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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bob_Todd

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      \ \ \\ \ \\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \  __/  /\____ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \    \ \  \
       \ \ \\_\ \\_\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \/   \/____\ \ \ \ \_\ \ \ \ \_\_\ \    \ \  \
        \ \___________\ \ \_\ \ \_\     /\_____\ \ \_____\ \ \_______\    \ \__\
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    |        This document Copyright 2000 Anna Ghislaine Williams         |
     1) Copyright information
     2) Tips and hints on flying your machine
     3) About the craft
     4) Events and race types
     5) Weapons and powerups, including tips on when and where to use)
     6) Racetrack walkthrough
     7) Cheats
     8) Version history
     9) Credits and additional info
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    That is all. Eggs.
    Your craft will only keep moving for as long as you hold this button down. You
    might want to decelerate (by releasing the accelerate button) when going round
    sharp corners, however.
    Fire weapon/Discard weapon:
    Read more about weapons in section #5.
    Toggle view:
    If you're using a NeGcon, you cannot choose a different view when racing.
    You'll have to select a view from the Game Settings menu. Personally, I find
    the Exterior view the best, but that's a matter of choice.
    Rear view:
    Glance back over your shoulder to see who's sneaking up behind you.
    This is useful when choosing when and where to drop mines, which are a
    backwards-firing weapon. Sorry, NeGcon users, but you need a Dual Shock for
    Holding down this button gives your craft a massive speed boost, but at a
    price. Hyperthrusting rapidly depletes your craft's shield energy, making it
    more vulnerable to enemy attack. If your craft's shield energy falls below 25%,
    you cannot use the hyperthrust.
    When approaching a sharp left corner, press the left airbrake button to help
    you navigate through it. The same applies to sharp right turns and the right
    airbrake button. Pressing both airbrake buttons simultaneously will slow the
    craft down.
    Pointing nose up/down:
    Pointing the nose down slows the craft down, but making the nose go up helps it
    go faster.
    The WipEout craft are not like cars; if you point your craft in one particular
    direction it will keep going in that direction until you steer it somewhere
    else. Real cars have an "auto-correct" which makes the steering wheel move back
    to the central position when it is released, as opposed to most video game cars
    which stay moving in one direction until you tell them otherwise.
    Proximity Indicator:
    Pay attention to it. It tells you if any craft are sneaking up behind you, and
    is especially useful for NeGcon users who cannot use the Rear View button.
    Power-up start:
    At the start of a race, hold down the accelerate button until the controller
    starts to rumble. Keep the speed bar held in this position, controller
    vibrating, and when "GO!" is yelled, you will get a free speed boost.
    Different craft have different good and bad attributes. It's up to you to
    choose which one you think is best.
    *     = Pants
    **    = Narf
    ***   = S'awright
    ****  = Cool
    ***** = Funky-dope
    --FEISAR-- (Federal European Industrial Science and Research)
    Speed:    *
    Steering: ****
    Shield:   ****
    Country of origin: United Europe
    Established: 2017
    Colour scheme: blue and yellow
    Logo: a circle with a blue, white and yellow swish inside it
    How to unlock: available at start of game
    This craft is excellent for beginners. It was the craft that I first learned to
    fly with, in WipEout 2097, so I still hold some sort of affection towards it.
    Use it to brush up your flying skills, but it won't get you very far if you
    want speed, not safety.
    --GOTEKI 45--
    Speed:    **
    Steering: ***
    Shield:   ****
    Country of origin: Pacific Islands 45
    Established: 2095
    Colour scheme: yellow, black and pink
    Logo: The letter G in yellow and pink, with the tail of the G terminating in an
    arrow, followed by the number 45, in white
    How to unlock: available at start of game
    Goteki isn't that fast, but it's faster than Feisar. You have to be pretty good
    with the steering buttons, too, if you want to master this craft. Goteki,
    however, has the best shield, so use it to bludgeon, barge, and basically push
    and shove your way to the finish. Fairly crude, rude and uncultur'd, dude.
    Speed:    ***
    Steering: ***
    Shield:   ***
    Country of origin: North America
    Established: 2025
    Colour scheme: white, red and blue
    Logo: a flower with white petals and a red centre
    How to unlock: available at start of game
    Auricom doesn't really shine in any department, but it's a good all-rounder,
    making it great for people who can't make their mind up about what kind of
    craft they want.
