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    Character FAQ by EChang

    Version: 1.42 | Updated: 02/03/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             v1.42 (2-3-99)
      by Edward Chang (EdwChang@aol.com)
    Revision History:
    v1.42 (2-3-99)
     Again, not much of an update. More info on the El-Regrs mystery from
     Dan GC (SefirosuLB@aol.com). CitanCitan(@aol.com) corrected me on my
     assertion that the Elly Jr. doll is only available via Gameshark...
     apparently you can get one by beating Kanna 10-12 times in a row. The
     Elly Jr. doll randomly increases your Ether power by + or - 50%. Thanks
     for the info! Hmm, maybe my next task will be to catalog all the dolls.
     Version 1.5 coming soon? Who knows. Things are pretty busy... I have 
     no time!
    v1.41 (1-30-99)
     Okay, not really an update... someone sent me an email asking me a
     couple of questions, but for some reason, when I tried to reply it
     wouldn't send. So here goes: Response adds to your character's hit
     percentage rate when you're in gears, Kanna gives you things but 
     nothing unique past the first prize, and I have no idea what the dolls
     do. I believe there's an Elly Jr. doll, but I think its only available
     via Gameshark.
    v1.4 (1-28-99)
     Minor updates to certain Gear Special Options. Also, thanks to 
     Dan GC (SefirosuLB@aol.com), updated the "Regurus" section in the 
     Rumors. Updated 'Project Chu-Chu'. It's located in the Chu-Chu section
    v1.3 (1-19-99)
     Added the "Formula" section. Now you math-inclined Xenogears fans (all
     three of you) can add algebraic formulae to your Xenogears fun! Also
     started some of the Gear Special Options along with, you guessed it,
     descriptions of how they look. Also, as of today, I've started a
     project so weird, so strange, that it will cause people to doubt my
     sanity. I call it... Project Chu-Chu.
    v1.2 (1-15-99)
     Ah, it feels so good to have the original purpose of this FAQ finished.
     That doesn't mean that this'll be the last you see of this though! In
     any case, my explanation/apology for the fact that the complete version
     is 1.2 and not 1.0 is this: It's like software companies these days:
     release games early and then patch it until its right. Heh heh heh...
    v1.1 (1-14-99)
     Well we've had two snow days off from school... and that means more
     time for me to work on the FAQ. Yay! Well, I just got Xenogears, so
     I should be able to wrap this up pretty soon. In the meantime I have
     Citan with Katana and Emeralda's sections done. I also added some
     rambling notes about skills after the introduction, and some rumors
     right before the credits. Oh yeah, and for completeness I have
     the Yggdrasil IV's attack animations in Bart's section.
    v1.0 (1-10-99) 
     Ah... well, okay, so it's not exactly complete, but its close enough
     for a version 1.0. HUGE update to the card game quotes, thanks to
     XenoMog (Leo Tao) and Steve Cheng. Now I won't have to keep playing
     the #&@% card game. Also finished up the 7 AP skills. All that's left
     I think is the third Infinite Attack Level Skill, Citan with Katana,
     Xenogears, and adult Emeralda.
    v0.9 part two (1-9-99) (see below)
     Sigh... I've been unable to get the Shakhan Hyper Mode thing work...
     however, I now have all Gear Skills done except the third Infinite
     Attack Level skill! Alright! Except Crescens and Xenogears...
     Anybody manage to get the winning card game quotations for anybody
     except Fei and Elly?
    v0.9 (1-8-99)
     I have received several e-mails about my FAQ. I have to admit, it's
     quite encouraging to know that people actually look at your work! But
     anyways: I have descriptions of Fei's Kishin Gear skills, thanks to 
     Dimetric Houston, and a new question concerning Citan's Infinite
     Attack Level skills. CAPTMOH says that Citan DID manage to get Hyper
     Mode while fighting Shakhan in the cavern... well as it just so 
     happens I happen to have a save right before that point, so I'll go 
     and try it out as soon as I can. Also, Dimetric was kind enough to 
     point out a correction in Hoten, which I have made below.
    v0.8 (1-5-99)
     I now have the majority of the Gear Skills done... I still have to get
     a Deathblower 1 & 2 though... I am beginning to suspect that skills
     look different when done by Omnigears as opposed to regular Gears; at
     least the Infinite Attack Level ones. Also, as far as I know Citan's
     Gears do not have Infinite Attack Level skills before they get swords.
     (His Hyper Mode % stays at 0). Can anybody confirm or correct this?
    v0.7 (1-4-99)
     Some more completions... Now have most non-7 AP skills done.
    v0.6 (1-3-99)
     Added some victory poses, card game quotes, started skill descriptions.
