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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IDeLucas

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               |     /          g  o  d     o  n  l  y     k  n  o  w  s
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                                XENOGEARS FAQ v0.7
                        for the Sony PlayStation (import)
                        by Ignacio de Lucas and Kao Megura
     Unpublished work Copyright 1998 Ignacio de Lucas and Kao Megura
     This FAQ is for private and personal use.  It can only be reproduced
     electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered
     as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appear
     unaltered and in full.  This FAQ is not to be used for profitable or
     promotional purposes.  This includes being incorporated, reprinted,
     or otherwise used by magazines, books, guides, etc., in ANY way.
     This FAQ was created by Ignacio de Lucas and Kao Megura. Currently, 
     it is being mantained by Ignacio de Lucas <de_lucas@yahoo.com>.  
     All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not 
     specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
     Both authors respectfully ask that this FAQ not be used by any
     publishing company of any sort.  It's happened in the past with some
     other FAQs, and we'd just as soon not see it happen again, okay?
     Xenogears is (c) Square Soft and (c) Sony Entertainment of Japan.
    This FAQ, and future revisions of it, can be found at:
    Kao Megura's Home Page                            kao.home.ml.org
    GameFAQs                                          www.gamefaqs.com
     T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
     1.  U P D A T E S   /   I N T R O D U C T I O N
     2.  D I S C   O N E   W A L K T H R O U G H
     3.  D I S C   T W O   W A L K T H R O U G H
     4.  S E C R E T S   A N D   C O D E S
     5.  P L A Y I N G   T H E   G A M E
          - Characters
          - Controls
          - Main Menu
          - Sleeping and Shopping
          - Battles
     6.  L I S T S   A N D   C H A R T S
          - Item List
          - Character Equipment List
          - Character Weapon List
          - Gear Equipment List
          - Gear Weapon List
          - Skills, Ethers and Gear Options Lists
          - Status Ailments
     7.  M A P S
          - Yggdrasil Map
     8.  L I N K S
     9.  S P E C I A L   T H A N K S
    10.  A U T H O R ' S   N O T E
       1   .   U P D A T E S   /   I N T R O D U C T I O N
    UPDATES  ________________________________________________________________
    Version 0.7 (June 11, 1998)
      Did you miss me? OK, I won't be able to update until I finish my exams,
      so be patient. Also, since I've had no time to play the game, there's
      no update to the walkthrough yet. But don't worry, because K.M., who
      has finished his exam season, will be able to continue the FAQ in the
      meantime.  <KM's note - Yup, that's right.  Look for new info (lots of
      it, or so I hope) from yours truly in the next update.>
      Made a LOT of corrections to item names and effects (all that were
      missing) thanks to Tatsushi Nakao, which incidentally is the Uni I
      mentioned in the last What's New. Also added some elusive items to the
      walkthrough thanks to him, as well as the Music Select and Sandman's
      Desert tips.  Added some warning notes on the Debug Waza, Party Select
      and Save Anywhere Action Replay codes.  Added Yggdrasil's Reverse Gear
      to the tips section (I discovered this back on revision 0.2, but kept
      forgetting about adding it ^_^;).  Corrected the Status Ailments
      section a bit.  Added the fact that HP-recovering Ethers restore lost
      armor (defense) when inside a Gear, thanks to Zhou Tai An.
      And finally, although most of you will already know by now, Square has
      announced that Xenogears will be released in the US! Oh joy! Also, and
      since judging from SaGa Frontier, their translations' quality has
      improved, it most likely means that I'll be purchasing the game, and
      make a US version of the FAQ. Depending on numerous factors, I might
      even delay the rewrite of the walkthrough in order to base it upon the
      US version instead.
    Version 0.6 (April 28, 1998)
      Well, I decided to continue the walkthrough after all, even if I didn't
      receive more than one mail asking for it ^_^ I'll also be making the
      complete monster list, with HP, Experience and G. That's because I've
      found a complicated but easy way of doing it (confused? ^_^).
      Made quite a lot of item names corrections thanks to Uni
      Cleaned up Accesory list under the Accesory Select code. Added Links
      section. Added Maps section... with just one map (the Yggdrasil).
      Added Gear Armor, Engines and Frames to the item lists; they're
      incomplete, but I'll do them as I write the walkthrough (there's no
      other way).
    Version 0.5 (April 14, 1998)
      Not that big a update. I'm still debating whether to make a detailed
      walkthrough or not (read the walkthrough section for details).
      Added item costs to the item/weapon/accesories lists.
      Zhou Tai An and I have decided he'd best send his translations
      to Gamefaqs on his own. Since he updates about once a week and
      I do once a month at best, it makes no sense to keep people waiting
      for them. If you haven't them yet, and don't know Japanese, go to
      <www.gamefaqs.com> and get them. Do it NOW!
      Added some clarification on Gear combat and Skills, how to learn
      them, and how Infinity Attack Level works.
      Added the following Action Replay codes: Fast Level Up (Fei),
      Enemies have 1 HP, Enemy Gears have 1 HP and Infinite Money (at
      reader's request). Also added the musics list below the Music
      Select code and cleaned up the item list under the Item Select code.
      Added info about the third Gear Skill in each Level, thanks to David
      Johnson (johnsonr@compuserve.com).
    Version 0.4  (March 21, 1998)
      Ignacio here. K.M. has unfortunately left the project due to lack 
      of time :(, so expect a lot more errors and such, besides slower 
      Well, a quite big update anyway. The items, Ethers and skills lists
      are all completed now. I also reformatted them so they would be easier
      to handle.
      Zhou Tai An not only has continued his translations, but he has 
      even revised what he had written. I would strongly reccomend 
      re-reading the first part, because a lot of things are much clearer.
      I've made quite some Game Shark codes too. They are in the tips 
      section. Additions and clarifications to the Attributes, AP store 
      bar and Gear combat sections, among others, have been made.
      Lastly, there's a handy tip to get into / out of your gears quickly
      in the tips section, by Jego Herve (hjego@hotmail.com).
    Version 0.2  (March 2, 1998)
      The walkthrough and Lists sections have been expanded upon.  Also,
      Zhou Tai An will now be aiding both Ignacio and myself by providing
      storyline translations.  Give him a hand!
    Version 0.1  (February 26, 1998)
      The first release!  Just basic information here and nothing too in
    Version 0.0 begun on February 10, 1998
    INTRODUCTION  ___________________________________________________________
    Well, K.M. is back, and I'm out of the picture until next month, which
    means the FAQ will be more confusing than ever ^_^; Each "I" could be
    either him or me, but if you really need to know who's speaking in which
    moment, just check the number of the revision in which that was added.
    As for mail, you can contact either of us, but for the moment you're
    better off with him, since I'll be studying.
    This FAQ is based on the Japanese version of Xenogears.  I've changed
    my mind about making a US version: considering that Square seems to
    have improved their translations, I'm pretty sure I will make an US
    version. Again, if they mess up this one too, I'll be too depressed to
    do so (or keep breathing for that matter).
    Now that I'm on the subject, ALL information in this FAQ applies to the
    Japanese version of the game only, ESPECIALLY the Action Replay / Game
    Shark codes. They will NOT work in the US version. I'll redo them if and
    when I get the US version. Don't worry: even if I don't get it, I'll most
    likely be able to borrow it, so I would put an Action Replay US update
    like in FFT.
    Since this guide is for a Japanese game, Japanese text is used, 
    mainly in the various lists.  All text is encoded in New-Jis and can 
    be viewed using various Japanese word proccessors, among them the 
    excellent NJSTAR utilities which you can find at <www.njstar.com>.
    My reccomendation: download NJWin, install it; open the FAQ in Word,
    WordPad or anything similar (import from DOS text); select the whole
    document and change the font style to Courier New, eight points.
    It looks awesome.
    If you MUST use DOS (like me!), then you'll have to download NJStar. 
    The problem is that, as far as I know, it can't handle files greater 
    than 64Kb, so you'd have to chop this somehow. Besides that, it looks
    just as cool.
    If you decide to go on without getting any of these word processors
    (boo!), note that every time Japanese text appears, it will misalign
    things horrendously (maybe even wrapping the line around... ugh!).
    Also, if you have problems viewing the Japanese text, try getting the
    FAQ from Kao Megura's homepage. It seems that Japanese text gets
    misconverted rather easily when sent by e-mail / handled, but Kao
    Megura seems to do it just fine.
    Well, remember that I'm Spanish, which means English is my second 
    language. So expect errors. Tons of them ^_^;. And BTW, I don't know
    almost any Japanese either.
    Finally, I won't answer questions by e-mail. Believe me, after two 
    weeks of spending 1-2 hours a day answering mail, I just had to say 
    "enough". I don't really mind replying, but it takes way too much 
    time, which I can't afford. That doesn't mean you shouldn't ask: 
    if I'm able, I'll answer your questions in the next revision of the
    You can contact me (Ignacio) at:
    And Kao Megura at:
       2   .   D I S C   O N E   W A L K T H R O U G H
    Well, I finally decided to actually write the detailed walkthrough. The
    reasons for my decision are varied, and funnily enough they aren't related
    to receiving any fan mail (I only received one!), but rather, my absolute
    loving of the game and the awesome plot translations from Zhou Tai An.
    Beware, though, that it will take a ridiculous time to finish it, and I
    might change my mind before finishing it. Remember you still can find David
    Johnson's complete walkthrough at:
    Lastly, for those of you that actually care about it (if there's anyone),
    I decided to write the complete enemy list (yes, with HP, Exp and G), the
    reason for it being that I've found a way to have active the AR software and
    the walkthrough at the same time.
    While I will sometimes make references about what is actually happening in
    the game, all the info I provide has been obtained from Zhou Tai An's
    translations of the game (since I don't know Japanese). Therefore, if you
    have intention of understanding anything about the story, you should really
    get them. Anything there concerning the plot overrides anything you can find
    About the monsters: Most of the info I provide is self-explanatory. The line
    below the HP, etc... is the description of the enemy, precceded by whether
    if it is a character-sized, drawn enemy or a Gear sized, polygonal one.
                     L a h a n   T o w n
       Items in this area: Aquasol x3
       After the FMV showing the crash of a huge ship into your planet long
       ago, and the non-interactive sequence showing a glimpse of the present,
       you'll find yourself reconstructing the sequence of events that led
       there. In other words, you begin playing a flashback.
       Your main character is Fei. 
       Fei's initial equipment: Warrior Clothing, Warrior Hat, Stamina Ring. 
       Fei's initial items: None
       Fei's initial money: 100 G. 
       The control switches to you after Fei finishes his picture. You can
       check the nice pictures he's done in this very room. In the northern
       room of this very floor you can talk to a maid who will tell you of
       your arrival to Lahan town. In the westernmost room there are two
       barrels containing one Aquasol each.
       Up the stairs then. Here you can talk to Timothy (Alur's fiancee and 
       your friend) and old man Lee (sorta foster parent) among others. When 
       you try to leave, Dan (Alur's brother) will come in and ask you to 
       talk to him outside.
       Talk to Dan outside. I don't know what difference each choice makes to 
       the game, though.
       You can also talk to the woman by the cow and choose the second
       option to receive another Aquasol.
       There are quite some buildings in the town outside. For one, there's
       a shop which sells:
       Character Items:
       AquaSol                  20
       RoseSol                 100
       OmegaSol                 50
       Survival Tent           150
       BTW, never EVER buy Survival Tents. Get OmegaSol instead. The reason for
       this is that they have the same cost/effect ratio (since the Tents heal
       all three characters, but cost thrice as much), but Tents MUST be used
       on all characters AND they can only be used in save spots!
       There is also a bar, though there isn't much of interest here.
       Another house has a guy playing paper, scissors, rock, but you always
       seem to lose (15 GP). You can talk to the woman downstairs and choose
       the first option to receive 150 GP.
       There's a beginner's house too, but since (surprise!) the game is
       in Japanese, it's not too useful. There's a Memory Cube (save point)
       here, but you could just as well go to the world map to save.
       Now that we're onto it, you might want to wander outside the town
       (not by its northern side) to check the world map. Since you'll have
       to go out of the town later anyway, enemies you can find there are
       explained later.
       You can also go to the mountain North of Lahan if you want, but you'll
       have to go later anyway, so...
       When you're done, go to the house which has a woman at its door and
       talk to her. Go through the door and up the stairs to meet Alur.
       Once the scene's over, go to the mountain north of the village. This
       is the first "dungeon" of sorts.
                        L a h a n   M o u n t a i n
       Items in this area: AquaSol x2, Bird's Egg
       Enemies in this area:
       つちのこ (Tsuchinoko) (type 1)
         HP 15, Exp 2, G 0. Leaves Tsuchinoko Meat. Leaves Tsuchinoko steak if
         defeated with a fire-elemental attack.
         Character-sized. Potato-like thing ^_^;
       さい (Sai)
         HP 14, Exp 3, G 0.
         Character-sized. Blue wolf-like creature.
       Now that we're talking about that, the bit about roasting the
       Tsuchinokos to get Tsuchinoko Steaks is extremelly useful, specially
       when yo uget Ellie later on. Tsuchinoko steaks recover 150 HP (outside
       battles) and can be sold for 150 G.
       In the first crossroad where the save spot is, take the West path
       for the shortest route, or the East for a longer one (including a
       jump) during which you can get an Aquasol. Anyway, you'll end up
       in a platform with a boy on it. Here, you can go back East and drop
       to the ledge with a tree, then jump up to grab a Bird's Egg (choose
       the first option). However its owner won't be too pleased about it, 
       and it will follow you to the end of this section demanding you to 
       return the egg. Each time you answer no (bottom option), it'll peck you
       for 1 damage.
       Anyway, you'll have to drop back down and repeat your way until the 
       platform with the boy. He'll tell you to make a running jump across 
       the ledge. Do so, then cross the bridge. After that you can jump down 
       to get (you guessed it) another Aquasol. Then climb back up and exit 
                         S h i t a n ' s   H o u s e
       Items in this area: AquaSol, Midori's Ring
       Head to the back door of the house. There will be some flowers there,
       leaving a small space between them and the wall of the building. Well, 
       jump over to that space, then search the flowers from that side to 
       receive Midori's Ring (it doesn't show up in the item list).
       You can also check the top of a rock near that: there is bird food
       over it (it doesn't serve any purpose, though).   
       After that, check the door in the middle floor of the observatory. A 
       chicken will pop up ^_^ but if you search where it came from, there's 
       an Aquasol. 
       Elsewhere, you can explore the place at your leisure. The top floor's
       room has a ladder that leads to a telescope, with which you can check
       a bit of the world map.
       Inside the room at ground level of the building, you'll meet Shitan's
       wife, Yui, and daughter, Midori. Talk to Yui, and, if you have it, 
       Fei'll give her the Bird's Egg. Note that Fei won't give Midori her
       ring, though! ^_^;
       Now head to the building with the Land Crab over it (that insect /
       helicopter machine). Enter it after the sequence, and touch the
       music box in there.
       After the sequence, it will be at night. Head back to Lahan through
       the mountain. There are no monsters now. Save at the Memory Cube if
       you want.
                            L a h a n   T o w n
       After another sequence, a Gear battle will ensue. Refer to the appropriate
       section for controls, etc... 
       Battle : 
       ムシャ百式 (Fighter Type 100) x2
         HP 150, Exp 90 (each), G 50 (each).
         Gear-sized. Somewhat old-looking war Gear.
       Really easy. You'd have problems trying to lose against them.
       Once the sequences are over, you'll find yourself in the world map again.
                          W o r l d   M a p
       Enemies in this area:
       つちのこ (Tsuchinoko) (type 1)
       ホッパー (Hopper)
         HP 100, Exp 8, G 0. Leaves Swordman Clothes.
         Character-sized. Two-legged green creature.
       You can't enter Lahan (rather, there's not much Lahan left to enter to),
       but you can go to the mountain instead. Don't, though.
       Head for the forest West of where you are, and find an entrance on its
       north-easthern border.
            F o r e s t   o f   t h e   B l a c k   M o o n
                       f i r s t   s e c t i o n
       Items in this area: Aquasol
       Enemies in this area:
       つちのこ (Tsuchinoko) (type 2)
         HP 30, Exp 13, G 0. Leaves Tsuchinoko Meat. Leaves Tsuchinoko steak
         if defeated with a fire-elemental attack.
         Character-sized. Looks like a Tsuchinoko. In fact, the only difference
         seems to be the amount of Exp it gives.
       さい (Sai)
       甲?虫 (Armor ? Insect)
         HP 7, Exp 35, G 0. Leaves Strange Fruit.
         Character-sized. Armored insect-like creature. All physical attacks
         inflict 1 damage (including Skills), so use either Square attacks or
         the "Finger Bullet".
       During this dungeon, you will find Tsuchinoko's around. You can "talk" to
       them to fight them, but beware that you won't be able to run from these
       つちのこ (Tsuchinoko) (type 2)
       Proceed SW until the crossroad. Take the leftmost (easthernmost) path.
       Jump to the small rock, then to the big, stepped one. Jump up the steps 
       to the fallen tree-trunk. Walk over it until you come across another
       tree-trunk over which this is leaning. Jump down to its left (SW) side 
       and grab the (sigh) Aquasol. Go all the way to the SW and climb the 
       rock with the tree roots on it to reach the Memory Cube. Continue 
       through the winding ledge to reach another tree-trunk. Fight the 
       Tsuchinoko group standing before the rock. You have three options now:
       A) Get rolled over by the boulder (-5 HP), B) Run Indiana Jones-like
       all the way through the tree only to realize there's no more tree 
       and you have to jump down to almost the start, or C) jump to the
       ledge you came from as soon as you see it moving. You guessed it:
       C) is the right answer. After that, jump back and continue through
       where the boulder was.
       There'll be an anime scene introducing Ellie now, after which you'll
       fight two enemies.
       Battle : 
       フォレストエルフ (Forest Elf) x2
         HP 41, Exp 21 (each), G 0 (each). Leaves ZetaSol (each).
         Character-sized. Blue humanoid.
       Again, it'll take less than two rounds. After this, there'll be another
       scene, then you'll be in the next part of the forest.
            F o r e s t   o f   t h e   B l a c k   M o o n
                     s e c o n d   s e c t i o n
       Items in this area: Aquasol, Survival Tent, Signal Rod
       Enemies in this area:
       ビーニック (Beanick)
         HP 30, Exp 19, G 0.
         Character-sized. Green, raven-like bird (yeah, I know ravens are
         black! :P). They can't be hit using regular attacks when they're on
         a tree.
       フォレストエルフ (Forest Elf)
         HP 41, Exp 21, G 0. Leaves ZetaSol.
         Character-sized. Blue humanoid.
       Ellie has joined you at this point. 
       Ellie's initial equipment: Magical Rod, Cloth Suit, Ether Stone, 
         Anti-Ether Stone.
       Go south to the crossroad. To the right (West) is an Aquasol. Go back
       and take the left (East) path, then continue South to another crossroad.
