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    Boss FAQ by MBeddingfield

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    Boss Strategy Guide
    Version 0.5
    Matt Beddingfield 
    Updates in Version 0.5:
    I changed some names of the bosses
    I made easier battles more to the point and harder battles more detailed.
    I made the rest of the first disc
      First off, let me save you some time and give you some info first:
    Listen, I'm having some trouble with e-mails.  For the most part they are 
    excellent and very encouraging, but when someone asks me a question about a boss 
    and doesn't give the disc #, the boss before and after that one, and the bosses 
    names then I have some trouble, so here goes an example of a bad way to do the 
    battle against Id near the end of the first disc:
    Begin letter
    Yo Matt,
    I been havin some trouble with some red haired guy, yo, any tips?
    End letter
    Now, because I am so smart I would have found that one out anyway , but I may 
    get it confused with Seraphita, a pink haired girl.  Now, sure he said guy and 
    red, but I may get confused since you said yo 2 times in one sentence.  Here's 
    the right way to do this:
    Begin letter
    Yo Matt,
    I'm having trouble with Id who is right after you fight Tolone and Seraphita.  
    It's on disc #1 and I have Billy, Rico, and Citan in my party.  I am having alot 
    of trouble, do you have any more tips?
    End letter
    It's as simple as that.
    -I am a real RPG player and I really don't get stuck on anything until the 
    bosses.  XenoGears has some of the hardest bosses in an RPG...unless you know 
    what to do.  That's why I made this guide
    -The reason I made this so long after the Japanese release:  (1)  I felt I had 
    to beat XenoGears a few times to understand everything about the bosses and (2) 
    because I wanted to get this done as the American release was coming out so that 
    no one would have trouble the first week or so.  
    -If you need any more help with a specific boss or just want to ask about an 
    area other than a boss, feel free to e-mail me.  
    -The names of the bosses are what they appear to be, not what they are really 
    called.  I do that because when the American version is released it may be like 
    the Shitan (Japanese Name)/Citan (American Name) incident and people might get 
    mixed up.
    Actually, in version 0.5 all the names that are from Redrum to the last one on 
    the game are all the real names.
    -Version 0.3 is up to a certain point in the first disc.  Version 0.5 is the 
    first disc and Version 1 WILL BE the second disc.  This version is 0.3.  Version 
    0.5 should be ready by the end of October, and version 1 should be ready before 
    Version 0.5 was ready by mid-November for the reason of me getting the American 
    game.  Version 1 will come before the end of November....promise.
    -Sometimes the HP totals are not exactly right.  The reason why is becuase I 
    can't get a perfect HP total becuase I don't hit by 1's.  I usually round off.  
    -In version 1.5 (which should be ready by First Quarter '99) I will include 
    strategies for all the enemies you face.
    -This FAQ is always updated FIRST at GameFAQ's.  My site is listed at the very 
    bottom and it will also have the FAQ but is about another game.  
    -I recommend you ALWAYS put on booster for your gear battles against bosses.  I 
    also recommmend running away from battles that are near bosses so that you can 
    save precious fuel and life.
    Well, LET'S GET IT ON!  
    			~Mills Lane
    T-Rex    500 HP:
    The first boss you will come to is a T-Rex.  All you have to do is hit him 4 or 
    5 times.  Then, Shitan (they call him Citan in the american version) will come 
    in the middle of battle and give you the Weltall.  Now, from there just keep 
    hitting him.  He's not hard at all.
    SandWorm    225 HP:
    This one is a little tricky.  Basically, just hurry and keep doing your triangle 
    triangle combo.  Nothing but the combo will work.  He eats up your fuel, too.  
    He's only 225 HP, but you can only do like 45 HP per combo.  