     Still woefully incomplete!!!
    v0.5 (12-30-98)
     First version
    Well, you may be wondering what good is this FAQ. After all its not 
    much help if its just going to tell you stuff you can find in other,
    bigger, more comprehensive FAQ's. So here goes. This FAQ has a couple
    of things which you (probably) won't find elsewhere:
    1. Individual strategies for each character
    2. Descriptions of how the Skills look
    3. Interesting stuff like card game quotes
    4. My opinions :)
    First, a note on the relationship between Character Skills and Gear
    Deathblows. It seems that the only way to get more Gear Skills is to
    get more Character Skills. In other words, you can fight a million
    battles in your Gears, but you won't learn a single thing until you
    get out of them and fight on foot. Here's the rough correlation between
    Character Skills and Gear Skills:
    	Character Skill   	Gear Skill Gained
    	T,X   			T,T
    	T,T,X 			T,S
    	S,X   			S,T
    	T,T,T,X			S,S
    	T,S,X 			X,T
    	S,T,X 			X,S
    You'll note that a couple of skills are missing. These are the ones
    gained by equipping Deathblower 1, Deathblower 2, and Deathblower 3
    accessories on your Gear, which will give you (T,X), (S,X), and (X,X) 
    Gear Skills. Also the Infinite Attack Level Skills seem to be gained
    by levels, not by Character Skills; the T skill is gained once you get
    7 AP(after the Flying City Shevat scenes), the S skill when you get to
    Level 60, and the X skill when you get to Level 70.
    Here's a quick table showing you how much fuel each gear skill takes:
    	Gear Skill				Fuel Required
    	Level 1
    		T,T				10,40
    		T,S				10,50
    	Level 2
    		S,T				20,70
    		S,S				20,80
    	Level 3
    		X,T				30,100
    		X,S				30,110
    		T,X				10,10
    		S,X				20,20
    		X,X				30,30
    		T				10
    		S				20
    		X				30
    Also a note about character attack animations: As some of you may know,
    each character has just enough animations so that you will never see
    any given animation more than twice during a turn. For instance, most
    characters have four animations for a weak T attack, since you can do
    at most 7 T attacks in a turn.
    Well, after MUCH research into the topic, it seems to me that the best
    and fastest way to get new skills (at least the 7 AP) is to just keep
    pressing triangle when it's your turn to attack. It really does seem
    to be faster. Actually, sometimes it will get 'stuck' and you won't
    gain anymore percentage points. Simply switch to a pattern such as
    S,T,T,T,T. As to why this makes learning faster, I don't know. Maybe
    skill learning is determined only by how many attacks you make. In 
    this case doing 7 T attacks per turn would really speed things up.
    Another theory is that only attacks that hit count. This could explain
    why Rico seems to have a hard time learning skills, while Billy gains
    them one after another... plus T attacks hit a lot more often than
    S or X. Hmm...
    As for Hyper Mode percentages, it seems that each gear, when at full
    HP, actually gets a bonus, anywhere from 10 to 15%. Anything less than
    full HP, the Hypermode is calculated by taking the percentage HP loss
    and halving it, rounding to the nearest 5%. Also, doing other Gear
    skills adds to the percentage: Level one adds one percent, two adds
    two percent and so on. Exception seems to be when the Gear is at full
    HP, then doing skills adds thrice as much percent, i.e. level one adds
    three percent, and so on. This still doesn't explain why at times the
    Hyper mode shoots to ungodly percentages (Seibzehn once had 48% even
    though it had lost only about 3000 HP and had done only one level 
    three skill).
     Note: [x] means to round the number x down
     To Find:
     Frame HP Fuel Required
      [(Max Frame HP/10) / (45/Frame HP Percentage)]
     Fuel Leak/Booster Fuel per round
      Max Fuel/50
     Gear Chu-Chu Attack Power
      Chu-Chu attack power * 8
     Gear Chu-Chu Defense Power
      Chu-Chu defense power * 12
     Gear Chu-Chu Ether Defense Power
      Chu-Chu Ether defense power * 7
     Gear Chu-Chu Frame HP
      Chu-Chu HP * 50
     Forest Dance HP healed
      Chu-Chu Ether * 5
     Forest Dance Gear HP healed
      Chu-Chu Ether * 50
     Inner Healing HP healed
      Fei Ether * 5
     Sazanami HP healed
      Citan Ether * 5
     Healing Light/Holy Light HP healed (non-battle)  
      Billy Ether * 5
     Healing Light/Holy Light HP healed (battle)
      Billy Ether * 10
    Well, you really don't have much of a choice with Fei, since for almost
    the entire game he's required to be in your party. Good fighting 
    ability, average HP, decent abilities, fairly fast. As for gears,
    Weltall is ho-hum, but Weltall 2 is great (especially with System Id)
    and Xenogears is just about the best gear in the game. Fei is the only 
    character with the S,S,X and X,T,X Skills.
      Fei assumes a martial arts stance.
      Win: "Ha... That's it?"
      Lose: "It's not over yet!"
      T,X -- Raijin: Fei gathers energy into his fist and slams it into
                     the ground
      T,T,X -- Senretsu: Fei launches a side kick, axe kick, side kick,
                         launching side kick, flip kick, and double palm
      S,X -- Hagan: Fei kicks the enemy multiple times while suspended in
      T,T,T,X -- Hoten: Fei hits the enemy with phatom elbow strikes, then
                        two side kicks and a Bruce Lee-esque backfist.
