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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Layzie Liu

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      Xenogears Strategy Guide/FAQ
    For the Sony PlayStation (North American Version)
    Created By: Layzie Liu <LayzieLiu@hawaii.rr.com >
    FAQ Version 1.0 
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can in no way be reproduced 
    in anyway and if placed on a web site, may not be altered in anyway as well.  
    Permission must also be asked before it is used in anyway on a web site.   
    This disclaimer and copyright notice must appear in full as well.  It also 
    cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes in magazines, books, 
    guides, etc.  This FAQ was created and owned by me, Layzie Liu 
    <LayzieLiu@hawaii.rr.com> so please respect that.
    Copyright by Layzie Liu ©1999-2001
    This is the first version of my Xenogears FAQ/Strategy Guide so you can expect 
    there to be a lot of mistakes in grammar and spelling.  As future updates and 
    versions come out, you can expect there to be corrections to any mistakes and 
    problems.  There will also always be new information as it comes available.  
    However, there is currently a new factor that will prevent me from doing this.  
    Please read the "Conclusion" and "Feedback" sections for more information 
    about this.
    UPDATES (Ver. 1.0):
     6/3/99 Updated "Contributors" section.
    NOTE: Will be realigning Material (Gear, Accessories, Items) sections soon. 
    I. Introduction
    II. Disc One Walkthrough  
        1. Lahan
    2. Citan's House
    3. Battle At Lahan
    4. Blackmoon Forest
    5. Desert Town Dazil
    6. Through the Desert
    7. Desert Attack
    8. Stalactite Cave
    9. The Yggdrasil
    10. Bart's Hideout
    11. Surprise Attack
    12. Aveh
    13. Rescuing Margie 
    14. Nisan
    15. Recapturing Aveh
    16. D Block Of Nortune
    17. Nortune's Sewers
    18. Finals Of The Battling Tournament
    19. The New Champ
    20. Nortune's Gear Hanger
    21. Attack On Nortune 
    22. Stealing The Goliath 
    23. The Yggdrasil II
    24. Return To The Thames
    25. Sabotage 
    26. Ethos Headquarters And The Orphanage 
    27. Missing Ethos Transport
    28. Back To The Ethos Headquarters
    29. Attack On The Thames
    30. Ethos Excavation Site
    31. Babel Tower
    II. Disc Two Walkthrough
    III. Conclusion
    IV. Feedback
    V. Contributions
    VI. Contributors
    This strategy guide/FAQ first starts off with a detailed walkthrough of the 
    entire game.  This walkthrough is not just any type as it not only tells you 
    what you need to do to complete the game.  It also contains information about 
    what is going on in the game as well such as explanations of animation 
    sequences and the many other scenes throughout the game that just unfolds the 
    story and involves no player control.  So as you can imagine, this will be a 
    very long strategy guide, however, that is what makes it good as well. The 
    walkthrough then follows with miscellaneous information about contributions, 
    secrets and tips for the game, and a lot more of other information that is 
    worth reading.  I hope that it helps you as much as possible and I hope that 
    you enjoy this strategy guide/FAQ!  
    Feel free to use it on your own site so long as the disclaimer and copyright 
    notice remain intact.  Also, please e-mail me <LayzieLiu@hawaii.rr.com> 
    telling me that you are using my strategy guide along with a link to your site 
    so that I know just who is using my strategy guide/FAQ and so that I can keep 
    a record.
    Also if you want to, feel free to drop me a line <LayzieLiu@hawaii.rr.com> if 
    you have any questions retaining to the North American version of Xenogears.  
    Although I will prefer it if you completely look through the strategy 
    guide/FAQ first.  If the answer to your question is an obvious one, then I 
    will not reply (unless I am bored and have nothing else to do).  If, however, 
    the answer is buried in the heaps of information and is hard to find, then I 
    most likely will.  But please, look through the strategy guide/FAQ first! 
    Lastly, if you know of any mistakes that I make in this strategy guide/FAQ, 
    please email them <LayzieLiu@hawaii.rr.com>  to me along with the necessary 
    corrections that I should make.  If you have anything to contribute, please 
    notify me as well.  Anything from more information about items or enemies to 
    helpful tips and secrets.  No matter how insignificant it may seem, who cares, 
    and just send it in if you want to.  As a reward for ANYTHING contributed to 
    this strategy guide/FAQ, you will receive the necessary credit in the 
    "Contributions Section" of this strategy guide/FAQ.  
    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: My levels throughout the game in this strategy guide/FAQ 
    were always higher than the usual level that beginning players have as they go 
    through the game; as I take the time to build up.  I recommend this to all 
    players because it will make the game less frustrating.  Trust me I know!  
    With this knowledge, the information and tips I give for the bosses throughout 
    the game are for people who take the time to build up to around the level that 
    I happen to build up to.  There is however, also other information (though not 
    very detailed) for people who are not at the current level that I was at for 
    that particular boss.  I will also state the level that I was on for the 
    particular boss so that you are aware of that; as the level you are on could 
    greatly affect the difficulty of the boss you fight.  So in other words, the 
    more you build up, the better!
    The game first opens with a brilliantly created animation sequence.  It begins 
    by showing a magnificent ship slowly gliding through space.  All of a sudden, 
    alarms ring out as the crew struggles to figure out what is wrong.  The ship 
    slowly begins to be taken over by some unknown force.  All the while, the crew 
    is trying desperately to stop this unknown force from spreading.  They do 
    their best but fail and the captain then orders the ship to be evacuated.   
    The people evacuate but all of a sudden the ships own weapons systems activate 
    and begin to destroy the escape pods as they launch.  The ship begins to tear 
    apart as the computer systems are taken over one by one.  The captain then 
    initiates the self-destruction sequence as he realizes that resistance is 
    futile.  He stares at his beautiful wife and daughter as the destruct sequence 
    initiates.  All of a sudden the ship disappears in a flash of explosions and 
    the remains of it slowly descend to a lowly planet lying right under it 
    floating through the vastness of space.  Emerging from the wreckage, a 
    mysterious female arises and slowly walks towards the great sea that glimmers 
    before her.  She stares into the dark horizon and watches as pieces of the 
    former magnificent ship burn up like small meteors in the atmosphere.  Thus 
    the story begins.
    1. LAHAN
    You begin the game with some dialog for an introduction to what's happening in 
    the troubled world at this time.  After the introduction you witness a few 
    short scenes in the small village of Lahan.  There a battle is raging and in 
    the midst of this battle are a group of Gears.  You'll notice that one of the 
    pilots is named Fei.  Another man named Citan is also in the act trying to 
    stop Fei from fighting.  However, Fei does not listen and continues to fight.  
    The burning fires then turn into a painting that Fei is working on and you now 
    have control of what is going on.  Go into the room close by and talk to the 
    Maid.  You will then learn of how Fei was brought to the village.  Once you 
    are done with that, go upstairs and talk to Timothy who's in the circle of men 
    who seem to be chatting about the upcoming marriage between Timothy and Alice.  
    Timothy asks you to go and check on Alice and you agree.  Go around the room 
    and talk to the other men as well to find out more about what is going on.  
    When you attempt to exit out of the door, a boy named Dan will stop you from 
    exiting and talk with you.  He says that he wants to talk to you about 
    something and wants you to meet him outside; so go outside.   You might as 
    well talk to the other people as it shouldn't hurt to do so.  
    Go find Dan who is waiting right outside next to the door to the Chief's 
    house.  Talk to him and you'll find out that Dan prefers you to be his 
    brother-in-law instead of Timothy and that he wants you to steal Alice from 
    him!  You will then have a choice to make.  Either choice you make will not 
    affect anything but if you select "Let's do it!!" then Dan will really look up 
    to you so you might as well select that option.  
    After you are done with that head over to Alice's house which lies south and 
    right next to the Chief's house.  Talk to the lady who is blocking the doorway 
    and she'll let you in.  Go in, talk to Alice's Aunt, and go  upstairs.  You'll 
    talk with Alice and find out that she wanted Dan to borrow a camera and lights 
    from Doctor Uzuki (Citan) who lives up on the mountain peak.  You then offer 
    to do the errand.  When the conversations over, exit the house and you also 
    might want to buy a few things from the General Store before heading up the 
    mountain peak as it will get pretty rough. 
    ITEMS: Aquasol……….20          Omegasol……….50          
                  Rosesol……….100        Survival Tent……150
    Once you are ready and equipped, take the path north out of the village which 
    takes you to the beginning of a long path up the mountain that leads to 
    Citan's home.  Follow the path northward until you reach the Save Point and 
    the sign close by.  Save and read the sign which states that the right path 
    leads to Citan's house.  So take the right path and follow the it until Fei 
    stops and the map begins to shift.  Fei will point out the direction of 
    Citan's house so follow the path a short way up and you'll run into a boy who 
    says that the bridge is gone.  The solution to this is simple as all you have 
    to do is make a running jump across the gap.  The boy will teach you how to do 
    so if you don't know how.  
    Once you clear the jump head across the near by bridge.  While you are 
    crossing the bridge, you should notice a treasure chest below.  Cross the 
    bridge and turn west to go down the slope, under the bridge, and pick up the 
    Aquasol waiting inside the treasure chest.  Go back up  and had east a little 
    bit until your reach another sign.  It will simply point out that Citan's 
    house is up ahead so go on up the path.
    Enter in through the front door and you will find Citan's wife Yui and his 
    daughter Midori in the kitchen.  When you talk to Yui she'll say that Citan is 
    busy in the storeroom in the backyard so go out the door right besides you and 
    head behind the house to the storeroom.  
    Right outside of the storeroom there will be a large explosion.  Everything is 
    fine though and Citan will tell you to enter the storeroom to go and see 
    something that he found.  Do so and you will see some sort of audio device 
    that will activate when you walk up to it.  Citan soon enters and tells you to 
    go ahead on into the house and eat dinner.  
    After you are done eating it is dark and you leave Citan's house.  The path is 
    darker now but it still shouldn't be too hard to navigate through.  Head on 
    down the same way that you came.  However, when you reach the bridge you will 
    notice several Gears fly by overhead.  Citan will soon come running up to you 
    and you will learn that the Gears appear to be from the neighboring country of 
    Kislev.  You also notice that they are heading for Lahan!  Follow Citan down 
    the path to where you originally began.  Be sure to save before exiting off 
    the screen
    Once you enter, you will see that Lahan has already been attacked and is 
    currently in flames.  The Kislev Gears are still there and appear to just be 
    standing there.  You will run into Alice and Timothy who say that they can't 
    find Dan.  Fei then tells both of them to get out of the village while he and 
    Citan looks for Dan and any other survivors.
    While looking around, Fei will find what appears to be an empty Gear.  
    However, Fei is blown away right in front it by the gunfire of an attacking 
    Kislev Gear.  An animation sequence then starts showing what a appears to be a 
    young boy grinning at Fei from the cockpit of Gear.  Is Fei hallucinating?  In 
    any case, Fei will then board the abandoned Gear.  Citan will try to stop him 
    but fails to do so.
    Fei starts the Gear and then begins to initiate combat with the other 
    attacking Gears.  This will be the first Gear fight.  It is actually very easy 
    and you should be able to get by this with not problems.  Just keep hitting 
    the Gears with X button attacks and you should be all right.  In fact, two 
    hits with the X button attack is all that you need to destroy each enemy Gear.  
    After the battle more Kislev Gears arrive and begin to attack Fei.  In the 
    mean time, Dan joins Citan in watching the battle.  Timothy soon joins them 
    too, however is attacked by another Kislev Gear.  Fei tries to help but 
    cannot.  Another animation sequence then begins showing Timothy's death as 
    well as a few other surprising scenes.  It shows how Fei then losses it (goes 
    crazy) and all of a sudden a powerful blast engulfs the devastated Lahan.  
    Everything is destroyed; the Gears, the town, and all who are in it.  
    Fei later wakes up on the outskirts of what was once Lahan.  There the 
    remaining townspeople are gathered.  Fei learns what he has done and Dan puts 
    all the blame on him for what happened.  The people then get restless and even 
    begin to fear Fei.  Citan then asks Fei to leave whatever is left of Lahan in 
    case reinforcements come; and, due to the fact that the people who once loved 
    and trusted him, now hate and fear him.  Citan suggests that Fei goes through 
    the Blackmoon Forest and into Aveh so that the Kislev forces cannot track him 
    down.  Fei agrees and leaves with a few last glimpses at the monster that 
    destroyed his village.
    You will now find yourself on the World Map.  The Blackmoon Forest is clearly 
    visible to the west of Lahan.  Save on the World Map and then enter the 
    Blackmoon Forest.  
    NOTE: It is actually kind of dark but that depends on the color of your 
    screen.  You can easily adjust the screen so that the forest is easier to 
    navigate through.  Well, nevermind, I'm just stating this because this was a 
    problem for me at first.
    Follow the path southward and the forest will suddenly be laid out in front of 
    you.  Head west  through the pathways and turn southwest between the two huge 
    tree trunks that are lying on the ground.  Follow that pathway through the 
    tress and you will soon notice a path heading upward guarded by what appears 
    to be a Hobgob.  Once you approach it,  the Hobgob will jump up the path and 
    run away from you.  Chase it and when it stops at the top of the path near the 
    tree, attack it.  Once you defeat it head on over to the Save Point and save.  
    Head north along the upper pathway and follow it until another Hobgob comes 
    into view right in front of a boulder.  Attack it and once you win, the 
    boulder that was behind of the Hobgob will begin to roll down the tree trunk 
    that you are currently on.  Jump out of way back onto the ground an let the 
    boulder roll away.  Don't let it touch you or you'll get hurt for 5 HP every 
    time it touches you!  Once the boulder is gone backtrack east then head south 
    to where you will notice a huge stone lying on the ground that appears to form 
    steps.  Jump on each of them, using them as stepping stones to jump onto the 
    tree trunk.  Head down the tree trunk and when you are half way across you 
    will notice another tree trunk right under the current one you are standing 
    on.  You should also notice an Item bag lying at the edge of the tree trunk 
    under you.  So carefully jump off onto the tree trunk below you and get the 
    item which is an Aquasol.  Get off the tree trunk a follow the same path up to 
    the Save Point.  Then go back to the location where the boulder originally 
    was.  Head up the new path that was created when the boulder rolled away to 
    exit the area.  
    However, as you exit the area, an animation sequence will start and a 
    mysterious woman will be shouting at you in an unknown language with a gun 
    pointing at your head.  After a few seconds, she will then tell you not to 
    move and to drop down your weapon.  She will then state something about you 
    being a surface dweller and a -Lamb- then asks you if you know a way of 
    getting out of the forest.  So as it turns out, she is lost as well.  The 
    mysterious woman will suddenly get attacked by a group of Forest Elves and 
    will be knocked out.  All of a sudden Fei yells out to the Forest Elves not 
    touch Elly.  Hmm…..it appears that he knows her name.  How?  A battle then 
    ensues. It should be an easy one at that too.  Once you defeat the Forest 
    Elves Fei will take the mysterious woman and tend to her wounds.  When she 
    wakes up, you then once again learn her name as being Elhaym or Elly for 
    short.  You two decide to wait until after dark before you continue to look 
    for a way out.  
    Another animation sequence starts up again.  It may seem kind of confusing but 
    at this point in the game, it should be for any new players.  The little boy, 
    as you will notice, is most likely Fei as a young boy.  Looks like he is being 
    abandoned in a desert and who the heck is that lady who helps him?  Just keep 
    what happens in mind and continue on.  You will then continue with your 
    journey through Blackmoon Forest.  Now head south from your current position 
    until you come to a sign.  It will state that the path up the cliffs are to 
    the east and right next to you.  So head on up the path near by until you come 
    to another sign which states that Lahan Village is to the north and the 
    country of Aveh is to the south.  Head southward and just in front of you will 
    be three groups of Hobgobs.  You might as well attack them as the experience 
    you get from them will come in handy.  They are also easy and this will give 
    you a chance to get some Hob-Jerky!  The only problem is that when you 
    approach each separate group of Hobgobs, they will all jump off the cliff and 
    onto their own separate ledges.  If you head west to the cliffs where the two 
    Hobgob groups jumped off you will notice a treasure chest on one of the cliffs 
    opposite of you and an item bag on the ground below the cliffs.  Jump to the 
    ledge to where the treasure chest is and attack the Hobgob group.  Then pick 
    up the Arcane Rod that lies in the treasure chest.  Equip it to Elly and then 
    jump off the cliff to the bottom.  Get the Aquasol that lies in the item bag 
    right in front of you and then head northeast to get back to the first sign 
    that leads you up the cliff paths.  Go back to where you were before you 
    jumped off to get the treasure chest but this time jump to the cliff where the 
    second Hobgob group is waiting and attack it.  Once you are finished with 
    that,  follow the path as it wraps around the cliffs and you will soon see 
    another group of Hobgobs.  As you approach it, it will jump down to another 
    cliff fight below.  Follow it and once again, attack it.  Just up ahead you 
    will see what appears to be some sort of bridge across a gap in the cliffs.  
    Elly and Fei will engage in a little conversation before you can go on and 
    will talk about why they are both in the forest.  Fei will then blame himself 
    for everything that went wrong in Lahan and tells Elly what had happened.  
    Elly will then begin to think about what happened (meaning that there will be 
    a flashback) and you will learn that Elly had a part to do with the 
    destruction of Lahan by landing right in the middle of it while trying to 
    escape the Kislev Gears and then retreating out of her Gear and running away!  
    Fei will then blame the Kislev Gears for what happened and Elly will call him 
    a coward.  Elly will then walk away and exit into the next area alone.  As she 
    walks away, a new confusing animation sequence will begin with Elly in a 
    hallway with blood everywhere.  Her own words that she had used against Fei 
    about him being a coward begins to echo in her as the scene expands to show 
    dead bodies and blood all around Elly.  So it appears that she now feels 
    guilty for what she said to Fei!  Oh well.
    When it is through, she will continue to walk through the area however will be 
    immediately assaulted by a huge monster.  Fei then hears her screen of horror 
    and gets up. However, before you go and rush into the next area, take a moment 
    to head across that bridge next to you to get a Survival Tent in the treasure 
    chest and to the save your game at the Save Point next to it.  Now take Fei to 
    the next area and you will see Elly in the clutches of the huge monster known 
    as a Rankar Dragon.  
    HP: 480
    The Rankar Dragon drops Elly and she lays there unconscious.  You must now 
    fight that huge beast with your bare hands!  As you can see, you can barely 
    hurt the Rankar Dragon (1-3 HP of damage with your normal attacks) and it 
    begins to beat you down.  However, do not worry because after a few rounds, 
    Citan will appear in his Crab Walker (please e-mail me 
    <quasar@ffonline.zzn.com> if you know the real name for Citan's flying 
    machine) and will drop off a familiar device to help you out.  The Gear that 
    had destroyed Lahan!  At first, Fei is a little skeptical about getting into 
    the Gear that had destroyed Lahan but is easily convinced to get in and fight 
    when the Rankar Dragon turns its attention to Elly and begins to attack her.  
    Now you will stand a chance against the Rankar Dragon and this battle should 
    now be very easy to take care of.  Simply use X button attacks and take it 
    down!  Just don't use the Guided Shot Chi skill as it is useless against the 
    Rankar Dragon.
    When you defeat it, Citan will come down and you find out that the Gear has a 
    name known as Weltall.  Fei at first does not want the Gear but Citan 
    convinces him otherwise as he will need the strength since he is now a 
    fugitive from the Kislev Army.  Elly soon regains conscious and Citan explains 
    to her what had just happened.  So it appears that Elly now owes Fei double 
    time!  Anyway, the three of them decide to make camp as it is getting dark and 
    Weltall now needs repairs due to the last fight.  After Citan inspects 
    Weltall, it turns out that two crucial parts, the knee actuator and the bypass 
    circuit, are both ruined.  Elly is also having problems sleeping so Citan has 
    a little chat with her.  In the conversation, Elly finds out that Citan knows 
    of what happened between her and the Gear fight at Lahan.  Citan then asks 
    Elly for a favor.  That favor is for Elly to leave the forest and go her own 
    way immediately while Fei is asleep.  The reason for this is so Elly does not 
    get entangled in the situation with Fei and so she can go back to her own 
    family.  He assures Elly that Fei will not learn of her true identity in the 
    military and about what happened in Lahan.  However Elly still does not really 
    want to go due to the fact that she wants to apologize to Fei for what she 
    said about him being a coward when in fact she was actually the coward.  They 
    then go on to talk once more about surface dwellers, or -Lambs- and other 
    aspects that may seem a little confusing to new players.  Afterwards Elly 
    agrees to go, and leaves.  However, in the morning to Citan's surprise,  he 
    finds out that Fei had overheard half of their conversation.  Fei then once 
    again goes on to blame himself, but Citan is able to lift part of the guilt.  
    Will it be enough though?
    Next you are told by Citan that you should head out of the Blackmoon Forest 
    and head out across the desert to the town called Dazil.  Citan says that 
    there you should be able to learn about what Aveh and Kislev are up to and  
    get some needed parts for Weltall as well.  So now just head a little way up 
    west to find the path which exits from the Blackmoon Forest.  As you leave you 
    will notice a huge airship fly by overhead.  Citan assumes that it's the 
    aerial battleship from Aveh.  You then learn from Citan that it was lent to 
    Aveh by the Gebler Forces which, as you read in the introduction to the game, 
    was currently helping Aveh in its fight against Kislev.  You also learn that 
    Gebler is the special forces of the Sacred Empire known as Solaris.  Once the 
    conversation is over head on out to the World Map. 
    As you look around on the World Map, you will notice Dazil in the desert just 
    southward of your current position.  So, head on over to Dazil!  
    When you enter Dazil the screen will begin to shift revealing the entire town 
    of Dazil to you.  You find out some information from Citan that it is the 
    center of Aveh's excavations and that it is heavily guarded.  Citan also says 
    that you should be able to gather the things that you need to repair Weltall 
    and find out what's happening between Aveh and Kislev as well.  Citan then 
    states that there is an Ethos workshop in the southern part of the town so 
    head on over to the Ethos workshop.  
    On your way to the Ethos workshop take sometime to talk to the soldiers and 
    people scattered throughout the town to get some information.  As you explore 
    the town, you should also take the time to rest, stock up on supplies, and 
    ITEMS: Aquasol……….20          Mentsol……….20
                  Rosesol……….100        Survival Tent….150             
    ACCESSORIES: Martial Wear……….50          WEAPONS: Magical Rod……….50
                                Fencing Wear………80                              
    Arcane Rod………..100
                                Martial Cap………...30                              
    Leather Whip………60
                                Fencing Cap………..40 
                                Power Ring………...200
                                Stamina Ring……….150  
    When you get to the Ethos workshop talk to the man closest to you whose 
    dressed in blue.  You will find out that the part that you need is only used 
    on the latest military Gear models and as a result, is not kept in stock at 
    the Ethos workshop and that you can only get those parts by placing orders at 
    the Ethos headquarters.  Well, it looks like you can't get the parts you need 
    from the Ethos workshop so leave.  As you exit out of the workshop, Fei will 
    say that he needs to talk to Citan.  Fei asks Citan if it is all right if they 
    don't even bother repairing Weltall due to the fact that they can't get the 
    proper parts.  It seems that Fei is really worried about using Weltall.  He 
    thinks that they can make it on their own without it.  However, Citan changes 
    Fei's mind by telling him that they should move Weltall as far away from Lahan 
    as possible.  This is because Citan suspects that the incident that occurred 
    that evening was because the Gebler Special Forces had stolen a Kislev 
    Military Gear, which in turn, was Elly's group.  He goes on to suspect that it 
    involved some sort of new technology since the Kislev fought so fiercely to 
    get the stolen Gear back.  He guesses that it is some sort of new experimental 
    Gear.  The reason why Citan wants to get Weltall as far away as possible is 
    because he believes that the Kislev military will be investigating the Lahan 
    area to reclaim Weltall since he is pretty sure that news of the Gebler 
    Special Forces failure to steal it has reached the Kislev High Command.  He 
    also states that the Aveh/Gebler forces will also be searching the area for 
    Weltall so there will probably be an inevitable conflict between the 
    Aveh/Gebler forces and the Kislev forces.  So if they find Weltall where it 
    currently is, which is unfortunately right next to Lahan, there will probably 
    be more problems involving the  people of Lahan.  
    Fortunately, that convinces Fei to continue to find a way to fix Weltall.  
    Citan then states that they are in the center of an excavation site so there 
    must be some information on where they can find the necessary parts. Well, 
    what to do now. Head back north to where you originally entered into Dazil. 
    Notice anything new?  Well you should notice that a buggy is now parked in 
    front of the rental shop.  Walk up to the buggy and Citan will  say that he 
    has an idea and that they need the to rent the buggy.  Go into the rental shop 
    and talk to the man sitting down to go ahead and rent the buggy for Citan.  
    Citan will say that he is going to go out into the desert to search for the 
    parts for Weltall and that he wants Fei to stay back and kill some time at the 
    bar.  The rental owner then butts in and asks Fei if he is really going to let 
    Citan go out all alone.  He goes on to say that there are lots of fights 
    breaking out in the desert, that it's a really dangerous place, and that you 
    shouldn't let him go out on his own.  That should be a hint to you to head on 
    out of Dazil and chase after Citan.  Do just that and exit out of Dazil.
    Well, now you have to find Citan so start heading on out into the desert.  The 
    World Map will eventually change and you will suddenly see two Gears jump over 
    Fei and head out into the endless desert.  Follow those Gears and head out 
    into the desert too.  First head west and exit the area.  Then in the next 
    area, head north and exit the area.  When Fei reaches the next area he will 
    suddenly see what appears to be a huge flying saucer of some sort fly overhead 
    in the sky.  He ignores it and continues on into the next area.  There you 
    will see those two Gears again heading off.  Follow them northward and exit 
    the area.  In the next area once again head north and exit the area (getting 
    tired of hearing "exit the area?"  I sure am tired of writing it but oh 
    well!).  Now when you reach the next area, it appears that the sun is setting 
    and it will be dark soon.  All of a sudden Fei will see several motorcycles 
    zoom by.  What's going on!  First Gears then a flying saucer and now 
    motorcycles!?  Well, anyway, Fei will immediately stop the next on coming 
    motorcycle and force it to crash into the sand.  He will then steal it and 
    ride off leaving the driver behind.  Well, at least he said sorry!  You'll see 
    Fei driving over the sand dune tops just as dark settles in.  But then 
    suddenly he will be wiped off his motorcycle by a huge gust of wind!  You will 
    then see that the two Gears that you were following have now surrounded you .  
    But just as they are about to attack you they are suddenly knocked down by 
    some unknown force.  As you turn around you see that it's Weltall along with 
    Citan in it!  Just as Citan exits Weltall the two other Gears get up and Fei 
    hurries on into Weltall.  Time for another Gear battle!  
    This battle should be very easy.  However, once you destroy the two annoying 
    Gears you will be greeted by a mysterious man on top of a Gear which is 
    standing at the top of a nearby mountain peak.  A new animation scene then 
    starts and Fei then begins to remember memories from the past.  It turns out 
    that he somehow knows this strange figure from when he was a child.  Also, 
    remember this Gear?  The one from Lahan that ordered the other Gears to kill 
    Timothy?  Well it is the same one and it turns out that the strange man in 
    black is called Grahf, the seeker of power.  Grahf begins to bring up about 
    how much power Fei had at Lahan and then states that he sent those Gears into 
    Lahan deliberately to "awaken the power within him……To make contact with him."  
    Or so he says.  So in other words, Grahf attacked Lahan to make Fei get into 
    the Gear and fight.  Grahf also seems to not care about the life of the 
    villagers.  It refers to them as wretched vermin and doesn't care how many of 
    them have died.  He then goes on to say that Fei is actually the one who 
    destroys Lahan and not him.  This does it and Fei begins to doubt himself.  
    The guilt then begins to resurface as he tries desperately to take the guilt 
    and blame off of his shoulders and back onto Grahf.  But it is no good as 
    Grahf says the same thing that Elly said before.  That Fei is now trying to 
    put the blame on others.  However, Fei manages to change the subject by asking 
    Grahf about what he meant by needing his power.  The reply that Grahf gives 
    him is to destroy mother god.  What the heck does that mean?  Don't worry, I 
    was confused about that at first too but just keep on going through the 
    conversation and then Grahf will begin to talk about Fei's father.  Grahf then 
    goes on to hint that Fei's father is dead and then says that Fei's power is 
    still not ready to serve his purposes.  All of a sudden, the conversation is 
    interrupted as a huge monster surfaces from the desert.  Grahf uses this 
    opportunity to see Fei's power one more time and flies away.  
    HP: 200
    This fight is very easy.  You should use booster so that you keep a faster 
    pace than the Wyrm.  If you have level one combos, then use them!  If you have 
    not attained that level yet, the just keep using X button attacks.  If you 
    notice, the normal attacks won't work and the Wyrm will continuously annoy you 
    by sucking out your fuel.  It doesn't take that much, only 60 units of fuel.  
    It's normal attack also only hits you for about 130 HP so it isn't that bad.  
    Using Fei's Guided Shot Chi skill should do the trick it hurting the Wyrm a 
    bit.  In fact, if your levels are high enough, say around level 18, you should 
    be able to kill the Wyrm with two shots of the Guided Shot Chi skill.  So, you 
    actually don't  have to worry about normal attacks or anything like that.  If 
    your levels are not that high, then just keep on hitting the Wyrm with the 
    Guided Shot Chi skill.  Don't worry, It'll go down.
    After the battle Fei will get out of Weltall and say that it is broken once 
    again.  And right after you fix it!  But not to worry as the repairs were only 
    temporary and can't be expected to survive a battle like that.  Then out of no 
    where, two more Gears of the Aveh Military will jump you and you will be 
    forced to surrender as there is no way that you can make it back into Weltall 
    in time to fight them.
    You will next find yourself on an Aveh transport ship of some sort.  Fei will 
    be sleeping and another animation sequence will start.  This time Grahf is in 
    it along with two other men.  A red hair man along with another older man with 
    black hair who states to Grahf that he will protect Fei even if it kills him.  
    How peculiar.  Well, in any case, Fei will wake up and Citan will talk to him 
    about Grahf.  Fei is worried about what Grahf said about his so called power 
    and why Grahf made him get into Weltall.  After that, you will then have 
    control over Fei.  So go over to the Save Point and save.  Then talk to Citan 
    and he tells Fei to rest as there is nothing that they can do now. 
    After you choose to get some rest, Citan will mumble something about that will 
    sound confusing.  Then the screen will shift to a strange room with what looks 
    like all sorts of pictures flying all over the place.  The background is black 
    with a few bright blue lights shimmering in the black abyss.  There Citan will 
    be talking to some unknown figure called the Emperor.  The Emperor will begin 
    to talk about weird subjects like eternal paradise, god's resting place, -
    Time- of the -Gospel- , the Gazel, and -Fate-.  All of this may seem confusing 
    but don't worry, it will all come together in time.  It's as if Citan 
    connected telepathically to this Emperor.  But that doesn't matter now because 
    another problem is at hand.
    It seems like someone is tailing the Aveh transport and is also after Weltall.  
    It looks like a someone is following the transport and is about to attack it!  
    Just as the unknown man is about to attack, it seems that two of his crew 
    members try to stop him but he continues on with the attack.  They refer to 
    him as young master.  Citan and Fei watch as the unknown vessel surfaces and 
    Citan confirms it to be a sand cruiser operated by desert pirates!
