go down and then turn left.  Take the next turn down, then
    go left and you will come to a chest with an Agile Apple.
    Go back right and turn down.  When you come to an
    intersection, walk down a little and shoot Hanpan down to the
    chest.  Then go right for a money chest.  Now go back left
    and turn up as soon as you can.  Then turn right and keep
    going until you come to a pair of paths leading south.
    Take the left one to the exit.  Save your game and go up
    the stairs.  Open the chest for a Potion Berry.  Push the
    blocks aside to get out into town.  Dodge the monsters and go
    to the center of town, where you'll encounter Belselk.
    Cecilia will hand over the Tear Drop, but you'll get into a
    fight anyway.
         Rudy should fire the Hand Cannon, using Lock On if you
    have enough Force.  Jack should attack with Psycho Crack.
    Cecilia should cast Armor Down on Belselk on her fist turn.
    On subsequent turns, if one character is low on HP, have her
    Heal that person.  If the party is generally low, have her
    use Mystic with a Heal Berry to heal the whole party.  If
    somebody's very low on HP, have Jack use an item to heal
    that person because he goes first.  If nobody needs healing,
    Mystic the Mage Staff to raise someone's defense (first
    hers, then Jack's, then Rudy's).
         After the fight, the demons steal the golems (look at the
    way the shadows get smaller as the golems are lifted up!)
    The king dies, and Cecilia decides to go with Rudy and Jack
    to defeat the demons and recover the Tear Drop.  Then you get
    to see the opening credits... yes, everything you have done
    so far is just the introduction!
         One week later... Go up to Cecilia's room and she will
    rejoin.  Then go to the council room and talk to Johan.  He
    will send you to Milama to visit the Guardian Temple.  For
    each townsperson you saved during the attack, there will be
    a chest.  Loot them, then leave the castle.  The town is in
    ruins, but you can still stock up on bullets for you ARM.
    Save your game and leave town.  Go northwest to a signpost.
    Then turn southwest, cross the bridge, and continue on to
    the Mountain Pass.
         Go through the first room.  The next room is dark.  Go
    up until you reach a lantern, then go west.  Don't step on
    the red flowers or you will take damage.  Go up and pick up
    the Lighter, Jack's second tool.  Go back to the lantern and
    light it, then circle back left.  Run southeast across the
    red flowers to a chest.  Then go up to the top of the room
    and through the door.  Light the lamp directly above you,
    go left for a couple chests, then take the right path up to
    the door.  In the room on the right is a Save Point, and
    the door on the left leads to the exterior of the pass.
         Go left and down the stairs.  Grab the chest to the
    right and go west.  As you cross the bridge, Jack will get a
    Fast Draw hint.  It appears as "????" on his spell screen.
    To learn it, just keep using the hint until you master the
    technique.  The early Fast Draws can be mastered quickly.
    This Fast Draw is the Sonic Buster, which damages a group of
    enemies.  It's not as strong as Psycho Crack, but handy
    when you're fighting several monsters.  Go left, down the
    first set of stairs, and then go left.  Get the chest and
    go down the stairs.  There's another Antidote to the right if
    you want (you certainly don't need it), then just go down
    the steps and follow the path to the cave entrance.
         Light the lantern to the upper-right, then follow the
    path around, blowing up any rocks in your way.  When you come
    to a fork, go left for the Olive Branch (gives immunity to
    disease), then go right and then, at the next fork, go up.
    Light the lantern and pick up the Crest Graph in the chest.
    Go down to the exit.  Bomb through the obvious-looking wall
    to get the Magic Map, then head outside.  Go south until
    you reach Milama.
         Exploring the town, you'll find new helemts (10gal Hat,
    Cute Ribbon, and Metal Band), a Mystic Apple, a Crest Graph,
    813 gella, a Violet Rose, a Hardy Apple, and a Heal Berry in
    barrels.  In the top, near the upper-right corner, you'll
    find three big crates.  Bomb them open for apples and a berry.
    Buy new equipment (both weapons and armor).  Sell off your
    old stuff, but keep all of Cecilia's equipment to use with
    Mystic.  You have two Crest Graphs, so get some spells bound
    to them.  I recommend Freeze and Slow Down.  Go to the pub
    and talk to the owner.  He will give you the instructions
    to get into the temple and give you the Holy Medal.  If you
    have some extra cash, get Rudy's ARM upgraded at the ARMs
    Meister in the far upper-right corner.
         Once you're all done in Milama (and you have the Holy
    Medal), leave Milama and go north to the Guardian Temple.
    Take either flight of stairs up.  Using Jack's lighter, light
    the fires at the 2 o'clock, 10 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 12
    o'clock positions (in that order).  Go back downstairs, walk
    up the door, and use the Holy Medal.  It will open.  Go
    downstairs and head south for some Mystic Apples.  Get the
    two chests in the main room (Magic Carrots) and go through
    either side door.  Go all the way out on the wing and get
    the Crest Graph in the chest.  Now go to the other side and
    get the Crest Graph there as well.  You won't have access to
    a magic guild for a while after this, so go back to Milama
    and get some spells bound to them.  I recommend Revive and
         Back at the temple, go downstairs, pass straight through
    either of the wings, and go through the center door.  Save
    your game if you wish, and go onto the next room.  Light the
    torches in this order:
    3   1
    5 7 2
    4   6
          Go through the door and you will pass through the
    mirror, where you will split up.  As Jack, walk up and use
    Hanpan to hit switches.  You will have to make some diagonal
    throws.  Against groups of enemies, use Sonic Buster.  On
    the second screen, walk out to the corners of the square and
    use Hanpan to hit both switches.  Then take the left path and
    hit both switches.  Go back and up the right path.  Enter the
    room at the top and pick up the sword.
         Switch to Rudy.  Bomb your way north to the maze room.
    Use the Hand Cannon on tougher enemies.  To get through the
    maze, just take the following paths at each intersection:
    left, left, center, center, right, right, left, left, center.
    Go through the door.
         Switch to Cecilia.  Go up the left, left, and right
    paths to next room.  Push the right block up one space.  Push
    the left block all the way left.  Go up and through the door.
    Once you get all the characters together, the Guardians
    Gurdijeff, Moa Gault, and Fengalon will appear.  You will
    get the Summon Guardian Force and their runes (Earth, Fire,
    and Wind).  Gurdijeff will then teleport you to the location
    of the first of the three statues that seal Mother.
                                    The Statues
         Equip Rudy and Jack with runes (I recommend giving the
    Fire Rune to Rudy and the Earth Rune to Jack), then go northwest
    to Baskar Village.  Loot the town (crates and barrels) for
    398 gella, a Magic Carrot, an Agile Apple, a Heal Berry, and
    a Crest Graph.  Unfortunately, there's no Magic Guild here,
    so you can't use the Crest Graph.  Buy new equipment from the
    travelling merchant, and, as always, hang on to Cecilia's old
    gear.  If you don't have enough money, just leave town and have
    some fights to get the cash.  Also buy a stock of Antidotes
    (at least five) from the merchant.  Talk to the chief, then go
    to the pyramid at the north end of town.  You will try to call
    Zephyr (the west wind of hope), but fail.  Leave town and go
    north past the stone circles to Mt. Zenom.
         Talk to the guard and he will let you in.  Push the gray
    statue up until it clicks and turns blue.  Go upstairs and follow
    the path outside.  Kill the Shriekers first during a fight,
    because they will use Shriek to give you random status conditions.
    Also, use Cecilia's Mystic with the White Robe to cast Lock
    State (protects you from status changes).  They are weak against
    fire.  When you find a chest with a Heal Berry, go straight up
    for another chest with a Lucky Card (partially hidden by a tree).
    Keep going left, get the Blue Circlet, then go in the cave.
    Burn the grass with Jack's lighter and continue upstairs.  Go
    outside and head right.  Go up the trail for a Secret Sign.  Hang
    on to it; you'll be getting a new Fast Draw soon.  Go in the
    cave to the right.
         Inside the cave, go right, then down.  Push the gray statue
    to the right to turn it blue.  Go up and through the door.
    Burn your way east and south.  Back outside, go south down the
    trail.  Use Hanpan to open the exploding gold chests, then go
    back up the trail.  You will get the hint for Meteor Dive.  Use
    the Secret Sign you picked up earlier on it as soon as you learn
    it, because you'll be using it a lot.  Head west, get the Potion
    Berry, and go in the next cave.  Go up and left.  Burn the grass
    at the far end of the left section to reveal a switch.  Step on
    it, then go north and up the stairs.  Go south and outside.
    If you go south, you can jump down to reach a ledge with a
    Crest Graph, but you'll have to head back a ways through the
    dungeon, so skip for it now.  You can come back and get it later.
    Enter the cave on the right and push the two out-of-place statues
    up into position.  Go through the door and get the Mystic Word.
    Equip it on Cecilia's left hand.  Head back outside and go left.
    Go up the steps and save your game.  Go outside and into the
    next cave.  Push the two gray statues right to turn them blue.
    Push the next gray statue right, then the one above that left.
    Push the next gray statue right into the line.  Push the top
    one down until it turns blue.  Go through the door and heal up.
    Walk up to the statue.  Belselk will appear, destroy the statue,
    and sic Orga Widow on you.
         This is the first boss in quite some time.  Rudy should use
    his Hand Cannon, and Jack should cast Meteor Dive.  Cecilia
    should use Armor Down on her first turn, then cast Freeze.  Also
    have her use Heal and Revive when necessary.  When Cecilia gets
    enough Force, have her summon Stoldark.  This will rip the Orga
    Widow and possibly kill it.  Once you get Stoldark in, the
    fight's almost over.  After the fight, you will get the Summit
    Rune.  Equip it on Jack, then cast Escape and go back to Baskar.
    Talk to the Chief and he will give you the Kizim Fire.
         Go northeast from Baskar to the Elw Pyramid.  Walk behind
    the waterfall on the left and go through the secret door there.
    Walk up to the hole in the wall and use the Kizim Fire.  Go
    downstairs and stand on the green teleporter.  You will warp to
    another Elw Pyramid, near Saint Centour.  Grab the Hard Guard
    (a better glove for Jack) on the way out.  Outside, head south
    and west until you get to Saint Centour.
         When you try to enter the town, you will be repulsed.  The
    guard will explain about the town's shield and then let you in.
    Explore the town to find 350 gella, a Magic Carrot, a Power
    Apple, an Agile Apple, a Crest Graph, and a Hardy Apple.  Upgrade
    your equipment (if you don't have enough money, just buy what you
    can) and get two new spells (I recommend Awaken and Spark).
    One guy will give you the key to the Cage Tower when you talk to
    him.  There is also a blind girl in the lower left corner;
    remember her, she will be important later.  You will find a lot
    of chests and places you can't reach in town.  Ignore these for
         Leave town, but don't go to the Cage Tower.  Instead, head
    east (past the wastleland where the tower is) to the forest
    and another Elw Pyramid.  Enter and teleport.  Leave the pyramid
    and loop around to Port Timney.
         In Port Timney, you'll find a Hardy Apple, 2510 gella, a
    Potion Berry, and a Revive Fruit in barrels.  You'll also find
    a Crest Graph in a chest.  Bomb open the crates at the north
    end of town.  There is a guy in one of the crates.  Talk to him
    and he will give you the hint for the Trickster Fast Draw.
    Trickster lets you steal items from enemies.  There's one more
    crate partially hidden behind a building (near the upper-right).
    Blow it up, then walk behind the building to the left, where
    the crate was.  Keep going over to the weapons merchant.  Open
    the chest for a Duplicator key.  Get the spell Light Blow
    bound to your Crest Graph.  The same equipment available at
    Saint Centour is here, but if you want to make some money, go
    outside the town and fight Sand Beasts.
         Go back to Saint Centour.  Get healed and save your game.
    Then go east from town (and a little north) to the Cage Tower.
    Use the Key Plate and enter.  Take the stairs on the left and
    press the switch.  Go back down and up the stairs on the
    right.  Go down and left.  Go down the first set of stairs you
    come to and press the switch.  Head back up the stairs and
    keep going in the direction you were going to get a Crest
    Graph.  Loop back to the stairs that you first came to the
    second floor on (in the middle).  Go up and right to another
    set of stairs down to the first floor.  Take these stairs,
    then go up and back to the second floor.  Go up again to the
    third floor.
         Circle across the disappearing bridges and go up to the
    fourth floor.  Circle around again, but walk off onto the
    small platform.  Open the chests for the Round Shield (a
    better shield for Rudy's left hand) and a Bullet Clip.  Then
    put Rudy in the lead and open the ARMs case (the gray
    container).  You will get the Prism Ray, Rudy's second ARM!
    It's not as strong or accurate as the Hand Cannon, but it
    damages a group of enemies.  Then continue your loop around
    to the fifth floor.  Go down and turn left as soon as you
    can.  Press the switch and walk back onto the collapsing
    bridges.  Turn down this time and press the switch again.
    Then cross the remaining bridge to the stairs.  On the next
    floors, just circle around until you get to a room with
    three staircases.  Go up the staircase on the right, then
    down the one on the left.  Go up on the right again to
    make another set of stairs appear.  Go up these and open
    the chests for three Goat Dolls.  Goat Dolls are very useful
    -- equip them in your left hand and they bring you back
    when you die -- so save them for when you really need them.
    Then ascend to the roof.
         When you reach the top, Alhazad will appear and summon
    the Night Gaunt.  The Night Gaunt isn't that bad a boss.
    Rudy should use the Hand Cannon, as it does more damage than
    the Prism Ray.  Jack should cast Meteor Dive.  Cecilia should
    cast Armor Down and Slow Down on the Night Gaunt, then use
    Freeze on the Night Gaunt (healing when necessary, of
    course).  You should be able to win without any trouble.
    After the battle, Calamity Jane will show up and save you
    from the cage for 2000 gella (but you got 3500 for killing
    the Night Gaunt).  Then just cast Escape to leave.
         If you need items, go the tent just south of the tower.
    Then go back to Saint Centour, which has been taken over by
    the demons.  You can stay at the inn to heal yourself, then
    poke around town to get all the previously inaccesible chests.
    Right to the left of the inn are a bunch of oil drums and
    two barrels.  Stand to the left of the barrels and push the
    drum to the left (it's the only drum that can be moved left).
    Stand where the drum used to be, take one step up, then
    push the drum right.  Get the Ambrosia in the chest and
    try to save it for when you really need it.  In the rest of
    the town, you'll find the Bone (upper-right corner; casts
    Lucky Shot when used with Mystic), a Lucky Card (south of
    the Bone), and in the pub, 2 Potion Berries and a Secret Sign.
    Now head over to the west end of town.  In the upper-left
    building are some stairs.  Go down them.  Push the first
    block all the way up, then push it all the way left.  Push
    the second block down one space.  Get the Duplicator key
    from the chest.  Back in the town, in the house below the
    building with the Duplicator, there's another block-pushing
    puzzle (go down the stairs).  Walk into the middle of the
    blocks and push the ones to your sides out.  There will
    now be a row of three blocks.  Push the outer ones on this
    row up and the middle one left or right.  The chest contains
    a Bullet Clip.  Then go over to the (former) Guardian
    statue.  You'll get the Saint Rune, which you should equip
    on Rudy.  You can also read the diary in one of the houses
    near the lower-left (where the guy gave you the Key Plate)
    to find out what happened to the town.  The blind girl is
    still in the lower-left house, by the way... she will be
    important later.  Once you've got the Duplicator and the
    Saint Rune, you can hit the road.
         Return to Port Timney.  Go to the tavern and talk to
    Bartholomew, owner of the ship where the last statue is located.
    He will ask you to find the Crystal Bud from the Maze of Death.
    Buy at least five Violet Roses and a few Heat Salves, then
    leave town and head northwest into the desert.  Walk around
    until the screen starts to zoom in.  Keep wandering around until
    you find the Maze of Death (its name will pop on the screen).
         Push the block up and go left.  Push the block to the side
    and go up.  Many of the enemies you fight in here are weak
    against holy attacks, so you can use Light Blow to give Jack
    or Rudy's attacks that attribute.  Also, if you need Pin Wheels
    (which cure confusion), you can use Trickster to steal them
    from Racheals (they will also drop them after battle).  Use
    the Prism Ray to kill the Racheals quickly.  Push the statue
    to the right until you hear a sound.  Go back to the main room
    and take the door in the lower-right.  Follow the path to four
    chests, containing one of each kind of Apple (oh, and don't
    step in the green stuff -- you'll lose some HP).  Use them,
    then go back to the main room.  Take the door in the upper-left.
          Follow the path until you reach a room with several doors.
    Go right and take the door on the bottom wall.  Get the Crest
    Graph and continue south.  Push the statue to the right.  Go
    two rooms north.  Press the switch in the upper-left corner to
    make some stairs appear.  Go down the stairs and through the
    door.  Push the statue over.  Leave the room and take the door
    to the north.  Get the two chests, then jump down.
         In the next room, take the upper-right exit to another
    statue room.  After pushing the statue, go straight south.
    Press the switch in the lower-right corner and some stairs
    will appear.  Pass through the next room to another hall
    with multiple exits.  Go south, descend the stairs, and
    circle the pit to get the Clear Chime, an accessory
    (left-hand item) that makes you immune to confusion.  You
    can get plenty of Pin Wheels, though, so don't bother
    equipping it.  Go back up the stairs and go around the far
    sides to another statue room.  Then go back up two screens
    and go up and right.  You will come to a room with five
    blue statues.  Assuming you pushed all the statues over,
    you can pass through.
         Pick up the Crystal Bud.  The Maze of Death will start
    to collapse and you have 3 minutes to escape (although
    time does not pass during battles or on the menu).  Run
    south through the statue room, west, north through the door,
    west at the next hallway, and then take the first turn
    south.  Keep going back to the entry room.  You should still
    have plenty of time, so push the middle block aside and go
    up.  Bomb through the cracked wall.  Go down the stairs
    and through the door.  You will be in the center chamber.
    Go out to the sides to get two Crest Graphs, then keep going
    up.  Go down the stairs and ascend the ramp on the left.
    Heal first, then  walk up to the pit and you will have to
    fight Chaos, a very tough boss.
         Rudy should use the Hand Cannon (or the Prism Ray, if
    it has more attack power) and Jack should use Meteor Dive.
    Cecilia should cast Armor Down, Awaken, Slow Down, and then
    Light Blow.  If you're Silenced, have the silenced person
    use a Violet Rose to cure themself.  If somebody dies, make
    sure your other characters are healthy before trying to
    revive the character (use the Revive spell unless it's
    Cecilia that's dead).  Don't forget, you can Mystic an item
    to heal the whole party.  If things get really bad, you
    always have the Ambrosia you picked up in Saint Centour.
    You also have the Goat Dolls from the Cage Tower; these
    can be equipped on a character and bring the character back
    when he/she dies.  You only have three, so conserve them.
    Equip them only when you really need them and can't heal
    otherwise, such as when everybody has been put to sleep (you
    can still equip items even though none of your characters
    get a turn -- just choose the Equip icon on the first menu).
    As for Guardians, most aren't worth summoning.  Save your
    Force to get Condition Green (cures all status conditions).
    When this happens, immediately use some Force (level 1
    preferable) so you can get Condition Green again.  Chaos
    is one of the toughest bosses in the game, but with some
    patience and luck, you can win.  Your reward is the Death
    Rune, a great rune for Cecilia.  It raises her Sorcery a lot
    and performs an instant death attack when you summon it!
    Now run back to the entrance and get the heck out of here
    before the place collapses!
         Back in Port Timney, get some spells bound to your
    nice shiny new Crest Graphs (I recommend you get Vortex,
    Rage, and Reflect).  Go to the tavern and give the Crystal
    Bud to Bartholomew.  After the events, you will be taken
    to Bartholomew's ship Sweet Candy to prepare for the fake
         Wander around the ship and talk to all the sailors.
    They will give you hints as to what to do at the fake
    wedding.  After talking to everybody, go to your cabin, save
    the game, and talk to the sailor there.  Choose to rest.
    The next day, the wedding will occur.  Answer the questions
    as follows: "Bride walks forward", "Olivia Clare", "Bartholomew",
    "Sweet Candy", "Old Moon", "Right hand", "Crystal Bud", "8th",
    "Lucadia", "Go for it".  Zed the demon will show up and you'll
    have to fight him.
         Zed is a lot easier than Chaos.  Use the Hand Cannon
    and Meteor Dive on him.  Cecilia should cast Slow Down
    and Armor Down, then just use Freeze or some other attack
    spell (healing as necessary, of course).  He's really easy.
    Meanwhile, Lady Harken will appear and destroy the last
    statue.  You will receive the Thunder Rune from Nua Shakks.
         Back below deck, go talk to Captain Bartholomew.  The
    better you answered the questions, the more stuff he'll give
    you.  If you got them all right, he'll give you 5000 gella,
    a Mega Berry, a Lucky Card, and a Full Revive!  Also, no
    matter what you answered, he'll give you Cecilia's Rod tool,
    which lets you communicate with animals.  Go back to Port
    Timney and leave town.  Go south to a fourth Elw Pyramid.
    You should have the two Duplicators (one from Saint Centour
    and one from Port Timney) and the Rod.  Use a Duplicator
    to enter and teleport.  On the other side, use your second
    to leave.  You're now at the Elw Pyramid northwest of
    Milama.  Head down southeast to Milama.
                                  Ship  Graveyard
         There's not a whole lot new in Milama, but with the
    Rod, you can communicate with animals.  Talk to the dog in
    the lower-right corner of town and it will move.  In the
    house it was guarding is the Radar tool, which shows the
    location of treasures.  If you have some extra cash (don't
    spend it all, as there is a new town coming up soon), then
    upgrade Rudy's ARMs, especially the Prism Ray.
         Leave Milama and go to the Sand River to the east.
    Use the Rod to talk to the monkey, then walk through the
    wall where he was (just go straight up).  Go down the stairs
    and head left for a Hardy Apple.  Descend another level
    and go right.  Get the Power Apple and go through the cave
    entrance.  Bomb through the blocked door above you to get
    the Orb of Power, which raises a character's max HP by
    25%.  Give it Rudy or Jack.  Go back through the blocked
    door and loop around to two more apple chests.  Go up to
    the top of the room and jump off the *right side* of the broken
    bridge.  Go through the cave and go right for a Lucky Card.
    Jump in the sand river and ride to the next steps.  Grab
    the Hardy Apple, then go out through the door in the lower-
    right.  Save your game and continue south.  When you see a
    spot to jump in the sand river, do so.  You will be taken
    to a ledge with two torches.  Light them with the Lighter
    and you will get the hint for Heal Blade, Jack's only healing
    technique.  Get back in the river and make your way back
    to where you were before you jumping in the river.  Go
    down the stairs, go right, and pop up the stairs.  Head up
    and to the right for a Power Apple, then go up the stairs.
    Head south to the exit -- there's no boss.
         Go east from the Sand River across the desert to Ship
    Graveyard.  Use the Radar to search the town and find an Agile
    Apple, a Hardy Apple, 4 Heal Berries, a Potion Berry, a
    Power Apple, and the Serenade (a new helmet for Cecilia).