      T,S,X -- Tenbu: Fei hits with a palm strike, launches the enemy into
                      the air with a side kick, then slams them back into
                      the ground with another kick.
      S,T,X -- Ryujin: Fei uses a headbutt, uppercut, slamming punch, upper-
                       cut, double palm combo.
      X,X -- Koho: Fei hits the enemy with a palm strike, spins around and
                   hits with double palm strike, then uses a downward punch.
      T,T,T,T,X -- Fukei: Fei jumps high into the air and shoots balls of
                          energy at the enemy. Wind-elemental.
      T,T,S,X -- Chikei: Fei slams the ground, causing stones to rise and
                         hit the enemy. Earth-elemental.
      T,S,T,X -- Kakei: Fei jumps into the air, gathers fire around him, and
                        dives feet-first towards the enemy. Fire-elemental.
      S,T,T,X -- Suikei: With several punches Fei encases the enemy in ice,
                         and then shatters it. Water-elemental.
      S,S,X -- Kokei: Fei does a few kicks, attracts lightning to his foot,
                      and split-kicks the enemy. Light-elemental.
      X,T,X -- Yamikei: Fei causes some weird multi-colored waves around the
                        enemy. Dark-elemental.
      T: Palm strike, Reverse Palm Strike, Jumping Punch, Double Palm Strike
      S: Crescent Kick, Spinning Axe Kick
      X: Headbutt
      T,T: Raigeki: Uppercut and punch                     
      T,S: Reppu: Twist and a jumping uppercut                       
      T,X: Raigo: Five alternating punches                       
      S,T: Hazan: Multiple kicks while in mid-air                       
      S,S: Ryuten: Multiple kicks in mid-air... looks different from Hazan                      
      S,X: Juji: Air multi-kick, flip over and another air multi-kick                        
      X,T: Raibu: Hook, uppercut, double-palm strike            
      X,S: Ryubu: Jumping multi-kick, flip kick                      
      X,X: Shinrai: Punch, uppercut, jab, double punch                     
      T: Kosho X: Two punches, flip kicks, hand lasers           
      S: Goten X: Two roundhouses, spinning kick, repeat, then heel strike
                  with explosion                
      X: Kishin: Four alternating punches w/ black energy explosions, double
                 palm with energy explosion                         
      T: Left Palm and Right Jab
      S: Left Axe Kick
      X: Spinning Kick and Punch
      System Id: Weltall-2 becomes surrounded by an aura and gains Infinite
                 attack level for three rounds. 1000 fuel.
      Flaming Hell: Weltall-2 becomes surrounded by flames, then rams into
                    the enemy. Fire-elemental. 1000 fuel.
      Thor Wave: Weltall-2 fires off a Hadouken type blast at the enemy.
                 Non-elemental ether. 600 fuel.
      T,T: Raigeki: Two palm lasers          
      T,S: Reppu: Penetrating fist, headbutt            
      T,X: Raigo: Two hooks            
      S,T: Hasan: Jumping laser            
      S,S: Ryuten: Penetrating fist, three headbutts           
      S,X: Jyuji: Two hooks, jumping drill            
      X,T: Raimai: Two lasers, body laser           
      X,S: Ryumai: Penetrating fist, headbutt, lift-up, throw-down, stomp           
      X,X: Shinrai: Kick into air, kick down to ground          
      T: Kosho X: Multiple flaming palm strikes          
      S: Goten X: Fin strikes, somersault kick          
      X: Kishin: Rapid punches (6+) and an exploding axe kick           
      T: Palm laser
      S: Double palm laser
      X: Jump kick
    Good at abilities, poor fighter, low HP and defense. Among the highest
    EP totals in the game. Her abilities have a tendency to "fail", doing 
    only a small percent of the possible damages, but this goes down as she
    gains levels. Skills are fairly useful, at least the ones with elements.
    Gears: Vierge is fast and can equip rods, making it one of only two
    gears who can attack with elements (the other is Billy's Renmazuo). She
    has an Omnigear, but never gets to use it.
      Elly twirls around and winks
      Win: "Yes!"  
      Lose: "Oh!"
      T,X -- Screamer: Elly screams and sound waves damage the enemy
      T,T,X -- Cyclone Kick: Elly swipes with her rod, followed by two back-
                             hand sqipes and a flip kick.
      S,X -- Breakthrough: Elly flip kicks, then jabs the enemy multiple
                           times before running them through
      T,T,T,X -- Double Shock: Elly somehow gets two rods, with which she
                               jabs the enemy, jumps and bashes them, and
                               then flip kicks.
      T,S,X -- Sky Attack: Elly simply leaps up and hits the enemy on its
                           head with her rod.
      S,T,X -- Bright Spark: Elly twirls her rod and then thrusts straight.
      X,X -- Sting Kick: Elly swipes, spins around and thrusts, and then
                         launches a flip kick.
      T,T,T,T,X -- Anemo Zap: Elly gathers lightning around her rod and
                              swings it at the enemy. Wind-elemental
      T,T,S,X -- Terra Charge: Elly summons a lot of small moles who "miss"
                               and then a large mole who "Hits!". 