    Several of the hatches to the sand cruiser then open and unleash a salvo of 
    attacks at the transport.  Meanwhile, back inside the sand cruiser on the 
    bridge, the two crewmen are still trying to caution the young master but he 
    still refuses to listen and continues with his assault.    
    The transport is hit several times in the hull and begins to turn over and 
    sink.  It turns out that you only have a few minutes to escape but the door is 
    still locked.  However, that is fixed when another shot hits the transport and 
    the door is unlocked.  Now you must scramble to get out of the transport 
    before it sinks!  Quickly head out of the room and east down the corridor.  
    Citan will say that you can lock the sand barrier door but to be careful as 
    once you do so you can't open it again.  Don't close it yet as there is an 
    item for you to get on the other side!  Head east through the door and then 
    into the next door that you see to get an item (please e-mail me 
    <quasar@ffonline.zzn.com> if you happen to know what this item is as I am 
    unable to find out).  After that, backtrack and close the sand barrier.  Then 
    head west and when Fei gets to the next door, go through it and open the 
    treasure chest in the room to get a Rosesol.  Exit the room and head west once 
    again down the corridor to the ladder at the end.  Go down and Fei will be in 
    what appears to be the engine room.  Head east and Fei will eventually come to 
    some stairs.  Climb the stairs and follow the walkway.  Fei will also come 
    across a treasure chest which contains a Leather Vest.  Equip it and continue 
    to follow the walkway.  At this point the walkway should be falling apart.  At 
    your current position, if there is a hole in the walkway, then fall through it 
    to get to  the treasure chest that contains an Eyeball .  If there isn't one 
    then just wait until there is one.  Once you get the item simply head back 
    east and climb the ladder over the generator and climb the second ladder down 
    to where you started at the beginning of the stairs which leads to the 
    walkway.  Follow the walkway all the way to the end this time and climb up the 
    ladder to the next level.  On the next level you should see the Save Point 
    right in front of you so go ahead and save.  After you are done with that 
    continue on north past the Save Point and when Fei gets to the wall on the 
    other side turn west then south and follow the corridor until Fei gets to the 
    next ladder which will take him up to the deck of the transport.
    When Fei gets there Citan will move the crane, which is right in front of you, 
    towards Weltall's cockpit so that Fei can get to it and escape.  Once the 
    crane has moved, jump onto it and head up it to reach Weltall.  Be sure to be 
    careful so that you don't fall off. Don't worry, you won't literally fall off 
    as Fei will catch himself and pull himself up.  This, however, wastes precious 
    time.  As a side note and warning, if you take too long to get to Weltall, it 
    will be sucked under the sand and you will have to start over again so be 
    quick about it!  When Fei makes it to Weltall, he climbs down the crane wires 
    and jumps into the cockpit.  Once Weltall's up, Fei quickly grabs Citan and 
    flies away.  Once a safe distance away, Fei lands Weltall and drops off Citan 
    who appears to be a little air sick from the last flight.  Once you converse a 
    little, it is rudely interrupted by the pirate whom you remember as being 
    called young mater and his group of Gears.  A battle then ensues with the 
    pirates thinking that Fei and Citan are Aveh soldiers who fled the transport.  
    Fei tries to convince them otherwise, however, the pirates just don't listen.  
    Fei constantly tries to talk the pirate out of it and convince them that he is 
    not a pirate however it still doesn't work.  
    HP: 800
    GOLD GAINED: 500
    This isn't a fight that you shouldn't be too concerned about.  The pirate will 
    most likely cast Wild Smile on Fei's Gear which lowers the ACC/EV of it but 
    that's all.  The rest will be brawled out.  Just keep hitting Brigandier with 
    X button attacks and level one combos if you have them at this point in the 
    After awhile, the ground will begin to shake violently triggering quicksand 
    and both Fei and the pirate will be swallowed up by the desert sand.
    As a result of being swallowed by the quicksand, the two men disembark their 
    Gears and the pirate finally learns that Fei is truly not a soldier.  He 
    apologizes and says that his name is Bart.  After the introduction you learn 
    that Bart and Fei have fallen into the stratum underneath the desert which 
    consists of igneous rock.  Now the two of them must find a way out so both Fei 
    and Bart call off the fight and agree to cooperate with each other for the 
    time being.  Meanwhile on the surface, you learn that the majority of the 
    people from the sunken Aveh transport ship have been rescued by the pirate's 
    sand cruiser.  A little humor is introduced involving the nurse of the sand 
    cruiser before you see Citan with one of the previous crew members who tried 
    to stop Bart from attacking the Aveh transport.  You learn that the man's name 
    is Sigurd and they seem to be talking about Fei and Bart.  A Gear then drops 
    by and says that the last of the people and supplies have been almost 
    completely collected.  However, the group still cannot locate Bart or Fei and 
    it is suspected that they are currently near an old excavation site.  It is 
    stated that if they can't find both Bart and Fei, then the sand cruiser will 
    move on and meet them at a specified meeting point.  You also learn that 
    Sigurd appears to know Citan. 
    Back down in the Stalactite Caves, you must now find a way to get Fei and Bart 
    out.  Save at the near by Save Point and then head in a southwestern direction 
    to the end of the cave.  You should see a boulder sticking out of the rock 
    walls and when you approach it, Bart will state that his sensors detect 
    another cavern on the other side, however, he also states that it appears that 
    the boulder is too heavy for them to move.  Actually, who cares and once more 
    go up to the rock and attempt to move it.  Fei will attempt to push the huge 
    boulder down and Bart helps out.  It turns out that they successfully move it 
    and it falls down into the cavern on the other side.  This is not without 
    getting damaged in return as Bart's Gear faces a little problem due to the 
    stress involved with the movement of the huge boulder.  Drop down into the 
    cavern and continue southwest until you see a greenish color doorway.  To the 
    east of it, along the cliff edge, you will find a treasure chest which 
    contains a Gold Nugget.  Enter the doorway and you will have to follow a very 
    long corridor of rocks.  When you get to the end of it you will now be in a 
    new cavern with waterfalls scattered throughout it.  Follow the bridge like 
    path southwestward and you will come to an Aveh Excavation Gear.  When you 
    talk to it, it will tell you a little information about the surrounding area.  
    You will learn, for example, that the sand sensors have detected abnormal sand 
    activity and have been activated along with the information that the sand 
    barrier has been closed as a result of this.  What the heck does that mean?  
    Well you'll know when you move on.  After you're done talking to the Aveh 
    Excavation Gear, follow the path past it and head on south into the next area.  
    In the next area will see a Save Point along with what looks like a house!  
    Well, looks like someone lives here!  It isn't that hard to navigate this area 
    and reach the house.  Just follow the path and jump up onto the green stained 
    ground.  Head in a southwestern motion and will come down to the house a 
    little bit down ahead.  Save at the Save Point and go on into the house.  
    When you go inside you will see a strange old man who seems to know a lot 
    about Gears.  You find out that his name is Balthazar also known as Ol' man 
    Bal.  It appears that he is some sort of collector who collects things from 
    the nearby excavation site as well as anything in the Stalactite Caves.  You 
    will learn a little about human fossils and about the point when humans first 
    appeared.  You also learn about a myth which explains the existence of humans.  
    A myth that also contradicts the Ethos teachings of human evolution.  In that 
    myth it is said that humans and god once lived together in a paradise in the 
    sky.  With gods protection there was no need to fear of death and other 
    natural disasters.  However, one day, the humans ate the so called forbidden 
    fruit which gave them incredible knowledge and wisdom.  God then drove mankind 
    from the paradise for their sins.  Then, humans used their wisdom and 
    knowledge to create giant monsters which they planned to use to challenge god.  
    But before they could, god unleashed his wrath upon them and all who defied 
    him were destroyed.  Even though god was successful, he himself didn't escape 
    unharmed.  Taking the paradise with him, the wounded god buried himself deep 
    beneath the ocean to sleep for eons.  However, before going to sleep, god used 
    his remaining power to create "right-hearted humans" to live on the planet.  
    And these people are said to be the ancestors of everyone today.  
    Anyway, after he is done talking, talk to him once again and Fei will ask Ol' 
    Man Bal if there is an exit to the Stalactite Caves.  He replies that there is 
    one just past the excavation site beyond the sand barrier however, the sand 
    barrier is closed.  When Fei asks just how to open it, Ol' Man Bal will state 
    that he can't break it down by simply using a Gear and will go on to say that 
    Fei can only open it by deactivating the sand sensors.  He then makes a deal 
    with Fei and Bart by saying that if they go on and turn off the sand sensors, 
    he will go and open the door as he needs to leave once and a while too.  The 
    sand sensors are little structures with flashing red lights on them.  There 
    are only two and they are pretty hard to miss if you simply explore the 
    caverns.  Ol' Man Bal will also share some Gear parts, fuel, and items with 
    you so all you have to do is ask him.  It's actually kind of like a mini 
    store.  It is here that you can actually equip your Gear parts or tune up for 
    the first time.  It's not like it's that hard to understand so I'll skip it.  
    You can ask him for some valuable information too.  You can ask him where the 
    sensors are and he will simply say that one is located on the rocky ledge 
    above the Great Hall, and the other one is located on the road from which you 
    can see the waterfalls.  I'll explain more later about what the solutions to 
    these are.  You can also ask him (if you are a new player) about Gear 
    functions.  Here is how Ol' man Bal explains it as.  "A Gear's strength 
    changes with the parts equipped and how the pilot handles it.  First, let's 
    talk about the Engine.  With a good Engine, your Attack Power and fuel 
    capacity go up.  HP depends on the Frame and Defense Ability on the Armor 
    equipped."  He also goes on to explain how to use the charge and booster 
    skills but they aren't complicating to understand.  Well, anyway, get the 
    necessary things that you need from Ol' Man Bal and get ready to turn off 
    those dang sand sensors.
    ITEMS: Aquasol……….20          Omegasol……….50
                  Rosesol……….100        Survival Tent…....150
    ENGINES: G6-1200……….1200          ARMOR: MS 6……….500
    FRAMES: WELT-02100……….400          BRIG-02200………...500 
                     WELT-02500……….800          BRIG-02700………...900
    So now for those sand sensors! One of them is located back in the area where 
    the waterfalls are so head back the same way you came from to reach the area 
    where that Aveh Excavation Gear is located.  Once you reach the Gear take the 
    northwest pathway and follow it northward.  When you reach the end of the path 
    you should see a ledge with the sand sensor right on it.  Right behind you is 
    another small cliff that you can jump on and use as a stepping stone to get to 
    the next level.  Jump onto it and then from there jump onto the ledge with the 
    sand sensor.  Once you turn it off you should notice a treasure chest on 
    another ledge directly west and next to you.  Go on and open it to get an Iron 
    GWhip which you should equip to Bart's Brigandier.  Now go on back to the 
    previous area where Ol' Man Bal lives.  You will need to access the area from 
    there to get to the second and final sand sensor.  From the Save Point, head 
    northwestward and you will come to another path on a higher level which will 
    take you to the final sand sensor.  Follow that path to the next area in which 
    you will have to cross a bridge which hangs over the waterfall area.  The next 
    area will look like the same long corridor that you went through earlier but 
    it actually leads to a different area.  Follow it until the exit and you will 
    be in what appears to be the exact same area as before when you first pushed 
    over the huge boulder.  Don't worry as it isn't so just go north and then turn 
    west onto the ledge which, as you will find out, is directly above the same 
    cavern that you started off in.  The sand sensor is right up ahead so turn it 
    off and return to Ol' Man Bal.  
    When you talk to Ol' Man Bal he'll open the sand barrier.  Before they go, 
    Bart asks if Ol' Man Bal knows anything about a Gear that is far superior to 
    others call the god Gear.  You learn that the real name of it is the Omnigear 
    and that it is more powerful than a thousand ordinary Gears.  However, Ol' Man 
    Bal just says that it is only a legend and doesn't really exist.  He will then 
    do you the favor of taking a look at your Gears to see if he can make any 
    repairs or anything like that.  Fei and Bart then engage in a little 
    conversation about the Omnigear and about the past of the Gears and how they 
    originated.  That is truly a mystery that is only kept in the records of the 
    Ethos.  Your conversation is then interrupted by Ol' Man Bal who seems a 
    little shocked.  When asked what is wrong he states that Weltall is the host 
    for the spirit of slayer of god and seems in a way, kind of frightened and 
    shocked.  After that he becomes very unfriendly and asks Fei and Bart to leave 
    as they have no more business in his home anymore.  Well, that's about all Ol' 
    Man Bal will do anymore so you might as well leave the Stalactite Caves.
    Go through the sand barrier and exit the area.  Follow the current path south 
    to the ledge of the cliff.  To the west of you there is a elevator and to the 
    east of you there a gondola.  Walk up to the gondola and it will ask you if 
    you want to get on it.  Select yes and you will get out of your Gears and ride 
    the gondola to the other side where you will see another tower-like structure 
    right ahead of you.  Activate the red light that is visible from that 
    structure to activate the Aveh execution site generator.  This enable you to 
    head down the elevator so head back across and down the elevator.  When you 
    get to the bottom level head down into that ditch in front of you.  Head east 
    along the ditch until you get to the other side.  Once you do get there, climb 
    or rather jump up the steps to the next level.  Then head west and use the 
    next step to jump to the other side.  You should also have noticed a Save 
    Point.   Go ahead and save.  Once you're done with that take the elevator 
    right next to the Save Point down to the next area.  Once you get there you 
    will notice a huge Gear flying around over Fei and Bart.  Jump down to the 
    next level and prepare for another  fight as the Gear engages you. 
    HP: 2500
    GOLD GAINED: 2000
                          Bart: 20
    My advice is to use booster in this fight so that you can use your speed to 
    your advantage.  You should also use your level one combos as soon as they 
    become available.  If you still do not have the combos then continuous X 
    button attacks will have to do. You can also use Bart's Wild Smile Ether skill 
    to lower Calamity's ACC/EV.  Fei's Guided Shot Chi skill works as well but 
    doesn't do that much damage.  I would just stick to normal fuel attacks.  
    Calamity has three types of attacks. One of them causes around 130 HP of 
    damage while the other one is more powerful and can cause around 500 HP of 
    damage.  The last one is a weak one that does roughly 50 HP of damage.  The 
    amount of damage also depends on your current level (I think) and your defense 
    statistics.  Overall, it shouldn't be that hard of a battle.  
    Once you defeat Calamity, it will fall to the ground.  Bart will begin to talk 
    big and then says that he exit is very close to them.  But as they are about 
    to exit the cavern, Calamity gets up!  Oh no!  Well, looks like more fighting!  
    However, not that you can control!  Fei suddenly tells Bart to get out of the 
    way.  Fei then unleashes a combo of massive attacks on Calamity that 
    completely annihilates it!  Bart is impressed but Fei doesn't seem to know how 
    he even did it!  Oh well.  Now you must exit the cavern which isn't that hard.  
    The exit is directly south of your current position in the form of an opening 
    in the wall.  However, to get there you have to head east around the nearby 
    gap in the ground then use the ledges of the elevated ground as stepping 
    stones to reach the top.
    When Fei and Bart exit they will be close by to the city of Bledavik, the 
    capital of Aveh where the Fatima Castle is located.  Bart says that it is his 
    old home town and then says that the rendezvous with the Yggdrasil is very 
    close to their current position.  
    Once the Yggdrasil picks Fei and Bart up, you will be shifted to the Gear 
    hangers of the Yggdrasil in front of Weltall.  There Citan will greet Fei and 
    they will be joined by one of the crew members who apologizes for the earlier 
    incident and whose name is Maison.  As soon as that is said, Bart will join 
    you and you are formally introduced to the sand pirates leader Bartholomew 
    which is in fact Bart!  Yet again, you are joined by another crew member 
    except it is the same one that seems to know Citan as you have previously 
    seen.  His name is Sigurd (if you didn't notice from before) and he is the 
    First Mate of the sand cruiser Yggdrasil.  The three of them walk away with 
    Sigurd pulling Bart's ear.  Citan suggests that they go on to their cabin to 
    wait but something seems to be bothering Fei.  Fei doesn't admit anything 
    though and you now have the freedom to move around and explore the sand 
    cruiser Yggdrasil!
    It may seem a little hard to navigate around since you are unfamiliar with it 
    but in due time, you'll know the ship like the back of your hand!  Look around 
    and talk to everyone.  Visit the Gear shop to upgrade your parts.  You should 
    also consider buying a few items or supplies from Maison in the Gun Room.
    ITEMS: Aquasol……….20          Brown Star……….500
                  Aquasol S…….100         Red Star………….500
                  Rosesol……….100         Blue Star…………500
                  Rosesol S……..300         Hard Star………...800
                  Zetasol………..100         Speed Star……….1000
                  Physisol……….10           Omegasol………..50
                  Mentsol……….20           Survival  Tent…...150
                  White Star…….500
    ACCESSORIES: Power Ring……….200          Speed Ring………1200
                                Stamina Ring……..150          Guardian Ring……2000
    ENGINES: Z9-1500……….1800          ARMOR: MS 9……….1500
    FRAMES: WELT-03000……….1400
    PARTS: Resp Circuit……….2500          Engine Guard……….5000 
                  Def Circuit………...2500          Tank Guard…………3000
                  C Circuit…………..250            Ar Repairer………….4000
                  Magnetic Coat…….4000          Motion Guard……….4000
                  Lens Cover………..2500
    WEAPONS: Iron GWhip………..1600
                        Snapper GWhip…….2000 
    When you're done looking around the Yggdrasil, talk to Sigurd who is at the 
    helm in the bridge and he will state that the ship is almost at the hideout; 
    which you will stop by to re supply at.  The screen will then switch to the 
    World Map and you will see the Yggdrasil moving through the desert.  
    Unfortunately you can't control it, yet.  Don't worry, you will soon enough.  
    When you finally get the hideout you will see the Yggdrasil dock.  Everyone 
    will disembark and will be greeted by several soldiers and children of the 
    base.  Bart will then state that he is going to go and tune up his Gear.  He 
    asks Maison to take Fei and Citan to have a cup of tea.  The computer will 
    guide you up the elevator and through the base to the dining hall where you 
    all sit down and have some tea.  All of them will also engage in a 
    conversation about several important facts and information.  You will learn 
    that Bart is the last remainder of the once proud Fatima Dynasty before it was 
    destroyed by Shakhan's forces.  It was said that Bart died from an illness 12 
    years ago however that was just a cover up for Maison and the others had saved 
    Bart from being captured by Shakhan.  The reason why Bart has to resort to 
    piracy is because Maison and the others are planning to restore him to the 
    throne which require resorting to piracy.  Now the reason for this is because 
    a revolution would be futile as Shakhan can easily suppress it.  Instead, they 
    resort to scouting the excavation sites for anything that would help.  But 
    since excavation takes a tremendous amount of time and power, the best that 
    the Yggdrasil could to was find small items.  The reason for the piracy is 
    because it is far more effective and logical to attack from the shadows as 
    pirates than to excavate from the sites themselves.  That way, Kislev and Aveh 
    can do most of the work while the they steal the Gears that the countries dig 
    up.  They then go on to talk about the reason why they haven't gone on to 
    execute their plan.  The reason for this is because Shakhan appears to have a 
    prisoner named Margie.  She seems so important that the pirates dare not 
    attack.  It turns out that this Margie is Nisan's Great Mother as well as 
    Bart's cousin.  It also turns out that the reason why they took her captive 
    was for the Fatima Jasper.  It is said that the Fatima Jasper will show the 
    location of the great treasure which is also rumored to be strong enough to 
    save the kingdom of Aveh.  Margie, however, only has half of the Fatima Jasper 
    while Bart has the other half.  Bart then shows up and explains that the great 
    treasure could be a Gear.  He also states that he has picture scrolls to prove 
    it.  He'll gladly show you the picture scroll so follow him to the planning 
    In the planning room Bart will show you  a special file on the screen (which 
    is actually the floor itself).  You will find out that the picture scroll that 
    you are viewing is around 500 years old.  Bart then goes on to explain what 
    the scroll represents.  He says that the small person in the picture is King 
    Fatima I making a blood oath with giants who are cloaked in flames.  He then 
    used that strength to create Aveh.  After Aveh was established, King Fatima I 
    forced the giants into slumber to protect the people of Aveh.  It is said that 
    one of the giants is called the Great Fatima Treasure.  As for the Jasper, it 
    would seem that the Jasper is the key to finding the location of the Great 
    Fatima Treasure.  It turns out that Gebler is also looking for it as well.  
    Bart then asks Fei and Citan for a favor.  That favor is to help him and his 
    crew rescue Margie, or Marguerite as that is her actual name.  It is actually 
    mutually beneficial since both the Aveh and Kislev Military are after them so 
    Citan agrees.  Fei, however, has a different answer.  He goes crazy (not 
    literally) with his words and then leaves the room.  Next thing you know it, 
    Fei is outside and you have control of him.  You will see two children saying 
    that they are going to service the Gears.  That should be the hint to you to 
    go down the elevator to the lower levels.  However, before you do so, head on 
    to Bart's room which is the room with the sign saying "My Room:  Enter and 
    Die."  When you go inside, open the treasure chest to get an Iron Whip.  When 
    you are about to leave, Bart comes in so Fei hides.  Bart will then start to 
    talk about Fei.  He will say some stuff and then go to say that he doesn't 
    want to force Fei to help him.  He will also say that he will ask later again 
    and that he'll wait under the elevator.  Now head on down the elevator to the 
    lower level.
    When you get down, head over to the hatch of the Yggdrasil and Bart will pop 
    out.  He'll as you if you want to talk so agree to do so.  He will then say 
    that Citan has told him all that has happened and that it sounded very rough.  
    He apologizes for a being a jerk previously and as he is about to ask Fei 
    something, Fei yells no as if he already knows the question that Bart was 
    going to ask him.  He then goes on to say that he only fights because he has 
    to and that Bart can have the Gear if he wants it.  Bart responds by saying to 
    Fei that he himself doesn't like to fight and does so only because he has to 
    too due to his own reasons.  Fei states that he has no reason to do so and 
    just wants to live in peace and quiet.  Bart simply replies by saying that Fei 
    has very good skills but Fei says that he doesn't like hurting people and that 
    he hates it.  Well, by now Bart goes on to say that he knows how Fei feels.  
    About how he too wants to run away from reality.  But he also asks Fei if the 
    children back at Lahan would understand that.  Once again, Fei hears (this 
    time from Bart) on how it wasn't his fault and how getting into the Gear was 
    the best decision to make.  However, he mentions something that hasn't been 
    mentioned to Fei before.  He states that war, or more the people who start 
    wars are the people to blame.  He then goes to say that unless these people 
    who start the wars are stopped, it will continue to be that way.  That appears 
    to be his overall reasons for fighting.  To close his very convincing lecture, 
    Bart says that Fei doesn't have fight to if he doesn't want to, but if he does 
    then everything that he fights for could come to an end much quicker.  As he 
    leaves, he says that the mechanic wanted to see Fei about his Gear so go on to 
    the mechanic who is located on the other side of the elevator.  
    Follow the walkway and take the elevator at the end down to the Gear hanger.  
    Once you get down, Weltall will be to the immediate east of you.  Head south 
    and then east until you get to the walkway that surrounds Weltall.  Jump onto 
    it and you will see the mechanic on the eastern side.  Talk to him and he will 
    ask you if he knows what certain parts on the Gear do as he cannot dismantle 
    them.  Fei simply replies with a no.  Citan and Sigurd then show up and would 
    like to talk with Fei.  All of them  will ride up the elevator and then head 
    on to the middle of the walkway.  Sigurd will then point out Bart to Fei who 
    is standing on the deck of the Yggdrasil talking to what appears to be his 
    father.  He says something like how he knows Fei is like him by looking into 
    his eyes.  He then puts himself down by saying that he has no confidence and 
    that he can't even carry out his father's will or even rescue Margie.  Bart 
    also says that he told Fei that he was running away from things when it was he 
    himself who was really running away.  Well, Bart actually seems noble eh!  
    Sigurd then states that Bart wanted him to apologize to Fei.  He says that 
    inside, Bart is actually pretty lonely and is always searching for a friend.  
    He also says that the crew of the Yggdrasil or anyone else can't really be 
    that because Bart just wouldn't see them like that even if he wanted to.  This 
    due, as Sigurd says, to the burden that Bart bears.  The burden of being so 
    young and carrying such a heavy responsibility.  The reason why everyone 
    sticks with him is because he really tries.  Not because it has anything to do 
    with him being the prince or anything like that.  Sigurd, as wise as he is, 
    also senses a heavy burden on Fei.  He then requests that Fei helps Bart out.  
    He states that he is not asking Fei to put the burden of Bart's problems or 
    responsibilities on himself, but more to help each other and become friends.  
    It looks like Fei is beginning to understand though not fully because he 
    requests time to think about it.  Sigurd agrees and then says that either way, 
    the Yggdrasil will be departing the next day as it is just about done 
    resupplying.  He then says that Fei and Citan can use the bedroom in the back 
    at the residential area to rest until then.  In the mean time, Citan wishes to 
    speak with Sigurd so he tells Fei to go on and rest.  Well, there's nothing 
    much to do but to visit a few shops.  Be sure to talk to everyone as well!  
    Talk to Sigurd who is with Citan in the planning room to learn more about 
    Margie, Shakhan, the country of Nisan, and the Fatima Jasper.
    ITEMS: Aquasol……….20          Brown Star……….500
                  Aquasol S…….100         Red Star………….500
                  Rosesol……….100         Blue Star…………500
                  Rosesol S……..300         Hard Star………...800
                  Zetasol………..100         Speed Star……….1000
                  Physisol……….10           Omegasol………..50
                  Mentsol……….20           Survival  Tent…...150
                  White Star…….500
    ACCESSORIES: Power Ring……….200          Speed Ring………1200
                                Stamina Ring……..150          Guardian Ring……2000
    ENGINES: G6-1200……….1200          ARMOR: MS 7.5……….1000
    FRAMES: WELT-02500……….800
    PARTS: Resp Circuit……….2500          Engine Guard……….5000 
                  Def Circuit………...2500          Tank Guard…………3000
                  C Circuit…………..250            Ar Repairer………….4000
                  Magnetic Coat…….4000          Motion Guard……….4000
                  Lens Cover………..2500
    WEAPONS: Iron GWhip………..1600
    After you are done with that head to the bedroom which is located along the 
    north wall of the residential area.  In it, you can save at the Save Point and 
    when you are done with everything, talk to the man dressed in brown who is 
    directly east of the door and talk to him.  He will ask you if you are ready 
    to for tomorrow.  Select yes if you are and go to sleep.
    Something is happening in the middle of the night!  It appears that some 
    unknown invaders have found their way into Bart's hideout!  You should notice 
    that one of the invaders referred to Bart and the others as surface dwelling -
    Lambs-.  So it would appear that these men are from Gebler!  Damn!  Doesn't 
    that suck!  Anyway, the Gebler forces make themselves at home and begin to 
    look around the docks.  It appears that they are up to something!  They will 
    then make their way to the Gear hanger where they will first find several 
    Deurmods, or pirate Gears. Then after that, they launch the attack from within 
    the hangers!
    There is a loud explosion and everyone wakes up.  A voice comes on over the 
    speakers and indicates that five Gebler special force Gears and one single 
    large unidentified Gear have attacked.  It is then stated that all pilots head 
    to the Gear hangers.  Be sure to save at the Save Point and then head on down 
    to the dock where the Yggdrasil is.  
    When you get down to the dock, Fei will head toward the top of the Yggdrasil 
    and then will be called upon by Citan who is standing across on the walkway 
    that leads to the Gear hanger.  Citan yells for Fei to quickly get Weltall 
    however it appears that Fei still doesn't really want to fight.  Citan then 
    yells out that Bart and the others are already out and fighting.  As Citan 
    gets no answer from Fei, he will simply leave.  Once he does so, Fei will ask 
    himself a very difficult and complicating question.  "What am I?"  He then 
    once again brings up what Ol' Man Bal brought up.  The slayer of god.  He then 
    says that he doesn't want that power and just stands there.
    The screen then breaks apart indicating that a battle is imminent  You then 
    see Bart along with two of his officers in their Gears.  You find out that 
    there are at least four or five enemy Gears left and that their performance is 
    much better than anything else that they have faced.  All of  sudden, one of 
    the Gears approach and you must now fight.  
    HP: 700
    TREASURE GAINED: Extra Ar +2
    GOLD GAINED: 300
    CURRENT LEVEL-Bart: 24
    This fight is pretty simple and straight forward.  Use booster for Bart and 
    pound the Swordknight with X button attacks.  Use normal fuel attacks for 
    Bart's officers (as that is all that you can use anyway) and use level one 
    combos (if you have them of course) for Bart.  The attacks by the Swordknight 
    are relatively weak also.  One of them hits twice but only does around 70 HP 
    damage.  Another one hits twice also, however is much more powerful than the 
    other one as it does a total of around 400 HP damage.  Once you over power it, 
    it will retreat.  
    The screen will then shift to Citan and Maison who are standing in front of 
    Heimdal, another Gear found along with Bart's Brigandier.  Citan asks Maison 
    if it works and Maison replies by saying that it does however it is still 
    under maintenance.  Citan doesn't listen and rushes into Heimdal.  Maison 
    tries to stop Citan but Sigurd suddenly pops out of nowhere and states that is 
    all right and that he should let him go.  Sigurd also states something 
    interesting.  "I don't think that it'll be enough for him."  Hmm……so Citan 
    knows how to use a Gear!  But how?  Don't worry, you'll find out in due time 
    once again.  In the next battle Citan will now be forced to fight Aegisknight.  
    HP: 700
    TREASURE GAINED: Extra Ar +2
    GOLD GAINED: 300
    CURRENT LEVEL-Citan: 23
    Once again, use booster and level one combo attacks.  Aegiskinght's attacks 
    aren't that bad either.  One of them simply lowers the Gear defense.  Another 
    one hits for what appears to be only a few HP of damage!  
    As soon as you defeat it, the Aegisknight flies away and you will even hear 
    Citan say, "That's it?"  Anyway, after that Citan will wonder why the Gear did 
    not fall down at all.  He then states that they must be using "that stuff."  
    What is he talking about?  Well, Citan will then meet up with Bart and will 
    say that the enemy Gears are using a battle enhancement drug known as Drive.  
    It appears that normal attacks won't hurt on them!  You are then attacked, 
    once again by two more Gears!  
    HP: 620
    TREASURE GAINED: Extra Ar +2
    GOLD GAINED: 400
    CURRENT LEVEL-Citan: 23
                          Bart: 24
    Well, this battle isn't that tough too but the Wandknights can be a pain.  
    Simply use the usual stuff, booster and level one attack combos for both Citan 
    and Bart.  It is best to concentrate both Citan and Bart's attacks at one 
    Wandknight at a time to make the battle quicker and less difficult.  The 
    Wandknights both have a weak attack that deals about 30 HP damage with each 
    hit.  They also have an attack called Power Beam which is a beam type of 
    attack.  It deals about a dozen or so HP of damage! 
    Well, once you defeat them, you will see several children running away in the 
    Gear hanger.  They will be attacked by another Gear but is instantly stopped 
    by Fei!  Well, it looks like Fei finally has decided to fight!  
    HP: 600
    TREASURE GAINED: Extra Ar +2
    GOLD GAINED: 300
    In this battle, use booster and level one attack combos as usual.  The 
    Clawknight was a piece of cake for me as he never got a chance to attack 
    thanks to booster!  With that, I can't say what type of attacks Clawknight 
    has.  I didn't expect to defeat it that fast after all! 