    At the beach (north end of town), you'll find a Toy Hammer
    and a Revive Fruit.  Upgrade your equipment, then upgrade
    Rudy's ARMs with your remaining gella.  Talk to Dan, the
    former Dream Chaser.  He will ask you to find his wife's
    bracelet in the Pleasing Gardens.
         Leave town and wander around the desert until you find
    the Gardens (it moves around).  When the screen zooms in,
    you're getting close.  At the actual location, teleport up
    to the gardens.  Many of the enemies here are weak against
    wind, so use the Vortex spell.  Head north and enter through
    the door on the right.  Come back out through the door on the
    left and step on the teleporter.  This next part took me
    forever to solve.  Head right through the wall, examining
    all the windows closely.  One of them has no barrier in front
    of it -- it's actually a door.  When you're looking for it,
    it's easy to see (it's right you pass by a passage leading
    south).  Go north and left to a four-way intersection.  Keep
    going left, then turn down.  Pass through the next intersection
    and open the chest for a Heal Berry .  Then turn and go back
    up to the intersection.  Go left and press the switch.  Return
    to the main intersection and go down.  Use the teleporter.
    Enter the room for a Duplicator, then teleport again.  Go
    down to a room full of sand.  There will be something crawling
    around under the sand.  Time a bomb to hit it as it passes
    by (this reminds me of Zelda).  The Gigmantis will pop out
    of the ground.  Run up to it and you will fight it.
         Rudy should use whichever of his ARMs has a higher attack
    power.  Jack should cast Meteor Dive.  Cecilia should use
    Armor Down and Slow Down, then attack with Freeze, healing
    as needed.  When somebody gets enough Force to summon a
    Guardian, equip them with the Water Rune and summon Stoldark,
    then switch back to their old rune.  Never use the Death
    Rune on bosses; it won't work.  You shouldn't have any
    trouble winning.  After the battle, pick up the Gigmantis's
    head and throw it at the crystal switch.  Go south and
    pick up the Grappling Hook.  Go two screens north and hit
    the teleporter.  Enter the room to your left and use the
    teleporter there to return to the hall of windows.
          Go all the way left in the hall and go through the door.
    Pick up the pair of Crest Graphs.  Go back through the
    window-door to the big intersection.  Head north and use
    the Grappling Hook to cross the gap.  Use the left
    teleporter, then the top one.  Go up and get the Flash Rune.
    Give it to Jack.  Go back inside and teleport again.
    Get the Bracelet and go back south.  The teleporter will
    take you to the start.  Jump off to the south and return
    to the Ship Graveyard.
         Give the Bracelet to Dan.  Jack will acquire his third
    Force, Sonic Vision.  Get the spells Break and Protect,
    then go to the docks.  Talk to Bartholomew twice and go to
    the Ghost Ship.  None of the barrels or boxes have anything
    here, so don't bother checking them.  Many of the enemies
    are weak against Holy, so Ione Paua (the Saint Rune) works
    great, along with Light Blow.
         Go left and down the stairs.  Get the Potion Berry,
    then go back up and out to the deck.  Go through the door
    on the right and down the steps.  Light the lantern and
    head left.  Use Hanpan to pick up the chest and grapple
    across the chasm.  Go through the door to the south.
    Go left a little bit and then north.  Light the lantern
    and go through the double doors.  Push one of the moveable
    blocks all the way to the side (the only way you can
    push it) to get a Secret Sign.  Go back out, light the
    lantern again, and grapple over to the steps.  Descend.
         In the hallway, enter the far left door and read the
    diary.  If you want, fight the skeleton in the second
    room for experience.  Enter the room on the far right
    and fight the skeleton.  After defeating it (just use
    regular attacks and cast Light Blow on Rudy), walk around
    the right side of the bed and search the upper wall.  It
    looks like this:
    -----*\      % = Bed
     |%%|X|      - = Wall
     |%%| |      * = Switch
     \--/ |      X = Stand Here
         When you hit the switch, a door will open in the room.
    Go down the stairs, cross the long corridor, and head up
    the stairs.  The next room has three blue chests.  Ignore
    them; there's no way to reach them (here).  You can get
    them later.  Go upstairs and swing right.   Use Hanpan to
    open the chests, then go out onto the deck and open the
    chest there.  Go back down to the room where you could
    grapple in two different directions and grapple back to
    the middle, then to the left side.  Go up the stairs to
    the deck.  Get the Potion Berry and head over to the front
    of the ship.  Talk to the flame and you will fight Captain
         Rudy should use his best ARM, and, when he gets enough
    Force, summon Ione Paua.  Jack should attack with Meteor
    Dive.  Save his Force to use Sonic Vision, which does a lot
    of damage on any boss.  Cecilia should cast Armor Down on
    Captain Geist, then use Light Blow on herself and start
    attacking (healing when need be).  If you get paralyzed,
    just wait for Condition Green, then use up some Force as
    soon as you get it.  Geist is pretty easy to beat, as long
    as you don't get paralyzed.
         After you beat Geist, climb down the rope ladder on
    the bottom of the ship and choose to leave on Bartholomew's
    boat.  The Ghost Ship will sink.  You will then acquire
    the Sweet Candy!  On the way out of town, stop at the
    beach, where you will find those blue chests from the Ghost
    Ship.  They hold a Goat Doll, a Crest Graph, and the Wind
    Vane.  Bind Silence to your Crest Graph, then leave town
    and get on the ship.
                                  Giant's  Cradle
         Sail due north from the Ship Graveyard to Adlehyde.
    Dock at the beach and enter.  The town is being rebuilt.
    You should have a Duplicator key, so go to the castle and
    open the locked door.  You will get four Crest Graphs and
    a Secret Sign.  Don't use the Secret Sign; instead, trade
    it in town for the Soul Breaker technique.  You can use
    the Crest Graphs, so get Curse, Prison, Dark Blow, and
    Suction.  At Mayor Cuthbert's house, you can donate money
    to repair the town.  Donate at least 500 gella (the first
    level donation) to get the inn working.  Leave Adlehyde
    and go north to Lolithia's Tomb.  Go in the door where
    Emma was (in the upper-left) and use the hookshot to
    cross the gap for another Crest Graph.  Get Quick with
    this one.
         Leave Adlehyde and get on the Sweet Candy.  Pick
    up the floating bottles near Adlehyde (Duplicator) and
    Saint Centour (Lucky Card).  Stop at that beach near
    Saint Centour and go east to the Elw Pyramid.  Use the
    Grappling Hook to cross the gap and go down the stairs
    for still more Crest Graphs.  Teleport to the Port Timney
    end and grapple across on both sides for the Sunglasses,
    Memoirs Pen, Angel Quill, a Secret Sign, a Bullet Clip,
    and (wait for it)... a Crest Graph! (surprise!)  Then
    teleport back to Saint Centour, get on your boat again,
    and sail south to Ship Graveyard.  From there, go east
    around the edge of the continent and get off at the
    beach.  Walk southwest to Rosetta Town.
         At Rosetta Town, poke around with the Radar for
    498 gella, a Crest Graph (just what you need!), new
    helmets for Rudy and Jack (Head Gear and the oddly-
    named My Grand Hat), a Hardy Apple, a Power Apple, and
    the 1 Gella Coin.  Despite what you may have read
    elsewhere, the 1 Gella Coin does nothing.  Get some
    spells bound to your Crest Graphs... you're really
    scraping the bottom of the barrel now for spells, but
    get Dispell, Analyze, Field, and Hide.  Upgrade your
    equipment again and buy 10-15 Violet Roses and 5-10
    Pin Wheels, then go to the far lower-right corner of town.
    Look at the flower growing in the Elw girl's yard and she
    will come out to talk to you.  She will come with you to
    the forest to get the Arnica herb.  Go to the Forest
    Mound to the south and pick up the sparkling herb.  Go
    back to Rosetta and give the Arnica to Mayor Hernandez.
    Then go to the entrance to town, where you will meet up
    with Jane and McDullen again.  Agree to go with them to
    the Volcannon Trap.
         Get your boat again and go back to Adlehyde.  Stay
    at the inn, save your game, and then take the ship south
    to a small island with a temple on it.  Get off and
    enter the ruin.  Jane will use her "special key" to open
    the door.  Go north and down the stairs.  Don't step in
    the red lava; it takes HP away quickly.
         Downstairs, head right, get the Potion Berry, and
    then turn south.  Open the chest for money, then walk
    around to the right of the lava.  Use Hanpan to open
    the chest in the lava, then go left to another chest in
    the lava, containing the Silver Harp.  Go up and get
    the Bullet Clip and Secret Sign.  Keep going up and a
    tad left.  Use Hanpan to open the chest, then turn and
    go all the way back south.  Go through the door, swing
    across the lava, and descend.  Push the purple pillar
    -- it's a moveable hookshot post -- down until it is
    even with the other post.  Swing across, then switch to
    Rudy and open the ARM Case for the Rocket Launcher,
    one of the best ARMs in the game.  Swing back, then go
    down and swing across some more lava.  Head west and
    push the purple post above the other.  Swing down for
    a Lucky Card, then swing back and keep going to a big
    pool of lava.
         Swing to the first island, then swing south.  Walk
    to the south edge of that island and swing diagonally
    down and left to a post.  Swing right to a chest with a
    Crest Graph (as if you need another one).  Swing back
    left and then swing diagonally up and left.  Swing left
    twice, grab the Potion Berry, and make one swing to the
    right.  Swing up and get the Revive Fruit.  Go left and
    swing across to two sets of stairs.  Go down the one
    on the right and follow the path until Jane leaves.  Then
    go back up and take the other stairway.  Keep going until
    you come to a big room with a cracked wall.  Heal up and
    investigate the wall.  Zed will come out.
         Use the normal routine on him -- Rudy use his best
    ARM (save the Rocket Launcher for later, though); Jack
    cast Meteor Dive, and Cecilia use Armor Down and Slow
    Down, then attack Freeze (healing when needed, of course).
    Guardians aren't that effective, so don't summon them.
    Use Jack's Force for Sonic Vision and Cecilia's for
    healing (via Mystic and an item).  Zed has a lot of HP,
    so it will take a while to beat him.
         After the fight, go north and save your game.  Get
    all healed up and go north to fight Belselk.  Rudy should
    use his best ARM, and when he gets enough Force, use
    ARM Lock On with the Rocket Launcher.  Jack should cast
    Meteor Dive and use Sonic Vision when he gets the Force.
    Cecilia should cast Armor Down (you don't need to cast
    Slow Down; Belselk is really slow) and then use Shield on
    each of the party members between heals.  He can do a
    lot of damage to you, but as long as you stay healthy,
    you can beat him.  Go up and get the Red Malice, then
    head out.  Belselk will reappear, but be killed by the
    demon Boomerang.  The ruins will start to collapse, and
    Jane will lose the treasures.  Head on out.  There will be
    a cutscene in which Mother recruits Boomerang to the
    Quarter Knights and Zeikfried activates the shield around
    the Photosphere.
         You will automatically return to Rosetta Town.  Get
    healed at the inn and get the spell Confusion.  Upgrade
    the Rocket Launcher; especially its hit rate and bullet
    capacity.  Save your game and head out east on the Sweet
    Candy.  Keep going east past Port Timney until you reach
    the Tripillar (there is a beach on the way -- if you get
    off here, there is a tent where you can change your name,
    although I can't imagine you'd want to at this stage in
    the game).  First, head north a little to pick up a bottle
    with a Crest Graph.  Enter the Tripillar and read the slab.
    You will split up to go up the three sides of the tower.
         Send Jack over to the left and teleport.  Circle
    around the first floor, picking up the Potion Berry on the
    lower-left platform.  On the second floor, stay on the
    lower level until you reach the right side, then go up the
    steps and examine the statue.  Agree to take the challenge,
    then just use Sonic Buster to wipe out the enemies.  After
    three rounds, you will get the hint for Divide Shot.  Use
    the hint whenever you want to do regular attacks until you
    learn the technique (you are more likely to when you have
    a high Luck).  Go up the stairs to the third floor, ascend
    the ramp, head to the bottom of the room, and then just
    circle around to the stairs.  Go straight down and out
    the door.  Go back in the door just to the right and use
    the grappling hook to cross the gap.  Descend the ramp,
    grab the Secret Sign, then go up the stairs again.  Open
    the chest, hit the switch, and go up the stairs.  The
    enemies are a tad tougher up here, so use your magic.  If
    you get the Force, always use Sonic Vision.  On the
    second "switch" floor, go up either ramp, hit the switch,
    and ascend again.  Go up the ramp on the right side of
    the room and shoot Hanpan to the left to trigger the switch.
    Then go up and stand in front of the statue.
         Now switch to Rudy and send him through the right
    teleporter.  Grab the Potion Berry on the first platform
    and go up the stairs.  Skip the ramps on the next two
    floors.  On the fourth floor, take the left path, go out
    the door, and back in.  Take the path through the ramp,
    get the Bullet Clip, and ascend.  Like with Jack's tower,
    the enemies are tougher up here, so use the Rocket
    Launcher and/or Prism Ray on the Raidbusters, and kill
    the Gremlins before they can cast Armor Down.  Summoning
    Guardians is also a good tactic.  Anyway, get the chest,
    hit the switch, and go up the stairs.  Go up the ramp
    in the lower-left, flick the switch, and then go back to
    the stairs and ascend.  Press the last switch, go up,
    and stand in front of the statue.
         Switch to Cecilia and use the top teleporter.  Circle
    around and pick up the Potion Berry on the last platform,
    then go up the steps.  Head up the ramp, go south, and go
    down the ramp.  Skip the next ramp and go up the stairs.
    Head to the lower-left, go up the ramp, and continue on
    to the stairs.  Don't go up any of the ramps, and head
    south to the door.  Go in the next door (by the way, all
    those blue panels are used for switching characters if
    you sent them up the wrong tower).  Head up the ramp,
    take the left path, and pick up the Magic Carrot.  Then
    go up the stairs and save your game.  Go up again, get
    the chest, hit the switch, and ascend.  Go up the ramp,
    circle around to the switch, and ascend a final time.
    Stand in front of the statue.  Everybody should now be
    in front of a statue, so you will teleport back to the
    entrance and the blue center door will open.  Get healed
    up, restore your MP if necessary, and go through the
    door.  Open the white chest and you will have to fight the
    Mage Fox.
         Rudy should fire the Rocket Launcher (if it has a
    hit rate under 80%, only use it with ARM Lock On).  When
    that runs out of ammo, switch his second-best ARM (if both
    the Hand Cannon and Prism Ray have the same attack power,
    use the one with a better hit rate -- probably the Hand
    Cannon).  Jack should cast Meteor Dive and use Sonic Vision
    when he gets the Force.  Cecilia should use Slow Down
    and then Armor Down on the Mage Fox.  For healing, use
    a combination of the Heal spell and Mystic-ed Heal Berries
    (if you really need it, use Mystic on a Potion Berry).
    Magic barely touches the Mage Fox (if it damages it at all),
    so have Cecilia use Protect when she has spare turns.
    The Mage Fox is tougher than your average boss, but it is
    still not a big problem.  After the fight, you will acquire
    the Blue Virtue.
         Sail back to Adlehyde.  Get healed, reload your ARMs,
    save your game, etc.  If you have some spare cash, donate
    it to help repair the town (at the mayor's house).  You'll
    benefit from it later.  Leave Adlehyde and sail east along
    the coast, past Saint Centour.  Get off at the next beach
    (right before you come to some shallow water) and go north
    to the Giant's Cradle.  Put the Blue Virtue in the left hole
    (use it as an item) and the Red Malice in the right hole.
         Go in the left door for two Crest Graphs (there've been
    so many now that I've run out of sarcastic comments to make).
    Save your game, then go in the right door.  Walk up around
    to the top side of the room and throw your grappling hook
    diagonally down and right to cross the pit.  Go down the
    stairs, stand on the bottom side of the ledge (to dodge the
    spears), and dash left.  Go south and circle through the
    main room.  In the next room, walk up the right of the two
    narrow bridges and push the block down the left-hand bridge
    until it just gets off the bridge.  Walk back down the right-
    hand bridge and push the block to the right, then up the
    right bridge.  Then just push it onto the switch:
      ____ 4444*     - = Bridges
    | |%%%|3|%%      % = Pits
    |@|%%%|3|%%      * = Switch
    |1|%%%|3|%%      @ = Block
    |1|%%%|3|%%      1,2,3,4 = Moves to make
         Go downstairs, move the block down to the lower half of
    the ledge (but not to the very edge), and then push it left
    onto the switch.  Circle the main room, then dash past all
    the spears, stopping just as you come to the chest.  Go
    down the steps and dash again, stopping as you pass the last
    spear (press up to stop quickly).  Circle the pit and dash
    past the one spear from the right hand side of the bridge.
    Go south, circle the main room, and pick up the crate.  Line
    yourself up with the crystal, walk left, throw the crate,
    and walk out of the spike region (you can see the holes on
    the ground) through a different route.  If you miss, just
    use the Pocket Watch to try again.  Go downstairs, pick up
    the crate, and cross the bridge.  Once you get south past
    the spikes, throw the crate north at the crystal (don't
    throw it while you're still on the spikes).  Circle the
    main room, opening the two chests on your way.  Dash past
    the spears, but tap down past the last spear in each set
    to avoid the pit.  Descend, go south, and pick up the chest.
    Then go back north, grab a crate, and walk just south of
    the chest.  Throw it at the crystal switch, then dash past
    the spears.  Go south to the giant, which is actually one
    of the golems.  Look at it, then cast Escape and go to
    Adlehyde.  Talk to Emma and she will come with you.  Go back
    to the Giant's Cradle and you will automatically return
    to the golem.  Cecilia will convince the golem to help the
    party, and then you will be able to ride the Earth Golem!
                                    Court  Seim
         Get in Earth Golem and head east from the Giant's
    Cradle across the shallow water.  If you go south, there is
    a tent where you can buy all of the status-preventing
    accessories (none of which are really worth using).  Keep
    going east from the Cradle, through Arctica, and through
    more shallow water to Court Seim.  Stay on the golem; if you
    get off, you will have to fight Funbabas, which are difficult.
        In Court Seim, poke around with your Radar for a Mystic
    Apple, Power Apple, Agile Apple, Hardy Apple, and Crest Graph.
    With your four Crest Graphs, you should be able to get all
    the remaining spells (plus one left over)!  Talk to Mr. Maxwell
    -- Jane's father -- in the mansion at the north end of town.
    You will learn some about Rudy's past, and whose grave that is
    in the intro.  Nicholi will then you give you the Wind-Up Key to
    let you enter the Epitaph of the Sea Wind.  Upgrade your ARMs if you
    want, and buy some of the Rings available.  Rings are left-hand
    items that make your attack a certain element, and make you
    immune to the element as well.  For example, the Geo Ring
    causes you to do earth damage and absorb damage from earth
    attacks.  You can also use the rings with Mystic to cast
    various spells.
         Leave town and head south to the clearing in the forest.
    Enter the Sacred Shrine.  There aren't any enemies, so explore
    to find 2 Potion Berries, the Secret Book (a better left-hand
    spellbook for Cecilia -- equip it right away), and approximately
    6983 gella.  There's also a big locked chest that you can't
    open.  There are two rooms that you need a Duplicator to enter,
    but you only have one Duplicator.  Use the Duplicator to get into
    the room on the far left side of the upper floor (*not* the room
    just to the left of the locked chest).  This room contains a
    Magic Carrot, a Potion Berry, a Revive Fruit, a Secret Sign, and
    a Crest Graph (you now have more Crest Graphs than there are
    basic spells -- hang on to the extras; you will be able to get
    advanced spells in a little while).  You will also find another
    Duplicator in a barrel.  Use this Duplicator to open the locked
    door near the locked chest.  There's 320 gella in this room,
    plus a statue test for Jack.  Heal up before you take the test,
    then just use Sonic Buster twice to win.  You will get the hint
    for Slash Rave.
        Stop by Court Seim to get Jack healed, then get in Earth
    Golem and cross the shallow water to the east.  Get out and
    enter the Epitaph of the Sea Wind.  Use the Wind-Up Key on the
    robot to make it move, then follow the path to the stairs.
    Ride the conveyor belts around to a chest, then head south.
    Bomb through the cracked outline of a door visible on the other
    side of the wall.  Go up the stairs.  Go around the left side
    of the conveyor belt to get a Lucky Card, then ride the conveyor.
    Open the chest, then ride the conveyor spiral to a switch.
    Hit it and walk back (don't touch any of the conveyors) to the
    chest with the Magic Carrot.  Ride the conveyor to your right
    back to the stairs.  Hug the wall to the right and walk down
    to the next set of stairs.  On the next floor, the door will
    shut and Luceid, the Guardian of Desire, will appear.  Use the
    wand to talk to her, then follow her route exactly to the
    door.  Talk to her again and go up the stairs.
        You are in a hall with a number of rooms, most of which
    are sealed.  Go to the lower-left room for two apples, then
    walk over to the lower-right room, which is locked.  You can
    see a switch on the other side, behind a hole.  Shoot Hanpan
    through the hole to hit the switch.  Go through the open door
    and use Hanpan to open the exploding chest.  You will get
    the Metal Bird book.  Hit the switch and go to the upper-left
    room.  Examine the machine and input the password "Metal
    Bird".  The bookshelf in the upper-right room will move to
    reveal a staircase.  Go up the stairs and collect the Skates.
    Use them to cross the conveyor and go back to the hallway.
    Save your game and cross the conveyor belt with the skates.
    Get the Full Revive and climb up the ladder to the roof.
    Open the chest for the Reflex shield (I recommend sticking
    with the Orb of Power, however).  Enter the doorway and go
    into the room on the right.  Use the Wind-Up Key on all
    three robots, then walk out of the room.  You will get the
    hint for Blast Charge.  Then go up the stairs to the roof
    again and ascend the stairs.  Get all healed up.  When you
    go to get the chest, Boomerang and Luceid will appear.
         Boomerang's one of the toughest bosses in the game.
    Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher on Luceid.  If Jack
    has a high Luck, have him use Slash Rave on Luceid; if his
    Luck is less than "Good", use Meteor Dive instead.  When
    he gets enough Force, use Sonic Vision.  Cecilia should
    cast Slow Down on Boomerang, then use Armor Down on
    Luceid, then Boomerang (of course, you will have to heal a
    lot -- use Mystic with a Potion Berry).  If one of your
    characters is killed, only try to bring them back when
    you're healthy, then revive them and heal them on the same
    turn (or use the Full Revive you got a while back).  If
    Cecilia dies, use Jack's Heal Blade to heal.  When Jack
    runs out of MP, have him use a Magic Carrot on himself.
    Once you take out Luceid, the fight gets much easier.
         After the fight, Boomerang and Lucied will leave.
    Collect the Rune Drive and cast Escape to go back to
    the entrance.  Don't leave quite yet; go in the left door
    and use the Skates to cross the conveyor.  Open the chests
    for a Duplicator and the Talisman.  The Talisman is one
    of the best left-hand items in the game.  It restores your
    HP as you walk and during each turn in battle.  Whoever
    you give it to (I recommend Jack) will rarely require
    healing, except on bosses.  If you want, go back up the
    tower (if you use the Skates constantly, you won't have
    any fights and you can cross the conveyors) to the locked
    door and use your Duplicator to open it.  You'll get a
    Crest Graph, Bullet Clip, and Secret Sign.
