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    Translation Guide by Kain

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    Xenogears Plot Translations 
    by Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg) and other parties
    Disclaimer :
    I've decided, instead of spreading my numerous comments throughout this 
    document, to write most of them here instead. So bear with me ^_^.
    Firstly, I've only had one year of Japanese study, without a teacher or
    formal classes of any kind. My reference materials at present include one
    Nelson's dictionary. Therefore, some errors are going to be found, 
    especially those in the important scenes (by those I mean ones with lots of
    dialogue) Please take those with a pinch of salt; the exact amount of salt
    being in direct proportion to the complexity of the scene. ^_^
    Okay, enough excuses. Sanity dictates that I, a lowly student, should not
    have attempted a task of this magnitude, but hey, since when did I consider
    myself sane? However, ANY information, corrections and help will be
    much appreciated, especially from people more proficient in the language.
    And lastly, writing this thing is a lot of work. Please notify me before 
    using it for any purposes. 
    Whoops, very, very last note : this is a slowly evolving document; please
    check back every update for new info. I will be providing an Update section
    to assist readers.
    Note following the news of the English release :
    Next time Square, tell me BEFORE you decide to release a game. That was 
    162K of hard work you wasted.
    Mumble moan grumble...^_^
    Okay, I do believe I am justified in complaning a bit, but now let's get 
    down to business. Following lots of supportive comments from my readers,
    I have decided to go ahead and finish translating the plot, but in a
    reduced form this time - namely, a summary.
    So I'm afraid you won't be getting my usual detailed as-close-as-possible
    to the game style this time; however, the summary at the bottom should
    clear up most of the Xenogears plot.
    Now, Square better include my name in the Special Thanks section if they
    rip from my FAQ. ^_^
    Xenogears Translations - Version 1.38
    This should be the last or next-to-last version, so hang in there.
    Anyway, the latest edition of this will still be posted to Gamefaqs whenever
    it's done, so don't worry. ^_^
    Version 1.3 - Lots of info added, Disclaimer added, contributors credited
    many corrections made and formatting redone. Basically a major overhaul.
    Start of Versions list. If you got an earlier version than this it probably 
    sucked. ^_^
    Version 1.32 - Added Unsure Scenes section, and translations till 
    up to the return to the Yggdrasil with Mal.
    Version 1.33 - More corrections to some of the earlier scenes thanks to 
    Ben Chu, as well as some miscellaneous spelling errors. Did more corrections
    after input from Joe Chan and Ignacio Delucas; corrected some mistyped names
    too. Quite a big update; I'm getting much better with practise, so this thing 
    will hopefully be done faster. Covers up to after the fight with Dora and
    the appearance of the red Gear.
    Version 1.34 - Miscellaneous corrections made, as well as some plot and name
    ones, thanks to input from Joe Chan of Playstation Gamer. Big additions in
    the form of redone Unsure Scenes, very kindly supplied by Ben Chu, as well as
    some corrections to the earlier scenes. Notes section added. Translations 
    till up to after Shebat completed.
    Version 1.35 - Added two Notes. Made lots and lots of corrections to previous
    scenes with the continued assistance of Tomo1657 and Ben Chu - I'd advise a 
    re-read to get all the new stuff. Thanks a lot, guys! Cleared up some
    formatting problems and made many miscellaneous changes. Added translations 
    till up to the Second Disc. Yes, folks, I know this is late : you can 
    blame schoolwork, Parasite Eve, my other game FAQs, Starcraft, and a nasty 
    cold. ^_^ Redid Credits section.
    Version 1.36 - Corrected some name changes in the text, took out some
    clarified Unsure Scenes. Made lots of corrections thanks to Eiji Tanaka's
    helpful mail to me. Decided on summary format to finish up the document.
    I know this is VERY late guys...
    Version 1.37 - Corrected even more stuff.
    Version 1.38 - Almost there! Once again, the indomitable Eiji Tanaka has come
    to the rescue with a ton of information, currently displayed here for your 
    reading pleasure. Corrected more miscellanous stuff. Just hang in there a 
    little longer - I should be done by Version 1.4 at least.
    Credits (at the top for once)
    Major assitance was rendered by :
    1. Ben Chu, whose invaluable corrections and scenes account for much of the
    information in the document.
    2. Tomo1657, who also checks and adds loads of good stuff periodically.
    3. Joe Chan of Playstation Gamer, for the very helpful corrections he
    makes after every update.
    4. Eiji Tanaka, for giving me the information required for a big update as 
    well as offering summary assistance.
    5. Ignacio Delucas, for looking at things from a Japanese-illiterate 
    player's perspective, helping out with gameplay, including a link to this in
    his Xenogears FAQ, and being a general all-around assistant and pep talk 
    supplier. ^_^
    Lots of other people helped as well - these include :
    Chris Cruz who corrected my mistranslation of "kyokai" or "Church" (my 
    previous being "Labs") and Joe Chan (a different one! ^_^)) for allowing me 
    to use some information from his own Xenogears translations, QueenVera, for 
    miscellaneous help and assistance, MistaKefka for sending Tomo my way, CJayC
    for hosting this at Gamefaqs, Jens Liermann for the German words and any 
    others who have offered help or encouragement in the writing of this massive
    document. Thanks a lot!
    Scenes which I am still unsure of :
    I think this will help in the general comprehension of the document and game
    a bit more; I hope it will also assist contributors in deciding which parts 
    to double-check. I'll use this rating system :
    * = May have slight errors; I didn't get all the dialogue. Not likely to
    be far off. You can consider this safe; it's just me trying to be as 
    complete as possible.
    ** = A important word or two I didn't catch, uncertain terms, the text scrolled
    too fast, a paragraph or so missed. Not so safe; might have missed some 
    important info. This will be noted in the actual translation itself.
    *** = Big chunks of dialogue missing, a whole bunch of difficult kanji,
    totally confusing (seeming to contradict) information and the like. Not to
    be taken as correct at any time. Will be flagged in the text, don't worry; 
    hopefully, no scenes will be of this nature.
    The Scenes : (in chronological order)
    1. Jeekman's conversation with the masked woman and his aides - (*) 
    Amazingly, there are some words here which my very comprehensive dictionary
    doesn't even have. No matter; I don't think I've missed out anything again.
    2. Wiseman's conversation with Fei (*) - Just a check.
    3. The whole long Solaris scene - (**) I'm actually pretty sure of this
    one, but because it's so important to the game's storyline a check is almost
    a necessity.
    4. Scenes from Zeboim to Shebat - (*) I was simply playing too hard to
    get everything. ^_^
    5. Another flying heads scene somewhere in that area (**) - Forgot it
    entirely besides some details.
    6. Bart's coronation (*) - Missed two bits of info; see section below.
    7. Discussion about third gate (*) - Missed how they discovered it's 
    8. Flashback with Karuren (*) - Didn't get some lines.
    9. Whole long Heads\Shitan discovery (**) - Difficult dialogue. As with
    all info integral to the plot, a check will be much appreciated.
    10. Shitan\Id conversation. (*) - Check needed.
    BTW, I also missed one anime cut-scene; the one where Fei's dad is seen 
    talking to two others. However, expect a *** rating for that one; not only
    does Fei's dad have a really deep voice and penchant for difficult words, my
    vocal Japanese comprehension isn't all that hot either. ^_^
    Notes, otherwise known as the ubiquitous Miscellaneous section.
    1. I'm not doing every single bit of dialogue. You want that, you pay me. ^_^
    What I am doing, though, is as complete a translation as I can possibly manage,
    and leave out all the little unimportant bits. So if there's stuff in the
    game, or a scene or two, that I didn't do, it's probably because it's not
    important. However, the unlikely possibility exists that I may have missed
    something - in that case, mail me and I'll fix it.
    2. NO townspeople. I simply can't do that and have a life. ^_^
    3. You will notice a lot of quotation marks in the document. There are two
    instances in which I will use them; when they appear in the game and when
    I'm quoting game text. Just a clarification.
    4. Finally, when I write "something", or "some sort of" in the text, it
    *usually* means that it's not so clear in the game, but it could also mean
    that I'm slightly unsure of the scene.
    5. In the case of corrections to my scenes, I will be editing them and 
    adding them straight into my version as a part of the document. (After 
    clearing with Ben Chu on the issue) This will, I'm sure, ensure a smoother 
    flow of the text.
    6. I'll be using my own renditions of the names in the game, not the official
    Square ones, simply because I want to. So there. ^_^
    7. "Flying heads" is my pet term for the three people in suits who appear
    during the sequences with orbs whirling around them.
    All these disclaimers are because Xenogears is a very wordy game, with a lot
    more talking (nearly thrice the amount, I think, in the entire FF7) than 
    many other RPGs.
    On with the show!
    The intro text at first is in English, so you should be able to understand 
    it without too much difficulty. The ship that comes into view is an 
    immigration ship carrying thousands of humans. In the cockpit, a warning 
    light suddenly flashes - the deck operators report that temperature is 
    rising and that energy is going out of control. The Captain orders a cabinet
    exploded, but the operators report that it has no effect. The Captain then 
    calls up the engineer but doesn't get a responce. He orders a full ship
    evacuation after hearing this. After going up to his room, Captain sees 
    that the ship's own security system is shooting down the evacuating planes.
    He glances one last time at a photo of his family, and activates the ship's
    self-destruct function.  The ship blows up and falls to a nearby planet 
    where a woman wakes up in the middle of the debris.  She observes two lights
    landing far away...
    ("I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last." comes from the actual 
    text of The Book of Revelation. It means god exists from the beginning, 
    and will remain until the end. The New Testament beginns with the letter 
    "alpha" and ends with the letter "omega", BTW.  The opening movie is 
    acutally the "alpha" where it all began.)
    In the opening, several things about the world are revealed. Firstly, there 
    seems to be a war of some sort between two countries, Kisreb and Ave. The 
    Gears are a product of that war; found in ancient ruins, they changed the 
    way wars were fought entirely. Also, previously, Kisreb forces were winning
    the war because of the greater amount of resources they had access to, but 
    after Ave initiated a war program called Gebra, assisted by a man named 
    Graf, the terms were equalized. (Note that Graf is NOT part of Gebra, 
    merely an assistant.)
    BTW, an important term is introduced in the opening. The word is "kyokai", 
    rendered approximately as "learning place." or "Church". I'll use Church 
    here, but will also use quotation marks around it when the word appears. 
    Apparently the "Churches" were created after the discovery of ruins. 
    Presently, they are a religious group that controls all Gear manufacture in
    the world.
    Basically the same as Ignacio's FAQ; you see Timothy, and Fei thanks him for
    being his friend these years, especially as he can't remember anything about
    his past. Dan, Alur's younger brother, then comes in the door and asks Fei 
    to talk to him in private. Fei wants to know why; it turns out that Dan 
    wants Fei to run off with his sister instead of marry Timothy. ^_^ Finally, 
    you go to see Alur.
    BTW, Fei is not from the village; he was brought to the village by a 
    strange man three years ago and has been taken care of by Lee, the village
    elder, for that time. However, Dan addresses him as "onii-chan" (older brother) a
    common term of respect used for any older male.)
    Alur talks about a strange wind that has been about lately. She and Fei seem
    to have\had some kind of a relationship, romantic or otherwise, (they both 
    speak in a very stitled fashion, as if they want to say something more but 
    don't) but their speech gives no clue to as what kind it may be. When Fei is 
    about to leave, Alur tells him to wait and asks him to ask Shitan, the village
    doctor, to lend her his camera. Fei agrees and then leaves; Alur looks at her
    wedding dress and says that she was a fool...
    (Note : Shitan is addressed as "sensei" by most people during the game. This
    appellation is a sign of respect used to refer to any senior person, especially
    one well-learned. Shitan is called this as he is very proficient in both
    medicine and mechanics.)
    Most of the villagers talk about the upcoming wedding of Alur and Timothy, 
    although there is one who gives you the Mermaid's Tears when you speak to him
    (in the bar).
    So off you go to see your sensei (Shitan) to fix Alur's camera. Upon getting
    there you get to the Land Crab and natter for a bit with him until the music
    box scene; Fei says he finds it sad and it brings back some memories, while
    Shitan says that music is strange; it can make people sad or happy, help 
    them to remember or forget...Fei leaves to eat Yui's cooking, which 
    apparently is really good ^_^ (Shitan and Yui are married; it's revealed
    later.) when the box breaks. Shitan is left wondering whether it was an omen 
    and whether or not "it has begun..."
    BTW, the little girl, Midori, is very silent; even when Fei asks her to go 
    out and play she responds with "..."
    After the meal, Fei goes back to the village when the village gets
    attacked! They meet Alur and Timothy at the village gate; after a bit
    of conversation, Fei and Shitan run off to find the missing Dan, while
    the two fiancees escape. The Gear that Fei gets into suddenly appears and 
    kneels to him; Fei stutters a bit (he's surprised and confused) before 
    jumping in, followed by Shitan who exhorts his student to stop fighting, at 
    the same time wondering whether Fei has "awakened." yet. Shitan sure seems 
    to know a lot more than he lets on...
    The first battle ensues. A bunch of Gears then surround Fei, whacking him,
    when Timothy reappears; Dan having been saved from a burning house by
    Shitan. The Gears blast Timothy after their leader commands them to with a
    single hand motion; seeing this, Fei goes nuts and annihilates the whole 
    village (and enemies) with his Gear. VERY nice anime cut scene here.
    Just a note; there seem to be many EVA things here still, just like in 
    FF7...Yui's name, Fei's "berserk" (Even Shitan says : "Fei no Gia shistemu 
    bosou da..." (Fei's Gear's systems went berserk), and some other stuff...
    Fei then awakes in a clearing. Dan calls him a murderer and accuses him of 
    having killed everyone, "especially Alur-niichan and Timothy" and the 
    villagers run off, some screaming in pain and for their mothers, saying that 
    he's frightening and a monster (In fact, everyone except Shitan, including 
    Fei, refer to his Gear as "bakemono" or monster). After Dan demands that Fei 
    return his older sister, Shitan intercedes and says that is was because the 
    Gear went berserk (see above) to which Dan simply laughs and runs away. 
    Shitan advises Fei to head to Ave;  seeing as the attakcing Gears were from 
    Kisreb, that would be the safest place to go to. Fei then runs off after 
    Shitan tells him about the "Forest of the Black Moon.", which leads to Ave 
    and where he's now going.
    Meeting with Ellie in the woods, who backs Fei off with a gun, then realizes
    that he's not "the one from Kisreb sent after me." (BTW, in the cut scene, 
    she speaks in another language before switching to Japanese.) She tells Fei 
    not to move, but he does, saying that he deserves to die anyway. After she 
    misses her first shot, he tells her to fire again, and at his heart this 
    time. Ellie then says that he's "strange" (probably because he seems like 
    he WANTS to die) just before a monster attacks her from behind and Fei has 
    to rescue her. (An important note : as Fei rushes the monster that attacked 
    Ellie, he says "don't touch Ellie!" But Ellie hasn't even told Fei her name 
    at this point...) This is not a script error; the name "Ellie" appears in 
    quotation marks.
    After that, Fei asks Ellie for her name, and why she isn't talking to him 
    even though he helped her. Ellie finally replies and says that she is 
    surprised that a "Lams" is helping her, an "Abal." According to her, "Lams"
    is the term she gives for those people living on the surface of the planet; 
    Abal are those who live above and are ultimately superior. 
    (BTW, literally, the "Abal" are the "Shepherds of the Flock" and the
    "Lams" are the Cattle. This is yet another Bible reference.) 
    Fei then suggests that they both search for the exit from the forest, and 
    then asks her for her name again after giving his own; if they're going to 
    be cooperating they should know each other better. Ellie gives her name 
    (her real name is Elehayym) and they go to sleep.
    In Fei's dream, Fei is watching a line of people, apparently dead, march 
    through the desert. He begs them to take him with them, but they walk on into
    the horizon and he is left crying just as woman wearing the a cross on her neck
    comes up to him and asks him if he'd like to come with her - just as Fei wakes
    The next morning, both search for the exit to the forest. Once they're across
    the stone bridge, Ellie asks Fei about yesterday; Fei wants to know WHAT 
    about yesterday. Ellie replies by saying that he looked like he wanted to 
    commit suicide at that time. Fei begins to recount the tragedy at the 
    village; surprisingly, Ellie interjects halfway by telling him he's a 
    (The flashback Ellie has here is of her and her comrades escaping from 
    Kisreb after stealing a Gear from them. One of her team is shot down, and 
    soon after, so is she. Fei is inadvertently blaming her as well in his
    Again, this time, not surprisingly at all, Fei demands angrily to know
    why he's a coward. Ellie states her reasons as such; the attack wasn't his
    fault, he tried his best and if he's now going to take the responsibility of
    the attack on himself instead of doing better he's a coward. Anyway, why he
    did he try to get in a Gear which he was not sure of operating instead of
    helping the villagers evacaute? Fei retorts with "The stench of blood, the 
    sound of bones breaking, the cries of pain; did you hear those?" and some
    other phrases, finally sitting on the ground in anguish. Ellie then runs off
    The anime cut scene here is quite strange; the person scolding Ellie is 
    doing so in the exact same way Ellie has scolded Fei (right down to the 
    choice of words). The scene then changes to a hallway with 3 to 4 men 
    apparently approaching her - Ellie screams at them to not get nearer to her,
    when suddenly an explosion is heard and blood is seen on her hands as well
    as on the floor. She then cries "No! It wasn't me" as Fei appears and says
    it's his fault.
    Ellie walks on, calmly murmuring that it's her fault, when she is then 
    attacked by the Lankar. Of course, Fei rushes to the rescue; after a few 
    rounds of combat, Shitan arrives in the Land Crab with your Gear. Fei tells 
    him to shoot him down if he goes berserk once again; Shitan says that 
    they'll be no need for things like that. Once you beat the beast, (with the 
    Gear) all of your party retire for the night. Shitan also reveals, during 
    the fight, that Fei's Gear is called the "Weltall."
    Shitan discovers the Gear has broken parts; he decides to accompany you to
    obtain them. Meanwhile, as Fei sleeps, Shitan and Ellie have a discussion.
    Shitan has deduced, from an empty Gear at the village and lost ID tags, that
    Ellie is a member of the team from Kisreb sent to recover Fei's Gear (which 
    is a prototype Kisreb one which was recently excavated), who was shot down 
    in mid-air. (Ellie is part of Gebra, led by Graf, who is again assisting
    Ave in this.)
    I know I have agreed to assimilate updates into the text, but since this is
    a script addition, it gets a special section to itself. ^_^
    Shitan\Ellie conversation, by Ben Chu, edited by me.
    Shitan mentions the other gear besides the Weltall that he found at the 
    outskirts of the village. "Is it yours, Ellie?" he asks in the Solarian 
    language. Shitan came to this conclusion because of 4 factors:
    1) abandoned gear of a different type than Kisreb
    2) missing pilot
    3) a girl wandering around the forest at the same time of the attack
    4) Ellie's military uniform
    Shitan suggests Ellie leave Fei and him for two reasons:
    1) Something bad is happening around Fei and he wants to protect Fei.
    Also he wants to protect Fei from any kind of conflicts or wars as 
    much as possible, and of course he doesn't want Ellie get involved with
    2) Ellie doen't belong here. She belongs to her country (Solaris) and 
    her family back home. Ellie wants to stay little longer to apologize to Fei 
    about what she said before.  Shitan, on the other hand, finds her attitude 
    and behavior very unusual for someone from Solaris.
    Shitan : "To them (the people of Solaris), the ones who dwell on the surface            
    are like cattle."
    Ellie : "Shephard Abal" control the earthly people "Lams' as well as their 
    right to live and die."
    Shitan : "That's right, but even so you felt guilty and responsible for           
    what you did to Fei, a Lams. Why?"
    Ellie : "I don't know why. I am from Yugento Academy, and was taught that
    "Lams" are stupid and uncivilized...that's why we need to control them, 
    Shitan : "So when you met Fei, the things you learnt contradict what you 
    Ellie : "Yes, they aren't very different from us. Rather, they are tougher 
    and more self reliant, like they possess something we don't, and he 
    even risked his life to save me twice."
    Shitan : "People up there (Solaris) will take it as a disgrace to be               
    helped and even saved by Lams, but you rather appreciate Fei."
    Ellie : "I was probably influenced by my father - he's open minded toward             
    Lams. My nanny was Lams, although he kept her in secret. In addition, I have
    the same thing inside me as Fei does."
