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""That had to hurt!""

First of all, let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of the WWF and watch it every time it comes on. So when I finally got my Playstation, I broke down and bought Warzone. I figured that it would be cool to play as all of my favorite WWF superstars, until I actually played it. I first played this game around two years ago, and back then I was not that big of a fan of the WWF. But I did like the game until i realzied that there wasn't much modes in the game.Unfortunately, I would not recomend this game and would advise you to get WWF Attitude instead.

GRAPHICS (6.1/10)
There is basically no FMV in this game, which is disapointing. How cool would it have been to see the real entarances to all of the WWF superstars, as opposed to some crummy graphics effects. The graphics are subpar during the regular game, as well. The superstars most of the time look like deformed creatures. Also, the crowd looks very stale and dry, for the most part. The motion capture characters of the game disappointed me as well, because when you use motion capture, it slows the game down a lot. But I have to remember that the game did come out a while ago, and the graphics were pretty good for back then. Overall, there's nothing majorly impressive here but the graphics are okay.

MUSIC/SOUND (7.2/10)
The commentary in WWF Warzone is top notch. Featuring Shane McMahon and Jim Ross (what? No Jerry Lawler?), the commentary has that WWF feel to it. If they used this commentary in a game like WWF Smackdown (only with Jerry Lawler, of course), I would be satisfied. The music does suffer a major flaw in the fact that the wrestler's theme songs are done in MIDI format. Therefore, the music quality is really pretty terrible. Sound effect wise, Warzone features a lot of taunts from both the crowd and from the wrestlers themselves. Overall, the music and sound effects in WWF Warzone for the Playstation are pretty well done, especially the commentary and sound effects.

CONTROL (4.1/10)
The control in the game is pretty good overall and there is a good layout to the control settings. But, like most fighting games I've played, its nearly impossible to pull off the cool moves. The grappling system is far from perfect too. The main problem I have with this game is the fact that you have to memorize intricate button combinations to pull off some of the better moves. I am not a big fan of this at all and have always preferred the type of control in a game like WWF Smackdown or WWF Wrestlemania 2000, because you dont have to remember all the buttons. Well, actually, you dont have to remember all the button combinations. They give you a move list in the game itself. But you do have to pull the moves off. Now, I am not saying that the control in WWF Warzone is terrible. I am saying I didnt like the type of control system that Acclaim used for the game. Overall, WWF Warzone for the Playstation has decent control if you like to remember intricate button combinations to pull off moves.

GAMEPLAY (7.2/10)
First off, the selection of wrestlers is pathetic. Wow, you get 18, big deal. I would have much preferred if Acclaim put in some more wrestlers, and if they had to, then leave out some of the worse wrestlers in the game (like Bulldog.. aargh) Most of them stink in the game anyways . Second of all, there aren't a lot of modes to choose from, all you can do is do a little challenge or an exhibition match. Too sad. Thankfully, there is a really cool addition to Warzone, and that's the Create A Wrestler feature. It is really well done, and was a main selling point of the game back then.Basically, you can create your own wrestler and then save it onto your memory card. You can choose to change everything from what clothes they wear, to what color gloves, to their haircut. Definetly cool, but it's been outdone in Attitude. The worst part of the game, in my opinion, is the damn loading times. They were really bad and made me wanted to stop playing the game after seeing all the loading times. Disapointing overall gameplay, especially the severe lack of playable characters to choose from.

Well, this game would have much better replay value in my eyes if it wasnt so much like Attitude. Now Im not going to compare the two games, but Warzone does everything this game does, but does it a lot better (like the addition of a PPV mode). Therefore, its really not worth playing this game that much. However, before Attitude, this game was a blast to play.

You want a challenge? try beating this game with the British Bulldog! Seriously, the game is quite challengeing after a while, because you have to remember how to pull off all the moves. Well, you dont have to remember them but you do have to pull them off.

OVERALL (7.1/10)
WWF Warzone was a fun game for its time. Howver, it has been outdone by Attitude and Smackdown. Still, it is worth having this game in your collection, mainly because it was a good game for its time. I don't play it that much anymore (becausde of Smackdown) but it is a fun game, if you're willing to stick it out.

And that is the bottom line, because SMcFadden said so!
''Its the mandible claw, JR! Mankind has the mandible claw locked in!''

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/23/00, Updated 07/16/01

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