         Go back to Court Seim and take care of all your
    bookkeeping.  Then go talk to Nicholi.  Go upstairs and
    talk to McDullen.  You will acquire Rudy's Protector
    Force.  Then Alhazad will appear and demand the Rune
    Drive.  Nicholi will decide to evacuate the town.  Leave
    town and go to the Sacred Shrine.
         The demons have de-activated the force field.  Go
    to each room and talk to the people.  When you find the
    dog, make sure you are healed up before talking to it.
    It will turn into a boss.  Rudy should use the Rocket
    Launcher, Jack should use Meteor Dive and Sonic Vision,
    and Cecilia should cast Armor Down on Agaless, then
    attack with Flame, Break, or Freeze.  If Agaless uses
    Armor Down on you, boost your defense with Shield.  Other
    than the Armor Down, this is a pretty generic boss fight.
         Once you've talked to every person and killed the
    demon dog, go to the room on the far left of the upper
    floor, where there is a kid afraid of rats.  Use Hanpan
    on him and he will move.  Then talk to Sister Jessica.
    Answer all of Hanpan's questions.  Alhazad will appear
    and taunt you.  Go talk to the guy who won't lt you
    through the door to see Dr. Maxwell.  You will fight three
    Ceracenians.  Kill them with Flame and the Prism Ray.
    Heal up, then go up and fight Alhazad.
         Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher, Jack should
    use Meteor Dive or (if he has good luck) Slash Rave, and
    use Sonic Vision when he has enough Force.  Cecilia
    should cast Slow Down on Alhazad, then Armor Down.
    After that, have her cast Shield on the party.  When
    somebody runs out of MP or ammo, have them use a Magic
    Carrot / Bullet Clip on themself.  Alhazad can hit hard,
    but he doesn't have a lot of HP.  Once you beat him,
    talk to Nicholi and get the second Rune Drive.
         Back in Court Seim, talk to Nicholi and have him
    install the Anti-phasing Shields on Earth Golem.  Stay
    at the inn, save, etc., then get in Earth Golem and go
    up to Arctica.  Walk up to the Photosphere and Earth
    Golem will dissolve the shield.
         Inside the Photosphere (which bears more than a
    passing resemblance to the Magitek Factory in FF6), go
    up the ramps on both sides on bomb out the forcefield
    generators.  Then go through the center door.  In the
    next room, go up the ramp on the left, go down the
    steps, and pick up the chest.  Then go up the ramps to
    the very top and jump down to one of the field generators.
    Blow it up, then go back up, jump down to the other,
    and blow it up as well.  Go through the door in the
    upper-right and enter the small room for three chests.
    Then climb up the ladder and jump down.  Go through the
    door and blow up the generator.  Return to the room
    where you jumped down to blow up some field generators
    and go through the center door.  Grab the Hardy Apple
    and continue on.  Go right for another Hardy Apple,
    then head up to a double door.  Continue right past the
    door and get the Agile Apple.  Walk back towards the
    double door.  A blue-cloaked figure will appear and
    talk to you.  Remember this location (we'll call it "Point
    Bob").  Go through the double door.
         Pick up the chests and go up the stairs.  Go righ
    and the Blue Robed Figure will appear again.  Keep
    going right to get the Twin Orbs ARM, which functions
    like Jack's Slash Rave.  Then go up from the previous
    room.  Climb all the stairs.  At the top, you will find
    (and regain) the Tear Drop!  At this point, you will
    probably want to cast Escape and go back to Court Seim
    to get healed.  The Photosphere is a long dungeon and
    you can get back to where you need to be quickly.
         Whether you leave or not, return to Point Bob.
    Go through the door off to the right.  The forcefields
    will be off now that you have the Tear.  Go downstairs
    and save your game.  In the next room, you have to dodge
    the searchlights or you get into fights and are sent back
    to the start of the room.  Go right at the first
    intersection for Revive Fruit.  Go all the way left, down,
    and turn left again.  Go down again and follow the path
    to a chest with Revive Fruit.  Return to the entrance
    and go down.  Go right for more Revive Fruit, then go left
    and down.  Keep going down until to you reach a room
    with a Mega Berry and the Gauntlet (which isn't worth
    equipping; the Talisman is a lot better).  From the chest
    room, go up until you reach a turn to the right.  Take
    that turn and follow the path until you come to a doorway.
    Heal up and go through.  You'll have to fight Lolithia,
    who is one of the tougher bosses in the game.
         Rudy should use the Rocket Laucher, Jack should cast
    Meteor Dive and use Sonic Vision, and Cecilia should
    cast Awaken, then use Armor Down on Lolithia.  After that,
    have her attack with the Flame spell.  When Lolithia
    puts you to sleep, the Awaken spell will go off and wake
    you up.  Recast it as soon as possible (but heal first).
    If you stay awake, you won't have any trouble with
    Lolithia... otherwise, she's tough.
         Continue down the stairs until you reach a door with
    "strange, cold vibrations."  Get all healed up and go
    through to fight Mother.  Mother is really easy for the
    queen of the demons.  Use the Rocket Launcher, Meteor
    Dive, Sonic Vision, and Armor Down.  Mother can only do
    about 200-300 damage with most of her attacks.  Occasionally,
    she'll do a spell that does 700-800 to the party, but
    you can easily heal by Mysticing a Potion Berry.
         After slaughtering Mother, Jane, McDullen, and
    Bartholomew will come to save you.  Back on the Sweet
    Candy, the Quarter Knights will appear and threaten
    you, then leave.  You will go back to Adlehyde, where
    Emma will form the Emma Intelligence Agency.
                                  The Outer Ocean
         Talk to everyone in Adlehyde and upgrade the Twin Orbs
    ARM.  It's good, but generally not as good as the Rocket
    Launcher.  Sail to Rosetta Town and talk to Mayor Hernandez.
    While you're here, get some Small Flowers from Mariel (leave
    the town and come back in to get another one).  They boost
    your Luck.  If you're having trouble learning Fast Draws, I
    think you are more likely to learn them at a higher Luck
    level.  Take the Sweet Candy down to the vortex in the strait.
    You will enter the Dragon Shrine in the ocean.
         If you have any Thunder Rings, equip them, but they aren't
    needed.  Just watch out for the Nagas; they can use Fatal
    Blow on you.  Use your strongest attacks on them.  Go left
    and ascend the stairs, then back down the next stairs.  Take
    the stairs in the upper-left for two chests, then go back
    down and take the stairs down in the middle. There are four
    horizontal rows in this block-pushing puzzle; we'll number
    them 1 - 4, from the top.  We'll number the columns starting
    from the right of each row.  Go up to row 1 and push the
    block blocking column #3 to the left.  Walk down to row 2.
    Push the block blocking column #4 left.  Go down to row 3
    through that column.  Push the block just to your right to the
    right.  Walk down to row 4 and head left to the exit.  Save
    your game if you want and cross the room to the stairs on the
         Go to the first puzzle room on the left.  Push the
    block straight up onto the plate (ooh, tricky).  Collect the
    Crest Graph.  Go to the second puzzle room.  Push the top
    block to the right onto the plate.  Push the lower block
    left against the blocks, then up against the wall.  Push it
    left onto the plate (if you mess up, just use the Watch to
    reset it) for another Crest Graph.  Go to the third puzzle
    room.  Push the upper block right until it is lined up with
    the door.  Push the lower block left to the wall, then down
    onto the plate.  Push the upper block onto the plate and
    you'll receive a third Crest Graph.  Keep going on to the
    fourth puzzle room.  Tap the center block up until you
    squeeze by to the right.  Push the side blocks down onto the
    plates.  Then move the center block up onto its plate.
    This time, you get the Shining Cape, armor for Cecilia.
    Now go to the fifth and last room.  Tap both center blocks
    up until you can walk behind the side blocks.  Push those
    blocks down and then over onto the plates.  Then scoot
    one of the center blocks back down and scoot it sideways
    onto the nearby plate.  Move the last block over onto the
    plate and you'll get Cecilia's fourth tool, the Vase.
         Go back to the room with the save point.  Save your
    game and head north.  Use the Vase to put out the fire and
    reveal a switch that opens the doors.  Take the door on
    the left.  Push the bottom block right one space (half
    block-width).  Walk through that space and push the second
    top block all the way right.  Push the second bottom block
    right.  Use the Vase on the fires and collect a Duplicator.
    Go back to the previous room and take the right door.
    Repeat the same thing you did on the other side, except
    swap the top and bottom and push the blocks left (i.e.,
    your first move would be to push the top block left one
    space).  Go up and through the door.  Heal up and walk up
    to the altar.  The Sea Guardian Lucaida will appear, but
    then Lady Harken will show up.
         Do the same ol' routine -- Rocket Launcher, Meteor Dive
    (or Slash Rave if you have a high luck), Sonic Vision,
    and have Cecilia use Slow Down, then Armor Down.  You
    won't have any difficulty.  After the fight, you'll get
    the hint for Guilty Blade and the Triton Rune.  You may want
    to give the Rune to Cecilia.  It decreases her Sorcery (from
    the Death Rune), but raises her Vitality.  It's up to you.
    Then cast Escape and warp out of the shrine.
         You will now be able to sail past the vortex into the
    Outer Ocean!  First, head back to Rosetta Town to get healed.
    Then sail through the strait and head south.  You'll find
    two bottles on the way.  One has a message about the arena
    on the Isle of Conflict; the other (slighty off to the east)
    has a Crest Graph.  Keep going south to the Isle of Conflict
    (the big island).  Dock at the beach on the island's upper-
    right corner and head southwest.  Enter the small clearing
    in the middle of the forest.  This is the Isolated Guild,
    where you can learn advanced magic.  You can assemble advanced
    spells (consult the Magic section), and there is a person
    that will go to Adlehyde to start an advanced magic guild
    there.  The woman on the right will heal you.  Now, for
    advanced magic.  Dissolve the following basic spells: Flash,
    Sleep, Air Screen, Confusion, Suction, Field, Hide, Dispell,
    Quick, Dark Blow, Prison, Shield, Silence, Protect, Reflect,
    and Rage.  This should give you 22 Crest Graphs (the extra
    ones you had plus the spells you just dissolved).  Get the
    following Advanced spells: Hi-Shield, Hyper, Invisible,
    Hi-Reflect, Teleport, Lock State, Hi-Revive, Remedy,
    Restore, Hi-Heal, Saint (Holy attack spell!), Hi-Freeze,
    Randomizer (a lot better than you'd think), Hi-Flame,
    Hi-Break, Hi-Vortex, Hi-Spark, MP Drain, Darkness,
    Hi-Blast, Rainbow, Banish, and Lucky Shot.  You now have
    basically every spell you're going to need.
         Head west from the Isolated Guild to the Ancient
    Arena.  You won't have a chance in the Arena, but you can
    add it to your Teleport list.  Also, you can find a Power
    Apple, Full Revive, and Duplicator in barrels.  Use the
    Duplicator on the door above "Duke" Pegucci for three
    more Crest Graphs, then leave.  Stop at the Isolated Guild
    to get Life Drain, Life Guard, and Soul Guard.  Then get on
    the Sweet Candy and keep sailing.
         If you haven't learned Guilty Blade yet, raise your
    luck and keep trying the hint.  It's very useful for the
    sea battles (so is Hi-Spark).  Sail southeast to Arctica.
    Land on the island north of Arctica (the snowy one) and
    get off.  Enter the Snow Ravine just south of the beach
    (it's an invisible location).  Look at the monument and
    you will acquire the Ice Rune.  Give it to Rudy.  Then get
    back on your boat and go southeast a little to a tiny
    island of beach (it's not even on your map).  Get off and
    enter the invisible location.  Read the monument to get
    the Heavens Rune.  You might want to give it to Cecilia,
    but I wouldn't really recommend using it.  Then sail up
    to Arctica, get off, and enter the ruins of the Photosphere.
    You will get the Star Rune.  Give it to Jack.
         Keep sailing south past Court Seim and the Epitaph
    of the Sea Wind.  As soon as you past that area of land,
    turn west.  Grab the bottle with yet another Crest Graph
    and sail through the narrow strait.  Land at the beach
    and go south.  Cross the bridge and go through the forest
    to the clearing between the forest and mountains.  There
    is an invisible location here.  Get the Bullet Clip in
    the barrels and read the diaries.  Then get the Ocarina,
    which can be used to summon the Earth Golem.  Back
    outside, cross the forest and use the Ocarina.  Earth
    Golem will pop out of the ground.  Get in and cross the
    shallow water to the north.  You will reach a tent where
    you can buy new weapons and helmets.  Then cast Teleport
    to go back to Adlehyde.
         If you want, teleport to each town to talk to the
    people.  They will say new things, but none of it is
    essential.  Also, if you remember, there was a Crest
    Graph on Mt. Zenom that you may not have obtained.  If
    you didn't get it, teleport to Baskar Village and go
    back to the mountain.  Use Invisible and run through
    to the Graph (check the Mt. Zenom walkthrough for its
    location).  While you're at Baskar, if you take your
    ship east of town, you can find a Duplicator in a bottle.
    You can also teleport to Curan Abbey, get in your ship
    (to the west), and look around for another Duplicator.
    Bind the spell Dummy Doll to your Crest Graph.
         Teleport to Court Seim.  Sail southeast and stop at
    the beach.  Enter the cave of the Wandering Isle.  Go
    north through the first room.  Keep going up and take
    the fork on the right.  Swing from island to island with
    the grappling hook and enter the cave.  Use Break and
    Psycho Crack on the Wyverns (regular attacks almost
    always miss).  Just walk through here to the hookshot
    maze.  Swing north, west, southwest, and west.  Use
    Hanpan to get the chest and swing back east, northeast,
    and east.  Walk north, then swing north, west, north,
    and east.  Use Hanpan to get the Crest Graph.  Swing
    north, then keep going west to a Magic Carrot.  Swing
    southwest twice and use Hanpan to get the Red Jacket.
    Go back to where the Magic Carrot was and swing to the
    northeast.  Swing north three times and then west to the
    end of the maze.  Jump off the broken bridge on the
    left to a save point.  Then jump down to the exit.
         Head south to the Isolated Guild to get healed and
    get the Counter Up spell.  Then summon Earth Golem and
    use him to cross the water to the Dead Sanctuary.
    Inside, put out the fires with the Vase and enter.  Push
    the silver statue on the right side up.  Cross the
    bridge and go through the door.  Push the statue left
    to get into the middle chamber.  Then move the left
    statue to the left and go south through the door in the
    left chamber.  Get the Wise Slate, which you may want
    to have Cecilia use (althought it doesn't do you any
    good now unless you leave and go back to the guild).
    Personally, I prefer the Secret Book.  Back in the room
    with three chambers, move the center statue aside and
    bomb through the wall.  Put out the fires and push
    the statue on the switch.  In three three-chamber room,
    move the left statue on the plate to open the right
    door.  Go through and circle the room for a Mystic
    Apple, then go through the center door.
         Go left and down and pick up the Elder Scroll.
    Give it to Cecilia.  Go right and head to the lower-
    right corner.  Ascend the ramp and go up for another
    Crest Graph.  Go back down the ramp and head straight
    north, then left.  At the intersection, go left
    again (unless you want to read a plaque about the
    Guardian Lords) and up.  Go down the stairs.  Go
    south to read the plaques, then cross the bridge and
    go down the stairs.  Read the plaque in the lower-left,
    then go down the stairs in the upper-left.  Loop around
    to the right side and get the pair of Mystic Apples
    along the right wall.  Then go through the door.  Put
    out the fires and go through the middle door.  Go
    through the middle door again, then the left door,
    then the middle (and only) door.
         This puzzle drove me nuts, and you'll soon see
    why.  Put the red statue on the left plate, the blue
    one on the right plate, the gold one in the middle,
    and then BOMB THE GREEN STATUE.  Cheap?  I think so.
    Anyway, go north and down the stairs.  Loop around the
    room to the save point in the middle.  Go right to
    get the Lunar Rod for Cecilia, then head north and
    use the Tear to open the door.  Get all healed up and
    go through.  Boomerang will show up again and you will
         Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher on Luceid, and
    Jack should use Meteor Dive on Luceid (and Sonic Vision
    when he gets enough Force).  Cecilia should cast Slow
    Down on Lucied, then Armor Down on Luceid and Boomerang.
    For healing, use Heal (only use Hi-Heal if the person
    you're healing is under 600 HP or so).  Remedy is also
    useful.  If somebody gets killed, use Hi-Revive to bring
    them back.  Be sure to keep Cecilia healthy.  Like the
    last time, once you take out Luceid, things get easier
    (although you still have Double Boomerang Dynamic to
    contend with).
         After the fight, collect the three idols.  Cecilia
    will receive her High Guardian Force, which summons a
    Guardian with increased power.  Don't leave just yet.
    Keep going north to the next room.  There is another
    statue test here for Jack.  Just use Meteor Dive once or
    twice to win.  You will get the hint for Shadow Bind.  Now
    cast Escape and leave.  Teleport to Adlehyde to get
    healed, etc.  Pick up the Hi-Prison spell with your
    Crest Graph and buy a stock of Violet Roses.  Then teleport
    to Milama and sail north along the coast.  Head for the
    island off the coast (press select to look at the map),
    but, before you enter, go north and collect the Crest
    Graph in a bottle.  Then land on the island and enter
    Demon's Lab.
         After the cutscene, go north and bomb out the
    forcefield generators.  Go down the stairs and enter the
    very cool-looking elevator.  Go down the ladder on the
    right and enter the room to get the Bazooka ARM (which
    is really, really, bad).  Then go back up and take the
    ladder on the left.  Pick up the Revive Fruit and enter
    the next elevator.  Go in the room on the left for a
    Potion Berry and the Energy Saber for Rudy, then go in
    the room on the right for 2 Potion Berries and a Mega
    Berry.  Continue on through the middle door and down
    the stairs.  Save your game and enter the elevator.
         Enter each room and fight the Witch Doctors for
    experience (this is optional).  The room on the far
    right has the password (Demon Gate); you have to change
    the data and then display it to get it.  Of course,
    since you have this walkthrough, you don't really need
    to do that ;-) .  Use the password to open the big
    door, heal up, and go through.  You will fight Lady
    Harken again.
        Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher, Jack should
    use Meteor Dive and Sonic Vision, and Cecilia should
    use Slow Down and then Armor Down on Lady Harken.
    Use Restore and Heal to heal.  When Cecilia gets the
    Force, have her use High Guardian (unless she's using
    the Death Rune).  This is an easy battle.  After the
    fight, you will get a hint about Harken's identity
    (if you haven't already figured it out) and also
    the Magnum Fang Fast Draw (finally, a replacement for
    Meteor Dive!).  Check out the computer terminal, then
    get the chests hidden behind the machines on the sides
    for two Bullet Clips.  Go back to the save point, save,
    and heal up.  Equip a Silver Harp on Cecilia (and another
    one on Jack, if you have one).  Cast Escape and leave the
    lab. Zeikfried will spirit away you to the Gate Generator
    and you will have to fight three Amplifiers.
        This is a tougher battle than Lady Harken just was.
    Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher.  Jack should cast
    Meteor Dive and use Sonic Vision.  Cecilia should cast
    Lock State and attack with Saint (you can also Mystic a
    Holy Ring to cast this spell).  The only problem is that
    you may never get a chance to do anything.  The Amplifiers
    will ruthlessly give you every kind of status change
    imaginable.  Just sit there and wait for it to wear off, then
    rip them with your strongest attacks.  You can also
    Mystic the Serenade to casts Restore if Cecilia is
    silenced.  If you get Condition Green, immediately use some
    Force so you can get it again.  Eventually, they will run out
    of MP and you will be okay.
         In the Gate Generator, pick up the Magic Carrots and
    Bullet Clip (you can win more Clips from the Leprechauns
    in here) conveniently provided and save your game.  Follow
    the path around to some stairs down (and a door that can't
    be opened right now).  Head south and pick up the Heal
    Berry.  Go back north and Zed will collapse the bridge.  Use
    the Grappling Hook on him to cross, then chase Zed up the
    stairs and through the door.  Go upstairs and head south.
    Zed will electrify the floors.  Just use the Skates to cross.
    In the next room, go north and turn the electricity off.
    Then go south and head to the lower-right.  Throw the lever
    there, then go down the middle path and throw the lever
    there.  Swing to the hookshot post on the left and open the
    three chests for a Crest Graph, Secret Sign (which I recommend
    hanging on to for later), and a Bullet Clip.  Go back north
    and then turn right.  Take the door in the upper-right and
    go up the stairs.
        Enter the first door for two Potion Berries and the Force
    Unit, a great left-hand item that raises the speed at which
    your Force gauge fills up.  Hang on to for later.  Then go
    up the ramp on the left and take the south door.  Go south
    for a Nectar, then go right.  Watch where Zed walks, then
    go over there (the pair of pipes in the lower left) and
    investigate the wall.  Pull the lever and go through the secret
    door.  Go upstairs and into a room with four levers.  Throw
    the first lever, then the second, then the third.  Go back
    and throw the third lever again, then hit the fourth.  Zed
    will enter, but if you have closed the third door, he will
    just leave (otherwise, he will trap you in the fourth chamber
    until you use the Pocket Watch to reset the room).  Go north,
    save your game, and restore your HP and MP.  If Cecilia
    or Jack still have Silver Harps, switch them back to the
    Elder Scroll and Talisman.  Continue north to fight the golem
         Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher or Twin Orbs
    (refilling his ammo when necessary), Jack should use Meteor
    Dive (not Magnum Fang) and Sonic Vision, and Cecilia should
    cast Slow Down and Armor Down on Diablo, then attack with
    Hi-Freeze.  Use Remedy and Heal for healing.  Summoning Aru
    Sulato (the Ice Guardian), especially with High Guardian, is
    also effective.  Basically, any water attacks will work well.
    Diablo is strong, but not that hard.
        Go back and save your game, then continue north to a locked
    door.  Enter any password to open the door and keep going up to
    fight Zeikfried.  Rudy should use Rocket Launcher, Jack cast
    Magnum Fang (restoring his own MP with Magic Carrots when
    needed) and use Sonic Vision when he has the Force, Cecilia use
    Armor Down on Zeikfried (you don't need to use Slow Down) and
    then attack with Saint.  Use Heal or Hi-Heal and Remedy for healing.
    High Guardian with Lucadia is very effective.  As long as he
    doesn't use Negative Rainbow too much, you won't have trouble
    with him.
        Zeikfried will then create a black hole and try to drag
    Rudy in.  Rudy will cut his own arm off to escape.  You and
    Zeik will be sucked into the black hole (which looks very cool),
    but the Tear Drop will save you.  You will then find out that
    Rudy is the Holmcross, made from metal like the demons.
                                 The Elw Dimension
         You will be back in Adlehyde with just Jack and Cecilia.
    Get the spells Protect and Anti-Magic, then teleport to
    Rosetta Town.  Talk to Mariel and she will go with you to
    the Forest Mound.  You will then warp to the Elw Dimension,
    where you will be taken to Tarjon Village.  Emiko will send
    you to talk to Mariel's brother Vassim, creator of the Guardian
         Search the village for a Magic Carrot, Agile Apple, Mystic
    Apple, the Sunbird Hat, and the Blue Ribbon.  Talk to the
    elders and one of them will give you the Spirit Key to the
    chest in the forest that holds the Life Guardian.  Save your
    game by talking to the sloth.  Then leave the village and
    go back to the Forest Mound.
