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    Wrestler Creation FAQ by MKahl

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                      WWF Warzone (N64)
                    Wrestler Creation and Mastery
                          January 13, 1999
                    Created by: Matthew S. Kahl 
                  Email: Starvnmarvin@earthlink.net
                             Version 2.0
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
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    disclaimer and my email address <starvnmarvin@earthlink.net> remain 
    intact, and you include a statement that the FAQ has been altered.  All 
    trademarks not expressed in this FAQ are acknowledged, even if not 
    specifically mentioned. Please, give credit where credit is due.
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    Revision history:
    2.0-January 13, 1999: Big updates-Questions I've been asked via email 
    and others, and some other fixes.
    1.5-November 1, 1998: A few improvements, added the Points List.
    1.0-August 31, 1998: Original version
    2.0-Preliminaries and basic creation
    3.0-Earning points
    4.0-Winning the WWF Challenge
    5.0-Emailed Q&A-NEW!!!
    6.0-Points list and thanks
    Are you tired of playing Warzone and simply getting yourself beaten down 
    by your friends?  Well, with a memory card or controller pak, you can 
    nurture a wrestler of your own creation into near-godliness!  These 
    wrestlers can have ten more points then all of the WWF superstars, and 
    in time, can have the best of all attributes.  This FAQ is designed to 
    help you through the growing pains of these new wrestlers.
    Before you begin, I would suggest you beat the WWF Challenge with 
    Farrooq or Ken Shamrock, Kane, and either Triple H or Shawn Michaels.  
    The Farrooq/Shamrock win allows you to get rid of blocking, which helps 
    a LOT in Hard mode.  Kane gives you new outfits for your custom 
    wrestlers to try on, and the D-Generation X combo gives you the option 
    of female wrestlers.  And NO, I do not condone the nearly nude female 
    doing Shawn's "Suck it!" taunt.  But, it's your game, do with it as you 
    will.  Anyway, name and outfit your wrestler, then go to the points 
    screen.  Take off all 5 Toughness points and donate them to Charisma.  
    Trust me, when the crowd is on your side, you cannot lose.  Then take 2 
    Recovery Points and give one each to Strength and Speed.  Your wrestler 
    should be:
    Strength: 6
    Toughness: 0
    Speed: 6
    Recovery: 3
    Charisma: 10
    Now choose whomever superstar's moves you're most familiar with, save, 
    and let's go!
    First off, set the difficulty to Normal.  Enter a Cage Match and win. 
    (Easy with all that cheering, wasn't it?)  Take this point and donate it 
    to Strength or Speed.  Now, go to Hard mode and win the Weapons, Versus, 
    and Tag Team (with your custom wrestler twice) matches.  Give one point 
    to Recovery and two to whatever attribute is still at six, be it 
    Strength or Speed.  Take three Speed points and give them to Recovery, 
    and change your move list to Bret Hart.  You now have:
    Strength: 7/8
    Toughness: 0
    Speed: 4/5
    Recovery: 7
    Charisma: 10
    Take your wrestler and enter a Normal Royal Rumble.  I chose Bret's 
    moves because his Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex is easy to pull off (L, 
    R,Punch), and you can't be thrown out of the ring when you are being 
    cheered for.  You earn two points for winning on Normal, and three on 
    Hard.  Put your two points into whatever you like, and then win Hard.  
    Those three points will be really helpful later.  Go to the Custom 
    Wrestler Room and use these stats:
    Strength: 10
    Toughness: 0
    Speed: 10
    Recovery: 4
    Charisma: 10
    ****IMPORTANT**** You might want to sacrifice Charisma for other 
    attributes through this.  DON'T.  Acclaim put this here because it is 
    the most powerful part of Warzone.  The loss in Toughness and Recovery 
    is countered by the fact that all your moves will always do double (or 
    more) damage when you are being cheered, and that is almost continuous 
    with a 10 Charisma.  Also, you can NEVER be pinned when the crowd is on 
    your side.
