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    Road Dogg by RawIsJericho

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    WWF SmackDown Movelist For
    The Road Dogg by RawIsJericho
    on 3/31/00
    Last Updated: Version 1.5 4/5/00
    Whats New:
    Version 0.5. 3/31/00- The faq was released
    Version 1.0- 4/4/00- Added a biography of The Road Dogg.
    Version 1.5 4/5/00- Added some editations in the biography.  Thats about it.
    Table of contents :
    (1.) Introduction
    (2   Biography
    (3.) Movelist
    (4.) Credits
    (5.) The End
                            (1.) INTRODUCTION:
    This is a movelist only for WWF Superstar The Road Dogg Jesse James. If you 
    are looking for a complete movelist for all the wrestlers then check out 
    Tazzmission's or Chimp 64's Guide.
                               (2.)  BIOGRAPHY
    Bio/history:  Road Dogg first began in the WWF as Jeff Jarrett's Roadie in 
    early 1995.  He never wrestled back then, just cheated to help Jeff Jarret 
    win matches.  He eventually formed a tag team in late 1997 with BA Billy 
    Gunn called the New Age Outlaws.  They used great cheating tactics to win 
    matches and eventually got the tag team titles.  In early 1998 they got in a 
    violent, bloody feud with the Hardcore Legends (Mick Foley, Terry Funk).  At 
    WrestleMania XIV they took on the Hardcore Legends in an awesome Dumpster 
    Match.  The Hardcore Legends won the match but they put the Outlaws in the 
    wrong dumpster so there was a rematch the next night on RAW IS WAR.  With 
    the help of new DX Leader Triple H, Chyna, and new member X-Pac they got the 
    tag titles back in a cage match.  Then they became fan favorites.  They held 
    on to the titles till the December of 1998 when they dropped them to the Big 
    Bossman and Ken Shamrock with the help of WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels.  
    By March or April of 1999 they broke up as a tag team because Billy Gunn 
    turned on Road Dogg.  At that same time DX broke up because Triple H turned 
    on X-Pac at WrestleMania XV.  Billy Gunn constantly avoided Road Dogg for a 
    few months.  They met at Backlash 1999 (I think) and Billy Gunn beat him.  
    Road Dogg eventually got his payback at Gunn.  Road Dogg and DX (X-Pac and 
    Kane) had there problems with an unholy alliance of the Big Show and The 
    UnderTaker.  Road Dogg and DX constantly took beatings almost every week by 
    Big Show and UT.
    Kane and X-Pac were fighting off Big Show and UT.  Meanwhile Road Dogg went 
    on his own and earned a number one contendership for the Hardcore Title at 
    SummerSlam (or before it).  At SummerSlam he was doing an interview and then 
    suddenly the Y2J Countdown comes up and Road Dogg gets interrupted.  Y2J 
    tells Road Dogg that he is boring the crowd and he comes out and says the 
    same thing every week so he decides to save SummerSlam 1999.  Y2J then cost 
    the Road Dogg the Hardcore Title Match because he interfered.  On the 
    premier of WWF Smackdown Road Dogg was triple powerbombed through a table.  
    Then Jericho applied the Walls Of Jericho.  Road Dogg never really got pay 
    back.  He was out for a month and a half and came back with Billy Gunn 
    reforming the New Age Outlaws.
    They beat The Holly cousins to get the tag titles at Survivor Series.  In 
    mid-November of 1999 Triple H reformed DX (Road Dogg, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, 
    Triple H and a month later Stephanie McMahon).  The New Age outlaws went to 
    a no contest with the Rock N' Sock Connection at Armaggedon.  The New Age 
    Outlaws beat The Acolytes at The Royal Rumble.  They eventually lost the 
    titles to The Dudley Boys at No Way Out because BUH BUH Ray hit Billy Gunn 
    with a pipe on his shoulder.  The next night on RAW Billy Gunn was kicked 
    out of DX for defying Triple H.