    Speed:    ***
    Steering: ****
    Shield:   **
    Country of origin: Brazil
    Established: 2060
    Colour scheme: red and yellow
    Logo: a yellow parallelogram and trapezium side by side
    How to unlock: available at start of game
    Piranha is second only to Assegai as the easiest to steer. Together with its
    good speed, it can really cruise through tight corners and hairpin bends. Avoid
    crashes, bashes and dogfights, though.
    --QIREX RD--
    Speed:    ****
    Steering: **
    Shield:   ***
    Country of origin: Russian Union
    Established: 2017
    Colour scheme: purple, brown and blue/grey
    Logo: the letter Q made up of bands of brown, purple and blue/grey
    How to unlock: win on the Terminal track using the four default teams
    Being a Russian craft, Qirex is fast and power-guzzling. It has a frustratingly
    large turning circle. For advanced racers, and people with strong,
    RSI-resistant thumbs.
    Speed:    ****
    Steering: ***
    Shield:   **
    Country of origin: Japan
    Established: 2017
    Colour scheme: red, white and black
    Logo: a figure with a white head and a red body
    How to unlock: win on any two tracks with the Qirex craft
    AG-S has the same high speed as Qirex. However, it has a weaker shield, but its
    easier steerage should compensate for this. It's still one for the more
    advanced players, though.
    --ASSEGAI DEVELOPMENTS-- ('Assegai' means a metal-tipped spear. Not a lot of
    people know that.)
    Speed:    ***
    Steering: *****
    Shield:   *
    Country of origin: United African Nations
    Established: 2113
    Colour scheme: bronze and blue/grey
    Logo: the letters AD made up of blue lines
    How to unlock: win on any three tracks with the AG-S craft
    Assegai's steering is simply wonderful. It's more fluid than liquid silk.
    Unfortunately it has a rubbish shield (wet paper would put up more of a
    resistance), so better leave that hyperthrust button well alone.
    Speed:    *****
    Steering: **
    Shield:   **
    Country of origin: various
    Established: 2109
    Colour scheme: pink, purple and orange
    Logo: a butterfly with an orange body and purple wings
    How to unlock: win on any four tracks with Assegai
    Icaras' poor shield will rapidly deplete when it gets knocked and buffeted, so
    use the hyperthrust sparingly. If you're good with Qirex (which has the same
    poor steering) then go ahead and try this. Its phenomenal speed will leave the
    other craft idly admiring its tailpipes.
    Now that you've picked a craft, you're going to want to race. Choose from one
    of the following to show off your skills in:
    Pretty self-explanatory. You can adjust the number of opponents (0, 4, 8 or
    12), the weapons (on or off) and the checkpoints (on or off) from the Game
    Settings menu. All you have to do is come in first place to win. 1st, 2nd and
    3rd places are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. Gold medals
    unlock more tracks and craft.
    There are no weapons, checkpoints or enemy craft in this race. Just try and
    bomb through as fast as you can. A ghost craft will fly the path of your
    previous best race. Don't worry; you can't collide with it. You can save one
    ghost craft in each memory card block.
    RACE CHALLENGE: Just try and come in first. Easy.
    TIME CHALLENGE: Complete the circuit within a certain time.
    WEAPON CHALLENGE: Eliminate a certain number of opponents.
    COMBO CHALLENGE: You need to complete the first three challenges before you can
    race in the Combo Challenge. You need to come in first, beat the clock AND
    eliminate a large number of your opponents, all in the same race. Nasty stuff.
    Set yourself a target from 1 to 99 points, then try and kill as many craft as
    possible. Niiiiice. You will get one point every time you eliminate someone or
    complete a lap. There's no time limit; you just have to try and reach your
    target amount of points before your opponents do. Any craft that get eliminated
    (including you) will re-appear at the starting line. The pit-lane is
    deactivated in the Eliminator, so the only way you can top up your shield
    energy is by using an Energy Drain (more about the pit-lane and the Energy
    Drain in section #5).
    In this event, you race for points. The higher your final position in each
    race, the more points you'll receive. Whoever has the most points at the end of
    the tournament's four tracks wins.
    If it's a draw, the player with the most medals wins. If that's a draw also,
    then the player with the greater value of medals wins (gold worth 3, silver 2,
    and bronze 1). If that's a draw too, the player with the lowest average racing
    time for the four tracks wins. The instruction manual doesn't say what happens
    if this is a draw, but maybe you get a Scissors-paper-stone subgame to
    determine the winner.
    Anyhoo, here are the points you can score:
    1st place = 10 points
    2nd place = 6 points
    3rd place = 4 points
    4th place = 3 points
    5th place = 2 points
    6th place = 1 point
    7th place = zilch points
    8th place = zilch points
    The Single Race mode is divided into four classes arranged in order of
    VECTOR: two-lap races. Ideal for novices, newcomers or those who like to take
    things steady.