      T,S,T,X -- Thermo Thump: Elly jumps and causes a large fireball to
                               slam into the enemy. Fire-elemental
      S,T,T,X -- Aqua Frost: Elly summons several spinning blades made out
                              of ice. Water-elemental.
      T: Jab, Backhand Swipe, Spinning Backhand Swipe, Spinning Thrust
      S: Jump Kick, Somersault Kick
      X: Horizontal Swipe and Kick
      T,T: Double Impact: Jumping overhead smash and Kick    
      T,S: Hard Smash: Kick, Jumping Thrust, Overhead smash       
      T,X: Beat Storm: Downwards bash, multiple thrusts       
      S,T: Sonic Drive: Scream, Straight Thrust      
      S,S: Heart Strike: Thrust, Jumping Thrust, Fins     
      S,X: Mega Impact: Multiple thrusts, jump kick      
      X,T: Flash Drive: Scream, body ram, jump kick      
      X,S: High Diva: Straight thrust, multiple jabs, triple smash        
      X,X: Blaze Dance: Kick, thrust, jumping thrust      
      T: Flash Flail: Multiple rod smashes with blue globes      
      S: Blue Blast: Multiple thrusts with blue crystal explosions       
      X: Dark Diva: Jump kick, kick into air, thrust with explosion         
      T: Swipe and Backhand Swipe
      S: Smash and Kick
      X: Thrust, Backhand Swipe, and Jump kick
      Aerods: Vierge fires off those trusty Animum Ether Response Offensive
              Drones, which shoot a whole bunch of lasers at the enemy.
              Non-elemental ether. 400 fuel.
    Wow. What can I say? Sorta like Orlandu in FFT, at least once he gets
    his sword. High HPs, useful abilities, and fairly high attack power.
    His defense is a little shoddy at first but later becomes irrelevant.
    Also one of the fastest; he'll get about two turns for every one turn
    of a slower character, like Rico. Gears: Heimdal is okay, semi-fast but
    is out- speeded by a couple other gears. El Fenrir has incredibly high
    damage potential once you get a Gear Katana.
      Citan holds his ponytail... yeah I know its weird.
      Win: "See? Power isn't everything."
      Lose: "N-nice move, that last one."
      T,X -- Ukigumo: Citan uses a knife hand, trip, launching jab, and
                      slamming palm combo
      T,T,X -- Mufu: Citan does a phantom knife hand, knife hand, double
                     palm combo, then finishes with a claw swipe.
      S,X -- Jinrai: Citan does a phantom split kick, jab combo then ends
                     with a charged-up knife hand 
      T,T,T,X -- Shinrai: Citan does a phantom split kick, tornado kick
                          combo, then a trip, palm, and an uppercut.
      T,S,X -- Renken: Citan launches a massive phantom double jab, split
                       kick, tornado kick, double palm combo and ends with
                       a flip kick.
      S,T,X -- Hakai: Citan does a simple phantom split and jab, then ends
                      with a charged-up palm strike.
      X,X -- Ougi: Citan does a double palm strike, trip, launching palm,
                   and then keeps the enemy afloat with another double
      T,T,T,T, X -- Willow Wind: Citan attracts lightning to his fist, then
                                 causes horizontal lightning to strike the
                                 enemy. Wind-elemental.
      T,T,S,X -- Rare Earth: Citan causes a blade to spring up from the
                             ground and impale the enemy. Earth-elemental.
      T,S,T,X -- Hell Fire: Citan causes a fiery sword to hit the enemy
                            from the air. Fire-elemental.
      S,T,T,X -- Tsunami Ice: Citan gathers energy and creates a sword of
                              ice, then slices the enemy. Water-elemental.
      T: Knife hand, reverse knife, Falling Kick, Finger snap
      S: Split Kick, Tornado Kick
      X: Double Palm Strike
      T,X-- Amaoto: Citan jumps and swings his sword downward.
      T,T,X -- Engestsu: Citan swings at the enemy, pokes them with his
                         scabbard, and finishes with a downward swipe.
      S,X -- Amagumo: Citan impales the enemy, lifts them up, and then
                      impales them twice more in mid-air.
      T,T,T,X -- Himatsu: Citan swipes at the enemy, launches head-first
                          and drills into the enemy, and then ends with
                          a flip kick.
      T,S,X -- Yako: Citan does several somersault swipes and then ends
                     with a large sword slice.
      S,T,X -- Zanretsu: Citan circles his blade around and then suddenly
                         slices the enemy twice.
      X,X -- Myogetsu: Citan charges up a sword slice and then does a 
                       jumping slice.
      T,T,T,T,X -- Festive Wind: Citan slices the enemy, knocking them
                                 into the air, while the moon and some
                                 Japanese poetry appear. Wind-elemental.
      T,T,S,X -- Rumble Earth: Citan does a reverse thrust while rose
                               petals fly through the air. Earth-elemental.
      T,S,T,X -- Haze of Fire: Citan does several jumping thrusts with
                               accompanying flames. Fire-elemental.
