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    Battling Special Mode 2 Guide by Duke Darkwood

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/14/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Xenogears "Battling" Guide for Special Mode 2
    (C) 2004, Kenneth Whitten, all rights reserved.
    Version 1.0, April 13, 2004.
    As we all know, Xenogears is a great game. And within this great game, the 
    great mini-game of Battling exists. Gear-versus-Gear fast-pased fighting-
    game-style combat.
    Of course, there are already two FAQs on this site covering Battling, 
    complete with full Gear and move lists, but I have noticed that the "Special 
    Mode 2" is not covered in these guides. Thus I have undertaken to create one. 
    And this is the fruit of my labor.
    This guide can be found either on my webpage: 
    or under the Xenogears segment of GameFAQs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    (Entries marked with an asterisk (*) instead of a dash (-) are the meat and 
    potatoes of this Guide - the actual game-related info.)
    - Introduction
    - Table of Contents (You are here.)
    - Revision History
    * Quick list of Battling Gears
    * Why play Special Mode 2?
    * Complete list of Prizes
    * What's this "Gear Level"?
    * Earning of Battle Points (BP)
    - Credits and Copyright
    Revision History:
    1.0) You're looking at it.
    Of course, the other FAQs give full lists of Gears as well, but I feel it 
    worth including.
    For full details on each mech, please see the other guides.
    Weltall     Vierge      Heimdal     Brigandier  Renmazuo    Stier
    Bladegash   Siebzehn    Crescens    Chu-Chu     Weltall-2   Xenogears
    El-Regrs    El-Fenrir   El-Andvari  El-Renmazuo El-Stier    Ganador
    Titan       WShaver     Firewheel   Silverstar  Musha       Hatamoto
    Backfirer   Shinobi     Wyrm        Tin Robo    Rankar      Etone1
    Etone2      Golem       Fixbot      Worker      Dozer       Death
    Merman      Salvager    Trooper     Twinburner  S-Trooper   S-Tripper
    Sufal       EG-Gunner   EG-Armor    Pedestal    Edin        EG-Blade
    On Disc One, your competitor will be any Gear from Ganador to Argento, chosen 
    at random. On Disc Two, however, you can find yourself pit against any Gear 
    on the list except Fei's trio.
    I mean, really. Special Mode 1 is so much cooler. You can choose who to play 
    as, you can choose number of rounds played, difficulty level, and you can 
    play against a friend! So what makes Special Mode 2 so, well, special?
    The answer is simple. Battle Points. Battle Points (BP) are used to purchase 
    items - prizes if you will - from the Arena. Some of these are very useful, 
    and some are extremely rare. Some are both! In the next section, you will see 
    a full list of prizes.
    All Special Mode 2 fights are a single round only versus a randomly selected 
    opponent, at a difficulty level of your choosing. Lastly, your choice of Gear 
    is severely limited. On Disc One, you fight only with Weltall. However, when 
    you play the Arena on Disc Two, you can choose ANY of Fei's Gears from the 
    game: Weltall, Weltall-2, or the Xenogears itself.
    NOTE: All prizes are obtained from the third person at the counter, closest 
    to the Gear Paddock door.
    SPECIAL PERK! In Disc Two, the lady you register with will ask at the end 
    your choice for the battle music. "The usual please!" gives you the standard 
    Battling theme, while "It's O.K. as is." uses the current background music 
    for the battle. I know what you're asking -- why would you want to fight to 
    that dreary tune? Well, my friend, step into the side room, and take a look 
    at what everybody's favorite friend. Big Joe, has for you! The Jukebox next 
    to him can change the BGM, and has quite an impressive array of tunes to 
    choose from. And whatever's playing will carry over to the arena if you 
    choose that second option when signing up.
    There are two types of prizes in the Battling Arena. Common items can be 
    obtained as often as you like, but Rare Items can only be picked once each 
    (although they do not disappear from the list).
    NOTE: There are two totals of BP tallied. There is Total BP, which does not 
    go down except when purchasing Rare Items, and Current BP, which goes down 
    with item purchases or by losing in the Arena.
    So, first the Common Items.
    NOTE: (G) denotes it is equipment for Gears (both lists).
