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    WWF Smackdown! FAQ
    Sony PlayStation
    Version 1.5 - March 15, 2000
    Made by [ArkDeath]
    E-Mail: latan@skyinet.net
    HomePage: http://bk.diabloii.net
              [ArkDeath]'s Playstation WWF Smackdown! FAQ
    I've decided not to make a move list for the wrestlers anymore since
    how to perform them are virtually all the same. If you want move lists
    you can can go to Chimp 64 and Tazzmission's FAQs.
    I've also decided not to make a Create-A-Superstar guide due to probs 
    with plagiarism. I am sure that there will be a lot of people out 
    there who have CAS Guides of their own, so if u've made ur own 
    superstar, plz send it to them and not to me. In the future I will 
    post links to other ppl's CAS Guides here.
    This FAQ is meant for personal use only and can only be reproduced   
    electronically. This FAQ is owned and made by me. Feel free to       
    distribute the FAQ as long as nothing is changed. This FAQ cannot be 
    sold for profitable purposes!
    This FAQ can be found in any of the following sites:
       - http://www.gamefaqs.com
       - http://vgstrategies.about.com
      Table of Contents
    Latest Updates
    How To Play
    Controller Legend
    Starting Screen
      -Create a Superstar
      -Match Making
    Character Listing w/ Finishers
    Double Team Moves
      -Hidden Wrestler Faces
      -Hidden Modes
      -Gameshark Codes
      Latest Updates
    -Version 1.5 (March 15, 2000)
        *Added the Unlock 100 Creation Points to the secrets section.
        *Added the 3D rumors.
        *Added the Morphing Hands to the secrets section.
        *Fixed the Edge and Christian double team move.
        *Fixed the Hardy Boyz double team move.
    -Version 1.4 (March 11, 2000)
        *Added the 3D again but this time as a rumor.
        *Added Edge and Christian double team (from Chimp 64's faq).
    -Version 1.3 (March 10, 2000)
        *Removed the 3D because it didn't work.
    -Version 1.2 (March 10, 2000)
        *Added how to perform the 3D thanks to Kg (kballer300@aol.com)
        *Fixed up some corrections in finisher list.
    -Version 1.1 (March 9, 2000)
        *Finished Starting Screen section.
        *Added Character Listing w/ Finishers.
        *Added Double Team section (hardyz from Tazzmission's faq).
        *Added Secrets section.
        *Added FAQ section.
        *Added Credits section.
    -Version 1.0 (February 27, 2000)
        *Made the WWF Smackdown! FAQ.
        *Added Introduction section.
        *Added How to Play section.
        *Added Controller Legend section.
        *Added Exhibition and Season to Starting Screen section.
    WWF Smackdown! is the fifth WWF game to come out for the Playstation. 
    It is also the first ever that THQ has made for the PSX. There were 
    some improvements from the previous WWF games, but there were also 
    some things which didn't improve, or even some which worsened. There 
    is a new mode to play in, the Special Guest Referee match, and it beats
    the living hell out of every other game mode (except Royal Rumble)! 
    Also the entrances now have titantron videos, but I still liked the
    entrances in WWF Attitude better. I think there were also more game
    modes and characters in WWF Attitude, but as I still don't know the
    complete number of wrestlers which are gonna come out in Smackdown!,
    maybe I'm wrong. Right now I only know of 36 wrestlers which are on the
    "sure" list. See below for the listing. At least now there are a whole 
    lot more belts (heavyweight, intercontinental, european, tag, womens, 
    and hardcore) and u can set up exhibition title matches (even when u
    exit season mode, the wrestlers who had the belts in the season still
    have the belts in the belt record and u can still put the belts up for
    grabs). Well there's also a Match Making mode, which is almost exactly
    like WWF Attitude's Create a PPV cept for a few things (audience
    ranking and title matches). I don't know if the Season mode is gonna
    include stuff like set up ambushes and interfere in other's matches,
    but THQ (or some other source I've read from) sez there will be. I only
    hope there will or I don't think it will be any better than WWF
    Attitude. I like the gameplay better though, it's kinda faster and
    there are no health bars anymore (I don't know if that's a good thing
    or a bad thing). Also the Royal Rumble mode in SD! rocks, there are a
    whole lot of ways to eliminate people now, and sometimes when you get
    knocked out of the ring you can hang on to the edge and climb back in.