    VENOM: three-lap races. Ideal for intermediate pilots or those that fancy their
    RAPIER: four-lap races. Ideal for advanced pilots or those who want to break
    new ground.
    PHANTOM: five-lap races. Only experts need apply. You must complete the first
    three racing classes before you can access the Phantom.
    Note that the higher classes also have stricter time limits.
    These are tracks that were designed for the game but never actually used.
    Unlock these by winning all 64 gold medals in one racing class:
    All Vector medals = S101/np62
    All Venom medals = S102/mg71
    All Rapier medals = S103/aw72
    All Phantom medals = S104/aw73
    You've picked a craft and a race, now you need to know about the various
    doohickies with which you can whack your opponents. But beware - they have
    weapons too, and would love to use them against you!
    These are within coloured pads scattered around the track, shaped like
    four-pointed stars. The pads also change colour. If you fly over one of these
    weapon pads when it is pink, you will get an offensive weapon. If you fly over
    one when it is yellow, you will get a defensive weapon. If you fly over one
    when it is green, or immediately after an opponent has flown over it, you'll
    get nothing.
    When you pick a weapon up, a female voice will tell you which one you've got,
    and the weapon's symbol and abbreviation will appear in the top centre of the
    screen. If an opponent is about to use a weapon against you, the female voice
    will say "warning".
    SYMBOL: an arrow pointing towards an isosceles triangle balanced on one
    of its points.
    DESCRIPTION: Not really a weapon as such, auto-pilot lets the PlayStation's CPU
    take control of your craft for about five seconds. Personally, I make it a
    point of honour never to use this ('Autopilot? I don't need no stinkin'
    autopilot!'). It's useful most of the time, but it doesn't control the craft as
    intelligently as a human would: it picks the shortest route from A to B rather
    than taking into account possible obstacles. Quite often it drives right into
    some mines that an opponent has dropped. You can press the Discard Weapon
    button to terminate autopilot and return to manual control at any time, and it
    is advisable to do so if you hear the Japanese lady say "warning" so you can
    dodge any attacks about to be launched at you. You also cannot fire any weapons
    when the autopilot is engaged, but you can pick one up.
    DODGING: In 1-player mode, you are the only craft who can pick this item up. As
    it's not really a weapon, you don't need to worry if your opponent in 2-player
    mode picks one up.
    SYMBOL: a square with a dot in its centre.
    DESCRIPTION: Your craft instantly becomes invisible to all opponents.
    They can't see you to fire weapons at you, and their missiles can't target you.
    Lasts about four seconds. It also has the bonus of making your craft
    invulnerable to the Quake Disruptor and to energy depletion caused by running
    into walls and other craft. However, your craft can still be hit by passive
    attacks such as Mines and Force Walls. You also cannot fire weapons when you
    are invisible, but you can still pick one up.
    DODGING: In 1-player mode, you are the only craft who can pick this item up. In
    a 2-player race an enemy craft using a Cloak will not be visible on your
    screen. Sneak a sideways glance at their screen and see if you can work out
    where they are by looking at the scenery. Then try and attack 'em.
    SYMBOL: a plus and a minus sign side by side.
    DESCRIPTION: Pretty darn groovy is what springs to mind. When fired, it locks
    on to the nearest craft within its radius of destruction. Shield energy is
    sucked out of the opponent craft's reservoir and added to yours. The energy
    drain will stop when one of the following happens: the enemy craft runs out of
    energy, your craft's energy tanks reach their capacity limit, you overtake the
    enemy craft, the enemy craft moves too far away, a time limit is reached or the
    enemy craft activates a Gravity Shield or a Reflector. The Energy Drain is
    especially useful in the Eliminator mode, when the pit-lane is deactivated
    (more about the pit-lane further down).
    DODGING: In 1-player mode, you are the only craft who can pick this item up.
    But beware! There's a catch. If the craft whose energy you are half-inching is
    wearing a reflector, energy will be sucked out of your craft and added to
    theirs! Presumably if this happens you can press the Discard Weapon button to
    stop this, because strictly speaking it is your weapon to dump since you fired
    it in the first place. Since I've never been in this unfortunate situation I
    cannot be certain. If your opponent in 2-player mode picks one up and fires it
    at you, activate a Shield. A Reflector will not work if you activate it
    mid-attack; you have to already be wearing it when the attack begins for it to
    have any effect. If you don't have a Shield, try and get away as fast as you
    can. If you are not very far away from your opponent, you might want to try and
    slow down so that you fall behind them.