    Shitan : "Same?...Still, you'll be better off going back home." (The tone 
    indicates Shitan already figured out what Ellie meant to say)
    In addition, Shitan remarks that Ellie has seemed to realize that Lams
    are human beings, not simply the livestock that the people of Solaris treat 
    them as.
    Ellie told Shitan that she wouldn't forget all the things with Fei and that
    she will regret not having apologised to Fei later on. Shitan told Ellie, 
    "I once was like you too." Then Ellie left.
    (end correction)
    The next morning, Fei asks Shitan if Ellie's left, then reveals that he 
    wasn't really asleep and heard the entire conversation. After Shitan attempts
    to explain, Fei dismisses it as nothing and instead inquires as to the
    welfare of the villagers. Shitan says they're with his wife in town. The two
    then embark on their journey, but are stopped by the appearance of a flying
    ship in the air, which Shitan says is part of Ave's war program, led by Graf.
    Fei doesn't know who he is; Shitan tells him, mentioning as well that Graf's
    special division is supposed to collect ruins and other related materials.
    Once in the Desert Town of Dajir, head one of the building in front of town.
    (There's an inn and shop here; good place to gain levels as well) There,
    Shitan will learn that since they town supplies Ave troops with only basic 
    parts, not military-issue material, parts for your Gear can not be found. Fei
    and Shitan then discuss the situation; Fei expresses no desire to pilot the 
    Gear (because it destroyed the village) while Shitan puts it to him in this 
    way; evidently, since both Ave and Kisreb troops are looking for it (one to 
    recover it and one to obtain it) he had better use it or get killed.
    Another note : In the inn here, you will meet an Elvis-esque character called
    Big Joe. He will appear several times during the game, speaking in bad English
    (^_^) and helping you sometimes. 
    After that, go to the house next to the Sandbuggy; Shitan will borrow it to 
    search for the parts (an X-29 Injection System) and leave your party. The 
    owner will then tell Fei that the desert is dangerous; Fei begins to worry 
    about his friend (now, why didn't the owner say that BEFORE? I don't think 
    normal people like losing their Sandbuggies...)
    Character note : as it's not very obvious from my summaries, I'll tell you a
    bit more about the characters. Basically, Fei talks in a very "heroic" tone
    (the way most main characters in games speak), and Ellie and Shitan in very
    polite ones, Ellie, however, sounds hesitant and unsure of herself. Just a 
    Head north. You will see two Ave Gears; follow them as they move off over the 
    dunes. Make sure you're at least reasonably strong as well, as you'll be
    fighting enemies along the way. Once you're progressed far enough, Fei will
    worry about his teacher, and "borrow" one of the Ave troops bikes. ^_^
    (Exact words : "Sorry about that; can I borrow this?") I don't know about the
    strange flying object that passes overhead...but Fei says that the troops
    seem to be pursuing it.
    With the bike, Fei rides on until dusk, at which time he is ambushed. Shitan
    arrives with Gear in tow once again and you beat the butt of the sorry tin
    cans that attack you (BTW, Fei does his usual "I don't want to pilot this"
    bit again). Someone known only as "the man in black robes" appears, and
    we get a cut-scene of Small Fei saying "No, not me! (BTW, this is very
    ambiguous...the original "boku ja nai!" could mean "I didn't do it".
    However, this is definitely the Small Fei talking because he uses the
    term "boku" instead of "ore", Fei's normal term of address.)
    The whole converstion with the guy is iffy at best; they talk about the
    meaning of power and strength; Fei has his own views, which, not
    surprisingly, are different than the other fellow's. The man's name is
    Graf (yes, the same Graf responsible for Ave's war program) and he also seems
    to have known Fei's father. As expected, once he drops that tidbit of info, 
    Fei demands to know more. After hinting that he came here to meet Fei or that
    Fei is needed somehow (he also knows of Fei's mishap with the village), he 
    summons a worm and flies off.
    Clarification by Ben Chu; once again, I tidied it up a bit, but the original
    language is the same.
    This is the scene of Fei's first conversation with Graf after Fei 
    defeated 2 Ave gears in desert near Dajir: 
    (Graf, standing besides his gear) "You just can't resist the calling of war
    in your blood."    
    Anime scenes:
    Fei : "I knew this guy well before..."
    Then, a shot of Little Fei stained with blood and crying, "I'm not the one 
    who killed mom! Not me!"
    Another boy that looks like Fei but with long hair covering his face comes
    forward and says, "Yes, it's you."
    Anime ends, now return to the regular scene.
    Fei : "You were the one at Lahan!"
    Graf : "I am Graf, the seeker of power, Fei. Your power...I saw enough of 
    it at Lahan."
    Fei :"My power? What are you talking about?"
    Graf : "In order to reach my goal, I need much greater power, so I sent the
    Weltall to Lahan, in order to awake that power of yours as you made contact
    with your gear."
    Fei : "So you are the one who started all this?"
    Graf : "Yes. The death of your friends; you could do nothing but watch and 
    realize your powerlessness - all this sorrow and desperation will become the 
    source and the cost in exchange for awakening of your power."
    Fei :  "For that...... just for making me get into the gear, you attacked 
    the village!? Why! Explain why did you have to sacrifice the lives of 
    Graf : "I don't know - I don't feel anything to see those worthless ones 
    dying. They are the one who forgot their own birth duties (Graf means the 
    purpose they were created for), rather than choose to enjoy daily happiness.
    By the way, did you forget?  YOU are the one who destroyed the village. All
    I can remember about my wrong doing was simply lowering one hand.
    Fei : "No! My actions were because I wanted to save the people; I didn't 
    have anything to do with destroying!"
    Graf : "What's the point ? You should have heard for yourself the voice of 
    desire and destruction from within you."
    Fei : "Shut up!   Even if I actually heard it, weren't you the one who 
    intentionally triggered the whole incident?  If you hadn't come to the 
    village, then the tragedy wouldn't have happened!"
    Graf : "Hm! Now you are passing the blame. Oh yes, you and your quotes (?) have
    always been like this too. It doesn't matter - your self instinct toward the 
    destruction won't change."
    Fei : ".............You said you wanted my power. For what?"
    Graf : "You should know it now - to destroy the god, the mother of 
    us all."
    Fei : "Destroy the god?"
    Graf : "That's right, that's our goal, and our birth duty." 
    (Birth duty is the English rendition of another term. Best I could come up
    Fei : "Cut the crap!  I won't lend my hand to do that kind of thing! I don't 
    care whatever the god is, if you want to kill it, then go ahead do it by yourself."
    Graf : "Hee hee hee, you resemble your father."
    Fei : "Father?  You knew him?"
    Graf : "That was a delightful cry from him; nothing is more beautiful than 
    the desperate cry of a human when put into a life and death situation."
    Fei : "What happened? What did you do to him?"
    Then Graf summons a giant worm, Fei beats the monster, then Graf wants Fei
    to find out by himself by challenging him later when Fei become strong 
    enough to face him and force him out the truth. Then Graf disappears as he 
    warns Fei that, "You will get what you want in exchange for your deepest 
    fear and desperation. Ha ha ha.....!"
    (End correction)
    Fei and Shitan are then taken into an enemy sandcrawler. Shitan asks him if
    he's okay after the fight; after Fei doesn't respond, Shitan then asks him
    if it's because Graf mentioned his father. Fei says yes and you both go to 
    Okay, I've finally gotten some info about the mysterious first conversation 
    Shitan has with Kain. Here it is :
    (this is what Kain says, paraphrased and edited somewhat)
    "We "people" were exiled from "paradise", when God fell asleep. We must
    lived on the Earth's surface where it is too cruel for us to exist. But we 
    will go back to paradise, the place loved by God, soon. It is a time of 
    evangelism. The time must be coming soon. We the "Gazel" have to find the 
    place where god is sleeping and wake him. If we cannot we are doomed."
    Meanwhile, Bart, Sigurd and Meison aboard the Yggdrasil begin firing upon
    the sancrawler; rather, Bart begins the attack and the others tell him to 
    wait. ^_^ Needless to say, Bart disregards the advice and as it are being 
    hit, Shitan and Fei decide to escape from the now-sinking vessel.
    Once outside, Shitan tells Fei to run to the Weltall, now attached to the
    end of the crane. Fei does so, only stopping just before he jumps in to
    remark that he and his Gear's relationship isn't the best of ones. After
    the escape from the ship, Bart promtply attacks Fei, thinking he's an Ave
    soldier despite the latter's protests. They become too involved in the 
    fighting and sink down into the desert amdist the fray.
    The prisoners on the sandcrawler are much gratified at their rescue; not so
    the pirates (Bart's men are referred to as such), who instead say that
    rescuing people was not one of their intentions. Shitan asks Sigurd
    about Bart, his superior; the eye-patched man replies that Bart will be
    recovered soon enough, and directs his men to continue searching. Shitan
    also mentions that their meeting was probably not chance; isn't that scary? 
    Sigurd asks whether or not something has started from this...
    (BTW, Sigurd refers to Shitan as "Hyuga", another name. This will be important
    later on...)
    Note : The Yggdrasil, Bart's ship, is named after the Tree of Life in Celtic
    mythology. It's branches reach up to Asgard, heaven, and roots down to 
    Niffleim, hell. Incidentally, it's the name of the giant computer system
    that controls reality in AMG as well. ^_^
    This is not a minor detail; it enhances the theme of gods already quite
    present in the game. BTW, Shitan and Sigurd have met before, as evinced by 
    their conversation.
    Bart and Fei meanwhile are introduced, the former surprised at the fact that
    no, his erstwhile opponent was not an Ave soldier after all. (Fei : "That's
    what I told you before!" ^_^) They decide to search for an exit from the 
    cave, which, according to Bart, was made several hundred years before by
    volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. 
    Once they have gotten beyond the boulder in the cave, Bart becomes amazed
    at the Weltall's abilities and also brags about his gear. Fei does not like 
    how Bart mentions finishing the duel, and points out that he doesn't enjoy 
    fighting, unlike Bart. Upon hearing this, Bart gets angry. He questions why 
    Fei thinks Bart enjoys fighting, and Fei answers that it is obvious. 
    Bart feels disgraced and offers to continue the duel, but Fei calmly 
    suggests that they will end up dead if they don't corporate. Bart is not 
    completely satisfied, but the two advance on.
    Upon entering Balthazar's house, Bart remarks that there actually is a person
    living here; the old man introduces himself and mentions that the two have 
    really advanced gears and that he could tell it from the footsteps. After 
    that, Bart happens to glance at the fossils on the walls and inquires as to 
    them. Balthasar replies that he lives here to "collect things" and that 
    those are some of those things that he's been able to collect.
    When you take a look at them, Bal tells you some are quite quite old; over
    5000 years, to be exact. Fei then notices that some are not human; Bal
    instead replies by saying that he believes in the old legends. Bart asks if 
    that's evolution (if Bal believes in it); Bal asks you whether you have heard 
    about the theory of evolution from the "Church". Bal also says that he thinks
    mankind did not exist until 10,000 years ago; the skeletal fossils seem to 
    support this theory. He tells that he does not believe in the evolution
    theory of the church.
    Bal then proceeds to tell you of the old legends once Fei asks about them :
    Long ago, humans and gods lived together in the Garden of Eternal Summer.
    However, the humans feared death, and, seeking to escape it, ate the Fruit
    of Wisdom of the gods hoping that they knowledge would enable them to escape
    their eventual fate. The gods, angered by this act, cast them down to the 
    earth for their temerity and barred them from the Garden. In retaliation,
    the humans created giants using their newfound knowledge and began to battle
    the gods.
    Finally, the gods not being immune to harm, they decided to take their 
    wounded, along with their Garden, and sink to the bottom of the ocean,
    flooding the land. But before they did so, they ensured that some humans 
    would still remain on the Earth. 
    (Yes, you're reading the Bible symbolisms correctly; there really are in 
    there. ^_^ Also, this is NOT a direct translation from the game, rather, 
    it's a summation in my own terms.)
    After saying that that was simply conjecture and folktale, Bal asks them
    whether or not they're searching for an exit. As Bart and Fei reply in the
    affirmative, Bal tells them that the gate next to his house can be used
    after the twin sensors in the gate have been deactivated; apparently the
    gate was designed to keep out sand (rockfall) when Ave was using the cave 
    as an excavation site. Now that they're not, you still have to do the bit
    with the sensors or the gate will not open.
    Once you've opened the gate, Bal will leave to take a look at your Gears;
    however, before that, Bart asks Bal if he knows where the most powerful Gears
    in the world are. Bal responds with a quotation from somewhere talking about
    a matchless warrior who path is now extinguished; he then asks Bart whether 
    or not, by "the powerful Gears" he means the Gear Bara?
    Bart is excited that Bal knows about it; however, the latter dismisses it as
    yet another legend and advises the two not to think about it. He then goes 
    off to inspect your Gears while the two chat. 
    Fei thinks the old man is harmless, while Bart is of the view that he's
    not what he seems; "probably here to dig up Gears." They are interrupted
    in their conversation (now about the validity of the old legends) by Bal's
    cry of shock. Upon seeing the Weltall, he exclaims that it is "the one 
    who destroys the gods."
    (Note : the exact term used by Bal is "hyodai", meaning a tool or a body 
    which can be manipulated by someone for evil purposes.)
    Fei questions him as to what he means; Bal instead shoos them out. Go through
    the gate and forward; you will eventually encounter the Calamity robot.
    After destroying it, Bart will enjoy his victory. Fei, however, is more 
    silent; it turns out that he has good reason to when the Calamity arises 
    again. Fei then proceeds to rip the Gear to pieces with a new technique,
    which, after Bart asks about, admits he can't remember. (This is, in fact, 
    Fei's most powerful attack in the game.)
    Bart and Fei emerge into the open air, when Bart says to head towards the 
    twin peaks in the distance. After some travelling, the two will board the 
    Yggdrasil; Meison and Sigurd will both introduce themselves. (Meison is
    sorta like a butler, and Sigurd the sub-commander of the ship) Bart will
    also get pulled off by his ear. ^_^ Shitan will inquire as to Fei's health;
    the latter instead stares, preoccupied, at the Weltall, before saying that
    it's nothing...
    The Yggdrasil leaves for Bart's hideout. Bart is mobbed by kids the moment
    he gets back; they demand a souvenir, which Bart produces. ^_^ Bart, busy
    with Gear refittiing, tells Meison to take care of the guests and to give
    them some tea. Meison leads you to the dining room.
    There, some of the history of Bart is revealed; Shitan deduces through some
    guesswork and rumor that Bart is actually Bartholomew Fatima, the son of the
    late King of Fatima thought to be dead at 12 with an illness. Meison says
    that is true; or rather, that is what the public knows. In actuality, Ave
    was seized by a person named Shakan, who deposed the King and drove Bart and
    his family out of the castle. They escaped through the use of the Yggdrasil,
    a vehicle orginally intended for excavation purposes.
    Meison then goes on to elaborate the political position of that period. Both
    Ave and Kisreb are intensifying their efforts at unearthing the old relics,
    and if this continues, rebellion will break out. Another factor complicates
    this; the younger cousin of Bart, Marguerite (also known as Mal) is still 
    held hostage in Ave by Shakan. Finally, the search for the "treasure" of 
    Nisan (Mal's original country) is still on as well. Shitan provides a running
    series of quite intelligent and perceptive questions during the conversation.
    (I guess wearing those spectacles does wonders for him...^_^)
    Bart then comes in, complaning about the Gear work. Shitan asks him whether
    the "treasure" is a powerful Gear. Bart concurs and says that it is recorded 
    in the scroll of Ave that one exists. Shitan is about to ask about the 
    scroll when Bart leaves, telling Shitan that he'll explain once inside the 
    command room.
    Once there, Shitan asks about the amount of electronics and material here;
    Bart replies that Sigurd supplied it. He then activates a screen on the 
    floor and begins his tale.
    According to Bart, the Gear he's searching for is the lost "treasure" of Ave,
    (also referred to as the "Blue Jade") found by immigrants to the country and 
    eventually sealed during the coming of the last days. (Either that or "lent" 
    to the people of Ave's; slight fuzziness here) After finishing his story, 
    Shitan sums it up nicely; their first priority is to rescue Mal from Shakan, 
    then search for the Gear? (The "Blue Jade" that Bart and his enemies are
    looking for seems to have been passed down from the head of the Fatima 
    dynasty, Fatima I.)
    (Note : the "Blue Jade" is actually the blue eyes of the line of Fatima, 
    which hold the key to an ancient power kept by the royal family.)
    Bart expresses suspicion that Shitan, knowing so much about the state of 
    affairs, is actually a spy from Shakan! Shitan stammers out that he's simply
    a curious person...to which Bart replies that his earlier comment was only a
    joke. ^_^ Bart then asks both Fei and Shitan to assist him; especially Fei,
    as Bart, seeing his battle skills in the cave, thinks that he will be a great
    assistance in the fight against Shakan.
    Shitan demurs, saying that he's only here for a night, then asks Fei what he
    thinks. Fei explodes in fury, (tortured mech pilot cliche! ^_^) asking Bart
    what the use of power and fighting is. Bart is extremely surprised and is
    about to reply when Fei storms out of the room angrily, saying that he has no
    interest in Shakan, his dad and Graf, or anything regarding those matters. 
    If you go to Bart's room (disregarding the notice on the door) you can pick
    up a whip for Bart and hear him denounce Fei. ^_^ Actually he simply wonders
    about Fei's behaviour and heads down to the lower levels.
    Before you go down for the long scene with Bart, you can talk to Sigurd in
    the command room and have him explain what's going on more clearly.
    Basically :
    1. Mal is the "godmother" of Nisan, a small theocracy in the western part of 
    the world. 
    2. Mal's full name is Marguerite; she's Bart's younger cousin.
    3. Shakan has now taken full control of Ave after deposing Bart's father and
    driving the latter out of his homeland.
    4. Both Bart and Shakan are searching for the "Blue Jade" or "treasure"
    mentioned in the scrolls; apparently, Mal has half the key to it.
    Upon heading down, Fei will encounter Bart again. Long, long scene. Firstly,
    Bart will apologize to Fei for asking for his help like that. Fei will then
    refuse to aid Bart further (quite rudely) as he says that the prince "enjoys
    battle" Bart will now embark on a long discourse (^_^) about the reasons for 
    battle; the gist of his argument is that battle never has a reason and no one
    ever enjoys it. But it must be done, whatever the cost. Bart, having heard
    about the Lahan tragedy from Shitan, then asks Fei whether he's simply 
    running away from the truth; if he truly wishes redemption from his part in 
    the massacre, shouldn't he fight to make it up for the children's losses?
    He also adds that he doesn't wish Fei to join him if he doesn't have his
    whole heart in battle; that would be next to useless. Fei is left pondering
    Bart's words...
    Bart then goes down to the Yggdrasil. Head to your Gear; the attendant will
    remark on how well-rounded your Gear is, and also about the conspicious lack
    of a black box (flight recorder for all you technical people). Sigurd and
    Shitan will appear; the former will ask you to talk to him for a while.
    You will see Bart on top of the Yggdrasil; despite what he has said to Fei, 
    he himself has many doubts. He asks himself whether he is up to the duties 
    his father left him, and expresses a desire to run away, as well as having no
    faith in himself (although he doesn't intend to do so). 
    Sigurd then says that the prince is much harsher on himself than on others,
    that he takes responsibilites that he shouldn't upon himself, but still 
    carries on without complaint despite that fact. He says that the prince has
    always wanted a friend, and that Sigurd and the others cannot be the friend
    that he wants; Bart knows that and does not mind. For those reasons and more
    does Sigurd follow him.
    Shiglude then asks Fei for a favor; to help the prince in his own way, as Fei
    himself carries a burden. Fei replies with a "sorry" - that he cannot even 
    after he has thought of it. Sigurd says that of course, he is free to chose
    whichever path he wants. He then says that you may use any of the rooms 
    upstairs to sleep in, and that your supplies and Gear are ready for you to 
    use whenever you wish. Shitan wants to talk to Sigurd a bit more; you can 
    head up to sleep now.
    During the night, an attack is made upon Bart's base by a group of "Abal" 
    soldiers. Ascertaining that this is indeed a base occupied by "Lams", they
    proceed to trash as much of the area as possible, alerting Bart and Shitan,
    who mass the base defenses to meet their attackers (Note : Shitan, 
    apparently, has not fought for five years.) When Fei is called to help, he
    stands motionless despite Shitan's pleas; the latter surmises correctly
    that he still has doubts regarding himself. Fei, standing on the bridge of
    the Yggdrasil, wonders what kind of a person he is. He exclaims angrily that he 
    doesn't care about any of the events, least of all "the one destroyed by the
    gods" Graf, or Shakan, as well as saying that he doesn't need any kind of 
    power for himself.