         Go north to the pair of rocks.  Now walk into the trees
    to the right and keep going until you reach another clearing.
    From here, go down three clearings to a chest containing the
    Full Libra, which makes you immune to status changes.  Then
    go back to the rocks and go south one clearing.  Head left
    into the trees and turn up in the middle of the passage.
    Keep going up until you stop, then go left and finally up
    again to two chests with Crest Graphs.  Then leave the Forest
    Mound region and go to the Forest Prison, southwest of Tarjon
         Head southwest past the squirrel (who lies about how to
    get through the forest -- never trust squirrels).  Use Hi-Spark
    to take out the enemies.  You can still Full Revives from
    the Alfases.  At the first intersection, go left.  Go down to
    get a Crest Graph, then go back up and right.  Go right again
    and then up.  Pick up another Crest Graph and go right, then
    up.  Get the Prairie Coat armor for Jack.  Go right and down
    to get the Warrior Vest (just hold on to it; it's for Rudy),
    then go back up.  Go right to get a Crest Graph, then back
    left and up.  Pick up the Mirage Coat for Cecilia, then go
    right three screens.  Go down and get yet another Crest Graph.
    Go back up and left.  Go down and left.  Use the Spirit
    Key to open the big locked trunk.  Odoryuk's spirit will
    fly out.  Go left first to a save point and a chest
    containing, yup, you guessed it, a Crest Graph!  Then follow
    Odoryuk's spirit east through the new passage.  Walk up to
    the lake and you will get Odoryuk's Life Rune.  Equip it on
    Jack.  Then head back west and south to the exit.
         Back on the map, go southeast to Vassim's Lab.  Check
    the barrels for a Mega Berry (outside), Duplicator (inside,
    first floor), Hyper Gear, and Magic Carrot (both on the
    second floor).  Talk to Vassim.  He will tell you to find
    the Life Guardian (which you already have) and the Illusion
    Guardian (in the book De Le Metalica).  Talk to Mariel and
    she will heal you.  Teleport back to the Forest Mound and
    return to Filgaia.
         Teleport to Adlehyde.  With your big stock of Crest
    Graphs, learn Air Screen, Dispell, Bomb, Eraser, Silence, Dark
    Blow, and Suction.  You probably have a lot of money, so
    donate some to the Adlehyde Restoration Committee until
    you're maxed out on donations for now (the kid who asks
    for money will just say "Thanks for the donation" instead
    of asking for more).  Save the rest of your money to
    upgrade Rudy's ARMs when you get him back.  Then go back
    to Curan Abbey.  Warp to the Sealed Library (use the Tear
    on the triangle at the north end of the abbey) and go down
    to the very last room, where you met Stoldark.  Remember that
    sealed book?  It's De Le Metalica.  Examine it and you will
    be sucked into the book.
         Go down the stairs and through the door.  Use Hi-Spark
    against the enemies.  Also, the Necronomic enemies may
    randomly drop the Necronomicon, the best spellbook for Cecilia.
    You can also get it by killing them with Lucky Shot (or Mystic
    the Bone to cast it), but this is easier said than done.
    Try using Hi-Prison or Prison on them; if the spell
    succeeds, one hit will take them out.  Then use a Lucky
    Shot on them.  Another strategy is to use a Fast Draw or
    attack that takes off about 1000 HP, then use Lucky Shots.
    The Necronomicon is certainly not necessary to complete
    the game, so if you don't get it, don't worry about it.
    If you need healing, summon Odoryuk if you have the chance
    -- it will heal you and cure your status.
         Continue to the next door.  Walk counterclockwise
    around the stairs, checking the top door each time you
    pass until it opens.  Go through and read the Earth book.
    Then go through the next door and go south to pick up the
    book of Water.  Take the top route to get the book of
    Fire (these books don't do anything right now, but it is
    important to read them all).  Go through the door on the
    left.  Save your game if you want and head right to the most
    annoying and thoroughly stupid puzzle in the game.  If you go
    north, there are five bookcases.  Bookcases 1, 2, and 5
    mention closing (well, 1 and 5 do... number 2 doesn't at all).
    3 and 4 mention opening (sort of).  So go south to a room with
    five chests and open chests 3 and 4.  Then go through the
    middle door.
         Moving on, go to the lower-left corner to get the book
    of Wind.  Then go through the bottom door, pick up the book
    of Lighting, and continue on.  Get the books of Nothingness,
    the Sacred, and Illusion.  Presuming you've picked up all
    the books, Jack will get the hint for Phazer Zapp.  Keep on
    going until you reach a pair of doors.  This is another
    lame puzzle.  Read the tablet and go through the doors.  Take
    the following path: left, right, right, left, right.  Most
    of this is okay, but how were you supposed to know to go
    through the *left* door at the start?  Anyway, spiral around
    the big circle.  If you haven't yet obtained the
    Necronomicon and wish to do so, go ahead, but it may take
    a long time.  At the end of the path, you will meet
    Duras Drum, Guardian of Illusion.  You will then get the
    Hades Rune (good for Cecilia) and warp out.
         Warp to Court Seim and buy two Holy Rings (unless you
    already have some).  Then go to the Elw Dimension.  Get
    healed at Tarjon Village, then warp to Vassim's Lab.
    Save your game, equip Cecilia with a Holy Ring, and talk
    to Vassim.  Go upstairs and talk to Rudy.  You will
    enter Rudy's dream.  After the dream, you will have to
    fight the demon Elizabeth with just Cecilia.  Cast Armor
    Down, then use the Saint spell to attack and use Hi-Heal
    to heal.  If you are silenced, Mystic the Serenade to
    cure yourself.  When you get enough Force, equip the
    Heavens Rune and use High Guardian to summon Solus Emsu,
    then switch back to the Hades Rune.  When you get low on
    MP, just use a Magic Carrot.  It's a long battle, but
    if you keep attacking and stay healed, you'll win.
          Following the battle, the Goddess Idol will shatter
    and you will get the Love Rune.  Then you will get Rudy
    back!  Equip him with the new armor you picked up for
    him in the Forest Prison, and give Cecilia the Love Rune.
    Put Rudy in the lead and talk to Vassim.  Rudy will get
    his fourth force, Fury Shot.  Also, with Rudy, you can bomb
    open the box in Vassim's backyard for the Secret Tool.
    Then go back to Filgaia.
         You will return to Adlehyde automatically.  You
    will then get the Protowing, the flying machine!  Emma
    will send the party off to get one Gemini Circuit and
    Jane, McDullen, and Bartholomew off to get the other.
    Until you get the Circuits, you can't fly over mountains
    (just touching them will cause you to come to a complete
    stop; it's kind of annoying).
         Your first stop is the Memory Temple (remember?
    Where Jack's scenario took place).  Enter and put Jack
    in the lead.  Enter the password "Emiko" to open the
    door.  Use the Tear to open the next door (just skip the
    transporter; it takes you to the room with Emiko's
    message).  You can get two Crest Graphs and the Holy
    Parasol.  Get the spells Field and Quick.
         Now, there is an optional quest you can do.  If
    you don't want to do it, skip down to the paragraph that
    begins "Get in the Protowing."  You really should,
         Fly north from Curan Abbey to the piece of land
    across the water.  Land and enter the ruins.  Use a
    Duplicator to enter (if you need more Duplicators, see
    the Hayokonton quest under "The Abyss").  Use the tear
    at the triangle symbol to warp up to the dungeon proper.
    Go north and then head to the center.  Use a duplicator
    to open the door and collect two Crest Graphs.  Then go
    up the ladder on the far right.  Search the blue vases
    to find a hidden switch.  Push it, then go back down the
    ladder and head to the upper-left.  Before you go up
    the ladder, open the semi-hidden chest for a Magic
         Go up the ladder and enter the small room.  Walk
    around the left wall of the room to avoid any of the
    traps.  Outside, go left and get the Nectar, then climb
    the ladder.  Use a Duplicator to open the door and hug
    the walls inside.  Go outside again and walk along the
    top of the platform.  Use Hanpan to pick up the chest
    with a Crest Graph (don't walk down or you will get
    nailed and sent back to the start).  Pick up the second
    Crest Graph and keep going right.  As soon as you can
    pass the second green-topped building, walk straight
    down and head right as far down as you can.  When you
    can't go any further right, go up and climb the ladder
    (you were avoiding a teleport trap just to the left of
    the pillar).
         Next are some tough puzzles.  The object is to catch
    the green gem that mirrors your actions.  Circle the
    room clockwise once (don't walk along the far right wall;
    stop when you get to the purple block that sticks out),
    then, when you get back to your starting point, walk up
    against the purple block in the middle, then ride the
    conveyor to your left up.  If that doesn't work, try just
    using the skates and rocketing around wildly.  You'll
    hit it eventually.  In the next room, go up the left
    conveyor and get off just on the right (so you're on the
    lower of the two rows of tiles).  Walk straight right
    and ride the conveyor belt down.  Push up against the
    purple blocks and you should trap the green gem.  Ride
    up the conveyor on the left and touch the gem.  Again,
    if it doesn't work, use the skates.  In the final room,
    circle the conveyors once, then walk directly into the
    little identation in the purple barriers on the left.
    Wiggle around in here, then go back and circle the
    conveyors.  There's always the skates if that doesn't
         Ascend to the top of the Heaven Corridor and stand
    between the pair of trees.  Use the Tear.  Dhee will
    appear and grant you Cecilia's fourth force, Dual Cast.
    Cast Escape and go back to Adlehyde.  Get Reflect, Hide,
    Rage, and Sleep bound to your Crest Graphs (although
    you really don't need any more spells).
         Get in the Protowing and head south from Arctica
    to the valley west of Court Seim, accesible only from
    the air.  Land on the grass and enter Gemini's Corpse.
    Walk around the stairs to the top of the first room and
    bomb through the wall.  Equitus, the Sword Guardian,
    will give you a Fast Draw hint.  Try to learn it right
    away (by boosting Jack's luck with Mariel's Small Flowers);
    it's Cosmic Nova, the second-best Fast Draw in the game
    and the only one that damages all the enemies.
         Go down the stairs, pass by the door, and bomb
    the cracked wall right next to it.  Put out the fires
    and pick up the Jewel in the statue's chest.  Go back
    out, head right, and go through the door.  Bomb the cracked
    wall in the upper left and descend for the second Jewel.
    Go back upstairs and go to the far right end of the hall.
    Pick up the Black Pass and Crest Graph, then go back
    left and down the stairs.  Use Hanpan to get the exploding
    chest to your left and go right.  Bomb through the
    cracked wall and go north.  Walk up to the statue and use
    a Jewel on it to move it.  Ascend and get the Phaser ARM,
    one of the better ARMs.  Be sure to upgrade it.  Go back
    downstairs and remove the Jewel from the statue.  Continue
    south to a room with a ledge and a pit.  Put out the
    fire, then stand back from the chest and use Hanpan to
    open it for a Lucky Card.  Continue west and put a Jewel
    in the statue, then go down the stairs.
         Head south and use Hanpan on the chest to get the
    Pouch, which will give you double gella after a battle
    25% of the time.  If you want to use it, give it to Rudy.
    In the long hallway, go through the first door, get the
    chest, and bomb through the wall.  Use a Jewel to move
    the statue, go down, and get both Jewels.  Go back up,
    remove the Jewel in the statue, and go back out to the
    long hallway.  Go in the next door to the right, then
    in the first door you come to to the south.  Put out the
    fires and put a Jewel in the statue.  Head back through
    the door, go right, and south through the next door.
    Go through the now-open door and continue right.  Go out
    the first door you come to a save point, then keep
    going right and descend the stairs.  Use both your Jewels
    to move the statues and go through the doorway.
         You will fall down into a room with a chest.  Open
    it to get Rudy's Power Glove Tool.  Go north and punch
    both statues to knock the chests down, then open them
    (with Hanpan) for a Duplicator and Ambrosia.  Walk behind
    the statues and bomb through the wall for two Secret
    Signs.  You may want to use these on Cosmic Nova.  Go
    through the middle door and punch the hookshot post with
    the Power Glove.  Then swing across to it and go north.
    Heal up and pick up the Gemini Circuit.  You will fight
    the Mech Drake.
         Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher or Twin Orbs.
    Save his Force to use Fury Shot, which will do incredible
    damage with the Rocket Launcher.  Jack should cast Phazer
    Zapp and use Sonic Vision, and Cecilia should use Armor
    Down and Slow Down on the Mech Drake.  Use Remedy to heal
    and attack with Saint and Randomizer.  When Cecilia has
    the Force, use High Guardian on the Love Rune to heal the
    party and do damage to the Mech Drake.  Watch out for
    Resonance Wave, which does 700-1000 damage to the party.
    If the Mech Drake silences you, have Cecilia Mystic the
    Serenade to cure herself, then cast Restore on Jack.
        When you beat the Mech Drake, you get one of the Gemini
    Circuits.  Go back to Adlehyde and go to the castle.
    Meanwhile, the team on the Sweet Candy will find the other
    Gemini Circuit, but get sunk by the golem Leviathan (the
    "stone mermaid").  Get the spell Shield bound to your Crest
    Graph.  You can upgrade the Phaser if you want, but you'll
    soon have another place to spend your money.  Anyway, head
    to Ship Graveyard and check the beach to find the other
    Gemini Circuit.  Take it back to Adlehyde and give it to
    Emma.  You will then get the upgraded Protowing and can fly
    over mountains!
         Fly east to the Giant's Cradle and land in the small
    valley northwest of the cave.  In the upper-left hand corner
    of the valley is an invisible location, the Ancient Altar.
    Enter and collect the Sword Rune, which you should probably
    give to Jack (although you may want to keep the Life Rune).
    If you do give Jack the Sword Rune, give Rudy the Life
         Back in Adlehyde, use the Black Pass on the bookcase
    in the weapon and item shop.  It will move.  Go down the
    stairs to the Black Market.  Here you can buy new equipment,
    and most importantly, GOAT DOLLS!  You won't need Goat
    Dolls in the actual game, but you'll never survive the extra
    quests without them.  After upgrading your equipment, use
    your leftover money (if you have any!) to upgrade the Phaser.
    If you need more money, see the Ocean of Sand quest under
    "The Abyss", but be sure to save the game first in case you
    run into Barbados.
        After completing your shopping in Adlehyde, take the
    upgraded Protowing, fly southeast towards the Tripillar
    and Port Timney.  Keep going past them and land on the small
    island north of the strip of desert.  Enter Pandemonium.
         Go north and up the stairs.  Head all the way up and
    open the chest for the Mind Gem, the MP equivalent of the
    Talisman.  I wouldn't recommend using it, but you might
    want to.  Head south and activate the crystal switch on the
    wall.  Continue north and left to a save point.  Open the
    chest and head straight up (just ignore the door on the
    right).  Go up the stairs and go right.  Heal up and go through
    the door.  Elmina / Lady Harken will appear, then Alhazad
    will sic Turask on you.
         Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher or Phaser (whichever
    has a higher attack power) and use Fury Shot when he has
    the Force.  Jack should use Heal Blade to heal, because he
    can't hurt Turask (except with Sonic Vision).  Cecilia should
    use Slow Down, then cast Armor Down continually on Turask
    (except when you need to heal), because Turask keeps raising
    its defense.  After defeating Turask, Alhazad will throw you
    in the prison of Pandemonium.
         Talk to Hanpan and you will be able to control him!  YEAH!
    You can run around and even dash!  Run around to get an idea
    of the layout of the dungeon.  When you've had your fill of
    playing as Hanpan, find the switch (in the upper-right) and
    throw it.  Playing as Jack again, go through the door to the
    right.  Use Guilty Blade and Cosmic Nova against the enemies.
    Go in the lower-left cell and search the pot for a Magic
    Carrot.  Search the next cell to the right for a Lucky Card,
    then go up to the second rows of cells.  The middle cell
    holds a Secret Sign and the one on the right has a Magic
    Carrot.  Take the door on the upper-right and you'll come to
    a sealed door.  Time to switch characters.
         Switch to Cecilia and go upstairs.  Activate the
    crystal switch to turn it blue.  Switch back to Jack and
    continue up the stairs.  Go right and press the switch.
    Have Cecilia change the switch back to red and walk over
    to the sealed door.  Switch to Jack and head south to
    a crystal switch.  Change it to blue, allowing Cecilia
    to continue.  Just follow the path as Cecilia (hitting the
    floor switch along the way) until you reach a blue
    diamond.  Stand on it.  Go back to Jack and turn the
    crystal red.  Switch to Rudy and go in the cell to your
    right to save the game.  Also check the pots for a
    Bullet Clip.  Go upstairs and follow the path until you
    reach a red sealed door (skip the open door just to the
    right of it -- it leads to the Demon Prophet, the boss,
    whom you don't want to fight alone.  If you do go in
    there, just say "Yes" and leave).  Have Jack press the
    crystal switch again (making it blue).  Then send Rudy
    up to the blue diamond switch.  Ignore the door to the
    right of Rudy's diamond; it just leads to the switch Hanpan
    used to unlock the cells.  Finally, send Jack south to
    his blue diamond.
        When everybody is standing on a diamond, the barriers
    will go down and you regroup.  If Jack is low on MP,
    equip with the Mind Gem so he can regain some.  Go back
    left (the way Jack just came) and down the stairs.  Bomb
    through the cracked wall left of the crystal switch for
    two Crest Graphs and an Ambrosia.  Go back to the room with
    the blue diamond switches and take the middle passage south.
    Heal up and enter the doorway to your right.  When the
    Demon Prophet appears, refuse to return to your cell.
    You will fight.
         Rudy should use the Rocket Launcher or Phaser, and
    use Fury Shot when he has the Force.  Jack should cast
    Phazer Zapp and use Sonic Vision.  Cecilia should cast
    Armor Down, then Slow Down, then attack with Saint.  Be
    sure to stay healed; the Prophet can do a lot of damage.
    Use Heal and Remedy to heal.  Use Hi-Revive and Revive
    Fruits (if Cecilia dies) to bring back dead characters.
    Summon the Love Guardian with a High Guardian if you get
    a chance.  The Demon Prophet is a tougher than average
    boss, but if you stay healed, you'll win.  Goat Dolls
    are also helpful, but certainly not necessary.  If you
    use a Lucky Card, you'll get lots of money when you win.
        Go up the stairs.  Stand on one switch and use Hanpan
    to hit the other to open the door.  You're back in the
    main castle.  Leave and return to Adlehyde to get healed.
    Spend your money (buy any equipment you couldn't afford
    at the Black Market and upgrade the Phaser), then go
    back to Pandemonium.
         Go back to where Elmina and Alhazad were and keep
    going up.  Just head up the passage until you fight Shazam.
    Rudy should use the Phaser (unless the Rocket Launcher is
    stronger) and Fury Shot.  Jack should use Phazer Zapp and
    Sonic Vision.  Cecilia should cast Armor Down (Slow Down
    is probably not needed), then use the Soul Guard spell on
    everybody to prevent them from being killed by Shazam's
    Fatal Blows.  If somebody does get knocked off, use
    Hi-Revive to bring them back.  If you get Silenced,
    Paralyzed, or Confused, cure the status with Restore, the
    Life Guardian, or a Mysticed Senerade; ignore the others.
    The Love Guardian, as always, is useful for healing and
    attack.  Shazam is also pretty tough, especially if you
    didn't leave to get healed after you escaped from the
        After you beat Shazam (you might want to use a Lucky
    Card), continue up to the chamber of the Dark Tear.  Alhazad
    will activate the Dark Tear, but Jack will shatter it.
    You will then see a flashback from Jack's days as a
    Fenril Knight in Arctica (if you haven't already figured it
    out, Jack is Garrett from the intro you see when you leave
    the game on at the title screen, and Lady Harken is Elmina).
                                     Ka Dingel
         Back in Adlehyde, give the Secret Tool to Tom and he
    will repair the statue of Zeldukes.  Examine the statue to get
    the Castle Rune, which isn't very good.  Get the spells
    Prison and Protect.  You can also donate more to the Adlehyde
    Restoration Committee to add people to the new housing in the
    upper-right.  This is needed for some of the extra quests, but
    for now, you're betting off upgrading your ARMs.
         Take the Protowing to Arctica and land at the castle.
    Enter and head in the main door.  Pick up the pair of Full
    Revives and head right, up the stairs.  Go south, open the
    chests, and take the door on the left.  Skip the stairs, but
    open the door with a Duplicator for two Secret Signs.  Go
    outside and open the ARMs case for the Wild Bunch, which is
    strong, but extremely inaccurate.  The door on the right leads
    to a room with two more Secret Signs, after you use a
         In the courtyard, take the top door.  Go up the ramp
    on the right, grab the Lucky Card, and keep going up until
    you reach the throne room.  Put Jack in the lead and examine
    the throne.  You will get the Black Feral sword and get the
    hint for Void.  Go back down all the stairs and head left.
    Go down all the stairs and keep going until you reach the
    elevator (look familiar?).  After the elevator stops, go
    left to reach Elmina.  Before you talk to her, go in the room
    on the left and pick up the Boom Getter.  It's the best
    glove, but you're much better off with the Talisman.  Heal
    up and talk to Elmina.  You will fight her with Jack alone.
         Attack with Phazer Zapp and use Potion Berries to heal.
    Elmina goes first, so make sure you can take another hit
    before healing.  The Talisman helps out a lot.  When you
    get the Force, use Sonic Vision.  If you run out of MP,
    (you may not) use a Magic Carrot or just switch to regular
    attacks.  It's not that hard a fight.  You will get a
    Secret Sign when you win.
         The Lion Idol will shatter and you will get the Courage
    Rune.  Personally, I think the Sword Rune is better.  Take
    the door on the right and keep going until you reach the
    exit.  As you leave, the tower Ka Dingel (love that name!)
    will rise from the sea.
          Now that you have both the Courage and Love Runes,
    fly to Baskar Village and go to the pyramid north of town.
    The Dragon Idol will shatter and you will acquire the Hope
    Rune.  Equip it on Rudy; it's a great rune.  Also give
    him the Force Unit so he can summon Zephyr frequently.
    By the way, if you're wondering about those stones north
    of Baskar, it's an optional quest... see "The Abyss" section.
    Also, if Jack has not yet learned Cosmic Nova, make sure you
    learn it.
         Fly to Adlehyde and upgrade the Phaser.  Don't bother
    upgrading the Wild Bunch.  Then fly to the ring of land
    south of Rosetta Town (the old mysterious ring of land
    [especially one not on the map]... a sure sign you're
    reaching the end of the game).  Land and summon Earth
    Golem.  Then go up and enter Ka Dingel.  You will fight
         Rudy should use the Phaser on Luceid, and, when he
    gets enough Force, summon Zephyr.  Jack should cast
    Cosmic Nova and use Sonic Vision on Luceid.  Cecilia
    should cast Slow Down on Boomerang, then Armor Down on
    Luceid and Boomerang.  If you get the chance, attack
    with Saint or Randomizer.  Use Hi-Heal and Hi-Revive for
    healing, and High Guardian the Love Rune.  If Cecilia
    dies, bring her back with a Full Revive.  Once you
    take out Luceid, use the same strategies on Boomerang,
    but save Rudy's Force for Fury Shot and have Jack
    cast Phazer Zapp.