    Bart    860 HP:
    Very easy.  Although he misses your regular attacks, the one combo you have 
    should do 200 HP at least each attack.  He only has 2 types of attacks.  He has 
    (1) a Defense down attack and (2) a regular hit attack that does anywhere from 
    50 HP-160 HP depending on how many times he hits you and how many times he did 
    defense down (well, at least I presume it's defense down).  Watch your fuel, 
    too, it may get pretty low, and your about to go into a dungeon where if you 
    don't know where to go, you may need that fuel.  The battle stops when the 
    ground starts rumbling.
    RocketMan    2500 HP:
    This guy is a real pain.  He has alot of HP and he dishes out alot of HP.  He 
    attacks you at long range for around 400 HP then he can do 200 HP at short range 
    (that doesn't make sense, but work with me people).  The worst is the rocket 
    attack in which little red rockets come out of his back and do oh....around 500 
    HP damage which is killer at the end of the battle because he uses it all the 
    time.  The bad thing is that you can only do 50-60 HP with your circle (or 30 
    Fuel) attack and only 150 HP with the one combo you should have.  Oh yes, and 
    just so you know how obnoxious this guy is, he puts on a little show before you 
    fight.  Hang in there, you only have to hit him around 24 times.
    Now you get into a series of bosses.  The first four are very easy, but they are 
    still bosses:
    First Knight    700 HP:
    he does from 100-300 HP per attack, but you should kill him before he even does 
    it.  This guy is the simplest boss yet.
    Second Knight    800 HP:
    We have a new champ!  This is the easiest boss in the game.  The only attack he 
    does is some crappy attack that I have no idea what it does.  you should hit him 
    like 350 HP every time you use the circle button....it's not hard.
    Third Knights    750 HP each:
    The can do anywhere from 80-150 HP damage to you.  They also do a laser attack 
    that misses almost every time.  No sweat.
    Fourth Knight    700 HP:
    he can do 250 HP in his regular attack.  The one you want to look out for is the 
    spinning attack that does around 400 HP.  He isn't very hard though.
    Main Knight    4,000 HP:
    This one is kinda tough.  He can go in the ground and do from 200-500 HP in 
    damage.  His spinning attack does 500 HP damage.  He also has a lighting attack 
    which I don't know what the heck that does.  It'll take a little while, but hang 
    in there and you can beat him.
    The Tournament:
    The tournament is hard.  Especially the first guy.  Just remember you can cure 
    between battles so use all ya got.  Another thing is that I didn't label the 
    number of HP each person has.  Why?  Becuase each can be defeated (or very 
    close) with a single 28 AP attack.  Also, you don't have to win these, but it 
    get's you experience.
    Battle 1:  
    This guy is really hard.  He does damage up to 110 HP...horrid.  Anyway, just 
    charge up that 28 AP meter thingy and let him have it.
    Battle 2: 
    My gosh, this is a very stupid battle.  First off, he doesn't fight at all, only 
    the audience fights (which is kinda stupid), but they can do like 100 HP damage.  
    They can also heal the guy.  He does about 1 HP damage each hit.  Just save up 
    your AP's.
    Battle 3:  
    This one is pretty simple.  She usually heals herself but sometimes throws 
    something at you for 32 HP damage.  Just charge those AP's up.
    Battle 4:  
    Dan is pretty easy.  He does this real big attack near the end of battle that 
    does up to 100 HP, but you should finish him off before that.  
    Battle 5:
    This one you can't win, so don't even try.
    End of Tournament
    Ramsas and Myan    400 HP:
    This battle is very hard.  Infact, it's probaly the second hardest battle on the 
    1st disc (Red Ram, who you will face a little later is the 1st).  The bad part 
    is you can't hurt Myan.  Myan also heals more consistant than Marl does, too.  
    He usually does a combo that does over 80 HP.  Don't hit him while he's blocking 
    or he will do a 180 HP combo....eek!  Thank goodness you block alot of his 
    attacks.  Charge up those AP's and releash a 28 AP attack!  Fei will interrupt 
    the battle once he's down to a certain HP.  This one is hard, so be sure to make 
    some sort of a save before Marl's room so you can gain levels if you want to 
    (like outside of Ave).  But, if you do save in Marl's room, don't fret, just 
    pray.  Don't give up....you WILL win eventually.