    After the Brigandier and Heimdall finish off the first wave of attackers, 
    Shitan will comment on why the Gears don't seem to break down, just run 
    away; it's supposed to be because of a "Drive" of some sort which prevents 
    serious damage. The Cup Knight is then seen attacking two children. It is 
    just about to kill them when Fei appears in the Weltall, screaming "what do 
    you hope to gain by fighting?" Once he is defeated, all three characters 
    will face off against a boss. Turn on your Boosters and you should win 
    without much difficulty.
    After the battle, Bart and Sigurd both thank Fei for his efforts. Fei asks
    Sigurd and himself what he should do, what paths he should take, and finally
    concludes that he will help Bart. Sigurd thanks him; once through that 
    scene, head to the deck of the Yggdrasil and you should be able to go to 
    Upon reaching Ave, there is a scene introducing some of the major players in
    the game; namely, Shakan, the Prince Ramsas and his helper Mian. (Note : 
    Ramsas's actual title is "Your Excellency." but I'll refer to him as Prince
    from now on.) Ramsas, after issuing orders to his crew, is reminded by Mian 
    that he is to meet with Shakan soon. Ramsas expresses extreme contempt for 
    Shakan and General Vandakam, both of which he will have to meet, while Mian 
    says that it is simply something, though vastly inferior to them, that they 
    must endure. (BTW, this shows the attitude of the "Abal" to the "Lams" very
    well; they consider the "ones on earth" nothing more than cattle.) Ramsas 
    leaves the ship with Mian in tow.
    Shakan is quite effusive when he meets with the Prince, who ignores him and
    instead begins to interrogate the General Vandakam, who has apparently failed
    in a mission to beat back a Kisreb attack - he has done so only by letting 
    a large number of units be destroyed. The Prince berates him for following
    the old traditional battle strategy of using large heavy ships with guns to
    fight battles, instead of the new practise of letting smaller, mobile units
    take care of most of the work. Shakan takes the Prince aside and asks him 
    whether he can help with the fiftieth anniversary celebrations that Ave will soon 
    be having; he wants Ramsas to assist in the naval display.
    The conversation about that continues in the lift, with Shakan making a 
    request to have Ramsas grace the Arena competition planned with his presence.
    (the exact term is "daibukai" or "great martial arts competition"; after much
    thought, I decided to use "Arena" ^_^) Ramsas interrupts bruquesly with a 
    request for further clarification on the information supplied to him. Shakan
    replies that the excavations have yielded another weapon; Ramsas dismisses 
    this as a "toy" for Vandakam. He asks whether any progress has been made in
    the matter of the "Blue Jade" of Fatima.
    Shakan tells him of Mal, held in the upper towers of Ave, but says that she
    won't say anything at all. Ramsas dismisses him as an idiot and asks to see
    her. Before they leave the lift, however, Ramsas asks Mian what the possibility
    of activating the "weapon" is. Mian replies that the only problem with it is
    whether it's condition will still be good after so many years. (The exact
    difference between the "Blue Jade", the cannon that Vandakam used, and this
    "weapon" is not clear. I think they're all different things, though.)
    Ramsas and Mian finally meet Mal. Asking for information about the "Blue Jade"
    gets them nothing except frequent requests for Mal's favourite food; Chiffon
    Cake. ^_^ Ramsas then says that if Mal has any information, to relay to him;
    meanwhile, he will see about the cake. ^_^ He denies Mal's request to return
    to Nisan and the scene shifts to...
    (Note : Ramsas talks to Mal pretty nicely; however, he is rude to both Shakan
    and Vandakam. Shakan, in particular, seems to be nothing but a fop.
    Oh, and BTW, Bart doesn't talk like a prince. ^_^ Rather, he uses colloquial
    terms with great frequency.)
    ...Shakan listening in on the conversation. He remarks that Mal is not
    as stupid as she seems (BTW, she is 16) and that she has control over her
    situation as well. He then mutters something about his plans being fulfilled;
    he apparently will not need Mal for long because of recent developments.
    Somehow, Graf and Ramsas also are factored into consideration of his "plan".
    Shakan, as well, doesn't seem so dumb now...
    Fei and Co. head into town. You will approached by a woman who will recommend
    a hotel; the one with the blue sign, "hotel" over it, actually. ^_^ Check into
    the hotel (if you enter the third option you'll get to stay for only 40 GP)
    and a nun will meet you. She was sent to Ave by the Mother (as in the Church
    one) to search for Mal and collect information. Bart tells her that they'll 
    formulate a plan of rescue and they leave.
    From there, go and register at the Arena at the top of town. Then, find some
    kids and talk to them (the exact location of this is in Dave's Xenogears Guide)
    as well as purchasing their food. Then, go to the grille and talk to the man 
    there, who will give you the key to the waterway once you say that you're going
    to use it to save Mal. 
    Return back to the hotel. Fei and Shitan will go to the Arena tomorrow, with
    Fei participating, as the soldiers will be watching it intently; Bart will be
    able to go through the waterway to get to Mal's room. The nun will wish you 
    luck. Go to sleep by choosing the second option when talking to Shitan and 
    dawn will break again.
    When Fei goes into the competitors' tent, he will meet Dan; yes, the same
    Dan that was in Lahan. He will accuse you of murdering his older sister again,
    not heeding Fei's question as to why he is here. As Dan leaves, the man in
    the blue cloak will ask Fei whether he's from Lahan; Fei says that it's none
    of his business. The man will laugh and say that he hopes Fei will enjoy
    the fight with Dan...and Fei is left wondering how the guy knows his name as he
    didn't enter his real one in the entry list...
    Just before the Arena battles start, Shakan makes a speech which I think is
    nothing more than a ritualistic gesture; that is, he calls on the spirits
    of his ancestors to bless the tournament etc. Ramsas then makes an appearance,
    telling Shakan not to get carried away even though he's insane (he's being 
    rude again), and reminds him that this is not originally his kingdom. Shakan
    replies politely that Ramsas is being rather harsh on him; Mian attempts to 
    mollify her superior by saying that she, unlike Ramsas, would like to see 
    the tournament. Ramsas then leaves with instructions to "watch the scene". 
    Shakan and Mian engage in light conversation until Fei's appearance; Mian 
    appears to take notice of him.
    Bart, meanwhile, makes his way through the waterway to the castle. Once there,
    an apparently senile old man will meet him. Senile because he doesn't know
    who Bart is; calling him alternately his son, a "young boy", and the King's son.
    ^_^. (This whole scene is just comic relief). Bart then heads up to the main
    floor of the castle.
    (BTW, not attacking Dan and evading all his attacks in the Arena will cause
    him to give you the Wedding Dress item.)
    Fei should be fighting the last opponent just when Bart gets to Mal's room.
    Any attacks made upon Wiseman will result in him avoiding them and calling you
    "pathetic." Finally, Wiseman will ask Fei where he has learnt his attacks;
    Fei will reply, once again, that he doesn't see how it's any of his business.
    Wiseman will then continue with more cryptic statements, asking Fei what
    his reasons for fighting are, and then saying that Fei must face himself to
    understand this; finally ending with a bit about how the way of the fist is
    a combination of these matters.
    Fei is understanderbly confused by this, continually shouting at Wiseman to
    either shut up or elaborate, when the latter suddenly looks up into the
    sky, exclaming that the "appointed time" has come, and suddenly running away 
    despite Fei's cries that "he wants to listen to him". The default winner is
    now Fei as Wiseman has ran off.
    Bart arrives at Mal's room and they both run off, only to meet with Ramsas
    on the way out. After some verbal fencing (no pun intended) the two begin
    to fight, with Mal ignoring Bart's order to get out of the way. Fei joins
    in a while later; Ramsas is struck by the similarity of his attacks to
    the strange guy with long hair he sees in the flashback.
    Just as Ramsas is defeated for a second time, the screen goes white and
    the words "Fei...that is the name of my son" are seen. Mal then says that
    it's her turn to do something and summons a bunch of mice to distract the
    two. (This is a bit of a pun on the fact that Ramsas has called Bart a
    "mouse sneaking into his domain" before.)
    Bart, Fei and Mal escape down the elevator as Ramsas orders the area cordoned
    off. Bart asks Fei where the lift is headed; Fei has no idea. ^_^ Bart goes
    on to ask how the Arena was; as expected, Fei won, though he doesn't seem too
    happy about it. Finally the trio will get off, only to be chased by a horde
    of guards into a corridor, where they will meet, or rather bump into, Ellie.
    (the little bit in Ellie's room is Standard Chase Dialogue : "restrain the
    two escapees; kill them if necessary but ensure the girl is unharmed etc.")
    Fei asks Ellie why she's here; Ellie does likewise. Bart interrupts, saying
    Ellie's "in their way", when Fei exclaims that she's not their enemy, leading
    to Bart questioning him as to why he has a soldier of Graf as his friend. 
    Further dialogue is rendered impossible by the sudden appearance of the
    aforeseen bunch of guards; Ellie ushers them inside her room.
    Once inside, Ellie will being to explain who she is, incidentally clarifying
    a small matter; Graf's elite group of soldiers is a subdivision of the main
    Solaris forces (which appear to be led by Ramsas). She will then tell Fei 
    why she suddenly left. At the end of her explanation, Fei will reveal that
    he has actually heard it all before. Bart will still remain suspicious
    of Ellie despite Mal's and Fei's trust in her, asking continually if she can
    be relied upon. Mal thinks she's "not a bad person". Ellie will also ask
    if the three escapees she heard over the intercom are Fei and Co; when Fei
    replies in the affirmative, she offers to lead them out.
    Bart says again that they can't trust her; Mal disagrees whereas Fei says
    that he made his decision long ago. Finally, Bart acceeds and Ellie leads 
    them to the Gear dock, as well as providing the codes that will allow
    them access. As they board the Gear, Fei suddenly asks Ellie to come with
    them. Ignoring Bart's yells to "come on!" Fei and Ellie proceed to have a
    discussion; Ellie says that her place is with Solaris and that she cannot
    come with them. Fei relents; before she leaves, however, Ellie tells him 
    that "the next time we meet, we will be enemies."
    Once aboard the Yggdrasil again, Sigurd will talk to Mal about something.
    I think it's about Mal mentioning that she hopes that everyone who protected
    her is still safe; Sigurd says that she should have been more careful, as the
    whole plan about a sister from Nisan being captured in Ave, so Mal would have 
    to resuce her was a trap. Balt scolds Mal for being careless, which leads to
    a comment Mal makes about she being able to escape because of "one person".
    (Ellie, I think) to which Bart replies angrily "WE did it!" Mal also gets
    a bit irritated and reiterates her "one person" comment, as well as calling
    Bart "bad" childishly. Meison attempts to calm the situation by saying that 
    Mal's room is ready; Mal heads off followed by a last parting shot from 
    Aboard the Yggdrasil, you will encounter a cute, fluffy critter blocking the
    entrance to the Bridge (that's what Bart says when you talk to it). Go to
    see Mal down the corridor; Bart will complain about the "strange thing" near
    the Bridge. Mal will say that it's not a "strange thing" it turns out that
    his\her\it's name is Chu Chu (default name; it's actually a main character.)
    Chu Chu will then make an appearance, saying something about how it has seen
    Fei at Ave at that it really likes him, leading Bart to suggest that Fei 
    cuddle it, to the latter's irritation. ^_^ Bart will then go out of the 
    room, leaving Mal to explain Bart's previous angry reaction; it turns out 
    that Bart has been always responsible for Mal's welfare, foiling capture 
    attempts and the like; that accounts for a severe scar wound on Bart's back.
    After Mal tells you this, she grows pensive, then thanks you again for 
    saving her.
    Go to see Sigurd at the Bridge now that Chu Chu is away. Sigurd will tell
    you about Kaaren Ramsas, apparently Graf's superior and head officer of 
    Solaris (that is, Ramsas is the superior one.) Bart and Sigurd discuss 
    his intentions; both are of the suspicion that he is not out to simply 
    excavate Ave's territories. Bart thinks that he is actually after the "Holy
    King", to which Sigurd replies that he would probably need more people to
    go after that. Fei asks about Shitan; after a pause, Sigurd tells him that
    Shitan will be meeting them somewhere - don't worry about it. The Yggdrasil
    then sets off to Nisan via a secret underground passage.
    On the way, you will see Sigurd and Shitan have a rather lengthy 
    conversation about various matters, including :
    1. Ramsas. Both people make allusions to knowing more about him than the
    other party members.
    2. Someone with Ramsas, apparently a female (Mian?). Sigurd in particular
    seems very concerned about her.
    3. Shitan finally asks whether Sigurd has relayed this information to Bart.
    Sigurd replies in the negative as he wishes to ascertain Solaris's intentions
    before reporting anything.
    Fei will be watching from above; he will be surprised by Bart shortly. Bart
    thinks that he really doesn't know much about Sigurd, and Fei wonders
    when Shitan actually returned. 
    Back on the Yggdrasil, Mal and Bart are returned safely to Nisan. Bart asks
    about the situation; preventive countermeasures have been made to tackle any
    approach of Shakan's forces, but people in the town are still uneasy, especially
    after enemy movements that have been sighted in the mountains further north.
    Bart commends them on their preparations, then heads into the city with 
    Once inside, Mal will take off to see the sights, saying she's not been back
    for a long time. Meison will say that Mal really cares about the city; then 
    heads embarressedly back to the Yggdrasil. Go to the road leading outside;
    there, you will find Mal again, who will direct you to the church.
    (The little scene with the shopkeeper in town is nothing more than Bart 
    meeting some old friends who knew him since young.)
    Inside the church, Mal will be greeted with much joy from the nuns, who have
    been praying for her safe arrival. Once the greetings are exchanged, Sister
    Agnes (the head of the church) will suggest that they finish their prayer 
    now that it has brought Mal back. Agnes also tells Mal that her mother has
    gone to the captial city and isn't here. Mal then expresses a desire to go 
    up onto the second floor, somewhere she hasn't been for quite some time.
    As the sisters go off, Mal says that although she's happy, she won't cry.
    (Not very sure what Bart and Mal are saying here) Bart says that's fine;
    Mal then offers to show you all the way to the second floor. Bart comments
    on how he, as well, has not been here for some time; he also says that Mal
    has always been like this since young (that is, very-strong willed) and that
    he has not been able to do that.
    Up on the balcony, Mal says that looking down from here is one of her
    favourite things to do, and adds that she remembers Bart climbing down and
    getting scolded by someone. Bart, not surprisingly, gets a bit ruffled at
    that statement. ^_^
    Shitan also remarks that the light is certainly very beautiful. Mal says
    that the two angels have a legend associated with them, told in Nisan for 
    some time. God wanted to create perfect humans as well as ones which would
    help one another; therefore, he made these two angels with one wing each, so
    that they whenever they flew, they would do so together.
    Shitan says that; so, that's the reason. He goes on to wonder why, though, 
    the angel on the left seems masculine and the one of the right, feminine,
    when he has seen quite a lot of reproductions in which both are rendered
    neuter. Another remark is made about how the angels seem to be descending 
    from heaven. He walks around for a bit and finally exclaims that this is in
    keeping with Nisan's policy of mutual harmony.
    Mal thinks that Shitan is an interesting person. ^_^ Fei replies that he's 
    just intelligent and has lots of things to say. Mal say something about
    "wanting to be able to help someone" at some point in her life and then 
    suggests that they go to see the potrait of Lady Sofia that is above this 
    floor. When asked by Fei who she is, Mal replies that she was the one, who 
    when Nisan was founded, made the church and formulated the orthodox 
    philosophy it now preaches - but for some strange reason, they are no
    other resources found on her. Shitan agrees and off you go.
    (Another clarification : The "Church" in the game and the one with Mal is
    affliated with are not the same. The "Church" supplies Gear parts, is 
    located all over the world and has a different philosophy from Mal's one, 
    which is only in Nisan. Think of them as Christianity and Catholisim or
    something. ^_^)
    When you reach the portrait of Lady Sofia, Shitan remarks that it is truly
    a nice picture, and comments that it is very "alike". Fei responds with
    "You think so too?" and starts talking about how her hair is a little darker
    and the how the expression is made to come out as well, as how the 
    artist's own emotions seem to be reflectd in the picture. Shitan is somewhat 
    confused and asks Fei for clarification. Fei replies that the girl in the 
    picture looks a lot like Ellie. Shitan thinks for a while and replies "yes,
    indeed." but he comments on how the technical aspects of the picture are 
    very similar to Fei's pictures. Fei wonders if it is true, and says that
    the artist is better than him. Still, Shitan insists that the "touch" is
    really similar.  The two shrugs it off and continue with the discussion.
    Finally, Mal says that Sister Agnes might know more about the picture. 
    Shitan asks her to find out more if she can, and then agrees with Bart to 
    return to town. Just before you leave, Fei has a flashback; the word "Lakan"
    appears at the top of the screen...
    When Sister Agnes is questioned about the portrait, she answers that no one
    knows who drew it but the carbon dating says that it is from 500 years ago.
    Mal asks if there are any documents about Sofia left, but Agnes replies no.
    The two wonders why there isn't anything about her, and the conversation
    is ended.
    Fei and Co. head back to town to be greeted by Meison, who reports that the
    citizens of Nisan have lent you a house to stay in. When you enter, Sigurd
    says that he would like to talk to Bart about their plans; Bart agrees, but
    not before he has a word with Sigurd himself.
    Bart begins by asking Sigurd what relation he has to Graf and his training
    academy (mentioned in Sigurd and Shitan's previous conversation, probably
    the one overhead by Bart and Fei). Shitan nods to his friend; Sigurd then
    begins explaining.
    Apparently, Sigurd was part of Solaris before, Graf's original country.
    He confirms the fact that the people of Solaris refer to all outsiders as
    "Lams" and consider them slaves. Sigurd was originally a member of the 
    government of Solaris; however, he objected to their policies and took the 
    first opportunity presented to escape.
    Here, Bart interrupts his narrative. He remembers that Sigurd has been his
    friend for a long time, despite him having once worked for Solaris. But, he
    asks, why didn't he tell him (Bart) this before, instead waiting till the
    situation with Shakan to reveal the information? (Obviously, Bart suspects
    that Sigurd is a spy although he doesn't say it.) He then tells Sigurd 
    that he'd like to know the reason.
    (This might be a good moment to mention that Bart and Sigurd are really quite
    close; Bart calls him "Sig" often. Also, Sigurd, is also an alternate spelling
    of a Celtic hero of legend, related to the Yggdrasil, tree of life. I've 
    forgotten the exact legend at the moment though. ^_^)
    Sigurd replies that he has no explanation other than the fact that it was
    his own intention to desert from Solaris; he hopes the prince will believe
    him. He then continues that he would either have become a sacrifice if he
    had stayed on, or he sacrificed something in leaving (can't understand the
    fellow here; the exact object of the sentence isn't even clear!)
    Bart, after pacing, suddenly says that he understands. He then asks Sigurd
    to explain things a bit more clearly. I'll do the options one by one :
    1) Where is Solaris?
    Solaris, not being on earth, is obviously in the sky. Their is no transport
    between the surface dwellers and the city in the sky other than sneaking
    on to the war vessels that depart from Solaris through the "Gate." Shitan 
    also says that he has assisted Sigurd in doing that once.
    2) What are "Lams"?
    Solaris, apparently, uses the people of the earth for it's own aims, alternating
    controlling them as it does Shakan or outright brainwashing them as they come
    to Solaris; or rather, are captured. Solaris sorts them into the categories that
    it wishes, whether they be soldiers or others, and then brainwashes them. Sigurd
    then says that he was afraid they would find some other use for him, so he
    ran away before they could do anything further. Fei interjects with a 
    question; did this happen to Shitan? Shitan replies that no, he was not a 
    even a high-ranking Solaris official, but confirms the fact that Solaris 
    does need resources from the world below, such as scientists. Apparently,
    not many people in Solaris are actually pure-bred.
    3) Who was that man?
    The man in question is Kaaren Ramsas, who enrolled in the Yugento Academy
    with Sigurd. According to both Shitan and Sigurd, Ramsas was a man of 
    ideals, who managed to graduate fast with honours simply because he was
    extremely directed. He envisioned a new Solaris; made by appointing suitable
    people from the surface in appropriate positions. Shitan and Sigurd happened
    to ride the crest of the wave and were elevated together. Bart says that so,
    Ramsas was their benefactor.
    4) Why did Sigurd run away?
