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    Announcer's Guide by DKeith

    Version: 1.01b | Updated: 02/26/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    WWF Warzone - PSX Version - TM Acclaim Sports 1998
    Announcer's Dialogue Guide - Version 1.01b [2/26/99]
    Donovan Keith - indigo_twilight_@hotmail.com
    i. Revision Notes
    This guide is *far* from complete, however everything listed to date is 100%
    confirmed and word-for-word. I will be releasing periodic updates to this
    list as free time permits, but feel free to e-mail me with anything I might
    be missing. Full credit will be given in subsequent versions.
    Version 1.01b [2/26/99]
    Added Goldust's chant (courtesy of lawrence@linklanahan.demon.co.uk and 
    tilleycs@yahoo.com - thanx for the tips!). Added a few new quotes and did
    more alphabetizing on the lists. Removed the move names from the list, kept
    only the quotes that said more than just the name by itself. 
    Keep that e-mail coming!
    All matches in Warzone begin the same way. Vince McMahon and Jim Ross will
    each use 1 of their personal intros, then Vince will use 1 of the WWF
    slogans. Then, one of them will comment about the quality of the match, and
    finally will introduce the wrestlers. Each wrestler gets 2 intro phrases
    selected at random, and the phrases can be spoken by either announcer. If
    the match has the same wrestler selected twice, the 'match' comment will be
    replaced with one of the four 'mirror-match' comments instead. Once the bell
    rings, there will be one final comment about the match itself.
    Note: in the dialogue that follows, <W1> and <W2> stand for 'insert name of
    wrestler'. In most cases, W1 will be the Player, W2 will be his Opponent.
    "Hello everyone, I'm Vince McMahon."/"I'm Vince McMahon."
    "I'm Jim Ross."/"And I'm good ol' JR!"
    "Welcome to the World Wrestling Federation, for over 50 years the
     dominating force in professional wrestling."
    "Welcome to the World Wrestling Federation, the revolutionary force in
     sports entertainment."
    "This oughta be a great match for our fans tonight."
    "We're looking forward to a good old-fashioned barn-burner."
    "This should be an old-time slobber-knocker."
    "And the match is officially underway."
    "I think the fans will be getting their money's worth."
    "It oughta be a great match-up."
    "There's the bell, and the match here is officially on its way."
    "I think I'm seeing double!"
    "Talk about double vision!"
    "Welcome to the WWF Twilight Zone."
    "We've got an odd match-up here."
    Climbing up/Diving from turnbuckle:
    "A high-risk maneuver coming up."
    "All the way to the top!"
    "He takes off!"
    "He's airborne!"
    "He's begun his ascent!"
    "He's climbing the turnbuckle!"
    "He's flying!"
    "He's going to the top rope!"
    "He's taking a risk."
    "He's wasting precious time here."
    "I wonder what he's gonna do?"
    "Off the turnbuckle."
    "Taking a risk here."
    "There he goes!"
    "This could be dangerous!"
    "This could pay off big time."
    "Through the air!"
    "To the top rope!"
    "Up the turnbuckle!"
    "Up to the top rope."
    "What's he gonna do?"
    After missing a top rope maneuver:
    "Big mistake!"
    "He blew that one!"
    "He got out of the way just in time."
    "He missed! That had to hurt."
    "Not even close!"
    "Oh, that was close!"
    "Some guys just shouldn't take high risks."
    "These guys take big risks and sometimes they don't pay off."
    "What happened? He took a chance a paid the price."
    Irish Whip/Running:
    "Off the ropes..."
    "Against the ropes..."
    "Into the ropes..."
    Exiting the ring:
    "I wonder why he's leaving the ring?"
    "What's he gonna do out there?"
    "Where's he going?"
    "<W1> climbs through the ropes to the apron."
    "<W1> is leaving the ring."
    "<W1> is leaving the safety of the ring."
    "<W1> is taking it to the outside."
    "<W1> is taking this fight outside the ring."
    "<W1> steps out to the apron."
    GENERIC 1 - Wrestlers in neutral position
    "And the tie-up..."
    "Butting heads like two bulls."
    "Close quarters."
    "Here they go!"
    "Jockeying for position."
    "Let's get it on!"
    "Locking horns now."
    "Mixing it up."
    "Tangled-up now..."
    "They hook it up."
    "They tangle."
    "They tie-up."
    GENERIC 2 - Wrestler at disadvantage
    "He's a sitting duck!"
    "He's just a target now."
    "He's out on his feet."
    "He's staggering around."
    "He's taking it like a man."
    "His eyes are glazed over."
    "I can't watch - tell me when this is over."
    "I hope he survives this."
    "I think the ring moved on that one!"
    "I wonder what he did with the money his mommy gave him for wrestling
    "No, he can't get up!"
    "The lights are on but nobody's home."
    "<W1> is down."
    "<W1> is out cold."
    "<W1> is really taking a lot of punishment!"
    "<W1> is in a world of hurt!"
    "<W1> is trying to get to his feet!"
    "<W1> is on dream street."
    "<W1> is seeing stars!"
    "<W1> is in a bad way."
