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    Plot Walkthrough by JChang

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    Received: 10 Mar 1998 14:28:57 -0000
    This is a plot intensive walkthru for the beginiinh of Xenogears.
    It has only a few pieces of info related to actual gameplay.
    I didn't bother too much with discussing item locale or any of
    that stuff. You should have fun exploring. Keep in mind Xenogears is very
    different than standard RPGs. It is mostly story w/ bits of interactivity
    sqeezed in between. I am not finished with the game but I understand
    this is even more so on disk 2! I will be back with more story in April!
    Jon Chang: grind@interactive8.com
    As a large space ship which houses many people apporaches a new planet
    they detect and a biomechanical organism living inside the planet. When
    they try to take action the computer is infected by a virus! The crew
    frantically tries to contain this but when it becomes clear this is 
    impossible the captain orders the ship abandoned. As the ship turns 
    on the people on board and fleeing the captain orders the ship to 
    self destruct. The wreckage is left on the planets surface and a 
    mysterious woman rises raked form the fetal position to look 
    at the sunset.
    100 years later a war is happening on the planet between Kisleaid
    and Ave'. It has been going on for so long in stalemate no one
    even remembers when it began. But there is an event which changes
    the balance of war. A church finds and repaired weapons found in
    some ruins. These weapons are GEAR EARTHERS. From this point on
    the war becomes much more intense! Kisleib begins to win this war
    and a small faction called Gabura asks for Ave's help against the
    Kisleib. Ave' agrees. The story begins here in a frontier village
    called Kihara.
    FEI:Pieces of shit!
    FEI: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!(yelling as he attacks)
    FEI:(knocks down other gear) Gotcha!
    Gear rises again.
    FEI: What's going on!? I try and try but I can't kill him!
         Is he immortal?
    SHITAN:(wearing glasses) Stop this you can't fight here!
    FEI:Damn it! You bastard nuisance!(to Shitan)
    FEI: What? Why how did I get into this situation?
    Pull back to painting.
    FEI: I've really got it! I'm going to take a rest.
    HELPER: Hi Fei! So full of energy huh? Already it's been 3 years since 
    you came to this village! You were hurt badly and we didn't think you 
    would make it...You were brought here that day by a guy in a strange mask.
    He must've been your father. You don't remember do you? You kept
    crying "Father! Father!"
    LI:(head of ville) Who is it? Who are you? Have you come to leave this boy?
    HELPER: But you overcame all that and look how strong you've become!
    We all owe a great debt to master Li. If not for his kindness you
    wouldn't be here. Be sure to thank him!
    People stand in a diamond on the right. They are Timothy(left), Timothy's
    Father(top), Li(right) and Aruru's Uncle(bottom)
    LI: Oh Fei it's you! I want to talk about the marriage of Timothy and Aruru.
    How come you don't have a girlfriend? When I was your age I had a
    girlfriend and brought her here everyday. Even though you're a
    freeloader you can do the same(snicker). **Cough Cough**
    I have some important affairs to take care of please excuse me.
    ARURU'S UNCLE(that seems to be wearing a dress?!!!): I have mixed
    feelings she was so little! I can't believe she's getting married!
    TIMOTHY'S FATHER: Timothy is a lucky man. Aruru is both beautiful
    and kind! Please celebrate their marraige!
    TIM(othy):Hi Fei I want to talk to Chief Li about my marriage.
    FEI:At least you'll be married tomorrow.
    TIM: But I can't believe it!
    FEI:I really appreciate you guys. When I arrived here 3 years ago I woke
    up with amnesia. I didn't know ho I was or where I was. But Aruru cheered
    me, I don't know what would've become of me without her. Good luck! Be happy
    from the bottom of my heart!
    TIM: You flatter me. We've known each other since you were a little brat and 
    this moment on we are freinds!
    FEI: I hope so too.
    TIM:Talk to Aruru! I have to talk to Li and her Uncle.
    ---end convers.
    SERVING GIRL: Li thinks of you as his grandson. He lived alone for a very long 
    so you are very dear to him. Please don't do anything that would make him upset!
    DAN CONVERSATION(triggered when you attmept to exit the building)
    DAN:Brother Fei you're here!I've got to talk to you.
    FEI: Lively as ever eh Dan?
    TIM:Dan what're you doing busting in here?
    DAN: Timothy? You're here too? Leave me be! I'm Aruru's brother you have
    no relationship to me yet! I want to talk to brother Fei. Fei please speak with
    me outside!
    FEI:What's so important we can't talk of it here?
    DAN:I've got to talk to you man to man! I'll be out front. ...So long 
    FEI: What's his problem?
    TIM:I don't know! He'll be my brother tomorrow?!!!
    Talk to some people and you get pretty mundane stuff. About the wedding, 
    Li will try and figure out which crops to plant. There's a young boy on the
    roof of a bi-domed house who wants to fly like God. A young woman
    in the center of town finds it peculiar that women never leave
    the town they are born and die there. She asks you if you find
    this strange top is "yes" bottom is "no". Nothing to significant
    here...There is a shop that sells heal items.
    Aquasol (HP 50)
    Rosesol (EP 10)
    Omegasol(both but not in battle)
    Tent (We all know this one)
    There is long wooden shack/house this is the training room. Avoid they
    take 25 gp for their time and it's all control issues anyway...
    There is a hut with the Rock Paper Sissors champ of the town. He'll 
    play you for 50 gp. Top "yes" bottom "no". Trust me "no". He NEVER LOSES!
    If you do want to try the choices are (top to bot) rock, siccor, paper.
    Bets thing is to go down stairs talk to the old guy who asks you if you
    like the town. Top "yes" bottom "no". Yes gets you 120 gp. I never answered no.
