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"King of all wrestling games"

Wrestling games never looked so good! WWF Warzone suplexes the competition with a vengeance. This wrestling game sets a new standard for wrestling games. WWF Warzone has eye popping polygonal graphics, superb sound effects, and superior game play than its predecessors.

Throughout the game you'll notice that nearly everything in the game is graphically amazing. The wrestlers are composed of photo-realistic polygons that portray the real life counterparts. They greatly resemble the wrestlers themselves. The frame rate is decent, until more than two wrestlers enter the ring. But not to worry, it has only minor slow down issues. Nevertheless, the game still provides that fast paced feel.

Warzone has a lot of fun options for the player to utilize. From create your own wrestler, challenge mode, and your standard head to head mode are all in the game. There is also the ability to play a four player match. This is possible with a multi-tap. In the four player mode, you'll go all out in a slug fest trying to dismember your opponents to achieve victory. Many modes and options to play around with, so you'll be playing this game quite a bit.

Warzone's sound effects match the audio of that to the TV show!! Every taunt, slam, grunt, and the screaming of fans are clear and understandable. With good ol' J.R. and Vince giving you play by play commentary, the game really feels like your watching the TV show. Intros of each character are amusing but rather short. It would have been cool if the intros were a bit longer, so it can create that mood for some serious head stomping.

All in all, Warzone will satisfy any wrestling game fanatic out there. Even if your not a fan of wrestling games, this game will keep the genuine fighting game elite very busy. Warzone is the king of all wrestling games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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