    You can also choose who are and who aren't gonna participate in the 
    Rumble, I don't know if there's a maximum but I've played it with 40 
    (all 36 wrestlers and the starting 4 which have duplicates). All in 
    all if THQ makes the graphics and gameplay better, and add more game 
    modes and wrestlers, maybe it will be a whole lot better than any 
    wrestling game ever created.
      How to Play
    I added this section since the gameplay in WWF Smackdown! is very 
    different to the gameplay in WWF Attitude and WWF Warzone. After 
    choosing your wrestler, 2 horizontal columns of 5 dots appear; the 
    upper labeled Start and the lower labeled Max. To perform your 
    wrestler's finisher move, you must have a dot. One dot is equal to one 
    finisher. The number of green dots in the Start column is the number of
    times you can perform your finisher right from the start of the game. 
    The default number is zero. The number of green dots in the Max column 
    is the maximum number of dots you can get during your fight. Note that 
    you can have more green dots in your Start column than your Max column,
    but once you drain (during the match) your dots below or equal to the 
    number of green dots you put in the Max column, you cannot get any 
    higher anymore. During the match, you can get more dots (but not higher
    than the number of green dots you put in the Max column) by filling the
    red bar by your name. To fill it up, you need to beat up your opponent.
    There are no health bars, but once you beat up your opponent severely,
    he won't be able to get up when you pin him (the default button press
    for pin is Down+Circle when your opponent is lying down and you are
    beside his body). Also you can beat your opponent by knocking him out
    (just keep on beating him up) or using submission moves to let him give
    up, but this will only happen when you enable Knockout/Give Up during
    the Match Options screen (the one you reach after choosing a wrestler
    and inputing how many dots you want). Note that not all matches can be
    won by just pinning your opponent; some require climbing up a cage, 
    having him give up and throwing all of your opponents outside the ring.
    For more info on them, see the 'Exhibition' section under Starting
    Screen below. THQ made it so that all the moves can be done easily (and
    by everyone). All you really need to press in order to perform a move
    against your opponent is a directional button + circle or x. This is
    the same when you're behind your opponent, when your opponent is dizzy,
    and when your opponent is lying on the ground. Performing finishers
    have also become easier, all you have to do is press L1 when in the
    right position (and when your opponent is dizzy or lying down). Sorry
    for making this section kinda confusing, I'll probably change it in
    the future.
      Controller Legend
    A new controller legend has been implemented in Smackdown! from those 
    in WWF Attitude and WWF Warzone. Almost all buttons are now different.
    >< - Attack
    () - Grapple; Pick up Opponent
    [] - Block
    /\ - Run; Climb up turnbuckle; Climb up ring
    R1 - Climb down ring; Tag partner; Pick up weapon
    L1 - Finisher
    R2 - Face a different wrestler
    L2 - Taunt or Appeal; Count in Special Guest Referee match.
      Starting Screen
    After watching the intro of WWF Smackdown!, you reach a screen with 
    stuff like Exhibition, Season, and other stuff like that. This section
    will give a detailed explanation of each.
     ( Exhibition )
    This is one of the only two mode from the Starting Screen where you 
    can play or fight; whichever term you prefer. The only other mode is 
    Season, but there you aren't able to choose your own match, more info 
    in the Season section below. After choosing Exhibition, another screen
    filled with stuff appear. These are the game modes which you can choose
    for your match. All in all there are 12 available game modes. This 
    section is dedicated to explaning each and every mode.
    Single Match : Up to 2 players
     -A normal one on one match. Pin-fall, submission, and knockout to win.
    The only change it got from the previous WWF games is the choice to 
    have a manager with you. Although you can only choose one of the 
    available wrestlers to be your manager, it's still pretty cool. He can 
    fight your opponent if you throw him outside, but remember, your 
    opponent can do the same. Also the managers sometimes fight each other 
    outside the ring too.
    Tag Team: Up to 4 players
     -A normal two on two tag match. Pin-fall, submission, and knockout 
    to win. You can tag your partner by tapping R2 until your wrestler is 
    facing his partner, then go near the partner and press R1. I'm not 
    sure if you can call your partner in like in prev. WWF games, but 
    when the game comes out I guess we'll know.
    Handicap Match: Up to 4 players
     -A one on two or one on three match, it's up to you. Pin-fall, 
    submission, and knockout to win. This match is almost impossible 
    to win, unless the handicapped wrestler has full dots at the start 
    and his opponents have zero at start and zero as max, and the 
    handicapped keeps on using his finisher on one wrestler to knock him 
    out. It's still hard to win even then.