    There's a tavern with a lot of drunk and sarcatsic people. You can ignore them
    except the 2 guys at the table who tell you :
    YOUNG MAN:If you go through the forseet of the the Black Month
    you will arrive at Ave' the land of giant fire! Should I go there for work?
    There's lots of sex and booze there! I'll risk it!
    OLD MAN: It's dangerous to go there. There's a big lizard like a 
    kimono dragon there!(this turns out to be a huge understatement)
    On the balcony/roof of the tavern there is a little girl who points out
    the way to the Black Month Forest. Her father works in Ave'. She hopes
    he'll come and take her and her mother there.
    Find Dan and begin..
    The gist of this is Dan wants Fei to marry his sister. To take
    her and run away so they can be happy. You'll be given a choice.
    The top is "yes" the bottom "no". I said no and stumbled into
    Aruru's house. Her mother blocks the door but will let you in. Go
    upstairs and meet Aruru. She and Fei have a sort of shy coy love
    thing going on between them. This goes back and forth for a few
    moments. Fei mentions his encounter with Dan and Aruru tells Fei
    that she sent him to get the cameras and junk for the wedding. He
    says that Dan is a little to young to be trusted and he'll get
    them from the professors hosue on the mt. She suddenly blurts out
    about it's a shame she can't marry someone from outside the
    village.Fei leaves. She wonders about the thread of fate.
    Leave the village for the castle on the Mt.
    (oh the first sign you will come to says
    Go into the door on the ground floor of the tower. You will find
    Shitan's wife and child preparing dinner. They will tell you
    Shitan is out back. There are 3 floors above this, although
    there's nothing to do there there is a cool telescope on the
    third floor. When you go out back Shintan is working on a "land
    crab" that's propped up on his shed. He's trying to fix it but
    it's beyond repair. Inside there is a rare item from the ruins.
    FEI: That song is familiar. I don't know why...That's good isn't it?
    SHITAN: Sorry I kept you waiting. Music is amazing eh? It reminds you
    of your past, memory, feelings whether you wish it or not.
    FEI: What is this?
    SHITAN: This was discovered in the ruins. It is a kind of music box
    it'still a little broken though. In old times it would bring tears to
    some people's eyes and joy to others.
    FEI: ....
    SHITAN: What brings you here today?
    FEI: I came to borrow your camera and lights for the wedding.
    SHITAN: Oh that's tomorrow already? I'll go get everything ready. My wife's
    cooking dinner would you like to eat with us?
    FEI: Sure I will.
    SHITAN: I have to clean up the garage could you go play w/Midari(his daughter)?
    FEI: OK. But I'll eat before you join us.
    SHITAN: hehe take your time!
    FEI: When I listen to this music I feel strange. I feel warm inside.
    SHITAN: I guess an old spirit must live inside you.
    SHITAN: A stable life is good for Timothy and Aruru. I'm going to adjust 
    the gyro on the land crab and then eat.
    exit FEI...statue shatters
    SHITAN: It's like an open...Is it starting?
    Dinner is finsihed with usual pleasnatries exchanged. Not much
    else. Fei leaves and everyone wishes him a safe trip. Shitan
    walks him out. On the way back we see the Gears fly by. The beginning seq
    was a prophecy of the future! Not a memory!!! Shitan joins Fei. They run to
    the village and find Timothy and Aruru who are searching for Dan in the 
    battle. Shitan insits they must get to safety and Fei says he will find Dan
    if he is in town. Fei searches outside while Shitan will searhc the houses.
    Timothy and Aruru relucantly leave. FMV seq w/ Fei jumping into Gear.
    Shitan protests. There is a battle.
    SHITAN: Somewhere inside Fei ,ay awaken the spirit of ancient battle.
    He finds Dan after this who was trying to save the wedding dress apparently
    passed from Aruru's mother to her. We see Fei fighting.
    SHITAN:  Fei has got the special gear. They must have it. He is suffering
    his nightmare and doom.
    Dan tries to intervene as well but Timothy reappears to get
    gunned down by a gear. Fei goes beserk ala Evangelion and wastes
    the town. Gears and people. When he awakes he has lost memory of
    the battle or is simply unaware of his actions? Dna calls him a
    murdere and the survivors of the town shun him Shitan suggests he
    should leave and take the gear or the enemy will return. Fei
    curses the gear and leaves on foot w/out it.
    Eventually you will come accross a young woman names Ele(eleheyem)
    she is the pilot of the gear Fei used. She refers to people who 
    live on the planet as Lams. She says she has killed any Lam that 
    got near to her and Fei should leave. She thinks he is an assain.
    He keeps coming she shoots him and is then attacked by 2 forest
    baddies. He cries "leave Ele alone" yet she has not introduced
    herself by name yet.
    Enter FMV where he as a boy yells at w alking column "Wait! Wait! Don't leave 
    A woman figure comes up to him and offers him a hand.
    Return to present.They are walking around in the day when they get
    into an argument about who's repsonsibility for the massacre at Kisleib.
    She claims she has no responsibility and they would've never wiped the
    village if he hadn't attacked them. He goes into a suicidal rant and she
    walks off to enter her own fmv seq where it becomes clear she was involved
    in a similar incident. When she goes to talk to him you have a boss fight.
    After this Shitan and Ele have a conversation while Fei sleeps by the fire.
    They converse in a language that is not of terrestrial origin and we
    are hinted at that Shitan knows a lot more than he's been letting on.
    He asks Ele to leave but she wants apologize for her remarks about
    his responsibility in the massacre. She says she always was taught to
    hate Lams because she is Abau, the chosen people of god. Lams are there slaves.
    Shitan wants to know why Ele would want to apologize to a slave. She has
    gained respect for Lams through FEI's slefless bravery earlier. However
    she leaves.
    End of this installment.

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