      S,T,T,X -- Crystal Water: Citan does many jumping spinning slices with
                                ice crystals in the background.
      T: Hilt poke, scabbard poke, horizontal slice, vertical slice
      S: Horizontal slice and thrust, thrust and slice and scabbard poke
      X: Horizontal slice and somersault swipe
      T,T: Kentsui: Punch, jab, backhand          
      T,S: Reppu: Double punch, jab, spin kick            
      T,X: Ryuei: Backhand, spin around enemy, punch in back            
      S,T: Shinrai: Spinning backfist, jab          
      S,S: Fujin: Punch, hook, drag to ground            
      S,X: Ryuga: Tornado kick, Spinning kick, jab            
      X,T: Hakai: Punch, sweep, jab            
      X,S: Kenjin: Ram, punch, uppercut, downwards knife hand           
      X,X: Tensho: Tornado kick, flip kick, punch           
      T: Punch and jab
      S: Spinning kick and punch
      X: Sweep and jab
      T,T: Kentsui: Three thrusts          
      T,S: Reppu: N-pattern slices            
      T,X: Ryukage: Downward slice, upward slice, downward slice          
      S,T: Shinrai: Two horizontal slices          
      S,S: Fujin: Sweep, horizontal slice, vertical slice            
      S,X: Ryuga: Multiple jumping dives            
      X,T: Hakai: Multiple thrusts, four slashes            
      X,S: Kenjin: Spin around thrust, multiple swipe, thrust           
      X,X: Tensho: Jump kick, two thrusts, forcible pull-out           
      T: Ochiba: Sword tip energy, spin slices and ground thrust           
      S: Zanretsu: Rapid swipes and thrust         
      X: Enken: Downward slash, thrust, jumping fireball            
      T: Horizontal slice
      S: Slice and backhand slice
      X: Cross-pattern slice
    So-so character. Equips whips, but they don't do much in the way of 
    special effects, with a few exceptions. Average attack, pretty slow,
    okay defense and offense. Abilities not particularily useful. Brigandier
    makes an okay gear, but there are better ones. He's the first to get an 
    Omnigear (Andvari), but later on his usefulness pans out.
      Bart gives you a thumbs-up
      Win: "C'mon already! The day's almost over."
      Lose: (Walks off screen) "Jerk!"
      T,X -- Head Hunter: Bart lassoes his whip and then slams the enemy
                          into the ground
      T,T,X -- Twin Sonic: Bart cracks both whips, picks the enemy up, and
                           gives a thumbs-up
      S,X -- Rhythym Shock: Bart throws the enemy into the air and then
                            punch-kicks them 
      T,T,T,X -- Dynamic: Bart hits the enemy with red, blue, and yellow
                          smoking whips, then picks them up and slams them
      T,S,X -- Astral: Bart shoots stars which cause a small explosion, and
                       fires of a wave with his whip
      S,T,X -- Bracer: Bart kicks the enemy into the air, then keeps them
                       up with a double whip crack
      X,X -- Justice: Bart goes through all of his attack animations at
                      once, as far as I can tell
      T,T,T,T,X -- Angel: Bart grows angel wings, flies into the air, and
                          creates a tornado. Wind-elemental
      T,T,S,X -- Land Break: Bart causes a lot of rocks to explode from
                             within the enemy. Earth-elemental.
      T,S,T,X -- Prominence: Bart fires two fireballs from his hands, then
                             causes a geyser of flame. Fire-elemental.
      S,T,T,X -- Tornado: Bart fires several blue rays at the enemy, along
                          with some bubbles. Water-elemental.
      T: Sideways crack, downwards crack, reverse sideways, downwards
      S: Double sideways crack, wave pattern
      X: Double downwards whip
      T,T: Chain Whip: One-two whip twice, spin around whip       
      T,S: Beat Serpent: Double whip, spin around ground whip     
      T,X: Spark Wave: Flying whip, Thrust, double whip       
      S,T: Blood Snake: Spin around whip, double whip, spin around whip      
      S,S: Hit Storm: One-two whip, pick-up and slam back and forth        
      S,X: Dead Cannon: Ground slam, Foot stomp      
      X,T: Dance Wave: All three attack animations       
      X,S: Twin Snake: Jumping double-whip, headbutt, double whip       
      X,X: Sky Drive: Whip catch, throw into air        
      T: Meteor Fall: Triple flaming whip, Meteor summon and slam      
      S: Dead Dance: Launch into air, multiple whip keep-aloft with large
                     explosion at end       
      X: Soul End: Two glowing blue whip strikes, stomp         
      T: One-two whip
      S: Double whip
      X: Whip, spin-around whip
      Ygg. D. Charge: Andvari summons the Yggdrasil, which fire off blue
                      depth charges at the enemy. Don't ask me how it works
                      underground or in open air. Non-elemental Ether. 600
      No skills
      T: Right punch
      S: Left punch and right punch
      X: Stomp
      Ygg. Cannon: Yggdrasil IV uses the entire hull of Yggdrasil as a huge
                   cannon, firing off a ungodly powerful laser. 9999 damage.
                   9000 fuel.