    Solaris has recently begun experimenting with various drugs and chemicals,
    in the hope of perfecting their plans of human experimentation. (Note :
    this was one of the things Sigurd was afraid would happen to him.) One of
    the products of their work is the "Drive" (same Drive mentioned before) Fei
    then asks who is allowed to use the Drive; Shitan replies that only select
    members of Graf's troops can use it. Bart then thinks the person Fei met 
    before (i.e, Ellie) might be a candidate for Drive usage as well.
    Finally, Bart ends the discussion and says he needs a breath of fresh air.
    You can find him on a bridge overlooking the town. As you begin talking to
    him, Bart will express some doubts he has regarding Sigurd; he is still
    rather upset that Sigurd took all this time to explain things to him, 
    especially as they were really good friends before this.
    Shitan will instead ask Bart to look at the situation; with Solaris intending
    to expand it's territories, it would be better for them to stand united rather
    to fall prey to such bickering. Bart laughs and says that it seems Shitan
    and Sigurd have planned this before. Shitan dismisses it and tells Bart to
    think about the matter.
    Bart then asks Shitan why Sigurd actually left (if you haven't noticed, 
    Sigurd has been rather close-mouthed about this); didn't he see a "star
    of hope" in Solaris? Shitan replies that yes, that was previously the case,
    but it was not that Sigurd himself changed; rather, it was that Solaris did
    not meet his expectations of it. Bart then asks Shitan about whether he can
    defeat Graf; seeing as he seems to be assisting Ave, they will need to beat 
    him too. Shitan considers and says that with enough fortitute, men, and 
    willpower, it is a distinct possibility.
    After they chat for a while longer, Bart will question Shitan about a earlier
    phrase "first, one must capture the throne before defeating Graf." They talk
    about what Shitan means; Shitan himself is evasive. You will then head back
    to the house to engage in a war meeting. 
    As the meeting starts, Bart will start to walk around the room, looking at 
    the paintings and reminiscing about old events; suddenly, he stops and says
    that he's talking about the past - now is the present. The assembled party
    then begin the discussion in earnest (actually Shitan kinda monopolises it. 
    ^_^) Firstly, Bart decides to take back Ave; once that has been 
    accomplished, he will have some basis with which to negotiatate with Graf.
    The plan goes something like this; they will use stolen Kisreb gears to 
    attack the Ave Desert Division, thereby decreasing the enemy forces. 
    Sigurd then points out that they will need to further divert both Graf's
    team and the defense squad surrounding Ave. Shitan then says a decoy would
    be useful. Bart exclaims that, yes don't they have one? The plan then 
    changes to using the Weltall to decoy both Kisreb and Ave forces towards Nisan, 
    shifting the center of attention away from the capital and leaving it open
    to attack.
    Bart questions whether this is a wise idea. Sigurd concurs, saying it would
    not be wise to place Nisan at the center of the conflict. After more discussions,
    Shitan reaffirms that it will be okay; their forces are sufficient. More 
    talking (I'm not giving you a blow-by-blow account; they talk a LOT. ^_^)
    leads to Shitan mentioning the Kifainsel (someone check my spelling), 
    Kisreb's "invincible" ship. But then, it's supposed to be not on active 
    duty, so no worries. (the cannon on this ship is the one Vandakam mentioned
    Shitan then talks about Vandakam, who has been transferred from a base to 
    Ave. (Actually, he has been demoted) Sigurd asks if it's the same Vandakam 
    who attended Yugento Academy; Shitan confirms his guess. Everyone wraps up 
    the conversation by finalizing the exact division of their forces, and then 
    retires for the night.
    The next day, Mal and Bart have a short conversation at the dock about what's
    going to happen. Mal says that Bart will be called "Prince" after this. 
    (Bart is referred to as "waka", or "wakasama", in the game, a term of 
    respect used when addressing noble princes) Bart replies that if he's the 
    "Prince", then Mal will be the "Godmother." Mal says she hates that name. 
    ^_^ As they leave, there is a short bit about the nun saying how Mal might 
    marry Bart in the future; Mal is none too pleased about the idea and gets
    all shy. (A bit of comic relief before the major battles...^_^)
    At the Gear docks, Bart tells his men that the future of Ave will be changed
    depending on what they do, and to fight with their hearts in it. Fei then
    walks away; Bart and him wish each other well.
    Aboard the Yggdrasil, Meison expresses doubts about whether or not Bart
    will be able to rule well or be bowed down by the burdens of kingship. Shitan
    reassures him that he will not. Meanwhile, above deck, Bart asks Sigurd
    whether kingship is nothing more than a symbol. Sigurd replies that he was
    brainwashed partially in Solaris, so remembers nothing of the those days 
    other than the fact that Mal and Bart were together. (it has been 12 years, 
    BTW.) One day, he remembered the name "Bart" and recovered his memories 
    of the past. (Then he ran away.) Suddenly, he mentions that Bart smells a 
    little and should take a bath - Bart is taken aback, and asks him what the 
    hell he is talking about. ^_^ Sigurd then says "this is this and that is 
    that."...which I think is pretty strange behaviour. ^_^. 
    (Note, I am NOT mistranslating the above! Sigurd really does say that!)
    Shitan then remarks how Sigurd wants to recapture the memories taken away
    from him; truly a great person. We then see Ramsas have another flashback.
    It ends with him walking away and Mian saying that "it's not good." She
    then addresses Graf (no idea how) by asking him whether he saw Fei at the
    Arena; she knew him at a glance - he resembles Graf. Graf replies with
    something about a "plot" of some sort. (guy loves to talk in a really hard
    way to understand - I swear; he's worse than Shitan. ^_^)
    Mian says not to worry as they will continue to work together; his "important
    thing" will be recovered because he is to do something for her...
    (Note about above line : I have no idea how to translate "Datte, anata wa
    watashi wo..." besides that. If anyone has a better idea i'm more than 
    open to suggestions.)
    (Second note : Mian seems to adopt a different demeanour when talking to
    Graf; one would suspect she, like Shitan, is a lot more knowlegeable than
    she seems. Sigurd in particular seems scared of her. Just a mention, as, 
    once again, it's not so clear from simply reading that this is the case.)
    Back to the Yggdrasil; Bart receives some information from his officers and
    decides to move out. Meison then says that he has a bad premonition of the
    future - Bart says he'll be fine. Scene switch to Solaris, where the five
    soldiers we've seen before are talking to Ellie. She is now to be the next
    commander of the unit (to the surprise of the previous one. ^_^) as she
    has been through the elite Yugento Academy. They bicker about why she is the
    head for a while, and then Ellie asks them whether this is how they behave
    to a higher-ranking officer. One of the soldiers says he doesn't need to take
    this - and is promptly shut up by another. (there's a small joke about how 
    he's a "pretty boy." ^_^) The previous commanding officer rounds them up and
    they head to a new Gear, the Vierge.
    According to previous head (yes, I know they have names, I'm lazy ^_^.), the
    Gear, Ellie's, is a new type which supposedly has a different kind of energy
    powering it. They then move out.
    When Fei reaches the top of the cliff, he will encounter the team of 
    soldiers and tell his troops to go on to help Bart; he will handle them.
    Ellie can't believe it's Fei; meanwhile, her officers attack without her
    orders. After Fei beats them silly, one (yes, it's the pretty boy again. ^_^)
    will wonder how come he has been beaten by a Lams. The red-haired guy will
    tell him to drop down; he wonders why the "Drive" hasn't been used yet.
    Ellie will say that she can't fight Fei, and that she can't use the Drive as
    well. She will then be subjected to one of those cool EVA type flashback 
    scenes. ^_^ The words on top are Ellie's, the bottom ones someone else's.
    Basically, Ellie is screaming how she doesn't want to use the Drive, whereas
    the other person says that it's not so bad, it's only the Drive, after all,
    and besides; wasn't her father a member of the military before?
    The next screen details two people talking about the feasibility of using 
    the Drive; will it go berserk? The gist of it is that they decide to go ahead
    and use it. The third and last screen, with Ellie in a spotlight, is the 
    committee telling Ellie that she has been selected for Drive usage; the last
    two words to appear are Ellie's frenzied "please, stop!"...
    Back in reality, the Drive has been engaged succesfully, and Ellie begins 
    attacking Fei. Fei keeps yelling at Ellie to stop, however, Ellie obviously
    has no intentions of doing so. (in fact, it's interesting to point out that
    her whole speech has changed. She now sounds very cold.) At some point,
    Ellie will also attack with the Endatto (the diamond-like thingy blast) and
    the soldiers will talk about it; according to the head (again), it's a 
    weapon that uses spirit energy to fire, and it only given to elite units of
    a certain group, called Elmens.
    Fei will continue to try to reason with Ellie, asking her about her duty; 
    Ellie will laugh all of it off and attack again. Finally, Ellie seems to
    fight against the Drive; she will collapse to the ground, screaming in pain
    with cries of "no, it's not me!". Fei will attempt to restrain her, wondering
    whether the experiments she was subjected to have hurt her beyond her ability
    to recover. As the situation seems going from bad to worse, the Vierge will
    suddenly rise from the ground and emit beams of yellow light, then fall back
    down once again; Fei rushes to it, calling Ellie's name...
    Fei and Ellie will then have a long conversation; The summary is that Ellie 
    says she has only one place left to her; Solaris. (They talk about, among 
    other things, how Ellie's previous prediction was true, how and why to 
    fight, Fei and her being alike etc. BTW, Ellie says she used the Drive to 
    protect her friends.) Fei leaves eventually, telling Ellie to remain friends
    with him and not to be coerced into using the Drive again.
    Back at the Yggdrasil, Meison will break Bart's cup. Something must have
    happened to the Prince, he says...
    Bart will meanwhile be dividing his men and telling them to focus on Shakan,
    not Graf or the Ave troops; he, like Sigurd, wants to end this quickly and
    without bloodshed. As they come up to the top of the palace, they are ambushed;
    by Mian and Shakan. Mian tells them that Ramsas is already headed to stop
    their other troops as well. Bart asks her why she's siding with Shakan; Mian
    replies that it's natural as she wants the "Blue Jade", which can be found 
    near Ave.
    She then says that although Shakan is an idiot, he's useful. Shakan asks
    her what she means; she sidestepps his question gracefully and tells him
    to take care of the rebels. Shakan says that he will; after all, they're from
    his country. Mian bids everyone farewell and the situation looks bleak...
    ...just as Meison appears, threatening gatling gun fire if Shakan moves so
    much as one step. They attempt to escape in the machine; attempt is right. ^_^
    After a series of mishaps, Bart and Co. finally get out of Ave. 
    In the Yggdrasil, Bart thanks Meison for getting him out of the scrape when
    Sigurd appears with news that enemy forces are pursuing them. Scene shift
    to Fei, who's going to attack Vandarm's Kifainsel with his troops. Milrock,
    the sub-commander, thinks how Fei is like the prince.
    During the Weltall's attack run, Vandakam will argue with the other fellow on
    board about how to best deal with the attacking Gear; the guy in robes wants
    to run away, Vandakam wants to fight. He orders all fire to be directed at Fei,
    to no avail as the latter pilots the Weltall even closer. Finally, Fei will
    land his Gear right on the Kifainsel and take out it's main cannon. As his
    troops desert the now-sinking ship, Vandakam will mutter about how "it's 
    Fei and Milrock will have a discussion about how the latter helped; both
    thank each other. Just then, Dora will make it's appearance and a boss battle
    will ensue, with Vandakam screaming about how he will kill you. 
    A bit of help here as this is a difficult battle;
    During the first stages of the fight, your two assistants won't do any damage
    at all. Let Fei hit him until he picks up the red Gear. Once he does, don't
    attack him or he will hit you with one (or both) of them, screaming again 
    about how he will kill you. 
    After a while, your repeated attacks will blow one of his generators, bringing
    his defense down. Now, everyone can whack him, but as before, don't attack
    when he has a Gear in his grip. Boosters are a neccessity here; he has about
    3000-4000 life.
    Vandakam will curse you for a fool; suddenly, a flash of white light will
    brighten the screen and someone will ask whether ot not he wishes power. 
    Graf will then make his very stylish entry into the scene, again asking 
    Vandakam whether or not he wants power. As the general moans yes, Graf will
    stretch out both hands, saying "Come forth thy power, formed by the breath 
    of the gods, the beautiful force from the mother of destruction." BTW, 
    this sounds VERY like what Old Man Bal told Fei before; only a few more 
    words are added.)
    Bart, meanwhile, has been ambushed and the Yggdrasil damaged severely by 
    Ramsas's troops. Ramsas debates killing him, but then remembers "a promise 
    made to an old friend." The flashback here is self-explanatory enough; 
    Sigurd leaves because of the previously revealed reasons despite Ramsas's
    pleadings - the latter then calls him a traitor. 
    Fei, meanwhile, is having a hard time with the revived Dora. Milrock will
    tell Fei to run off while they take care of him; Bart will need him more
    than them. As the two sacrifice themselves, Fei is once more thrust into
    a strange experience.
    Yggdrasil again. Bart has decided to give it one last shot and fight till
    the end rather than surrender. Meison says he will follow the prince into
    hell, and Sigurd offers his own encouragement. Just then, a red Gear will
    appear and wreck havoc among Ramsas' forces; Ramsas himself will stare at it
    in shock, saying something about "the devil of Erule".
    (Note about the red Gear : A six-winged angel in Christian myth is a Seraphim,
    the highest ranking angel next to God and Lucifer. Also, look closely at the
    chest area of the Gear; it looks suspiciously like the Weltall's...)
    The Gear will then speak to Bart, asking him if he is strong. After Bart
    dodges it's blast, he will ask it what the hell's it's doing; it's dangerous
    here. The Gear will then say that yes, he is strong, as Ramsas and Mian 
    The Gear takes apart Ramsas...literally. ^_^ Just before he's flung away
    though, he will call it a "monster", the same thing villagers called the 
    Weltall. Mian will pick him up and return to base despite his protests to
    stay. Bart will engage in a brief battle with the Gear, (after the former's 
    repeated question as to whether he is strong) and be sorely beaten.
    Sigurd will then command the Yggdrasil to push both engines to maximum power
    and to go ahead at full steam. The ship lands on the Gear, but amazingly,
    is held aloft by the latter's power and thrown through the air. Sigurd will
    then tell Shitan to go into an escape pod despite his protests; he's an
    outsider and doesn't need to die for a cause that isn't his.
    As the dust from the battle clears, the Heimdall is seen walking towards
    the burned and charred remains of Dora. "It's the same..." Shitan remarks...
    After an opportunity to save, we get to see the kingdom of Kisreb for the
    first time. A soldier will enter the room and report information to the head
    of government, Jeekman. A summary follows :
    1. The cause for the large explosion north of Ave has been confirmed; a 
    clash between Graf and Ave forces.
    2. A pilot left near that area has been recovered and is being housed in
    the D division of the city. The Gear which the pilot was found has been
    identified as the one involved in the Lahan incident.
    3. The black box of the machine in which the pilot was found is of "his"
    production. (That is, Graf.)
    The soldier then inquires as to whether or not this might be a good
    opportunity to attack Ave. Jeekman replies that this although Ave is 
    currently weakened, it is best not to take action so soon as Nisan is 
    involved in the situation as well.
    Another soldier will then come in, telling Jeekman that "he" has come. A 
    strange-looking ship is then seen to move into the dock, and a masked female
    will disembark. Jeekman will ask whether or not she is Graf; she will reply
    that he is busy and that she is substitute. Jeekman will also ask whether
    "that" is going to be lent to him and why; what kind of people are they?
    The woman will reply that they "simply want to see the future of the world."
    She will also tell him that the things he must know are too many. (she's
    being mysterious here.) Finally, she appears to hand him something and leaves.
    Jeekman will then comment about the prisoner in the D division, in connection
    with what he was lent, but I'm not sure what it is.
    I missed the whole next scene when I went to get some food! Wail! :(
    Could someone please confirm the appearance of a line of text just before
    the scene change?
    Fei will then awaken in a bed somewhere. After asking where he is, where's 
    this, etc, the doctor will tell him that he's been asleep for 4 days already
    and that he's in the criminal "D" division of Kisreb's capital city. A bunch
    of people will then come in and demand that Fei follow them. They disregard
    the doctor's pleas that he's just woken up; he's a criminal and they don't 
    deserve any kindness - besides, they'll bring him back soon. Finally, Fei is
    herded somewhere and told the "King" is waiting for him.
    The "King" will then speak to Fei, asking him whether he's the new guy and
    welcoming him to the D division, which he's the boss of. Fei will then ask
    for the King's name; Suzanne (one of the King's men) will say he's rude.
    The King will dismiss it and tell Fei his name; Rico. He will then call
    out all his cronies' names, telling Fei that the test will now begin.
    The test is simple; to determine your "rank" in the town, Fei will have to
    fight all 4 men one at a time. After beating all of them, Rico will challenge
    him to fight; Fei will decline angrily, asking what the meaning of this -
    wasn't the agreement to only fight 4 people? Rico will override his argument
    and attack anyway.
    (Note : Rico speaks sorta like Barett from FF7.)
    Rico perform an energy-sucking type attack on Fei, then curses, saying that
    Fei's level of fighting ability is strong. He continues his assault, telling
    Fei it's useless to continue to resist; Fei manages to get out a muffled 
    "get out of my way" and blows Rico back suddenly. Rico will then beat Fei's 
    head in. ^_^ (as far as I know, this fight is unwinnable.)
    Rico then tells his men that this guy's rank is A; after that, they are to
    bring him back to rest and forget what happened here. Back at the doctor's,
    she will tell Fei's he strong; one of the few people to fight the King and
    get rank A. The conversation then turns to the city; apparently, only
    prisoners are housed in D division, and there's no way out...Fei will have
    to get used to life here pretty soon.
    Go to the bar and you will meet the camel-guy, Hamar. He tells Fei that he
    is pretty famous here in D division already as a strong fellow, and that
    he doesn't have the air of a prisoner. Fei will ask him what he means; Hamar
    will reply that he doesn't mean anything rude - he was just making a 
    (Note : The thing around Fei's neck is a collar. Hamar talks in a, well...
    weird way; I can't find an equivalent. Suffice to say that he's a comedic 
    character for the most part.)
    Meet the guard outside town, who will inform you that the supervising 
    committe's standing orders are to let no one out. Go back to the bar and you
    will encounter Rua Coon, a committe member. She will ask to to participate
    in the Battling Arena in order to fight against the King (for what reason
    I'm not sure); Fei declines, saying that he doesn't like Gear or fighting.
    Besides, he doesn't even have a Gear now. Rua makes a counteroffer, saying 
    that the committe will supply him with one if he chooses to participate; Fei
    refuses once again, more angrily this time. Rua will then leave, telling Fei
    to think about it and tell her if he changes his mind.
    (The little bits with the guards in the scene are Rua scolding them for 
    getting in her way and speaking when not told to. Also, Fei is rather curt 
    with Hamar most of the time, because the latter seems to want to ingratitate
    himself with Fei.)
    As you exit the bar, Hamar will come up to you, encouraging Fei to go after
    Rau before it's too late; in D division, strength will get you anything. Fei
    then makes his now famous statement (^_^) that he doesn't like fighting or
    Gears and pushes past Hamar to the street.
    Go back to where you first woke up and Hamar will run in, telling Fei about
    some news; a new doctor is here! Fei will ask Hamar whether he's been drinking.
    ^_^ Hamar asks you to go see the doctor; it turns out to be Shitan. Shitan 
    will tell you he is here to retrive the Weltall from the Kisreb forces, and
    ask Fei about his plans to get out. Fei is rather confused about the whole
    thing - finally, Shitan will ask him whether or not he wants to spend his
    whole life here; he can't after making the promise, right?
    Fei will ask what promise; Shitan will remind him of his obligation to Bart.
    At that, Fei inquires excitedly about the prince. Shitan will tell Fei that,
    following the appearance of new forces, the Yggdrasil was damaged and sunk
    into the desert; fortunately, he knows where it was and the damage was not
    severe. (Note : I'm sure you've noticed that Shitan has not mentioned the red
    Fei will then tell Shitan that he can't remember anything that happened; 
    first, Vandakam showed up with a new Gear, and then he was in the D division.
    After a bit more chatting, Fei will resolve to escape; he has his promise, 
    and besides, he feels that Bart and the rest are alive somewhere. Just then,
    Hamar tells him that that's not a possibility. Shitan asks why. It's because
    of the explosive collar around Fei's neck, which will blow up if he strays too
    far from the city. Shitan will then offer to remove it, which has Hamar ask
    if Shitan's a engineer or something; Fei will tell him that Shitan knows a 
    lot of things.