       The left (North) path leads to a fallen tree which tilts under your 
       weight allowing you to go back to the first section, but it's not
       too useful, is it? Take the right (South) path then. Just before the
       jump, you can turn to the West and jump down to a platform containing
       a chest with a Signal rod for Ellie. From here, you have no choice
       but to jump down and continue NE up to the first crossroad of the
       section. Like before, go East, then South, but this time jump across
       the gap. You'll find a Memory Cube and a chest containing a Survival
       Tent. After that, continue through the stone bridge to trigger a fight.
       Battle : 
       フォレストエルフ (Forest Elf) x2, ビーニック (Beanick) x2
       Just the same as a regular battle, but it is always triggered when 
       crossing the bridge (or jumping over the gap). Also, you can't run 
       from this one.
       Right after the fight, there will be another scene with some anime,
       then Ellie will leave the party and she will be attacked by the Rancor
       (Star Wars, anyone?). However, if you didn't get the Signal Rod before,
       you can (quite unpolitely) hop to the ledge North of the one you're
       standing on to get it (uh, it's for her, so I guess she won't get
       mad at you ^_^;). However, this way you won't get to use it until much 
       later (since Ellie's no longer in your party). You can get the Rod even
       later if you want to be a gentleman, though. You can also save in the 
       Memory Cube if you want. Go SW after that to face the Rancor.
       地竜ランカー (Earth Dragon Rancor)
         HP 99999, Exp 348, GP 0. Leaves Scale.
         Gear-sized. Tyrannosaur-like. 
       There's no way you can win this battle on foot (not without an Action
       Replay, anyway), so just select "defend" for a while until Shitan 
       arrives in the Land Crab with the Weltall.
       地竜ランカー (Earth Dragon Rancor)
         HP 480, Exp 348, GP 0. Leaves Scale.
         Gear-sized. Tyrannosaur-like. 
       When inside the Weltall, alternate between Circle attacks to charge
       your Attack Level (you have plenty of fuel and the Rankor's evade 
       rate is quite low), and Square, Square Skills to use it. Remember 
       than the single attacks will charge your Attack Level even if they miss. 
       Circle attacks inflict around 70 damage and S,S Skills around 140.
       The Rancor will use an attack which causes "Slow" but there's not 
       much you can do about it. Anyway, he should be out in about eight 
       After then, there'll be a scene. Ellie will leave, and Shitan
       will join. Finally, you'll leave the Forest of the Back Moon.
       Shitan's initial equipment: Swordman Clothing, Glasses, Step Shoes. 
                          W o r l d   M a p 
       In the grassy area right after the forest, you can find:
       ココボルドー (Kokoboldor)
         HP 35, Exp 3, G 0. Leaves Swordman Hat.
         Character-sized. Kobold (goblin-alike) with a bow.
       つちのこ (Tsuchinoko) (type 2)
       In the desert, there are:
       スナハミ (Sunahami)
         HP 111, Exp 121, G 0. 
         Character-sized. Fish-like green creature.
       サンドマン (Sandman)
         HP 50, Exp 60, G 75. 
         Character-sized. Looks like a Tusken Raider in a raincoat ^_^;
       You can enter the desert town of Dajir (by its North or its West gate),
       or wander off into the deep desert, which will reveal a field screen 
       with enemies (Sunahamis and Sandmen) that loops indefinitelly. So 
       go to Dajir.
                                  D a j i r
       Items in this area: None
       I'm assuming you're entering the town by its North gate; if that's 
       not the case, the order of the buildings will be reversed.
       In a stall (improvised with wheels ^_^;) you can buy the following:
       Character Equipment:
       Magical Rod              50
       Signal Rod              100
       Leather Whip             60
       Warrior Clothing         50
       Swordman Clothing        80
       Warrior Hat              30
       Swordman Hat             40
       Power Ring              200
       Stamina Ring            150
       Just opposite of that, there's a building which you must enter. Talk
       to the man behind the counter and he'll talk you about his sandbuggy
       (you need to do this).
       Further into the town, there's another stall in the street surrounded 
       by people, which sells:
       Character Items:
       AquaSol                  20
       RoseSol                 100
       KelvarSol                10
       GeistSol                 20
       Survival Tent           150
       Get as many AquaSol as you think you'll need. RoseSol aren't that useful 
       since Ethers play a quite secondary role in XenoGears. Also, it's a good
       idea to get some KelvarSol and GeistSol: they recover status ailments.
       One of the many buildings in the town contains a Memory Cube. In another
       one (the inn, cost 10 G), you will meet Big Joe. 
       Finally, enter the large building with the cross-like signs (which 
       you'll get to see quite a bit). You'll be told why you can't get the 
       parts you need.
       Once you've done this, go back to the sandbuggy's owner's house. The
       buggy will be outside it and there'll be a scene. Now enter the house
       and talk to the owner again. He'll lend it to Shitan, who will leave your
       party. Now leave Dajir and enter the Western part of the desert.
                               D e s e r t
       Items in this area: None
       Enemies in this area: 
       スナハミ (Sunahami)
       サンドマン (Sandman)
       You'll spot two Ave Gears as you enter. Continue straight until you 
       reach the end of the screen. Another scene will follow. Then, you'll 
       have to cross two more screens.
       After than, Fei will borrow a bike from an Ave soldier and use it to
       cross the desert (boo! I was expecting a mini-game here...) until
       he's surrounded by Ave Gears. Shitan will come to the rescue in the 
       Weltall, at which point he'll as usual leave the honors to you.
       トルーパー (Trooper) x2
         HP 180, Exp 180 (each), G 250 (each)
         Gear-sized. One-eyed desert Gear.
       Easy. Take one down with two circle attacks, then the other with any 
       Skill you like.
       At this point, Graf will appear and after some talk, he'll summon 
       a giant worm-like creature.
       ミミー (Mimmy)
         HP 200, Exp 1044, G 0. Leaves Eyeball
         Gear-sized. Worm-like three-jawed monster.
       Mimmy will drain your fuel quite fast, so it would be a good idea 
       to activate Booster (since the amount of fuel you'll lose will be less 
       than the one you save because of attacking faster).
       You can only hurt it with Finger Bullet or with the second hit of a 
       string. The former inflicts around 60 damage, so it's your best option.
       The S,T (Martial Arts Violent Gale) Skill causes 80 damage and you'll 
       most likely have learnt it by now, so it's not bad either but keep in mind
       that you will lose one out of each two rounds charging your attack level.
       BTW, use Square attacks to do so: all of them will inflict 0 damage and
       Square cost less fuel (which is critical in this battle). If you don't
       have that Skill, S,S (Martial Arts Lighning Attack) inflicts around 40
       After that, you'll be surrounded by Gears again, and this time you'll 
       have to surrender. You'll find yourself in a SandCrawler afterwards.
       Save your game in the Memory Cube. Talk to Shitan twice and the second
       time choose the first option to see some scenes.
                          S a n d C r a w l e r
                         m i d d l e   f l o o r
       Items in this area: Survival Tent, RoseSol
       Once the scenes are over, you'll find yourself in the same cell you
       were in. The door is open, but the SandCrawler is sinking into the 
       desert and sand is starting to fill the floor! The sand level rises
       continuously, so you better be fast. If it ever covers above your head,
       you'll have to restart from the cell again (though you'll keep the items
       you got before "drowning"). I'm not sure if doing so affects the game 
       or not, but I don't think so.
       Once you exit the cell from the North, you can head to the East or to
       the West. Since I assume you want to get all items, here's what you 
       have to do: Go to the East, then South into a small room and open the
       chest containing a Survival Tent. If you continue to the East, you'll 
       reach a ladder leading directly to the upper floor (unless you are too 
       late and sand is already spilling from it), but you don't want to, 
       because that way you'd miss the items in the lower floor. So go back 
       to the West and enter the first door to the South after the cell's. 
       Get the RoseSol and exit the room. Now keep going West until you come 
       across a ladder going down to the lower floor. If you want, you can
       push the switch on the door to shut it and prevent the sand from entering 
       the room (it won't matter once you go down the ladder, though).
                          S a n d C r a w l e r
                          l o w e r   f l o o r
       Items in this area: Armor +1, Leather Jacket
       Enemies in this area:   
       アヴェ二等兵 (Second Class Soldier of Ave)
         HP 60, Exp 75, G 35. Leaves AquaSol, RoseSol
         Character-sized. Soldier with brown helmet and aviation glasses on.
       アヴェ一等兵 (First Class Soldier of Ave)
         HP 60, Exp 75, G 40. Leaves Leather Hat
         Character-sized. Bigger soldier with white helmet and aviation
         glasses on his head.
       Head East, then climb the ladder to the North (as time goes on, a hole 
       will open in the floor below it, but you can still reach the ladder by 
       jumping from its side). Go all the way to the North, then West to get 
       an Armor +1 (Gear equipment). Go all the way back to the East and 
       South, then go up the staircase leading South. Cross the walkway and 
       get the chest containing a Leather Jacket. Note that if you take too 
       long, some of the planks in the walkway will fall and you'll have to 
       jump over them. It is still possible to get the Leather Jacket: jump as 
       far as you can and press Circle as you touch the chest in mid-air 
       (you'll fall through the hole, so go back South, up the stair, West 
       and North). Anyway, follow the walkway to the East and up the ladder
       to the upper floor.
                          S a n d C r a w l e r
                          u p p e r   f l o o r
       Items in this area: None
       Enemies in this area:   
       アヴェ二等兵 (Second Class Soldier of Ave)
       アヴェ一等兵 (First Class Soldier of Ave)
       Phew! There are no hurries now. Save in the Memory Cube. Go North, West,
       then South. As far as I know, there is no way to climb the crates.
                          S a n d C r a w l e r
                                 d e c k
       Items in this area: None
       Go South through the crane. Don't worry about falling off, Fei will 
       pull himself up again. If you take too long to cross the crane, you'll 
       have to start from the cell again. If that happens, remember you keep 
       all the items you got before that, so go East when you exit the cell to 
       go directly to the upper floor. But remember to reach the ladder before 
       sand begins to spill from it.
       The crane is composed by two bars, between which you have to switch 
       because they're blocked at different points. Start on the Eastern one, 
       then switch each time you can while going South.
       When you get to the other side of the crane, Fei'll get into the Weltall,
       and Bart will attack him in the Brigander.
       ブリガンディア (Brigander)
         HP 800, Exp 0, GP 0
         Gear-sized. Red Gear with whips attached.
       As usual, turn on the booster the first round. He will use Wild Smile, 
       which lowers your Accuracy and Evade. Therefore, don't use any Circle
       attacks, as he'll evade them most of the times. Finger Bullet causes 
       around 150 damage. You're probably better off with S,T strings, though; 
       they will hit most of the times and cause around 250 damage (each 2 
       rounds, remember). Anyway, not very hard.
       After the fight, you'll both sink into a cave below the sand.
                   U n d e r g r o u n d   C a v e
       Items in this area: Gold Lump, Iron WG
       Enemies in this area:   
       サンドマン (Sandman)   
       武力ロボ (Military Power Robo)
         HP 138, Exp 680, G 210. Leaves Armor, Armor +1
         Gear-sized. Blocky, construction type-looking Gear with a crane arm.
       流しの修理ロボ (Sink Repair Robo)
         HP 110, Exp 420, G 200
         Gear-sized. Grayish-green repairs Gear with pincers.
       クラーゲン (Kragen)
         HP 65, Exp 698, G 0
         Gear-sized. Jellyfish-looking creature. 
       メイフレイ (May Fly)
         HP 555, Exp 1410, G 690. Leaves Armor +1
         Gear-sized. Strange cross between a huge fly and a gear. Takes little
         or no damage from any attacks except second hits of Gear Skills.
       Bart has joined you at this point. Besides, you get to control your Gears
       for the first time.
       Bart's initial equipment: Leather Whip, Red Mail, Power Ring, Stamina Ring.
       Weltall's initial equipment: Armor, Armor, Ancient Circuit. 
         Engine : G4.1200. Frame: WELT018. Armor: MS Iron Plate #3.
       Brigander's initial equpment: Leather Whip Gear, Armor +1, Air
         Conditioning, Lens Shield. Engine : G4.1200. Frame: BRIG019.
         Armor: MS Iron Plate #3.
       Save, then head straight to the South. Press Circle at the rock blocking
       your way to push it. After the scene, head straight South again to get 
       the Gold Lump (it will be useful MUCH later on, almost at the end of the
       game. Thanks to Tatsushi Nakao for the info). After that, go West and 
       cross the entrance.
       Go SW until the end of the long passageway (as if you had any other 
       option). In the new section, cross the bridge and ignore the green
       Gear standing there. Go West, then North, and jump up the platforms (the 
       one with nothing on it, the one with the black and red machine, then the 
       one with a chest) to get an Iron Whip Gear for the Heimdall. Jump down 
       and go back South and East, then SW after the Green Gear to get to 
       a new section.
       Jump up the platforms. Go SW and save at the Memory Cube. Then get off
       your gears and enter the small cave entrance. 
       After the dialogue, talk to Belthasar (Bal) for more speaking. Then, 
       you can talk to him again and choose the third option to buy things 
       from him. After selecting this, the first option is to buy Gear stuff, 
       and the second is character stuff.
       Gear Engine:
       G6.1200                1200
       Gear Frame:
       WELT021                 400
       WELT025                 800
       HEIM032                1800
       BRIG022                 500
       BRIG027                 900
       Gear Armor:
       MS Steel Plate #6       500
       Gear Weapons:
       Gear Parts:
       Armor +1                 50
       Character Items:
       AquaSol                  20
       RoseSol                 100
       OmegaSol                 50
       Survival Tent           150
       Yuo should upgrade both Gears' Engine, Frame and Armor; though it's going 
       to cost almost all the money you have, it will be worth it. As in every 
       other place in which you can buy Gear stuff, you can also replenish 
       your Gears' HP and Fuel (for a price) here. Generally speaking, you 
       should always do so, but not before you've upgraded your frames and 
       engines, since they can hold more HP and fuel. In this case the engine 
       holds the same amount of fuel, though. Replace all the Armor parts you 
       have equipped by Armor +1. Also, if you haven't done so already, this 
       would be a good time to stock up in OmegaSol.
       After you're done, exit Bal's place and get into your Gears again. You 
       have to find two sensors now. Actually, you have already come across one 
       of them; it was the machine near the chest which had an Iron Whip Gear. 
       So go back NE, North, then NW, jump up the platforms again and press 
       Circle at the sensor to deactivate it. Head back to the section Bal's
       house was in, and this time go all the way up the platforms and to the 
       North until you find a way out of the current section to the NE.
       In the following section, you'll be in a stone bridge over the place 
       with the green Gear and the first sensor, so be sure not to fall off.
       After this, you'll be in a long passageway to the North, so you know 
       what you have to do.
       After that, go to the North and you'll find a bridge to the West. NOW
       you want to be careful. Remember the section that's below you right
       now? That's right, it's the very beginning of the entire dungeon!
       Go through the bridge, deactivate the sensor, then go back to Bal's 
       house. Talk to Bal and the gate will open. After the scene, you'll 
       be outside Bal's house; you can still go back and buy from him, though.
       Go South through the huge gate. In the new section, go South, then get 
       out of your Gears and enter the Gondola to the East. Turn the red switch 
       on (select the first option when prompted) and go back to your Gears.
       Now go to the elevator to the West and activate it. Head to the South,  
       down the steps then up again, save at the Memory Cube, then take the
       elevator down. 
       In the next room you'll see Calamity flying around. You can walk 
       through the cave a bit before it attacks you, but there's not much you 
       can do.
       カラミティ (Calamity)
         HP 2500, Exp 0, G 0
         Gear-sized. Huge, bulky Gear with twin engines at its back.
       Put on Booster as soon as you start. Finger Bullet does 0 damage, so 
       don't bother. Use Skills instead: Fei's S,T and Bart's S,S (unless you
       made Bart fight outside the Brigander, in which case he could have learnt
       S,T, but it's not worth the pain). His evade rate is almost nil (he does
       block sometimes, though), so you can abuse Circle attacks: they only do
       around 70 damage, however. Bart's S,S does around 180, and Fei's S,T
       around 200.
       Calamity's punches do about 140 damage, and throwing arms around 200, 
       but since you can't heal your HP yet, they're not to be taken lightly. 
       Bad news is that he has a spread missile attack that hits for 450 damage 
       or so, but he doesn't do it often. Furthermore, he's quite slow, so with
       Booster on, you should be able to get in two actions per character for 
       each one of his. All in all, it shouldn't be too difficult.
       There'll be a sequence then, with Calamity coming back to life and Fei
       defeating it with an Infinite Level Skill (no, you don't get now! :P).
       After that, go East and take the round path which leads to the side of the
       broken road. Jump on the platform, then onto the road and head South to
       exit the cave. The next scene will leave you on the Yggdrasil, Bart's 
       sand ship.
                            Y g g d r a s i l
       The Yggdrasil is quite big, and you'll be walking through it quite a 
       lot, so get used to it as soon as possible. Check the map of it in the
       Maps section (it's hard to miss, it's the only map I've done ^_^).
       The floor you're in is the lowest one, the hangar for Gears. Gears
       are stored in stands like the one Weltall is now in. You can approach 
       these places and talk to the person in them to look at them (first and
       second options: look at the Gear's back or front) or ask them for
       information about the Gear (third option). Talk to the person to the 
       South to rename it (only Katakana and Hiragana, though).
       There's also a Gear shop in this floor; it's the building at the East. 
       It is quite important that you remember this, because it updates its stuff
       quite frequently and most of the time it has the most advanced equipment
       available where you are. Right now they have:
       Gear Engine:
       Z9.1500                1800
       Gear Frame:
       WELT030                1400
       Gear Armor:
       MS Steel Plate #9      1500
       Gear Weapons:
       Iron WG                1600
       Snapper WG             2000
       Gear Parts:
       Reaction Circuit       2500
       Defense Circuit        2500
       C Circuit               250
       Magnet Coat            4000
       Lens Shield            2500
       Engine Guard           5000
       Tank Block             3000
       Repair Coat            4000
       Gear Block             4000
       By now you should have enough money to get all the upgrades. I wouldn't
       reccomend getting any of the parts though: none of them are too useful.
       Exit the hangar, then go straight North and enter the door to meet Meison
       again. Here you can buy items and character equipment, but sadly, he 
       does not update his stuff.
       Character Items:
       AquaSol                  20
       AquaSol S               100
       RoseSol                 100
       RoseSol S               300
       ZetaSol                 100
       KelvarSol                10
       GeistSol                 20
       White Star              500
       Brown Star              500
       Red Star                500
       Blue Star               500
       Hard Star               800
       Speed Star             1000
       OmegaSol                 50
       Survival Tent           150
       Character Accesories:
       Power Ring              200
       Stamina Ring            150
       Speed Ring             1200
       Guard Ring             2000
       I'd reccomend you get some ZetaSol: they're the equivalent of Phoenix 
       Tails (recover from 0 HP condition). However, since in XG such characters
       are recovered with 1 HP at the end of the battle, these items aren't as
       important as in FF games. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to keep some 
       handy for hard boss battles. You should get some AquaSol S too. The rest 
       of the items are a bit too expensive to justify their purchase for now.