    Well, he's fairly useful when you first get him. Strong, but not very
    good with abilities or speed. And since he's so slow he'll learn skills
    a lot slower than your other characters. On the other hand, his gears
    Stier and El Stier are among the best, with great offense and defense
    capabilities and one of the highest Frame HP possible. They, like their
    owner, tend to be a bit slow.
      Rico holds his massive fist up
      Win: "Ha! Amateur!"
      Lose: (Grunts as if in pain)
      T,X -- Rico Rocket: Rico jumps feet-first into the enemy.
      T,T,X -- Death Drive: Rico pulls a reverse body-slam.
      S,X -- Banderas: Rico jumps at the enemy, grabs them with his legs,
                       and slams them into the ground.
      T,T,T,X -- Dragon Fist: Rico picks up the enemy, crushing them with
                              his fist.
      T,S,X -- Fire Bomb: Rico pile drives the enemy with flames, although
                          it's not fire-elemental.
      S,T,X -- Pile Crusher: Rico does a good ol' jumping pile driver. 
      X,X -- Spin Strike: Rico throws his entire body onto the enemy.
      T,T,T,T,X -- Death Roll: Rico grabs the enemy, does two suplexes, and
                               then a flying suplex.
      T,T,S,X -- Flame Lariat: Rico becomes surrounded by fire and charges
                               through the enemy with a punch. 
      T,S,T,X -- Hell Splash: Rico pile-drives the enemy with a convenient
                              earthquake. Earth-elemental.
      T: Straight punch, downwards punch, elbow strike, upwards sweep
      S: Right front kick, left side kick
      X: Charge-Up Punch
      T,T: Drill War: Jumping machine gun and punch        
      T,S: Bomber Head: Three headbutts and punch      
      T,X: Drill Driver: Pick up with drill, slam to ground     
      S,T: Grand Slam: Three punches, headbutt, spinning punch       
      S,S: Twister D: Pick-up, spin around, ground slam        
      S,X: Hammer G: Punch, punch, headbutt, stomp         
      X,T: Mega Body: Three punches, uppercut, spinning punch, stomp        
      X,S: Sky Driver: Pick-up jumping pile driver       
      X,X: Scrap: Two punches, drill, stomp            
      T: Drill Kaiser: Jumping whirlwind     
      S: Drive Kaiser: 5 punches, pile driver with earthquake     
      X: Iron Kaiser: 6 punches, hook, spiked ball drop      
      T: Machine gun
      S: Machine gun and punch
      X: Spinning Punch
    A great character and my personal favorite. Great abilities, along with
    the only group healing spell, one of only two raising spells (and most 
    people don't want to use Chu-Chu), and spells for raising defense and
    speed. His guns have pretty high attack power, and what's best, he 
    never seems to miss. His ether guns are pretty useful if you want to
    attach elements to attacks. Gears: Renmazuo and El Renmazuo are just
    like their owner. Slightly faster than Billy, their guns are great, and
    their laser (S) seems to ignore defense, making it invaluable in
    places like Babel Tower.
      Billy kneels and prays
      Win: "Open your heart to the light, and God shall be with you."
      Lose: "Oh Lord, forgive these sinners."
      T,X -- Adams Apple: Billy tosses a coin into the air, then shoots it
                          with his handgun, also hitting the enemy.
      T,T,X -- Gunholic: Billy fires both handguns at once a couple of times
                         then finishes off with his shotgun
      S,X -- Hell Blast: Billy launches a burst from his ether gun
      T,T,T,X -- Nut Crack: Billy fires his handguns wildly
      T,S,X -- Sky Walker: Billy kicks the enemy into the air and keeps them
                           aloft with a few handgun blasts and his shotgun
      S,T,X -- Devil Blast: Billy launches a burst from both ether guns
      X,X -- Banfrau: Billy tosses his shotgun into the air, then runs up,
                      shoots the enemy with his handguns, kicks them into
                      the air, and shoots them with his shotgun.
      T,T,T,T,X -- True Dream: Billy puts something on the enemy (a pillow?)
                               and shoots a laser from his shotgun.
      T,T,S,X -- Holy Gate: Billy fires a machine-gun-like burst from his
                            ether guns, with space energy
      T,S,T,X -- Dear Friend: Billy disappears and two Doom-style guns
                              appear, shooting the enemy several times.
      T: Left fast shot, right fast shot, left aimed shot, right aimed
      S: Left Ether Gun, Right Ether Gun 
      X: Shotgun
      T,T: Double Snap: Double handgun fire      
      T,S: Hard Snap: Jumping handgun fire, ground gatling gun        
      T,X: Hard Gun: Handgun fire, punch         
      S,T: Gun Blaze: Pistol shots, punch, kick, pistol        
      S,S: Impact Gun: Jumping handgun, punch, punch, gatling gun       
      S,X: Holy Fist: Two punches, handgun, gatling gun        
      X,T: Blaze Shot: Three gatling gun shots.       