    Ramsas and Myan Take 2    800 HP:
    Oh great, they're back for more, but this time you have Fei.  It is much easier 
    this time.  Ramsas get's cured 100 HP instead of 40 HP (and you still get healed 
    40 HP).  It's hard to tell the HP, but two 28 AP attacks did the trick.
    1st Knights    700 HP each:
    They can do up to 180 HP damage with their regular attack.  They can do 300 HP 
    in their combo and 300 HP in the laser which usually comes near the end.  This 
    is pretty easy.
    2nd Knights    Left  800 HP  Center  600 HP  Right  800 HP:
    watch your fuel.
    Left:  He does a 200 HP attack and a 700 HP combo.  You should kill this guy 
    first of all the knights. 
    Center:  He does an attack for 100 HP and he misses alot of your 30 Fuel 
    attacks.  Kill this guy second.
    Right:  I don't know what the heck this guy does, but it's not effective.  Kill 
    this guy last.
    Elly    2,500 HP:
    Is it just me or does Elly's drawing kinda look like Chucky?  Anyway, she does 
    around 150-250 HP in her regular attacks.  She does a spike magic attack that 
    does 300 HP.  Watch your fuel.  One combo does 700 HP (eek!).  This battle takes 
    a long time, but hang in there.
    Cannon and Turrets    Cannon  1500 HP  Turrets  600 HP each:
    Kill the turrets first only because they are annoying.  The cannon starts 
    counting down and he does an attack that does around 450.  He's pretty simple, 
    but save your energy for later fights.
    Blue Faced Guy    3,000 HP:
    By now you are sick of bosses.  His first attack does 100 HP to everyone....not 
    too effective.  Don't bother trying to hit him with the helpers for now becuase 
    they will either miss or do 0 HP.  He also picks those people up and hits them 
    on YOU for 300 HP.  After around 800 HP something breaks off to reveal a gun.  
    Now the red people can beat up on the guy and he has less defense.  But now he 
    can do a gun attack that does 600 HP.  Don't worry though, he doesn't do it 
    Id  ????:
    Woah.  This guy can't be beaten so don't worry about it.  Just save your fuel 
    even though you won't be fighting very much after this battle.
     000200000F7900002890 F73,
    Yet another tournament.  You can lose this tournament also, but it's a great way 
    to earn experience. 
    Fighting Members    500 HP each:
    There are three fighting members that are the same.  They are pretty tough but I 
    wouldn't save up AP's becuase they aren't over 1,000 or anything.  They have 
    many attacks that can deal up to 160 HP in damage!  Be careful on the last guy 
    because if you hit him with a 3 hit combo or something he will hit you with a 3 
    hit combo as a counter attack.  Just do 1 hit attacks and go up to 28 AP's for 
    that guy.
    Soldier w/lance    1,000 HP:
    At the beginning he gets all your EP so no healing unless you got some healing 
    items.  He also has an attack that will cut your HP in half.  Hang in there and 
    you'll eventually beat him, just save up 28 AP's and past there just keep doing 
    your combo's.
    Rico    ????:
    This is impossible, you should probaly have lost before this battle though, but 
    if you haven't you will lose here.  Don't worry about fighting.  After he puts 
    all his offense and defense up he does a 1200 HP combo on you which, even if you 
    were on level 99 you could not withstand.  
    End of Tournament
    Redrum    4,000 (!) HP:
    Alright!  Yippee!  This guy is the hardest boss on the first disc.  First off he 
    either poisons or confuses two of your people or he does the worst attack, he 
    picks you up and throws you down into the water.  Those are actually some of the 
    best attacks when you are near the end of this guy.  Charge up your AP's EARLY.  
    Oh, yeah , and get around 10 of those pheonix down type potions from Haggar in 
    your room.  Also, start gaining levels before beating this guy.  You have to 
    have at least 300 HP with each player to have a good chance at beating this guy.  