       Regarding accesories, I specially like Speed Rings, and they're not that
       expensive either. According to Tatsushi Nakao, they also work when you're
       on your Gears!
       You can explore the Yggdrasil and become familiar with it (again, use the
       map). There are some things you can't do yet, though (like changing party
       members... it will be quite some time until you can). When you're done, go
       to the bridge and talk to Sigurd.
               E n d   o f   R e w r i t e
     - Once you've arrived at your new destination, Maison will talk to you
       in the common area.  Afterwards, you can visit a shop on the lower
       floor.  There's also a door in the previous room that leads to an
       area with a Memory Cube (you can spend the night here, too).  In
       another room is an Iron Whip for Bart.  You can find Shitan and
       Bart in the electronics room.
     - Once you're in control of Fei again, you might as well check out the
       Gears.  Go down the first elevator, then the second one.  One of
       the Gears down here is 'Heimdall', which you don't get to use quite
       yet :)  Go back up and get onto the sand cruiser--Bart will pop out
       of the entrance.  You can go into the cruiser if you want, but
       there's not much to do there (Bans, the living sound test, will still
       be in the bridge.  If you want to listen to more of the dolphin's (?)
       sound collections, go talk to him).
     - Return to the upper level (the area with all the rooms) and look
       around.  There's a passage that leads outside.  Back on the World
       Map, head out into the desert to find Ave.
       3   .   D I S C   T W O   W A L K T H R O U G H
    <Under construction>
       4   .   S E C R E T S   A N D   C O D E S
    QUICK GEAR RIDE  ________________________________________________________
    by Jego Herve  <hjego@hotmail.com>
    While in the world map or any area in which you can go around in your 
    gears, you can press L2+R2 to get into / out of your gears instantly.
    This might not seem like much, but believe me, not having to go to the 
    menu screen saves a lot of time.
    YGGDRASIL'S REVERSE GEAR  _______________________________________________
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>
    I discovered this around revision 0.2, but I kept forgetting to put it
    until now ^_^; While flying around in the Yggdrasil, you can hold R2,
    then press the action button (Circle) to fly backwards. Quite useful for
    those accurate landings.
    THE SANDMAN DESERT  _____________________________________________________
    by Tatsushi Nakao  <uni@dragonfire.net>
    Right at the end of the game, there's a desert in an island in the world
    map that can be entered: it is the Sandman's Desert. Upon arriving there
    some Sandmen will appear and tell you to go home (in English! ^_^;), at
    which point you'll be asked if you want to leave or not. Assuming you
    don't (second choice), you'll have to fight them, but when you beat them
    there'll apparently be just an endless, looping desert. Well, here's what
    you have to do. Go four screens to the East, then two to the North, and
    you'll find some Sunahami's jumping towards the West. Follow them, and 
    you'll appear in a screen with sand currents leading to the sand cascade.
    Just try to stay in the rocks and move quickly to grab the chests (I've 
    not had time to get both yet, but the easiest one has one of the best 
    armors in the game). Once you drop from the upper part of the screen,
    you'll have to fight Mimmy, one of the first bosses in the game... but
    this time you're outside your Gears! Anyway, it's not hard. From there
    on, though, Mimmys will appear as regular enemies in the desert. Also,
    the screen you drop to isn't the starting point but the screen East to 
    that, so if you want to repeat it to get the other chest, you only have 
    to go three screens East before going North.
    IN-GAME MUSIC TEST  _____________________________________________________
    by Tatsushi Nakao  <uni@dragonfire.net>
    Apart from the music test in Shepad, which lets you listen only to some
    themes, there's another one close to the end of the game. If you go
    to Kisreb's Battling, which is still operative, you can choose to fight
    agains other Gears for Battle Points. The Battling will be explained
    in a later version of the FAQ, but you can use David Johnson's walkthough
    for details about it.
    Anyway, one of the items you can exchange for battle points is a M Disc,
    which lets you hear most of the game's music in the jukebox in the same
    Battling. I've listed the tunes along with the Action Replay number
    corresponding to them.
    BTW, you can use my Infinite Battle Points Action Replay code to get
    the M Disc easily. Unfortunatelly, it seems that using the AR to get
    the disc itself won't work, though.
    I've marked some of my faves with ***** (as if anyone would care...).
    A Theme
      track00: 1E - Ellie's theme *****
      track01: 27 - Ellie's theme (variation, non-looping)
      track02: 29 - Soft Yggrasil variant (opening text)
      track03: 0F - Chu Chu's theme
      track04: 2B - Maria's theme
      track05: 2C - Maria and Siebzehn "heroic" variation *****
      track06: 19 - General sad theme
      track07: 06 - Forest of the Dark Moon
      track08: 42 - Graf's theme
      track09: 3E - Id's theme *****
    A Battle
      track00: 1D - Battle theme
      track01: 14 - Boss music 2nd
      track02: 0B - Boss music 1st
      track00: 12 - Cave (ambience)
      track01: 11 - Water flow (ambience)
      track02: 18 - Soft wind (ambience)
      track03: 24 - Machinery (ambience)
      track04: 1A - Distant machinery (lighthouse dungeon) (ambience)
      track05: 43 - Sewers (like 06 but without ambience sounds)
      track06: 38 - Babel tower
      track07: 43 - Sewers (yes, again)
      track00: 09 - Midnight (ambience)
      track01: 10 - Mountain (ambience)
      track02: 06 - Forest of the Dark Moon (another one that repeats)
      track03: 15 - Wind (ambience)
      track04: 1B - Soft wind (ambience)
      track05: 1C - Rainfall (ambience)
      track06: 25 - Distant rumble (ambience)
      track07: 17 - Strong wind (ambience)
    The World
      track00: 28 - Overworld theme
      track01: 05 - Lahan town
      track02: 07 - Shitan's place
      track03: 2A - Dajil theme
      track04: 16 - Bart's theme
      track05: 04 - Alur's theme
      track06: 26 - Abe city
      track07: 3B - Yggdrasil theme (Bart's variation)
      track08: 47 - Kisreb
      track09: 2D - Damuz theme
      track10: 45 - Shebat theme *****
      track11: 48 - Solaris Comical Theme
      track12: 39 - Church organ music
      track13: 40 - Flying Yggdrasil theme
      track00: 0C - Go to sleep
      track01: 0D - Go to sleep 2
      track02: 0E - Game over
      track03: 0A - Dramatic Church theme variation
      track04: 13 - Eerie music
      track05: 08 - Music box theme
      track06: 2E - Fei's theme *****
      track07: 2F - Church theme
      track00: 23 - Sad theme (Billy)
      track01: 3F - Heroic theme *****
      track02: 3A - General tension music
      track03: 3D - Sinister music
      track04: 3C - Kisreb
    Of all the tracks that are really songs, there are missing only the 41
    and 44, which correspond, unsurprisingly, to the last two bosses' themes.
    GAME SHARK CODES  _______________________________________________________
    Please don't reprint these codes without attributing them to their
    proper authors/creators.
    Also, please don't ask me how to use any of these codes. I've put 
    them as clearly as I've been able (not that much, I know). If you
    really feel there's something that could and should be better 
    explained, mail me and I'll try my best to explain it in the next 
    revision of the FAQ.
    ITEM SELECT                                               8006ECEA - xxyy
    by Kao Megura
    This code has a tendency to crash the game.  In order for it to work,
    turn the switch off after entering the PAR menu.  Select this code,
    flip up the switch when it tells you to, then put it back down when you
    see the 'Thank You' message.  Don't turn it back on until you're in the
    Item menu.  Remember that you have to move an item around the menu to
    get the 'selected' ones to appear.  You'll need to turn this code off
    before exiting the Main Menu.
    Most of the times you'll be using this code to just get a Debug Item and
    Debug Waza: these items give you almost all items and techniques in the
    game! (and even some that aren't in there). BTW, using the Debug Item
    generates Debug Waza, so you don't even need that one. But it won't give
    any of the Event Items.
    The Debug Waza will also put all characters in the "global party", just
    as if the "party select" code had been used with 07FF (see below). This
    is bad, however: it will cause the game to freeze when shopping, since
    it will try to display the faces of all characters on the shopping screen.
    So correct it with a Party Select code.
    The Debug Item and Debug Waza have the numbers 21 and 22.
    xx = Item in first slot, right side.
    yy = Item in first slot, left side.
    Replace xx or yy with:
    Items usable during battle
    00 = <empty space>        01 = Aqua Sol             02 = Aqua Sol S
    03 = Aqua Sol DX          04 = Alpha Sol            05 = Spell Drug
    06 = Rose Sol             07 = Rose Sol S           08 = Rose Sol DX
    09 = Sigma Sol            0A = Zeta Sol             0B = Zeta Sol DX
    0C = Kelba Sol            0D = Geist Sol            0E = Extra Sol
    0F = White Star           10 = Brown Star           11 = Red Star
    12 = Blue Star            13 = Hard Star            14 = Speed Star
    15 = Eyedrop of Tragedy   16 = Penetrating Medicine 17 = Aegis Sol
    18 = Igis Sol             19 = Blue Rose            1A = Red Rose
    1B = Black Rose           1C = El. Iris             1D = El. Logos
    1E = El. Ignis            1F = El. Acuvi            20 = Thousand Warrior Str.
    Action Replay only items
    21 = Debug Item           22 = Debug Technique      23 = Wind Weakness
    24 = Earth Weakness       25 = Fire Weakness        26 = Water Weakness
    27 = Tomare               28 = Nero                 29 = Totte moyowai
    2A = Konran               2B = Soukou kesson        2C = Keikenchi dama
    2D = Combo Orb 10         2E = Baraa                2F = Battle 047
    30 = Battle 048          
    Items not usable during battle
    31 = Omega Sol            32 = Survival Tent        33 = STR Drive           
    34 = VIT Drive            35 = ETH Drive            36 = A.E Drive           
    37 = HP Drive             38 = EP Drive             39 = Tsuchinoko Meat     
    3A = High Grade Ts. Meat  3B = Tsuchinoko Steak     3C = Fang                
    3D = Eyeball              3E = Scale                3F = Strange Fruit       
    40 = Elf Banana           41 = Desert Strawberry    42 = Lighning Radish     
    43 = Dorian Juice         44 = Nisan Water          45 = Ave Water
    46 = Toy Gun              47 = Mini Gear            48 = Geridelbar Seed
    49 = Geridelbar Fruit     4A = Mertoruag Seed       4B = Mertoruag Fruit
    Key items
    4C = Scissor, Paper Badge 4D = Hide and Seek Badge  4E = Tag Game Badge      
    4F = Doll of Tears        50 = UFO Photograph       51 = Master Key          
    52 = Bundle of Sewer Keys 53 = Protection Bell      54 = Happy Picture Book  
    55 = Boring Comic         56 = "Church" Doctrine    57 = Spider              
    58 = Bird's Egg           59 = Dog Food             5A = Gold Lump           
    5B = Spider Web           5C = M Disk               5D = Chu Chu Doll         
    5E = ?? Ceremony Ticket   5F = Chu Chu Devil Statue 60 = Ship Room Key 
    61 = Kisreb Map           62 = Melgaba Map          63 = Shebat Map          
    64 = Justice Stone        65 = Dawn Stone           66 = Twilight Stone      
    67 = Gloom Stone          68 = Big Glod Lump        69 = Elephant Tusk       
    6A = Army Master Card     6B = Actor's Certificate  6C = Dirty Badge
    ACCESSORY SELECT                                          801EA552 - 00xx
    by Kao Megura
    This code has a tendency to crash the game.  In order for it to work,
    turn the switch off after entering the PAR menu.  Select this code,
    flip up the switch when it tells you to, then put it back down when you
    see the 'Thank You' message.  Don't turn it back on until you're in the
    Item menu.  Remember that you have to equip an item in the third slot
    already in order to get the 'selected' one to show up.  You'll need to
    turn this code off before exiting the Main Menu.
    Items between < > are ones that can only be obtained with an Action 
    Replay (i.e. they're not in the game). There may be more than the ones 
    I've marked, or even some of the ones I've marked might be real ones 
    (not likely, though). I'll try to correct these as I write the walkthrough.
    xx = With an item in the third slot, replace xx and then try to equip
         that item to equip the accessory you chose using the code.
    Replace xx with:
    00 = <empty space>        01 = Warrior Clothing     02 = Swordman Clothing
    03 = Leather Jacket       04 = Metal Vest           05 = Metal Jacket
    06 = Penguin Coat         07 = War Mail             08 = Crimson War Clothing
    09 = Black Leather        0A = Golden War Clothing  0B = <General Clothes>
    0C = <General Clothes>    0D = <General Clothes>    0E = <General Clothes>
    0F = Alur's Wedding Dress 10 = Warrior Hat          11 = Swordman Hat
    12 = Leather Hat          13 = Metal Met            14 = War Helm
    15 = Crimson Leaf Hat     16 = Black Met            17 = Golden Hat
    18 = <General Hat>        19 = Uniform              1A = Fighting Priest Cl.
    1B = Martial Arts Clothes 1C = Mermaid Clothes      1D = Beauty Beast Clothes
    1E = Execution Clothes    1F = Guardian Angel Cl.   20 = Silence Goddess Cl.
    21 = Millenium Clothes    22 = <Woman Clothes>      23 = White Beret
    24 = Silver Beret         25 = Ruby Met             26 = Star Light
    27 = Rainbow Turban       28 = <Woman Hat>          29 = Millenium Helm
    2A = Star Spirit Hat      2B = Red Mail             2C = Iron Mail
    2D = Knight Mail          2E = Dark Armor           2F = Rose War Clothes
    30 = Bl. Clothes of Kill. 31 = Man Clothes          32 = Hero's Costume
    33 = Legendary Wear       34 = Invincible King Cl.  35 = Iron Met
    36 = Night Helm           37 = Dark Helm            38 = King Helm
    39 = Kaiser Helm          3A = <Man Hat>            3B = Cloth Suit
    3C = Battle Vest          3D = Holy Clothes         3E = Devil Clothes
    3F = Fuwafuwa Clothes     40 = Battle Doretta
    (41 to 59 are blank)      
    5A = Power Ring           5B = Power Ring S         5C = Stamina Ring
    5D = Stamina Ring S       5E = Glasses              5F = Super Goggle
    60 = Step Shoes           61 = Premium Shoes        62 = Ether Stone
    63 = Big Ether Stone      64 = Resist Ether Stone   65 = Big Resist Ether St.
    66 = Speed Ring           67 = Speed Ring S         68 = War Spirit Belt Belt
    69 = Great Harmony Belt   6A = Small Amp            6B = Wizard Ring
    6C = Heracles Ring        6D = Buyer Certificate    6E = Holy Man's Pendant
    6F = <Coin of Destiny>    70 = Life Stone           71 = Crisis Power
    72 = Guard Ring           73 = Avoid Ring           74 = Black Long Coat
    75 = Battlefield Apron    76 = Body Guard           77 = Mind Guard
    78 = Poison Guard         79 = Sleep Guard          7A = Cool Glasses
    7B = Brain Guard          7C = Speed Shoes          7D = Muscle Belt
    7E = Ether Double         7F = Ether Guard          80 = Wind Ring
    81 = Earth Ring           82 = Fire Ring            83 = Water Ring
    84 = Ether Reverse        85 = <Ether Power>        86 = <Ether Max>
    87 = SD Fei Doll          88 = SD Bart Doll         89 = SD Billy Doll
    8A = SD Ellie Doll        8B = SD Emerada Doll      8C = Mermaid Earring
    8D = <Combo Star>         8E = ChuChu's Devil God   8F = Memory Pendant
    MUSIC SELECT                                               8004E9C8  00xx
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>
    Enter or exit a room for the selected music to start playing. 
    As promised, here's the music list. No need to mention I made all
    the names myself (I don't own the BGM, though it's not because I don't
    want to -_-). Worse yet, I tried to match each music with its use in
    the game, and given my musical ineptitude these will most likely be
    wrong. But here they are anyway.
    OK, I marked some more tunes. I know nobody will pay any attention to
    these, but hey, what's one's own FAQ for? Anyhow, it's hard to
    select some: this game has one of the best soundtracks I've listened
    And now that we are into useless info about the writer's tastes,
    I rather liked more the Overworld theme in the demo disc! It had a
    calm, soft atmosphere which is partly spoiled in the complete game
    because they added more instruments. OK, I'm shutting up now...
    00 - Lahan town
    01 - Lahan town
    02 - Lahan town
    03 - Lahan town
    04 - Alur's theme
    05 - Lahan town
    06 - Forest of the Dark Moon
    07 - Shitan's place
    08 - Music box theme
    09 - Midnight (ambience)
    0A - Dramatic Church theme variation
    0B - Boss music 1st
    0C - Go to sleep
    0D - Go to sleep 2
    0E - Game over
    0F - Chu Chu's theme
    10 - Mountain (ambience)
    11 - Water flow (ambience)
    12 - Cave (ambience)
    13 - Eerie music
    14 - Boss music 2nd
    15 - Wind (ambience)
    16 - Bart's theme
    17 - Strong wind (ambience)
    18 - Soft wind (ambience)
    19 - General sad theme
    1A - Distant machinery (lighthouse dungeon) (ambience)
    1B - Soft wind (ambience)
    1C - Rainfall (ambience)
    1D - Battle theme
    1E - Ellie's theme *****
    1F - <Silence>
    20 - <Silence>
    21 - <Silence>
    22 - <Silence>
    23 - Sad theme (Billy)
    24 - Machinery (ambience)
    25 - Distant rumble (ambience)
    26 - Abe city
    27 - Ellie's theme (variation, non-looping)
    28 - Overworld theme
    29 - Soft Yggrasil variant (opening text)
    2A - Dajil theme
    2B - Maria's theme
    2C - Maria and Siebzehn "heroic" variation *****
    2D - Damuz theme
    2E - Fei's theme *****
    2F - Church theme
    30 - <Silence>
    31 - <Silence>
    32 - <Silence>
    33 - <Silence>
    34 - <Silence>
    35 - <Silence>
    36 - <Silence>
    37 - <Silence>
    38 - Babel tower
    39 - Church organ music
    3A - General tension music
    3B - Yggdrasil theme (Bart's variation)
    3C - Kisreb
    3D - Sinister music
    3E - Id's theme *****
    3F - Heroic theme *****
    40 - Flying Yggdrasil theme
    41 - End boss (no spoilers, huh? ^_^;)
    42 - Graf's theme
    43 - Sewers (like 06 but without ambience sounds)
    44 - Second-to-last boss
    45 - Shebat theme *****
    46 - Bart's base
    47 - Kisreb
    48 - Solaris Comical Theme
    INFINITE MONEY                                             8006E5E8  C9FF
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  8006E5EA  3B9A
    Someone asked me why I hadn't made this code. There are two reasons:
    I could say that I don't usually use AR codes to make the game easier,
    preferring instead the ones that have interesting effects. But the
    main reason is that I forgot ^_^;
    FAST LEVEL UP - FEI                                        8006CF74  0001
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  8006CF76  0000  
    I think this one made you gain a level each battle. I haven't made any
    more of these (just Fei's) or tested it further because of the above
    reason of making the game easier.