    It should now be really simple to win a Gauntlet match (with this config 
    I've beaten all six in under 6 minutes with no countouts, email me if 
    you've done better).  Change your move settings to Rocky Maivia and 
    change your attributes anyway you like, as long as you have 10 Strength, 
    Speed, and Charisma.  Now, you're ready for the Challenge!
    The challenge (on Hard Level) should be a piece of cake for a wrestler 
    who has 6 more points then all the others, but use Maivia's moves, as 
    his Hurricanrana (L, R,U, Kick) and Laying the Smack Down (L,R,U,Punch) 
    are high damage moves that don't require a tie-up and (in the case of 
    Laying the Smack Down) are never countered.  Keep the crowd on your side 
    and always do as many turnbuckle moves as you can, as one can get the 
    crowd cheering for you again with 10 Charisma.  It'll take about 17-21 
    battles (with Grudges included), but take your time and win all of them.  
    Once you have 40 points, distribute them any way you like. (8 across the 
    board works well, but I still recommend 10 Charisma.)
    Q-How can I use Bad Ass/Jesse James/Val Venis/X-Pac/Yokozuna?
    A-You CANNOT access these characters by name and trademark.  They aren't 
    coded in the game, but you may be able to create a general likeness.
    Q-How do I do the People's/Corporate Elbow?
    A-Sorry, not in the game. The Rock started using it in Summer 1998, 
    about four months after coding stopped for this game. Be happy the Rock 
    Bottom's in here: Maivia used a Shoulderbreaker when coding began.
    Q-What is Hero Mode? I won 100+ matches and still can't unlock it!
    A-Sorry.  Hero Mode is Rattlesnake, and the 100+ matches thing was a 
    rumor at the time, and isn't true.  Again, sorry.
    Q-Why 10 Charisma?  Power/Speed is better!
    A-No, it isn't.  10 Power does 150% normal damage, plus multipliers, 
    minus defense.  Sacrifice 2 Power for Charisma at 10, and you get 160% 
    almost all the time, plus tie-up/top rope/stun multipliers.  Besides, 
    when you have the crowd on your side, a red bar opponent will ALWAYS tap 
    at a submission hold, and you will NEVER be pinned.  EVER!
    Q-How can my custom wrestlers get 50/50 points?
    A-You can't.  40 is the max.
    Q-How many wrestlers can be stored on my memory card?
    A-Up to 30, including real wrestler's save games.
    Q-My friend says he got Turok on his N64 version of Warzone!
    A-No, he didn't.  Turok is only in the PSX version, and only with 
    Q-My friend says it's true!
    A-Your friend is a filthy liar.  Go find a new friend.
    Q-How do I do Wrestler XXX's Finisher?
    A-That will be answered in a new FAQ, with EVERY move's description, 
    button presses, damage, and ranking!
    Q-Who is the best wrestler?
    A-That depends.  
    Initial Wrestler Points-----------------------25 Points
    Winning WWF Challenge (Hard)--------------------4 Points
    Winning Royal Rumble (Hard)---------------------3 Points
    Winning Royal Rumble (Normal)-------------------2 Points
    Winning Gauntlet Match (Normal/Hard)------------2 Points
    Winning Cage Match (Normal/Hard)----------------1 Point
    Winning Versus Match (Hard)---------------------1 Point
    Winning Tag Team Match (Hard)-------------------1 Point
    Winning Weapons Match (Hard)--------------------1 Point
    Total Possible Points-------------------------40 Points
    Thanks to Acclaim, Iguana, and the team who made Warzone possible.
    Special thanks to the makers of the Official WWF Warzone Strategy 
    guides, where many of the secret moves and finishers are found.
    Thanks to John Sweeney for being a loyal punching bag for my wrestlers 
    as Kane and the Bulldog.
    Unpublished work Copyright 1998 Matthew S. Kahl
    WWF Warzone is a copyrighted trademark of (c) Acclaim Entertainment, (c) 
    Nintendo of America and (c) Sony Entertainment of America.

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