      X,S: Hard Gatling: Jumping gatling, kick, gatling     
      X,X: Sky Gatling: Punch, launching kick, gatling in air, gatling      
      T: Thousand: Whirlwind energy, thousand shots         
      S: Holy Climb: Energy, handgun blast, white bursts from handgun       
      X: Holy Soul: Cross self, energy handgun burst        
      T: Double Handgun
      S: Laser
      X: Gatling Gun
      Jessie Cannon: Billy summons Jessie in the Buntline, and fires an
                     orange blast at the enemies. Non-elemental Ether.
                     500 fuel.
      Jessie Blasta: Exactly the same as the Jessie Cannon, except the
                     blast is white colored, and it does a bit more
                     damage, of course. Non-elemental Ether. 1000 fuel.
    A character with an... interesting method of attacking. Pretty good
    abilities, on par with Elly's, and fairly high attack power (once she
    grows up). Also, I believe, the fastest character in the game, even 
    outstripping Citan. Only has one Gear, Crescens, which again is fast,
    and if nothing else looks very cool. Oh, and the confusing thing
    about my description of Crescens' skills is that her wings are really
    her hands... that's just as confusing. Just play the game.
      (Young) Emeralda jumps up and down. 
      (Adult) Emeralda turns around and looks at you over her shoulder.
      Win: "Out of my way."
      Lose: "I hate you!"
      T,X -- Leg Cutter: Emeralda trips the enemy and her body turns into
                         a bladed wheel.
      T,T,X -- Wave Cutter: Emeralda's arms turn into boomerangs, and her
                            feet turn into a pickaxe.
      S,X -- Leg Spin: Emeralda's feet turn into a drill and she dives
                       feet-first at the enemy.
      T,T,T,X -- Hammerhead: Emeralda's body turns into a hammer, then her
                             foot turns into a blade.
      T,S,X -- Grand Arm: Emeralda plunges her arm into the ground and
                          several tentacle-like projections hit the enemy
                          from below.
      S,T,X -- Divider: Emeralda splits into pieces, flies through the 
                        enemy, then reassembles
      X,X -- Flying Arm: Emeralda launches boomerang arms, a bladed leg,
                         and turns her body into a hammer.
      T,T,T,T,X -- Tornado Arm: Emeralda's hands become a huge fan, and
                                create a tornado. Wind-elemental.
      T,T,S,X -- Reycount: Emeralda turns into a ball of energy and fires
                           lasers at the enemy.
      T,S,T,X -- Dark Beast: Emeralda opens a rift to another dimension,
                             where a pair of jaws picks up the enemy and
                             chews them a few times.
      T: (Y) Hand to Spear, Body to hammer, Leg to blade, hair to spike
         (A) Hand to spear, hand to hammer, leg to blade, hair to trident
      S: (Y) Hair to blade, leg to pickaxe up and down
         (A) Hair to blade, leg to single pickaxe  
      X: (Y) Hair to several spikes
         (A) Hair to morning star
      T,T: Arm Bash: Wing swipe, spinning wing swipe         
      T,S: Air Bash: Fly around double punch         
      T,X: Dance Bash: Spin around swipe, double bash, finger point       
      S,T: Devil Hand: Kick, double bash       
      S,S: Devil Hold: Pickup, throw up, impale on fingers       
      S,X: Devil Bird: Footstomp and flying headbutt       
      X,T: Dead Spin: Spinning swipe, knee, double bash, rapid spins        
      X,S: Dead Drive: Pickup, suplex, pickup and throw down       
      X,X: Dead Melody: Knee, kick, jump and smash between hands      
      T: Dark Wave: Two kicks, double spin, dark energy waves        
      S: Dark Force: Pickup, dark energy between hands, finger flick       
      X: Dark World: Energy, four flying hands, flying hand uppercut       
      T: Wing swipe
      S: Double wing bash
      X: Knee, double wing bash
    Okay, she's lousy on foot. Poor defense, poor offense, only good thing
    is her "Controls" which lets you summon Seibzehn and beat the heck out
    of the enemies. Luckily you're only forced to use her in one scene. Her
    gear is a completely different matter. Seibzehn is large, kinda slow,
    and like Stier has great HP and offense potentials. Bottom line: use
    her in Gear dungeons, but not anywhere else. Oh, and since she has
    no Deathblow Skills, you can use her Gear Skills without any character
      Maria cleans her shoes
      Win: (None)
      Lose: (None)
     No Deathblow Skills
      T: Punch, Hopping punch, Bubbles, Hopping punch
      S: Wind-up Punch, Headstand Kicks
      X: Wind-up punch with Sparks
      T,T: Mega Hammer: Wind-up punch      
      T,S: Dyna Fight: Wind-up punch, Double Overhead Smash, Finger Missile       
      T,X: Gravity Fist: Charging fist, Rocket hands     
      S,T: Dyna Rush: Punch, punch, kick        
      S,S: Head Dive: Jumping headbutt        
      S,X: Gravity Press: Pickup, throw down, stomp    
      X,T: Meteor Press: Jumping rocket hands, headbutt     
      X,S: Iron Break: Jumping hand bash, pick-up and stomp        
      X,X: Iron Storm: Punch, jumping bash, punch, jumping rocket hands         
      T: Fire Drive: Fire punches, explosion       
      S: Magneto: Pickup, throw down, multiple stomps, rocket flames          
      X: Maria Beat: Three punches, double hand bash, Maria wielding hammer       
      T: Hand Swipe
      S: Finger Missiles
      X: Detaching Rocket Hands
      Missile Pod: Seibzehn's shoulder missile launchers fire off a barrage
                   of -- what else? -- missiles at a group of enemies. Non-
                   elemental ether. 400 fuel.