    NO. ITEM         COST   USAGE
    00  Anoret Seed  250    Weight reduced 4.4 lbs.
    01  Bulimy Seed  250    Weight increased 4.4 lbs.
    02  Samson'sHair 800    Use in battle to increase Attack
    03  Anoret Fruit 750    Weight reduced 8.8 lbs.
    04  Bulimy Fruit 750    Weight increased  8.8 lbs.
    05  Lite Ar +1   750    Defense +15, Response +5 (G)
    06  Lite Ar +2   1000   Defense +40, Response +5 (G)
    07  Lite Ar +3   1250   Defense +60, Response +5 (G)
    08  Mirror Ar    1500   Defense +50, 50% Beam resistance (G)
    09  Wind Ring    2000   Defense vs. Wind element
    10  Earth Ring   2000   Defense vs. Earth element
    11  Fire Ring    2000   Defense vs. Fire element
    12  Water Ring   2000   Defense vs. Water element
    13  Wind Veil Ar 3500   Defense vs. Earth Ether (G)
    14  EarthVeil Ar 3500   Defense vs. Wind Ether (G)
    15  Fire Veil Ar 3500   Defense vs. Water Ether (G)
    16  WaterVeil Ar 3500   Defense vs. Fire Ether (G)
    17  ElementAero  4500   Add Wind element to attacks
    18  ElementTerra 4500   Add Earth element to attacks
    19  ElementPyro  4500   Add Fire element to attacks
    20  ElementHydro 4500   Add Water element to attacks
    21  EtherStoneLg 7500   Ether +5
    22  AntiEthRockL 8000   EthDef +5
    And now, the Rare Items. In this section, the "CBP" Column will indicate the 
    Current BP you need to get the item, while "TBP" is for the Total BP amount 
    NOTE: Items with TBP cost, but not a CBP cost, do NOT expend the TBP. THey 
    only require you to have that many. Items with costs in both columns DO, 
    however, expend from both columns.
    00  M Disk       3500    4000   Used to fix the Wildcat Bar's Jukebox
    01  Power Ring S ----    2000   Power +5
    02  StaminaRingS ----    3000   Defense +5
    03  Speed Ring S ----    4500   Agility +2
    04  Gallant Belt ----    6000   Adds 10% to your Max HP, but only in battle
    05  Fei  Jr.Doll 500     3000   Critical damage up (only Emeralda can equip)
    06  Bart Jr.Doll 500     3000   Critical rate up (only Emeralda can equip)
    07  BillyJr.Doll 500     3000   Accuracy and Evasion increase
    08  Body Guard   500     4000   Prevents Physical Statuses (Stop, slow,
                                    poison, DUR/ACC/ATK/DEF/STR down)
    09  Mind Guard   750     4500   Prevents Mental Statuses (Confuse, forget,
                                    sleep, ETH effect down)
    10  EtherDoubler ----    8000   Spells cost twice as much, and become twice
                                    as potent
    11  Ether Guard  ----    8500   Prevents EP-Drain attacks
    12  Life Stone   ----    9000   Doubles healing recieved
    13  S Charger    2500   10000   "Charge" restores 100 Fuel (G)
    14  X Charger    3000   12500   "Charge" restores 200 Fuel (G)
    15  GNRS50       5000   15000   Engine Output increases by 50% (G)
    16  Deathblower3 7500   18000   Enables the X,X Gear Deathblow (G)
    17  Speed Shoes  4500   30000   Auto haste (Auto-Booster in Gear)
    When you choose to play Special mode 2, you are asked to choose Gear Level. 
    This is effectively Difficulty level. Gear level 0 is "Easy", 1 is "Normal", 
    and 2 is "Hard".
    NOTE: In Disc One, only Gear Level 0 and Gear Level 1 are choosable. Gear 
    Level 2 is opened on the second disc, after unlocking the first Secret Gear, 
    UNLOCKING EL-REGRS: Enter Deus in Disc Two, delve your way to the core, and 
    go east to find a repairbot giving you the option to exit. When you get back 
    to Nortune, Elly's Omnigear will be ready.
    The higher Gear Level you choose, the greater the points awarded (see next 
    At the end of each fight, you pay a certain cost for Gear Repair for the 
    fight, and you are awarded Battle Points as well as a cash Bonus. (Remember: 
    BP lost will subtract from your Current BP, but will leave your Total BP 
    The amounts you earn are based both on what Gear Level you have chosen and by 
    how much you win. There are eight distinct ways a  battle can end:
    Great Victory
    Close Victory
    Close Loss
    Great Loss
    Ether Bullet Loss
    The lady at the desk gives a different speech depending on which of these you 
    "Wow, you're sooo strooong! Boy, was he ever outmatched! Ooh, I get 
    goosebumbs at your overwhelming power!"
    If you win without losing more than a pixelwidth or two of health, this is 
    the result you get.
    LEVEL              G.L.0       G.L.1       G.L.2
    Gear Repair Cost     -0G         -0G         -0G
    BP Awarded         +215P       +300P       +900P
    Bonus              +500G       +700G      +1000G
    "Hmm, not a bad battle! Keep it up!"