    Now Fei joins Citan and Bart and are then attacked by the final, large Gear.  
    HP: 6000
    GOLD GAINED: 1700
                          Citan: 24
                          Bart: 23
    Use the usual booster and level one attack combos and pound on Schpariel.  
    Schpariel has several powerful spinning attacks.  One does approximately 150 
    HP of damage and the other one misses half the time but does very little, like 
    around 20 HP of damage.  Schpariel also has one all Gear attack that deals 
    around 140 HP of damage to everyone.  The last one simply lowers your Gear 
    Once you destroy it Bart will thank Fei for his help and walk away.  Sigurd 
    thanks you as well and Fei then begins to really think about whether he should 
    help Bart out.  He comes to the conclusion that he'll cooperate if Bart wishes 
    and also says that he'll find his own path as he helps others such as Bart 
    Well, you now meet at the hatch to the Yggdrasil.  Your new mission is to 
    infiltrate Aveh and rescue Margie!  It looks like Gebler has found the base so 
    everyone will be forced evacuate the base.  The Yggdrasil was lucky enough to 
    escape damage so you can disembark immediately.  So whenever you are ready, 
    you can leave.  
    12. AVEH
    When you get to the Yggdrasil, head to the bridge.  Speak to Sigurd and he 
    will state that it is finally time to make raid Aveh.  First off, your party 
    should inspect and work out a plan.  Yeah!  You at last can control the 
    Yggdrasil!  Depart from the hideout and head to Aveh which is northeast of the 
    hideout in the middle of the dessert.  Also feel free to test drive the 
    Yggdrasil as random battles will not occur while you are moving around in the 
    When you reach Aveh, the World Map will turn into s smaller map of the 
    different sections of Aveh.  You are forced to first enter the location but as 
    soon as you do so, the map will shift revealing a battleship landing at a dock 
    just behind Aveh's Fatima Castle.  You will now see the huge airship as it 
    lands in the dock.  Inside the great ship you will see the bridge along with 
    the great Commander Ramsus who is in command of it.  His assistant Miang 
    states that General Vanderkaum and the Prime Minister are here to greet him.  
    Ramsus doesn't seem to like the welcome however, disembarks and meets with his 
    "dismal" welcome outside.  Shakhan greets Ramsus and begins to "compliment" 
    him on his many successes on the front.  Ramsus doesn't care though and just 
    can't believe how Shakhan was defeated by such a small force previously.  He 
    also states to Vanderkaum that he already embarrassed and that he has only 
    token over his  post a few days ago.  Vanderkaum apologizes and tries to make 
    up excuses but Ramsus excepts nothing and tells Vanderkaum that he failed 
    because he tries to solve everything by force.  Ramsus then walks away and is 
    quickly followed by Shakhan who tells Ramsus that the next day is the 500th 
    anniversary of Aveh.  He wants Ramsus to attend the dedication ceremony and 
    tournament but Ramsus doesn't seem to care.  Instead, he asks Shakhan about 
    some sort of incident report.  Shakhan asks if he is talking about the report 
    about the 500 year-old weapon that was excavated but instead, Ramsus says that 
    he is talking about the Fatima Jasper.  Well, Shakhan has obtained half of it 
    (obviously with the capture of Margie) but is still looking for the other 
    half.  It appears that Ramsus also has a soft spot as he will not allow 
    Shakhan or anyone for that matter to harm her.  Ramsus goes on to talk to 
    Miang about some sort of -Relic- that appears to be in the vicinity (what ever 
    that means).  After that, Ramsus goes to Margie to speak to her.  
    Ramsus enters the room where Margie is being held and speaks with her.  He is 
    actually very nice to her.  Very nice in fact.  Margie seems like a cute girl.  
    In fact, she is.  It would also appear that she doesn't know what is going on 
    or why she is even where she is.  Ramsus asks Margie if she knows where the 
    other half of the Fatima Jasper is but Margie simply states that she doesn't 
    know.  Margie then asks Ramsus if he could bring some Chiffon Nisan the next 
    time he visits her.  Ramsus agrees to try to find her some and then asks if 
    Margie would also like anything else.  She says that she does want to go back 
    to Nisan but Ramsus just responds by saying that she will have to just be 
    patient and wait a little longer.  In the mean time, this is all be watched by 
    Shakhan from a TV monitor outside of the room.  Well, I guess that you could 
    say that Ramsus has a way with women.  But in any case Shakhan seems to be 
    worried about something as well.  He's worried about something about the 
    leaking of information about the Fatima Jasper.  It seems that he has a few 
    plans (that doesn't involve Gebler) of his own that could be ruined.  
    Hmm……wonder what he is planning?
    After that you will then see Fei, Bart, and Citan walk into outskirts of South 
    Bledavik.  The screen will make a small shift to quickly show you how the area 
    looks like.  It is very busy and looks like you'll be around here for awhile!  
    Be sure to talk to everyone you can and shop around.
    You will be greeted by a man at the entrance and you will find out that there 
    is a celebration going on and that there's a martial arts tournament as well.  
    He will then ask you if you have a hotel to stay at.  Answer "Not yet" and he 
    will say that you'd better get a room before they are all taken.  He also says 
    that he knows a good hotel and the screen then shifts to show you the location 
    of the hotel.  To finish up the man says to mention his name at the front desk 
    and they'll give you a good deal.      
    ITEMS: Aquasol……….20          Mentsol……….20
                  Rosesol……….100        Omegasol……..50
                  Zetasol………..100        Survival Tent…150
    WEAPONS: Magical Rod……….50       Iron Whip……….120  
                         Arcane Rod………..100     Whippa Snappa…280
    ARMOR: Leather Vest……….150          Power Ring……….200
                    Leather Hat………...80            Speed Ring……….1200
    ENGINES: G6-1200……….1200          ARMOR: MS 7.5……….1000
    FRAMES: WELT-02500……….800
    PARTS: Resp Circuit……….2500          Engine Guard……….5000 
                  Def Circuit………...2500          Tank Guard…………3000
                  C Circuit…………..250            Ar Repairer………….4000
                  Magnetic Coat…….4000          Motion Guard……….4000
                  Lens Cover………..2500
    WEAPONS: Iron GWhip………..1600
    When you are done talking to everyone and done shopping head over to the hotel 
    that the man you met before previously pointed out.  Once you get inside a 
    woman will come running up to you and ask if Bart us Prince Bartholomew.  Bart 
    asks who this person is and the lady responds by saying that she was sent to 
    Bledavik by the Nisan Sect to check on Mother Marguerite  (Margie).  The lady 
    says that she'll be in her room and that you should go and rest.  She'll show 
    you the location of her room before waking away.  Go up to the counter to get 
    a room.  The man at the counter says that all the rooms are full for the day, 
    but he can get you one by the evening.  He states that it is a whopping 50 G 
    per person but remember what the man outside said about bringing up his name?  
    Say that "I have a recommendation" and who will now have to pick who sent you.  
    Well if you recall, the man did not even give his name so select "I don't 
    know."  Looks like you're right as that person never gives his name to anyone.  
    The man at the counter then brings it down to 40 G per person.  Not that much 
    but hey, at least it's something.  Once you are done resting up head to the 
    ladies room and speak to her.  Bart introduces her to Fei and Citan and they 
    then talk about how to rescue Margie.  It appears that the only information 
    that she has gotten so far about Margie is her location which is currently in 
    the Citadel.  So now, how do you get into the castle.  Looks like it's up to 
    you to find a way in.  As you've already searched all of Bledavik for 
    information, it's time to search other areas.  
    Head north to South Shakhan Square and talk to all of the weird people there.  
    Still nothing so continue north to head out of Shakhan Square.  However, Bart 
    stops you as you're about to leave.  It looks like the castle's up ahead and 
    Bart goes, it'll start something so he decides to wait right where he is.  Go 
    on ahead and head up the hill to Fatima Castle.  You will immediately be 
    greeted by a strange fellow that says to pick the champion.  He seems to be 
    talking about the champion of the martial arts tournament that everyone's been 
    talking about.  The man then goes on to tell you more about the tournament.  
    Once he is done talking Citan seems to have an idea.  He states that they can 
    use tournament to their advantage.  He says that if Fei can stir up something 
    at the tournament, the guards will be busy watching him instead of watching 
    their posts.  That will make it easy for Bart to sneak into the castle.  Fei 
    agrees so go ahead and sign up for the tournament at the booth to the east of 
    your position.  Hmm……you can now choose name for yourself as you can't enter 
    your real name, so feel free to be creative.  Once that is done head back to 
    the lady in the hotel to tell her of your plan as the tournament doesn't start 
    until tomorrow.  
    When you talk to her Citan will inform her of the plan that he has come up 
    with.  But now there's one more problem.  With guards distracted how will Bart 
    even get into the castle?  Looks like you'll need more information again so 
    head on out.  Talk to the lady one more time before you leave and Bart will 
    say that he remembers spring water that rises up from under the castle and 
    flows to the town by way of underground waterways.  He says that they can 
    sneak into the castle by going through these underground waterways via the 
    towns well.  Then there is yet another problem as the well is locked so you 
    will need to get a key.  Head over to the very eastern side of Bledavik to 
    where the well is.  Talk to the man in brown sitting down and he will ask you 
    want you want with the key.  It doesn't matter which answer you select as they 
    will result in the man giving you the key for the well.  With that done head 
    back to the lady in the hotel once again and talk to her.  Looks like 
    preparations for the plan are now finally complete and all that is left to do 
    is rest up for the tournament.  Talk to Citan and choose to sleep.  
    When you get up it is time to execute the plan.  So to sum it up, when the 
    tournament starts Bart will enter the waterway  through the well and head to 
    the castle.  However, Bart must against the current to reach the castle so 
    that will make it a little harder.  While Citan and Fei stir something up at 
    the tournament, Bart must quickly rescue Margie.  If you still don't get it, 
    then Citan is willing to explain it one more time.  If you got it, then head 
    on out to Fatima Castle.  
    Talk to the guard standing next to the booth to enter into the arena area.  
    Make your way through the crowd (while talking to them if you want to) and 
    head north to where the guard is standing.  Well, from here on out Citan will 
    have to stay in the crowd.  Head into the tent at the western end to talk to a 
    few of the competitors.  Then head over to the eastern tent to visit some more 
    of them.  However, once get there, you will be in for a big surprise!  As soon 
    as you enter talk to everyone.  When you talk to the boy in the corner you 
    find out that it is Dan!  Dan still seems mad at you but this time he seems 
    very, very mad as he threatens to kill Fei.  All of a sudden a soldier comes 
    in and tells everyone to gather outside by the arena as the tournament will 
    begin.  Dan says that he is going to kick Fei's butt and then marches outside.  
    When everyone leaves Fei will be greeted by a mysterious man in a cloak who 
    asks if Fei si from Lahan.  He then states that it seems that Fei and Dan seem 
    to have something to settle.  Fei then yells out for him to mind his own 
    business and the mysterious man just laughs.  He then says that it is nothing 
    and as he leaves, he says "I am looking forward to the fight, Fei.'  How does 
    that man know Fei when he didn't even enter his real name?  
    Well, that doesn't matter as it is now Bart's turn.  Bart has a last minute 
    conversation with the lady telling her to leave Aveh as well before he leaves 
    for the well.  I know recommend that you save your game at the Save Point in 
    the hotel before going on.  Now go over to the northwestern side of Bledavik 
    to where the Weapons Shop is.  You should see some sort of well in the corner 
    near the Weapon Shop.  Go up to it and use the key to open it up.  Jump on in.  
    As soon as Bart jumps on the screen will shift back to the tournament and you 
    will see Shakhan who gives a very short, touching speech (yeah right).  Ramsus 
    and Miang then shows up but Ramsus has no intent in staying.  He simply 
    dropped by to say farewell as he must leave.  He says that he finds all of 
    this stuff boring but Miang interrupts him by saying that Shakhan is just 
    trying to show some hospitality and gladly stays to watch.  Ramsus, on the 
    other hand, does not care at all about anything to do with the founding of the 
    country and leaves.  The tournament starts with the sound of gong and the 
    first match begins.
    NOTE: Fei can lose to any of the matches (except the last one).  If he does he 
    will not die.  If he does lose during any of the matches, he will simply not 
    gain any experience, treasure, or gold that he would normally get if he wins.  
    It will also make Bart's job harder at Fatima Castle as there will be more 
    guards to deal with.
    HP: 400
    TREASURE GAINED: Survival Tent
    Well this is the first fight of the tournament and the easiest one at that.  
    All you have to do is continuously pound on Gonzalez with your deathblow 
    skills.  Gonzalez has several attacks.  One of them is long combo in which he 
    utilizes his club to hit Fei multiple times to cause around 60 HP of damage.  
    This is only used, however, immediately after Fei executes a deathblow move. 
    His other attack simply does about 30 HP of damage and is nothing to worry 
    about.  Just be sure to use Fei's Inner Healing skill when he is low on HP.
    Once that fight is over, you will have a chance to heal Fei and re equip him.  
    Once you are done with that it is now Bart's turn.  Climb down the ladder and 
    start to swim northward.  You will most likely have to hold down the Circle 
    button to keep up and be overpowered  by the current.  Follow the waterway and 
    turn east into the next one.  When you get to the end you will see that it is 
    blocked off so turn around.  Once you do so, another fight will begin and you 
    will be shifted back to Fei for another round.
    HP: 800
    Big Joe's attack very weak (cause 1-2 HP of damage) but he can become annoying 
    with the help of crowd which can attack Fei by throwing things at him.  This 
    causes about 60 HP of damage to Fei.  The cheering of the crowd can also heal 
    Big Joe and heal him for 140 HP.  But all in all, it isn't a hard fight at all
    Well, once that is over you will once again have the chance to do whatever you 
    want to Fei.  I recommend that you equip the Metal Vest onto him and heal him 
    as necessary.  Now it's Barts turn again.  Head back out to the main waterway 
    and continue north.  Don't worry if you get pushed back by a strong current 
    because it'll calm down soon and you can once again continue on.  Head east 
    once again to the next waterway to pick up a Rosesol S.  Once again head back 
    out to the main waterway and head on north again.  At about this time, Fei 
    should be initiating into another battle.  
    HP: 300
    TRESURE GAINED: Samson's Hair
    Scud unleashes several attacks.  One of which is called  Strange Pill that 
    casts negative affects on Fei.  At his current level however, Fei was able to 
    defeat her in two quick deathblow attacks.  Scud also is able to heal herself 
    for 200 HP but that isn't much of a concern.
    Do whatever is necessary to Fei once more and continue on with Bart.  Head 
    north and then turn east into the next waterway.  Continue to follow it north 
    and soon yet another battle will begin.  The only thing special about it is 
    that it is the tournament's semi-finals.  The bad thing about it is that it is 
    Dan!  Fei and Dan have a little lively conversation before they fight and Fei 
    will ask Dan why his is here at the tournament.  Dan says that he escaped from 
    Yui's place and is here to avenge his sister's death.  Fei begs Dan to stop 
    but Dan doesn't listen and says that he will never forgive Fei.  He then calls 
    Fei a murderer and the battle begins.
    HP: 450
    Dan is actually very easy.  The only attack that that is worth mentioning is a 
    Super Beam attack that causes around 90 HP of damage.  Other than that, Dan 
    can only cause a few HP of damage to Fei.  Once he is defeated, Dan refers to 
    Fei as a bastard and that is that.
    Heal Fei as necessary and continue on with Bart.  Continue through the 
    waterways and in a matter of moments the final battle begins in the 
    HP: N/A
    If you notice, Fei will miss with all of his attacks.  Wiseman will refer to 
    Fei as a wimp so try and attack him again.  He misses yet again!  After 
    several misses the crowd will begin to boo at the fight and tells them to 
    fight properly.  Wiseman then speaks up and asks Fei where he learned his 
    techniques.  Fei doesn't answer him and just says to fight.  Wiseman still 
    does not and asks Fei why he does fight.  As Fei questions that, Wiseman will 
    state that there has to be a reason for someone to fight.  Wiseman guesses 
    that Fei is fighting for no reason at all and all Fei has to say is that he is 
    in the middle of finding that purpose.  Wiseman then says to forget as there 
    is no way Fei can find such a reason.  Wiseman also seems to know a lot of why 
    Fei has his problems.  He states this, "I know…by exchanging blows with you, I 
    can tell a great deal…"  Fei then tries to attack Wiseman but misses as usual.  
    Wiseman simply says that Fei is weak and then one again mentions Fei's name.  
    Fei asks how he knows his name.  Wiseman suddenly kneels down and says that he 
    must go.  He jumps off of the arena and disappears.  
    You then see the spectators grumbling and the referee announces that Fei is 
    the winner by default.  Well, it is again Barts turn as the screen shifts to 
    the waterways.  Just remember this.  Always head northward and against the 
    current.  When you are against the current, that means that you are on the 
    right path.  At this point it gets complicating and if you get lost feel free 
    to e-mail me <quasar@ffonline.zzn.com> for help if you need it.
    You will eventually come to a red floodgate.  Just wait around it until it 
    begins to move upward indicating that it is preparing to release water.  
    Immediately swim up to it and swim through it when it is big enough to do so.  
    When you get to the other side a man will see you in the water and tells you 
    to get out of there immediately.  Climb up the ladder to the east and then 
    talk to the man.  He seems to remember Bart as he appears to have told him to 
    play around in the reservoir many times in the past.  The old man then is then 
    hinted that Bart is the former prince.  But he still finds it hard to believe 
    since he thought that Bart died a long time ago and is left to think about it.   
    Save at the Save Point and climb up the ladder to the court yard.  There will 
    be guards roaming around and once they find you, it will be impossible to run 
    away from them and you will be forced to fight them.  Well, it's not like they 
    are tough to beat though.  Head north into the hallway of the palace.  Turn 
    east and around the corner you will be engaged by several guards.  
    NOTE: The following that I tell you to do are optional as you will explore the 
    palace rooms and fight with many guards.  You should consider going this as it 
    will raise your experience and gold.  You can, however not read it and explore 
    on your own but this is the fastest way to explore the area.
    Once you fight through the first two groups head into the first door next to 
    you to engage with another group of soldiers in the room.  Once you defeat 
    them head out to the hallway and slowly walk into the next door.  There's 
    nothing in this room so head outside where you will be attacked by more 
    guards.  Now continue down the hallway and you will be attacked by the final 
    group of visible guards.  Now head on into the next door and go to the end of 
    the room to where the bed is.  You will see a treasure chest so go on and open 
    it to get a Cobra Cracka.  Equip it to Bart and return to the hallway.  As you 
    enter back out in the hallway you must once again fight.  When you are done 
    with that turn west.  You will see two more guards standing outside of the 
    hallway so you might as well attack them.  Once they are taken care of go past 
    the large door and continue down the hallway.  Round the corner and you will 
    be engaged by more guards.  Follow the hallway north and enter the first door 
    that you come across.  Looks like this is a kitchen.  Talk to the cooks and 
    one of them will bring up the Wandering Boxers name.  Well, anyway, head into 
    the door along the north wall and go into the next room.  There you will see 
    more groups of guards sitting down but don't worry, they will not attack 
    though you can listen to there conversations.  Once you are done, enter anyone 
    of the two doors along the east wall to exit out into the hallway. 
    Now that's about all you can do outside so head back to the door you 
    preciously skipped along the northern wall of the hallway and go inside.  Take 
    the stairs up to the next level and take care of the guards.  Once you are 
    through with that head into the door right in front of you and you will now be 
    on the second level of the palace.  Follow the hallway and enter the three 
    doors as you come across them.  The first one leads to a library where you can 
    learn more about the building of Bledavik.  The second one will take you to a 
    huge room.  Go across the room and exit out of the door which makes up the 
    third and final door for that hallway.  Once you dispose of the guards turn 
    east around the corner and fight the guards that appear to be guarding a door.  
    When you defeat the guards enter the door you will be in another room of 
    staircases.  Take anyone of the staircases up to the next level.  When you get 
    to the next level fight the guards that are guarding the huge door along the 
    northern wall.  Then fight the guard who is guarding the door to the east 
    behind the staircase.  Enter the door the next area should look very familiar.  
    Remember previously when Ramsus, Miang, and Shakhan went to see Margie?  Well 
    this is the same area and the door to get Margie is to the north.  Take care 
    of the guard and then go inside to get Margie.  
    When you get inside Bart and Margie exchange greetings as they are glad to see 
    each other.  Bart tells Margie to hurry up as they must leave.  Margie agrees 
    but first goes to et what appears to be a pick stuffed animal.  Head to the 
    Save Point and save. You should also take the time to heal before leaving the 
    room.  When you exit the room immediately head back to the door that you came 
    from.  However, as you approach it, Ramsus and Miang will emerge from it!  
    Ramsus demands that Bart hands over Margie but of course Bart will not allow 
    that to happen.  Ramsus draws out his sword and it's time to fight.
    HP: 400
    CURRENT LEVEL-Bart: 29
    Before the fighting begins, Miang tells Bart that it would be better if he 
    just surrendered.  It also appears that she knows who he is as she refers to 
    him as Prince Bartholomew.  Miang then states that if he surrenders to them, 
    they will be sure that the punishment will not be as bad as what Shakhan will 
    give to him.  Bart (I think)  then yells out jerk and turns down the offer.  
    The fight then begins.  
    First off, Margie and Miang will be in this fight as well however you can't 
    hurt Miang and Ramsus can't hurt Margie (not like he would anyway).  The only 
    thing that Miang will do is heal Ramsus for 40 HP and can remove any negative 
    status affects such as Bart's Wild Smile ether skill.  Margie can heal Bart 
    for a few HP but that misses most of the time.
    All you should do is hit Ramsus with deathblow moves however Ramsus has a few 
    powerful attacks of his own.  One of them is a three hit combo with this sword 
    that deals about 5 Hp of damage.  However, what you must really be careful for 
    is his Mirror Stance.  If he is attacked while in this stance he will 
    counterattack you for about 150 HP of damage.  So just heal and defend until 
    he drops the stance.  Once he does, pound him!
    After awhile Ramsus will collapse and a familiar voice will call to Bart.  
    Then all of a sudden Fei will jump down and hit Ramsus real hard with his 
    Raijin deathblow skill.  Fei seems to remind Ramsus of someone in the past.  
    He then has a flashback of an evil looking red hair man who destroys a group 
    of Gears.  Hmm…….what is going on?  Well that doesn't matter now because 
    Ramsus will once again attack.
    HP: 800
    GOLD GAINED: 500
                          Bart: 29
    This battle is basically the same as the last but know you have Fei on your 
    side!  Pound on Ramsus with your deathblow skills and he'll go down in no 
    time.  Just watch out for his Mirror Stance.  Miang also can heal Ramsus for 
    100 HP but that's no big deal.  
    As Ramsus falls to the ground he once again mentions about how familiar Fei's 
    technique was and begins to remember his name as a child's name.  Well, that 
    doesn't matter know becuae Fei attacks one more time to finish off Ramsus 
    using Raijin.  Margie then  does something that allows them to escape.  
    They then run out into the nearby elevator as it opens and push the man out of 
    the way.  Ramsus then begins to talk more about Fei.  He says something like 
    if Fei is the "One" then he is a worthless reject.  
    As they make their the elevator Bart asks Fei if he knows where it goes but 
    Fei doesn't know so you're going to have to find out for yourself!  Head east 
    along the corridor into the next door.  You will enter another familiar room.  
    It is the same docking bay where the huge Gebler battleship rests.  You then 
    see tones of men pour out of the ship and chase after you.  Bart, Fei and 
    Margie run into a nearby door and the screen then shifts to a familiar person; 
    Elly.  She hears the alarm about the intruders so she goes outside.  She then 
    suddenly runs into those intruders and asks what he is doing here.  The guards 
    suddenly come through the door and Elly tells them to follow her into her 
    room.  As you wait in her room you here the soldiers walk by in search of Fei 
    and the others.  When they are gone Bart demands to know what is going one 
    with Fei and Elly.  Elly then fully explains what happened to her when she 
    crash-landed in Lahan.  Fei then admits that he overheard Elly's conversation 
    with Citan and that it wasn't her fault.  Fei then explains to Elly why he is 
    here with Bart and Elly then helps you by saying that you can leave through 
    the Gear launch door.  Bart however, doesn't trust Elly (do you blame him?) 
    and says that it is probably a trap.  Margie then tells Bart to trust her but 
    Bart lashes out on her and says that she trusts people too much.  Fei, however 
    believes her and so Bart has no choice.  Elly first quickly checks the 
    corridor and then leads them to the Gear hanger.  She gives them a Gear that 
    they can use to escape but as they are about leave, Fei asks Elly an absurd 
    question.  He asks her to go with them!  He says that she is not the type to 
    person that should be in her current position.  Elly's refuses the offer as 
    she says that her duties are as a Solaris officer and that she belongs here.  
    She leaves Fei with these words, "Fei, next time we meet…we'll be enemies."  
    They all then get in the Gear and launch out of the hanger.
    Meanwhile, Ramsus has gathered his officers together and finds out that the 
    intruders has escaped.  
    Back at the Yggdrasil Sigurd asks Margie a question.  Why did she go up 
    against the enemy by herself.  She said that she heard a rumor in town that 
    the Sect's sisters who wee captured in Aveh were still alive.  Sigurd then 
    says that it was obviously a rumor started by the Gebler to lure her there.  
    Maison then defends her by saying not to be so harsh on her.  But Bart calls 
    her stupid and Margie gets hurt.  She says that her mother and grandmother 
    were both executed.  How sad!  But at least Margie is not hurt and Maison 
    takes her to her room.  Sigurd then leaves by telling Bart that he should be 
    more kind to Margie.  
    14. NISAN
    Now head back down into the Yggdrasil and you will see the same pink stuffed 
    animal that Margie took with her from Fatima Castle blocking the entrance to 
    the bridge.  When you attempt to go in, Bart will say that Margie should not 
    leave her strange stuffed animals lying around.  You suddenly hear a strange 
    noise that appears to have come from the stuffed animal.  Bart thinks that it 
    is Fei who did that but proves otherwise.  Well, anyway take the elevator down 
    and head to the room next to the door that leads to the Gear hanger.
    Margie will be inside so go up to her and talk to her.  Bart will tell Margie 
    to move the strange stuffed animal that is blocking the entrance to the 
    bridge.  However Margie says that it isn't a strange stuffed animal and has a 
    name.  You can then name it whatever you want.  I named mine "Pika."  She says 
    that she left it here in the room a it was here just a moment ago.  All of a 
    sudden the strange stuffed animal walks in!  It's not a stuffed animal at all!  
    It's a real animal!  Pika introduces itself and then goes on to say that it 
    fell in love with Fei when it first saw him in Bledavik.  It then says that it 
    will now follow Fei wherever he goes!  Now that's pretty funny.  Bart then 
    goes on to tease Fei a little and then states that he doesn't want to 
    interrupt Fei and Pika so he goes outside.  Margie then speaks with Fei.  She 
    thanks him and tells Fei about how Bart always brags about the two of them 
    being buddies.  She then says that Bart has many scars on his back due to 
    protecting her from getting beaten by Shakhan.  She says how she wishes that 
    for once, she could help Bart.  When the conversations over head outside and 
    back to the bridge.  Talk to Sigurd and he will say that the man that they 
    encountered was Kahran Ramsus of the Holy Solaris Empire's Agency of Foreign 
    Affairs (or the commander in chief of Gebler).  He goes on to say that Gebler 
    isn't just after the excavation sites around Aveh and that if that were 
    Gebler's only goal, then it wouldn't send and important man like Ramsus.  You 
    should also notice that Citan is no longer with you.  Sigurd says that he will 
    rejoin them soon.  Talk to Sigurd one more time and her will say that they 
    will need to enter into Nisan through the secret road.  It appears that the 
    secret road is a lone tree in the desert.  That shouldn't be too hard to find.  
    Simply head northwest to you get to the coast.  Follow it and a lone tree 
    should come in site.  Go to it and it will say "Road to Nisan."  Enter it and 
    you will now be in Nisan.
    When you go through the underground passage you will then see Sigurd and Citan 
    talking.  They seem to be talking about Ramsus the reason why he came down.  
    Citan then says something very interesting.  He mentions that both Sigurd and 
    him were once called Elements and once went to the commander's school called 
    Jugend.  So what does that mean?  Well, Citan then brings up the woman who was 
    with Ramsus.  It appears that both of them know her from the past.  Sigurd 
    refers to Citan as Hyuga and it appears that Miang frightens Sigurd for some 
    reason.  The conversations might get a little confusing to follow but don't 
    worry.  Sigurd also asks Citan if he obtained any information while he was 
    gone and Citan says that he didn't really find anything out.  Meanwhile, it 
    looks like Fei and Bart are spying on them and now knows that they know each 
    other.  Hmm…….sounds fishy (or something like that).
    Anyway, the Yggdrasil will dock and everyone will disembark.  They are then 
    met by a few citizens of Nisan who greet Bart.  They begin to have a 
    conversation about what's been going on with the people and how they feel 
    towards Shakhan.  Bart then turns Margie over to them and you will then see 
    the entire country of Nisan on the map laid out before you.  
    Head into Nisan itself and when you enter the city you will be greeted by 
    Margie and Maison.  Margie will run off and Citan says that they should 
    accompany Margie to meet the sisters.  Maison also appears to be crying!  Ha, 
    never thought that he would cry over something like this!  Anyway, you can now 
    explore Nisan.  Be sure to talk to everyone and explore every house.  Shop 
    around and rest as necessary as well.
    When you are finished exploring the town, head north to the lower area of the 
    town.  There Margie will standing with a group of other townspeople.  Talk to 
    the man standing in front of the exit and he will tell you to take Margie up 
    to the monastery as soon as possible.  Margie will then run on ahead so follow 
    her out of the area.  From the map head right up to the monastery and you will 
    see the beauty of it inside.  You will also see the sisters run up to Margie 
    and give her a warm welcome.  Sister Agnes also greets her and brings up the 
    death of Margie's mother and grandmother.  How tragic!  But in anyway, after 
    the warm welcome Margie asks if she may go upstairs.  The sisters will then go 
    back to singing their hymn and Margie will offer to show Citan and Fei around 
    the cathedral.  She'll run off and Citan and Bart will take a moment to give 
    Margie a little praise for her strength.  Head northeast and you will see 
    Margie standing in front of  a doorway.  Talk to her and then follow her 
    upstairs.  When you reach the next level, you will see the view of the 
    ceiling.  Citan will also comment on how magnificent it is.  Margie will upset 
    Bart a little and then walk off.  Follow her and then talk to her once again.  
    You can now see the cathedral from the best view possible.  You will see the 
    magnificent decorations hanging from the roof and two angels that appear to 
    float around in the back.  The light that shines through the roof also makes 
    it brilliant.  Citan comments on all of these and is quite amazed.  Margie 
    points out that those two angels in the back only each have one wing.  She 
    explains that in a legend, god could have created humans perfectly.  But if he 
    did so, humans would not have helped each other.  So that is what the two 
    angels symbolize.  In order for them to fly, they must help one another and 
    so, are dependent on each other.   Not bad if you ask me.  Citan also points 
    out that one of the angels appear to be more masculine and the other more 
    feminine.  Citan, as curious as he always is, begins to question those 
    features and he goes to wonder if the space between the two angels is like, 
    some sort of advent to god  or perhaps some sort of path leading to god.  