    "<W1> can't shake the cobwebs out."
    "<W1> loses his grip."
    "<W1> doesn't know where he is!"
    "<W1>, is the floor OK?"
    "<W1> and the floor are becoming fast friends."
    "<W1> seems a bit tentative..."
    "<W1> standing there, dazed!"
    GENERIC 3 - Wrestler at advantage
    "A work of art!"
    "Aww yeah!"
    "By the book!"
    "Clever move."
    "He goes for it."
    "He just opened up a can of whoop-ass!"
    "He's only got one thing on his mind - pain."
    "If he keeps this up, this match is over."
    "Like taking candy from a baby."
    "Look out."
    "Nice execution."
    "Now that was slick."
    "Oh, devastating maneuver!"
    "Picture perfect."
    "This is gonna be bad."
    "<W1> has a real opportunity here."
    "<W1> has him at his mercy."
    "<W1> has one of the biggest followings in the WWF."
    "<W1> in charge - he came ready to fight."
    "<W1> is unleashing his power on <W2>."
    "<W1> is giving a wrestling lesson tonight."
    "<W1> is beating him like an egg."
    "<W1> is gaining control now."
    "Listen to this capacity crowd."
    "The crowd is on its feet - they can't get enough!"
    "The fans have totally lost it!"
    "This crowd is deafening."
    "Belly to belly sideways!"
    "Did that Atomic Drop break something?"
    "First-rate fisherman's suplex."
    "Great escape by <W1>. Very deceptive." (reversal)
    "He Dropkicked him."
    "He takes him Vertical." (suplex)
    "Running Hart Attack!"
    "That's a Painkiller he'd rather not have."
    "The Tombstone Piledriver put him six feet under."
    "The Claw! He's got the Claw!"
    "The Mandible Claw. How disgusting!"
    "He went for a plunge in the Pearl River."
    "He just hit Rock Bottom."
    "Stone Cold Stunner! The Stone Cold Stunner!"
    "He's out cold with the Stone Cold Stunner."
    "He's got the Sharpshooter."
    "There's no escape from the Sharpshooter."
    "Pedigree! I hope he has his papers."
    "There's the Pedigree!"
    "I heard some Sweet Chin Music!"
    "What's that sound? Sweet Chin Music!"
    "He's got him in the Ankle Lock!"
    "There's the Dominator!"
    "So 'Dominating'."
    POST-MATCH DIALOGUE - 3 comments per match
    "A one-sided victory for <W1>."
    "A total victory for <W1>."
    "Complete victory for <W1>."
    "End of story!"
    "Game over man!"
    "He gets it."
    "He takes the match."
    "That wasn't even close."
    "The fat lady's singing now."
    "There was never any question about this one."
    "This match wasn't even close."
    "This one's history."
    "Turn out the lights!"
    "Very impressive win for <W1>."
    "What a lopsided victory."
    "What a one-sided match."
    "Won by a count-out."
    "<W1> could have won this one with his hands tied behind his back."
    "<W1> made that look easy."
    "<W1> should go back to the gym and train."
    "<W1> won this match hands down."
    "<W2> got the beating of his life."
    "<W2> never really had a chance."
    "<W2> should have stayed home today."
    "<W2> was outclassed from the start."
    If you start a match, and neither player attacks the other, the crowd will
    become restless and boo & taunt the wrestlers. The announcers will then make
    comments every 15-20 seconds about how boring the match has become. The
    comments are as follows:
    "Any day now, fellas."
    "Hopefully things will liven up. Maybe they'll even bite each other!"
    "I wonder if they know the match has started?"
    "I'd rather watch two old women slap each other."
    "I'm outta here. I've seen the chess club get rowdier than this."
    "I've seen eggs take a tougher beating."
    "My daughter's nursery rhymes are more aggressive than this!"
    "This *is* a wrestling match, fellas."
    "Uh, this is a wrestling match, not a mutual admiration society."
    "Wake me up when something exciting happens."
    "Well, they've perfected the art of NOT wrestling."
    In addition to their name, each wrestler has one or more 'signature' phrases
    that the crowd will chant when cheering for them.
    *Note: if your opponent is the Rock, sometimes when cheering for your wrestler
    the crowd will chant "Rocky sucks!" instead of your regular phrase.
    Steve Austin: "3:16! 3:16!" "Stone Cold! Stone Cold!"
    Shawn Michaels: "HBK! HBK!"
    The British Bulldog: "UK! UK!"
    The Rock: "NOD! NOD!"
    Faarooq: "NOD! NOD!"
    Goldust: "Curtain Call! Curtain Call!"
    Mankind: "Have a nice day! Have a nice day!"
    Owen Hart: "King of Harts! King of Harts!"
    Bret Hart: "Canada! Canada!"
    Ahmed Johnson:
    Ken Shamrock:
    Kane: "Burn in Hell! Burn in Hell!"
    Thrasher/Mosh: "Headbangers! Headbangers!"
    Dude Love:
    Cactus Jack: "Bang bang! Bang bang!"
    Custom Wrestler: "Player 1/2!" "Player 1/2!"
    (this includes Trainer, Sue, etc.)

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