    Gain levels inside the sewers, then go out and save your game and rest in your 
    bed and then go back.  Have at least 28 AP's for each person at one time and 
    unleash them all.  If you do that, you may have taken off half of his HP's 
    (yeah, I know that's horrid).  In the second half of battle he uses 2 attacks 
    much more frequently.  First off he brings acid rain down that cures him 90 HP 
    and hurts everyone else around 40 HP.  The worst attack he does, and probaly the 
    worst attack in the game, is the one where he drinks your blood.  Not only does 
    he automatically kill you, he also gains all your maximum HP (like if you had 50 
    HP left out of 300 HP, he would gain 300 HP while taking off 50 HP).  All I can 
    say is keep using potions when you get under 150 HP and when one person dies, 
    always, before questioning, raise him.  Any other advice?  Pray and never give 
    up on him.
    End of Version 0.3
    Start of Version 0.5
    Wiseman    ????:
    This battle is impossible so don't even try.  I always list these bosses because 
    someone may get confused.
    Rankar Round 2    1,000 HP:
    Rankar's attacks are a bit harder, but nothing is that hard that you need to 
    make this battle last over 30 seconds.  Don't waste fuel by booster, because the 
    next few battles are difficuly.  He can attack in the 300's but you can attack 
    in the 600's with your Triangle Square combo.  
    First Knight    1,400 HP:
    He can do up to 250 HP damage, but if you went by that gear shop back where you 
    got the Weltall, this should be no sweat.  End this battle quickly, though, or 
    it might get ugly.
    Second Knight    1,500 HP:
    He can inflict a good 500 HP damage to ya.  He has a spinning attack that does 
    250 HP damage.  You miss alot in the beginning.  Once again, end this one 
    quickly, there is much more.
    Third Knight    2,000 HP:
    He can do up to 140 HP damage....what, this is a joke right?  Nope, beyond easy.  
    He can talk the talk but can't walk the walk (I'm in a wierd mood today).
    Fourth Knights    2,000 HP:
    Pretty simple.  The do 300 HP when they attack at the beginning, but Rico is 
    good and you should have no trouble beating these guys in like 4 hits.  Once one 
    is down, though, the other one can do 700 (!) HP damage, so watch out.
    Dominia    7,000 HP:
    Every battle that deals with Ramsus, Miang, or Dominia is tough...except this 
    one.  I was surprised to find out that she only does 300 damage in the 
    beginning.  When her gun comes down, which should be when you are around 3/4 
    through with her, she can do 1200 HP damage to all gears.  Don't worry, though, 
    because you should be VERY close to beating her when she does this attack.  
    You'll be happy to see the world map because this is your last battle in 
    Nortune...at least for a while, that is (heh).
    Fis-6    6,000 HP:
    And you thought you had ended your last boss battle for a while, think again!   
    Only combo's will work on this guy.  He blocks alot of stuff.  He does a shift 
    up that's a killer because it puts his stats way up.  He can do 200-400 HP 
    damage.  He does shift up around 2 times.  It's long, wastes fuel, but it 
    doesn't take off too much HP.  After this battle you'll see a cool sequence with 
    an airship and the airship theme =).  This is the last time you'll hear that 
    theme till the second cd because here comes the Bart missile (I don't know who 
    at Squaresoft thought that name up).  Well, actually that doesn't happen until 
    after you'll face Grahf.
    Grahf    ????:
    There has to be a party pooper.  Owell, impossible battle...at least I think it 
    is.  I got stopped at the middle of battle, and two people had died in my party.
    Dominia    3,000 HP:
    Well, stock up your gear parts because you're a goner if you don't.  Bart is a 
    goner from the beginning.  She has a cyclone attack that does 1,000 HP.  She has 
    an electric arm that does 1,000 HP also, but not to everyone like the cyclone, 
    but only 150 HP if you have good armor.  She retreats, though, so it's not 
    really hard.
    Dominia Round Two    3,000 HP:
    Not hard.  She does some pretty pathetic attacks that do like 150 HP.  Later on 
    she does element charges and hits 500 HP.  Use Fei alot and she should go down 
    without a problem.