    Thankfully, Citan is interrupted by Margie.  Bart then goes on to contradict 
    the meaning and says that it would just be better if the two angels could just 
    fly on there own.  Margie appears to scold Bart and says that she too wants to 
    help others like how it is depicted with the angels.  
    You then must go on to the room of Sophia.  Sophia is the founding mother of 
    Nisan and also the founder of the Nisan Religion.  The room of Sophia has a 
    portrait of Sophia in it and Citan seems to definitely want to see it as well.  
    Follow Margie once more and go into the door in which she stops in front of.  
    Follow her up the stairs and enter the room of Sophia.  When you enter it you 
    will see light shining through a carved hole in the wall which forms a cross.  
    Citan inspects the portrait and says that it looks rather familiar.  Fei then 
    says that he agrees and that it looks like Elly!  Citan agrees but says that 
    that wasn't what he was talking about.  He says that he meant that the brush 
    techniques and overall styles of the painting was similar to Fei's!  The 
    screen then shifts so that you can see the portrait and it really does look 
    like Elly!  Citan will go ahead and explain what he thinks about the portrait 
    and will eventually state that the portrait isn't completely finished.  H is 
    right as the lower portion of it is clearly incomplete.  Margie has no idea 
    and guesses that her grandmother might have known but it's too late for that.  
    She says to go ask Agnes.  Go up and talk to Margie and she will say that 
    she'll be with Sister Agnes.  Bart says to go back to town however Citan makes 
    a request to go and see Sister Agnes.  Margie will exit and you must now find 
    Sister Agnes.
    As Fei exits, he will turn around and look at the portrait.  All of a sudden 
    the screen will change and you will see Sophia and a man with what appears to 
    be Fei painting her portrait.  Sophia, however, refers to the man as Lacan.  
    The screen will then change back and Citan asks about what happened.  Fei 
    doesn't seem to know either so just continue on.
    Sister Agnes is in the library so head back out into the hallway and head 
    south. Enter the next door to enter into the library.  Sister Agnes is the 
    back sitting at her desk with Margie so go and see her.  Sister Agnes will say 
    that Sophia's portrait could have been painted around 500 years ago.  Citan 
    asks if Sister Agnes currently has any historical records from that era, 
    however, Sister Agnes says that all records concerning Sophia have been lost.  
    All that she can tell you about Sophia is that she sacrificed her life for the 
    people and is now with god.
    Well now you must head back to the town.  When you get back head to the 
    southern part of town and you will be greeted by Maison.  Talk to him and he 
    will say that the people of Nisan have allowed them to rent the house that he 
    standing in front of.  He also says that Sigurd wants to talk with Bart 
    regarding the next move.  Sigurd is in the house so step inside.  Sigurd 
    states that he wants to work out a plan from the current situation.  Before 
    that however, Bart asks Sigurd what's going on between him and the Gebler 
    forces.  Or why he knows so much about them.  Citan enters and gives Sigurd a 
    nod indicating that he should tell Bart something.  So begins a long story.
    It turns out that Sigurd and Citan used to live in Solaris. It appears that 
    Solaris refers to foreigners as -Lambs-  which they use for manual labor.  
    Sigurd and Citan had worked for the Solaris government for a little while, 
    however, disliked it and escaped.  Well, Bart isn't angry or anything but he 
    does wish that Sigurd had told him sooner.  Sigurd assures Bart that he and 
    Citan left for their own reasons and on their own at that so they can't just 
    let Solaris run things the way they are now.  You will then have a chance to 
    ask Sigurd and Citan more about Solaris, -Lambs-, who Ramsus really is, and 
    why Citan and Sigurd left.  I don't need to elaborate on any of this as all 
    you have to do is ask them.  After all that is through with, Bart will ask 
    Maison if he can go and reserve the town hall for them so that hey can finish 
    their discussion.  Bart then steps outside to get some fresh air.  Follow him 
    and go outside head north and you'll see Bart standing on the bridge 
    overlooking Nisan.  Talk to him and Citan will try to help Bart to coup with 
    all that he as just heard.  You will soon learn why Citan wanted to escape as 
    well.  Citan says that he realized that Ramsus's way of thinking really wasn't 
    that much of a difference for the older system, and that it was no different 
    from what Solaris was actually doing at the time.  So in other words, "He had 
    no intentions of bringing everyone a better way of life."  Bart asks Citan if 
    he thinks that he can defeat Gebler since they are cooperating with Shakhan.  
    According to Citan, it is possible to defeat the Gebler forces in Aveh however 
    there is still Solaris to deal with.  Bart guesses that the best thing to do 
    at this point is to take the throne back then deal with the rest of Gebler.  
    Now head to the town hall where Sigurd and Maison are waiting for you.  
    It is now time to think of a plan but before that, Bart reaches a little into 
    his past and begins to talk about how he always like to play navy on the lake 
    around the cathedral.  Well in any case, it is time for the plan.  The first 
    big problem is Gebler.  Citan concludes that they need to find a weak point to 
    attack.  Bart decides to first take out Shakhan before concentrating on 
    Gebler.  It appears that Bart has the strength to deal with the Royal Guards, 
    however, the problem is what to do when Shakhan requests help from Gebler.  
    Citan will take a look at the map that Sigurd has and states that their 
    primary goal is to get Gebler away until Bledavik is taken back.  On the map 
    there are three locations of Gebler forces in Aveh; the western guards, the 
    Royal Capital defense force, and the units along the front-line near the 
    borders of Kislev.  It appears that only the Royal Capital's defense force and 
    the Kislev border units are strong while the Western Guards are of no threat.  
    Sigurd says that in order to get Bledavik, they will need to draw out the 
    defense forces away from the city.  Citan offers that they use some captured 
    Kislev Gears to make a raid on the western guards which will make it look like 
    Kislev is invading Aveh.  The only problem is if it will convince Gebler that 
    Kislev is really attacking.  The solution to that is to make Nisan appear to 
    be allying with Kislev.  However Bart and Fei don't like that idea but it 
    looks like that is the only thing that will work.  So first, Bledavik must be 
    infiltrated, and Bart must meet up with his agents in the city.  But before 
    anything else goes on, the Kislev border units must be dealt with.  Citan says 
    that the main strength of Aveh's fleet lies in the powerful battleship 
    Kefeinzel and that it is currently with the border unit.  But that isn't a 
    problem as the former Aveh supreme commander, Vanderkaum, was demoted there.  
    It would appear that Vanderkaum has not adapted to the change I tactics of 
    warfare following the introduction of Gears.  He is a man that depends on 
    large naval guns which makes him only care about size and power.  Bart refers 
    to him as the perfect target for pirates.  As a little good news, the amount 
    of Gears assigned to the fleet have been greatly reduced which should make it 
    easier.  To sum it up, they must prevent the fleet from returning to the 
    capital so another unit will be sent to hold them up.  Citan recommends that 
    Fei leads that group and Fei agrees.  It turns out that tomorrow is when the 
    plan will be put into action.  In the early morning of the next day, everyone 
    will be up and Margie will drop by.  She seems to annoy Bart a little at first 
    but it calms down.  Bart then says that he'll be waiting and wants you to go 
    ahead and make the preparations.  Use this time to shop around if you hadn't 
    from before.  Once you're done speak with Bart and say that you're ready to 
    Back at the dock Sigurd says that the Yggdrasil will be waiting for the right 
    time to hit Bledavik once Nisan hit the western guards.  Bart cautions to 
    avoid any unnecessary deaths especially with Gebler and Aveh troops.  Before 
    he leaves, Bart and Margie then get into a friendly argument and exchange the 
    best of luck.  As the Yggdrasil departs, Sister Agnes will says to Margie that 
    she is looking forward to the day when Margie will take her place on the 
    throne as Bart's wife!  Margie doesn't like that idea.  As she walks away, 
    Sister Agnes states that soon, Bart will no longer be able to ignore Margie!  
    That's actually kind of funny.  
    Back in the Gear hangers of the Yggdrasil, Fei will be with the squadron Gear 
    pilots who will be helping him.  As Fei walks off, Bart will say to be careful 
    and a cool scene will be shown showing Weltall taking off from the Yggdrasil.  
    The scene will then switch to showing the Yggdrasil trudging through the night 
    desert on it's way to Bledavik.  
    Citan will then enter the Gun room and Maison will ask from the counter if he 
    is going to get any sleep.  Go up and talk to him.  As you talk to him, Maison 
    will begin to talk about Bart and his life.  He begins to blame himself for 
    putting too much of a burden on Bart but Citan disagrees and says that Bart is 
    now far capable of handling any burdens or pressure.  Once you are done 
    talking to good ol' Maison, head to the top of the Yggdrasil.  There Sigurd 
    and Bart will be talking outside under the blood red moon as the Yggdrasil 
    trudges through the sand.  There they talk about the events of the next day 
    and how it will feel to get the palace back.  Through that conversation, Bart 
    doubts himself and seems to not want to be king.  Sigurd contradicts Bart by 
    saying that it is not regaining the kingdom that is his goal, but regaining 
    his home.  A little humor is then added but you can find that out for 
    yourself.  All the while, Citan is listening to their conversation and he 
    seems to really admire Sigurd by what he says.  The same blood red moon 
    appears but as it zooms outward, you now see a room which should look familiar 
    from the palace in Bledavik.  Anyway, you then see Ramsus and Miang sleeping 
    and it appears that Ramsus is having a dream.  And a bad one at that.  
    Remember this scene from where he was fighting Fei?  Well it is expanded now 
    to show more of what happened.  As the figure knocks down the Gears, Ramsus is 
    there along with Grahf!  A red Gear suddenly drops down and the unknown figure 
    enters it.  It smashed through the remaining Gears and turns on Ramsus as he 
    screams.  All of a sudden Ramsus awakens along with Miang.  It seems that it 
    isn't the first that Ramsus has had this dream.  Ramsus walks away out of the 
    room and Miang begins to talk to someone.  You then find out that it is Grahf!  
    It appears that Grahf and Miang are up to something that involves Fei.  But 
    Well you won't find out now and the screen then shifts to the bridge of the 
    Yggdrasil where everyone is gathered.  It seems that Franz might have picked 
    up something on the sonar but Bart just wards it off as nothing.  However, 
    Franz states that it's not from the surface and from under the sand!  It seems 
    that something has happened because the crew begins to catch all sorts of 
    military movement on the surface.  Looks like the defense fleet is departing 
    so the plan was successful!  Bart and the others depart for the capital and 
    the screen then once again shifts.
    You see Elly walking through the Aveh Gear hanger and she is then joined by a 
    few men.  It seems that these men and Elly don't get a long well.  In any 
    case, the men begin to comment on Veirge, Elly's Gear, when they see it.  They 
    leave and you are brought to Fei and his men.  You are told to deploy to the 
    mountain peak so go on ahead into that cave that was shown to you previously.  
    It is actually hard to explain but a good tip is to follow the other Gears.  
    If you do so, then you should have no problem navigating up the cliffs.
    When you reach inside of the cave head west and follow the cliff path jumping 
    up on the ridges when necessary.  You should just know that the hardest thing 
    about the cave is not navigating through it, but making it over the long jumps 
    because if you miss them, then you will have to start over and that can be 
    frustrating.  But don't worry, it isn't that hard to do.
    There is a Repair Bot along with a Save Point next to it.  When you talk to 
    the Repair Bot, it will say that is saw several strong-looking Gears fly by.  
    It must be your force so continue on.  Be sure to make repairs and save 
    though!  If, however, you select "I can't trust you" you will enter into a 
    fight with the Repair Bot and you must destroy it!  You can't escape so don't 
    fight it!
    When you are done, exit the cave and head outside.  When you get outside, you 
    will encounter Gebler units.  You tell the others go on ahead and you'll 
    handle it.  Hmm……well, looks like it's Elly's force.  Ah man, those annoying 
    Drive Gears are back!  And this time, you're going to have to deal with all of 
    them by yourself!  It also looks like all of them are anxious to get back at 
    Fei as well.  Elly tries to stop them but is unsuccessful. 
    HP: Total-1240
    TREASURE GAINED: Extra Ar +2
    GOLD GAINED: 400
    I recommend you just use X button attacks on one of the Wandknights and when 
    one is gone, use attack level 2 combos to get rid of  the other.  Booster does 
    come extremely in handy as well.  The Wandknights have the same attacks as 
    last time except, they are stronger this time.  The weaker attack deals 
    anywhere from 20-40 HP of damage while the Power Beam hits for around 300 HP 
    of damage.  
    You will then be immediately be forced into the next battle.
    HP: Total-2500
    TREASURE GAINED: Extra Ar +2
    GOLD GAINED: 900
    Simple use booster to gain an advantage over the knights then crush each of 
    them with attack level one combos and the X button attacks.  Each knight has 
    its own special attack.  Aegisknight will definitely execute the Pile driver 
    which weakens your armor.  The Clawknight  has two attacks ; one that deals 
    about 30 HP of damage, and the other that deals around 100 HP of damage.  The 
    Swordknight has one double hit attack that deals around 200 HP of damage if 
    the Pile Driver has been executed on you.  If not, then the damage will be 
    significantly less.  It also has another two hit attack but for some reason, 
    is seemed to always miss for me.  The Aegisknight has one more attack other 
    than the Pile driver.  I has a simple attack that deals around 50 HP of 
    damage.  Here is the order that I take them on in: Swordknight, Clawknight, 
    and finally Aegisknight.  
    Once you defeat the enemy Gears, they will seem pretty beaten up and will 
    withdraw.  Elly doesn't seem to want to fight Fei and sees herself running 
    down a long corridor where voice seem to be haunting her.  It actually pretty 
    interesting.  As if one side is saying to while the other is resisting and 
    doesn't want to.  After running through three of those long corridors, Elly 
    will see herself along with a few other people talking to her or about her.  
    It's as if they are cutting her down and saying that she is weak.  I too had 
    hard time understanding this at first but it's actually not that hard to 
    understand.  All of a sudden the screen changes to a scene that should look 
    familiar.  The blood stained room with Elly in the middle of it.  It then 
    disappears as Renk tries to convince Vance to stop taking the drug.  To stop 
    them from fighting, Elly will take the Drive and fight Fei!
    HP: N/A
    The battle opens up with Fei who can't believe that Elly is fighting him!  
    Vierge attacks but misses and Fei then realizes that Elly took the Drive.  
    Vierge then launches the Aerod Attack which really amazes the other men as the 
    Aerod Attack can only be used from a handful of people called Elements.  Well, 
    that just makes things a little harder.  Oh well, just fight the battle as 
    usual using X button attacks and level one attack combos.  If you have enough 
    fuel for booster, then you should definitely use it!  If not, then you're 
    going to have do without it, though it would be a great help.  Throughout the 
    fight Fei will be constantly trying to snap Elly out of it but to no avail. 
    Vierge has a number of different attacks that deals anywhere between 30-300 HP 
    of damage.  The one is the one to look out for, the Aerod Attack.  It deals 
    about 300 HP of damage. 
     After you deal a certain amount of damage, Weltall will kneel down and Vierge 
    will take advantage of it.  However, before Vierge can do anything, something 
    goes wrong with Elly as she screams in pain.  Fei will then take Weltall and 
    pin Vierge down on the ground.  It appears that Elly is trying to fight the 
    Drive or something like that.  Either that or Drive is wearing off.  Vierge 
    will then suddenly get up and will short circuit and fall to the ground.  Fei 
    will then run out to Vierge to get Elly.  It appears that she is all right and 
    Fei tries to talk Elly out of fighting.  However, Elly says that she is a 
    Solaris officer and can't turn her back on her duty.  Elly goes on to explain 
    why she had no choice to use the Drive and then goes on to say that they are 
    very similar.  Since Elly won't change her mind, Fei will simply leave and 
    continue on after his other friends.  
    You will then be in another cave with a save point nearby.  Save at the Save 
    Point and then continue on through the cave.  Head up the twisting cliffs and 
    jump from ridge to ridge until you reach the top level.  Once there, exit out 
    through the opening in the cave and the screen will shift to Maison in the Gun 
    room.  Maison will drop Bart's cup.  Uh oh, does this mean that something bad 
    is going to happen to Bart?  
    Well, you will then see Bart, Sigurd, Citan, and a group of men in the 
    reservoir of the Fatima Castle. They will all split up into two groups with 
    different assignments with the ultimate one being to capture Shakhan.  You 
    will then have a chance to equip Citan and  Bart and then you can save at the 
    Save Point.  When you are done with that head up the latter.  Once you get up 
    to the courtyard, the team will run into Shakhan and Miang.  Bart thinks that 
    he has got him but it isn't that easy.  It appears that Shakhan has been 
    expecting them and is ready for them.  Miang also says that Ramsus is 
    currently taking care of the divided forces out at Nisan right now.   So, 
    Ramsus easily saw through your plan eh?  Damn, doesn't that suck!  Well, 
    Sigurd tries to convince Miang that her organization doesn't really care about 
    who is king, as long as they have someone to control as their puppet.  This 
    convinces Miang and she leaves saying that Shakhan is now on his own.  Shakhan 
    then orders his men to fire but before they can Citan's flying crab comes 
    flying over the palace roof and Maison appears.  He also has the devices 
    gatling gun pointed right at Shakhan's head.  Bart and the others board the 
    flying crab and begin to take off.  But just as the flying crab is about take 
    off, the propeller breaks off and flies away!  Shakhan takes it as a joke and 
    as he is about to order his men to fire. Maison says that he has a plan and so 
    everyone ducks.  Maison then activates the flying crab and it makes a 
    brilliant acrobatic display as it jumps up over the palace walls and escapes.  
    Shakhan is left standing there speechless and the screen changes to back to 
    the Gun room onboard where Bart thanks Maison for helping.  Sigurd soon comes 
    in and says that the Royal Capital's armies are returning so they must escape.   
    Head toward the door ad once you exit, you will be back in the desert where 
    Fei and the others are.  You will then see the border fleet roaming below you 
    on the desert floor.  Fei is then asked how he wants to slow the fleet down.  
    As a response, Fei jumps off the cliff and attacks the fleet.  The others 
    follow and let the battle begin!
    Back on board the Kefeinzel, alarms sound as the officers prepare to engage.  
    The Aviation Officer to Vanderkaum orders all anti-gear guns to open fire 
    however Vanderkaum changes that order and orders the fleet to bait the 
    attackers into entering the Kefeinzel's main gun's firing arc.  The Aviation 
    Officer disagrees and says that the main guns can't hit the fast moving Gears.  
    Vanderkaum doesn't listen and proceeds with preparing the main guns.  
    Vanderkaum makes yet more mistakes when he orders the anti-gears gunners back 
    and telling his captain to slow down so that the Gears can catch up.  You are 
    now in control so have fun!
    Head westward as advised by Falkon and engage the first of the enemy defenses.  
    Once you get past the defenses in that area, proceed to the next one.  In the 
    meantime, Vanderkaum is getting very irritated and looses the faith of his 
    Aviation Officer who tries to warn him that his strategy is no good.  In this 
    area Falkon states that just past the row of destroyers is the Kefeinzel.  
    Head right between the row of destroyers and head on to the Kefeinzel.  By 
    this point Vanderkaum is really getting irritated as his forces are getting 
    torn apart.  He then is attacked by Weltall and now Fei must destroy the main 
    HP: 1800
    For this battle simply concentrate on the main gun and ignore the small guns 
    as they aren't really a problem.  Simply charge up and use level one attack 
    combos and X button attacks.  Booster should help as well through this battle.  
    You will have approximately six turns to destroy the main gun before it fully 
    charges and fires.  If it does fire, it'll cause about 400 HP of damage.  
    That's all.  So this battle is basically very easy.
    After you destroy the main gun, you will see that everyone on board must 
    evacuate.  Vanderkaum, however, stays behind and mumbles about something that 
    he stills has.  You will then see the wreckage of the burning fleet in the 
    background.  Well, it looks like you've won but you can't seem to reach Bart 
    and the others.  All of a sudden you see the Kefeinzel explode and something 
    huge will emerge from the wreckage.  Looks like it's Vanderkaum and he's 
    pissed!  Looks like another boss fight!
    HP: 3000
    TREASURE GAINED: Extra Ar +3
    GOLD GAINED: 2000
    First off, hit Dora with X button attacks and keep pounding him with your 
    attack level one or even level two combos as they become available.  I 
    definitely think that you should use booster as well for this battle.  It 
    turns out that you can't hurt the Dora with your two companions.  Or at least 
    not at this time.  As for Dora's attacks, they are actually pretty strong.  
    One of them deals about 200 HP of damage to everyone.  Another attack isn't 
    much of an attack but can be very annoying.  Dora uses its claws to grab one 
    of your companions which immobilizes that person until Dora drops him. While 
    your companions are in the clutches of Dora, it can hit them against Weltall 
    to cause up to 400 HP of damage to it!  Once Weltall successfully destroys the 
    head cover of Dora, it's defense drops immensely and now your companions can 
    hurt it.  Once that is done, the rest of the battle should be pretty easy.
    Once Dora is defeated, Vanderkaum seems speechless.  All of a sudden, a 
    mysterious voice calls out to Vanderkaum asking him if he wants the power.  
    All of a sudden, a Gear swoops down to the Dora.  Looks like it Grahf again!  
    Grahf asks if Vanderkaum wants the power.  What does that mean?  Well 
    Vanderkaum seems a little confused too but wants it anyway.  Grahf then sticks 
    out the arm of his Gear and recites some mysterious words.  Grahf then shoots 
    a powerful red beam of light at Dora and it lights up as well.  
    Next thing you know, you are back on the bridge of the Yggdrasil.  Bart says 
    to go back to Nisan.  Sigurd appears from behind of him and says that it is 
    useless to do anything now.  Maison also comes up and agrees with Sigurd.  
    Bart then realizes about Fei and his other men for they too have not had any 
    contact since their attack on the border fleet.  All of a sudden Bart yells 
    out that something is approaching from behind.  So it appears that another 
    sand cruiser has been following them and has been hiding behind some baffles!  
    Looks like it's Ramsus.  All of sudden, Franz shouts out that he has detected 
    several torpedoes which have been launched at the Yggdrasil!  Battle stations 
    are activated and the engine is stopped.  It turns out to be futile as the 
    torpedo strikes home.  You will then see Ramsus and Miang standing in the 
    bridge of their sand cruiser.  An officer then states that the torpedoes hit 
    home and that the Yggdrasil is now floating to the surface.  Ramsus then asks 
    Miang what he should do with the Yggdrasil.  Miang then asks why Ramsus why he 
    is acting like he is lost.  Ramsus's response is that he promised an old 
    friend that he would take it easy.  What does that mean?  Well, Ramsus then 
    has a flashback and it turns out that this old friend is none other than 
    Sigurd!  The flashback shows Ramsus running out to Sigurd asking him why he is 
    abandoning his country.  Sigurd says that he is not abandoning it and that 
    there is someone waiting for him on the surface.  As Sigurd leaves, all Ramsus 
    can do is yell and call him a traitor.  After that flashback, Ramsus asks the 
    Comm Officer to use his name and urge the Yggdrasil to surrender if they 
    desire Nisan to be left unharmed.  He also orders his units to cease fire but 
    remain on alert.  You will  see the crippled Yggdrasil trudging through the 
    sand and the then be brought back to Fei and his companions
    They are still standing in front of the Dora which is sitting there 
    lifelessly.  All of a sudden, one of Fei's companions report that he has just 
    received word that Bart is in trouble!  Just as they are about to leave, the 
    Dora reactivates and looks more powerful than before.  Vanderkaum is up again 
    and Maitreya orders Fei to go and return back to Bart to help him.  He says 
    that he and his unit will remain behind to try and buy sometime for Fei.  With 
    that Maitreya and the rest of his units head to their doom.  Fei watches as 
    his companions are torn apart and killed.  Something happens to Fei and all of 
    a sudden you set back at the Yggdrasil.  
    There Bart is on top of the deck trying his best to monitor and assist with 
    the repairs.  Bart finds out that the Yggdrasil will be unable to have its 
    maximum power but Bart doesn't care and plans to attempt to break through.  
    After a brief, yet touching speech, Bart gets the Yggdrasil to increase speed 
    and attempt to break through.  Back with Ramsus and Miang, the attack is 
    ordered to be resumed but just as they are about to fire, explosions are 
    detected along the perimeter of the fleet.  It appears that the fleet is under 
    attack by some unknown Gear!  
    You then see a very powerful red Gear assaulting the fleet shooting deadly 
    beams of energy at whatever is moving.  In n the meantime, Bart is watching 
    all that is happening from the Yggdrasil.  He then notices that the unknown 
    Gear is heading directly towards them!  All of a sudden, you are back with 
    Ramsus who tells Miang that it is definitely, what he calls it to be, the 
    Demon of Elru.  He and Miang then leave and you are brought back to Bart who 
    is now confronting the so called Demon of Elru.  The Gear asks Bart if he is 
    strong and when Bart asks who he is, the Gear attacks Bart.  The Gear 
    continues to ask if he is strong then Ramsus and Miang suddenly fly up.  
    Ramsus asks Bart if he knows who the unknown Gear is and then goes on to bring 
    up Fei.  Ramsus seems to definitely know that Gear as he prepares to engage 
    him.  Ramsus attacks however is easily taken down by the opposing Gear.  Bart 
    hen come up and stands in the Gear's way.  Miang then quickly picks up what is 
    left of Ramsus's Gear and flees.  Ramsus still seems to want to fight however, 
    Miang still pulls out and leaves it up to Bart to take care of this monster.  
    There they stand and face each other.  Finally Bart agrees to the fight and it 
    begins!  This fight is actually impossible to win as you will see for 
    everything Bart does seems to be futile.  Sure Bart can damage the enemy Gear 
    but after awhile, the opposing Gear will just hit Bart once for 19,998 HP of 
    damage!  Damn!  Well, Bart is knocked cold and you are now brought to the 
    bridge of the Yggdrasil once more.  Sigurd orders the engines to be turned on 
    to full speed for it appears that he has a plan.  Sigurd uses the Yggdrasil to 
    leap out of the sand and land right on the enemy Gear!  Bart moves out of the 
    way just in time as well.  However, there is now a huge problem.  The 
    Yggdrasil is suddenly lifted out of the sand by the same enemy Gear!  It's not 
    even touching the damn ship!  The Yggdrasil then begins to fall apart and the 
    enemy Gears throws the Yggdrasil at Bart and havoc suddenly sweeps the 
    Yggdrasil.  Sigurd says to seal every part of the ship off and get everyone to 
    the bridge as the ship sinks beneath the sand.  Sigurd then tells Citan to 
    follow Maison to an escape pod.  Citan doesn't like the idea of leaving 
    however Sigurd insists that he leaves as he has no business in the current 
    situation.  Citan the leaves and the escape pod is launched with Citan in it.  
    In the escape pod, Citan is carried by the wind to the border of Kislev and 
    Aveh.  He then notices the burning wreckage of the Dora!  Damn, what happened 
    to it!  Could Fei have done that?  You then have the option of saving your 
    current data so do so.  Continue the game and you will then be in another room 
    with a man playing the piano (or something like that).  A man then enters and 
    refers to the man playing the piano as the Kaiser.  It turns out to be Kaiser 
    Sigmund to be exact.  The associate states that the recent explosion at the 
    southern border has been investigated.  He says that the explosion was 
    probably due to the overload of a battleship generator however, the cause is 
    unknown.  It looks like over two-thirds of the Aveh/Gebler forces were 
    destroyed and those that are left are currently regrouping.  The associate 
    goes on to say that they have found what appears to be some Gear that was 
    stolen by the Gebler units in Aveh.  They have also recovered the unconscious 
    pilot and transported him and the Gear to the capital.  It must be Fei!  They 
    then go on to talk more in depth about the captured Gear.  The associate then 
    asks if they should begin an assault Aveh.  Sigmund says that it would be easy 
    to take down Aveh at this point, however, it would exhaust their power and 
    resources as well.  That would leave them open to attack from Solaris or even 
    Nisan.  So there is nothing to be gained from doing so.  Well said if you ask 
    Another man then enters the room and tells Sigmund something to him.  He then 
    says that "they" have arrived.  You will then see a strange, huge ship flying 
    up to what appears to be a dock.  Two Gears are seen unloading some sort of 
    cargo and you then see a group of strange people walking up to Sigmund.  The 
    strange masked women says that with what she has, Sigmund can pass through the 
    "barrier" and go wherever he wants.  Sigmund then brings up Grahf and asks if 
    he is around.  The masked woman replies that he is busy and that she is 
    representing him.  Sigmund then asks her why she is helping him and she 
    replies that she is simply wants to observe what is in store for the world.  
    In return for their help, the masked lady whispers something to Sigmund and 
    then walks away.  Sigmund says that the masked woman requested that they 
    transfer the Gear and pilot they captured to D Block.  Sigmund does so and you 
    will then see Fei running through a dark abyss with some sort of pendant 
    waving back and forth next to him.  A light begins to emerge from the pendant 
    and all of a sudden, a bright flash from it reveals some sort of house to you.  
    You will then see a lady and a boy playing together with a ball and then the 
    screen will go black.  You will once again see the same scene in a black and 
    white type view.  It will then zoom outward and you will see Fei standing 
    there watching it.  A small light then appears in front of him revealing a 
    young boy sitting down.  Fei turns around and then sees someone else behind 
    him who says that he shouldn't be there.  Everything then disappears wakes up 
    in a room with a lady in it.  
    The lady says that he has been unconscious for four days that she was worried 
    if  he would wake up.  The lady says that she is a doctor and that Fei is 
    currently in Nortune, the capital of Kislev.  It turns out that Fei is in the 
    detention area for criminals commonly known as D Block. The conversation is 
    then interrupted as a group of men enter the room and say that Fei has to go 
    with them.  The doctor says that he has just woken up and that they shouldn't 
    do the Baptismal Ceremony.  The men don't seem to care and say that he must do 
    it as it is the rule.  Fei will agree and the men say that the Champ is 
    waiting for him.  Fei will then be lead to a room where the Champ is waiting.  
    He asks Fei what his name is and says his name Rico.  He says that he needs to 
    see how string Fei is and tells his men to take Fei outside.  When Fei get 
    outside he will be in a corner with all the men surrounding him.  Rico then 
    explains that each criminal is given rank and that deciding a rank is simple.  
    Fei will get his rank by fighting Rico's four battlers one on one.  It turns 
    out that if you defeat the four battlers you will be promised a certain amount 
    of freedom.  Fei will then be shown some compassion and will be given sometime 
    to prepare for the fight.  With that be sure to save at the Save Point next to 
    you and get ready.  Once you are done go on up to anyone of the battlers and 
    say if you are ready to fight.  
    NOTE: Don't worry if you lose any of the fights as you won't die however, if 
    you do, then you won't get the respect of Rico and the others and you won't 
    get the needed experience!  
    HP: 500
    GOLD GAINED: 152
    This is the easiest of the four fights as all you have to do is use Fei's 
    deathblows and Inner Healing Chi skill when necessary.  The Iron Valor and 
    Counter Force Chi skills are also helpful but you should save them for the 
    later fights.  Leonardo has a three hit attack that can deal around 20 HP of 
    damage if all three hit Fei but that is all.  
    HP: 500
    GOLD GAINED: 150
    This battle is basically the same as the last one against Leonardo except that 
    is definitely a little tougher.  Use the same strategy as against Leonardo and 
    he'll go down in no time.  Heinrich's are different from Leonardo's though as 
    his attack slams Fei to the ground to cause about 40 HP of damage.