    Just as Shitan is going to remove it, Fei will have a premonition of sorts
    with the collar blowing up, then hurriedly tell Shitan not to do it. Shitan 
    will remark on a loud noise somewhere, and then cautions Fei to be careful
    with the collar as he doesn't want it removed. Hamar will ask whether or not
    they wish to enter the Battling Arena instead; the winner of the tournament
    will get to go free. However, they will then need to fight Rico, the King
    from the last three years, who has won over 40 fights with KO etc, etc...
    Shitan will ask if this Rico is a prisoner; when his guess is confirmed, he
    wonders why Rico has not escaped yet. Hamar says it might be because he's
    used to the lifestyle here, or likes fighting. Finally, Hamar goes to enter
    Fei for the tournament. Shitan then asks Fei why he's participating; (he knows
    of Fei's dislike for Gears and fighting) surely they are other ways to get 
    out of the city? Fei says that they are, however, they will be dangerous and
    he can't just think of himself now; like Ellie, even if he has to do things
    which he hates, he will do them for his friends.
    The next scene with the floating orbs is meant to be very cryptic, so I'll
    only summarize it :
    1. They talk about the "animus" of the Lams and the "anima weapon" they have
    2. One of the orb beings repeats words often : first, it says "sorrow, 
    sorrow" and then "dissipate, dissipate".
    3. Frequent comments are made to events of 500 years or more back; the orb
    being seem to be talking about a plan of some sort. They also mention the
    day if destruction 500 years before, and presently, "the one who 
    understands" who has awakened, a "Memory Cube" in Kisreb, and a Gate Keeper.
    4. They also seem to have a interest in the world below; referring to it
    as the "unclean earth" that must be "purged". They seem to have control over
    some forces below as well, as they talk about military divisions and such.
    Don't blame me if you don't understand the above; I didn't. It's not meant
    to be understood, IMHO. ^_^
    (A note about animus and anima : Traditionally, the yin and yang type forces
    in nature. The word animus in English actually means resentment or ill-feeling
    towards someone (it comes from Greek) - appropriate when taken with some 
    other events later on...)
    Fei will then head off the to the battling Arena. Rua will meet him and tell
    him how glad she is that he is participating. Fei will then get into the
    Weltall again; Shitan suspects that the committee has procured the Gear for 
    him in order to test the data they have no doubt collected on it. (Remember,
    it's a Kisreb Gear) Hamar will ask to be the "mechaman" for Fei, obviously
    a mechanic type. 
    (BTW, after playing a bit more, it is evident from key sections of speech
    that Hamar is hanging around Fei purely for his own benefit. He's still a 
    fop, though, ^_^)
    The very first battle will result in the Weltall overheating and losing the
    fight. When Fei awakens, he tells Shitan that he has had a dream; Shitan is
    strangely quiet.
    After a few battles at the Battling Arena, Rico will come and talk to Fei,
    but not to fight him this time. Apparently, the overheat the Weltall 
    experienced was because of one of Rico's men, Leonardo, who didn't take his
    loss to Fei very well. However, Rico is not here to apologize, and neither
    is Leonardo; he's dead. A murderer of some sort has been spotted in the sewers,
    and all his targets have been Rico's men - 5 so far. 
    Fei asks what this has to do with him. Rico says that Fei should come with
    him to prove his innocence. Fei and Shitan agree and off you go to the 
    sewers. BTW, Rico has also stopped calling Fei "kid", which he previously has 
    been doing. ^_^
    All the conversation in the sewer is about how the "murderer" attacks; it
    seems to come out of the pipes and leave a stain on the ground when 
    finished. Shitan will attempt to deduce a pattern or motive to the attacks 
    and finally conclude that the attacks seem confined to areas with pipes.
    More searching and Fei will discover that the heaviest concentration of 
    pipes is the upper area; unfortunately locked. One of Rico's men had the 
    key; it can be found on a mouse droid in the area.
    Once the key is obtained, head back to the locked door. Fei and Co. will
    talk about why it's not head, and Shitan will suggest that it escaped
    through the pipes again. Talk to the green lizard thing, who will tell you
    where the pipe leads; head to the pipe to fight Red Ram. Shitan will remark
    on how the monster seemed quite human. Before you climb up the ladder to 
    return to town, Rico wil gasp in pain; Fei will ask him how he intends to
    participate in the Battling Arena with an arm wound. Rico shrugs it off and
    you continue.
    Another sequence with the Heavenly Emperor. Shitan will tell him that "he"
    has awakened two, no, three, times. They will discuss the whereabouts and
    movement of something else (it's just alluded to in the text), then the
    Emperor will tell Shitan to wait and not do anything else for the moment.
    He also makes a remark about how the world below will be cut off and...
    as the screen fades to black, the word "cleansed" appears.
    Scene shift to Ellie and Co. They are receiving a briefing from an officer
    about escort duty; he details the specifications of the enemy units, mission
    objectives etc. Ellie then wishes a clarification; if they are going on
    escort duty, why are bombers accompanying them? (Not too sure of the dialogue
    here; lots of military terms. BTW, the vessel they are to protect is called
    the Hebit.) The officer tells her not to question higher authority and 
    dismisses them. Ellie's own troops begin to reprimand her; one tells her 
    it's not wise to ask such questions, another (the "pretty boy") wonders why
    they have such a commander, which leads to Ellie scolding him. ^_^
    Ellie and the head converse; Ellie is of the suspicion that they are actually
    being sent on a mission of destruction, to "cleanse" the Lams. She then expresses
    her opinion that the Lams are about the same as them; why are they killing
    them? The head and the rest of her troop tell her that she is "first-grade"
    citizenry; third-graders like them simply do as they're told. Besides, she
    can do things like that because her father was influential in the military.
    Ellie cuts off this statement by telling them that she has no relation to her
    Back at Kisreb, Rico will meet Fei again and tell him to fight well against
    him in the upcoming Arena battle. Fei will again ask about his arm; Rico
    will tell him angrily it's none of his business and walk away. Shitan asks
    you to rest for a while because it'll be a tough fight.
    After you win the next few battles, Hamar will congratulate you excitedly
    as you're going to fight the King next. Fei will demur, saying that despite
    what Hamar thinks of his skills, it will be a tough fight. They talk about
    the fight and mechanic stuff for a while, then Hamar reminds him that
    before he leaves to rest, he must enter his data in the Memory Cube. (If you
    don't remember, this is the bit about the data Kisreb wants to collect.)
    (The Battling Arena is nothing but an experiment ground for Solaris -   
    carried out by the Church, they record human/Gear interaction during the   
    battles and study it. So in short, Solaris starts a war between the 2   
    countries, but lends a supposed "helping hand" to both, then sits back and   
    watches the battle and studides it like a giant real-life war simulator 
    game - at the same time, on a smaller scale, they tell the Church to create 
    competition in Battle Arena so they can study human/Gear interaction as 
    As Fei and Co. set up the Weltall, Shitan remarks that they will win because
    the committe has installed several special parts that Rico's Gear doesn't 
    have. Wiseman then appears and after a fight (in which Fei asks him why he
    uses the same skills) subjects you to an awfully long dialogue. ^_^ He does 
    actually reveal a lot of important info :
    1. After the fight, he will talk about how one must master the body first;
    when one has understood this, he wil move as fast as the wind no matter how
    heavy he is. This principle applies to Gears as well.
    2. Wiseman was the one who, after Fei sustained severe injuries in a pitched
    battle, brought to Lahan. It is also highly probable that the reason Fei 
    cannot remember his past is because of the injuries.
    3. He also talks about Fei's father, Kaan. He trained with Wiseman in the
    floating country Shebat (not related to Solaris in the conversation) and 
    that's why their techniques are similar. (Kaan trained Fei in the same 
    style.) Kaan then married a woman, Karen, while Wiseman went off on a 
    4. However, Kaan asked Wiseman to take care of Fei when it was apparent that
    Graf wanted his son; Fei seemed to have special powers. In the same fight
    that Fei lost his memory in, Kaan and Wiseman were hurt by Graf, who then
    disappeared. After tending to Fei and leaving him in Lahan, Wiseman went
    after his friend, who had departed to find Graf. Wiseman thinks that Graf
    killed him. 
    Fei also mentions that Graf seemed to have "unfinished business" with him
    druing their three meetings. Wiseman bids Fei farewell after their chat,
    and disappears. Fei and Co. retire for the night.
    The next day, Fei beats Rico and becomes the new King. Rico's men accuse
    him of cheating by having special parts installed, but Rico tells them to
    shut up. Hamar then goes on about how powerful Fei is, and is also told to
    keep quiet. ^_^ Fei then says it was luck and Rico's arm injury that let him
    win; Rico disagrees and leaves.
    At the King's room, Rua will congratulate Fei and tell him that the data
    collected will prove quite useful to them; she will also tell them that 
    the head of the Kisreb government, Jeekman, wants to see them. Fei and 
    Shitan depart after asking Hamar to find out where the Weltall is stored, as
    they do not intend to stay in Kisreb longer than necessary. As they leave,
    they are told by the bartender that they will find Hamar at the Wild Cart
    inn later.
    Jeekman, not unexpectedly, wants Fei to assist him because of the power he 
    has. Just then, Rico makes an appearance. ^_^ He heads to the door and fools
    the guards away. Inside, he is struck by a smell that he remembers from his
    The flashback scenes all have a small Rico asking his mother questions :
    first, why he doesn't have father, second, why he has a tail (or something)
    and finally, whether he's a human or not. (The other children have been 
    teasing him, you see.) Finally, men break into the house, telling the 
    "monster" to come out, and Rico's mother prays for God to help this child.
    (BTW, Rico's mom is seen coughing a lot as well.)
    Rico then rejoins Fei. Jeekman arrests him on the grounds that he has broken
    committee restrictions by pretending that Stier (Rico's Gear) had gone
    berserk using the opportunity to attack Jeekman. However, they find it
    strange that Rico was able to enter the room without the proper DNA - the 
    door is protected by a DNA lock and they wonder what went wrong with it.
    Jeekman then tells Fei that he has to question Rico immediately, who he 
    suspects of trying to murder him, and asks him to consider his question 
    Once out again, Shitan will mention that they have to meet Hamar at the 
    Wild Cart inn. You will then see another comedic scene that has Hamar
    blabbing their plans of escape right in front of the guards, and Fei shutting
    him up. ^_^ After they move to a more convinient locale, Hamar will tell you
    that the Weltall has been moved to a different dock, and the only way there
    is by train. Fei asks Hamar to find out the train schedule.
    Back in town, Fei and Shitan will meet Rico's men. Then tell you about more
    Rico; he has hated Jeekman, and this town, for a long time ever since the 
    order to evict "monsters" was passed, and has always been on the lookout
    for an opportunity to do Jeekman in. Finally, they ask you to help the King.
    Hamar then bursts in with information about the train schedule. After more
    conversation, Fei dismisses the men, telling them he will help the King,
    and changes his plans to moving out tonight instead; a train's supposed to
    Scene shift to Solaris. The team of soldiers will see the new engine in the
    base; it's supposed to run totally on Ether energy. A new character will
    be introduced; Dominia, Ramsas's right hand person. Ellie will ask her what
    the actual purpose of the mission is; Dominia will tell her even though it's
    supposed to be secret. The mission's objective is to cleanse more Lams from
    the earth. Ellie disagrees and says that Lams and Abal are alike. Dominia
    relataliates by saying that the only things Lams think about are strife and
    warfare; they are doing the world a favour by destroying them. By attacking
    and blowing up Kisreb's nuclear reactor, they can eradicate the whole city
    easily. Ellie protests again but is overruled; Dominia remarks that she 
    (Ellie) has always been like this, ever since they attended Yugento together
    and despite the fact that she is an Elements member.
    (To clear up the Solaris military a bit, here's a guide :
    Ramsas : General head
    Mian : Guide, aide-de-camp to Ramsas
    Dominia : Elmens member, Ramsas's picked soldier
    Ellie : Commander of five soldiers, Elmens member, under Graf
    Graf : Commander of special division of main Solaris forces)
    On the train, Shitan will exclaim that the back cars are wobbly, and to
    move forward. You will then enter a base of some sort; go and get the Master
    Key ASAP, left behind by careless soldiers. Fei will soon recover the Weltall
    and escape from the base.
    In the desert, Rico will feel some shaking but dismiss it as his imagination.
    That is, until he is attacked by the R Lankar. Fei then asks him why he
    is leaving; Rico angrily tells him not to concern himself with other people's
    matters. Just then, Solaris vessels are seen attacking the capital. Shitan
    will then Fei that they are aiming at the nuclear reacter; Fei can't believe
    it - if they do that, they will blow up the whole city. He takes off, telling
    Shitan to alert the people along with Hamar.
    Rico will do a bit of soul-searching as the attack is in progress, wondering
    if this city is his...and then run off to assist Fei. Meanwhile, as Ellie's
    men begin their attack on the Weltall, the head tells Ellie to not confuse
    personal matters will fighting so as not to shame Graf's name. Fei is
    busy battling all of them, muttering that it's these guys again. As he heads
    even further to the Hebit (which has the big gun), Rico will join in, telling
    him that he'll need help "taking care of this nuisance." Suddenly, the 
    Vierge will appear.
    (Rico: "I hate this city, nobody here treats me well, yet, it is ME   
    city, dammit! I'm standing here thinking...SOMEONE who is not even from this   
    damn place is trying to save it! What the hell has Fei got related to this 
    place : NOTHING! but he is fighting for it, for the people here...")
    Fei tells Rico to go ahead and ignores the latter's questions. Fei and Ellie
    will have another very long conversation about several things :
    Firstly, Fei will ask Ellie why she is still serving Graf; she replies that
    this is her place and that she belongs there. However, she doesn't like having
    to kill. Fei will ask her angrily why she still continues to do it; Ellie
    replies that it's her duty, attacking Fei once. The argument about duty escalates
    until Ellie screams that she understand and knows what she's doing; she doesn't
    need to like it...the pleads with Fei to understand. She tells Fei that he is
    lucky; after all, he is free, not chained by a place he belongs to. Fei replies
    that he's not free; he didn't ask to be dragged into this, and although one
    might think that he's helping Bart, he's not really - he doesn't have true 
    place either. Ellie then confusedly asks him why he fights; he doesn't have
    a reason? That proves to be the last straw. Fei will drag Ellie off to the
    ground, telling her that this is what she has caused. Ellie begs him to see
    it from her perspective; Fei almost slaps her then stops.
    There is no true reason for battle, he says. It happens, and he got caught
    up in it; all he knows is that now he must stop the destruction of the 
    nuclear reactor. Ellie says that he can't; he will be up against Dominia -
    the elite of the elite. Fei goes off anyway; Rico will help him beat 
    Dominia, who vows her revenge as she escapes. (BTW, Dominia, being an Elmens
    member, can also use the Eadd.)
    The ship begins to fall towards the city; Fei and Rico attempt to stop it,
    assisted by Ellie later. Unfortunately, their Gears overheat and they are 
    forced to stop - that is, except Ellie, who says that her Gear is of Solaris
    make and can withstand the pressure. Fei tells her not to be stupid; Ellie
    continues to push...until finally, her engines give out as well, and she
    Fei picks her up, softly calling her an idiot - Ellie realizes he's crying,
    and says "sorry"...Fei murmurs that it's not her fault. 
    (I've had two people tell me that Graf picks her up instead, so they might
    be right considering the Weltall suddenly has demon wings. ^_^)
    Ellie then joins your party. Discussing how to get out of Kisreb when
    posters of you are around the city, Hamar offers a situation; appropriate 
    the Goliath, a large plane being built in the base to the north, intended
    as a counterpart to Ave's own ships. Ellie tells them that she knows of the
    the place through intelligence relayed to her previously. Then go off, but
    not before Hamar has a private word with Ellie.
    At the exit of town, Rico will come to assist you in beating up the guards.
    He has decided that he doesn't like this town after all, but he's still not
    your friend; Shitan asks him whether it would be better to be friends. Rico
    interrupts and says guards will be here soon; he'll come with you to get
    the Goliath. Long way through the base, etc, which I won't cover here, this
    being translations and not a guide. ^_^
    Once aboard the Goliath, Hamar will ask Fei whether he's going to Ave. He's
    about to reply when who should turn up but Graf, who says that the Goderia
    is not for you to use as you will. Although you might not think so, you CAN
    win the battle. Graf has about 5000 HP; use Boosters and light attacks to
    defeat him. (BTW, the meaings of the kanji in by his blast attack are : 
    Destruction, King, All, and the last one is Kill.)
    Shitan will manuever the ship to dislodge Graf; he will then begin an attack
    run on the ship itself; stopped only by Hamar's firing of the onboard 
    weapon, after which he promptly runs around saying he's a genius. ^_^ Fei 
    will tell Shitan that he has felt uneasy around Graf; Shitan will say that 
    he does too - Graf reminds him of something. 
    And then we see Bart - what a surprise! He does EXACTLY the same thing he
    did the first time (same words) when he saw the sandcrawler, except this 
    time he's firing a weapon called the "Bart Missile." When it hits, Shitan 
    tells everyone to get off, and muses where the blast came from - could it
    have been from Sigurd?
    Bart enthuses about his victory; the newest model from Kisreb can't stand 
    up to him! His joy is short-lived, however; the flaming Goliath is headed
    right at the Yggdrasil. ^_^
    Back to Ramsas, who is searching for the Gate Keeper, to no avail. He asks
    for a status report on Shebat's Aura Emperia (a section of Shebat, revealed later),
    and the reply is that only small traces are detected. Graf then appears and tells him that the 
    "boy" will slip through his grasp soon. Ramsas changes his orders abruptly
    and tells the crew he will search for a Kisreb plane; ignoring Mian's question
    as to whether it is wise to disobey orders from the capital.
    Mian will go to see Graf; she asks him whether he knows the destiny of the
    "weapon" as well as other related matters. (being cryptic again) Graf will
    then disappear and there will be another scene with the flying heads. Once
    again, they will to do their best to drive this poor translator crazy. ^_^
    Anyway, another summary :
    1. More about the "anima" and "animus" weapons are mentioned.
    2. The Heavenly Emperor previously seen talking to Shitan makes his 
    appearance, and is introduced as Kain. (Yet another Bible reference)
    3. Kain is heard speaking about Zeiboim a city of ruins in the sea; the 
    heads think is still exists.
    4. Lots of allusions to events of 500 years past, as well as the standard
    hints thrown to garner player interest.
    Meanwhile, Shitan and Rico, on the Yggdrasil, go to meet Bart. Rico is
    none too pleased to meet the person who shot them down, and jumps on him. ^_^
    Fei and Ellie are then seen floating adrift in the sea, Fei searching for 
    food by fishing, and Ellie saying that that's not necessary. Just then, the
    fying saucer by paass by overhead, and Ellie will tell Fei that's it's 
    Shebat, another flying country, but one out of Solaris's jurisdiction. 
    However, it, like Solaris, possesses a barrier to entry, and for some 
    reason, happens to fly over the Akuuei (please help with name) region often.
    Fei will say that it's the same Shebat that Wiseman told him about...
    Bart, back on the Yggdrasil, goes to apologize to Shitan and Rico. Shitan
    shrugs off the apology (just as Meison said he would) with nary a thought,
    but pays more attention to what Bart asks him; whether he knows anything
    about the coat of arms on the Second Type Yggdrasil. Shitan says that it's
    extremely similar to Shebat's crest. Rico doesn't even bother to listen to 
    the apology, but instead asks Bart about some things he has found on the 
    Weltall. (?) (No idea; I was really tired out from translation at this 
    point. :(
    Ellie and Fei will then have another long conversation. This is mainly
    character development and philosophy; they talk about about living, oneself
    and freedom, basically. Ellie has decided to go back to Solaris; despite 
    the charges she will no doubt face, she thinks that it's the best way; after
    all, her place is there. BTW, Ellie had given Fei some army rations after
    his failure to catch fish; that's what the small scene was about.
    (Another note : Fei and Ellie have a long-running term in their many 
    conversations. This is word is literally "living place", or "place" used 
    whenever Fei and Ellie are talking about what their place in the world is; 
    where they belong etc. Just thought you'd like to know.)
    They will then be picked up by Damuz, a floating town. Go to see the 
    captain, who has kindly rescued you and refitted your Gears; Ellie will ask
    him why. He replies with :
    "Because I am!..."
    "...a man..."
    "...of the sea!"
    ^_^ (Spinning sequence translated by request of Ignacio DeLucas)
    After following him down to the cafe (of sorts) the captain will tell you
    about the salvage operations that Damuz carries out for the Church...
    after Ellie asks him about the cafe - to which he replies with :
    "The stomach..."