    Battle Royal: Up to 4 players
     -The Battle Royal in Smackdown! is different from the one in 
    Attitude. Before, it was virtually the same as Royal Rumble except 
    there were only 4 wrestlers competing. Now you're in the ring with 
    3 other wrestlers and you must eliminate them all. All of them also 
    have the same goal. The only difference with this and Survivor 
    matches is that all your opponents here must be eliminated. More 
    info on Survivor matches below. Pin-fall, submission, and knockouts 
    can be used to win.
    Royal Rumble: Up to 40+ players (unsure of max)
     -My favorite match ever! To eliminate opponents you must throw them 
    out of the ring. No pinfalls, no knockouts, and no giving up. After 
    someone is eliminated, a 10 second countdown starts and once it 
    reaches 0, a new wrestler comes in until. The winner of the match is 
    the last man standing in the ring after all of his opponents has been 
    eliminated. If you are eliminated and wrestlers still comes in (and 
    one's name is placed where your name used to be), you can press select 
    and take over him.
    Survivor: Up to 4 players
     -Generally like the Battle Royal, where you face 3 other wrestlers. 
    Except here, the first one to be able to pin, knockout, or have 
    someone give up wins the match immediately. So you must protect your 
    opponents from your other opponents, and at the same time beat the 
    living crap out of them. One of the hardest matches I've ever played.
    King of the Ring: Up to 8 players
     -King of the Ring is a tournament wherein 8 players must fight each 
    other in a one round elimination type tourney. If it sounds confusing 
    then here's a diagram on how it works.
    | Wrestler 1 |\  ___________
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  \| Winner of |
     ____________  /|   Match   |\
    | Wrestler 2 |/  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  \  ___________
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                  \| Winner of |
     ____________                  /|   Match   |\
    | Wrestler 3 |\  ___________  /  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  \
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  \| Winner of |/                 \
     ____________  /|   Match   |                   \
    | Wrestler 4 |/  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     \ __________________
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                     | Winner of Match  |
     ____________                                     | King of the Ring |
    | Wrestler 5 |\  ___________                     / ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  \| Winner of |                   /
     ____________  /|   Match   |\                 /
    | Wrestler 6 |/  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  \  ___________  /
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                  \| Winner of |/
     ____________                  /|   Match   |
    | Wrestler 7 |\  ___________  /  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  \| Winner of |/
     ____________  /|   Match   |
    | Wrestler 8 |/  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Cage Match - Up to 2 players
     -A one on one match wherein a cage is placed around the ring. To win,
    you must climb out of the cage before your opponent does. No pinfall,
    no knockout, and no giving up. To climb out of the cage, first go near
    a side of the cage and while still walking towards it, press R1. You
    will then start climbing up, to climb up faster, press all the
    directional buttons as fast as you can. Press R1 to climb back down or
    X to fall back down. To stop your opponent from climbing, press Circle
    while walking towards the side of the cage he/she is trying to climb or
    perform a kick/punch attack while facing the cage. Sometimes, your
    opponent will resist the shaking of the cage and still continue
    climbing up, either use a stronger attack (usually left+X or right+X is
    stronger than just pressing X) or repeatedly strike the cage.
    I Quit - Up to 2 players
     -A normal one on one match except the only way to win is to have your
    opponent give up. To have your opponent give up, first make sure that
    he is beaten up badly (such as how beaten up your opponent would be
    before you'd pin him in normal matches), and is knocked down, then find
    a microphone and pick it up (press R1 while standing over it), then go
    near your fallen opponent and press circle. You can go to the backstage
    area but there aren't any weapons except for the microphone.
    Hardcore Match - Up to 2 players
     -This mode rocks. No disqualifications, no holds barred, and you start
    the match holding your wrestler's favorite weapon. You can't win by
    having your opponent submit or knocked out, the only way to win is to
    pin. You can pin him anywhere you want, whether it be in the ring, on
    the mat, or in the boiler room. You can go to the backstage area by
    throwing your opponent to the metal ramp with an Irish Whip (circle).
    Falls Count Anywhere - Up to 2 players
     -It is virtually the same as a Hardcore match, except sometimes you
    start in the backstage. Info from Tazzmission's (ddoyle@tconl.com) FAQ.