    HP: 500
    GOLD GAINED: 150
    This fight is a little different as the stronger you attack Vargas for, the 
    stronger his counterattacks will be. Simply use Fei's Iron Valor and Counter 
    Force Chi skills to hold out until you can gain enough AP points to knock 
    Vargas out for good.  It is best to simply use Triangle button attacks until 
    HP: 800
    TREASURE GAINED: Metal Jacket
    This battle is the hardest as Suzarn can hit you pretty hard.  Simply use the 
    Iron Valor and Counter Force Chi skills as usual and the Inner Healing Chi 
    skill when you have to.  Simply hold out until you can build enough AP points 
    to unleash a massive combo on Suzarn to finish him off once and for all.  One 
    of Suzarn's attacks doesn't cause any damage, however take away about 40 EP 
    points from Fei.  The other attack can cause around 130 HP of damage so that 
    is something to watch out for.  Others can do less like around 70 HP of 
    When you defeat all of them, Rico says that he will be your next opponent.  
    This is a futile fight as Rico will defeat Fei instantly so just do whatever 
    you want til then.  After Fei is knocked out, Rico will give him Rank A and 
    will take him back to his quarters.  
    Fei will wake up back in the doctor's quarters and the doctor will explain 
    about the rank that was given to Fei.  It turns out that Rank A is a very high 
    rank and that it is amazing that Fei even stood up to the Champ!  You should 
    also notice that something is around Fei's neck.  The nurse explains that it 
    is a bomb!  It will explode the moment Fei leaves the vicinity of the Imperial 
    capital.  It looks like Fei will be stuck in Nortune for now and so he gets 
    more rest.  When Fei wakes up go ahead and talk to the doctor in the next 
    room.  She says that you can rest in the next room from where you woke anytime 
    you want.  With that advice in mind, it's time to check out D Block!  
    When you are done exploring around, head over to the Bar located in the 
    southeastern part of D Block.  When you get towards the end of the bar speak 
    to the Beastoid Man called Hammer who is also known as the Supplier.  It looks 
    like word of how powerful Fei is has spread around as everyone knows about.  
    Hammer also gets cuaght up in always calling Fei bro.  It looks like you'll 
    have to get all the items and equipment from Hammer at this time as well!  
    ITEMS: Aquasol……….20          Mentsol……….20          
                  Rosesol……….100        Omegasol……..50    
                  Zetasol………..100        Survival Tent…150
    ACCESSORIES: Metal Jacket……….550          Sleep Guard……….1500
                                Metal Helmet……...200          Brain Guard……….1500    
                                Poison Guard……...1500        Guardian Ring…….2000
    When you are done with Hammer, head to the exit of D Block and the guard will 
    stop you.  He will also say that the Imperial Committee is looking for you.  
    Head back to the bar and you will be greeted by a mysterious woman.  You find 
    out that her name is Rue Cohen and is with the Imperial Battling Committee.  
    It appears that the Committee wants Fei to participate in the Battling 
    Tournament.  She will explain to you that Battling is a type of recreational 
    sport where Gears fight against other Gears or monsters.  It looks like the 
    incident with the Champ has caught the eye of the Committee and they now want 
    Fei to be a Battler instead of a prisoner.  Fei, however, turns them down 
    saying that he doesn't like Gears and that he doesn't even have one.  Ms. 
    Cohen simply says that the Gear he requires will be given to him by the 
    Committee but Fei still doesn't agree to it.  Ms. Cohen then says that she 
    will give Fei a little more time to think it over.  She says that she'll be 
    waiting for a positive answer and then leaves.  Soon after Hammer comes in and 
    asks why Fei turned the Committee down.  Hammer tries to convince Fei too, but 
    isn't successful as Fei once again says that he hates Gears.  Fei will then 
    leave the bar and you will have control once again.  
    Head back to Fei's quarters and you will be greeted by Hammer who says that he 
    has some news.  He says that a new doctor was appointed and has arrived.  It 
    turns out that the previous doctor was transferred to work in the civilian 
    sector and that a new doctor is good business for him as it will expand his 
    connections in the black market treatment routes.  Fei will go with Hammer 
    downstairs but when they arrive, no one is there!  Hmm……guess the new doctor 
    hasn't arrived yet. Just then a door opens and Citan appears!  Looks like 
    Citan was monitoring the Kislev radio communications and heard that they had 
    recovered a Gear that fit the description of Weltall!  He says that he heard 
    that they transported it to Nortune so he came here hoping that it was Fei.  
    Luckily, he was right!  Well, Citan then asks Fei if he has taken any action 
    yet but Fei doesn't seem to know what Citan means.  Citan brings up the 
    promise that Fei made to Bart about Margie and then tells Fei about what 
    happened to the Yggdrasil.  Fei then explains to Citan about what happened to 
    him and says that after Vanderkaum killed all of his companions, his memory 
    went blank and he awoke in Nortune's D Block.  Fei begins to believe that he 
    was the one who destroyed the enemy squadron and Vanderkaum but Citan tries 
    his best to convince Fei that it might not have been him.  Fei agrees to carry 
    out his promise to Bart.  Hammer then explains about the explosive collars to 
    Citan and Citan then asks if he may take a look at it.  After taking a look at 
    the collars, Citan says that there is a possibility that they can about it.  
    Hammer says that other mechanical engineers gave up a long time ago due to the 
    frustration it caused them.  You will have a choice to make of whether Citan 
    will attempt to take off the collar or not.  Either way, Fei will not go 
    through with it and Hammer brings up the Imperial Committee's offer again.  It 
    turns out that Fei will have to win the Imperial Battling Tournament in order 
    to be granted a pardon but the only problem is that in order for him to win 
    it, he will have to defeat Rico!  If Rico wins this tournament he will be the 
    reigning champion for three years in a row!  You also find out that Rico is a 
    prisoner too and that he turned down the pardon so that he could continue to 
    fight.  Fei doesn't care and agrees to go ahead and try.  Hammer will then run 
    off to register Fei.  Citan then asks Fei if he wants to go through with it as 
    he knows Fei's strong hatred of Gears.  Fei, however, is willing to do it and 
    Citan will then say to get some rest.
    The screen will darken and you will then see some kind of machine spinning 
    around in a pitch black room.  There, several men will speak about Fei.  They 
    talk about events that happened in the past but what does that all mean?  They 
    also talk about something called the Anima Relics and the Gaetia Key.  They 
    then talk about using the third fleet stationed at Bledavik to purge Nortune!  
    It appears that they plan to hit a reactor in Nortune that will wipe out the 
    entire city!  There main goal however, appears to be to destroy Fei.  Well, 
    that's bad!
    You will next be brought back to Fei who is standing back at his quarters.  
    Head up the stairs and you will be greeted by Hammer who says that he finished 
    signing Fei up.  It looks like Rue Cohen, whom you met before, has helped Fei 
    a little and eased the registration process.  Fei asks Hammer why he has been 
    so happy recently but Hammer says that it is nothing.  Hammer then says that 
    he has a lot to do and runs out.  He soon runs back in and tells Fei where the 
    Battling Arena is.  You might as well head on there and begin the fight!  As 
    Fei is about to leave, Citan will appear and say that he wishes to join Fei to 
    the Battling Arena.  Head back to the exit of D Block and the guard will stop 
    you once again.  He then realizes who you are and lets you pass.  However, he 
    does warn you to stay away from the off limits areas to avoid the collars from 
    blowing up.  
    When you get to the Battling Arena, you will be greeted by Rue Cohens who asks 
    what made Fei change his mind.  Fei says that there are a lot of factors that 
    made him change his mind and that one of them is the damn collar which is very 
    irritating.  After explaining a little about the Battling Arena, Citan will 
    ask if they can have a little time to prepare for the fight.  Rue agrees and 
    you now can go ahead and save at the nearby Save Point.  You can also buy some 
    items from Hammer though you can't buy Gear parts from yet because you don't 
    even have a Gear yet.  
    When you're all done with that go ahead and talk to Rue who will ask if you 
    are ready.  Say yes and Hammer will join you to the Gear paddock to see your 
    Gear.  It turns out that Fei's Gear will be Weltall!  Well, what a 
    coincidence!  Citan says that the committee most likely did give Fei Weltall 
    so that they could collect some sort of data.  Citan does assure Fei though, 
    that it has something to do with the incident back in Aveh.  The good thing 
    though, is that at least Fei gets the Gear that he is most used and it will 
    also increase the probability of escaping.  You will then have a chance to 
    learn more about the Battling Arena controls for your Gear.  You can also give 
    it a try in practice mode.  When you are ready for the actual thing select 
    "Begin Battle" and confirm that you are ready.  You're first battle will be 
    against Ganador.  Soon after the battle begins, Ganador will stop and say that 
    Fei is pretty good.  All of a sudden, Fei's Gear will begin to give off steam 
    and will suddenly explode.  You will then see Fei lying in the infirmary again  
    and then you will see Leonardo and Heinrich in the sewers.  So it looks like 
    they were responsible for what happened to Fei!  Well, looks like Rico had 
    nothing to do with it as they say that he would kill them if he found out.  
    They then split up and it looks like Leonardo is a bit scared, or at least has 
    a bad feeling about something.  Anyway, you then see Heinrich walking along 
    when he suddenly hears something.  He thinks that it's just his imagination 
    and continues on walking up.  Suddenly you see that something is following 
    Heinrich!  Some sort of monster!  Heinrich turns around just as the monster 
    attacks him and screams.  Leonardo hears the scream and runs to where Heinrich 
    was.  He too then sees the monster who immediately converges on him.  Leonardo 
    runs away in fear but doesn't make it and is attacked.
    You now see Fei still sleeping.  He soon wakes up and Citan and Hammer come 
    in.  It looks like if the explosion had occurred while Fei was in any Gear 
    other than Weltall, he would have definitely died.  Fei's injuries were 
    relatively minor so he was only out for a day.  Fei then urges Citan that he 
    wants to compete in the Battling Tournament so that he can get the explosive 
    collar off of him but Citan is more worried about Fei's health.  Citan agrees 
    with Fei and then tells him to get a little more rest.  Next thing you know 
    it, Fei will be up again and now you must win that Battling Tournament!  So 
    head over to the Battling Arena.
    When you get there, talk to Hammer to buy some Gear parts if you want to. 
    ENGINE: V10-2000……….2000          ARMOR: MS 12……….2500
                     V12-2000………2600                           MS 15……….3500
    FRAMES: WELT-03600……….2200
    PARTS: Extra Ar +1……….50
                  Extra Ar +2……….75
    When you're with that report to the receptionists who says that due to sudden 
    mechanical trouble, Fei's competitor Leonardo has dropped out.  The same also 
    goes for Heinrich so Fei wins the first days bout and can proceed.  If you win 
    the two battle of the day, then you can move on to the third day bouts so go 
    ahead and enter.  
    When you are successful with the second days bout, head back to your quarters 
    a sleep.  When Fei wakes up, head back to the Battling Arena to participate in 
    the third day bout.  When you are successful completing that, head back once 
    again and get some sleep.  When Fei wakes up he will be visited by Rico!  
    Looks like Rico didn't come here to fight Fei and that's good.  Citan comes 
    out to see what is going on and asks why Rico is there.  Rico says that he 
    came in regards to Fei's accident a few days ago.  Rico says that he must 
    apologize for it because the accident was caused by his subordinates.  It 
    looks as if his men didn't really appreciate Fei after his Baptismal Ceremony  
    so they made it look like Fei had an accident during the fight.  Rico says 
    that his subordinates are no longer with him due to the fact that they are 
    dead.  It turns out that several skilled Battlers have been murdered one by 
    one in the sewers and all of them were Rico's subordinates!  Must by that 
    unknown monster!  Rico appears to think that Fei committed the crime because 
    those subordinates of Rico were the very same who set him up!  Rico, however 
    doesn't think that Fei did it but he doesn't think that Fei didn't either.  
    Rico says that there is a rumor going around that there is a strong monster 
    down in the sewers that is able to take down five Battlers.  To make sure, 
    Rico is planning to go down to the sewers himself and Fei and Citan also 
    request to go with him.  Fei wants to prove himself innocent and Rico doesn't 
    care.  He says that Fei and Citan will have to watch out for themselves and 
    that he takes no responsibility for them.  So now you must head for the 
    When you get to the entrance of the sewers the man standing guard will 
    recognize Rico as the Champ.  Rico says that he's going down and asks him not 
    to let anyone down into the sewers.  Down in the sewers you will hear the same 
    weird noise that the monster gives off and you will then see the same view 
    from what appears to be the monsters point of view.  When Fei and the others 
    get down, Rico will say to go and look for something and that he will explain 
    more as they go along.  Citan will then tell them to be quiet and you will 
    once again see the monster looking at Citan from the corner and then run away.  
    It's time to look around.  
    I cannot go into the exact detail that is necessary to navigate around the 
    sewers as it is too complicating and time consuming.  I will make a brief 
    attempt to navigate you through the sewers. To make it simple, roam around the 
    sewers until you find two locations where the Battlers bodies are marked.  It 
    will also make it much easier when you find the map of the sewers somewhere on 
    this level.  Once you  find it, it should be a piece of cake!  To get it head 
    across the bridge right in front of you and head west.  You will eventually 
    see a treasure chest up ahead which contains the map.  Head across to the 
    other side and climb down the ladder to reach the next area of the sewers.  Be 
    careful not to touch the rushing water that comes out of the pipes as if you 
    do, the will damage everyone in the party.  Also be sure to explore the area 
    as there are some good items that you shouldn't miss scattered throughout the 
    Down in the next area you will once again see through the eyes (or whatever) 
    and will once again run away.  When the get down, Citan will say that he heard 
    some sort of tinkling sound.  Rico then says that there is a rumor going on 
    that there is a rumor of a strange ringing sound down in the sewers.  Explore 
    this area and you will find a Save Point in the southwestern corner of the 
    area and a Poison Guard in the southeastern corner.  In the northwestern 
    corner, you will come by a mouse sweeper that appears to be broken.  Upon 
    inspecting it, you will see that Vargas's keys were stuck in it.  It turns out 
    that the keys are for the Sewage Treatment Plant.  Also be on the look out for 
    the one body in this area.  When you are done exploring this area, head to the 
    northeast corner and into the door.  You should also find one location where a 
    dead Battler's body is marked.  
    The next area is fairly complicated.  Be sure to save at the Save Point before 
    continuing on.  Also be sure to not miss the  Gallant Belt from the northern 
    section of the area.  When you get to the middle of the area, you will see a 
    tiny green monster standing around.  Talk to it and it appears that Rico knows 
    it and that it is called Gramps.  Well, anyway, Rico will chat with Gramps a 
    little and Gramps will bring up the monster that committed the murders saying 
    that it is his neighbor!  Gramps also asks that you get rid of him and offers 
    any information that he has available.  Talk to him one more time and he will 
    explain that you can use the keys to get into the room beside the waterfall 
    which must be the Sewage Treatment Plant!  Continue exploring the area and you 
    should find one more marked location showing yet another Battler's body.  You 
    should get the Gold Nugget from the nearby treasure chest as well.  Don't miss 
    the Mentsol or the Zetasol DX lying in the southern corners of the area. When 
    you are done exploring this area, head to the Sewage Treatment Plant located 
    in the northeastern corner of the area.  
    As you are about to enter the Sewage Treatment Plant, Fei seems to have a 
    little problem with finding ht right key to unlock it.  Meanwhile, you are 
    then shifted back to same view of the monster who then slips into the drain 
    near the door.  Fei soon finds the right key and they all enter.  Looks like 
    the monster gave them the slip once again!  Head over to the treasure chest 
    right in front of you and open it to get a Bell Amulet.  Rico then says that 
    you can lure the monster with the bell!  Citan then says that they should sum 
    everything they know up first.  Oh well, before you leave, navigate up the 
    pipes to get an Ether Veiler.  Head on out and soon Fei will stop in front of 
    a sewage pipe covered with the slim. Citan says that that must the sewage pipe 
    that the monster uses to come and go from.  Fei then says that they can use 
    the bell to lure the monster out.  But how?  Well head back to Gramps who will 
    say that there is always slime around the drains that he uses and that the 
    monster never returns back to the same sit twice.  So in other words, you need 
    to find a sewage drain with no murder site next to it.  With that in mind, go 
    back to where you originally came from (the door in the northern section of 
    the area) and you will see another pipe covered with slim   Walk up to it and 
    Fei will say that he is sure that this is the right drain.  He will then ring 
    the bell and you will see through the eyes of the monster (as usual) 
    navigating through the sewers following the ringing of the bell.  It will soon 
    find its way to Fei and the others and now it is time to rumble!
    HP: 4300
    GOLD GAINED: 500
                          Citan: 39
                          Rico: 38
    Throughout the battle, simply stay alive and use your strongest deathblows and 
    combos as they come available.  Redrum will begin the battle by most likely 
    casting gel (confusion) on two of your characters.  You can use a Mentsol to 
    easily counter this effect  It can also hit for around 50-100 HP of damage 
    with its normal attacks.  Try not to heal any off your characters completely 
    as the Redrum will most likely use Murder (Instant Death) to anyone character 
    that has full HP.  This can still occur though the probability of Redrum using 
    it would be much higher for a character with full strength. Use a Zetasol if 
    this happens, which might occur several times.  Redrum also has a Bloody Rain 
    attack that hits everyone for anywhere from 1-30 HP of damage and heals Redrum 
    for about 100 HP.  It can also cast poison but you can simply use Physisol to 
    combat that.  
    With that done Rico asks what that monster even was.  Fei also wonders why it 
    even had a bell.  Citan goes on to say that it had a normal human intellect 
    and that it is actually kind of sad.  The next thing you know it, the three of 
    them are at the exit and Rico says that he will be waiting at Fei's dorm.  As 
    he climbs the ladder however, he clinches his arm in pain.  So it looks like 
    the Champ is injured!  Fei realizes this and asks if it's all right.  Rico 
    says that it's nothing and heads up the ladder.  Citan notices the extent of 
    the injury as well and the screen will fade into nothing.  You will then see 
    the same room you saw earlier containing Citan and that Emperor fellow.  The 
    Emperor asks if "he" has awoken and Citan says that "he" has done so three 
    times.  They then go on to talk about the Elders and they continue to talk 
    about "him."  What are they talking about is what you may be thinking of (for 
    the beginning players).  
    Well, you will then be shifted back to Aveh with Elly and her squadron.  There 
    an officer is explaining about the attack on Nortune and says that Elly's job 
    is to provide escort for the Hecht which appears to be the weapon being used 
    to destroy Nortune!  Elly asks what the main objective is and the officer says 
    that it is classified and that she will be notified during the mission.  The 
    officer then states that the mission is a purge and that they have direct 
    control over the -Lambs- before walking away.  In any case, while Elly and her 
    squadron leave and the others make some wise comments at Elly.  Elly and the 
    others will then wait in a room and discuss about what the target will most 
    likely be.  In the process Elly seems to show some sympathy for the -Lambs- in 
    front of her comrades and she is then deeply criticized for her feelings 
    towards the -Lambs- due to her high rank.
    After that you will now be in control of Fei so head back to your dorms.  
    There you will meet Rico who will complain that you are late.  Fei says that 
    Citan wanted to bury the monster so that is why they are late.  Rico then says 
    that the next time he and Fei meets, they will be enemies.  As he walks out, 
    Fei will ask about Rico's wounds.  Rico simply says that Fei should worry 
    about himself and says that if he doesn't do his best, then he's going to die.  
    Now Fei must continue on with the Battling Tournament. 
    It's time to head back to the Battling Arena for the semi-finals!  In it you 
    must now win three bouts in order to proceed to the Finals League.  It still 
    isn't hard to beat and once you win the semi-finals Hammer will run up to Fei 
    and say that all he has to do now is win the finals tomorrow and he'll be 
    free.  Fei starts to tell about his doubts to Hammer about winning against 
    Rico.  He begins to doubt himself once again but Hammer manages to give Fei 
    the fighting spirit and Fei begins to have a positive attitude about things 
    for once!  Afterwards, Hammer will recommend that they go and service and 
    customize Weltall as the Finals League will be very tough.  Fei then says that 
    they should go and get Citan to help them.  As Fei leaves Hammer says that he 
    should save at the Memory Cube.  That should be a hint so go on and do it.  
    When you are done with that talk to Hammer to buy some Gear parts or items 
    then exit the Battling Arena when you are through.  
    Once you exit the Battling Arena, you will then see Fei, Citan, and Hammer 
    servicing Weltall in the Gear hangers.  It looks like they are done servicing 
    Weltall and that it can no longer be upgraded.  It also looks like Rico's Gear 
    is was provided and is serviced by the Committee so his Gear has all of the 
    best parts!  Well, that's another let down.  In any case they are soon 
    interrupted by a mysterious voice who criticizes Fei about not learning 
    anything yet.  You find out that it is Wiseman, the man from the tournament in 
    Aveh!  You see him standing high above on a platform above Weltall.  Wiseman 
    says that no matter how high quality Fei's Gear is, he will still never be 
    able to defeat Rico.  He then disappears and the next thing you know it, you 
    see him on the ground in front of Fei.  Wiseman tells Fei that he will show 
    him to make him understand and you enter into a battle!
    HP: N/A
    CURRENT LEVEL-Fei: 42 
    This is a very tough fight but the good news is that it doesn't matter if Fei 
    loses or wins.  But know that Fei CAN win.  The simplest way to do so is to 
    use a 28 AP combo on Wiseman while keeping yourself alive.  That's all I can 
    say for it is the easiest way.  Wiseman has basically one attack which does 
    about 35 HP of damage to Fei.  However, Wiseman also has one other more 
    powerful attack that causes around 70 HP of damage.  When he executes this 
    attack, he will say "What a wimp." 
    If you successfully unleash that 28 AP combo, Wiseman will then hit Fei with a 
    familiar technique.  It appears to be Fei's Raijin deathblow skill!  The 
    battle ends and Wiseman speaks more to Fei about how using brute strength with 
    brute strength is what fools do.  He goes on to say that with Fei's lighter 
    body, there is no way that he could win in a head on attack and that he was 
    shown this with the previous battle that just occurred.  So it looks like he 
    is saying that the outcome will undoubtedly be the same when Fei fights Rico.  
    Wiseman says that the same goes for the Gears.  Even if Weltall were to have 
    equivalent equipment to Rico, there is still that difference in the mass of 
    the two Gears.  Wiseman then gives Fei a huge hint by saying this, "To make up 
    for this, one must commit to a single final strike that thrusts at the 
    opponent's fissure."  He then says that it is up to Fei to understand the hint 
    and begins to walk away.  Before Wiseman can leave, Fei stops him and asks why 
    he has the same fighting style as himself and how he knows his name.  Wiseman 
    agrees and begins his story.  He states that three years ago he was the one 
    who took Fei to the village of Lahan at this father's request.  Fei asks about 
    what Wiseman's relation is to his father and Wiseman says that he was a 
    student with his father (also known as Khan).  Wiseman then learns that Fei's 
    injuries from the past has made him lose part of his memory so Wiseman 
    explains more.  He states that he and Khan studied martial arts together and 
    says that Khan later became an officer of a certain country where he met Fei's 
    mother known as Karen.  It turned out that Karen an Khan married and Wiseman 
    went out on a journey to strengthen himself and his powers.  Wiseman then says 
    that according to Khan, Fei's mother past away when Fei was still a child.  He 
    says that as time past, he received a letter from Khan stating that his son 
    was taken away by some man.  He also says that according to Khan, Fei had 
    special powers and that they were taken away by that man who stole him.  It 
    turns out that the man is Grahf!  To Wiseman's surprise, Fei has already met 
    Grahf several times and Wiseman says that it is amazing that Fei is still 
    alive.  As Wiseman goes on to explain more about the letter, he says that Khan 
    wanted Wiseman to help him find his son so Wiseman agreed began to search for 
    Fei.  He says that on a stormy night three years ago, he was notified by Khan 
    that he had located his son.  Wiseman headed to that location and found Khan 
    and Fei wounded badly.  He goes on to say that Grahf was also gone and Khan 
    went on to pursue after Grahf leaving Fei in Wiseman's care.  So Wiseman took 
    Fei to Lahan where he left him so that he could go after Khan.  When asked by 
    Fei why Khan went after Grahf, Wiseman could only say that Khan according to 
    Khan, Grahf had to be disposed of not only for his son, but for the sake of 
    the world.  He also left Wiseman by saying that should anything happen to him, 
    he wants Wiseman to take care of it but Wiseman hasn't heard from him since.  
    Fei adds that Grahf said that Khan was dead and Wiseman says that if he has 
    been visiting Fei, then that is a possibility.  Wiseman asks if Fei remembers 
    anything about his fighting skills and Fei says that the has no recollection.  
    Wiseman then says that it was probably from his father as both Khan and 
    Wiseman studied under the same master.  After all that, Wiseman says that he 
    must go and when asked where, he simply says that must go and find Grahf to 
    find out what he is up to.  Fei asks Wiseman one more question and that is 
    what country his father was from.  Wiseman replies with these words, "The 
    floating land which tries to hide behind a wall, protected, as if to conceal 
    their failure.  That is Shevat."  So that is Fei's father's country; Shevat.  
    Wiseman then disappears and Citan asks if Fei has met him before.  During this 
    conversation, Hammer tries desperately to understand  what is going one but he 
    is ignored.  Fei says that he may understand what Wiseman means and goes on to 
    say that he might be able to do something about winning the final battle.  
    Citan urges Fei to not get so over confident as simply grasping the concept 
    doesn't mean that he can understand it fully.  They then head back to their 
    dorms to get rest.  
    You will then be back at the dorms.  Head to the Battling Arena and get ready 
    for the Finals League!  In the Finals League you must defeat Rico in his Gear 
    called Stier so sign up and win!  When you start the battle, you should notice 
    that it is actually pretty easy and shouldn't be hard to lose.  And you 
    thought that it was going to be hard!  Ha!  Oh, and if you are pathetic enough 
    to lose (just joking!), then don't worry as after three rounds, Rico will 
    simply force you to fight him again as he thinks that you are not using your 
    full potential.  Once you win the three rounds however, you will be back at 
    the Battling Arena reception area standing in front of Rico and his henchmen.  
    The Henchmen then accuse Fei of rigging his Gear and threatens to tell the 
    Committee.  But Rico stops them and tells them to shut up.  Fei mentions 
    Rico's wound on his arm again and says that it was because of that wound that 
    he lost.  However, Rico keeps his pride and says that there are no excuses for 
    losing.  He then walks off with his Henchmen trying to follow him; failing to 
    do so.  The scene then shifts to the Gear hangers where Rico tells his Gear 
    Stier, that it is over, or something like that.  The screen fades and it 
    sounds like the Gear is activated.  Hmm………another curious thing.  Oh well, the 
    screen will shift once again and you will be back with Elly and her squadron.  
    As they walk on, they are joined by a woman named Dominia who also appears to 
    be one of the famous Elements.  It also looks like Elly and her know each 
    other, but not really like each other as they get kind of into an argument.  
    But the important thing about the conversation is that you learn the objective 
    of the attack.  Dominia tells Elly and the others that the electric generator 
    in the eastern sector of Nortune will be the target as if the reactor is 
    destroyed, then so will Nortune.  Elly objects this plan and asks why they are 
    executing it.  Dominia simply says that the reason is to purge the -Lambs-.  
    She also goes on to say that the -Lambs- are trying to destroy some sort of 
    gatekeeper.  Well, that doesn't matter now as arguing with Dominia is useless. 
    Dominia then says that she will show Elly what she means about the -Lambs- and 
    you will then see the fleet launch from Aveh and head towards Nortune! 
    Meanwhile, you will be brought back to Fei who is now welcomed as the new 
    Champ.  When Fei asks about Rico, the other men don't seem to care about him 
    anymore.  You find out that Rico's Gear went out of control and crashed into 
    the Kaiser's box seat where it was damaged.  You then find out that Rico 
    vanished after that incident.  Oh well, at least the explosive collar has been 
    removed and you find out that you can now roam around A Block civilian area of 
    Nortune.  Rue then says that the room is now Fei's to use and also has been 
    given the special S Rank privileges.  Before Rue leaves, she tells Fei that 
    Kaiser Sigmund wanted to meet him and asks that Fei stops by the Central 
    Administrative District.  She then leaves and Citan says that there is still 
    one more thing that they have to do before they leave and that is to get 
    Weltall.  Citan then asks Hammer if he can help in locating Weltall.  Hammer 
    agrees and Fei says that Citan will help.  But Hammer, being as stubborn as he 
    is, says that he works alone and runs off.  You will then have control over 
    Fei so head over to explore A Block.  When you get to the first level of the 
    bar, you will be stopped by Latina as you attempt to leave.  Latina will say 
    that Hammer left a message saying that he wants Fei to meet him at the Wildcat 
    bar in the civilian part of the city once you've taken care of everything that 
    you have to do.  With that in mind, head over to A Block! 
    In A Block, talk to everyone and explore every part of the area.  
    ACCESSORIES: Metal Jacket……….550          Sleep Guard……….1500
                                Metal Helmet……...200          Brain Guard……….1500
                                Poison Ring……….1500         Guardian Ring…….2000
    ITEMS: Aquasol……….20          Mentsol……….20
                  Rosesol……….100        Omegasol……..50
                  Zetasol………..100        Survival Tent…150
    When you're done looking around A Block, go to the Central District.  Once 
    there talk to the two guards who will guide you to the Kaiser.  When they all 
    are gone, Rico appears behind them!  Looks like he's up to something as he is 
    trying to sneak in.  He successfully do so though, by  climbing air duct to 
    the upper level.  Anyway, when you are back with Fei and Citan, the guards 
    will say that the Kaiser's room is up the elevator and up the west wing 
    stairs. But don't head over there yet.  You should take the time to explore 
    around the Central District and talk to everyone you can.  When you are 
    through with that, head to the Kaiser's room.  There Kaiser will be playing 
    his some old music from before.  But once you enter his room, he will stop 
    immediately and welcomes Fei and Citan.  Sigmund introduces himself and asks 
    Fei if he will join them against fighting Aveh and Gebler.  All of a sudden 
    Rico falls flat on the ground!  He gets up and runs away while Sigmund calls 
    for security.  You will then see Rico running away trying to hide.  He'll 
    eventually get to the Kaiser's wife's room where he will fool the guards into 
    thinking that the Kaiser wants to speak with them.  
    Rico goes in and then says something about the smell of the room being 
    familiar.  All if a sudden a flashback occurs showing a boy and his mother.  
    Could that be Rico when he was a child?  Probably so but in any case, the boy 
    constantly asks about his father.  His mother says that his father was a great 
    man and that someday he will follow in his father's footsteps.  It also looks 
    like his mother is ill too.  The topic then switches to the boy thinking that 
    he is not human and will become a demi-human when he grows up.  The sad part 
    comes now as the child stands close by his mother as she dies on her bed.  
    Rico then appears in place and you now know for sure that it was Rico as a 
    kid!  The flashback ends and there is a knocking at the door.  Looks like it's 
    Fei and Citan calling from outside.  They enter and ask why Rico broke into 
    the Central District.  You will have control again so exit the room.  There 
    Sigmund and his guards will block you and asks how Rico got in the building.  