    --FORCE WALL--
    SYMBOL: a bent arrow pointing towards a wall.
    DESCRIPTION: When fired, a bright orange wall made of lasers materializes,
    which you can fly straight through. Your opponents, however, will find that for
    them the force wall is like a real wall; they'll crash right into it, depleting
    their shield energy and slowing themselves down in the process. A Force Wall
    self-destructs soon after someone crashes into or flies through it.
    DODGING: In 1-player mode, you are the only craft who can pick this item up. In
    2-player mode, you can destroy a Force Wall with a Quake Disruptor or a Plasma
    SYMBOL: a square with an arrow erupting out from either side of it.
    DESCRIPTION: Complete and total invincibility for about four seconds. Using
    hyperthrust will still deplete shield energy though. You cannot fire a weapon
    when your craft is wearing a shield, but you can still pick one up. A good time
    to activate Shield is when you hear the lady say "warning".
    DODGING: It's pointless to fire a weapon at a craft wearing a shield, because
    it won't hurt them. They can plough straight through mines you've dropped, and
    not even the mighty Plasma Bolt can injure them.
    SYMBOL: a row of five dots.
    DESCRIPTION: These are Wip3out's only backwards-firing weapon. Press the
    Activate Weapon button and about half-a-dozen boxes of boom will spew from your
    craft's tailpipes. Any craft that hit one (or more) will be subject to
    energy-depleting explosions. Use the L1 (rear view) button to help you see when
    and where would be a good place to put them. When dropping mines, try and fly
    all the way to the side of the track, then all the way to the other side. In
    this way you can try and cover the width of the whole track with your mines (it
    takes some practice). If your Proximity Indicator shows that there is a craft
    directly behind you, then is a good time to launch mines.
    DODGING: Rockets and Quake Disruptors can destroy mines, but note that in
    1-player mode you are the only craft who can pick up a Quake Disruptor, so your
    opponents' only means of destroying mines are Rockets. Mines are quite hard to
    see - especially with the dark urban-decay pallette of the game - and you don't
    often notice them until you've hit one, so be on your guard.
    SYMBOL: two bent arrows.
    DESCRIPTION: These weapons come in groups of two, and consequently can target
    up to two craft. If only one craft is within the firing zone, then both
    Missiles will target it. If there are more, then the Missiles will target the
    nearest two. Targeted craft have a white square round them, which indicates
    that these are the craft that the Missiles will hit when fired. You must only
    fire if you can actually see the targeted craft, not just the white square. If
    the craft is behind a wall or around a sharp corner, then the Missile will just
    hit the wall. This may sound obvious, but it was a source of frustration for me
    until I realised the basic stupidity of the Missiles' tracking system, in that
    they aren't clever enough to fly around corners.
    DODGING: Difficult. In WipEout 2097, the warning voice told you which weapon an
    opponent was about to use against you. Wip3out's warning system informs you if
    an opponent is about to fire at you, but doesn't say which one it is. As a
    result it's hard to know what to do when you hear the warning. By the time the
    warning sounds, the opponent will have targeted you, so hyperthrusting away or
    darting round a sharp corner is the only way you can avoid having this giant
    firework hitting your tailpipes.
    SYMBOL: an arrow with four small vapour trails branching off it.
    DESCRIPTION: The most lethal weapon Wip3out has to offer. It eliminates craft
    upon impact (cue evil laugh). It only fires in a dead straight line, and takes
    1.5ish seconds to power up, making it very tricky to aim. It's best to fire it
    if an opponent is very close to you, so you've more chance of getting it right.
    Once hit with it, a craft turns black and spins round before vanishing into
    thin air, then the commentator lady says "Contender Eliminated". Very dramatic.
    It also makes a lovely "tsseeeehrr" noise when powering up.
    DODGING: In 1-player mode, you are the only craft who can pick this item up. In
    2-player mode, if you hear that "tsseeeehrr" hiss, dodge round a sharp corner
    or sway from side to side like a maniac so that your opponent finds it hard to
    aim at you. Alternatively you could drop some mines so that the Plasma Bolt
    hits those instead of you.
    --QUAKE DISRUPTOR-- (The Daddy)
    SYMBOL: a large arrow with a hump in the middle.