    "...is a place..."
    "...for food!"
    ^_^ (this one sounds much better in Japanese.)
    they are searching for "treasure sleeping under the sea." Ellie and Fei then
    feel some shaking; wondering if it's a battle, they run off to check. In the
    ocean, Cherubina and Dominia are having a conversation. Cherubina, (the Rei 
    Ayanami clone) has verified the object above them as the Yggdrasil, apparently
    not sunk (despite Dominia's suspicions) by the red Gear of the desert. (BTW,
    we are not told how the Yggdrasil was rebuilt.) Dominia wants to attack
    the ship; Cherubina demurs, saying that Ramsas's orders were to simply find or
    recover the Kisreb vessel - besides, they don't have enough fuel. Dominia
    apologizes and they head back.
    (Oh, and the boy at Damuz, if you're wondering, says that he wants to be
    a ship captain when he grows up, because the captain is so coooolll...then
    breaks out into :
    "I am..."
    "...a man..."
    "...of the...hey, what's that? Oh, they've not finishing working yet."
    Now follows a big boo-boo on my part; I accidentally erased my save! Wail!
    Fortunately for you, that was my second game. However, from here to Fei's
    injury, (not that long is it?) the translations will be from memory.
    (Begin memory part)
    As far as I can remember, Ellie gets kidnapped by Dominia when she attacks 
    the Yggdrasil. When she returns to Solaris, Dominia almost slaps her when
    Mian intercedes, bringing Ellie to a room, where I think she is brainwashed.
    She almost pauses to remark that Ellie has beautiful eyes.
    Ellie returns aboard the Yggdrasil and promptly sabotages the control valves
    of the ship. The doctor says that something is wrong with her (like duh! ^_^)
    and Bart tells everyone that she's a spy - they shouldn't trust her. However,
    when Ellie wakes, Shitan overrides Bart's suggestions and tells Ellie that
    they DO trust her; she must uphold that trust as best she can.
    Dominia then launches another attack on the Yggdrasil with Ramsas and Mian
    as well. Take care of Dominia; she's easy. However, you don't prove so lucky
    with Ramsas, whose barrage of attacks seriously injures Fei - Ellie, filled
    with rage, unleashes the Eadd on him, and he runs off.
    The ship's doctor recommends seeking help from the "Church", a representativew
    of which is aboard Damuz right now. There will be a seen with Billy, Jessie
    and Primera; Jessie is quite protective of his daughter. Finally, Billy will
    agree to assist you and transport Fei to the "Church" headquarters.
    (End memory section)
    As you enter the "Church" HQ, Enton, a man will speak to Billy, saying his father
    has news about s shipwreck and needs to talk to him. Billy has no objections
    to helping out with whatever needs to be done at the wreck, but resents the
    fact that his father doesn't understand his viewpoint.  
    Downstairs, the doctor reports that Fei is not seriously hurt; however, he 
    will need to rest and they need to observe him for a longer period of time. 
    Ellie will say that she's sorry - Shitan tells her not to reprimand herself 
    overmuch. Then, speak to all the people at the upper floor up the Church, 
    where you came in; they will tell you more about the Church's objectives (to
    save the souls of people on earth) and about Brother Billy, who, although 
    young, has served the Church very well.
    Ellie will soon rejoin you; after a discussion, the part agrees the seek out
    Billy to thank him for his assistance. You will find him at the orphanage
    south of the Church. Once there, Billy will say that it is simply his duty to
    help people, no matter whether they believe in the gods or not. Just then, 
    Shitan walks in, telling Bart that the shadow of a large ship has been 
    spotted. There will be a scene where Jessie is revealed to have been Sigurd's
    senior at Yugento Academy, which explains why Billy calls him "elder brother."
    Finally, Jessie will suggest continuing the discussion at the ship's bar.
    There, you will return Fei to the sick bay of the ship. Go to the bar and
    Jessie, Sigurd and Shitan will be drinking; or rather, Jessie will be pushing
    drinks on the reluctant Sigurd. ^_^ Shitan will attempt to get Jessie's attention,
    about various matters (such as a traitor or something) but he walks off, saying
    that if he's still alive later they'll talk. (Jessie, like Sigurd, also calls
    Shitan Hyuga.)
    Jessie will come back home much later. Billy and he will talk, or rather, argue;
    it's obvious from their guarded words that they have a long-running feud of
    some kind. Billy will reprimand Jessie for coming back so late and forcing
    drinks on Sigurd; Jessie will write it off and instead ask his son about
    his trip to the shipwreck. Billy will rebuff him coldy and he leaves. It's
    not so apparent, but Jessie does show affection, albeit a rough sort, for
    Billy, even though the former has told him that he's not fit to speak his
    mother's name.
    (Speech note : Billy speaks very politely (actually, he speaks almost
    exactly like Shinji Ikari from EVA, except that he's more forceful) but his
    dad is another case entirely; rude, crude and one mean dude. ^_^)
    Go back to the orphange and talk to Billy. He will tell you his reasons for
    building it; to give kids a home and assist the Church. Outside, a man named
    Stan (the church head) will arrive and ask Billy to go to the shipwreck as 
    soon as it's convinient for him. Upon learning of the danger in making
    a solitary voyage, Ellie and Bart will offer to assist him. He will demur
    until Stan insists; then he agrees and accompanies you back to the Yggdrasil.
    The next day, Bart will talk to Bart about why he's going. But first, a bit
    about Billy's weapon system, which he explains in detail.
    Billy has three weapons; his Handgun, Ether Gun and Big Gun. Ammunition 
    has to be equipped for all three; this is done by pressing right on the
    control pad when at Billy's equip screen. Then, select the ammo wanted;
    however, be careful as one clip will totally replace the previous one, no
    matter how much ammo was inside. So, don't reload when you've only used,
    let's say, 53 shots. The Ether Gun section is his Triangle Button attack.)
    Billy will then reveal his past. He had stayed happily with his sister in
    a cottage that became the orphange. But Jessie was always going on journeys,
    leaving the kids with their mother. One day, a bunch of thugs came in and
    killed her; it was only because of Stan that they were saved. Billy decided
    to become a Church member almost immediately; but from that day on, Primera
    did not speak a single word. Jessie came back eventually...what was strange
    is that Primera still likes him, whereas Billy cannot consider him his father
    Billy will apologize for rambling; eventually, you will reach the shipwreck.
    Billy remarks on the lack of light and strange sounds; those are caused by 
    the Verus, the spirits of the dead. Shitan will ask him if he's scared; he 
    will admit yes, a little. BTW, you have to run straight at the upopenable
    door here; after a few tries it will break off it's hinges.
    After fighting Bloody in the cabin (who, surprisingly, says "brother" before
    it\he dies), you will encounter a huge Verus. Back at the orphange, the 
    lookout will notice Billy's in trouble, leading the kids to prepare the
    Renmazuo's launch. ^_^ After defeating it, you will be back on the Yggdrasil;
    head to Enton.
    You will discover lots of dead people. Billy will wonder what happened; head 
    down to meet an assasin. Once you've killed him, go past the previously locked
    doors to witness the death of another church member; however, before this one
    dies, he asks the assasins whether they've found out what was going on.
    (More notes : I now present some Xenogears revelations. ^_^
    Firstly, the language from now on becomes more intense than ever. There's
    simply no way to translate some of the more subtle nuances of the dialogue;
    another reason why the game will probably not hit US shores. As it is, you
    will just not be able to get the full depth of the dialogue here. Sorry. One
    thing I can tell you is that Shitan makes several slip-ups in his dialogue,
    as if not saying everything he knows.
    Secondly, the volatile religious material becomes more evident as well. There
    are some scenes which would...to put it delicately, offend some people of
    some religions. Nothing too inflammatory, but it will definitely be something
    to consider in the case of a looking-less-likely-by-the-minute US release.)
    Um, scratch that since the US release is confirmed. ^_^
    Big, big scene in the basement of the Church. To cut a long story short,
    among Shitan's observations, Ellie's findings from the computer base, Bart
    and Rico's questions, and Billy's frequent exclamations of disbelief, the
    following is revealed :
    1. The equipment in the bottom of the base is of Solaris manufacture, and
    the room itself was only accessible by high-ranking Church officials. The data
    stored within pertains to every fact about the Church dating back from
    ancient times.
    2. Ellie and Shitan discover that Solaris has apparent connections to the
    Church. It's more than that, much more; in fact, all countries and domains
    of the Church have Solaris connections. Further information reveals that the
    entire Church is merely a subsidiary of Solaris.
    3. Furthermore, the Church was originally formed to regulate the remmants of
    humanity left by the great war 500 years ago, the cause of which is unknown.
    In order to do so more efectively, it formulated the concept of gods and
    faith, spreading them to the people.
    Ellie and Shitan resolve to get to the bottom of this; more information is
    supposedly kept deeper within the Church. Upon leaving the room to continue
    the investigation, though, Billy's friend will show up and begin a long speech
    about how they, the "unclean ones" have been ordered to destroy all the rebels
    in Enton to save themselves. Just then, Jessie will appear and shoot one with
    a stun gun. He is about to shoot the other when Billy asks him to stop; he
    does and the speech is concluded, having being stopped halfway by Jessie's
    Who should appear then but Stan, who finishes off the job by shooting the
    poor babbler. Billy then demands to know the full story; in a very long
    conversation, Stan will reveal the following things :
    1. He is a Solaris representative, the one in charge of the Lams on earth.
    2. Enton has rebelled against the Church by creating false gods; there are
    no gods. Solaris does not permit such actions, and has taken revenge; the
    whole team of assasins was sent by Stan himself.
    3. There is more, but Billy is not ready for the truth. Stan also says
    something about using human souls, the Verus, for some other plans...
    4. He is also the one who engineered the attack on Billy's house so long
    ago, sending the Verus in order to manipulate him to his own ends.
    (The Verus are actually prototype human experiments created by Solaris.)
    Jessie will then break in, calling Stan Stein and saying that he's not
    escaping this time. Stan will also refer to Jessie by a different name and
    then escape anyway. Stan also seems to have known Billy's mother.
    (Some of the follwing scenes will not be complete or accurate; at this point,
    I was so engrossed in the game I was playing faster than I could translate. 
    Rushing into the control room, you will find that Stein has activated the
    Archangel, a powerful Church Gear, and ran off. The scene will shift to a
    strange craft (the same one seen meeting Jeekman) firing on Damuz and it's 
    surrounding ships. The captain orders his men to repulse the intruders, which
    happen to be more Verus; meanwhile, Sigurd hurries to to assist.
    When you finally get to the captain, Shitan asks him if he's okay. Of course
    he is, after all :
    "...is a man..."
    "...of the sea!"
    The captain will then tell you about his previous Church salvage operations.
    It seems that they have yielded another ruin north of here; this was what
    the Church was after. Head to the ruin. As you progress further down, there
    will be some scenes; Ellie, on the bridge of the city, has a flashback of
    sorts, and Shitan will wonder if she has "awakened" as well. Mian is also
    seen telling Graf that he has "awakened" for the third time; since his friends
    are nearing their treasure, he should take action...surprisingly, she actually
    ends her request with a "please."
    If you're having problems with the door, check the door once, then head up to
    the rooms above and check the computers. Then go back down. As you're travelling
    through the corridors, Billy will ask Shitan what the doors are for; Shitan
    tells him that they're airlocks used to preserve the city, or else, they were
    intended to keep something inside the city in...interestingly enough, most 
    doors tell you that you have to undergo decotamination as you pass through 
    them - as you go deeper into the complex, the messages change to warnings...
    When you reach the room with a glass screen, Ellie will have another flashback,
    saying that the walls have been dyed red with blood, and to not take the child
    away. She then heads to a computer room and raises a glass tube up. Another
    flashback; the same words are repeated. Finally, Billy and Shitan inspect
    the container. Shitan says that the machine is intended for biological 
    (More notes : From here to about Shebat, there will be some errors and
    chronological discrepancies in the record; I was too busy playing. ^_^ Also,
    only the dialogue of the party I used will be recorded.)
    Stein appears once again and begins another long dialogue about how this
    machine, created by a Solaris scientist, Karuren is being used to make a 
    better human to replace the inferior ones on earth. Billy then engages him 
    in a semi-theological debate about the gods and humanity. Finally, Stein 
    grabs the girl and sics Tronu and Seraphita on you. There will be a comic 
    scene in which Seraphita clings on to Tronu, asking her "nee-chan" (familiar
    term for elder sister) to be with her. ^_^ Ellie will caution you about the 
    abilities of the two (they're also Elements members) and the battle will begin.
    As they party chase after Stein, Id, the pilot of the crimson Gear in the
    desert, will make a surprise appearance, telling Stein to "return it" to him.
    He will then fight the party; once defeated, Wiseman will restrain him and
    tell you all to leave. Id is none too pleased with Wiseman, and begins to
    talk to him about other things (just allusions) before breaking free of his
    grip. Back on the ship, Shitan will worry about the machine; it has the
    capability of genetic reconstruction - in fact, Rico and Hamar's races were
    probably created similarly.
    The Archangel is then seen attacking the Yggdrasil; Graf will show up and 
    pull the same scene he did with Vandakam - that is, asking Stein whether he 
    wants power. Stein denies it until Graf holds out both hands (this time, 
    though, in addition to talking about the "breath of the gods." etc, he 
    mentions the "power of the corrupted seed.") and pours a stream of energy 
    into the Gear.
    You will find that your attacks do nothing to the barrier surrounding the
    Archangel. Billy rages ineffectually at Stan as he reveals that he is the one
    who had ordered his mother killed. Jessie shows up. He will give a long, 
    long speech to Billy about how humans will kill each other and it's not 
    because of the guns that they make that they do so - that though Billy 
    didn't want to learn gunplay it was necessary, and finally that it doesn't 
    matter what Billy did  or the Church stands for - the true gods and the 
    faith are in Billy's heart. His Gear will then turn into an Ether Gun and 
    fire, destroying the barrier. (Note : Stein seems to have been jealous of 
    Jessie for marrying Billy's mom...not sure though.)
    (Note : The exact spellings of Archangel and Cherubina (formely Algansel and
    Cherubina) are in some doubt as Square appears to have used the original Latin
    pronunciation for their transliteration. However, Ignacio Delucas has 
    assured me that these spellings are indeed correct (actually, they're his. ^_^)
    as his knowledge of Spanish allows him to make some inferences as to the
    actual sound of the words. Any confirmation on this issue will be much
    Afterwards, Billy will mourn for his dad, only to have Jessie appear unharmed.
    Primera then talks for the first time in years, calling Jessie "Papa". Billy
    asks her to talk to him and the scene fades out.
    I think there is another flying head scene around here. Can't remember anything
    beyond them talking about the anima and animus weapons again. Sorry. :(
    Jessie then spills his guts about the whole situation. He had been under the
    command of the same Solaris scientist who does research with the 
    bio-reconstruction machine (finally got his name; it's Karuren), and was the
    senior commander of Sigurd. However, he heard a rumour about the possible 
    uses of the machine, and resolved to get to the root of the matter, leading 
    to his long absence from home. He then advises everyone to head to Shebat, 
    which supposedly is also fighting against Solaris, and drops a bit of 
    information about Maria, the daughter of a Shebat scientist named Nicola. 
    (forgot what he says.)
    Fei asks Ellie if that's okay with her, Solaris being her country and all.
    Ellie replies that she had broken off her connection with them and a Shebat
    factory worker comes in, telling the party that Shebat is now above the 
    Tower of Babel. Fei resolves to go there.
    The scientist then appears in the next scene; not much, expect that he
    directs his ship to Solaris, and, like all the bad guys, is cryptic.
    Halfway up the tower, Ramsas will attack you and be defeated; he wants to
    continue fighting, but Mian restrains him, instead ordering the ship to fire.
    Just then, Shebat assists you by blasting a hole in the Solaris vessel; Mian
    is forced to beat a hasty retreat.
    Once at the top of the tower, Maria will attack you with Siebzehn, saying
    that no intruders are allowed here. Zehar, the queen of Shebat, will stop
    her after the battle and let you enter. Maria then introduces herself as
    Maria Belthazar.
    (Note : Siebzehn means seventeen in German. I'm sure this is significant
    in some way, but due to my non-existent knowledge of German, this eludes me.
    Fei will remember that Old Man Bal had the same name, and tell Maria that
    Siebzehn resembles Calamity. Maria replies that Calamity was a prototype,
    then asks Fei excitedly where he has seen her grandad; he was captured by
    Solaris forces 3 years ago. Fei tells her he's in the desert and safe. Maria
    is a little sad that they won't be able to go back, but is reassured that 
    he's fine.
    You'll then have to find Maria in Shebat; walk around the town and you should
    come to a children's room. Fei and Shitan will look at the hobby-horse and 
    and the destroyed room, saying how old it is; Billy will wonder why such
    destruction was neccesary. Maria then enters and concurs with Billy's statement;
    that war is horrible and causes suffering. She also tells you that the room
    was left unrepaired in order to let people remember war's terrible 
    suffering, then escorts you to Zehar's throne room.
    (This room is specially preserved by the Shebat people, and it had stayed the   
    same in the last 500 years - it was the result of the great war 500 years   
    ago between Shebat and Solaris, The Queen wanted it to stay that way so   
    people could remember forever the horror of war.)
    Zehar will, in a long conversation, reveal Shebat's purpose; to stop Solaris
    from destroying the people of the earth. Shebat has a more benign aim - to
    give them a peaceful world so that their future will be untroubled. She asks
    Fei to consider it and ends the audience.
    Talk to Maria. She will tell you that she is more than ready to battle Solaris
    forces anytime; however, she is uncertain about her father, who left for
    Solaris years ago and has not returned. Go back to Zehar and choose the
    first option - Fei will agree to assist her, but just then, the base is 
    (Character note - Maria sounds far more adult that a child would be. In
    fact, if there's one person that sounds like that it's Seraphita. ^_^ She
    speaks roughly like Billy does, but sounds a bit younger on occasion.)
    Maria immediately requests permission to repulse the enemy forces. Zehar 
    replies that it is far too dangerous for a single person; Fei volunteers to
    help out. One person is left behind to protect the Queen and off you go.
    Halfway down the access hatch, Maria will tell Fei that going down straight
    is too risky as the enemies will be anticipating that, and she opens an access
    panel instead.
    Finally, you will reach the room where Siebzehn is kept, and Dominia will appear.
    She will look at Maria - isn't she Nicola's daughter? And by the way, 
    Siebzehn is actually theirs. Maria asks why. Dominia then goes into a long 
    scene in which she explains about the "cursed secret" of Siebzehn, and why 
    Nicola left; he was trying to link the Gear and the human body together 
    totally, and, being unable to do so in Shebat, came over to Solaris. The 
    Verus are actually their first experiments, not human souls. Even the 
    Battling Arena in Kisreb has the same idea; by collecting data, they will create the
    ultimate fusion of Gear and human. Maria says that this can't be true; 
    Dominia reiterates that it is, and what's more, that the Siebzehn is the 
    pinnacle of that achievement. 
    Jessie appears and scares Dominia off, who returns to manage the follow-up
    attack on Shebat. A long scene then ensues; basically, all four of Shebat's
    shield generators must be protected. Chu Chu comes along, to Fei's dismay, 
    (^_^) with Maria promising him a meeting with his other friends here later. 
    Just then, though Achtzen will appear and threaten the imminent destruction
    of Shebat. Maria will stare in shock; it's her father's voice! Zehar sternly
    reminds her that it is *not* Doctor Nicola in there - Maria is not reassured
    as the Achtzehn is the brother Gear to Siebzehn - only Nicola knew enough of
    it's construction to duplicate it. Shitan then delegates the defense of the
    4 shield generators to your characters. BTW, you can go out to buy new Gear 
    stuff from a Chu Chu outside - in fact, this is a necessity, because if you
    don't, you are almost certainly going to be eaten for breakfast by the 
    attack groups. ^_^
    BTW, in one of the Shebat rooms, you will meet Yui and Midori again, who have
    come to Shebat because of the danger after the Lahan incident.
    Finally, Achtzehn will activate it's Psycho Jammer, stopping all Gear movement.
    It turns out that the only thing that can save them now is the Siebzehn - as
    the brother Gear to the Achtzehn, it's the only thing the Jammer won't affect.
    Maria, though, cannot bring herself to fight her father. Seeing this, Chu Chu
    makes a decision. Since no one can fight, and the treasure of the gods 
    (which the Chu Chu are protecting) is in danger, he will have to battle 
    Achtzehn himself. Maria runs after him as he bounces off.