    Road Dogg then formed a tag team with X-Pac and they faced Kane and Rikishi 
    at WrestleMania 2000 and lost.  They bounced back the next night on Raw by 
    defeating T&A.
    From: Georgia I guess because of his accent.
    Favorite Qoute:  Oh you didn't know, your ass better call somebody.
    Interesting Facts:  He is related to Brad Armstrong aka BuzzKill
    Finishing move:  Pump Handle Slam
    Career Highlights:  Former Tag Champion Former Intercontenental Champion, 
    and Former Hardcore Champion.
                                (3.) MOVELIST:
    1. Brawling Moves:
    Snap Jab: Push Left and X
    Chop: Push Right and X
    Clothesline: Push up and X .
    Body Punch: Push down and X
    Shaking Jab: Just push X
    Shake Rattle and Roll: Keep pushing X about 5 or 6 times.
    Grappling Moves (back)
    Back Drop: Push Left and O at the same time.
    Face Buster: Push Right and O
    Rollup Pin: Push Down and O.
    Sleeper Hold: Push Up and O
    Send opponent to the ropes: Push O
    Grappling Moves (Front)
    Stomach Buster: Push Up and O
    Jumping Arm Breaker: Push Down and O
    Double Arm Suplex: Push Right and O
    Send opponet to the ropes: Push O
    Snapmare Takeover: Push Left and O
    Grappling moves (Opponent dazed)
    Fall Away Slam: Push Right and O
    Jacknife Powerbomb: Push Up and O
    Send opponent to the ropes: Push O
    Piledriver: Push Down and O
    DDT: Push Left and O
    Brawling Moves on the Mat
    Stomp: Push X
    Another Stomp: Push up and X
    Another Stomp: Push Down And X
    Dancing KneeDrop: Push Left and X
    Dancing Kneedrop: Push Right and X
    Mat Wrestling Near Feet
    Kick Leg: Push Right and O
    Figure 4 Leg Lock: Push Up and O
    Leg Hook pinfall: Push Down and O
    Knee Stomp: Push Left and O
    Help opponent up: Push O
    Mat wrestling Near Head
    Pin: Push down and O
    Knee Smash: Push down and O
    Help opponet up: Push O
    Mounted Punches: Left and O
    Headlock: Push Right and O
    Opponent Running
    Powerslam: Push O and the D-Pad.
    Monkey Toss: Push O
    Clothesline: Push X
    Elbow: Push X and D-Pad
    Face Buster: Push O (behind)
    Pin: Push O (front)
    On Turnbuckle Opponent Standing Up
    Missle Dropkick: Push X and DPad.
    Double Axe Handle: Push X
    On the Turnbuckle Opponent Laying On the Mat
    Knee Drop: Push X
    Opponent Resting on Turnbuckle (back)
    Super Back Drop: Push Down and O
    Super Back Drop:Push Left and O
    Super Back Drop: Push Right and O
    Super Back Drop: Push Up and O
    Send Opponent to Opposite corner: Push O
    Opponent Resting on Turnbuckle (Front)
    10 Punch: Push Left and O
    10 Punch: Push Right and O
    Stomping a Mudhole: Push Down and O
    Stomping a Mudhole: Push Up and O
    Finishing Move:
    Stretch Armstrong:  When opponent is groggy just press L1.
                              (3.)  CREDITS
    Joseph Lubaway (lubs_2001@yahoo.com)- For correcting me on some of the 
    things I missed in Road Dogg's Biography.
    GameFaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)- For uploading this FAQ.
    WWF (www.wwf.com)- For making great entertainment.
    THQ (www.thq.com)- For making this great game.
    (4.) THE END
    If you want to put this faq on your site you must meet the following 
    1. Update it when I update mine.
    2. Credit me
    3. Don't sell it
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions e-mail me at 
    I hope you found this Movelist useful because that is what it is intended to 
    Well until next time enjoy WWF Smackdown and I hope you enjoy
    WWF Entertainment.

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