    This is what you're most likely to get. You win, but you took damage.
    LEVEL              G.L.0       G.L.1       G.L.2
    Gear Repair Cost    -10G        -30G        -50G
    BP Awarded         +145P       +175P       +450P
    Bonus              +210G       +330G       +550G
    "So, this is what they mean by 'taking great risks'? Well done on a close 
    As opposed to a Great Victory, in this, you won with just a pixelwidth or two 
    of life REMAINING.
    LEVEL              G.L.0       G.L.1       G.L.2
    Gear Repair Cost    -50G       -100G       -150G
    BP Awarded          +75P       +120P       +245P
    Bonus              +150G       +300G       +450G
    "So near yet so far! Too bad! You almost had him!
    That was a good match! Either of you could have easily won! Now try harder on 
    the rebound!"
    This is when you lose, but the ENEMY had only a pixelwidth or two of life 
    left to go. Opposite of a Close Victory.
    LEVEL              G.L.0       G.L.1       G.L.2
    Gear Repair Cost    -50G       -100G       -150G
    BP Awarded          -90P       -120P       -175P
    Bonus                +0G         +0G         +0G
    "Too bad, you lose! It was not due to any obvious flaw, so you might win next 
    A loss. Nothing big; it occasionally happens.
    LEVEL              G.L.0       G.L.1       G.L.2
    Gear Repair Cost    -10G        -30G        -50G
    BP Awarded          -32P        -48P       -150P
    Bonus                +0G         +0G         +0G
    "... Are you a pacifist?
    ... Or don't you know how to control a Gear?
    You need to know the basic controls, so perhaps you should try out out 
    Practice Mode! Speak to the girl at the counter next to me.
    "You can't just do nothing and expect to win! You need to practice first to 
    get the hang of it!"
    You should never, ever get this message. It's a loss with the enemy 
    completely undamaged, or with only a pixelwidth or two of health taken out of 
    him. The only way I know this exists is because, while recording stats for 
    losses on various Gear Levels, I tried not doing anything, which put me in 
    this bracket.
    LEVEL              G.L.0       G.L.1       G.L.2
    Gear Repair Cost    -50G       -100G       -150G
    BP Awarded         -100P       -150P       -450P
    Bonus                +0G         +0G         +0G
    "One weakness that I can see from watching your bout is that you seem to use 
    your 'Ether Bullets' too much. You should better understand the nature of the 
    attack... 'Ether Bullets' raise your 'Heat Gauge (H.G.)' by quite a large 
    percentage. Three shots will easily send your H.G. to the MAX condition. If 
    you continue to attack in that condition, your machine overheats.
    "The excess heat begins to cause damage, so if you don't take care, your HP 
    will fall to zero before you realize it!
    "The heat accumulated by your Gear is shown in the on-screen H.G.. Manage 
    your heat during battle with the aid of this H.G.. Oh, and don't forget to 
    stay cool now!"
    If you lose the battle and have at some point taken damage due to excessive 
    Ether Bullet shots, this is where you land. Repair costs and BP loss are 
    lesser than for other losses, but it's a loss nonetheless. Best bet is to 
    head for water, or at least refrain from Ether Bullets, until your heat level 
    drops back to blue.
    LEVEL              G.L.0       G.L.1       G.L.2
    Gear Repair Cost    -15G        -45G        -75G
    BP Awarded          -16P        -32P       -175P
    Bonus                +0G         +0P         +0G
    "Match forfeited!"
    Hit Start. Choose "Give Up", and confirm with "Yes". Simple, eh? BP loss is 
    slightly greater than a normal Loss would yield, though.
    LEVEL              G.L.0       G.L.1       G.L.2
    Gear Repair Cost     -0G         -0G         -0G
    BP Awarded          -45P        -75P       -300P
    Bonus                +0G         +0G         +0G
    FINAL NOTE: A tip. It's far better to do this on Disc Two. Since Gear Level 2 
    has the best BP output, and since you can play as the Xenogears instead of 
    Weltall, you will rake in the points.
    So have fun Battling, and load up on loot! Then, when you're done, go play 
    the much cooler Special Mode 1!
    As this is the first version of this guide, sole credits go to myself, 
    Kenneth Whitten, for authoring it, and to Squaresoft, for making the 
    Xenogears game to which Battling is home.
    (C) 2004, Kenneth Whitten, all rights reserved.
    P.S. Keep the above line in mind should you ever wish to use this guide. If 
    you wish to use it, all you need do is follow the universal FAQ/Guide 
    courtesies of keeping the content unaltered and remembering to credit me for 
    authoring it.
    P.P.S. I will know if you don't.

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