          After the battle, more demons will come to attack
    you, but Boomerang will save you.  You will enter Ka
    Dingel.  Leave and go back to Adlehyde to get healed.
    Pick up the Saber Fang Boomerang left behind on your
    way out.  If you want, you can complete some of the
    optional quests (like getting the Chrono Rune) before
         In Ka Dingel, go in one of the side doors and pick
    up both Mega Berries.  Against the enemies, have Rudy
    summon Zephyr constantly.  Then go upstairs and take the
    door on the left.  Walk under the bridge and go left.
    Take the upper door and bomb through the obvious-looking
    wall.  Press the switch and go all the way south and
    right.  Enter the room and pick up the two chests.  Go
    north another room and climb up the ramp.  Go north and
    hit the switch, then go two rooms south.  Head left and
    cross over the bridge.  Go north to a room with a square-
    shaped ledge.  Take the door leading south to your right.
    Open the four chests.  Go through the upper-right door and
    down the ramp in the upper-right.  Get both chests and
    head south.  Push the statue onto the switch.  Go back to
    the balcony overlooking the stairs where you came up to
    the second floor (where there were four chests).  Take the
    middle door and go up the stairs.
         On the third floor, get the pair of Magic Carrots
    and go south.  If you fight any Hazenbergs, kill them quickly
    before they can give you all sorts of nasty status
    changes.  Take the upper-right door for a pair of chests,
    then go to the upper-left door and push the statue into
    the pit.  Go in the lower-left door and push the statue to
    the upper-left.  Go through the open door.  What you have to
    do here is push some of the top switches to open the doors,
    then jump down and close all the doors with the levers.
    The lever on the left will swap the open/closed status of
    the two doors if one is open and the other closed; if
    they are both the same it will change the status of both
    of them.  The lever on the right does the same thing for the
    doors on the right.  Anyway, press the middle switch and
    the switch on the right.  Jump down, go through the doors,
    and flick the lever on the right.  Go through the open door
    and up the stairs.
         Fourth floor... sporting goods.  Go south for some
    Ambrosia, then head up the ramp on the right.  Get the
    chest and head south.  Head right and up the stairs.  Enter
    the center door for the Metal Shield, Rudy's best shield
    (but don't use it... the Force Unit's far more useful).
    Go up the stairs to the sixth floor.  Get the Ambrosia and
    bomb the purple crystal to open the door.  Go up to the
    seventh floor, then just pop up the stairs to the eight.
    Cross the bridge and ascend to the ninth floor.  Bomb the
    first purple crystal, then the second.  Hurry back south
    before the second bomb goes off.  If you mess up, just use
    the Watch.  Go up to the tenth floor, which is just another
    bridge.  Eleventh floor -- head to the upper right and go
    through the door to a room with a bunch of levers.  Throw
    each lever once, then go through the door.  Go up and save
    your game.  Go ou through either door and head up to face
         Rudy should use the Phaser.  Save his Force for Fury
    Shot.  Jack should use Phazer Zapp and use Sonic Vision.
    Cecilia should cast Armor Down and Slow Down on Alhazad,
    then attack with Saint.  Use Hi-Heal and Remedy to heal,
    and use High Guardian with the Love Rune at every
    opportunity.  Alhazad is pretty tough, thanks to his
    Alhazad Symphony, which does 1500-1700 damage to everyone.
    Be sure to stay healed.  Fortunately, he doesn't have
    very much HP.
         After you defeat Alhazad, you get Jack's Double
    Attack Force.  If you go up, you will reach the Dimensional
    Elevator that will take you to Malduke, the last
    dungeon.  You might want to leave first to get healed,
    but first make one quick trip into Malduke.  By the way,
    if you're running low on MP, just cast MP Drain on any
    enemy that has MP (check the monster chart).
         On Malduke, you'll fight Tsar Zeins and Fesel Zeins.
    Use Meteor Dive, Cosmic Nova, Zephyr, and the Spark spells
    against them.  You can steal Secret Signs from the Zeins
    as well.  Use them on Cosmic Nova.  Head down and to the
    right.  The doorway is blocked by a force field, but if
    you put a bomb right on the corner of the field generator,
    you can blow it up.  Go down the stairs and crawl through
    the pipe (this REALLY looks like the Magitek Factory, but
    Wild Arms had cool echoing sounds).  You will get a Bullet
    Clip and the Arch Smash, the best ARM.  Now, if you want to
    leave, just go back to the Dimensional Elevator and back down
    to Ka Dingel.  From there, cast Escape and go back to
    Adlehyde to get healed and upgrade the Arch Smash.
         Whether you leave or not, go up the stairs on the
    left in the starting room (you'll have to bomb another
    force field generator).  Open the chest for Nectar and
    punch the purple hookshot pole across the pit (with the
    Power Glove).  Swing across and go north.  Throw the
    switch to turn off all the force fields, then go back to
    the entry room.
         If you want to save (it wouldn't be a bad idea),
    there's a save point to the south.  Go down the stairs
    on the right, then head left (if you didn't get the Arch
    Smash earlier, go get it first).  In the hallway, go
    all the way left, flip the lever, and go in the door to
    get Jack's fourth Tool, the Guitar, which will start a
    fight whenever you use it (don't do this).  You need it
    to fight Ragu Ragla and two of the golems.  In the
    hallway, take the door leading south and then go left.
    In the next room, use Hanpan to set off the exploding
    floor tiles.  Crawl through the pipe to reach a switch.
    Flip it, then go back to the hallway and take the door
    directly above you.  Set off the exploding tiles with
    Hanpan and continue on to a maze of pipes.
         Climb in the pipes and go left at the first
    intersection.  At the second intersection, go left again
    and climb out of the pipe at the first exit you come
    to.  Get the Silver Blade for Rudy, then get back in
    the pipes and head a short distance east to a chest
    with Nectar.  Keep going right and then down.  At the
    intersection, go right and get out of the pipe to get
    the Princess Rod.  Get back in the pipe, finish going
    right, and then turn down.  Turn left at the split, get
    the Violator sword, then go right and follow the path.
    When you come to an intersection, go up and then curve
    right.  Get the Nectar and keep going down on the far
    right side.  Get out of the pipe and head south to a
    statue test.  Heal Jack and take the test.  Use Cosmic
    Nova twice to win.  You will get Trump Card, the
    ultimate Fast Draw.  Use the hint constantly until you
    learn it, and use all your Secret Signs on it (you
    can always steal more from the ever-present Zeins).
    Go back to the pipe maze and head up.  Follow the route
    of the pipes and get out at the second hole.  Walk
    up to the exit.
         Blow up the tiles with Hanpan, then ready the
    grappling hook.  Stand on the border between the middle
    column of tiles and the column on the right.  Walk
    (don't run) north, and, as soon as you see the post,
    swing across to it.  Go down the stairs and go
    right.  You now have to teleport to three different
    sections of Malduke -- the Town, the Mines, and the
    Statue Area -- to retrieve the Wings, Arms, and Eyes.
         Save your game and flip the lever on the left.
    This will set the transporter to take you to the
    Residential Area, which is not really a town.  All
    you need to do here is head to the graveyard to the
    north, open the chest hidden behind the big gravestone,
    and leave.
         Back at the save point, set both levers to the
    left to go the Mines.  Go south, then take the stairs
    on the right.  If you want to fight Sado the golem,
    take the stairs on the left, then the center bototm.
    Otherwise, take two more sets of stairs on the right
    to the lower level.  Enter the room on the left and
    get the Eye of Malduke (the other ones are fakes).
    Once you have the Eye, return to the save point.  If
    you do decide to take on Sado, it's a good idea to
    save your game first.
         Go back to Area 11 (the Traffic Area) and flip
    the switch on the left.  The blue light should be on.
    Go up to the transport and go to the Statue Area.  Go
    south two rooms to the main region.  Go through the
    door in the upper right and then out through the door
    in the lower-left of the next room.  Jump down twice
    (don't touch the crystal, but remember its location).
    Follow the path back to the lower level of the main
    room.  Bomb the rock in front of the ladder and
    climb up.  Go back to the crystal and change it to red.
    Head through the passage to the lower level of the
    main room and climb up the ladder in the lower right.
    Go back to the ladder you cleared earlier, descend,
    and hit the diamond switch.  Return to the crystal
    (stopping by the previously sealed blue door on the
    way to pick up three chests with good armor) and change
    it to blue again.  Go to the main room and climb up
    the ladder in the lower left, then go down the ladder
    in the lower right.  Press the diamond switch, then
    return to the crystal for the final time and turn it
    to red.  Back in the main room, go through the door
    previously blocked by two statues and keep going up
    to a chest with the Arms.  Then go back to the Traffic
    Area (if you want to fight the golem Lucifer, see
    "The Abyss", but be sure to go back to Area 11 anyway
    to save... Lucifer's tough!)
        Save your game.  You can come back to this save
    after you've beaten the game to do the optional quests.
    If you have something you want to do back on Filgaia,
    just set both levers to the right and transport back
    to the entrance, then go down to Ka Dingel and cast
        Once you have all three of the "effects" (the
    Arms, Eye, and Wings), head south from the save point
    room and go left.  Take the stairs on the far left
    down.  Pick up the Nectars on the sides of the room,
    then go up to the top.  Put the Eye in the middle
    pedestal, the Arms on the right, and the Wings on
    the left.  Go through the door, pick up the pair of
    Magic Carrots, and descend.  Keep going to a room with
    a moving searchlight in it.  Go up to the top of the
    room for an Ambrosia.  Heal up, restore your MP, then
    step in the searchlight to fight the golem Berial.
         Rudy should use the Arch Smash.  When he gets
    enough Force, have him use Fury Shot with the Phaser.
    Jack should use Trump Card if he is mostly full on
    HP or Phazer Zapp if he isn't.  Use Sonic Vision when
    you have the Force.  Cecilia should cast Slow Down,
    then Armor Down on Berial.  After that, cast
    Hi-Shield.  Whenever Berial uses Armor Down, use
    Hi-Shield again.  Use High Guardian when Cecilia
    gets enough Force.  Berial hits very hard (1500 to
    the party, or 2500+ to a single target), so keep
    using Remedy, Heal, and Hi-Revive to stay healed.  If
    Cecilia dies, bring her back with a Full Revive.
    Berial is fairly difficult (certainly harder than
    the final bosses!)
         When you beat Berial, the door opens.  Go down
    the stairs.  On the far right is a Dimensional
    Elevator back to Ka Dingel.  Don't use it unless you
    really need it.  Head north.  There are no enemies
    in this corridor, so you can equip the Talisman
    and Mind Gem and just run back and forth until you are
    fully healed.  Then go up to the central control
    room to face Zeikfried.
         Rudy should use the Arch Smash, and Fury Shot with
    the Phaser when he gets the Force.  Jack should use
    Trump Card if he's full, and Phazer Zapp when he's not.
    When he has the Force, use Sonic Vision.  Cecilia should
    Slow Down and Armor Down Zeik, then just cast
    Randomizer.  When Zeik uses Hi-Shield, recast Armor Down.
    Have her use High Guardian when you have enough Force.  If
    you need to restore your MP or bullets, have the person
    who needs restoring do it to themself.
         Zeikfried will then turn into Motherfried.  Fight
    it just the way you fought Zeik.  Motherfried can do more
    damage, though, so stay healed with Remedy.  If he/she/it
    (?) uses Als Magna on you, equip the Life Rune and summon
    Odoryuk to cure your status.  Then switch back to the
    old rune.
         When you beat Motherfried, you win the game... or
    do you?  Get healed up and get in the Dimensional Elevator.
    On the way back to Filgaia, Zeikfried will show up as
    Zeik Tuvai and attack!  Do the same routine on him,
    but be sure to cast Lock State at the very start of the
    battle.  He's not very hard, but he can cast Hi-Heal,
    which is annoying.  If you get put to sleep, confused,
    or silenced, use Odoryuk to cure yourself.  You may be
    disabled by status changes some of the time, but just
    keep hitting him.  Fortunately, he can't do much
    damage to you (except for the occasional Fatal Blow).
    When you defeat Zeik Tuvai, you win the game for real.
                                     The Abyss
                             and other optional quests
         Thought you were done, did you?  Ha!  You've still got
    a good 5 - 10% of the game left, and that includes going up
    against Ragu Ragla and the rest of the golems!
         You did save your game after picking up the 3 effects
    in Malduke, didn't you?  From there, just set both levers
    to the left and use the transporter to go back to the
    entrance.  Ride the Dimensional Elevator down to Ka Dingel,
    then cast Escape and go back to Adlehyde.  Spend your money
    to upgrade the Arch Smash.  You'll need it.
    RINGS OF TIMESPACE.  First, repair Adlehyde fully.  You'll
    know when you've done this when you can't donate any more money
    to the restoration committee (the last increment is 100,000
    gella -- if you need cash, see the Hayokontons quest).
    Talk to the new guy in the Aldehyde pub and he will give
    you the Dispellado (if he doesn't, try talking to the Baskar
    chief's dog).  Then go to the Rings of Timespace (the rock
    circle northwest of Baskar Village).  Use the Dispellado on
    each rock in the following order: NW, SW, SE, NE, W, S, E,
    and N.  Then enter the Illusion Temple in the center.  You
    will meet Dan Dairam, the Guardian of Timespace.  He will
    revive Elmina, then you will get the Chrono Rune.  In my
    opinion, this is the best rune available for Cecilia, but
    many people prefer the Love Rune.  They're both good, and
    remember, you can switch between them during combat to fit
    the situation.  Also, now that Elmina is revived, you can
    talk to her at the pub in Milama.  Jack will return
    Elmina's ribbon (that she gave him in the intro), but it
    doesn't affect the game in any way.
    HAYOKONTONS.  On the small island east of the Isle of Conflict
    (where the arena is), you will occasionally encounter
    Hayokontons.  They give you lots of experience and gella
    when defeated (use a Lucky Card), and they will also
    occasionally drop Duplicators.  You can also steal Duplicators
    from them.  If you kill them with the Lucky Shot spell, they
    will always drop a Duplicator, but this is easier said than
    done.  It helps to cast Lock State when fighting them, as
    they use both Direct Voice and Human Experimentation.
    OCEAN OF SAND.  The long desert strip enclosed by mountains
    in the NW/SE corners of the map is home to three important
    enemies.  To fight these enemies more easily, use the
    Curse spell.
         First of all, in the south part of the strip, you can
    fight Acid Bunnies.  They give you great experience, but
    they tend to run away.  Give Jack a Rune that boosts his
    Response (like the Courage Rune) and use Cosmic Nova on them.
         In the region up by the sign about disposing of
    golems, Shelzauruses will appear.  They give you an easy
    5000 gella and can be killed quickly.  In the same region,
    Barbados the golem will appear.  The best way to find
    Barbados is in Earth Golem (use the Ocarina to summon EG),
    because you will not encounter any enemies besides Barbados.
    Barbados always appears in the same place, which is near the
    lower-left section of the circular area:
    -----/       ! |
                   |  ! = Signpost
    ----\          |  - = Mountains
        |   *      |  * = Barbados appears
        \________  |      around here
         Barbados is fast and strong.  Rudy should use the Arch
    Smash.  When he gets Condition Green, use Fury Shot with
    the Phaser.  Jack should cast Trump Card if he's healthy
    and Phazer Zapp if he's not.  When he has the Force, use
    Sonic Vision.  You will also need to have Jack heal with
    Heal Blade.  Cecilia should cast Slow Down, then Hi-Shield,
    then cast Armor Down on Barbados.  Use Remedy and Heal to
    heal.  Barbados's attacks are very strong, so don't be
    surprised if you can't beat it the first time.  You may
    want to go fight Lucifer and Sado first to get better
    armor.  When you do beat Barbados, it will drop the Dist
    Dims, Cecilia's best staff.  It also casts Soul Guard when
    LUCIFER AND SADO.  Go back to Ka Dingel and then to Malduke
    (it shouldn't take you too long if you cast Invisible and
    run through).  Go to the place where you can teleport to
    the three different Areas.  Save your game.  Go to the Mine
        Go to the middle room with the eye on the wall.  Take
    the stairs to the south.  Put out the fire using the Vase,
    then stand in the center of the circle and use the Guitar.
    Sado will appear.
        Rudy should use the Arch Smash and, when he gets the
    Force, Fury Shot the Phaser.  Jack should cast Trump Card
    and Phazer Zapp, and use Sonic Vision.  Cecilia should
    cast Slow Down, then Armor Down on Sado.  After that,
    attack with Randomizer if you have the chance, and mostly
    use Remedy to heal.  When you get the Force, use High
    Guardian (both the Love and Chrono Runes work great).
    You get the Braver Vest (the best armor for Rudy) when you
        Go back to the save point, save your game, and then
    go to the Statue Area.  Pay a visit to your friend Mr.
    Crystal Switch to turn it red, then go back to the upper
    level of the main room.  Take the door in the upper-right,
    then take the top door.  There is a stone tablet warning
    you about Lucifer.  Walk into the wall south of that
    tablet, then go right.  When you come out of the wall,
    head up to another flame.  Put it out, then stand where
    it was and use the Guitar to summon Lucifer.
        Lucifer is a little bit tougher than Sado (and equally
    big).  Fight him just the way you fought Sado.  You might
    want to equip Goat Dolls, because his Beam Fencer attack
    does about 3600 damage to the party, and Sephiroto does
    about 2500.  Lucifer yields the Jade Wilder, Jack's best
    armor, when defeated.
    LEVIATHAN.  Repair Adlehyde up to 30,000 gella mark (if
    you've got the Chrono Rune, then you've already finished
    repairing the town).  Go to the house in the upper right
    and talk to Drake.  He will repair the Sweet Candy for
    you.  You can pick up any bottles you missed and also go
    snipe hunting for Leviathan.
        Leviathan, like Barbados, appears in a set location,
    not randomly.  Head southwest from Ship Graveyard (in the
    ship) to a patch of dark blue water.  In the lower-right
    corner of that patch, you'll fight Leviathan.  Finding
    Leviathan is the hard part; beating her is easy.
    Just use the same routine you used on Sado, Barbados,
    and Lucifer.  You won't need to cast Slow Down, though,
    and Leviathan can't hit nearly as hard.  Leviathan drops
    the Pret-a-Porte armor for Cecilia.
    ZED.  Fly to Saint Centour and enter.  Remember that blind
    girl?  Go talk to her, then leave the town.  On the way out,
    Zed will appear.  Choose to fight him and he will turn into
    Monster Z.
        Zed is surprisingly tough (this is Zed we're talking about,
    after all).  Equip Goat Dolls, cast Lock State and Awaken,
    and then do the usual routine.  Be sure to cast Slow Down on
    Zed; he's fast.  By the way, Heal Blade cures your status
    should you need it.  It's pretty hard to lose with a healthy
    supply of Goat Dolls.  When you beat Zed, you get his Doom
    Bringer sword.  Be sure to spare him.
        The Doom Bringer's a good sword for Jack, but it lowers
    his luck.  You can get a better weapon for him by defeating
    Angol Moa in the next quest.
    THE ARENA.  There are several quests involving the arena.
    First of all, you can enter the arena itself.  There are
    four rounds of enemies, and you get different prizes
    depending on how many fights you win before you choose
    to quit:
    Round 1: 10 Heal Berries, Goat Doll, Lucky Card
    Round 2: 1 of each Apple, 5 Potion Berries
    Round 3: 3 Secret Signs, 10 Magic Carrots, Ambrosia
    Round 4: Duplicator, 3 Nectar, Full Libra
        The first enemy is Medea.  Use the Arch Smash, Trump
    Card, and Saint and you can kill him in one round.  The
    second enemy is Badnews, who is tougher.  Use the standard
    boss routine on him (see above), but use the Phaser
    instead of the Arch Smash to converse the Smash's ammo.
    Also, have Jack attack with Divide Shot, as it will
    always do 9999 damage (until the enemy gets low on HP;
    then switch to Trump Card). You may also want to use
    Hi-Shield because his Brutal Attacks are, well, brutal.
    In the third round you fight Javawalk.  Use The
    Routine (with Divide Shot) and Banish.
         The final opponent is Riversider.  It's weak against
    water, so Rudy should use the Bazooka (using Fury Shot
    with it when he has the Force) instead of his other ARMs.
    Yes, the Bazooka finally comes in useful!  If you haven't
    upgraded it, though, you may be better off with the Arch
    Smash and Phaser.  Also, Hi-Flame works well for Cecilia,
    but she will probably be healing most of the time.  Other
    than these points, use the standard boss routine, plus
    Divide Shot.
         After you beat the arena once, get healed, load your
    ARMs, save, and enter again.  If you have the Saber Fang
    from Ka Dingel, you will fight Flash Boomerang, a
    combination of Boomerang and Luceid.  Just use the
    standard routine, but be sure to cast Slow Down!  You
    will probably want to use Goat Dolls (especially for
    Cecilia), because Boomerang's Shadow Boomerang Maximum
    attack does 2000-4000 damage to the whole party!  Don't
    forget to equip new Dolls when the old ones are used.  As
    long as you don't get Shadow Boomeranged too often, you
    will be able to defeat him.  Your reward is the
    Divine Blade for Rudy.
          There is still one more quest at the Arena: Angol
    Moa.  To get to him, you need five Duplicators from the
    Hayokontons or the arena.  I prefer the arena, but you can
    get them however you like.  Then go to the arena and punch
    through the blue wall above "Duke" Pegucci.  Use your five
    Duplicator keys and go down to the bottom floor.  Walk up
    to the top and you will fight Angol Moa.
        Do the standard routine on Angol Moa.  Goat Dolls are
    useful, but not a necessity.  Angol Moa is fairly strong,
    but not very difficult (I thought Flash Boomerang was
    harder).  Moa drops the Juggernaut when you win, the
    best weapon in the game.  It's for Jack.
    THE ABYSS.  Ready for the ultimate dungeon?  First, you
    should have completed all the other extra quests.  Buy a
    lot of Goat Dolls.  Then buy even more Goat Dolls.  You
    will also need two Duplicators.
         Fly to the Elw Pyramid northeast of Baskar Village.
    Punch the green teleporter, then get in it.  You may be
    taken to The Abyss (the screen will turn red).  If not,
    try again.  I think it helps to have *low* Luck.
        Once in the Abyss, head south.  The enemies in here
    are the strongest non-boss enemies in the game, so use
    strong attacks on them.  Also, I have heard you can
    steal the Frog Badge and Fish Badge from enemies, but
    I don't know which ones, as I haven't gotten the Badges
    yet myself.  When you come to a series of levers, flip
    the far left two, and the one second from the right (you
    can find out this combination by using the Radar).  Keep
    going south to a passage with three statues.  Push both
    the side statues down, then the middle one to the side.
    Keep going until you reach a Duplicator door.  Open it,
    then follow the passage behind it to three chests.  Open
    them for the best helmets in the game.  Go back to the
    Duplicator door and head straight south to the next
        Hug the outside wall and loop around the entire
    edge of the room.  Go down the ladder in the upper-left
    corner.  Get the Amulet in the chest and head north.