    Ramsus & Miang    5,000 HP:
    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!   Basically it's the same strategy for the Dominia Round 
    One which is up above this somewhere because it's the same vehicle.  But, Miang 
    cures 750 HP and Ramsus has 2,000 HP higher.  Get ready for this one.  Hang in 
    there.  Use Fei and Elly to your advantage.
    Bloody    4,500 HP:
    This guy is basically Redrum on steroids, but with Billy, he should be rather 
    simple.  After he steals all your people blood and starts settling down, charge 
    up those AP's.  A few more attacks after the 3 28 AP attacks should do it.  
    After this battle you get to see a scene with Billy's gear =).  ("Today's launch 
    was so-so".....hehe, I can't get enough of that phrase).
    Giant Wels    7,000 HP:
    Not hard at all....but VERY long.  All he does is a 300 HP attack and a 150 Fuel 
    attack.  Only Billy can hit him, though, and can only hit him with the Square 
    button.  It takes a long time, but you'll do it.  
    Tolone & Seraphita    2,000 HP each:
    These are probaly the hardest girl bosses in the first disc.  I know that 
    doesn't sound like much, but we are counting Dominia here, people.  Anyway, this 
    one is hard.  Load up to the MAX on the KO status items that pick people up when 
    they go down to 0.  I mean STOCK UP on those things, man....you're gonna need 
    'em.  This is hard as crap.  Keep everyone alive at all times, because you may 
    need them.  Have Billy, Rico, and Citan in your party and let Citan hit and heal 
    (switch off), let Rico just keep hitting and basically no healing unless healing 
    is very much needed, and let Billy basically do all the healing, but it's harder 
    than that.  Kill Seraphita (the pink haired one) first because she steals EP and 
    that maked healing with Billy hard to do.  Kill her and IMMEDIATLY start to his 
    with everyone except Billy and make sure billy either (1) heals or (2) defends.  
    If there is no one to heal, then just let him defend, because it will not let 
    him get hit and it will also let him get his bar up faster so that if that girl 
    does hit someone they can heal.  Hang in there, it may take a few tries to get 
    Id    3,000 HP:
    The HP on this guy may not seem very high, but good lord is this guy hard.  
    People have e-mailed me saying how I should say this is the hardest boss on the 
    first cd, but I didn't find him that hard (probaly because I had alot of those 
    KO picker upper things)...well at least not as hard as Redrum.  So this guy is 
    the third hardest guy on the first cd.  First off he has a regular attack (which 
    he does alot, he's really fast), then he has a black hole type of effect.  These 
    attacks won't do over 170 HP, so that's a relief (actually that seem like alot, 
    but that's just a very little portion of what he can do).  The worst attack, 
    though, is when he hits with a certain combo.  It will do at least 180 HP, but 
    can go up to 240, and if he keeps continuing it on the same person it can do 450 
    HP.  I had Citan at 402 HP at his max if that helps, and he was the highest by 
    far.  I let Citan basically charge up AP's and help out picking people up, I let 
    Billy basically heal the whole time and once in a while do an attack, and I let 
    Rico just keep hitting (I let him save up to like 15 AP's once).  If you get 
    Rico up to 15 AP's and Citan up to 28 AP's, you should knock off about 2/3 of 
    the damage, and from then just let citan attack and not charge up and the same 
    with Rico.  You still need to keep Billy healing.  If you don't have at least 3 
    of those KO pick me upper thingies, then you are in for a very rough battle.  
    Keep your head up high because this is really your last really really hard 
    battle of the first disc.....at least until Grahf, but that's at the VERY end of 
    the first disc, so don't worry about that right now.
    Maria    5,000 HP:
    She can only do around 1,200 HP at the max.  She really isn't hard, and this 
    really isn't long, but still, it's a boss battle.