    Sigmund orders Rico to be arrested and says that the Battling Committee is 
    after him for violating his contract.  They take him away and Rico leaves Fei 
    and Citan saying that he'll see them around.  Sigmund then says that Rico is 
    suspected of trying to assassinate him.  Sigmund will then say that he has 
    some matters to attend to and asks Fei to think about his offer.  Before 
    leaving the Central District, be sure to head back to the Kaiser's room and 
    pick up Knight Mail in the treasure chest.  As you leave the main gate to the 
    Central District, Citan will say that Hammer should have gotten the 
    information about Weltall by now.  So you should now go check out the Wildcat.
    Now back at A Block you will immediately meet up with Hammer who comes running 
    up to you.  He says that he's found Weltall but Fei interrupts him and says 
    that they should talk  somewhere else.  When they all get to a safe place to 
    talk , Hammer says that Weltall has been moved to another dispatchment dock.  
    Hammer says that it is located in and underground dock directly under D Block.  
    Hammer then says that there are two possible routes to sneak in.  One requires 
    Fei and Citan to enter via the Battling Arena grounds while the other way is 
    through the supply duct's tunnels.  The only problem with that way is that 
    Hammer couldn't find out the ducts tunnel layers.  Fei asks Hammer if he could 
    find out the dates and times that the supply train operates on.  Hammer leaves 
    and Citan suggests that they return to D Block.  When you get to D Block you 
    will soon be greeted by a two Battlers and an Amazoness who ask that you 
    follow them.  Fei and Citan will do so and you will see that they are now in 
    the Champ's room.  The Amazoness then says that Rico needs Fei and Citan's 
    help.  It turns out that Rico was found guilty of attempting to assassinate 
    the Kaiser as well as breaking another law.  So as punishment, Rico will be 
    executed in the Battling Arena!  When asked why he was convicted, the 
    Amazoness says that Rico probably somehow got in the way of the Battling 
    Committee as it is made up of mostly people from the Ethos.  In short, Rico is 
    being manipulated by the Committee .  Before long, Hammer appears and says 
    that the next supply train's operating date is tonight!  But before Hammer can 
    say anything else, Fei will say that they move tonight as Rico is scheduled to 
    be executed tonight as well.  Now instead of using the supply train to leave 
    Nortune, it looks as if Fei plans to go through the Battle Arena!  By doing 
    so, they can probably save Rico as well.  As a sign of their appreciation, one 
    of the Battlers will give you 2000 G!  Fei will then ask Hammer to hide 
    himself until the time is right to escape.  Since there is still time until 
    the train comes by, so Citan says that they should rest a bit.  After a short 
    When Fei is done with this nap, it will be dark already.  When they get 
    outside, Citan will show Fei the tower that they need to get too.  When you 
    get up to the tower talk to the Amazoness who wishes Fei and Citan luck in 
    their escape.  You will then hear the train and wit will soon pop up below the 
    tower.  You must now jump down onto it and head on to get Weltall!  In the 
    tunnel Fei will chat with Citan a little but before they can settle down, the 
    connector of the car that they are on begins to break.  You must quickly jump 
    off  to the next one.  Once that is done the second car begins to break as 
    well so you must now jump to the front car.  Fei and Citan will soon jump off 
    into the ventilation shaft that leads to the Gear hanger.  Now take a moment 
    to save at the nearby Save Point and prepare for a pretty rough, long journey 
    to the Gear hanger.
    You should first find out that  the door along the eastern wall is locked and 
    that you have no key to open it.  Now walk up to the door along the southern 
    wall and attempt to open it.  When you do, Citan will say that someone is 
    coming and that they should hide.  Fei and Citan will hide behind the 
    ventilation shaft just as two men enter the from the door.  The two men will 
    then talk about Rico to some extent and then walk out of the room using a key 
    to enter the locked door along the eastern wall.  Now if you attempt to enter 
    the same door that the two men originally came in from, Citan will say that 
    they shouldn't enter it as there seem to be people on the other side.  That 
    means that you're going to have to climb up into the ventilation shafts.  So 
    first jump onto the huge box in front of the shaft and then jump on into the 
    shaft itself.  Once inside, follow the ventilation shaft is winds around until 
    you get to a door.  When you go through it, you will be in another room with 
    stacks of huge boxes.  Across from you on the western wall, you will see 
    another door which is your ticket out of this area.  To get to it, simply 
    execute running jump, but you should first start from the wall as you will 
    need a lot of running space.  Once inside the door, you will once again be in 
    the ventilation shaft.  Navigate through it like the previous one and you will 
    get to another door.  
    Once in the next room, Fei and Citan will be behind a closed door.  Three men 
    then enter from the other side.  One of them tells the other to put the Master 
    Key away behind the shelf.  Follow the man with your eyes as he goes into the 
    next room and puts the key away.  That's the key that you need to get through 
    the locked doors!  The three men will then talk about the Rico and something 
    about him fighting the beast.  It looks like the fight is going to start very 
    soon so you should hurry as well.  They will leave and now you must go and get 
    that key.  When you do get it, Citan will say that he found a part that allows 
    a Gear to recover 30% of its HP.  This will be the first part that you can use 
    to heal your Gear's HP!  But Citan will go on to explain that the drawback is 
    that it requires fuel to use.  Citan will then take the part saying that they 
    should take it anyway just in case.  Now head into the same door that the 
    three men came from and you will now be in a dark hallway.  Follow it eastward 
    a little bite and you will then turn north and enter the door there.  The next 
    room has nothing in it so continue on east into the door.  You will now be in 
    the same kind of hallway as before.  Like before, follow it west until the 
    end.  Along the southern wall you should then see a door.  Ignore it and 
    contnue to follow the hallway which then turns northward.   At the end of it 
    you'll see another door which is the one you should enter.  In it head west to 
    the next room and then turn east into the next one.  At the end of the room 
    you can pick up a Minigear.  Once you pick it up, a guard will come in and say 
    that you are a thief.  A battle will then ensue.  After you win it head out 
    through the door along the northern wall of the room where the guards came out 
    This room should look familiar as it is the room that you started off in.  
    Save at the Save Point and then use the Master Key to enter the locked door 
    that you couldn't enter when you first got here.  Now the next area will be 
    the same type of hallway that you've encountered twice before.  Simply follow 
    it as it turns east then north and finally westward down the stairs.  At the 
    bottom of the stairs, look behind the stairs to find a Survival Tent hidden in 
    a treasure chest.  After you pick it up, follow the hallway a little way up 
    westward and enter the door there.  The next area will finally be the Gear 
    hanger.  If you head to the southern wall where the group of Gears are docked, 
    you will see Gear that is moving.  There you can service Weltall.
    ENGINE: V10-2000……….2000          ARMOR: MS 12……….2500
                     V12-2000……….2600                          MS 15……….3500
    FRAMES: WELT-04300……….3200          HEIM-05400……….4600
                      WELT-05100………4400          HEIM-06400……….4900
                      VIER-04000………..2900          STIE-06900………..5600
    PARTS: Extra Ar +1……….50          Resp Circuit……….2500
                  Extra Ar +2……….75          Def Circuit………...2500
                  Extra Ar +3……….100        Frame HP10……….250
    WEAPONS: Hot RodG……….4200
    When you are done equipping Weltall, you must now find it.  Head to the other 
    side of the hanger from where the automated Gear shop is.  Across from the 
    northern wall you should see three Gears docked inside of the wall.  You 
    should also see three colorful flashing lights next to each of these.  Go up 
    to the eastern one and activate it.  The Gear in the bay next to the flashing 
    light should move and another one should come down in its place.  Activate the 
    flashing light one more time and Weltall should then come down!  Go on inside 
    of Weltall and head west where you can save at the Save Point.  From the Save 
    Point move to the southern wall once again.  Across from it, you should see 
    three elevators.  Chose whichever one you want and head up.
    The screen will then switch to Rico who is wandering around a huge desert that 
    appears to be the Battling Arena.  He will feel a little shaking but wards if 
    off as his imagination.  He soon feels it one more time realizes that it is 
    not his imagination.  Rico still continues to wander around suddenly the 
    vibrations worsen.  Rico says that it can't be a Gear and all of a sudden is 
    attack by a Rankar!  Just as the Rankar is about to attack Rico, Weltall will 
    land and hit the Rankar to the side.  Now it is time to fight!
    HP: 800
    This has got to be one of the easiest boss battles in the game.  If you can't 
    win, then you suck. That's all I have to say.  Nah, you don't literally suck 
    if you can't win, but c'mon! 
    After defeating the Rankar Dragon, Fei will disembark from Weltall.  Rico asks 
    why Fei saved him and Fei just says that he came to get Weltall and that he 
    happened to see Rico get attacked by the Rankar Dragon as he was trying to 
    escape.  Rico doesn't seem to believe that story but no matter as Fei offers 
    Rico to come with him so that they can escape.  Rico however, doesn't have any 
    intention of trying to escape and says to leave him behind.  They are 
    interrupted, however, when the ground begins to shake very rapidly.  Rico says 
    that it is not coming from the ground and says that it is from the sky.  
    You will then be switched to a view of Nortune from the sky where you should 
    notice that the Gebler forces from Aveh have arrived and are attacking!  
    Nortune's defenses will light up the sky as they try with all there might to 
    bring down the attacking Gebler ships.  They a little successful as they bring 
    down one ship which crashes and explodes in the middle of the city.  Another 
    soon crashes as well and makes a hole in the Battling Arena exposing an 
    attacking ship passing overhead.  Citan tells Fei that Gebler is attacking and 
    that the ship above of them is heading to the nuclear reactor.  He says that 
    if the ship is successful in destroying it, the whole city will be destroyed.  
    Fei asks if it is possible to change the ships course away from the reactor to 
    stop it and Citan says that it should be possible.  Fei then takes off in 
    Weltall to stop the ship and Citan hurries away to help the civilians.  Rico 
    then appears and looks up through the hole in the Battling Arena saying 
    You will then see Elly and her squadron on their escort mission.  They will 
    see Fei approaching and Elly becomes very startled.  The rest of her 
    companions are just as startled but in any case, they are happy as well due to 
    the fact that they can now settle the score they have with Fei.  They leave 
    Elly behind and go on to engage Fei.  Looks like this is going to be the third 
    time you're going to have to fight them!
    HP: 1600
    GOLD GAINED: 1000
    Simply use X button attacks and level one attack combos.  Booster will help as 
    well but you should conserve your fuel.  The attacks are basically the same 
    but of course, more powerful.  For example, the Aegisknight's attacks can do 
    around 150-200 HP of damage after if has used the Power Drive which weakens 
    Weltall's defense.  Overall though, this should be an easy fight.
    HP: 1800
    GOLD GAINED: 1000
    This isn't a hard fight as well but the Swordknight can do some damage to 
    Weltall if you are not careful.  Use the same attack strategy as usual.  
    Swordknight's attacks usually do anywhere from 200-250 HP of damage.  It also 
    has two three hit attacks that deals around 350 HP of damage.  
    After that battle, you will then see Citan down in A Block trying to direct 
    everyone to escape.  Hammer soon joins him and says that they can't possibly 
    get everyone out.  Citan tells Hammer not to give up as Fei is trying to stop 
    the Gebler forces.  Rico then appears and says that he doesn't care what 
    happens to the town.  He then remember what Fei said to him before the attack 
    and runs off.  You will then be shifted to Fei once again who is still 
    HP: 1700
    GOLD GAINED: 1000
    This battle can be hard if you're levels aren't high enough as Fei's HP and 
    fuel probably are all low.  If that is the case, all I can say is, "I told you 
    to build up!"  But that's ok if you haven't it is still possible to win.  Once 
    again, use the same attack strategy and booster if you can spare the fuel.  
    Also use Frame HP10 if you have to but try to conserve fuel.  Clawknight will 
    most likely attack Weltall first for around 180 HP of damage.  Clawknight's 
    normal attacks do about 100-200 HP of damage but that's all.
    HP: 1800 (Each)
    GOLD GAINED: 1000
                          Rico: 39
    Well, looks like these are the last of the opposition but at this point, 
    Weltall is pretty beat up.  But not to worry as Rico suddenly pops up and 
    joins the battle!  With Rico in the with you, this battle should be 
    considerably easy.  With the same attack strategy of course.  The Wandknight's 
    Beam Gun attack can do around 350 HP of damage at the max which isn't much to 
    worry about unless Weltall is low on HP.  
    With that taken care of, Fei must now find a way to change the ship's course.  
    However, he still has one more Gear to go through; Elly.  Fei tells Rico to go 
    on ahead and Rico does so.  Hmm……..looks like you might have to fight Elly 
    again!  Fei asks Elly if she knows what she is doing and tells her that she 
    shouldn't be in the military once again.  Elly says that she really wishes 
    that she could change but she can't because she doesn't have the freedom like 
    Fei does.  The freedom to choose your own path in other words.  She says that 
    she doesn't have a place to go to so that is why she must remain where she 
    currently stands but Fei also says that he doesn't have a place to as Bart and 
    the rest of his crew are all missing.  When asked why he still fighting now, 
    Fei says that it is to save the people of Nortune.  He then tells Elly to go 
    with him and he grabs her.  Fei takes her to the middle of the burning D Block 
    where they both disembark from their Gears.  Fei shows Elly all of the people 
    who are now dead or homeless and tells Elly to look at what she and Gebler has 
    done.  Fei says that Elly shouldn't have to force it just to have a place to 
    belong and that she should make her own decisions, not force them.  After a 
    noble speech (if you can call it one) Fei then says that he is going.  Elly 
    tries to stop his by saying that he doesn't stand a chance against Dominia.  
    But Fei doesn't care as he must help Rico.  He leaves Elly standing on the 
    rooftop.  You will then be able to save your data and then you can resume with 
    the game.
    HP: 7500
    GOLD GAINED: 20,000
                          Rico: 39
    Fei will then join Rico atop the Hecht where they will face Dominia.  Luckily, 
    Fei and Rico are now back to full strength as this can be a tough fight if 
    you're levels are not high enough.  This is the same strategy as usual with 
    booster with level two and one attack combos this time.  Dominia has an Aerod 
    Beam attack that deals about 250 HP of damage or less to Weltall and about 50 
    HP of damage to Stier.  The only thing to watch out for is when the Hecht 
    mounts a huge canon in front of Dominia.  Once that happens, you must 
    continuously pound on Dominia because if you don't, then you will feel the 
    impact of  1000-15000 HP of damage on both Weltall and Stier.  Sure it's not 
    that much but if you are hit with multiple times, then that is something to 
    worry about in which you must use Frame HP.
    Once Dominia is defeated, she will escape and Rico and Fei will attempt to 
    change the course of the Hecht.  Meanwhile, Elly is still standing on the 
    rooftop of D Block watching as Fei and Rico try desperately to change the 
    Hecht's course.  She then suddenly runs off and mans her Gear.  You are 
    returned back to Fei who says that there is too much mass to move.  All of 
    sudden, Elly jumps in and helps!  It looks like it worked as the Hecht is 
    steered away from the reactor.  Rico says that it is done and that they should 
    bail out.  But Fei says that the ship is now heading for the residential 
    district!  Elly says that they have to bring it down somewhere where it won't 
    do much damage.  But according to Rico, it is impossible as they can no longer 
    change the course.  Soon, Rico's engine begins to overheat and Rico and Fei 
    bail out.  But Elly doesn't follow and continues to hold up the Hecht!  She 
    says that her Gear is all right as it is from Solaris and that she is going to 
    hold it up it will reduce the damage done.  Looks like she is committing 
    suicide!  Elly's Gear soon gives out and begins to fall to the ground.  You 
    will then suddenly see a bright light flash in the background of the night sky 
    behind the falling Hecht and then the screen will shift to Citan and Hammer.  
    The see some sort of Gear fly overhead and then the Hecht crashes in a flash 
    of explosions.  You will the see Elly who appears to still be alive!  In front 
    of her will be a mysterious Gear that flies away not answering Elly's question 
    of why he saved her.  
    Fei will soon find Elly and you will see Weltall holding Vierge.  Fei will 
    tell Elly that she was stupid and foolish.  It also looks like Fei is crying!  
    Woah!  Well, anyway, Fei and Elly will then take off and head back to join 
    Citan.  Throughout their flight, will continue to wonder who that person was 
    that saved her.  You should be wondering too!  Well, you will then be back 
    with Citan who says that they cannot make a move since security is tight.  
    Looks like the Kislev forces is now after them again!  They are soon joined by 
    Hammer who says that he has some key information that will help them get out 
    of the capital.  He says that they can use the Kislev's new super airship the 
    Goliath.  Hammer says that it is beyond big as a Gear would look like a pea 
    next to the Goliath.  It is also rumored that the Goliath can decimate 
    Bledavik all by itself!  Hammer goes on to say that it is located in any 
    underground dock at some military facility.  Elly bumps in and says asks if he 
    means the military facility north of Nortune.  She says that she knows that 
    facility as it is the same one that she infiltrated in past.  Luckily Elly 
    still remembers how she infiltrated the base so it looks like you'll be 
    heading north to the military facility.  As you leave, Hammer says that Rico 
    said that he can help them through their escape.  That is good so head out to 
    the streets of A Block.  But Hammer once again interrupts the leave and says 
    that there is something that he must tell Elly.  They walk off and then return 
    in a flash.  
    Head out once again and head to the front gate.  There you will be confronted 
    by several guards recognizes Fei as a wanted man.  It looks like the guards 
    have heard about Fei's reputation as the ex-Battling Champ so they decide to 
    act as though they haven't seen him.  Once of the guards, however, burst out 
    and say that Fei is wanted.  You will then have the choice of fighting them or 
    running away.  If you choose to not fight, Fei and the others will run a short 
    distance away and you will then have control over him again.  However, you 
    will have to fight them in order to get past them so do so!  Just as they are 
    about to fight each other, Rico comes running up and beats the hell out of the 
    three guards in a flash!  Rico then says that he has decided to leave Nortune 
    for awhile and will give Fei a hand in seizing the Goliath.  Rico says that he 
    will help them up to the city limits, however, he has no intention of becoming 
    friends with Fei or anyone else.  Rico will walk off and the rest will follow 
    him.  Outside at the map of Nortune, you should see Big Joe standing around.  
    Talk to him and he will tell you that you can stop by the Wildcat bar to 
    change your party members.  Do so if you wish to.  When you are finished with 
    everything in Nortune, go ahead and exit to the World Map.  
    At the World Map there will be a river immediately north of you so you can't 
    head north that way.  You're going to have to go around the river so head east 
    until you reach the mountains.  From there turn north into the forest.  From 
    there just follow the mountains northward until you come to a gap between the 
    mountains.  Head east through this gap and wrap around the mountains.  From 
    there, the military facility should be visible to the north so head over to 
    Once inside, head up and make the first turn northward.  Follow the long, 
    twisting corridor and you will soon see a standing in the middle of it.  Talk 
    to it and you'll find out that it is Hammer.  Hammer says that he has already 
    taken the liberty to open up the locks for you so be grateful.  He also says 
    to not worry about how he got the Gear and that it is also very odd that there 
    aren't any enemies around.  That is strange but in any case, you must go on.  
    Before you do, however, you should take some time to change your party as 
    needed and service your Gears.
    ENGINE: V10-2000……….2000          ARMOR: MS 12……….2500
                     V12-2000……….2600                          MS 15……….3500
    FRAMES: WELT-04300……….3200          HEIM-05400……….4600
                      WELT-05100………4400          HEIM-06400……….4900
                      VIER-04000………..2900          STIE-06900………..5600
    PARTS: Extra Ar +1……….50          Resp Circuit……….2500
                  Extra Ar +2……….75          Def Circuit………...2500
                  Extra Ar +3……….100        Frame HP10……….250
    WEAPONS: Hot RodG……….4200
    When you are through with that, enter the huge door immediately to the rear of 
    Hammer's Gear and proceed through the Kislev facility.  In the next area, all 
    you have to do is keep on heading north navigating through the cargo boxes 
    lying on the ground.  However, you will be constantly be attacked by the 
    security forces of the base.  They aren't that tough but be careful as you 
    will encounter a lot of them.  When you reach the end of the area, enter the 
    door and you will then proceed to another corridor.  Simply follow it until 
    you reach a fork in the corridor.  If you turn south, you will come to a Save 
    Point in which you know what to do.  After saving, head back out to the main 
    corridor and continue to follow it.  When the corridor ends and splits into 
    two opposite directions, head east to pick up a 02 Cylinder.  After picking 
    that up, head west and follow the corridor a little more and you will soon 
    come to yet another door.  Go through it and you will now be in what appears 
    to be the same area as the first one in which you must simply head north to 
    reach the door.  Navigate through the area and when you get to the end, you 
    should notice two elevators on the ground.  Walk on anyone of them and it will 
    automatically take you to the next level a little way up.  Once that is done, 
    you will then be placed on a conveyor belt that will automatically take you to 
    the next area as well.
    Finally, looks like you are now in a different area!  Well before you leave 
    this area, get off the conveyor belt and head to the eastern wall.  There, 
    turn north and head under the conveyor belt.  You should now see a treasure 
    chest however to get it, you must disembark off of your Gears and quickly head 
    through to get an Extra Ar +3.  After that head back to the eastern wall where 
    you should see some sort of control panel.  Activate it to change the 
    direction of the conveyor belt.  What does that do?  Well activate the 
    elevator to head back up to the conveyor belt and walk on it back to the 
    previous area.  You can now walk the opposite way and enter another new area!  
    This area is that different from the other previous ones but it's not that 
    hard to figure out either.  First you should notice a two more conveyor belts 
    to the north each heading in the opposite direction, however, both leading to 
    the exit.  But it is impossible for you to head up to that exit due to the 
    fact that the conveyor belts are going the wrong way.  The answer is simple.  
    Get of the conveyor belt that you are currently on and you should also have 
    noticed a control panel similar to the previous one that you've seen against 
    the northern wall.  Activate it and one of the conveyor belts will switch 
    directions.  Then move south past the two elevators and you should see a 
    second control panel.  Activate and the last conveyor belt will switch 
    direction allowing you to access the exit.  The conveyor belt will take you 
    over a familiar area which I you have previously passed by.  Do not jump down 
    as if you do, then you will have to go through the same conveyor belt ordeal 
    In the next area, there is nothing all that different (as usual).  The only 
    thing good about it is that there is a Save Point and it is the last conveyor 
    belt room that you will ever step in!.  First, save if you want to and then 
    you should notice another control panel right next to the Save Point.  
    Activate it and then head back to the conveyor belt that you came from and 
    head into it.  You will now be on a long stretch of the conveyor belt and will 
    be brought to one of the loading docks to the Goliath.  Search around the 
    small area and you will then be assaulted by a huge Gear.
    HP: 6800
    GOLD GAINED: 15,000
                          Citan: 47
                          Elly: 44
    There is nothing to really worry about this battle as it is fairly easy.  But 
    if you don't know what to do, then it can get challenging.  To battle the Fis-
    6, simply use booster and pound  it with X button attacks and any level combos 
    that you want.  Fis-6 can normally cause anywhere between 300-500 HP of damage 
    with his normal attack.  Fis-6 also uses Shift Up frequently which raises its 
    Defense, Attack, and Speed.  But don't worry as after a while, Fis-6 might 
    overheat and will be paralyzed for quite some time.  As soon as that happens, 
    four mechanics will appear and begin to repair Fis-6 for 500 HP per mechanic.  
    If they feel like it, the mechanics can also throw wrenches at you for around 
    100 HP of damage.  Kill them immediately when they appear and then hit Fis-6 
    once again.  
     After that battle head on west through the opening that Fis-6 came out from.  
    You will then see everyone in the bridge of the Goliath.  Citan (being the 
    genius that he is) attempts to operate it.  Go on and save at the Save Point 
    before talking to Citan at the controls.  When you do, Citan will ask if you 
    are ready to go so go on and say "Yeah, let's go."  Everyone will be seated 
    and Citan will activate the Goliath.  You will see the Goliath's huge engines 
    begin to start and it will then begin to move through the hanger and will then 
    emerge outside in the sky.  Looks pretty cool flying through the sky doesn't 
    it.  Well anyway, back in the bridge, looks like everything is running 
    smoothly.  However, Fei and the others suddenly see a mysterious Gear hovering 
    right in front of their path and it turns out that it is Grahf again!  Fei 
    then begins to run off and says that he is going out with Weltall.  Rico 
    follows along with Elly a little after.  Looks like they are all going to 
    confront him and him, meaning not his Gear!  Is Grahf actually that powerful?  
    Well you'll find out when you battle him.  He will use is his Super Guided 
    Shot but they do around 2550 HP of damage!  Plus Grahf is very fast which 
    allows him to use that technique twice before you get even your first turn!  
    Grahf also has a fist combo attack that deals around 1200 HP of damage as 
    well!  A little while into the battle, you should also notice that Grahf 
    doesn't even touch Elly.  Why?  It doesn't matter because after awhile, Grahf 
    will state that it looks like you have gotten even more powerful.  It looks 
    like he is about to do something about it as well but before he can do 
    anything, Citan successfully shakes Grahf and his Gear off of Goliath's wing.  
    It doesn't matter though, because before you know it, Grahf will be up again.  
    Citan tells Hammer to man the trigger for what appears to be a weapon.  The 
    reason for this is due to the fact that Grahf is now heading at full speed 
    towards the Goliath and he looks pretty angry!  Citan tells Hammer to 
    concentrate and aim as he begins to panic.  Hammer does so and firs blowing 
    Grahf away!  But that's not the last you'll see of him so don't get too 
    comforted yet.  
    Hammer will begin to talk big and will be knocked on the head by Rico for 
    doing so.  Save once again if you want to and go to talk to Citan once more.  
    Fei will say that he is getting a bad feeling and Citan says that he also has 
    the same type of feeling as if getting a terrible feeling of deja vu and that 
    they are being watched.  Well, looks like they are both right as it appears 
    that something is watching them from below!  You will shortly find out that 
    the person who is watching them is none other than Bart and the rest of the 
    crew from the Yggdrasil!  By the looks of it, it also appears that they are 
    onboard the Yggdrasil too!  Bart then orders the gunner to prepare the Bart 
    Missile.  Hmm…….must be pretty powerful if it is lauched against the Goliath.  
    Anyway, as Bart is about to attack, Maison and Sigurd will show up and ask 
    what is going on.  Bart will ignore them for now and will order the ship to 
    surface.  You will then see the Yggdrasil surfaced and then the Bart Missiles 
    will pop out.  They fire off from the ship's deck and head to the Goliath.  
    Meanwhile back onboard, Elly asks if it is all right since they are flying 
    such a huge ship.  Citan says that it is all right as he has plot a course 
    over the ocean.  
    Suddenly, the ship shakes and alarms go off.  Citan then says that there is 
    not way that they can avoid descending from the damage so it looks like 
    everyone will have to bail out.  Damn, and just when you thought that you 
    would be able to keep that awesome ship!  No matter since they don't have the 
    skill nor the man power to maintain the ship.  Everyone except Citan leaves 
    who then notices that the ship that attacked them looks like the Yggdrasil and 
    realizes that it is the Yggdrasil!  Back on the surface, you will see Bart 
    watch in triumph as the Goliath burns in the sky.  He begins to talk big and 
    then notices that the Goliath is approaching them!  It crashes into the ocean 
    and skids for a little while right over the Yggdrasil before exploding in a 
    ball of light.  Then, all is calm.
    You will then see Ramsus and Miang standing in the bridge of one of their 
    aerial battleship.  They have found something that appears to interest Ramsus.  
    Looks like they are talking about the destruction of the Goliath but what's 
    this about a Gatekeeper again?  Well in any case, Grahf soon joins Ramsus and 
    Miang on the bridge and says that the person who caused Ramsus so much pain 
    and sadness is currently on the ship that they are tracking.  He then says 
    that it is heading for Aquvy before disappearing.  At that point, Ramsus will 
    order to pursue and attack the ship that they are currently tracking.   Miang 
    says that they shouldn't as they haven't had orders from the capital.  Ramsus 
    doesn't listen and goes on with his plan.  Miang then leaves the bridge and as 
    she walks through the corridor outside of the bridge, she is greeted by Grahf 
    again who says that her tricks are no good.  Miang says that "he" is the 
    existence to Kahr.  Could this "he" be Fei?  The battleship will then depart 
    from Bledavik and Ramsus says that the shortest way to Aquvy is between gates 
    1 and 2, whatever that means.  It is then stated that Dominia has left in the 
    Haishao to pursue the aerial battleship.  
    The screen then switches to the same computerized sphere that you have seen 
    before.  The figures in it complain that Ramsus has disobeyed them as his 
    original orders were to excavate the Anima Relics in Ignas.  What are the 
    Anima Relics?  As I have said before, you will find out in due time.  They 
    also talk refer to "him" and say that Ramsus is most likely after "him" and 
    goes on to talk in more technical terms about the M Project.  They also take 
    it a step further by referring "him" to being called -Sufradi-.  If you 
    understand this a little the first time around, then good for you.  But don't 
    worry as it will all fit together as you near the conclusion of this game.  
    The figures will say that the transfer point Aquvy is near the Thames and that 
    if it is, then Krelian is headed there as well for they have found Zeboim's 
    legacy.  Ok, not that easy to understand but bear with me.  The Emperor (the 
    one whom you've seen Citan talking to in the past) will then interrupt their 
    conversation and will state something about molecular engineering or 
    nanotechnology.  You will also learn that this Emperor's name is Cain.  Read 
    through their conversation and you will then be brought to Elly who is lying 
    on a structure in the middle of the ocean.  She will get up.  Head east across 
    the gap and you will see what appears to be a door on the ground.  Open it and 
    Fei will jump out saying that there is only two days worth of food in the 
    cargo area.  Fei decides to catch some fish but Elly seems more concerned 
    about the others.  Fei says that he knows that they are all right and he seems 
    pretty sure too.
    Looks like Fei is right as you will then be brought to Rico, Hammer, and Citan 
    who appear to be onboard the Yggdrasil.  So, Bart rescued them after he shot 
    them down eh.  Well, it looks like Rico now wants to meet Bart but it also 
    looks like Hammer is being a chicken and decides to stay in the room.  Head to 
    the bridge and talk to Bart who will immediately apologize for his attack on 
    them.  Rico introduces himself and then learns that Bart and his crew were the 
    ones who shot them down.  Bart begins to talk about how great his Bart 
    Missiles are and Rico suddenly jumps on him in anger.  Well, Bart had it 
    coming to him!  
    You will then be brought back to Elly and Fei still stuck on that structure in 
    the middle of nowhere.  Fei will be jumping back and forth trying to catch 
    some fish while Elly tries to talk to him.  It appears that the structure they 
    are on is whatever is left of the Goliath.  Elly begins to talk about how 
    their Gears are stuck bellow.  Fei, however, seems to be more into the fish 
    and seems to not hear Elly.  Elly soon pops out from the entrance and asks Fei 
    what he is doing.  Elly thinks that Fei is joking and says that if he eats the 
    fish then he is going to get sick.  Fei goes under to see if he can get 
    anything to cook it with.  Elly suddenly calls out to Fei who immediately 
    jumps back up thinking that the fish got away.  But the fish is still there.  
    Fei and Elly look up into the sky and you will see that same flying structure 
    you did while in the desert so long ago!  Elly says that it is Shevat.  Isn't 
    that he country that Fei's father worked for?  Elly says that it is outside 
    the reach of Solaris and that Shevat uses the same type of barrier that 
    Solaris uses so you can't reach it by any conventional means.  Elly goes on to 
    say that Shevat usually hovers over the area known as the Aquvy Islands and 
    that when Fei say it, it probably was on a special mission which explains why 
    it was so low.  