    Do not light the lantern in the next room; if you do
    on accident, use the Vase to put the fire out.  Then
    go north again to reach the hookshot maze.
        Swing left once and then up/left.  Use Hanpan to
    open the chest for the Orb of Life.  Swing up and
    left again and have Hanpan pick up the Mystic Slate.
    Neither of these accessories are that great, but
    they're nice to have.  Swing northeast, then straight
    east twice.  Walk up the long, narrow, ledge to the
    wall.  Open the chest for the Power Boost, then swing
    to the post barely visible on the right.  Use a
    Duplicator on the door and go through.  Go north to
    a room with a circle on the floor.  Get all healed
    up, then stand in the middle of the circle and play
    the Maya Guitar.  Ragu Ragla will appear.
        Ragu Ragla is the strongest boss in the game, as
    well as the strangest-looking.  Equip those Goat Dolls,
    because you'll never beat him without them!  Ragu's
    Volcanic Bomb spell does 7000 damage to the whole
    party... ouch.  Rudy should use the Arch Smash,
    Jack should cast Phazer Zapp (Trump Card's usless
    because you always have very little HP), and Cecilia
    should use Hi-Blast (all elemental magic will heal
    Ragu).  Be absolutely sure to equip new Goat Dolls when
    you use them up.  Don't even bother healing, because
    you're just going to get killed each turn... you won't
    be able to do Force attacks either, because you lose
    your Force each time you die.  The only thing that
    really matters here is how big your supply of Goat
    Dolls is... if it's big enough, you'll win eventually.
         Once Ragu Ragla kicks the bucket, you'll get the
    Sheriff Star, which raises all your stats by 100, in
    addition to having numerous other effects.  Of course,
    if you can beat Ragu Ragla, what would you need the
    Sheriff Star for?
    Unfortunately, you don't get any special ending for
    completing the extra quests (which is a shame, as the
    ending isn't that great).  But, hey, a lousy ending
    is just a minor flaw in an otherwise near-perfect
    game.  The end.
         Enemies that you fight more than once (i.e, the Quarter Knights
    and Zed) are just numbered in the order you fight them in.
               Lv   HP    MP    Weakness   Attacks
    Acid Bunny 20   1780  0     None       Confusion, Runs Away
    Agaless    ??   20000 ????  ????       Rotten Breath,
                                           Armor Down
    Aipeloss   4    85    0     Fire       Mind Damage
    Alfase     38   2000  38    Water      Hi-Flame
    Alhazad 1  ??   9000  ????  ????       Electrigger,
    Alhazad 2  ??   30000 ????  ????       Super Transmitted Mega
                                           Crash, Alhazad
                                           Symphony, Slow Down
    Alraune    30   900   2     Fire       Flash
    Amon       49   1300  66    Holy       Minus Flare,
                                           Powerful Blow
    Amplifier  38   1600  12    Holy       Silence, Sleep, Slow
                                           Down, Confusion
    Angol Moa  ??   60000 ????  ????       The 7th Moon, Guard
    Antlion    11   800   9     Wind       Heal
    Aqualeaper 30   650   15    Thunder    Water Gun
    Armordrake 40   4000  0     None       Paralysis, Purple
                                           Electric revised,
                                           Powerfl Blow
    Aspick     51   2500  0     Fire       Stun Cloud, Paralysis
    Badnews    40   40000 0     None       Brutal Attack
    Bafomet    50   2500  100   Holy       Hi-Blast
    Balloon    1    35    0     Holy
    Ballotfish 23   420   0     Thunder
    Barbados   ??   42500 ????  ????       Acid Missle, Linear
                                           Rail Cannon, Land
                                           Master, Geo Storm
    Basilisk   18   420   0     None       Stun Cloud
    Bellzebob  42   1800  200   Holy       Gas Cloud
    Belselk 1  ??   2000  ????  ????       Spinning Flail
    Belselk 2  ??   10000 ????  ????       Belselk Breaker,
                                           Blaster Howling,
                                           Disrupting Flail
    Berial     ??   40000 ????  ????       Genocide Flare,
                                           Pile Bunker, Armor
                                           Down, Blade Lance
    Blk Sabath 32   1800  0     None
    Bloodhorn  47   2000  0     Holy
    Blue Book  2    13    60    Fire       Freeze, Slow Down
    Boomerang1 ??   15000 ????  ????       Boomerang Dynamic,
                                           Crescent Fang
    Boomerang2 ??   12500 ????  ????       Crescent Fang,
                                           Dbl Bmrng Dynamic
    Boomerang3 ??   20000 ????  ????       Dbl Bmrng Dynamic,
                                           Zero Armor Attack,
                                           Crescent Fang
    Boomerang4 (Boomerang Flash): See Rang Flash
    Bostbaboon 25   900   0     Thunder
    Capn'Geist ??   10000 ????  Holy       Banishing Buster
                                           Anchor, Stun Cloud
    Catobrepas 35   2200  0     None       Evil Eye
    Cavetaurus 13   500   0     Water      Earth Shaker
    Ceracenian 32   600   0     Fire       Rock Gazer
    Chaos      ??   80000 ????  Holy?      Sleep, Purple Electric,
                                           Silence, Gamma Ray
    Christine  12   300   0     Holy       Brutal Blow, I Hate You
    Cockatrice 9    150   0     None       Paralysis
    Colonzon   50   2000  0     Holy       Zero Armor Attack,
                                           Cut Down
    Crawly     70   20000 255   Water      Poison Breath, Mind
    Critter    8    50    0     Holy
    Cybergeist 29   800   0     Holy
    Cyclops    48   5000  0     Thunder    Shriek
    Dan Tarian 38   1600  100   Holy       Hi-Flame, Hi-Break,
                                           Hi-Freeze, Rainbow,
    Deepones   38   1000  0     Thunder    Water Gun
    Dekarabia  12   350   80    Holy
    Delowbunny 65   1000  0     None       Confusion
    Demon P.   ??   25000 ????  ????       "Will Be"
    Diablo     ??   25000 ????  ????       Rolling Attack, Flame
                                           Shooter, Crimson Storm
    Diefighter 35   1000  24    Fire       Heal
    Dryad      8    90    0     Fire       Poison
    Duelgull   44   1200  4     None       Sleep, Paralysis
    Dumpty     55   2500  200   None       Ice Needle, Keen Silf
    Durahan    47   3000  0     Holy       Confusion, Evil Eye
    Eldersink  50   2800  0     Fire       Dark Ray
    Elizabeth  ??   12500 ????  ????       Darkness, Silence,
                                           Flash Bomb, Zero Armor
    Enpusa     4    56    0     Thunder    Body Power Steal
    Euronome   51   5000  80    Holy       Brutal Attack, Flash
    Fafneil    45   6000  0     None       Poison Breath, Purple
                                           Eletric revised
    Fairylight 50   1000  0     Thunder    Flash
    Fankelvine 40   2400  0     None       Cut Down, Fatal Blow
    Fesel Zein 60   3500  0     Thunder    Guard, Earth Shaker
    Fiend      21   500   0     Holy       Stardust
    Flurity    35   1500  200   Fire       Hi-Freeze
    Frauloss   16   400   0     Holy       Body Power Steal
    Funbaba    32   2000  0     Thunder    Paralysis
    Gagison    2    20    0     Fire       Disease
    Galgancher 38   1400  50    Holy       Hi-Freeze, Hi-Flame
    Gallowbear 7    150   0     None       Bear Hug
    Gamizine   50   6000  200   Holy
    Garum      42   800   0     Water      Fire Breath
    Gasnoid    66   3500  0     Fire       Invade, Fatal Blow
    Geldam     26   700   0     Fire       Poison
    Gem Stone  6    150   12    Holy       Shield
    Ghostrider 58   8000  0     Holy       Powerful Blow,
    Ghoul      42   1000  0     Holy       I Hate You
    Gigaflame  51   10000 100   Water      Hi-Flame, Paralysis
    Gigafrost  51   10000 100   Fire       Hi-Freeze, Paralysis
    Gigmantis  ??   7000  ????  Water      Zero Armor Attack,
                                           Mantis Fist,
    Gillmore   38   1500  100   Thunder    Hi-Freeze, Water Gun,
                                           Body Power Steal
    Gnome      45   2600  0     None       Paralysis
    Goblin     2    40    0     None
    Gomoratoad 5    120   0     Fire       Water Gun
    Gremlin    20   620   3     None       Arm. Down
    Hammertail 27   500   0     Thunder    Zero Armor Attack
    Harborim   30   550   100   Holy       Hi-Flame, Flame Tongue
    Harken 1   ??   12500 ????  ????       Laser Silhouette,
                                           Guilty Blade
    Harken 2   ??   15000 ????  ????       Harken Tempest
    Harken 3   ??   17500 ????  ????       Magnum Fang, Asrael,
                                           Harken Tempest
    Harpy      9    85    0     Earth      Disease, Poison,
                                           Pickpocket, Runs Away
    Hayokonton 1    28000 500   None       Human Experimentation,
                                           Direct Voice
    Hazenberg  50   2200  200   Holy       Uncertain Theory
    Hecarde    42   900   0     Thunder    Mind Damage, Crystal
    Hell Diver 31   5000  0     Earth      Gamma Ray, Paralysis
    Hell Hound 12   250   0     Water      Flame Tongue
    Hermitcrab 25   500   0     Thunder
    Hobgoblin  10   200   15    None
    Hopedia    46   1000  0     Holy       Dangerous Object 666
    Hornedhelm 18   800   0     Thunder    Brutal Attack
    Humpty     55   2400  100   None       Hi-Heal, Anti-Magic
    Hydra      40   2000  0     Fire       Disease Breath, Poison
    Ironmaiden 47   700   8     Thunder
    Izamna     29   1200  0     Evil       Poison, Infra Sonic
    Kelbim     40   1500  200   Evil       Saint
    Jacklanton 30   800   0     Evil       Flash, Spontaneous
    Javawalk   50   40000 0     None       Anti-Matter Bomb,
    Jellyblob  4    60    0     Fire
    Largon     60   18000 0     Thunder    Oxygen Destroyer,
    Larva      13   400   50    Holy
    Leprechaun 40   800   50    None       Silence
    Leviathan  ??   55000 ????  ????       Reactor Torpedo,
    Lizardman  8    120   0     Water
    Lolithia   ??   15000 ????  Fire       Cold Sleep,
                                           Absolute Zero
    Luceid 1   ??   10000 ????  ????       Black Fang
    Luceid 2   ??   10000 ????  ????       Purple Electric,
                                           Large Moon
    Luceid 3   ??   15000 ????  ????       Black Fang, Purple
                                           Electric revised
    Lucifer    ??   50000 ????  ????       Photon Bow Gun, Beam
                                           Fencer, Sephiroto
    Madangler  30   600   0     Thunder
    Mage Fox   ??   10000 ????  ????       Blast, Confusion,
                                           Heal, Valkyrie
    Magtortus  ??   2000  ????  ????       EM Laser
    Mech Drake ??   37500 ????  ????       Resonance Wave,
                                           Laser Breath, Silence
    Mechsquito 32   1100  440   Holy       Confusion, Valkyrie
    Medea      30   10000 75    Holy       Zero Armor Attack,
                                           Human Experimentation,
                                           Hi-Heal, Hi-Flame
    Melcluis   28   400   0     Thunder
    Miann      37   500   0     None       Fatal Blow
    Minatous   20   5000  0     Water      Minus Flare
    Minion     13   240   0     Holy       Paralysis
    Monster Z  ??   52500 ????  ????       Doom Bringer, Higi
                                           Gaia Crash, Kinjite
    Mother     ??   15000 ????  ????       Hermes Toris Megistos,
                                           Neregate Harlow
    Mothrfried ??   42500 ????  ????       Dark Ray, Sayfert's
                                           Galaxy, Inferno, Als
                                           Magna, Phatima's Miracle
    Naga       35   1600  0     Thunder    Fatal Blow
    Necronomic 42   1200  80    None       Keen Silf, Ice Needle,
                                           Gaia Crash, Inferno
    Nelgaul    ??   250   ????  ????       Brutal Attack
    Nemesis    52   3000  100   Holy       Dark Ray
    N. Gaunt   ??   7500  ????  ????       Mysterious Ray
    Niebass    34   1500  200   Holy       Darkness, Confusion
    Nightmare  28   520   4     Holy       Sleep, Cut Down
    N. U. E.   50   3200  0     None       Flash
    Orc Lord   34   1000  72    None       Hi-Break, Sleep,
                                           Hi-Shield, Remedy
    Orga Widow ??   5000  ????  Water      Poison
    Ose        52   1600  300   Holy       Fatal Blow, Darkness
    Pillbug    2    15    0     Water
    Prisoner   42   1200  0     Holy       Paralysis
    Pumpknhead 38   1300  100   Evil       Fireball, Flash
    Racheal    8    200   0     Holy       Confusion
    Raguragula ??   65000 ????  ????       Volcanic Bomb, Poison
                                           Breath, Zero Armor
    Raidbuster 25   700   0     Thunder
    Rang Flash ??   60000 ????  ????       Zero Count Execution,
                                           Evil Sword Luceid,
                                           Shadow Boomerang
    Rat Monkey 4    20    0     Holy
    Ripper     50   2000  200   Holy       Life Drain
    Riversider 60   65535 0     Fire       Brutal Blow
    Roar       42   1500  150   Holy       Disease Breath
    Sado       ??   50000 ????  ????       Armageddon, Black Hole
                                           Bullet, Dark Quasar
    Sand Beast 21   600   0     None       Wing Blade
    Sandscisor 17   300   0     Wind       Zero Armor Attack
    Sandstag   45   3000  50    Wind       Hi-Break, Brutal Attack
    Scarecrow  8    120   0     Holy       Brutal Attack
    Screamer   14   200   30    Holy       Spark
    Shazam     ??   30000 ????  ????       Fatal Blow, Dispell,
    Shelzaurus 20   1500  0     None       Powerful Blow, Disease
    Shrieker   11   250   0     Fire       Shriek
    Siren      20   440   0     Thunder    Gella Eater, Maelstrom,
                                           Runs Away
    Skeleton   2    22    0     Holy
    Snatcher   42   1400  0     None       Bear Hug
    Sommerell  25   1500  40    Thunder
    Sphinx     10   150   50    Evil       Feather Arrow, Poison
    Stanga     19   800   0     None       Paralysis
    Stoker     38   1000  0     Holy
    Stormdrake 30   1800  0     Water
    Sworkassi  50   2500  200   Holy       Pickpocket, Cut Down,
                                           Runs Away, Gella Eater
    Tailmooze  12   800   0     Water      Infra Sonic
    Talgium    40   800   40    Fire       Hi-Freeze, Hi-Flame,
    Tatzelbelm 2    70    0     Water      Flame Tongue
    Tiny Edge  8    100   0     None
    Toadstool  17   250   0     Fire
    Tortoise   16   300   0     Fire
    Trifed     41   900   16    Fire       Hi-Shield
    Turask     ??   20000 ????  ????       Shield, Cut Down, Horn
                                           Spike, Poison Breath
    Tzar Zein  58   3200  0     Thunder    Guard, Energy Phaser
    Ukoback    37   620   0     Water      Spontaneous Combustion
    Urunge     70   12000 0     None       Paralysis
    Valkyrie   44   1400  0     Evil       Pickpocket, Holy Light,
                                           Runs Away
    Vampire    20   520   20    Holy       Life Drain
    Venom Bear 21   800   0     None       Poison
    Wight      18   300   0     Holy       Paralysis
    Willo Wisp 44   1100  0     Thunder    Flash
    Witch Doc. 38   1800  0     Holy       Human Experimentation
    Wizard     31   1000  97    Holy       Darkness, Hi-Blast
    Wojanoid   70   3000  100   Fire       Water Gun, Hi-Freeze
    Wraith     20   420   0     Holy
    Wyvern     40   1440  0     Earth      Disease, Gamma Ray,
                                           Death Wing
    Zed 1      ??   7500  ????  ????       Doom Bringer,
                                           Garyu Ichimongiri
    Zed 2      ??   10000 ????  ????       Garyu Ichimongiri,
                                           Ouji Kyoujin-ranbu
    Zed 3: see Monster Z
    Zeikfried1 ??   22500 ????  ????       Zeik Impulse, Negative
                                           Rainbow, Glumzamber
    Zeikfried2 ??   30000 ????  ????       Negative Rainbow,
                                           Hi-Shield, Zeik Impulse
    Zeikfried3 ??   50000 ????  ????       Proton Beam, Hi-Heal,
    (Zeik Tuvai)                           Sleep, Silence
    Zoa Zein   47   2000  0     Thunder    Powerful Blow, Guard
    Zombie     ??   750   ????  ????       Rotten Breath
    Zonemaker  26   1000  12    Holy       Heal, Silence, Confuse
                                  Monster Attacks
    Absolure Zero -- Water attack / all
    Acid Missle -- Fire (?) attack / all
    Alhazad Symphony -- Physical (?) attack  / all
    Als Magna -- Minor damage / all / status change
    Anti-Matter Bomb -- Earth (?) attack / all
    Armageddon -- Damages party
    Asrael -- Physical attack / single
    Banishing Buster Anchor -- Physical attack / single
    Beam Fencer -- Damages party
    Bear Hug -- Evil attack / single
    Belselk Breaker -- Physical attack / single
    Black Fang -- Physical attack / single
    Black Hole Bullet -- Damages one character
    Blade Lance -- Physical attack / single
    Blaster Howling -- Physical attack / all
    Body Power Steal -- Drains HP from one character
    Boomerang Dynamic -- Physical attack / single
    Brutal Attack -- Strong physical attack
    Brutal Blow -- Strong physical attack
    Cold Sleep -- Water attack / all / causes sleep
    Confusion -- Minimal damage, causes confusion
    Crescent Fang -- Physical attack / single
    Crimson Storm -- Fire attack / all
    Crystal Storm -- Holy attack / single
    Cut Down -- Physical attack / all
    Dangerous Object 666 -- Almost kills one character
    Dark Quasar -- Evil attack / all
    Dark Ray -- Evil attack / all
    Death Wing -- Wind attack / all / random instant death
    Direct Voice -- Random status conditions / all
    Disease -- Minimal damage, causes disease
    Disease Breath -- Minor damage / all / causes disease
    Disrupting Flail -- Physical attack / single
    Doom Bringer -- Physical attack / single
    Double Boomerang Dynamic -- Physical attack / single
    Earth Shaker -- Earth attack / all
    Electrigger -- Physical attack / single
    EM Laser -- Lightning attack / all
    Energy Phaser -- Damages all characters
    Esparanza -- Physical (?) attack / single
    Evil Eye -- Minor damage / single / causes paralysis
    Evil Sword Luceid -- Physical attack / single
    Fatal Blow -- Physical attack / instant death
    Feather Arrow -- Physical attack / all
    Fireball -- Fire attack / single
    Fire Breath -- Fire attack / all
    Flame Shooter -- Fire attack / all
    Flame Tongue -- Fire attack / single
    Flash -- Damages one character / causes Flash status
    Flash Bomb -- Damages all characters / causes Flash
    Gamma Ray -- Holy (?) attack / single / causes disease
    Garyu Ichimongiri -- Physical attack / single
    Gas Cloud -- Random status changes / party
    Gella Eater -- Takes money, physical damage
    Genocide Flare -- Fire attack / all
    Geo Storm -- Earth attack / all
    Glumzamber -- Physical attack / single
    Guard -- Like your guard command
    Harken Tempest -- Physical (?) attack / all
    Hermes Toris Megistos -- Damages one character
    Higi Kaijin-Eisatsu -- Physical attack / all / sleep
    Holy Light -- Holy attack / single
    Horn Spike -- Physical attack / single
    Human Experimentation -- Random status changes / single
    I Hate You -- Physical attack / single
    Infra Sonic -- Damages one character
    Invade -- Instant death attack
    Kinjite Yasha-Ishmonjiri -- Physical attack / single / random
                                status changes
    Land Master -- Physical attack / single
    Laser Breath -- Damages one character
    Laser Silhouette -- Physical attack / single
    Large Moon -- Physical attack / single
    Life Drain -- Drains HP from party
    Linear Rail Cannon -- Physical (?) attack / all
    Maelstrom -- Damages one character / causes confusion
    Mantis Fist -- Physical attack / single
    Mind Damage -- One character loses a little MP
    Minus Flare -- Fire attack / all
    Mysterious Ray -- Damages all characters
    Negative Rainbow -- All 7 elements attack / all
    Neregate Harlow -- Damages all characters
    Ouji Kyoujin-ranbu  -- Physical attack / single
    Oxygen Destroyer -- Wind (?) attack / all
    Paralysis -- Minimal damage, causes paralysis
    Phatima's Miracle -- Damages party / dispels magic
    Photon Bow Gun -- Damages one character
    Pickpocket -- Steals an item
    Pile Bunker -- Physical attack / single
    Poison -- Minimally damages and poisons one character
    Poison Breath -- Minimal damage / all / poison
    Powerful Blow -- Physical attack / single
    Proton Beam -- Physical attack / single
    Purple Electric -- Lighting attack / single
    Purple Electric revised -- Lightning attack / all
    Reactor Torpedo -- Water attack / single
    Resonance Wave -- Evil attack / all
    Rock Gazer -- Earth attack / single
    Rolling Attack -- Physical attack / single
    Rotten Breath -- Evil attack / single
    Runs Away -- Self-explanatory
    Sayfert's Galaxy -- Damages party
    Sephiroto -- Damages party
    Shadow Boomerang Maximum -- Physical attack / all
    Shriek -- Random status change(s) / all
    Sleep -- Causes sleep / all
    Spinning Flail -- Physical attack / all
    Spontaneous Combustion -- Fire attack / single
    Stardust -- Earth attack / all
    Stun Cloud -- Paralysis + minor damage / party
    Super Transmitted Mega Crash -- Lightning attack / single
    The 7th Moon -- Evil attack / all
    Thunderbolt -- Lightning attack / all
    Trident -- Physical attack / single
    Uncertain Theory -- Damage and status changes / all
    Volcanic Bomb -- Fire attack / all
    Water Gun -- Water attack / single
    "Will Be" -- Single elemental attack (varies) / single
    Wing Blade -- Physical attack / all
    Zeik Impulse -- Physical attack / single
    Zero Armor Attack -- Physical attack / single / ignores armor
    Zero Count Execution -- Physical attack / single
                       USER     ATK     PRICE       LOCATION
    Long Knife         Rudy     7       120         Start
    Long Sword         Rudy     15      210         Adlehyde
    Bastard Sword      Rudy     25      500         Milama
    Claymore           Rudy     40      1100        Baskar
    Bronze Sword       Rudy     57      2050        Pt. Timney
    Cross Saber        Rudy     80      4200        Ship Gvyrd
    Night Fencer       Rudy     100     6300        Rosetta
    Hybrid Sword       Rudy     125     9500        Zepet tent
    Energy Saber       Rudy     150     15000       Demon's Lab
    Sword Radius       Rudy     175     18000       Black Market
    Silver Blade       Rudy     200     26500       Malduke
    Divine Blade       Rudy     270     41000       Arena
    Arctic Blade       Jack     10      150         Start
    Chrome Blade       Jack     22      220         Adlehyde
    Might Blade        Jack     35      530         Milama
    Vopal Razor        Jack     50      1250        Baskar
    Crystal Edge       Jack     67      2400        Pt. Timney
    Spirit Blade       Jack     95      4700        Ship Gvyrd
    Extinction         Jack     118     7000        Rosetta
    Eradicator         Jack     143     10500       Zepet tent
    Black Feral        Jack     180     19500       Arctica
    Violator           Jack     230     31200       Malduke
    Doom Bringer*      Jack     250     26750       St. Centour
    Juggernaut         Jack     320     4           Arena
    Mage Staff         Cecilia  1       80          Start
    Magical Rod        Cecilia  4       190         Adlehyde
    Dream Wand         Cecilia  10      480         Milama
    Prism Stick        Cecilia  22      950         Baskar
    Rune Staff         Cecilia  36      1800        Pt. Timney
    Sorcery Wand       Cecilia  52      3900        Ship Gvyrd
    Rainbow Wand       Cecilia  70      6000        Rosetta
    Crest Wand         Cecilia  90      9250        Zepet tent
    Lunar Rod          Cecilia  112     14000       Dead Snctry
    Lunatic Wand       Cecilia  129     17800       Black Market
    Princess Rod       Cecilia  145     24800       Malduke
    Dist Dims          Cecilia  160     39500       Filgaia
    * The Doom Bringer lowers Jack's Luck to "Worst."