    DESCRIPTION: A huge ripple surges ahead of you, lifting the track up and
    slamming it back down savagely, like someone wafting a sheet. It causes severe
    energy depletion, and affects all craft that you can see on the screen (except
    you). Try to use it when you can see several craft on the screen (at least
    three is good). If they have low shield energy you might even eliminate them.
    DODGING: In 1-player mode you are the only craft who can pick this item up. In
    2-player mode, if your opponent has a Quake Disruptor, by the time you know
    about it it's usually too late. If you happen to glance sideways at their
    screen and notice that they have one, hyperthrust away out of their sight, if
    you're not too far away from the end of a race. If you still have a way to go
    before the race ends your opponent is bound to catch up with you sooner or
    later. If you're quite close to your opponent, try and fall behind them, where
    the Quake can't get you, and you can then fire at your opponent from behind. If
    you have a Shield, Cloak or Reflector handy, you can stay in front of your
    opponent and activate it when they launch their Quake.
    SYMBOL: an arrow pointing away from a wall.
    DESCRIPTION: The Reflector sends an attack back toward its original source,
    with the exception of passive attacks such as Mines or Force Walls. Active
    attacks however, such as Quakes, Plasmas, Missiles and the like, will be
    reflected. The Reflector is not a Shield; crashing into things still depletes
    your energy, as does hyperthrust. The Reflector is best activated just after
    the lady says "warning". The instruction manual says it is best activated just
    after an attack, but this is false. You have to already be wearing the
    Reflector when the attack happens for it to work.
    DODGING: Don't fire at anyone wearing a Reflector! Once I made the fatal
    mistake of trying to use a Quake against someone wearing a Reflector; my craft
    was hurled into the air, and my energy was depleted to such an extent that a
    Missile launched at me a few seconds later finished me off.
    SYMBOL: two straight arrows.
    DESCRIPTION: These come in groups of two and fire straight ahead, so it's best
    to use them when an enemy craft is fairly close to you. They make a good
    deterrent if someone is sneakily trying to overtake you. Drain shield energy
    upon impact.
    DODGING: Pretty much the same as Plasma Bolts, only you don't have as much time
    to get away, because Rockets do not need to power up. They aren't really that
    destructive; they slow you down more than they really hurt you.
    The pit indicator is just to the left of your current weapon indicator. An
    arrow will appear in white showing you whether to turn left or right to access
    the pit-lane. When in the pit-lane, your craft's energy supplies will be topped
    up according to how much time you spend in the pit-lane; i.e. the longer you
    spend in there, the more energy you will get. If you're not too pressured for
    time, it's a good idea to decelerate in the pit-lane so that the craft slows
    down and thus spends more time in there.
    Note that the pit-lane is switched off in the Eliminator.
    Note that the pit-lane indicator is switched off in the Prototype tracks.
    Blue chevrons (known as speed pads) scattered around the track will give you a
    brief speed boost if you fly over them. Speed pads on straight areas of track
    will help you to overtake the other guys, but speed pads on corners may make
    you more likely to hit the wall and crash. As you become more experienced,
    you'll know which pads to hit and which to avoid.
    If a track seems really hard, you can always enter the "game settings" menu and
    deactivate the opponents and checkpoints, and then practice on the track by
    yourself. You can learn about the circuit, or just play around for fun, without
    having to worry about other crates or a ticking timer. You won't win any medals
    VECTOR - 50 sec
    VENOM - 40 sec
    RAPIER - 30 sec
    PHANTOM - 20 sec
    VECTOR - 30 sec
    VENOM - 20 sec
    RAPIER - 15 sec
    PHANTOM - 10 sec
    --PORTO KORA--
    A nice easy circuit, but the curves and corners trick you into thinking you
    have to slow down when you don't really. They are more gentle than they look
    from far away and you should be able to fly through with relative ease. Most
    speed pads are on the left, so keep there. Before too long you'll find a jump
    with an X symbol above it (not sure what it's for) and two weapon grids
    side-by-side on it. Get ready to turn right, as it's a blind jump, then
    afterwards there's a tunnel (look on your left as you prepare to enter it and
    you'll see a train. Nice touch.). The tunnel slopes downwards, so pull your
    crate's nose up to give yourself a smoother ride, then push it back into a
    horizontal position when the track does so. Towards the end of the tunnel
    there's a fairly sharp right turn which brings you out into the open, then
    after the next left turn the pitlane is on your right. The pitlane re-enters
    the main track at a rather sharp angle, so be on your guard. That's one circuit
    done. I like the birds near the start of the track which fly away when you come
    --MEGA MALL--
    In all the other tracks, the finish line is immediately after the pitlane, but
    this is an exception. You still have about another 1/8 of the track left to do
    when you come out of the pitlane, and it's also the shortest PL in the game. As
    if in compensation, it's very easy to get in and out of. As you begin the race,
    there's a gentle left turn which then snakes out to the right. You'll then
    enter a green metallic tunnel with pits that you must jump over in it. Keeping
    your nose down as you fly over them will make it a bit easier. After the first
    pit, keep to the right to make the most of the speed pads. After the checkpoint
    comes a downward corkscrew section, which is a pretty amazing feature. The
    other craft keep towards the middle and the left here, so as to take it easy,
    but you can overtake them easily by keeping to the right. Swerve to the right
    just after the checkpoint. You can perform this manoeuvere earlier or later
    depending on how fast or slow you are going. Decelerate briefly as you pick up
    speed or it'll be hard to steer. The pitlane is soon after the corkscrew, then
    a few easy turns bring you within sight of the finish.