    FEI ALWAYS RUNS                                            80059798  0040
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>
    Useful for lazy players (like me! ^_^;) who don't want to even hold X
    to run around. The code doesn't have any side effect either (i.e. the 
    X button works just fine).
    CHARACTER POSITION IN THE WORLD MAP                        800D3816  xxxx
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800D381E  yyyy
    This allows you to teleport to any location of the world map. I made it
    at the beginning of the game, but I have tried it later and doesn't seem 
    to work. I will correcting this soon, but for the moment, I think this
    should work early in the game, but only when you are in your Gear 
    (otherwise it teleports your Gear :) ).
    SAVE ANYWHERE                                              800B1840  0001
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>
    Inspired by the code of the same name someone made for FF7 (I later made
    that same for the US version of FF7). Like it says, the game always 
    consider you to be on a save point. The most amazing bit about this code
    is that it actually works, that is, you can load the saved game and you
    will appear where you saved. It will mess up in some places, however:
    one of them being the Babel Tower. So I'd reccomend you always keep at
    least one "traditional" save game (i.e. don't overwrite it using this 
    I've also had some problems with this code, specifically being unable
    to boot the game with it active. Until I check it some more, I'd reccomend
    you turned off the Action Replay as soon as you enter the code, and turned
    it on only when saving.
    PARTY SELECT                                               8006E9F4  0xyz
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>
    One of my favorite codes, it allows you to freely configurate the members
    of your "global" party, i.e. the members in your current party and those 
    in the reserve. You can then change party members normally as often as 
    you want.
    Keep in mind that there are only 9 members slots at any time (three in
    your current party and six in the reserve) and there are 11 characters,
    so if you choose all of them, Shitan with Katana and adult Emeralda will
    not show up.
    In other words, you must sacrifice two characters. During a normal game, 
    these are obviously regular Shitan when he gets a Katana, and young 
    Emeralda when she grows up. I sort of liked ol' good Shitan though
    (more than Chu Chu anyway ^_^;), so I'd stick him in. Same goes for
    young Emeralda.
    NOTE: If you choose all characters, the game will slow down to a halt
    whenever you enter a shop's menu, as the game will try to display all
    characters' faces at once. So again, don't choose them all. Note also
    that the Debug Waza item will configure your party as having all characters,
    so this problem will also arise. Fortunatelly, you can use this code
    (party select) to select a 9-character party (or less, if you want).
    The way of calculating the number that you have to put instead of the xyz
    can be tricky if you don't know Hexadecimal / Binary. I'll try to make it
    simple though.
    The x controls whether Maria, Shitan with Katana and adult Emeralda 
    are in your global party.
                Maria   Shitan  Emeralda 
             0  No      No      No
             1  Yes     No      No
             2  No      Yes     No
             3  Yes     Yes     No
             4  No      No      Yes
             5  Yes     No      Yes
             6  No      Yes     Yes
             7  Yes     Yes     Yes
    You might want to sacrifice Maria (6) for getting both Shitans or 
    Emeraldas. Else, you'd put 7 to have them all.
    The y controls whether Billy, Rico, young Emeralda and Chu Chu are in 
    your global party.
                Billy   Rico    Emeralda Chu Chu
             0  No      No      No       No
             1  Yes     No      No       No
             2  No      Yes     No       No
             3  Yes     Yes     No       No
             4  No      No      Yes      No
             5  Yes     No      Yes      No
             6  No      Yes     Yes      No
             7  Yes     Yes     Yes      No
             8  No      No      No       Yes
             9  Yes     No      No       Yes
             A  No      Yes     No       Yes
             B  Yes     Yes     No       Yes
             C  No      No      Yes      Yes
             D  Yes     No      Yes      Yes
             E  No      Yes     Yes      Yes
             F  Yes     Yes     Yes      Yes
    Tipically you'd want to stick Rico and Billy in your global party. 
    You might want to sacrifice Chu Chu (7) to add space for the two 
    Shitans or the Two Emeraldas, or you might want to remove young 
    Emeralda (B) to have only the old one (but you can have both if you 
    want). Or you might want to do them both (3), going for both Shitans.
    The z controls whether Fei, Ellie, Shitan and Bart are in your global
                Fei     Ellie   Shitan  Bart
             0  No      No      No      No
             1  Yes     No      No      No
             2  No      Yes     No      No
             3  Yes     Yes     No      No
             4  No      No      Yes     No
             5  Yes     No      Yes     No
             6  No      Yes     Yes     No
             7  Yes     Yes     Yes     No
             8  No      No      No      Yes
             9  Yes     No      No      Yes
             A  No      Yes     No      Yes
             B  Yes     Yes     No      Yes
             C  No      No      Yes     Yes
             D  Yes     No      Yes     Yes
             E  No      Yes     Yes     Yes
             F  Yes     Yes     Yes     Yes
    Most of the times you'll want to put this as F to have all four of 
    them, unless you want to have Shitan with Katana and just that one
    (remember you can have both), in which case you'd put B to remove 
    regular Shitan.
    Some interesting parties are:
    07BB : All characters, Shitan with Katana only, adult Emeralda only.
    067F : Both Shitans, both Emeraldas, but without Maria nor Chu Chu.
    07FF : All characters, bar none, although Shitan with Katana and grown
           Emeralda won't show up in the character change screen. DON'T
           USE THIS, for the above reason about the shops. BTW, this
           is the resulting party after using the Debug Waza item (see 
    CHARACTER SELECT                                           3006E9F8  00xx
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  3006E9F9  00yy
                                                               3006E9FA  00zz
    Actually, the only reason now to use this code, is to change characters
    when you still can't change characters (early on the game). You will
    therefore always use this code in conjunction with the former one,
    since when you can't change characters is when you have only three
    or less in your global party, so you wouldn't be able to select anyone
    anyway. So you'd use the "Party Select" to put the character you want
    in your global party, then the "Character Select" to put it into your
    current party. Clear enough? I hope so, becuase that's as clearly as I
    can put it.
    Beware when selecting a character that you haven't already obtained 
    normally, as most of the times they won't be equipped with a Gear, 
    or even be equipped, as in adult Emeralda's case, with the Yggdra4,
    which tends to crash the game. For these, remember to use a "Gear 
    select" code (which, of course, I kindly provide :) ).
    In these, xx is the first character, yy the second, and zz the 
    third. If you are using a Comms Kit to activate these, remember you 
    can't enter codes starting with 30 with it; instead, use: 
    8006E9F8  yyxx 
    8006E9FA  00zz
    The character numbers are:
    00 - Fei
    01 - Ellie
    02 - Shitan
    03 - Bart
    04 - Billy
    05 - Rico
    06 - Young Emeralda
    07 - Chu Chu
    08 - Maria
    09 - Katana-wielding Shitan 
    0A - Adult Emeralda
    ENEMIES HAVE INFINITE HP                                   800CC8A4  7FFF
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800CCA14  7FFF
                                                               800CCB84  7FFF
    Well, I made this code mainly for being able to make the skill lists 
    without the enemies dying all around, but maybe someone might find 
    this useful.
    ENEMIES HAVE JUST ONE HP                                   800CC8A4  0001
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800CCA14  0001
                                                               800CCB84  0001
    Silly me, I forgot that the above code could be as well used to put the
    enemies down to 1 HP. And THAT would be useful ^_^;
    ENEMY GEARS HAVE INFINITE HP                               800CC95C  FFFF
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800CCACC  FFFF
                                                               800CCC3C  FFFF
    Same as above.
    ENEMY GEARS HAVE INFINITE HP                               800CC95C  0001
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800CCACC  0001
                                                               800CCC3C  0001
    Again, silly me. :)
    INFINITE TIME BAR                                          800D2526  0000
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800D2528  0000
                                                               800D252A  0000
    Yer average (but popular nonetheless) "nyah nyah I can attack a thousand 
    times before you can move" code. The enemies will be able to poke an 
    attack every now and then, however.
    ALWAYS HAVE 28 AP STORED                                   800D29C0  001C  
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800D29C8  001C  
                                                               800D29D0  001C  
    Like it says. Beware that this causes EXTREMELLY weird things to 
    happen when inside your Gear: namely, you will use your character's 
    Skills instead of the Gear's!  It will use the animations for your
    Gear's attacks but it looks really cool! The "beware" part is that it 
    tends to crash the game.
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>
    For each character, there are four codes listed. They are HP, Max HP, 
    EP and Max EP. One note though: some of these will not work, specially 
    for the later characters. It seems that they're not always equally 
    distanced, and I've not bothered to try them all. Most should work, 
    8006CF7C  03E7
    8006CF7E  03E7
    8006CF80  0063
    8006CF82  0063
    8006D020  03E7
    8006D022  03E7
    8006D024  0063
    8006D026  0063
    8006D0C4  03E7
    8006D0C6  03E7
    8006D0C8  0063
    8006D0CA  0063
    8006D168  03E7
    8006D16A  03E7
    8006D16C  0063
    8006D16E  0063
    8006D20C  03E7
    8006D20E  03E7
    8006D210  0063
    8006D212  0063
    8006D2B0  03E7
    8006D2B2  03E7
    8006D2B4  0063
    8006D2B6  0063
    Young Emeralda
    8006D354  03E7
    8006D356  03E7
    8006D358  0063
    8006D35A  0063
    Chu Chu
    8006D3F8  03E7
    8006D3FA  03E7
    8006D3FC  0063
    8006D3FE  0063
    8006D49C  03E7
    8006D49E  03E7
    8006D4A0  0063
    8006D4A2  0063
    Shitan with Katana
    8006D540  03E7
    8006D542  03E7
    8006D544  0063
    8006D546  0063
    Grown Emeralda
    8006D5E4  03E7
    8006D5E6  03E7
    8006D5E8  0063
    8006D5EA  0063
    INFINITE HP - ALL GEARS                                    800CC50C  4E1F
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800CC67C  4E1F
                                                               800CC7EC  4E1F
    This only works in battle... then again, it is the only place in which 
    you'll be needing it.
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  
    800CC4E4  270F
    800CC4E6  270F
    800CC654  270F
    800CC656  270F
    800CC7C4  270F
    800CC7C6  270F
    There are six codes because I put the Max fuel as well.
    ALWAYS AT ATTACK LEVEL 3 - ALL GEARS                       800CC550  0003
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800CC6C0  0003
                                                               800CC830  0003
    ALWAYS AT INFINITE ATTACK LEVEL - ALL GEARS                800CC550  0004
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>                  800CC6C0  0004
                                                               800CC830  0004
    Beware that if your character doesn't have an Infinity Level attack 
    he/she won't be able to attack at all :). Of course, that's where the
    "Have all abilities" code steps in.
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>
    You can have any character ride any Gear, but they'll perform the Skills,
    Ethers, etc of its legitimate owner.
    8006CFD0  00xx
    8006D074  00xx
    8006D118  00xx
    8006D1BC  00xx
    8006D260  00xx
    8006D304  00xx
    Young Emeralda
    8006D3A8  00xx
    Chu Chu
    8006D44C  00xx
    8006D4F0  00xx
    Shitan with Katana
    8006D594  00xx
    Grown Emeralda
    8006D638  00xx
    The Gears are:
    01 : Weltall
    02 : Vierge
    03 : Heimdal
    04 : Brigander
    05 : Renmazuo
    06 : Stier
    07 : Chu Chu
    08 : Siebzehn
    09 : Crescens
    0A : El Regrs (crashes)
    0B : El Fenrir
    0C : El Andvari
    0D : El Renmazuo
    0E : El Stier
    0F : Xenogears
    10 : Heimdal
    11 : Bart Soldier (crashes)
    12 : Yggdra 4 (crashes)
    Gears marked with (crash) tend to crash the game (surprise). They
    can still be used in battle and they won't crash much (well the 
    Yggdra4 does a bit ^_^;), but they will definitelly crash if their
    graphic is to be displayed in the map. I.e. don't enter or exit any 
    location with any of them active (I'm afraid exiting from a battle 
    counts as well, though).
    by Ignacio de Lucas  <de_lucas@yahoo.com>
    Nice, huh? Each single code gives all abilities of a certain type for 
    a character. These are: Skills, Ethers, Gear Skills, Gear Ethers, and 
    Gear Options. 
    These codes will also give you tons of non-existing abilities though,
    which can make anything from crash the game to nothing at all. To make 
    sure one of these exists, just check it in the official lists. 
    Keep in mind that the Debug Waza doesn't give you all abilities (for 
    example, Fei's "Hell Fire" Gear option). If you don't get all Gear
    skills, use these codes (the third one of each group).
    8006E384  FFFF
    8006E386  FFFF
    8006E388  FFFF
    8006E38A  FFFF
    8006E39E  FFFF
    8006E3A4  FFFF
    8006E3A6  FFFF
    8006E3A8  FFFF
    8006E3AA  FFFF
    8006E3BE  FFFF
    8006E3C4  FFFF
    8006E3C6  FFFF
    8006E3C8  FFFF
    8006E3CA  FFFF
    8006E3DE  FFFF
    8006E3E4  FFFF
    8006E3E6  FFFF
    8006E3E8  FFFF
    8006E3EA  FFFF
    8006E3FE  FFFF
    8006E404  FFFF
    8006E406  FFFF
    8006E408  FFFF
    8006E40A  FFFF
    8006E41E  FFFF
    8006E424  FFFF
    8006E426  FFFF
    8006E428  FFFF
    8006E42A  FFFF
    8006E43E  FFFF
    Young Emeralda
    8006E444  FFFF
    8006E446  FFFF
    8006E448  FFFF
    8006E44A  FFFF
    8006E45E  FFFF
    Chu Chu
    8006E464  FFFF
    8006E466  FFFF
    8006E468  FFFF
    8006E46A  FFFF
    8006E47E  FFFF
    8006E484  FFFF
    8006E486  FFFF
    8006E488  FFFF
    8006E48A  FFFF
    8006E49E  FFFF
    Shitan with Katana
    8006E4A4  FFFF
    8006E4A6  FFFF
    8006E4A8  FFFF
    8006E4AA  FFFF
    8006E4BE  FFFF
    Grown Emeralda
    8006E4C4  FFFF
    8006E4C6  FFFF
    8006E4C8  FFFF
    8006E4CA  FFFF
    8006E4DE  FFFF
       5   .   P L A Y I N G   T H E   G A M E
       C H A R A C T E R S
    Birthplace:    Unknown
    Age:           18
    Gender:        Male
    Height:        177cm
    Weight:        67kg
    Weapon Style:  Fist Method
    Gear:          Weltall
    Birthplace:    Solaris
    Age:           18
    Gender:        Female
    Height:        164cm
    Weight:        46kg
    Weapon Style:  Rods
    Gear:          Vierge
    Birthplace:    Solaris
    Age:           29
    Gender:        Male
    Height:        182cm
    Weight:        68kg
    Weapon Style:  Fist Method / Katana
    Gear:          Heimdal
    Birthplace:    Ave  (Fatima Castle)
    Age:           18
    Gender:        Male
    Height:        183cm
    Weight:        72kg
    Weapon Style:  Whips
    Gear:          Brigander
    Birthplace:    Many Islands Ocean Area
    Age:           16
    Gender:        Male
    Height:        168cm
    Weight:        59kg
    Weapon Style:  Guns
    Gear:          Renmazuo
    Birthplace:    Kisreb
    Age:           30
    Gender:        Male
    Height:        211cm
    Weight:        160kg
    Weapon Style:  Melee Technique
    Gear:          Stier
    Birthplace:    Shebat?
    Age:           ??
    Gender:        Female
    Height:        ??cm
    Weight:        ??kg
    Weapon Style:  Bare-Hand
    Gear:          Siebzehn
    Birthplace:    ??
    Age:           ??
    Gender:        Female
    Height:        ??cm
    Weight:        ??kg
    Weapon Style:  Body Change
    Gear:          Crescens
    Birthplace:    ??
    Age:           ??
    Gender:        Female (judging from equipable armor)
    Height:        ??cm
    Weight:        ??kg
    Weapon Style:  Claws
    Gear:          None
       C O N T R O L S
    K.M.'s note:
    Believe it or not, while this info. is taken from personal experience,
    it's also based on info. from the _English_ pamphlet included with the
    game.  Weird, I know!  Maybe Square wants people to start playing more
    WHILE ON THE WORLD MAP / FIELD / DUNGEON  _______________________________
     S     = Jump*
     T     = Open Main Menu
     O     = Talk / Accept / Examine / Read / Open chests, doors
     X     = Dash / Decline / Close Menu
    R1     = Rotate right 45 degrees
    L1     = Rotate left 45 degrees
    L2+R2  = Get into or out of your gears
    R2+O   = Reverse gear while in the flying Yggdrasil
    START  = Pause the game
    SELECT = Open / Close Minimap (only in the World Map)
     * You can jump while dashing to perform a longer, faster Jump.
    While in any of these areas (usually), a compass is displayed at the
    bottom right corner of the screen to let you know where you're heading.
    'North' is always shown in red.
    MENU CONTROLS  __________________________________________________________
    O  = Accept
    X  = Cancel / Close current window
    R1 = Show next character in roster
    L1 = Show previous character in roster
    BATTLE CONTROLS  ________________________________________________________
    S = Accept a command  / during Attack, perform a Weak attack
    T = Accept a command  / during Attack, perform a Regular attack
    O = Accept a command  / during Attack, deliver a Strong attack
    X = Decline a command / during Attack, end Attack string.
       M A I N   M E N U
    Shown on the main screen of the Main Menu is a list of available
    commands, all in English.  To the right are your characters, and
    information about them:
    Experience Level
    Experience Points remaining until Level Up
    Current HP / Maximum HP  (Hit Points)
    Current EP / Maximum EP  (Ether Points)
    You can have up to three characters in your party at one time.  At the
    bottom of the menu is a display telling you how much Gold (G) you have,
    and the total amount of time you've spent playing the game.
    MAIN MENU - STATUS  _____________________________________________________
    Shown in this menu (top to bottom, left to right):
    Current Level (LV)
    Amount of EXP earned so far
    Amount of EXP remaining until Level Up
    Character's Portrait
    Character's Name
    Current HP / Maximum HP
    Current EP / Maximum EP
    Japanese            Translation        Determines
    体重                Total Weight       Affects Agility
    攻撃力              Attack Power       Damage inflicted with physical attacks
    命中                Accuracy           Chance of hitting with physical att.
    防御力              Defense Power      Damage received from physical attacks
    回避                Evade              Chance of being hit by physical att.