         When there are two numbers for defense (i.e. "2/3"), the second
    number is the armor's magic defense.
                       USER     DEF     PRICE       LOCATION
    Travel Vest        Rudy     5       115         Start
    Hard Cloak         Rudy     9       205         Adlehyde
    Armor Vest         Rudy     16      480         Milama
    Guard Jacket       Rudy     25      1010        Baskar
    Chain Cloak        Rudy     35      2000        Pt. Timney
    Metal Jacket       Rudy     46      4300        Ship Gvyrd
    Cross Cloak        Rudy     58      6200        Rosetta
    Red Jacket         Rudy     70      9250        Wndring Isle
    Warrior Vest       Rudy     85      14000       Forest Prsn
    Battle Cloak       Rudy     100/20  17300       Black Market
    Assault Coat       Rudy     120/31  22000       Malduke
    Braver Vest        Rudy     242/165 40100       Malduke
    Old Cape           Jack     3       124         Start
    War Coat           Jack     7       220         Adlehyde
    Sun Poncho         Jack     13      515         Milama
    Journey Coat       Jack     20      1125        Baskar
    Survive Cape       Jack     28      2200        Pt. Timney
    Dusk Poncho        Jack     37      4350        Ship Gvyrd
    Blue Wind          Jack     45      7500        Rosetta
    Sioux Poncho       Jack     55      10250       Wndring Isle
    Prairie Coat       Jack     70      19250       Forest Prsn
    Dawn Poncho        Jack     87/15   23400       Black Market
    Jolla Poncho       Jack     104/26  30600       Malduke
    Jade Wilder        Jack     192/120 52000       Malduke
    Breeze Cape        Cecilia  2/3     75          Start
    White Robe         Cecilia  4/4     145         Adlehyde
    Mist Blazer        Cecilia  5/8     440         Milama
    Magus Robe         Cecilia  11/14   925         Baskar
    Protect Cape       Cecilia  18/21   1400        Pt. Timney
    Chic Bolero        Cecilia  26/31   3410        Ship Gvyrd
    Ruby Bische        Cecilia  41/44   6050        Rosetta
    Shining Cape       Cecilia  45/52   9124        Drgn Shrine
    Mirage Coat        Cecilia  56/63   12000       Forest Prsn
    Garnet Coat        Cecilia  65/75   13900       Black Market
    Filgaia Robe       Cecilia  73/90   24400       Malduke
    Pret-a-Porte       Cecilia  130/295 39200       Filgaia
                       USER     DEF     PRICE       LOCATION
    Bandanna           Rudy     1       80          Berry Cave
    Metal Band         Rudy     10      320         Milama
    Head Gear          Rudy     20      1200        Rosetta
    Brass Band         Rudy     32      3500        Zepet tent
    Hyper Gear         Rudy     45      7800        Vassim's Lab
    Dead Heat          Rudy     60      12000       Abyss
    Cowboy Hat         Jack     1       100         Memory Temple
    10gal Hat          Jack     8       400         Milama
    My Grand Hat       Jack     16      1500        Rosetta
    Lone Wolf          Jack     26      4010        Zepet tent
    Sunbird Hat        Jack     38      8000        Tarjon
    Texas Number       Jack     50      13300       Abyss
    Capuche            Cecilia  1       70          Sealed Library
    Cute Ribbon        Cecilia  2       280         Milama
    Serenade           Cecilia  9       1120        Ship Graveyard
    Silver Band        Cecilia  18      3050        Zepet tent
    Blue Ribbon        Cecilia  28      5980        Tarjon
    Ruby Tiara         Cecilia  36      9990        Abyss
                    PRICE    EFFECT
    Buckler         140      Rudy's DFP+2, PRY+2%
    Round Shield    410      Rudy's DFP+6, PRY+4%
    Reflex          2100     Rudy's DFP+17, PRY+6%
    Metal Shield    7000     Rudy's DPF+20, PRY+8%
    Hide Glove      200      Jack's DFP+1, PRY+4%
    Hard Guard      630      Jack's DFP+4, PRY+8%
    Gauntlet        2980     Jack's DFP+12, PRY+12%
    Boom Getter     8700     Jack's DFP+24, PRY+20%
    Mystic Word     480      Cecilia's SOR+11
    Secret Book     4540     Cecilia's SOR+39
    Elder Scroll    23000    Cecilia's SOR+98
    Necronomicon    3        Cecilia's SOR+270
    Geo Ring        4000     Gives earth element
    Aqua Ring       4000     Gives water element
    Flame Ring      4000     Gives fire element
    Wind Ring       4000     Gives wind element
    Thunder Ring    4000     Gives thunder element
    Holy Ring       4000     Gives holy element
    Demon Ring      4000     Gives evil element
    Moon Stone      1500     Immune to poison
    Olive Branch    1500     Immune to disease
    Silver Harp     2000     Immune to silence
    Blue Circlet    2000     Immune to paralysis
    Clear Chime     4000     Immune to confusion
    Memoirs Pen     4000     Immune to forgetfulness
    Angel Quill     6000     Immune to bad omen
    Sunglasses      6000     Immune to flash
    Full Libra      20000    Immune to status changes*
    Fish Badge      --       Absorb thunder, holy, evil*
    Frog Badge      --       Absorb water, fire, earth, wind*
    Wind Vane       1000     Can't be surprised*
    Goat Doll       1500     Revives you when killed
    Pouch           1200     Double gella 25% of time*
    Force Unit      10000    Speeds Force increase*
    Power Boost     13000    Double attack 75% of time (Rudy)
    Talisman        12000    Restores HP gradually*
    Mind Gem        5000     Restores MP gradually(*?)
    Holy Parasol    10000    Absorb spells as MP (Cecilia)
    Missanga        3000     Raises Luck one level*
    Amulet          30000    Raises Luck two levels
    Orb of Power    2000     Max HP + 25% *
    Orb of Life     15000    Max HP + 50%
    Wise Slate      2000     Max MP + 25% *
    Mystic Slate    15000    Max MP + 50%
    Sherrif Star    20       Base stats + 100, includes * effects
    I didn't bother to list how runes affect your secondary stats,
    but you can figure out the change by looking at the formulas:
    ATP = Strength + Weapon power
    DFP = (Vitality / 2) + Armor power
    MGR = Sorcery / 2
    PRY = Response / 10
    EARTH RUNE: Gurdijeff
    Received in the Guardian Temple.
    Vitality + 10%
    SUMMON: Earth attack / all        HIGH: Earth attack / all
    WATER RUNE: Stoldark
    Received in the Sealed Library.
    Sorcery + 10%
    SUMMON: Water attack / all        HIGH: Water attack / all
    FIRE RUNE: Moa Gault
    Received in the Guardian Temple.
    Strength + 10%
    SUMMON: Fire attack / all         HIGH: Fire attack / all
    WIND RUNE: Fengalon
    Received in the Guardian Temple.
    Response + 10%
    SUMMON: Wind attack / all         HIGH: Wind attack / all
    THUNDER RUNE: Nua Shakks
    Received on board the Sweet Candy in Port Timney.
    Response + 20%
    SUMMON: Thunder attack / all      HIGH: Thunder attack / all
    SUMMIT RUNE: Denogenos
    Received on Mt. Zenom.
    Vitality + 20%
    SUMMON: Earth attack / all        HIGH: Earth attack / all
    FLASH RUNE: Stare Roe
    Found in the Pleasing Gardens teleporter maze.
    Strength + 10%, Vitality + 10%, Response + 10%
    SUMMON: Thunder attack (?) / all  HIGH: Thunder attack (?) / all
    DEATH RUNE: Ge Ramtos
    Found in the Maze of Death, when collapsing.
    Sorcery + 30%
    SUMMON: Instant death / all       HIGH: Instant death / all
    TRITON RUNE: Lucadia
    Received in the Dragon Shrine.
    Vitality + 20%, Sorcery + 20%
    SUMMON: Water attack / all        HIGH: Water attack / all
    SAINT RUNE: Ione Paua
    Received in Saint Centour, after attacked.
    Strength + 20%
    SUMMON: Holy attack / all         HIGH: Holy attack / all
    HEAVENS RUNE: Solus Emsu
    Found on the Deserted Island southeast of Arctica.
    Strength + 10%, Sorcery + 20%, Response + 10%
    SUMMON: ????                      HIGH: ????
    ICE RUNE: Aru Sulato
    Found in the Snowy Ravine on the island north of Arctica.
    Strength + 20%, Vitality + 10%, Response + 10%
    SUMMON: Water attack / all        HIGH: Water attack / all
    CHRONO RUNE: Dan Dairam
    Found in the Illusion Temple in the Rings of Timespace.
    Sorcery + 50%
    SUMMON: Holy (?) attack / all     HIGH: Holy attack / all
    STAR RUNE: Rigdobrite
    Found in the Photosphere ruins after its desturction
    All base stats + 10%
    SUMMON: Earth (?) attack / all    HIGH: Holy (?) attack / all
    SWORD RUNE: Equitess
    Found in the Ancient Altar north of the Giant's Cradle.
    Strength + 40%
    SUMMON: Holy (?) attack / all     HIGH: Holy (?) attack / all
    CASTLE RUNE: Zeldukes
    Received at Zeldukes's statue after Tom repairs it with the
    Secret Tool.
    Vitality + 40%
    SUMMON: Raises defense by 25%     HIGH: Raises defense by 50%
    LIFE RUNE: Odoryuk
    Found in the Forest Prison.
    Strength + 20%, Vitality + 20%
    SUMMON: Heals party, cures status HIGH: Heals party, cures status
    HADES RUNE: Duras Drum
    Received in De Le Metalica.
    Sorcery + 40%
    SUMMON: Evil attack / all         HIGH: Evil attack / all
    LOVE RUNE: Raftina
    Received after defeating Elizabeth at Vassim's Lab.
    Str + 5%, Vit + 20%, Sor + 30%, Res + 5%
    SUMMON: Heals party               HIGH: Drain attack / all
    COURAGE RUNE: Justine
    Received after defeating Elmina in Arctica Castle.
    Strength + 20%, Vitality + 10%, Response + 30%
    SUMMON: Holy (?) attack / all     HIGH: Holy (?) attack / all
    HOPE RUNE: Zephyr
    Received at Baskar pyramid w/ Love and Courage Runes.
    Str + 20%, Vit + 20%, Sor + 10%, Res + 10%
    SUMMON: Fire attack / all         HIGH: Fire attack / all
    Physical attack / single
    Rudy starts with it
    ATP: 10 / 15(500g) / 20(1000g) /30(3000g) / 40(5000g) / 55(7000g) /
         70(10000g )/ 90(15000g)
    Hit%: 85 / 87(100g) / 89(300g) / 91(500g) / 93(700g) / 95(1200g) /
         97(2000g) / 99(5000g)
    Bullet:8 / 9(200ga) / 10(500g) / 11(1000g) / 12(1500g) / 13(3000g) /
         14(5000g) / 15(8000g)
    Physical attack / group
    Found in the Cage Tower
    ATP: 10 / 15(500g) / 20(1000g) / 25(3000g) / 35(5000g) / 45(7000g) /
         55(10000g) / 70(15000g)
    Hit%: 80 / 82(100g) / 84(300g) / 86(500g) / 88(700g) / 90(1200g) /
         92(2000g) / 94(5000g)
    Bullet: 8 / 9(200g) / 10(500g) / 11(1000g) / 12(1500g) / 13(3000g) /
         14(5000g) / 15(8000g)
    Physical attack / group
    Found in the Volcannon Trap
    ATP: 30 / 55(1000g) / 80(3000g) / 110(5000g) / 140(7000g) /
         175(10000g) / 210(15000g) / 250(20000g)
    Hit%: 75 / 77(300g) / 79(500g) / 81(700g) / 83(1200g) / 85(2000g) /
         87(5000g) / 89(8000g)
    Bullet: 5 / 6(500g) / 7(1000g) / 8(1500g) / 9(3000g) / 10(5000g) /
         11(8000g) / 12(12000g)
    Repeated physical attacks (based on luck) / single
    Found in the Photosphere
    ATP: 25 / 30(1000g) / 35(3000g) / 40(5000g) / 50(7000g) / 60(10000g) /
         70(15000g) / 85(20000g)
    Hit%: 75 / 77(300g) / 79(500g) / 81(700g) / 83(1200g) / 85(2000g) /
         87(5000g) / 89(8000g)
    Bullet: 5 / 6(500g) / 7(1000g) / 8(1500g) / 9(3000g) / 10(5000g) /
         11(8000g) / 12(12000g)
    Fire attack / group
    Found in Demon's Lab
    ATP: 45 / 65(2000g) / 85(7000g) / 105(10000g)/ 125 (15000g) /
         150(20000g) / 175(30000g) / 200(50000g)
    Hit%: 70 / 72(500g) / 74(1000g) / 76(3000g) / 78(6000g) / 80(9000g) /
         82(15000g) / 84(20000g)
    Bullet: 5 / 6(1000g) / 7(3000g) / 8(7000g) / 9(10000g) / 10(15000g) /
         11(20000g) / 12(30000g)
    Physical attack / single
    Found in Gemini's Corpse
    ATP: 70 / 95(5000g) / 125(7000g) / 160(10000g) / 195(15000g) /
         230(20000g) / 270(30000g) / 315(45000g)
    Hit%: 85 / 87(500g) / 89(1000g) / 91(3000g) / 93(6000g) / 95(9000g) /
         97(15000g) / 99(20000g)
    Bullet:  / 9(1000g) / 10(3000g) / 11(7000g) / 12(10000g) / 13(15000g) /
         14(20000g) / 15(30000g)
    Physical attack / single
    Found in Arctica Castle
    ATP: 100 / 125(7000g) / 155(10000g) / 190(15000g) / 230(20000g) /
         275(30000g) / 325(45000g) / 380(65000g)
    Hit%: 45 / 47(1000g) / 49(3000g) / 51(5000g) / 53(7000g) / 55(12000g) /
         57(20000g) / 59(30000g)
    Bullet:  / 4(5000g) / 5(7000g) / 6(10000g) / 7(15000g) / 8(20000g) /
         9(30000g) / 10(45000g)
    Wind (?) attack / all
    Found in the early part of Malduke.
    ATP: 200 / 225(7000g) / 250(10000g) / 280(15000g) / 310(20000g) /
         350(30000g) / 400(45000g) / 470(65000g)
    Hit%: 70 / 72(1000g) / 74(3000g) / 76(5000g) / 78(7000g) / 80(12000g) /
         82(20000g) / 84(30000g)
    Bullet:  / 4(5000g) / 5(7000g) / 6(10000g) / 7(15000g) / 8(20000g) /
         9(30000g) / 10(45000g)
                                     Fast Draw
    Physical attack / single / causes confusion
    Jack starts with it
    Wind (?) attack / group
    Learned in the Mountain Pass
    Fire attack / single
    Learned on Mt. Zenom
    Physical attack / single / steals items
    Bomb thief out of crate in Port Timney
    Heals one character / cures status
    Jump in third river of sand in Sand River
    Instant death / single
    Trade a Secret Sign for it in Adlehyde
    Halves an enemy's HP
    Statue test in the Tripillar.
    Damages one enemy, minor damage to all other enemies
    Use Wind-Up Key on three robots near top of Epitaph Sea.
    Multiple physical attacks (based on luck) / single
    Statue test in the Sacred Shrine.
    Physical (?) attack / group
    Learned after first Lady Harken fight.
    Paralyzes an enemy
    Statue test in Dead Sanctuary; keep going past boss room.
    Evil attack / single
    Use Shadow Bind on a paralyzed enemy
    Physical attack / single
    Learned after second Lady Harken fight.
    All 7 elements attack* / single
    Pick up all the books in De Le Metalica.
    * If you are equipped with a ring, Phazer Zapp does that
    damage of that ring's element instead.
    Physical (?) attack / all
    Chest at start of Gemini's Corpse
    VOID: 20 MP
    Instant death / all enemies
    Throne room of Arctica Castle
    Physical attack / single / does damage based on Jack's HP
    Statue test in Malduke pipes region.
    Geo/Geo: SHIELD (2 MP): Raises one character's defense
    Geo/Fray: SUCTION (3 MP): One character absorbs magic as MP
    Geo/Wing: HIDE (5 MP): One character is temporarily invincible
    Geo/Muse: PROTECT (2 MP): Raises one character's magic defense
    Fray/Geo: CURSE (1 MP): Raises encounter rate
    Fray/Fray: LIGHT BLOW (2 MP): Gives character holy element when
    Fray/Wing: RAGE (4 MP): Raises all stats by 10%, berserks target
    Fray/Muse: DARK BLOW (2 MP): Gives character evil element when
    Wing/Geo: REFLECT (6 MP): Reflects enemy spells onto caster / single
    Wing/Fray: ESCAPE (8 MP): Warp to entrance of dungeon
    Wing/Wing: QUICK (3 MP): Raises one character's response
    Wing/Muse: AIR SCREEN (4 MP): Raises one character's parry rate
    Muse/Geo: REVIVE (12 MP): Revives a dead character
    Muse/Fray: AWAKEN (2 MP): Party immune to Sleep for this battle
    Muse/Wing: FIELD (2 MP): Halves effect of one element / unfocused
    Muse/Muse: HEAL (3 MP): Heals one character
    Geo/Geo: BREAK (4 MP): Earth attack / single
    Geo/Fray: SLOW DOWN (3 MP): Lowers response / group
    Geo/Wing: SLEEP (4 MP): Puts enemy to sleep / group
    Geo/Muse: ARM. DOWN (3 MP): Lowers defense / group
    Fray/Geo: FLASH (2 MP): Lowers parry rate / group
    Fray/Fray: FLAME (4 MP): Fire attack / single
    Fray/Wing: CONFUSION (2 MP): Causes confusion / group
    Fray/Muse: BLAST (8 MP): Physical attack / group
    Wing/Geo: VALKYRIE (10 MP): All 7 elements attack / random enemies
    Wing/Fray: SILENCE (4 MP): Silences enemy group
    Wing/Wing: VORTEX (4 MP): Wind attack / single
    Wing/Muse: SPARK (8 MP): Thunder attack / group
    Muse/Geo: ANALYZE (1 MP): Shows enemy stats
    Muse/Fray: DISPEL (3 MP): Removes spells cast on one enemy
    Muse/Wing: PRISON (6 MP): Paralyzes enemy; one hit will kill it
    Muse/Muse: FREEZE (4 MP): Water attack / group
    Geo/Geo: HI-SHIELD (8 MP): Raises party defense
    Geo/Fray: HYPER (12 MP): Doubles one character's attack power
    Geo/Wing: INVISIBLE (8 MP): Reduce encounter rate
    Geo/Muse: LIFE GUARD (30 MP): Brings a character back when killed
    Fray/Geo: COUNTER UP (6 MP): Raises one character's counter rate
    Fray/Fray: BOMB (6 MP): "Bomb counter attack / ally"
    Fray/Wing: SOUL GUARD (18 MP): Prevents instant death magic?
    Fray/Muse: ANTI-MAGIC (12 MP): No magic does damage
    Wing/Geo: HI-REFLECT (20 MP): Reflects enemy spells onto caster / party
    Wing/Fray: DUMMY DOLL (6 MP): Protects one character from attacks
    Wing/Wing: TELEPORT (12 MP): Warp to any visited town
    Wing/Muse: LOCK STATE (15 MP): Prevent status changes / party
    Muse/Geo: HI-REVIVE (40 MP): Revives character with full HP
    Muse/Fray: REMEDY (12 MP): Heals party
    Muse/Wing: RESTORE (4 MP): Cures one character's condition
    Muse/Muse: HI-HEAL (12 MP): Heals one character completely
    Geo/Geo: HI-BREAK (15 MP): Earth attack / group
    Geo/Fray: ERASER (5 MP): Eliminates elemental weaknesses and defenses /
    Geo/Wing: LIFE DRAIN (20 MP): Drain HP / group
    Geo/Muse: SAINT (15 MP): Holy attack / single
    Fray/Geo: RAINBOW (15 MP): All 7 elements attack / single
    Fray/Fray: HI-FLAME (15 MP): Fire attack / group
    Fray/Wing: DARKNESS (15 MP): Evil attack / single
    Fray/Muse: HI-BLAST (22 MP): Physical attack / all
    Wing/Geo: MP DRAIN (1 MP): Drain MP / group
    Wing/Fray: LUCKY SHOT (30 MP): Minor damage / single ; if it kills an
                                   enemy, the enemy drops its item
    Wing/Wing: HI-VORTEX (15 MP): Wind attack / group
    Wing/Muse: HI-SPARK (22 MP): Thunder attack / all
    Muse/Geo: BANISH (12 MP): Shrinks enemies (lower stats) / single
    Muse/Fray: RANDOMIZER (30 MP): Random effect -- see Randomizer list
    Muse/Wing: HI-PRISON (18 MP): Paralyzes group; one hit will kill them
    Muse/Muse: HI-FREEZE (15 MP): Water attack / group
                     PRICE        LOC.         EFFECT
    Heal Berry       20           Everywhere   Recovers 200 HP
    Potion Berry     500          Everywhere   Recovers 1000 HP
    Mega Berry       1000         Everywhere   Recovers 2000 HP
    Magic Carrot     30           Everywhere   Recovers 50 MP
    Revive Fruit     100          Chests       Revives a character
    Full Revive      300          Chests       Revives char. w/ full HP
    Medicine         50           Stores       Cures Disease
    Antidote         50           Stores       Cures Poison
    Violet Rose      50           Stores       Cures Silence
    Heat Salve       50           Stores       Cures Paralysis
    Pin Wheel        50           Stores       Cures Confusion
    Toy Hammer       50           Stores       Cures Forgetfulness
    Holy Symbol      50           Stores       Cures Bad Omen
    Light Shroom     50           Stores       Cures Flash
    Nectar           5000         Chests       Heals one character to max
    Ambrosia         10000        Chests       Heals party to max
    Bullet Clip      --           Chests       Refills one ARM
    Secret Sign      10000        Chests       Lowers Fast Draw MP cost
    Power Apple      300          Chests       Raises Power by 1 pt.