    --SAMPA RUN--
    This one has a nasty first corner, so don't build up too big a head of speed as
    you approach it. Give yourself a _little_ boost of hyperthrust by all means if
    you're feeling brave, but it's a long way to the pitlane, so be careful. Right
    after the horrid corner is a steep ramp, which slopes blindly to the left into
    a tunnel. Note the ultraviolet lights in the tunnel which make the blue bits of
    your ship glow. Feisar looks especially good. After the tunnel come two or
    three little jumps, then two more tunnels, the second of which also slopes
    upward. Hug the right wall to get the speed pad and the weapon grid, then move
    to the left and hug that wall to get the other two. Then the track slopes down
    and sharply to the right. After the next left turn the track splits in two.
    Pick a route. The left route is a shortcut, which slopes up and then sharply
    down and gently to the right. Don't go too fast or too high at the crest of the
    hill or you'll hit the scenery. The right route slows you down because of a
    left turn, but it's easier to pick up a weapon because you can see the grids
    clearly, unlike the short left route which hides the grids with its slope.
    Shortly afterwards there's yet _another_ tunnel, which curves fairly sharply to
    the right and then there's the pitlane on your left.
    I'm not sure what the name of this track is supposed to mean; a stanza is a
    recurring group of lines in a poem, and inter as a transitive verb means to
    bury. So it could mean 'poetic burial' or 'the burying of poetry' meaning to
    sacrifice art for science. I really don't know; maybe it's Latin. This one has
    a beastly first corner like Sampa Run, except this one is way sharper and goes
    to the left. If you're good you can hit the weapon grid. An almost-as-nasty
    corner, this time to the right, awaits you, then another (more of a hard curve
    than a corner) to the left. Now the track splits in two. Left is usually
    easier. It lets you pick up a good head of speed, and the pads and grids are
    easier to hit. Its big drawback, however, is that it's so straight dodging
    attacks is almost impossible. On the other hand, this could be to your
    advantage, as your opponents will find it hard to dodge any attacks you make.
    The other route snakes from side to side, rendering you unable to pick up speed
    and the pads and grids are hard to hit, but it has corners to hide behind if
    someone tries to attack you, and it joins the main track much more gently. A
    tunnel curving to the left awaits, then a short stretch out in the open brings
    you to another tunnel, this one also curving left. A slight slope going to the
    left slows you down as you exit (nice train overhead here), then a curve to the
    right soon brings you to the pitlane on your left.
    Unlock by getting a gold medal in each of the first four tracks. This
    industrial track is fairly short (about as short as Mega Mall) but it seems
    long because it's so tricky. Turn right at the first curve, then hug the left
    wall to pick up the weapon grid at the mouth of the tunnel. The tunnel also
    curves right, then you should be prepared to turn left (interesting roofy bit
    above your head here). Two gentle curves lie ahead; first left, then right,
    which you can whizz through easily. Ahead is a wussy poster (not a patch on the
    Red Bull advertisements in 2097) with a silly mascot saying "safety first". As
    soon as you see it, _hug the left wall._  There's a 90 degree corner here, so
    keep hugging the wall and hit the right airbrake. It takes some practice; press
    it for too long and you'll slew round 180 degrees, too little and you'll crash
    into the wall below the poster. If you've got an autopilot, use it here. If
    you're not feeling daring, press both airbrakes and move slowly round the bend.