    エーテル            Ether              Damage inflicted with Ether attacks
    エーテル防御        Ether Defense      Damage received from Ether attacks
    素早さ              Agility            Time between turns
    武器                Weapon             Weapon equipped
    アクセサリー        Accessory          Accesories equipped
    ギア                Gear               Gear equipped
    Skill Menu   = This screen shows you all the skills you can learn at the
                   moment.  If you've learned a skill, the Ability Points
                   (AP) required are shown along with the button command.
                   (For instance, Fei's Mugisenretsu costs 5 AP and is
                   inputted as O,O,S).
                   The numbers and bars tell you how close you are to learning
                   a new skill (?)
    Ability Menu = See 'Main Menu: Ability'
    Equip Menu   = See 'Main Menu: Equip'
    MAIN MENU - EQUIP  ______________________________________________________
    The box in the upper left shows this:
    武器                            Weapon  (currently equipped)
    アクセサリー                    Accessory  (currently worn)
    Accessories include armor (hats, clothing), and items similar to those
    found in FF7 (Stamina Ring, Glasses, etc.)
    The box in the upper right shows what unequipped items can be worn.
    The box in the lower right shows the same stats from the 'Status'
    screen.  When you equip an item, the positive (red) or negative (blue)
    impact on certain stats. is displayed.
    MAIN MENU - ITEM  _______________________________________________________
    The main box shows all the items you've accquired so far.  Items that
    are highlighted can be used currently; items in dark lettering cannot
    be used at the moment.  The lower box will give you a description of
    the item, as well as tell you what type of item it is.
    You can sort items by pressing O over an item once, finding a place,
    and pressing O.  In the case of highlight another item, the two will
    switch place.  To use an item, double-select that item with O and then
    choose the applicable character(s).
    MAIN MENU - ABILITY  ____________________________________________________
    The main box shows all learned abilities, and how many Ether Points (EP)
    are required to use that ability.  The box in the lower left gives a
    brief description of that ability, and the box to the lower right tells
    you what type of ability it is.  Finally, a small box below that shows
    you your current / maximum EP count.
    MAIN MENU - GEAR  _______________________________________________________
    This menu isn't available unless you have a Gear and are using it outside
    of a battle.
    The menu is similar to the Status screen, but with some differences:
    FL = Current amount of Gear fuel / Maximum amount of fuel
    Japanese            Translation        Determines
    体重                Total Weight       Affects Agility
    攻撃力              Attack Power       Damage inflicted with physical attacks
    装甲値              Armor              Damage received from physical attacks
    エーテル装甲        Ether Armor        Damage received from Ether attacks
    反応値              Reaction           Chance of hitting with physical att.
    素早さ              Agility            Time between turns
    エーテル機関        Ether Engine       Damage inflicted with Ether attacks
    The 'Weapon' and 'Accessory' sections on this screen apply to your Gear,
    not you :)  As for the other options:
    Get ON/OFF  = Choose if you want to walk or ride in your Gear.
    Gear Option = Devices that can be used by your gear. They cost fuel.
    Ability     = These are Abilities that you can use while in your Gear 
                  They also cost EP.  
    Equip       = For equipping weapons and accessories on your Gear.
    MAIN MENU - FILE  _______________________________________________________
    When selected, this screen loads up all the files on your Memory Card(s),
    including the little animated pictures.  Nice.
    If you're standing near a Memory Cube or are on the Field, you can choose
    to save your game.  Otherwise, your only option are to copy an existing
    file or delete a file.  Note that you can copy and delete non-Xenogears
    files as well :)
    MAIN MENU - EXIT  _______________________________________________________
    As opposed to pressing X, you can also choose this option to exit the
    Main Menu.
       S L E E P I N G   A N D   S H O P P I N G
    Inns are numerous and spread throughout the world.  To spend the night,
    go into an inn and talk to the people there until one of them (usually
    behind a desk, says something like this:
    Choose 'Hai' (Yes) or 'Iie' (No, dammit!)
    If you don't have enough money, you can't spend the night.  Sleeping
    restores all lost HP and EP.
    Like inns, shops can be found everywhere.  Sometimes, you can buy things
    from just people standing around instead of people inside buildings.
    When the shopping menu pops up, you'll see a list of items for sale and
    the amount of gold they cost will be displayed on the right.  The window
    on the top tells you more about the item.  To buy an item, press left or
    right while on it to indicate how many of that item you want.  Then
    press O to buy it.  A subtraction table on the right will show you how
    much gold you have remaining.  When buying an equippable item, portraits
    of your characters will be shown, and if that item can be used by that
    character, their portrait lights up.  Below that are indicators letting
    you know how that item affects your Weapon Power (top) and Defense
    Power (bottom).
    You can also sell items in shops; just choose items you want to get rid
    of and the price offered will be shown.  Not all items are salable.
    You can also buy items for your Gear and maintain or upgrade it.  Not
    a lot of people can do this for you (Old Man Bal is one of them).  On
    that menu:
    TUNE UP MENU  ___________________________________________________________
    Here, you can improve your Gear's stats:
    Fuel   - Restores your lost fuel.  Increases fuel and HP maximum.
    Engine - You can purchase a new engine. This affects the gear's attack
              power (first number in the engine's name), as well as the 
              amount of fuel it can carry (second number multiplied by 100).
              Unfortunatelly, more powerful engines use fuel faster when
              using Booster.
    Frame  - You can purchase a new frame. The Frame of your Gear affects 
              the amount of HP it has. The HP a frame has can be obtained 
              by multiplying the number in its name by 100.
    Armor  - You can purchase new armor (for better defense). If there are
              two numbers in its name, the first is the Armor value and the
              second the Ether Armor value.
    BUY MENU  _______________________________________________________________
    You can buy Weapons or Accessories (Parts) for your Gear.
    SELL MENU  ______________________________________________________________
    You can sell Weapons or Accessories (Parts).
       B A T T L E S
    Fighting is a requirement in most RPGs, and Xenogears is no exception.
    The battle system, once learned, is simple and fun, but until you get the
    hang of it, it's a virtual hell.  Each element is explained below:
    THE BATTLE SCREEN  (Character Battle)  __________________________________
    Shown on the top are the portraits of your characters and their current
    and maximum HP.  Below that is shown their Time Bar and amount of
    stored Attack Points (AP).
    Below that, to the left, is the Combat Command.  It's a ring showing
    various commands.  To use a command, highlight it with the directional
    key and press O.  Arrows surrounding the ring denote other menus--press
    once in that direction to highlight an option, then press in that
    direction again to bring up the secondary menu.
    Below that is a tall vertical meter.  This is the graphical
    representation of your currently usable Attack Points.  When you're
    creating your own chain of attacks, a small numerical counter is also
    shown to the right of that showing current AP / maximum AP usable at
    the moment.  Certain attacks and combinations require more AP than
    others (we'll get to all that in a moment).
    Finally, your character(s) and the enemy or enemies are shown in the
    middle against an appropriate background.  Depending on the location
    and progression of the battle, both enemies and characters may move
    to different spots on the screen.  When you're selecting a target for
    commands and attacks, a red arrow appears that you can direct over
    an enemy or friend with the directional key.  If you have multiple
    targets, multiple arrows will show, with darkened directions indicating
    that you can press in that direction to highlight a new target.
    THE BATTLE SCREEN  (Gear Battle)  _______________________________________
    This screen is similar to the normal battle screen, with the following
     - Shown below the Time Gauge is the Fuel Meter.  Fuel is used in lieu
       of AP while in a Gear.  Without Fuel, you cannot perform commands in
     - The graphical and numerical representation of AP now represents
       your amount of Fuel.
     - There is a box to the right showing the status of your gear.
     - There's an Attack Level icon available.  You can store attack energy
       by attacking.  After enough atatcks, you'll store one level of energy,
       enabling you to use mroe powerful attacks.
    BATTLE COMMANDS  (Character Battle)  ____________________________________
    When a battle begins, your Agility pitted against that of your
    opponent(s) determines who goes first.  During the battle, your Time
    Gauge will fill up, and when it does, it's your turn to make an action.
    Here's a description of the Combat Command ring:
    (Main Ring)
     防御            攻撃
    DEFEND          ATTACK
    SKILLS - Use a learned Skill.
    DEFEND - Take no action that round, but any attack subsequently made
             against you inflicts less damage.
    ATTACK - Create an attack string using AP (see below).
    ITEM   - Use an item from your inventory.
    (Secondary Ring)
             Gear召喚                  (Note that this command will not
              RIDE GEAR                     appear when you don't have a Gear.)
      逃走                  連殺
    RUN AWAY             RAPID SLASH
    RIDE GEAR        - If you have a Gear with you and aren't using it,
                       choose this to get into it.
    RUN AWAY         - Your character will try to run away from battle.
                       If he's successful, everyone flees.  If not, another
                       character can try in that same round to escape as
    RAPID SLASH      - You can use an Ability (special attack string)
                       without entering the string, instead using stored
    ITEM             - Same purpose as in the Main Ring.
    General Notes on Character Battles:
     - Each round in which you attack, all unused APs are stored in a bar 
       below your time bar. Reasons for not using all your APs include
       you cancelling your string, the enemy dying before you end or 
       performing a Skill which uses less AP than your current maximum
       You can store up to 28 AP points total. The more you have, the faster
       your Time Bar charges (a good reason not to waste all your points on
       weak enemies).  Also, you can use the Rapid Slash option to release 
       the stored APs in the form of a string of Skills, each one costing
       as much as the whole string you have to perform normally to use it.
       (even though you are actually performing only the "Circle" ender.
     - Some Ether powers function and look different when you're riding a
       Gear. For one, all "HP recover" Ethers restore Gear defense when
       used inside a Gear (there are quite some enemy attacks that lower
       defense: they will be reflected in the Armor Loss percentage
       The only exception to this rule is Chu Chu's "Forest Dance", which
       recovers not only characters' HPs, but even Gears', making it 
       extremely useful as it is the only way to recover a Gear's HP without
       using Fuel in the whole game.
     - The attack you use in battle affect what skills you learn.  For
       example, early on in the game, using the Square or Circle Attacks
       repeatedly will help you learn Fei's 'Martial Arts Swift Lighning'
     - Just because an attack does more damage doesn't mean it's better.
       Some characters that take no damage from a Heavy Attack (Circle),
       will be injured by a meager Light Attack (Square).
    BATTLE COMMANDS  (Gear Battle)  _________________________________________
    (Main Ring)
            ETHER ENGINE
    チャージ             攻撃
     CHARGE             ATTACK
    ETHER ENGINE - Use one of your skills that can be used while in a Gear.
    CHARGE       - This restores some Fuel. The amount of fuel recovered
                   varies depending on which attack level you Gear is in.
                     Level   Recover
                       1       30
                       2       60
                       3       90
                   Infinite   300
                   Also, there are accesories that increase your basic fuel
                   recover rate, and there's one that removes status
                   ailments when using charge.
    ATTACK       - Perform an attack.
    ITEM         - Use an item from your inventory.
    (Secondary Ring)
      逃走            ブースター
    RUN AWAY           BOOSTER
    SPECIAL EQUIPMENT - Some Gears receive special devices during the course 
                        of the game. This uses Fuel.
    RUN AWAY          - Your character will try to run away from battle.
                        If he's successful, everyone flees.  If not, another
                        character can try in that same round to escape as
    BOOSTER           - Wastes fuel like mad, but until you select it again
                        to turn it off, your Time Bar maxes out rapidly.
    ITEM              - Use an item from your inventory.
    General Notes on Gear Battles:
     - Every time you attack, you gain a level in your Attack Level meter.
       When you have enough stored levels, you can do special attacks by
       entering a button combination (these are basically Skills for Gears).
     - Unlike character skills, if you press a button and can perform a
       Skill off of that button, a diagram showing you the total Fuel Cost
       as well as what button can be pressed to perform that Skill are shown.
       Of course, you can always press X to cancel and just do a normal
     - Skills starting with Square require and consume one Attack Level,
       ones starting with Triangle cost two, and ones starting with Circle
       cost three.
     - Gear Skills are closely related to character ones, in the sense that
       learning one character Skill makes you learn one Gear Skill. Since
       you can only learn character Skills on foot, it comes to happen
       that you need to be on foot even to learn Gear Skills!
     - In addition to the Skills you can learn normally (S,S, S,T, T,S,
       T,T, C,S and C,T), there are three accesories that allow you to use
       one additional Skill per level (S,C, T,C and C,C respectively).
       These Skills are extremelly useful as not only do they more damage
       than a regular Skill, but they also cost much less fuel.  Thanks
       to David Johnson (johnsonr@compuserve.com) for this info.
    Infinite Attack Level:
     - Of special mention is the Infinite Attack Level.  For a start, it
       isn't achieved normally (i.e.  you don't automatically enter it
       when using a single attack from Level 3).  Instead, each turn you
       SPEND in Level 3, there is a chance of you getting to Level
       Infinite.  This chance is shown as the Hyper Level in the bunch of
       indicators at the right.  So if it says Hyper Level 30%, each turn
       you spend in Attack Level 3 (not counting the one you reach it)
       you have a 30% chance of getting to Attack Level Infinite. And
       note that you don't have to attack or do anything else to raise to
       Infinite Level: you could as well charge fuel while you wait.
     - Now, where does this chance come from? Well, while some Gears seem
       to have an initial Hyper Level value higher to 0%, generally speaking
       it seems to be solely affected by your current HP level.  The least
       HP you have, the greater this chance is.  Keep in mind, though,
       that even at almost 0 HP, this chance doesn't seem to raise above
       45% or so.  Also, the Weltall 2 has a Gear option that puts it
       automatically in Infinite Level, and the Xenogears is always at
       99% Hyper Level.
     - Infinite Attack Level wears of after three turns, so you better
       make the most of it. What are your options when in Infinite Attack
       Level?  For a start, you can use Infinite Level Gear Skills, which
       deal a huge amount of damage (about twice as much as a Level 3 Skill)
       for a mere 10, 20 or 30 fuel. Since these won't wear your attack
       level, you can just use them three times in a row. You can also
       charge, and will get 300 fuel back each time.
       6   .   L I S T S   A N D   C H A R T S
       I T E M   L I S T
    ITEMS THAT CAN BE USED DURING BATTLE  ___________________________________
    Japanese          English              Cost  Effect
    アクアソル        Aqua Sol               20  Recover 50 HP
    アクアソルS      Aqua Sol Special      100  Recover 150 HP
    アクアソルDX    Aqua Sol Deluxe       300  Recover 500 HP
    アルファソル      Alpha Sol            1000  Recover full HP
    スペルドラッグ    Spell Drug          10000  Recover full HP (all characters)
    ローズソル        Rose Sol              100  Recover 10 EP
    ローズソルS      Rose Sol Special      300  Recover 20 EP
    ローズソルDX    Rose Sol Deluxe       800  Recover 30 EP
    シガマソル        Sigma Sol            1500  Recover full EP
    ゼータソル        Zeta Sol              100  Recover life
    ゼータソルDX    Zeta Sol Deluxe      1000  Recover life and full HP
    ケルバーソル      Kelba Sol              10  Nullify body status ailments
    ガイストソル      Geist Sol              20  Nullify mind status ailments
    エクストラソル    Extra Sol              50  Nullify all status ailments
    ホワイトスター    White Star            500  Earth def. up / Wind def. down
    ブラウンスター    Brown Star            500  Wind def. up / Earth def. down
    レッドスター      Red Star              500  Water def. up / Fire def. down
    ブルースター      Blue Star             500  Fire def. up / Water def. down
    ハードスター      Hard Star             800  Defense up during battle
    スピードスター    Speed Star           1000  Speed up during battle
    悲劇の目薬        Eyedrop of Tragedy     10  Causes apparent death
    つっこみ薬        Penetrating Medic.     10  Removes apparent death
    イージスソル      Aegis Sol            2000  Prevent body status ailments
    アイギスソル      Igis Sol             2000  Prevent mind status ailments
    ブルーローズ      Blue Rose            1500  Nullifies physical Ether support
    レッドローズ      Red Rose             1500  Nullifies mental Ether support
    ブラックローズ    Black Rose           1500  Nullifies equipment Ether support
    エル・アイリス    El. Iris             1200  Makes attack wind-elemental
    エル・ロゴス      El. Logos            1200  Makes attack earth-elemental
    エル・イグニス    El. Ignis            1200  Makes attack fire-elemental
    エル・アクヴィ    El. Acuvi            1200  Makes attack water-elemental
    武器千力          Thousand Warrior Str.1000  Strength up during battle
    ITEMS THAT CAN'T BE USED DURING BATTLE  _________________________________
    Japanese          English              Cost  Effect
    オメガソル        Omega Sol              50  Restore all HP/EP (one)
    サバイバルテント  Survival Tent         150  Restore all HP/EP in save p. (all)
    STRドライブ    Strength Drive      10000  Strenght +1
    VITドライブ    Vitality Drive      10000  Vitality +1
    ETHドライブ    Ether Drive         10000  Ether +1
    A・Eドライブ    Avoid Ether Drive   10000  Ether defense +1
    HPドライブ      Hit Point Drive     20000  HP max +20
    EPドライブ      Ether Point Drive   20000  EP max +5
    つちのこの肉      Meat of Tsuchinoko     10  Recover 50 HP or sell at Battling
    つちのこの極上肉  High Grade Meat of T. 200  Recover 100 HP or sell at Battling
    つちのこステーキ  Tsuchinoko Steak      300  Recover 150 HP or sell at Battling
    牙                Fang                  200  Sell at Battling for 150 G
    目玉              Eyeball               400  Sell at Battling for 200 G
    ウロコ            Scale                1000  Sell at Battling for 1500 G
    奇妙な果実        Strange Fruit          10  Recover 10 EP
    エルフバナナ      Elf Banana             10  Recover 50 HP
    砂涼イチゴ        Desert Strawberry      10  Recover 50 HP
    カミナリダイコン  Lightning Radish       10  Background item
    ドリアンジュース  Dorian Juice           10  Background item
    ニサンの水        Nisan Water            10  Background item
    アヴェの水        Ave Water              10  Background item
    おもちゃの鉄砲    Toy Gun                80  Background item
    ミニギア          Mini Gear             120  Background item
    ゲリデルバーの種  Geridelbar Seed        10  Lose 2 Kg
    ゲリデルバーの実  Geridelbar Fruit      100  Lose 4 Kg
    メートルアグの種  Mertoruag Seed         10  Gain 2 Kg
    メートルアグの実  Mertoruag Fruit       100  Gain 4 Kg
    EVENT ITEMS  ____________________________________________________________
    Japanese          English                Effect
    じゃんけんバッジ  Sc., Paper, Rock Badge If you have all three badges, a man
    かくれんぼバッジ  Hide and Seek Badge      in Shepad will give you a Power
    おにごっこバッジ  Tag Game Badge           Ring S and a Guard Recover
    人形のなみだ      Doll of Tears          Use Emerada to exchange it for an
                                               Earring in Shepad at end of game. 