    Mystic Apple     300          Chests       Raises Sorcery by 1 pt.
    Hardy Apple      300          Chests       Raises Vitality by 1 pt.
    Agile Apple      300          Chests       Raises Response by 1 pt.
    Small Flower     --           Rosetta Town Raises luck by 1 level
    Magic Map        --           MountainPass Shows known towns
    Duplicator       --           Various      Opens locked doors
    Ocarina          --           Zepet's Lab  Summons Earth Golem
    Jewel            --           Gemini Crpse Use to move statues
    Black Pass       --           Gemini Crpse Use to enter black market
    1 Gella Coin     --           Rosetta Town ?????
    Bone             --           St. Centour  Use with Mystic
    Lucky Card       --           Chests       Doubles EXP and gella
    Crest Graph      --           Chests       Bind spell to it
    Holy Berry       --           Berry Cave   Needed to kill Zombie
    Holy Medal       --           Milama       Use to enter temple
    Kizim Fire       --           Baskar       Activate Elw Pyramid
    Key Plate        --           St. Centour  Key to Cage Tower
    Crystal Bud      --           Maze of Deth Give to Bartholomew
    Bracelet         --           Plsng Gardns Give to Dan
    Herb Arnica      --           Forest Mound Give to Hernandez
    Red Malice       --           VolcannonTrp Key to Giant's Cradle
    Blue Virtue      --           Tripillar    Key to Giant's Cradle
    Wind-Up Key      --           Court Seim   Key to Epitaph Sea
    Rune Drive       --           Epitaph Sea  Upgrades Earth Golem
    Metal Bird       --           Epitaph Sea  Gives password
    Spirit Key       --           Tarjon       Opens chest in forest
    Dragon Idol      --           Dead Sanc.   Becomes Hope Rune
    Goddess Idol     --           Dead Sanc.   Becomes Love Rune
    Lion Idol        --           Dead Sanc.   Becomes Courage Rune
    Gemini Circ. #1  --           Gemini Crpse Give to Emma
    Gemini Circ. #2  --           Ship Grvyrd  Give to Emma
    Eye              --           Malduke      Use to get to Area 51
    Wings            --           Malduke      Use to get to Area 51
    Arms             --           Malduke      Use to get to Area 51
    Secret Tool      --           Vassim's Lab Give to Tom
    Dispellado       --           Adlehyde     Use at Rings of Timespace
    Saber Fang       --           Ka Dingel    Need to fight Boomerang
    ARM Lock On -- ARM attack with 100% accuracy.  Rudy starts with it.
    Summon Guardian -- Summons a guardian.  Guardian Temple.
    Protector -- Rudy takes hit for other characters.  Court Seim, after
                 Epitaph of the Sea Wind.
    Fury Shot -- Very powerful ARM attack with 100% accuracy.  Talk to
                 Vassim with Rudy.
    Accelerator -- Jack goes first.  Jack starts with it.
    Summon Guardian -- Summons a guardian.  Guardian Temple.
    Sonic Vision -- Jack goes first; strong physical attack.  Ship
                    Graveyard, after returning Bracelet to Dan.
    Double Command -- Jack gets two turns.  After defeating Alhazad in Ka
    Mystic -- Invokes item's power (see Mystic list).  Cecilia starts with
    Summon Guardian -- Summons a guardian.  Guardian Temple.
    High Guardian -- Summons a guardian with added power.  Dead Sanctuary.
    Dual Cast -- Cast two spells on one turn.  Heaven Corridor.
                                  Best  Equipment
    Weapon: Divine Blade (beat Flash Boomerang in arena)
    Left Hand: Sheriff Star (beat Ragu Ragla in Abyss)
    Armor: Braver Vest (defeat Sado in Malduke mines)
    Helm: Dead Heat (Abyss)
    Rune: Hope Rune (go to pyramid in Baskar with Love and Courage runes)
    ARM: Arch Smasher (beginning of Malduke)
    Force: Fury Shot (talk to Vassim w/ Rudy)
    Weapon: Juggernaut (beat Angol Moa in arena)
    Left Hand: Sheriff Star (beat Ragu Ragla in Abyss)
    Armor: Jade Wilder (defeat Lucifer in Malduke statue area)
    Helm: Texas Number (Abyss)
    Rune: Sword Rune (valley north of Giant's Cradle)
    Fast Draw: Trump Card (statue test in Malduke pipes area)
    Force: Double Command (after defeating Alhazad in Ka Dingel)
    Weapon: Dist Dims (defeat Barbados in diagonal strip of desert)
    Left Hand: Necromonicon (Necromonicon enemies drop it in De Le Metalica)
    Armor: Pret-a-porte (defeat Leviathan)
    Helm: Ruby Tiara (Abyss)
    Rune: Chrono Rune (use Dispellado on stone circle NW on Baskar Village)
          or Love Rune (after defeating
    Best Spells: include Saint, Randomizer, Armor Down, Slow Down, Hi-Heal, Hi-Revi
    ve, Restore, Remedy, Hi-Spark
    Force: High Guardian (Dead Sanctuary) and Dual Cast (Heaven Corridor)
    Bombs -- Blows up large crates, cracked walls, etc.  Surf Village.
    Radar -- Shows treasures.  Milama, with Rod (in lower-right house).
    Skates -- Fast dash attack, can cross conveyors, damage floors,
              no fights while dashing.  Epitaph Sea.
    Power Glove -- Break walls, punch down objects, punch grappling
              hook posts, need to get to Abyss.  Gemini's Corpse.
    Hanpan -- Flick switches, open faraway chests, exploding chests.
              Start with.
    Lighter -- Light lamps, burn grass.  Mountain Pass.
    Grappling Hook -- Swing to grappling hook posts.  Pleasing Gardens.
    Guitar -- Causes a fight, need to fight Lucifer, Sado, and Ragu
              Ragla.  Malduke pipes.
    Tear -- Opens certain doors, triggers certain objects.  Start with,
            and regain in Photosphere.
    Pocket Watch -- Resets puzzles, turns back time.  Curan Abbey.
    Rod -- Communicate with animals.  Sweet Candy (Port Timney).
    Vase -- Put out fires.  Dragon Shrine.
    Heal Berry -- Recovers 200 HP to party
    Potion Berry -- Recovers 1000 HP to party
    Mega Berry -- Recovers 2000 HP to party
    Magic Carrot -- Recovers 50 MP to party
    Revive Fruit -- Revives all dead characters
    Full Revive -- Revives all dead characters with full HP
    Antidote -- Cures party from poison
    Medicine -- Cures party from disease
    Violet Rose -- Cures party from silence
    Heat Salve -- Cures party from paralysis
    Pin Wheel -- Cures party from confusion
    Toy Hammer -- Cures party from forgetfulness
    Light Shroom -- Cures party from flash
    Bone -- Casts Lucky Shot
    Mage Staff -- Casts Shield
    Magical Rod -- Casts Blast
    Dream Wand -- Casts Sleep
    Prism Stick -- Casts Field
    Rune Staff -- Casts Dispell
    Sorcery Wand -- Casts Silence
    Rainbow Wand -- Casts Rainbow
    Crest Wand -- Casts MP Drain
    Lunar Rod -- Casts Valkyrie
    Lunatic Wand -- Casts Confusion
    Princess Rod -- Casts Soul Shield (same as Soul Guard?)
    Dist Dims -- Casts Soul Guard
    Geo Ring -- Casts Break
    Aqua Ring -- Casts Freeze
    Flame Ring -- Casts Flame
    Wind Ring -- Casts Vortex
    Thunder Ring -- Casts Spark
    Holy Ring -- Casts Saint
    Demon Ring -- Casts Darkness
    Moon Stone -- Cures one character from poison
    Olive Branch -- Cures one character from disease
    Silver Harp -- Cures one character from silence
    Blue Circlet -- Cures one character from paralysis
    Clear Chime -- Cures one character from confusion
    Memoirs Pen -- Cures one character from forgetfulness
    Angel Quill -- Cures one character from bad omen
    Sunglassess -- Cures one character from flash
    Full Libra -- Cures one character's condition
    Breeze Cloak -- Casts Air Screen
    White Robe -- Casts Lock State
    Mist Blazer -- Casts Reflect
    Magus Robe -- Casts Suction
    Chic Bolero -- Casts Anger (same as Rage?)
    Ruby Bische -- Casts Anti-Magic
    Shining Cape -- Casts Flash
    Mirage Coat -- Casts Quick
    Garnet Coat -- Casts Hi-Shield
    Filgaia Robe -- Casts Eraser
    Pret-a-Porte -- Casts Regenerate (see Randomizer)
    Capuche -- Casts Analyze
    Cute Ribbon -- Casts Hide
    Serenade -- Casts Restore
    Silver Band -- Casts Quick
    Blue Ribbon -- Casts Hi-Reflect
    Ruby Tiara -- Casts Hi-Restore (cures party condition)
                                   Monster Items
         Enemies that aren't listed presumably have an item that can
    be stolen, but I couldn't steal it.  Enemies that are listed
    with a blank spot in Trickster have an item that I couldn't
    steal, but I listed them because they dropped an item.  Bosses
    aren't listed because they never have anything (except for Lady
    Harken and Boomerang Flash).
                       TRICKSTER                DROPPED AFTER BATTLE
    Aipeloss                                    Old Cape
    Alfase             Full Revive
    Alraune            Nothing
    Amon               Demon Ring
    Amplifier          Magic Carrot
    Antlion            Potion Berry
    Bafomet            Goat Doll                Magic Carrot
    Balloon            Nothing
    Ballotfish         Nothing
    Basilisk           Nothing
    Bellzebob          Heat Salve               Heat Salve
    Blk Sabath         Medicine
    Bostbaboon         Bullet Clip
    Catobrepas         Heat Salve
    Cavetaurus         Heal Berry               Heal Berry
    Ceracenian         Violet Rose
    Christine          Pin Wheel
    Colonzon           Mega Berry
    Crawly             Ambrosia
    Critter            Magic Carrot             Heal Berry
    Cybergeist         Nothing
    Cyclops            Bullet Clip
    Dan Tarian         Magic Carrot
    Deepones           Aqua Ring
    Dekarabia          Magic Carrot
    Die Fighter        Round Shield             Antidote
    Dryad              Violet Rose
    Duelgull           Nothing
    Durahan            Nothing
    Eldersink          Mega Berry
    Fairylight         Nothing
    Fesel Zein         Secret Sign
    Fiend              Nothing
    Flurity            Aqua Ring
    Funbaba            Nothing
    Galgancher         Metal Band
    Gallowbear                                  Heal Berry
    Gamizine           Nothing                  Magic Carrot
    Gasnoid            Nothing
    Geldam             Potion Berry
    Gem Stone          Nothing
    Ghostrider         Blue Circlet
    Ghoul              Nothing
    Gigafrost          Aqua Ring                Magic Carrot*
    Gigaflame          Flame Ring               Mega Berry*
    Gillmore           Nothing
    Gnome              Rune Staff
    Goblin             Heal Berry
    Gremlin            Toy Hammer               Bullet Clip
    Hammertail         Revive Fruit
    Harken (all)       Secret Sign
    Hayokonton         Duplicator               Duplicator
    Hell Diver         Revive Fruit
    Hellhound                                   Heal Berry
    Hermitcrab         Magic Carrot
    Hopedia            Nothing                  Moon Stone
    Horned Helm        Nothing
    Hydra              Full Revive
    Ironmaiden         Nothing
    Jacklanton         Holy Symbol              Holy Symbol
    Javawalk           Ambrosia
    Kelbim             Holy Ring                Potion Berry
    Largon             Fish Badge
    Larva              Antidote                 Heal Berry
    Leprechaun                                  Bullet Clip
    Lizardman                                   Heal Berry
    Madangler          Nothing
    Mechsquito         Magic Carrot
    Melcluis           Potion Berry
    Miann              Olive Branch             Potion Berry
    Minatous           Full Revive
    Minion             Heat Salve
    Necronomic         Nothing                  Necronomicon
    Nightmare          Nothing
    Naga               Antidote
    Nemesis            Mega Berry
    N. U. E.           Bullet Clip
    Ose                Nothing
    Pillbug            Nothing
    Prisoner           Antidote
    Pumpknhead         Holy Symbol              Magic Carrot
    Rachael            Pin Wheel                Pin Wheel
    Rat Monkey                                  Travel Vest
    Ripper             My Grand Hat
    Sandscisor         Potion Berry
    Screamer           Bandanna
    Siren              Silver Harp              Antidote
    Skeleton           Nothing                  Arctic Blade
    Snatcher           Heat Salve
    Stanga             Heat Salve
    Stoker             Cross Cloak
    Sworkassi          Nothing
    Tailmooze          Antidote
    Talgium            Memoirs Pen
    Tatzelbelm         Heal Berry               Heal Berry
    Toadstool          Revive Fruit
    Tortoise           Nothing
    Trifed             Light Shroom             Potion Berry
    Tzar Zein          Secret Sign
    Ukoback            Flame Ring
    Urchinbug          Nothing
    Urunge             Ambrosia
    Valkyrie           Nothing
    Vampire            Nothing
    Venom Bear         Antidote
    Wight              Long Sword
    Willo Wisp         Nothing
    Wizard             Magic Carrot
    Wojanoid           Frog Badge               Heat Salve
    Wyvern             Revive Fruit             Revive Fruit
    Zonemaker          Magic Carrot
    * Note = It could be that Gigaflame drops the Magic Carrot and
    Gigafrost drops the Mega Berry; there's no way to tell because
    they always appear together.
    Best Shot -- Improved version of Lucky Shot / group
    Gaia Crash -- Earth attack / all enemies
    Hi-Rainbow -- All 7 elements attack / group
    Hi-Restore -- Cures party condition
    Hi-Screen -- Raises party parry rate by 25%
    Hyper Plus -- Doubles party attack power
    Inferno -- Fire attack / all enemies
    Ice Needle -- Water attack / all enemies
    Keen Silf -- Wind attack / all enemies
    Mute -- Silences all enemies
    Nullify -- Paralyzes party
    Plasma -- Thunder attack / all enemies
    Regenerate -- Heals party, cures condition
    Silence -- Silences party
    Sleep -- Puts party to sleep
    Soul Guard
    Twister -- Wind attack / all enemies
    Inn -- Free
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Long Knife
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine
    Magic Guild
    Inn -- 30 gella
    Weapon Store -- Long Sword, Chrome Blade, Magical Rod, Hard Cloak, War
                    Coat, White Robe
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Pin Wheel, Toy Hammer, Holy Symbol, Light Shroom
    Magic Guild
    Advanced Magic Guild (after reaching Isolated Guild)
    ARMs Meister
    Black Market -- Sword Radius, Lunatic Wand, Battle Cloak, Dawn
                    Poncho, Garnet Coat, Potion Berry, Goat Doll, Missanga
    Inn -- 30 gella
    Weapon Store -- Bastard Sword, Might Blade, Dream Wand
    Armor Store -- Armor Vest, Sun Poncho, Mist Blazer
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Pin Wheel, Toy Hammer, Holy Symbol, Light Shroom
    Magic Guild
    ARMs Meister
    Inn -- Free
    Weapon Store -- Claymore, Vopal Razor, Prism Stick, Guard Jacket,
                    Journey Coat, Magus Robe, Heat Salve, Pin Wheel,
                    Toy Hammer
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Medicine, Antidote, Violet Rose, Light Shroom
    Inn -- 30 gella
    Weapon Store -- Bronze Sword, Crystal Edge, Rune Staff, Chain Cloak,
                    Survive Cape, Protect Cape
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Pin Wheel, Toy Hammer, Holy Symbol, Light Shroom
    Magic Guild
    ARMs Meister
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Pin Wheel, Toy Hammer, Holy Symbol, Light Shroom
    Inn -- 30 gella
    Weapon Store -- Bronze Sword, Crystal Edge, Rune Staff, Chain Cloak,
                    Survive Cape, Protect Cape
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Pin Wheel, Toy Hammer, Holy Symbol, Light Shroom
    Magic Guild
    ARMs Meister
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Pin Wheel, Toy Hammer, Holy Symbol, Light Shroom
    Inn -- 30 gella
    Weapon Store -- Cross Saber, Spirit Blade, Sorcery Wand, Metal
                    Jacket, Dusk Poncho, Chic Bolero
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Pin Wheel, Toy Hammer, Holy Symbol, Light Shroom
    Magic Guild
    ARMs Meister
    Inn -- 30 gella
    Weapon Store -- Night Fencer, Extinction, Rainbow Wand, Cross
                    Cloak, Blue Wind, Ruby Bische
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Pin Wheel, Toy Hammer, Holy Symbol, Light Shroom
    Magic Guild
    ARMs Meister
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Moon Stone, Olive Branch, Silver Harp,
                  Blue Circlet, Clear Chime, Memoirs Pen, Angel Quill,
    Inn -- 30 gella
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Antidote, Medicine, Violet Rose, Heat Salve,
                  Pin Wheel, Toy Hammer, Holy Symbol, Light Shroom
    Ring Shop -- Geo Ring, Aqua Ring, Flame Ring, Wind Ring, Thunder
                 Ring, Holy Ring, Demon Ring
    Magic Guild
    ARMs Meister
    Inn -- 1000 gella
    Survival Arena -- 1000 gella
    Item Store -- Heal Berry, Potion Berry, Hybrid Sword, Eradicator,
                  Crest Wand, Brass Band, Lone Wolf, Silver Band
    Inn -- Free
                               Adlehyde  Restoration
    500 gella -- Inn re-opens
    1000 gella -- People appear in pub
    2000 gella -- More people wandering around town
    3000 gella -- ""
    5000 gella -- ""
    10000 gella -- More people?
    20000 gella -- More people?
    DEFEAT MOTHER: Roofs repaired
    GET PROTOWING: More people in pub
    AFTER PANDEMONIUM: Flowers, new music, new housing
    Give Secret Tool to Tom: Zeldukes statues repaired
    30000 gella -- Drake
    50000 gella -- Abyss hint
    100000 gella -- Dispellado guy in pub
                                   Crest  Graphs
    Start with (2 -- as Heal and Flame spells)
    Memory Ruins (2 -- later in game with password "Emiko")
    Curan Abbey (1)
    Adlehyde Castle (5 -- need Duplicator to get 4)
    Lolithia's Tomb (2 -- need Hookshot to get 1)
    Mountain Pass (1)
    Milama (1)
    Guardian Temple (2)
    Baskar Village (1)
    Mt. Zenom (1)
    Saint Centour (1)
    Cage Tower (1)
    Elw Pyramid #3 (2)
    Elw Pyramid #4 (1)
    Port Timney (1)
    Maze of Death (3 -- 2 during escape)
    Ship Graveyard (1 -- on beach after Ghost Ship)
    Pleasing Gardens (2)
    Inner Sea (1)
    Rosetta Town (1)
    Volcannon Trap (1)
    Giant's Cradle (2)
    Court Seim (1)
    Epitaph of the Sea Wind (1 -- need Duplicator)
    Sacred Shrine (1 -- need Duplicator)
    Dragon Shrine (3)
    Outer Ocean (3)
    Ancient Arena (3 -- need Duplicator)
    Wandering Isle (1)
    Dead Sanctuary (1)
    Gate Generator (1)
    Forest Mound - Elw Dimension (2)
    Forest Prison (5)
    Heaven Corridor (4)
    Gemini's Corpse (1)
    Pandemonium (2)
                                 Item  Duplication
    You can make 255 copies of any item!  255 Apples (raise your stats),
    255 Duplicators (no more Hayokontons!), 255 Crest Graphs (get all the
    spells right at the start), 255 Secret Signs (all your Fast Draws
    cost 1 MP), 255 Ambrosias (infinite healing), etc.  Best of all, it's
    a simple glitch and works every time.  This version of the trick was
    created by Nick Joslin (Joslin1000@aol.com) (I paraphrased it
    - Before a fight go into your inventory and arrange it, with the
      arrange command.
    - Then go back to inventory and move item that you want to
      duplicate to the first blank spot.
    - Arrange your items again, then get out of inventory. (Keep in mind
      where at the end of the list you had the item you wanted to
    - Now get into a fight.
    - Have first person to come up move your Heal Berries to where
      the item was at end of the list, then use a Heal Berry.
    - Have second person to come up go to your items screen, but just
      switch the Heal Berries with the blank slot where you had the
      item in the inventory. (If you just had one Heal Berry left,
      you will have a blank where the Heal Berries were. Switch
      those blank spots instead).
    - Now have second person back out of the item screen and Defend
    - Have third person defend.
    - After that round you will have 255 of that item plus the old set
      of that item.
    - Did you just run out of an item you wanted to duplicate?  Well,
      just do this code on the blank spot where the item was.  Do
      not use the Arrange command.
    - By the way, if you have a list with one or so left of an item
      and have a list of the same item with 255, and then completely
      sell the list with 255 items you will still have both lists
      after the selling.
    Lolithia -- Photosphere, normal boss
    Earth Golem -- Giant's Cradle, joins you!
    Diablo -- Gate Generator, normal boss
    Barbados -- Desert strip in SE corner, get Dist Dims
    Lucifer -- Malduke statue area, get Jade Wilder
    Sado -- Malduke mine area, get Braver Vest
    Belial -- Malduke final area, normal boss
    Leviathan -- Near Port Timney in repaired Sweet Candy, get Pret-a-Porte
    Thanks to:
    - Akira Nakada (akiran@uky.campus.mci.net)'s FAQ for helping me get
      through the game the first time.
    - Gamefaqs.Com (http://www.gamefaqs.com), where I found said FAQ.
    - OG0P0G0@aol.com, Demogor458@aol.com, and Nick Joslin
      (Joslin1000@aol.com) for the item duplicaton trick.
    - GameFan Online for info on the Dark Sweep attack.
    - Drizzt6435@aol.com for info on the Leprechauns in the Gate
      Generator frequently dropping Bullet Clips.
    - Sojourn76@aol.com for the location of the Goblin monster, whose
      stats I was missing.
    - DarkElf99@aol.com for Necronomicon stats and last Crest Graph.
    - Overmind@digicron.com for some tips on getting the Necronomicon.
    - JChan219@geocities.com for more Necro tips.
    - Min Pak (mpak@mail.utexas.edu) for info on Phaser Zapp and
      finding Barbados with Earth Golem.
    - Paul Nathans (elyzhutch@aol.com) for the boss HPs.
    - Brian Leung (Bri-L@postoffice.worldnet.att.net) for Divide
      Shot arena trick.
    - d@m.net for the Memory Bird bombing trick.
    - And Media Vision, for making such a great game!
    No Elws were injured or endangered during the production of
    this FAQ.
    Thanks for reading!  For reading this far, here's
    a special trick that didn't fit anywhere else: Go to Surf
    Village and bomb or punch the dog.  It will go flying into the
    air, bounce a couple times, then chase after you!  You can
    also bomb the Memory Bird in Surf to make the chickens
    attack you.

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