    You'll slow down, but not as much as you would if you crashed. The track curves
    gently left, then there's a horrid tunnel ahead. It's too narrow for
    overtaking, and if you have a Force Wall or Mines, drop it here as there's no
    way the other craft can avoid it. Keep to the left as this is the direction the
    tunnel goes at first, but as it evens out stay in the middle. When you're out
    in the open, there's a gentle left curve, then ahead is a jump. If you want to
    visit the pitlane, steer left in mid-jump or it'll be difficult to enter, but
    not too far left or you'll hit the scenery. If your energy's fine, you can just
    go straight ahead with no problems.
    Unlock by getting two gold medals in Hi-Fumii. This is a gorgeous circuit; even
    more beautiful than Mega Mall. It's an outdoor track with greenery contrasting
    with pastel-coloured concrete. There's even blossom falling from the cherry
    trees. Now that I've finished gushing about how nice it looks I'll tell you how
    to drive through it. There are three or four gentle bends alternating left and
    right, then a tunnel. Before the tunnel, the outer edge of the track slopes
    upwards, producing a thrilling increase in speed as you turn right. The tunnel
    in question curves left, then be ready for another left turn as you come out
    into the open. A series of cute little jumps follow, then a few fairly gentle
    curves bring you to a glassy tunnel which curves right, and again the outer
    edge slopes upwards. Then there's a massive, and I mean _massive_, jump. Nice
    hot air balloons here. Be careful as you touch down, as there's a hard left
    which Goteki, Qirex and Icaras won't like. A hard right brings you into a
    tunnel, which curves left, presenting the pitlane, also on your left.
    Unlock by getting three gold medals in P-Mar Project. This track doesn't need
    much explaining, as it's pretty repetitive, but that doesn't mean it's boring
    or unexciting. What I mean is that the techniques used to beat the track are
    virtually the same all the way through. The circuit is full of 90 degree turns,
    which require the airbrake. Don't think that you should use the same technique
    you used in Hi-Fumii, though. Short, quick taps of the airbrake are what you
    need; believe it or not, one tap is enough to get you round one of these bends.
    That's basically all you need to know, as you can see the bends clearly from a
    distance because they sport prominent chevrons. Towards the end is a biggish
    jump, which leads you to a tunnel, which curves hard to the right, then another
    almost-90-degree turn brings you towards the finish. Pitlane's on the right.
    Unlock by getting four gold medals in Manortop. This track is really short, but
    has a dark and fierce beauty. An upward-sloping bend curving to the left awaits
    you as you begin this race. Keep left to get all the pads and grids. This is
    then compensated by straightness for a bit. Then a right brings a
    downwards-sloping tunnel with sharpish turns, presenting problems for novices,
    then once out in the open it turns a hard right. A series of easyish curves and
    straight bits takes you to and then through a tunnel, and in the distance, the
    pitlane appears on the right, very easy to see as a bright blue highlight.
    Unlock by getting all 64 gold medals in Vector. This track is so easy it's
    barely worth writing a walkthrough for. If you unlocked this track the proper
    way and not with a cheat, you must have enough experience not to find this
    track a problem. The curves are all gentle, and even the big jump won't faze
    the average player. Bear in mind that the pitlane indicator is deactivated in
    the prototype tracks, so you might have trouble spotting the pitlane. Just look
    out for the "Let's be friends!" posters on your left, and that's where the
    pitlane is.
    Unlock by getting all 64 gold medals in Venom. A gentle right and then a left
    start this track off, then a tunnel follows. The tunnel goes upwards and
    slightly to the left, then straightens out and narrows slightly, but still
    moving upward. Next is a gentle right, which helps to hide the next bit of
    track, as does the crest of the hill you just climbed. Gradually the track
    moves downhill, and when it does look out for a series of tiny bends. From a
    distance they look like bends, that is, but they are so gentle you can stay in
    the centre of the track and not have to worry at all. A slightly less gentle
    left turn uphill awaits. Here the outer edge slopes upwards like it did in
    P-Mar Project. Some gentle bends, which go slightly uphill, bring you to a big
    jump, almost as big as the one in P-Mar Project. A gentle left then hides a
    harder right which catches you unawares. The last few turns are easy, but
    there's a rather hard left just before the pitlane. The pitlane itself is on
    the right and very easy to see, but there's a slightly hard right needed to
    rejoin the main track.
    Unlock by getting all 64 gold medals in Rapier. There are a limited number of
    analogies in the universe, but this one describes this track very well: if the
    Wip3out prototype tracks were animals, this one would be a rabbit with steel
    teeth; i.e. very pretty to look at, with a deadly hidden bite. It is an
    attractive track, and I think it's a shame that it wasn't one of the 8 final
    tracks made for the game, as it's very challenging.