    UFOの写真      UFO Photograph         Background item
    マスターキー      Master Key
    下水のカギの束    Sewer Key Bundle 
    お守りの鈴        Protection Bell        Exchange for Church Doctrine at Kojiin
    たのしい絵本      Happy Picture Book     Background item
    ボロボロのマンガ  Boring Comic           Background item
    「教会」のおしえ  "Church" Doctrine      Background item
    クモ              Spider                 Chu Chu eats it when it joins you
    鳥のたまご        Bird's Egg             Yui will cook it
    ワンパクフード    Dog Food               Background item
    金塊              Gold Lump              Give these to the treasure hunter at 
    大塊金            Large Gold Lump          Shepad to have him dig a tunnel
    クモの巣          Spider's Web           Background item
    Mデイスク        M Disk                 Use this at Kisreb for a sound test
    チュチュ人形      Chu Chu Doll           Is really Chu Chu before it joins you 
    観艦式のチケット  Ceremony Ticket        Used in the ceremony at Solaris
    チュチュの魔神像  Chu Chu Devil Statue   Strength and Defense +20%, ChuChu only
    船室のカギ        Ship Room Key          
    キスレブMAP    Kisreb Map
    メルガバMAP    Melgaba Map
    シェバトMAP    Shebat Map
    ただの石          Ordinary Stone         Background item
    あかつきの石      Dawn Stone             Exchange all three stones
    たそがれの石      Twilight Stone           for an item in Shepad
    とこやみの石      Gloom Stone              
    象牙              Elephant Tusk          Sell at Kisreb's Battling for 2000 G
    軍マスターカード  Army Master Card       Given by Ellie to escape Ave
    使役者許可証      Permission Certificate Used to move freely in Solaris
    ぱっちぃバッジ    Dirty Badge            Background item
       C H A R A C T E R   E Q U I P M E N T   L I S T
    HEAD EQUIPMENT  _________________________________________________________
    Japanese          English               DF  Cost  Notes
    武闘ぼうし        Warrior Hat            1    30  -
    剣闘ぼうし        Swordman Hat           2    40  -
    レザーハット      Leather Hat            6    80  -
    メタルメット      Metal Met             10   200  -
    ウォーヘルム      War Helm              20   600  -
    紅ばねのぼうし    Crimson Leaf Hat      28  1200  -
    ブラックメット    Black Met             35  2000  -
    金色のぼうし      Golden Hat            45  3800  -
    HEAD EQUIPMENT : WOMEN ONLY  ____________________________________________
    Japanese          English               DF  Cost  Notes
    星の精霊ぼうし    Star Spirit Hat        0     0  -
    ホワイトベレー    White Beret            8   150  -
    シルバーベレー    Silver Beret          24   800  -
    ルビーメット      Ruby Met              32  1600  -
    スターライト      Star Light            38  2600  -
    にじのターバン    Rainbow Turban        50  4800  -
    ミレニアムヘルム  Millenium Helm        55 10000  -
    HEAD EQUIPMENT : MEN ONLY  ______________________________________________
    Japanese          English               DF  Cost  Notes
    アイアンメット    Iron Met              10   200  -
    ナイトヘルム      Knight Helm           18  1000  -
    ダークヘルム      Dark Helm             35  1800  Ether defense +5
    キングヘルム      King Helm             40  2800  -
    カイザーヘルム    Kaiser Helm           54  5200  -
    BODY EQUIPMENT  _________________________________________________________
    Japanese          English               DF  Cost  Notes
    武闘着            Warrior Clothing       2    50  -
    剣闘着            Sword Fight Clothing   4    80  -
    レザージャケット  Leather Jacket        10   150  -
    アルルの花嫁衣装  Alur's Wedding Dress  14  2000  -
    メタルベスト      Metal Vest            18   350  -
    メタルジャケット  Metal Jacket          28   550  -
    ペンギンコート    Penguin Coat          40  1000  -
    聖服              Holy Clothing         42  1200  -
    ウォーメイル      War Mail              52  1800  -
    紅の闘着          Crimson War Clothing  64  2800  -
    ブラックレザー    Black Leather         76  4200  -
    金色の闘着        Golden War Clothing   90  5800  -
    BODY EQUIPMENT : WOMEN ONLY  ____________________________________________
    Japanese          English               DF  Cost  Notes
    クロススーツ      Cloth Suit             6  5000  -
    制服              Uniform               12   180  -
    戦闘神官服        Fighting Priest Cl.   16   300  -
    舞闘着            Martial Arts Clothes  44  1400  -
    フワフワクロス    Fuwafuwa Clothes      50  2000  -
    バトルドレッタ    Battle Doretta?       56  1900  -
    マーメイドクロス  Mermaid Clothes       58  2200  -
    デビルクロス      Devil Clothes         62  3500  -
    美獣の黒衣        Beauty Beast Clothes  82  5000  -
    守護天使の衣      Guardian Angel Cl.    60 10000  Evade +10, Ether Def. +10
    沈黙の女神服      Silence Goddess Cl.   80 12000  Evade +10, Ether Att. +10
    処刑法衣          Execution Clothes    100  7000  -
    ミレニアムクロス  Millenium Clothes    100 15000  -
    BODY EQUIPMENT : MEN ONLY  ______________________________________________
    Japanese          English               DF  Cost  Notes
    伝説のマトイ      Legendary Wear         0 10000  -
    バトルベスト      Battle Vest           10   400  -
    レッドメイル      Red Mail              14   220  -
    アイアンメイル    Iron Mail             20   800  -
    ナイトメイル      Knight Mail           34  1800  -
    ダークアーマー    Dark Armor            60  2400  Ether Defense +10
    ばらの闘衣        Rose War Clothes      85  5400  -
    殺戮の黒衣        Black Cl. of Killing 108  8000  -
    男着              Man Clothes          105 10000  Def. up when an ally's down
    英雄装束          Hero's Costume       112 10000  Def. down when an ally's down
    無敵王着          Invincible King Cl.  120 12000  Def. up when an ally's down
    ACCESSORIES  ____________________________________________________________
    Japanese          English              Cost  Effect
    パワーリング      Power Ring            200  Strength +2
    パワーリングS    Power Ring S          800  Strength +5
    スタミナリング    Stamina Ring          150  Defense +2
    スタミナリングS  Stamina Ring S        600  Defense +5
    メガネ            Glasses               150  Accuracy +2
    スーパーゴーグル  Super Goggle          600  Accuracy +5
    ステップシューズ  Step Shoes            150  Evade +2
    プレミアシューズ  Premium Shoes         600  Evade +5
    エーテル石        Ether Stone           500  Ether power +2
    大エーテル石      Big Ether Stone      2000  Ether power +5
    抗エーテル石      Resist Ether Stone    500  Ether defense +2
    大抗エーテル石    Big Resist Ether St. 2000  Ether defense +5
    スピードリング    Speed Ring           1200  Speed +1
    スピードリングS  Speed Ring S         3000  Speed +2
    闘魂ベルト        War Spirit Belt      2000  HP max +10% and recovery (?)
    大和ベルト        Great Harmony Belt   4000  HP max +25% and recovery (?)
    スモールアンプ    Small Anp           12000  Halves EP consumption
    ウィザードリング  Wizard Ring         20000  Skill obtaining rate up
    ヘラクレスリング  Heracles Ring       16000  Obtained Experience 50% up
    バイヤーのあかし  Buyer Certificate   50000  Raise chance of getting rare items
    聖者のペンダント  Holy Man's Pendant   8000  Doubles assisting effects time
                                                   Works with Hyper Mode!
    ライフストーン    Life Stone          20000  HP recover x2
    クライシスパワー  Crisis Power        15000  Strength up when HP is low
    ガードリング      Guard Ring           2000  Defense up
    アヴォイドリング  Avoid Ring           3000  Evade up
    黒のロングコート  Black Long Coat     12000  Strength +10, Ether Defense +10
    戦場のエプロン    Battlefield Apron    6000  Strength +5, Defense +5
    ボディーガード    Body Guard           8000  Prevents body-affecting ailments
    マインドガード    Mind Guard           8000  Prevents mind-affecting ailments
    ポイズンガード    Poison Guard         1500  Prevents "Poison"
    スリープガード    Sleep Guard          1500  Prevents "Sleep"
    クールメガネ      Cool Glasses         1500  Prevents "Blindness"
    ブレインガード    Brain Guard          1500  Prevents "Forget"
    スピードシューズ  Speed Shoes          5000  Speed up
    マッサルベルト    Muscle Belt          3000  Defense up
    エーテルダブル    Ether Double        38000  Doubles Ether Power and EP costs
    エーテルガード    Ether Guard          8000  Prevents EP-draining attacks
    風の指輪          Wind Ring            5000  Defend against wind attacks
    地の指輪          Earth Ring           5000  Defend against earth attacks
    火の指輪          Fire Ring            5000  Defend against fire attacks
    水の指輪          Water Ring           5000  Defend against water attacks
    エーテルリバース  Ether Reverse       10000  Heals HP if you are hit with an
                                                   Ether you have defense against
    SDふぇい人形    SD Fei Doll         60000  Crit. hit damage up, Emerada only
    SDばると人形    SD Bart Doll        60000  Crit. hit rate up, Emerada only
    SDびりー人形    SD Billy Doll       60000  Raises Accuracy and Evade
    SDえりぃ人形    SD Ellie Doll       60000  Ether damage ramdomly +50% or -50%
    SDえめらだ人形  SD Emerada Doll     60000  Counterattacks dealing same damage
    人魚のイヤリング  Mermaid Earring     10000  Eth.+10, Eth.Def +10, Emerada only
    ちゅちゅの魔神像  ChuChu's Devil God  40000  Att. +20%, Def. +20%, ChuChu only
    形見のペンダント  Memory Pendant        100  Ether +6, Eth. Def. +6, Rico only
       C H A R A C T E R   W E A P O N   L I S T
    RODS : ELEHAYMM VAN HOUTEN  _____________________________________________
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    マジカルロッド    Magical Rod            2    50  -
    シグナルロッド    Signal Rod             4   100  -
    ラギカルロッド    Ragical Rod            6   250  -
    ムーンロッド      Moon Rod               8   600  Causes "Sleep"
    マーシャルロッド  Marshal Rod           12  1000  -
    サンダーロッド    Thunder Rod           14  2200  Wind-elemental
    アースロッド      Earth Rod             14  2200  Earth-elemental
    フレアロッド      Flare Rod             16  2600  Fire-elemental
    アイスロッド      Ice Rod               14  2200  Water-elemental
    クィーンロッド    Queen Rod             18  3200  Lowers enemy's Ether Power
    ダイナマイロッド  DinamiRod             20  4500  -
    ダークロッド      Dark Rod              22  5800  -
    カオスロッド      Chaos Rod             24  7000  -
    コテンパンロッド  Kotenpan Rod          28 12000  -
    デスメタルロッド  Death Metal Rod       38  2200  -
    WHIPS : BARTHOLOMEI FATIMA  _____________________________________________
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    レザーウィップ    Leather Whip           2    60  -
    アイアンウィップ  Iron Whip              4   120  -
    スナッパー        Snapper                6   280  -
    コブラ            Cobra                  5   700  Causes "Poison"
    サーペント        Serpent                7  1200  -
    ブラックスネーク  Black Snake            7  2400  Ether capacity down
    シルバーブラッド  Silver Brad            8  2800  -
    ガリアンウィップ  Guardian Whip         10  3400  -
    デザートウォーム  Desert Worm           12  4800  -
    サウンドウェイブ  Sound Wave            14  5600  -
    バスターウィップ  Buster Whip           16  6200  -
    ライジン          Quick Lightning       20  7500  -
    デスウィップ      Death Whip            24  8200  -
    GUNS : BILLY LEE BLACK  _________________________________________________
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    B&JM10      B&JM 10                -  2000  -
    B&JM686    B&JM 686               -  3500  -
    古式銃            Old-style Gun          - 12000  -
    ゴッドファーザー  God Phaser             - 20000  -
    Handgun Ammo
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    B&JMA弾      B&JM A Bullets        18    20  For the B&JM 10
    B&JMS弾      B&JM S Bullets        21    40  For the B&JM 10
    B&JMX弾      B&JM X Bullets        24    60  For the B&JM 10
    B&JM6A弾    B&JM6 A Bullets       30    40  For the B&JM 686
    B&JM6S弾    B&JM6 S Bullets       36    60  For the B&JM 686
    B&JM6X弾    B&JM6 X Bullets       42    80  For the B&JM 686
    E001弾        E001 Bullets          48   150  For the Old-st., Wind-elem.
    E002弾        E002 Bullets          48   150  For the Old-st., Earth-elem.
    E003弾        E003 Bullets          48   150  For the Old-st., Fire-elem.
    E004弾        E004 Bullets          48   150  For the Old-st., Water-elem.
    GOD弾          GOD Bullets           60   200  For the God Phaser
    Ether Gun Ammo
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    風のエーテル弾    Wind Ether Bullets     -  1000  Wind-elemental
    地のエーテル弾    Earth Ether Bullets    -  1000  Earth-elemental
    火のエーテル弾    Fire Ether Bullets     -  1000  Fire-elemental
    水のエーテル弾    Water Ether Bullets    -  1000  Water-elemental
    Big Gun Ammo
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    SS010弾      SS010 Bullets         30    30  -
    SS020弾      SS020 Bullets         36    60  -
    SS030弾      SS030 Bullets         42    90  -
    SS040弾      SS040 Bullets         48   120  -
    KATANA : SHITAN UZUKI  __________________________________________________
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    戦国刀            War Country Sword     30  8000  -
    山女              Female Mountain       32 12000  -
    大??            Great ???             35 20000  -
    無命              Lifeless              40 34464  -
       G E A R   E Q U I P M E N T   L I S T
    Japanese          English              Cost  Effect
    装甲板            Armor                  25  Armor +2
    装甲板+1        Armor +1               50  Armor +5
    装甲板+2        Armor +2               75  Armor +8
    装甲板+3        Armor +3              100  Armor +10
    装甲板+4        Armor +4              150  Armor +20
    装甲板+5        Armor +5              200  Armor +30
    装甲板+6        Armor +6              250  Armor +50
    装甲板+7        Armor +7              400  Armor +80
    装甲板DX        Armor Deluxe          500  Armor +100
    軽量装甲板+1    Light Weight Armor +1 150  Armor +15, Reaction +5
    軽量装甲板+2    Light Weight Armor +2 400  Armor +40, Reaction +5
    軽量装甲板+3    Light Weight Armor +3 600  Armor +60, Reaction +5
    ?金装甲板        ? Gold Armor          300  Armor +10, Anti-Gel 50%
    ?金装甲板+1    ? Gold Armor +1       500  Armor +50, Anti-Gel 50%
    軽合金            Light Fit Gold        200  Armor +30
    重合金            Heavy Fit Gold        200  Armor +30
    ビームコート      Beam Coat             600  Anti-Beam 50%
    鏡面装甲板        Mirror Armor         1200  Armor +50, Anti-Beam 50%
    鏡面装甲板+1    Mirror Armor +1      1800  Armor +100, Anti-Beam 50%
    雲母              Cloud Mother          750  Anti-Electricity 30%
    絶縁装甲板        Insulating Armor     1500  Armor +10, Anti-Electricity 30%
    絶縁装甲板+1    Insulating Armor +1  2250  Armor +50, Anti-Electricity 30%
    耐圧分子結合殻    Anti-Pr. Molec. Net   750  Anti-Pressure 10%
    耐圧装甲板        Anti-Pr. Armor       1500  Anti-Pressure 20%
    耐圧装甲板+1    Anti-Pr. Armor +1    2250  Anti-Pressure 30%
    衝撃拡散板        Shock Diffusing Armor 700  Anti-Spinner 10%
    刻印装甲板        Engr. Seal Armor     1400  Anti-Engraved Seal 50%
    刻印装甲板+1    Engr. Seal Armor +1  2100  Anti-Engraved Seal 75%
    対天使装甲        Anti-Angel Armor      900  Armor +50, Anti-Angel 30%
    対天使装甲+1    Anti-Angel Armor +1  1800  Armor +100, Anti-Angel 50% 
    対天使装甲S      Anti-Angel Armor S   2400  Ether Armor +50, Anti-Angel 50%
    エーテル装甲      Ether Armor          1000  Ether Armor +50
    エーテル装甲+1  Ether Armor +1       2000  Ether Armor +100
    エーテル装甲+2  Ether Armor +2       3000  Ether Armor +150
    エーテル装甲+3  Ether Armor +3       4000  Ether Armor +200
    風ヴェール装甲板  Wind Veil Armor      5000  Defense against Earth attacks
    地ヴェール装甲板  Earth Veil Armor     5000  Defense against Wind attacks
    火ヴェール装甲板  Fire Veil Armor      5000  Defense against Water attacks
    水ヴェール装甲板  Water Veil Armor     5000  Defense against Fire attacks
    焼けた装甲板      Burnt Armor          4000  Armor +2
    中古回路          Ancient Circuit      2500  Reaction +10, Defense up
    シンプル回路      Simple Circuit       2500  Reaction +10, Defense up
    反応回路          Reaction Circuit     2500  Reaction +20
    防御回路          Defense Circuit      2500  Defense up
    A回路            A Circuit             125  Agility up (World map except 
                                                   Snowfield, Desert or Underwater)
    B回路            B Circuit             125  Agility up (Snowfield) (雪原)
    C回路            C Circuit             125  Agility up (Desert) (砂漠)
    D回路            D Circuit             125  Agility up (Underwater) (水中)
    E回路            E Circuit             125  Ether Armor +10, Ether Engine +4
    C回路+1        C Circuit +1          500  Agility up (Desert) (砂漠)
    エアコン          Air conditioning     2500  Agility up (Desert) (砂漠)
    ビームジャーマー  Beam Jammer          1000  Anti-Beam 75%
    アース            Earth                1250  Anti-Electricity 50%
    耐圧構造材        Anti-Pressure Struc. 1400  Anti-Pressure 25%
    気密シールド      Air Pressure Shield  1500  Anti-Gas 20%
    ノイズフィルター  Noise Filter         2000  Anti-Sound Wave 100%
    対天使システム    Anti-Angel System    2500  Anti-Angel 100%
    酸素ボンベ        Oxigen Bomb          2500  Agility up (Underwater) (水中)
    マグネットコート  Magnet Coat          4000  Reaction +25
    バラスト          Balast               2000  Armor +30
    金メッキ          Gold Mekki          15000  Anti-Gel 100%
    対刻印バリア      Anti-Eng. S. Barrier 3000  Anti-Engraved Seal 100%
    パワーマジック    Power Magic          3000  Ether Engine +8
    レンズシールド    Lens Shield          2500  Prevents "Camera malfunction"
    ダブルヴェール    Double Veil          3000  Doubles Elemental Defense duration
    マジックガード    Magic Guard          2250  Protects the Ether engine
    エンジンガード    Engine Guard         5000  Protects the engine
    守護法円          Protec.System Circle 4000  Protects the pilot
    タンクブロック    Tank Block           3000  Protects the fuel tank
    リペアコート      Repair Coat          2000  Protects the armor
    ギアブロック      Gear Block           2000  Protects movement capacity
    フレームHP10  Frame HP 10           250  Allows to use "10% HP Recover"
    フレームHP30  Frame HP 30           750  Allows to use "30% HP Recover"
    フレームHP50  Frame HP 50          1250  Allows to use "50% HP Recover"
    フレームHP70  Frame HP 70          1750  Allows to use "70% HP Recover"
    フレームHP90  Frame HP 90          2500  Allows to use "90% HP Recover"
    チャージクリナー  Charge Cleaner       5000  "Charge" removes status ailments
    封印攻撃L1解除  Sealed Att.L1 Canc. 10000  Allows to use S,C combination
    封印攻撃L2解除  Sealed Att.L2 Canc. 10000  Allows to use T,C combination
    封印攻撃L3解除  Sealed Att.L3 Canc. 10000  Allows to use C,C combination
    GNRS20      GNRS 20             35000  Engine Power +20%
    GNRS50      GNRS 50             65000  Engine Power +50%
    燃料リカバーA    Fuel Recover A       2500  "Charge" recovers 50 fuel
    燃料リカバーS    Fuel Recover S      10000  "Charge" recovers 100 fuel
    燃料リカバーX    Fuel Recover X      30000  "Charge" recovers 200 fuel
    燃料リカバーZ    Fuel Recover Z      50000  "Charge" recovers 500 fuel
       G E A R   W E A P O N   L I S T
    GEAR RODS : VIERGE AND E.REGRS  _________________________________________
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    マジカルロッドG  Magical Rod G          2   200  -
    シグナルロッドG  Signal Rod G           4   500  -
    フィストロッドG  Fist Rod G             8  1000  -
    ヴェガスロッドG  Vegas Rod G           12  1800  -
    ラギカルロッドG  Ragical Rod G         24  4200  -
    サンダーロッドG  Thunder Rod G         60  8200  Wind-elemental
    アースロッドG    Earth Rod G           60  8200  Earth-elemental
    フレアロッドG    Flare Rod G           65  8800  Fire-elemental
    アイスロッドG    Ice Rod G             60  8200  Water-elemental
    ブレイクロッドG  Break Rod G           75 10000  Causes "Slow"
    スモークロッドG  Smoke Rod G           78 12000  Causes "Camera Malfunction"
    カオスロッドG    Chaos Rod G           80 13200  -
    GEAR WHIPS : BRIGANDER AND E.ANDVALI  ___________________________________
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    レザーWG        Leather WG            10  1000  -
    アイアンWG      Iron WG               16  1600  -
    スナッパーWG    Snapper WG            18  2000  -
    サーペントWG    Serpent WG            35  4500  -
    BスネークWG    Black Snake WG        50  6800  -
    SブラッドWG    Silver Brad WG        56  7200  -
    ライジンWG      Quick Lightning WG   100 13000  Causes "Power Loss"
    サウンドWG      Sound WG             120 16800  Causes "Ether Engine Silence"
    GEAR GUNS : RENMAZUO AND E.RENMAZUO  ____________________________________
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    GEARM10    GEARM10                -  4000  -
    GEARM686  GEARM686               -  7800  -
    古式銃            Old-style Gun          - 20000  -
    ゴッドギア        God Gear               - 24000  -
    Handgun Ammo
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    GEARMA弾    GEARM A Bullets       18   100  For the GEAR M10
    GEARMS弾    GEARM S Bullets       30   200  For the GEAR M10
    GEARMX弾    GEARM X Bullets       42   300  For the GEAR M10
    GEARM6A弾  GEARM6 A Bullets      24   200  For the GEAR M686
    GEARM6S弾  GEARM6 S Bullets      36   300  For the GEAR M686
    GEARM6X弾  GEARM6 X Bullets      48   400  For the GEAR M686
    E001G弾      E001G Bullets         60   500  For the Old-st., Wind-elem.