    It looks like Bart is staring at Shevat as well from the deck of the Yggdrasil 
    II.  It also looks like he is still a little swore from his encounter with 
    Rico!  Pretty funny eh!  Well anyway, he begins to wonder about Fei and Elly 
    and then says that he must go and apologize to Citan and Rico.  Head down to 
    the Gun room and talk to Maison.  After a very confusing chatter, Maison will 
    say that Citan and Rico were both on their way to the Gear hanger.  When you 
    get to the Gear hanger, head over to Rico's Gear  Stier and you will find Rico 
    there servicing his Gear.  Bart says that he came to apologize but Rico seems 
    to still hold a grudge against Bart.  He then says that he cares more about 
    the Gears and how Bart and his crew were able to tune all of the Gears up so 
    well.  A piece of good news is then shared with you as Rico says that he we 
    going to move on but has decided to join you!  Cool isn't it.  Talk to Rico 
    once more and he will say that Citan is in the Gear shop.  Once you get there 
    talk to Citan and Bart will once more apologize to Citan.  Citan says that it 
    is all right but Bart should learn to judge more carefully.  Bart then tells 
    Citan that the Yggdrasil II is the same type as the Yggdrasil.  He says that 
    years ago, his father told him that the ship was scrapped because the peace 
    talks with Kislev made progress at that time.   That's how Bart knew of its 
    existence.  Bart then says that t also appears that the symbol on the ship 
    isn't the same as the Royal Crest.  Citan then says that it looks like 
    Shevat's Crest!  It looks like the Yggdrasil II might not have been made by 
    Bart's father and that Bart's father simply sealed it away due to the fear of 
    its power.  Citan will bring up Fei and Elly and Bart will blame himself once 
    It will then be night and you will be brought back to Fei and Elly who are 
    chatting.  The conversation isn't that interesting as it has nothing to do 
    with the story development.  They simply talk about such things as their 
    problems and how they fell about such things as war and how they currently 
    live.  The main topic of discussion, however, seems to be about belonging to a 
    place, or being needed, as it was talked about by Fei and Elly before.  In the 
    morning Fei will tell Elly to wake up.  When Elly comes up to the deck, Fei 
    will point out a huge ship to Elly.  They are saved!  The ship picks up the 
    entire structure that Fei and Elly are on and brings them up.  Welcome to the 
    24. THE THAMES
    When you are greeted, you are asked to go and thank the captain for helping 
    you out.  It turns out that the Thames is a city on the sea!  First sky and 
    now sea.  That's pretty cool.  You are also told that the captain is actually 
    kind of odd but at least he is nice.  When asked about the Gears, you are told 
    that they are currently inside of the Thames and are now being fixed.  Once 
    again, all by the captain's orders.  You are invited to look around the ship 
    and then head to the bridge to meet the captain.
    Well there are some stuff you can do in the current area that you are in.  
    Mainly shopping though.  
    ITEMS: Aquasol………20          Brown Star……….500
                  Aquasol S……100         Red Star………….500
                  Rosesol………20           Blue Star…………500 
                  Rosesol S…….300         Hard Star………...800
                  Zetasol……….100         Speed Star……….1000
                  Physisol………10           Igissol……………2000
                  Mentsol………20           Aegissol…………2000  
                  Physimentsol…50           Omegasol………..50
                  White Star……500         Survival Tent……150 
    ACCESSORIES: Penguin Coat……….1000          Earth Ring………..5000
                                Dervish Dress………1400          Fire Ring…………5000
                                Wind Ring………….5000          Water Ring……….5000
    WEAPONS: Marshal Rod……….1000          B&JM10A Ammo……….20
                         Serpent Sting………1200          ShotG50 Ammo…………30
    Once done with this area, head out of it and to the navigation map of the 
    Thames.  Head directly south to the Supply Area and head down the stairs.  
    Move all the way to the eastern side and turn south to immediately come to 
    some more stairs. Head down the stairs and talk to the girl standing there.  
    She says that there are four items in the area and asks if you can get them 
    all.  Well, here's how.  Head back up the stairs and head west back to the 
    where you came from.  As you are moving along, you should come to a door 
    immediately before the stairs that you came down from.  Head into the room and 
    head to the south end of it where you can fall down onto the crates below.  
    Now simply head a little northwards to fall into a space between the group of 
    crates where one of the treasure chests are.  In it, you'll find a D Circuit.  
    Once done with that, jump up and out of the crates and head back up the 
    stairs.  Head back west once again and continue back up the stairs.  From 
    there, turn around eastward and you will see a huge gun acting as a bridge to 
    the other side.  Head over the gun and jump down on the east side of the 
    crate.  From there move across the wooden board and across the huge knife.  
    After crossing that, you should see another treasure chest on the second 
    platform in front of you.  Simply jump across the first one then onto the 
    second one to get a Lunar Rod for Elly.  Now jump off and turn west.  As you 
    walk by the fence, you should notice yet another treasure chest on the other 
    side of it to the north of you.  Continue on past it and turn north up the 
    ramp.  Right next to you there should be a crate that you can jump on.  From 
    there, jump over the fence and open the treasure chest to get a SerpentG Whip 
    for Bart's Brigandier.  On the other side of the fence should be a barrel that 
    you can use to jump over the fence with.  Also take the time now to service 
    your Gears from the man currently standing close to you.  
    ENGINES: V15-2000……….3000          ARMOR: Z Alloy20/5……….5000
                       V18-2000……….4000                          XMS 25…………..6500
    FRAMES: WELT-05100……….4400          HEIM-06400……….4900
                      WELT-06100………4700          BRIG-05400………..4600       
                      VIER-04800………..3900          BRIG-06400……….4800
                      VIER-05800………..4100          RENM-07200……...6000
    PARTS: Extra Ar +4………..150          Beam Jammer………..1000
                  Lite Ar +1………….150         Ground…………….…1250                            
                    A Circuit…………...250          Frame HP10…………250
                  D Circuit…………...250         Frame HP30………….750 
                  E Circuit…………...250         Frame HP50………….1250
    WEAPONS: G-M10A Ammo……….100
                         G-M686A Ammo……...200
                         G-GG040 Ammo……...100
    Now that you are done with that, it's time for the last item.  But how about 
    you try a little game first?  Head off the ramp and head west yet again.  Move 
    north up the same ramp as you had moved over previously and talk to the boy 
    standing in the corner.  He will ask you if you are sure about something and 
    select yes.  He'll ask you one more time and you'll enter into the game.  It 
    will all be explained and good luck in beating it! After you beat him in the 
    game, he'll give you Super Goggles!
    As for the last item, you should notice it on one of the moving platforms 
    around the area.  To get it simply stand besides the cats on the crates,  jump 
    up, and hit the moving platform to knock the crate down (thanks go out to Khoi 
    Vo, {see "Contributors" section}).
    After talking to everyone as well, it is time to head to the bridge.  Head 
    back to the same entrance that you took to enter the Supply Area to get to the 
    navigation map of the Thames.  From your current position, head east and enter 
    the Screw Elevator.  From there you can explore the other parts of the ship 
    such as the Sick Bay and the Beer Hall.  At the Sick Bay, all you can do is 
    rest.  At the Beer Hall, however, if you won the boy at the card game previous 
    in the Supply Area, talk to the guy in the very southern corner to play yet 
    another game.  When you beat him you'll receive Premier Shoes.  Continue to 
    walk around and talk to everyone.  Head to the northern wall and climb up the 
    ladder, carefully head across the pipe, and jump onto the machine.  Talk to 
    the boy standing on it and he'll give you a Mentsol.  Now, head on to the 
    bridge.  Inside, you should notice the fellow who greeted you  when you first 
    got to the Thames.  Talk to him and he'll introduce himself as Hans, the ships 
    first mate.  Kind of looks like Franz doesn't he!  
    Well, anyway, talk to the fellow dressed in red (who is the captain) and Elly 
    will thank him.  The captain will then say that he will return their Gears as 
    soon as possible and all fixed up.  When  questioned about why he is being so 
    kind, the captain simply replies,  "I am a man of the sea!"  Well, you were 
    warned that he is kind of strange.  The captain will then go fetch some food 
    for Fei and Elly and you will regain control.  Head back to the Beer Hall and 
    head south to find the captain.  Talk to him and he says that it'll take a 
    little while longer to get everything ready.  He goes  on to explain the glory 
    of Thames's Beer Hall.  The captain will also say that they are salvagers and 
    have recently been given a big job.  It appears that this big job is from the 
    Ethos who want them to search for some buried treasure.  Dinner will then be 
    ready and everyone will go off to eat.
    You are then switched to a female who appears to be in a Gear underwater.  
    Looks like Dominia is with her!  It looks like they have found the Yggdrasil 
    II as well!  Dominia will then head over to the Yggdrasil to sink it.  When 
    warned by the other female that it is against Ramsus's orders, Dominia will 
    not care and continue on.  You also learn that the other females name is 
    Now you are brought back to Fei and the others who have just finished their 
    meal; and the captain seems very impressed at how much they can eat!  He will 
    then go off into another spin like before.  There will suddenly be a quick 
    vibration on the ground and Fei wards it off as nothing.  However, when it 
    occurs again, someone will come down and inform the captain that the first 
    mate wants to see him.  After he leaves, Fei will look out and say that he 
    sees water sprouts.  Elly will say that it looks like a battle is currently 
    going on so follow the captain back to the bridge.  Once you get there  you 
    will see the captain watching the battle occurring and asks if he can fire the 
    "big gun."  Hans questions the captain's request as to why he wishes to get 
    the Thames involved.  Fei and Elly will then show up and will be told that it 
    looks like some sort of submarine is under attack.  Fei will take a look 
    through the captain's telescope and you will see the Yggdrasil surfaced and 
    under attack from something underneath it.  Fei seems a little happy at the 
    thought of Bart alive and he says that they should help them.  Elly reminds 
    him of the Gears and the captains then contacts the dock and tells the crewmen 
    there to speed up the repairs to two minutes.  He then tells Fei and Elly that 
    the Gears will be at the Supply Entrance.  Hans once again questions the 
    captain's actions by saying that they could get caught up in the middle of the 
    fight.  However, the captain says that if they don't help them, then they will 
    loose their pride (or something like that).  Fei and Elly will then enter the 
    Screw Elevator; so from there, head to the Supply Entrance.  From there head 
    out of the Supply Area and you will see Vierge be slowly raised out of the 
    deck.  Before you leave visit the Armor Ground once more and talk to the lady 
    standing on the boxes to play the card game on last time.  This is, however a 
    very hard opponent.  When you win you will receive a Death Blower 1.  You can 
    also continue to play her to get other items.
    When you're all done with that, save at the Save Point and do any last minute 
    shopping that you need.  Exit out of the Armor Ground and board your Gears.  
    Once you do so the Gears will head to the side of the Thames and will fly off 
    to join the battle.  Meanwhile, back at the Yggdrasil, you will see Citan and 
    Rico in their Gears complaining about how they just saved.  They soon be 
    joined by Fei and Elly who ask where Bart is.  Citan says that he is currently 
    fighting below and said that he was going to hold off the attack until the 
    depth charges could be readied.  Citan says that they are trying to at this 
    time and that both Fei and Elly should help Bart out.  They will then both 
    jump into the water and you will see Bart standing in front of Gear that 
    Dominia and Kelvena were in.  He looks shocked as well when Fei and Elly show 
    up to help him.  The Gear will suddenly grab Elly's Gear and Dominia will 
    argue with Elly about the differences between -Lambs and -Abels-.  Fei will 
    jump in and Dominia will accuse of Elly joining the -Lambs- for a man.  
    Dominia will call Elly a traitor and Elly welcomes the challenge.
    HP: 5000
    CURENT LEVEL-Fei: 49
                        Elly: 44
                        Bart: 46
    This battle shouldn't be that hard.  Simply use booster throughout the battle 
    to gain the advantage in agility and then hit Haishao with everything you got 
    such as X button attacks and any level combos you choose.  Haishao's main 
    attack is Nereid Cyclone which deals about 900 HP of damage to everyone.  Its 
    other attack, Electric Arm, deals around 60 HP of damage to one character.  
    After taking a certain dealing a certain amount of damage to Haishao, Sigurd 
    will contact the team and will say that the depth charges will be dropped soon 
    and for everyone to stay clear.  You will then see the Yggdrasil flying 
    through the clouds (what the!) and it will launch its depth charges.  They 
    will hit Haishao and it will collapse.  
    It will soon get up and it appears that Dominia is still ready for some more!  
    But before she can do anything, Kelvena says that it is enough and that they 
    have to retreat.  Dominia acknowledges her warning but doesn't leave empty-
    handed.  She suddenly unleashes two powerful attacks against Elly who then 
    screams and falls to the ground.  
    Weltall and Brigandier will then resurface and Citan will ask where Elly is.  
    Fei replies that she was taken away by the enemy!  Bart and Fei begin to 
    bicker a little but Citan breaks them up and says that they have to find a 
    place to finish repairing the Yggdrasil.  Fei will bring say that the Thames 
    can help them out.  You will see the Yggdrasil approach the Thames and then 
    head into the docking bay. Once docked, a ramp will connect to the Yggdrasil 
    and Fei, Bart, and Citan get out.  Bart will apologize to Fei for what he said 
    earlier and Fei accepts it.  Bart brings up what happened with the Red Gear 
    awhile ago and tells Fei what happened.  It turns out that they sank into a 
    huge cave and there in front of them was a ship that looked exactly like the 
    Yggdrasil.  Citan says that the weapons from the ship are most likely from 
    Shevat.  It is now time to meet the captain once again so head up to the 
    bridge.  When you get to Screw Elevator, Bart says that he didn't want to get 
    Margie involved and Fei says that he is sorry that he didn't keep his promise.  
    Bart says that it is all right and that it is a good time to sneak into Nisan 
    since everything is all screwed up.  It looks like Margie is back in Nisan too 
    helping her people.
    Anyway, you will then meet the captain and Bart will explain to him about what 
    happened.  Suddenly, the door behind them opens and Margie will appear!  Bart 
    begins to get kind of embarrassed from Margie and tells her to go back to the 
    ship.  Margie will bring up at how Bart recklessly shot the Goliath down and 
    Bart tells her to shut up.  But is too late as Fei knows already.  Fei gets 
    disgusted at Bart.  Meanwhile, the captain is laughing at all that is 
    happening and asks Bart if he is some sort of pirate.  Bart then says, "Oh 
    yeah.  A man of the sea!  I was a man of the desert but…"  At that point, the 
    captain already likes Bart for being a man of the sea and will go on to show 
    Bart the Beer Hall.  Margie asks Fei if he is mad at Bart and Fei says that he 
    is not mad and is more mad about what happened to Elly.  She tells Fei to go 
    and rescue her and then the screen shifts to the great Gebler aerial 
    battleship flying through the sky.  In it, Dominia will slap Elly and will say 
    to shut up about her naïve beliefs.  She draws her sword on Elly and as she is 
    about to beat Elly, someone tells her to stop it.  Looks like it is Miang who 
    asks Elly if she is all right and helps her out.  When Dominia questions her, 
    Miang simply says that such acts like Dominia is doing will not be tolerated 
    onboard Ramsus's command.  She goes to say that from the records of the 
    previous battle, it was Dominia who attacked and that Elly had no choice but 
    to defend herself.  It is also Dominia who disobeyed orders and worst of all, 
    disobeying Kelvena's orders.  Furthermore, she is not to prosecute anyone for 
    treason without proper authority.  Woah, that's giving it to her!  Looks like 
    Miang is placing Elly under her supervision.  Dominia will oppose that move 
    and close in on  Miang, however, something happens and Dominia back away.  
    Miang then takes Elly into he next room and gives her the same glare that she 
    gave to Dominia.  She says something about her eyes leaves.  She will join the 
    commander and tells him of the report between the engagement of the Haishao 
    and the other Gears.  Ramsus becomes aware that Fei was one of the opposing 
    Gears and Miang says that the ship is currently at the Thames.  Ramsus orders 
    a course change towards the Thames.  Miang stops him and says that it would 
    futile to  attack since the Yggdrasil II has the ability to submerge and 
    escape any attack. She then says that it would be best to eliminate that 
    function first.  She goes on to say that she has already mad the "proper 
    arrangements."  Ramsus agrees and you are brought back to the exterior of the 
    aerial battleship where you will see Vierge depart from it!  What's going on?   
    Isn't that Elly's Gear!  Oh well, you'll see what happens.  
    You will the be shifted back to the bridge of the Yggdrasil II where Sigurd 
    asks Fei to find Bart.  He's probably with the captain so head up the Beer 
    Hall.  There, you will find Bart telling one of his heroic stories to the 
    captain.  Fei tells Bart that Sigurd has asked to see him but Bart ignores him 
    for awhile and continues his conversation with the captain.  They'll act crazy 
    for a little while longer (probably from too much drinking) and a crewman will 
    interrupt them telling the captain that the first mate is calling him.  It 
    seems that Elly has returned and everyone heads to the bridge.  They enter the 
    bridge and Elly soon enters after them.  She says that she is ok and asks 
    about the Yggdrasil.  She asks if she can rest for awhile then leaves.  Didn't 
    something seem weird?  Oh well, in any case Bart has the same feeling.  With 
    that, head back to the Yggdrasil and talk to Sigurd.  
    Sigurd will ask about the supplies needed for the Yggdrasil.  Bart says to 
    order 16 torpedoes and that's it.  
    25. SABOTAGE
    Head down to the infirmary of the Yggdrasil and talk to the nurse.  She will 
    say that Elly was  previously here lying down and that she is no longer here.  
    Now go to the Gun Room and you will see the Engine Room crew taking a break.  
    Talk to them and one will say that the repairs are finally complete and the 
    other one will say that you should go down and take a look.  With that in 
    mind, head down to stairs to the Engine Room.
    In the Engine Room you will see Elly walking up and around to the controls.  
    The dog, Martle, will bark at Elly but the chief engineer will simple tell him 
    to not bark at her.  Elly then says that the first mate wants to see the chief 
    engineer so he walks away and leaves.  What the heck is Elly up to!  She will 
    then walk up to the controls and do something that causes the engines to screw 
    up and by the looks of it, overheat or something like that.  After doing that, 
    Elly will scream and fall to the ground unconscious.  Fei will come running up 
    with Bart following him. Bart will then try to fix the damage and says that he 
    has no idea of what to do.  They are then joined by Citan who uses his great 
    wisdom and knowledge to reverse the damage done.  The engines shut down and 
    everything is all right!  After doing that, Citan tends to Elly and after 
    being talked to by Fei, says that she was given some very strong hypnosis.  
    According to Citan, it is a special hypnotism that makes a person behave in a 
    pre-programmed way.  He says that Elly looked strange when coming out of the 
    medical room so he followed her.  But unfortunately, he was unable to stop her 
    because doing so forcibly would destroy her mind.  They are soon joined by the 
    chief engineer who asks what is going on.  Talk to Citan again and he will say 
    that she will be all right and that no mental scars are apparent.  
    You will then be back in the Gun Room.  Head to the infirmary and you will see 
    that Elly has awakened.  Talk to the others and then to Elly who will seem a 
    little confused at why she is now in the Yggdrasil.  Before anything else can 
    be said, Sigurd will come into the room and report that the radar has picked 
    up a huge Gear heading towards them!  Bart decides to launch the Yggdrasil as 
    to not endanger the Thames and says that they must immediately depart in their 
    Gears.  Sigurd will leave and Bart asks Citan and Fei to go.  Elly will 
    interrupt however, and will ask if she may go as it is all her fault that they 
    are in this situation.  Bart seems a little harsh on Elly but Citan says that 
    she may go.  However, he leaves her with the words, "Elly, if you try anything 
    suspicious, I will be the one to shoot you."  Well, good deal if you ask me.  
    Elly agrees to it and they head on out to defend the Yggdrasil.  Before 
    heading out, re-equip your Gears so that they can stand underwater fighting.
    After that, you will now see that it is Dominia who is attacking!  Hmm……..she 
    seems to really hate Elly for the incident between her and Miang.  In fact, 
    she seems very pissed!  Being brought back to Fei, Elly, and Bart, who are 
    standing on the deck of the Yggdrasil, they will then enter the fight against 
    HP: 3000
    GOLD GAINED: 3000
                          Elly: 44
                          Bart: 45
    This isn't that hard of a battle at all but the only problem with it is that 
    you will have another harder one immediately after this one!  It is best to 
    use Triangle Button attacks this time along with level one attack combos.  
    Bladegash has many elemental attacks however, it takes Dominia, one active 
    turn to keep on switching between them so it'll give you a speed advantage if 
    you use booster.  Bladegash isn't an opponent to really worry about as it's 
    attacks only do around 500 HP of damage.  But don't exhaust yourself yet!  
    Once you win, Dominia will fly away.  
    With that done, there will suddenly be explosions from underwater!  Looks like 
    you're going to have to check it out as well!  Everyone will head below so get 
    ready for another battle!
    HP: 4500
    GOLD GAINED: 15,000
                          Elly: 44
                          Bart: 45
    This battle shouldn't be that hard if you are at the higher levels.  If you 
    are not at high levels, then good luck!  You'll know what I mean because in 
    the past, I had to fight this battle at level 30 and it took me forever to 
    beat it!  You'll once again see the benefits of taking the time to build up if 
    you still don't think so.  
    Anyway, the battle will open up with Ramsus calling Fei his "Arch rival."  
    Woah, has it gone that bad that Ramsus is now obsessed with defeating Fei?  In 
    any case, Ramsus will ask Fei about what happened to his "Other Gear" and that 
    he now has a different one.  Is he crazy?  What is he talking about?  Oh well, 
    nevermind that as you must now concentrate on the fight.  
    As usual, you can't hit Miang, and she can be very annoying throughout this 
    battle.  Simply use booster and hit Ramsus with everything you can muster!  
    You could uses Bart's Wild Smile Ether skill but Miang will most likely cure 
    Ramsus of all ailments as soon as possible.  She can also heal Ramsus for 750 
    HP!  Ramsus's main attack is the Electric Arm attack.  He will launch both of 
    Haishao's arms and they will hit a single character multiple times for 300-
    1000 HP of damage (depending on who it hits and how many times it hits a 
    specific character).  The main thing to watch for again is Ramsus's Mirror 
    Predict/Counter stance.  Don't attack him while he is in this stance!  If you 
    do, then he will counter attack with the Nereid Cyclone that will deal around 
    1200 HP of damage to everyone!     
    Once defeated, Ramsus will still seem to want to fight!  Ramsus will then 
    launch the same attack that Dominia did in the past to Elly.  This time, it 
    will be on Fei!  Weltall will be knocked down and you will see a message 
    saying that water is flooding into the cockpit and that Fei's vital signs are 
    decreasing!  Just as Ramsus is about to finish off Fei, Elly will suddenly 
    launch her Aerods which is enough to blow Ramsus's main tack forcing him to 
    With that, you will next be brought to the infirmary of the Thames where 
    everyone will be gathered around Fei.  The doctor will say that Fei is 
    currently on life support and that he can't guarantee that Fei will be all 
    right.  The doctor will then say that Fei's only hope is at the infirmary of 
    the Ethos headquarters.  Elly will run out and ask if he will be saved if 
    brought to the Ethos headquarters.  However, it turns out that ordinary 
    citizens are not allowed into the Ethos headquarters without being introduced 
    by someone from the Ethos or being a monk.  It looks like there is some hope 
    though as the doctor says that the Etone, -atoners of sin-, will be coming to 
    the Thames from the Ethos headquarters to do some type of investigation.  When 
    asked what Etones are, the doctor says that they are religious people from the 
    Ethos who clear away the Reapers or -Wels- that appear in Aquvy.  Looks like 
    the doctor will ask the Etone  however, he is unsure of whether they will help 
    or not.  Citan says that he will go with Fei and the life support systems to 
    the Yggdrasil while Elly and the others search for the Etone.  
    Now you must search for the Etone but where do you start?  Well ask the 
    captain of course!  The captain will say that the Etone were there on the 
    bridge earlier and left saying that they had to investigate something on the 
    deck near the Supply Entrance.  Hmm……..near the Supply Entrance eh?  The Armor 
    Ground!  Once you reach the Armor Ground, you will see Margie asking someone 
    about the Etone.  Looks like she's trying to help you out!  Suddenly you will 
    see two men harassing a young girl.  Elly and Bart will rush to help her.  
    Just as a fight is about to ensue, you hear what appears to be  a gunshot.  
    The girl runs to Elly and you will see an old man with a gun standing close 
    by.  The men seem to know him and run away.  The man's name is Jesiah but it 
    looks like he isn't done yet.  He walks up to Elly and put his gun against her 
    head saying that Elly is a dog of Solaris.  Citan suddenly comes rushing up 
    telling Jesiah to wait.  Looks like they know each other!  Dang, Citan knows 
    everyone doesn't he.  Well you also find out that the girls name is Primera.  
    Jesiah apologizes to Elly and says that Primera is his daughter.  He also says 
    that you can call him Jessie instead of Jesiah.  It looks like Primera can't 
    speak as well due to some tragic incident in the past.  
    You learn that Primera is Jessie's second child and his other one 16 years 
    old.  His wife is also dead and when asked about what he is doing on the 
    Thames, Jessie says that his son has some business on the Thames.   A man then 
    comes along and says that the Etone has just arrived at the Armor Ground.  You 
    see him walking along towards you with the doctor who explains the reason why 
    they need his help.  Jessie suddenly tells him to just help them out and to 
    your surprise, Jessie is the Etone's father and Primera his sister!  You find 
    out that his name is Billy and it looks like Jessie is in a little trouble 
    with the Ethos according to Billy.  Jessie then explains about what happened 
    with Primera and tell Billy to once again help out.  After Elly asks about it 
    one more time, Billy says that he will contact the medical department at the 
    Ethos headquarters and then says that he must leave because he has other 
    matters to attend to.  Billy agrees to introduce them and says that they can 
    head to the Ethos headquarters after he is done with his business.  It turns 
    out that both Margie and Billy seem interested in each others religions and 
    agree to have a little chat in the future.  Bart and Billy get into a argument 
    as Billy calls Bart " a little impolite fellow."  Bart doesn't seem to take 
    that much interest into Billy either but it is still quite funny.  Billy then 
    says that they should stop by the Ethos headquarters when they are done with 
    business on the Thames.  Jessie says that he has his own business to attend to 
    and asks Billy to take Primera back with him.  Jessie shortly leaves and Citan 
    says that Sigurd will be done with the repairs soon.  It is now time to head 
    back to the Yggdrasil and depart for the Ethos headquarters!  Before you 
    depart, Sigurd will say that Margie wanted to talk to you about something so 
    head to Margie's room where you will learn that you can exchange your party 
    members with her.
    From the Thames, take the Yggdrasil and head directly north past Babel Tower.  
    Once there, Billy will greet you at the entrance of the practice hall and says 
    that he has received permission to treat Fei as long as it is in the practice 
    hall infirmary.  Fei will then be handed over to the care of the Ethos and you 
    will be allowed to see him.  Billy sill show you the way down to Fei so simply 
    follow him.  On the way down, Billy will meet with on of his colleagues named 
    Verlaine.  Verlaine will start to talk about Billy's father and also begins to 
    talk a little bad about him as well..  He will soon walk away and you may 
    resume following Billy to the infirmary.  
    Down in the infirmary, the doctor will say that Fei should be all right, 
    however, more tests must be conducted.  Fei is currently unconscious due to 
    physical exhaustion and that it'll probably take a few more days for him to 
    wake up.  Bart will suggest that they all take a little walk but Elly wishes 
    to remain with Fei.  Head out of the infirmary and back up to the stairs and 
    into the hallway.  Feel free to now explore this area of the Ethos 
    headquarters and talk to some interesting people.  After searching around a 
    few rooms, including the library (which is cool to check out), Elly will 
    appear in the hallway and says that it looks as if Fei will be all right.  
    Bart will suggest that you go back down to the infirmary. Once down there 
    again, the doctor will say that treatment is finished, but Fei has not 
    regained conscious yet.  The good news is that he will eventually regain 
    conscious and you can now take him back to the Yggdrasil.  Looks like Elly 
    wishes to thank Billy and so the doctor tells you that he has gone back to his 
    orphanage.  You definitely must thank Billy for his help everyone decides to 
    head over to the orphanage.
    You will be brought back to the infirmary of the Yggdrasil where Fei is.  From 
    the Ethos headquarters, head southeast past Babel Tower and you will come to 
    the orphanage.  Once there, feel free to talk to all of the kids.  You can 
    also help a kid get his chickens back in the coop.  If you do he'll give you a 
    Tag Badge.  You will find Billy inside the house.  Talk to him and Elly once 
    again thanks him.  She also asks him if this is his orphanage.  Billy replies 
    with a yes and says that he opened it so that kids with no homes had a place 
    to go to due to the fact that neither he nor Primera had parents.  Sigurd will 
    enter soon after and will say that the radar has picked up a huge ship.  Could 
    it be Gebler?  As they are about to leave, Jessie enters and it looks like he 
    also knows Sigurd!  Was he once in Solaris too?  Billy also refers to Sigurd 
    as Siggy!  Well, anyway, Bart doesn't seem to like all of this but it's 
    actually kind of funny.  Looks like Jessie was in Solaris and even was 
    Sigurd's senior in Jugend.  Jessie then suggests that everyone goes and to 
    have a drink onboard the Yggdrasil.  Citan and Sigurd then leave after Jessie 
    and Billy will say that he has other things to do before walking off into the 
    other room.  
    Rico will then take the place of Citan.  Now you might as well find Billy 
    again so head into the same room that he went into.  It will turn out to be a 
    bedroom so go ahead and explore around the room if you wish.  You will find 
    one interesting thing by doing so but I'll let you find out for yourself.  
    Once you are done, head into the northern door and you will be in an empty 
    room.  Or maybe you could be wrong.  Check out the bookcase nearby to reveal a 
    secret room which Billy will emerge out from.  Billy will then say that he has 
    to go and meet someone and will leave.  You will then be brought outside and 
    see a man enter the orphanage.  One of the kids call him Uncle Stone.  Anyway, 
    Billy will soon come out and greet him.  Bishop Stone will say that the 
    missing Ethos transport that was missing has now turned up however, there is 
    no replies to any messages that are sent.  Bishop Stone suggests that it could 
    be Reapers who are responsible for the incident however asks Billy if he can 
    check it out.  But the only problem is that there are fast sea currents so he 
    suggests that Billy goes in a big ship.  That's when Bart comes in and says 
    that he can take Billy in the Yggdrasil.  It's the least they can do to repay 
    Billy for helping them out.  Billy seems a little skeptical about going with 
    them as he doesn't wish to get any of them involved.  Bishop Stone butts in 
    and says that Billy should take there help.  Billy finally agrees and Bishop 
    Stone will leave saying to report to headquarters after he is done with the 
    job.  Billy will say that he will join you onboard when he is finished with 
    his work so head back to the Yggdrasil.  After you exit the Orphanage, you 
    will automatically be brought back to the Yggdrasil.  You should also realize 
    that the Yggdrasil can't depart without Sigurd who is probably drunk with 
    Citan and Jessie.  Head down to the Gun Room and you will find Citan, Jessie, 
    and Sigurd chatting.  Talk to Sigurd and Jessie will be on his way.  All of a 
    sudden Sigurd will collapse!  Not to worry as all Sigurd is is drunk.  Looks 
    like you'll have to wait until tomorrow to leave.  