    4 individual battles:
    These aren't hard.  Listen to Citan for the enemies.  I put Bart for #1 becuase 
    he can do that Yggdrisal attack that kill alot of those soldiers.  I put Rico 
    for #2 because 2 is easy if you have the right armor.  I put Fei on #3 and put 
    Billy on #4.  Talk to that pink haired chu-chu and it will let you buy gear 
    parts, and buy the best, too.  While you are at it, buy gear parts for Elly and 
    buy the flame rod for Elly, you will need it.
    Shakhan    18,000 HP:
    He counter attacks every attack unless he is connected to the gate then he can 
    reach you.  He can do up to 4,000 HP.  Your booster and the healing gear parts 
    should help when he attatches himself to the gate.  When he attatches himself at 
    the end when he heals instead of counter attacking every time you hit him, only 
    hit him with Maria (or someone else who can do over 1,000 HP every hit) or else 
    he will gain more than he looses.  
    Dominia & Kelvena    5,000 HP each:
    Alright, this is hard hard hard.  First off, if you don't have the flame rod, go 
    get it in Shevat (it should be in the old capital in a house close to the old 
    man looking out over a bridge type of thing).  I don't have much of a strategy 
    accept Elly needs to hit Kelena while Fei needs to hit Dominia.  Elly can't hit 
    Dominia very good, but you can use Aerods on Dominia with Elly.  Don't use all 
    your energy, because you will have to fight these two in a few minutes and they 
    are at full energy.
    Tolone & Seraphita    7,000 HP each:
    Here they come again, but they are much easier this time.  Use Bart and Mario 
    and this should be VERY simple.  They can do up to 2,000 HP, but don't worry.  
    Beat Tolone first this time.  This really isn't tough, but you'll have to fight 
    them again in a few minutes, so don't waste all your fuel.
    Dominia & Kelvena Round Two    5,000 HP each:
    It's the same exact fight as last time, but now it's harder because you are not 
    at full energy.  If you get under 3,000 HP heal yourself.
    Tolone & Seraphita Round Two    7,000 HP each:
    Same exact battle as the last time and just as simple.  You may wanna beat 
    Seraphita first this time since she does more damage.
    Emeralda    10,000 HP:
    This one is wierd.  No real strategy since basically all you do is attack and do 
    combo's, but leave Citan out of this one becuase he can't do a single thing.  
    Heal if you need to but I don't thinkyou will need to.
    Grahf & The Executioner:
    I didn't supply an HP total because I couldn't get a good reading on how much HP 
    these two had.  Kill the executioner first because he/she will eventually be a 
    nuescense.  I had Fei, Citan, and Billy if that helps.  Billy healed the whole 
    time and didn't hit once.  Citan basically did all the hurt because of his sword 
    (which rocks by the way and can do like 500 HP each time you do the Triangle 
    Triangle X combo).  I charged up Citan's AP's, and I semi-charged up Fei's AP's.  
    Fei really didn't have too much to do with the battle.  The executioner fell in 
    2 28 AP attacks and Grahf fell in 3-4 28 AP attacks.  This is pretty hard, but 
    guess what?  This is the last boss of the first cd, you've done a great job, but 
    now it's time for the second cd, the one that basically all the fighting you do 
    is bosses.  Get ready.
    Disc 2 coming before the end of November along with some more tips for bosses in 
    the first disc from readers of this guide
    This guide is dedicated to all the people who hate Ramsus, Red Ram, Miang (in 
    the second disc she's horrible....the hardest boss in the game), and Fran 
    Drescher (who has nothing to do with Xenogears) as much as I do.  Thanks to the 
    SquareSoft people for such a great game.  Oh, yeah, XenoGears is a registered 
    trademark of SquareSoft and is copyright 1998.  If it weren't for people like 
    John, Sean, and X (you know who you are) this guide wouldn't have been possible.  
    My site hasn't been updated in a while, but when I get my new computer this 
    Christmas I will update it with a special XenoGears section.  This guide can be 
    published anywhere, but don't change it, and don't say you made it.  I don't 
    mind you using it, though.

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