    Once Achtzehn has taken a set amount of damage, it will fire Dominia's cannon
    at the Chu Chu, defeating it. Midori then appears, telling Maria that it's
    not Nicola in there - it's a bad man. Maria summons Siebzehn and readies 
    herself for battle.
    Achtzehn will continue to speak to her in her father's voice, telling her that
    he will make her a promise for a bright future and stay with her instead of
    leaving this time. Maria replies that this is not her father - what has 
    happened to her father's kindness, his smile? Siebzehn then goes auto and
    attacks Achtzehn of it's own volition, to the doctor's surprise.
    Suddenly, Nicola himself will appear and speak to Maria, telling her that
    the real Nicola was gone long ago - the only part of him left is in 
    Siebzehn, which, for all intents and purposes, IS Nicola. He urges her to 
    destroy Achtzehn before his cannon is fired at Shebat - Maria cannot. Nicola
    finishes his last conversation by saying that he will be with her forever,
    then takes control of his Gear and destroys Achtzehn.
    (BTW, Achtzen means (surprise) eighteen in German.)
    Maria and Chu Chu will then join your party. Bad news, though; Zehar reports
    that Ave troops have occupied Nisan in their search for the treasure of 
    Nisan's royal family, sealed by the first king of Ave, Ronnie Fatima - the 
    Gear Bara. Bart will immediately hurry there, but Zehar wants them to study
    under Gaspar first, an old master who trained both Wiseman and Kaan, was at 
    Shebat.(This explains all the new skills you suddenly receive.) She also 
    orders a refit of the Yggdrasil - easy as it's basic design has Shebat 
    elements. (which also accounts for the crest on it, mentioned before.)
    You will then see a scene with Zehar and Wiseman. Zehar commands him to 
    continue to look into the affairs of the world below - he agrees. Gaspar
    comes in and Zehar asks him about Melchior and Balthasar as well. The three
    agree that events are coming to a close with the attack on Nisan; Gaspar 
    also reports that a "she" is making Gear below move. (Not sure.) 
    (Gaspar means that the Gear Bara Shebat got - the one used by Sofia 500   
    years ago, is responding to Ellie.) Zehar will ask Wiseman whether or not Ellie was actually Sofia - he will
    not respond and she will apologize, leading to him dismissing the situation
    and saying that they will have to wait.
    Upon arriving at Nisan, no one will be found. Sigurd comes over and asks you
    to secure the town while he investigates. After defeating all the soldiers,
    a war conference is held with Mal saying that a secret underground route
    exists - Bart immediately surmises that the townsfolk have been taken there.
    (Note that the route is called "the tunnel of the soul") Shitan will be 
    accompanying Sigurd to help secure the church, so pick someone to go with
    Fei and Bart besides him.
    After going down (where Bart promptly forgets where the secret entrance is 
    ^_^) and defeating the guards, Bart will tell the townspeople to return
    to the surface as all's clear - he has to fulfill his duty as his father's
    son and protect the holy treasure. The people will thank him and say that 
    their king is indeed strong. Off you go to get the Gear Bara.
    (All the scenes with Bart, Mal and the retinal scans are just Bart mentioning
    that this is the method used to check for the royal lineage.)
    After finding it, Bart will remark on how it seems like his own Brigandier
    in more than one respect, down to the crescent shaped headpiece. However, 
    that's not the end of their journey; they have to mobilise the base they're 
    in order to defeat Shakan. Go down to the proper room and Bart will do so,
    (albeit with a lot of posturing as to how he's going to use it ^_^)
    accidentally firing a shot at Babel Tower in the process, which disappears
    mysteriously. Bart, fiddling with the switches, hits one on the other side,
    which opens the hatch of the palace. 
    Bad move. Shakan and his troops enter, threatening imminent destruction.
    Bart and Co. are forced to run away until they are cornered; Mal slips out, 
    followed by enemy troops, and then Shitan and Sigurd appear to back you up.
    Shakan beats a hasty retreat - he doesn't need to fight once he captures Mal
    and obtains the Gear Bara.
    Bart will try the door and find that it is locked, but Sigurd has another
    solution - to use the scans. Bart, after doing so, will wonder how come 
    Sigurd is able to be verified; Sigurd, however, will hurry him to the Gear, 
    which Mal in is. Mal has only been shot in the leg. Bart will scold her
    repeatedly for being an idiot, and then takes over the Gear controls, only 
    to discover they don't exist. 
    Shitan yells instructions to them - the Gear is piloted by mental imagery, 
    not manual controls. Bart is able to master the mechanism just as an Enton 
    Gear begins it's energy blast. After defeating all the Gears in the palace, 
    Bart will chase Shakan away; the latter tells Bart to look to Mal instead,
    who has since fainted.
    Fortunately, the wounds aren't serious. The party begins a discussion about
    the Gear's abilities - according to Shitan, the Andvari, like the Vierge, 
    is operated by thought, and it's power depends on the "soul" or feelings, of
    it's user. Bart thinks a while, then declares that he will uphold his 
    father's name, apologizing to Mal and telling her that she can help them 
    fight. Shitan also mentions that the Gear is the "anima weapon" of legend. 
    (BTW, Andvari was the king of the dwarves in Celtic mythology - yet another
    of those references.)
    (A note about the above scene : it's hinted at by Shitan that Bart is a 
    good king because his valiant thoughts have powered the Andibarie enough to
    defeat Shakan. However, like most of what Shitan says, you have to read a
    bit more deeply in order to get it - therefore, I did it nicely for you. 
    (This would also be a good time to mention that the nuns of Nisan make 
    frequent wishes that Mal and Bart get married one day, to the irritation of
    both of them. ^_^)
    At the coronation, Bart declares peace with Kisreb, as well as abolishing
    the kingship and starting a democracy, which apparently was in his 
    father will to do so. Sigurd is rather stunned at this, but Bart reassures
    him and later goes to bed.
    Only to wake up later at night to ask Meison about Sigurd's parents. Meison
    reluctantly tells Bart that Sigurd's mother fell in love with the king -
    she was the chieftan's daughter of a small tribe somewhere in desert region 
    of Ave. She fell in love with Bart's father before he got married to Bart's 
    mother, but she disappeared without telling Bart's father that she had an
    incurable disease and also told Sigrud not to tell his father about this 
    before she died. 
    Bart then goes to speak to Sigurd himself, and asks him about his parents.
    Sigurd replies that he can't remember, but is asks by Bart again to do as
    best as he can. Sigurd finally says that his mother was, as he can recall,
    a kind person - after that, he was taken away somewhere, and at 10 
    apprenticed to the King and from there to Solaris. Sigrud did not realize
    that his father already knew that Sigrud was his son when he first entered 
    the castle as the royal servant, until Bart says, "I did not reveal all of 
    my dad's will in public, his last words were 'from now on you and your 
    brother will help each other...'" leaving a very stunned Sigurd behind...
    Finally, the party mobilises to attack Shakan, who has stationed himself
    at one of the three Gates whose power sustains the shield of Solaris. He will
    have attached himself to the Gate, thinking to use it's power, when he 
    abruptly discovers that he can't move, to Bart's amusement. ^_^ However, Graf
    will show up for the third time and repeat his scene, leading to a big battle
    with Shakan, after which the first gate is opened.
    Battle tips are as follows : Use Siebzehn as you won't win without it. Use
    Booster whenever he's not attached to the Gate, and when he is, discontinue
    use and Charge Fuel instead - don't attack as he will regenerate 1000 HP 
    every time you do. Equipping the Engraved Seal Armour found on all the 
    wizard Gears will help immensely. Oh, and when the fight just starts, he 
    can't counter or do anything, so take the opportunity to waste him.
    Another war meeting is held, the topic of discussion being how to open the
    second gate. Fei suggests using Shebat's cannon to blow open it's location,
    the Enton "Church", but Shitan replies that it won't be powerful enough.
    Some other members volunteer suggestions about using land weaponry - none
    available that are strong enough. Finally, Shitan will come up with a 
    solution. Using the palace of Fatima to fire a shot, he will redirect the 
    blast from the Tower of Babel, using it's reflective mirror, to burrow into
    the ground. Two teams are divided and they set off.
    Back with the flying heads, Ramsas demands to know more about the situation,
    and is pacified by Mian. The heads have a discussion about what to do next,
    also calling Ramsas a "beast" to which he demands to know the reason for. 
    The Elements then appear - Dominia, Cherubina, Seraphita, and Tronu, who offer
    to dispatch the invaders for Ramsas, who is still hurt following his battle
    with Fei. (Actually, Cherubina offers on behalf of them.)
    (Elements speech note :
    Dominia : Speaks rudely, but is quite polite sometimes, especially when
    delivering a speech. ^_^
    Cherubina : By far the most formal of the Elements.
    Seraphita : Speaks like a little girl, with frequent repetitions of other's
    words. Think Sasami from Tenchi Muyo. ^_^
    Tronu : Although female (I think), she speaks in an extremely masculine 
    The situation at the Tower is self-explanatory - Fei, Ellie, Bart, and Chu
    Chu defend Shitan and Billy, who are aligning the two systems. After the 
    battle, there is yet another discussion about how to find the third Gate, 
    which is in either one of the two possible locations. (the Gates' locations
    being in a triangle.) The meeting ends when Fei deduces the Gate position;
    deep in the ocean (I forgot how exactly he deduced it, though). Bart 
    interjects, saying that the Yggdrasil can't withstand that sort of pressure,
    so off you go to see your good friend, the captain of Damuz, for some 
    aquatic modifications.
    This time around, Fei anticipates the "man of the sea"'s speech. ^_^ Talk
    to Sigurd after your Gear's are refitted, and you'll be sent to the 
    salvage point in the sea. Make your way through the tunnels to reach the
    third Gate and Emerda.
    There, one of Karuren's disciples will unleash Emerda on you. After the
    battle, he comments that her power is now going berserk, and escapes. You 
    will then end up with a very childlike Gear pilot who persists, for some
    reason, in calling Fei "Kim." Ellie thinks that "Kim" is Emerda's father's
    name. After Fei tries and does not succeed in getting her to stop calling him
    "Kim" (^_^), she talks about a "long, long dream" which she had, and was very
    lonely in. Ellie tries to get more information out of her but does not 
    succeed due to her fuzzy recollections of the past.
    There will be another scene with the flying heads (around this area; I
    forgot exactly where) Karuren will discuss certain things with them, including
    Emerda, the girl with the "anti-life" power and the awakening of "he" and
    "she." The terms "hyodai" and "sesshokumono" are also mentioned. 
    Most of this is fluff, especially as their intentions will be revealed
    Just before they head to Solaris, they will be a scene with Shitan and his
    wife, Yui. Yui will hand him his sword, talking about the "injuries" that
    he and his comrades have received, then finally wishes him luck. Shitan 
    does likewise and asks her to take care of Midori when he goes away.
    (BTW, I don't know if it's just Shitan being his usual polite self, but he
    doesn't seem very close to Yui at all even if he's her husband.)
    With the Gates gone, preparations for a infiltration of Solaris are now 
    underway. Shitan advises the use of Maria's Siebzehn to pierce the single
    remaining barrier (which, since it is generated by Solaris itself, cannot
    be penetrated any other way) and then to insert the rest of the party into
    the complex. Maria agrees and the operation begins.
    Once inside, Fei and Co. will search for a way in. Finding nothing but a 
    few capsules, Fei decides to get into one despite Ellie's protests; this is, 
    after all, a way to find out more about the territory. Or so he thinks before
    taking a rather unexpected ride. ^_^ (BTW, Solaris generates it's own 
    gravity, which explains the upside-down position you start in.)
    Fei will end up in another area. He sees a person being dropped into a deep
    pit after struggling futilely with a robot; he has apparently failed in his
    duty or something. After finding Ellie, who says that she took another pod 
    to find him, he asks her what has happened to Shitan. Ellie replies that 
    he's probably in another area; but not to worry as he knows the interior of 
    Solaris well. The conversation drifts to getting deeper into Solaris - Fei 
    remarks that Ellie, for a member of the military, doesn't seem to know her 
    way around that well, and she responds that she just doesn't know these things,
    being a first-class citizen.
    Take another lift up to meet Samson, who Fei mistakes for his friend Timothy
    at first. (Samson actually might just be Timothy - remember that Solaris 
    brainwashes people and such.) Samson offers to guide you deeper into Solaris
    if you will take him along. (he wants to escape) Do so, and eventually you 
    will come to a barrier system of sorts, which will disintegrate Samson 
    because his ID is old. Ellie will then enter her own ID - she, being a Gazel
    (the highest class of Solarisian citizenry) does not need a card and will be
    admitted into the city proper.
    Run around the town square until you get to a guard, who refuses you entry
    into the naval exhibition without a ticket. So get one from a lady in one
    of the upper houses. The exhibition will begin with some guy talking about
    how the Lams must die etc to further the goals of Solaris, how they are unclean
    etc. Karuren then appears, and Fei gets another flashback...
    ...where he's called Lakan. (If you have forgotten, this is the name that 
    appeared during the Nisan flashback) He will talk to Karuren about how his
    path is different (?), and how they will go to see Lady Sofia soon. Throughout
    the scenes, references are made to three holy books as well as the Three
    Magi (Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar) - Karuren says that Fei sees things
    differently than him - his is the way of the artist. The final scene will
    show Karuren declaring that "this" (the cylinders in front of him) will save
    humanity, and shows him turning to Melchoir.
    Ellie and Fei discuss this; apparently, both have the feeling of having met 
    him before. Karuren then surprises them by stating that the capture of some
    rebel Lams has been completed, and proceeds to display holograms of all your 
    friends. Ellie and Fei engage in a heated debate about how to rescue them, 
    which ends with them arguing and running off, (having made too much noise) 
    and pursued by flying robots. 
    Once through the sewers, Ellie will reach her house. There, she will talk to
    her mother and describe Fei as a person from the third-class citizenry who
    is assisting Graf's squad with something. After Medina (Ellie's mother)
    expresses her thanks at seeing Ellie come back safely, Ellie will bring Fei
    to her room.
    There, they will bathe. ^_^ Ellie tells Fei a bit about her past, including
    the fact that her real father is a Lams and not Abal. Her adopted father
    took her in to save face after being entrusted with her care by her real
    father (not sure of the exact situation here). The conversation turns to how
    to rescue their friends soon. Ellie suggests using her father's connection to
    the Solaris network to begin a search.
    Halfway through the search itself, her dad will make an appearance. He will
    demand to know what Ellie is doing in his room after he has told her 
    expressedly not to come in here. Calling security, he rushes towards her as
    she tells him that he's not really her true father - he's always kept her
    only for appearances, making her enter the Academy without her consent. 
    Medina rushes out of the room following this outburst and subsequent slap
    that Ellie receives. 
    More dialogue ensues. Finally, Ellie's father lets Fei go, to his daughter's
    surprise, saying that if this is the path Ellie chose in life, he should do
    all he can to assist her. However, Ellie is to stay with him - Fei leaves
    and meets Shitan in one of the access hatches. After exchanging recent
    information, Fei will suggest that they follow what Ellie and he were going
    to do after gaining some idea of Solaris's construction from the computer,
    that is, using the dust hatches to enter the main compound.
    Shitan agrees, but just as you set off, there is an unexpected occurence -
    Shitan steps across the laser barrier and is not hurt - however, he's not
    a Gazel! Fei asks him why and he laughs it off uneasily, saying that the 
    machinery is either faulty or that they still have him in the records as a 
    Solaris assistant. 
    At the dust chute, Ellie rejoins the party, explaining that her father has
    bought her the time needed to get back to Fei and Shitan. Make your way
    through an assortment of long, long corridors to get to a conveyor belt area.
    Ellie and Fei will discover that the food that they had so recently consumed
    was, in fact, human remains. Continue along the corridors to get to a room
    with holograms containing a respectable amount of information about Fei and
    Co. - Fei will wonder how they have managed to accumulate so much.
    (One of the categories in the holograms is the Synch-Ratio with the Anima;
    note that Fei and Ellie have infinite Synchronate...)
    More corridors, which will lead to a door that Fei is unable to open. Shitan 
    does so, explaining that the door is opened by the "first seal" (I think I
    misread this, please check) which is associated with Kain, the Heavenly
    Emperor who has a longer than human life span. He goes on to elaborate about
    how the people below only serve as fodder and human experiments for the 
    people of Solaris; Fei will mutter that it's too cruel...
    ...and have Ellie interject. It's strange, she says : how does Shitan know
    so much about the situation? Even the lock he opened was a Class 4 one, 
    only accessible by the highest-ranking Solaris personnel - he even knows about
    the purpose of Solaris research! Fei attempts to break it up and Ellie tells
    him to shut up, then asks Shitan once again what kind of a person he is.
    (Ellie's speech has slowly become more confident and less hesistant as the
    game progresses, BTW. Again, since this is not evident by reading my
    summary, here I am telling you. ^_^)
    Suddenly, the lights go out. Fei stumbles blindly along the corridors and 
    ends up in a many-paneled room - flashing lights assault his senses and
    he collapses with a shout. He comes to in the same room, surrounded by the
    flying heads (BTW, they are now referred to as "roujin" or "old men".) Fei
    demands to know more about why he is here. 
    Here comes the second big revelation of the game : Shitan is a traitor, 
    working with the Heavenly Emperor Kain to observe Fei, the one who had 
    destroyed the world before. Fei will ask if this is true - the heads will
    respond with an explanation of their origins. They wish to regain the
    Garden of the gods once again, and to control the cosmos as is their right.
    They will exact revenge upon the Lams and mention something about an Ark 
    of some sort...
    (Above scene has to be checked...as always with difficult plot details.)
    Shitan will then enter and mentally torture Fei, asking him repeatedly if
    he "enjoys" this and what his intentions really were. (Note that Shitan does
    so in a conversational tone, and not sadistically.) Fei finally screams and
    faints, only to reveal Shitan saying something to Id instead...
    We're not done with the heavy plot details : Ellie comes to in Karuren's 
    room, where he asks her whether she remembers an incident in the Yugento
    Academy when the Ether power exceeded the normal limit. That was not because
    her power went berserk; rather, it was because another person is sleeping
    inside of her. Ellie will retort that she knows nothing about such things and 
    aks where Fei is : Karuren will ignore her and instead proceed to examine her
    cell structure in greater detail; as expected, she has the Ouroborus, or 
    Moebius Strip, the mark of fate, in her blood.
    (The Ouroborus is known as the World Serpent in Celtic mythology; 
    supposedly, it encircles the world totally, with it's tail in it's mouth.)
    Ramsas will then enter and demand to know where Fei is, taking Ellie by the
    throat as well. After Ellie chokingly denies knowledge of his location, he
    will storm about the room, asking crazedly about the person who defeated
    him. (Yes, Ramsas actually does sound not at all normal in this scene.)
    Back with Fei, who is reunited with Billy and Bart - the moment he sees 
    Shitan, though, he springs to the attack and has to be restrained by his
    friends, who tell him that Shitan was the one who rescued them. Fei 
    does not believe this, but as they explain he grudingly begins to accept this
    as the truth.
    (Above scene not clear at all; I was skimming through it as I had a later save
    to go back to. Will be fixed in the next update. I have also forgotten
    how Ellie gets back to the party, and the scene with Jessie in a gunfight; 
    so be patient. ^_^)
    Once everyone is back together, the escape from Solaris will be well underway.
    Everything proceeds smoothly until Hamar pulls a gun on Ellie, telling everyone
    nervously that he's serious - he was asked by Karuren to do this, and he will.
    Hamar says that he doesn't want to, but he must; he's not strong like Fei or
    clever like Shitan, but just a normal person pushed into this kind of a
    Medina then steps forwards, saying that she's not going to let her daughter,
    whom she raised from birth and saw grow up, be in that kind of danger; after 
    all, she's nothing more than a normal mother, and she won't stand for it. 
    Following her calmly given directions, Ellie gets back to the group -
    - when Medina is shot. Hamar runs off screaming as Ellie lets out a wail of
    despair, broken only by Graf's and her father's surprise appearance. One of
    Graf's followers will blow Ellie's dad's mech apart; as he dies, he tells 
    Ellie to follow her own path well, as the precious daughter of he and 
    Medina. Fei will curse Graf and rush into battle.
    After the fight, Graf comments that they aren't that bad; but are they ready
    for true power? The follower proceeds to blast everyone with a strange 
    light. Back on the Yggdrasil, a tech reports that one of the Gears is moving
    by itself; Sigurd demands for more information just as the Weltall is seen to
    transform into the Gear of the desert.
    There will then be a short scene with Mian and Karuren. Mainly cryptic 
    details, but Mian will make a comment about how Ramsas "cannot be saved."