    After that, you will see Jessie enter the house back at the orphanage drunk as 
    usual.  Billy will enter and tell him to keep it down as the children are 
    asleep.  They will then begin to bicker about many things.  From why Billy 
    shouldn't be a priest to how Jessie was never a good father.  Jessie will 
    leave after that is done with and you will be brought back to the Yggdrasil 
    barracks in the morning.  Talk to Sigurd and he  will say that Billy is 
    waiting for them in the Gun Room.  Ha, it also looks like Sigurd has a 
    hangover!   Oh well, in the Gun Room you will find Citan with Billy.  Go ahead 
    and talk to Billy who will begin to talk about the Etone's basic equipment.  
    This happens to be a gun.  He will go on to explain to you an how to use his 
    guns and will explain about his three types of guns.  Once Billy is done with 
    that (and if you understand it of course),  Billy will explain why he became 
    an Etone at the request of Elly.  Later, you can go to Margie's room where 
    Primera will be.  Talk to her and you will be able to read a note that will 
    explain how to use Billy's guns.  You will now learn about Billy's background 
    and history.
    You will brought to his house (which is what he turned into the orphanage).  
    According to Billy, Jessie taught him how to use a gun when he was eight or 
    nine.  You will see Jessie leave the house and Billy will say that one day, 
    his father just disappeared.  It turns out that he just ran out on his 
    children and wife and never came back.  As time went on, and while Billy was 
    12, his mother was attacked by Reapers and was killed.  It turns out that they 
    were looking for Jessie but Billy's mother never talked.  After killing his 
    mother, Bishop Stone barged in and saved them.  As a side note, you learn that 
    Reapers can talk and can even be smarter than humans.  Anyway, you also learn 
    that after that incident, Primera never talked again.  Billy then followed 
    Bishop Stone and began training at the Ethos so that he could help others from 
    being like him and Primera.  As the years passed, Billy returned from his 
    training and became an Etone.  Soon after he returned back to Primera, he 
    opened the orphanage and an unexpected visitor arrived; Jessie.  Even then, he 
    was changed and some sort of accident had changed his personality as well as 
    looks.  Hmm……so that's why Billy can never consider him as his father.  In any 
    case, Primera still became attached to him and that is about all.  After his 
    story ends, it looks as if Billy and Bart still don't take nicely to each 
    other.  Oh well, you will now see the Yggdrasil  trudging through the rough 
    sea currents northeastward and the screen will soon fade.  So, looks like 
    they've made it to the ship.  After re-organizing and re-equipping your party, 
    head up to the deck of the Yggdrasil.
    Climb the ladder to the top and head into the door.  Once inside Billy will 
    say that on the room's middle wall is a red switch that will turn on the 
    lights.  Open the door up ahead and you should see the red switch.  Once 
    activated, the lights will go one and it will say that Door A has been 
    unlocked.  Head up and knock down the stack of boxes in front of you.  Go 
    ahead and open the treasure chest to get a Penguin Coat as well.  There is no 
    need to climb up the ladder yet so head the door along the northern portion of 
    the wall.  You will be in a section with a saved point in it and another door 
    will be in front of you.  However, the only problem is that it the door 
    (labeled Door B) is locked.  Save if you wish at the Save Point and head back 
    into the previous room.  Now head up the ladder.  At the top, head north and 
    down through the hatch at the end.  Once at the bottom, you will be in a room 
    full of cocoon like structures swaying back and forth.  Get a B&JM10S Ammo 
    from the visible treasure chest and then head  south through all of the 
    cocoon's to the next treasure chest.  There you can get a Survival Tent.  The 
    room on the other side should look familiar as well as it is the same one with 
    the Save Point in it.  Along the eastern wall,  you should also notice another 
    red switch.  Activate it to open Door B so that you can now access the Save 
    Point if you want to.  
    Now head back north and enter the door along the northern wall.  Once through 
    it, you will be in a thin hallway with rooms on both sides of the walls and 
    one at the very end.  In the first room on the eastern wall, you can turn on 
    the pipes but instead of seeing water, you will see what appears to be blood!  
    But not to  worry as it turns out to only be water with rust in it.  In the 
    first room on the western wall you can pick up the Cabin Key.  The second room 
    along the western room will have nothing in it however you can pick up a 
    Silver Beret in the second room along the eastern wall.  Now in the third room 
    along the eastern wall, you can get a ShotG60 Ammo and that's about it as 
    there is nothing in the final room along the western wall.  Was that 
    complicated enough?  With the Cabin Key enter the door at the end of the 
    hallway however it turns out that the door is rusted shut.  Looks like you 
    will have to run into it!  Do so and the door will eventually bust open.  Head 
    to the end and it looks like the door up ahead is locked.  Try the door along 
    the eastern portion of the wall and it turns out that it won't budge as well.  
    Your only option is to head up the ladder so do so.  
    At the top head north all the way to the front end of the ship.  As you pass 
    by, you should notice a hatch open up t the west of you as well.  Save at the 
    Save Point  and then head to that open hatch.  Jump in it and you will 
    suddenly be attacked by a familiar looking monster!
    HP: 4242
    GOLD GAINED: 3000
    CURRENT LEVEL-Billy: 50
                          Citan: 54
                          Bart: 52
    Well, this is a very similar reincarnation of Redrum!  But trust me, it's much 
    more easier this time; especially at or around my current levels.  His attacks 
    are almost the same as Redrum's but the only difference is that it doesn't 
    nearly use Murder as much as Redrum!  Well first off, the quickest way to end 
    this fight is to simply survive Bloody's attacks and build up your AP. Then 
    simply unleash a 28 AP combo on Bloody to easily win.  Use Billy to heal as 
    necessary though if you are at lower levels, it will most likely take a lot 
    longer.  But just as long as you are past level 40 it should be all right.  
    Aside from Murder, which as I said before, Bloody hardly uses, it also has the 
    same old Bloody Rain which only deals 1-5 HP of damage to all characters.  
    However, it still does heal Bloody too!  Bloody's normal attacks do about 30 
    HP of damage as well.  Also, don't forget to use Billy's Ether skills such as 
    Goddess Call or Goddess Eye to help you out.  Trust me, if your levels are 
    low, they definitely will help out.  
    Once that is done with, walk up to the door behind you and you will be back at 
    the orphanage where one of the kids appears to see Billy (or more his 
    "signal") and rings the bell.  The girl on the windmill will then give some 
    complicated coordinates something will emerge from the ground in front of the 
    orphanage.  Looks like Billy's Gear!  The Gear will then launch upward and fly 
    off.  Back at the ship, Billy and the others will emerge onto a rope way under 
    the ship.  You will also notice something in the background emerging from the 
    sea.  Billy will say that the ship is infested and he must report it to Bishop 
    Stone.  Citan will notice that thing in the back of them and Billy will say 
    that it is a Giant Wels.  He says that they wouldn't stand much of a chance 
    against it by themselves but not to worry as it is pretty slow.  The Giant 
    Wels will suddenly pop out of the sea and Billy will say that it got there 
    faster than he had anticipated.  As the Giant Wels is about to attack, Billy's 
    Gear suddenly swoops by and picks them up.  The Giant Wels will just stupidly 
    stand there wondering what happened and suddenly, the Yggdrasil will emerge 
    from underwater right behind it.  Billy's Gear will land on top of it and it 
    is now time to fight with your Gears!  
    HP: 7000
    GOLD GAINED: 28,000
    CURRENT LEVEL-Billy: 50
                          Citan: 54
                          Bart: 52 
    This guy is actually kind of strong but not necessarily tough.  The only 
    problem with this guy is that his defense is pretty high so you'll definitely 
    have to use your highest attack level combos.  Another problem is that Booster 
    doesn't work for this fight!  The Giant Wels will almost always get the first 
    attack, most of which will be aimed at Billy.  Not to worry though as it 
    should miss.  His normal attacks like that should cause around 200 HP of 
    damage.  If you have Elly in your party, you can use her Aerods Ether skill to 
    hit the Giant Wels pretty hard.  However, if you hit the Giant Wels with Ether 
    based attacks, it will grow increasing its attack power.  The only good thing 
    about it is that its defense goes down as well.  You'll probably have to hit 
    it a few times with Ether based attacks anyway until you are able to hit it 
    with normal attacks.  It also has one thing that you should look out for.  The 
    Giant Wels can hit everyone in your party for up to 1000+ HP of damage if its 
    attack level is high enough so be careful.
    After that little battle you will be brought back to the Yggdrasil's bridge 
    where Billy will thank everyone for their help.  Billy also admits that the 
    job was a little too dangerous for him to undertake on his own.  Looks like 
    Billy now must report back to the Ethos headquarters and so Bart offers the 
    ride.  Looks like Bart and Billy are finally getting along!  As a sign of his 
    gratitude, Billy says that he has something at the Ethos headquarters to give.  
    Now take control of the Yggdrasil and head back south to the Ethos 
    You're in for a big surprise when you return to the Ethos headquarters.  When 
    you enter you will notice that everyone is dead!  One of the men close by will 
    still be alive and will attempt to talk to Billy.  He will say that he heard a 
    gunshot and then will die.  Billy will recognize that the bullet shells lying 
    around are from his father's gun!  Head up and enter back into the same door 
    that you entered before in order to get to the infirmary.   Once in the 
    hallway, you will see one of the Ethos members be killed by a small, little 
    creature.  Your party will then be attacked and you will find out that they 
    are assassins!  Once you finish them off, you'll find out that they are real 
    pro killers.  Search around the rooms in the hallway now and prepare to fight 
    more assassins.  Don't forget to explore thoroughly as there are two items to 
    get, an Aquasol DX and a Seal Ar.  There is also some interesting information 
    you can get as well.   
    There are two possible ways to continue on with the game but either way, 
    you'll end up seeing the Pontiff  being murdered.  Your party will then be 
    attacked by the assassins.  Once through with that, head east into the next 
    door behind the spot where the Pontiff was murdered and turn north to where 
    the three doors are.  In the second door you will find a man who is severely 
    hurt.  Billy will call the Yggdrasil to help him out however you will also 
    learn that he is from Shevat.  The third room will contain Big Joe who will 
    thank you for saving him.  He will leave and you can continue back to where 
    you came from and continue to follow the hallway eastward and until you reach 
    the next area.  
    The next area will be an elevator that you need to use to get down to the next 
    level.  Down on the next level, head out the door and enter the next area.  
    Once again follow the hallway and enter the first room that you come to.  In 
    it Billy will say that this is right under the cathedral.  You find out that 
    it is the Ethos data bank and everyone will be joined together in the room.  
    Elly then says that all the equipment in the room is from Solaris!  It turns 
    out that Billy knows nothing about this as well and Rico will suggest that 
    they investigate it.  Upon investigating the data bank, the team will soon 
    come across some transmission records.  Citan suggests that they check it out 
    and you will find out that Shakhan is a bishop with the Ethos!  It also turns 
    out that all the resources collected are being sent to Solaris!  Bart will 
    soon discover some encoded Solarian language that Elly will attempt to 
    translate.  From it you will learn that the Ethos is really a subsidiary 
    organization created by Solaris!  What a surprise eh!?  Well, anyway, Elly 
    will summarize the entire situation up for Bart (and you).  After she is 
    through, Citan will show a recent record stating that the majority of the 
    people who were sent to Solaris were those seeking help form the Ethos.  Billy 
    doesn't seem to want to believe all that is happening and asks why the Ethos 
    members are being assassinated.  Citan finds the answer for Billy by showing 
    him a plan established by the Ethos that is not linked to Solaris called 
    Salvage Plan 44.  Hey, isn't that the same plan that the Thames was working 
    on!  The record will be displayed and you will find out that a very ancient 
    civilization currently lies under Aquvy.  It appears that he Ethos has been 
    undertaking several excavations to dig up powerful weapons with the intent of 
    breaking away from Solaris.  However, with Solaris finding out of this plan, 
    it is easy for them to stop the Ethos by attacking it.  Citan will then 
    suggest that they move on so that more information could be collected.
    Head back out to the hallway.  Once outside, Billy will still continue to not 
    believe what is happening with the Ethos..  They are soon interrupted by 
    Verlaine.  Verlaine will attempt to try to make a brief attempt to convince 
    Billy to stay with the Ethos, however, Billy puts down that offer.  Verlaine's 
    henchman will soon be killed by some gunshots and Jessie will appear!  He will 
    say that he has just been using stun bullets and that people like Verlaine 
    weren't actually from the Ethos but in fact  agents of Solaris.  He will then 
    say that all of the Ethos have already been killed except for the ones on the 
    salvage mission.  He also mentions that Bishop Stone is in charge of the 
    agents!  Verlaine will go into technical religious BS but Billy won't buy it.  
    Verlaine will then be shot by Bishop Stone!  He once again explains why 
    Solaris destroyed the Ethos.  It also turns out that Etones not only killed  -
    Wels- but also had other duties such as Verlaine.  There responsibility was to 
    observe and destroy any corrupt people within the Ethos.  The reason why Stone 
    didn't tell Billy of it was due to the fact that he has another role planned 
    for him.  Stone will then tell Billy of the other role that he had planned for 
    him.  According to Stone, the -Wels- were just another control system put in 
    place on the earth by Solaris!  Before anything else can be said Jessie 
    interrupts Stone and says that it is all nonsense.  Jessie will then call 
    Stone Stein!  So they know each other!  Stone will then say that he has other 
    matters that he must attend to and leaves you with his two henchmen.  
    Once the battle is over, Stone will be gone and Jessie will run after him.  
    Follow him out the door and you'll be in a control room of some sort where 
    Jessie will say that he has escaped.  It looks like he is using the mobile 
    Gear of Solaris!  Quite huge isn't it.  It also looks like the Thames fleet is 
    in danger due to the fact that Solaris is eliminating all forces involved with 
    the Ethos plan.  They will all then depart for the Yggdrasil to help out the 
    Thames.  Back on the bridge of the Yggdrasil, Sigurd will order full speed to 
    reach the Thames fleet.  However, the radar will soon pick up an enormous 
    object right above the Thames fleet.  The problem is that it is not Stone but 
    much bigger than his Gear!  
    You will then see the Thames fleet trudging through the sea when it is 
    suddenly attacked from above.  You will see that same UFO type of ship from 
    before which will continue to fly above the fleet.  After that, you are 
    brought to the same computerized people that you've seen before.  They will 
    appear to be talking about the Ethos and how it is of no use to them no 
    longer.  They will bring up a man named Krelian as well.  After the brief 
    conversation, you will be brought to the flying ship's bridge where you will 
    see Krelian.  He will tell his men to use the -Wels- to clean up the area!  
    Hmm…….interesting.  Well, in any case it looks like they have found the 
    ancient city of Zeboim too!  
    Following that, you are now brought to the bridge of the Thames where the 
    captain learns that -Wels- have begun to attack the ship.  The captain will  
    then order the defense Gears to be deployed and the big gun to be prepared.  
    The Thame's two main guns will then began to fire up at the incoming -Wels-.  
    Back at the Yggdrasil, the crew will pick up the distress signal from the 
    Thames and will speed up to the rescue.  After changing party members and re-
    equipping, you will then have to take the Yggdrasil and head south to the 
    Once at the Thames, the Yggdrasil will dock and everyhting will seem to be 
    normal.  Head up to the bridge and speak with the captain.  So it appears that 
    the Thames is all right, however, is experiencing many injuries.  The captain 
    will ask about the flying UFO (or what he describes it as a fishbowl).  He 
    will say that it attacked them, dropped of -Wels-, and then headed towards an 
    obscure excavation site.  You will find out that Stone was guiding the huge 
    "fishbowl" ship towards the excavations site so it appears that there is 
    definitely something there.  To help you out, the captain says that you can 
    ask Hans anything you like about the excavation site.  Talk to Hans who will 
    say that the "fishbowl" ship headed northwards to the northern edge of the 
    close by island.  That's all he seems to give though, so depart from the 
    Thames and head north.  You will soon see the excavation site so disembark at 
    the beach and head into the excavation site.  
    Take the elevator down into the excavation.  Once on the next level, head into 
    the hole in the wall and you will immediately encounter several Gebler Guards.  
    After dealing with them, head into the door to the north of you.  The screen 
    will fade and you will see Grahf's Gear iunderwater.  He will be contacted by 
    Miang who will say something about "his" Gear awakening and so forth.  She 
    then tells Grahf that "his" friends are heading for Zeboim and that she wants 
    Grahf to take care of them.  Grahf's Gear will then take off and you will be 
    brought back to the party who are heading downwards in an elevator.  
    When it stops, exit the elevator and you will be in a small with three doors 
    in it.  However, it doesn't matter as you can only enter into the door along 
    the eastern part of the room.  On the other side, you will be in a long 
    corridor over what appears to be a city!  Move through the bridge and after 
    awhile, the party stops for a brief moment while Rico ponders at what is below 
    them.  Continue and exit on the other side.  In the next area, follow the 
    stairs upward and enter the door at the top.  The next area is straightforward 
    as well as all you have to do is follow the corridor northward until you reach 
    the end.  At the end will be a Save Point.  After saving, exit through the 
    nearby door and you will be in another corridor.  You cannot enter most of the 
    doors so follow the hallway eastward and you should run into another group of 
    Gebler Guards.  After dispatching them, enter the door immediately next to 
    where the Gebler Guards were guarding.  It turns out to be yet another 
    elevator.  At the bottom, head through the short, red lighted hallway.  On the 
    other side, you will notice a treasure chest to the west of you and yet 
    another group of Gebler Guards to the east.  First open the treasure chest to 
    get B&J686A Ammo then deal with the Gebler Guards.  Now follow the hallway 
    eastward a little more and enter the through the doorway that is visible.  
    Once inside, Rico will say that the room looks like the Central District of 
    Nortune.  Citan will also say that it is scanning equipment that is actually 
    well preserved.  Well, no matter, simply exit the room on the other side and 
    you will be in another hallway.  Follow it to encounter more Gebler Guards 
    again.  When you're done with that, continue down the hallway,.  You will soon 
    see more Gebler Guards in front of you blocking the path.  However, before 
    fighting them, head into the door right in front of the unit and take the 
    stairs down into the next area.  The next area will be a red lighted corridor 
    as you have seen before.  Once through it, follow the new hallway west and 
    enter the door at the end of it.  It will yet again be one of those scanner 
    rooms and once through it, Rico will complain a little on how confusing the 
    place is.  Citan will also add that Labyrinths are not usually built to 
    against enemies and are usual made to seal up something inside.  
    Well, anyway, enter the fist door along the western portion of the hallway.  
    Inside open the treasure chest in front of you to get a Black Snake then go 
    and check out the computers and they will say that access to the main 
    laboratory database is denied due to the isolation of the central reactor.  
    With that in mind, head out of the room and continue eastward down the 
    hallway.  You will now come to another group of Gebler Guards that you should 
    go on ahead and fight.  Once done dealing with them, head into the room ahead 
    of you that they were blocking.  In it, you will find another Save Point and a 
    treasure chest containing a Panalphasol  in the next room.  After saving go on 
    and exit the room.  Now backtrack a little and head into the first door along 
    the northern portion of the hallway.  You will be in another stairwell and 
    once at the bottom, the door will activate saying that you should execute a 
    manual scan to prevent nano contamination.  After asking for confirmation, you 
    will be asked to reset the emergency level at the nearest terminal.  After 
    executing the command, you will be asked to reset at the nearest terminal so 
    head back up the stairs to the hallway.  Looks like you'll have to go all the 
    way back to where you came from originally!  
    Knowing that, backtrack through the previous hallways and back up the 
    staircase.  From there head west into the open door.  Open the treasure chest 
    to get a Sleep Guard and then check the computers which will allow you to 
    reset the safety system.  With that finished, head back to where you were (the 
    staircase with the contamination door) and enter the door.  In the next area, 
    the computers will decrease the pressure so that you can enter.  Once in the 
    next area, you will be in another small room with two doors.  Enter the one on 
    the right and activate the computers.  Citan will say that in the gaps of the 
    data in front of you there appears to be some sort of message conveying an 
    organism.  You will then be shifted to another room where a person will 
    suddenly appear in a tank!  Citan and the others will automatically enter the 
    area.  head through the green glass door and into the next room.  Walk up to 
    the tank and Citan says that the girl in the tank is some sort of artificial 
    life form created from the reactor.  Stone soon interrupts and says that she 
    was constructed by machines on the molecular level often known as 
    nanomachines.  He enters the room with his men and says that he will now take 
    her.  Stone's men will empty the tank and take the girl.  There will then be a 
    shot conversation between Billy (if he's in your party) and Stone.  
    Afterwards, Stone and his men will begin to leave.  Stone will then ask the 
    two ladies behind him to take care of the party.  Looks like you'll have to 
    fight Elements now!  The Elements will enter the room and a brief verbal fight 
    will occur before the big fight.  You should also notice that these two 
    Elements are actually kind of dumb.  Well, anyway, the fight will break out.
    HP: 2500/2000
    GOLD GAINED: 10,000
    CURRENT LEVEL-Citan: 57
                          Billy: 54
                          Rico: 55      
    First off, if you brought Billy along, it will make this fight much easier due 
    to his healing abilities.  But if not, then good luck!  Anyway, you most 
    likely will want to concentrate you attacks on Tolone first as she is tougher 
    and can hit your party the hardest.  Don't waste time building up your AP and 
    just hit the Elements with your deathblows.  Billy's Goddess Call Ether skill 
    could help as well.  Seraphita can hit the entire party with a fire based 
    attack that hits everyone for about 200 HP of damage (she also has another 
    attack just like this that deal around 100 HP of damage to one character) and 
    can steal about 12 EP points from one character.  Tolone has a wind based 
    attack that can do 100 damage to every character.  Tolone's Positron Beam 
    which is also a wind based attack, can do around 50 HP of damage to one 
    character as well.  The thing to really watch out for when facing Tolone is 
    her head dive attack that can deal 800 HP of damage to one character.  The 
    only thing to watch out for when attacking is if you have Billy as his Ether 
    Gun attack will heal the Elements.
    Once finished with the Elements, they will pull out and you must now chase 
    after them.  Heal as necessary and exit the area.  As you exit the 
    contamination room, you will be brought to Fei onboard the Yggdrasil.  He is 
    still unconscious however, he is also dreaming.  You will see all sorts of 
    scenes that will not look familiar to you but that's ok.  After that, you will 
    see the medallion swinging around the screen and Fei will appear as well.  
    Anyway, you will see the nurse in the infirmary but Fei is gone!  Back to 
    Citan and the team, do as I said before and completely backtrack to the 
    entrance of the excavations site.  When you reach the bridge overlooking the 
    city, the team will catch Stone as he is retreating.  He seems a little 
    disappointed at the Elements but is soon interrupted by a mysterious voice who 
    says to "Give it back."  Suddenly a Gear swoops down.  Does it look familiar?  
    A mysterious red man will then teleport onto the bridge and will begin to 
    laugh.  He then turns to Stone and tell him to give "it" back.  Rico asks for 
    the mans name and he will say that his name doesn't matter.  However, he gives 
    it to you anyway and his name is Id.  You will have to fight him!
    HP: 3000
    CURRENT LEVEL-Citan: 59
                           Billy: 56
                           Rico: 56            
    Well, hope you really have Billy in your party or else this will be a very 
    hard fight!  Don't bother to charge up your AP for this fight either and just 
    use a mix of deathblow skills.  Use Billy as the main healer with his Holy 
    Light Ether skill.  His Goddess Call can also help out as well.  Id several 
    powerful attacks.  One of them is a series of combos that deal between 50-100 
    HP of damage.  Another is a second series of combos that can deal around 200 
    HP of damage!  Do his techniques look familiar because they should.  Anyway, 
    Id also has a special attack in which the screen turns dark.  This attack 
    deals damage to everyone and the total amount of damage can equal around 120 
    HP of damage.  
    After taking out Id, another Gear will suddenly enter the fight and grab Id.  
    Stone will take this opportunity and run away with the girl.  As for the Gear, 
    it turns out to be Wiseman and Id seems to know him!  Wiseman tells the others 
    to go after Stone and everyone does so.  Id will then escape from Wiseman's 
    grasp and you will be brought back to the team on the other side.  The team 
    will hear the fighting outside but you must case after Stone!  Exit out 
    through the hole and head up the elevator.  Once outside, you will see the 
    "fishbowl" ship flying away.  You are too late!  Rico will ask what exactly 
    nanomachines are and Citan says that they are robots that are smaller than 
    human cells that are used to cure diseases or injuries in Solaris.  He also 
    says that the girl could be a colony of nanomachines created by the ancient 
    civilization.  Citan still seems worried at what Stone said but that doesn't 
    matter now.  
    Head into the Yggdrasil  and report to Sigurd who says that Fei is missing but 
    still must be onboard.  First go down to the Gear hanger and check out 
    Weltall.  You should see smoke coming out of Weltall and Fei will be standing 
    right next to it!  It seems that he feels better but the problem is that he 
    doesn't know why he is here!  Alarms will suddenly sound saying that Alkanshel 
    (Stone's Gear) is approaching.  Seeing it from the bridge, Sigurd says that it 
    looks like they are watching them.  Shifting back to the Gear hanger, Fei will 
    want to go and fight however, Citan doesn't allow it.  Billy comes by and says 
    that it is time to "settle the score."  Citan will take Fei back to the 
    infirmary and asks Billy to take care of it.  After switching party members, 
    you will see Stone outside watching the Yggdrasil.  His appearance has also 
    changed!  Anyway, Grahf will suddenly dive in front of him (just like in the 
    past for Vanderkaum!) and ask if Stone wants the power.  Grahf will gives 
    Stone the power!  Now  you must fight!
    HP: 10,500
    GOLD GAINED: 30,000
    CURRENT LEVEL-Billy: 57
                           Bart: 59
                           Rico: 57
    Begin the battle with booster. Alkanshel's Seal attack deals around 1400 HP of 
    damage so watch out!  You should notice that your attacks are always 
    nullified!  So what do you do?  Well after the first two rounds, the team 
    realizes that it is hopeless. 
    Citan says that there is some sort of negative feeling in the form of hatred 
    that is creating an Ether barrier.  Citan says that if you can somehow change 
    your own force into Ether and hit Alkanshel with it, then the barrier should 
    be destroyed.  It looks like the hatred is towards Jessie due to the fact that 
    he stole Stone's position if Gebler that he loved so much.  You will see a 
    quick flashback of Billy's mother's death and learn that Stone was the one 
    that unleashed the -Wels- on Billy's mother.  Stone will then let you in on a 
    secret saying that the -Wels- are actually all people!  Jessie will suddenly 
    dive towards the Yggdrasil in a Buntline.  According to Citan, it is a Ether 
    gun Gear where the pilot rides directly in the bullet.  Looks lie with that, 
    you can break through the barrier!  But before Citan cans say something, the 
    battle continues.  Citan screams at Billy to stop Jessie however it is not 
    heard and  Jessie will give a lecture to Billy about faith and God.  You will 
    also learn a little more about the -Wels-.  Jessie says that the reason why 
    the -Wels- attack people is to satisfy their need for blood which stops the 
    pain that they go through.  Jessie will then land on the Yggdrasil and 
    transform into a gun that lands on Billy's shoulder.  It fires an Ether bullet 
    into the Alkanshel and the barrier is destroyed.  The only bad thing about 
    this is that Citan finally gets through and says that the weapon used the 
    pilot as its warhead!  
    Alkanshel starts by halving everyone's HP!  Unleash your combos on it as they 
    become available and you should take it down.  Don't forget about booster!  
    Alkanshel can hit one member for Power loss but that isn't that much of a 
    problem.  It can also continue to halve everyone's HP as much as it wants so 
    watch out.  When you get low, simply use a Frame HP.  Alkanshel's Seal can 
    also do about 1500 HP of damage to one character as well so be careful of 
    that.  Be sure that your HP is about 700 as well because when Alkanshel is 
    defeated, it will blow up right in front of you causing around 650 HP of 
    damage to everyone!
    After Stone is defeated, Billy will mourn over the loss of Jessie.  However, 
    before anything can be said, Jessie will suddenly appear!  Looks like he 
    improved the Buntline so that it doesn't use the pilot as its warhead!  
    Primera will run up to Jessie and do something amazing!  She will call him 
    papa!  She will say it once more but when asked to say Billy's name, she 
    doesn't seem to want to.  
    Back at the bridge, Citan asks Jessie if he will tell Billy the truth about 
    the past.  Jessie agrees and says that they should all go to the Gun Room to 
    get a drink.  In the Gun Room, Jessie will say that when he was in Solaris, he 
    found a secret plan called the M Plan.  It was under the command of Krelian.  
    But in order for it to proceed, it required the use of -Lambs- to be gathered 
    by the Ethos and turned into -Wels-.  Jessie was disgusted and investigated 
    further to find out that the main scientist central to the M Plan moved the 
    true facts about it into a test-Gear.  With that, he let the test-Gear escape 
    with his daughter so that the truth would not be discovered.  As a result, he 
    hid on the surface and ever since then, has been searching for the unknown 
    Gear and the girl.  He then tells you that the scientist's daughter and the 
    Gear may now be in Shevat.  The problem now is how to get up there.  Fei and 
    the Shevat agent that you rescued earlier soon come in and the agent asks if 
    the girls name happened to be Maria.  It turns out that her fathers name was 
    Nikolai but there have been rumors about a girl and a Gear so it is possible 
    that it is the same one Jessie is talking about.  When asked how to get up, 
    the agent says that she is unable to contact Shevat, however, it might be 
    possible to get up via Babel Tower.  Looks like you have to head to Babel 
    Tower now.  
    After switching party members you will be brought back to the computerized 
    sphere with the men in it once again.  Krelian will be there and says that he 
    has obtained a colony of nanomachines.  They continue to talk about the M Plan 
    and about why the men are now in a computerized data bank.  Looks like they 
    gave up there bodies for eternal life!  Back in the Yggdrasil, speak with 
    Sigurd and head southeast to Babel Tower.
    (End Of FAQ/Strategy Guide At This Time, Please Read Other Sections listed 
    I hope that this FAQ/strategy guide of mine has helped you out as much as 
    possible.  The reason for all the "unnecessary" description and dialog was due 
    to the fact that I wanted to try something different.  By doing this, I'm 
    hoping that the player can easily follow what is happening throughout the 
    game's story line (as it can get quite confusing at times).  Kind of like 
    interacting with the game, if you put it that way.  
    In any case, I do not plan on expanding this FAQ/strategy guide anymore.  I 
    plan to leave it as it as it is and have no further plans on updating it.  A 
    lot of information has been given and I'm hoping that it does help in the 
    certain aspects of the game that it does cover.  I will at most try to finish 
    the rest of disk one but that is highly doubtful.  
    There is one way that I could finish this FAQ/strategy guide and that way is 
    if people really want me to finish it up.  If you want me to then please drop 
    me a line telling me so.  However, I highly doubt this will ever happen.
    This is an important section for those of you who want to send comments or 
    suggestions regarding this FAQ/strategy guide.  This would be greatly 
    appreciated as this is my first attempt at making this type of FAQ/strategy 
    Please send any comments, questions, or suggestions to:
    I also promise to respond within a day to any e-mails sent regarding this 
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    dumb, then tell me but please give reasons why it is so if you think that.  If 
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    There is also another special thing about this FAQ/strategy guide.  If you at 
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    If you give any helpful feedback or comments concerning this FAQ/strategy 
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    Once again, you can send anything to:
    1. Khoi Vo <kdtv@hotmail.com>..........Contributing on how to knock down 
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    Thanks for reading my FAQ/strategy guide and please send in any comments, 
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