    Special Guest Referee - Up to 3 players
     -The newest feature in WWF Smackdown!, in this mode one player can be
    the referee of the match and do the things a referee does. To perform a
    count (either when someone is pinned or when someone is outside), press
    L2 (one L2 = one count).
     ( Create A Superstar )
    In this mode, you get to create your own wrestler. It isn't as good as
    the one in WWF Attitude, since you don't get to customize your wrestler
    head, you're just able to choose a head from the available created
    ones. The same goes for body and legs.
     ( Season Mode )
    There are two options in this mode, Season and Pre-Season. In season
    mode, you get to wrestle in PPVs and House Shows (as if in a real WWF
    season). You get to choose the wrestlers you want to be in the season,
    and the wrestlers you don't. You also choose which wrestlers you want
    to vcontrol. Pre-Season is the same except you can only use created
    superstars here and they can't play in season mode until you finish
    pre-season with them.
     ( Match Making )
    In this mode you get to create your own Pay-Per-Views. You select 6
    matches you want from any of the game modes (except Royal Rumble) then
    select the wrestlers you want to participate in them. You can also view
    the Audience Ranking here. It's where the top 10 PPVs and matches of
    all time are ranked by the audience (computer). Note that even the PPVs
    in Season Mode are counted here.
     ( Ranking )
    Here you get to see the ranking of all the wrestlers. To get higher in
    the ranks, a wrestler must participate in a lot of matches and win most
    of them.
     ( Belt Record )
    Here you get to see who was what belt and the history of people who
    have won the belts. Note that the belt record in the Main Menu and in
    the Season Mode are the same, so if The Rock wins the belt in an
    Exhibition match, he still has the belt when you play in Season Mode.
    Heavyweight      - Only wrestlers ranked 1 to 5  - Males Only
    Intercontinental - Only wrestlers ranked 1 to 10 - All Genders
    Tag Team         - All ranks                     - All Genders
    European         - Only wrestlers ranked 1 to 20 - All Genders
    Hardcore         - Only wrestlers ranked 1 to 20 - All Genders
    Womens Champion  - All ranks                     - Females Only
     ( Options )
    Difficulty       - Easy / Medium / Hard
    Entrance Movies  - On / Off
    Move Names       - On / Off
    Camera Angle     - On / Off
    Vibrations       - On / Off
    Player Indicator - On / Off
    Auto Save        - On / Off
    Sound            - Stereo / Manual
    BGM              - 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / Random
    Music Volume     - Silent / Min / Normal / Max
    Sound Effect Vol - Silent / Min / Normal / Max
    System Data Save
    System Data Load
    Create Superstar Copy
      Character Listing w/ Finishers
    To perform most of the finishers, press L1 when your opponent is
    standing up in front of you and is dizzy. If otherwise noted, you still
    press L1 but the location you are and the location of your opponent are
    the ones written down.
    1.) The Rock 		- People's Elbow (at fallen opponent's head)
    2.) Big Show 		- Showstopper Chokeslam
    3.) Mankind 		- Mandible Claw
    4.) Ken Shamrock 	- Ankle Lock
    5.) Triple H 		- Pedigree
    6.) Kane 		- Chokeslam
    7.) Val Venis 		- Money Shot (on turnbuckle, opponent fallen)
    8.) Big Boss Man 	- Bossman Slam
    9.) X-Pac 		- X-Factor
    10.) Vince McMahon 	- Stunner
    11.) Mr. Ass 		- Fameasser
    12.) Road Dogg 		- Pumphandle Drop (from behind)
    13.) Hardcore Holly	- Falcon Arrow
    14.) Test 		- Diving Powerbomb
    15.) Al Snow 		- Snowplow
    16.) Gangrel 		- Inverted DDT
    17.) Christian 		- Impaler Press L1 (from behind)
    18.) Edge 		- Downward Spiral
    19.) Matt Hardy 	- Northern Lights Suplex
    20.) Jeff Hardy 	- Senton Bomb (on turnbuckle, opponent fallen)
    21.) Chyna 		- Pedigree
    22.) Tori 		- Tori Suplex
    23.) Godfather 		- Pimp Drop
    24.) Debra 		- DDT
    25.) Chris Jericho 	- Double Powerbomb
    26.) D'Lo Brown 	- The Lo Down (on turnbuckle, opponent fallen)
    27.) Mark Henry 	- Bearhug
    28.) Buh Buh Ray 	- Jacknife Powerbomb
    29.) Shane McMahon	- Diving Elbow (on turnbuckle, opponent fallen)
    30.) Paul Bearer	- DDT
    31.) Steve Blackman 	- Fisherman's Suplex
    32.) Faarooq 		- Dominator
    33.) Bradshaw 		- Strong Lariat
    34.) D-Von 		- Jackknife Powerbomb
    35.) Stone Cold 	- Stone Cold Stunner
    36.) The Undertaker 	- Tombstone Piledriver
      Double Team Moves
    Hardy Boyz:
    First have someone Irish Whip your opponent to the turnbuckle, then
    have one Hardy perform the On All Fours taunt (L2). Have the other
    Hardy run over him then when he jumps press X. Info from
    Tazzmission's (ddoyle@tconl.com) FAQ.