    E002G弾      E002G Bullets         60   500  For the Old-st., Earth-elem.
    E003G弾      E003G Bullets         60   500  For the Old-st., Fire-elem.
    E004G弾      E004G Bullets         60   500  For the Old-st., Water-elem.
    E005G弾      E005G Bullets         54   500  For the Old-st., ???
    E006G弾      E006G Bullets         54   500  For the Old-style
    GODG弾        GODG Bullets          72  1000  For the God Gear
    Big Gun Ammo
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    SS010G弾    SS010G Bullets        24   100  -
    SS020G弾    SS020G Bullets        36   200  -
    SS030G弾    SS030G Bullets        48   300  -
    SS040G弾    SS040G Bullets        60   400  -
    GEAR KATANA : HEIMDAL AND E.FENRIR  _____________________________________
    Japanese          English               AT  Cost  Notes
    戦国刀            War Country Sword     90  9000  -
    山女              Female Mountain      110 13000  -
    ?震剣            ? Quake Sword        120 22000  -
    大和魂            Yamato Soul          160 36000  -
    ?神剣            ? God Sword          200 14000  -
       G E A R   E N G I N E   L I S T
    Japanese          English               AT  Fuel   Cost
    G4・1200    G4.1200                4  1200    800
    G6・1200    G6.1200                6  1200   1200
    Z9・1500    Z9.1500                9  1500   1800
       G E A R   F R A M E   L I S T
    Japanese          English               HP  Cost  Gear
    WELT018    WELT018             1800   150  Weltall
    WELT021    WELT021             2100   400  Weltall
    WELT025    WELT025             2500   800  Weltall
    WELT030    WELT030             3000  1400  Weltall
    HEIM032    HEIM032             3200  1800  Heimdal
    BRIG019    BRIG019             1900   250  Brigander
    BRIG022    BRIG022             2200   500  Brigander
    BRIG027    BRIG027             2700   900  Brigander
       G E A R   A R M O R   L I S T
    Japanese          English               DF  EthDF   Cost
    MS鋼板#3      MS Steel Plate #3     30      0     50
    MS鋼板#6      MS Steel Plate #6     60      0    500
    MS鋼板#9      MS Steel Plate #9     90      0   1500
       S K I L L S   /   E T H E R S   L I S T
                 W o n g  
                          F e i F o n g
    FEI'S SKILLS  ___________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion       AP
    武技雷迅          Martial Arts Swift Lightning     S,O          4
    武技千裂          Martial Arts Thousand Explosions S,S,O        5
    武技破岩          Martial Arts Rock Break          T,O          5
    武技崩天          Martial Arts Heaven Crumble      S,S,S,O      6
    武技天舞          Martial Arts Heaven Dance        S,T,O        6
    武技龍迅          Martial Arts Swift Dragon        T,S,O        6
    武技虎咆          Martial Arts Roaring Tiger       O,O          6
    超武技風勁        Super Martial Arts Strong Wind   S,S,S,S,O    7
    超武技地勁        Super Martial Arts Strong Earth  S,S,T,O      7
    超武技火勁        Super Martial Arts Strong Fire   S,T,S,O      7
    超武技水勁        Super Martial Arts Strong Water  T,S,S,O      7
    超武技光勁        Super Martial Arts Strong Light  T,T,O        7
    超武技闇勁        Super Martial Arts Strong Gloom  O,S,O        7
    While riding the Weltall or the Xenogears:
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion   Fuel Cost  Level
    武技雷撃          Martial Arts Lightning Attack    S,S      10+40      1
    武技烈風          Martial Arts Violent Gale        S,T      10+50      1
    武技雷轟          Martial Arts Lighning Thunder    S,C      10+10      1
    武技破山          Martial Arts Mountain Destroyer  T,S      20+70      2
    武技竜天          Martial Arts Heaven Dragon       T,T      20+80      2
    武技十字          Martial Arts Ten Characters      T,C      20+20      2
    武技雷舞          Martial Arts Thunder Dance       C,S      30+100     3
    武技?舞          Martial Arts ? Dance             C,T      30+110     3
    武技震雷          Martial Arts Quake Thunder       C,C      30+30      3
    超武技光拳        Super Martial Arts Light Fist    S        10         I
    超武技轟天        Super Martial Arts Roar Heaven   T        20         I
    超武技黒拳        Super Martial Arts Black Fist    C        30         I
    Note that although the names are the same when inside the Weltall than when
    in the Xenogears, the skills themselves aren't.
    FEI'S ETHERS  ___________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    指弾              Finger Bullet          2  Non-elemental damage (one)
    内?功            Inner ? Success        2  Recover some HP (one)
    剛気              Mind Strength          4  Attack power up (self)
    柔気              Mind Softness          4  Gain counterattack ability (self)
    光勁              Strong Light           5  Defense up, attack down (self)
    闇勁              Strong Gloom           5  Attack up, defense down (self)
    千光              Thousand Lights       10  Non-elemental damage (one)
    銀牙              Silver Fang           20  Non-elemental damage (all)
    While riding the Weltall or the Xenogears:
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    指弾              Finger Bullet          2  Non-elemental damage (one)
    内?功            Inner ? Success        2  Restores armor (self)
    光勁              Strong Light           5  Gear defense up, attack down (self)
    闇勁              Strong Gloom           5  Gear attack up, defense down (self)
    千光              Thousand Lights       10  Non-elemental damage (one)
    銀牙              Silver Fang           20  Non-elemental damage (all)
    WELTALL'S OPTIONS  ______________________________________________________
    WELTALL-2'S OPTIONS  ____________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation         Fuel  Effect
    システムイド      System ID           1000  Causes infinite attack level
    雷神波            Thunder God Wave     600  Non-elemental damage (one)
    炎獄?            Fire Hell ???       1000  Fire-elemental damage (all)
    XENOGEARS' OPTIONS  _____________________________________________________
              E l e h a y m m 
                               V a n   H o u t e n 
    ELLIE'S SKILLS  _________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion       AP
    スクリーマー      Screamer                         S,C          4
    スピニングソルト  Spinning Sault                   S,S,C        5
    ブレイクスルー    Breakthrough                     T,C          5
    ダブルインパクト  Double Impact                    S,S,S,C      6
    スカイアタック    Sky Attack                       S,T,C        6
    シャインスパーク  Shine Spark                      T,S,C        6
    スティングキック  Sting Kick                       C,C          6
    サンダーウェポン  Thunder Weapon                   S,S,S,S,C    7
    ランドウェポン    Land Weapon                      S,S,T,C      7
    フレアウェポン    Flare Weapon                     S,T,S,C      7
    アイスウェポン    Ice Weapon                       T,S,S,C      7
    While riding the Vierge or the El Regrs:
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion   Fuel Cost  Level
    ダブルインパクト  Double Impact                    S,S      10+40      1
    ハードスマッシュ  Hard Smash                       S,T      10+50      1
    ビートストーム    Beat Storm                       S,C      10+10      1
    ソニックドライブ  Sonic Drive                      T,S      20+70      2
    ハートストライク  Heart Strike                     T,T      20+80      2
    メガインパクト    Mega Impact                      T,C      20+20      2
    イナズマドライブ  Inazuma Drive                    C,S      30+100     3
    ハイパーゴッデス  Hyper Goddess                    C,T      30+110     3
    ブレイズダンス    Blaze Dance                      C,C      30+30      3
    イナズマフレイル  Inazuma Flail                    S        10         I
    ブルーブラスト    Blue Blast                       T        20         I
    ダクゴッデス      Dark Goddess                     C        30         I
    ELLIE'S ETHERS  _________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    リグ・ボルト      Rig . Bolt             2  Wind damage (low, one)
    ルド・ランス      Rud . Lance            2  Earth damage (low, one)
    エラ・キューブ    Era . Cube             2  Fire damage (low, one)
    レイ・アイス      Rei . Ice              2  Water damage (low, one)
    リグ・バーン      Rig . Horn             6  Wind damage (medium, area)
    ルド・ストーム    Rud . Storm            6  Earth damage (medium, area)
    エラ・ドラゴン    Era . Dragon           6  Fire damage (medium, area)
    レイ・ミスト      Rei . Mist             6  Water damage (medium, area)
    リグ・ウェイブ    Rig . Wave            10  Wind damage (high, all)
    ルド・ゴースト    Rud . Ghost           10  Earth damage (high, all)
    エラ・ラーゴ      Era . Rargo           10  Fire damage (high, all)
    レイ・ロード      Rei . Rod             10  Water damage (high, all)
    While riding the Vierge or the El Regrs:
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    リグ・ボルト      Rig . Bolt             2  Wind damage (low, one)
    ルド・ランス      Rud . Lance            2  Earth damage (low, one)
    エラ・キューブ    Era . Cube             2  Fire damage (low, one)
    レイ・アイス      Rei . Ice              2  Water damage (low, one)
    リグ・バーン      Rig . Horn             6  Wind damage (medium, area)
    ルド・ストーム    Rud . Storm            6  Earth damage (medium, area)
    エラ・ドラゴン    Era . Dragon           6  Fire damage (medium, area)
    レイ・ミスト      Rei . Mist             6  Water damage (medium, area)
    リグ・ウェイブ    Rig . Wave            10  Wind damage (high, all)
    ルド・ゴースト    Rud . Ghost           10  Earth damage (high, all)
    エラ・ラーゴ      Era . Rargo           10  Fire damage (high, all)
    レイ・ロード      Rei . Rod             10  Water damage (high, all)
    VIERGE'S OPTIONS  _______________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation         Fuel  Effect
    エアッド          Eadd                 400  Ether attack
    EL REGRS' OPTIONS  ______________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation         Fuel  Effect
    エアッド          Eadd                 400  Ether attack
              S h i t a n 
                           U z u k i
    SHITAN'S SKILLS  ________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion       AP
    浮雲              Floating Cloud                   S,C          4
    無風              Nothingness Wind                 S,S,C        5
    刃雷              Thunder Blade                    T,C          5
    震雷              Quake Thunder                    S,S,S,C      6
    連剣              Consecutive Blade                S,T,C        6
    波壊              Wave Destruction                 T,S,C        6
    奥技              Inner Skill                      C,C          6
    風精 - 柳 -       Wind Skill - Willow -            S,S,S,S,C    7
    地精 - 崩 -       Earth Skill - Crumble -          S,S,T,C      7
    火精 - ? -       Fire Skill - ? -                 S,T,S,C      7
    水精 - ? -       Water Skill - ? -                T,S,S,C      7
    While wielding a Katana
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion       AP
    雨?              Rain ?                           S,C          4
    円月              Full Moon                        S,S,C        5
    天雲              Heaven Cloud                     T,C          5
    ??              ???                              S,S,S,C      6
    夜光              Evening Light                    S,T,C        6
    斬烈              Furious Kill                     T,S,C        6
    冥月              Dark Moon                        C,C          6
    風精刀気 - 宴 -   Wind Skill Sword Mind - Feast -  S,S,S,S,C    7
    地精刀気 - 轟 -   Earth Skill Sword Mind - Roar -  S,S,T,C      7
    火精刀気 - 鵬 -   Fire Skill Sword Mind - Phoenix- S,T,S,C      7
    水精刀気 - ? -   Water Skill Sword Mind - ? -     T,S,S,C      7
    While riding the Heimdal:
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion   Fuel Cost  Level
    拳追              Chasing Fist                     S,S      10+40      1
    烈風              Violent Gale                     S,T      10+50      1
    流影              Flowing Shadow                   S,C      10+10      1
    震雷              Thunder Quake                    T,S      20+70      2
    風迅              Swift Wind                       T,T      20+80      2
    ?牙              ??? Fang                         T,C      20+20      2
    波壊              Wave Destroy                     C,S      30+100     3
    拳迅              Swift Fist                       C,T      30+110     3
    天衝              Heaven Shock                     C,C      30+30      3
    ??              ???                              S        10         I
    斬?              ??? Murder                       T        20         I
    炎拳              Fire Fist                        C        30         I
    While riding the Heimdal or the El Fenrir and wielding a Gear Katana:
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion   Fuel Cost  Level
    剣追              Chasing Sword                    S,S      10+40      1
    烈風              Violent Gale                     S,T      10+50      1
    流影              Flowing Shadow                   S,C      10+10      1
    震雷              Thunder Quake                    T,S      20+70      2
    風迅              Swift Wind                       T,T      20+80      2
    ?牙              ??? Fang                         T,C      20+20      2
    波壊              Wave Destroy                     C,S      30+100     3
    剣迅              Swift Sword                      C,T      30+110     3
    天衝              Heaven Shock                     C,C      30+30      3
    ??              ???                              S        10         I
    斬?              ??? Murder                       T        20         I
    炎剣              Fire Sword                       C        30         I
    SHITAN'S ETHERS  ________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    小波              Small Wave             2  Recover some HP (one)
    練気              Refined Spirit         2  Next Ether cast by Shitan affects                                                all party members (self)
    風聖衣            Wind Holy Clothes      4  Defense against earth (one)
    地聖衣            Earth Holy Clothes     4  Defense against wind (one)
    火聖衣            Fire Holy Clothes      4  Defense against water (one)
    水聖衣            Water Holy Clothes     4  Defense against fire (one)
    縁掌              Connect Palm           3  Remove body status abnorm. (one)
    霊掌              Soul Palm              3  Remove mind status abnorm. (one)
    光香              Light Incense          2  Defense up, attack down (one)
    闇香              Darkness Incense       2  Attack up, defense down (one)
    仙勁              Strong Hermit          6  Speed up (one)
    While riding the Heimdal or the El Fenrir:
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    小波              Small Wave             2  Restore armor (one)
    練気              Refined Spirit         2  Next Ether cast by Shitan affects
                                                all party members.