    Anyway, it starts off with a straight run, but an easy-to-navigate left turn
    changes that, then it very quickly becomes straight again. A right turn
    follows, which seems fairly tame from a distance, but needs you to be on your
    guard. A medium jump is next, but be careful when landing as there's a hard
    U-turn to the right. Difficult. A cute little jump leads you into a hexagonal
    tunnel (a nice feature not anywhere else in the game). Slow down in here as
    it's quite easy to build up a head of speed. A hardish left and right follow,
    then a straight run appears, with arches overhead that make you think you're
    going faster than you really are. Some bends follow, which require little more
    than nudges of the steering buttons to get you through them. A gentle right
    turn is next, hiding a hard left one. Another hexagonal tunnel follows. The
    next few bits are easy, but watch out in the next hexagonal tunnel. The tunnel
    itself is easy to navigate, but a jump follows, and if you don't move
    immediately to the right you'll never make the pitlane.
    Unlock by getting all 64 gold medals in Phantom. After the hardness of
    S103/AW72, I expected this one to be seriously tough. How very disappointing it
    is. After all that effort unlocking it, it's very easy. Your skills will only
    be remotely taxed, and all the little techniques you've learned throughout the
    course of the game in navigating sharp corners will not be needed here. The
    corners and curves are all marked by chevrons and are easy to see, and the ones
    that aren't are very tame. The only thing barely worth mentioning is that the
    right turn before the pitlane is slightly harder than all the other bends in
    this track. What an anticlimax.
    There was an audio tracks section here, but I've deleted it in light of my
    writing a WipEout music guide, to be found on GameFAQs.
    7) CHEATS
    Enter these names in the "default names" option in the "game settings" menu.
    Alternatively type them in when you beat a race or lap record and the game asks
    for your name.
    -AVINIT: Unlock all ships
    -BEBEDEE: Change the colour of the speed pads from blue to white
    -BUNTY: Unlock all tournaments
    -CANER(space)W: Unlock all prototypes
    -DEPUTY: Unlimited random weapons
    -GEORDIE: Invincibility
    -JAZZNAZZ: Unlock Phantom (I've come across many versions of this cheat,
    including JAZNAZ, JAZNAZZ and JAZZNAZ, each one claiming to be the correct one.
    If one of them doesn't work, try another version until you find one that does.
    Or maybe they all work. If you know please write as I can't be bothered to find
    out myself)
    -LINK: Enable 4-player mode (link cable or multi-tap req'd)
    -MOONFACE: Unlimited Hyperthrust
    -NOWHEELS: WipEout 1-style collisions
    -THEHAIR: Unlock all challenges
    -WIZZPIG: Unlock all tracks (excluding prototypes)
    First posted on 17/09/2000
    1st Update on 23/10/2000 - Prototype walkthroughs added
    2nd Update on 26/11/2000 - WipEout Fusion news added
    3rd Update on 29/11/2000 - some weapon and track info modified
    4th Update on 17/03/2001 - power-up start info added, ASCII art modified
    5th Update on 29/03/2001 - minor touch-ups made
    6th Update on 04/07/2001 - minor touch-ups made
    7th Update on 07/09/2001 - more Fusion news
    8th Update on 14/09/2001 - erroneous url fixed
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    10th Update on 05/04/2002 - more urls fixed
    11th Update on 15/05/2003 - whoo, it's been a while... general polishing
    All dates given are dd/mm/yyyy
    Credit goes to:
    ME: for the time and patience.
    TECHNOLOGY and any other companies involved in the WipEout series, for
    producing such a great game series.
    MY BROTHER: Tom, who first introduced me to WipEout 2097.
    MY PARENTS: who bought me Wip3out. Thanks go to my dad for letting me use his
    PlayStation and to my mum who bought the PlayStation in the first place.
    XTRA SUPA DOPE THANX: To all those who have contributed to the writing of this
    FAQ. This list will expand in the future, and anyone who sends in contributions
    or ideas for improvements to my FAQ can expect to see their name here.
    Graham Fredrick: for the extra tips, which I put on the third update.
    Christian Wirth: for the power-up info, and the ASCII art modifications, which
    I placed on the fourth update.
    http://www.kleber.net/wipeout3 is the new location of the Wip3out official
    http://www.wipeoutfusion.com is the official site for WipEout Fusion.
    http://www.wipeoutzone.com is a tribute site, complete with bulletin board,
    created by dedicated webmaster Infoxicated. The site has been commended by Sony
    Rock on, gamers everywhere, because that's basically it.

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