    Edge and Christian:
    Same as Hardy Boyz except press circle instead of X.
     ( Rumors )
    Dudley Boyz Dudley Death Drop or 3D:
    I received an e-mail from Derrick Booth (ruff_ryder04@yahoo.com)
    saying he sent an e-mail to THQ and they said that the 3D isn't in
    the game.
    These are the secrets and stuff you can get in WWF Smackdown!.
     ( Hidden Wrestler Faces )
    To unlock a hidden wrester's face, you must play through Season mode in
    the indicated number of years.
    >From Tazzmission's (ddoyle@tconl.com) FAQ
    ¤ Ivory			- 1 Year
    ¤ Prince Albert 	- 2 Years
    ¤ Jacqueline		- 3 Years
    ¤ Viscera		- 4 Years
    ¤ Mideon		- 6 Years
    ¤ Gerald Brisco		- 7 Years
    ¤ Pat Patterson		- 8 Years
    ¤ Stevie Richards	- Finish Pre Season
    ¤ Blue Meanie		- Finish Pre Season
    ¤ Stephanie McMahon 	- Finish Pre Season (medium difficulty)
    How to unlock more confirmed wrestler faces will be put here after I
    check the ones here first. Then I'll try to find them.
     ( Hidden Stuff )
    To unlock these play through Season mode in the indicated number of
    ¤ Unlock 70 Creation Points  - 5 Years
    ¤ Unlock 90 Creation Points  - 9 Years
    ¤ Unlock 100 Creation Points - 20 Years (thanks to Eric Capone)
    Morphing Hands:
      When creating a superstar, choose the very last shirt, when you go
      into a match, your hands will morph into different objects.
    Thanks to Chris First (goalie133@mindspring.com) for info on this.
     ( Gameshark Codes )
    If you'd like to find Gameshark codes for the game, plz go to
    http://www.cmgsccc.com/psx/wwfsm.shtml because I don't feel it's right
    to cheat especially in fighting/wrestling games so I'm not posting any
    here. If you wanna win, you gotta practice the game and not cheat it.
    Can Too Cool, Rikishi, and BB's faces be unlocked?
     - I don't know yet..
    How do I perform double team moves?
     - Check Double Team section above.
    How do I climb over the cage faster?
     - Keep on pressing all the directional buttons as fast as you can. You
       can press all of them real fast if you keep on wiggling your thumb
       accross all of them.
    THQ and Yukes
     -For creating a damn good wrestling game. It also came out pretty
      fast, a lot sooner than I expected it to come out.
    GameFAQs (gamefaqs.com)
     -For hosting this FAQ.
    Tazzmission (ddoyle@tconl.com)
     -For LOTS of info on the game like Hardyz double team, falls count
      anywhere match and hidden wrestler faces. He has his own FAQ which
      you can see at GameFaqs.
    Chimp 64 (monkeyboy38@theglobe.com)
     -For info on the game and for the Christian and Edge double team. 
      He also has his own FAQ which can also be seen at GameFaqs.
    Cliffe and Gooseman (from counter-strike.net)
     -Also for creating one of my favorite games right now.
    Derrick Booth (ruff_ryder04@yahoo.com)
     -For telling me THQ told him that the 3D isn't in the game.
    Eric Capone (gq469@hotmail.com)
     -For telling me how to unlock 100 creation points.
    Chris First (goalie133@mindspring.com)
     -For the Morphing Hands secret.
    |								      |
    | This FAQ is meant for personal use only and can only be reproduced  |
    | electronically. This FAQ is owned and made by me. Feel free to      |
    | distribute the FAQ as long as nothing is changed. This FAQ can't be |
    | sold for profitable purposes!					      |
    |								      |

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