    風聖衣            Wind Holy Clothes      4  Defense against earth (one)
    地聖衣            Earth Holy Clothes     4  Defense against wind (one)
    火聖衣            Fire Holy Clothes      4  Defense against water (one)
    水聖衣            Water Holy Clothes     4  Defense against fire (one)
    光香              Light Incense          2  Defense up, attack down (one)
    闇香              Darkness Incense       2  Attack up, defense down (one) 
    HEIMDAL'S OPTIONS  ______________________________________________________
    EL FENRIR'S OPTIONS  ____________________________________________________
           B a r t h o l o m e i 
                                   F a t i m a
    BART'S SKILLS  __________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion       AP
    ネックハンター    Neck Hunter                      S,O          4
    ツインソニック    Twin Sonic                       S,S,O        5
    リズムショック    Rhythm Shock                     T,O          5
    ダイナミック      Dynamic                          S,S,S,O      6
    アストラル        Astral                           S,T,O        6
    ネックソーサー    Neck Saucer                      T,S,O        6
    帝王の?き        Emperor's ? Ki                   O,O          6
    エンジェル        Angel                            S,S,S,S,O    7
    ランドブレイク    Land Break                       S,S,T,O      7
    プロミネンス      Prominence                       S,T,S,O      7
    トルネード        Tornado                          T,S,S,O      7
    While riding the Brigander or the El Andvari:
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion   Fuel Cost  Level
    チェーンウィップ  Chain Whip                       S,S      10+40      1
    ビートスネーク    Beat Snake                       S,T      10+50      1
    スパークウェーブ  Spark Wave                       S,C      10+10      1
    ブラッドスネーク  Blood Snake                      T,S      20+70      2
    ビートストーム    Beat Storm                       T,T      20+80      2
    デッドキャノン    Dead Cannon                      T,C      20+20      2
    ダンスウェイブ    Dance Wave                       C,S      30+100     3
    ツインスネーク    Twin Snake                       C,T      30+110     3
    スカイドライブ    Sky Drive                        C,C      30+30      3
    メテオフォール    Meteo Fall                       S        10         I
    デッドダンス      Dead Dance                       T        20         I
    ソウルエンド      Soul End                         C        30         I
    BART'S ETHERS  __________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    ワイルドスマイル  Wild Smile             2  Lowers Accuracy (one)
    ゴールドショット  Gold Shot              2  Non-elemental damage (one)
    ホワイトグローブ  White Glow             3  Damage equals ??? (one)
    レッドコロン      Red Cologne            4  Raises attack power (self)
    ブルーコロン      Blue Cologne           6  Raises Accuracy and Evade (self)
    ホワイトコロン    White Cologne          6  Gain counterattack ability (self)
    ウインドモード    Wind Mode              4  Make weapon wind-elemental (one)
    アースモード      Earth Mode             4  Make weapon earth-elemental (one)
    ファイアモード    Fire Mode              4  Make weapon fire-elemental (one)
    ウォータモード    Water Mode             4  Make weapon water-elemental (one)
    While riding the Brigander or the E . Andvari:
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    ワイルドスマイル  Wild Smile             2  Lowers Accuracy
    ゴールドショット  Gold Shot              2  Non-elemental damage (one)
    ウインドモード    Wind Mode              4  Make weapon wind-elemental (one)
    アースモード      Earth Mode             4  Make weapon earth-elemental (one)
    ファイアモード    Fire Mode              4  Make weapon fire-elemental (one)
    ウォータモード    Water Mode             4  Make weapon water-elemental (one)
    BRIGANDER'S OPTIONS  ____________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation         Fuel  Effect
    ユグドラ?雷      Yggdra ?? Thunder    600  Ether attack (one)
    EL ANDVARI'S OPTIONS  ___________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation         Fuel  Effect
    ユグドラ?雷      Yggdra ?? Thunder    600  Ether attack (one)
            R i c a r d o 
                            B a n d e r a s
    RICO'S SKILLS  __________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion       AP
    リコ・ロケット    Rico Rocket                      S,O          4
    デスドライブ      Death Drive                      S,S,O        5
    バンデラス・ラナ  Banderas Lana                    T,O          5
    ドラゴンナックル  Dragon Knuckle                   S,S,S,O      6
    雷炎ボム          Thunder Fire Bomb                S,T,O        6
    パイルクラッシュ  Pile Crash                       T,S,O        6
    サルトストライク  Sault Strike                     O,O          6
    デスローリング    Death Rolling                    S,S,S,S,O    7
    炎?ラリアット    Fire ??? Lariat                  S,S,T,O      7
    ヘルスプラッシュ  Hell Splash                      S,T,S,O      7
    While riding the Stier or the El Stier:
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion   Fuel Cost  Level
    ドリルウォー      Drill War                        S,S      10+40      1
    ボンバーヘッド    Bomber Head                      S,T      10+50      1
    ドリルドライバー  Drill Driver                     S,C      10+10      1
    グランドスラム    Grand Slam                       T,S      20+70      2
    トルネードD      Tornado D                        T,T      20+80      2
    ギルトハンマー    Guilt Hammer                     T,C      20+20      2
    メガボディー      Mega Body                        C,S      30+100     3
    スカイドライバー  Sky Driver                       C,T      30+110     3
    スクラップ        Scrap                            C,C      30+30      3
    ドリルカイサー    Drill Kaiser                     S        10         I
    ドライブカイサー  Drive Kaiser                     T        20         I
    アイアンカイサー  Iron Kaiser                      C        30         I
    RICO'S ETHERS  __________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    鋼の拳            Steel Fist             2  Attack up (self)
    鋼の肉体          Steel Flesh            2  Defense up (self)
    鋼の精神          Steel Mind             2  Ether defense up (self)
    鋼の闘気          Steel Fight Spirit     4  Non-elemental attack (one)
    While riding the Stier or the E . Stier:
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    鋼の闘気          Steel Fight Spirit     4  Non-elemental attack (one)
    STIER'S OPTIONS  ________________________________________________________
    EL STIER'S OPTIONS  _____________________________________________________
                B i l l y 
                           L e e   B l a c k
    BILLY'S SKILLS  _________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion       AP
    アダムズアップル  Adam's Apple                     S,O          4
    ガンホリック      Gun Holic                        S,S,O        5
    ヘルブラスト      Hell Blast                       T,O          5
    ナットクラック    Nut Crack                        S,S,S,O      6
    スカイウォーカー  Sky Walker                       S,T,O        6
    デビルブラスト    Devil Blast                      T,S,O        6
    バァンブラウ      Van Blow                         O,O          6
    ドゥルードリーム  Douruu Dream                     S,S,S,S,O    7
    ヘブンズゲート    Heaven's Gate                    S,S,T,O      7
    ディアフレンド    Dear Friend                      S,T,S,O      7
    While riding the Renmazuo or the El Renmazuo:
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion   Fuel Cost  Level
    ダブルスナップ    Double Snap                      S,S      10+40      1
    ハードスナップ    Hard Snap                        S,T      10+50      1
    ハードガン        Hard Gun                         S,C      10+10      1
    ガンブリンガー    Gun Bringer                      T,S      20+70      2
    インパクトガン    Impact Gun                       T,T      20+80      2
    ゴッドフィスト    God Fist                         T,C      20+20      2
    ブレイズショット  Blaze Shot                       C,S      30+100     3
    ハードガトリング  Hard Gatling                     C,T      30+110     3
    スカイガトリング  Sky Gatling                      C,C      30+30      3
    サウザンド        Meteo Fall                       S        10         I
    ゴッドクライム    God Claim                        T        20         I
    ソウルオブゴッド  Soul of the God                  C        30         I
    BILLY'S ETHERS  _________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    浄化の光          Cleansing Light        2  Remove all status aiments (one)
    療しの光          Healing Light          2  HP recover (one)
    聖なる光          Holy Light             4  HP recover (all)
    女神のエール      Goddess' Yell          4  Speed up (one)
    女神の眼差し      Goddess' Predilection  4  Defense up (one)
    風の盾            Wind Shield            4  Protection against earth (one)
    地の盾            Earth Shield           4  Protection against wind (one)
    火の盾            Fire Shield            4  Protection against water (one)
    水の盾            Water Shield           4  Protection against fire (one)
    女神の気合い      Goddess' Spirit Fusion 8  Recover life (one)
    While riding the Renmazuo or the El Renmazuo:
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    療しの光          Healing Light          2  Restore armor (one)
    聖なる光          Holy Light             4  Restore armor (all)
    風の盾            Wind Shield            4  Protection against earth
    地の盾            Earth Shield           4  Protection against wind
    火の盾            Fire Shield            4  Protection against water
    水の盾            Water Shield           4  Protection against fire
    RENMAZUO'S OPTIONS  _____________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation         Fuel  Effect
    ジェシーカノン    Jessie Cannon        500  Non-elemental damage (area)
    ジェシーバスター  Jessie Buster       1000  Non-elemental damage (area)
    EL RENMAZUO'S OPTIONS  __________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation         Fuel  Effect
    ジェシーカノン    Jessie Cannon        500  Non-elemental damage (area)
    ジェシーバスター  Jessie Buster       1000  Non-elemental damage (area)
                      E m e r a l d a
    EMERALDA'S SKILLS  ______________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion       AP
    レッグカッター    Leg Cutter                       S,O          4
    ウェイブカッター  Wave Cutter                      S,S,O        5
    レッグスピン      Leg Spin                         T,O          5
    ハンマーヘッド    Hammer Head                      S,S,S,O      6
    グランドアーム    Ground Arm                       S,T,O        6
    ディバイダー      Divider                          T,S,O        6
    フライングアーム  Fling Arm                        O,O          6
    トルネードハンド  Tornado Hand                     S,S,S,S,O    7
    レイカウント      Rei Count                        S,S,T,O      7
    ダークビースト    Dark Beast                       S,T,S,O      7
    While riding the Crescens:
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion   Fuel Cost  Level
    ハンドビート      Hand Beat                        S,S      10+40      1
    フライングビート  Fling Beat                       S,T      10+50      1
    ダンスビート      Dance Beat                       S,C      10+10      1
    デビルフィンガー  Devil Finger                     T,S      20+70      2
    デビルホールド    Devil Hold                       T,T      20+80      2
    デビルバード      Devil Bad                        T,C      20+20      2
    デッドスピン      Dead Spin                        C,S      30+100     3
    デッドドライブ    Dead Drive                       C,T      30+110     3
    デッドメロディ    Dead Melody                      C,C      30+30      3
    ダークウェイブ    Dark Wave                        S        10         I
    ダークフォース    Dark Force                       T        20         I
    ダークワールド    Dark World                       C        30         I
    EMERALDA'S ETHERS  ______________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    リグ・ダーム      Rig . Dam              3  Wind damage (medium, one)
    ルド・フィスト    Rud . Fist             3  Earth damage (medium, one)
    エラ・ゴルド      Era . Gold             3  Fire damage (medium, one)
    レイ・アルオム    Rei . Aruom            3  Water damage (medium, one)
    リグ・オメガ      Rig . Omega            6  Wind damage (high, all)
    ルド・ホルス      Rud . Horst            6  Earth damage (high, all)
    エラ・ジスト      Era . Geist            6  Fire damage (high, all)
    レイ・ドーム      Rei . Dome             6  Water damage (high, all)
    While riding the Crescens:
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    リグ・ダーム      Rig . Dam              3  Wind damage (medium, one)
    ルド・フィスト    Rud . Fist             3  Earth damage (medium, one)
    エラ・ゴルド      Era . Gold             3  Fire damage (medium, one)
    レイ・アルオム    Rei . Aruom            3  Water damage (medium, one)
    リグ・オメガ      Rig . Omega            6  Wind damage (high, all)
    ルド・ホルス      Rud . Horst            6  Earth damage (high, all)
    エラ・ジスト      Era . Geist            6  Fire damage (high, all)
    レイ・ドーム      Rei . Dome             6  Water damage (high, all)
    CRESCENS' OPTIONS  ______________________________________________________
           M a r i a   
                      B e l t h a s a r
    MARIA'S SKILLS  _________________________________________________________
    While riding the Siebzehn:
    Japanese          Translation                      Motion   Fuel Cost  Level
    メガハンマー      Mega Hammer                      S,S      10+40      1
    ダイナファイト    Dina Fight                       S,T      10+50      1
    グラビトンパンチ  Graviton Punch                   S,C      10+10      1
    ダイナラッシュ    Dina Rush                        T,S      20+70      2
    ダイビングヘッド  Diving Head                      T,T      20+80      2
    グラビトンプレス  Graviton Press                   T,C      20+20      2
    メテオプレス      Meteo Press                      C,S      30+100     3
    アイアンブレイク  Iron Break                       C,T      30+110     3 
    アイアンストーム  Iron Storm                       C,C      30+30      3 
    ファイアドライブ  Fire Drive                       S        10         I
    マグニートブレス  Magnet Breath                    T        20         I
    マリアビート      Maria Beat                       C        30         I
    MARIA'S ETHERS  _________________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    ロボビーム        Robo Beam              2  Beam attack (one)
    ロボミサイル      Robo Missile           4  Missile attack (one)
    ロボパンチ        Robo Punch             5  Physical attack (area)
    ロボキック        Robo Kick              8  Physical attack (area)
    グラビトン砲      Graviton Cannon       30  Gravity attack (all)
    While riding the Siebzehn:
    SIEBZEHN'S OPTIONS  ____________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation         Fuel  Effect
    ミサイルポッド    Missile Pod          400  Ether attack (all)
    グラビトン砲      Graviton Cannon     1000  Ether attack (all)
            C h u  
                   C h u
    CHU CHU'S SKILLS  _______________________________________________________
    When in giant mode:
    CHU CHU'S ETHERS  _______________________________________________________
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    森の踊り          Forest Dance           2  HP recover (one)
    コルンの祈り      Korun's Prayer         2  Remove body status abnorm. (one)
    ムルムの祈り      Murum's Prayer         2  Remove mind status abnorm. (one)
    死んだふり        Death ???              2  Causes "False Death" (self)
    乙女のキッス      Maiden Kiss            8  Recovers life (self)
    森の風            Forest Wind            4  Wind-elemental attack (one)
    大地の住          Earth's Inhabitants    6  Earth-elemental attack (area)
    太古の神秘        Old Big's Secret      10  Non-elemental attack (all)
    When in giant mode:
    Japanese          Translation           EP  Effect
    森の踊りS        Forest Dance S         2  HP recover (one)
       S T A T U S   A I L M E N T S
    Affecting Characters  ___________________________________________________
    Japanese                English                 Effect
    ストップ                Stop                    Can't perform any action
    混乱                    Confusion               Attack random targets
    忘却                    Forget Instead?         Can't use Ethers
    体力DOWN            Body Power Down         ???
    エーテル増?            Ether Increase          ???
    背水の陣                Horizontal Position (?) ???
    闇の気                  Mind's Darkness         Attack Power up, Defense down
    Affecting Gears  ________________________________________________________
    Japanese                English                 Effect
    燃料もれ                Fuel Leak               Lose fuel each turn?
    装甲欠損                Armor Loss              Defense down
    エンジンスロウ          Engine Slow             ???
    カメラ不良              Camera Malfunction      Accuracy down
    エーテル機関暴走        Ether Engine Wild Run   Lose EP each turn?
    エーテル機関停止        Ether Engine Stop       Can't use Ethers
       7   .   M A P S
       Y G G D R A S I L   M A P
                            Y g g d r a s i l
                           b a s e m e n t   1
          ______ _____  ___
         |      |          |
         | (4)             |
         |______|______  __|
                 __/ M     ¥__                    
                |             |                    
                |             |                   
                |     (2)     |                      
                |             |                   
                |             |                    
                 ¥ (3)       /
        M  : Memory Cube
       (1) : Ladder to the deck
       (2) : Bridge. Talk to Sigurd to take control of the Yggdrasil.
       (3) : Talk to Banz for a random sound test.
       (4) : Elevator to Basement 2
                            Y g g d r a s i l
                           b a s e m e n t   2
            |                  (6)        |
            |                   _  __     |
            |                  | (9) |    |
            |                  |     |  M |
            |                  |_____|    |
            |_________________________  __|
                    |      |              |
                    | (4)                 |
                    |______|_______       |
                                   |      |
                                   |      |
                           ________|      |________
                          |        |      |        |
                          |                  (8)   |
                          |        |      |        |
                          |        |      |________|
                          |        |      |         
                          |        |      |         
                          |  (7)   |      |________ 
                          |        |      |        |
                          |                  (5)   |
                          |        |      |        |
                          |________|      |________|
                                   |__  __|
       (4) : Elevator to Basement 1
       (5) : Mal's room. Talk to her to change party members.
       (6) : Dining room. Talk to Meison to buy items.
       (7) : Sleeping area. Talk to a man here to stay and recover HP/EP.
       (8) : Infirmary
       (9) : Stair down to Basement 3
      (13) : To the Gear hangar
                            Y g g d r a s i l
                           b a s e m e n t   3
                        /       ¥
                      /           ¥
                     /             ¥
                    |     (12)      |
                    |               |
                     ¥             /
                      ¥           /
                       ¥         /
                         ¥     /
                          |   |
                  ________|   |
                 |        |   |________
                 |  (11)  |        (9) |
                 |                     |
                 |________|            |
                 |        |            |
                 |  (10)               |
                 |        |____________|
       (9) : Stair up to Basement 2
      (10) : Bedroom
      (11) : Bedroom
      (12) : Engine room
                          G e a r   H a n g a r
                ___________________________  __
               |         |           |         |
               |  _______|           |_______  |
               |  _______             _______  |
               |     ____|           |  ____   |
               |    |    |           |      |  |
               |         |           | |(14)|  |
               |    |____|           | |____|  |
               |         |           |         |
               |     ____|           |____     |___
               |    |    |           |    |        |
               |         |           |(15)         |
               |    |____|           |____|     ___|
               |         |           |         |
               |     ____|           |____     |
               |    |    |           |    |    |
               |         |           |(16)     |
               |    |____|           |____|    |
               |         |           |         |
            ___|     ____|           |____     |
           |        |    |           |    |    |
           |             |           |         |
           |___     |____|           |____|    |
               |  _______|           |_______  |
               |_________             _________|
               |                               |
      (13) : To Basement 2
      (14) : Gear Shop
      (15) : Weltall
      (16) : Brigander
       8   .   L I N K S  
     - Here are some links you might find useful.
       Kao Megura's Homepage                                <kao.home.ml.org>
       Homepage to my good friend K.M., which not only is co-author of this
       FAQ, but has also written a whole bunch of them, including the pretty
       famous Final Fantasy 7 one. The place I recomend for getting new
       versions of this FAQ.
       Game FAQs Archive                                   <www.gamefaqs.com>
       The best place for FAQs all around. If you're looking for something,
       they surely have it. It also hosts this FAQ.
       RPGamer                                              <www.rpgamer.com>
       The best place for RPG information, including FAQs of course (and this
       one too).
       QueenVera's Xenogears Homepage   <members.aol.com/queenvera/xeno.html>
       A really good page packed with Xenogears information, images and
       9   .   S P E C I A L   T H A N K S
     - In alphabetic order:
    Jego Herve                                            (hjego@hotmail.com)
     - For the L2+R2 tip for getting into / out of the gears quickly
    David Johnson                                   (johnsonr@compuserve.com)
     - For the info on the third Gear Skill in each level. And for his
       invaluable walkthough, which unstuck me more times that I can
       remember ^_^;
    Zhou Tai An                                         (kain@pacific.net.sg)
     - For keeping me updated with his awesome translations (did I tell
       you already to get them? I did? ^_^;), notes on character and Gear
       battle, and general all around assistance :).
    Tatsushi Nakao / Uni                                 (uni@dragonfire.net)
     - A whole lot of corrections on item names, my translations of these, and
       their effects. Also for info on getting some elusive items like the Bird
       egg, and others. And of course, for being his FF5 FAQ the source of
       inspiration for all my work (don't these item lists seem familiar to
       you? ^_- ). Thanks!
      10   .   A U T H O R S '   N O T E
    Uh... well... that's all ^_^;
    Unpublished work Copyright 1998 Ignacio de Lucas and Kao Megura

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