      Grav. Cannon: Waves of gravity assault the enemy, shrinking them and
                    suddenly returning them to their original size. Non-
                    elemental Ether. 1000 fuel. 
    Well, in the first battle you get to use her in (against Achtzehn), she
    seems to be pretty good, but unfortunately, she's not. Poor everything
    except mildly useful abilities. She has no Gear, but rather grows into
    a giant Gear-sized Chu-Chu. The Gear-Sized Chu-Chu also has no Skills,
    and is only notable for her Forest Dance ability, which actually heals
    Frame HP, not Gear Defense. One last note: apparently Chu-Chu could
    become the most powerful Gear, since her Gear stats are all related to
    character stats and are subject to "Drives". Technically, she should be
    able to outstrip all the other gears because they are limited by Frames,
    Engines, etc., and she uses no fuel. However, this would be very very
    expensive and time-consuming, so unless you have a Game Shark and an
    Infinite G code, I wouldn't try it. However, check out the "Project
    Chu-Chu" section below...
      Chu-chu jumps up and down happily
      Win: "Ookya! Yay!"
      Lose: "I'm hungry!"
     No Deathblow Skills
      T: Straight punch
      S: Leaping growing foot
      X: Giant hand smash
     No Gear Skills
      T: Punch
      S: Stomp
      X: Punch and stomp
     Ah, well, since I wrote myself that it would require a lot of time, 
     effort, and G, I figured, why not try it myself? It's taking a long
     time, just as I predicted. So for, via the "Drives" that Big Joe sells
     (for 10000G each!) I've gotten Chu-Chu's Attack power to 804. Pretty
     good, huh? Also her Gear HP is 26400. And that's with no drives. This
     means she already has more HP then Renmazuo and Crescens. Next up:
     Defense. I could probably skip Ether Drives, since there's no
     corresponding Gear stat, but pumping up Ether means pumping up the
     amount of healing Forest Dance does, and healing HP without consuming
     fuel is mighty tempting indeed. One last note for now: well, I just
     got a Gameshark the other day, but I decided NOT to use an Infinite
     G code. It would just make things to easy ;).
     -- It is possible to use El Regurus.
        Likelihood: Proven... sort of. Dan GC (SefirosuLB@aol.com) notified
        me that Regurus shows up in Special Mode 1 of the Battling Arena. I
        was a bit skeptical at first, since I hadn't seen it... but lo and
        behold, when I went back and checked, it was there. Dan tells me 
        that in order to get it you have to have clocked over 50 hours (easy
        for us fanatics, right?) and have gone through Deus at least once.
        The other part, using Regurus in battle, has yet to be done. (How do
        I know that its name is Regurus? When you  use a Gameshark, that's
        what it shows up as. It glitches, however, and you can't actually
        use it. Anybody found a way to use it?)
     -- It is possible to get Ramsus in your party.
        Likelihood: Very little. Although there IS an extra slot in the
        character change roster, all efforts to get Ramsus have failed, even
        with Gamesharks.
     -- Yui is dead.
        Likelihood: Small. It is true that she is nowhere to be found, but
        Citan and Midori make no comments about this at all. Plus, Fei tells
        Midori to "listen to your mother, Yui" implying that she is still
        around. Nevertheless, could she be the Schala of Xenogears?
    THANKS GO TO... (in reverse chronological order)
    CitanCitan(CitanCitan@aol.com) -- provided correction on Elly Jr. doll
    Dan GC(SefirosuLB@aol.com) -- provided extra information on the El 
                                  Regurus mystery. Go check out his Battling
                                  FAQ, also on GameFAQs.
    XenoMog(Leo Tao) -- These two kindly provided me with all the remaining
    Steve Cheng         card game quotes -- go visit their page at
                        http://shell.ipoline.com/~elmert/, and especially
                        the videogames subdirectory!
    Dimetric Houston -- Fei's Kishin Gear Skill (both Weltall and Xenogears)
                        correction on Fei's Hoten
    CAPTMOH -- for suggestion on Citan's Infinite Attack Level Gear Skills
    random -- Emeralda's card game quotations.
    Squaresoft and EA-- for translating and releasing Xenogears!
    If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please do
    not hesitate to e-mail me at EdwChang@aol.com. Be sure to put some-
    thing about Xenogears into the Subject line, because I have this
    nasty tendency to delete mail from unknown sources :).
    This FAQ copyrighted 1998,1999 by Edward Chang. You may distribute it
    however you wish as long as I am credited and as long as the FAQ is not
    altered in any way. Not for sale or resale. All names copyright by 

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