    Ellie wakes up on the palms of the Siebzehn. Shitan reveals that Fei is 
    actually Id, to her disbelief. As Solaris crashes to the ground, Bart and
    Sigurd will wonder what to do - suddenly, Ellie boards the Vierge and rushes
    towards Id's Gear, telling a surprised Shitan that she's the only one who 
    can save Fei now.
    Id confronts her, saying how she will be killed if she continues to resist
    him. Ellie invites his to attack her, very like how Fei had once done.
    Id accepts and rips right through the Vierge with a single hand. To his
    consternation, Id finds that he cannot pull out from the Gear; Ellie replies
    that she will never let go, then cries for the original Fei to return. (Is
    it just me, or does the picture of Ellie clutching her head look VERY LIKE
    a certain Sohryuu Asuka Langley?) Finally, Fei will resurface, just as Id
    makes a last comment about someone awakening...
    Back on Shebat, Shitan spills his guts and reveals his connection with Kain,
    as well as his mission of observing the one who had destroyed the earth
    before - Fei. (He does not make it clear if this is the frequently-alluded to
    destruction of the world 500 before.) The party will try and decide what to 
    do with Fei to no avail.
    (Note : Fei is referred to by Kain and occasionally, Shitan, as the 
    "sesshokumono" or literally "one who contacts." The flying heads sometimes
    use this term as well.)
    Shitan is then seen conversing with Sigurd and Jessie, who ask him about 
    Kain. He talks about a human (name forgotten) created by the gods who walks 
    a different land than earth, and then the scene shifts to yet another 
    conversation with the Heavenly Emperor. In this one, Kain asks Shitan about
    Fei's progress, then remarks that his revenge is at hand. (Fei's, or rather,
    "his". Kain is as usual being obscure.)
    There will then be another quite interesting scene in which Shitan is 
    conversing with a trapped Id. Id makes continued references to a "Coward"
    trapped within Fei's body - i.e, a third entity. Through some skilful 
    questioning by Shitan, it soon becomes apparent that this "Coward" is none
    other than Kaan - Fei's father. (I capitalize the word "Coward" as Id uses
    a different term than Ellie, one which sounds much more formal and old.)
    There are some other things here which I have forgotten again :(
    The party, meanwhile, is meeting with Zehar at the former Enton Church. The
    old man wants to encase Fei in carbonite as the threat he poses to the world
    is too great to let him be free again, especially now as they know about 
    other parties' interest in him. Zehar objects to this (as does Ellie) but,
    seeing as they have no other solution, is forced to take this course.
    Ellie, however, frees Fei secretly in the night and tells him that she will
    go away with him somewhere. They have another short discussion about life and
    such (this is becoming slightly romantic, something none of their former
    conversations were) before going leaving the base.
    As they are about to leave, Shitan and the rest show up - they have no
    intentions of lettung him go without a last goodbye. Shitan tells Ellie that
    her Gear has been refitted, and she suddenly bursts out saying she doesn't
    want to pilot it. Just as they leave, Emerda comes along, saying she wants to
    go with Kim.
    The scene will switch to Ramsas, who is pursusing Fei in a Gear Bara.
    (The Bara appears to be an upgrade of sorts for the Gears.) He receives
    orders from Karuren to retrieve Ellie unharmed, and in urged on by Mian.
    (As usual, Mian sounds different when talking to Ramsas.) Muttering to
    himself frenziedly, he takes off after the fleeing Gear.
    After a battle in which the Weltall is severely damaged and falls into the 
    sea, Ramsas will suddenly remember that he has failed in his mission to 
    get back Ellie. He will pass it off and return to base, as the scene shifts
    to Fei dragging Ellie away from a smoking Weltall, observed by an invisible
    There will then be loads of scenes with Ellie and Fei sitting in chairs as
    text scrolls across the screen. They talk about dreams, life and the barriers
    between people, in particular mentioning a "long, long dream" (the same words
    Emerda used to refer to her own) As the scenes end, a pictures of both of 
    them are shown, and they speak of a love, a unchanging, eternal love...
    (BTW, the little conversation Lakan and Sofia has is exactly the same in 
    both instances - they talk about how hot it is and how Lakan will need more
    paints. ^_^ Also, the text in the chair scenes is not addressed to anyone;
    rather like Ellie and Fei narrating a story. It's interesting to note that
    only Ellie mentions the walls and differences between humans...)
    Whew! Can't believe I did a whole disc! ^_^ (Pats self on back) Anyway, the
    second disc is where the meat is, so wish me luck!
    Fei will awaken on a small island in the western part of the world, in a 
    canister-like container. He will immediately ask the man in the hut about 
    Ellie and how she is; the man replies that she is okay and will also
    wake soon. When Fei asks him for his name, the man says to call him Tora.
    Shitan also comes around to the hut soon; he has heard reports of the crash.
    Fei and him chat for a bit before Ellie awakens. Tora talks about the 
    machine as well, which is a Nano Assembler, sorta like Karuren's own device. 
    Finally, Ellie gets up, and after a short walk outside, Tora will ask Fei to
    wear a wristband so he can monitor his heartbeat for research purposes etc -
    he will also tell Fei that he has managed to create a system for the 
    Weltall so Fei can tap the power of Id. (This is the new "System Id" 
    ability the Weltall gains.)
    (Note : It is apparent later than Karuren DID NOT create the Nano Assembler
    Fei walks away, evidently reluctant to use this new creation, but Shitan
    reassures him that the Fei they know is the only Fei there is. Tora also
    mentions an ancient military installation near here which has a machine
    that they need (I'm not sure of this.) Just then, a knock on the door 
    outside is heard, and Tora wonders if it's a guest.
    It turns out, however, to be someone from Shebat, who reports an attack by
    Solaris forces upon both Shebat and Nisan. Tora says it is no business of
    these young people, but Ellie demurs and asks Fei to help them, while she
    goes off to get the machine that Tora mentioned. After some debate about how 
    it's unsafe for Ellie to go alone, Shitan says that he will accompany her in
    the E.Fenrir. (his own Gear Bara) Fei then agrees and heads off to the 
    Weltall; when told he only has 4 hours to get there, he wants to hurry even 
    more, but Tora says that there's no rush - he and Old Man Bal have refitted 
    the Weltall to make it even more powerful.
    Outside, Fei is pretty happy with what's been done to his Gear, and asks
    both Bal and Tora (the former who muses how he has actually assisted in
    repairing "the one who has destroyed the gods") why they are helping him.
    Tora tells him it's fate (Right. That clears up a lot now doesn't it? ^_^)
    and that they have to hurry. Emerda asks Fei whether he's "going" (Emerda's
    normal speech is usually just the word "iku" or "go.") and walks off -
    Fei asks her where she's going to when he is interrupted by the person from
    Shebat reminding him of the urgency of the situation - Fei immediately
    boards and pilots the Weltall away.
    (Begin summary - reasons for format change at top of document.)
    Okay, this is much improved. I am pretty (75% and above) sure that most of
    this stuff is accurate now - but I'm still in the dark as to the sequence of
    events. As always, if someone will be kind enough to supply it, I will be sure
    to rearrange what I have, but if not this is going to be the final version.
    MASSIVE THANKS to Eiji Tanaka for considerable help with this section, as
    well as updates and corrections!
     - Fei goes to Shebat. Ellie and Shitan have a conversation where he tells 
    her she looks like her mother and has changed in the past few weeks - Ellie
    does not take her apparent sudden aging well. ^_^ (No girl likes to be 
    told that...) Emerda appears and accompanies Ellie and Shitan to obtain the
    machine that Tora told them about.
     - They come to the machine and start it - the city, Ellie remarks, is old
    and full of ancient weapons.
     - Meanwhile, Fei fights and defeats Ramsas again as Bart takes out the
    Hariken in his Yggdrasil Mark IV. The machine is used and disperses a spray 
    of sparkling lights over most of the world...
     - which end up mutating the majority of the population. Tora is called to
    use his Nano Assembler to assist them as Fei and the rest go to try to
    discover the cause of this disaster.
     - They instead uncover details about Solaris's biogenetics program. As Ellie
    kills the last Sofal, she whispers "sorry..." They return to help the injured
    citizens, and Fei thinks that Ellie looks just like Lady Sofia in the her 
     - After discussion with Zehar, the crew set out to get all the Anima Weapons
    so as to be able to fight Solaris on their own grounds. After their recovery,
    they are attacked by Hamar, now a cyborg thanks to Karuren. As he dies, Fei
    laments a "normal person's" death.
     - Eventually, the party will happen across Deus in a sealed container of 
    some kind. They will defeat it initially, but cannot kill it, which is one
    of the reasons they later travel to the sunken ship in the opening to
    access it's computer. (this is where they get captured by Karuren and Graf
     - Ramsas attacks Nisan once again and almost manages to kidnap Ellie; 
    however, his plans are foiled by the timely arrival of Fei.
     - Everyone prepares for the final attack on Solaris. Fei tells Ellie to
    stay behind as he doesn't want her hurt - angry, she rushes out of the room,
    and Fei is exhorted by everyone to apologize to her. He does, at the same 
    time proposing to her (I think). After some rather suggestive scenes (^_^)
    Fei departs with a keepsake from Ellie, who Mal says later in their 
    conversation looks like Sofia.
     - When your entire party is defeated by the Solaris force (and subsequently
    crucified) Ellie attempts to rescue everyone in the Regulus - she manages to
    beat two more of Karuren's disciples but is eventually overwhelmed and 
    captured. (I think the enemies use a modified version of the Nano Assembler -
    but I can't be sure.)
     - Graf, Kain and Karuren will end up defeating your entire party; they talk
    about Zohar, the source of all Gear power in the world, and their eventual
     - Defeating Mian and Ramsas will result in your learning that Ellie is Mian,
    who is Kain; they represent the entire female life-force in the world. This is 
    because every female in the world has the Mian gene within her - therefore,
    ALL of them are Mian. Fei is unable to prevent her escape, and his friends 
    are forced to bring him back to recuperate. - Several flashback scenes are shown of Fei and Ellie with different names
    (like Abel and Elehayym) in the their past lives; in all the of the scenes,
    Ellie is killed and with her last breath tells Fei to live...
     - The past life of Lakan is revealed. He is fighting alongside Ronnie 
    (Bart's ancestor), Karuren and one other (forgot who he is) to topple 
    Solaris. At the end of the long, long flashback, Sofia dies, telling her 
    lover to live...Fei is stricken by grief and cannot finish his potrait, while
    Karuren turns bitter and cynical, vowing to "create his own gods with these
    hands" as Sofia sacrificed her life for those who spared not a thought for
    their creations. (Yes, Karuren was Lakan's rival for Sofia's affection.)
     - We finally see what happened to Fei as a child. He suffers from misplaced
    guilt due to seeing his mother sacrifice herself for him, although she 
    previously had him participate in multiple biological tests and caused his
    father to run away from home. Fei's mother is actually Kain - she was forced
    to do those things to her son because of the Mian gene, but regained control
    of her senses long enough to protect her son. After long deliberation and 
    much emotional torture, Fei resolves to save Ellie - his purpose in living 
    for now. This uniting of his multiple selves also results in the Xenogears
    being formed.
     - Ramsas is cloned from Kain, so he thinks he's superior to everyone, but   
    the cloned body is not stable, thus explaining his madness. He hates Fei,   
    because ever since he was in a test tube Fei's mom just said that her child   
    is better than this "thing". (Fei's mom was bringing Fei to do experiments)
     - Deus (which, incidentally, means "God" in French) is later revealed to be
    a biogenetically engineered monster which absorbed all the Gear Baras (after
    Ellie turns into Mian - they're sucked into the floor) because it was 
    revealed humans (Animus) and Gears (Anima) are nothing but spare parts for 
    Deus to function, so every human's exsistance is completely meaningless - 
    as they are born to serve the "god". (So now you finally know what Animus
    and Anima are in the game...)
     - Fei was found to be too dangerous given the state of affairs at one point
    and was carbonated by Shebat but he eventually breaks free of the frozen 
    state (with the help of Dan and Midori - Dan says he forgives Fei) and 
    becomes Id, but he flies off without hurting the children. (Long scenes of 
    Fei's childhood memory flashbacks at certain points here)
     - After this, Shitan and the party go to find Fei\Id, who has gone to search
    for Zohar (the stone thingy with an eye, the source of all Gear power in the
    world) This is where Fei gets Xenogears and discovers who his father really
    is. Also, at this point you're forced to use your old Gear Asas as the Bara
    versions have been sucked into Deus.
     - As to why Fei and Ellie have been reincarnated again and again, I think
    that they're supposed to represent the Adam and Eve of the Xenogears world,
    and that their eternal unrequited love has caused them to be reborn many 
    times. Sob, sniff...so sad. ^_^
    It is then revealed Wiseman is Graf also at the same time, - Fei's dad. 
    But Graf is also Lakan (Fei) who fought with Sofia against Solaris 500 
    years ago...
    Lakan, after Sofia's death, went slightly mad and started his search for the
    ultimate power, Zohar and later battled Fei's dad to get to the boy Fei (to   
    re-unite the his other half's power) and after defeating him, resided   
    in his mind. So when Fei's dad's (Wong's) persona is the strong one, he 
    becomes Wiseman, and tries to in-directly guide Fei, while if Lahan's power 
    becomes the dominate one, he becomes Graf.
    Fei's dad discovered Fei(Id)'s power, (caused by his mother leading him away 
    to Solaris to be experimented on) so after the incident, (Graf tries to wake   
    Id's power, and in the process, Fei kills his mom) he sealed Id's persona   
    away and implanted a new one (Fei as we know him) on top of Id, and left   
    him at a little village.
    So we have :
    Graf is Lakan, who now resides in Fei's dad's mind, who, when in control,   
    appears as Wiseman.
    Lakan's soul is reborn as Id, who was sealed away, and the original Lakan's   
    personality is planted on top of Id, thus he becomes Fei!
    So that means, in essence, Fei is actually Lakan, which means that he is 
    Graf, who lives in Fei's dad's body. (Wow, my head is going to explode ^_^)
    Well after all this, there *is* a final battle of sorts when Fei realises
    who he is and has a showdown against Graf (the dialogue before the battle is
    interesting as both Fei and Graf speak as their different selves for some
    time) and after that Graf reverts to Wiseman, who asks Fei\Id to search deep 
    inside his heart and memory - to see that Fei\Id's mom in the end actually di
    love him, and protect him - so it's not really Fei\Id's fault. (Maybe we
    should call him Fid...^_^)
    After a bit more of this relationship stuff, Id's realises the intentions
    of those who loved\love him and such, so his persona finally fades away and
    as Fei now vows to save Ellie, Id unites with Fei, becoming whole and
    releasing the power of Xenogears, which was previously sealed in the 
    cocoon-like thing, waiting for the arrival of Fei, the "sesshokumono" or
    Whew. Now I hope everyone understands the whole dang thing. ^_^
    But before the ending, here's more information on Fei\Ellie\Emerda.
    Before the final showdown with Deus, you can go to the "Thousand Island   
    Sea" area, and on one of the islands, there is a light tower - go down   
    there, making sure you have Emerda in your party and you can play a   
    short secret dungeon.
    The dungon looks like a modern (like in the 90's real world) city, after 
    being destroyed by a holocaust - there are many multi-storey buildings, some   
    damaged, while others still stand, and highways which are littered with 
    debris and holes - among other things, you can see many neon light bill 
    boards around.
    If you travel around in the Gears, (you have to) and go near some of the   
    buildings, (Fei will indicate which ones to enter sometimes) you will be 
    able to enter them and see cut scenes etc.
    One of the buildings contains a video room - after a bit of fiddling, a 
    video clip is broadcasted which was recorded 6000 years ago where
    advanced science and technology (think modern Earth level) existed.
    The clip shows you some weapons etc, then the camera focusses on a   
    group of people who all wear really modern looking clothes (tuxedos,   
    suits and dresses like real-life ones), and with them is a woman, the   
    is the president of this state/country. Having recently come into power,   
    she is faced with many crisises in the country such as crimes, lack of clean
    food and water supply etc. Yet she decides to begin a war with a 
    neighbouring country - the last shot we see is some missiles flying into the
    So Fei and the gang leave the video room sadly.
    You can meet Big Joe here as well, but DON'T buy engine parts off him -   
    they give fantastic attack power, but can only hold 20 capacity Fuel   
    Explore even further and you come to a giant hole in the road, and there   
    seems to be something under it. Go inside the hole, and you find out that it
    is an underground tube/train track - follow it to an underground platform.
    Go a bit further and you end up in a town square. And although the ground is
    broken and lacks ANY feature (well, it was 4000 years old...), Fei had a 
    flashback when he (dressed in a very smart looking tuxedo) and "Ellie" were
    standing on a second floor balcony, looking down at the ground where kids 
    are playing with a Christmas tree in the middle.
    Then Emerda seems to remember something as well, Fei then thinks of it,   
    and remembers a bit more too.
    In that past life (4000 years ago, in this seemingly modern civilization), 
    Fei is called (guess what ^_^) "Kim"! (I can't remember Ellie's past name, 
    so I'll still call her Ellie) And of course he and Ellie were married.
    The flashback happened in a bedroom (^_^), where Kim and Ellie were   
    discussing the current situation - due to the contamination of the food and
    water caused by the war, Ellie cannot have a child. They were also 
    complaining about the way the government treats citizens (think KGB in the 
    old USSR, secret polices everywhere) and life in general.
    The scene then shifts to a sky-restauurant (those at the top of a tall   
    building), over-looking the city scene. Kim, as a scientist, is talking   
    about creating a machine to "assemble" or "make" life. And actually he's   
    already started on it, But Ellie is worried about the governent finding out   
    about it and using it for bad purposes (like cloning perfect souldiers).   
    Kim asks her not to worry (Yeah, with them two's rotten luck...). There   
    was also a lot of romantic talk here, romantic, yet sad, especially in a   
    Christmas setting, with snow flakes coming down... 
    Then the scene shifts to inside a lab (Remember the first time you go   
    underwater to that Lab under the sea - near Billy's church? And the   
    flash back Ellie had then? And then Stan came and took the child - Emerda -  
    in the incubator away? Well, the scene here IS of THAT lab), where Kim was 
    dressed in his lab coat. An alarm sounds - soldiers invade the lab and Ellie
    pushes Kim inside the security gate and seals it. Kim bangs on the glass 
    door desperately, (you can see Emeralda in the incubator behind him), while
    Ellie is shot by the soldiers and dies, telling Kim, "I'll never let them 
    take my child away from me again, ever!" Kim then sealed the program so 
    the soldiers can't wake Emerda up, and the scene then fades to dark...
    (We know later, that Ellie, under the influence of her past-life memory,   
    woke Emeralda up, who was then promptly kidnapped by Solaris...)
    So actually, the Nano-machine that re-assembles life material was NOT   
    invented by Karuren, it was invented by Kim, who in essence, is Fei!   
    Karuren just "re-discovered" it and used it to his avanatage.
    And Fei in fact, can be said as Emerda's dad, with Ellie being her Mom   
    After this remembering of Fei's past life (these people's lives are so   
    sad ~_~) Emerda remembers where'd she came from, she became   
    fully-grown, into a woman (looks a lot better in her portraits ^_^).
    (Yes, if you haven't noticed, the above two parts were edited and not
    written, by me. ^_^)
    On to the ending. Right after you defeat Deus, there will be many scenes
    featuring Fei and Ellie, who debate the meaning of life and existence.
    Owing to the 20+ pages of dialogue here, I wasn't able to get much of it,
    and neither did I understand the ending because THEY ALL SPOKE SO SOFTLY.
    Upon defeating Deus, Shitan exclaims that all the Gear energy is being sucked
    away - without Deus there is no Zohar and hence, no more energy. However,
    the Xenogears, being a product of Fei's soul (something like that) is still
    able to move - it streaks to the heart of Deus, the source of reality, to
    rescue Ellie, after Fei promises everyone that both he and she will come
    back alive...
    Anyway, as far as I can get, the final boss, Ouroborus, is sorta like the
    continuation and ending of the stream of existence - the four borders of
    reality combined. Finally, as you defeat it, Karuren appears and tells you
    about his intentions. Fei gets angry at him and Ellie tries to pacify him as
    Karuren ascends to a higher plane of existence - and then reality
    begins to crumble around them. Fei and Ellie run - she trips but Fei goes 
    back for her. (Awww...)
    Back on Earth, Shitan is worried about the lack of energy readings, but
    Bart says angrily that Fei will come back - he's promised, dammit! And then
    The End. ^_^

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